• Federer back in action at Gerry Weber Open

    6/7/10 1:12 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer back in action at Gerry Weber Open Less than 24 hours after the French Open came to an end, the grass-court season is wasting no time in getting started. A strong field in Halle this week features Roger Federer, Nikolay Davydenko, Juan Carlos Ferrero, and Lleyton Hewitt.

    One week after losing to Robin Soderling in the quarterfinals of the French Open, Roger Federer returns to action this week at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany. Federer has made eight career appearances at the event and he has won the title five times.

    A sixth title, however, will be no gimme. Looking to challenger Federer for the championship are seeds (from No. 2 to No. 8) Nikolay Davydenko, Mikhail Youzhny, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Radek Stepanek, Jurgen Melzer, Marcos Baghdatis, and Lleyton Hewitt.

    Several seeded players--although dangerous--come with plenty of question marks. Davydenko is back from a two-month layoff stemming from a broken wrist and Stepanek was also out since mid-March due to exhaustion. The veteran Czech played last week on the Challenger circuit, and he reached the final in Prostejov before retiring with an illness against Jan Hajek. Ferrero (knee) and Hewitt (hip) took part in some of the clay-court swing and both former world No. 1 players reached the Roland Garros third round.

    Youzhny and Melzer, meanwhile, hope to maintain momentum from their success in Paris. Melzer made it to his first Grand Slam semifinal before falling to eventual champion Rafael Nadal; Youzhny enjoyed a trip to the quarters before going up against an in-form Tomas Berdych. Davydenko and Melzer are on a collision course for the quarterfinals while Hewitt and Youzhny could be headed for a showdown in the last eight.

    If the seeds hold to form in the top half of the draw, Federer and Stepanek would battle for a semifinal spot. Ferrero, making his third visit to Halle, would run into Baghdatis, who won this title in 2007.

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mara002 , 6/7/10 3:28 AM

my man juanqui can meet fed in semis, not finals..

clayking , 6/7/10 5:32 AM

if fed n ferrero meet,it would be interesting. Anyway,I wish the grass court season was longer :(

tj600 , 6/7/10 7:19 AM

i'm also looking forward to it..
i hope ferrero keeps his date..

clayking , 6/7/10 9:11 AM

Hope Federer will be back and will be able to save his backyard (grass) :)

mani4Tennis , 6/7/10 10:51 AM

In comparison with Queens, Halle has a very weak field indeed, the former featuring Nadal, Djokovic, Murray AND Roddick. So guess which event Roger "I just wanna win" Federer picks everybody!! LOL! Too bad Novak opted to go back to Queens this time, otherwise Federer would have ran away like he did last year!

samdaman , 6/7/10 12:44 PM

As usual the coward opted to play in a cupcake tournament just like he did in Estoril where most entrants are ranked beyond 30 to ensure his victory there haha. Queens is where you find real competition and only the brave men would participate.

Raindrops , 6/7/10 1:14 PM

@ samdamn & Raindrops ..

r u serious ..or its just the sarcasm at best!

Fed, on GRASS does not bother to play anyone....if he is/was such a coward then he couldn't win 6 wimbledon .. all of the above mentioned, so called bigguns bow downed to him again and again there!!

Come on ..he has proved himself manytimes at grass!

mani4Tennis , 6/7/10 2:05 PM

i'll say something here..
of late federer has been bit of a slow starter on a surface..
he needs time to find his groove..
now playing queens, where he can meet a top 20 player as early as quarters, there is a good chance of his being upset, and thus lacking in match preparation, which some may exploit in early rounds of wimby..
but playing in halle, which generally has a weak field, he ensures that he gets to play the complete week and win the thing, since rarely has there been a top 5 guy other than fed who has come there (except djokoboy of late). In last 5 years, only twice has a top 10 guy been 2nd seed. And fed has retired "due to fatigue" in both years..
so, he chooses halle..
and i would say that is smart work..
he makes sure he gets into rhythm before going into wimby..
because once he finds his rhythm, it hardly matters who is his opponent..
important thing is to find the rhythm, for the sake of which he plays halle..
and halle open organisers are not complaining.. :P
P.S. this is a hypothesis. Fedfans are requested not to jump at my throat but come with a better explanation, in case they have one as to why he chooses halle over queens..

P.P.S. fed has signed a contract with the organisers promising to play at halle until his retirement..

clayking , 6/7/10 2:46 PM

oh really , didnt know abt the contract.
anyway ferrero crashed out so its a pity. why is soderling not playing halle this time? he often does that.....delpo isnt here and he also opts for queens normally.

@ricky, where are the approach shots???

vamosrafa , 6/7/10 3:02 PM

To be fair to Federer, he has never played Queens. Apparently, before he became a top player, he begged Queens for a w/c several times but was never granted one, but Halle did, so he is remaining faithful to Halle, even though Queens have been trying to get him to opt for Queens now.

I don't blame him, I'm sure he would rather play Queens.

nadline , 6/7/10 3:31 PM

haha..that coward thing is funny but doesnt make sense. Federer on grass is very comfortable.

vamosrafa , 6/7/10 3:53 PM

Let's see this time around.

BTW, where is Earnests Gulbis, is he playing any grass (tune up) tournaments same thing with Soderling?

Raindrops , 6/7/10 4:56 PM

Gulbis is probably on holiday, as he does.

nadline , 6/7/10 5:11 PM

all of those who were cheering for ferrero will be very sad to know dat he is out in the first round

saxenanalin , 6/7/10 5:22 PM

anyone could please tell me dat why the grass court season is too short?????????????????

saxenanalin , 6/7/10 5:24 PM

"w/c"............sorry, whats that nadline?

Vamosrafa, i agree with you there. I don think the Fed has any issues playing Queens!

Monalysa , 6/7/10 5:47 PM

w/c stands for wild card..

clayking , 6/7/10 5:49 PM

Raindrops -

I really don't think there's any need to call Roger names.
I'm a FEDAL fan, and I know you know how it feels when impolite people try to do that to Rafa.
Please stop.

mara002 , 6/7/10 7:29 PM

Raindrops: apparently Gulbis is still injured and may miss Wimbledon.

deuce , 6/7/10 7:53 PM

roger agreed to play both halle and estoril in his tour schedule on back in October. His choice.

maxi , 6/7/10 8:05 PM


Monalysa , 6/7/10 8:53 PM

federer lost his doubles match 6-7 4-6

vamosrafa , 6/7/10 8:56 PM

it doesen't matter to roger the doubles match lost
His main focus is only singles

saxenanalin , 6/7/10 10:21 PM

i just wrote it for the sake of information. and the reason why grass season is so short, it is not an easy qstion but in short it was the sudden TAKEOVER by the hardc ourts that led to this situation, has the all england lawn tennis clun not been THAT STRONg (it is very powerful_ , we might have seen wimbledon on a hard court too may b...hard courts are much more economical to prepare and grass is the opposite.

vamosrafa , 6/8/10 1:56 AM

vamosrafa, i replied to this on the thread where the grass discussion was going on. star_and_onto_London_grass

FEDistheGOAT , 6/8/10 3:17 AM

""""it doesen't matter to roger the doubles match lost
His main focus is only singles: saxenanalin , 6/7/10 10:21 PM


CORRECTION: His focus is only Grandslams, why you are changing your SCRIPT?

Raindrops , 6/8/10 5:52 AM

"it doesen't matter to roger the doubles match lost
His main focus is only singles" - saxenanalin , 6/7/10 10:21 PM

Not true in the case of olympic golds? There it matters the same to him whether it's in singles or doubles as long as you get the gold?

phoenix , 6/8/10 7:02 AM

Federer tends to choose easier tournaments before the G.S - Estoril, Halle. Perhaps these tournaments appear like practice session for him, without turning out High Tension currents. It could be due to his desire to come fresher to the G.S, both mentally and physically. Having played so many matches with the players on tour, he feels no need for knowing how his opponents play. Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, Roddick will be tested on sword in their preparatory tournament. It appears Federer's strategy is better, at least at this stage of his career.

eskay , 6/8/10 9:38 AM

I meant dat his main focus is just singles in big tournaments like grand slams
I'm not changing the script

saxenanalin , 6/8/10 11:21 AM

Strategy is important... but more important is the result... because result talks, people know who has the best result at the moment...

tettylds , 6/8/10 11:58 AM

This is where Fed is going all wrong!
It's not to difficult to get your rhythm against easy opponents, the problem with this is that it doesnt prepare you for top 10 players who challenge you out of your rhythm. In my opinion Fed needs to be playing harder opposition.

If you dont believe me, answer this question
What does Roger Federer learn about Andy Murray, Rafa, Soderling, Djokovic etc by playing players ranked in the 100's nothing!
Where as even if Rafa were to lose on grass to Andy Murray for instance he will learn through his loss about how he could beat Murray the next time.

Seems to me Federer no longer wants to develop as a player.

Fed fans are complaining that he lost his number 1 to Nadal, well Fed should have played MOnte Carlo, like the rest if he card about his number 1 ranking and his clay court game.

isabeau77 , 6/8/10 3:26 PM


That strategy you called better turned out to be ineffective at the recently concluded clay season.

It is better to play with the top guns during tune up events so you would know which part of your game needs to work out before the big event, because playing with Kindergartens in Tennis does not give you the better stats to gauge your actual playing level. IMO

Raindrops , 6/8/10 3:48 PM

he has won halle 5 times(in a field of "weak" players) Yet 4 of those times he has gone on to win Wimbledon,and the other time he was runner up. Seems to me that it is an effective strategy for him on GRASS.

tj600 , 6/8/10 3:58 PM

tj600: But only if he wins it. If not it could be a repeat of the Estoril factor - losing unexpectedly to a player ranked way, way below him.

ed251137 , 6/8/10 4:11 PM

isa and rain,
the thing with fed is he needs rhythm..
once he gets his rhythm and finds his feet on grass, it is smooth sailing for him..
pit him against anyone and you have to play nothing shorter than the match of your life to fight toe to toe with him..
but pit him against someone like ancic(when the guy was no.7 not the current one) in the first round of halle and there is a 50% chance he loses..
that's the way of his game..

clayking , 6/8/10 4:11 PM

i found an article to support my statement.. s-court-preparation-the-ideal-choice

not exactly supporting my statement, but well i had the same idea.. :P

clayking , 6/8/10 6:00 PM

absolute rubbish isabeau that federer doesnt want to develop as a player.

raindrops, why are you always so nasty about roger federer? so, you dont like him. do you have to keep going on about it?

And the last thing federer is, is a coward. Why dont you think why is it that other players dont want to play Halle? are they scared to play federer who has 11 grass court tournaments. Easier conditions for them to play queens because they only have to walk down the road to wimbledon?, both tournaments award 250 points. and ensure practice for all players right before wimbledon. if federer's schedule was out in November last year, players who signed up to queens, after they knew that fed was playing halle is completely plausible.

maxi , 6/8/10 8:18 PM

Federer has never played Queens, he asked them for a wild card when he was young and a nobody several times and they wouldn't give him one but Halle did, so he is staying to them. Apparently, since he become who he is, Queens have been trying to get him to play there, but he says he can't let Halle down, because they were the ones who answered his needs before they knew he would become No 1 for so long.

Queens is the more prestigious one, no one ever heard of Halle until Federer started playing there, all the players know that Federer never plays Queens, so they are not avoiding him. All the top players have always played Queens, from time immemorial.

However, they don't need Federer now because they've got Nadal, so everyone is happy.

nadline , 6/8/10 8:40 PM

Maxi, can I kindly ask you to go to the Bleacher Report and make an account? I'll explain it to you there.

Duronole1 , 6/8/10 8:42 PM


so he is staying WITH them..................

nadline , 6/8/10 8:42 PM


are you okay?

I havent seen you on tennis.x nor ollyk for a while, but i will be around only for a short while tonight as work to do, but yes, i'll try to do what you say.

nadline, can you change the record please. how many comments do you always say about federer and yet you hear very little from federer fans.

grow up for a change. Roger is respected and loved worldwide, and beats rafa hands down on grass tournaments. how many has rafa won, nadline? any idea?

maxi , 6/8/10 9:35 PM

Maxi, let me know when you do. Hopefully tonight. Use your "Maxi" nick so I could find you there. Cheers for now.

Duronole1 , 6/8/10 9:43 PM


i've tried to log onto twitter bleacher, is that what you mean? but it is "oversubscribed at the moment" as I think that lots of people are using it right now, so there is a delay, should be able to log on tomorrow though. I won't forget.

Good luck to novak tomorrow to you and ollyk and sar, hope you are okay though duro?

maxi , 6/8/10 11:12 PM

Nope people. I rarely speak rubbish.
But ok then, I guess federer will learn how to cope with rafas backhand etc while playing qualifiers...pfft!

isabeau77 , 6/8/10 11:50 PM

I'm perfectly fine, Maxi! I didn't mean twitter, I meant Bleacher Report. Here's the link:

Cheers. See you tomorrow.

Duronole1 , 6/9/10 12:42 AM

actually fed is a very loyal person. if queens didn't give him a wc, why should he play there? many years ago when nike was having to make cut backs, they explained to fed that they had to pull their sponsorship. he accepted and didn't go with any sponsor until nike was able to take him on again. so the guy is obviously ver loyal to those who support him. anyway, playing matches and getting match practice and into a rhythm is much better than getting kicked out and having to prepare only on the practice courts before a major. i think fed knows better than most of us what it takes to win a slam. he's always played halle. why all of a sudden is this coming up?

also i don't see why fed should have played MC just to keep his rank. this is the strategy rafa used when he was no. 1 - play everything to get points than what happens? you are sidelined for months. now, he's cutting back his schedule, like what fed did when he became no. 1. when you are at the top, you have to be selective.

homos , 6/9/10 4:39 AM


You better get used to it. This kind of nonsense happens all the time and always from the same person. You will soon realize that this particular individual is compeletely incapable of making a coherent argument, hence the need for cheap shots, personal attacks and the like. We have all been subjected to it and are quite familiar with the pattern.

I really do love it when posters use a blog to hook up and have a personal conversation. Wonderful forum etiquette!


I don't actually care all that much what Fed does to prepare for Wimbledon and where he does it, but his reasoning does seem to be quite reasonable in this case.

Nativenewyorker , 6/9/10 5:15 AM

You are right. You cant rationalize with the irrational.
What I said about Fed, was common sense. I mean how can you improve, if you are not challenged.
How on earth is Roger going to learn to cope with Rafas forehand to his backhand if he never plays him.
I guess playing him once a year is enough, but hey what do I know, right.

isabeau77 , 6/9/10 5:46 AM

She even questioned my dislike of Federer. Have she seen/heard any Rafan questioning fedfans about their dislike about Rafa? NONE, because most sane people understand that each of individuals are having their own preferences. If I talk nasty about Roger, she should check her fellow cynical fedfans who are 1001x nastier than me.

This madmaxmaximalteaser1rogerlovertennislover is undoubtedly a deranged fedfan. She does not want to hear comments against Roger because she adulates Roger beyond the normal level and behaviour of a fan should be. So if you bring to her the h2h, she will certainly goes berserk.

Quite true, the observations by many about the character of this particular obsessed fedfan can easily spot on.

Raindrops , 6/9/10 6:37 AM

Raindrops please mind your language

Max , 6/9/10 7:19 AM

Max, I targetted maxi and since you are responding, meaning you are maxi too?

Raindrops , 6/9/10 7:30 AM

you wrote madmaxmaxi , thats why i responded. I am in this site fr more htan 2 years now and hav nevr said anyhting bad abt Rafa. I respect all the players cause i know how hard it is to play in that level .

Max , 6/9/10 7:37 AM

i mean reacting not responding.

Raindrops , 6/9/10 7:37 AM

Max, "madmax" is another alias of maxi.

Raindrops , 6/9/10 7:46 AM

Alrte i didn knw tht. Peace!

Max , 6/9/10 8:00 AM

I too have some doubts about Fed no longer developing as a player. In last few months Rafa has improved his first serve, though he did not use it much in the finals against Sod. Fed has not done any significant changes when he plays against Rafa. Perhaps he feels his game, if he played well, is good enough for most other opponents. It does appear so. And if one looks at this from his angle, he can not have a double fisted B.H. His service, forehand, serve & volley, anticipation, speed and taking the ball early need no change. If he were to employ a real coach, I wonder what would he change for him!

eskay , 6/9/10 8:16 AM

Raindrops and Isabeau,

The thing that gets me is that maxi has been on tennis-x trashing this site yet again! I absolutely cannot for the life of me, figure out why she persists in coming on a site that she supposedly ridicules and despises. On the latest blog there, she was at it again, making fun of tt, which seems to be the latest target for disgruntled Fed fans. She goes back and forth between the two sites, contradicting herself all the time. People here have posted her comments to show the hypocrisy and strange thought process. I honestly have no idea how many personalities she has, however she would appear to be the Sybil of this site.

She is extremely controlling and thinks the world revolves around her. If you say anything even slightly critical of Fed, then she will start attacking. I am at a loss to explain any of this.

Nativenewyorker , 6/9/10 8:47 AM

Let me explain why Maxi is the way she is, the reasoning is actually quite sad.

You see her behaviour on all the forums is a reflection of how little she likes herself. She is full of anger and is lashing out because she feels like her self worth, which she defines by Federer's success, is being targeted by those who support anyone other than him. She deems an attack on Federer as an attack on her and when you are on the defence because your ego and self worth is on the line, common sense and reasoning goes out the window.

My advice to her is to get off the forums, which I actually told her to do last year, because the anxiety and internal conflict these cause her, because of her unhealthy attachment to Federer which she defines her self worth by is not good for her health.

isabeau77 , 6/9/10 9:12 AM


I don't know if you know Von, but she has tried to say the exact same thing any number of times. Of course, you are right and I do get the part about someone's identity and self-worth being caught up in their favorite player's success.

The part that I just do not understand, is this business of flip-flopping back and forth between tennis forums, trashing this site on tennis-x and the popping right back here again and again. That has nothing to do with the hero worship and excessive emotional investment in Fed and his wins. The other thing that has been quite upsetting to me is this business of her calling people out here for posting on tennis-x using different screen names. There are a number of people who flow back and forth between different forums and sometimes they decide to use different screen names, not as a conspiracy to hide their identity, but for their own reasons. There are people from tennis-x who post here under different screen names and it would never occur to me to confront them with this ever at any time. It is really a breach of tennis forum etiquette and a sign of extreme disrespect.

If you have any pearls of wisdom to share on that issue, I will be happy to hear you out! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/9/10 10:15 AM

the sad thing about life is that some people just never learn.

tj600 , 6/9/10 10:20 AM


Tell me about it! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/9/10 11:09 AM


The Gerry Weber Open is the only Grass Court tournament held in Germany just before the Wimbledon Championships.

Its held in Halle, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The tournament has been held since 1991 and is part of the ATP World Tour 250 series on the ATP Tour Schedule.

Roger Federer's performances in the Gerry Weber Open have been simply amazing with a five time win record. His victories came in the year 2003-06 and 2008. As Federer has clinched four of them in consecutive years. By coincidence, except in 2008, Federer went on to win the title at the Wimbledon Championships. Roger has registered withdrawals from the Gerry Weber Open in the years 2007 and 2009 due to fatigue after French open.

Now, the Gerry Weber Open and the Swiss former world number one have to come together to make a unique contract. It specifies an unique partnership for the remainder of Federer's playing career. The tournament dierector Ralf Weber and Roger signed an agreement which ensures that the Swiss champ would participate at the Gerry Weber Open until he ends his proffesional career.

"I am delighted,? said Federer. ?It feels a bit like I am getting married. I wanted to plan more long-term. I want to build up friendships and I get on really well with Ralf and Gerhard Weber.?

Federer feels good about participating and being associated with the Gerry Weber Open and sharing one of his memorable winnings with his German fans and also getting the opportunity to perform on his favorite surface in Germany which is possible on at Gerry Weber Open as it is the only grass court tournament held in Germany.

"Germany?s tennis fans can be glad that they will get to see Roger playing at the GERRY WEBER OPEN for many more years to come,?. ?I am convinced that he will be serving here still in 2015", said Ralf Weber, the Tournament Director. Ralf Webber seemed delighted to have Roger play the tournament for as long as possible during his proffesional career.

Roger Federer had spent 285 weeks at the Number One spot before Nadal managed to reclaim the first spot after his 2010 Roland Garros win. Federer just missed on equaling Pete Sampras's record of 286 weeks reign at the Number one spot and would be very eager to perform at his best to do well at this year's grass season to get back the Number one position form Rafael Nadal. Roger Federer has a good track record at the Gerry Weber Open and would look forward to another title at the tournament.

Federer has won the Lauerus Award for the best Sportsman of the Year among a bunch of Nominess which included a Star studded list of likes of Michael Schumacher and Tiger Woods. Being a well known and most sort after celebtiry, Roger would attract a lot of fans from all across the world. The organizers of the tournament are looking for a improvement in the sales of tickets bearing in mind the contract signed by Roger.

Roger Federer will start his quest for the title on Tuesday as he plays left-handed Jarkko Niemenen in the first round of play. Federer arrived at Halle last Friday with his wife wife Mirka and their twin daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and is training hard to wishfully claim the title for a record sixth time.

Roger Federer will be looking forward to play Lleyton Hewitt, the 2002 Wimblwdon champion who will be playing at Halle for the first time. The feisty Australian is all set to probably play Federer only in a possible final showdown which would be a treat to any tennis fan around the World. The Gerry Weber Open starts today with a complete array of much awaited mens singles matches. -to-play-at-Halle-every-year-105071.htm

nadline , 6/9/10 11:21 AM

The reason why she flip-flops back and forth is because she is addicted to the forum, because she feeds on the negativity she creates for herself on the site.
She cant help herself, she must come on to have a look and respond to what others have written, otherwise she feels anxious. What she is in fact doing is displacing her anger and frustration in her life onto these forums. She feeding on the negativity she creates that is within her, instead of tackling head on the true issues which are effecting her, in her life. If all her comments were ignored, if she was ignored, she would lose interest because there would be no one to argue with. Some people like to argue and cause drama in their lives, in order to prevent facing the obvious; Themselves!
SHe then goes on tennis-x and trashes this site because she wants people on her side. No matter where she is she is causing conflict, for attention. She is calling people out for using different screen names out of FEAR! You see she knows that a lot of what she says is a load of crock and that she is in the wrong, but admitting that others are right, would mean that she isnt perfect, hence a massive blow to her self worth. By upsetting people she is trying to get them off the forums, so that she doesnt have people challenging her skewed opinions, which she cant handle, as accepting that others are right makes her feel extremely anxious. She cant handle being challenged, because her egos is being challenged.
She is also calling people out in order to try to prove that her opinions are RIGHT by trying to discount theirs, by implying that they are deceiving everyone and are liars.
She is in fact saying "I know what username you use on the other site and because I know I am smarter than you and because i am smarter, my opinions and what I say must be the RIGHT ones".

Translation: I am better than you, no matter what!
(Just like her belief that Roger is better than anyone, no matter what!)

isabeau77 , 6/9/10 12:25 PM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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