• Federer off to winning start in Estoril

    5/5/10 7:04 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer off to winning start in Estoril Roger Federer wins his first clay-court match of the year, defeating Bjorn Phau in straight sets on Wednesday in Estoril. Federer awaits Arnaud Clement in the quarterfinals.

    It was not pretty and it was not convincing, but Roger Federer picked up his first clay-court win of 2010 on Wednesday.

    Federer beat Bjorn Phau 6-3, 6-4 in the second round of the Estoril Open, advancing to the quarterfinals after one hour and 23 minutes. The No. 1 seed and 2008 champion will face Arnaud Clement on Friday.

    While Federer was far from at his best against Phau, his passage into the next round was hardly in doubt. The Swiss never dropped serve nor did he face a break point in any of his first four service games. After missing one break chance at 2-1 and one more in a marathon game at 3-2, Federer finally converted his fourth opportunity of the day for a 5-3 lead when Phau netted a backhand.

    With the set seemingly in hand, Federer promptly fell into a 0-40 hole. Nonetheless, the world No. 1 saved all three break points and won five points in a row--the last three courtesy of Phau errors--to take a one-set advantage.

    Phau did well to stay on serve early in the second frame of play, surviving a tough service game at 1-1. The 138th-ranked German, however, surrendered serve at 2-2 and again just a single break was enough for his opponent. Federer held the rest of the way without facing a break point in set two, although Phau extended him to deuce in the final game. The 16-time Grand Slam champion finished off the proceedings on his second match point when the underdog sent a forehand long.

    Federer did enough to win, but he struck only 19 winners against 34 unforced errors. Phau, meanwhile, managed to win seven games despite recording 11 winners and a whopping 47 errors.

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It is ominous to see RF having 49% first serves. First serve will kill him as it had always done. Then in spite of all the glib and showmanship he is capable of why can't he slow down to concentrate while delivering his first serve. His rivals take almost a minute, some dropping the ball a certain number of times and some others pulling the undergarment between the buttocks before a delivery. Man get your service right- an 80% first delivery like the final set of big W last year is needed or you are doomed.

newfangkc , 5/5/10 7:54 PM

It sounds like someone is advocating extending the time between serves, so Rafa has got it right all along.

nadline , 5/5/10 8:13 PM

If "pulling the undergarment between the buttocks before a delivery" is what it takes.........i say power to him!!!!!

Monalysa , 5/5/10 8:27 PM

Nail hit on the head. Let the fun begin and let all the girs have all the fun. Gung Ho

newfangkc , 5/5/10 8:38 PM

If "pulling the undergarment between the buttocks before a delivery" is what it takes.........i say power to him!!!!!

Monalysa , 5/5/10 8:27 PM

Monalysa, if it would help his serve, I'd say to him go for it.

nadline , 5/5/10 9:35 PM


you said,
"It was not pretty and it was convincing"

did you mean to say, "not convincing?".

If so, what has federer got to do right now? Is it just lack of matches, or do you think that it is something more? would be interested in your opinion. Thanks. (did you watch the match yourself? or were you just following livescores?). I couldnt get a live stream link to estoril today.

maxi , 5/5/10 9:43 PM

Fed must be so relaxed, he's not so conscious of the stats. What's important is NOT to loose...... It would be very very embarrassing if he don't bag the title in Estoril.... NO one is a threat @ the moment!

McQ , 5/5/10 11:37 PM

the old man WON ey?!!! :) it's the bottom line. the FED does what the FED does. Seriously FEDfans, our man is in the quarterfinals! :) C'MON!

sky , 5/6/10 12:06 AM

lack of matches and general disinterest

and yup, certainly NOT convincing!!!

RickyDimon , 5/6/10 12:26 AM

Honestly RickyDimon, the way I see it Roger Federer is beyond trying to convince anyone. He's just playing tennis. If he wins he wins. Of course he cares. Winning is more fun...

sky , 5/6/10 12:43 AM

ESTORIL, Portugal (AFP) ? Roger Federer got his clay season on back track as the Swiss opened his campaign at the Estoril Open Wednesday with a 6-3, 6-4 defeat of German Bjorn Phau.

The top seed will face off Friday in the quarter-finals against French veteran Arnaud Clement, who defeated Alejandro Falla 6-4, 6-3 earlier on another cloudless day.

"I'm happy that I came through the first round, it was nice to win," said Federer, 2008 champion in his first time at the venue. "Today was a matter of coming through tough situations.

"I played well when I was down 0-40 and serving for the first set.

"This win was not always beautiful but it doesn't matter. I'm sure my best tennis is not far away. I have a bit of a breather now and I'm looking forward to Friday.

In other matches, defending champion Albert Montanes, the Spanish fourth seed, defeated compatriot Daniel Gimeno-Traver 6-1, 6-2. Eighth seed Pablo Cuevas of Uruguay reached the last eight over Marcel Granollers of Spain 7-6 (10-, 7-6 (7-2).

Federer achieved his stated goal of re-starting his clay campaign after an opening loss in Rome a week ago to Ernests Gulbis of Latvia.

The 28-year-old Swiss is bearing down on his career-first title defence later in the month at Roland Garros and next week concludes his tournament tune-ups in Madrid.

"There is always pressure in the first match, it doesn't matter who it's against. The first round in any event is never easy," said Federer.

Phau, 30, and ranked 138, has split his previous two meetings with the 16-time grand slam champion. Federer comes into their match standing 13-4 on the season with his only title the Australian Open over Andy Murray.

"It was my first time on centre court this year, I didn't get a chance to train on it," said the Swiss. "It's a lot bigger than the small practice courts and I had to get used to that.

"Best of three matches can also be over very quickly. I got off to a good start, no hiccups on my serve. Once I won the first set I felt more comfortable, I was able to come up with some nice tennis."

Federer stands atop the ATP rankings as number one for the 281st week and needs just five more weeks at the summit to tie the all-time record of Pete Sampras.

If Federer remains No. 1, he will tie Sampras on June 7 (Halle, Germany, grass-court event) and break the record the following week which proceeds Wimbledon. wtaporlead_20100505172701

Champion7 , 5/6/10 12:56 AM

thanks Champion7, sounds like the FED. Why wouldn't it?! LOL "IT IS" the FED! :) C'MON!

sky , 5/6/10 1:30 AM

sky - "If he wins he wins."

my point exactly. general disinterest.

RickyDimon , 5/6/10 2:08 AM

Ricky you may see it as disinterest, I prefer to see it as subdued intensity. Which is not the same. Disinterest sounds more like he does not care if he wins one way or another, whereas subdued Intensity is more like lets see what I can do, and get away with, and still win. He is/has changed the dynamics/psyche of his game, thereby giving his changes of winning smaller venues less of a chance to win, to be on top. I still don't see it as disinterest, it's something else. He is making himself feel different by playing different. He cares as much for the result, but he is willing to gamble more on the outcome. I see this as a kind of adjustment faze of sorts. I expect he will be much more dynamic or intense during the slams where he will have more room/time to expand his repertoire (and to perfect it), I visualize this outcome as a kind of ultimate goal. All the while increasing his level of play and intensity... I am having a lot of fun here dissecting this, hope I have made some sense to some people. lol :) Cheers FEDfans.

sky , 5/6/10 2:57 AM

there is a colossal difference between disinterest and not caring

however, there is also a difference between disinterest and playing like your tennis life depends on every single ball you strike (ie, Grand Slams)

RickyDimon , 5/6/10 3:20 AM

When is the draw for the Madrid Masters?

isabeau77 , 5/6/10 3:51 AM

"If "pulling the undergarment between the buttocks before a delivery" is what it takes.........i say power to him!!!!!"

I actually have a picture of Roger doing that on grass, at Wimbledon 08. :-)

mara002 , 5/6/10 5:37 AM

isabeau77 - Saturday afternoon

RickyDimon , 5/6/10 5:58 AM

Sky - I'm a FEDAL fan. I'm following your analysis. :-)

mara002 , 5/6/10 6:08 AM

If "pulling the undergarment between the buttocks before a delivery" is what it takes.........i say power to him!!!!! - Monalysa , 5/5/10 8:27 PM

I think Roger will look gay if he does the same.

phoenix , 5/6/10 6:34 AM


I understand what you are saying. yes.

Ricky, thanks for your opinion. General disinterest? I dont think so, read all about his love of the game, his will to win - it's all out there. Furthermore, if there was general disinterest, can you tell me why he would bother getting up in the a.m.? There's no point. stick around with the babies, dont go and train. but he is. "the hard yards" he refers to show that he knows what he has to do, it's just a matter of switching the focus to a more sublime altitude! I'm still not happy with his overall game, but then I dont suppose he is either. Once again though, he gets through the first round (second round), and a win has to increase the confidence whether it's 250,500 or 2500. I think, personally, he is having unnecessary doubts about his game, he needs to get rid of those and it will all come good once again.

I watched his vid after Australia. So confident, enriched with his game, happy, full of life, "no doubts". He needs to get back to that place so that he can move forward.

maxi , 5/6/10 7:28 AM

Maxi, Sky:
Very good analysis as the last couple months Federer game was so hard to be evaluated as he played average matches and lost them to underdogs which was really strange .
Sky pointed that he was somehow changing his game to try new things many noticed that a lot in the " not slam" and sometime he chooses the ones that did work and use them in more important times. I watched the match though live streaming and his level was little better than average the serve wasn?t consistent so i wasn?t happy by his level specially his conversion of break points was so low giving the fact that his opponents gave him many free points in the time his unforced errors was sky high some of them came from the forehand. maybe he needs more matches because it feels like 2008 when he got out early from the masters ending playing catch up tennis. He is still away from his A game which he desperately needs before the Madrid to Wimbledon swap as he has thousands of points to defends specially with Nadal having everything to gain and nothing to lose in the next two months.
Talking about parenting now Maxi is everywhere but isn?t 28 years old is too young to lose interest simply because you started a family I know they compare him to Lendel as he lost interest and was talking about his girls but I don?t think it is Roger argument but "ive been there done that" factor after watching his last match against Gulbis I felt that and I hope I was mistaken!

tennislover , 5/6/10 8:45 AM

...playing like your tennis life depends on every single ball you strike (ie, Grand Slams)


LOL I really enjoy the above statement Ricky! :) Thank you!!! LOL! WOW! Just think FEDfans if Roger was playing like his tennis life depends on every single ball his strikes! That "would" be "something"! Wouldn't it?! LOL :) Thanks Ricky for that thought.

thanks mara002 (good to hear) :)
salutations FEDfans maxi, tennislover

sky , 5/6/10 12:21 PM

I dont know how much time Federer has spent out of competitive tennis on account of injury but I would hazard a guess it is way, way below that of any other top 10 player in recent years. Off hand I recall he withdrew during the 2008 Paris Masters and didnt go to Beijing for the Masters Cup because of a back problem. Bearing in mind the number of matches he plays every year, he has a remarkable ability to remain injury free whereas by the end of last season players were going down like ninepins. Much of this is due to being blessed with an amazingly athletic physique, and also to his training programme.

ed251137 , 5/6/10 2:20 PM

ed251137: it's also Fed's movement which, as I've said b4, is extraordinary and for me singles him out above everything else. He just seems to float through the air so minimum stress on those joints. Do you have a top 5? Who'd they be? Don't have to be still playing eg Johnny Mac would be one of mine.

deuce , 5/6/10 2:26 PM

whoops, this got posted accidentally before I'd completed my comment. To continue: His longevity is also clearly the result of his fluid movement and because he does not hit every ball as if he life depended on it. All of this, coupled with his careful scheduling enables him to perform at the highest level at the age of 28. And, yes of course, he cares about the non-slam tournaments but not enough perhaps to risk injury.

ed251137 , 5/6/10 2:35 PM

deuce: your comment came before I'd completed the above. I agree the way he hovers just above the ground in perpetual motion is like no other player. Am rushing off for a long weekend in the UK so will give you my top 5 next week but it does include Johnny.

ed251137 , 5/6/10 2:42 PM

Is there any live streaming for any of the tourneys this week?

nadline , 5/6/10 3:01 PM

deuce, do you mean players who played longest time??
or players who played continuously without injuries for longest time??

clayking , 5/6/10 3:04 PM

yes, bet365 is live streaming them

tj600 , 5/6/10 3:28 PM

although you are a Fed hater but yes there are very good live streaming for Estroil (i dont think you are interested!) you register and you can watch without beting if doesnt work i can give you another one

tennislover , 5/6/10 3:52 PM

nadline -,, or are all better, you dont need to register

RickyDimon , 5/6/10 4:21 PM

clayking: I was saying about why I think Fed remains so injury free while all around him people are falling like flies. Also, I am a very long term fan and will still be loving tennis even when Roger and Rafa hang up their tennis raquets. I know, shocking isn't it? So, I'm always curious to know which players, over time, others have liked. I imagine yours would be mostly clay courters?

deuce , 5/6/10 6:08 PM

His longevity is also clearly the result of his fluid movement and because he does not hit every ball as if he life depended on it.

ed251137 , 5/6/10 2:35 PM

very good point/angle ed251137, ... playing fluid so that he can remain injury free. (describes Roger in Aces). Currently Roger has been mediocre. Come the slam I imagine Roger will be much more than that. Go Rog! :)

sky , 5/6/10 6:22 PM

"Also, I am a very long term fan and will still be loving tennis even when Roger and Rafa hang up their tennis raquets. I know, shocking isn't it?"
why should that be shocking???
that is what everyone who loves tennis should do..
a generation of tennis maybe about one or two guys, but tennis as a whole was never,is not and will never be about one or two guys..
as for mine deuce, i told you once..
of the players whom i have watched playing in 13 years of my following tennis, it is mostly clay courters, with the exception of sampras (my all time fav) and safin, whom i like..
as for the past, i have seen videos of many players and read about many others.
among the players whose videos and matches i have seen it is just not about claycourters..
i like borg ,vilas and lendl, but i also like edberg, mcenroe and boris.. (i believe boris-edberg rivalry at wimby is not inferior to any other rivalry.. i have watched their matches .. amazing stuff .. different from now, but still amazing)
i do like players of even older generations, but that is more due to what i read about them, not seeing them. i have not seen enough of them, but their exploits and struggles during playing amateurs was amazing..

clayking , 5/6/10 6:49 PM

Roger is the classic greatest. LOVE Roger.

RogerLove , 5/6/10 7:24 PM

Roger's archrival is nalvadian. Or, Safin. Rival with correct, this same generation.

RogerLove , 5/6/10 7:37 PM

fed needs the match practise. this is what he is seriously lacking, practise sessions can never be the same as "live matches". adrenalin flows differently then, as does the drive to win. the more matches the better for him. He said yesterday (after an interviewer asked him whether the babies are affecting his game). He said "No". They have their morning naps and afternoon naps - and - I am "allowed" out, then smiled, said how much his wife supported him and that he has been playing tennis all his life and believes in his game. I do too.

maxi , 5/6/10 7:53 PM

it should be this way maxi if someone started a family that doesnt mean going soft or losing your motivation specialy when you decide to do it in the twenties even for an athlete he still have 5 years to go so it shouldnt be the end for anybody whome works in sport ofcourse that differs between indivisual but i still think having babies should be a cause for drastic changes in one's ambition

tennislover , 5/6/10 9:11 PM

tennislover, hello. i see what you are saying, but disagree. fed has EVERY motivation to continue playing in front of his "girls". The fact that they are here and now almost 1 years old, walking talking (soon, if not already - probably speaking 5 languages already!), gives federer the motivation to keep at the top of his game. He wouldnt have employed a new"ish" now, trainer, full time physiotherapist to add to his team. I think the girls have given him every motivation to continue playing tennis and NOT to give it up. He is still practising at least 4 hours a day. what ambitions are there for him to achieve (looking at it from a different viewpoint), he has pretty much everything. It has to be the girls which are his driving force in tennis.

maxi , 5/6/10 9:35 PM

your talk reminds me of the video the espn did as tribute after the wimbledon victory i hope you did watch it, i have been to couple of his practices in USO you see him after Rafa does his practices and you think what is this guy doing Rafa hits striaght almost an hour all biusness no talking and then Roger does 20 minutes that includes goofing around talking to the hitting partner talking to the other players and the coaches i know you mean private practices.
personaly i hope what motivates him is the love of the game his fans and his proffesionalism

tennislover , 5/6/10 10:09 PM

We're celebrating the win of the World Number one over a player ranked 138th??? This from the same people who claimed Rafa's wins don't mean much because they weren't in the Top Ten. Classic!!!!!

fan4tennis , 5/6/10 10:12 PM


and the same fedfans who made excuses everytime Federer losses at Master events that, what matter most for Roger are the grandslams. LOOK AT THEM HOW THEY CELEBRATE wins of Roger against players who are ranked behind 500. Estoril can be categorized as PITY TOURNAMENT ... ha.ha.ha. you are all clowns fedfans.

Raindrops , 5/7/10 6:58 AM

clayking: I've seen pictures of Laver's tennis playing arm, right I think, it was twice the size of his other arm! I guess he must've hit the ball mighty hard! Generally, I like players with some personality and athleticsm on court: Santoro, Nastase, Paoline, Johnny mac,
f4t: an excellent point which I made on another thread about Rafa's win. You play whoever is on the other side of the net and if that gives you a championship that's the way it is.

deuce , 5/7/10 8:06 AM

LOL! Raindrops. Your hilarious!!!! since when is a fan of any player not going to celebrate his fav's WIN! Your the one who is the clown. Go Rogs! :) Go!!!! :)

sky , 5/7/10 3:29 PM

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