• Federer, Nadal to face Sampras, Agassi in Hit for Haiti 2

    2/20/10 6:14 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer, Nadal to face Sampras, Agassi in Hit for Haiti 2 The best of the current generation will face a blast from the past as next month's Indian Wells Masters repeats the charity Hit for Haiti which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars last month at the Australian Open

    New Indian Wells owner, software billionaire Larry Ellison, said his event will duplicate the successful charity effort organised the day before the start in Melbourne by Roger Federer.

    The Californian version set for march 12, will feature 44 Grand Slam titles on the same court with Federer and Pete Sampras playing Rafael Nadal and Andre Agassi. It's expected to raise a minimum of $1 million for earthquake relief and will be broadcast live on television

    "When I saw the first Hit for Haiti event in Australia, I was very moved by the players coming together, on the eve of an important tournament, for such a worthy cause,” said Ellison, the yacht-racer whose Oracle team just won the America's Cup over Swiss Alinghi.

    "I wanted to bring together an exceptional group of players, with an unprecedented amount of Grand Slam titles. Our goal is to leave a memorable impression on fans, while raising a substantial amount of money that will directly impact the needs of people in Haiti.”

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Lot of rivalry going on here. Can't wait.

smr , 2/20/10 8:20 PM

So much to look forward to, can't wait to see this. The could even sell the DVD to make more money.

How awesome it would be to see these four great players on court together.

carrie , 2/20/10 8:39 PM

it is quite interesting how Andre will handle them after they critisized his book? specially the the part about the drugs?

tennislover , 2/20/10 8:58 PM

only pete and rafa have not played each other in their pro careers ,lol against the 'field' rafa is a strong 15-7 , roger 16-16 , pete is 20-15 andre 17-30 (poor andre ,lol)

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 9:08 PM

This is gonna be worth watching and I agree Carrie a dvd would be awsome, indeed Rafa hasn't played Sampras due to the age gap I suppose so it is going to be really interesting! How lucky for the fans, an absolute treat.

afrodite7 , 2/20/10 11:50 PM

I know this is for charity but I hope the competitive juices come out. Sampras has said some disparaging things about Nadal's game (good thing this isn't on clay) and we all know there's tension with Agassi after the book. Watch out playing too close to the net. As a closing thought, it's sad that this is the only way the ATP can get Fed and Nadal on the same court these days.

chr18 , 2/21/10 2:26 AM

chr18 's 2nd point does make a lot of sense, hehe . dont worry mate we wil see roger-rafa battles this clay season and the grass of wimbledon :) :)

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 10:01 AM

I want to go! is anyone here able to go or know where to get tickets at a crazy price?

maxi , 2/21/10 12:18 PM

Someone said on another thread it was going to be Federer-Sampras vs Nadal-Agassi. That's a bit lopsided in terms of GS titles (30 vs 14) and I would think Fedpras is more than a match than Nadassi given their net skills. I would have liked to see Fedal vs Samprassi (young vs old) or even Fedassi vs Nadpras. Maybe they could play 3 sets and change partners for each one.

cable , 2/21/10 12:33 PM

The title of the article is contradictory to it's content but I think it is Fed/Sampras vs. Nadal/Agassi.

chr18 , 2/21/10 2:36 PM

Actually cable, the lopsidedness is in their style of play. I would say both Agassi and Nadal play similar styles, so do Federer and Sampras. The total h2h is actually 24/19 with the following h2h added together:

Sampras/ Agassi 9:3 to Sampras
Federer/Agassi 8:3 to Federer
Federer/Nadal 7:13 to Nadal
Sampras/Nadal 0:0

I think it's a good pairing. Will it be a proper contest, or just a knock about?

carrie , 2/21/10 2:51 PM

sampras agassi 9:3 ??? it is 20-14 in favor of pistol pete

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 4:51 PM

hey guys listen , i have an assignment in which i need to write an INFORMATIVE essay , and i have chosen grand slam tennis :D :D as the topic and i have to finish it by tuesday. so if any one can provide a useful well written paragraph, it will be highly appreciated ! i will highly appreciate if some1 is that gracious, any well piece of writing/paragraph that you feel i can add to the essay ,hope my friends here can help a bit and stuff from ANY1 will be very much appreciated, even torres 9 :) :) lol

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 4:58 PM

Whoa, you're still in school. Don't take this the wrong way, but the honest and fair thing to do would be to write it yourself. That's what I always did. You shouldn't get in the habit of depending on others to do your work for you. If you can't come up with anything change or modify the topic to make it easier. That topic is pretty broad. Write about Wimbledon only as an example to narrow it down.

chr18 , 2/21/10 5:15 PM

i am a university student chr18,lol, yea yea witing it by urself, yes i will do it surely the topic interests me a lot but i think i shud enjoy atleast some kind of benefit for having soo many tennis fanatics present as my fellow here :D :D lol so i m just requesting minor contributions, wont even paste them will just take ideas becoz there are very craetive writers here i guess ! :)

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 5:19 PM

and if anybody could mention any source from where I could take some help from and give relevant references

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 5:25 PM

vamos, each of the slams has a website with a section devoted to its own history ... why not start there?

smr , 2/21/10 5:27 PM

Best advice is to try and be objective. Seriously, you should write on your favorite GS because if you try to write on all four, you'll end up with a dissertation and not an essay.

chr18 , 2/21/10 5:32 PM

its an informative essay so i just need to provide diff angles for a certain topic ,mainly giving my own ideas ,thats what my instructor wants .
thanks smr and chr18 for ur helps :)

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 5:37 PM

a few nice starting lines will beb MIGHTILY appreciatd ,lol, and really sorry if this is something annoying !!

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 5:48 PM

good luck with your essay ... just remember we all expect you to get an A+
(just kidding).

smr , 2/21/10 5:49 PM

hahah, i will make sure i live up to the HIGH expectations ! vamos !lol .thanks

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 5:54 PM

any one here , i need a rough idea about the prices being charged (on average) for watching a grand slam match , a well-hyped one??? i know it differs among slams but a rough idea abt a slam semi/final match?

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 6:18 PM

vamos, there is such a discrepancy in what you might pay ... if depends so much on how far away your seat is from the court ... could be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars (if you are dealing in dollars). If you were lucky enough to get tickets, that is.

smr , 2/21/10 7:00 PM

thousands of dollars, actually i was trying to make an analogy , the price paid by the 200 atendees of the first ever wimby was a shilling, so i wil compare it to thousand of modern day pounds, i remeber that last year when muzza was expected to meet fed in the final and the queen was to make an appearance the prices were record high , do not remember the exact figures tho :(

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 7:15 PM

the wimby site states the tikets for 2008 ,finals day for the centre court was 91 pounds :S :S

vamosrafa , 2/21/10 7:19 PM

no singles matches?? Would love to see how Nadal fares agaist sampras

FEDistheGOAT , 2/21/10 11:38 PM

Me too F is the G ... would like to see whether or not Sampras can handle the spin.

smr , 2/22/10 1:00 AM

@smr :)
The ball wont be allowed to pitch let alone spin right. want to see sampras dancing away at the net. Man, if only rafa had come early enough to show us if he can pass sampras at the net.
Atleast one or two matchups like that (rafa vs sampras) would maybe have inspired Fed (by hopefully seeing how sampras handles rafa) to adopt a more volley-based approach to rafa than his 'i'll beat him at his own game' attitude towards rafa

FEDistheGOAT , 2/22/10 1:12 AM

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