• Roger Federer presser Nov. 28, 2009

    11/28/09 6:13 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Roger Federer presser Nov. 28, 2009 Read Roger Federer's press conference after losing to Nikolay Davydenko for the first time ever.

    Q. Last year in Shanghai you couldn't get to the semis. In any case, the match was played so quickly, can you explain what happened there? You usually never lose with Nikolay.

    ROGER Federer: Yeah, not so far. So, sure, it's disappointing. But not to lose against him; just to lose the semis. Coming so far in a tough group, in a tough tournament, I had hopes to get through to the final and maybe win again.

    But I missed the start again, and I guess that's what cost me the match at the end.

    Q. You started very fast. I think you won the first seven points. What happened then? Was it concentration?

    ROGER Federer: No, I think I picked sometimes wrong choice of shots, you know, right from the start, that let him sort of recover, not be a break down.

    After that, I didn't serve very well in the first set at all. So that gave him obviously opportunities to start to find his range from the baseline. So that was pretty much the story in the first set.

    Second set, it was more a story of just trying to hang on, you know, get through to the third. As the match wore on, I actually started to feel better and better. I was starting to feel better, which made my life easier throughout the match. In the end, you know, indoors, you never know what can happen. It could swing either way. I was a couple of points away, but just couldn't get it done.

    He did well. I thought he played strong throughout, even though I don't think it was our best match we ever played against each other. That wasn't the greatest for quite some time.

    Q. Everybody expected Davydenko would be tired after yesterday's match. How would you estimate his game today? Was it just luck for him? He managed to beat you for the first time in his career.

    ROGER Federer: Well, I didn't think it was a particularly physical match. So that's why I don't think it had anything to do with fitness. We're professional tennis players. We're used to playing many matches in the same week. These are not best-of-five-set matches. Doesn't usually come down to a lot of fitness. It's just a long season. That means that you're more maybe mentally fatigued for some.

    But he missed quite a few months of the season early on, before. Really the season was sort of already into Miami and stuff before he started really playing. So I think he also has got some reserves left.

    I had the same left, although I had also tough matches in my group. So for this reason I don't think it was played on fitness, you know. I think we were both fresh. Niggling injuries we all have when we're playing. It's just how you handle them. I thought today he handled them well.

    At times he did look a little bit sort of wrong-footed. Maybe he had some issues, but he's definitely not going to tell them to you before the final, so don't even bother asking him (smiling).

    Q. Nikolay has finished top five in the world for the past four years. Do you think he gets the respect he deserves?

    ROGER Federer: Well, I don't know if you guys have. I have. I think it's most important that he has respect from his fellow players. I think he didn't have the easiest of last few years, you know, where people suspected him of doing bad things in the sport, you know. He had a cloud over his name for quite some time, which was not very fair at the end now. I think he handled it very well towards the end.

    To be able to continue playing this well by being asked always the same stupid questions must not have been very easy for him. So I respect him not only for that, but obviously for the player he is. Proved it was worth hanging in there. He finally beat me today. I wish him all the best for the final.

    Q. You talked about fatigue. Could it have been the other way: you haven't played a whole heap of tennis since the US Open? Could that have been a factor today?

    ROGER Federer: How do you mean? How should I be tired?

    Q. I don't mean tired.

    ROGER Federer: You said 'fatigued.'

    Q. Not fatigued, going the other way.

    ROGER Federer: Not enough matches?

    Q. Exactly.

    ROGER Federer: I had three here before. Three three-setters. No. I don't know how to answer it. It's just the wrong question. Sorry.

    Q. The Davis Cup final? Do you think the Czech Republic has a better chance after Rafael Nadal and Verdasco looks like they're out of form?

    ROGER Federer: Out of form? Hmm. We'll see in a couple of weeks, huh? For some reason, I just still favor the Spaniards, even if they don't have Verdasco and Nadal, because they've got quite a few players out there in their arsenal.

    Good luck anyway.

    Q. We spoke yesterday already about your first sets here that were difficult. Another one today. Does it worry you at all or...

    ROGER Federer: I tried everything to have a good start. I wasn't able to do it again, so, sure, it's disappointing. I guess the important thing is your serve works, you know. Maybe I just couldn't get my serve working, you know, in the first set this week. On top of that, you know, played top guys. It's just not easy.

    But I think that definitely cost me maybe two out of the four matches, you know. You can't turn around every single match against top guys because then you don't have enough cushion anymore at the end. It's a game of luck at the end. Not that this one was one. But things swing so quickly, you know, at this pace we play at. That's why I think this is where I made my mistakes, just to hand him over the first set. It was a pity.

    But looking at the bright side, I still had a great season. Looking how deep the game is right now. To finish on top for me is phenomenal. I don't know, I try not to look at too much what I did wrong this week or what I did wrong today. This is my last press conference of the year, so I'm happy (smiling).

    I had a good season, and I don't have to answer any questions anymore.

    Q. Have you spoken to Tiger Woods since his accident? How worried were you when you heard the news?

    ROGER Federer: I haven't spoken to him. And I heard it's not too serious, which is a good thing.

    Q. What do you say about Robin's performance here, his progress during the last six months?

    ROGER Federer: Well, he's been very good, you know. I thought he played a great round robin. He's still in the tournament. He's got everything to play for. Sure, there's no easy matches now in the semis. Against Del Potro, I thought he was playing really well. But still I give him an outside chance. You never know.

    He's definitely made his move now. I think next year is his year where he needs to prove himself even more, again and again. That's how tennis works. I think he's done exceptionally well. I think he can be proud of himself.

    Q. Since it's the last press conference the year...

    ROGER Federer: And the last question, so this better be good (smiling).

    Q. I'll try my best.

    ROGER Federer: You're known for good questions, so I'm really excited (smiling).

    Q. So what is the best moment of the year? Roland Garros? Was it the memory you will always remember of this year, 2009? What is the worst memory of the year, if there is any?

    ROGER Federer: Well, the best one from a tennis standpoint was definitely, you know, winning I think sort of that combination of Paris and Wimbledon back to back, coming from so far back in so many matches in Paris. I think those are incredible moments in my career.

    Worst moment, I don't know. I mean, didn't really have many. I always play at a very high level usually at the end of tournaments. When you go out, if it's five sets or three sets or straight sets, I know I put in the best effort I could. And then you don't walk away too disappointed.

    I finished No. 1 in the world. So I don't have many regrets.

    THE MODERATOR: Thank you.

    ROGER Federer: Pleasure. Anytime. Find me somewhere.

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Great answers. Roger is the MAN!

iolife , 11/28/09 6:44 PM

good press conference.

Wonder who asked the last question? Cheryl!??!?!

And yeah, Federer was right about the stupid question. That was one of the dumbest press conference questions I have seen.

RickyDimon , 11/28/09 6:55 PM

he was graceful totally, keep it up fed, it is not that hard :)

posmatrac , 11/28/09 7:13 PM

He's getting in practice of how to lose gracefully cause next year he might have to show that side a lot more.

alik , 11/28/09 7:33 PM

he is in the press room, but still not on the court. That handshake was pathetic.

RickyDimon , 11/28/09 8:03 PM

alik, does this mean Nadal was humble all those while to get ready for losing so much now?

torres9 , 11/28/09 8:03 PM

Torres9 don't start with me:)
Nadal has always been humble when he was winning and when he is losing.
It was raised to be that way.....and from there i'll leave it alone.

alik , 11/28/09 9:35 PM

So as it is, the top-dogs Fed, Rafa, Djokovic & Murray are all out. Very interesting.

It will be interesting to see how next year shapes up for Del Potro. He plays the type of power-tennis against which the very best are left defenceless. Should he improve his fitness, he'll prove to be very fearsome in slams & masters. It will be interesting to see how Federer & Nadal re-group themselves to deal with his game.

Alexa , 11/28/09 9:53 PM

Alik, what u mean, 'it'?

Rafa is a human. LOL... Rafa has been ungracious in a lot of interviews too...

Nobody's perfect.

torres9 , 11/28/09 11:35 PM

I've been thinking this from the begining of the year, after he lost to Nadal in that AO final. Despite having won RG and then Wimbledon (playing awful tennis in both), I kept thinking the same thing...

Now, after how terrible he played the last tournaments (specially with his footwork, my god, he seemed like a 36 years old player)... I can (and mark my words) officialy say:

Federer is over.

Emiliano55 , 11/29/09 12:38 AM

I was really disappointed for todays match, I can't understand why he has been starting all of his matches this week so poorly, almost like it takes a set for him to warm up, never the less though, remarkable effort coming back each time, just was too much of an ask today I guess. I'm sure he'll be disappointed, but incredible to end the year #1 again, this is the most depth in mens tennis for a long long time!

ps. I'll be the first to say something to Emiliano55 everyone, don't worry.

"Mate, thats probably the most moronic thing I've seen typed on any of these articles as posts, played awful in RG and Wimbledon, you are joking right. He hit 50 aces in Wimbledon, and his footwork for the inside out forehand that turn things around at RG against Tommy Hass was excellent.
I just got done winning a quarter final for a tournament in california, and if you think he played awful in the slams, you must be one heck of a player?! Me on the other hand, even after winning and having a semi final tomorrow, can say, Federer was incredible at each slam this year, biggest blip I'd say was Delpo winning the US, as Nadal won Oz by sheer resilience, Delpo got a lot of cheap points as Fed was off.
Apart from that he finished #1, can't do that with awful tennis and no footwork!"

eelesino , 11/29/09 12:50 AM

Bla bla. I know this place is full of fed fanboys... so c'mon, insult me, say whatever you want... but hey, mark my words. That's all.
I've been following Roger Federer since 2002 and, i think, i can tell when he has nothing more to give.


Emiliano55 , 11/29/09 12:56 AM

That's actually pretty insulting to the other players to say that Fed played awful tennis in the two Slams he won. So how exactly did the other players in those tournaments play? Not to mention finishing the year #1 when playing terribly? I said myself Fed is on the downside of his career as his best years were '04-'07. That being said, who else can say they've won 3 Slams while on the downside of their career? Plus he'll win more in the coming years more than likely. Take your shots now if you like but at least use some logic. Cheers.

chr18 , 11/29/09 1:11 AM

How interesting. chr18 takes every possible jab at Rafa but when it's targetted at RF, it doesn't like it!

Hah!!!! ROFL!! Pathetic hypo.

jean , 11/29/09 3:37 AM

Just thought it was a slap in the face of the other players to say that the winner of two GS played awful tennis in those tournaments. Trust me there's nothing any of you can say about the Fed or me that would get me one-tenth as wound up as you guys get when I say stuff. Peace.

chr18 , 11/29/09 4:22 AM

Man his press is always great to read thx for the post. And those arguing abt he did this and that wrong, man cheer up its the end of the season, at least appreciate the tennis we witness and be thankful. And lets enjoy the final,shell we.

Believe , 11/29/09 4:34 AM

So if Fed is over and has nothing left to give, how bout Nadal who is even playing so badly?

If we base current form as an indicator, then Fed and Nadal should play golf now.

torres9 , 11/29/09 4:58 AM

that was a nice interview ...

So the FedExpress has come to a stop for the 2009 season . At the last train stop we find ourselves with the all time GS record , a career slam , year end no 1 , finals in all GS for the entire year ......and to add icing on the cake ...a loving wife with twin baby girls ... i think he did quite well for himself eh ?

Looking forward to 2010 , rest well champ !

C'MON !!

p.s : Torr , dont bother with them , Nadal rite now is playing absolute crap tennis and they are hurting . They dont see that they make him ( Nadal ) look worse by diminishing Fed . seriously ....straight sets in a ll 3 matches ...that has to hurt no matter how u spin it
....and yes nadal fans ....i do not think it is over for him ....its a slump .....the question is whether you want to accept it and move on or just add insult to injury . The latter is a loosing battle for you..

fedexfan , 11/29/09 8:45 AM

Yeah, just like you don't realise how much worse you make RF look wrose (if it's even possible!) by your despicable behaviour - deep envy over the fact that RF has and always will be Rafa's whipping boy which ends in tears. Get over it man, it's not healthy. It's so obvious why people with your character idolise someone so arrogant and spoilt. Very sad....

jean , 11/29/09 9:10 AM

whipping boy? That's what a guy who loses 4 times in a row without winning a set should be called.

Not a guy who loses once after whooping someone 12 times in a row..Pfttt...

torres9 , 11/29/09 12:11 PM

Maybe Ricky can help us but has a player ranked as high as #2 ever lost 4 matches in a row or 8 sets in a row. Just curious.

chr18 , 11/29/09 2:40 PM

oh we go again.

maxi , 11/29/09 2:54 PM

...whipping boy?
I am shure that you don't think about guy who lost in finale of his private home town tournament...who's been kickout in FIRST round in Paris...who is still ridding on waves of old glory...who had lost two times from Delpo.
Davidenko...wellcome to the club...members are allready Rafa, Nole, Murray, Wawrinka, Bennetau, Delpo...and number is raising very quickly

zare , 11/29/09 3:36 PM

LOL... old glory? Wimby 2009 and FO 2009 are old glories. In that case, Rafa's glories are Ice Age now...

And what club is that? Fed beaters? I actually think that's a compliment. Benneteau celebrated like he won a grand Slam. Davydenko said it was the best win of his life. I wonder why Davydenko didnt say that when he beat Rafa soo many times.

torres9 , 11/29/09 4:46 PM

Yes....OLD GLORY...Wimby and FO...hang on 'till ppl choke! Pathetic...
With no Rafa around...or with Rafa broken day earlier in epic fight with Nole...
But from Wimby old glory doesn't work no more...not even best Swiss PR experts can not revive aura of invicnibility... and not to mention that pharsa about his sportsmanship.
So I hardly wait 2010 will be more fun to watch his arrogant, unsporty, egocentric efforts to give intervew...his running from tenniscourt in tears. How did he shaked hands with Davy. It is not sportsmanship is question of basic culture.
So in expecting new dramas in Australia torres you can continue to raise and praise yout fake ExFed, I will give you one prediction...2010 he will drop out from best 10.
He has nothing more to offer to this game.
So we shall see was I wrong.

zare , 11/29/09 5:44 PM

Fed looked bad in that 1st set, but in the end Davydenko was on fire, as we now know. Fed's presser was great. Fed haters always come out of their holes to pile on The Fed. I'll be the first to say I feel so badly for Rafa right now. What is going on with him? Is he going to play Davis Cup or not? And what about Nando? Hmmm...

Rafterfan , 11/29/09 6:32 PM

If Fed drops out of top 10 next year Nadal would drop down out of top 50... that's my prediction.

torres9 , 11/29/09 7:54 PM

stop it everyone. just stop it. zare, roger did shake hands with davy,he did congratulate him,he shook the umpire's hand and walked off the court, looking sad. what is wrong with that? Is he supposed to be happy with losing the match? when he was two points from victory?
1), fed isnt going to drop out of the top ten next year. He can get to January 25th(by my calculations, 268 weeks as world no.1), and will stay riding high,I think until wimby.I think he will defend his wimby title(for sure).
2)nadal will fight, like he always has, until the bitter end to try and put his game right. He has a lot of points to defend next year, he knows that and i am certain he will do what he can
3)novak has had a brilliant year. He will be one of the contenders in 2010 and may even go on to win another slam - i think perhaps USO.
4)delpo going to go deep in the slams - but i am still not convinced yet. I dont know why. He can be inconsistent, and I dont think he can rely on his killer forehand every match. he is going to get tired.
5) davy is going to riding high in the early part of the year, and i hope he wins a slam. He is 28 years old and it goes to show that the "old" guys like davy and fed are still the men to beat. delpo is 21, and couldnt beat davy today.

zare, fed has everything to offer the game.he is a wonderfully,gifted player.and I love him, the way you love novak and i wouldnt dream of being so disrespectful to novak, the way you are to federer so i am asking you to stop it please.

maxi , 11/29/09 8:11 PM

Ok maxi...the things are so simple...
You see it your way...I see it my way and that's it...
"Maybe Ricky can help us but has a player ranked as high as #2 ever lost 4 matches in a row or 8 sets in a row. Just curious."...said torres.
How cheap and low. In topic about Roger presser. No more comments.
You is my deep oppinion that (what irony) Nole "helped" Fed with that famous SF in Madrid. Rafa in finale wasn't even shadow of warrior that we all know. is win.
Rafa in FO was allready dawn...his body was starting to pay price.
Wimbledon...don't you agree that Fed had enormous luck...probably not...but OK you have right to your own oppinion.
For me, his press conferences are full of selfbusting...he's reminding everyone that he's champion FO and WB...that he's #1...but not so long ago he had different statements...ranking is not my priority anymore... only GS is important ...and so long..
Now we hear something diferent...
He was best for few years...he dominated realy for long...he is one of best in history of tennis (with Sampras and Lendl...). Only completely ignorant person can try to says he's not.
But there are fans who try to convince all world that he's god.
His sportsmanship is far from fair.
I am Nole's fan...yes, but I will say open and loud when I don't like something. Nole has his weak spots and I will try allways to critic hope that he will be better.
I don't think that he's divine, and I never will. And most af all I will never try to convince you or anyone else that he is. And there are lot of Fed fans who are trying to do that.
"If Fed drops out of top 10 next year Nadal would drop down out of top 50... that's my prediction" see what I mean Maxi. That was answer on my post.
That is all what torres's mind is capable...pathetic. And everything in topic about HIS player's press conference.
Now I will stop commenting because you used the magic word at the end of your post. Regards from swiss and sory for poor English.

zare , 11/30/09 1:03 AM

"Maybe Ricky can help us but has a player ranked as high as #2 ever lost 4 matches in a row or 8 sets in a row. Just curious"
SORY. It was chr 18, not torres. My mistake.

zare , 11/30/09 1:08 AM

i hope those few fed fans who took jabs at rafa are now feeling very proud of themselves!

maxi, instead of chastising zare, why don't you say the same thing to your fellow fed fans who take jabs at rafa? a little biaise don't you think so?

but i agree with you maxi, everyone needs to stop this right now but you know, there will always be fans who will take digs at players who beat theirs. even murray fans do not come here because of the very rude and disgusting attacks about murray. people should remember that any fan could be reading the comments - to have a fun discussion, STFU with your jabs at ANY player !!!

homos , 11/30/09 3:04 AM

homos,you know that i got nothin but love for ya but.....that's how it is.That's what makes a site exciting.
sorry but as long as we can agree to disagree and discuss topics without verbal insults then..that's why they call it Tennis Talk.It goes on in every sport.

as far Maxi,if you know how some posters are over here then why come back...not this "here we go again". seems like you only come back to take up for federer and to defend his honor.Like the federer fans over here need you him them..fed fans unit:)

what tennis site don't have posters that are arguing..a site where no posters are... because it's boring.

alik , 11/30/09 2:55 PM

alik: i have no problem with discussions or disagreements, just like most of this thread is fine. but as you know, insults and jabbing can spill onto other threads and it sours discussions. as i recall, you didn't like it too on the other thread. that's what i like to see stopped. i don't see a huge problem with this thread, so ya i agree with you.
i also find it very funny that no matter what zare says, torres responds by putting rafa down. we all know zare is a nole fan and i agree with zare's posts - enjoyable to read even because of the points and arguments in it. but as we can see here, rafa is not only a threat to his rivals, he is also a threat to his rivals' fans. don't you think that's funny!? no matter which fans critics fed, rafa must always be the target to keep him at bay.

homos , 11/30/09 5:23 PM

homos: keep up the good work! You know I am with you in wanting to see an end to the ridiculous arguments that ruin so many TT threads. Sadly there will always be people who want to make trouble and disrupt perfectly sensible discussions. But if we all unite and keep out of the fights maybe one of these days they will get bored and go elsewhere.

ed251137 , 11/30/09 7:26 PM

i hope you are right ed25 :)
easier said than done but i shall try.
i wonder where carrie and mini are. i miss them and native.

homos , 11/30/09 8:01 PM

rankings are definitely not important when it comes to Fed but it does help to remind how good Fed is.

5 year end no.1.
Nearest current rival to match that is Nadal, Roddick, Hewitt.

Even with the rise of new young guns, the resurrection of some players, it's the Fed who is still no.1 at the age of 27.

And he plays less tournaments too. LOL

torres9 , 11/30/09 8:21 PM

Yep, pretty impressive stuff from the Fed, torres9 ... very slow start to the year (for him), then he managed to regain number 1 and win two slams along the way. Were I a fan, I'd be pretty happy. (Not that I'm not a bit of a fan just not my fav.)

smr , 11/30/09 8:37 PM


thanks for replying.i have masses of respect zare for you and your english.I cannot speak serbian (you support novak, so i assume you are serbian? apologies if not).so you have one up on me! you dont need to apologise to anyone. I understand what you are trying to say.
alik, I am not everyone's keeper. how can i stop other people from expressing their views.i havent been on this forum since the uso slam,because was getting fed up with the arguing and i didnt really argue with anyone! and alik,you actually told me to go back to tennis.x which i did and that is my home. but i have still continued to read posts from all of you over here because some of the time, there is some 'tantalising tennistalk'. A lot of the time though there is 'trashtalk'. I just dont get it. I dont like it if torres or fedex say things that involve rafa, but what can i do? it's not that I am being biased, but i would hope that by now that zare and others would understand that not all federer fans are the same. I respect what torres and fedex say a lot of the time when they talk 'proper tennis' and i am talking about 'proper tennis', not sinking as low as the seabed. I dont want to comment on that type of cheap talk, but you all give as good as you get and it just moves away from why we are all really here.

zare, i have a lot of conversations with duro on tennis.x, we are firm friends over there. I love him. He talks so passionately about novak, and I do about federer, we dont always agree, but i would like to think that somewhere, we meet each other with our different beliefs. I dont think there is anything wrong with that. Poles apart in our thoughts, but meeting in the middle accepting the others views without getting nasty. That is the difference. respect to you zare. the problem is,i sometimes think some of you cant understand that you can actually be a passionate tennis fan but respect the others views.that's a civilised society. not one that screams and shouts. but then you all live in a hearing world. i dont. it's a different way of thinking.

maxi , 11/30/09 8:38 PM

by the way, fed is at 259 weeks at the top only 2nd to Sampras's 286.

Owhh, so zare is a Nole fan.

No wonder he is talking trash here.

Yup Djoker is on form. But whether it translates to more Grand Slams remains to be seen.

Remember, 2008, Djoker won the year-end championships. And what happened at the start of the 2009 season. Slow start.

So dont blow your horns too early, zare. You shouldnt be happy even if Fed goes down becoz, it doesnt mean Novak will go up.

I pick Del Potro to take the 2010 by storm. I think he'll win 2 Slams or at least 1.

torres9 , 11/30/09 9:27 PM


I'm still here! I don't know about carrie these days, but I have been just doing a lot of reading and not a lot of posting.

As far as this whole discussion about some Fed fans trashing Rafa, well, that will never stop. They will never forgive him for taking away #1 last year and having a better h2h against Fed and also beating him in their last three grand slam meetings. It's not all Fed fans, not at all. Just a few who still have such bitterness towards Rafa. They will write him off, as they have been doing all along. Same old, same old.

It's nice to have people with different points of view. It makes for a more interesting discussion. But when it gets down to just plain bashing, then that's when I say - no, thanks. An intelligent disagreement is always welcome. But the cheap shots to ANY player just bring down the whole level of discussion.


Regarding your prediction for if Fed falls out of the top ten, really now, give me a break, will you? Wishful thinking, I am afraid. Oh and by the way, I am not one who is saying that Fed will fall out of the top ten.

Nativenewyorker , 12/1/09 12:27 AM

Oops, another typo in my previous post. I meant to say - regarding your prediction for RAFA if Fed falls of the top ten.


Nativenewyorker , 12/1/09 12:31 AM

Well this was surprise...torres you can actualy writte something without mentioning Rafa. Nice progress.
But then again...everting else is completely wrong. I am not going to be happy if fed goes dawn. I want Nole to crash him dawn. Don't you get it. Why do you think Nole went in Basell this year..?
That's are happy because one beutiful sportsman and person have health that your idol can raise.
I want god form,great game, no injury season for Fed...and then I want Nole to win against him over and over.
Maxi...I agree with you...maybe I am to passionated fan, so I can overreact sometimes...but then again...we are all humans. I have entered in this discusion only provoked by bashing and trash talking about Rafa...
I have great respect for him nevertheless he is infront of my guy. But wins over unprepared and injured opponent...there is no greatnes in that.
I would like to see Nole wining in Madrid against Rafa The Beast and Warrior. ...and then I could enjoy in warm shakehand between two sportsmans and friends.
That's my vision of tennis, the last sport on planet which is not corrupted and ashamed like football, basket ect ect...

zare , 12/1/09 1:33 AM

hi native, so happy to see you and mini back. hope carrie comes back soon too. i know what you mean. we talked about it before and ed25 is saying the same. just not easy. but look, a nice convo is happenning. and what a great post from zare. i agree with ?him/her.

i think ed25 agrees with me that nole is a great sportsman when it comes to a lost. he accepts it with tremendous grace, dignity, and makes the victor feels satisfied (at least in my view). great sportsmanship. although he was criticised a lot for some time, i think many fans appreciate his game and attitude. although i adore rafa, i was so sad that nole lost that madrid sf. that for me was the final in terms of match quality. i think nole and rafa have a healthy respect for each other and i loove watching them play off, they give everything and they show a lot of emotion on court.

everyone is going to have hopes for their fav, what's wrong with that? nole's no. 3 so 2009 hasn't exactly been tragic. a nole fan is one who talks trash? what an interesting label to stick on a fan who doesn't agree with you.

back to tennis....

homos , 12/1/09 3:14 AM

zare, there's no way a healthy and in-form Fed will lose to Djoker.

Remember that Djoker's best surface is hardcourt and he got beaten 3 times by the Fed in USO and all in str8 sets.

And Djoker only beat Rafa recently becoz Rafa is not 100% and your blowing your horns now as if Djoker ever have beaten a 100% Rafa.

And also remember that Rafa is the only rival for Fed.

Nole only has 1 Slam so you should just keep quiet,

torres9 , 12/1/09 5:52 AM

Here we go. Tit for tat again.

The bottom line is just about any of the top 10 are capable of beating each other on any given day. It comes down to on which day they do it! Few people expected Rafa to do it at AO. Fewer still anticipated delPo would manage it at USO. And I doubt more than a handful of people (including most of the pundits) had money on Davydenko winning the final in London.

ed251137 , 12/1/09 9:12 AM

Even fewer people anticipated Fed to win FO and Wimby 2009

torres9 , 12/1/09 9:45 AM

The bottom line is that Davydenko kept up the pressure and Federer could not handle it, expecting his opponent to eventually buckle, or be in too much awe of his shot-making, like so many in the past. Fewer players will now fold against the Swiss as intimidation becomes less of a factor for him in his matches.

samdaman , 12/1/09 12:21 PM

Yes...who could guess that Rafa will be injured so seriously...
"...there's no way a healthy and in-form Fed will lose to Djoker..."
there's no way a healthy and in-form Agasi will lose to Fed...
there's no way a healthy and in-form Sampras will lose to Agasi...
there's no way a healthy and in-form Lendl will lose to Sampras...
So torres explain to us please...who is older egg or chicken..?
Homos, thanks for see...everything is his last post torres almoust praise Rafa.
One day we shall make man of him.

zare , 12/1/09 12:24 PM

Sandman, yup a lot of players are not awed by his magic now but it's the same in the past.

But there's more to it than just intimidation. Fed's magic makes to the highlight reels but he can play normal percentage tennis and win too. I dont think Davydenko ever got intimidated by the Fed's magic in the past but still lost 12 times in a row.

Davydenko won this time but it was still very close.

And Delpo's power also didnt intimidate Davydenko so I would say his belief in himself was what made him the champion in this tournament. The level of belief among the field has grown because Fed and Nadal are not at their best and also the field is improving.

It is just the evolution of the game.

Zare, I think Djoker is a good player. I love his game. But he needs more than just showing up at the end of the year to really improve his record. He has a long way to go. He has beaten Rafa and Fed a lot of times which is a good thing but again, Slams is what a tennis player (incl. Djoker) is really looking for.

torres9 , 12/1/09 2:32 PM

There is another dynamic that works against some players. The better they play, the better their opponent plays. In this respect, Federer has dug a hole for himself. Would Rafa, Nole, Murray, delPotro etc. be the players they are today if the man to beat had not been a player of Federer's calibre. He raised the bar for a whole generation of younger players. It must be daunting at 28 to realise he must constantly raise that bar if he is to continue to rewrite the records books.

Having reached the magic 15 GS record, does he have the mental and physical strength to break yet more records. We will have to wait until this time next year to know the answer.

ed251137 , 12/1/09 3:55 PM

Even if Fed retires now, he has a long list of records already.

torres9 , 12/1/09 6:35 PM

ed, i enjoyed reading your last post. Fed has raised the bar, in more ways than one, and the rest of the field have caught up (in part). I, for one, know that fed cannot stay at the top forever, i know that. But oh ed. He plays so well and is beautiful to watch. he is a great champion and as a fan, will continue to improve on his game, as your favourite player will, and zare's. They all will. That is what makes this tennis era the best ever because there are so many fabulous players out there all vying for the trophy of every tourny. It's just a great prospect - 2010.

maxi , 12/1/09 6:40 PM

"Even if Fed retires now, he has a long list of records already"
100% right.
Maxi...Yes, I can hardly wait 2010 season :-)
Everything is posible.

zare , 12/1/09 7:32 PM

Ok the season is over and we can re collect talke about our champs.
It is strange how you try to shape Federer into an arrogant player who is first interest in making other achievements looks insignificant ( their wins against him) a person who makes living through others bad days (Nadal final in Madrid after long semifinal) or records against weak players (the 15 slams)!
What an effort! specially zare you are such a creative person ,really ,I hope it all come naturally because if you put an effort you must be on vitamins or steroids.
Back to real talk: am going to talk about Federer achievements and records and blah,blah because at this point I don?t think any fan of his should talk about these issues records speak about themselves and no facts could be added to solidify an everyday truth, he is 28 and already in all finals of slams and number one and 21 consecutive semis those are facts!
When I watched Federer live back at 2005 i couldn?t believe how well he made his opponents looks weak and beatable, it didn?t look even hard. I told my friends this guy is not going to keep it up, now 5 years later I think I was mistaken , he did keep it up.
Statistically and scientifically it didn?t seemed doable to me. But when I saw the "between the legs shot" this year live again I thought the 5 years was all about these kind of things, unbelievable stuff!
this guy loves this sport and he likes to be at the top of his career I don?t care if he doesn?t shake hands with an "ear to ear smile" I want him to play because the love of the game and that what makes him get back at the top after having so many difficulties.
If you want Nole to crush Federer and you think that his lost in Basel was the start, I can tell what Federer said when he was asked about the 11 set point Novak had against him in USO 07 final
"You can go and sing a song about it"
When you just had the wishes of crushing I saw him crashing that point that Novak had nothing to do but to raise one of his eyebrows am sure he wished he wished he was somewhere else, I witnessed that live
Anything close to that. Case closed!

tennislover , 12/2/09 11:33 AM

...oh...person who call himself tennislover is here.
Now we should start again...digging quotes from Exfed in 07...nice, I didn't know that he was arrogant all the way...
We shall see his comments in 2010 season.
No, I am not on steroids and I not gonna argue with you. I am not able to disconnect 90% of brain to be at your lvl.
You can blaaah, blaaah here wont have answer from me.
Case closed.

zare , 12/4/09 12:05 AM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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