• Agassi mullet hairpiece his biggest worry in first Grand Slam final

    11/1/09 12:32 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Agassi mullet hairpiece his biggest worry in first Grand Slam final Andre Agassi's upcoming autobiography is yielding more nuggets with the revelation that the "image is everything" player lost the 1990 French Open final to Andes Gomez wearing a mullet-style wig to preserve pride over his fast-receding hairline.

    Agassi, 20 at the time, related the secret in excerpts from his book to be published within weeks in a serialization in the Times of London.

    "Every morning I would get up and find another piece of my identity on the pillow, in the wash basin, down the plughole," he wrote of his disappearing natural hair. "I asked myself: you want to wear a toupee? On the tennis court? I answered myself; what else could I do?"

    After shampooing the rug the night before the final, it started to fall apart, with the young player more worried about that disasters than what ,might happen on court. With the help of his brother Phil,the pair made repairs with Agassi taking to the clay looking like the young rebel he was meant to portray.

    "During the warming-up training before play I prayed. Not for victory, but that my hairpiece would not fall off.

    "With each leap, I imagine it falling into the sand. I imagine millions of spectators move closer to their TV sets, their eyes widening and, in dozens of dialects and languages, ask how Andre Agassi's hair has fallen from his head."

    Agassi finally bit the bullet a few years later and shaved his head bald,thereby overcoming the sticky question of his missing mane.

    "A stranger stood before me in the mirror and smiled," said the eight-time Grand Slam winner.

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cherylmurray , 11/1/09 1:13 PM

sigh, indeed...why, indeed?

Dana99 , 11/1/09 1:34 PM

You gotta be kidding me. For real.

jyannis , 11/1/09 2:10 PM

oh come on you lot, where's your sense of humour!! find it now before the next revelation is published!!

homos , 11/1/09 2:19 PM

homos, on the contrary, I DO find it amusing, although my comments may reflect a different tone. :D

There's a small part in each and every single one of us that just wants to look good NO MATTER WHAT, heh.

jyannis , 11/1/09 2:24 PM

I'll be glad when fed,novak and most the top guys play next week cause all of this drama with Agassi is to much for me.

alik , 11/1/09 2:27 PM

Wow, Agassi is just making himself look like an idiot now. Doesn't he know it's not how much grass there is on the field but how much lead there is in the pencil? I guess his next revelation is going to be that he got Brooke to marry him by using Viagra.

chr18 , 11/1/09 2:43 PM


alik , 11/1/09 2:45 PM

What a tormented soul he was throughout those years when he was idolised by many. Glad I wasn't one of them, I never did take to him, there was something about him that I found very unappealing.

carrie , 11/1/09 2:51 PM

The mullet is one of his more humiliating admissions. But in this morning's news, he's reported to have taken a pill from his father that contained speed just prior to a match he was to play in Chicago. This is far less humiliating and far more concerning: 382.ece

Dana99 , 11/1/09 2:56 PM

I'm link may not be working well! Try this version... 8382.ece

Dana99 , 11/1/09 3:00 PM

Dana99: i think your link refers the the same article i posted in cheryl's blog "andre agassi and the atp, partners in crime'. so if your link doesn't work, people could read it there. interesting isn't it?

jyannis: me too. i found it funny. all in jest, not to worry :) if the media next reveals something even more outrageous, i'll probably fall off my chair in stitches!!

homos , 11/1/09 3:11 PM

Each day becomes more pathetic. If he doesnt regret this already, he will. Brooke Shields is pretty messed up too so its no wonder they hooked up at one point in their lives.

Slicer , 11/1/09 3:17 PM

Thank you, homos! In fact I noticed you went so far as to quote from that article...better yet.

This is very, very sad. Folks will now begin wondering if he took speed before other matches, too, including Grand Slams. Or maybe he'll tell us himself as more book excerpts are revealed? yo...

Dana99 , 11/1/09 3:41 PM

uuum the media has found little drama to tell seen masters and big guys ain't on action and they'r exaggerating BIG TIME.

Believe , 11/1/09 4:49 PM

pleeeeaaaase Andre....enough already...

deuce , 11/1/09 5:01 PM

ha ha, you can't say he didn't have a good sense of humor :)

posmatrac , 11/1/09 6:54 PM

This is just a theory but maybe.. Andre had a friend that knew all of his personal business and was going to write a book about it and just decided to tell everything help easy the shock of it all..I don't know.

alik , 11/1/09 11:45 PM
need help posting please!

alik , 11/2/09 12:43 AM

I tried it Alik, the link works just fine.
Thanks for sharing.

MiniArbre , 11/2/09 1:58 AM

Even Mike Tyson thinks hes crazy.

Slicer , 11/2/09 5:38 AM

Too much free ads already! How Serena can sell a book then? Does she have to really kill somebody to win the media back?

jessica4stein , 11/2/09 2:19 PM

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