• Federer comfirms he's set for tennis return in Basel

    10/25/09 11:59 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer comfirms he's set for tennis return in Basel Roger Federer has indicated that he's ready to return to tennis after a month of family time when he plays starting in just over a week at his home Basel Indoors event.

    Despite American speculation that the world No. 1 might pack it all in until January when he begins the Australian Open run-up with a New Year's Eve exhibition in Abu Dhabi, Federer laid out his most current plans on his Facebook page.

    "I've been back practising and training now for some time and all is going well", said the 15-time Grand Slam champion who has been spending time with his wife and new twin girls born three months ago.

    "I feel much better. I'm looking forward to playing my hometown tournament in Basel".

    Federer made his last appearance on court in a Davis Cup win over Italy the weekend after losing the US Open final to Juan Martin Del Potro, himself now injured and resting in South America after failing to impress in the autumn.

    Federer said that his time away from tennis has been well-spent: "I've also had a chance to spend some amazing time with my family. Myla and Charlene are doing great".

    "After training yesterday, Mirka and I took them for a walk along Lake Zurich. I am always excited to be back in Switzerland!"

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First thanks for the lovely article Johan Lindahl .

Well, honestly it seems more then a month but really its great news that he is looking forward his home Basel Indoors event. Best of luck Rogie.

Believe , 10/25/09 1:17 PM

the babies names re MYLA and CHARLENE??
good lord!

how about marissa, or maria, or even chucky?

anyway, im glad fedzy is back!
its finally going to be good to see some offensive tennis once again after watching the boring defensive moonballing retrieving of mr nadal the past few weeks.
i dont wanna see anymore moonballing anymore.

where is nadal by the way?
collecting these awards for nothing instead of analyzing his game and getting prepared.
he should be training non-stop to overcome his humiliations, instead i hear he is doing these irrelevant things.

attackingtennisrulez , 10/25/09 3:49 PM

attackingtennisrulez... It certainly does! See you in the finals.

Duronole , 10/25/09 5:20 PM

To "Believe": Are you talking about the same "Rogie" who said, "don't fu*king tell me the rules" to the umpire at the USO final, just because poor Del Potro was hanging with him instead of just bowing down and letting "Rogie" win, like so many others - and this outburst continuing long after "Rogie" won the challenge and the point, possibly to distract DelPo who proceeded to lose the very next game and set? I was just checking which "Rogie" you were referring to.

samdaman , 10/25/09 7:01 PM

samdaman: Delpo taking that much time over a challenge was rather ridiculous, and I'm sure 'believe' is just talking about the same Rogie who has broken more records than any other play thats played the game, thats right, I checked it, find someone that has broken more, and whats most interesting is that he has crated a few of his own along the way. Can't find with fact mate, even Fed has a few negative moments on court, including the one you are mentioning, but lets be honest, the positive he brings to the game far out weighs the negatives!

eelesino , 10/25/09 8:58 PM

Aw, attackingtennisrulez...why does a nice article about Federer have to turn into Nadal bashing? Part of being a player is having PR responsbilities. The Barcelona tournament was honoring him for winning 5 years in a row. So yeah, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't turn that down. And who says he's not training non-stop, analyzing his game, and getting prepared? He's a professional athlete. I think he knows what's up.

west7689 , 10/26/09 3:27 AM

Samdaman: hahahahaha ,u need chill , and watever i was gonna say :eelesino: responded very well. thx eelesino.
Go Rogie! hahahaah yea i mean Rogieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Believe , 10/26/09 4:07 AM

Well sais west 7689! I really don't understand you attacktennisrules! why turn a pleasant article into something so spiteful! some tennis fan you are???

afrodite7 , 10/26/09 4:22 AM


i wasnt being spiteful.
i was stating my opinion, are we not allowed to state our opinions now as well?
do i need to get permission to breathe oxygen too?


i doubt he is analysing his game, if he was u would see aggressive tennis from him, because anyone can figure out thats the problem, its not these confidence problems, he was playing fine against other mugs like blake the flake and f-lo, but against top 10 guys he goes into moonballing mode and waiting for mistakes instead of going to winners.

its clearly a problem with coaching, whenever the opponent starts playing ultra aggressive and goes for winners, nadal goes ultra defensive instead of fighting fire with fire.

fed always goes for the winners, thats why he always wins more often than not.
that saves his body from unnecessary running.
toni nadal is no longer capable of taking nadal to the next level, he did well to get nadal to number 1, but u need more to stay at number 1.
toni's capabilities on technically improving the nadal serve is limited, nadal clearly does not bend his knees on his serve just before he makes contact with the ball, thus he get no real power.
he never goes for the lines on serve, its pretty much in the middle.
these are what coaches are supposed to teach, not sit there and clap ur hands, ur supposed to teach ur student.
nadal is clearly lacking confidence, yet where is toni?
fransico roig is useless, i mean nadal could teach him.

and why dont journalists ask nadal questions about lack of attacking play, and about the serve and such things, instead they ask how many fans were watching u in ur practice, or what books u read. ridiculous questions.
nadal is in his peak years right now, and he is wasting it, he is either playing these useless small tournaments like rotterdam and getting injured or playing defensive and getting thrashed.
these are the years nadal should be gobbling up these grand slams, not getting injured playing rotterdam or dubai.
its his team, they advise him on his schedule, to play this and that, when they know he has a brutal playing style that takes alot outta him, and they are not even telling him to play attacking tennis so u dont get tired.

nadal needs to hire darren cahill, he is the best coach in the world.
he can tweak nadal's game and can get nadal back to number 1 and winning these majors, but unless nadal makes radical changes, he will see other young players overtake him and get better than him.
u see that already with del potro, cilic, murray and djokovic.
nadal is resting on his past laurels instead of enhancing his reputation further by winning more majors.
6 majors are great, but u look back at those stats after u retire, not while ur in ur peak years.

these are facts!

attackingtennisrulez , 10/26/09 6:48 AM

welcome back Roger.... Nadal is enjoying his life for sure, collecting award, watching his favourite football team... soon or later he will make the haters shut up..

tettylds , 10/26/09 6:49 AM

At last! An article about the Mighty Fed......its been a long time...federer fans! just to remind anyone who has been suffering withdrawals from's a reminder...from 'tweto coa'.....

Federer has won 15 Grand Slams titles, breaking the previous all-time male record of 14 by sampras.
3 times australian open champion, french open 2009 champion, 6 time wimbledon champion and 5 time us open champion.
federer is the only player in tennis history to win the same two Grand slams back to back for four consecutive years (2004-07 wimbledon and us open).
as of the 2009 us open Federer has appeared an all-time male record 22 Grand Slam semi finals..
federer has won 16 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 titles..
Federer is the first player to be ranked World No. 1 for four consecutive (non-calendar) years from Februray 2,2004, to August 17, 2008..(237 weeks world No. 1)..and counting......
Federer became the first man since Agassi in 2003, to regain his world No. 1 Ranking.
Federer has won four Masters Cup Titles..
so many world Records and Awards..won by The Greatest Tennis Player Roger Federer, the space is not enough to write them all..

if anyone else wants to add to the above.....feel free....

a request from an ardent, diehard federer fan..........those of you who want to bring nadal onto continue with your nadal bashing on a federer thread...take it somewhere else...........

Allez Federer!

sky, zoey, fedex, torres, get ready...we are on countdown!!!!

And..i love the photo! THAT amazing shot against Novak.....semi finals USO...i could watch it over and over....

malteser , 10/26/09 8:51 AM

yea right, its good to see the champ! coming back to the courts again,,,,,it's essential to attend to the family once in awhile.............GO FOR MORE TROPHIES MAN......

idlove48 , 10/26/09 11:06 AM

guys,have u seen this sweet interview with Roger? ab=loadprogram;program=56;vid=11401459

english translation: ostcount=10

samdaman...what a ridiculous attempt to try to turn the discussion to sth that has been discussed zillions of times,just because Believe called Roger "Rogie".
I guess Believe is refering to the Rogie,who's undeniably is one of the most popular guys in the locker room,and has been voted the best sportsman of the year by his peers years after year.the same Rogie who most players on ATP,WTA and even former players describle as nice and humble.also the same Rogie who's very nice to his fans,and is very cooperative with the media. the same Rogie who is very well-behaved most of the time ,but just because he's after all human,can lose his temper when his opponent is not bound to the rules,and the umpire disrespects him (or he thinks so!)

niloofar , 10/26/09 2:42 PM

niloofar...thought you might be interested in what davydenko said...ignore samdaman.....he doesnt know a thing....and let's face it...when he can pick ONE...rewind...yes...ONE.... incident that even both ricky and cheryl was not worth the effort....just shows the guy is clutching at's best to talk to the players/hear from the players who have actually played roger...rather than some waspish person who has no respect.....

this is for you niloofar.....

Nikolay Davydenko is not one to mince words.
The Russian tends to say exactly what he thinks, at all times - much to the chagrin of the ATP and sometimes fellow players.
During the week at the Shanghai Masters he criticised tournaments in the USA (saying Asian events are "ten times better organised"), slammed players who claimed the season was too long and freely admitted he loves the "great prizemoney" that the big events offer.
The 28-year-old was also quite willing to compare the games of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for the benefit of the world's media.
It was fascinating to hear a player's insight into facing the two great champions.
According to Davydenko, Federer's big serve and tendency to go for winners mean the play feels very fast.
"He didn't make so long rally and you need always running with him. It's much more difficult."
In contrast, Nadal preference for longer rallies means a slower place.
"You have always chance to control ball. You have always chance to play long line across (crosscourt), always fighting with him.
Essentially Davydenko emphasised that Nadal, great player and competitor that he is, is emimently beatable whereas the Swiss is often untouchable
"If he [has] very good feeling, have very good confidence, it's not so easy to beat him.
Davydenko recalled their Roland Garros fourth round clash in 2009, where he had many chances but couldn't get near the eventual champion
"I have always chance to win first, second or third set, but I didn't because he was better, you know, good concentration and did the job."
Such honesty is rare in sports, especially individual sports like tennis.
It is hard to imagine Phil Mickelson discussing the merits of Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia is such a fashion.
Davydenko trumped Nadal to win the Shanghai Masters, but made it clear things would have been very different had the Fed express been in town.
"I don't know if I play today against Federer what can happen.
"Really, it's a different situation, you know. I was really happy it was not Federer today."

Allez Federer!

malteser , 10/26/09 8:21 PM

attackingtennisrulez, I don't know why you're getting so worked up. If this was the clay season and Rafa was playing like this, it would definitely be a reason to be concerned. Yet as we know from previous years, Rafa has never really played that well during this stretch of the year. Remember back in 2007 when Nalbandian beat him pretty badly in both Paris and Shanghai? But he was able to turn it around have a damn good 2008. Honestly, with the kind of summer he's had, it's impressive that he's been able to make it this far in these last few tournaments. Like you said, he's not playing with much aggression, but he's still building that up.

I was confused with your response- at first you said that it's not confidence problems, but then you go on to say that he's clearly lacking confidence. Rafa has said himself that he needs to have more calm in important moments (especially in the Shanghai final vs. Davydenko), so obviously that's something that he'd like to improve upon.

Also, when you say "these are the years Nadal should be gobbling up grand slams," I'm kind of confused by that considering the fact that he won the Australian Open earlier this year. Since 2005, he's won at least one Grand Slam per year, so he's continued that streak into 2010. What more could one ask for, especially with the year he's had?

Finally, Franciso Roig sure isn't Uncle Toni, but he isn't "useless" as you put it. Rafa won Indian Wells this year and beat Murray with the help of Roig. So he doesn't seem to be useless in my opinion.

I agree with you on the fact that he needs to play more aggressive in order to get back to his top form. That's obvious. But it's the way you presented your argument that I don't agree with. There are still more important tournaments left in the calendar and that will give Rafa a chance to build upon the success of these last few tournaments and hopefully come out with a win. From what I've heard from Rafa, that's what he believes is necessary to be successful in this last stretch of the season.

west7689 , 10/26/09 11:59 PM

I was hoping no one would engage with attacker on this subject. He is not interested in having a discussion, his only motive is to spill hatred against Rafa.

Attacker, we get it, you hate Rafa, but you are in the monority. Go around the website and see how popular Rafa is around the world, people love him, they love his game, they love his charisma, and they know he can't win everything, they know he'll be beaten on occasions by lower ranked players, there is nothing new in that, top ranked players have been run off the court by lesser players on their day from time immemorial, it doesn't mean they are finished.

Rafa has been impressive since coming back from injury, and then picked up another one in his first tournament back, so obviously he is not going full steam ahead, and mentally he is not thinking that quickly on his feet, these things take time. He wasn't trumped by Davy as some people would like to think, no more than Federer was trumped by Delpo at the USO; Rafa could have won the first set and the outcome would have been very different. Mentally, he's made mistakes since his comeback, when his mind and body are back to his best, we'll see.

Rafa was behind Murray, Roger and Djokovic in the stakes for the AO, because he was being judged by his performance and injury in the latter part of 2008. A player's form goes up and down, only they know why they lose a match. You can never know what Rafa was thinking when he tried to lob Davy at set point, when he could have had a winner down the line.


carrie , 10/27/09 9:58 AM

Attackingtennis, reading your many posts, I actually believe you like Nadal and would really like to see him succeed and when sadly he loses, it really does pain you. I guess that comes with the territory when you support a player. He/she will not always win a match unless you are Federer (who can reliably beat any player on the tour and it?s also a shock when he does lose to players other than possibly the top 4). They do have off days and I agree with the comments about hard-court. Rafa does have to play a careful match and Hard-court has always been his downfall and causes injuries. So really he has had very good results since his comeback bearing in mind he has played only on his least surface to date. Obviously I would like to see Rafa lift a trophy soon but I must accept that although he has improved immensely on the hard stuff, he still needs to be careful and will play as such. He would like to play aggressive, he says it, but when he goes on court, especially in some matches, he does regress to defensive play as opposed to aggressive play. He may well surprise us at the AO which he will need to defend!

Sec1SupaLaura , 10/27/09 11:12 AM

I agree that attackingtennisrulez's comments were uncalled for,particularly in this thread! some of the things that are being said about Rafa right now,is so similar to what was being said about Roger just a few months ago... (with the difference that the media was too quick to write Roger off,but about Rafa they're silent)
Roger proved all the ppl ,who said (or wished) that he wouldn't win another major,wrong. guess it'll be the same for Rafa! btw,I don't think there's been any horrible thing happenning to Rafa's game,he's had an injury in the middle of the year,so I don't think it's so surprising for him to lose the next few tournaments after it. wish him all the best!
but carrie...just one thing about your post stood out for me,you said that ATR was spilling 'hatred' against Rafa.if you call negative comments on one's game 'spilling hatred',wonder how you name all those negative things you and the rest of the Rafans say about Roger! hope you consider other ppl's feeling ,when you see how unpleasant it is to read these remarks! :(

malteser,thanks for the article.
Davydenko is one of those players who has always been very complimentory about Roger's game and doubt!

niloofar , 10/27/09 11:20 AM

niloofar, you obviously haven't read all of Attacker's post of Rafa on other threads since he lost in Shanghai, even Ricky Dimon had to come in and tell him to cool it.

carrie , 10/27/09 12:02 PM

I didn't think the media wrote of RF. Admittedly I don't follow RF the way I follow Rafa and other players but I thought the media was more analysing his performance because he'd lost AO which most expected him to win against a tired Rafa and had gone without a win in 09 until Madrid (am I right?). I guess the media does what it does best, took last year's FO and Wimb and first half of this year and wondered when RF would win a title. I guess RF fans would know better whether you felt the media wrote him off. It wouldn't be respectful to write RF of when he's making the SF or F of ever slam even if he's losing more of them than he used to but every top player will go through down periods whether it's from injury or as they get older or circumstances change.

jean , 10/27/09 12:15 PM

SupaLaura, 'attacking' is not a Rafa fan, in fact he is a Rafa basher. In 'attacking' eyes, Rafa is just a moonballer who only knows how to play defensive tennis. I think Rafa is really so wonderful that even playing totally 'defensive' tennis, he is able to beat the 'GOAT' so many times. Can you imagine if Rafa plays 'non-defensive' tennis, how good will he be! He will probably beat all existing records if he plays all out attacking tennis!! (Mind you this is the logic I gathered from 'attacking' 's posts!!). Well 'attacking' will sure come back with a reply that Rafa will never capable of playing attacking tennis!!

luckystar , 10/27/09 12:23 PM

Well to be fair to 'attacking' post above, for once I see some 'softening' of his attack on Rafa, and some fair points being raised. About Rafa's serve motion, some commentators also mentioned that he should change his serve motion and bend his knees more, but I was thinking maybe Rafa cant do that due to his knee problems, so he may compromise by using more of his upper body strength instead. He does have his lefty serve out wide that is very effective but that is currently missing in his game since his return from injury. I think changing of coach is something too drastic for Rafa, as Uncle Toni acts as his mentor as well. Rafa needs Toni there, esp during difficult times in his family, only a family member can help him then. Maybe hiring a part-time one to help in his serve will do the job, just like what Djoko does with his team by hiring Todd Martin for the US hardcourt swing, and Murray does by hiring Alex Corretja for the clay season.

Actually 'attacking', if you stop bashing Rafa, and gives comments like you did above with some valid points for discussion, I think this will make things much more pleasant for Rafa fans. Rafa's game is not perfect, but he is always looking to improve his game. What we are seeing now is a Rafa that is still looking to regain confidence in his game, hence we see a defensive Rafa. Its because he is a very good player that even on defensive mode, he is still able to beat many players and reached the semis and a final on his worst surface. Of course once he met with some very good hardcourt players, he ran into trouble; that is to be expected. As a Rafa fan, I hope he can quickly regain his confidence and his form and look for him to find ways to overcome those big serve/big forehand players.

luckystar , 10/27/09 12:53 PM

carrie...if that's the case,then my mistake,sorry!

Jean...the media did write Roger off so badly. just as an example,remember when a journo asked Roger:"Do you see the end coming?" and it was in IW 2008! his results were not so bad after all...since then they were all busy predicting how he can't ever beat Rafa,Nole and Murray again,I can't remember all the examples but they were definitely a lot.sth that I don't see in Rafa's case(not that I'm complaining,I'm actually happy for him ).
even Roger's father complained about the media's behaviour during Roger's "slump",or A-Rod jumped to Roger's defence telling the media that he would give his right arm to have Roger's worst year! lol!

niloofar , 10/27/09 12:55 PM

niloofar, the only thing I know from all that is what Roddick said, that'd he'd give anything to have RF's bad year. I didn't know RF was asked about seeing the end coming. I mean that's so rude!! I didn't know his father even came to his defence. No wonder some of these players hate the media. Some of them don't think before they ask their questions. I'm sure we haven't seen the end of it!

jean , 10/27/09 1:32 PM

Rafa will have many problems trying to improve his serve becos he is a naturally right handed person, trying to serve left handed and, I guess, has difficulties with weight shift? There are ups and downs with all decisions, particulary with one as major as that.

deuce , 10/27/09 3:19 PM

'but carrie...just one thing about your post stood out for me,you said that ATR was spilling 'hatred' against Rafa.if you call negative comments on one's game 'spilling hatred',wonder how you name all those negative things you and the rest of the Rafans say about Roger! hope you consider other ppl's feeling ,when you see how unpleasant it is to read these remarks! :(
niloofar , 10/27/09 11:20 AM

niloofar...i've decided to comment as i cannot believe some of the stuff that i have been reading! are absolutely spot on.....these comments from a certain rafa fan are a complete reversal of what we had to put up with time and time again..(wimby)...... (FO) isnt nice reading these posts from people who.... continually slate your favourite player.....and this person was going on and on at that time...enough already!

'He wasn't trumped by Davy as some people would like to think, no more than Federer was trumped by Delpo at the USO;
carrie , 10/27/09 9:58 AM

ummmmhhh...hardly comparable......grand slam final......masters final?????? threads posted here and media analysis that rafa was trounced.....this is the have to put up with it.....just accept that davy was better on the delpo was better on the day......that doesnt make hima better player per se.....than way....but by comparison, rafa didnt play his best....everyone knows that.....

I dont want to engage in conversation with you carrie, but i have read a lot of your posts when you have been responding to ATR, and whilst i do not like the things that this person is saying about nadal...this is exactly what you were doing way back it is good that you have acknowledged what he is saying is negative and uncalled for, because as niloofar put it above...we had to put up with the same rubbish from you at that time....and if you were honest enough to admit it, back then, when two other posters came on and started swearing calling federer names, much to the annoyance and irritation of all federer fans on this thread, you were one of the first posters to agree with their horrible comments though in your defence, you said that 'there should be more posters like them' but to watch out for the were very isnt nice.....but people like ATR are always going to be around....what is their objective? i dont know....

jean.....again...niloofar is right.....roger was written off by media, by quite a few people that daddy federer did come out in defence......there were so many letters that had been sent to the parents' home..... that is why he had to come out and say something! all you need to do is read the papers and see what they were saying about was disgusting......and very hurtful.....I think that people should have a bit more respect, something that is sadly lacking......

deuce.....has rafa been playing right handed for.........18 years or more? is this really a possibility? just interested in your view here.......

malteser , 10/27/09 3:53 PM

Oh please not another argument on this thread as well. niloofar and carrie already settled it and now it has to be dragged through the mud for no reason.

All was going well until now. Why can't people grow up and move on instead of digging up dirt on others all the time like kids. There's no need to nit pick on every single thing at every opportunity!!

jean , 10/27/09 4:29 PM

jean...calm down..there is no problem....i read niloofar's thread..and agreed with him..that was all.....grow up yourself and understand that we are all entitled to our opinion....

malteser , 10/27/09 5:09 PM

malty: Rafa is naturally right handed, but the decision was made by Uncle Tony, and hopefully Rafa agreed, although he was very young, that he should play tennis left handed. I find this decision extraordinary and put a lot of Rafa's compulsive behaviour down to it.

deuce , 10/27/09 5:28 PM

malteser, this is what this website is for - posting opinions about the game and players. I was refering to your opinionated, pointless character assessment of carrie. Now I would explain the difference to you if I had any inkling that you were had the capacity to analyse something this uncomplicated.

jean , 10/28/09 2:09 AM

what a blatant, fippin' double standard on this site! lol....

ricky comes on to chastise attackintennisrulez and posters like smartcuty and trixxyfest get the red carpet treatment. tt is hardly fair or balanced when it comes to freedom of expression and treatment of poster opinions. a rafa nadal fan site is what the comment sections have become.

but i like the weekly approach shots and other articles.

zoey234 , 10/28/09 2:44 AM

have a great respect for rafa but need to agree with zoey on all 3 points she made.

posmatrac , 10/28/09 5:52 AM

thank goodness for zoey and posmatrac...bringing a little foresight, insight and hindsight onto this forum...this is exactly what i was talkin about zoey/ is highly unfair when people are allowed to bash federer.....and when niloofar....a beautiful, sweet poster said exactly what i was are completely right is double would be great to feel that all is fair is love and war....but clearly it isnt....whilst i admire your support hardly paint a fair picture...and by the way...and i did write a comment to you above about roger and the media......manners jean to reply.....when roger is bashed, federer fans have the right to defend is as simple as stop over dramatising....

malteser , 10/28/09 8:43 AM

manners to reply?

Firstly, I was talking with nilloofar not to you! You decided to butt in so I don't have to reply to you if I don't want to. You don't set the rules here. For someone who bashes the fans you have the gall to assess people's manners and character. Stop whinning like like a kid. If you have been here for as long as I have and had to put up with Fed fans bashing Rafa and his fans all the time like last year, you'd know where some people are coming from.

Who wants to reply to a someone who posts essay length comments, 90% of it baching a fan? Manners? You don't know the meaning of the word. Now go have an ice cream and cool off!

jean , 10/28/09 9:18 AM

This is what Federer had to say on Swiss TV -

When asked about his tough loss in Australia to Rafael Nadal:

?People need to understand that Rafa was incredible, he won the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, and he was injured at the end of year but otherwise he could have won the year end championships. He was just incredible and better than me.?


I'm not going to post the link becuase I don't need an earfull.

carrie , 10/28/09 10:55 AM

I just need to point out that the programme is in French, this is a translation of the script.

carrie , 10/28/09 11:11 AM

carrie "cherry-picked' the one little quote from roger on rafa but for fed fans or anyone interested in what pierre paganini, federer's fitness trainer told swiss journalist and federer biographer rene stauffer, freaky frites of gototennis has a translation from 'Tages Anzeiger'-- original text is in swiss-german, published
10/27/2009. and there is a link to the original copy plus a google translation of,

Pierre Paganini on Roger Federer--As Long As He Plays He Will Be Strong ger-federer-as-long-as-he-plays-he-will-be-strong/

talks about mono and back issues; federer playing until he's thirty-something

hey malty babee! was thinking you probably read this already--great info on Federer!

zoey234 , 10/28/09 12:22 PM

malt- i hope you are well. it's freeeezing cold here....more snow already!

this one is for you. mwah!! fave writer, clarabella bevis writes: ur-seasons-a-

and one mo' this one came out 10/27....very interesting take on carter accident by silvia carter, writen by randy walker.....too sweet pic of junior federer and peter carter!

zoey234 , 10/28/09 12:46 PM

I cherry-picked the bit on Rafa for very good reasons. I am never ever going to post anything to do with Roger, no matter what it is, ever again, because, as I said, I don't need an earfull.

carrie , 10/28/09 1:51 PM

who is giving her majesty queen of rafans an earful? my, aren't we in a touchy twit today.

fed is the best!!

zoey234 , 10/28/09 2:01 PM

anyway, this does happen to be a comment section about roger federer.

so go censure yourself and guard your ears. until TT becomes an official rafa nadal fan site i think it's ok to post a link or two on a federer thread.

zoey234 , 10/28/09 2:16 PM

deuce - rafa was actually born ambidextrous. he was playing with both left and right hands when toni persuaded him to switch to playing only with his right. i expect rafa eventually became naturally right handed (so born ambi but now naturally right handed). i know someone who was born ambidextrous and moved naturally to being left handed but plays racket sports better with the right hand than with the left. i've always been curious about it.

homos , 10/28/09 2:35 PM

until TT becomes an official rafa nadal fan site i think it's ok to post a link or two on a federer thread.

zoey234 , 10/28/09 2:16 PM

You may say that, I couldn't possibly comment.


carrie , 10/28/09 4:48 PM

homos: Hi! I too find it curious. I think he was playing originally double handed with forehand and possibly back, but u probably know more than me about this.

deuce , 10/28/09 6:52 PM

YEA The Poetic Tennis Dancer is back!

Vitality , 10/29/09 12:34 AM

thanks for the extract,I already posted the link above . :)

.I also agree with you about the selective warnings. I haven't read all the posts by attackingtennisrulez ,as carrie pointed out rightfully. but I doubt they have been worse that some posters comments that appear from time to time to trash Fed and call names. with all respect to Ricky and Cerryl,I can't help thinking that as journalists ,they are a bit unfair to Fed and consequently to Fed fans. :)
and TT looks like a rafan website? yeah ,I think. one thing that always surprises me is that why Fed fans post less on tennis forums than Rafans do,it seems mostly they're interested in remaining in there is too much Roger bashing going on...!

btw,some nice qoutes on both Roger and Rafa posted on,, 12781~1840143,00.html

niloofar , 10/29/09 7:38 AM

"...anyway, im glad fedzy is back!
its finally going to be good to see some offensive tennis once again after watching the boring defensive moonballing retrieving of mr nadal the past few weeks.
i dont wanna see anymore moonballing anymore.

where is nadal by the way?
collecting these awards for nothing instead of analyzing his game and getting prepared.
he should be training non-stop to overcome his humiliations, instead i hear he is doing these irrelevant things..."

Another uncalled for comment coming from the rabid fan of the ARROGANT FEDERER! Rafa was never mentioned in the article, why bring him up in the first place? Are rabid fans of the ARROGANT FEDERER so insecure of Rafa that they need to bring him down at every turn?

phoenix , 10/29/09 8:45 AM grow up come across as having had such a bad day.....i hope ive helped you in some way....but thanks for the advice sweetie....
zoey..thanks for the links...yes...i love clarabella too...she writes brilliantly....i revisited thanks again....zoey...dont even go there with your advice to carrie...its not worth it.....we know who the real fans are and we just support federer all the wont be long now and you will have to save all your energy for the big ones....hopefully then...fan4tennis will also be back.......

malteser , 10/29/09 1:02 PM

Niloofar:"TT looks like a rafan thing that always surprise me is why does fed fans post less on tennis forums than rafa fans do"

I often wondered that myself.It seems like all they want to talk about is federer...I don't know.there are others playing and they never want to comment about anyone else.Just all about federer i harm intended.

alik , 10/29/09 2:08 PM

alik....have you considered what the tennis world would be like without federer? Oh my watch him play.....(even in the luxury of your own home), is a feast to behold! alik....he is a b-e-a-s-t....i have missed watching him play soooo much.....he has been away faarr to long alik....slim pickings for federer even find an article on him is like finding a treasure trove.....long john silver is friend......5th November....!!!! whoooo hooooo! without federer, tennis would be much the poorer....dont you agree?

malteser , 10/29/09 8:19 PM

^^^(lol)'re funny:) if you say so:)

alik , 10/29/09 11:39 PM

^^and really, I know how you guys have felt cause it was rough when rafa was not playing so..i feel ya:)

alik , 10/29/09 11:46 PM

hey niloofar, thanks for the link and your post.

i hope i didn't come across hyper-critical of TT. obviously, i like this site, as i keep coming back. and i also like how you describe, "selective warnings." very true.

the lead journos are human and as entitled to their opinions, as we all are. i appreciate their blogs, match reports and previews.

yes, rafans traffic and post more on this site, even when he is not playing. another site i read more than post, seems to have more balance and fedfans, therefore, i don't post more there. makes sense??

and, not exactly sure why, but i find myself hooting out loud when attackingtennisrulez is on a roll and also smartcuty and it cos i am sick or what? irreverant? i've been told.

maybe they're just refreshingly amusing and i giggle anticipating the reaction, dunno.

anyways, cheers. happy basel is just around the corner! great to see my fellow federites returning!! mwah!

zoey234 , 10/30/09 1:26 AM

Tennis world is getting better and better... as same as the players they are getting better and better also.... I am sure if Roger retires, then Rafa, Novak, etc... better players will come to replace them.... so later on without Roger, Rafa tennis will be still even greater.... I remember in Sampras era, fans believed tennis without him would be less interest.... and then Roger, Rafa come and they make tennis look more fantastic.... I believe tennis will be more fun by time...

tettylds , 10/30/09 3:01 AM


if you read the posts above you will see that some of us Roger fans already showed our disapproval of that post and its irrelevance to the topic,so no need to call on ALL Fed fans! besides,as it's clear ,the poster is not even a big Roger fan,maybe not even a fan...
btw, be fair here...some Rafans do constantly bring up Roger and trash him,without any good reason and they are a LOT!! it's not fair if one blames all Rafans AND Rafa for them,right? :)

you were not hypercritical,and I hope I wasn't either. I also DO like this place,but sometimes the Roger venting is so heated that I really don't dare to attend,guess it is the same for some other fans as well .:(

niloofar , 10/30/09 11:36 AM

tettylds ..
I think it's sth totally subjective. of course many many people would strongly disagree with malteser that tennis would be less interesting after Roger retires,many would also disagree with you that Roger and Rafa made tennis more interesting than Pete and Andre era(my brother is one of them)...
I guess everyone might at some time become a diehard fan of a player that probably no other player will be able to match the excitement. like I find it really hard that someone could attract me more than Roger does,but it's only me ,and as I said it's I don't think I agree that you could say ":tennis world is getting better and better" like a fact..! :)

niloofar , 10/30/09 11:44 AM

of course many many people would strongly disagree with malteser that tennis would be less interesting after Roger retires,many would also disagree with you that Roger and Rafa made tennis more interesting than Pete and Andre era(my brother is one of them)...
niloofar , 10/30/09 11:44 AM

awww niloofar...does your bro have a high temperature?!!!!!...i first noticed roger when he burst onto the scene at wimby.....he took my breath away....of course its subjective....but seriously...this guy...the way he plays....everything about just beautiful to watch, graceful and everything else that goes with watching federer ...simply breathtaking....

niloofar...i found this article from federer today.......which talks about him playing at basel.....starting not long to go now.....enjoy.....

Home > News > WRS News > Federer ?delighted? to play Basel tournament
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Thursday, 29 October, 2009, 10:29
Federer ?delighted? to play Basel tournament

Roger Federer has confirmed he will be playing in the tournament of his home town Basel, the Swiss Indoors, next week.
The world no.1 says he?s been back in training in recent days, after suffering from a thigh injury.
He?d also come under pressure from a group of a hundred respected health officials, who called on him to boycott the tournament. They object, because the competition?s main sponsor is a major tobacco company, which they say is not compatible with healthy sports activity.
Federer has declined to comment on the controversy, and is expected on court for his first match on Monday

malteser , 10/30/09 4:38 PM

go roger! cannot wait to see him play tomorrow!....been a looonggg....looonggg..wait!

malteser , 11/1/09 10:21 AM

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