• Federer hopes injured Nadal is back to stay

    8/12/09 11:48 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer hopes injured Nadal is back to stay Roger Federer believes that the drama quotient needs to drop a notch concerning the two-month knee-injury absence of friend and rival Rafael Nadal.

    The Swiss, no stranger to the occasional illness (glandular fever) and injury (back) himself, said at the Montreal Masters that he's pleased with the return in Canada of the Spaniard.

    "I think Rafa has done actually pretty well considering how hard his game is and how many matches he's played for so many years", said the 15-time Grand Slam winner. "He hasn't gotten injured that many times. That's why I'm happy to see him back on tour."

    Federer added: "He was only away from the game a little bit, but in tennis terms it's so much because our season never ends, from January to November".

    "If you miss two months, it just seems like it's a lot, but it's actually not that much. I hope now he can stay on tour and not get injured again".

    Federer said that his relative good health and fitness is down to planning. "I try to have as good a schedule as possible. You are obliged to play some events (Grand Slams and Masters 1000), but at the same time having vacation, having enough practise and doing the right things, those are the keys to a player's career. You need a little bit of luck, as well".

    "If you're injured a lot when you're younger and you play on them instead of maybe taking that break because you have bad advice maybe early on, you know, you carry it through your entire career sometimes, and that then can be a hard thing".

    Nadal, 23, has been constantly troubled with knee tendinitis, which got bad enough to force him to miss Wimbledon and rest under doctor's orders.

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Spot on, Fed. The reason why Fed seldom gets an injury is that he isn't to paranoid of losing no.1 like Rafa did and also he's brave enough to play Grand Slams with back injury and mono.


torres9 , 8/13/09 2:09 AM

torres don't try being malteser1, you are not so talented.

posmatrac , 8/13/09 3:52 AM

Torres -
I can't help but think if Roger read the comments you make about Rafa on his behalf he would be disappointed at the least and disgusted at most. You need to take a lesson from your man in just plain decency. Your comments are always personal and subjective. I think you must have lost a girlfriend to a Rafa look alike.
Fed doesn't need you ragging Rafa at every turn. If you have something relevant to say, then wonderful. Otherwise, try running laps, or maybe a little tai chi or yoga to rid yourself of your rage.

Maya , 8/13/09 3:57 AM

where is malt1 she is the only the only that has facts and can back it up..........

boss , 8/13/09 6:48 AM

i have alot of facts ^^

torres9 , 8/13/09 7:12 AM

"where is malt1 she is the only the only that has facts and can back it up.......... " -boss , 8/13/09 6:48 AM

I think she now goes by the name of maxi. She can correct me if I'm wrong though. :-)

phoenix , 8/13/09 7:21 AM

phoenix, nice intel work, if that's true we won't wait long for real her to come out in a full swing .. and when i said talented i was being ironic.

posmatrac , 8/13/09 7:43 AM

It's not a difficult task, pos, the similarities are glaring. Thanks anyway.

phoenix , 8/13/09 8:36 AM

Fed was asked a Q to compare what his difference with the other players is that he doesn't get injured that much. and he gave a very respectful and humble response that is maybe not well reflected here,so I think the comparison you've made on that response,is ,well,not nice...!!btw I think Rafa is also brave and mentally tough,so...

niloofar , 8/13/09 8:56 AM

and 'danny' now assumes the name of 'phoenix'

eqm , 8/13/09 9:41 AM

phoenix, i see i am being compared to someone else on this thread, so felt i had to respond. i dont know whether to take it as a compliment (to be compared to someone else that i dont know, or insulted). i am me. i have been posting for almost 2 years on tennis.x and respond a lot to sean randall's articles who i like, quite a lot actually. there are many people over there, tennisbebe,von,margot who post and it is a great forum. i thought i would check out what is also out there (so as not to narrow my options) and found tennistalk. i like you guys and the responses are more instant. so whilst i appreciate what you say, i am sorry to let you down. and let's face it. it's not really that hard to be a fed fan or a rafafan or to type a post really is it?anyone can do it!

relating to the article on fed. i think everyone is happy that rafa is back. he is great for the sport.

maxi , 8/13/09 9:55 AM

torres, you are a comic, you really make me laugh, Federer isn't too paranoid about losing No 1 like Rafa was? Also from the man himself, he has been lucky.

malteser1, who is that, never heard of her! Sorry, but malteser is no maxi, maxi is far too polite . If malteser ever comes back in another guise, believe me, we'll soon know.

carrie , 8/13/09 11:00 AM

i think i really missed malteser1 on this site. As a fedfan i like her enthusiasm and i think she was very fair-minded (if not provoked). Now i hope maxi will not disappoint.

eqm , 8/13/09 11:32 AM


i already acknowledged that to you, right? i have been very bad in my previous life that i have to die and be reborn. hopefully this time, i will not be goaded into going to the dark side again.

now, where's my ice cream:-)

phoenix , 8/13/09 11:51 AM


My apologies if i was wrong.
It is a compliment if you are a Fed fan.

phoenix , 8/13/09 11:57 AM


no offence taken at all buddy. and the person you talk about? malteaser? well, what is the worst thing than being talked about? answer: not being talked about at all!

well, we had a system on tennis.x. and also bleacher actually, called 'the red flag' system. I still post on both sites, and i love bleacher for its articles with some great writers over there, long john, clarabella and rohini, rob lowe, etc. so if people got a bit irate or hot under the collar they were suspended for a month, sometimes 3 depending on the situation, so i dont know how it works over here, but am sure he will be back. sometimes when people cool down, they see things in a different light. happened with a few of the posters over there. you do get to kind of 'know' them and 'miss' them in a strange sort of way, but things happen for a reason and it is usually a blessing (not always seem that way at first).

yes. i am a Fed fan phoenix, but i enjoy watching the other players too and trust me, i can put my foot in it at times, but i try and be objective. it doesnt always work. its like you cannot get on with everyone in life, but you hope that somewhere along the line, compromises can be reached/agreed on -

i respect passion in people, in a belief system - without passion - god, wouldnt things get boring. i mean tennis and chocolate. what could be better than that?

i admire federer enormously because of many things. i think he was treated very badly by the media phoenix and if that happens, my sensitive side just kicks in. he has brought such a difference to the sport in every way (in my view) and i think if someone is down/misunderstood - what's the need to kick them in the teeth? you cannot win tournaments all the time, but for the sheer domination of this man, well - his tennis does the talking. 2003-2007 were sublime years for him. 2007, we all know what happened and 2008 again, but 2009, a re-emergence after OZ 2009, and he didn't play that badly either. just in the final set, he collapsed - not the roger i have been used to seeing. so yes. i am a fan and could talk about federer all day. but there is never any need to apologise to me phoenix. you have opinions and i respect that. am sure that we are not always going to agree, but its the journey that i am enjoying!

maxi , 8/13/09 12:53 PM

"i admire federer enormously because of many things. i think he was treated very badly by the media phoenix and if that happens, my sensitive side just kicks in."

And all this time, we Rafa fans thought that Rafa "was treated very badly by the media". Not only by the media but Roger's fans as well. Remember how he was treated at the FO? Do you think that treatment befits his stature as the 4 time champion? I specifically think that Roger gets the special treatment anywhere he goes. This plus my perception of him as being arrogant are some of the reasons why I dislike the guy.
Anyway, it all boils down to a difference in perspective between us fans.

phoenix , 8/13/09 1:38 PM

reason why Nadal is hated because he is rude on court. Simple.

torres9 , 8/13/09 2:21 PM

Nadal is NOT hated torres !! please don't start a fight.

this year Roger won the fans favorite award by 26.8% of votes,Rafa was next by 22.6%. it shows they are equally popular.

phoenix ,: Roger has had his own share of aweful treatment by the media...maybe not by the crowd,but certainly he is the one who's getting the worst and the most unfair treatment on tennis forums.

niloofar , 8/13/09 2:53 PM

rude on court...hmm...same rafa who hugged federer like a father to console him!same rafa who is very honest with line calls and all that..the same rafa WHO HAS NEVER BROKEN A RACKET!!! thats incredible given the amount to effort he puts in and the consequent frustration he is likely to face....u cal simple fist pumping and knee thrustinf rude?? u have aweful perception mate! he simply fits the score line gilbert said it " he has the best attitude that is possible for a tennis player...he fites the score line and for him the mtch is never over till the last point..." thats NOT RUDE..THATS EXEMPLARY!

vamosrafa , 8/13/09 2:56 PM

It has been a little guiet around here..come to think of it:)
Malt1 was a fiery individual:) kept me entertained:) and FanFortennis?.Maybe Malt left because of Zoey(idk)

As for as the article goes...federer feels as thought to much attention is being devoted to Rafa and not him :)

alik , 8/13/09 3:11 PM

Malt's gone? Bummer. She (I think it was a she) was great -- a total one-trick pony like carrie only more verbose. Heck, I'm a Federer fan (I'm a fan of a lot of players) and she even called me out when my appreciation didn't prove to be 100 percent unconditional. (I had the audacity to suggest that there were weaknesses in his game that manifested themselves particularly when he plays Nadal -- which, of course, is absolutely true.)

And I miss the ellipses ...

Maybe Malt is just taking a break till the Open.

SenorPlaid , 8/13/09 3:50 PM

alik : and may I ask how did u get that impression?? or u just think u can make any interpretation that fits what U LIKE!!

niloofar , 8/13/09 4:30 PM

in my response to torres u can see that I strongly disagreed with him on what he said,but I also disagree with u to a point.Rafa is a very nice,humble,polite and likable person as well as a great player but I do not think he's the best example on court for some reasons.

niloofar , 8/13/09 4:35 PM

phoenix...i agree with you. i did not think that rafa was treated by the crowd very well in paris. but i am sorry. that is the parisians for you. the culture in that city is NOT the same as the fringes. i have a few friends from france. toulouse, bologne - very different people. plus of course, they loved federer and i think you have to think (altho' judging from your post this ain't gonna have any effect!)..this was a monumentous slam for fed. either way. win or lose. he was going for his first FO, plus having already reached 3 previous finals - he wanted to go one step further - and he did. so i think when all is said and done, it was understandable that the crowd were on his side.

vamosrafa - fed smashing his racket! was g-r-e-a-t in my books! I actually feel it was a turning point for him. at that point, he HAD to do something about his game. and let's not forget, since then, we have had novak and safin smashing rackets and nothing has been said! unbelievable! I think it is because we have all been so used to fed being sooooo ice cool. i was stunned when he did that, but it wasn't really that bad! about time he got all that frustration out - don't you think?! Go fed!

going back to the AO, vamos - i have that image of both rafa and roger together, rafa hugging him, like a brother. he understood the feeling, the understood the passion for the game - rather than reducing that moment - i thought it showed a strength of rafa, but also for fed. about 20 seconds after that, fed was back on that podium after having got himself together. i loved it. it was initially a horrible moment for everyone, because i can tell you, as a fed fan, to see your favourite player upset - well - heartbreaking. but it lasted for such a short moment and i can understand that he must have had the stress, pressure and world on his shoulders. he vindicated himself vamos - dont you think? utterly gushing about rafa in subsequent interviews - i'm happy with that.

maxi , 8/13/09 4:35 PM

'bniloofar..'best' example on court is quite controversial....nadal has so many qualities on and of the court that have to be admired...NOBODY IS PERFECT And there is no denying abt that....

vamosrafa , 8/13/09 4:43 PM

torres, have you ever found anyone who agrees with you as far as Rafa is concerned? Rafa and rude do not go together in the same sentence, just like kicked iin the teeth by the media and Federer do not go together.

carrie , 8/13/09 5:15 PM

I agree with the others that maxi may be malt in disguise. At first I thought maxi was too polite and nice to be malt but the similarities are starting to pile up. (especially when maxi spelled out her feelings ["g-r-e-a-t"] like malt did all the time.) Malt herself posted not too long ago a very short post (out of character as everyone knows) that was polite and 'maxi' repeated later what was said.

After time away, I consider some of the fed fan posts like soap operas. You can not watch them for a year, but then when you do start again, you realize you haven't missed a thing because some fed fans do nothing but repeat the same old stuff over and over.

Is great that Rafa is back! Everyone expected him to be rusty coming back so that is no surprise. I feel bad for David and wish him the best recovery. Is great to see Rafa smiling again and playing tennis which is his passion!

fan4tennis , 8/13/09 7:38 PM

I have seen maxi in ages ago. So this is not a new nickname. Unless Malty has used maxi in ages ago.

Rafa on -court is not exemplary. Not sportsmanlike as far as I'm concerned. Suring interviews, he's also the most boring respondent.

All in all, I am in love with Rafa's new polo shirt.. Gonna get me one in the sport stores.

torres9 , 8/13/09 8:40 PM

fan4tennis, you are another person who thinks i am similar to 'malty'. what can i say? i suppose if my style is similar, i can understand why-but if this was the case- why would i deny it? there are hundreds of posters out there that all have similar styles, by way of punctuation, using smiley faces, etc. but i am who i am. I see a lot of similarities between a few posters on this forum, but i dont necessarily think they are the same - by all means comment on who you think i am, but i am here to discuss tennis - i take it that you are happy to see rafa back and so you must be a fan of his? as i have said before, many of my 'friends' on tennis.x go away for summer and dont follow masters series as rigidly as the slams - i follow both. I am sure your friend will be back and when he is, you'll know that we are two different people. i would like to 'meet' this person though.
fan4tennis, who do you think will win this tournament as opposed to who you would like to win this tournament, or do you think it will be the same person? Did you see rafa play and how did you think his movement was?

maxi , 8/13/09 9:58 PM

I am absolutely sure that maxi is not malty, for one thing malty is a she, and maxi is calling her a 'he', secondly, maxi has not once listd all Federer's achievements, and that's not like malty, and thirdly maxi is far, far too polite.

carrie , 8/13/09 10:06 PM

maxi: " why would i deny it?"

There are many reasons you might deny being malt--lol.

As far as who I think will win this tourney, I am not sure. I am away from my home (and computer) and am barely able to get updates unless I visit the internet cafe in town. So obviously, I have not been able to 'see' anyone play and judge their form. I can only go by match reports and others words. I would like Rafa to win of course, but I do not expect it. Although, some fed fans say that we are making excuses for him before he even loses, I think it is ridiculous to expect a man coming off a 2 month knee rehab (serious enough to withdraw from Wimby), to come out blazing in his first tourney back. He will try his best, as always, but I don't think he will risk his knee problem just to defend his points here. He has said his goal is the USO and this tour and Cincy is how he is preparing for that. Also, I have read that a few of the other top players are looking rusty too, though I don't know why that would be for them.

fan4tennis , 8/13/09 11:13 PM

i pretty much think phoenix's intel report is genuine and definitively not rigged :)

posmatrac , 8/13/09 11:27 PM

fan4tennis,i can tell you that rafa played beautifully tonight. he was on form with some delicious shot making. all the top players (apart from murray and roddick) have been a bit rusty to start with, i think having 5 weeks off doesn't help, rafa having double that i know. it's just a matter of finding rhythm and pace for all of them. will be interesting to see what happens. i definitely think that roddick is on a mission tho'. he is a madman out there right now.

maxi , 8/13/09 11:49 PM

It isn't so much a matter of the 5 weeks off because all of them know when the next tourney is and train during that time to be ready for it. With Rafa (and also Roddick with his hip), injury kept them from training so is understandable that they would be somewhat rusty. I also like Murray and Roddick so am glad to hear they are doing good. I prefer to think like Rafa match at a time!

fan4tennis , 8/14/09 12:00 AM

Wow! Roger is going to play in just a few minutes to win another match toward the inevitable! LOL :) Go Roger go! Go FED go! C'MON! Just do it! :) Malty where ever you are! I love you! You were the "truest" spirit on this site (and sadly missed by many)! The most BEAUTIFUL and SUPREME! LOL Tons of fun too! May you prosper... C'MOn! I know, I know, one game at a time...! LOL Why be in such a hurry! LOL :) C'MON! Go FED Go! Your the "ONE"! LOL Hello FEDfans! FEDERITES! C'MON! :)

sky , 8/14/09 1:09 AM

Right "ON" Roger! A WIN is a WIN! :)

sky , 8/14/09 3:01 AM

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