• Nadal cautious heading back to tennis

    8/5/09 5:29 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal cautious heading back to tennis Rafael Nadal admits he's heading to Montreal for next week's Masters with a huge possibility of crashing out early from his first tournament in more than two months.

    But his first task will be getting some specialised knee rehabilitation machines over the border into North America.

    The Spaniard, who also passed time at the beach with his girlfriend, the golf course and his local tennis club at Manacor on the island of Mallorca, said he is unused to inactivity.

    "I've spent more time on my sofa than ever. I'm an active person, I like to do different things all the time. But I was told to be still to spare my knees".

    "When I was active, I had to spend hours on different machines for rehab - and that is not pleasant".

    "I now need to take the machines to the US and it may be tough getting them past Customs until I explain what they are for".

    Nadal admits: "I'm aware that I am going to Montreal and Cincinnati (the week following) to lose is logical", he said prior to Thursday's departure for Canada. Nadal, resting a pair of knees plagued by tendinitis, last competed on May 31 when he lost to Robin Söderling in the French Open fourth round.

    "I'm not sure about my level on first tournament; I am not sure even if I will have pain again.”

    Now down to second in the world behind Roger Federer, the 23-year-old Spaniard said that he's going into battle "just hoping to play without pain or at least, with manageable pain".

    Nadal said that his objective remains the US Open starting August 31. It's the only Grand Slam that he has not won, adding: I've trained very well over the last five days (in five-hour sessions)".

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Enough with the built-in excuses. Seles returned after missing years and won her first tournament back also a Masters series in Canada. He's probably still in his normal shape. We expect him and Roger in the final. Oh and good to hear he has a girlfriend; I feared he may have been gay.

chr18 , 8/5/09 8:01 PM

Seles is Seles and Nadal is Nadal..
He's entitled to his opinion. It's normal that he's lost a bit of confidence after his loss at RG. It wouldn't be a shock to me if he loses in the first rounds.
And he's had a gf for quite some time btw.

Shireling , 8/5/09 8:37 PM

"I feared he may have been gay."

What exactly made you think that??


Arvis , 8/5/09 9:00 PM

Where have you been. Everyone has known for ages who Rafa's girlfriend is, and what gave you the idea he was gay?

I can understand why he is apprehensive, it's like getting on a bike when you haven't ridden one for ages, but don't worry, providing his knees are not painful, he'll be quite OK, thank you.

carrie , 8/5/09 9:28 PM

haha.... Rafans were complaining that Fedfans were making excuses for their champion by saying it doesn;t matter if he loses after this as he has already reached 15.

Now look at who's doing making preliminary excuses? The great Nadal himself.

torres9 , 8/5/09 10:02 PM

Rafa is a pro ... he'll be back to form in no time. Sure that wasn't wishful thinking rather than fear chr18.

smr , 8/5/09 11:35 PM

Hahaha. You won't find a bigger homophobe than me smr. Seriously though, I knew about Federer's Mirka, Roddick's swimsuit model and Murray's driver but I haven't seen Nadal's girl at his tournaments; usually they just show his uncle. Oh and the fact that he rubs everyone's belly at the net after the match led me to suspect he might be gay. Everyone except the Sod that is.

chr18 , 8/6/09 12:11 AM

Its natural for Nadal to be cautious in returning to no other than a master series tourney and to be defending champion is tough, I think his brave and a great fighter! But Gay? Have you watched Rafa closely? he oozes testosterone for god sake! he has the most masculine aura on tour not to mention the best looking physique out there, gay? are you kidding me? this man is gorgeous and a very great human being also. Really hoping that he comes back to his form, the tour is missing his intensity for sure. Vamos Rafa, go get em!!!x

afrodite7 , 8/6/09 12:35 AM

chr18, i thought you were gay by the way you wrote your comments! i haven't seen your girlfriend or boyfriend with you; so therefore, i have to conclude that you are gay! how silly does that sound?

memi , 8/6/09 3:36 AM

Quite an inane response memi. How could you see my wife with me when you don't even know what I look like? I'm not on t.v. playing tennis. Try to look up inductive and deductive reasoning before you make stupid comments. Let me simplify it for you. The first implication is that other players' girlfriends/fiances/wives attend matches for support. It shows more serious commitment in the relationship. If you bothered to read the rest of my post I clearly questioned Nadal's tendency to rub other players on the abdomen. Finally, and I didn't want to go this far but you asked for it, ask any psychiatrist to do a psychoanalysis of chronic butt-picking (like before every serve) and even you may begin to realise the implications. Before anyone says I'm bashing Nadal, I have a lot of respect for the guy and what he has accomplished. I hope he does return to his old form and I wish him well. His fans on this web site clearly , for most part, are blind idiots so any negative comments are directed more at you guys than Nadal himself.

chr18 , 8/6/09 4:06 AM

chr18, sorry, but i'm not looking for a fight with you! my remarks were meant to echo the sound of your remarks! i think they did that! i've seen other guys display the same gesturing at the net also; djokovic for one, not only does he rubs the abdomen, he also hugs other players and i haven't seen his girlfriend with him, so i guess he must be gay also. anyway, you got the point! no need to take it any further!

memi , 8/6/09 5:05 AM

memi, that's just a cultural difference speaking and your point is spot on.

posmatrac , 8/6/09 5:16 AM

chr18, FYI, Rafa has been dating the same woman for over 3 years now. She has been to plenty of his tourneys. She also is going to college, so her life is more than following Rafa around like a puppy dog all year long. Any Rafa fan can tell you, that both of them prefer to keep their relationship private since most of his life is so public. Just because YOU never noticed her or they didn't announce her presence to all viewers does not mean you can make outrageous claims as to their relationship. As far as the pants picking claim of yours (do you have a PhD or a degree in psychology?), have you ever heard of OCD? Or do you try to make anything you see a reason to call someone gay?

As far as Rafa's form when he comes back, anyone with a brain can figure he won't be at his best when he first returns. It will take time and match practice to get back to form for the USO. True Rafa fans only wish him to come back healthy and to not rush.

fan4tennis , 8/6/09 5:55 AM


It takes one to know one! I pity your wife for being clueless about your sexuality. Or did you just marry her to hide in her closet?

phoenix , 8/6/09 6:32 AM

I think Federer has more tendency to be gay than Nadal. Notice how he flips his hair with his fingers and how he plays tennis like a ballerina.:-)

phoenix , 8/6/09 6:40 AM

So what if Nadal's gay , bi or sraight? Even if he's gay, is that really a problem?

torres9 , 8/6/09 7:03 AM

There's also nothing wrong with being gay and married like Federer. Sometimes marrying ang having kids can hide your gayness.

phoenix , 8/6/09 7:19 AM

"...Seriously though, I knew about Federer's Mirka, Roddick's swimsuit model and Murray's driver but I haven't seen Nadal's girl at his tournaments; usually they just show his uncle..." - chr18

As I've stated above, having a wife or girlfriend is not proof enough that someone is not gay.

phoenix , 8/6/09 7:23 AM

all you have to do is to look on youtube for Nadal and girlfriend, and you will see plenty of evidence of their relationship. She has attended a few of his tournaments, but as memi says, she has got a life of her own and is a full time student, so she can't idly follow Rafa around. Many times she is at the venue, but doesn't watch him live, because she doesn't want to put him off, that's the extent of the vibes they have for each other.

Why do people think that something that is not done in the USA or GB is odd, like the way people show affection for each other. It is probably quite normal to rub people's stomach as a sign of affection in Spain, just like Rafa pointed that it is quite normal for male spaniards to wear pink.

To jump to the conclusion that someone is gay just because they choose not to have their girlfriend as a permanent fixture at tournaments is ludicrous. In that case, about 80% of the players must be gay!!!! So hetros dont tug their pants? Pleasssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

carrie , 8/6/09 9:24 AM

"So what if Nadal's gay , bi or sraight? Even if he's gay, is that really a problem?"

exactly.Why would that even be a problem for a normal person? Yes,he has a girlfriend but even if he didn't,I wouldn't care or I wouldn't defend him like crazy that he's straight.That shouldn't be a problem for any person,lol.

sisterofnight12 , 8/6/09 9:43 AM

what a person sexual preference is is there own business!
What someone does behind closed doors....well they have to answer to someone else about that.
I don't care! and to tell the truth no one knows what other people do behind closed doors! tennis players,football players,soccer player..on and on...

All i care about is that he is a hell-of-a-tennis player!

As far as not seeing Rafa's girlfriend?It is not about her! she is not a tennis player.the focus should be on Rafa.These players are what 20 -23yrs old? those women that come to watch their bfs should be somewhere trying to make a career of their own(imo) and let those players focus and achieve their goals.Sometimes i feel like the GF just want to be on camera or something....find something to do ....let them be!

Their career 's don't last that long..when they are 29 or so they will have all the time they want for a relationship.

As far as touching and rubbing someones stomach(lol).."a sign of compassion"..everyone is different.Just because one people expresses compassion and sorrow( because i just beat your butt(lol) ) in a way different than you does not make it strange....It is strange to you because you are probaby a coldhearted person with no feelings.

alik , 8/6/09 11:34 AM

I totally agree with Torres09..why the hell it matters if Federer or Nadal looks gay or could be gay? chr18 must be a homophobe, he/she initiated this irrelevant discussion..

Nothing , 8/6/09 1:47 PM

"It takes one to know one." phoenix, wow that's rich! Did you come up with that one on your own? No, that's something I used to say when I was like 10 years old. Why did it take you 4 posts to express your thoughts? Couldn't put it together all at once? You seem about as smart as a table( if the table's having a bad day, that is). Seriously, are most of the people here under 20 and uneducated Americans? No wonder the Chinese are taking over. As I stated above, I am homophobic and I think being gay is an abomination. I'm done with the mental midgets for today. Adios.

chr18 , 8/6/09 3:23 PM

lol,not only is chr18 homophobic,he/she is also a racist apparently. What the hell does it mean "no wonder the Chinese are taking over"?

sisterofnight12 , 8/6/09 3:37 PM

All these comments are pretty irrelevant to be honest. Johan Lindahl has written about 4 or 5 articles in the last week or two regurgitating the same asinine statements over and over again but changing each one with a slight twist. Nadal publicly stated about 10 days ago that he was apprehensive about his chances in Canada, no other statement has been released since so Johan has somewhat desperately repeated the same article many times. Note then that it is not Nadal who is making excuses over and over again but instead some rather amateur reporter named Johan Lindahl.

willmw101 , 8/6/09 4:01 PM

All u people make me laugh !!!
How much do u know about the tennis players personal life huh ??
They are proffesional sports people -leave them alone an dget on with ur life eh !!!

sals3 , 8/6/09 4:38 PM

You know what? This whole conversation is gay...


Arvis , 8/6/09 4:44 PM

Bye chr, and please, by all means, DO let the door hit your a$$ on the way out!

SenorPlaid , 8/6/09 4:48 PM

Hey, you know what? I needed a laugh, and I got one! This column served a good purpose for me today :D

Rafterfan , 8/6/09 4:57 PM


August 6, 2009

Rafa Nadal said that he feels ?very happy to be back training and playing at a competitive level.?

In spite of spending two and a half months of very ?difficult? training ( that would usually take up to 5 hours of his day), Rafa said he?s determined to make his return to tennis playing with the same will as always, but on top of everything, his main objective is to be back feeling better because he has to start from scratch again.

?I will do the best I can to get a good result,? said Rafa at the airport in his home town in Manacor. ?When you play, you always try to give a 100%,? however, given the circumstances, ?I?m prepared to lose as well.?

The idea is to gain confidence and be ready for the U.S Open, (the last Grand Slam of the season), which begins at the end of August.

In Montreal, Rafa will count with the support of Francis Roig as his coach, and will be joined by uncle Toni later down the track at the US Open.

carrie , 8/6/09 5:09 PM

I wouldn't be suprised if Rafa wins this tournament. After the rest, he's mentally fresh and eager to restart.

torres9 , 8/6/09 7:37 PM

I just hope that he gets a descent draw.Some people that won't try to kill him just yet.
"Hook Rafa up tournament director"

alik , 8/6/09 7:52 PM

torres, this is the most positive you've ever said about Rafa!!!

I wouldn't be suprised if Rafa wins this tournament. After the rest, he's mentally fresh and eager to restart.

torres9 , 8/6/09 7:37 PM

carrie , 8/6/09 8:26 PM

Draws are computer generated....-.-'

torres9 , 8/6/09 8:50 PM

And i own some swamp land in Florida ,do you want to buy it!
Seriously,and you really believe that!

alik , 8/6/09 9:19 PM

"I think Federer has more tendency to be gay than Nadal. Notice how he flips his hair with his fingers and how he plays tennis like a ballerina.:-) phoenix , 8/6/09 6:40 AM"

lol ... a good one .. and the way he cries when he loses ...

posmatrac , 8/6/09 10:36 PM

amen alik! you said it right! we are suppose to believe that!

memi , 8/6/09 10:43 PM

I like phoenix's comment as well...even as a Fed fan. Personally, the pretty play is a bit questionable. It could be brought on my his older women complex though...The hair is simply because he has to flip, because it is habit from when his hair was freaky long, and the crying also accompanies winning so...I think the dancing is the real proof, of possible gayness.

...I just insulted my favorite Well it is more a joke on my part, so I hope I'm not smote for my failing fandom.

Recordbreaks , 8/6/09 11:45 PM

Alik, there's no proof to believe otherwise. You are innocent until proven guilty. Do you have any evidence that the draws are not computer-generated?

If Fed is gay, isn't it an insult to all the macho men in tennis that a girly man wins Wimby 15 times? Think before you call someone names... LOL

torres9 , 8/6/09 11:51 PM

correction GS 15 times

torres9 , 8/6/09 11:54 PM

in a sense it is, but the guy does extra training with his racquet, what can you do ...

posmatrac , 8/7/09 12:11 AM

Well, I know gays who are macho too, so u can't really tell.

torres9 , 8/7/09 12:29 AM

ANY player's sexuality should not be an issue or questioned. Their sexuality does NOT determine their talent. For the bulk of the world, most have never even met fed or Rafa, yet some feel they know them personally well enough to decide their sexuality based on stereotypical actions. I agree that it does NOT matter one way or another. Their tennis is what matters!!!

fan4tennis , 8/7/09 12:45 AM

Thursday's Montreal Gazette has an article about Rafa practicing ... it didn't sound so positive. s+practice+court/1867591/story.html

smr , 8/7/09 6:18 AM

Here we go:) the young Man just got off a plane,went straight to the court..Jet lag

Question? will fed be penalized for not showing up to a mandatory tourney when his excuse is not injury related.?

alik , 8/7/09 1:19 PM

The federer has arrived :)

alik , 8/7/09 2:37 PM

alik, probably not!

memi , 8/7/09 3:50 PM

"Why did it take you 4 posts to express your thoughts? Couldn't put it together all at once? You seem about as smart as a table( if the table's having a bad day, that is). Seriously, are most of the people here under 20 and uneducated Americans?" -chr18

What made you think that I am an american? What gave me away? Was it my stupidity?

phoenix , 8/9/09 5:49 AM

rafa has a pretty bad draw........i dont see him going past the 2nd round is he isnt fit.....still hoping for the best


vrael , 8/9/09 6:01 AM

phoenix, another good one ... lol

posmatrac , 8/9/09 6:42 AM

posmatrac, nadal is playing doubles with francisco roig name listed as his partner. what's the deal on that? isn't francisco his substitute coach in the absence of his uncle?

memi , 8/9/09 8:22 AM

memi, yes he is and he also coaches that Georgian player, forgot the name. I guess it is a way for Rafa to get slowly back to his form, get practice as much as possible.

posmatrac , 8/9/09 8:33 AM

Rafa needs a bit of play time ... he could be up against Ferrer in his first match. (or Troiki). Roig used to be a doubles player.

smr , 8/9/09 10:15 AM

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