• Federer becomes a father of twin girls

    7/24/09 6:26 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer becomes a father of twin girls Roger Federer is a father. It was announced early on Friday morning that Mirka has given birth to twin girls named Myla Rose and Charlene Riva.

    Roger Federer is suddenly a father of two, as wife Mirka gave birth to twin girls on Thursday night, July 23, in Switzerland.

    Federer posted the following message on his facebook page early Friday morning: "I have some exciting news to share with you: Late last night, in Switzerland, Mirka and I became proud parents of twin girls! We named them Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and they are both healthy and along with their mother, they are doing great. This is the best day of our lives!"

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congrats to Federer. More news at it comes in....

RickyDimon , 7/24/09 6:34 AM

Woohoo, TWINS! It must be so overwhelming and unexpected. Makes me wonder if the fact that Mirka was carrying twins a part of the factor why Fed was so secretive about everything...?

But truly congratulations to them both and I hope the family is doing well. Lovely names for the girls, although isn't Riva like, a coffee? XD;;

Wonderful indeedy!

jyannis , 7/24/09 7:01 AM

Congrats to mother and father!! Beautiful names too!! Guess the early reports where people kept saying they were expecting a boy were WAY off--lol. Glad to hear Mirka and the girls are doing good and are healthy! God Bless them all!!

fan4tennis , 7/24/09 7:09 AM

2 more grand slams to roger federer that makes it four this year..
a calendar slam ...
cheers roger

jibi , 7/24/09 9:48 AM

wow! congrats to Roger and Mirka! but has anyone know if it's identical or fraternal?

jennyger , 7/24/09 9:57 AM

Congratulations to Roger & Mirka. I wish you all the best in parenthood.

carrie , 7/24/09 10:20 AM

wow! that is really good news "and" AMAZING! twins!!! I wonder too jennyger if they are identical... With the good health, everything will be so much easier for the Roger and Mirka family. Interesting names...must have gone through "tons" of name! LOL :)

sky , 7/24/09 12:06 PM

Congrats to the happy and healthy family.
I hope Fed starts taking it easy for now on and gives someone else a chance - and I don't mean this as an attack to his fans - I just think that it's only natural that he starts to see other goals in his life from now on apart from sporting achievements.

Shireling , 7/24/09 12:12 PM

MANY MANY CONGRATS!! wish them all the best in parenthood!

vamosrafa , 7/24/09 12:49 PM

congratulations to roger and mirka ... if they are identical ... maybe around 2029 we will have a rockin' swiss doubles team.

smr , 7/24/09 1:08 PM

congrats to federer! :D

Sib69 , 7/24/09 1:17 PM

Double the fun! I wonder if they'll call them Riva & Rose or their first names? I wish them all the best in health and happiness!

Rafterfan , 7/24/09 1:51 PM

What an outstanding year!!!! 2009 will remain as Federer's best year of his life!

arailic , 7/24/09 2:24 PM

best wishes............roger is a lucky man.......

vrael , 7/24/09 2:40 PM

MyLa Riva and Charlene ROse?? WHat's the meaning of it?

torres9 , 7/24/09 3:06 PM

congratulations to Roger...

C'MON !!

fedexfan , 7/24/09 3:10 PM

Congrats! surely good year4U guys!

xlsampnad , 7/24/09 3:12 PM

BEST WISHES!!! TWIN BABY GIRLS...........this is better than the back to back Grand Slam for Federer!!! When it rains it pours!!!

agf25agf , 7/24/09 3:17 PM

you can say that again agf25fg.. :) this is really a great year for federer... wish they post some pictures soon.. can't wait to see them:) i wonder if roger will ever want to leave the house now that he has 2 little angels already. i had difficulty before when i gave birth to my daughter.. i couldn't leave her for long. maybe it's the magic of parenthood..:)

jennyger , 7/24/09 3:57 PM

Congrats Roger and Mirka!

Look out women's tennis!

Tenten , 7/24/09 4:00 PM

Congratulation !

God bless them all

Mrka is wonderful woman , hard to find someone like her nowadays !

Noody , 7/24/09 4:27 PM

Well, in 20 years we'll have the next great "sisters" rivalry in tennis! :D

Congrats to the Federer family. Wow... twins. Was anyone here expecting THAT?? :D


Arvis , 7/24/09 4:41 PM

congratulations to federer and Mirka wish all fed family the best...

boss , 7/24/09 5:08 PM

Congratulations to the proud parents of those two cute newly born angels. Wish them a healthy and happy life, like their parents!

solitudine , 7/24/09 6:05 PM

D'aww, Congrats Rog. I have a twin sister myself, so I have to say Rog may have some bags under his eyes in for the next few months. My parents say...Good luck to him and his family though. I can't wait to see how cute they are. =3 I love babies....

If they chose to play tennis, which they may not, this could be a rivalry like Venus and Serena or a great team like the Bryans. But plenty of time to worry about that, hopefully they can be the light of their daddy's life first. Way better then prized French-Wimby double.

Recordbreaks , 7/24/09 9:53 PM

Great! Congratulations Mr. Federer! Many people already have expectations of them being Tennis players, C'mon people... I hope they are/stay always healthy and get to grow and be great in whatever they wanna be, no necessarily Tennis.

Ariel , 7/24/09 10:58 PM

Congrats Roger! The girls may not go into tennis... they have giant steps to follow (as do Agassi-Graf's children). As long as they are happy with what they do, that's all that matters.

cable , 7/25/09 1:49 AM

congrats roger n mirka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
h ere emerges d new dawn of uture of women's tennis.............d federer girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d most imp part is dat dey r healthy n so is mirka!!!!!!!!!!

rumours wer dat it was a boy..............but who cares.............m sure dey must b gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!m waitn 2 c a pic of dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neways,waitn 2 c u back on d tennis court soon roger...........missn watchn u play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
best of luck 2 u,mirka n ur entire family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of luv,luck n gud wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya loadzzzzzzzzzzz roger!!!!

coolgaltejal , 7/25/09 7:27 AM

Congrats to Federer family.

tejas , 7/25/09 9:21 AM

Well, I wasn't expecting that UNTIL I saw the photo of Mirka at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner, and the thought ran thru my mind, "could she be having twins?" :D

Rafterfan , 7/25/09 5:08 PM

Rafterfan, how prescient! More than one person in this household was wondering the same thing. But wasn't it put about here that one son was due, or am I imagining things (again)?

No matter, that's the second Federer double of recent times and I extend congratulations and good luck to the entire family.

gorafago , 7/25/09 5:57 PM

I soooooo excited to see their face!
Wonder how do they look like..
They must be as cute as their father..
Cute little angels~
Many many CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSS to the FED's family..
I really wish to see their face..
Are they identical??

GoldenRose , 7/25/09 8:00 PM

andyroddick wimbledon womens champs in 2029-2040 .... the federer girls :) congrats to the new parents

-This is andy Roddick's twitter message about this... LOL... ARod is so sporting and funny... ^^

torres9 , 7/25/09 9:03 PM

Don't PUSH it TOOOOOOOOO much! Enough that we're happy for the couple, but to say that they'll look like AS CUTE as their father is way TOOOOOOOOOOO much! HAVE mercy for the kids........GIRLS that look like FED???? BE careful what you wish for!

agf25agf , 7/26/09 12:03 AM

ARE they "CRY BABIES"?.........J*O*K*E*!!!!! ha ha haaaaaaaa!!!

agf25agf , 7/26/09 12:09 AM

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