• Djokovic empire facing a squeeze from city of Belgrade

    7/17/09 11:53 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Djokovic empire facing a squeeze from city of Belgrade The budding tennis business empire of Novak Djokovic and family in Belgrade is under economic threat, with the home-grown consortium close to losing a prime piece of land in the capital for lack of use.

    World No. 4 Djokovic began diversifying last year, his family buying up the rights for a defunct Dutch event and transferring it to Belgrade. Fittingly, Djokovic won the inaugural Serbia Open last May.

    That event was put together with Djokovic money as was the family-financed refurbishment of the venue. But the same kind of progress can't be shown for the other bit of land in question which was to have been used for a new tennis academy.

    Serbian media report that the parcel of real estate in Kragujevac, given to the Djokovics by the city, is now under threat. Under a contract, the family must invest 9 million euros and complete the tennis academy by the end of 2011.

    But with the desirable location in a city park currently going to waste, Belgrade officials are laying down the law to the Djokovic clan.

    "If they don't do everything, they lose rights to the parcel (worth 14 million euros)", an official told local media. "And they would have to compensate losses to the city".

    The first deadline required an initial investment of 1.5 million euros before the end of 2009. But the fledgling Trumps have a lot on their plate.

    In addition to Novak's tennis they are also hoping to buy the Serbia Open stadium site plus construct a second tennis academy. The world financial crisis is apparently putting a squeeze on the entire grand plan.

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Hi all @

I understand better now why since this open in serbia, this was just before RG and after the semi vs nadal in madrid, djoker his the shadow of himself

he has for sure let this case, its certainly his parents faults, let tennis apart
for sure this affected novak since the tournament

Thats not a good news, but at least we understand better his situation right now
I am not happy he has to cover all this with his millions

i just hope he will be back on form soon, bringing his A game very soon as well

thxx for the article

cirstea , 7/18/09 12:36 AM

This is a malicious article right out of trashy tabloids where it was probably sourced from.
My advice to the "author": get a life and if you've got nothing good to say, then don't spread cheap gossip.

noleisthebest , 7/18/09 1:36 AM

maybe but there is for sure somethign right now in novak's life and thats affecting his game

And this thing could truly and sadly be true

Hope it will end soon, whatever it is


cirstea , 7/18/09 1:51 AM

noleisthebest, why so nasty and defensive? if you have a credible source that disputes this, put it up or put a cork in it!! fans are trying to understand his predicament so if you prefer to live in la la land, don't come to the forums or even the internet for that matter!

homos , 7/18/09 2:58 AM

Good to read something out of "RAFA/FED universe"! It's interesting how the players' personal lives affect their tennis.

agf25agf , 7/18/09 12:36 PM

" if you have a credible source that disputes this"
and which CREDIBLE source has this trashy article come from, The Times, Daily thought so...

noleisthebest , 7/18/09 1:19 PM

I can't believe this...
This so is so not true..if U are interested in what Nole has to say about relations in his family and his current form, read or copy paste article form his site. Don't put this crap with no source listed here.

OllyK , 7/19/09 12:23 AM

Nole got upset what people think and went cruising on his 20 m long sunseeker :)

posmatrac , 7/19/09 3:48 AM

My personal opinion is that, no matter what happens, I am sure Nole went into all that with good intentions and a big heart to help others. I wish him well and hope things work out!

fan4tennis , 7/19/09 4:08 AM

Sounds to me like he needs to slow the spending down much like ALL levels of gov't need to do in the USA.

Slicer , 7/19/09 8:08 AM

I've stayed speechless, no comments of gossip, what an propaganda, noleisthebest, as I've told you, some people simply don't like Novak, and they put imagination in articles without checking the fact, but doesn't matter, life still goes on, we'll see very soon what Novak has on his plate, and none could have influence on fact, Novak's great champion, I used to love this website but some people has ruined that, what to do, show must go on, keep going dearest Novak...

gordana , 7/20/09 9:30 AM

that totally suits Novak's family.two piece of art parents the crapiest parents in the sport of tennis, they are even effecting thier own son ,trashy people i guess his mother is the one who brought up the idea i think baking works better for them , i read some wher they use to bake!

tennislover , 7/20/09 11:31 AM

tsk tsk.. this is a terrible news.. but i'm hoping it's not true..

jennyger , 7/20/09 3:05 PM

Hurmmm... I wondered if Djoker's change to use HEAD is because of a sum he's gonna get instead of the racket suiting him. I think changing rackets is like changing your hand for tennis players.... I think this is the main reason he's not performing well.

torres9 , 7/21/09 5:20 PM

So tennislover... or gosublover... what would rafa's or fed's fans do if write something about Parents of Rafa or Fed. How can you talk such trash???
The complete article is fake and malicious.
Real estate in Kragujevac doesn't have any conections with Belgrade open. That was place for Tennis academy. Djokovic family asked for prestigious piece of land in heart of town. Big part is park. So the people of Kragujevac love that park, campaign started... lot of negative energy... and one month ago Djokovic and his family just aborted idea. That is true... and has nothing to do with Belgrade open...
Somebody really doesn't have what to do... so the trash and garbage is coming out so easily...
One woman... who's son just won age of 20...proud and happy... said "King is dead..." what??? Your mother wasn't proud of you???
...or stupid Rodick is talking trash... and when Nole, young and proud, answers... everybody ia talking about that???
C'mon ppl...

zare , 5/2/10 10:06 PM

haha takes an article like this to bring back long lost Nole fans posmatrac and gordana!

stu , 5/3/10 2:28 AM

"The first deadline required an initial investment of 1.5 million euros before the end of 2009. "

So -- I'm confused. Did the family not meet their investment deadline? Or is the problem they're not proceeding with the planned construction on schedule ...?

mara002 , 5/3/10 4:52 AM

gordana...dont see u here often,where are you...nole needs his support here at TT

vrael , 5/3/10 6:16 AM

This is an old article, look at the date... :) And the date of gordana's and posmatrac 's posts.
I "spoke" to Gordana on facebook. She says hi to all Nole fans here and she promised that she'd come back here eventually...She is just a little bit tired of "tilting at windmills". :)

OllyK , 5/3/10 6:44 AM

ok...thanks ollyk

vrael , 5/3/10 7:01 AM

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