• Murray remains on fire at Wimbledon

    6/28/09 5:33 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Murray remains on fire at Wimbledon Andy Murray is through to the second week of Wimbledon in dominant form. On Saturday he dispatches Viktor Troicki to set up a fourth-round meeting with Stanislas Wawrinka.

    Murraymania is in full force at the All-England Club and it showed no signs of stopping on Saturday.

    Andy Murray rolled over Viktor Troicki 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 in one hour and 36 minutes to reach the Wimbledon fourth round. Preceding this victory with routine wins over Robert Kendrick and Ernests Gulbis, Murray has propelled himself into the second week of the season's third Grand Slam with utmost ease.

    Troicki was never competitive on Saturday. Murray committed a mere three unforced errors in the first set and used two breaks of serve to dominate it 6-2. The third-ranked Scot never faced a break point in set one and he was even more dominant on serve throughout the second frame of play. Murray struck 16 winners to just five errors and fired 10 aces in five service games.

    A quick break of serve in the third was all Murray needed to cruise the rest of the way. He did have to face one break point, but he saved it and closed out the proceedings at 5-4 with one more easy service hold.

    Wimbledon's No. 3 seed wrapped up the day with 17 aces, 37 winners, and 17 unforced errors. Murray terrorized Troicki with consistency and variety from the back of the court, but he also won 15 of his 16 net points. Next up for Murray is Stanislas Wawrinka, a four-set winner over unseeded American Jesse Levine.

    "We get on well," Murray said of Wawrinka. "I practice with him a lot before tournaments. I speak to him in the locker room quite a lot. I mean, we don't go out for dinner with each other and stuff. But I get on well with him. He's a very nice guy."

    On his current level of play: "All I wanted to do is win the matches. I didn't care how badly or how well I played. You know, I was very happy I won the three matches. Hope that I can keep it going next week 'cause my performances were pretty solid."

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Go, Go, Go Andy, all the way to the final! Yeehah! Andy in 4?

deuce , 6/28/09 7:32 AM

i welcomed the couch to view murray's game when it got cut on 'foxe'. it's now evening here in oz. all last night's matches were repeated twice this afternoon without any of hasy's of course, but progs like 'the mummy 1 & 2' with 'because i said so' and 'death warrant' are luminating the movie catagories..yuk. murray is 'lucky' to survive and should therefore find his way through the next. hasto played well against cili but it's sad to have to play it twice..better luck next year.! now i'll say g'bye to get some food into me too. chat soon,..

steppo , 6/28/09 11:25 AM

# actually, i woke up at 9am and rodc's match was on, which also got repeated, with all the women's three or maybe four matches. hasy's was played which i caught but am sure did not receive a replay cos i was around the lounge room all day. it was then nearing dark, but murray's just came on when it got cut. what i don't understand is, why the 'doubles' can't get shown. is it because of only what the tournament people pay for. the disappointment however is i wanted to watch murray's game but never got shown anywhere near once. congratulations to england for a gorgeous tour presentation but sad if this is the case?

steppo , 6/28/09 12:48 PM

## bother me....i have watched the wim'ledon tournament since it started on mon 22/06/09 and the latest i do go to bed is 4am; sometimes later!! i'm sure i haven't seen a doubles event yet.....but the hasy game i mentioned above i did watch on saturday nite. how they repeated those women's matches twice today, sun 28 is revolting. ok, guys, i'll leave yous be now.....will catch up perhaps in a couple of weeks. ciao ciao for now,..

steppo , 6/28/09 1:44 PM

Andy Murray is through to the second week of Wimbledon having not lost a single set.

He lost a set to Kendrick actually. But he was so impressive in his last two matches I guess people forgot lol

orion , 6/28/09 2:28 PM

Murray is strutting his stuff and showing he's in it for all it's worth! For all those that were hoping he'd crumble under the pressure, he hasn't and is taking advantage of the hometown love! I know he's got the goods to carry the trophy home (wouldn't be a long walk--lol) and I have faith in him and more importantly, he has faith in himself to do it too!!!!

fan4tennis , 6/28/09 9:45 PM

For the Murray fans! Another excerpt from his USA TODAY talk:

Courtside with Andy: Ready to roll into Week 2 after a strong showing in third round

"I'm pleased to be in the second week of Wimbledon and happy with how I've played since the first round. I've had two tough players and managed to win pretty comfortably. I saw second-round opponent Ernests Gulbis as very dangerous if he played his best, but I managed to play solid against him and also Viktor Troicki. I'm looking forward to this week.

I don't make any major adjustments the second week of a Slam, or at any tournament for that matter. Honestly, it's try and do the same thing. If you keep the same routine and prepare the same for every match it makes a huge difference in your performance. It doesn't make sense to change things for the hell of it or because you want to try something different.

I've gotten some attention this week from my Twitter posts, including the fun we've been having with making food out of players' names (Ernests Gulbiscuit, Mardy Fishcakes, Mince Spadea, etc.). More and more players are Twittering. I don't really follow too many others, I just do it for fans on my website that want a little behind-the-scenes flavor of life on tour. Andy Roddick and I were following each other a bit in Queens this month. We had some bets going on our doubles.

These days I don't get to spend much time in my native Scotland, but my second home is in the USA. I own a place in Florida near Miami where I spend some weeks training. I really like the people in America. Every time I've been there, I find the people unbelievably friendly and energetic. If I get up at 6 a.m. with jetlag or something and head over for some coffee or breakfast everyone is always so friendly. Whereas if you get up at 6 in the morning in London and go somewhere, some people are unfriendly and seem rushed and brusque.

I also love the U.S. Open. They treated us great there when we were juniors, and I won the boys' title there in 2004. New York is one of my favorite cities, and hardcourts are probably my best surface. I've looked forward to playing there ever since. Sometimes I get asked, which would you rather win, Wimbledon or the U.S. Open? That's a tough one. Obviously, the importance of winning Wimbledon in this country would be much more significant, but for me as a player I would love to win the U.S. open, or any Grand Slam to be honest.

The globetrotting lifestyle of a pro tennis player doesn't leave much time for other normal activities, such as earning a driver's license. I think I've spent more time driving a go-kart than a car! I'm hoping to take some lessons after Wimbledon. I do have a learner's permit ? I can drive with an adult like my mom ? but I have to pass my theory test.

When I have time, I also love to catch some boxing. One of my favorite boxers is Floyd Mayweather, though I've only seen him on TV. On occasion I manage to attend a live boxing event, but the last time I went I felt a little uncomfortable when some fights broke out in the crowd. You don't really want to get involved in that.

Being the local hope here has its perks in the support department. I got a letter from the Queen of England last week. They came up and handed it to me after one of my practice sessions. It was literally two lines just saying congratulations for being the first Brit to win the grass tune-up Queens in 70-odd years and good luck for Wimbledon. The letter was typed and signed "Elizabeth R."

Speaking of celebrities, I think we were all shocked to learn of Michael Jackson's death. I was at home late in the evening when a friend texted me that he had been admitted to hospital. It happened so out of the blue and so fast. I listened to a lot of his music. Billie Jean is my favorite Michael Jackson song."

fan4tennis , 6/28/09 10:24 PM

Here is another great article from the Wimby site about Murray and how he handles pressure and what he thinks of his upcoming match:

"In case you haven?t noticed, Andy Murray is through to the fourth round of Wimbledon. That means he has won three games of the seven he needs to become Wimbledon champion. That means he is into the second week of The Championships. That means, if you are British, especially a member of the British media, you can get as excited as you want.

Just don?t expect the level-headed Murray to join in that excitement with so much of the job still to be done. As he explained at the press conference following his romp to victory over Viktor Troicki: ?The expectation for me is I'm going to try my best to win the tournament. But it's the people that are in the media, in the press, and the people that read it who are the ones that see the expectation getting bigger or greater.

?It's just one of those things you have to get used to dealing with. It hasn't troubled me this week. I'd be very surprised if it did next week."

Murray?s opponent on Monday is Stanislas Wawrinka, the 19th seed. Murray leads 4-3 in head-to-head encounters, but since 2008 that record is a more lop-sided 4-1 in Murray?s favour. The pair have never met on grass.

Wawrinka is also a regular practice partner of Murray?s. However, the Scot said that will not change his approach to the match.

?I think when you go on the court you're there to compete, regardless of whether you're friends or not. It doesn't change the way you go into the match,? Murray said.

?You kind of know each other's games a little bit better than you might know some of the others that you don't hit with and you don't see around that much. But won't make a difference on Monday, I don't think.

?He's a very solid all court player. He's got a solid serve. He moves well, is good off the baseline. He doesn't come to the net too much. But when he does, I mean, he won the Olympic gold doubles, so he can obviously volley reasonably well.

?He does everything good. He doesn't have one shot in particular that's a huge weakness. I'm going to have to play a tough match to beat him.?

When asked to rate his performance over the first week, Murray said his performances were ?pretty solid? and he was ?very happy? that he had won his three matches. He added he was ?slightly more comfortable this year than last year?. His philosophy is a simple one, but if it pays off it will bring huge rewards.

?It's just about winning the matches. I don't feel any different to how I did at this stage last year. You just try and win a match every couple of days, and that's really the goal. I don't think anything different.?

fan4tennis , 6/28/09 10:38 PM

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