• Federer captures French Open, ties Sampras with 14 slams

    6/7/09 5:01 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer captures French Open, ties Sampras with 14 slams Roger Federer wins the French Open on Sunday with a straight-set destruction of Robin Soderling. Federer completes the career Grand Slam and ties Pete Sampras with a record 14 major singles titles.

    Move over, Pete Sampras. You've got company.

    Roger Federer won his 14th Grand Slam singles title on Sunday afternoon, typing Pete Sampras for the all-time record by defeating Robin Soderling in the French Open final. With his 6-1, 7-6(1), 6-4 beatdown of Sweden's surprise finalist, Federer also lifted the Roland Garros trophy for the first time and thus completed a career Grand Slam.

    Aside from the first point, which was an impressive baseline slugfest won by Federer, Soderling looked extremely flat throughout the first set. Clearly affected by Grand Slam final jitters, Soderling put in barely more than half of his first serves and struck a mere three winner's to Federer's 11. Federer broke in the opening game of the match and never looked back, finishing off the set 6-1 with his third break of the afternoon.

    A crazed, flag-waving fan ran onto Federer's side of the court with Soderling serving at 1-2 in the second, but Federer shook off the scare and got back on track with a hold for 3-2. Both men held serve all the way through set two without facing a break point. Federer fired aces on his first three service points of the tiebreaker and seized mini-breaks on three of his opponent's first four service points to take a commanding 6-1 lead. The world No. 2 promptly finished it off 7-1 with his fourth straight ace.

    With momentum fully in hand and one set away from history, Federer broke in the opening game of the third when Soderling flailed a forehand wide. The 25th-ranked Swede had a chance to get back on serve for 2-2, but he missed his first break point of the entire match when Federer abused a short ball with a cross-court forehand. Both players then held en route to a 5-4 Federer lead, giving the Swiss a chance to serve for the title.

    Soderling suddenly earned a break point when Federer mis-hit a swinging forehand volley way long at 30-30. Federer saved it, however, when Soderling framed a forehand. A winning forehand volley off the Federer racket gave him his first championship point, and he promptly did it with a big first serve that Soderling dumped in the net.

    "You taught me a lesson in how to play tennis," Soderling told Federer during the trophy presentation. "For me you are the greatest player in history."

    "It's the most satisfying victory of my life next to my first Wimbledon," Federer said in an interview with John McEnroe. "Now the question is 'Am I the greatest of all-time?' We don't know."

    Federer becomes the sixth man to complete the career slam (winning all four majors at least once). He joins Fred Perry, Don Budge, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, and Andre Agassi. Agassi had been the most recent player to accomplish the feat, finishing off his career slam at the 1999 French Open.

    Federer says he always knew the match would be tougher than the scoreline.

    Federer says he always believed that he could someday win Paris.

    Federer said he really felt his nerves in the third set.

    Federer has achieved more in his career than he ever imagined possible.

    Federer says it's amazing to have actually won his 14th Grand Slam.

    Federer says he came through desperate situations all through the fortnight.

    Söderling says his Grand Slam confidence has been hugely lifted.

    Söderling says he had a great tournament.

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Sib69 , 6/7/09 5:18 PM

First to say this, cannot hold this anymore!!!!!!!!!

Ariel , 6/7/09 5:20 PM

BRILLIANT! Congratulations Federer! I am delighted-you are the best player ever and a really great champion to boot.

lee214 , 6/7/09 5:30 PM

Federer should be now considererd as the greatest !
Congrats ...

tlebin , 6/7/09 5:30 PM


Ariel , 6/7/09 5:39 PM

Federer fans, what can I say? How could you ever have had a teeny weeny doubt? It was a joy and a privilege to watch him play today, a master at work, on fire. Look out Wimbledon!
And Soderling was most gracious in defeat, so please hands off!!

deuce , 6/7/09 5:45 PM

wow ricky ...i really did not expect you to be writing this article especially after your 2% prediciton of fed winning even after he won madrid . anyways ...i like the article ..good job man .

I hope you never count fed out ever again...!!!

fedexfan , 6/7/09 5:47 PM

deuce...i NEVER doubted my man...EVER....i ALWAYS had the belief...visualisation is a great tool...

deuce I want to say a big THANK YOU to YOU in are a CLASS ACT mate....and your words of calm and consideration earlier seemed to be heartfelt and were much appreciated.....
and you are right...i was really impressed with soderling...he was really gracious...unbelievable!
deuce..have a GREAT weekend....I will! (see you at wimbledon?).
All the best!
Allez Roger!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 5:49 PM

2% was accurate. So was 0% for Djokovic.

2% was actually generous to Federer. I mean, the chances of Soderling beating Nadal were less than 2%.

RickyDimon , 6/7/09 5:50 PM

HATS OFF TO SODERLING... He is not such a bad guy after all.

Maybe he was immatured before but who wasnt. Fed was throwing rackets around when he was young.

After the last point Fed cried and I also cried with him and then vomitted. I always believed that 'All is well that ends well'


torres9 , 6/7/09 5:52 PM

fedexfan, Ricky, don't screw this moment! Is time of happiness! We don't need to think about that anymore, just concentrate in what happened, FEDERER WON! any past percents and statistics is obsolete! SU MAJESTAD, ROGER! finally after all this time, won his 14th title, is just amazing!

Ariel , 6/7/09 5:58 PM

Ricky ...i would have thought that by now u would have learn that the chances of anyone beating anyone on any given day is a possibility ...
Just cos he won doesnt mean Fed cant loose later ....but lets not go there now .....cos im soooooooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Malt ...he did it !!!
Im still staring at the screen replaying the last point ....the look on his face says it all ...priceless ...tears of joy ....the stadium erupted !!!!! one match at a time ...from now on in ! im just smiling silly !!! :) :) :)

soderling deserves credit ...i think his acceptance speech could not have been more gracious ....nothing but respect for him ...hope he performs the same in wimby ....i love attacking tennis ...its the way the game is meant to be played !!!

HE WONNN ....Career SLAMMM ......i cant wait to see that red star on his tennis bag ! ....14 in total ...amazing !!!

C'MONNNN ( Fed style !!!)

fedexfan , 6/7/09 6:00 PM

And a PS!! Federer cried in victory so who precisely was he upstaging this time? Let's have no more talk about cry babies please!!
malt1: thanx! Love your passion for a beautiful tennis player and the beautiful game.
Yes, my words were from the heart! It was time to celebrate an almighty talent not time to carp and badmouth. That made me very cross!! I never get cross!!
See u at Wimbles, indeedy!

deuce , 6/7/09 6:00 PM

Great just great. ANother grand slam win for federer by beating the WORLD NUMBER 25. Getting a 20 yo Potro in the Semi's.

For people who dont know what i am saying , just look at federer's wiki page. Name me one great player at his peak, which federer has beaten in ALL, every SINGLE one of his grand slams.

And now that Nadal is injured for wimbledon too. THat is just icing on the cake for federer.

May be Murray and Dojo can do something about it. For me, one of the worst grand slams i have seen. Fed wins the slam and gets to play just two players in the top ten. Both 5 years his younger. What luck.

Great for fed and his fans though.

ronaldinho , 6/7/09 6:01 PM

hahahha.....sourrrrrrrr sourrrrrr nadal fan heads popping up hahahhah just to happy to give a crap ...hahahhahaah

fedexfan , 6/7/09 6:05 PM

I am not a nadal fan. I am just anti fed cuz i believe that Sampras had to work his ass off all his career to fend off challanges from great players with little weaknesses and that he shared some silverware with them. So did BORG and LAVER and LENDL.

Nadal sucks. He is way too physical. He now has a knee problem. His parents getting divorced. Lost Roland Garros when ppl were saying that Nadal not winning french open would be a bigger shock than nadal winning all four in the same year.

Nadal is gone. I wouldnt be surprised if, he retires as early as this year. Since Miami, things have been going down hill.

Everything turned good for fed. Easy draw, worn out nadal in madrid, soderling in another GS FINAL. Nadal injured for wimbledon. Just great. Everything falling into place for federer.

ronaldinho , 6/7/09 6:09 PM

Wow what a day for Roger and for tennis world in general. Who would have thought that the surface which gave Roger so much grief and hearth break would give him all the glory. But you know what they say fortune favours the brave and if there is one thing you can say for Roger is that he has been brave and kept coming back year after year after all the misery of the past four years. So all of you Rogers fans out there please celebrate this day and do not let anything spoil it. Any time someone tries please remember what this means and think of the magnitude of this moment especially after the tough year and a half that Roger had. It only shoves the strength of persons character and great resolve not to give up no matter what. So this day belongs to Roger and history and of course to you so enjoy it.

brenda , 6/7/09 6:09 PM

allez, roger! 2009 french open champ! career slam! get wimby next! booooyah!

ayachan , 6/7/09 6:10 PM

yay! yay! yay! happy still, damn happy! i don't care about anything, cause i cried of emotions for the first time in my life! tennis MUST be agressive, it MUST, is the way the sport gets more exciting and we fans love that! Tennis Rockssssss! I freaking love tennis now and i decided that someday i will be professional in the sport and challenge FedEx in the court!

Ariel , 6/7/09 6:11 PM

SAmpras had to work his ass off and fed gets these world number 25's in grand slam finals. 35 yo agassi's. 21 yo murrays nadals dojo's, ppl like roddicks, hewitts, safins who had such obvious weaknesses in their game and oo yeah, did i meantion. Fed also beat MARK PHILPOHSIS in his wimbledon title as well.

ronaldinho , 6/7/09 6:12 PM

I'm insanely happy for Roger. So insanely happy. This is a great moment for him indeed and I'm so glad he pulled through. :)

Urm to the detractors who are saying stuff like Fed beating world #25 blah blah blah...but please remember the reason why he ain't beating (or losing to if that's what you detractors prefer) the world #3, #4 or any of the really top players...because THEY LOST.

Federer is consistent and tough enough to prevail all the way to the final, game by game, set by set, match by match, patchy uninspired moments plus great brilliance all combined, he HUNG ON and the rest of the field did not hang on.

So regardless, this is a well-deserved victory for Roger and he worked really hard for it.

jyannis , 6/7/09 6:16 PM


karupin , 6/7/09 6:20 PM

i just want to say what a master class by ROGER an absolute joy to watch and tennis lesson for all as soderling said...
HATS OFF to SODERLING for being gracious in defeat unlike nadal fans...
Ignore all and savour the moment..

boss , 6/7/09 6:30 PM

ronaldinho... now you say Nadal sucks? Show some respect plz. Nadal is on course to follow Fed's footsteps!!!

torres9 , 6/7/09 6:33 PM

Ronaldhino...go away's some statistics for you relating to sampras...he won 14 grand slams but it took him 13 (almost 14) years to win 14 SLAMS......14 SLAMS for's taken him almost 7 years to win put a sock in it baby!

The magic and the magnificence of the man! the fight and the fortitude of the federer!...............the grace of the go:roger, the utter exuberance of the BEST tennis player of the game EVER....takes my breath away....

the swirling is before my on a cloud....floating through the heavens...celebrating as a FEDNATION....feeling free..standing up for what we believe in.....PURE FEDERAR...RAH...RAH!

am so happy...zippy dee....zippy Rocksssss! He the man!

Happy days.....Life is sweet, life is good, life is special....federer is the KING...oh my God...Federer TODAY has won his 1st French Open Slam....his 14th slam...he now one of only 6 other tennis players to win a career grand slam! and 2,400 points on the ATP know guys...he COULD be number 1 by the end of the year!! Ha! Who cares? but right now...

C-e-l-e-b-r-a-te..............g-o-o-d.............t-i-m-e-s. .........C'MON!

(Kool n' the Gang!)...Fed is the 'Kool'.......'WE' are the gang! Oh Yeah! Baby!!!!!!!!!

Allez Roger!
Sky....mwah!....zoey....mwah! torres....mwah!.....deuce...(honorary mwah!)....raftafan...mwah!...fedexfan...mwah! niloofar...mwah! (where are you buddy?)!


malteser1 , 6/7/09 6:34 PM

HEY MALTY!!! I WISH I COULD HUG YOU!!!.... It's OK about the rankings.. Fed already have a record in that... WHo cares.... 14-GS.... WOW.... In 7 years... That's ridiculous... No one will break that record I tell you...

torres9 , 6/7/09 6:39 PM

malteser 1 love ur last article,,that should shut ronaldinho up...
what would it to the ranking points now any body know...
Rog is gona be No 1 AGAIN VERY SOON..

boss , 6/7/09 6:40 PM

Congratulations to Fed for winnig this so awaited title :)
His real tests were Acasuso, Haas and Del Potro. The final was rather dissapointment, I think Soderling was completely overpowered first by the opponent and secondly by the occasion.
As to fedexfan's comment:
'hahahha.....sourrrrrrrr sourrrrrr nadal fan heads popping up hahahhah just to happy to give a crap ...hahahhahaah'

Thank you man for making us better than you

Shireling , 6/7/09 6:48 PM

Hello Malteser1!I am a big Fed Fan fan and am happy now! What a great day! Thank you for your posts _I read them everytime // Congratulations!!!!

klarisa , 6/7/09 6:49 PM

Fed just proved hez the GOAT! What an attacking tennis, what a wide variety of shots!!! Theres noone to match with Federer when it comes to talent!!! And u cant forget all the 4 aces in the tie-breaker!! Mindblowing!!! Go Roger Go!!! All Fedfans Hav a gr8 day!!! Cheers!! Vamos Roger, the new FO Champion!!!!

Max , 6/7/09 7:00 PM

Love the new picture for this Article. Roger kissing the trophy is just cool! Still heck happy!!!!! I think i will stop being happy in 2 or 3 days. +DDD!

Max: Of course, those tiebreak Ace were AWESOME! I was like OMG! Federer was just leading the match since the beginning. Su majestad will be number one soon, oh yeah baby! +DD!

Ariel , 6/7/09 7:08 PM

torres...i thought about you alot through the match..when you said you were gonna watch it the WHOLE way thru'! may not have been as great as the semi final...but i think it was about time that roger gave us an 'easier' time...don't you?! He just waited for the final to pay us back for putting us through the rollercoaster ride of the year! I am in awe of him...what a fantastic role model...

the only stupid thing tho' was the prat that ran onto the court in a matador end on british eurosport....commentator said it was a rafafan...but how disgraceful he was...they did a few slow mos of roger's face when it had happened and he looked really shaken...i was so shocked that that could in the studio and said in 43 years of his visiting RG..he had NEVER seen anything like this happen ever before....
in fact because it had gone quiet with the rafafans for a short while...i thought the joker in the suit was either raindrops or posmatrac!

Anyhow...thank god it was nothing too serious (tho' serious enough as could have easily put fed off his game...and i believe it did for a short while as he misfired a few shots after that)....but boy...if that stupid prat had got a knife or god...not worth thinking about....
hopefully they'll string him up by his testicles or something....joker!

Definitely indeed a day for HUGE CELEBRATIONS...the KING is FULL FORCE with rhythm and passion to his game...

simon reed (Euro commentator) said....he had seriously underestimated federer's desire and will to continue to win in the game and he apologised for that! WOW!

The fed is an ICON! (Immaculate.....Consummate professional....Opotheosis of tennis...Never to be underestimated)!
Allez Federer!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 7:13 PM

Roger is the GOAT! He doesn't have to say it - we will (& Johnnie Mac did too!)
Soderling was a true gentleman in his remarks. We will see more of him, I'm sure.

For Rafa fans, I truly hope your man is ok. He is a great champion, and we Fed fans do not wish him anything but the best. (torres didn't mean anything by that - he was only addressing a hater.)

But right now we are jumping for joy and crying our eyes out! Fed did it! He tied Pete's record and I couldn't be happier! I personally think his marriage to Mirka has laid even more groundwork of stability for our guy.

Way to go Roger! You're still THE ONE!

Rafterfan , 6/7/09 7:14 PM

ICON is right Malty! I know sky will be so happy!
Where is tomnjerry? I have missed him! He needs to be jumping up and down, too!

Rafterfan , 6/7/09 7:17 PM

What the HELLL was wrong with the French security????!!! A guy just gets on the court (did he have the Spanish flag?) and gets so close to Roger doing god knows what..disgusting! Hasnt the Monica Seles incident taught them nothing?!!
Roger is too nice of a man.I'd have spanked the idiot(yes,I dont mind calling him that at all) left and right had I been in his place.

janhavi , 6/7/09 7:20 PM day when we are all old and grey...we are gonna have to meet and have a proper party! That would be a day to behold! I wonder if we can make that happen!

I am exhausted with all the emotion of the last week in particular rafterfan...what a day! what a 2 weeks!... the semi finals I feel were the most traumatic...i don't know how you feel about it? but the final in comparison...still tense...but sooooo sweet...for our man....
He just THE BEST...
the CREAM always rises to the TOP
Saving the BEST 'til last!
Allez Roger!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 7:21 PM

Im just still so damn happy. .....i dont think ill be able to sleep for the next few days ...that final point was sooooo exciting ...

I just cant believe that this has finally happened . fed is now without a shadow of doubt the greatest tennis player of all times ...just by taking his GS achievements ....20 straights semi's ...19 finals ...14 GS's .....just puts me to aweeeeeeeeeeeeee..

soderlings interview is published he sums up how effective rogers attacking game is .. ....

Im gona celebrate for the next 2 days ....then its time to look at the grass court season ....time to take back wimby ..:)


An interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You mentioned already probably you lost todayagainst the best player of all?time. When you went into this match, what was different than when you wereplaying it? I mean, in the way of whatyou wanted to do and what you couldn't do out there.

ROBIN SODERLING: You know, I think the match ?? the matchwas what I expected. You know, I playedRoger so he many times, so I know his game now. But, you know, I think I didn't play aggressive enough.

But it's always ?? you know,every time I played Roger, after the match I always said, I played so badtoday. Now I learned that it's not thatI played bad, he makes me play bad. Sothat's what's so difficult playing against him.

Q. Obviously you beat Rafa, then you got to beatby Roger, and all of us have been sort of consumed by the idea that Rafa hastaken Roger apart a lot lately ? exceptof clay recently ? but in majors. Whatis the difference for you between them when you face them on court?

ROBIN SODERLING: They're both great players, of course, butthey have different game styles. Youknow I think Roger's game doesn't suit my game at all. He doesn't allow me to be aggressive. He always had me on the run today.

With Rafa, it's different. It's easier to be aggressive, you know. In all my matches against Rafa I think Idictated the game, I dictated the play.

But against Roger, for me,it's been so far impossible to do that.

Q. Secondly,on that, you said Roger is the greatest of all?time. As a player, does it give you pause to saythat, because he's had such trouble will with Rafa? Can he be the greatest, but he's had problemswith this one guy? Or in your mind, it'slike, I don't care. I know what I see?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I played him, so I know. I never played anyone playing that fast. He's a great player. He doesn't have any weaknesses at all. He really deserves to be called the bestplayer of all?time, I think.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about thepositive for you in this tournament?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I had a great tournament. I had the two best weeks of my career sofar. I've been playing some very goodmatches and I've been beating some very good players.

You know, I always knew before thatwhen I play my best tennis I can beat anybody, everybody. But I think I showed it today ?? Ishowed it during this tournament, I could do it a lot of matches in a row,which feels very good for me, and it's very good for my confidence.

fedexfan , 6/7/09 7:43 PM

Well there is nothing more I can say, but congratulation... But I am not happy with this, I want more, I want Wimbledon Back. But I want wimbledon back from Nadal, is to sad if he is not abble to play again, i have said before that his style is not sustainable in time, because he demands too much from himself, he has to change his style if he wants to keep being competitive, if not, he will be going in and out of hospitals, instead of wining grand slams... I wish full recovery and I want to see him back on W 09 final... against Federer.
And to Ronaldinho... What you are saying is like saying that Newton wasnt a genius because there werent other geniuses in his generation.... Federer outstands not because the others are bad, but because he is much better... he revolutioned the game of tennis, and the new generation of players built up their system based on Feds style, but only a few ( Nadal, Murray, Djoc, DP) have been abble to equal it or improve it. By the way, Federer Bet SAmpras on grass when he was only 19 years old....

mdmch , 6/7/09 7:49 PM

mdmuch! Your back! Hi dude! Have you managed to see the match yet? am just watching it for a second time!

Ignore took 13 years to win 14 slams....its taken roger almost 7 years to win the same amount...... there really is no contest mdmch but ronaldhino is just sour...

Rafa will be back and will be fine am sure....he has the best team advice....this is a good time for him to get rest...he has played the most matches this year but this is a warning for him to take a rest...that is all...he will be back at wimby to defend his title.....and we can have a rafa/roger final again...I cannot wait!
Allez Roger!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 7:59 PM

Brav-o MDMCH! NBC showed last years' Wimbledon after live coverage of Roland Garros. Nothing against Rafa, but yes, I want Roger to claim his crown again at Wimby. Actually feedling very guilty for thinking it cos Roger has already given us so much , so many glorious moments like today in tennis. And not a specialist in sports medicine here nut I too have thought Rafa's style was going to be too hard on his body to sustain many years wear and tear. I trust Rafa has the best sports medicine team money can buy and will apply preventative measures in his care so he can beat the odds and continue playing.

Yes, MDMCH. that's a good point about Roger beating Sampras....2001. Roger was very humble and respectful, almost apologetic towards his hero. There is reason why Roger is so loved on and off court. And it's a weak boring argument Ronaldinho makes, just lame.

Celebrate the day Fedfans!! 14 glorious Grand Slams : 5 CONSECUTIVE Wimbies, 5 CONSECUTIVE US Opens, 3 AO's, and 1 GLORIOUS FRENCH OPEN!



zoey234 , 6/7/09 8:13 PM

Ricky its a shame that you're still writing these articles. Your bias and inability to see when the writing is on the wall points to your poor reading of such a gr8 sport. Did we say that Roger's win in Madrid meant something, didn't I say that Nole was overratted and that he poses no threat on GS tennis. 2% for FedEx c'mon.

Go Roger the GOAT.

Oh yah, some day all those envious Rafa fans will stop being blaming FedEx for who ever Roger faces in the GS. its not Roger's fault that Rafa, Nole and Murray don't have GS consistancy (10 GS semis or better!!! wow) Go Roger!!!!

siyab , 6/7/09 8:17 PM

Malty. I still could not eat at brunch. Rushed home to watch match again. Unbelievable NBC tribute to Rafa after RG. If I was a sourpus I'd complain the media stealing this glorious moment. But it is ALL GOOD. ALL GOOD.

thanks again to ALL Fedfans for your posts.

zoey234 , 6/7/09 8:22 PM

siyab...yes a day for celebration honey....however...i need to put you right on one point....yesterday was roger's 20TH GS SEMI FINAL...and MORE awesome than was CONSECUTIVE....and more awesome than that...NO-ONE has EVER done that before in the HISTORY of the sport! Today was Roger's 19th Slam final! and 4th RG final in particular! just awesome!

zoey...over the last 2 weeks...have lost 10 kilos (5 Lbs)....i have now probably put all that back the space of an hour! I have eaten a massive chocolate bar..the size of a book! and I have a tub of ben & Jerries ice cream which I will eat later and make myself sick...but i don't care! 'Cos the last 2 appetite has been shot! I will now make up for it!

I love you zoey...always will!
Where is sky?!
come join the party sky! xx
Allez federer!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 8:43 PM

OMG I'm feeling headache and restlessness. I cant believe what I just witnessed. Since his 1st Slam, I have been following Fed. I watched him lose to Safin in AO. I watch him win against Gonzo, against nadal, I watched him lost in Wimby last year. It's all come up to a perfect circle now. I knew there's no way Nadal is gonna stop Fed totally, maybe slow him down but eventually I knew Fed will get 14 GS but I thought he would never get French Open.

But what a pleasant suprise!!! He proved that just by showing up, you can win. Just put yourself in those position and give yourself a chance to win. he didnt care if he's gonna lose again. he just show up in semis. 20 semi final. How crazy is that I ask you? The nearest is Lendl which had 10 semi.


torres9 , 6/7/09 8:44 PM

Yes that 19 not 10 (fat finger)

Fed will take the wimbly I just hope Rafa and his knees are back to play but I fear we've seen the best from him

siyab , 6/7/09 8:44 PM

Imagine the crazy mental state of that man to jump onto court and go after Roger with the Barca flag. Roger was chill about it in interview. Thank God the idiot was not out for blood, only to rattle Fed and have his moment of fame.

Really desperate for attention that rafan.

zoey234 , 6/7/09 8:52 PM

Actually it was scary. If he had a knife, OMG... That's the greatest tragedy ever. One of crazy Rafa fans. I wouldnt be suprised if he is Raindrops.

torres9 , 6/7/09 8:56 PM

Tennis natural order will soon be restored, comin out of clay season FedEx is on the charge and has fewer points coming off then Rafa

siyab , 6/7/09 9:07 PM

Is there any proof that the man was a Rafa fan or is this all just insinuations? And to accuse posters here of that act? He was holding a Barca flag NOT a Spanish flag. I am sure that Barca has fans beyond Spain so who is to say who the man favored. He wasn't out to hurt fed, even fed said he realized that in his interview. Fed is definitely showing more class about the incident (and he was the one involved in it!) than his fans are.

fan4tennis , 6/7/09 9:11 PM

hahahaaaaa Someday Malt, someday we gonna sit and watch Federer reruns and eat Ben and Jerry's together. For me, the flavor MUST include chocolate! Or I smother whatever the flav o flav with a melted choc concoction! For the moment the skinny jeans fit thanks to the ups and downs in every Fed match this tourney.
Can't watch a Fed match without thinking of you, chik!

FED did it and the the words Agassi said to Fed when handing the Musketeer Cup were: You made it, man.

I was sobbing with joy, Malt.....we waited so long, we Fedfans and our Federer worked so very hard for this day, my god!

Drink lots of water torres....and get some sleep.

zoey234 , 6/7/09 9:16 PM

F4t..I'm sorry..the thing is I didnt know what the man was carrying.It all happened so fast.Some people on another forum were saying he was carying the Spanish flag .The man in question,from what I've found out, is a regular at major sporting events.He's just insane.That said,the security at tournaments needs to be tightened up.

janhavi , 6/7/09 9:18 PM

Thank you and I agree with you janhavi about security needing tightened up, not only at RG but every tournament.

fan4tennis , 6/7/09 9:24 PM

We don' have any strikers in france so that no one expect somebody to jump on the court to cause any trouble... That is why the security is not that good.

spoonnie , 6/7/09 9:29 PM

FFT has to sashay over to cast her long shadow, janhavi. She is not a happy camper.

FFT, NBC showed the freak with a Barca flag, report whether substantiated or not was that the crazy was a Rafan. One could deduce such by the flag ( Nadal a barca fan right?) and by the Spanish connection and the fact the idiot did not go after Soderling. But you are right FFT, there is no proof. Bunches of hunches and nasty rumor.

Who knows.....

zoey234 , 6/7/09 9:32 PM

Security is needed OBVIOUSLY whether your country has 'strikers' or not. I don't follow soccer/football but I doubt they are the only sport with crazed fans who cause trouble. I know baseball, basketball and American football over here has their fair share of them all wanting their "15 minutes of fame."

fan4tennis , 6/7/09 9:36 PM

zoey-The man was at some major football match and did the the same thing but since I do not follow the sport that closely I do not recollect which match it was.

janhavi , 6/7/09 9:37 PM

Thank you janhavi for your info and insight!
zoey, if he was (by your deductions) a Rafa fan, I would think he would go after Soderling since he was the one who beat him! Rafa is a Real Madrid fan and only cheers for Barca when they are the only Spanish team playing. And why not pick Ferrer,Robredo, or Verdasco or Lopez or any other Spaniard?

fan4tennis , 6/7/09 9:45 PM

At least he was not brandishing a flag and not anything deadly. Wished Fed would have clocked him with a forehand winner tho!

Fed has way too much class. The incident/drama barely registered a blip.

zoey234 , 6/7/09 9:49 PM

By my simple, lowly deductions, FFT, going after Soderling would in this instance possibly flummox Robin thus making it easier for Fed to win.

Fed won anyways

I bet the loon was cursing himself for not going after Robin during the Rob v Rafa match tho....yep all seculations but he had some time to create a crazy plan

Try to get happier FFT

zoey234 , 6/7/09 9:56 PM

BTW-Fed fans might want to pop in at's a lovely, heart-melting pic of Roger hugging his mum Lynette, in the locker room , surrounded by his team.Absolutely gorgeous.

janhavi , 6/7/09 9:56 PM NICE of you to come over and congratulate the fedfans!

In all seriousness fft...Frew Mcmillian....a tennis player/commentator for near on 30 years on Eurosports...reported that the guy who ran onto the tennis court was a rafafan with a spanish say it was barce flag? well....isn't barce second largest city in spain..and doesn't rafa support barce? (as real madrid weren't playing at the recent tourny and barce were playing against rafa was supporting them)...clearly the fan was UPSET that roger was in the final and NOT rafa....anyway....he will be pulverised no doubt......

it was a stupid...stupid thing to do and i for one, can say at that heart stopped...i had visions at that point that the guy was gonna pull a knife on fed.....we had slo mo pictures on screen over here of fed's shocked face....not only was the idiot jumping around but he was trying to put the flag over roger's head...his head was bent down and he was backing was whether or not at that moment he took it seriously or not...and whatever he said in interview (haven't read it yet) will have been a could all have gone horribly wrong for federer at that moment fft...thankfully it didn't.

thank God that this has never happened before.....ever in the history of RG....and that rafafans would also have been shocked at such a stupid thing to do in a major tourny....also.....the fact that it could EASILY have put fed off during the match is a testament of his STRENGTH and ICE COOL exterior to be able to put it behind him and carry on...

at that point when I saw soderling putting the thumbs up to roger to see if he was okay...i had a really warm moment with him....i thought he came across as fantastically gracious at the presentation....

zoey...i hear what you say about tastes good right has tasted like red clay dust!

Roger has been....SAND....TASTIC TODAY! I am sooooo happy! I could just conquer mount everest right now.....I just watched the match for a second time and it will be a third before i go to bed...I am sooo on a high!

Gonna get some more food now Zoey and won't be going to bed until Sky checks in!
Love to all Fedfans......
Peace, Love and happiness.......
Allez Federer!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 9:58 PM

I meant to say...THANK GOD THE LOON WAS BRANDISHING A FLAG and nothing lethal.

and thank god for the beautiful coool of both Roger and Rockin; Robin.

This match was a class act by both players: Roger making history and Robin in his first gslam final

waiting for sky to check in

zoey234 , 6/7/09 10:11 PM

I repeat: " Fed is definitely showing more class about the incident (and he was the one involved in it!) than his fans are." (janhavi excluded)

At least he is not throwing baseless accusations around! If you (or your commentator)knew anything about flags of the countries, you would have known immediately that it was not the flag of Spain and as janhavi has already said, the man is a regular at sports events and has done this before at a major football match!

fan4tennis , 6/7/09 10:18 PM

Not exactly baseless as to flag FFT since the RRG announcers called the flag Swiss in their initial panic at first, then Spanish, then cleared it up by saying it was Barca. It was confusing at first for those of us holding our breath hoping Federer was okay.

You FFT come posting away evidently not caring a bleep about Federer but blast us for really nothing.

Take a flipping powder instead of repeating your negativity and over sensitivity.

WE are celebrating Roger Federer's 14th Grand slam.....Yeah Feddy

Go to other thread FFT please and relax. I love Rafa and don't want to repeat the many ways just to suit you

zoey234 , 6/7/09 10:37 PM

fan4tennis, it is quite obvious that it was a Rafa fan. Well maybe it's a Verdasco fan or anyone from Spain. Some fans are just fanatics like Steffi Graf fan who stabbed Monica Seles, doesnt mean Steffi graf fans are all crazy.

torres9 , 6/7/09 10:59 PM

Can you remember what Fed said at the start of the clay season?..."Thanks god,the hardcourt season is over,now I'm ready to begin new chapter on clay..."
At that time no one could believe that he will make something better on clay,but look at him now,he won madrid masters and Roland Garros and he really began the new chapter he was talking about.

Ice , 6/7/09 11:21 PM

Wooopppsss sorry.. I take that back... The guy has a record for doing this. He is the greatest event intruder of all time..

torres9 , 6/7/09 11:24 PM

zoey..honey....torres...honey..i cannot believe that fft comes on this thread... NOT to talk about federer's achievement but to talk about a friggin' flag! and the woman talks to US about having NO CLASS! She really is unbelievable! was a RAFAFAN...why do YOU fail to accept this? is it because you cannot simply bear to face the FACT that the fan was not a fed fan or any other fan it was your precious rafa fan! No you know we go a....... bloody ......gain!

The MAJORITY of rafa fans (except fft) would be appalled at what happened to was disgusting and more than that....hugely scary....thank god roger is well and happy and healthy and THE WINNER....** sooo happy**
I just wish FFT would bog off and go somewhere else...she so sour and unappreciative...and attacking and really quite scary on this thread right now...i think she probably is really speechless at fed's achievement today and as she is so filled with hatred for the fed...she is projecting once again.........

Anyhow....zoey....torres.....fedexfan...raftafan...n iloofar (where are you?) a pleasure to work with you through the last two weeks.....absolutely loved sharing the experience with off to bed now.....

wait for the aftermath from fft...sourpuss.......

zoey...i love you...your being...your spirit.....your energy....your belief! (i had to work with you on that one babe!)...

i'll check in with you tomorrow..
where the hell is sky?
sky...i'll check in with you tomorrow you!
Allez Federer!

malteser1 , 6/7/09 11:32 PM

Think Sky said he had to work, right? He'll get the great news along the way and be right over to celebrate :D

That crazy loon needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If it had been a knife, OMG, I don't even want to think about that. And what was the crazy hat thing he was trying to put on Fed. It's amazing Fed kept his cool after that!

All I can say now is ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!

Good night Moon! Good night Fed Fans everywhere!

Rafterfan , 6/8/09 12:02 AM of the fedfans...very quickly...just listened to soderling interview on RG official website...what a guy! I cannot believe how composed, how honest, how sincere he comes massively complimentary he was about roger...saying that he has never played anyone so fast in the game and that roger is the best in history in his view.....whada guy!
Sky! where are you?!
Catch you all tomorrow.

Chill everyone....Phew!
Allez Federer!

malteser1 , 6/8/09 12:03 AM

Just been looking at the lovely pics of Feddy and mum and with Muskateer Cup. Wiped away tears of joy and cruised net for press.

Must say the first I read was a Telegraph UK post called um..too happy too rememeber exactly...something like: Federer proves nice guys finish first. Very entertaining and amusing British press and its great to have positive Federer press again. Not counting on too much once we get down to Wimbledon business, so enjoying the moment.

6 pm East Coast in Canada...Sky I know you'll be around to celebrate with us, your TT family. oh happy day, happy, glorious day, love!

Malt, sleep tight. You are much stronger than I am, won't argue that! I am learning...been told I think too!lol! mwaaah

I'm still watching Federer and k-velling over our CHAMP!

zoey234 , 6/8/09 12:10 AM

GLORY GLORY ALLEILUIA! GLORY GLORY ALLAILUEUUUUYAAAA!!! GLORY GLORY ALLEILUIA! OUT FED CAME MARCHING ON!!!!! yeah FED!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee tie a tie yeoh!!!!!! How SWEET it is FEDfans!!!! Greetings and Love to you "ALL" malteser1, zoey, janhavi, fedexfan, scarbo, niloofar, torres9, zoey, Arvis,, tnj, torres, max, Rafterfan, mdmch and just EVERYBOBY!!!! EVERYBODY!!! ALL THOSE tennis fans who love tennis and can appreciate and accept the beauty and the heart of Roger FEDERER. Unfortunately I had to work today, and I've been trying to read all the logs, but there just isn't enough time. I had to leave you with a little something just to let you know I'm THRILLED to the BONES!!! and to Thank you for thinking of me during your CELEBRATION!!! I LOvE you all!!! I loved the FED's game today SO MUCH!!! He was and is a true CONQUERER and CHAMP!!! Wimby is next! Why not?!!! I don't care if the FED becomes #1 again, but if his heart is truly in it, I believe he can and will achieve it!!! Wow! What a GREAT tennis player and person. Love you all!!! Take good care. I have to go out again, but I will keep in touch (for sure :). malteser1 you LOST 5lbs!!! LOL Not bad Malty!!! LOL Not bad!!! You are all so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love you all!!!! Let's PARTY!!!! Wow!!!! the FED is the MAN!!! He is the GREATEST TENNIS CHAMPION OF ALL TIME! :) Yahoooooooooo!!!!! Go FED go! Go FED go!!! LOL

sky , 6/8/09 1:00 AM

Fed Wins the French! THERE IS A GOD! Roger Federer - Greatest Tennis Player Of All Time!

keeptennisdrugfree , 6/8/09 3:53 AM

CONGRATS to all the Fed fans!! I just woke up for a happy happy day , happy week...sooooooo happy for Fed!! congrats to everyone... spcially MALTESER here!! remember we had hoped for the congrats!!! :)
amazing performnace yasterday!! no doubt about that!! THANK U FED!!
Janhavi thanks for telling us about the pic!!

niloofar , 6/8/09 4:59 AM

Congrats Roger ............I m sooooooooooo happy .............I feel like my dream come true !!!!!!

Thanks Roger for making my day so special !!!!!!!!!!!

Some stats I found ...... ;)


27 Age at 14th Slam title 31

40 Grand Slam events 52

24 14-title span (events) 45

7 14-title span (years) 13

14-5 Grand Slam finals record 14-4

175-26 Grand Slam record 203-38

47-7 (3) Australian Open record (titles) 45-9 (2)

39-10 (1) French Open record (titles) 24-13 (0)

44-5 (5) Wimbledon record (titles) 63-7 (7)

45-4 (5) U.S. Open record (titles) 71-9 (5)

650-155 Career record 762-222

.807 Career winning percentage .774

59 Career titles 64

237 Weeks at No. 1 286

4 Year-end No. 1 6

Go Roger Go...................

tomnjerry2 , 6/8/09 6:14 AM

Here's my idea of a tennis god:-

1- Forehand of Roger Federer with the power of Fernando Gonzalez and left-handed
2- Serve of Sampras with the speed of Andy Roddick
3- If two-handed, the power of Nalbandian
4- If one-handed, Federer
5- Slice of Federer
6- Footspeed of Borg and Nadal
7- Volley of Sampras
8- Return of serve of Agassi,Hewitt
9- Mentality of Nadal and Connors
10- SHotmaking of Federer and McEnroe and Santoro
11- Dropshot of Djokovic, Federer,
12- Strategy of Murray and Federer

Actually, I havent watched too much matches of players in the past so I based it on what I have seen

torres9 , 6/8/09 6:34 AM

hello hello fedfans ....its a new day ....and i woke up this morning with such a big smile on my face ....FED HAS WON A ROLAND GARROS !!!!! A feat that many said is beyond him .....he achieved the impossible ...shattered records and created history in the world of sports !!! Im still sooooooooooo buzzed ....

After the last 2 weeks of stress , i think these few days of celebration and rest is gone be soooo needed . I was thinking last night that I am already content with what we Fedfans have ...i feel too greedy to ask him for more ....take back Wimby ? Calender slam ? sounds like we are pushing him too hard ....for now i can say i am content and proud as hell to be a Fedfan .....well....maybe just take back wimby once more ....and the USO ....and another AO :P hehehhehe

Funny how just a few month ago people kept saying fed is history ....hmm...lil that they knew that it was true ...he is history ....cos he is writing his name in the history books !!!! GO ROGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C'MON !!!!!

fedexfan , 6/8/09 6:49 AM

torres ...loved ur tennis god post tennis god list is similar ..just shorter

1-Roger Federer


C'MON !!!!

fedexfan , 6/8/09 6:54 AM

morning fedex...i know EXACTLY what you mean...i couldn't sleep last night...still basking in the glory of the win for our man.....

it truly was a special...special moment last night....i watched the match again and it was EVERY bit as good......i looked at the match more closely this time and roger played some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G rallies with soderling and vice versa....he didn't actually use as many drop shots as i thought he would....but some of the backhand shots were sublime....i am sooo...sooooo happy for him...WHAT A RESULT!

one of his fastest serves was 209 kmh which is EXCELLENT for federer...the biggest serve for soderling was 221 kmh...(del potro the day before was 222 kmh) fed is even improving on the serve! Is there nothing this man cannot do!

Also his movement around the court, he was so a cheetah....a glider...a slider....a master...... least another 3 times fedexfan...don't you worry about that! starting with 2009...why not believe? believing gets you EVERYWHERE! It's so happy this morning...i feel like i am gliding on air....whooshing around the place on a magic surf of L-U-R-V-E for the fed.....
on the news this morning he has just been described as a L-E-G-E-N-D.....

Federer is a legend...i am going to read as many articles as i can this morning with such a huge grin on my, torres, zoey (my homegirl), sky, (my homebuddy)...ALL fedfans....this is a great 'AFTER' day for SPORT.


malteser1 , 6/8/09 7:02 AM

Hey,malty... Must be feeling great,huh? I feel very happy. For me, I have witnessed someone who I followed since his 1st Slam completes greatness.

And to do it with grace and beauty is even more satisfying. Always a fan of brilliance and not total force. I play all my games and sports that way. For me there must be another way than just force.

All in all, Roger will always remain in my heart even when he retires. ^^

torres9 , 6/8/09 7:39 AM

Congrats to Roger on a great win! I still haven't seen footage from
the actual match. Only of the moron who jumped on to the court.
Too bad that gets so much attention.

By the way, why are people saying it was a Rafa fan?
The guy was wearing tall socks with the SWISS flag on them.
It was obviously a wacked out FED fan.

grafight , 6/8/09 8:10 AM

Update- the Idiot IS a Spaniard, but he hates Rafa
and claims to be fan of Federer, hence the Swiss flag socks.

But he's not really a Tennis fan, but a fame seeker who hopes
to get notoriety by jumping on to sports events.

I wouldn't mind if he gets charged with assault and
sent to jail for a long long time.

grafight , 6/8/09 8:59 AM

Congrats Roger and all his fans. You deserved that title for some awesome play yesterday especially during the tiebreak with those 4 aces. Roger Federer is now is now the official GOAT; I will never root for him, but he is the greatest. End of all GOAT arguments.

Long live Pete Sampras; my inspiration for life.

samprallica , 6/8/09 9:11 AM

samprallica....that is big of you buddy....thanks on behalf of ALL fedfans.....we all have our favourites don't we....respect to you my friend.

grafight...have you got a copy of that article update? in uk reported as a rafafan with a barce flag...NOT a fedfan...would be interested to read...thanks
C'MON the FED!

malteser1 , 6/8/09 11:37 AM

Greetings FEDfans! Roger Federer truly is AMAZING!! What A FEELING!!!! I'm off to work again. I finally watched the game at home last night. It was FANTASTIC!!! SEEING Roger play like that against Soderling. I knew the FED could do it!, but to watch him do it that way was just "DREAM LIKE" to SEE it!!! I'm going to be living a an altered level of happiness for some to come...!!! LOL Truly to be a FEDfan now more than ever FILLS with PRIDE!! Go FED go! Go ROGER Go! Cheers FEDfans! CHEERS! malteser1 keep up the good work girl. You are a FEDfan DREAM GIRL! LOL torres9 and fedexfan, and zoey234, and Rafterfan, and mdmch I enjoyed "so many" cool posts from you guys, and girls!! We are a GREAT FEDfan FAMiLY!!! LOL :) CHEERS!!! GO FED go...

btw zoey I'm on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for the time being until Sunday, 01 November, 2009 when it will change to Eastern Standard Time (EST) again. LOVE YOU All!!! (bye for now) :)

sky , 6/8/09 12:26 PM

janhavi , 6/7/09 9:56 PM: where is the pic?

niloofar , 6/8/09 1:09 PM

WE are F-A-M-I-L-Y!...I got all my 'sisters' with me! We are F-A-M-I-L-Y....get up EVERYBODY and SING!

Sky! WOW...just WOW!.. how H-A-P-P-Y is this thread right now? Just AMAZING...the energy flowing from words of all posters..
Fed is the best NO DOUBT....

Grafight said somewhere that the idiot who ran onto the court yesterday was a fedfan? I don't get that because british press have reported the following: in the Times, page 69 by Neil Harman....

Roger Federer said...'it was a touch scary'. Those who witnessed a SPANIARD, with a history of such palying-area intrusions , rushing up the swiss during the final of the French Open recoiled in horror.....Thank goodness all he was holding was a hat and a flag....It was 16 years ago that a crazed German stabbed Monica Seles, then the world No. 1, in the back in Hamburg, because she was considered a threat to Steffi Graf's prominence. Seles was never the same player again....
What if yesterday's trespasser had been similarly armed? Security was alarmingly lax. Federer was to see the light side of it.

'It has happened to me before at Wimbledon and in Montreal, when I was playing [Andy] Roddick'. he said.
'Two guys came on court on Wimbledon once and one of them actually said, I'm sorry I had to do this'.
I said to him, 'That's OK, just don't touch me'.
'I didn't know what this guy wanted today. It threw me for a couple of points and maybe, on reflection, I should have sat down and taken my time a bit more'.....

Can you imagine the shock and horror of that situation fedfans? My skin went cold when i saw that idiot on the clay.....

Thank God it all ended happily.
Cheers Fedfans!
Allez Roger!

malteser1 , 6/8/09 1:14 PM

the guy was nobody's fan:

All the world, including French Open, is a stage for Jimmy Jump

By John Ryan
Mercury News

Posted: 06/07/2009 06:49:14 PM PDT
Updated: 06/07/2009 06:49:15 PM PDT

Everyone is upset about the fan who interrupted the French Open, but it could have been so much worse.

He could have been streaking.

Instead, he just tried to get Roger Federer to wear a bennie (that's a hat) early in the second set. Federer refused, setting off a scene straight out of "Pink Panther" that was easily the most compelling action of the match. After the man had reached Federer with nary a bother from security, he eluded five officials who tried to chase him down. Shocking, given France's historically stout lines of defense.

After leaping over the net, he met his match on the other side. It wasn't exactly an NFL-style Mike Ditka clothesline, but for tennis it was pretty good contact. Police said he was held for questioning.

But who was this man carrying the hat and a flag of the Barcelona soccer club? It was none other than Jimmy Jump, who makes a habit/career of stunts like these and has a Web site to sell T-shirts and seek donations for his "funny and great performances." Sunday, the site ( declared, "Jimmy conquers again the tennis world." He failed to get onto the field for the Champions League final recently, but he did manage to take the pitch during the Euro 2004 final, and he later made it to the track during a Formula One race.

If the guy had hair, we'd bet money it is Sacha Baron Cohen's new character.

"Normally they always kind of look at me and go, 'I'm so sorry I have to do this,' because they have some sort of a reason for it," said Federer, who has had these kinds of close encounters a few times previously. "This guy, I don't know, he looked at me and I was not sure what he wanted. It seemed like he wanted to give me something. So I was actually OK, because I saw he wasn't pulling for anything stupid."

Jimmy was pulling for Jimmy Jump, though, so doesn't that count as something stupid?

niloofar , 6/8/09 1:43 PM

I always like going back and reading the conversation the fans on this site have during the matches. So far, this was the best quote I could find from the Final match, posted by Raindrops: "I don't know how the fedfans will accept the inevitable defeat of Roger at the hand of Soderling."

I also like this one from Ricky after the match was over, because it's painfully true! *laughs* "2% was actually generous to Federer. I mean, the chances of Soderling beating Nadal were less than 2%."

Anyways, a big congratulations to all Federer fans. I can relax a lot more watching tennis now that Roger Federer is OFFICIALLY the Greatest Of All Time.


Arvis , 6/8/09 5:00 PM

Arvis! Yes! Yes! Yes!...... is great right now.......only problem really is posmatrac sharing his nastiness on the thingds don't change then......
(thinks that federer is secretly happy about rafa's injuries and not possibly playing wimbledon! I mean what a SICK thing to say.....

doesn't surprise me that you think that pos...the eternal non-fed fan.....i think its you secretly hoping it aint gonna happen...cos of course fed would whoop his ass...right?!

It's a good job that there is a healthy respect between both roger and rafa...and that they both appreciate and respect each others game....NOT ONE FEDFAN would wwish for rafa to be hurt or injured in some way...and if they do...then they aint no tennis fan.....he is TOO important for the game and such a fabulous rivalry...not just between roger and rafa...but rafa and murray...rafa and novak.....rafa and.....soderling? (we'll have to wait on that one...see whether its a 'one off').....

All good wishes are sent to rafa and i just think (IMHO)...that he just needs a really good rest....he will have the BEST laser care on his knees...advice and he will play wimbledon and try to defend his title....but the pack are they always are when you are No.1 in the world...

but honestly pos....i think you are the only poster here who wishes fed bad luck and that says a lot about you as a tennis 'fan'....try to be more sportsmanlike and wish for a great wimbledon tourny with ALL players and let's see a repeat of RG! Fed to win!

Allez Federer!

malteser1 , 6/8/09 7:27 PM

Questions pplz.

Looks like the mighty Rafa is doubtful to defend his Wimby crown and say if he doens't and Fed wins it again, would that be enough for Rafa to be dethorned the no.1 ranking?? What happens if rafa reaches the quarters and Fed wins??

i sure hope it doesn't happen for all the neutral fans around, but what would that do to the ranking if it does??

AZN2NVY , 6/9/09 2:35 AM

I think Rafa will have to reach quaters to defend.

nirv02 , 6/9/09 3:16 AM

Fed can definitely be no.1 if Rafa doesnt play in Wimby but this is not the way I want Fed to regain no.1. The harder the road is, the sweeter it will be. I think Murray will be no.1 in the end of the year.

torres9 , 6/9/09 5:22 AM

Ohhh please Torres, cry me a river, isn't it a tough life, Fed will be no.1 by Rafa's default. But isn't this exactly the way how Fed won the FO?? If that was Rafa on the other side of the court in the final, i'd bet my house on another routine straight sets win for the ironman.

BTW, you are not making any sense at all torees by saying Murray at no.1 at end of the year, the chance of that is about as big as Rafa dropping out of the big 4 by end of year. Murray needs to show more consistency and stronger will before he can be taken real srsly.

AZN2NVY , 6/9/09 6:28 AM

hey all ...woke up with a smile on my face today again !!! wonder why ? heheheheh

AZN2NVY, rafa played in the same tournament and didnt make it past the 4th round !!!! Fed kept his part of the bargain and made it to the finals. If you want to bad mouth someone .....bad mouth rafa for not being good enough to beat soderling . unless you have a 'logical' comeback .....dont bother replying ...

and btw ...i'd bet you would have bet your house for a rafa win during the madrid finals and the FO 4th round soderling drubbing ....that would have made u 2 houses down dont be too overconfident ...i would have thought that u guys learnt this by now .

fedexfan , 6/9/09 6:49 AM

AZN, considering Murray is strong at the beginning of the year means if he can do good in WImby and also emulate the hardcourt season he had last year. he will be no.1. For me, Murray is gonna have the crowd behind him in Wimby and also he could win USO if he plats properly. Rafa will be no.3 or no.2 at the end of the season if he doesnt play Wimby. That is my humble opinion, anyway.

torres9 , 6/9/09 10:41 AM

torres9, I would make some changes to your tennis god:

The volley of Sampras.... he has the best overhead, but overall I would rather have Stefan Edberg's net skills, followed by Johnny Mac.
The serve of Sampras, with the speed of Roddick... Sampras' serve is sensational the way it is. Don't really need the speed of Roddick if you can have the disguise of Ivanisevic.

I would add to your list:
that Federer's grace and on-court movement
Sampras' running forehand.
Nadal's lasoo forehand
Edberg's aggressive game

cable , 6/9/09 2:16 PM


Ok, Nadal's loss to Soderling was surprising but 2-6, 7-6, 4-6, 6-7 is hardly a 'drubbing', don't you agree?

Shireling , 6/9/09 2:21 PM

Cable, I didnt get to watch too much of Ivanicevic but I heard that his serve is crazy. Wouldnt the perfect serve be the mixture of Sampras placement, roddick's speed and ivanicevic disguise. Having Nadal's forehand requires an extreme western grip which will make a player almost impossible to execute a powerful serve so if we have nadal's forehand then the serve will most probably be a slice serve like Nadal is having now.

But maybe a tennis god will be able to change grip from serve to forehand LOL...

torres9 , 6/9/09 3:17 PM

a very very nice article about Roger:(part of it)

...While sports naturally condition an underdog-friendly response in viewers, something about Federer claiming his (actually rather predictable) win managed to deliver the emotional goods nonetheless. In the Daily Telegraph of London, Ian Chadband argues this as proof of Federer?s greatness. ?Yes, people are in awe of Tiger Woods?s wizardry and resilience, they laugh open-mouthed at Usain Bolt?s athleticism and marvel at Michael Phelps?s greedy annexation of titles,? Chadband writes. ?But yesterday, it was possible to sense from the reaction of everyone here something extra for an athlete who showcased all those trio?s qualities so effortlessly again; that is, a deep affection bordering on adoration for a man who demonstrates, more conclusively than almost anyone, that nice guys can be winners. Supreme winners.?

In the New York Times, Harvey Araton notes that the tennis world agrees not just on Federer?s greatness, but also his goodness. ?Count on the sport continuing to root for Federer to climb higher up the mountain of immortality, as it has championed him since he rocketed to the top with the beautiful game and the embraceable persona,? Araton writes. ?Even Soderling, who by reputation shuns discourse with most players, became a humble charmer during the awards ceremony, paying his respects. ?You really gave me a lesson on how to play tennis,? he told Federer.? ace-in-the-tennis-pantheon/

niloofar , 6/9/09 3:47 PM

torres...great to hear from you again...feel am having withdrawal symptoms right now with all the furore with our mr. Fed....really looking towards wimbledon now and hoping that rafa is also well and fully recovered......wimbledon will not be the same without rafa...he is an icon to many people.....

have just read an article to say that rafa WILL BE WORKING AT 200% to defend his title 100% at wimby......

Murray will be working towards No.2 of course...because that is his next target...BUT unless he wins a slam there is no way he is going to overtake both roger and rafa to get to no. 1...crazy idea.......Roger is now...what 3500 points in front of murray at No.2.....? so unless murray wins every single tourny from now until can it happen? Roger is going to win wimby and defend the USO, a few tournys at basel..a further 500 points and stockholm (a further 500 if he plays)....and then we have the 02 depending on how the tournys are panning out and who signs up for what...there are a lot of question marks right now.....

but right now.....Roger is BACK BIG TIME and that is GREAT NEWS....
for the rafa fans.....rafa will be at way is going to miss that......and he has enough match play in his body to be able to do more than well at wimby...

It will also be great to see how soderling performs on grass......THE MEDIA has started already with a Robinsons advert declaring murray to be 'the next best thing and that we will have a british winner this year''s just awful....the media hype is getting out of this space......

shireling..i don't think that rafa got a drubbing...he just didn't play as well as he could and was beaten by a better player....ON THE DAY...nothing more than that....

Allez Roger!

malteser1 , 6/9/09 3:54 PM

Shireling ... ok ok ...i got carried away ...but like malt said ....he lost to the better player on that day .

I think the term drubbing came to mind cos Soderling was hitting winners left , right , center and Rafa was playing his defending game which does not serve him well if his opponent does not make an Unforced Errors . So he was running all over the court addition , you would expect it to at least go to a 5th know what i mean ?
From winning 6-1 , 6-0 to this .....4 set losss ...

anyways , you are right drubbing is not the word ... beatdown ? hehe :P ( kidding ) ....

cheers Shireling !

C'MON !!!! ( Fed style )

fedexfan , 6/9/09 4:36 PM

Mwah Malt! xx

Time to go on the road with work but will check in now and then b4 Wimby. Great news if Rafa is healthy and good to go!

And Good news for Fedfans! Our man has the covet RG AND 14, count'em, 14 grand slams. Yessssssssss!

Roger Federer we love you and you are the 5 time Wimby slam champion King of Grass!

I believe the healthy 2009 Federer can prevail on the most beautiful grass stage in mens tennis, Wimbledon!

zoey234 , 6/9/09 4:41 PM

Cheers malt and fedexfan,
Well I feel better now :) thx for your comments.
For all it's worth I might have been a tad unfair with Soderling too.... the guy deserves his credit and I was surprised at how gracious he was in defeat at RG - it was nice too when he asked Fed if he was okay before resuming play after the moron attack.

Shireling , 6/9/09 5:22 PM

shireling....this is for you honey...try not to worry...rafa will be playing and we will ALL applaud that...even if he isn't our favourite player (as fedfans...) he is someone who I would also want to watch...he is a fantastic player and am sure he will play at wimby....

Rafael Nadal has said he will do everything he can to shake off a knee injury and be fit to defend his Wimbledon title at this year's championships.

"I will give 200% to be at 100% for the most important date in world tennis," said the world No1 in a statement, adding that he faced two weeks of tough recuperation. "I have been playing with pain in my knees for several months and personally I cannot continue like this.

"The pain was limiting me physically in certain movements which meant I was also suffering mentally. I will not take to any court, and certainly not the Wimbledon centre court, unless I know I am 100 percent."

After his shock defeat to Robin Soderling at the French Open nine days ago, Nadal said he had been advised to rest by doctors and pulled out of Queen's in London, where he was also defending champion.

He said he would have physiotherapy in the coming days and Spanish tennis federation (RFET) doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro confirmed the treatment would include anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle work.

Nadal has blamed his injury problems on what he calls the overloaded tennis calendar and last season missed the season-ending Masters Cup in Shanghai and Spain's Davis Cup victory over Argentina. He will travel to London on 16 June. The Wimbledon championships start on 22 June.

All the best
Cheers fedfans!

malteser1 , 6/9/09 6:12 PM

Fedfans don't count out Rafa yet.
Rafa is too young & determined to excel in tennis.

samy , 6/9/09 9:47 PM

This is the actual statement made from Team Rafa and presented on his website. Other ones that have been posted are from secondary sources and obviously added their own statements into an article (i.e. blaming injury on calendar remarks).

JUNE 09 | 2009
Rafa Nadal has confirmed today that he will travel to London next Tuesday, June 16th. For the past 36 hours, Rafa Nadal, has been undergoing in-depth medical tests under the supervision of Doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro.

Rafa Nadal:

"I have been playing with pain on my knees for some months now and I simply can't go on like this. The pain was limiting certain movements in my body, which affected me mentally as well."

"After the tests and with the appropriate treatment, we have decided to travel to London next Tuesday, June 16th."

"I am going to give my 200% to be ready for the most important tournament in the world. The tournament that I always dream about. I will not go out and play, especially on the Wimbledon Centre Court, if I am not 100% ready to play."

"I have 2 difficult weeks ahead of me, especially because I won't be doing what I like doing most, which is to play tennis, but I will be working on my recovery through physiotherapy treatments as well as recovery work on the specific muscular area."

Doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, the Spanish Federation doctor and Managing Director of the Mapfre Medical Tennis Center:

"After the appropriate tests (MRI, Ultrasound scans and gammagraphy) Mr. Rafael Nadal suffers from insertion tendonitis in the superior end of both kneecaps with a light osseous edema.

His treatment will involve oral anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy as well as progressive muscular exercises for both quadriceps's.

Following the 48-hour treatment, Mr. Nadal will gradually get back into training."

There will be no further comments or statements today. For further information please contact (media only), Benito Perez-Barbadillo, Rafa's PR/Publicist.

Many Thanks"

fan4tennis , 6/10/09 12:33 AM

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