• Any day is a good to play for Federer in Paris

    5/26/09 4:10 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Any day is a good to play for Federer in Paris Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray all got their matches done on a pair of clear days in Paris and are now sitting comfortably in the second round.

    The rain which marred Tuesday may have an impact on fourth-seeded Novak Djokovic, whose opening match against Nicolas Lapentti was hit by the weather.

    For Federer, tournament scheduling is the least of his worries as he works to win his first-ever French Open.

    In fact, even the tennis hero doesn't always get his wish when he asks for a match slot.

    "I asked for Sunday, but Monday and Tuesday would have been OK," he said after advancing into the second round. "Wednesday, as well.

    "We can go through the whole week if you want to. What counts is that in any case, you have to win seven matches. Never mind who you're going to play against and the type of weather you have - what you have to do is end this race and win the battle."

    Multi-lingual interviews all part of the job for Federer.

    Federer says it is great to be in demand.

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^^ well put.Hopefully he'll play well.I liked how he played yesterday.On the whole it was a good match :D.

janhavi , 5/26/09 4:45 PM got some statistics for you re: our man fed......visualise his win honeys............this is just a taster for what is to come....

Roger has officially won the highest number of Majors in history (32): 13 GS, 15 Master Series and 4 Master Cups, he is 2 ahead of Sampras (30); 14 GS, 11 Master series and, 5 Master Cups. He had a similar victory over nadal 2 years ago in similar conditions ending a 4 tournament title drought, which turned 2007 season around, getting him 2 gs and 1 master series and a master cup that year, actually it was 2 years ago when federer had already beaten nadal on all surfaces, long before nadal did, and when nadal did it, it was an epic 9-7 in the 5th, when federer did, it was once 6-0 3rd set and another in straight sets.

MEN?s Majors (Including Grand Slams, Master Series, Master Cup & The Olympics)

Title leaders
Roger Federer, 32 Major Titles
Pete Sampras, 30 Major Titles
Andre Agassi, 26 Major Titles
Rafael Nadal, 22 Major Titles

Finalist leaders
Roger Federer ,46 Major Finals, Won 32
Pete Sampras ,43 Major Finals, Won 30
Andre Agassi ,41 Major Finals, Won 26
Ivan Lendl, 30 Major Finals, Won 13
Rafael Nadal, 29 Major Finals, Won 22
Boris Becker, 27 Major Finals, Won 12

Allezzzzzz Rogeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

malteser1 , 5/26/09 5:43 PM

Relatively speaking all these stats make no sense when compared to Nadal's stats considering that Roger has been in the business long before Rafa!!!!

But the statistics you conveniently left out is the number of GSlams that Roger had when he was 22 compared to Rafa's 6 at the same age...........soon to be seven!!!!!!

Allezzzzzz Rafaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MonaLisa , 5/27/09 12:41 AM

Why did he ask for Sunday if the day he played really didn't matter anyway?

fan4tennis , 5/27/09 1:02 AM

^^^ because he wanted to be first

alik , 5/27/09 1:08 AM

I repeat. who cares about what age they get started. all it portends is that Rafa will burn out earlier, especially at the rate he is crashing his body all the time. Repetition of stress and overuse, even with all the muscle he has added, wear and tear will simply catch up to him at an earlier age anyway. It would be wise not to play the age card so much. And its really boring.....Boring!

zoey234 , 5/27/09 1:24 AM

But zoey, everyone has been saying exactly what you have been saying about Nadal since at least 2003 and here we are 6 years later and he is Number 1. Everyone thought he was broken down in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and the end of 2008. Yet he is still going strong and has gotten better every year!

Roger went pro in 1998 and Rafa went pro in 2001. Both took a few years before they started hitting the top. So I think it is unfair to pull the "years card" as you may, since Roger has been playing longer than Rafa has! To me, it has more to do with the years they have played rather than their age. It would be like comparing Rafa to Tomic and saying Tomic isn't as good because he hasn't put up the stats like Rafa has. The sword runs both ways.

fan4tennis , 5/27/09 1:48 AM

It is a flimsy argument FFT. And everyone, even top athletes 'age' at different rates. Much has to do with how they manage their schedules. But face it. Rafa is on a trajectory unlike anyone I have seen in tennis, even Roger. Rafa body holding up is not my concern but the concern of his diehard fans as voiced on other threads here. It's highly unlikely the dude had a real injury back when he was a rookie but it is increasingly likely and an inevitable reality that top athletes face. I'm sure his team is doing everything humanly possible to prevent Rafa's wear and tear turning into a career slowing injury.

My point is: Rafa starting earlier and on the pace he is is likely to need to slow down that much earlier. It's nuts to simply look at his chronological age and say he has x# of years to go. You know it's not reality. I think the record breaking consecutive wins and breathtaking schedule Federer set for himself no doubt contributed to illness at the end of 2007 and into 2008. But a superstar #1 tennis athlete defending his position would not want to admit anything wrong publicly nor even to himself.

Same will hold true it appears for Rafa. Maybe he is playing in pain, maybe not. But at almost 23, he is pushing it to the limit.

So we appreciate them while they can endure. Chronological age is really an inaccurate measure and of less import than the length of time they push themselves
to the limit.

Now I have totally bored myself!! Age..... nonsense

zoey234 , 5/27/09 2:12 AM

How it is flimsy is beyond me. That Roger has played longer than Rafa has is a fact. Comparing stats like that to one who has played for 11 years versus one who has played for 8 genius needed to figure out who gets the short shrift of that comparison. Ages not needed to figure that out.

fan4tennis , 5/27/09 2:24 AM

i like that rogers is focused and is not bothered by the things that are out of his control . his worries are on what he has an impact on and thats winning the match !

malt....loved your post.....

GO ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fedexfan , 5/27/09 7:11 AM

Am I missing something or wasn't Roger supposed to play today??

Yet, I cannot see his match in the official schedule that was released?

bianca , 5/27/09 7:31 AM


'Rafa body holding up is not my concern but the concern of his diehard fans as voiced on other threads here. It's highly unlikely the dude had a real injury back when he was a rookie but it is increasingly likely and an inevitable reality that top athletes face'.

zoey, you seem to wish all the worst for Rafa, you hope his body will break down and he will retire. According to you, all athletes face this inevitability, so how come it doesn't apply to Roger, is is because you don't think Roger is a top athlete?

At the start of this year, the word was that Rafa was finished, that his knees had given in at last.................5 titles so far, more than anyone else!!!!!!!

Comparing the record of retired players to current players is like comparing an 11 year old to a 25 year old who is a University graduate . Of course age should be taken into account.

Don't worry all those who wish Rafa all the worst, his body will hold up and he will continue to achieve and win more and more tournaments.

VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!! The Pink Panther!!!!!!!!!

carrie , 5/27/09 8:52 AM

mona lisa...all players are given a choice as to the day they want off....if you read roger's interview he actually said 'sunday, tuesday, wednesday, any day'...

carrie....have NEVER seen Zoey be disrespectful to rafa at all...she does not want the worst for him, she is a very classy lady and I think you probably wish what you said to be's ridiculous......why do you have to be so controversial?

EVERYONE knows that ALL tennis players put their bodies through extreme physical as well as mental strain being at the top level....have found an article from Jim courier.....I mean..he should know....right? Rafa's style of play is tortuous and that is to put it mildy....

"The way he plays (rafa)....makes him susceptible to injury because he carries a lot of weight," commentator Jim Courier said. "The hard courts are unforgiving. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but I wouldn't expect him to go through his career injury-free, especially in direct comparison to Federer, who is more like a ballet dancer because he's very light and effortless and graceful on the court."

Courier said the elevated speed and power of the modern game increases the literal shock to an athlete's system. He played more than 700 matches in his career and continues to compete on his own Outback Champions Series senior circuit, but he said his knees are "great" and knocked on the nearest lucky object -- his own head -- to keep that luck going.

"Time will tell, and genetics play a large part in this as well," he said. "To my untrained, nonmedical eye, my experience has taught me that the heavier guys, a guy like [Boris] Becker for example, had knee problems. He was certainly built more like Rafa, not even as close to as ripped as Rafa, but carried a lot of weight on the court. Stopping is more problematic for guys when you have more momentum."

Great Britain's Tim Henman said Nadal's challenge won't be trying to avoid repetitive stress injuries -- it will be managing them.

"I just think it's the nature of the beast," "When you're built like that, you play like that, when you're playing on hard courts, I think it's almost inevitable.

"I think I'm fortunate that my sort of body type and my game is relatively stress-free. Nadal is a different story. His game is physically so demanding. He's putting so much strain on his body. He had stress fractures in his foot, didn't he? He's got obviously tendinitis in the knees, which I think a lot of guys are suffering with. You've got to manage it as best you can.

"You know that that's always going to be -- that will always play a part in his career."

malteser1 , 5/27/09 9:30 AM

Alllleeezzzzzzzzzzzz Roooogggggggggggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

malteser1 , 5/27/09 9:35 AM

OK, Rafa's body is going to pack up soon. Happy now???????

carrie , 5/27/09 11:40 AM

not at all you are being hugely childish.......Why would I be happy if rafa's body is going to pack up?

Ridiculous assumption.....You obviously haven't read the article from jim courier carefully and have replied giving a very emotional response....why? Read it again and then reply more carefully once you have considered the contents rather than giving a knee jerk reaction. what courier clearly is saying is that the way that rafa plays means he is more susceptible to injury because of his speed and it is only couriers' opinion carrie, why don't you just counter-argue it.....that is what this is about right? not about having the screaming habdabs and throwing your toys out of the pram.......!!!!!!!!

malteser1 , 5/27/09 11:56 AM

malt I've really been enjoying your posts!!! Your express verbally what I feel. No one wants another player to get hurt. I repeat NO ONE! (no one sane anyway, and certainly not malt, zoey, and I) Obviously the way a player plays the game is a BIG factor, and it is well documented, and common sense too. As always there will be variations between players and that is all. Physical bodies are physical bodies. Physical bodies are limited. They can only handle so much abuse. Us much as any of us might enjoy tennis, it is not a natural phenomenon. Our physical bodies have not been made to put them through this kind of hashness/workout day in and day out for YEARS/DECADES. Those of us who play hard with the body through sports or otherwise to so with pleasure, for money or for both, but we all know there is a price to be paid in terms of the health condition/factor. No matter how careful we try to prevent this from happening. Everyones body in time feels/is on a the time clock. The physical body will break is inevitable. Long live "RAFA NADAL", but my saying this is not going to change the nature of his physical body. Everybody's body will/is breaking down at different rates. Some of you love watching Rafa Nadal playing tennis, but this does not change the fact that his style of playing is very hard on the body. Unfortunately this is not just an opinion but a simple fact.

zoey234 we have been thinking alike, thanks for the posts. Truly you and I and malt are kindred spirits! :)

sky , 5/27/09 1:08 PM

Hey sky....our fed is playing today.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alllezzzz Rogggeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon the fed!!!!!!!!!

malteser1 , 5/28/09 12:31 PM

C'mon today against confident and trust in your game plan

Alleeezzzzzzzzzz Roggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

malteser1 , 5/30/09 9:26 AM

Roger all the way him & his tennis !!!!

tomnjerry2 , 5/30/09 9:43 AM

Don't you ALL think that this discussion about Rafa's ENDURANCE, LONGEVITY, and STYLE OF TENNIS are A*L*R*E*A*D*Y "planned" before WE even talk about it? His TEAM are NOT NAIVE and STUPID to put their MAN on a PRESSURED situation and BURN his body so early in his career without thinking of the CONSEQUENCES.

SO, ALL of YOU, who're W*I*S*H*I*N*G* (i'm pretty sure even in your dreams) that Rafa will RETIRE early because of injuries so as NOT TO EQUAL much more SURPASS a bunch of STATS that are ALWAYS presented here... YOU better P*R*A*Y* harder... to all the gods of heaven and earth ... because R*A*F*A*E*L N*A*D*A*L* is here TO STAY looooooooooooooooooooooonger than WE expect him to be.

agf25agf , 5/30/09 12:17 PM this IS a thread about federer honey......and as it IS clear that not one fed poster is wishing bad luck on rafa at all....i am a bit non-plussed with your comment?

Rafa is an exceptional player....who on earth would want to wish this fine sportsman bad luck and to retire from the game?.....NO ONE.....He is an asset to the sport.....a wonderful player with a killer game......and he makes for an interesting rivalry with Federer, Novak and Murray....all three of whom have beaten him which shows that rafa is beatable....he is human and tho' he not my favourite player....I hope that Federer beats him again once more in the final....if he plays his A plus game then he will.......

plus courier was stating the obvious about Rafa's style of play...he the most aggressive player out there....he 'slams' his body from one side of the base line to the other....similar in ways to murray.....if you go on to internet and check out rafa's style of play there is a link which analyses his moves in 'slow motion'......the physio there also talks about the stress that he puts on his ankles...some day...whether you like it or not...rafa gonna feel ANY OTHER one wishes him bad luck...I remember a time agf...not too long ago when all you ever did was wish bad luck and cancer to roger federer...what does that say about you as a 'rafafan?' A lot I think....

malteser1 , 5/30/09 1:10 PM

'.some day...whether you like it or not...rafa gonna feel it..' ............. she says gleefully!!!!!!!!!!

VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!

Your body is not going to pack up, mo matter how many times people say it.

carrie , 5/30/09 2:23 PM

malteser---i'm bz watching the matches! You need some enlightenment....later, there are better things to do than give you my time!

agf25agf , 5/30/09 2:41 PM are just repeating what jim courier wrote in his may be take it up with him? silly girl....what exactly is your problem? unhappy that fed got through so you gotta take it out on me? grow up for once will you? actually....looking at some of your comments.....i wouldn't say you were more than...what....17? so I guess being 28 (me).....i should understand your immaturity....I I forgive you honey.....

malteser1 , 5/30/09 9:20 PM

malteser--- I'm not at all surprise that you jumped so quickly from your seat and addressed my post that fast. Obviously, your tone is so defensive...why?... (can't wait for the answer)...did I threw salt on open wound? Gotcha!...was my first reaction when I read ur post. Fed fans won't wish Rafa anything but GOOD!...yeah, right! He's the thorn on fed's side, the BIGGEST obstacle that keeps him from rewriting tennis history! Be TRUE to yourselves,at least and don't hide from those cute "i love Rafa, too" masks!
And when did you have the authority to tell anyone if they can comment on a thread, may it be for FEd or Rafa? Last time I checked, YOU yourself were posting on articles about Nadal.
I always thought you were smart, in fact, one of the MOST sensible posters here...BUT sometimes, I really don't understand why you have to PLAY stupid or is it just to cover up or SAVE face for some mistakes, which you can just ADMIT and CORRECT.

..."not too long ago when what you ever did was wish BAD LUCK AND CANCER TO FEDERER..."--- I DID EXPLAINED IT TO YOU BEFORE AND I WILL DO IT AGAIN FOR THE YOUR MEMORY's SAKE--- I was answering TORRES' post then when he said that Rafa's GRUNTING was like a child with a cough (or something to that effect)... and i said it was better than the BORING FED who's like in a coma with terminal cancer!... It was meant to be a "funny" (at least for me) response to an INSULTING tirade by ONE OF YOUR OWN!... NOT AT ALL A WISH FOR FED.

I just wish you be careful with your "answers" next time! OR BETTER YET, REFRAIN from responding to a comment that's NOT ADDRESSED TO YOU...DIRECTLY!

REJOICE!!!! >>>> DJOKOVIC is out of the FRENCH open!!!! FED fans are jumping for joy!!!...................D*E*N*Y* it or not ...JUST BE REALISTIC!

agf25agf , 5/30/09 11:06 PM

ah...the gorgeous lovely to meet with your acquaintenance my friend......this evening....been such a hot day here in UK....

ya see...the problem is agf.....when Novak played Rafa in Madrid....i said on many posts that he played an awesome match and he should have won that match against rafa....not only that....that he had gone up in my estimation and I admired his tenacity, his determination and his will....he is a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C was just not his day...and that is a big disappointment for novak fans......but reading his interview....he said 'bad day at the office' happens to us all agf...right?

ya not in the league of you and gordana who wish ill will on our fave player, the fed..... I don't need to answer to you, to your demands, your threatening mean nothing to me....the way you react speaks volumes about the person you are and will is not my way to be like wish bad luck and ill will on anyone that disagrees with you or has a different opinion......

I am very realistic...this being the case...I know that novak (whilst not being my favourite player) is young enough and willing enough to want to learn from his mistakes and to improve for next time and I am sure that if he wants to win another slam...then he will work as hard as he can to make it happen...SIMPLE as that....
but I will N-E-V-E-R sink to your level honey...or gordana's level.....that would be too easy and just play into your hands.....not my style baby...

your not my father so I don't need to deny anything to being realistic.....
agf...enjoy fed's win today...he worked hard for it....he isn't making for easy watching right now...but his game is solid and he is winning..which is the main thing right.....

I'll send fed your good wishes and peace to you xx
am going back to celebrating......

Alllleeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Fedeeerrreeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOFEDGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Austin powers styley........)

malteser1 , 5/30/09 11:43 PM

ok, you've proven time and time again WHAT you are... that being the case, there's indeed no point in dealing with you... next time, NEVER DARE to SINK TO OUR LEVEL again... you were not called to stoop down BUT you DID IT YOURSELF... tsk tsk tsk..SELF EXALTATION sometimes fires back with IRONY!
In the first place, you're the first one to open up something that's suppose to be burried for a long time.

agf25agf , 5/31/09 1:15 AM

agf...honey...i actually don't understand what you are saying in your last post? it doesn't make sense...perhaps you need to work on your english a little bit more? or perhaps I need to work harder at understanding you...'cos right now babe, i don't...sorry...but i will try harder next time....

enjoy your day agf...peace and love to you...xx

malteser1 , 5/31/09 1:36 AM

It must be so lonely there "in YOUR LEVEL"... you keep on stooping down to ours! Be careful you might break your back!
You're making everything your problem...if you can't understand me...fine! I can't make you, can I?
Just stay in "your level" peace!

agf25agf , 5/31/09 2:01 AM you unstrapped yourself from the rollercoaster yet? what a day for tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least we get a day's break from heart stopping tennis from our man!!!!!! tho' will be checking out rafa's game today and verdasco' catcha later guys...


Allleeezzzzzzzzzz Fedeereeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

malteser1 , 5/31/09 10:17 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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