• Djokovic praises Nadal and Federer

    3/21/09 6:30 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic praises Nadal and Federer Novak Djokovic has never made a point of making friends with his comments, but he wasn't shy about heaping praise on Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer this week at the Master Series Indian Wells.

    When asked about the weaknesses of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer this week at the BNP Paribas Open, Novak Djokovic struggled to come up with any. Instead, he has spent most of the week praising the world's top two players.

    "Rafa has been very dominant on different kind of surfaces in last 12 months, so you have to give him credit for that," Djokovic said. "On the other side, Roger is the one of the best players this sport has ever had, and very dominant in the last five years. So when you look at them on the court, there is not much weaknesses because they are very focused and great players."

    Djokovic was even more complimentary following his win over Stanislas Wawrinka later in the tournament. When asked about his own consistency, the Serb responded, "It's not possible that you're always performing your best tennis, except if you're Federer or Nadal."

    While of course that isn't entirely true, both Federer and Nadal have been performing at a high enough level at the Masters Series Indian Wells to reach the semifinals. Federer will square off against Andy Murray on Saturday, while Nadal will take on Andy Roddick.

    As for his own ability to consistently perform at a high level, Djokovic followed up three solid wins with a dismal showing against Roddick in the quarterfinals. The world No. 3 fell to the seventh-seeded American 6-3, 6-2 in just one hour and eight minutes.

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okey Djoker !!!!!!!!!! i agree with u for the first time that Rafa & Roger have no weakness & both r gr8 players !!!! Hope u become one too in future !!!!!!

tomnjerry2 , 3/21/09 7:34 AM

hmmmm - seems like he is being respectful because, after having thrown down the gauntlet, he's not in a offensive position now. Probably a smart position to take however a bit disingenuous as obviously both Fed & Nadal are struggling to find their game.

tenisbebe , 3/21/09 8:15 AM

A better approach: deflect attention and get his game into focus. Not saying it's not genuine, I think he is truthful. He's probably realized how hard it is for them to do what they do.

jean , 3/21/09 8:56 AM

Good move Djoker. But I like how he handled the big points against Stan and haas. It's just Roddick played too good with the first serve. If Roddick serve 81% and we all know how good Roddick serve is, I am sure he has a big chance to win his game.

torres9 , 3/21/09 9:52 AM

Dkoker has finally realised that winning one Major does not make u a great player. He did preen himself after winning the AO last year, walking around like a peacock, but hats off to him, he has come to his senses.

These players do not hate each other as their fans obviously do. Djoker and Rafa were playing golf together the other day, laughing and joking. So let's put this forum into perspective and not get carried away by hating people we don't know because we have different opinions about players we don't know and who don't know us.

livingdoll , 3/21/09 11:05 AM

Although it's nice Novak's doing his PR homework...I'm gutted to hear him being so tranquilized...COME ON NOVAK YOU KNOW YUR'RE BETTER THEN THEM, ROAR BACK TO YOU ARROGANT WINNING SELF AGAIN (and please chuck that piece of HEAD rubbish!)

noleisthebest , 3/21/09 11:16 AM

BETTER THEN THEM????????? are we watching the same sport?

remi , 3/21/09 11:54 AM

Dont do it Djokovic, dont go back to being known as arrogant. Please take your time find your place ,ease the pressure ,work hard and get your game back together. The more he thinks he is one among them , the more pressure he will face.

He needs to not worry about tennis rankings and proving himself and play the game for the pressure and love of it.

nirv02 , 3/21/09 12:14 PM

good for you, novak! being repectful of other players at the right time will always be a plus to most people. good luck as you move forward!

memi , 3/21/09 3:05 PM

Oh, Ricky. You like to throw a bone, don't you? And now everybody go run for it. Or maybe you like Novak to much that you cannot get him out of your mind. Instead of writing about match you first put your finger to some other issue. Ok what is he supposed to do, to criticize them? Of course Nadal does not deserve that, but Federer does, indeed. He uses every opportunity to speak arrogantly about him, his retirements. When he does it everybody think he is just honest, and he is entitled to do it. But when Novak is honest and say something, buuum. Anyway Ricky, admit that you prefer his honesty than his diplomacy. But Novak is becoming a big boy. Maybe you should try to give him a break or you are so impressed by his personality that you can not simply leave him alone. You really do pay maybe to much attention to his pressers. I have not noticed that this is occasion with the other players. I can not wait for the moment when Novak shall be back on track. I am sure that deep down in your heart you will be thrilled. Or maybe I am wrong?

zikili , 3/21/09 8:19 PM

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