• Cahill declines to coach Federer

    3/11/09 11:37 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Cahill declines to coach Federer After several weeks of reports that Roger Federer and Darren Cahill would soon be working together on a full-time basis, Cahill has turned down an offer to coach the world No. 2.

    Federer-Cahill isn't happening after all.

    Darren Cahill, who previously coached No. 1 players in the world Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi, declined to become Roger Federer's coach on Wednesday, one day before the Masters Series Indian Wells. Cahill cited family reasons as the main factor in his decision.

    "Darren's a great guy, and personally I think it was a good fit, but it just didn't go much further once it came down to the traveling," explained Federer's agent, Tony Godsick.

    "Darren thought about it once he got there (Dubai)." Federer worked with Cahill for nine days in Dubai while he had time away from the ATP and Davis Cup as a result of a lingering back issue.

    "Roger is a guy who lives in Switzerland and trains in Dubai, and Darren has kind of set up a comfortable life in Vegas. And I think he realised that just being on the road 20-plus weeks would be too tough a go for him with his young family."

    "It was a good time for a test," said Federer, speaking from Indian Wells. "Darren rang me after the Australian Open. We'd been in contact for the past five years. I had decided to rest my back and not play Dubai and Davis Cup, so it was the perfect time to try.

    'We had a good time, it was nice to have someone around. We spoke a lot. But Darren said it would be tough for him to do all the traveling due to his kids. It was a test to see how things would go."

    Switzerland Davis Cup captain Severin Luthi is with Federer in Indian Wells for the BNP Paribas Open, working with the world No. 2 on a part-time basis.

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Boo hoo!

Rafterfan , 3/12/09 12:38 AM

gutted eh...

kaitepai , 3/12/09 1:13 AM

REASON: traveling........ CRAP!!!!!!!
IF it was the roger of the past... the #1 roger, even if he stays in Mongolia and trains in Nigeria... no second thought, he would jump into the offer at no time at all.
THERE's that big doubt in his "ability" to win OVER Rafa and that magic #14 just to tie Pete makes it difficult for the 'coach to be' to put his "name" on the line.

agf25agf , 3/12/09 1:57 AM

maybe this short-lived encounter with Cahill will result in some positive outcome during IW?

posmatrac , 3/12/09 2:27 AM

In hindsight it's pretty obvious Darren never intended to leave his young family for a long period of time. He had a bit of time, and as he and Roger have maintained communication/friendship over the years. They took this opportunity, and made the best of it. I'm sure Roger will have benefited from the 9 days... Hopefully before long, someone else will come around to play the cathelist. I still enjoy watching Rogers' tennis playing the most. Wishing Roger continued strength, and success. Cheers.

sky , 3/12/09 3:32 AM

i believe there's more to the story than meets the eye! aren't we smart enough to know that cahill was aware of what coaching roger would involved prior to the initial announcement? it's not like he woke up this morning and realized that he has young children and lives in the states, while roger trains in dubai; therefore, the travel is too demanding. a strange turn around!

memi , 3/12/09 4:17 AM

is it not possible, memi, for people 2 change their mind once it hits them what it actually involves?? rog and cahill have bin friends for years, 2 suggest cahill doesnt like rog is ludicrous.

kaitepai , 3/12/09 4:52 AM

the initial anouncement was that Darren and Roger would give it a try (they did that) It was never said that it would be long term, only that there was a posibility it might become long term. (in hindsight mere wishful thinking on the part of Rogers' agent Tony Godsick) Anything else is speculation. Darren opted for short term. I have no idea what Darren Cahill's general schedule is like, but lets just assume for a moment that his lifestyle in Los Vegas keeps him relatively busy, and with only occasional travel. One could speculate this way "it came down to the traveling" explained Federer's agent, Tony Godsick. Maybe Darren thought that Roger would due most of the travelling to meet with him, rather than the other way around? Not sure if this is plausible, but who is to know with certainty. Speculations are just that speculations, they can never be anything else. Well not likely. Not unless Godsick, Cahill, or Federer agree to add more, if there is more to be added. In my opinion. The Federer Cahill match up is not completely over! Never will be! How can it be, if these guys are already friends?! They will no doubt from time to time meet again, and Federer can benefit from these occasional get togethers. Mind you not much can happen when Federer is on tour, as he will be very busy. Cahill could never be the "true coach" Roger could use at the moment on tour, but Cahill may be able to offer Roger some helpful cues, from time to time, even from a distance. I wish all the best for Roger. Cheers.

sky , 3/12/09 5:14 AM

kaitepai, very rarely do professionals make a big announcement like that without being pretty sure, but, like i said, "i believe" its more to it. if you choose to believe otherwise, i don't have problem with it! it's normal for two or more people to perceive the same situation differently!

memi , 3/12/09 5:44 AM

Seems like the person who wrote that comment beginning, "REASON: Traveling......CRAP!!!!!" is really angry about Cahill's decision, but Cahill just doesn't seem like the kind of person that would be concerned with "putting his name on the line," nor would he (or a lot of other people) even think of it that way. Of course mine is an opinion based on seeing Cahill on TV and being aware of his coaching past. I don't follow coach-player relationships much so I am curious about the various opinions of those of you who really know about these things.

ilenee57 , 3/12/09 5:50 AM

"Yes, I like Rafa, we get along well," . "He is having the time of his life right now. I had a great run, but for the moment, he is the best in the world.

"I don't have a problem on clay," he says. "I have a Rafa problem on clay.

Roger Federer. erer12-2009mar12,0,810735.column

tomnjerry2 , 3/12/09 8:10 AM

Thanks for the article tomnjerry2 but the link is broken.,19528,12110_5040409,00.html ... here is what I found in the internet.

Fed is as humble as any player. If he acted arrogant it was just a result of competitiveness. Even Nadal say some arrogant stuff but may be the least.

At the moment, every Fed victory is felt wholeheartedly not like those days when it was so predictable and easy.

torres9 , 3/12/09 10:34 AM


Fed has proved how humble & respectful to one can be to others !!!!!!!!!!!! But people miscalculate his opinion as tells the truth.

As we all know truth is something one can not digest easily !!!!!!! lol

If the link is broken , then search for Roger Federer news on Google !!!!!!!! u will find it for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Ricky does not mind i can paste the whole article here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomnjerry2 , 3/12/09 10:55 AM ar12,0,810735.column

there was no gap b/w federer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tomnjerry2 , 3/12/09 11:00 AM

good to read roger admiting rafa invincibility on clay of paris in a sense..yes he did say all that stuff ..eurosports tennis has this article.He is a great champ..role model for everyone...he has been lacking sum praise for rafa in 05-07 bt from 08 onwards he has been full of praise for his arch rival..good to see both are on good terms despite having such a big on-court rivalry!!

vamosrafa , 3/12/09 11:35 AM

Gotta say, feel really gutted that the partnership of Cahill and Fed ain't gonna happen full time but I liked the articles I read about their continued friendships with the occasionally coaching sessions when they meet. Plus it is a huge realisation for Fed that a bit of help from someone, even just talking through tennis points for improvement, is a step in the right direction. I actually don't think that this is the last we will hear of this potential coaching liaison, I think it will happen perhaps if there is a middle ground for the both of them. Don't think that will be feasible right now, but I did read that hundreds of coaches (where are they from?!!!!) have contacted Godsick sending their CV's, saying that they can do the job. At least there is movement on that side of things, but as someone said earlier, Fed knows what he's got to do and it is working on the self-belief. I cannot wait to see him play on court again. Bring it on!

malteser1 , 3/12/09 12:08 PM

Fed has done well(Winning GS) without coach in the past & i believe ,i mean i m sure he will do good this time too !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! one thing is clear that Fed wanted him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cahill would have been good but he getz better one!!!!!!

Best Of Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

tomnjerry2 , 3/12/09 12:25 PM

Cahill would have been good but i hope he getz better one!!!!!! BOL

tomnjerry2 , 3/12/09 12:36 PM

"REASON: traveling........ CRAP!!!!!!!
IF it was the roger of the past... the #1 roger, even if he stays in Mongolia and trains in Nigeria... no second thought, he would jump into the offer at no time at all.
THERE's that big doubt in his "ability" to win OVER Rafa and that magic #14 just to tie Pete makes it difficult for the 'coach to be' to put his "name" on the line."

I agree on this. Federer career (as for winning GS and important tournaments) is over. Get over it.

Emiliano55 , 3/12/09 1:55 PM

The good news is that he stays in the commentating booth.

RickyDimon , 3/12/09 2:37 PM

Emiliano55 ,
sounds more like wishful thinking quite sure that you still sweat bullets when federer takes to court against anyone you are a fan of ...

I was looking forward to the partnership...bummer that its not going to happen . But i doubt that this is going to change the fact that he is going to come out all guns blazing at IW .

Go roger !

fedexfan , 3/12/09 2:39 PM

The Fed will come out blazzing! I like that fedexfan! Feels right. Go Roger go! It's not over till it's over. As long as The Fed is still playing everybody is going to be feeling it! Even Rafa! There are no guarantees! Anything can happen. The Fed continues to impress, even if he's "only" #2 (for the moment). Cheers

sky , 3/12/09 3:04 PM

I really hope Fed sticks around for few more years, tennis got better coz young guns dug hard to compete him. His humbleness, well that's another story, he is humble when he wins and looses to Nadal, otherwise i should have done this, i should have done that reasons are offered very often.

posmatrac , 3/12/09 3:53 PM

^ thats called analysing your

janhavi , 3/12/09 5:00 PM

yes, if you love Fed more than your

posmatrac , 3/12/09 5:05 PM

no..if I had common sense.LOL.Relax by the way.Its ok if you dont agree.I'm just telling you the way I saw it. :)

janhavi , 3/12/09 5:16 PM

right ...

posmatrac , 3/12/09 5:17 PM

maybe, time should just stand still and allow federer to remain on top forever and ever! maybe, other players shouldn't even dream of reaching #1, maybe they should put their dream on hold; maybe #1 was only meant for federer or maybe players should wait until federer decides to retire and then pursue their goals. maybe, rafa was wrong for opening the belief door; maybe, it's not right for players to believe that they can beat roger; maybe, they should accept defeat! after all, it would make a lot and i do mean a lot of people happy!

memi , 3/12/09 6:58 PM

OMG roger to becum a father this summer.....interesting...congrats to the swiss star

vamosrafa , 3/12/09 8:28 PM

um.... where did u hear that vamosrafa???

kaitepai , 3/12/09 8:32 PM

^^ go to was waiting for someone to post this asmyselfwas so thrilled I could barely type.

janhavi , 3/12/09 8:45 PM

YAY!!! janhavi i get ya, that is SOOOO exciting!

kaitepai , 3/12/09 9:10 PM

Getting his first child must feel the same way as getting his first GS. I am just thankful that a genius player like Fed was able transalate all his talent into Grand Slam success. People forget with so many shots and variety, it's so hard to use it all into great effect let alone actually consistently beat hard-hitters who practice the same shots over and over again. Nalbandian is a case of misguided talent.

torres9 , 3/12/09 10:38 PM

Congrats Rog. Somehow, I'm happy for you.

samprallica , 3/12/09 10:49 PM

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