Match report

Roger Federer ©
Quarter final
7/4/12 1 2 3 Tot
ch  Roger Federer 6 6 6 3
ru  Mikhail Youzhny 1 2 2 0
Mikhail Youzhny ©
  • Federer destroys Youzhny, sets up another Djokovic showdown

    7/4/12 8:26 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Roger Federer makes short work of Mikhail Youzhny in the Wimbledon quarterfinals on Wednesday. Next up for Federer is another semi against familiar foe and fierce rival Novak Djokovic.

    Roger Federer stormed into the Wimbledon semifinals on Wednesday afternoon as he crushed Mikhail Youzhny 6-1, 6-2, 6-2. Federer struck only two aces but he won 88 percent of his first-serve points and held serve every time as he advanced in one hour and 32 minutes.

    The six-time champion won his opening return game of all three sets to maintain control from start to finish. It led to a 4-1 lead in the first, at which point a 20-minute rain delay only put off the inevitable.

    Nothing could save Youzhny in this one, and he was similarly hopeless upon resumption of play. The 33-year-old Russian, now 0-14 lifetime against Federer, did well to battle out of a 15-40 hole at 1-5 in the third but Federer wrapped up the proceedings one game later.

    "I thought I played great out there today," said Federer, after recording 25 winners and 13 unforced errors. "It was nice to play with the roof open. It was a great match for me. I played aggressive and served well again. I'm really pleased with my performance.

    "My game maybe suits up well against his. He was down in all the sets rather quickly so that makes it hard to play freely. Today things worked out great for me, so I'm very happy."

    Next up for Federer is yet another Grand Slam semifinal against Novak Djokovic. The top-ranked Serb, who handled Federer in straight sets at the French Open, dismissed Florian Mayer 6-4, 6-1, 6-4.

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Federer seems to be loosening up just in time.

stratocast51 , 7/4/12 10:28 PM

Roof will be closed for Nole Fed SF. You heard it here first.

Conspirator , 7/4/12 11:36 PM

^^^You always make big mouth statements but when it does not happen you suddenly go under the rock.

KMA , 7/4/12 11:41 PM

the FED playing SF at Wimbledon 2012!!! LOVE IT!!! :) Congrats FED! Congrats FEDfans! Let's see what the FED has in store for the Djoker. Should be GOOD! Allez Roger! Allez!

sky , 7/4/12 11:42 PM

Murray surely in the final against Fed - not Djoker this time; Fed to win and equal Sampras, get no 1 back............. and 17th GS.............. Official record 14-12, 14-13 includes exhibition tournament- I reckon Fed will beat Djoker easily this time....... revenge for French Open- I reckon a 4 setter at most- it will be close scorewise.....

08/06/2012 Roland Garros, Paris, France Semifinals Europe Clay Djokovic, Novak 3:0 6:4 7:5 6:3
19/05/2012 Rome, Italy Semifinals Europe Clay Djokovic, Novak 2:0 6:2 7:6
30/12/2011 Abu Dhabi, UAE Djokovic, Novak 2:0 6:2 6:1
10/09/2011 US Open, New York Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 3:2 6:7 4:6 6:3 6:2 7:5
03/06/2011 French Open, Paris, France Semifinals Europe Clay Federer, Roger 1:3 6:7 3:6 6:3 6:7
19/03/2011 Indian Wells, USA Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 2:1 6:3 3:6 6:2
26/02/2011 Dubai, UAE Final Asia Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 2:0 6:3 6:3
27/01/2011 Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia Semifinals Australia Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 3:0 7:6 7:5 6:4
27/11/2010 London, Great Britain Semifinals Europe Hardcourt indoor Federer, Roger 0:2 1:6 4:6
07/11/2010 Basel, Switzerland Final Europe Hardcourt indoor Federer, Roger 1:2 4:6 6:3 1:6
16/10/2010 Shanghai, China Semifinals Asia Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 0:2 5:7 4:6
11/09/2010 US Open, New York Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 3:2 5:7 6:1 5:7 6:2 7:5
15/08/2010 Toronto, Canada Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 1:2 1:6 6:3 5:7
08/11/2009 Basel, Switzerland Final Europe Hardcourt indoor Djokovic, Novak 2:1 6:4 4:6 6:2
13/09/2009 US Open, New York Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 0:3 6:7 5:7 5:7
23/08/2009 Cincinnati, USA Final America Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 0:2 1:6 5:7
02/05/2009 Rome, Italy Semifinals Europe Clay Djokovic, Novak 2:1 4:6 6:3 6:3
03/04/2009 Miami, USA Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 2:1 3:6 6:2 6:3
06/09/2008 US Open, New York Semifinals America Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 1:3 3:6 7:5 5:7 2:6
26/04/2008 Monte Carlo, Monaco Semifinals Europe Clay Federer, Roger : 3:6 2:3
25/01/2008 Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia Semifinals Australia Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 3:0 7:5 6:3 7:6
09/09/2007 US Open, New York Final America Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 0:3 6:7 6:7 4:6
12/08/2007 Rogers Masters, Montreal, Canada Final America Hardcourt outdoor Djokovic, Novak 2:1 7:6 2:6 7:6
01/03/2007 Dubai Tennis Championships, Dubai, UAE Quarterfinals Asia Hardcourt outdoor Federer, Roger 1:2 3:6 7:6 3:6
21/01/2007 Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia R16 Australia Hard Federer, Roger 0:3 2:6 5:7 3:6
24/09/2006 Davis Cup Single Matches Hard Federer, Roger 0:3 3:6 2:6 3:6
17/04/2006 ATP Masters Series Monte Carlo, Monaco R64 Europe Sand Federer, Roger 1:2 3:6 6:2 3:6

MAGICJOHNSON76 , 7/5/12 12:05 AM

KMA, 7/4/12 11:41 PM

Speaking of big mouth statements, kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, no?

Ok you say "statements" so back it up and give me three examples that is only if you have not crawled back under your rock.Only thing I'm aware I got incorrect recently was picking Delpo over Ferru in 4. Does a pick wrong as it was qualify as a big mouth statement according to The Mighty KMA?

Perhaps you're bored KMA and just looking to pick a fight. No biggie.

Conspirator , 7/5/12 12:14 AM

I'm not talking about prediction anyone could be wrong in making them but i am talking about other statements like roof will be closed, draw will be fixed in this way,schedule will be like this or that .....i mean you try to find conspiracy in everything and when that does not happen are dead silent.

KMA , 7/5/12 12:38 AM

... So what conspiracy hasn't happened that I didn't predict?

Conspirator , 7/5/12 12:43 AM

lets see about roof during Nole Fed Sf..i sense in which way you are making this statement.

KMA , 7/5/12 12:47 AM

Hey I thought I was actually doing pretty good so far. Figured fed would get an easy draw, check, that Nole and fed would be in the same half, check.

I can't be right all the time but still think the roof will be closed.

Peace bro. Vamos Nole!!!

Conspirator , 7/5/12 12:52 AM

I also said before Wimby started that fed would be difficult to beat. Let's see how that one pans out.


Conspirator , 7/5/12 12:55 AM

Glad to see Fed did not disappoint us today. Congrats to Roger and his handful of fans on this site. Youz is a tough opponent, but I doubt Fed would want to spoil his H2H against Youz. Good job Fed now lets make it to the finals.

scoretracker , 7/5/12 2:55 AM

And again the Maestro delivers!!! Clean match, he was in the drivers seat all the time. Time to up your level and let the genius do the work! Next up.... Djokovic.

Bonker , 7/5/12 8:32 AM

This time it's easy to predict Nole's win: from last 7 matches Nole won 6, including routine win in strait sets a few weeks ago at Roland Garros

vjakov , 7/5/12 9:39 AM

this time numbers also favouring fedex..not that i am into them...no1 rank, no7 wimbledon, no 17th major..


chenna21 , 7/5/12 10:15 AM

Numbers don't say anything in this match. This is their first grass meeting, so the dynamics are a bit different.

Last match was on clay, totally different. The return of serve from Federer is more effective and agressive on grass. His serve does more damage. Grass enhances Federer's style of play, slow bouncing courts give Djokovic a bigger edge over Federer.

Both men feel fine and are looking forward to this match! I hope it's a match of high quality and with Federer pulling through.

Bonker , 7/5/12 11:02 AM

?I think it helps when royalty shows up and other legends of the game come to see me play. I think it?s inspiring. I?m happy they came to support tennis and support me. "
Hahahaha... what a guy....!
And tomorrow???
Will they come to watch Nole or "ME"?
I really think that SF will be anticlimax... Fed did not show something to endanger Novak...Pathetic Michail was only player who didn't break Fed's serve in this Wimby... not to mention loosing sets...
So Nole in 3 sets... first one competitive... coz Nole looks like slow starter and Fed will try everything to win that first set.

zare , 7/5/12 11:35 AM

Nole will be humiliated tomorrow.
What he has shown in this wimby? His baseline play will not work against Roger.

Nole is in for a great lesson tomorrow, Roger in dominating 3 sets.

Zare you will feel for your idol tomorrow, you can count me on this.
and btw Tignor feels Roger is due tomorrow.

sabs , 7/5/12 12:31 PM

Can they just play today?! Waiting until tomorrow is so frustrating.

mriiidula , 7/5/12 1:06 PM make me laugh... really... LOL...
Even with junior Ramos...he was broken...
Fognini wasn't even there... he still believe that Fed is dangerous...rofl!!!
Benneteau had two nasty falls during the match... and only God knows how many more injuries...
Xavier was pathtic and still got the set.Not to mention MTO... for spasm??? They didn't allowed same treatment to Benneteau???
Youzni was even worse than Malisse...
What on Earth make you believe that Fed can do something in match with Nole???
....and I especially likes when Exfed fans pooling Tignor for argument...LOL...
Tignor is same class as Johan here... meaning... classless!
I only hope that Nole will be ruthless enough to humiliate ruined fake legend...
Anyway, even Roge is believing in his marketing... so you have every right to do same.
We will see tomorrow :)) ...under the blu clear sky and close roof ofc :))
Everything for Mr. "Tennis...that's me!"
...but allas:( that won't work....AJDE NOLE... DESTROY HIM!!!!!

zare , 7/5/12 2:48 PM

...when Exfed fans "pooling" Tignor for argument...LOL...
should be " pulling "....typo :(

zare , 7/5/12 3:01 PM

Am well aware that it doesn't sound nice, but I do hope for a Murderer final. What prospects that would have: Either the first Brit since the days of King George V to win the title or the first Swiss father of twin girls to win in the open era! Could it possibly become more exciting :-)

30love , 7/5/12 5:44 PM

Nole will be very difficult to beat.. He is fit and playing well.Fed has his chances though.

Mind says Nole in 4 heart says Fed in 4.

I will be happy if Fed gets the upset win over World No.1. Come on.

tomnjerry2 , 7/5/12 8:01 PM

What's exciting about first Swiss father of twin girls winning? If we pick such trivia stuff, we can make anybody's win seem exciting.

holdserve , 7/5/12 8:50 PM

@holdserve: My point was actually to mention some pointless trivia rather than mentioning the records Federer would level, expand and break by winning the title. Sorry if that didn't come across.

30love , 7/5/12 9:28 PM

How can trivia stuff imply something else? I can say anything and claim I meant something else?
As a matter of fact there isn't anything exciting about a chap who has already won so much, winning one more. There isn't any story there. No matter how much he or his fans think there is. It would be yawn, what's new? A statistician's delight perhaps. But no story, no excitement.
The only story left in Fed is the story of his retirement. nothing else can be exciting. But if Nole, Rafa or Muzza won, they are still building their legacies and every slam win is exciting. Especially in the case of Muzza , if he breaks the long drought and wins a slam.

holdserve , 7/5/12 9:56 PM

^^^ dont quite get it. Rafa winning a 7th FO has got a new spark in it, while Fed winning a 7th Wimby would be a yawning stuff!
I thought every slam title brought some sort of legacy with it.

abhirf , 7/5/12 10:28 PM

Keeps chances alive to regain no. 1., tie Pete for 7 titles, surpass Pete's record for weeks at no. 1.

Nothing of interest there? Little bit, hey?

Conspirator , 7/5/12 10:42 PM

No story. He already has so many records that every time he steps on court, he breaks one more. So where's the story? Who cares whether he surpasses Pete or not. Statisticians' delight, that's all.
Rafa winning RG was a story because he was fighting for his turf.
A loss would have destroyed Rafa.
There was a real story there, my friend.

holdserve , 7/5/12 11:04 PM

^^^ Sorry, but I dont agree with you.

abhirf , 7/6/12 3:51 AM

Fed for the win tomorrow.

scoretracker , 7/6/12 3:56 AM

It would be a sad day for tennis if Fed won tomorrow.

holdserve , 7/6/12 4:08 AM

It wont be a sad day for tennis regardless of who wins the Sf's or the title.

abhirf , 7/6/12 6:05 AM

I simply can't understand why Michail was so out of match... so pathetic...
Reason: night before match with Fed, Youzni's wife gave a birth to a second son.
Probably...there was a lot of votka ahead of the sf.
Congrats and good luck Misha!

zare , 7/6/12 8:42 AM

Ah, almost there!! :))
It's going to be very tough for both of them. I hope Nole wins but won't be surprised at all if Roger wins.

Zare, why do you think Tignor is not a valid commentator. If anything, he seems like an objective guy whereas Bodo, for example, openly pushes for Federer writing bad articles about Nole and Rafa.
Also, how anyone can be so sure about the outcome of any match. I mean, Rafa-Rosol match showed that there's nothing you can take for granted. If such a feat was possible, how can anyone predict a win over the opponent if the opponent is someone like Roger (or Nole, for that matter)?

So, I can just say what I'd LOVE to happen: Nole in three :)) (highly improbable though).

danica , 7/6/12 1:55 PM

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