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Roger Federer ©
7/8/12 1 2 3 4 Tot
ch  Roger Federer 4 7 6 6 3
gb  Andy Murray 6 5 3 4 1
Andy Murray ©
  • Federer denies Murray, wins Wimbledon to regain No. 1

    7/8/12 7:16 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Roger Federer comes back from a set down to beat Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final on Sunday afternoon. Federer ties Pete Sampras with seven titles at the All-England Club while regaining the No. 1 ranking in the world.

    The wait continues for Andy Murray and Great Britain.

    Roger Federer won Wimbledon for the seventh time in his career and captured his 17th Grand Slam title as he took down Murray 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4 on Sunday afternoon. Federer fired 11 aces and 61 winners while holding serve the entire way in each of the last three sets to prevail in three hours and 24 minutes.

    Playing with a calm that belied his previous record in Grand Slam finals (0-3 overall, 0-9 in sets), Murray broke right away for an immediate 1-0 lead. The world No. 4 soon gave it back at 2-1 after squandering three game points, but he regained the advantage with his second break at 4-4. This time Murray made no mistake with the set on his racket, as he capitalized on his first opportunity with a big first serve at 40-15.

    After saving a break point and surviving three deuces in his first service game of the second, Murray had a chance to take firm control of the match with his opponent serving at 2-2. Murray, though, could not convert a pass attempt at 15-40 and Federer managed to dig out of two break points and hold.

    Federer fought off two more break points at 4-4 before battling through another deuce game at 5-5, and the missed chances finally caught up with Murray. The Scot dropped serve one game later as Federer punctuated a brilliant set point at 30-40 with a backhand drop-shot volley.

    Rain inevitably came with Federer serving at 1-1, 40-0 in the third set. The infamous Centre Court roof was closed and play resumed after a 40-minute delay.

    Federer had been virtually untouchable amidst indoor conditions throughout the tournament, and nothing changed in this one. The ultimate turning point came with Murray serving down 2-3 in the third. After five game points for Murray and five break points for Federer, a marathon game finally went to the Swiss when Murray netted a forehand.

    From there it was almost all Federer, who served out the third and broke for a 3-2 lead in the fourth. Murray continued to have chances, but he missed a break point at 1-0 in the final set and saw numerous opportunities to jump ahead in Federer's service games go by the wayside. Federer converted his second match point on serve at 5-3 when the underdog sent a cross-court forehand just wide.

    "This year, I guess I decided in the bigger matches to take it more to my opponent instead of waiting a bit more for the mistakes," said Federer. "This is how you want to win Wimbledon, by going after your shots, believing you can do it, and that's what I was able to do today. It's special."

    "I thought I played a pretty good match," Murray noted. "(Federer) played very, very well, the last two sets especially. When the roof closed, he played unbelievable tennis.... I'd say that's the best I've played in a slam final. It wasn't like I gave away bad games or stupid games and stuff.

    "It's been a great tournament I think for tennis, and I'm glad that I'm part of that."

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Murray should feel proud how well he played.Federer just too good.

stratocast51 , 7/8/12 7:40 PM

WOW!!!! How do you like that FEDfans!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! ROGER! ROGER! ROGER! :) Party! Party! Party! Commiseration to Murray and his fans. It was an exciting match... Murray winning first set even... WOW! Long live Roger Federer! Go FED go! Love the FED! Enjoy your tennis.

sky , 7/8/12 7:49 PM

Wonderful display of tennis from both men. Unfortunately for Murray, it was Federer on the opposite side of the net. He wanted it badly; the ranking, the 7th title, the 17th GS. There was never any doubt in my mind that tennis has a big 3... Novak, Nadal, and Federer.

Question is, where does Murray go from here?

aegis , 7/8/12 7:50 PM

Once again it just emphasises that Murray will always come up short. Like it or not he is becoming the nearly man of the tennis tour.

And he had his chances this time around. Fed was patchy in the first two sets. Those break points and 3-4 in the 2nd set, that backhand error that he forced too much. The match hinged on that game, after Fed came through it you knew the match was over. Optimists will say that Fed has to retire one day, but of course Murray's problem is that he cannot get past Nadal or Djokoivc - who are at the same level as him in terms of age and physical ability and have achieved so much more. It's even or sad (or pathetic?) to watch the British press get so overly hyped and then suffer such a predictable anti climax of a let down.

As for Fed, well today just underlines his greatness, but that went without saying before this match anyway. You can't even say it was down to fortune this year. Yes Belluci did fold, but he still came past both Murray and Djokovic with relative ease. I still feel today would've been a different story if Rafa had been there, but we'll just have to wait until next year now. Whatever u you have to respect what Fed has achieved these past two weeks. To do this at 31 is pretty amazing.

Sop what does it say for the top of the men's game now? Well clearly there is a top 3 that is clearly separate from the rest. I don't think Fed's reign at the top will last very long. Djokovic will want to prove that last year wasn't a one-off and Rafa will be ultra hungry and perhaps fresher after his early exit. Both will overtake Fed by this time next year for sure. Murray's best slam chances still remain at Australia or US Open, but he'll need at least two of the top three to go out early first.

It's just going to be such a fascinating and compelling US Open this year for sure.

lebsta2 , 7/8/12 7:51 PM

Awesome match. I wasn't expecting this classy tennis. I even wasn't expecting Andy to play the way he did.

I'm not a Roger fan but Im very happy for him. it wasn't easy and he had to play his best to win this. Well deserved Roger. You are PURE history.

Emiliano55 , 7/8/12 8:02 PM

Congrats's a great achievement...history will remember him...

i cried myself while watching murray's interview.... all the best for murray.... I hope he wins US Open..he deserves at least a GS.

chenna21 , 7/8/12 8:04 PM

Vamos Federer even at 31 he can still majors cant say the same about any body else

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 8:05 PM

one has to ask whether andy will ever be able to summon enough mental strength to make a breakthrough. had he converted those 2 bps in the second set he would've been victorious most likely. after those 2 missed chances he just went into his usual dour mode with no return.

i also don't have anything against roger winning the tittle, he is a great player but usually arrogant smug and a bad sport. andy winning his first GS tournament would've been much better option.

rfzr , 7/8/12 8:14 PM

Maestro back to #1! Nobody does it better. So much for the weak era argument since even an almost 31 yo can win Wimbledon in this strong era. Feel really bad for Murray but watch how his tears will be received compared to Fed's tears in Australia. Tied with Pete at Wimbledon, soon to be past his weeks at #1 record, still the best and hungry for more. Nobody does it better. After a long time things are finally back to normal and all is well in the tennis world again. Way to turn back the clock.

chr18 , 7/8/12 8:16 PM

a 31 year old beat world no 1 Djokovic in the semi final and Murray in the final and lost his serve only 3 times in last 2 matches holding all 16 service games in sets 2 ,3 and 4 vs murray well done Federer

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 8:25 PM

Well The GRASS is looking GREENER again after Wimbledon Final and before OLYMPICS...
What a magnificent display of tennis.........
expect a greater challenge at London OLYMPICS 2012 from tennis heroes

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 8:32 PM

Federer needs to do better than Nole if he wants to keep the n1. Anyways, he will surpass Sampras record for 1 or 2 weeks before the new rankings after olympics comes out.

Emiliano55 , 7/8/12 8:40 PM

Well...I didn't predicted this... not in dreams...
Congrats to Fed and real Fedfans... Celebration time!
Car are honking driving around with Swiss flags here in Geneva... They hardly waited... To long they watched Italians , Portuguese and Spaniards on streets of their city...( Football )...
He was history even before this... but now... GOAT story is finished!

zare , 7/8/12 8:47 PM

i dont think the olympics have anything to do with the ranking system. Rog has the number 1 ranking until the next masters in Montreal and Cincinnati as far as I know

rafakid , 7/8/12 8:48 PM

No, rafakid. Olympic gold concedes 500 or 700 ranking points (can't remember well). So yes, Roger needs to do better than nole to keep his n1. Since hes only 70 points ahead.

Emiliano55 , 7/8/12 8:59 PM

750 points for olympic singles winner

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 9:02 PM

Congratulations to all Fed fans here... The guy has done the unbelievable at the age of 30. Getting the #1 back is the biggest outcome of the few.I love him for being #1 more than being the winner today... !! :D

Andy M played a tough emotional match.. he cried in the end which was understandable.. he is a human afterall.. i almost cried when he said i am getting closer...awww.. !! :( I really wish Andy wins the USO even if he is playing Fed.

FED has proved his critics and nonbelievers wrong again.. i hav read users joking when eva the #1 prospect being discussed here.. on ur FACE.
sry for being a lil rude..Thanks to all Rafa fans who have congraulated Fed from their hearts.

Congo to Fed finally and his family His proud Father.. and aww the twins.. <3. Come on.

tomnjerry2 , 7/8/12 9:03 PM

Well Roger can end 2012 as No.1 again for the six time in his career.He needs to be consistent and play well at ATP 1000 Masters in addition to USO, ATP tour finals.Its going to be tough battle for No.1 between top 4 players.

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 9:03 PM

Exactly. But it also concedes points for each stage. Like a normal ATP tour. Knowing this, Roger needs to do a bit better than Nole to maintain his n1 and separate from Sampras even more.

Emiliano55 , 7/8/12 9:03 PM

Federer just needs 2 weeks to over take Sampras record he is guaranteed that

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 9:06 PM

Obviusly tennis 2011. He already surpassed Sampras since the new ranking after the olympics will be shown in 3/4 weeks. So he will surpass Pete record for, at least, 2 or 3 weeks. I'm talking about separate from Sampras even MORE. He will need to do better than Nole for that.

Emiliano55 , 7/8/12 9:09 PM

Don't count Nadal and Murray .................Murray is going to meet Nadal/Murray more in S/F than Djokovic

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 9:24 PM

It will be a intense battle for tennis GOLD medals at London Olympics .No clear favorites as it is best of 2 matches.

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 10:01 PM

apologies my bad, i never knew that whaow

rafakid , 7/8/12 10:06 PM

First... my hat off to Murray. He fought, played unbelievable tennis and didn't fold under the pressure. He didn't gave the match to Federer, Federer really earned it.

Murray was the stronger player in the first two sets. After that massive game in the third, Federer just pulled away and got in the driver's seat.

As a Fed-fan I'm really relieved he came through, it was an intense affair. After winning this title, the thing that stands out for me the most is that at the age of 30, almost 31, he's gotten back to number 1. He outperformed Djokovic and Nadal (two great champions and future hall of famers) the last 12 months, while they're in their prime and Federer is past his prime. It just underlines the greatness of his tennis and his strong desire to add to the history of the game.

Bonker , 7/8/12 10:06 PM

Something tells me that, going forward, Rafa and Nole will be drawn in the same half more often than not because..........the sponsors want a Fedal final..............

rafaisthebest , 7/8/12 10:34 PM

Nadal Djokovic in the same half of the draw is a possibility now but both mus be down on confidence now after this wimbledon but lets see how they play on hard courts lets see how djokovic comes back from this disappointment at us open

tennis2011 , 7/8/12 10:54 PM

Yeah Roger Federer is yet to meet Rafael Nadal at USO.He was denied by Djokovic in 2010 and 2011. It is possible in 2012 ................Still lot of tennis to be played.
But Murray is looking ready for his 1st Grand Slam .It is likely at his favourite surface in flushing Meadows.He is definitely on track after his performance against Federer in final today.

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 10:59 PM

Now Roger Federer has regained No.1 Men's tennis ranking and is
?Proud holder of 7 Wimbledon trophies,17 Majors, 75 Singles titles and twin daughters.?

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 11:05 PM

I think Federer has another 3-4 slams in him with the confidence and momentum he is carrying .....................At the moment let him savour the sweet memories.....
So does Nadal/Djokovic/Murray.Apart from Top 4 Berdych/Tsonga/Del Potro can spring a surprise with 1 slam here and there if he top 4 fail to reach S/F or F

hrsikesa , 7/8/12 11:21 PM

Federer really deserves his # 1 position let me add 1 more point Federer has won on every surface this year and big events at that the only other player to win on all surfaces this year is Ferrer but he hasnt won anything big. Federer has won Indian Wells masters on hard courts Madrid masters on clay(blue clay) and Wimbledon on grass Nadal and Djokovic have only won on 1 surface this year Nadal winning 3 titles on clay and Djokovic winning 2 titles on hard courts

tennis2011 , 7/9/12 12:30 AM

Actually Federer didn't do particularly well in Montreal (lost to Tsonga quarters) or Cincinnati (lost to Berdych I think) so he could gain some points. However the Olympics is the wildcard. I didn't r ealize until reading above comments that this affected the ranking points.

Catching up to Sampras' record is a great achievement, but as long as Federer stays at least no.2 he avoids going through the other 2, which is the key advantage.

Bharata , 7/9/12 12:57 AM

Funny all the comments I've read in the past 2 years... 1 beautiful night and it's all erased. I would love to see Rafa and Djokovic doing this in his 30+ when he is slower.

Some people claims he never had DJoko and Rafa and Murray earlier in his career so that they could have thwarted his Grand Slam success.

Well guess what 31 and still beating these guys for Wimbledon. This era is not as strong as it seems. it's just made up of super-good baseliners. Give em a fast court, wooppsss, can't be as good.


torres9 , 7/9/12 2:14 AM

Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time. That is all.

brothdog , 7/9/12 2:23 AM

Well well, what a performance from Federer it was. I have never really warmed to him, but yesterday you had to have a very deep sense of appreciation for the way he played. From a purely objective standpoint, the way he played in the semis and the finals was; simply put, unparallelled. While they had there moments, Murray and Djokovic didn't play particularly badly, but I can't get the image of Federer slicing into the corners or hitting those down the line forehands so efficiently, so fluently. The flourish on his shots makes it that much more beautiful.

I have to say this is one of the best performances I have ever witnessed from the man himself. While he has always been great on grass, the pair he beat back to back here was athletic and in their primes and yet he made it look very easy.

Having witnessed spectacular tennis from Nadal and Djokovic over the last two years, it was refreshing to see him serve a reminder as to how tennis can ultimately be spectacular in a more complete sense. Hats off; I will never be a fan of his but his tennis has to be appreciated.

Commiserations to Murray and his fans, the presentation was truly heartbreaking but his time will come. Federer will retire at some point and I think Murray is heading in the right direction with Lendl anyway - he never broke down mentally although he needs to find one more gear in his game. He will do that in due course.

samprallica , 7/9/12 3:38 AM

tennis2011.. Rafa has 4 titles this year not 3

Yes Rafa and Djoko will surely get put in same half in semis, but AndyM for Roger in semis may not be a gimme. Andy, plays tougher in semis than GS finals, its a known thing

Agree OLympics and esp USO gets very exciting

sanju , 7/9/12 5:55 AM

Watching the full highlights of the match. It's surprising how much more you adore the game and the points when not in a state of frenzy or nervousness.
Enjoying Fed's brilliance in peace.

abhirf , 7/9/12 7:50 AM

abhirf- True, ive watched highlights of Wimby 2008, AO 2009, RG 2012 so many times just to enjoy the brilliance, somethng I never enjoyed when the match was on

sanju , 7/9/12 8:11 AM

After watching the match again, Andy really played well the first two sets.... maybe the best he's ever played on grass. His tactics were working, he was in control and after two of his best sets, he was one a piece with Federer. That must be mentally though.... playing your best on grass, everything is working and still can't put the other guy away.

It reminds me of matches in the past... Finals against Roddick at Wimbledon and the US Open, Agassi at the US Open and probably some more. They threw everything at him, but Federer just threw something back that they couldn't handle.

Murray played like a champion and with the heart of a champion, but came up short. Hopefully this will inspire him more! :-)

As for Federer.... what a complete game he showcased! Unbelievable volleys, the singlehanded backhand which is now a reliable shot with a lot of variety, a forehand which is less powerfull than before but still delivers a knockout and the serve which earns him cheap points and sets him up for a good 1-2 punch.

After 2,5 years... all the hard work finally paid off! Congrats Fed, enjoy and hopefully we'll see you with the gold around your neck in a couple of weeks :-)

Bonker , 7/9/12 10:42 AM

abhirf@8.11 Oh lucky, lucky you lol.

deuce , 7/9/12 11:01 AM

Feel really bad for Murray but watch how his tears will be received compared to Fed's tears in Australia.

chr18, 7/8/12 8:16 PM

Funny you should mention that, chr18. Watching Muzza tear up and struggle to keep it together, I thought of Fed tearing up on Oz and I kept hoping, hoping Fed would do a Rafa, you know, stride across the turf and wrap his arm around Muzza and comfort him.......or just go there and interject.............comfort him. That's not slapping Fed around, just acknowledging that Fed isn't Rafa and Rafa isn't point in comparing the 2 and no point in comparing the 2 occassions, Wimby yesterday and Oz then.................

rafaisthebest , 7/9/12 11:10 AM

@RITB, Wimby is not AO, where both the finalists are interviewed standing close... Btw, Fed did embrace & hug Murray after his speech... Maybe Fed doesn't want to create a scene by spoiling the emotions of Murray & his home fans... nevertheless, yes it is 2 different occasions... Also, I started liking Murray after yesterday... wish he wins Grand slam one day... maybe US Open to start with?

RMadhu , 7/9/12 11:16 AM

@chr18, just so you know:

?The British No. 1 shared afterwards that he had apologised to Federer for the waterworks, explaining, ?I didn?t obviously want that to happen. You feel like you?re kind of attention seeking or something. It was not like that at all.??

That's our Muzza..............class.

rafaisthebest , 7/9/12 11:22 AM

I think now everbody wants Roger-Rafa in Olympics.....I am sure athletes from other sports would queue up and watch and will make Olymics that much historic and it will also be a good test for Fed on grass ....Seems like if anybody could threaten and win against Roger on grass in this form, its Rafa because he always believes that he can comeback at some point .......

I still think Roger-Rafa at AO 2012 has been the best match this year as it was a match of contrasting styles and even Nole pointed that out after his SF victory.....
And Rafa came back from a set and a break ....Considering how good a front runner is Roger , I think that was nothing short of a miracle

fedexal , 7/9/12 11:47 AM

It was so emotional when Fed won, i am so happy. It was so emotional when Andy made his speech afterwards. Both men are a credit to the sport and all there respective families and friends. It was like watching the 06, 07 Federer in the last 2 rounds. When he plays his very best he is still a level above everyone else. His run since last years USO has been extraordinary. Getting back to world no1 with Rafa, Muzza and Novak in their primes just shows how much self belief Fed has, he always believed he could do it. He is the greatest player ever to hold a racket.

brothdog , 7/9/12 12:36 PM

Congrats to Fed and his fans - he played fantastic tennis on the day and deserved the win.

Very sorry for Andy and his fans - as Andy said he is getting closer. I like Andy a lot more after what I saw yesterday and felt for him standing out there trying to control his emotions. I feel for Andy and his loyal fans.

schatz , 7/9/12 12:42 PM

rafaisthebest , 7/9/12 2:48 PM

Not that I'm suggested a tit-for-tat congrats fest..................but did Roger send a congratulatory message to Rafa after his history making 7th FO win? Am curious.....

rafaisthebest , 7/9/12 3:19 PM

Loads of gr8 messages from sports stars and actors to Andy. Tendulkar's really special, because he's so special, but there's Russell Crowe calling him a "champion." OMG does that mean I have to start liking Russell Crowe....*rolling eyes*

deuce , 7/9/12 4:54 PM

The general consensus (at least on TT) is that Fed, with his 17th Slam, is now untouchable, Rafa will never equal or eclipse this achievement.

I hope, really hope that this reduces, or even eliminates, the perennial anxieties of some Fedfans who have lived all their lives in fear of Rafa "interferring" with Fed's legacy, so we do not hear anymore references to Rafa's nether regions, his butt, or other such deragatory mentions meant to assuage these "fans" anxieties.

So to these fans I say: Listen to the conventional wisdom which says Rafa cannot threaten Fed's legacy now, can exhale now.

Aaaagh, world peace.........................

rafaisthebest , 7/9/12 5:13 PM

Fed is undoubtedly great and legendary, doesnt make Rafa any lesser in my opinion

If you compare their careers till now, Fed surely has achieved more and has better records to boast, though I dont think we should assume Rafas career is over

He is 4 years younger than ROGER, 4 years back , it takes Roger to Wimby 2008 the epic loss to Rafa..What has he achieved after that in 4 years..8 slam finals and 5 slam after 26 Roger has achieved that..Can anyone on this forum say with surity whether Rafa can make 8 more slam finals and win 5 more slams..I guess none..

So at 26..Roger and Rafa slam wise are tied if you compare..Roger had 12 slams, Rafa 11 and Roger made 16 slam finals, Rafa 16 too..lets wait for the coming years to pan out to see how Rafa prepares..I dont think anyone o July 2008 could have made any assessment of how Roger would do, so no one can on how Rafa would do too.

sanju , 7/9/12 5:42 PM

Yes only thing is as of July 2008, Roger had 1 principal rival - Rafa to contend with and at 26, Rafa has 3 - Roger, Novak, Andy yes logically he may not win 5 slams and make 8 slam finals in next 4 years..but hey dont rule him out..he may surprise us all like he has before so many times..

Feds last slam before Wimby 17th was AO 2010 when Roger was at 16 and Rafa 6, difference of Roger at 17..Rafa at narrowed down from 10 to 6..If Rafa has 1 good year of an unprecedented slam run like 2010, anything is possible

sanju , 7/9/12 5:46 PM

I read a comment on bleacher that Roger is seeded No 1 at Olympics, Rafa 2 , Nole 3, Andy this true? What is the logic?

sanju , 7/9/12 5:55 PM

Deuce, I'm surprised you don't already( like Russell Crowe, I mean). :P

xrf , 7/9/12 6:26 PM

Mr. second round and #3 rank should be seeded 3.

chr18 , 7/9/12 6:53 PM

Yes true and Mr 'No 3 ranked for 1.5 years at a stretch who just reclaimed No 1 and Rafas everlasting favourite toy to whack ' should be seeded 1 good humour..:-)

sanju , 7/9/12 7:41 PM

xrf, yeah, just love idiots who through their weight, considerable in his case, round in restaurants.....;)

deuce , 7/9/12 8:06 PM

In all seriousness does the All England Club determine seeds for Olympics as well? I thought Olympic Committee or ITF would do that and go by current rank. And for the humor part I believe the expression is, "What have you done for me lately?"...:-)

chr18 , 7/9/12 8:36 PM


xrf , 7/9/12 8:42 PM

sanju, they've probably used a formula which gives Rafa extra points for being the defending champion. It would be nice if these things were explained to Joe Public instead of leaving us guessing and inventing conspiracy theories.

nadline , 7/9/12 9:17 PM

It's really selfish when the loser goes on and on about his loss. It robs the winner of "the moment."

pennster , 7/10/12 4:44 AM

painster@4.44am please read rafaisthebest@11.22am 9/7 and brothdog@12.36pm just for starters.

deuce , 7/10/12 7:44 AM

It's really selfish when the loser goes on and on about his loss. It robs the winner of "the moment."
pennster , 7/10/12 4:44 AM

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

How can anyone have the nerve to criticise Andy after what Federer did to Rafa when he won his FIRST h/c slam in Australia, when Federer had about 10 h/c slams in his pocket. I think everyone could relate to Andy's disappointment, and at least Rafa put his arms around Roger to console him which is more than Roger did for Andy. I may be wrong, but I don't remember any words of consolation from Roger for Andy. He was going on about how he knew he could do it, blah, blah, blah.............

At least we British didn't make Roger feel bad about winning, saying things like 'everybody wanted Andy to win........', contrary to how the Australians treated Rafa because they wanted Roger to win. Maybe, Andy let Roger win because he did not want him to cry.

Just to remind you, pennester:

nadline , 7/10/12 9:03 AM

Good one nadline, *claps*

deuce , 7/10/12 9:25 AM

^^^I "third" that..............

rafaisthebest , 7/10/12 9:33 AM

Some people have a short memory - well put nadline.

schatz , 7/10/12 1:59 PM

Yes true and Mr 'No 3 ranked for 1.5 years at a stretch who just reclaimed No 1 and Rafas everlasting favourite toy to whack ' should be seeded 1. sanju, 7/9/12 7:41 PM

As a Fed tard himself recently put it - foot in mouth desease!! Selectively memory. Still waiting for the next dumb song!

jean , 7/10/12 2:06 PM

Don't worry jean clay season will be here before you know it. Who's number 1? TMF!

chr18 , 7/10/12 2:37 PM

Rafa has moved on: 1ypG7OyTm8/s1600/rafael-nadal-shirtless-swim-04.jpg

nadline , 7/10/12 4:09 PM

Guys don't feel sorry for any player. isses-grand-chance-to-boost-endorsement-earnings-by-millions/

Learn to appreciate the game of tennis and not get lost in the nitty gritty of egoistic personality clashes.I can understand the psychology of the fans but at the end of the day..........form is temporary but CLASS is permanent.Just debating/speculating about No.1 is not going to make sb no.1/2 soon.Nobody knows what's gonna happen in next weeks,months or years. I would rather root for some new talent/face to emerge on the tennis circuit as Federer/Nadal/Djokovic have nothing left to prove.

hrsikesa , 7/10/12 4:55 PM

The big 3 have achieved a lot and great success but wouldn't agree they have nothing left to prove.

Roger - An Olympic Gold in Singles would be nice, not a MUST

Rafa - Maybe 1 more GS at French to be leader of a particular GS won (8 titles ) by a male player and I think he needs maybe 2 more GS on surfaces other than clay (maybe 1 Wimby and 1 of either USO/AO). Reaching 14GS and tallying Pete should be a goal, he is an all court excellent player and undisputed king of clay , but winning 2 more majors outside clay will take his non clay GS count to 6 and shut all his critics harping on his excess GS titles coming on clay once and for all .

Djoko - He also should try for an Olympic Gold and win RG to complete career slam

sanju , 7/10/12 6:45 PM

I finally got back online after having to get my computer fixed on Thursday. It wasn't supposed to take this long.

The first thing I wanted to do was reach out to the Murray fans here. I did watch the final because of Murray. I felt that Fed was the favorite, but thought that Murray had a chance. It was hard to watch, but Murray played hard and fought well.

I do have to way that the trophy ceremony just had me in tears. Murray broke my heart. To see his girlfriend crying and his wonderful mother break down at the end and bury her head in her hands while someone had their arm around her. well what can one say.

What I thought watching it all, was that there is something to be said for supporting someone even in defeat. The crowd was amazing. They gave Andy so much love and it was a beautiful thing to see. I don't cry often, but it really got to me.

Lendl will get Andy through this latest disappointment. He has been there. In that whole crowd, he was the only one who knew what it felt to be in Andy's shoes. Only he wasn't carrying the weight of his country's long drought without a slam win.

Lendl was called a choker, was ridiculed for not being able to win and went through his own agony. Andy went out there and gave it his all.

I just wish that I could reach out and hug the Murray fans. You are so decent, kind and loving. You are never bad sports and congratulate other players when they win. I know that Andy will get that slam win and many more.

Just know that I was crying right along with you on Sunday.

Nativenewyorker , 7/10/12 8:32 PM

Rafael Nadal has 1,980 points to defend in the second half of 2012 (190 points in July & August). Federer 4,090 and Djokovic 4,260.

The RACE for year end No 1 is ON

sanju , 7/10/12 9:14 PM

I am sorry Andy :(((. So wanted you to win when Nole got denied. But, you are getting there.

danica , 7/11/12 1:01 AM

Just for joke.... imagine.... if Nole didn't run to golf... and instead call someone in Umag or Stutgart... and run away to play small 250 tournament...
He could regain his No1 in one week...LOL!

zare , 7/11/12 1:56 AM


I believe Fed is only ahead by 75 points. It's tough when Nole has won three slams last year and one this year. He has been in the final of every single slam for the last year and a half with the exception of last year's RG when he only got to the semifinals.

It's still going to be a battle. It's not like Nole is going anywhere. He has the hard court season coming up after the Olympics and that's his strong suit.

Nativenewyorker , 7/11/12 5:00 AM

The race is on... with a few sidenotes:

Djokovic has a lot of points to defend at the two masters and the US Open that is coming. He can't really improve there. In the Asian swing and the European indoor swing, that's were his chances are. But Nole was fatigued last year at the end.

Nadal has a final at the US Open to defend and points during the Asian swing. Last year he took 5 weeks off after that, due to fatigue. And he still looked tired at the WTF.

Federer has a chance to gain ground at the two masters and the US Open. He skipped the Asian swing last year, so he could get points there. The European indoor swing, that's where he has a lot to defend. But he is the best indoor player and he usually excels at that stage. I don't see him defending all those points though.

With the Olympics coming up, disrupting the 4 to 5 weeks lay-off that the top players are taking, I wonder who will have the most gas left in the tank after the US Open. My money is on Murray and Federer. Djokovic's and Nadal's playing styles are too intense on the body, to last a whole year. That's why Nadal hardly ever won anything after the US Open, Davis Cup excluded.

Bonker , 7/11/12 8:54 AM

zare, 7/11/12 1:56 AM

THAT, is so funny!!

Guys, here's an interesting take by the New Yorker to think about as people fall over themselves annointing Roger the GOAT: egacy-match-at-wimbledon.html

Choice take-outs:

"Few things shift quicker than legacies. Three years ago, Tiger Woods was the greatest golfer in history. Now he?s a very good golfer with a sex addiction. A month ago, LeBron James was a spectacularly talented player whose hubris, the thinking went, might prevent him from winning a championship, or at least as many as he thought. After four relatively easy victories, we can only wonder how many titles might he win. Is infinite a possibility? And, just last week, Roger Federer was over the hill, within a few points of being out of Wimbledon, his fans reduced to wishing ill upon opponents. Today we act like we knew his latest victory was coming all along."

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 9:20 AM

An interesting fedfan's views on Fed's rivals: /rooting-for-failure.html

Choice take-out:

"After Rafael Nadal lost his second-round match at Wimbledon, shockingly, against Lukas Rosol, I hopped up and walked over to share the news with another tennis fan. More specifically, another Roger Federer fan. I smiled. He smiled. We turned to the draw and considered what else stood in our man?s way. The problem: Novak Djokovic. The solution: ?Let?s hope he gets hurt.?

Unfortunately, that may be what the Federer fan is left with, now that our man has turned thirty, and missed out on eight of the last nine Grand Slam finals."

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 9:33 AM

Regarding the points being defended by the respective top players, there are some things tout consider.

Rafa has gotten an unexpected break by crashing out at Wimbledon and resting his knees for a few weeks. Not that this is what I would have wished for him. But I do believe that he will be a bit more rested even with the Olympics.

Rafa has very little to defend at Toronto/Montreal and Cincy. Then he has finalist points at the USO. He didn't win much after that. So he can gain points at that time. I am not sure how much he will play. He didn't play in Paris and didn't do much at WTF last year.

Nole may have a lot to defend, but this is the time of year and the surface on which he does well. He has 1600 points from Toronto/Montreal and Cincy and then winner's points at the USO. But after that he didn't play much. Nole won't be fatigued like he was last year. Playing so much and winning all those matches took a toll on his body. Now he has a bit of a rest after the semis at Wimbledon and then the Olympics. I think physically he should be fine.

With Rafa it's all about being healthy. With Fed he has to also pace himself these days. He can make up ground in Toronto/Montreal and Cincy and the USO.

Murray should be able to handle this loss with Lendl's help. I don't see him going into a funk because I don't think Lendl will let that happen. Hard court is his strength, so he should be able to have a good run.

It should be very exciting.

Nativenewyorker , 7/11/12 9:38 AM

Congratulations to Fed. Unbelievable level in sets 3 and 4.
Anyhow, I think 2012 has perhaps been the best tennis year since 2008. 3 GS and 3 different champions.

atul1985 , 7/11/12 10:49 AM

NNY @ 8.32. Thanx so much for that. I consider myself virtually hugged. Couldn't be more proud of Andy if I tried. If Fed is the GOAT, well no shame losing to him is there, of course if he isn't...;)
And cheers danica too.
Zare for goodness sakes get on Nole's case right now! Enough of this golf already.
RITB @ 9.33that's really shocking :( Can't help what you think, but to have the neck to broadcast it, v. bad form.

deuce , 7/11/12 10:50 AM

@ rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 9:20 AM

This is my take on things as well. I can't be bothered to articulate it here because I know it will end up in lots of arguments.

I totally agree that players are exhalted and denounced on transcient successes and failures. Rafa always says, judge me when I retire. At the moment, all of it is work in progress.

nadline , 7/11/12 10:50 AM

RITB @ 9.33that's really shocking :( Can't help what you think, but to have the neck to broadcast it, v. bad form.

deuce, 7/11/12 10:50 AM

I know, but personally, I admire people like this............who have the courage to put their thoughts "out there". It is being honest, you know where you stand with honest people. An also, when you read the article, you sense some remorse for his wishing ill of Fed's rivals, so he cannot eb all that bad.

The onse to be warry of are the ones who think exactly like the author, keep their evil thoughts to themselves and let them simmer into a hateful stew................

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 11:02 AM

For you, Fedfans: -tiger

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 11:55 AM

I don't think Fed will gain many points during Canada/Cincy. Don't forget the Olympics, Canada and Cincy are in three consecutive weeks. I don't think Fed will play all of them, he'll probably skip Canada if he goes deep at the Olympics.

Rafa is well rested now and his problem is his knees. As long as they're fine, he should do well at the Olympics and at least one of the Masters. I think he'll gain the most points at these three events compared to the other top four guys. The USO is really open this year and again very much depends on the draw. The top four may all reach the semifinals again like last year. I do have doubts that Nole can defend all his points at the NA hard court swing, but he'll gain many points during the Asian swing and the year end indoor events. He may win Paris this time, like he did in 2009. I think Rafa will skip Paris and concentrate on the WTF; he may do well there like in 2010.

luckystar , 7/11/12 12:16 PM

A Nice Article about Wimbledon Final in NYTimes r=1&partner=rss&emc=rss

RMadhu , 7/11/12 12:30 PM

I think he'll gain the most points at these three events compared to the other top four guys.
luckystar , 7/11/12 12:16 PM

No he won't either Murray or Fed will gain most point.

KMA , 7/11/12 1:22 PM

^^^^because..............your opinion is fact, and others' are just that, opinions.........

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 1:29 PM

Oh let them dream. It's been a while since their boy has been #3. With questionable knees and hard courts the odds seem in his favor to me.

chr18 , 7/11/12 2:16 PM

The year end rankings will be what they are now i think. Nole will struggle to defend all of his points up until the USO. I think he will win the USO but not sure he will do as well in the masters series leading up. Depends if he goes deep in the Olympics. Fed has little to defend up until the indoor tournaments at the end. He is the strongest indoors and i can see him winning the WTF again as well as Paris. He missed the whole aisan swing last season and can gain more points there if he chooses to. Nadal is over 2000 points behind Fed/Novak and that is too much to claw back in the time he has, especially as HC is not his favorite surface and he has already mentioned tendinitis in his knees again. Time will tell, but i think it will be the order they are now.

brothdog , 7/11/12 2:45 PM

brothdog, you seemed to mix up ranking points and race points. The race points will determine who'll be year end no.1, not the weekly ranking points. Rafa is only 440 points behind Fed in the race, not 2,000 points.

So people think Fed will play and get deep in three consecutive weeks and then the USO, and still has the energy to go for the Asian swing, and then after two weeks rest, another three consecutive weeks (Basel, Paris, London) of non stop indoor hard court tennis?? A bit too much to expect from old Fed.

IMO, Nole is in the best position to regain no.1, after the Asian Swing, and may hold on to that and be the year end no.1. Rafa may be no.2 or no.3, again depends on his knees. It's unlikely that Murray will challenge for top three this year, his race points is currently at 3,800; a long way behind the top three.

luckystar , 7/11/12 2:58 PM

Questionable knees and hard courts........................please don't tell me that's all you're hanging your hopes on Rafa flaming out in the Autumn, please...............

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 3:21 PM

did somebody noticed this pattern of 2012: No.1 in d world won d 1st major, No.2 in d world held d 2nd slam & just this past Sunday No.3 in d world won d Championships.. .. Interesting, no. But wht does it mean??? Tht world No.4 will win dUSO. Commmmmooooon Murray will be chanted once again as Brit hopes will feel tht it's a gud Omen.Will he do it like d Top3 remains unfolded by now, but it presents a chance for history in d reckoning coz' this, i believe, has never happened in a Calendar year of Tennis.

abhirf , 7/11/12 3:24 PM

Rafa will surprise all his haters in time to come, and I can't wait!

nadline , 7/11/12 3:36 PM

This from Tignor:

"Hopefully now that Roger Federer is the Wimbledon champion again, we?ll hear a little less in general about how the grass is too slow and the sport?s surfaces are all the same."

Naughty, naughty....................Tiggy. ewrap/

rafaisthebest , 7/11/12 5:13 PM

Oh let them dream. It's been a while since their boy has been #3.
chr18, 7/11/12 2:16 PM

That's because your man was hogging that spot - or did you forget so quickly?

These fed tards like chr18 are a class(less) of their own just like their man. His tasteless comment during prize-giving - I'm sure he (Andy) will win at least 1 slam - was to be expected, but nevertheless still classless.

jean , 7/11/12 5:15 PM

chr18 .. It's been a while since their boy has been #3

Yes 3 days to be precise unlike sumone else who hugged and clinged to that spot for 16-17 months from March 2011 till July 2012

sanju , 7/11/12 6:27 PM

Don't worry about that sanju, can't be No1 all the time, although 287 weeks does sound pretty good to me.

brothdog , 7/11/12 6:40 PM

^^^^Not if it's all due to cup cake draws and a weak era.

nadline , 7/11/12 6:54 PM

Yes brothdog..its denying that..its a record..

I responded to a nasty comment from your fellow Fed fan..It isnt as if Fed has not been No 3, so not sure the fixation about Rafa being No 3 now..and the need to repeatedly point that

sanju , 7/11/12 6:58 PM

Federer does not believe that this result will change the on-court competitiveness among the big four, but de does believe his return to No. 1 may have a practical impact.

"I just think it changes the dynamics now," he said. "Now all of a sudden we'll see, I guess, different semifinalists -- it's going to be harder for Novak and Rafa to find themselves in the finals every single time because they might face each other now in the semis. Is that going to have a big impact? I don't know.

"I definitely believe Murray's part of that elite group [at the top], and with this final from Andy here as well, I hope he sees it in a positive way -- that he's already done the finals, now let's go a step further. I think that's going to make the dynamics quite interesting as well."

Federer feels other results at this Wimbledon, like Nadal being upset by Lukas Rosol, may also have an effect.

"I think with a victory like by Rosol, for instance, or maybe by Ernests Gulbis beating a Tomas Berdych, I think that's going to fuel the rest of the top 10 players and the rest of the top 100," he said. "Believing they can upset the top players more often, which I hope is going to happen as well -- that they do maybe bring more belief to the table against more of the top players."

sanju , 7/11/12 8:06 PM

"Believing they can upset the top players more often, which I hope is going to happen as well -- that they do maybe bring more belief to the table against more of the top players."

Yes, believing it is one thing, having it happen to you is quite another. I hope it happens to Federer next, as it nearly did in the 1st round at Wimbledon against Falla in 2010, when Falla faultered on MP.

nadline , 7/11/12 8:27 PM

Who cares now if federer loses first round, as a professional player he had crossed the finish line , proved the critics wrong one last time and is walking off to the sunset , and nadline is going on and on about this for so long.

nirv02 , 7/11/12 10:31 PM

jean, 7/11/12 5:15 PM,

You said it! That's why I only congratulated the Fed fans who have been gracious and respectful.

I also was mortified when Fed made that comment to Murray during the trophy ceremony. How does he do it? That's why I respect his achievements, but don't like him. He hopes that Murray will win one slam? Really?

We all remember when Fed was on the other side of a trophy ceremony, bawling his eyes out because Rafa spoiled his party. Can you imagine if Rafa would have been that insensitive? He's a better person than me, because he comforted Fed fan and in his own moment of well-deserved victory, reassured Fed that he would break Sampras' slam record.

That comment was like putting salt in a wound. But it could not take away the love that the crowd showered on Murray. There is something to be said for supporting a player in defeat.

I wonder if Rafa was watching the final and the trophy ceremony. I know how much he likes Murray and it would be hard for him to see his pain. But Rafa has known great victories and painful defeats.


Thanks for clearing up the race points versus ranking points. I even forgot about that. I didn't realize that Rafa is in a good position with race points. It all depends on the knees. I was on vb and they showed a picture of Rafa with a patch on his left knee and a bandage on his arm. He is receiving the prp treatment again.

If people want me to post the link, then I would be happy to do so.

Nativenewyorker , 7/11/12 10:57 PM

@nadline Fella never had matchpoints against Fed in 2010 first round . If I remember he was two sets to love up , but he never reached matchpoints....

I hope 2 years later you dont say that Julien Benneteau had match points against Fed in 2012 Wimby :)

fedexal , 7/12/12 4:56 AM

he, he. I don't know whether to feel sympathy for the Nadal fans, coz they are still torn up that it's not their guy who won Wimby, or to laugh at their bitterness and obsession towards Federer.

I know if Fed fans were trashing talking Nadal on a Nadal thread after he had won a GS title, like we're seeing Nadal fans doing here, we'd be told to take our comments to a Fed thread and leave the Nadal fans to talk about darling Rafa. Gotta feel some pity for the poor dears coz they're having a rough time dealing with so many disappointments. Hopefully the clay season will be back very soon. LOL.

Poor Nadline, her hate for Federer is blinding her, and she's now taking several trips down the imaginary lane.

A word to the federer critiics, in sports athletes are not ridiculed for being match point down and then pulling out a victory; they are applauded for handling the pressure, which is referred to as their mental toughness. Had Nadal pilled out the 'W' against Rosol, we'd be reading how mentally tough he was, coz he didn't get Rosolled out of the match. To reiterate, dunno whether to laugh or feel sympathy for the disappointed lot.

You've all run true to form, whereby you've all ensured that Fed fans were not allowed to enjoy his victory. It's been 3 days since his win and lok at the nasty, venemous comments. I figured this would happen, and it's why I've refrained from commenting. All I gotta say now, is that you've adhered to the script perfectly. enjoy the Fed bashing on all threads pertaining to him.

scoretracker , 7/12/12 5:28 AM

Falla did not have match points, as far as I can remember, he was serving for the match at 5 4 in 3rd set

sanju , 7/12/12 6:50 AM

Cup cake draws like beating the world No1 and world no 4 back to back over 5 sets at nearly 31 years of age!? Yeah thats really easy, there was no 'weak' era, you really need to get over this. Simply put Fed made them look weak, he dominated and never gave them a chance to shine, he dominated like no other man ever has.

brothdog , 7/12/12 8:30 AM

"I just think it changes the dynamics now," he said. "Now all of a sudden we'll see, I guess, different semifinalists -- it's going to be harder for Novak and Rafa to find themselves in the finals every single time because they might face each other now in the semis. Is that going to have a big impact? I don't know."

sanju, 7/11/12 8:06 PM

Is that a not so subtle hint to draw pickers? Pleeeeeease make sure Nole draws Rafa..................

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 8:37 AM

Yes, Fella served for the match at 5-4 in the fourth set, but he was always behind in that game .

I think Fed, Nole and Rafa are three greats of the tennis who are mentally very strong and they know how to win big things . Fed's victory in Wimbledon was possible because he was at the business end of the tournaments for the past 2 years but was not closing it out.

The big 3 know how to win against one another as well. There is no mental thing and these guys close the matches when they get the opportunity..

Going from USO 2010 here are the HTH between the top 3.

Nole-Rafa 3-2 (nothing in there since AO 2012 was so close)
Nole-Fed - 4-2 (2 of the USO matches he won from MP so easily could have been the other way around)
Rafa-Fed 2-0 (two four setter matches)

I still think Rafa has a distinct advantage over Fed in AO and FO and slightly in Wimby with roof not closed . But you never know if Rafa is a little off or Fed is on the button (like this year)then what would happen on the grass. Its pretty much 50-50. They have never met in USO , but I have a feeling Fed would be the favorite against Rafa there .

Lets hope they face off in Olympics as they could only meet in the finals and that would be a best of five and would give tennis fans the match which they were really looking forward to in Wimby.

fedexal , 7/12/12 9:03 AM

Lets hope they face off in Olympics as they could only meet in the finals and that would be a best of five and would give tennis fans the match which they were really looking forward to in Wimby.

fedexal, 7/12/12 9:03 AM

Not true. The Olympics seedings will be based on the current ATP rankings so Rafa could be drawn in Fed's half in which case they could potentially meet in the semis..............

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 9:14 AM

I don't think either Fed or Nole would particularly want to meet Rafa in the SF any more than Rafa would like to meet them, well more Nole. The one big change is that they won't be able to draw Rafa/Murray to meet in the SF which has been the pattern forever. The real winner is Federer because he can, at least, get to the final without having to play Rafa.

Anyway, we should not jump to the last four as experience tells us that there are many bridges to cross before that stage.

nadline , 7/12/12 11:30 AM

Well, in the past #3 has always been drawn in #1's if this trend continues..................hehehe............I can see someone's back acting up uncontrollably during the Olympics and a 75 point lead being wiped off conveniently.............just like that!

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 11:39 AM

Since Nole/Fed met at the USO2010 until now, Nole has a distinct advantage over Fed in the hard court slams - 2-0 at AO; 2-0 at USO. They're 1-1 at the FO and 0-1 at Wimbledon (ad Fed). So other than on grass, I don't see Fed beating Nole on other surfaces in a slam.

Fed may meet Murray in the SF of the USO this time, well maybe not meeting in a slam final may be good for Murray. Still early days to talk about that, the seedings may still change before the USO.

luckystar , 7/12/12 12:00 PM

Well luckystar must say that you are very confident of Murray not playing too well in the finals but him pulling off wins against the big 3 in the semi finals.

Murray needs a win against big 3 and his time is runing out . Last, he beat Rafa in 2010 AO when Rafa was on one leg literally . Its been almost 3 years and he has not beaten any of the top 3 , the closest he came against Nole. I think Murray's matchup with Fed is the worst because Fed knows Murray will never go for his own shots at the key moments, Wimby final being one of them and Fed has too much in his armory to dispose off AndyM. I seriously dont see Murray beating Roger till next year end unless Roger just goes off the boil.

If AndyM does not win a slam till USO 2013 , thats like 4 slams from now(I am counting out FO 2013), I see him ending up a Slam short than other Andy (Rodick).

Whether he is a better player than Roddick or not , thats a different thing.

fedexal , 7/12/12 12:37 PM

I don't think either Fed or Nole would particularly want to meet Rafa in the SF any more than Rafa would like to meet them, well more Nole.
nadline, 7/12/12 11:30 AM

I think Rafa would positively salivate at the prospect of meeting Fed in a Slam, semi or whatever..........

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 12:50 PM

" Last, he beat Rafa in 2010 AO when Rafa was on one leg literally.."

Only at the end of the 2nd set.

"I seriously dont see Murray beating Roger till next year end unless Roger just goes off the boil.."

Andy had his chances in that final but let Roger back in in the 2nd.
How many times did Rafa have to play fed in a Wimbledon final before he won it?
And now I would bet my house on Rafa winning should they meet again there.
If you compare this final loss to the last 3, there is no comparison!
It was a major step forward, despite the let down and Murrays failure to adapt to the roof.
Andy performs less well than the other 3 because they have much more experience, not just in finals but with each other. Don't be so sure things will always be like this, its unlikely they will be.
If you look at the progress made these last few months its clear that Andy is getting there. Albeit in a painfully slow manner.

Twinge , 7/12/12 1:09 PM

I don't agree with fedexal here. On the hard courts, Murray has all the tools to deal with Fed, it's a matter of experiences in a slam final. On grass Fed always has the advantage, against practically everyone, Nole and Murray included. It's only Rafa who happens to have the weapon to deal with Fed, even on low bouncing grass surface. Rafa is the exception here where Fed is concerned. In all the Wimbledon finals that Fed was involved in, he only lost to one guy, Rafa. When Fed reaches a slam final, he's very difficult to beat, more so atWimbledon.

I won't write off Murray's chances against Fed, especially on the hard courts. They're yet to meet on clay, if Murray can play like he did at Rome 2011 SF, maybe he'll have his chances against Fed on clay.

luckystar , 7/12/12 1:33 PM

Murray is a better player than A - Rod in my opinion. He won his only slam after Pete won the US Open in 2002 and then Fed dominated for 5 years. He was lucky, Muzza has not had much luck when it comes to opponents in GS finals. If Fed and Muzza meet on any surface in a GS final, i believe the result would be the sameas the previous 3. It is going to be so difficult for Andy to break the top 3 domination. Everyone thought Fed would be faded and gone by now, Rafa has only had 1 slip up in a major since 05 and he will be back at the business end of the USO i'm sure and Nole has dominated the HC slams for 18 months now. I just can't see Muzza winning the USO this year.

brothdog , 7/12/12 1:53 PM

^^^^ yes, Murray's counter punching and quick movement would help him against Fed in Clay Court for sure... because more rallies , fed going to make some UE...
In fast HC, Murray has to up his ante and be offensive to keep the foot on pedal as commies say... :)

RMadhu , 7/12/12 1:55 PM

The notion that Roddick is comparable to Murray is absurd. Besides having the same name of course.

"If Fed and Muzza meet on any surface in a GS final, i believe the result would be the sameas the previous 3.."

Anyway we'll see, but Andy is getting over his nerves come crunchtime that much is clear.
And it shall be a semi final meeting betwixt Fed and Murray at the US & I can assure you he will not be suffering from any nerves at that stage.
As for Wimbledon, people should also consider how difficult Andy's draw truly was compared to the others, but I am confident his arrival into the top of the match is inevitable.
Best 2nd serve at wimbledon, more winners than Fed during the tournament, similar serving % but much faster. Attacking Forehand. Yes its all coming together nicely under the guidance of Lendl.
I look forward to further progression in the very near future ;-)

Twinge , 7/12/12 2:06 PM

No, no, no..............I do not not think clay is where Muzza's going to hurt Fed. Muzza does not move well enough on clay to trouble Fed there. I actually think Muzza's game is very well suited to grass but he needs a go-to shot. You can tell he has been working on his forehand because that was what did the damage for him in the 1st set in the Wimby final..................and then a couple of carell mistakes in the 2nd set and Fed capitalised. After that, I felt Muzza retreated to his shell, and abandoned his earlier aggressive strategy, his shots became tepid, feeding into Fed's strike zone, and of course the lack of confidence then infected the serve.......... He needs a go-to shot, be it forehand, backhand, that he can trust to do damage, especially when his back is against the wall................

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 2:08 PM

"He needs a go-to shot, be it forehand, backhand, that he can trust to do damage, especially when his back is against the wall.."

Yes Andy's serve in that 3rd set was at 49% and that won't cut it.
Fed and Serenas go to shot is their Serve, the best go to shot to have of course, but one of the reasons I don't follow these players games too much.
I think once the rain came after he let Roger nick the 2nd Andy was deflated and couldn't make the transition with any further enthuisaism. The grabbing of body parts made its entrance as well.
Theres still a lot of work to be the done on the mindset of this player but he will get there & in the meantime almost all of his technical weaknesses have been eliminated.

Twinge , 7/12/12 2:20 PM

^^^I think Andy will never have a serve as a go to shot. Its linked to much to how he is feeling, but when its on it really is something. I rarely see the other 3 making it to 130mph on their serves, but this is the norm for Andy now, with increased consistency to boot.

Twinge , 7/12/12 2:24 PM

I don't his serve as being his go-to shot either................whatever happened to his double-handed backhand? Wasn't that one of his great assets at some point? I am sensing a shift, with the forehand being the shot he is developing and this to me is clear evidence of Lendl's influence because the forehand was Lendl's go-to shot during his prime........................

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 2:41 PM

If you look at Nole, he has improved his forehand a lot but his go-to shot is the backhand that's what he does damage with. After his string of losses to Nole last year, Rafa concluded that he needed to strengthen his go-to shot, the forehand, hence the extra weight on the racket and more aggressive play with the forehand. If you look at his paly, he is always looking to set up the forehand and end the point with it...........

For Fed, as you said, it's the serve...................

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 2:46 PM

scoretracker, 7/12/12 5:28 AM

Scoretracker, there was no fed bashing until tards like chr18 insisted on starting and continuing with Rafa bashing. So, it's open season! You can thank your fed tard fan for that.

jean , 7/12/12 2:54 PM

^^The BH should re emerge once (as you point out) has been given the proper development & is fully implemented offensively. Lets face it, it was something it really needed.
And yes it is his go to shot.
Also the CC FH as his 2nd I would wager.
I'm really excited about Andy's prospects for the near future actually, all this progress in such a short time.
I was getting prepared for a 2nd round dumping at Wimby.
He's the most improved player of this year without a doubt.
Let the fed fans blab and blurb about Federer prospects of domination in his twilight years, but the future is coming soon.
The buzzz worldwide was about Andy last week, not Federer's umpteenth slam cup.
An18th will probably give them an even bigger buzz, but it will send everyone else to zzz.

Twinge , 7/12/12 3:02 PM

I mean once the FOREHAND has been given its proper development.

Twinge , 7/12/12 3:09 PM
These are the highlights of Fed-Rafa AO 2012 SF and just watch the point at 5:50, and see from where Rafa hits that forehand to go up 0-40. These are the shots that can defalate anyone. And look further in this game , there is another amazing BH Dl pass from Rafa which secures the break in the last breakpoint. You need to come up like this to dent his confidence....

Unless Murray can produce this kind of tennis when he is suddenly rushed upon by Fed when he rushes to the net, I don't think Murray can beat Fed in round 1, 2 .....Sf or Final....Its a case of difference in skills rather than the case of hanging tough with the Fed or any of the top 3.

Unfortunately, I did not see any plan B from Murray in set 3 and set 4 in the Wimby final. He just could not threaten Fed's serve and Fed could force a lot of errors from his heavy forehand.

Fed's forehand is still his best shot and he forces so many errors from this wing when he hits it flat. Rafa is so smart that he rarely gives Fed a look on his forehands as it is virtually impossible to be aggresive once Fed gets a ball on his forehand..Just look at AO 2012 highlights and see how Fed won almost all his points being aggresive on this wing and Rafa was aggresive when he engages with Fed's BH...

Fed's FH is still his best shot, I dont mind some shanks if one shot can win so many points ..His BH never can and never will win so many points....

fedexal , 7/12/12 3:30 PM

@luckystar , Just look at Murray's current clay season and see what he did in current season. Do you think Murray can beat Fed on clay ? And why go back to Rome 2011 and give its reference always , that he streched Nole to 3 hours on clay.
Why not talk about his current season on clay ...It could also be inferred that one time performance on read clay was a fluke .

Remember none remembers Berdych for getting two sets to love up against Fed in AO 2009 and then losing that match, people remember Fed for pulling that out after two sets to love down. Berdych is more known for his Wimby 2010 victory over Fed because he won the whole thing there .

So, Murray on clay is yet to register a victory over Fed, Nadal and Nole . I don't like his chances against Ferrer even on that surface. He last year reached FO SF and God only knows how he managed to reach SF and he lost so many sets and he still had the easiest draw..

And you think he can beat Fed on clay who has been at the business end of RG for almost 8-9 years .....Admire your positivity but don't just bet on it as you are going to lose some serious sleep over it.....

fedexal , 7/12/12 3:39 PM

I think up to first 2 sets murray is playing excellent 2nd set during the 12th game where fedex got the break is most crucial..from there i felt murray lost his confidence little was federer's net game that had done the damage ..he won nearly 53/68 points..there are so many times murray tried to pass the ball but federer came up with great volley...

i think murray is improving very rapidly..he can do lot of damage in the coming tournaments....depending upon the draw murray can win US open..if federer and murray drawn in same half..he can have his chances..

chenna21 , 7/12/12 3:41 PM

"Unfortunately, I did not see any plan B from Murray in set 3 and set 4 in the Wimby final. He just could not threaten Fed's serve and Fed could force a lot of errors from his heavy forehand..."

We have just been discussing that a la the roof and the relative increase and decrease of confidence & shot positioning therein. Under the roof Roger is still very tough, as Nadal has also experienced recently, his year revolves around this period & fortuitously in sets 3 & 4 Wimbledon became an indoor tournament.
His Plan B was to drop his service % & retreat just when Roger was getting back to his usual cocky self and then the set was gone in a flash.
Andy Murray is capable of producing any passing shot that the others can but he must develop his big time game to do it when it matters, again it IS experience, & the other 3 are, factually, more experienced.
I disagree that Andy can't beat Roger at the US Open, but we should both have an answer soon enough.

Twinge , 7/12/12 3:42 PM

I thought Murray is almost as exprienced as Nole ...Nole started winning against these guys way back in 2008 ...Gosh thats 5 years back....Murray's 4 losses can't be attributed to experience alone ...Its the same thing as saying that Roddick lost to Fed in 2009 final due to lack of experience as that was Roddick's 4th final only just like Murray in Wimby 2012 but that would be a very very childish remark...

fedexal , 7/12/12 3:46 PM

I think andy's best chance is US Open ..there he can play great...

At Aus Open..Advantage..Nole..and Nadal(2nd)..

At FO ..Rafa

At Wimbledon....Federer ,Rafa, murray

At US Open..... nole,andy.

chenna21 , 7/12/12 3:48 PM

Andy had one, almost classic, match against Novak in Rome.
And a couple of great ones against Rafa at the MC
But three swallows doth not a summer maketh.
And to me these very high quality losses were more about who he was playing overriding the surface issues than anything else.
He might make a very good clay courter, he has the kind of game to do so, but it will not be in the immediate future, that's for sure.

Twinge , 7/12/12 3:50 PM

"I thought Murray is almost as exprienced as Nole ..."

Not quite, and I was referring more to the times the top 4 have played each other.
Novak anyway has about a year to 18mths more tour matches under his belt than Novak.
His H2H with Nadal and Federer are at 33 & 27 respectively.
Andy's are 18 & 16.
Big difference.
To me that is the key to gaining experience for winning slams.
Forget the others.

Twinge , 7/12/12 4:01 PM

chenna i'm not sure that andy is more of a favorite to win USO than fed, fed has won 5 times made the final in 09 and in 10, 11 lost to Novak when he should'nt really have done in the semi's. If Fed meets Muzza in the later stages of USO my money is on Roger every time.

brothdog , 7/12/12 4:04 PM

USOpen 2012 is going to be very interesting:

I bet Fed thinks he should have been in the finals last 2 editions (them blasted Nole lucky shots!);
Novak will want to get back to winning ways, Slam wise;
Rafa will want to show that Wimby 2012 was an abherration;
Muzza will want to show that he meant it when he said he was very close.

......................and of course, there will be even more Rosols jumping around, itching for their 5 minutes of fame...........

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 4:06 PM

ooopps I meant Novak has had 18mths more than Andy ^^^
off my game Today it seems :/

" If Fed meets Muzza in the later stages of USO my money is on Roger every time."

As you have made clear to us all about 100 times.
Andy however is due a win against Roger now, NY just might be the time for that breakthrough. But if your money would be on it, then my advice is that you actually PUT some money on it,
But don't put the house on it, just in case ;-)

Twinge , 7/12/12 4:09 PM

fedexal, I believe I didn't mention anything about Murray and Fed at RG! I said clay, let them meet on clay at one of the Masters first. And i said IF Murray can play like he did in Rome 2011 SF. Murray is still not consistent on clay, but Fed on clay (I mean red clay of course) this year wasn't impressive either. I can't get over the fact that he let his lead over Nole slipped away during their SF match and ended up losing in straight sets! Murray played better in 2011 than 2012, on clay, same with Fed.

luckystar , 7/12/12 4:15 PM

" 2009 final due to lack of experience as that was Roddick's 4th final only just like Murray in Wimby 2012 but that would be a very very childish remark..."

There are many reasons why Roddick would lose to Federer in a final, but maturity is not one of them. One can't say the same about Andy he simply has not yet learned to play his best in a final of a slam yet, that should be an obvious common sense observation anyone can make. But he is getting better now.
Still even given his limitations, Roddick certainly had his chances in 2009, i will say that.

Twinge , 7/12/12 4:16 PM

Lol RITB, yep, really looking forward to it, i was there in 2010 when Rafa beat Youzhny, then when fed lost to novak on Arthur Ashe. What an amazing match it was, shame the result did'nt go as i'd hoped. Was hoping to go across the pond again this year to NYC but looking like finances won't allow. Will have to make do with the sofa and a few beers i guess, not quite the same.

brothdog , 7/12/12 4:17 PM

chenna i'm not sure that andy is more of a favorite to win USO than fed, fed has won 5 times made the final in 09 and in 10, 11 lost to Novak when he should'nt really have done in the semi's. If Fed meets Muzza in the later stages of USO my money is on Roger every time.
brothdog, 7/12/12 4:04 PM

Yeah i know but i feel that the gap between federer and murray is decreasing....murray is really playing well..he could have beaten any one on that day very easily....i am very much confident on federer because in this year he is playing really well.. good enough to win on i picked federer for wimbledon..but for US open based on performances in 2 masters..i will pick..

i think both murray and federer are mirror images to each other..both are extremely talented..the problem is that murray chokes on important points...but in the final he has shown less emotions compared to other matches..any way i think murray is improving....

chenna21 , 7/12/12 4:36 PM

If you cannot see the strides Andy Murray has made since he lost to Federer in the USO in 2008 then you are very blinkered. As for saying time is running out - give me a break. Over the past couple of years we have seen a number of players reach the height of their powers in their late twenties. And while on the subject of age, Federer himself was playing better than we have seen for several years on the eve of his 31st birthday!

It's difficult as mere spectators to understand the pressures Andy was facing last Sunday. In the circumstances he held up amazingly well even if his tennis lucidity did desert him in the closing stages of the match when faced with Roger's relentless determination to enter the record books.

ed251137 , 7/12/12 5:42 PM

^^Great Post.
You knocked it on the head..Ed ;-)

Twinge , 7/12/12 6:23 PM

ed, Murray has made strides , but so have others . Its all relative. You have to evolve, but the one who evolves more than others becomes the GS champion.
Prime example Nole 2011 . The journey started from USO 2010 for Nole for everyone to see .

As far as journey regarding Murray is concerned, I dont see him winning Masters 1000 from 2011 onwards which he was winning till 2010 end . Go into the facts , dont go by your instincts . Tell me one thing has AndyM won any Masters 1000 where all top 3 participated from 2011 onwards. Don't talk about Shanghai last year. Asia was not strongest last year. No Fed no Nole . And these are a lot of tournaments to go without a title !! He has performed poorly in WTF as well.

fedexal , 7/12/12 7:11 PM

@fedexal, "Asia was not strongest last year" is not an argument for or against Andy............... I am reading your posts trying to find an argument solidifying your contention about Andy's weakness, sorry, but I do not see any.

I am not being facetious, I really am looking for an argument...................

rafaisthebest , 7/12/12 7:25 PM

" dont see him winning Masters 1000 from 2011 onwards which he was winning till 2010 end . Go into the facts , dont go by your instincts . Tell me one thing has AndyM won any Masters 1000 where all top 3 participated from 2011 onwards..."

Look he could have stayed on the same old path he was on, winning 500's and 1000's with relative ease, regardless who was in front of him. Or he could be more ambitious, accept the need to change, and get a Coach that could assist with that.
He wants slams ergo he has chosen the latter, this has resulted in 1000 performances going awry while the focus was put on developing new strengths.
So what he lost a 500 to Fed and a 1000 to Novak, the BH was missing as the forehand was getting all the work from Lendl who knows what must be done.
He still has an 80% record in Masters finals anyway, but is this enough for a player of such talent?
I'm happy to see that Andy surely doesn't think so.
Transition almost always causes disturbance, but it should be worth it in the end when all of his game comes together.
And if you look at the wimbledon stats, its already starting to.
Andy Murray had the Best 2nd serve stats of the whole tournament, it wasn't long ago that his 2nd serve was purely for the WTA. 1st serve percentage around 63%.
These are FACTS too Fedexal.

Twinge , 7/12/12 7:30 PM

The journey started from USO 2010 for Nole for everyone to see .
fedexal, 7/12/12 7:11 PM

Are you forgetting Nole won his first GS in 2008 but it was to be another three years before he clocked up his second Slam. Throughout 2006 and 2007 he had a wonderful free-swinging style and rapidly rose to number three but, by his own admission, for a long time after the 2008 AO he was overly conscious of the rankings instead of concentrating on developing his game. As I have mentioned elsewhere, he actually failed to defend a single title until the 17th attempt (Dubai 2010). Although you could never describe him as choking on the big points he was failing to live up to the initial promise and we, not to mention Nole, were beginning to suspect he might be another one-Slam wonder.

Most people date the the 2010 Davis Cup final as the turning point which catapulted him into his extraorinary winning streak in 2011. We will have to wait to see if he will ever be able to repeat that amazing performance.

I dont know why you are so determined to denigrate Andy who has been unlucky enough to meet Federer in all three Slam finals he has reached but the 8:8 H2H shows he is capable of beating him.

ed251137 , 7/12/12 9:37 PM

I have been trying to catch up on all the posts today. I think that ed's last two posts were the absolute best I have read here.

Some people need a bit of historical perspective. Lendl struggled in much the same way that Murray has, coming along in a time of competitiveness with several great players. I find myself wondering now what might have happened if Borg had not walked away. Lendl got a break there.

But people should remember what Lendl had to do to win his first slam. He was literally on the brink of defeat at the French Open, being down two sets to JMac. I think JMac was five points from victory. That's when Lendl somehow dug deep and fought his way back from two sets down to win his first slam. That's what it took.

I do believe that Murray has made great strides. Lendl won't let him come out of this latest slam final defeat without taking the positives out of it. He came out and played some great aggressive tennis to win that first set. I thought he let a few chances slip away against Fed in that second set. Then in the third set I thought that Murray became for defensive, letting Fed dictate the points. When they put up the roof, Murray didn't make the adjustment in his game.

I think Murray's problem is not just the technical aspects of his game, but also a mental mindset that the great champions have in slam finals. It's an intangible thing, but when you watch Rafa play Fed then you understand how important it really is to have that belief. Fed won the first set at this year's AO semifinal, but Rafa just went about the business of imposing his will on the match and dictating play and wearing Fed down.

Andy is going to have to find that mindset if he wants to beat the top guys. I think he is going in the right direction. Lendl has gotten him to lose much of the negative body language and the yelling and screaming on court. He has gotten him to focus on developing and improving his forehand. That was Lendl's money shot.

Lendl was derided in much the same manner as Murray is now. He has been in Murray's shoes. He knows what it will take for him to win a slam. I believe he will help him get there. It was never easy for Lendl. He lost three straight USO slam finals to either Connors or JMac. When he finally did win his first, he had to beat both Connors and JMac in the semis and the final. That's what it took. Lendl never gave up on himself, worked harder and got fitter and more mentally tough. He got there.

People do forget that Nole had to wait three years to win another slam after the 2008 AO. He didn't have the maturity and mental toughness to win another one. He also had his own difficulties beating Fed when he would meet him in the semis. He finally got his breakthrough win in the 2010 USO when he beat Fed in five sets.

Murray is on the right track. If he thought like some here, he would have to hang up his racket and quit. You never give up. I think he has to learn to make those mid-match adjustments, stay mentally tough and believe in his mind that he will prevail. It's hard when you haven't yet won a slam, but you must think that you can do it.

Murray will get there. I have no doubt about that. Anyone who writes him off now is being very short-sighted.

Nativenewyorker , 7/12/12 10:43 PM

Andy. M is in the audience on Mock The Week now on BBC 2 for British viewers.

nadline , 7/12/12 11:07 PM

Why do people want to knock Andy at this time? I am happy to knock anyone with 17 slams if they fall at one hurdle and can appreciate others knocking someone with 11 or 5, but with Andy, you have to sympathise with him. He is good enough to win a slam, but somehow it's eluded him and it's not for the lack of hard work.

On Sunday, I think he was mentally drained by the end of the 3rd set, having lost the 2nd set that was virtually in his pocket. It's a great shame that he didn't do it on Sunday. How great it would have been for him to win his first slam at home, but it wasn't meant to be. I feel particularly sorry for him because he had a tough draw and he overcame all of them to get to the final, only to meet Mr Lucky. Anyway, he should take heart from The Lucky One who is sure he will win one slam one day.

I hope Andy doesn't give up and continues to work hard towards his goal, because he really deserves the break.

nadline , 7/12/12 11:18 PM

I feel particularly sorry for him because he had a tough draw and he overcame all of them to get to the final, only to meet Mr Lucky.

@nadline ; Fed is Lucky ....Yeah maybe he was , he had to contend with the world number one . In my opinion AndyM was opinion , had he met Nole , he would not have even contested the finals even .

Nadline , is'nt it strange that 17 time GS champion is so lucky that he was playing in weak era and now he is getting lucky as you mentioned but AndyM is on ZERO.

If ANdyM were to believe you anyway that he is not winning because of being unlucky, then I am sorry he really needs some serious serious luck . Like , maybe playing another British in Wimby final who gets more nervous than him....but that would be too wishful Nadline ......

fedexal , 7/13/12 4:42 AM

BTW thank God Fed won the second set before the rain break, otherwise people here would have said AndyM lost due to indoor conditions only.......

fedexal , 7/13/12 4:44 AM

rafaisthebest I am not being facetious, I really am looking for an argument...................

I have preseneted enough facts ...Just look at his results from 2011 and to me is winning against lower ranked players and he just goes blank against top 3.

They say "you see what you want to see" .

fedexal , 7/13/12 4:48 AM

fedexal: You have made your point - over and over again. And we get it: you dont care for Andy and are incapable of recognising the respect and admiration he earned last Sunday from other players, from commentators and journalists, and tennis fans worldwide. Furthermore 1.2 million tweets during Wimbledon showed Murray to be the most popular male player.

Nowhere have I seen anyone detract from Roger's historic win or deny that he played anything but brilliant tennis. But even he needed to dig deep to hold on to that 2nd set. Surely even you must know really big matches are often won on just a handful of key points. And, yes, luck does play its part - be it a bad bounce, a net cord at the wrong moment, dodgy line calls, rainbreaks etc. etc.

Why dont you just rejoice in Federer's record breaking win and refrain from sneering at Andy's achievements.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 6:06 AM

nadline, 7/12/12 11:07 PM ver-wimbledon-heartache-with-laughter-at-mock-the-week-recording-86908 -23907501/

I missed out on watching the programme but by all accounts Andy is handling the 'loss' much more positively than on previous occasions and is now looking forward to the Olympics. For this we have to thank Lendl who is slowly but surely grooming Andy for greater things.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 6:31 AM

Gr8 posting ed, *claps.*

deuce , 7/13/12 7:04 AM

I love how nadline slams people for saying anything bad about beloved Rafa, yet on every Fed thred i see that she slams him given any opportunity. Mr 'lucky' who had to beat the world no1 en route to the final. Who did Muzza beat, Ferrer is not a grass courter, Tsonga, i like him but his h2h records against the top 4 are frankly awful. They were never going to challenge Murray. The only thibg lucky about Sunday was that Muzza won the 1st set.......because otherwise he would still be looking for a GS set in 4 finals. Let alone a win, as soon as Fed beat Novak it was done and if Nole had beat Fed it would have been Nole lifting the trophy. This is nothing against Andy, he is just not as good as the other 3, simple as that. He has a losing h2h agains Nadal and Nole, and now tied with Fed, but the 3 most important meetings Fed has won and that's what matters.

brothdog , 7/13/12 9:41 AM

I rather think Federer was thanking his lucky stars that he was not in Rafa's section of the draw or it might have been he who was 'Rosolled'.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 10:13 AM

Even Rafa has acknowledged that some luck is involved in winning or losing and he has also cited lack of luck in Andy's case for not winning a slam 'yet'. There is nothing wrong with being lucky, I wish Rafa was lucky enough not to have drawn the freakish player, Rosol. He might have been the Wimbledon champion this year.

You just have to empathise with Murray. He was under tremendous pressure on Sunday and I think it eventually got to him. When Delpo beat Roger to win the USO, he was under no pressure whatsoever because no one expected him to win. Andy just crashed mentally on Sunday. That is not to say that Roger didn't play well; he played very well, infact; better than I have seen him play for years, even better than in his heyday. I do like watching Roger play when he is challenged, the time I get bored is when players let him him, which used to be often.

Federer is lucky, no doubt about it. If Rafa had half his luck he'd have 25 slams under his belt now. Anyone who denies that luck is involved in sport is not being realistic.

nadline , 7/13/12 10:39 AM

OMG what short selective memories some people do have! Last year at Wimbledon brothdog this Tsonga, u r so quick to dismiss, put out Federer, remember?
In quarters Andy played Ferrer ranked 5. Fed beat Youszy, isn't he 15? No comparison really.
Why so quick to denigrate Andy's achievement in coming through an extremely tough draw?

deuce , 7/13/12 11:03 AM


You tell 'em! People shouldn't get too carried away with themselves. This sport has a way of reminding you to be humble.

I think Andy did an amazing job navigating through an incredibly tough draw and still managed to make a match of it in the final. He will learn a lot from this experience and he has Lendl to help him process it and come out stronger.

If I hadn't watched Lendl go through this, then maybe I might not have as much empathy for Andy. Many here may not have been around at that time. Lendl was trashed all over the place. Nobody thought he would finally win a slam. But he worked harder and harder and showed them all.

It's a shame to see some of the arrogance here. For myself, I choose to remember how the crowd embraced Andy and showed them how much they love him. He knew it, too. That is what it's all about. That's why I got so emotional seeing it. Sometimes there can be special moments in this sport that cause you to pause and think about what it means to go out there and keep on trying.

Nativenewyorker , 7/13/12 11:21 AM

Federer is lucky, no doubt about it. If Rafa had half his luck he'd have 25 slams under his belt now. Anyone who denies that luck is involved in sport is not being realistic.

, 7/13/12 10:39 AM

Thank God you did not say 35 Grand Slams for Rafa as he has contested only 33 Grand Slams till now.

fedexal , 7/13/12 11:33 AM

When Rafa came this year to Roland Garros , he was also under tremendous pressure . What did he do ? He just streamrolled everone he met . This is how Rafa plays under pressure .

When Federer played Murray in Wimby finals , he had so much at stake , alot more than what Murray had on the line . Did not get the best of starts , unfortunately ended on the wrong side of ALL line calls. What did Fed do ? He gets more aggressive and gets home....

When Fed lost in RG Semi final, one thing he told , Rafa, Nole will play a great final because pressure or no pressure these guys anyway play well.

And we still talk Murray of cracking under the pressure . Its time people accept that its not a mental thing only.

I am sure Murray is a very smart guy who knows what he has to work on ..And he knows its not a mental thing. He needs to work a lot more on his game and fitness as well. I still think he gets drained after 2 tough four-setters. Tsonga had mentioned that Murray just looked too tired at the end of SF. If Murray can get these two aspects right , GS is not too far.

If Murray had been in any other era , he would have won GS for sure. But, he cant just cry over the fact that he is in such a strong era , instead needs to fine tune his skills close to perfection . And Murray is smart enough to be aware of all these things . But for sure his time is running out....

fedexal , 7/13/12 11:47 AM

fedexal, you really believe that Federer had more at stake than Murray in the Wimby final this year? You really believe that? Federer was under no pressure. OK, it's great for him to pass Sampras' number of weeks at #1, it's great for him to win another slam, but they are only marginal compared to someone winning his first slam something no one from his country has done for 76 years. It would be hugh for Murray to win a slam, at the moment, he doesn't even know if he'll ever win one, whilst Federer had already won 16. Federer doesn't have anything to prove anymore.

Rafa is under more pressure on clay than Federer is on grass or hard court. Rafa has a reputation of being unbeatable on clay, that's why when he is beaten it's still big, big BREAKING NEWS. People have now got used to Roger losing on grass and h/c so it's not such a shock anymore. Rafa hasn't lost a match in April for 7 years, so he is under great pressure to keep a clean sheet on that.

nadline , 7/13/12 11:58 AM

NNY: I share many of your memories as you know. I think you needed a very hard heart not to be moved by his emotional post match speech and by the sight of all his team and supporters in tears too. I think he will be amazed to find how popular he has become - and I'm not just talking about his own countrymen.

The crowd obviously appreciated the quality of the match and their even handed support for both players created a superb atmosphere. There was none of the ugly 'home crowd' mentality that so often mars other Slam tournaments although it must have been hard for him to listen to the cheers for Roger.

Andy has every reason to be proud himself.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 12:03 PM

Nadline darling - there is no way you are going to stop Fedexal rabbiting on. He (I'm sure it's he) is obsessed by rubbishing Roger's chief competitors even though TMF won the jackpot. It's clear from many of his remarks that he is labouring under quite a few misapprehensions but I can't be bothered to pick him up on the many inaccurate statements on this thread.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 12:17 PM

@nadline How can DelPotro dispatch both Nadal and Federer in two consecutive days and not crack under pressure in his first Grand Slam final. He was also under pressure while playing his first GS final against a 5 time defending champion and he just dispatched Fed in the fifth set .

Do you think Murray is even mentally weaker than DelPotro that he cant just get over the Slam final thing and not win the whole damn thing?

Murray played Nadal last year in Wimby . He won the first set . Do you think he lost the next three sets just because of mental issue ?

Last year he lost 3 times in a GS Semi final because he played a better player . Now have even Semi finals become a mental thing for Murray ?

Don't tell me the 76 year drought is becoming a mental block for Murray.
Look at Nole. Look where he came from !! Nobody knew Serbia . It was not on tennis map. The guy helps Serbia win DC . The guy just dominates men's tenns with one of the best years ....And last, but not the least, Nole just dominates Rafa in 2011 stretch even defeats him on clay.....

Do you think Nole did not have expectations from his country and he did not feel under pressure ?

fedexal , 7/13/12 12:33 PM

@ed We can agree to disagree. No issues. But just for your info, Fed is not my favorite player . So, in case you interpreted it that way, you misunderstood me .

fedexal , 7/13/12 12:37 PM

ed " It's clear from many of his remarks that he is labouring under quite a few misapprehensions but I can't be bothered to pick him up on the many inaccurate statements on this thread. "

Your darling nadline has also reported a lot of inaccurate statements in this thread. One such being Fed down MP against Fella . But, you very tactfully ignore those ........

I have said even before "You see what you want to see".

fedexal , 7/13/12 12:57 PM

fedexal, that's just the point. Serbia was not on the tennis map nor was Switzerland or Spain, so the success of their respective players has come as a surprise and a bonus. GB is the home of tennis with hundreds of years of history and hosts one if not the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. We expect success and are frustrated not to be at the top. I don't know if you live in the UK or not, but you cannot imagine the pressure under which we put our sports competitors.

I don't think Spain, Serbia or Switzerland EVER expected anyone from their country to dominate tennis in any shape or form. When, as a teenager, Nadal told Moya that he would like to win Wimbledon and be #1, Moya laughed in his face, and said he is young, he doesn't know what he is talking about. In Britain, the players only have to win one round at Wimbledon and they are on the front page of every daily newspaper. There was a British player called Chris Eaton a few years ago who made the 2nd round at Wimbledon, well, the hype that surrounded him was unbelievable. TV crews set up in his parents garden to interview them, his girlfriend was immediately given a ticket to the Royal Box for his 2nd round match on CC, which he lost, by the way. They thought this was the champion they were waiting for, he disappeared from the scene shortly after and is now 492 in the world.

Andy was under tremendous pressure and always has been. Henman had Rusedski to share the burden with but Andy is on his own.

OK so Falla didn't have match point against Roger, but he served for the match. Forgive me if I don't have Roger's facts and figures at my finger tips, but I've got someone else's stats to worry about.

nadline , 7/13/12 1:26 PM

^^^Look whatever,
Fedexal makes some intelligent points, unlike this brothdog character
who feels the need to constantly repeat himself again & again (& AGAIN) & still be wrong.
Don't entirely agree with a lot of her points, but there you go.
What's clear is that Andy needs to go out there and finally get an effing slam.
Its the only thing now that will shut the naysayers & keyboard `experts` up.
And then all of this speculation shall fall away.
And he will get there sooner than some might think, of that I'm certain.
Because you know, I actually WATCH all of his matches all year, not just at Wimbledon or when he is playing Nadal or fed & can see the changes moving more & more rapidly & inevitably towards This goal.
I can say without hesitation that he is now pretty close & so no longer feel the need to convince others who don't care or have a vested interested in him not making it.
Just wait & see.

Twinge , 7/13/12 1:46 PM

@nadline I agree with you when you talk about specific pressure that Murray faces. But, I don't think he is cracking under pressure . I mean he is there in semis of almost every GS even Roland Garros for that matter . So he knows the feeling of being in a GS semi-final or a final .

According to me these are some the things Murray lacks

- He is not a good front runner against big 3. He was a set up in this final and he had two breakpoints against Fed at 2-2 or 3-3 . Fed mis hit a forehand and rushed to the net. Murray missed the chance of his life and he just could have closed the lid there. Two sets to one against Nole in this year AO 2012 and also a set up against Rafa in last year Wimby SF ....

-Murray needs to further improve his forehand . Its not as good as Nole but it is improving thanks to Lendle. Against Nole in AO 2012, it was on fire and Murray looked a different player. Your forehand needs to be God like if you want to compete against top 3.
-Murray's serve needs to fire when he is ahead a set against these top players . At 5-6 in second set, he should have held and Fed would have been under pressure in the tie-break. Look how Nole and Fed just pick up the ante on their serves when they are ahead. They suddenly start getting easy games.
-I am sorry to state Murray's BH is fading away . He cant let that happen.

And, I am noone to forgive you as I am a mere mortal like you . I was just replying to ed that anybody can make mistakes unintenionally.....

fedexal , 7/13/12 2:15 PM

"So he knows the feeling of being in a GS semi-final or a final.."

Being in a final as opposed to a semi is NOT the same, particularly for someone still nervous about taking initiative and breaking through.

"He is not a good front runner against big 3"

Couldnt agree more, he needs to learn to close off points and games when he is ahead, its there with everyone else but in slams against the big 3 its still missing.
Lendl can help with his ruthless streak so bizarre events such as that give away against Novak at the AO don't happen again.

"-Murray needs to further improve his forehand.."

Of course & what is he doing?
But these things take time.

"-Murray's serve needs to fire when he is ahead a set against these top players.."

I agree, again this is a confidence thing but the serve % can often be great against Nadal & were very good for parts of the Fed match so its not a lost cause.

"I am sorry to state Murray's BH is fading away.."

We've already discussed this, it can't fade away. Its his natural shot and made a startling temporary return in the Ferrer match when he made a few backhand winners over 100mph. Don't worry once the forehand has been developed, it shall be back. If he was to continue using it as the main part of his game FH development would be slowed down.
Many players when they make radical changes to their game fall out of the top 10, 50
100 while everything rebalances itself. Andy is firmly Number 4 and has just been to a slam final getting through one of the toughest draws I've seen.
Andy has showed that he is willing to make big changes and has still managed to keep everything under control whilst doing it.

Twinge , 7/13/12 2:29 PM

Twinge, Murray reached the final but it was not one of the toughest draws. A tough draw would include a victory over top 3 in SF and he will be a lot more confident in the finals . Of course, its not his fault if the other guy loses before like Rafa here.

Lets see how US open pans out, most probably Murray will face Nole/Fed in SF . Lets see what happens there .

fedexal , 7/13/12 2:35 PM

We just have to agree to disagree on that, however your opinion on the toughness of Andy's draw is a minority one.
Just because Roger had to play Novak in the semis and a better, more determined but still brittle Murray in the final didn't make his draw tough, overall.
What about his other 5 opponents then?
Judging from his performances against the unheralded Xavier and Benneteau had he actually had a tough draw like Andy's he probably wouldn't have made it to the semi's never mind the finals!
But I certainly agree that the victory over an under the weather & shanking Novak gave Roger a boost, despite the fact that Djokovic was embarrassingly bad.
I know you don't accept that the draws can be fixed to a certain extent but Andy WILL face Roger in the semi's of that i have no doubt, & yes lets see what happens there.

Twinge , 7/13/12 2:57 PM

Tournament organisers, the ITF, and the ATP have a vested interest in trying to ensure as many marquee matches as possible to keep the big TV channels happy by trying to deliver the top players for live coverage of the SFs and finals. If there were not a certain amount of manipulation there is the risk viewing figures would taper away without the crowd pulling names and with it the advertising revenue which drives how much TV companies are prepared to bid for the rights to cover the bigger tournaments. It is also pressure from the TV (particularly the US) which usually determines the order of play and who gets centre court billing. This is why I doubt the draw will ever be completely random and transparent.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 5:03 PM

I think I also agree that draws are fixed. But, still, I feel orgainisers won't mind Rafa-Roger as a SF as it will draw a good turnout . They will rather have this match rather than one of them losing in the SF and the tournament gets deprived of this mouth watering contest just like what happened in AO 2012. Its still anybody's guess.

fedexal , 7/13/12 5:49 PM

I have feeling we will see more Nole/Rafa semis than Rafa/Fed semis.............just my feeling............

rafaisthebest , 7/13/12 5:54 PM

I feel there is a case for draw fixing in the US, but certainly not at Wimbledon after the draw Murray had this year. There is no way they would give Murray a draw that would prevent him form getting through the early rounds.

Murray making the final would generate just as much interest in the UK as Nadal or Federer reaching the final.

nadline , 7/13/12 9:07 PM

Tournament directors love to boast about their gate takings but this is a mere drop in the ocean compared with revenues from the big TV channels. That is why it is by no means certain the BBC will hold onto their live coverage (apart from the final which they have to show by mandate under the terms of their charter) beyond 2017 when the current contract will expire since they have no advertsing revenues to offset the costs.

ed251137 , 7/13/12 11:51 PM

I think that some Fed fans seem to not understand the history of this sport. I don't know if they just started watching for Fed or not. But I have watched tennis all my life. I grew up watching Rod Laver and the other greats of that era.

I can say that what Lendl went through is much the same as what Murray is dealing with now. The one big difference is that Lendl was not carrying the hopes of his country on his shoulders. There is simply no way to diminish what this means. A country with a 76 year drought of no British man winning Wimbledon, is not something to be dismissed. It is a big deal and no other player has faced anything quite like it. Of course, it's going to affect Murray. I am not saying that this is the sole reason for his inability to win a slam, but it certainly is part of it.

Lendl never had that albatross around his neck and he still struggled mightily. He was labeled a choker and a guy who couldn't win when it counted in the big matches. People who may not have been around then, have no idea what he went through. I supported him all the way. I believed he would finally break through and get his first slam, but he did it the hard way. Also, Lendl got some luck with Borg walking away from the sport. It broke my heart, but I wonder what might have happened if Borg had stayed. Would Lendl have ever won a slam? It would have made the situation even more similar to Andy's now. He has come along in an era of two great champions in Rafa and Fed, also there is Nole who came out last year and played the best tennis of his career. Then there is Delpo. As far as his win over Fed, he had zero pressure going into that slam final. He hadn't won anything yet, was the new kid on the block and Fed was still expected to win.

I agree with Andy's fans here who have provided specific points to bolster their argument that he is on the right track. Lendl is working with him to strengthen that forehand, but it's not like his great backhand is going anywhere. Andy is showing more mental strength, more toughness and has the coach who can best help him get through this. There is more that he has to do to improve and he will keep on working. Lendl never gave up and neither will Murray.

I also agree that Andy had by far the most pressure in that Wimbledon final. The hopes and dreams of his fellow countrymen weighed heavily on him, as we could see in that trophy ceremony. Andy famously doesn't let people see his emotions, but he was touched by the love and support and disappointed that he couldn't give them the win they wanted.

Rafa has always believed that Andy will win slams. I think Andy now believes it. You never give up. No one knows that Andy won't win a slam. No one can see into the future.

Nativenewyorker , 7/14/12 12:16 AM

Tell me one thing. Is it absolutely necessary for everyone here on this forum to be a fanatic (Rafa, Fed, Nole whatever) and not merely a fan?

Fed fan: Rafa is irritating, fakes humility, takes unnecessary timeouts, inefficient style of play, would never be able to achieve what Fed has achieved, blah blah blah.
Rafa fan: Fed is a beneficiary of weak era, rigged draws, good lucks. Extremely selfish and arrogant. Moreover he is blah blah blah.

It's a very simple choice for most guys, isn't it? Jump on one of these (or other) bandwagons and start scraping information from web, interviews, media etc. to support and prove above points given in your list.

I even saw one poster here use term "punchbag" for Federer. Really? Even if you believe he is arrogant, selfish, far from GOAT etc. etc., hasn't he done enough to be unanimously considered a great champion? Would you take your liberty to label him a nasty nickname, just like children do it to their "enemies" in school? Amazing.

Probably many folks' heads here will simply implode if they learn that I am a hardcore Fed fan and I still absolutely love Rafa - his game, his achievements, his humility, what not. They (and many-2 others in Tennis and everywhere else) are simply super-humans for me. The real super heroes of the world - those who push boundaries of what's humanly possible in this world ruled by Newton's laws of physics!

Don't mistake me for a casual tennis or federer fan. I have been following, very closely, Tennis for a decade now. And, just like everyone else here, I can go to heights (rather, depths) to prove my hero is better/GOATer than yours. But let me assure you, even at the end of that argument, I would not lower my respect or use derogatory remarks for Rafa, Nole or any other player.

But ya, like this post is gonna bring even iota of difference to anything :-D. Still feels good to get it out, doesn't it? ;-)

an121 , 7/14/12 12:31 AM

an121 - Great post. Yeah, the guy who used "punchbag" to refer Roger was holdserve and he did not have the uadacity to turn up when Roger won Wimbledon a week ago. She was a crap pf a person.

fedexal , 7/14/12 5:32 AM


No, you are wrong. It was Hawkeye and the only reason he did it was to specifically counter the hatefest from the Fed fans. That is the only time he would respond. Considering the names that Rafa and his fans have been called on this forum by certain Fed fans, "punchbag" is the least of what he could have said.

Hawkeye mentioned a few times that he was only doing this to throw back in their faces the nastiness from some rabid Fed fans.

Let's not rewrite reality. Also, considering the sexist, chauvinistic and mysogynistic comments that have been directed at female Rafa fans by a few here, getting upset about the word "punchbag" seems to be rather absurd.

You know perfectly well why Hawkeye was doing it.

Nativenewyorker , 7/14/12 6:57 AM

fedexal, 7/14/12 5:32 AM

So, let me get this agree that it is not okay to use derogatory language against players but for you it is okay to use derogatory language against posters? You just used derogatory language to describe holdserve............

rafaisthebest , 7/14/12 8:01 AM

an121, 7/14/12 12:31 AM
Well said! And my sentiments exactly. Sadly the mud-slinging and insults are apparently par for the course on all tennis forums but having said that TT is still the best in my view for exchanging opinions and sharing the thrills of tennis. Hope you decide to hang around here - we need people like you!

ed251137 , 7/14/12 8:15 AM

NNY @ 6.57, well said *claps.*
an121@12.31, wish everyone was like you but alas they're not.

deuce , 7/14/12 8:49 AM

@rafaisthebest I apologize.

fedexal , 7/14/12 9:15 AM

an121, 7/14/12 12:31 AM,

You can set an example by your own posts. I don't know that any forum is ever ideal or free of the fan wars of which you spoke. It is what it is. But I love this site because of the great people that I have had the privilege of chatting with the last few years. Oh and for the record, I am not talking only about Rafa fans. There are some wonderful Murray fans, great Nole fans and some very nice Fed fans. We have a nice diversity of fans of different players.

Cheryl Murray and Ricky Dimon do a great job with their blogs, articles, match previews, match reports and give us a lot of food for thought. They have helped make this a great place to be.

I explained in a previous post about Hawkeye. He was a good person who took on a dirty job to make it easier for the rest of us.

We have the Olympics to look forward to soon. Then there will be the NA hard court season and the USO. Lots of exciting tennis awaits us all.

So you are welcome to stay here and join in the discussion! :)

Nativenewyorker , 7/14/12 9:28 AM

fedexa: I owe you an apology. I have jumped on your case a few times when I felt you were over-zealous in putting Murray down but you have shown on several occasions that you bear no malice! We can all become defensive when our favourites are under attack and even the most well intentioned people in this community can go overboard. Peace.

ed251137 , 7/14/12 9:44 AM

No worries ed. Its pretty idle time for fans as players take a break . I don't think there is much of a break after Olympics till USO end . So, that would be like 4 big tournaments in one and a half month.

fedexal , 7/14/12 11:32 AM

lol. You are right - the quality of debating does tend to take a nosedive in the lulls between the bigger tournaments. Cant see any of us tennis fanatics getting much done over the next few weeks! I rather dread the north American swing because I am in Europe so social life goes by the board - not to mention the sleep deprivation.

ed251137 , 7/14/12 1:18 PM

No need to apologise to me @fedexal, I am no saint! Thank you for your consideration, anyways.............

rafaisthebest , 7/14/12 1:59 PM

Hawkeye. He was a good person who took on a dirty job to make it easier for the rest of us. Nativenewyorker, 7/14/12 9:28 AM It seems Satan himself would be defended if it was revealed that he was a Nadal fan.

chr18 , 7/14/12 2:48 PM

Equating hawkeye with satan? A bit OTT, no? Struck some raw nerves it would appear, our hawkeye..........

rafaisthebest , 7/14/12 3:04 PM

hawkeye was not that bad really, we had a few litte chats and although he did refer to Fed as punchbag, like everyone has siad, i have seen worse on here in my breif spell. i don't think he tookhimself that seriously, so there was no reason to get upset with the posts that he made.

brothdog , 7/14/12 3:18 PM

Hey all. I must step out of character here. I almost responded immediately to an121, 7/14/12 12:31 AM but resisted and glad that I did because it was nice to read other responses first.

I agree that the term punchbag is ridiculous and insulting but no worse than the bile put out from others about Rafa and again you will see that I only do it in response to such posts to show how ridiculous they sound. I speak in broken English in homage to the trolls who sometimes do the same.

I also usually only respond when the troll talk is one sided. I tend to ignore when it is coming from all sides as it gets to be too much noise. I'd be quite happy if there was no troll talk so I wouldn't feel the need to respond at all.

For what it's worth, punchb, I mean federer IS the goat so again to his real fans (not the trolls who post the hate) I apologize for any offense taken.

hawkeye , 7/14/12 3:23 PM

Thanks buttlo, I mean brothdog and everyone else who defended me here.

Remember, I am watching and will call out all trolls.

hawkeye , 7/14/12 3:27 PM

an121, 7/14/12 12:31 AM, forgot to say nice post.

hawkeye , 7/14/12 3:30 PM

I think TT needs a bigger server to fit all of hawkeye's ego

ts38 , 7/14/12 5:10 PM

Haha ts38!

Not possible! LOL

hawkeye , 7/14/12 5:28 PM

Has the seedings for Olympics been announced ?

fedexal , 7/14/12 6:08 PM

an121 - it would be great if it were so but unfortunately it isn't. It is really nice to hear that you are a Fed fan but that you love and respect Rafa too.

However, the majority of us on here are respectful most of the time unless really pushed. It only takes one or two posters to upset the applecart unfortunately.

I also feel that hawkeye only comes on here when certain people are out of order.

I am looking forward to the Olympics and seeing our boy again. I hope he has recovered and that he will be fit to play.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 7/14/12 7:03 PM s-nid-123319-cid-1.html

Let's not see the world from the prism of 1/2 tennis player's only.There are greater athletes in Basketball, Boxing, Football, F1, Golf .................

hrsikesa , 7/14/12 9:25 PM

hrsikesa: This is a tennis forum and hardly the place to discuss the merits of stars from other fields of sport. But tell me what other sport demands quite such dedication to fitness and stamina week after week year long, or calls for a duel between two men lasting up to six hours (not counting the notorious 11 hours match played by Isner and Mahut.

ed251137 , 7/14/12 11:33 PM

Greater athletes in F1 or golf? You don't have to be very athletic to drive a race car or swing a golf club and walk around a golf course. John Daly's fat ass can win a major in golf so I rest my case. Incidentally being highest paid athlete means little. Remember Kournikova?

chr18 , 7/15/12 1:14 AM

chr 18, F1 drivers are incredibly fit. The forces that are put upon there body are huge, the g's they pull in the corners most people could not stand, normal people would be like jelly inside that cockpit. In the hotter countries the often lose up to 2 - 3 kg in weight in sweat alone in one race! Not to mention all the practice sessions, qualifiying that they do. It is much harder than you think. How many fat F1 drivers do you see!?

brothdog , 7/15/12 1:27 AM

I would think if they were fat that would hurt their speed. In any case the car does most of the work just like the horse and the jockey.

chr18 , 7/15/12 4:16 AM

chr18, 7/14/12 2:48 PM,

Oh you are at it again! I think bringing up Satan in connection with Hawkeye is a reflection of how you think. Otherwise, Satan has precisely nothing to do with anything we discuss here. This is not a cult forum, where we can debate the existence of the devil.

You know full well what Hawkeye was doing, because most of his comments were directed at you out of necessity.

I also have to commend your total ignorance of the sport of race car driving. I agree with brothdog that the forces these drivers have to deal with are not like anything people experience in their daily driving. It is a dangerous sport that requires incredible skill and reflexes.

Why don't you read up on it, so you will know what you are talking about before you trash it. Now that would be a first! :)

Nativenewyorker , 7/15/12 7:37 AM

You are in feisty form today NNY

ed251137 , 7/15/12 8:12 AM

Fans and admirers of Andy know why he is still fighting to win his first Slam but here is the proof, from an unbiased source, of why it is such a Herculean task.

"The three-way rivalry in men?s tennis between Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer is the closest to perfection the sport has ever seen, according to new analysis by Sportingintelligence of every result in the 175 men?s singles Grand Slam tournaments of the Open era since 1968." kovic-nadal-federer-as-close-to-perfection-as-tennis-has-ever-been-130 201/

This link will break up when pasted - look for the gaps in Djokovic and 130201

ed251137 , 7/15/12 12:55 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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