Match report

Marcos Baghdatis ©
3rd round
6/30/12 1 2 3 4 Tot
cy  Marcos Baghdatis 5 6 5 1 1
gb  Andy Murray 7 3 7 6 3
Andy Murray ©
  • Murray beats Baghdatis, Cilic next

    7/1/12 12:24 AM | Kelli DeMario
    World No. 4 Andy Murray kept his bid for a maiden Grand Slam title alive, having ousted former World No. 8 Marcos Baghdatis in four sets. The Scot is through to take on 16th seed Marin Cilic for a place in the quarterfinal.

    Fourth seed Andy Murray made the round of 16 by virtue of his four-sets victory over Marcos Baghdatis late Saturday. The 25-year-old converted six of 23 break points through to a 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, 6-1 victory.

    After splitting the first two sets, Murray dug out of a 2-4 hole in the third. The Scot leveled at 4-4, then closed the set on a backhand pass at 6-5. Murray continued his effort to lead 3-0 in the fourth before taking an insurance break to 5-1. The Scot completed the match once Baghdatis missed a service return.

    Murray ended the night with 31 winners and 10 aces.

    He will take on Marin Cilic in the next round. The 16th seed held on to record a third-round victory over American Sam Querrey, 17-15 in the fifth set.

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Congratulations to Murray!Just made it;one minute past curfew!

stratocast51 , 7/1/12 12:56 AM

When I saw that the Wimby draw had been fixed to favor Fed and disfavor Rafa and Muzza, I had been shocked. Disfavoring Rafa, I can understand. But Muzza? Clearly Wimby guys did not think it worthwhile to waste a good draw on Muzza, so sure were they of his poor form and so eager to fix the draw for Fed.
At that time, I had stated in my post that Muzza could surprise us by taking it all.
With the exit of Rafa, I am sure the stars are aligning for a Muzza win.
Vamos Muzza! You are going to win your first slam and what a wonderful win it will be!
Come on Muzza, this is your time!
Cilic is not a threat. Delpo is.
When I look at Fed's draw, I feel like screaming! How could they so blatantly fix the draw? Either 30+ guys or guys who struggle on grass. No wonder Fed has that remarkable QF streak.
Nole must take out this fake GOAT.

holdserve , 7/1/12 1:00 AM

Nothing new holdserve. "Big" business as usual.

Muzz doesn't matter globally. More than 50% of ratings from the casual tennis viewer who pretty much know only fed. Same as Tiger Woods in golf.

Conspirator , 7/1/12 1:07 AM

Nothing new holdserve. "Big" business as usual.

Muzz doesn't matter globally. More than 50% of ratings from the casual tennis viewer who pretty much know only fed. Same as Tiger Woods in golf.

Conspirator , 7/1/12 1:09 AM

Congratulations to Murray and his fans. I wish him luck in his next match. One at a time. He still has some tough ones ahead.

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/12 1:52 AM

Delpo seems in great form. Hope Muzza can get past him. Of course Muzza too is in great form.

holdserve , 7/1/12 2:56 AM

C'mon Andy!

Conspirator , 7/1/12 3:06 AM

Congrats to Murray and Cilic. I hope they have a good match next.

Actually I think Ferrer is a bigger threat, that guy can simply run down any ball, something Delpo can't do. I think Ferrer may beat this Delpo in four sets.

luckystar , 7/1/12 3:10 AM

Somehow I feel more confident about Muzza versus Ferrer than Muzza versus Delpo.
By the way luckystar, I just watched the 5th set of Rafa's match against Rosol. Rafa has a fall and he seems somewhat changed after that. Do you think he was injured? I would like him to win at least Olympics. Hopefully, the draw won't be fixed there. Who is doing the draw? Is it the Wimby guys or it a Olympic committee?

holdserve , 7/1/12 4:23 AM

Holdserve, it seems that the grass is very slippery this year. I see all the top four guys slipped and fell, Ferrer and some other guys too. Murray fell at least twice during the match vs Baggy. I don't think Rafa is injured when he slipped and fell.

I think he's now resting and relaxing and getting ready for the Olympics. I have good feeling about his second half of the season. He has overworked this clay season so this unexpected additional rest is a good thing for him. He can't win everything so there's bound to be one or two losses here and there, if not Wimbledon then maybe the Olympics or the USO. Now I hope he defends his Olympics title and then wins the USO.

It seems to me that the top four guys are struggling this year at Wimbledon. None of them impressed me so far, they have to work so hard to beat their opponents. Who knows, maybe we have a non top four guy winning it this time!

luckystar , 7/1/12 5:19 AM

Another roller coaster. Andy when from average to poor to brilliant...should be used to that by now. Come on!
holdserve@ 1am love that post :) Can't remember when ALL those giants landed in one quarter.
lucky@5.19 never seen Andy fall so much, usually he's so sure footed. Grass must be very sappy, not just on the base line either, they were both falling in the net area.

deuce , 7/1/12 6:48 AM

Again the draw conspiracy theory. Still fighting against Fed. Which threat Nole had to face till now or even before Sf. The upper half of the draw has less potent dangers than the bottom half of the draw. All those of u picking Nole to beat Fed and then lose to Murray in the final make me laugh (given that everything falls in place). The pressure will be too much to handle for Murray and Novak will be full of confidence after the win over Fed. Sorry, but I dont see it happening. Only chance for Murray to win the title will be if he doesnt have to face Nole/Fed in the final.

Coming back to Murray's game. He is playing very inconsistent at the moment. That could cost him against the opponents he will have to face in 2nd week (esp against Ferrer/Delpo in Qf). He still has to improve a lot and be more consistent. If he can remain more calm in his matches, he can easily up his game. Lendl needs to work more on Murray's mental makeup in a match. That said, Murray has always been handed a tough draw at every slam but his obstacle every time have been one of the top 3. So if he makes it to the final, that wouldnt be a big achievement. He will have to go through his biggest challenge- to beat a top3 guy in most important match of a slam that too with an extra home pressure. It could break him down or could even make him play out of his wits (though I think the chances of the former are more).

abhirf , 7/1/12 7:15 AM

Murray ran Nole close at the AO SF this year, I don't think he doesn't stand any chance against Nole in the final. Nole has not shown his top form yet this Wimbledon and I'm not sure he has it in him this time when he reaches the final again. Murray has also beaten Nole this year at Dubai so he should have some confidence when facing Nole on grass, Nole's least favorite surface.

I think Fed poses more problem for Murray should they meet in the final. Murray has not beaten Fed this year and grass is still the surface for Fed. However should Fed played the way he played against Benneteau then I feel Murray may have a chance. Murray's problem is his inconsistency during a match, he always has lapses during matches and if not carefully managed may result in losses for him again.

We forget there's a Tsonga somewhere who is quietly moving through the draw. Maybe he can do some harm to the top guys this Wimbledon? He's good on grass, last year's semifinalist and runnerup last year at Queens. He's in the peak of his career I think so this year he should be doing well.

luckystar , 7/1/12 8:47 AM

deuce, 7/1/12 6:48 AM
My heart was in my mouth each time he fell - am just hoping he didnt suffer any long term effects. Thank goodness he has two whole days to recover.

We saw just about every version of Murray which, like you say, went through the full gamut - from inadequate to patches of brilliance. I loved the way Baggy hung on in there but I guess both of them were affected by the 11 o'clock deadline. Fortunately it seemed to concentrate Andy's mind on the job in hand whereas Baggy suddenly rolled over and accepted the inevitable.

It is interesting how much Andy's 2nd serve has improved but the shocking stat of missed break opportunities was alarming. How come he only converted 6/23?

ed251137 , 7/1/12 8:50 AM

Tsonga is looking to be very dangerous here. He has been just cruising through his opponents. No one should forget about him.

I am surprised at how slippery the grass has been in the early going. It certainly didn't help Rafa in his match. The top players have all been slipping and sliding. I would hate to see anybody get injured.

I saw a bit of Delpo today. He is really looking good now. This year he doesn't have to face a top player in the fourth round like he did last year when he bumped up against Rafa. Thanks to getting his ranking up higher, he has made it easier for himself.

Murray may be inconsistent right now, but the idea is to keep playing better and better and get into peak form in the second week. He will have some tough tests ahead but he has been given a real opportunity this year.

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/12 9:05 AM

deuce, should the unlikely scenario of Marin beating Andy occur, would you forgive Marin and continue to support him?

I remember Marin beating Rafa at Beijing Open in 2009, but I didn't blame him for ousting Rafa but I couldn't believe how badly Rafa played then. I then hope for Rafa to beat Marin the next time they meet and true enough, Rafa did beat Marin at AO2011. Well of course it's not a slam, but I don't normally hold it against any player who beat Rafa in a slam. I dislike this Rosol guy because he behaved like a jerk, in fact an article by writer mentioned that this Rosol guy was disliked by many in the challenger circuit for behaving like a jerk. This confirmed some of us here were right about this Rosol guy, smug and jerkish and attention seeking. I don't dislike Sod for I feel he's not smug or attention seeking, he's simply doing his job of winning matches, even though sometimes his gestures can be quite irritating, but so are the gestures of some others.

luckystar , 7/1/12 9:12 AM

ed: very interesting stats here. Interesting to see where Andy's best/worst. Possibly horror of conversion points is because he's going for more these days? rray-after-three-matches-a-piece-wimbledon-2012-very-little-separating -the-th.html
lucky: as Andy pointed out in interview Rafa's loss only effects him when/if he gets to the semis. His bit of the draw is littered with mines as u say.
As I say, one match at a time.

deuce , 7/1/12 9:15 AM

lucky: seem to be posting at the same time, read your last after. I would HATE Marin for a couple of days, then I would want him to win the whole thing :) I tend not to like giants with big serves but for some reason I don't put Marin in the same category...ah the human heart ;)

deuce , 7/1/12 9:21 AM

@lucky 8:47am
i didnt said that Andy doesnt stand a chance. But he will have to take a look at the mental part of his game at the biggest occassion. Tsonga is a real threat. But I feel if Murray can win his Qf then he will definitely beat Tsonga should they meet in Sf.

Fed's game against Benneteau was the worst I have seen him play on grass. He was too defensive (esp in 1st 2 sets) and his movement was sluggish too. I am just hoping that it was just an off day for him. I still feel if he can bring out his grass court best in next week, then he will definitely win the title. Though the only question that's bothering me is - Does he still has that game in him?

abhirf , 7/1/12 11:19 AM

First of congrats to Andy and his very loyal fans.

I am also happy that Marin won in the end. I have seen little bits of Delpo and he looks in great form. He is flying below the radar a little bit and I still think he could be very dangerous.

schatz , 7/1/12 11:20 AM

Please, abhirf, Andy and Tsonga can only meet in the final, not 4, don't give him any more grenades- enough already.

deuce , 7/1/12 2:43 PM

Oh my bad, he can :( Blooming heck, there's nobody on the other side of this draw :(

deuce , 7/1/12 2:48 PM

^^^ u sure about ur post. I thought Andy and Tsonga will meet in Sf according to the draws :)

abhirf , 7/1/12 2:51 PM

abhirf, yes see above, checked and u r right. Hasn't dropped a service game apparently .......eek :(

deuce , 7/1/12 3:42 PM

5s deuce. phew. sigh. relief.

alex , 7/1/12 4:11 PM

My heart was in my mouth last night! Since Rafa went out its given the lower ranked players a confidence boost and they are coming out all guns blazing, no doubt they feel they have a greater chance to progress deeper into the tournament. With Martin Cilic well he`s no pushover so I suspect another nail biter is coming our way! Bit of trivia :- what has Johnny Mac done to his hair? I noticed it at Rolland Garros, Sue Barker and Tim Henman could hardly keep their faces straight last night, their eyes were drawn to it!

mojo , 7/1/12 7:46 PM

mojo, Mac's hair's gone ginger hasn't it? In honour of Andy perhaps...;)

deuce , 7/1/12 8:01 PM

Mind you, anything Paul McCartney can do....

deuce , 7/1/12 8:03 PM

Deuce, it sure has,to begin with I thought it was my TV, lol! He looks as if he`s had a Wayne Roonie style hair transplant!

mojo , 7/1/12 8:15 PM

John McEnroe was always a red-headed guy. He used to complain about his white skin and the sun.

pennster , 7/1/12 9:22 PM

^^then he went grey, now he`s back to reddish snf has more hair than he`s had in years!

mojo , 7/1/12 11:29 PM

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