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Lukas Rosol ©
2nd round
6/28/12 1 2 3 4 5 Tot
cz  Lukas Rosol 6 6 6 2 6 3
es  Rafael Nadal 7 4 4 6 4 2
Rafael Nadal ©
  • Rosol overwhelms Nadal in Wimbledon stunner

    6/28/12 11:19 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Lukas Rosol shocks Rafael Nadal in five sets on Thursday at Wimbledon. Rosol powers his way into the third round and turns the fourth quarter of the draw upside down.

    Two-time champion Rafael Nadal is out of Wimbledon after the second round.

    Virtual unknown Lukas Rosol bludgeoned his way past the world No. 2 for a 6-7(9), 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 upset at the All-England Club on Thursday night. Rosol fired 22 aces and struck 65 winners as he prevailed in three hours and 18 minutes.

    This one was a war from the start even though it seemed like Nadal would cruise after coming out on top in a tough first set. After throwing away a break, the Spaniard fought off a set point on serve at 5-6 then saved two more on serve in a tense tiebreaker. He finally took it 11 points to nine when Rosol netted a forehand.

    Rosol had played well in the opener but he took his game to an even higher level in the second and third. The 26-year-old Czech did not get broken a single time in those frames while facing only one break point. A break in the first game of set two and in the third game of set three were enough for Rosol.

    Nadal had an easier time of things with his back against the wall in the fourth. Wimbledon's No. 2 seed regained control with a break for a 4-2 advantage and he ended the set by winning four consecutive games. With darkness about 45 minutes away, a 45-minute delay to close the roof in between sets four and five took place.

    It was an interruption that ended up benefiting the underdog, to say the least. A rejuvenated Rosol came out firing and broke Nadal in the very first game of the decider. From there Nadal never had any prayer of getting back on serve against an on-fire opponent. Rosol served it out convincingly the entire way to make the break stand up and earn by far the biggest win of his career.

    Next up for the world No. 100 is Philipp Kohlschreiber, who cruised past Malek Jaziri in straight sets. The fourth section of the draw also opens up for 2011 semifinalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in addition to Mardy Fish and perhaps unseeded threats Brian Baker, Benoit Paire, and David Goffin.

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Rosol played just like Sod! That's how you do it. Plus Like Sod, he wasn't intimidated even when Nadal bumped him on the changeover. Rosol has nerves, and balls, of steel!

chr18 , 6/28/12 11:28 PM

Once the roof came on to extend play - I thought this was over.

Rosol was serving bombs anyway and with the roof on, it just became an indoor court and Rafa could barely get his racket on the ball in Rosol's last 4 service games. The delay took all the momentum that Rafa had from winning the 4th set. Had they carried on he may have won the match.

Rafa simply has no one to blame but himself. The way he played, certainly for the 1st 3 ses was almost unforgiveable. His shots were so short, even by his standards, his ball striking was all over the place, making forehands everywhere. Ironically he served well bombing something like 19 aces which is almost unheard of for him, but it still wasn't enough.

However we all know that he is susceptible to this 'freak; type of defeat especially on the grass and hard courts. I don't believe this is a pivotal defeat in his career - I just put it simply down to a bad day at the office.

I agree with other comments - it is unfortunate as Rosol will probably get knocked out within the next two rounds and Rafa will probably destroy him next time they meet in the Masters. Make no mistake , this was an extreme one off performance fro m Rosol at best.

At least he'll have the points to gain next year, just such a disappointing result.

lebsta2 , 6/28/12 11:34 PM

closing the roof was disadvantage for nadal. court became much faster.

rfzr , 6/28/12 11:38 PM

So what grass courts are supposed to be fast if closing the roof made the court fast nadal should have adjusted

tennis2011 , 6/28/12 11:42 PM

"So what grass courts are supposed to be fast if closing the roof made the court fast nadal should have adjusted"

sorry i didn't write disclaimer for my post. i'm not nadal's fan whatsoever and was just stating the facts. thanks.

rfzr , 6/28/12 11:51 PM

Nadal was not going to beat Rosol indoors or outdoors or even underwater today. Not anywhere.

RickyDimon , 6/28/12 11:53 PM

The roof closing defintely gave the advantage to rosol as rafa lost all his momentum and looked sluggish when he came out to seve in the 5th.

This is the problem with rafa, he takes until the 4th round to warm up to grass at wimbledon. Today he played awful tennis forthe first 3 sets and that is the reason he lost today, rafa's tennis let rosol get the momentum that translated in the dazzling 5th set.

All credit to rosol tonight, that 5th set was special, BUT rafa should never have let the match get that far.

Who wants to be hat rosol will lose in straights to kolshreiber??

What a shame for rafa, thought he'd be flying high after the French open but those terrible first three sets set a tone he couldn't cme bak from. Hoepe don't have to watch rosol at wimby on sat...

willmw101 , 6/28/12 11:57 PM

First of all, commies to the rafa faithful - these freak events just happen, but what an anti-climax, just when everyone is quite rightly thinking about No. 3. Delpo and others near him will be smiling now. As for muzz, the SFs are WAY too far ahead to be even thinking about a smile.
But WOW, what about this guy Rosol who it's taken 5 years to steadily crawl up the rankings to 100. The way he held his nerve after breaking in the first game of set 5 and saw out his last two service games at lightning pace was phenomenal - instead of buckling under the tension he turned it to adrenalin and tore the court apart like a man on speed.
anyway rafans, the only way I won't be sorry about this is if muzz reaches the SFs.

alex , 6/28/12 11:58 PM

Ricky you're just plain wrong I'm afraid. Seems like you've been caught up in the drama of it all

willmw101 , 6/28/12 11:59 PM

Agree with Ricky... Rosol played lights out tennis, probably the best match in his career. Tough break for Nadal, but this happens sometimes. He can't win every match...

Bonker , 6/28/12 11:59 PM

underwater..haha good one Ricky... Congratulations to Rosol..was cheering every point he was winning.. Did not believe he could beat Rafa until the last point.

he was majestic today and what's with return of serve ? almost 100 mph. :o

It was a great match.treat to watch.Hope this guy goes deep into the tourney n beats the German next.Come on.

tomnjerry2 , 6/29/12 12:00 AM

"Nadal was not going to beat Rosol indoors or outdoors or even underwater today. Not anywhere"

generally i agree, however i think that rain break was in rosol's favor. in any case 100% deserved.

rfzr , 6/29/12 12:03 AM

Rosol never wavered from his game plan of keeping points short which was crucial for him to have his legs and serve in the 5th set.

conquistador , 6/29/12 12:09 AM

willmw - im not wrong about anything in this discussion

RickyDimon , 6/29/12 12:59 AM

Rafa's problem is that he always starts slow in a match. He's playing against an unknown player but this player had beaten Dodig in five sets and Dodig is another big server and big hitter. If I were Rafa, I would come out all guns blazing, serve big and hit big to get to dictate play when facing a player I've not met before, instead of waiting to see how my opponent
plays before reacting. This way, I would have stamped my authority earlier on in a match.

Rafa can clearly serve well and play one two punch tennis too if need be, as shown in some parts of the match today when he couldn't get his rhythm. When he played like that he held serves easily, and I wonder why he's not playing like that when he served to open set five. Instead he chose to play his groundstrokes and then got burned, not helped by serving poorly and allowed Rosol to get his racket on the ball and returned serves with interest.

He also didn't adjust his position at the back of the court, preferring to stand further away from the baseline and never adjust his position during play. His positioning is more like playing on the clay court. Doom to fail against someone like Rosol who simply won't miss anything.

luckystar , 6/29/12 1:16 AM

what mattered was the break in momentum. not the change in conditions. Rosol was winning this ANYWHERE.

RickyDimon , 6/29/12 1:17 AM

This is from a guy called DAN on the forum

"The stats show that Rafa played good enough to win were good enough for a win. This was Rafa?s best serving performance. Stats on return and serve and points won are remarkably similar and top notch. And mind you I am comparing Rafa with a guy who was playing the ?match of a generation?. Serve, ROS and both wings were on fire ? breathtaking power and awe inspiring depth. High risk tennis with a complete mockery of percentages. Almost felt like Pete Sampras was out there on fire playing his best match ever on grass This in my opinion was a match that Rafa should just let go and hopefully all his fans will let go. These type of performances are freaky and come about rarely. The only thing that hurts is that it came about against Rafa.

But hey ? remember Wimbledon 2008. If you took that in I am sure you will find a way to take this in. I am one of Rafa?s toughest critic and have expectations much much higher than most of you here and I often come under fire for this on chat. Rafa tried everything- slicing, as much variety he had, ball bashing, looping the ball, attacking backhand, forehand, middle of the court you name it. Maybe the break in momentum at the end of the 4th and roof closing was disadvantage rafa ? maybe destiny working its way to give this match to Rosol.

Rafa will be back ? wearing Red and playing on this very court in a few weeks. Reflect on RG#7 again and accept this. A loss could have hit in RG finals and that would have been devastating for me. Pick your battles, make peace with destiny and keep your optimism for the future."

isabeau77 , 6/29/12 3:05 AM

Isa, I've read that too. To me Rafa was serving well and had he not made the mistakes of playing 'loosely' and lost his serves at the start of set two and set five, we may be seeing a different result. Rafa's ground strokes were off but when he served well and followed by a one two punch, ie playing short points, he still managed to hold his serves. To me, he just had to serve well and hit big like Rosol and held his serves. We saw from the fourth set that Rosol's level would falter when pressed, Rafa made the error of losing his serve when they came back after the roof was closed. He played some losse points and that was it. It's not meant to be his title this year, too bad for him.

He should now have a longer time to rest and get ready for the Olympics. Just play aggressively from the get go, especially on grass, and serves well and I think he should be fine in defending his title. I do realize after this Wimbledon, that Rafa's game suited more for clay and the AO slow hard courts, maybe even the faster USO. The hard courts are not slippery like the grass courts so Rafa can go all out to retrieve balls. Also the bounces are not as low as on grass so they suited his game more. On grass, he has to rely on good serving and good returns and more aggressive court positions. The bounces are low so trying to take the ball early with aggressive returns may help.

luckystar , 6/29/12 4:12 AM

Totally agree w/Rick...Rafa wasn't going to win that match roof open, closed, on the Starship how, no way...Rosol just had the match of a life time!

scoot , 6/29/12 4:24 AM

The top four guys have all played some five setters at Wimbledon during their careers. I remember Nole struggled to put O. Rochus away in five sets one year and they had to stop play and wait for the roof to close during the match. Murray also struggled against Stan under closed roof. Fed had a scare from Falla and had to go five sets to defeat him, in 2010 and lost to Tsonga in five sets last year. All of them are susceptible to big hitters or to players who are playing their best matches of their lives, on grass.

Fed's game suits the grass better compared to the games of any of the other top four as he has a very good serve, good slices and he takes the ball early and plays offensively. It's no wonder he has so much success on grass all these years, just like Rafa has so much success on clay.

luckystar , 6/29/12 4:26 AM

It's easy to say that rafa should have played aggressively and as if he wasn't trying, it is just very hard to play aggressively when you can't get your hands on the ball and when you losing your feet beneath you. Rosol was either making outright winners or missing, nothing in between. The only chance rafa had was if Rosol misfired and the shock was that he didn't misfire enough.
Freakish day. Rafa was meant to lose. Nothing roger or djokovic could have done either to prevent it, if they were in rafas shoes.

Ricky is right!

isabeau77 , 6/29/12 4:38 AM

Rafa was not at his best but Lukas was simply unplayable and too fast and dominated Rafa from the start.He showed glimpses of Pete Sampras with booming serve ,fresh and incredible display of tennis skills.He was not over awed by the stature of his opponent-who was finalist in 2011at Wimbledon.
Well, that's tennis tennis and everybody has his/her day.

hrsikesa , 6/29/12 5:48 AM

Its okay guys, lets move on now.. Its a tennis match and he lost it..yes sad and a shame..but then well he has a SLAM and 2 Masters this year and the year is not done yet..Though ofcourse now that he is going to No 3 , he will have to contend with Nole often in semis which means trouble in HC season

sanju , 6/29/12 6:02 AM

I don't agree that Rafa was not going to win the fifth set had they not stopped to close the roof. Clearly the momentum was with Rafa after he won the fourth set. Rosol was beginning to miss his shots already in the fourth set. It's a pity that the match had to stop then and thereby allowing Rosol to regroup and regain his momentum. I do agree it's not meant for Rafa to win the title this time with all these interferences. That's my take.

luckystar , 6/29/12 6:04 AM

RickyDimon, 6/29/12 1:17 AM,

I have to agree with this comment from Ricky. It was the loss of momentum with stopping play to close the roof, not the change in conditions. I don't know if Rafa could have pulled it out if they had kept playing and went right to the fifth set. I do think that he would have had a better shot if they just kept going. But for all we know, maybe Rafa would have still gotten broken like he did after they resumed play.

It's amazing to read the stats from Rafa's serving posted by isabeau from the nadalnews forum. Unbelievable! That tells you that this was a one-off where this guy just came out and played like a demon. Rafa did take it to a fifth set and fought like he does. But the guy just didn't let up in the end.

We just have to let it go and move on. No one died, it's a tennis match. Very disappointing, but life goes on and so will Rafa.

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 6:08 AM

Necer expected this result, even when I saw that nadal was 2 sets to 1 down I had no doubts he would get through in 5. Guess one can never assume anything anymore. Winner of Wimbledon will most likely be between fed and murray now.

mriiidula , 6/29/12 6:33 AM nadal-bumped-opponent-changeover-203330840--ten.html

Master of mind games apparently ...

breakpoint , 6/29/12 6:56 AM

Amazing result, and I sincerely hope this wasn't just a fluke. Commiserations to Rafa, but every champion has those days, and it wasn't like Rosol was playing badly. Something tells me that we might be in for Murray's first slam here. As impressive as Nole and Fed have been, I just have a gut feeling.

samprallica , 6/29/12 7:18 AM

What was Roscol on ? Hope he got tested after the match ?

sals3 , 6/29/12 7:28 AM

with nadal out, I think tsonga's going to make a serious move in this section. a run to the SFs or Finals are not too unlikely.

tj600 , 6/29/12 7:41 AM

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Rafa made 5 consecutive Slam finals, winning 2 of them before this. He had a letdown, and its normal. He can't win every match he plays.

That said he still can't win a tournament off clay, it seems.

Baldomir , 6/29/12 7:58 AM

It was a fluke in the sense that he will never repeat that performance again. You don't lose 5 years in a row in the first round of qualifiers if you were consistent with the play he displayed against rafa.

In saying that, I agree,,,I have a feeling it's Murray's year. And good on him! The man needs a brake

isabeau77 , 6/29/12 8:28 AM

"Any coward can fight a battle when he's sure of winning; but give me the man who has pluck to fight when he's sure of losing."
(George Eliot)

isabeau77 , 6/29/12 8:39 AM

Yes am rooting for Murray now too..thought its too much a tall order for him to win it

Either Fed or Novak will be too much to overcome in the final

Lets not forget Fed has Novak as biggest obstacle in semis

My wish list: Novak defeats Fed in semi and Murray defeats Novak in final.

sanju , 6/29/12 8:54 AM

See looking at positive side of it, the pressure is now off 5 finals in a row in Wimby etc.I think winning the entire clay stretch with 4 titles was very taxing on his mind, he just was possibly too tired ..Let him rest and well see how many more slams he takes. I hope 1 more Wimby, USO,AO..but again time will tell

sanju , 6/29/12 8:57 AM

Lets not forget the entire pressure now falls back totally on Fed and Novak given that Rafa is out. More so on Fed given that his biggest nemesis is OUT, they have to deal with the pressure too.

sanju , 6/29/12 8:59 AM

Congratulations to Rosol. I am sad Rafa lost but that is sport. I am proud of the way he lost, he fought hard and the stats proved that, he was gracious after the match, as is his wont, even stopping to sign autographs on court. Of course his play could have been higher the first 3 sets but I suspect Rosol would have won anyway, it was that kind of a day for him.

Commies Rafa, rest well and come back to carry the flag for your beloved country. You are a great Champion. You will handle this set-back the same way you have handled other set-backs before.

You will be back.

We love you, Champ................look forward to seeing you on court in a few weeks time.


rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 9:19 AM

I usually get very strong vibes if I think Rafa is going to win a tournament. I got them for the 2008 and 2010 Wimbledon and the USO 2010. This time I just didn't feel him biting the cup for some reason. I hoped he would but I kept looking at the draw to see where the pitfalls might be, I never thought it would be Rosol. Khols, maybe or Murray but not Rosol.

Rosol would have troubled many top players yesterday, but Rafa wasn't playing as well as he can, let's face it. Maybe he wasn't feeling the ball. I doubt he would have seen videos of Rosol, maybe there aren't any videos of his matches. I don't know who he played before, so maybe not many recorded matches. His record of matches won is dismal so it's completely unexplainable how he can play to that standard against one of the greatest players of all time. Baffling!

It's fate. I hope Rafa bounces back and doesn't lose hope because of all the hard work he's done in the last year. Sadly, he now goes down to #3 in the rankings.

nadline , 6/29/12 9:20 AM

As I said yesterday, I cannot understand why I am not as devastated as I have been by other Rafa losses before. Hopefully this is a sign of gathering maturity on my part!

Rafa drops to #3, that is the sport, he has been there before. I must give a grudging respect to Ricky at this point:

1. He said he did not see Rafa winning in his picks, it has come to pass.
2. He said at the beginning of the year he predicts Rafa will be #3 come end of 2012. At the time I thought Ricky was mad. It may not happen of course but now he is #3 it is now a possibility he may end the year at #3. This is not a tragedy, Rafa will have to work his way up. Am so looking forward to the draw days for the coming tournaments! I ask you, who thinks Roger or Nole will be thrilled to meet Rafa in the semis?

We live in interesting times!!

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 9:29 AM

Rafa's message on his Facebook page:

"It couldn't be...This is sport! You must know how to celebrate wins and assume defeats ! Congratulations to Lukas for his great match!"

I like the phrase, "assume defeats". Rafans, let's take a page from our hero, accept Rosol was too good on the day, Rafa will bounce back!!

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 9:35 AM

Rafa's post match interview: ml?id=ZkY2g5NTqAmwoJAAx-4YNxVYKpV9LUlW

nadline , 6/29/12 9:44 AM

Rafa says: "it's not a tragedy, it's only a tennis match. There are much more important things."

I'll take that on board.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 6/29/12 9:54 AM

Again, Tiggy's wise words to the rescue:

"In a sense, this loss vindicates Nadal?s long held views about the perilous and unpredictable nature of sports, of competition, of tennis. It vindicates the careful, concerned, almost superstitious way that he approaches his early rounds against lesser players, and the way he won't name himself the favorite at Grand Slams. It?s an approach that has been ridiculed as falsely modest, but after this evening the world must agree with Rafa: Anything can happen. Today happened.

Lukas Rosol agrees. ?It?s sport, nobody?s unbeaten,? he said after beating Rafael Nadal. ?We?re just people. We?re just humans. Everybody can win.?

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 10:00 AM

this is why tennis is fun!
superstars like nadal give us brilliance every week and then an unbelievable underdog wins a stunner every five years or so...

croc , 6/29/12 10:16 AM

Tough times for me right now and Rafa's loss just adds to was not meant to be for our hero...although I personally dislike Rosol due to his spiting on court and his overall annoying behavior, he was the better player in this match and Rafa just did not have the right response...I hope this loss does not affect Rafa as he sure has so much more to offer and so many great things to look forward to...

I congratulate Rosol for his truly great performance and hope for our Rafa to think positive...things like this happen and nothing we can do about it...

I used to say that when I am happy Rafa must be winning...this time around I was unhappy and was not there to live this through with my Rafa...but I am sure Rafa will be back stronger...that is the beauty of being his fan: you can never really relax or become arrogant fan...Rafa always keeps us in this zone of having "reasonable expectations''...we his fans do not put down other players and are appreciative of everyone...Rafa is my idol and I will always look up to him...I hope he brings back the smile on my face soon...

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/29/12 10:35 AM

I'm with nadline here. I also do not feel strongly that Rafa would win this Wimbledon and that's why I've not mentioned anything about Rafa winning it. Now I've strong feeling that Rafa would win the FO, after watching how he played the whole clay season, and that's why despite that rain delay in the final, I was still confident that Rafa would win. He proved that I was right about his FO.

Looking at Rafa's Wimbledon draw this time, I know he would have a tough time ahead. Even without Rosol, Belluci, Dodig, Kohl, Dolgo, Tsonga all are dangerous players to face along the way. Belluci is big serving, Dodig too and he beat Rafa at Canada last year, Kohl always managed to get a set off Rafa and he beat Rafa at Halle; Dolgo is always a tricky opponent and Tsonga is the semifinalist here last year and he has beaten Rafa on grass at Queens last year. Then he'll have to meet one of Murray/Roddick/Ferrer/Raonic/Delpo/Cilic in the SF. The thought of him meeting them along the way to the final really made me worry for him. Alas, he's now relieved from all these, good and bad for him.

Sometimes as his fans, from his body languages, we can more or less guess whether he's playing well and with confidence or not, and whether he'll win or not. Shocking as this loss may be, Rafa is due an early loss, like the other members of the top four, if it's not here at Wimbledon, then it may be at USO or AO. He'll regroup and retool his game, I believe, and gets ready for his Olympics title defence. Vamos Rafa! All the best to you!

luckystar , 6/29/12 10:44 AM

On this occasion, I didn't take objection to Ricky's prediction that Rafa wouldn't win the title even though I did not think it would be Federer over Nadal in the final. I just didn't feel a win for Rafa coming at all. When I do, I get angry that others doubt him because I can just feel it so intensely.

Even before I saw the draw I wasn't getting the vibes but I brushed Rosol off thinking it was a gimme for Rafa. I wasn't sure where the hurdle would be but it wasn't against Djokovic or Federer. I thought that if he made the final he could beat either of them. But I was worried that he wouldn't make the final.

nadline , 6/29/12 11:02 AM

rafaisthebest, 6/29/12 10:00 AM,

Thanks for posting part of Tignor's great blog about Rafa's loss. I love the part you chose to quote. People have been giving Rafa such a hard time when he always gives respect to his opponents and never takes them for granted. He never assumes that he will get through to the final. He knows the dangers.

Today we saw why. You just never know. I have always said that the early rounds of a slam are the most dangerous ones. Any lower ranked player on a given day can come out and play the match of his life. He may never do it again, but on that day if he is playing at a high level and the higher ranked opponent can't match it, then this is what happens.

That's why Rafa will be okay with this loss. He has always known that it can happen. He has a great attitude and that is why he can continue to compete and be a great champion.

Haters will hate. We can't change that. But I am so proud of my fellow Rafa fans here. Everyone has been gracious, understanding, strong, reasonable and classy.

I am proud to be among you!

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 11:02 AM

Rafa's countenance in his presser says a lot. He doesn't even look upset nor angry. Only he knows why he lost, and the rest of us will never know. Sure Rosol was a tough opponent, but Rafa has dug himself out of deeper holes in the past.

nadline , 6/29/12 11:07 AM

Rafa will be back, he is too good not to win at least another 2 or 3 slams. This defeat puts Federer's records into context. 18 of 19 slam finals, 10 slam finals in a row, 23 consecutive semi - finals and 32 quarter finals consecutively and counting. Remarkable consistency from Federer over the years.

brothdog , 6/29/12 11:21 AM

I see people consistently slag Federer for "things he says" in the presser after disappointing losses. And people (read: Rafa fans) say he's unsporting. Today we saw what stress does to you. Roger's never bumped a player who's only crime is he's blowing him off court. And Rafa accused Rosol of wasting time-and oh how I laughed.

DanyalRasool , 6/29/12 11:39 AM

congrats to rosol. he played an amazing match. rafa did not deserve to win and his bad attitude and behaviour put me off him a bit. i think the break in momentum had a lot to do with the outcome of the 5th set. had they carried on i think rafa would have just about scraped the win. but... we'll never know

and, as far as i'm concerned... a tournament finished without an injury for rafa is always a success

Sib69 , 6/29/12 11:42 AM

I don't think Rafa was complaining about time wasting by Rosol, but rather Rosol was distracting him while he was serving. I don't find anything wrong with complaining to the umpire about that, just like it's not wrong for players to complain to umpires that their opponents take too long to serve.

Rafa is human, he has his temper too, just like Fed who argue with umpire about some line calls, who complained about hawkeye; just like Delpo being unsportsmanlike and refuses to shake hand with the umpire; etc and etc. Also there are players out there who take too long to challenge, to serve or whatever, Rafa is not the only one guilty of such.

Everyone of them, the top four included, are guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviors, so Rafa is not alone there. No need to bash him but spare others.

luckystar , 6/29/12 12:00 PM

That was absolutely stunning!

OnTheRise , 6/29/12 12:06 PM

None of the greats can say that he never suffered an upset at a grand Slam. Rafa is no exception. I have already said that Rafa could hang the racket and spend the rest of his days soaking in a pool in his backyard in Mallorca and still he would have done more than enough to earn his place among the Gods of Tennis. So we don't stop being devoted fans just because of a loss. I'm sure Rafa will go on and provide many joys to his fans in the future.
The fact that anyone in the top 100 can have an incredible day and beat anyone else in that group was proven today, and gives us a better idea of how amazing and incredible the feats of the men at the very top are, particularly Roger. His consistency is nothing short of a miracle. Now that Rafa is out, I hope Roger goes all the way and takes his trophy back.

grafight , 6/29/12 12:17 PM

sabs , 6/29/12 12:19 PM

sabs , 6/29/12 12:20 PM

, 6/29/12 10:44 AM

No, you predicted RAFA will win three consecutive Channel slams.
Including 2012.
Please refer you arguments with Twinge during FO.

And you also claimed that RAFA is the king of grass and you dont see anyone else beating him.

sabs , 6/29/12 12:24 PM

Isabeau77 @3.05am - thanks for sharing DAN's post - it was a great post and made me feel better.

ritb @9.19am - lovely post and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

natashao @ 10.35am - great post and I am sorry you are going through a rough time right now.

NNY @11.02am - lovely post and I agree that we are lucky to have such great fellow Rafans to share our highs and lows with. It has made this loss easier to take.

I am proud of our Rafa whether it is in victory or in defeat and although I am disappointed I am strangely calm about it all and like many of you have said it is almost like it was not meant to be.

At the end of the day Rosol deserved the win by playing extraordinary tennis - he will remember this day forever and rightly so as beating Rafa takes something very special. Done and dusted.

Thanks to all non Rafa fans for their kind words. As for the others - enjoy Rafa's loss if that is what makes you happy as you don't get the chance very often do you?

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/29/12 12:30 PM

I found this on another site and thought it was worth sharing:

Rafa will bounce back from this?no doubt. As a French sports journalist wrote a couple of years ago:

?Federer is the tennis player we all want to be, Nadal is the MAN we all want to be?. This is precisely why he will come back and win again and again and again?

schatz , 6/29/12 1:13 PM

sabs, I still maintained that Rafa would win his third channel slam in the future. This clay season, he had won four out of five clay titles so it would be an uphill task for him to win Wimbledon given his draw. To me, had he skipped Madrid, he would be in a better position to compete here at Wimbledon.

Rafa is the new king of grass, after Fed. Until somebody overtakes him in the number of Wimbledon titles, he remains the new king. Of course Rafa can be beaten on grass as Nole did beat him last year, still Nole has to win more or reaches more finals to take over from Rafa the new king of grass title. Are you shocked that Rafa was beaten by a low ranked player here? Well even the old king was beaten here at the QF stage two years in a row, and the old king have better credentials than the new king, so to me the new king was having an off day yesterday. Look to him to improve here next year.

Don't try to catch me for what I said, I'm not god so I can be wrong sometimes and I'm not embarrassed about that. Don't try to find fault with me and try to pick up a quarrel here.

luckystar , 6/29/12 1:15 PM

^^^ Ok, no quarrel intended.
Your argument with Twinge was a lengthy one, so it came to my mind.

sabs , 6/29/12 1:32 PM

Rafa is an excellent grass court player, but I don't think two titles from five Wimbledon finals don't merit the superlative "king". His last Wimbledon victory came more than two years ago already. Not just that, he only has three grass titles overall, and has lost in the QF stages of his other grass court tournaments consistently. Since you say "king of grass", than you have to take into account the other minor grass tournaments where Rafa has not fared too well, and not just Wimbledon.

Nole has to win more or reach moe finals to take over from Rafa the new king of grass title? When did Rafa surpass Fed in terms of Wimbledon titles and finals to become the new king of grass in the first place?

Baldomir , 6/29/12 1:48 PM

"Look to him to improve here next year. "

It depends what pressure Rafa is under as to whether another Channel Slam is in the offing.
I'm pretty sure dealing with the Novak problem had its effects coming into this tournament.
Clearly its one of the most difficult things to do in all of sport & an amazing acheivement to do it once never mind twice.
The challenge of Novak will probably increase at RG, at least somewhat and that will impact Wimbledon in a way it hadn't 2008 2010.

Twinge , 6/29/12 1:53 PM

^^^But he could still do it of course :)

Twinge , 6/29/12 2:00 PM

One other thing.
Had Rafa got through this early round crises he probably would have got to the final and won it. At least there was a very good chance.
It goes without saying that his form would improved match by match.
Again I think the clay court season took more out of him than it would have appeared that it had.

Twinge , 6/29/12 2:12 PM


torres9 , 6/29/12 2:34 PM

Rafa will never be known as the king of grass. Kings of any surface do not lose in the second round of a tournament and only win 2 of 5 finals played at that tournament. Try winning 6 of 7 finals at wimbledon and 5 of 7 titles at Halle and then we can talk about Rafa being king of grass. Roger is still the king of the grass court, he will prove this again this year. 2 quaret final losses against top 8 players are alot different from a second round loss at the hands of someone who is ranked 100 in the world!

brothdog , 6/29/12 2:39 PM

Yes, Fedfans, it's your day. Make the most of it.

Whilst you are busy hating Rafa and filling yourselves up with bile, Rafa is probably somewhere hot relaxing.

nadline , 6/29/12 2:43 PM

Twinge, I also think that this clay season took a lot out of of him. He's already 26, we cannot expect him to be the same like when he's at 22 in 2008. IMO 2008 remains his best year not in terms of no.of titles but in terms of peak performances.

Baldomir, I mentioned that Rafa is the new king of grass because he had won Wimbledon twice and reached the finals five times, the last of which as recent as last year. Fed had not won a grass title since 2009, and so I called him the old king. Well the old king may reign again if he wins Wimbledon this year.

luckystar , 6/29/12 2:45 PM

No hate here, just don't want to hear crazy statments like Rafa is the ''king of grass'' while Rafa dominated the French Roger dominated Wimbledon. Roger made the finals of RG 5 times, won once and has won 13 clay court tournaments and Rafa has won just 3 grass court tournaments in his whole carrer!? and your telling me he is the king of grass!? Does that make Fed the king of clay!? Come on, he lost easily to novak last year.

brothdog , 6/29/12 2:48 PM

Rafa is the King of natural surfaces, grass and clay, like luckystar says.

nadline , 6/29/12 2:52 PM

^^^ what is 10 clay titles compared to 36? Well 3 grass titles compared to 11 didn't look too bad isn't it? Rafa is still winning on clay at FO while Fed hasn't won any grass title since 2009. Somebody else has won the recent grass titles so what's wrong with calling Fed the old king? He's still king after all!

luckystar , 6/29/12 2:57 PM

The king of Clay no doubt, the king of natural surfaces? We are just making thing up now surely!? I can't see Rafa winning another slam until the French next year, only time will tell us that though.

brothdog , 6/29/12 3:05 PM

It's absolutely pathetic how Fed fans are being accused of hatred albeit none of us are gloating over Nadal's loss. I suppose these ridiculous statements are just a ploy to start an argument which will help to blunt the effects of the hurt some are feeling. I can't help but quote Plato in response to what I see happening here, viz:

Those of them which are of an abstergent nature, and purge the whole surface of the tongue, if they do it in excess, and so encroach as to consume some part of the flesh itself, like potash and soda, are all termed bitter.
-- Plato, Timaeus

Also, I see remarks ridiculing Fed fans on another site. I'll ask this question, why do you even bother to read that site, much more post there if you hate it so much? The answer is clear, misery loves company. It's laughable coz some of you are scratching the Fed fans' backs big time when you post your comments over there. LOL.

With respect to Nadal being the 'new king of grass', well, until he wins 6 Wimbledons before Fed retires, or before Nadal's career ends, then, I suppose it's Fed who is the present king of grass; finals, don't count, it's the "W" that matters. Overall, Sampras is the 'king of grass'.

scoretracker , 6/29/12 3:10 PM

Wimbledon 2012 has lost it's sparkle with Rafa.

nadline , 6/29/12 3:10 PM

I'll say that again.

Wimbledon 2012 has lost it's sparkle without Rafa.

nadline , 6/29/12 3:11 PM

No, Rafa is not the King of Grass, at least I don't think so, but I just want you guys to see how irritating it is when you call Federer the GOAT.

nadline , 6/29/12 3:17 PM

shit, it was such a shock this morning to read the news!
And yet, as nadline said, I just didn't think Rafa was going to take this Wimby... nevertheless nobody could have expected him losing in such an early round.. but hey.. this is sport, right?
I'm rooting for Muzza now!
Too bad Rafa.. just relax and get some well deserved holidays.

Shireling , 6/29/12 3:18 PM

Wimbledon 2012 hasn't lost its sparkle, what nonsense. In fact, it came alive with the upset yesterday!

There is no king of grass now - that title belonged to a certain Pete Sampras, and will do so until we see a grass court player as good as or better than him.

samprallica , 6/29/12 4:15 PM

^^^Rafa puts the glitz in tennis.

nadline , 6/29/12 4:40 PM

Rafa puts the glitz in tennis?? Wow, this is too much, i wont miss his time wasting and forever pulling his pants out of his backside! I think Fed fans have more of an argument about the GOAT debate than any rafa fan does about the king of grass. Muzza, Federer final, Fed to tie petes record.

brothdog , 6/29/12 5:09 PM

Wimbledon shot themselves in the foot by stopping the match for 45 mins when Rafa had momentum, because they've now lost the star attraction. A lot of people who bought tickets for the 2nd week and very disappointed that Rafa won't be there.

Rafa sys the umpire said somethings weren't right: creen

nadline , 6/29/12 5:15 PM

Stop creating sob story.Its tennis and better player won on his day.He served brilliant giving glimpses of Pete Sampras. Rafa has moved on but u r still carrying the defeat in your mind.

hrsikesa , 6/29/12 5:30 PM

draw has opened now up in the bottom section now with nadal and Raonic gone

tennis2011 , 6/29/12 5:42 PM

Haha, you know what wasn't right? Rafa bumping into Rosol, who stopped and made way for him to pass. Rafa complaining about Rosol moving about as Rafa was serving. Rafa complaining about Rosol's time wasting-that made my day-when Rosol moved through his points and (courtesy his aces) games extremely quickly. Am I missing something?

DanyalRasool , 6/29/12 6:33 PM

I doubt that Nadal's exit is a financial concern to Wimbledon, coz the tickets for the tournament were purchased way in advance regardless of who would end up as the finalists. Additionally, don't kid yourself that only Nadal puts the *glitz* in this or any other tournament. Yes, his presence does add to the attractiveness of the tournament for his fans, but let's not get carried away that the ticket-holders are only Nadal fans. If one is a true tennis fan, then good quality tennis is the main focus and not a particular player. If that were the case, then the paying fans would wait until the second week to purchase their tickets.

I suppose these rationalizations make Nadal's loss yesterday easier to handle. If yes, and it is a form of catharsis, then keep on talking, blaming and lashing out at Fed fans, (I noticed some Nadal posters have mentioned Fed fans in each of their posts) and demeaning the significance that the remaining players' presence contribute to the tournament, because the *gliz8 is now gone.

scoretracker , 6/29/12 6:52 PM

Not a financial consideration, just a lot of disappointed ticket holders.

nadline , 6/29/12 7:51 PM

DanyalRasool, 6/29/12 6:33 PM

Brain maybe?

hawkeye , 6/29/12 8:51 PM

Rafa didn't complain about time wasting, but about some distraction by Rosol during Rafa's service game. None of the parties involved wished to disclose anything further. Also Rafa did apologise to Rosol for bumping into him, according to what I read, so what's wrong with that?

luckystar , 6/29/12 9:40 PM

Just want to echo what nny proud of my fellow Rafans on this site, so proud.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 9:50 PM

Hawkeye, you had me in splits. How do you do it?

On a completely different note, of course, you had no answer. To make up for your discomfiture in argument, you came up with an insult. It was a hollow one, like a pitiful animal whose master, Rafa, had just been bludgeoned away.

DanyalRasool , 6/29/12 9:57 PM

Woke up this morning, switched on BBC World TV and Rafa's loss (not Rosol's win) was second headline news item. ..................not sports news, not regional news, World News, second only to the Eurozone leaders' meeting.

Rafa is no longer just a rock star, he's now an icon.................

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 10:12 PM

luckystar, 6/29/12 9:40 PM

Don't bother trying to explain "the bump", Fedfans' opinions on that are already fixed, so won't matter what you say. Let them enjoy themselves, God knows they haven't had many opportunities recently, hey?

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 10:24 PM

The difference between Fed and Rafa, Fed still got the job done when he looked down and out. A true icon, legend, every victory adds to his legacy and records, some that will not be broken for a long, long time. Last time he lost before the 3rd round? Rolad Garros 2003! Consistency is notinh short of a miracle.

brothdog , 6/29/12 10:53 PM

I said on another blog that I did not like Rosol and zare asked me me why. At the time I could not put my finger on it but now I know why this guy just gave me bad vibes: -Shocked-Wimbledon&pid=3918

Choice quote:

"I was told by well-placed sources on tour that Rosol is a real jerk, widely disliked by his fellow players. A suggestion of that was visible after the match when he tossed his racquet toward at the net (and it deflected over it) as he moved forward to shake hands with Nadal. That Nadal would shake hands and then step over and pick up the racquet and hand it to Rosol was a sign of what a decent guy he is ? his true character coming out despite the gut-wrenching disappointment of the moment."

Something about Rososl yesterday made it out like he had an axe to grind with Rafa...............very strange.

Why does Rafa run into these jerks? Soderling, now Rosol..................quite disturbing.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 10:55 PM

brothdog, 6/29/12 10:53 PM

Okay, I have kept out of this for as long as I can.............

Brothdog, why do you feel the need to compare Rafa to Fed? Do you need to do that to accentuate Fed's greatness, it can't stand on it's own merits? Or is it for your own benefit, to sooth lingering doubts about Fed's greatness? What?

Because tbh, I do not see the need..............

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 11:00 PM

Greg Rusedski's take: 12-rafael-nadal

Choice quote:

"I'm not too worried about Nadal, because mentally he's an absolute animal. Everyone was questioning how he'd come back after losing out to Djokovic in that six-hour Australian Open final, and he went on to claim every clay-court title apart from Madrid. Every time you doubt him, especially with the injury problems he's had, he seems to bounce back stronger. He'll get himself focused for the Olympics on the grass courts at Wimbledon, and I'm sure he's going to want to make up for it at the Games and then the US Open."

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 11:08 PM

OK brothdog, that is the difference, then so be it. At least Rafa does not go out after having match points two years in a row. So be happy, with what Roger has achieved and let us Rafans be happy with what Rafa has achieved.

vmk1 , 6/29/12 11:09 PM

Nice piece about Rusedski's quote.This guy has dealt with far worse and has come back to climb the pedestal of tennis. The early Wimby loss, I feel would certainly spur him to a better 2nd half of the year with him being fresh this year. Something which he has hitherto not enjoyed owing to going deep in the clay courts wimby stretch every year. Lets just wait for the USO. Good things await us there

vmk1 , 6/29/12 11:13 PM

What lingering doubts? It just seemed to me like Rafa gave up last night, things did'nt quite go his way and he threw his toys out the pram. Maybe if he knuckled down and did less of the barging into Rosol at the change overs he could have turned it round and beat him. Rafa fans always compare his records to Federer fan's its all we hear about so i was just mentioning some of Feds achievments, i'm sorry if that upsets you it was not my intention.

brothdog , 6/29/12 11:14 PM


rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 11:15 PM

Buttdog, punchbag not get "job done" at slam in more than two years ago.

Punchbag must be more happy than you that Rafa gone. Last time punchbag win slam with Rafa? 2007.

Too funny. You so sad little man take joy at others losses.

hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:18 PM

Buttdog, at least Rafa no cry like baby during trophy presentations when lose like punchbag do. Haha

Many video show punchbag with sad RF cap pull over eyes in interview after he lose.

hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:23 PM

The "amen" in my post of 6/29/12 11:15 PM was meant for vmk1's post of 11:13pm.

Oh please brothdog, don't flatter yourself.................nothing you say can upset me my dear, not at this point. My post to you was more in exasperation than anger. I am not going to comment on your characterisation of Rafa's demenour during his match to Rosol, waste of time.

Just to say, enjoy Rafa's loss................that is one constant we can all agree will take place everytime Rafa loses, you Fedfans just enjoy it so!

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 11:23 PM

Lol, thanks hawkeye i always enjoy your irrational posts when everyone is actually just trying to have a normal conversation and giving there own opinions. Roger doesn't need to sweat Rafa this week as he's already home. Last time Nadal won a non - clay major, US Open 2010?? He's meant to be at his peak. Rafa won't win another slam until FO 2013.

brothdog , 6/29/12 11:25 PM

brothdog, 6/29/12 11:14 PM

You right this post is normal for you. You say you not troll but these words betray you.

You just one of many fedbot trolls. Not like sky, bharata and others.

Feel sorry for you. You must be sad person. Try not to cry when Nole dismiss punchbag. Hahaha

hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:29 PM

First of all there is no doubt Nadal will be rested and training harder than ever (especially on grass) over the next few weeks. So whoever his first opponent in the olympics is, he will be destroyed off the court.

although luckystar kept on asking: why doesn't he play more aggressive, etc. (which makes sense) I guess Nadal's just not comfortable with it. The percentage play was to wait until this guy stopped firing winners and aces. This strategy works 99% of the time (except against Djokovic and Murray; then Nadal goes up a gear) On grass you have to take initiative. Benneteau pushed Federer to the brink just now by taking the initiative.

from what i saw Nadal hit a lot of slices and wasn't getting much depth and Rosol rightly punished him for it.

Bharata , 6/29/12 11:31 PM

At least Rafa has won Majors of some kind..........ahem, as recently as 2 weeks ago in fact. Oh wait a minute, it was a historical major to boot! You are seriosly going to ask us to believe that is a minor feat, because it was on clay? You are seriously deranged..............

Why don't you tell us when Roger last won a Slam.............of any kind? I see you conveniently ignore that part of hawkeye's post.....................tsk, tsk

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 11:31 PM

i just noticed too, buttdog!! brilliant!! Why does Roger crying have anything to do with what has been said? Have you never cried? i feel sorry for you if that is the case. Roger showing emotion shows that he cares, that is why his fans love him, he always gives his all and if he loses he is sad, there is nothing wrong with that.

brothdog , 6/29/12 11:31 PM

Rosol do what punchbag cannot. So take pleasure with that. Is best fedbots can do now.


hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:32 PM

that is why his fans love him, he always gives his all and if he loses he is sad, there is nothing wrong with that.

brothdog, 6/29/12 11:31 PM

Well, try to show him love by talking about him and his mighty accomplishments, without comparing him to Rafa..................just saying.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/12 11:36 PM

most of what hawkeye says should be ignored. its irrelvant, did i ever mention at any point that it was a minor achievement? no i did not. im just saying he's at his peak and struggling to get the job done outside of Rolad Garros, Fed at 26 won everythin apart from Roland garros. Please hawkeye, don't feel sorry for me, thing really are not so bad. What with Roger progressing into the second week and all. You best pray that Novak is able to beat Fed on the grass, as nobody in the other half of the draw will be able to stop him.

brothdog , 6/29/12 11:42 PM

It's disgusting to see some people coming here to stink up this thread with their vitriolic, putrid, hateful comments. Then making up garbage about how we go on tennis-x to torment Fed fans. Way to try to turn it around! Rafa fans are almost an extinct species on that site and there is good reason for it.

Nice for some to come on here and trash us and try to disrupt our wonderfully respectful conversations.

Some people are so dreadfully miserable in their lives that they have nothing better to do but try over and over to instigate and character assassinate on this site.

Again to my Rafa fans - you are the best! Loyal and classy in victory and defeat, just like Rafa. He will be fine and so will we.

God forbid, we ever get like some of the Fed fans! Please never let us stoop that low!

Hang in there! I told you all that the haters would be out in force. We need to hold our heads high. We knew that some of them would try to take it to us because that's what they do. This is a time when we are kind of vulnerable because we are naturally disappointed. So kick them when they are down is the motto of some.

Just know that they are losers who have nothing worthwhile in their life but to come on here and stomp all over us and Rafa.

Keep the faith! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 11:44 PM

^^ it's true, I don't think Federer could do what Rosol did and beat Nadal over 5. Not because he lacks the talent but the pressure Nadal puts on an aggressive player is inredible. It was a one in a hundred performance by Rosol.

These top 4 guys go up in every Slam against guys who have absolutely nothing to lose . I don't know how they handle the pressure of being expected automatically to win all the time.

Bharata , 6/29/12 11:46 PM


Thanks for what you are doing. It's really the best way to deal with the haters. At least it can give us some laughs.

You are right to throw it right back in their faces and do it with humor and sarcastic wit.

We really need you now!

You are doing a great job! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 11:51 PM

Bharata, 6/29/12 11:46 PM,

Thanks so much for this comment. You are one of a few Fed fans who have been so decent. You didn't have to say this, but I thank you for doing so.

It's great that we are fortunate to have some genuinely great Fed fans who know how to enjoy his tennis and still be respectful to Rafa fans.

Thank you! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/12 11:53 PM

Buttdog I only give you what you want with troll post like brothdog, 6/29/12 11:14 PM

You start this talk. I just mirror back same old garbage as you. No I really not think you happy with troll post like that.

You sad.

Punchbag can only get job done in slams against never weres which is all has been can do. Haha

hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:53 PM

Buttdog I only give you what you want with troll post like brothdog, 6/29/12 11:14 PM

You start this talk. I just mirror back same old garbage as you. No I really not think you happy with troll post like that.

You sad.

Punchbag can only get job done in slams against never weres which is all has been can do. Haha

hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:55 PM

Bharata you true tennis fan and fed fan. Which more like you, sabs, OTR and sky. Sorry to have to say ugly troll words but is all buttdog and dan-da-ashoool can understands.

hawkeye , 6/29/12 11:58 PM

no you dont hawkeye you get personal, phrases like buttdog and punchbag are words that i would never use, its disrespectful.....nativenewyorker i think you need someone to explain the meanings of humor and sarcastic wit to you, because hawkeye is neither of those things. just rude, but its fine i don't mind, i find it funny and he keeps me amused so its all good. half the things i say are to wind you up to see what garbage you will come out with next. no rafas out will you just not bother to watch Wimbledon? As it's pretty clear your not really interested in tennis.

brothdog , 6/30/12 12:01 AM

"Rafa is the King of natural surfaces, grass and clay, like luckystar says."

lolz, organic.

rfzr , 6/30/12 12:07 AM


Let me ask you - why are you on this thread? What is your purpose? I would say it's to rub Rafa's loss in our faces.

I actually think that hawkeye is much nicer than he could be. To make fun of you guys in a lighthearted way and throw your comments back at you, is mild compared to what I have read here today from some rabid Fed fans.

You are just trying to make us feel even worse. Why aren't you on another thread about Fed? No you are here. That tells me everything I need to know.

Also, I really don't need your assumptions about whether Rafa fans will continue to watch or not. You don't know me at all. So don't presume to think you do.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 12:12 AM

thanks - brothdog, i have to admit at 5-5 in the 4th set tiebreaker about 2 hours ago, I also didn't think I would be able to stomach any more tennis until the inevitable Murray-Djokovic final...I think we all expected Rosol's level to drop a bit like Benneteau did in the 5th but the guy somehow shut it all out.

Bharata , 6/30/12 12:18 AM

Garbage in, garbage out buttlog. Hahaha

You no tennis fan. Just fedbot. Enjoy losses by others. Just enjoy tennis and wins by your favorite. You admit to your garbage.

Read posts from real tennis fans who cheer for fed and you can learn to do. I think so. Then I gladly go away. Maybe you notice I only post when loser post garbage like you.

You speak garbage but cannot take it. Only play by your troll rules?? Haha I not think so.

You wish LOL.

Let see you post garbage next Friday after SF. You and punchbag can pull your RF caps over eyes. Haha

hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:21 AM

Garbage in, garbage out buttlog. Hahaha

You no tennis fan. Just fedbot. Enjoy losses by others. Just enjoy tennis and wins by your favorite. You admit to your garbage.

Read posts from real tennis fans who cheer for fed and you can learn to do. I think so. Then I gladly go away. Maybe you notice I only post when loser post garbage like you.

You speak garbage but cannot take it. Only play by your troll rules?? Haha I not think so.

You wish LOL.

Let see you post garbage next Friday after SF. You and punchbag can pull your RF caps over eyes. Haha

hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:23 AM

i was'nt referring to you with the final comment native, i was referring to hawkeye. i wasn't persumeing anything. I'm on this thread because i enjoy talking about tennis. RITB and nadline are reasonable and i like what they have to say and i enjoy getting involved. I have seen nothing on here from rabid fed fans, i dont chat on other sites so i dont know what you are referring to. none of my comments are personal or meant to be intended that way. im just giving my opinion on a sport that i enjoy to play and watch very much. You rafans take it so personally, i don't understand as to why, it's not life or death. Fed has been through enough hard defeats so i know what it feels like to be on the losing side. i'm just giving an opinion, nothing more.

brothdog , 6/30/12 12:25 AM

By a way buttlog, another troll you do that I not do is make bad insult post about punchbag if he lose next week. Too much respect for his real fans unlike you.

Sad little buttlog. Hahaha

hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:27 AM

It's actually funny some of the comments written here, 'fed fans' this, 'rafa fans' that, hasn't anyone got anything better to do or anything nice to say?

rbennett , 6/30/12 12:29 AM

i'm sorry if that upsets you it was not my intention. brothdog, 6/29/12 11:14 PM

the things i say are to wind you up to see what garbage you will come out with next brothdog, 6/30/12 12:01 AM

Well which one is it? Not mean to upset or to wind up. You contradict self. Definition of a troll AND hypocrite. Worse kind of sad sad fedbot. Not real fan of tennis or punchbag.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:37 AM

hawkeye, you know nothing. i'm done with you, you are a waste of my time. it's bed time im playing golf in the morning then looking forward to watching the tennis in the afternoon. i hope you enjoy the rest of your evening slamming fed fans, i'm looking forward to seeing how Fed get's on in the second week too....... better than Rafa i'd imagine ;-) last little dig there........ i know you love it!

brothdog , 6/30/12 12:40 AM

''i'm sorry if that upsets you it was not my intention'' was when i was talking to RITB, not you. I don't care if i upset you hawkeye, you don't matter.

brothdog , 6/30/12 12:45 AM

Haha you hypocrite again.

its fine i don't mind, i find it funny and he keeps me amused so its all good 6/30/12 12:01 AM

....and now...
i'm done with you, you are a waste of my time

Haha which one is it??

You keep changing your mind. Too funny!!!

hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:47 AM

Haha you hypocrite again.

its fine i don't mind, i find it funny and he keeps me amused so its all good 6/30/12 12:01 AM

....and now...
i'm done with you, you are a waste of my time

Haha which one is it??

You keep changing your mind. Too funny!!!

hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:48 AM

Haha you keep doing it!!!

I thought you go to bed for golf???

Dream little fedbot dreams where punchbag might actually win.


hawkeye , 6/30/12 12:54 AM

I have to laugh at the exaggerations set forth with respect to 'rabid Fed fans coming here to stink up this thread'. Who gave whom entitlement to this or any other thread on this site. We are ALL posters commenting on the matches. Unfortunately, some rafa fans feel a special entitlement to say whatever they want and expect the Fed fans to keep quiet. That's bullying of the worst kind.

When a Fed fan comments, he/she has to deal with retorts and over-inflated nonsense from several rafa fans simultaneously. a one on one is unheard of. The above posts are testament to what actually goes on here.

To reiterate what I mentioned on the other thread, whenever Nadal loses, the hurt and anger has to go some place, and it's usually directed towards the Fed fans. We are accused of gloating, and other disgraceful behavior. I'd like to see quotes of where this has happened. I doubt those quotations can be produced coz there are none, and it's the usual sensationalism repeated over and over. The violin needs a rest coz the strings are wearing thin.

It's not likke Rafa fans don't get on Fed threads and spew garbage. A select bunch do it all of the time. The chief offenders are the biggest gripers, and the ones pointing fingers. They stink up the threads all by themselves and make comments about Tennis-x repeatedly. Check the other thread it's all there. One mentioned she'll be going over to Tennis-x to check out the posts there. How very infantile.

I laugh at the statement that the Rafa fans discussions are wonderful and peaceful. I suppose selective memory is involved here. Let's take a look at the umpteen times that discord prevails among the clan. Oh no, they are such a respectful and classy bunch .... yeah in their dreams.

It was obvious since Nadal's loss that some were just looking for an excuse to blast Fed fans as they needed to vent their hurt. It's so sad that there's not a healthier way for them to channel their anger. Why does it always have to be Fed fans who are blamed albeit we keep away? So many Fed posters have left, but that's not enough. I suppose we all need to do so, and even if that were so, we'd still be blamed for trumped up comments. Without Fed fans on here life is pretty boring.

Has anyone seen a Fed fan encouraging another Fed fan to blast the Rafa fans?However, sad to say, the Rafa fans are encouraged to attack the Fed fans en masse, with requests, viz," we need you more than ever now."These are people who love to do battle and the more involved on their side, the merrier it all is for them. The two most active in such behavior are the two who find it impossible to leave Fed fans out of their comments. They write to instigate. And, Strrength in numbers, will do it for them. Fed fans are being goaded into a war and accused of doing what the two most vocal Rafa fans do on this site. They cite their own behavior as to how they would react to a Fed loss by projecting it upon the Fed fans. It's a pathetic mess.

I expect o see the usual scathing remarks from the famous duo. scratch, scratch my back -- theme of the mutual admiration society.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 2:16 AM

brothdog, 6/29/12 10:53 PM

Scorerracker how you think first few sentences of above post come across?

Try be little more fair and objective. Both sides guilty here

hawkeye , 6/30/12 2:52 AM

the things i say are to wind you up to see what garbage you will come out with next brothdog, 6/30/12 12:01 AM

How about this one scoretracker? Even admit to trolling to get reaction?!

Well he get reaction and now do not like. Give me break.

Sorry to offend. You sound reasonable.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 3:02 AM

Hawkeye, to be truthful, this nonsense began yesterday with the usual nonsensical stuff about Fed fans will come on and start gloating. The two posters involved mentioned derogatory statements about Fed fans in all of their posts. At that time, not one Fed fan gloated over Rafa's loss. To me, it was the usual invitation begging for a war to start with the Fed fans and folr them to to come on here and say something . That's kid's stuff. Just read the other thread and you'll see what I'm talking about.

What I find to be the most childish is for the Rfafan requesting you to stick around, coz that person wants for you to help fight her battles. If someone has the gumption to start a war, then they should have the guts to handle the bullets coming back at them.. however, in that case, others are asked to do battle for them. What do you think of those comments, coz you were the one being told 'we need you now more than ever'?

I don't come here to fight with people. i've made sure that I don't even mention Nadal, but sometimes it's difficult to ignore the deliberate taunts.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 3:03 AM

Scoretracker, I believe fedfans were fair.and respectful on that thread which why I no post on that thread.

This thread different though. sooner I not have to post this crap not soon enough for me.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 3:20 AM

NNY only take exception after buttlog BS and I not mind do dirty work so other not have to so is ok for NYY to ask. Nothing wrong with not want to stoop to gutter and I not see where NNY do this.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 3:38 AM


The troll is back and of course is quoting my words. This is just the latest installment of some ongoing hatespeak that this person has engaged in before you were here.

This one always has to have the last word and her most spiteful words are about me You notice that this person doesn't address me, just makes it clear that I am the bad guy one more time.

Same old tune, same old tune. A troll just here to disrupt, instigate and incite. Did it before, will do it again and for some reason I am a chief target. I am this horrible person that must be banished from the face of the earth, or at least hopefully, from this site.

I am trying but it's hard to ignore the repeated attempts to goad me. See what happens, I say something, this person escalates the rhetoric.

Also, this person is no Fed fan! Believe me this has all been done before. It's bizarre to see someone so obsessed with what I say here. Loves to quote my comments on and on, but hates on me something fierce.

I am sure a psychiatrist could make something out of it, but I am just baffled by someone who comes back over a period of time and is determined to start the hatefest all over again.

I appreciate your support, but it won't stop this person from the reign of terror and hatred.

We do have real Fed fans here who have shown that they can be respectful towards Rafa and his fans. They are real tennis fans. I am happy they are here.

Now watch, keep waiting and then the next venomous attack will come. It always does. I have ignored previous ones, but after a while I feel enough is enough.

Thanks for all that you do. We need some levity around here! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 4:09 AM

I'm disappointed with how brothdog behave here. Why's he laughing at Rafa when Rafa won a slam as recent as two weeks ago, whilst Fed had not won any since AO2010. While Rafa continues to win slams on clay, Fed wins no slams on any surface. Fed almost got knocked out by Benneteau (Benneteau ran out of steam in the end) and yet brothdog behave as if Fed has already won the title here. Why stink up the joint here, why don't brothdog goes back to that Fed thread and congrats your fellow Fed fans about Fed's narrow escape? He may not be so fortunate the next time.

luckystar , 6/30/12 4:22 AM

Oh Fed also lost in the third round in FO2004 when he's no.1, so I don't know why brothdog is boasting here. I've no doubt that had Fed met Rosol instead of Benneteau here, Fed would have lost and borthdog would have shut up and shun this site for good. Just count Fed to be lucky that Benneteau ran out of steam and might have injured himself when he slipped and fell.

Rafa didn't give up and fought till the end, if not the final
set won't be 6-4,

luckystar , 6/30/12 4:43 AM

Shall I remind brothdog that as recent as USO2011, Wimbledon2011 when Fed was two sets to nil up against his opponents in the SFs both time, how he 'fought' and lost in five sets in the end? Clearly Benneteau ran out of steam allowing Fed to fight back, if not how would he had lost the last set 6-1? Unlike Rafa vs Rosol, Rosol had a good 30 mins to regroup, even took a shower, while they closed the roof, so Rafa's momentum was halted after the fourth set. The score for that Rafa/Rosol match was close, except the fourth set; Fed/Benneteau, clearly Benneteau gave up on the third set and concentrated his efforts in the fourth, and then really ran out of steam in the fifth.

luckystar , 6/30/12 4:54 AM


Be very careful what you say here! I said the same thing about Fed fans coming on this Rafa thread and stinking it up! Then look what happened! Of course, I agree with you. It's only when Rafa loses that it happens.

Thanks for standing up for Rafa and reminding everyone that he not only just one another RG, but that he broke Borg's record and made history. So we can be happye and grateful for that and accept that at Wimbledon it was not to be.

I am also surprised that brothdog would gloat, considering the scare that Fed fans had today. He was two sets down and had to fight back to win it in five. I would be careful about bragging too much. He's far from a cinch to win this thing.

Oh and we know it's been two and a half years since Fed won a slam. That may account for some of the desperation regarding Fed fans.

As you said, if Fed gets behind again, he may not be so lucky.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 6:51 AM

Why are Fed fans behaving as if hes already won the title? Have you guys forgotten that Nole is still around lurking in the semis

It wont be easy to overcome Nole as he has lost to Nole 6 out of last 7 times

So just dont get too ahead and take it step by step though I agree if he beats Nole n reaches final he will win it as Tsonga and Murray will choke

Lucky- Does Olympics give points? How much for title, finals, semis etc? I am asking as those points can shuffle rankings too

sanju , 6/30/12 7:51 AM

WOW,This is absolutely UNREAL.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 7:55 AM

Here we go again.

Boring Rafa is angry the other guy is 'time-wasting' when the guy is the greatest time-waster of all time. Pretty sums up the guy's DIVA character.

It just shows how deluded Rafans here in believing the guy is humble. Humble my arse, and yes, it's hotter than Rafa's.


torres9 , 6/30/12 8:27 AM

Here we go again! Torres better start worrying about your Fed, who got the scare of his life yesterday. Why bother to show up here to talk nonsense, when we all know Rafa wasn't complaining about tine wasting. Fed fans are like Fed himself, full of arrogance.

torres, do you enjoy us bashing Fed the next moment when he lost? I'm sure you wlecome that, heh? NNY is right about some Fed fans, no need for me to elaborate.

PS. I'm sure torres is damn jealous of Rafa and his ass, no wonder he's being picking at Rafa all the time.

luckystar , 6/30/12 8:51 AM

Sanju, the players do get ranking points for the Olympics. If I'm not wrong, the winner gets 750 ranking points but I'm not sure about the ranking points for the finalist and the rest.

luckystar , 6/30/12 9:00 AM


Yes, look who's here! None other than torres, who crawls out whenever Rafa loses. did you notice he was nowhere to be found while Rafa was winning his clay court titles and his seventh RG title? Yet suddenly here he comes with more vulgar comments about Rafa's anatomy. He's nuts.


Fed fans are behaving as if he already won the title, because it's what they do. We have seen this many times in the past. They are frustrated because he hasn't won a slam in two and a half years. It's dangerous to gloat publicly. There's no certainty that he is going to get by Nole in the semis, assuming they both get there.

I think most of the Rafa fans have left in anticipation of exactly what we are seeing on this thread. They are smart and know what has happened in the past. Maybe it's best to do the same for a day or two until some of the madness subsides.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 9:28 AM

LOL, this is not about Fed fans being frustrated. On the contrary, it's about Nadal fans who are bitterly disappointed he's out of Wimby. Their jealousy that Fed's still in it with a good shot is causing them even greater unhappiness at Nadal's loss. Nice attempts at transferrence though, not to mention the self-importance some attach to themselves turning everything written to be about them. Funny as blazes. Dunno how anyone could think that Fed fans are unhappy coz he hasn't won a slam in 2 years. The guy's got 16 titles to Nadal's 11, and he's won 4 titles this year. Take off your dark glasses and let the light in coz some reality checks are needed.

Gotta to love the back and forth and unison Fed fans provide for some of these Nadal fans though, especially the much needed outlet for the disappointment of Nadal's loss.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 9:51 AM

Please Rafans, give the Fedfans space to gloat (btw, i do not include you, bharata, in this gloating thing, you are above that). Let's wish them and Fed a good tournament!

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 10:08 AM

Well if Fed wins the tourney maybe its okay but suppose he doesnt win it will all fall flat on the face

Be scared of Nole Fedfans,he wont give Fed a free ride for sure

N btw lucky,RITB,NNY - Why do you even care to respond to likes of these Fedtards,just ignore the losers, they want you to play into their hands and you doing just that

Just ignore them watever they say and theyll shutup by themselves,unfortunately you all keep responding and encourage them

sanju , 6/30/12 10:38 AM

^^^ Youre right RITB. I don't think Rafa fans are bitter or jealous. I think I know whose fans are being bitter all this while when their player is not winning anything major for so long. Er the thing is, their player haven't even win anything yet but the gloating begins, strange isn't it??
And the usual few bitter ones jump in at once when there's a Rafa loss, strange again when their player almost lost a close one. I think they should be more worried than gloating here, really can't understand their mentality.

I think I appreciate the Murray and the Nole fans more these days, they're a lot classier.

luckystar , 6/30/12 10:44 AM

That's true sanju, another Fed loss and they'll all go hiding again.

luckystar , 6/30/12 10:51 AM

from what i saw Nadal hit a lot of slices and wasn't getting much depth and Rosol rightly punished him for it.

Bharata, 6/29/12 11:31 PM

You know, I think we fans put our heroes at too high a pedestal. We say Rafa should have executed that sot or that but do we stop to consider that maybe he was both mentally and physically drained after a hard, physically and emotionally draining clay season campaign? It was only 2 weeks after THAT RG final.............

I say we cut Rafa some slack and concede that he just ran out of gas, he is only human. This is not to take anything from Rosol's deserved win.

I hope this loss is a blessing in disguise for Rafa and he gets much needed rest and practice later on. Btw, do they have grass courts in Mallorca?

I hope Fed does well for you bharata.................even though I will be supporting Muzza now that Rafa's out!

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 10:55 AM

RITB, that's what twinge amd myself felt too. This clay season had taken alot out of Rafa, having to meet and beat Nole thrice and with the added pressure of not wanting to lose the fourth time in a slam to Nole. Also, the final being settled on Monday had caused Rafa much anxieties. It's more a mental toll than a physical one, as Rafa confirmed in his pressers.

Now I can watch all the remaining matches without worrying or without any anxieties, I hope a few players can do well -Cilic, Roddick and Murray in particular. Too bad, Cilic/Murray may have to meet in the fourth round. If anyone of those three wins this Wimbledon, I'm more than happy for them and their fans.

luckystar , 6/30/12 11:07 AM

brothdodg : The difference between Fed and Rafa, Fed still got the job done when he looked down and out. A true icon, legend, every victory adds to his legacy and records, some that will not be broken for a long, long time

Haha LMAO at this..Well Fed has lost twice last year being 2 sets to 0 up in a slam, Fed has lost matches twice at USOpen having 2 match points (in 1 of them on his own serve)..I dont think Rafa has ever ever done this..

So stop comparing both and showcasing one over the other..If Fed pulled against Benneteau yesterday (who anyways is no great shakes as a player in 1st place)..there are many where he has goofed up big time too..just because he pulled it off against Benneateau doesnt mean he knows how to get the job done better than Rafa..stop making a laughing stock of yourself with your stupid comments..

sanju , 6/30/12 11:34 AM

There is no comparison between Fed fans and Djoko fans/Murray fans on this site or any site I guess..I dont remember Djoko fans or Murray fans and Rafa fans chiding each other and gloating over the others loss. Maybe it should be only Djoko, Murray, Rafa fans and the sane Fed fans who should talk on this site..the delusional haters can keeposting their shit and get no response..

Lucky, NNY, nadline, RITB : The onus is on you guys to ignore the trolls and simply not care to respond to them watever they say..Elephants dont react to barking dogs remember? Just try this, automatically all the trolls will shut up..Try it,let them say watever they wanna say, JUST IGNORE..

sanju , 6/30/12 11:41 AM

Lucky..I think 750 is very less for an Olympics win..I think will be atleast 1000 and equivalent to a Masters..

Cheryl/Ricky..any idea?

sanju , 6/30/12 11:43 AM

Good morning everyone. I agree with sanju, just ignore the nastiness, it is not worth it. We know who and what Rafa is and nothing anybody says can change that.

Thank you bharata @11.46am 29/6 - your kind words were appreciated.

I am going to enjoy the rest of the tennis even though I will miss our Rafa. I am calm about his loss and am happy that he lost early rather than later on. His batteries will get a real boost now both mentally and physically. I know that doing well for Spain in the Olympics is very important for him - I am wishing for our boy to bring home the gold medal again.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/30/12 12:04 PM

Lucky you are right

Men?s Singles
Gold Medal 750
Silver Medal 450
Bronze Medal 340
Loser 3rd/4th 270
Quarterfinals 135
Round of 16 70
Round of 32 35
1st round 5

sanju , 6/30/12 12:06 PM

Many players commenting on Rafas loss

sanju , 6/30/12 12:22 PM

Thanks for that sanju - I especially liked Kim Clisters' comment and also David Mercer's comment. John Lloyd saying Rafa was taken apart is a bit rich. The match stats of Rafa were excellent and it took 5 sets for Rosol to beat him after all.

schatz , 6/30/12 1:58 PM

Yeah, a bit strange about that 'Taken apart'! Did he say Fed was taken apart in that Wimbledon QF last year, or that USO2010 amd 2011 SFs? It's not like Rafa was beaten 2,2 and 2 in straights. Like I said, had Rafa played a bit better to hold serve in set two, who knows we don't even need a fifth set. It's so easy to look at the fifth set but forgot how well Rafa played in the fourth set and how well he served during the match. He wasn't moving very well though and slipped and fell twice.

luckystar , 6/30/12 2:26 PM

That's all : 750 points! Well the ATP does not think much of the Olympics then. I think it's sentimental to the players but of no major importance. Isn't the final still best of 5? Seems like it should carry more points then.

chr18 , 6/30/12 2:29 PM

You are so right sanju, my bad for allowing myself to take the bait............

The players know best, you only have to read their reactions as posted in the link by sanju............

I have not had an answer to my question about the existence of grass courts in Mallorca, I am wondering where Rafa will be practicing for the Olympics.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 2:31 PM

Personally, I do not think the Olympics should carry points award at all. I mean, Rafa won last time, is he expected to defend the points he won then as in any other ATP tourny? It's nonsense. The medals should be enough, they are enough for the other Olympic disciplines.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 2:34 PM

The olympic points were deleted after 52 weeks in 2009 just like any other points so Rafa doesn't have to defend them as such.

nadline , 6/30/12 2:43 PM

kohlschreiber is doing a quick job sending rosol back to the challenger tour where he belongs

croc , 6/30/12 2:49 PM

^^^ I don't think they have any grass courts in Mallorca. It's a wonder how Rafa can improve so much and so soon on grass during his earlier career. It took him three tries at Wimbledon to reach his first final there in 2006, and had being to the finals since right up till 2011, it's quite amazing. Not forgetting each year, his clay season is loaded and the turn around time from clay to grass is so short, and he always made the finals of the FO, saved for one year 2009, that means he has to switch from clay to grass practically in the following week.

Though Fed had to do it too from 2006-2009 where he too made the finals of both FO and Wimbledon, Fed didn't have a packed clay season like Rafa's, and Fed was moving from clay to grass, ie from a less favorite to a more favorite surface which should be much easier to do.

Oh, the Olympics is not for sentimental value, but more for representing one's country in a major sporting event, well recognized around the world and held once in every four years. The gold medal is more important for the country than for the individual tennis player, IMO.

luckystar , 6/30/12 2:52 PM

Anyone saying Rafa was taken apart are being delusional. He had one of his greatest service day that I have seen. It finally came down to one poor service game in each set and Rosol capitalised them( the match was quite similar to Fed vs Tsonga 2011 Qf here). Rosol didnt allowed Rafa to get into the rallies and kept the points short with his powered groundstrokes and his serve. Yeah, it was a bit stunning but even Rafa has admitted earlier that he doesnt feel comfortable in the 1st wk here. So if he could have suffered an upset it had to be during these early stages. For that to happen, he just needed an inspired opponent and Rosol looked more than inspired during the match. Bad luck for Rafa that he ran into someone who was in a bit of trance and had luck on his side.

Does this take anything away from Rafa? No. He is a great fighter and will shrug off this loss and move forward. I still personally feel that he has 3-4 slams left in him (maybe more).

This loss does have an affect on ATP tour though. Now more lower ranked players will try to go for broke against the top players rather than hanging their racquets in the locker room itself ( at least i feel so).

abhirf , 6/30/12 2:54 PM

I think so too. Just look at Benneteau yesterday, he looked inspired and played inspired tennis too. It's no wonder both Fed and Nole looked nervous during their matches and didint start well.

And now this Rosol has lost the first set to Kohl in one of the outer court. He probably is not so inspired today, not playing in front of capacity crowd in Centre Court. I do feel that this Rosol guy is one who enjoys the attention and if there's not many people there watching, he's not so inspired.

luckystar , 6/30/12 3:02 PM

Rafa the delusional is such an unsporty player... If only he had half a cents worth of sportsmanship, he wouldn't be stupid enuff to complain about other guys wasting time when at the same time, the guy is picking butts like an apple picker picking apples.

As we all know, Rafans are the most delusional fans of them all... Ranked 100+ and still beating a supposed great grass player... WEEEEE

torres9 , 6/30/12 3:04 PM

rosol is inspired but he is just not consistent. he is a challenger player.

croc , 6/30/12 3:07 PM

Girls and guys here, shall we all ignore this torres fella, who has nothing to contribute but keeps talking about butt! Disgusting!

luckystar , 6/30/12 3:08 PM

So Kolshreiber is beating Rosol 6/2 6/3!!!!
Of course...what a waste!
This is why I was so mad when rafa lost because I knew this guy wouldnt be able to back it up!
Because swing wildly as hard as you can, never makes a champion...hence why he is ranked 100

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 3:13 PM

You see, this is what I cannot understand about the rabid wing of Fedfandom.........Peter Bodo is reporting from Wimbledon for, his latest report is about...................Rafa's loss to Rosol. Never mind the fact that:
a) this match took place 2 days ago; and most importantly
b) Federer had a match yesterday, which turned out, by the way, to be highly dramatic. But did Peter Bodo think this match, with his idol as the main actor, worth reporting on? No. He is still stuck on Rafa's match.

You can only shake your head.....................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 3:14 PM

Maybe to divert the attention away from that narrow escape by Fed? Concentrating on Rafa's loss helps make Fed's narrow victory look so good !

luckystar , 6/30/12 3:22 PM

It is sooooooooooooooo annoying that he beat Rafa. I know he beat him fair and square because Rafa didn't put him under pressure and allowed him to swing as freely as he wanted. But Rafa was meant to lose and no one can argue with that.

nadline , 6/30/12 3:25 PM

Well while Peter Bodo is at it, he may as well report on the abysmal performance by Rosol today against Kolshreiber.

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 3:27 PM

Rosol will go the way all the other one day wonders have gone: Dodig, Mayer, how many ATP tournaments have they won, never mind how many Slam semis they have been to? Their only claim to fame is beating Rafa one day in their lives. Wait a minute, are they the only guys to have beaten Rafa?

Soderling was not a one day wonder but where is he now? Can hardly crawl out of bed..................It is not easy being consistent day in day out and the top guys' bulging trophy cupboards are justified rewards.

So, you will forgive me if I am not overly impressed with the Rosol's of this world.

Maybe the ATP should consider awarding a side trophy called the "Upset Rafa in a Major Tournament" trophy so these guys could have something to hold on to..........


rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 3:29 PM

I agree with you that rafa was beaten fair and square and the he wasn't meant to win, but I can't agree with you regarding your view that rafa didn't put him under pressure.
There is nothing rafa could of done. You cannot defend against shots like that.
If rafa can't get to the balls, no one can. Rosol served 3 aces and 1 clear forehand winner in the final game. All rafa could do was stand there and watch the ball go by. It was impossible play.

The reason why he is down two sets to kohlschreiber is because he is missing his shots, nothing was going out against rafa.

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 3:33 PM

Sod has mono. There is no comparison. Wait and see how you like it if Nadal gets mono.

chr18 , 6/30/12 3:34 PM

croc , 6/30/12 3:38 PM

These one day wonders infuriate me, because what they in fact do is ruin the tournament, for everyone. Rafa did not play bad, the stats show you that, yet he is sent packing because of one out of this world performance, a giant fluke (it's a fluke to me if you can't back it up against a lesser opponent).
And what is worse is that the guy is unlikeable and smug. At least with soderling he was in the top 10 for ages, before he got sick with mono and was a legit threat to anyone....but this guy, is something else all together.

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 3:39 PM

To be honest, I would rather Rafa lost to Rosol than Fed or Novak. So yeah, this Wimby was not meant to be for Rafa and glad he went out sooner rather than later. This gives him time to rest before the Olympics and a loss to those 2 would have been tougher to get ovewr mentally trhan some lucky adrenalin junkie from the Challenger circuit.........

Regarding Bodo and his fellow rabid Fedfans, I would expect them to be really geeing up Fed because this is really his last realistic shot at a Slam, given his age.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 3:40 PM

I'm glad Rosol has gone out. Just because I want revenge for Rafa.

nadline , 6/30/12 3:48 PM

I know Sod has mono, issue is how did that condition come about, and why is it so hard to shake off? I'll tell you, from pushing his body beyond it's limits, that's what.

All I'm saying the Sods, Mayers, Rosols and Dodigs of this world belong in a different league from the Rafas Novaks and Feds of this world. The former push their bodies once and that's it. The latter push their bodies once, twice and they continue. Maybe they will break down here and there but they get up and continue where they left off...............they are not one day wonders.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 3:50 PM

Every great player had their one bad loss.......McEnroe, Borg, Connors, Becker, Sampras, Agassi all had losses to complete nonentities. It happens.

nadline , 6/30/12 3:52 PM

You see Isa, we're concentrating on how well Rosol served and hit his shots and how unreturnable they could be but we forget Rafa could do his part by holding his serves. Rafa had narrowly taken the first set tiebreak despite not playing well in the first set. He had proven in the fourth set that he could break Rosol's serves, as like what we said, Rosol would sure miss some shots some time when he's under pressure. So Rafa had a part to play in the match. He served poorly to lost serve at the very first game in the second set and that's good enough for Rosol to win the set! Despite Rosol not missing much, he only managed to break Rafa's serves once in set 2,3 and 5. IMO Rosol was not as clutch as Rafa in the tie break and despite all his good serving he still lost the tie break, so if Rafa hung in there till the tiebreak, I feel Rafa could win. Of course all these are now talk only, but the point I'm trying to make is that there's still a way to beat this Rosol even when he's playing like this.

Now Rosol lost in straight sets to Kohl! Shall we say Kohl has taken apart this Rosol?

luckystar , 6/30/12 3:52 PM

Rubbish! The top 3 guys are just plain better overall players. You're telling me that Nadal and Djoker don't push their bodies beyond their limits? Madrid '09 Aussie '12 please. Sod played with the mono for too long that's why he's still recovering.

chr18 , 6/30/12 3:54 PM

I agree with luckystar, Rafa wasn't on his game. He didn't need to drop his serve in the first 3 sets, that I think was why Rosol's adrenalin shot up, when he broke Rafa in the first set and Rafa had trouble closing the tiebreak. If Rafa had gone on to win the 1st set 64 after breaking Rosol at 3:2, then the result of the match would have been very different.

Still I blame Rosol for putting my boy out.

nadline , 6/30/12 3:55 PM

I'm a firm believer of fate and after what has transpired in the past couple of days with rafa, I honestly believe that this years tournament may be Murray's. If not Murray's, Feds. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if Murray with the hardest draw pulls this out this year and I will be more than happy to see it.

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 3:56 PM

lucky, the fact is on the day a confluence of factors occurred:
1. Rososl was in the zone; and
2. Rafa was not in the zone.

If Rafa had been in the zone, I am sure we could have seen a different result. But as nadline said, it was not Rafa's day, it happens.

As far as Rososl is concerned, mark my words, this is the last we get to hear about him.

Funny, Ijust saw the end of the Rosol-Kohli match...............match point Rosol's shot hit the tramlines and it was GSM Kolhi and do you know what happened next? They shook hands at the net and with the umpire and Kolhi went to arrange his bag and Rosol..............he went back on court drumming his racket, waving to the crowd smiling as if HE had won the match! This guy is unbelievable, he beat Rafa and now he thinks he is a superstar................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 4:02 PM

Like you Isabeau, I also believe that fate had a lot to do with Rafa's loss. Rosol's luck was in. It didn't matter how hard or fast he hit the ball it always went in. He made very few errors. He hit from anywhere at any time in the rally and won the point, that also was enough to make Rafa lose his will to play well because he then became very nervous and didn't know what to do about it.

So maybe it's Murray's time. My daughter, who is on holiday in Spain at the moment, says the talk is that Rafa was paid off to open the way for Murray..........Not true though. He didn't have to lose in the 2nd round for that.

nadline , 6/30/12 4:02 PM

For me, there is a great big hole in the Wimbledon tournament now without Rafa. A GREAT BIG HOLE.

nadline , 6/30/12 4:09 PM

chr18, you are illiterate, read my ppost carefully or get someone to read it back to you, like the child that you are...............I said the top guys' bodies break down (which means they will have pushed their bodies beyond their limits) but they get up and continue where they left off, something Sod and the others clearly have difficulty doing.

I hate having to repeat myself, but what to do when you have retards like chr18...........

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 4:09 PM

Yes rafa dropped his serve but Rosol had a lot to do with it. His returns of serves we're better than what djokovic can pull out. One return of serve in rafas first service game in the fifth flew off the baseline and he also hit clear winners. Rafa was the one under immense pressure because of the way Rosol was returning and the way he was serving and playing in general.
It is easy to say rafa shouldn't have dropped his serve, but he doesn't have a massive serve like Rosol, he did the best he could in that game. If rafa cold have done better in that moment he would have. He wasn't allowed to. You cant defend against someone who stands on the baseline and hits a ball as hard as they can and as flat as they can. I wish I could show you what I mean.

In the first two sets not only did rafa have the sun to contend with, which wasnt a problem for rosol as be was much tallwr, he also Rosol on the baseline jumping up and down and waving his racket, doing his best to distract rafa, not to mention how hard and flat Rosol was hitting the ball.

I play tennis and have thought about this over and over again and know rafa did all he could. It was a freakish performance by a man who knew that this was his last hurrah and would probably never find himself on another centre court again

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 4:10 PM

There is not enough money in the world to pay rafa off to lose anything, let alone 2nd round in Wimbledon!!!! Can't believe they are saying that. If they paid rafa off they must have given Rosol a drug, because his performance was out of this world.

isabeau77 , 6/30/12 4:17 PM

No, Rafa was meant to lose. He was not moving well against Bellucci and he said himself he was lucky to get through in that (although I disagree). His footing was very tentative and this carried on to the Rososl match. How many times did Rafa tumble over? When I saw that, especially that slip across to the net when trying to get to a drop shot, I knew Rafa was in trouble.

Rafa's game is dependent on his movement, if his movement is not right, he's a gonna................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 4:20 PM

Oh no, isabeau77, it's not me reporting about the ridiculous story in Spain about Rafa being paid off, it's nadline. Like you I was like, please, you don't know Rafa. People will say anything for a story.....................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 4:24 PM

Whoa, a bit harsh on Rosol. If he can improve his consistency, he may do better than remaining in the challenger circuit. Yep, I was looking for a word to describe this Rosol and yes smug is the word. Isn't it embarrassing that after he beat Rafa, he lost so meekly to Kohl? It just shows that he's lucky that his hit and miss game happens to hit at the right time when he caught Rafa's off day. He now miss it when facing Kohl.

So now we have Kohl vs Brian Baker for the next round, should be quite interesting. I like Kohl's game, but he has the luck of always bumping into Rafa or Fed in the slams, still he managed to win a set despite losing the match.

luckystar , 6/30/12 4:26 PM

But then again, if people believe Rafa's loss paves the way for Muzza then I am happy.............nothing more I would like to see than a Muzza victory. This would put Muzza firmly back in the mix. I am tired of Muzza being seen as the weak link in the top 4. If he wins Wimby let's see what the Fedfans will consider a cupcake draw..............having Rafa (as #3) in Fed's half or Muzza!!

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 4:29 PM

Stefi Graf also lost in straight sets to Lori McNeil (who?) at the WTA Championships in 1992. Also as the defending champion at Wimbledon in 1995, Stefi also lost in the 1st round to Lori.

nadline , 6/30/12 4:30 PM

I think even Rafa would be happy for a Muzza victory.

nadline , 6/30/12 4:38 PM

Here is a list of other early round upsets, to put Rafa's early loss into perspective: 9/201206151339767429603.html

lucky, until Rosol actually:
a) backs up an upset with a win in the newxt match (like what Sod did at RG after beating Rafa);
b) wins an ATP tournament at whatever level;
c) climbs into the Top 10.

He will not be worth speaking about in the same sentence as Rafa..............just my opinion.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 4:47 PM

Federer said he was laughing like 10 minutes after Rafa lost when asked for what reason, he said the sheer play of Rosol at the end, you thought Nadal would claw his way at the end and it never happened. Nice.

nadline , 6/30/12 5:09 PM

I'll forgive you for the insult because you're irritable that Nadal got his comeuppance but I still say "Rubbish". The top 3 are better tennis players than the others. Period. Although in Nadal's case a greater percentage of his results are from fitness and much less from tennis ability. He won't do much better if he gets mono I'd bet. The tennis world should celebrate now that the uncouth, unmannerly, perpetual asspicking bully is out of Wimbledon and out of the top 2. Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!

chr18 , 6/30/12 5:12 PM

It's funny that whilst Federer is playing even his fans come out and say he is playing c**p, then the minute he scrapes a win theycall him the GOAT.

The truth is Federer does play c**p tennis.

nadline , 6/30/12 5:19 PM

The link I posted about players reactions says it all

Look what Nole said,ook what Navratrilova said, Clijsters said

and it got proven today when Rosol got bumped off.

I mean I shudder to think if Fed doesn't win this Wimby, where will his fans go and hide after all the filth they have been bullshitting on this site after Rafas loss..Well guess they will disappear and not care to come online..haha

Anyways may the best man win..I think it will be a Nole Fed semi and the match wll be way too close..still I think Nole will be a slight favourite

nadine..To be fair I dont think Fed said he was laughing for 10 mns after Rafa lost..he said he was laughing looking at Rosols trance like mode and thought it will stop sumtime, but it didnt. Fed really has a bad way of putting things across and he unnecessarily invites controversies..maybe he can polish his interviews a bit :-)

sanju , 6/30/12 5:33 PM

chr18sy, sad attempt. You can do better than just copy borres9. How borres9 fit is own head up his own a$$ when your head already up there? Hahahaha

Punchbag too slow and old now. Will never beat real top players any more. Yes you right top players today have to be in shape. Cannot jazz hands to win slams any more.

Please respond now Chrissy, I smart enough to know why you post such original comment. Hahahaha

hawkeye , 6/30/12 5:35 PM

My comment was directed at rafaisamess. Just can't contain my enthusiasm that I can watch Wimbledon now without the whiner around. I hope a lot of big hitters will come along and hit him off the court in the future. Just desserts.

chr18 , 6/30/12 5:39 PM

chr18's post is rubbish. Clearly chr18 has no idea what talent is.
Fitness is the main ingredient for any athlete (including Federer who is even more fit than Rafa) but after you have that minimum level of fitness for elite tennis, it is talent and mental strength which determines the outcome over several matches (one match maybe determined by lucky net cords, foot faults , one- day- of -out -of- the- world- tennis etc but the true levels are determined over several matches).
So Rafa is superior to Roger in talent but not in fitness as proved by their long term results.
Rafa has a positive head to head with Federer.
But Rafa is frequently injured and has missed GS. But Fed has never missed a gs after 2002.
Fed has no knee, shoulder or wrist problems. He only has a fake back problem. When he plays, he hardly seems to breathe, so great is his fitness and stamina. He looks skinny only because of his arms. Make no mistake. Federer is well muscled in his shoulders, back and legs and is the fittest guy on the circuit.
Only fools like chr18 can imagine that a man can win 16 gs and have god knows how many match wins and play in practically every big tournament without being supremely fit.
In short, it is not fitness but talent which puts Rafa above Roger and the rest.

holdserve , 6/30/12 5:41 PM

sanju, I am not making it up, Federer was interviewed just after Serena's match about 10 minutes ago by Sue Barker and I rewound it several times to type out what he was saying as he was saying it, and those were his exact words. If anyone is watching on BBC1, please rewind and hear it for yourself.

sanju, I think you are talking about what he said earlier, I am talking about what he said about half an hour ago, live on BBC 1, talking to Sue Barker.

nadline , 6/30/12 5:46 PM

If it helps I still haven't stopped laughing!

chr18 , 6/30/12 5:50 PM

chr18, I know Fed fans are delusional but you seem to be hysterical as well. Can't stop laughing? Isn't that dangerous? Somebody should slap chr18 to stop his hysterical laugh.

holdserve , 6/30/12 5:57 PM

I'll forgive you for the insult because you're irritable that Nadal got his comeuppance but I still say "Rubbish". The top 3 are better tennis players than the others. Period.
chr18, 6/30/12 5:12 PM

All I'm saying the Sods, Mayers, Rosols and Dodigs of this world belong in a different league from the Rafas Novaks and Feds of this world. The former push their bodies once and that's it. The latter push their bodies once, twice and they continue. Maybe they will break down here and there but they get up and continue where they left off...............they are not one day wonders.

rafaisthebest, 6/30/12 3:50 PM

chr18, I forgive you because your stupidity is not acquired, you were born stupid...........not your fault.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 5:58 PM

chr18, enjoy because it won't last, you'll disappear soon enough when Rafa is on a high again. Fedfans are petrified of Rafa because Rafa owns him more than anyone else.

Fed is on the list of Upsets and Near Upsets for 2010 against Falla. now he'll be down for 2 Near Upsets against Benneteau.

"2010 - Roger Federer almost beaten in the first round. Six years before, Alejandro Falla won just three games against Federer in Round 1 at Wimbledon but with a ranking of 60, the Colombian served for the match against the defending champion, six times the winner. It might just have been the biggest upset ever but from two sets to one and 5-4 up, his nerve failed and Federer survived, just."

nadline , 6/30/12 6:00 PM

Well said holdserve. Fed actually used his fitness to outlast many opponents, yesterday's match is one good example. Benneteau was clearly the better player for most part of the match but Fed outlasted him in the end. Yet, we have chr18 here talking about Rafa winning because of his fitness! What irony! Also, people talk as if Rafa is the only one who relies on his movements and speed around the court. Take away Fed's speed and movement and we see player like Benneteau making Fed looks slow and old. Watch Fed during 2005-2007 and see his speed and movement around the court.

Fitness, stamina, speed and power in addition to tennis skills and brain are all essential for one to be a top class tennis player. The lovely Rafa has all these and that's why he's being beating the 16x GS holder 64% of the time they met. I can understand the fans of the 16x GS holder are furious about Rafa beating their idol and so they bad mouthed him with all sorts of filth, but that doesn't change the fact that Rafa is a talented player, at least talented enough to beat the other top four guys many more times than they beat him.

luckystar , 6/30/12 6:06 PM

Don't worry Rafans, sanju is right, chipmonkeyis18 will disappear as soon as his GOATness is bumped off.............which will be soon enough, I tell you.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 6:06 PM

As for Fed, let's see if he'll be laughing when he looks up and sees who's in his half of the draw at the next Masters............

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 6:12 PM

It's not clay season anymore. And nadline near upsets don't count.

chr18 , 6/30/12 6:18 PM

isabeau77, 6/30/12 3:56 PM

I honestly hope it pans out the way you describe. The Gods intervened and hobbled Rafa so Fed could win RG. They surely have intervened again this time and sidelined Rafa so Muzza can win his first GS..............

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 6:19 PM

If it helps I still haven't stopped laughing!
chr18 , 6/30/12 5:50 PM

It's Fedfans who hate Rafa, Rafans don't hate Federer they just don't theink he is the GOAT.

nadline , 6/30/12 6:21 PM

It's not clay season anymore. And nadline near upsets don't count.
chr18 , 6/30/12 6:18 PM

Wimbledon thinks near upsets count that why they listed them with upsets. 206151339767429603.html

It's not clay season anymore. And nadline near upsets don't count.

chr18 , 6/30/12 6:18 PM

nadline , 6/30/12 6:26 PM





rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 6:29 PM

chrissy you cannot stop laughing now and cannot stop crying little sad tears next week.

please to check your medication as you not well.

Poor sad head sick little fedbot. Hahahahahaha

hawkeye , 6/30/12 6:33 PM

Maybe Rafa will get the cupcake draws as #3.

nadline , 6/30/12 6:33 PM

Don't worry, nadline, lightning does not strike twice. It's Fed you should pray for to continue getting cupcake draws because as night follows day, he will be easy meat for Rafa or Muzza from now on...................this makes me uncomfortable because in my culture, we are taught to be nice to the elderly........................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 6:42 PM

Punchbag always get cupcake draw to semis which explain QF "streak". Also explain his slam loss streak now 10 soon 11. Hahahaha.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 6:47 PM

sanju, 6/30/12 5:33 PM

Seriously? You are in danger of tripping yourself up..................this was vintage Roger, extermely insensitive, tone deaf and self-centered. But that's okay because that's Roger being well..............Roger!

This is what Rafa would have said if the situation was reversed:

"Very sorry for Roger. Is very difficult if opponent play like that, with no precision, play crazy. Not normal, no? Very unlucky for Roger. Anyway, Roger is the greatest in history. He will have more chances to win"


Because Rafa's default position is to be nice and extremely supportive of his colleagues and Roger's default position is the opposite i.e. why be generous when an opportunity to be snarky presents itself?

And you need an explanation as to why he has chr18, scoretracker, torres etc, etc as fans? Birds of a feather, my friends, birds of a feather....................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 7:09 PM

^^^ He He, bird of the same feather, I like that RITB, so apt in describing Fed and his rabid fans.

luckystar , 6/30/12 7:13 PM

And by the way, the reason Rafa complained about Rosol's shenanigans each time Rafa started to serve was that it put him off! Rafa comes from a nice well-mannered family where rude and disrespectful behaviour is frowned upon and Rosol was being just that: rude and disrespectful.

I wish there was a separate Tour for these neanderthals like Rosol............

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 7:27 PM

ritb - you are right on the money and it is something that I often think. There are some nice Fed fans but there are a lot more who emulate their hero's worst traits.

Anyway, I am off now so take care and enjoy the rest of your day in that lovely sunshine.

schatz , 6/30/12 7:31 PM

And remember the last USOpen semis, where Novak employed the same tactics on match points against Roger as Rosol did against Rafa in the 5th set? i.e. go for broke? Did Roger find Novak's tactics then funny? NO. In fact he had some very uncomplimentary words for Novak............but now he finds the same tactics funny, strange...........................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 7:40 PM

I know it is irriting to say the least and quite frankly I do not know why Rafa gives him the respect which IMO he does not actually deserve because in my eyes respect is a two way street and from what I have seen and heard it is more like one way traffic - ie respect from Rafa and no respect from Fed.

I believe in karma, fate whatever you like to call it and I am hoping that he will get his just deserts in due course.

I get the impression that Andy and Novak do not like him or respect him like they do Rafa and there has to be a reason for that. After all, they know him a lot better than we do.

schatz , 6/30/12 7:48 PM

nadline..I was referring to earlier interview..not sure of Sue Barker one..If he really said that, too bad of him..
if Fed indeed made those insensitive remarks, Nole grinds his face into the grass so bad that he gets a lesson of a lifetime..well he hasn't won the title yet..justice will be served..theres a certain Mr Nole still in his part of the draw

I think Rafa is too nice..I am sure he doesnt read most of what Fed says, am sure he doesnt understand English much hell not grasp it..I wish at times he does take note of these things and actually pays it back on the tennis court.Nole is good on these fronts, he keeps tab on everything Fed says and tats why he can lose to Rafa but hell take all care not to lose to Fed

sanju , 6/30/12 7:51 PM

You are right, schatzy and like you I believe in karma..................

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 7:53 PM

Its a known thing that Nole and Andy dont like Fed at all..I mean Fed has been nasty innumerable times to both..Dont you rem Murrays statement last year saying few people just cannot say good things about others and theres nothing you can do about it

You are right schatz..theres a karma always and time alone will tell the final outcome..I know that its still really a far far fetched dream but if by chance Rafa does cross Feds No 16, it will be the biggest ego bashing for Fed

sanju , 6/30/12 7:54 PM

Without beating Nadal in the final the title is not as satisfying as it would have been if the winner had to beat Rafa.

nadline , 6/30/12 8:07 PM

sanju, Rafa does not need to equal Fed's 16 Slams to be termed a great.......this 16 Slam benchmark is just a Fedfan construct, don't be fooled by it

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 8:11 PM

Like I have said before about his game, but cannot stand the man, honestly cannot.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 8:16 PM

The list of great upsets at Grand Slam tournaments includes Laver being beaten in 4 sets by Roger Taylor in the 1970 Wimbledon, and, the amazing loss suffered by the top seed and defending champion Lew Hoad in 1957 at the hands of the unknown Neil Gibson at the French Open.
Federer also just managed to scrape through in 5 sets .

Hey Guys Why Nadal lost to Rosol:Just guessing
1. He was dreaming/thinking about football more than tennis recently
2. He spent the night before enjoying after Spain beat Portugal
3. He took his 100th seed opponent lightly
4. He could not adjust to grass quickly after spectacular clay court season -he lost in 2nd round at Halle also etc
Otherwise there was no way he would have lost the 2nd round match
BTW Lucas Rosol lost in straight sets today to Kohlschreiber.

hrsikesa , 6/30/12 8:50 PM


I read your comment and will try to take your advice. But as I am reading up and on all the comments today, some Rafa fans are responding to torres and chr18. As I predicted, all of the worst of the worst Fed fans have come on here to trash Rafa. When Rafa won RG, where were they? Nowhere to be found. It's what they do.

Whatever Fed says, wont surprise me. He does not respond in kind the way Rafa does for him. It also doesn't surprise me that Bodo has written a blog about Rafa's loss to Rosol two days after it happened. He despises Rafa, so of course he would want to highlight this loss and make it more that it really was.

As for the match itself, Rafa's ROS wasn't good at all. He admitted that. He also said that he didn't play well. I noticed him slipping and slidin on the grass and being unable to get good footing. In contrast, this guy Rosol was blasting aces and big serves all over the place. It was a one-off and he will never be able to do anything close to this again.

He was the absolute worst opponent and Rafa was not in great form and not playing well. Maybe it wasn't meant to be for Rafa. But I don't know that he will see it that way. He has put it in perspective and that's a good thing for him. He won't lose sleep over it. It was what it was.

I will try to let Hawkeye do the heavy lifting with the hateful comments form some Fed fans. I will do my best to ignore it and just talk with my fellow Rafa fans.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 9:10 PM

Like I have said before about his game, but cannot stand the man, honestly cannot.
rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 8:16 PM

I don't even like his game. It sends me to sleep most of the time.

nadline , 6/30/12 9:14 PM

@hrsikesa , 6/30/12 8:50 PM
2. He spent the night before enjoying after Spain beat Portugal

You could be right. The fact that he says he is not very, very disappointed suggests to me that he knows precisely why he lost. He probably didn't give the match too much thought as it was only Rosol and paid the price.

Rafa says only winning titles matter to him at this stage of his career, and I think that goes for all the top players. At the end of the day, there will be 127 disappointed people by 8th July.

nadline , 6/30/12 9:20 PM

"I will try to let Hawkeye do the heavy lifting with the hateful comments form some
fans. I will do my best to ignore it and just talk with my fellow Rafa fans.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 9:10 PM
LOL, you wouldn't be able to do that even if your life depended on it. cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck. You thrive on this stuff. The mother hen has arrived after doing her usual bit on tennis-x again. Nadalista sure enjoys herself over there. Brandy, plays both sides.

BTW, ISTOP referring to me as a she, I'm a man. You got a webcam? Give me your email address and I'll show you. I think you're a man as no woman can write like you. Er, the female quality/softness is terribly missing. Are you sure you're a woman?

@,hawkeye , 6/30/12 4:55 PM do you really need for me to answer your comment? I don't think so. Your posts speaks volumes.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 10:21 PM

I don't know about that, this is not the first time a major football tournament has been played at the same time as Wimby, World Cup in South Africa anyone? Rafa followed Spain's exploits in South Africa, he won Wimby and then went on to South Africa to watch the final which Spain won. So, no, I do not think that was a distraction.

However, take a look at the following link where Kolhi explains why he thinks he beat Rosol:

Choice quote:

"I think it was very dangerous to play against him," said Kohlschreiber. "But I think I have the right game plan against him. I mixed up the pace a lot. Every time if he hit a very strong ball, I tried to slice it back, keep it short. He doesn't like to move too much into the court.

"Everything I saw against Nadal, I figured out I think the perfect tactic. Obviously I played a very, very good match."

1. Rafa also tried to mix up the pace, played a lot of slices, like Kolhi did.
2. Rafa tried hitting shot balls to bring Rosol into the court, like Kolhi did.

Trouble is, while these tactics worked for Kolhi, they did not for Rafa. Rosol also said the windy conditions did not help his game today so his shots kept landing out. This explains a lot of pundits saying the roof helped Rosol because it made the consitions like those of an indoor court, making his wild shots "safe".

Kolhi also says he studied the tape of Rosol's match with Rafa, this gave him ideas. Rafa did not have this benefit, this was the first time he was playing him.

It just wasn't to be as Rafa said.......................

I understand Rafa's desire win titles. What I find annoying is that Rosol does not even mention winning titles as a prime objective of his. Instead he talks about how the other players "will see that they can lose against me". Jeez, Lucas, that's it?

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 10:30 PM

Scoretracker yes actually I would like your take on torres9 post please if you be so kind.

Too easy for you to say my posts speak volumes. You know I only respond in kind to mirror back garbage. At least I admit is garbage.

You say fed fans are fair minded. I agree with you. Only fedbots ( a lot) are problem.

I answer your question fair and honest about fed fans on other thread so I expect same from you.
So I wait for you now.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 10:46 PM

Smug is the word to describe this Rosol guy, so losing now has brought him back down to earth.

I must say among all these guys who caused upsets to top players - Sod, Benneteau, Tipsy, Young, Dodig, Melzer and now Rosol - only Sod is a legitimate threat to the top players. At least he went all the way to the final before losing and had stayed in the top ten for two to three years now and justified his rankings there.

I'm happy that Kohl puts this smug fella in his place. Kohl is certainly a more pleasant player and I like him even when he did beat Rafa at Halle.

luckystar , 6/30/12 10:49 PM

^^^hear, hear........I like Kolhi too, solid no nonsense professional. Agree about Sod, at least he backed up his smugness with twice final appearances at RG and being a solid top 10 player. Now Rosol, what has he got to be smug about? What has he achieved? Well, maybe he will prove me wrong and start climbing up the rankings, winning tournaments left right and centre..................I am not holding my breath.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 10:59 PM

OK hawkeye, here's my answer. I think torres9 is only retaliating coz of the nasty comments most of the Nadal fans write about Fed. They call him old-man, punchbag (you do that), all Fed fans are delusional, and everything under the sun; the list is too long. It's not one who does it, it's the majority. There's only so much a Fed fan can do to ignore this garbage that's written all day long. we are a minority here. there's about 15 of Nadal fans to one Fed fan. Most Fed fans have left coz of people like NNy who fights with all of the Fed fans, even the nadal fans. this is a very hateful woman who thinks I'm someone else and I know her. God forbid. It appears to me that some of them need to find a job other than just dwell on Nadal all day.

do you think it's right that Fed is brought into every thread by Nadline , NNY and the RITB person? I think it's wrong..

BTW, what about NNY's nasty comments last night? She insists on referring to me as a woman, even though I've told her many times I'm a MAN. Also, she is one who likes to call others troll, yet she's the one who's on several websites trolling. This woman stalks my posts and turns it around as if I'm the one who's targeting her. what's wrong here?

You've given her a perfect solution to her behavior. she can now attack anyone and she'll get bailed out by you. She's just using you to do her dirty work, but if you like that, then that's fine by me. She needs to take some meds and calm down, coz not everything I write pertains to her. dunno who has scarred her so badly, but she needs to exercise damage control.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 11:05 PM

Okay, if the scoretracker troll want to play dirty, then game on!

You show me where I posted on tennis-x or any other site. I want proof positive that I posted anything at all. It's one thing to call me names, that's what you do. You are someone who holds grudges.

I know who you are because there is only one person on this site who has a vendetta against me.

So I am waiting for the proof of my posts. You opened up your mouth, now back up your trash talk.

You supposedly know me and know where I go online and what I do. So what are you, an internet stalker.

When you make an accusation like that, you better be prepared to back it up. Other wise you have shown yourself up for who you are. That's why it's not a good idea to post things that you can't prove. If you were smart, you would know that.

So you just put yourself on the spot. I will wait for some proof.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 11:19 PM

@hawkeye, read my comment on _Wimbledon_second_round

It's the last two comments.

LOL, anyone who wants an answer from another does not refer to them as troll and expect a reply. I'm refusing to answer coz you need to put a civil tongue in your filthy mouth. Now gag on that., and you'll wait until the cows come home. cluck, cluck, cluck cluck.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 11:24 PM

Well scoretracker you show your bias to align with borres9 and chr18 with venomous, racist and homophobic talk.

Very disappointing.

hawkeye , 6/30/12 11:26 PM

Oh no! Sorry, that won't do. You are so busted. Yay! I finally called you out and you don't have a thing, so you are blaming me for your own false accusations.

Let this be a lesson to you - don't say something unless you have proof. I remember you being a big shot asking others to back up their comments or assertions.

Now I am so happy! This has made my day! I have shown you up for who you are!

Thanks so much!

Now on to the tennis discussion now that I have dispatched this bit of nonsense.

No surprise that Kohls beat Rosol. We all knew that was coming. It was a one-off performance from Rosol against Rafa.

I agree with lucky and ritb about Rosol. I don't think we will be seeing much from him.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 11:30 PM


I am glad that you are seeing the light! Now you have seen that I was accused of something with no proof to back it up. This person will defend the worst of the Fed fans. You should not be surprised. People usually show their true colors.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 11:32 PM

hawkeye, I'm not agreeing with them. I don't use smack talk, but I'm just giving you an explanation of why I think they're doing it. Tell me something, don't you reply in kind to them also? If you notice, I don't say anything nasty about Nadal, even though his fans are so nasty to Fed, but you've gotta understand that not everyone is going to be as tolerant, and everyone expresses themselves differently.If you feel I'm biased then I can't change your mind, but i have given you the courtesy of a reply.

As you can see, I'm going to be harassed for evrything I say until I leave again, coz I'm one who supposedly is carrying a vendetta for a special someone. I've ignored this woman but she keeps stalking me nonstop.

scoretracker , 6/30/12 11:38 PM

Still no proof? Okay. I have made my point.

It's too bad that this had to come up. Sorry that I had to push the issue, but when someone makes a blatantly false accusation, then I have a right to stand up for myself. Which is what I did.

I am grateful that hopefully we can put this latest unfortunate brouhaha behind us.

Sorry to my fellow Rafa fans for this diversion. I try to ignore, but this is going over the line.

So sad when that happens. Just who is stalking who by the way.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/12 11:46 PM

sanju, here is the proff that Fed said he laughed for 10 mins after Rafa lost:

Only once since 2006 has Nadal not appeared in the final, and it was widely presumed that with Federer and Djokovic, who lost his first set on Centre Court on Friday before stifling Radek Stepanek in four sets, nestled in the other half, Nadal would challenge for his third title. And then came Rosol. Federer watched the fifth set, and for 10 minutes afterward just laughed, marveling at Rosol?s audacity. oss-djokovic-restores-order.html

nadline , 6/30/12 11:58 PM

Garbage on this thread started by brothdog. I not expect borres9 to see that but I think you would. Ok I know better now.

hawkeye , 7/1/12 12:19 AM

NNY and hawkeye, I request you to completely ignore trolls like scoretracker and torres9. When they are ignored, they will retreat to their usual hate-Rafa sites.

holdserve , 7/1/12 12:47 AM

Scoretracker, I look at NNY posts on that thread and so what i see is NNY refer to haters on tennis- x which I know there are many because I see many posts much much worse than anything I say but trash like borres9. So I not see wrong with NNY. Do not see posts from her that disrespect fed or fed fans only trolls.

We will agree to disagree.

hawkeye , 7/1/12 1:00 AM

FEDERER's laughing comment:

All I know is that in the fifth set, the commentators, we're laughing out of sheer shock, they couldnt believe what they were seeing, as rafa was helpless to the barrage of Rosol.
Could it possible be that this is what federer meant, that he is still laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of what he witnessed. It also doesn't help that Rosol lost against Kohli, hence why he would be still laughing at the entire situation, because of the way way rafa gets sent packing only for Rosol to end up playing his normal brand of hit and miss tennis in the next round.

Rosol lost to Kohli, because he didnt play well, even if there was no wind, he would have lost!

Sanju- the link you posted with players reaction is spot on. Djokovic and kim clisterrs comments strength what I have been saying, that the was very little rafa could do.

isabeau77 , 7/1/12 1:02 AM

holdserve, 7/1/12 12:47 AM,

Thank you. I will do that. Please accept my apologies for the disruption to this thread.


Thank you for seeing the truth. I think it was ritb that said I don't have to justify myself to people like that. But it's hard when I am accused of doing something that I know I have not done. I have read tennis-x. I don't read too much because it's hard to read the hatred against Rafa. But I do not post there at all. I don't go there to attack Fed fans. End of story.

Now as far as Fed's comments, I think he might have thought the whole thing was too silly to believe. I would prefer to see it that way. I don't dislike Fed, only some of his more extreme fans.

I tend to agree with isabeau's comment. I also think that the other players basically saw that there was simply nothing Rafa could do. They have been in similar situations. It doesn't happen often but when it does, you just have to accept it and move on. Which is what Rafa has done.

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/12 1:49 AM

"It doesn't happen often but when it does, you just have to accept it and move on. Which is what Rafa has done."

He's an excellent role model for equanimity, no?
When I get upset about things, I try to take my example from him.

mara002 , 7/1/12 1:54 AM


I am also like that in trying to follow his example. I have learned a lot from this young man. He is mature beyond his years. I think that he has to accept that on this one day the guy came out and just played amazing tennis. He couldn't do anything. He has to put it in some kind of perspective. All of the top players have to do that when they have one of these losses. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to continue playing.

Rafa has the satisfaction of winning his seventh RG title and breaking Borg's record. None of the trash talk can ever take away that achievement. So I think he will be happy to have done that and look forward to the Olympics and the rest of the tennis season.

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/12 2:23 AM

Why does Nadal have older ladies as fans disproportionately in this forum?

nirv02 , 7/1/12 4:49 AM

Why does Fed have older men as fans disproportionately in all the forums? Most of his fans are old retired guys.
Do you think it is because how Fed looks with his ballerina movements and ready tears?
The old guys feel protective and want to bash the wicked young man who drives their crybaby to despair?
Rafa is the heartthrob of people young and old because what he has is charm and humility and strong values all of which not only make his appeal timeless but attract people of all ages, men and women.

holdserve , 7/1/12 5:18 AM

Roger Federer - third round
Friday 29 June 2012
R. FEDERER/J. Benneteau

4?6, 6?7, 6?2, 7?6, 6?1

Q. How did you feel when you finished that match today?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I felt great, obviously. It's always one of the best feelings coming back from two sets to love in a Grand Slam, I guess, and in particular here at Wimbledon where I have been able to do it before.
So I have been there, but obviously not with the roof closed. That made the atmosphere very special out there.
I really thought the crowd really got into it. For the players it was obviously great to be part of such a match. When you come through, it's even a better feeling because your spirits are lifted up and you're still in the tournament and you'll get another chance.

Q. If you had the opportunity to watch it last night, what were your thoughts as the Nadal match unfolded under the same conditions under the roof at least for the fifth set?
ROGER FEDERER: The beginning of the answer?

Q. The Nadal match yesterday. What were your thoughts as that match unfolded?
ROGER FEDERER: Last night you mean?

Q. Yes, yes.
ROGER FEDERER: So nothing about this match. What did I think? Obviously I didn't see everything, but I saw some of it, the first set; I saw pretty much everything at the end.
Yeah, I mean, it does play different indoors. Obviously that's a bit of getting used to. Indoor grass obviously not something we're quite familiar with.
Obviously with a player ranked 100 in the world you figure, like, okay he'll throw in one, you know, maybe awkward game. He didn't, which was very impressive to see.
Obviously a tough loss for Rafa so early in the tournament. But then again, you've got to give credit to Rosol. He stuck around and gave himself the chance with the conditions what they were at the end of the match.

Q. What do you think you brought tonight to bring the victory? What do you think the keys in that marathon were for you to emerge on top?
ROGER FEDERER: Probably having been there so often, down two sets to love; knowing how to handle the situation; not to panic; knowing that once I broke the beginning of the third set that this match is completely open, and I'm only going to get stronger from here.
Physically it was not going to be an issue at all. It was more mentally just knowing that I cannot make I cannot afford any more mistakes. That's the problem at two sets to love down, because I did have my chances, particularly in the second set, which was a tough set for me to lose.
Obviously in the third set I sort of felt it was going to be a nail biter finish in that set because I did miss a Love 40 situation early on in that set.
So that was the toughest moment obviously, seeing him come back from Love 40 down, you know, and staying in the match and coming so, so close.
But I did start to play better and better as the match went on, and that's kind of what I expected of myself once a set down or two sets to love down.
That I guess comes with experience, but also experience alone is not going to win you the match. I had to push deep and extremely hard, and I'm very happy with the way things sort of happened at the end.

Q. What are the biggest differences between playing on grass indoors as opposed to outdoors?
ROGER FEDERER: You just don't have the elements. You just don't have the sun setting, which can be tricky at times.
From the one end it's easier; from the other end it's tough. You have the wind swirling. It was particularly swirly today. When I was warming up I was thinking that's going to be a big factor for the players out on Centre Court if they're going to leave the roof open or not.
Don't know if it would've favored me or not even more so, but it changes everything. So then does it play slower indoors? I would think so, a little bit, right? But then at the same time, you can really play yourself into like a trance like state like I thought Rosol was in in the end of the fifth.
That's harder to do outdoors with the elements, I would think.

Q. You said you played better in the third, but still in the fourth you were five times two points from defeat, if I'm not wrong.
ROGER FEDERER: Yes. I don't know.

Q. So were you worried how much, and so on? And then do you know that today you've beaten also a new record, which is you have won 5,459 games in the history in a slam, and you're beating Agassi who is behind 5,438.
ROGER FEDERER: You see. That's you battle out there, you know. (Laughter.)
Because I knew it. I knew that that record was on the line. I knew that. (Laughter.)
That's maybe why I couldn't get it going early, because it's such a big record for me. (Laughter.)

Q. 29 games today, that's why.
ROGER FEDERER: I thought playing longer might make me really break it. (Laughter.)
No, what do you do? I don't even remember the question. I just remember the record, which was so great, you know. (Laughing.)
No, the fourth set, yeah, how close it was. I mean, you figure that one service game at least is going to get close. This is where you hope you can clutch serve on the big points, that hopefully he'll miss a few, but that's not what you rely on.
You have to rely on your own strength. I guess we were both at our very best deep into the fourth set, so it felt obviously great. I knew the importance of that particular game, and then also the tiebreak.
Yeah, obviously I missed a lot of opportunities out there today, but at the same time I also made some big plays when I had to. I tried to stay calm in the moment and in the eye of the storm, really. I was able to come through.
So it was a fun match to come through, obviously.

Q. In the beginning it didn't seem like you were yourself, you know, just not playing that well. Then you got better, you know, the third set. Did you feel like that, too?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I don't think I should have lost the second set. I mean, credit to him. At the end, once he got the break back and he was in the match again, obviously I think he almost might have had a few more chances earlier until I did have set point and I hit a great return.
I mean, things just didn't work out for me in the second set, but myself to blame to give the break back. That's where I'm most upset with my performance today potentially, because that was probably the moment where it got me down two sets to love and put me in this extremely tough situation.
Normally I hope I can stay ahead by at least two games with the break all the way through the second set, and then, you know, we start the third on even terms.
That wasn't the case, and that's what really got me in trouble, actually, in hindsight.

Q. When you were at the net with Benneteau, what did he say to you?
ROGER FEDERER: At the net?

Q. Yes.
ROGER FEDERER: Well, we're very friendly. I know him since I am 12 years old, I guess. First tournament ever I went to in France I remember seeing Julien. So he's about my age, and we spend a lot of time on tour together.
We respect each other a lot, you know. Obviously we knew the moment, that it was sort of a magical moment for both of us for the rest of our lives, I guess. You appreciate that.
Well, he hoped that I win the tournament now and wished me well. I congratulated him for an awesome performance and that he deserved it. It was a tough loss for him.
But, yeah, he's a very friendly guy. Obviously felt a bit for him at the end.

Q. As you can see, you are breaking records every day. So when you went there, which is the toughest opponent: the one that's at the other side of the record book, the history books?
ROGER FEDERER: I don't know. I guess the everyday grind is tough, you know. Traveling the world, you know, the practice. I make it sound bad now. It's not. It's the best thing in the world.
But at the same time, the best thing in the world can also be the toughest. Just being able to, you know, do it time and time again. I don't know how many five setters I have he played. I don't know how many times I have come back from two sets to love down or been on the Centre Court at Wimbledon.
But it's also worthwhile, and there is so much pressure that surrounds every single match I play. I'm happy that I handled the situation so well these days.
Yeah, I don't know what's the toughest. I mean, every week is different. Every opponent is different. That's the beauty of it. I quite enjoy that, you know, instead of talking about potential rivals who have about been the hardest. We all know who those were.

Q. You spoke of how the absence of the elements with the closed roof sort of allowed Rosol to get in that trance like state last night. Did you feel like that in the fifth set?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, no. He was not at his best in the fifth. So, I mean, but then again, you don't know if he's just not feeling great for game. Is it two games? Is he going to retire in the next minute? Is he all of a sudden going to be serving bombs again and playing great?
You don't know. So you try to play point for point and stretch the lead once you do have an opportunity. So I was happy with my focus level, particularly in the fifth.
But I do go into a trance like state I guess at times. I did feel that midway through the third, fourth I was in control, things were clicking for me, and I knew that it was going to be hard for him to come through.
But he did great. I thought he played a wonderful match from start to finish, as well. Obviously could have or should have gotten me, you know, today.

Q. Can you explain what you were feeling two sets down and how worried you were at that point?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I was actually calm, to be quite honest. I was more panicky sort of midway through the second set. Because once I gave the break back and I had the 6 5 great return situation, I just kind of felt that the breaker was going to be a rough one for me.
So not that I expected to lose it, but I guess when I sat down, I said, All right, here we go now. Match has only just started.
I tried to stay calm, and I was. It was like he's still such a long a way from the finish line that there is no reason right now to go crazy about it.
Let's see how the third starts and then we'll take it from there. Like I said, I have been there so many times that I also know how to handle the situation. But on grass I knew it was going to be a different animal, and I'm happy to weather the storm out there today.

Q. A lot of us have not seen a guy play the way Rosol played last night, especially in a pressure situation. How much sympathy did you feel for Rafa going down that way?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, this is not against Rafa, but it was nice to see it's still possible. I think 15 years ago you had matches like this so much more often on the faster surfaces, that a guy could catch fire and just run through you.
Today it's virtually impossible because you make so many more returns these days and conditions are so much slower with the elements. It's so much harder to be, you know, in that state, I think.
Whereas it was just amazing to see that it was possible. Okay, he didn't play like that for five sets, but in the fifth it was just a joke. I was laughing because of his performance for 10 minutes after that. I couldn't believe that he pulled it off the way he did.
Of course I do feel bad for Rafa because it's a tough loss; it's Wimbledon; it's the way things happen. You figure he was not the overwhelming favorite going into the fifth outdoors, but we have all been unlucky and lucky over the years playing in tough, better, or worse conditions for yourself or for the opponent that they just equal out over the course of your career, really.

Q. Any thoughts on Kohlschreiber against him tomorrow?
ROGER FEDERER: Philip is a good friend of mine, but then again I hope Rosol can keep it up and play similar to what he played against Rafa.
It must be possible I think on grass, you know, that that can happen again, absolutely.

Q. We know you have an incredible memory for matches. How much do you remember of the one match you played against Malisse on grass? How do you assess his game on this surface?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I think this is his best surface, to be honest. He's a great player with great talent and reads the game extremely well, the geometry of the courts.
He's got a good first serve and he moves smoothly, especially on the grass which you're supposed to be doing. I think he does all those things very well, which makes him a tough player to play against.
I guess the time I played him it was in 2003?

Q. 2001, five sets.
ROGER FEDERER: Five sets? Okay. I don't remember that quite, but I do remember it was either '01 or '03. I have played him over the years. Same thing. Xavier is one of the first guys I ever saw in international junior tournament, so we go way back, as well. It's nice to see him doing well on tour.
But I know the difficulty. I haven't started to think of it a whole lot because I do have two days off now, but I'm looking forward to the match. It's going to be a tough one.

Q. So within this 24 hours or so Rafa loses and Novak lost a set and you have this incredible match. You could say in a way, Oh, my God, the top 3 players...
ROGER FEDERER: Can't play tennis no more, right?

Q. Yeah, right. (Laughter.) But you really could look at it a different way. It shows that the level of incredible dominance that you guys have had, the ability to pull off whatever it is, 28 of the last 29. Can you just talk about the dominance of the three of you and how really difficult that has been and what an achievement?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I guess you can ask every player, and every player is going to give you the same answer: They don't know how it works, you know.
It's giving your best every single day, every single point you play, you know, staying injury free as much as you can, and then work hard, you know, on the practice court.
Now, I have been around the block obviously, and I know how hard it is to, you know, every day beat the guy ranked 25, 65, 105. It doesn't matter. They all present their challenges. But some playing styles suit you more and some don't. That's why I love this sport, that every day is a completely new day, you know.
You don't know what to expect, and you have to react so much in our sport that you only control certain things. This is where I think it's impressive that the other guys also for so many years have been able to be so solid.
But what this victory of Rosol does to me is give great belief for other players that they can beat the top guys, which I think is great, even though it might not be that great for me down the stretch. Hopefully not.
But it's just I think it's great for the sport that it is possible, such a victory for a lower ranked player. It's not a low ranked player, but in terms of Rafa Nadal being No. 2 in the world and the champion he is, it's obviously a massive upset.
I hope it does give many other players great belief in playing us in the future.

hrsikesa , 7/1/12 6:03 AM

I hope Fed is drawn against a Rosol one day and gets taken down so that he can experience how good it is for the sport to lose to an outsider.

nadline , 7/1/12 9:18 AM

I like scoretracker, i can't believe this is still going on! Incredible, Fed would not lose against a player like Rosol, not in a million years! His 3rd round loss in 04 at Roland Garros was against Gustavo Kuerton!! A former 3 time french open champion as recent as 2001 and a foremer world no1. A slight difference is class of opponent there! Do me a favour, i said before the third round too, not during it.

brothdog , 7/1/12 9:40 AM

^^^ Now you forgot Fed was no.1 then and at his peak whilst Kuerten was no longer the same Kuerten of 2001. Had they met in R1 or R2, the outcome would be the same. Don't worry, Fed would have his chances of losing to any Tom, Dick and Harry in a slam, just be patient will you? Never say never, didn't you learn any lesson??

luckystar , 7/1/12 10:34 AM

I cant understand how can anyone forecast the future for any player with such confidence? Gimme a break guys

I was also dead against Rafans pencilling Rafa for surity for the Wimby title or RG title before the first ball was struck, same goes for Fed fans, dont assume he has won the title 17 or hell never lose to an outsider..

Anything is possible

All I wish now is Rafa doesnt get too down and not let this loss affect him much.

sanju , 7/1/12 10:44 AM

Rafa said on the BBC:

"I feel very well mentally but physically I need to rest," he added.

"I played for the last six months almost every match possible in the tournaments that I played, so physically I need to stop a little bit."

Hope he gets a good draw at the olympics and no inspired player to contend with.

nadline , 7/1/12 11:16 AM

Fed wasnt at his peak then he had only captured 2 of his 16 gs titles by then. 05- 06-07 was feds peak time. 04 was before his peak. He had only just captured the world no 1 ranking after winning his 1st AO title, so peak, no, he wasnt. My point was that in 04 Kuerton was only 27 years old, far from finished. although maybe not at the level he was 2 or 3 years ago i agree. My point was that he is on a different planet to Rosol. And at 26 fed did not lose to anyone ranked outside the top 10! Why are the olympics such a massive deal for rafa fans? Its only worth 750 points, its best of 3 not even best of 5, and they were only re introduced to the games in 1988 after over 60 years of not even being an olympic soprt! They are no way near as important as a slam. Maybe you rafans think so as he has won it, but any tennis player would rather win a slam than olympic gold.

brothdog , 7/1/12 11:25 AM

Let's all congratulate Rosol on his straight sets loss to number 30 in the world. What a waste of rafa.

willmw101 , 7/1/12 11:25 AM

Equanimity, I like that word...........describes Rafa to a t. Rafans, can we move on? I am so looking forward to the Olympics...........

sanju, don't worry about Rafa, he is a seasoned pro, he has already put Wimby 2012 behind him. The reason this is still rumbling on is because well, it's about Rafa. You know how everybody, especially Fedfans, like to talk about Rafa even at the risk of ignoring Fed.

The only time I will worry about Rafa is if he has a physical ailment. Apparently there is none, only exhaustion, which is understandable considering the records he went out and broke during the clay season.

Think about it Rafans, Rafa is the only player, together with Sampras, to have won a Slam 8 times. Only 2 players breath this rarerified air: Rafa and Pete. Are you surprised Fed is jealous? Are you surprised at the hatred from Fedfans? C'mon, let's show them understanding......................

I will be scanning the crowd for sight of Rafa at the Euro foot final tonight, Rafa has to be there!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 11:40 AM

How Fed fans turn things around is amusing

Its nor Rafans who are making a big deal about Olympics,ts Fed himself who wants it very bad , didnt he say it was his focus?

Well the plot is - If Fed wins it, great he now has the Olympic singles gold toosomething he doesnt have in his resume yet ,if he loses, Olympics is not important and is just worth 750 points

Talk about always twisting things as per the situation.

sanju , 7/1/12 11:42 AM

Brothdog, Rafa already has 11 slams but he only has one Olympics gold medal. The Olympics comes once in every four years and you play for your country not for yourself. Now when a player doesn't have any slam, of course a slam means more to him. Just ask Fed, why does he desire an Olympics singles gold medal? Because he already has 16 slams but still short of a singles gold medal. As an elite sportsman, he would want his resume to be complete with an Olympics gold medal, what more it's also for his country. There are four chances each year to win a slam, but there's only one chance in every four year to win an Olympics gold. How many four years does a tennis player have?

luckystar , 7/1/12 11:51 AM

Rafans, I have to share this with you from the queridorafa blog.........

This post is by athena1949 and it captures what I have been thinking (if you recall my comment about Bodo and how he couldn't stop writing about RAFA:

@athena1949 (queridorafa blog) 06/30/12 at 7:58pm:

"On Thursday, of course, the commentators could not stop talking about Rafa, even when evaluating the relative merits of tournament items to purchase, or discussing crazy fan hats. Understandable, I guess. But it continued throughout Friday. (Yes, I watched. I am fascinated by this train wreck of a tournament.) Every 10 minutes, without fail, regardless of topic, the commentators mentioned Rafa Nadal. I started keeping count. Soon I had counted 221 times over 5 hours. (Admittedly, I had 2 games going at once.) Today it continued unabated. I quit counting once I?d reached 350.

It would appear that Rafa is so overwhelming a figure in tennis that even his absence is a Presence. Love him, hate him, he dominates their thoughts. They cannot tolerate the vacuum any more than can we.

No one but Rafa can do this."

HIS ABSENCE IS A PRESENCE..................

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 12:01 PM

in recent fedex asked about what is more important to him to win wimbledon here or olympic gold in singles..he said he want to win wimbledon...

from that answer what i think he wants more is...olympic gold..he don't want to put too much pressure on himself by saying ..i want gold medal more...

as far as i am concerned..for a player like fedex olympic gold is more important than another major...for a player like murray major is more important than olympic is as simple as that..

chenna21 , 7/1/12 12:01 PM

Winning the olympic gold meant more to Rafa than a slam I think. He has virtually said so, I have read this somewhere, and the main reason is because he won it not just for himself but for his country and all the spanish people. Rafa is very patriotic so of course it means more to him than to someone who is not so patriotic - it's not rocket science. He even stayed with the other athletes in the olympic village and this year he will be carrying the flag - can't wait to see his huge smile.

I think that our Rafa will come back from his break rejuvenated and that he will give his all to win the gold medal again.

schatz , 7/1/12 12:06 PM

Brothdog, are you sure Fed didn't lose to anyone outside the top ten when he's 26 yo? He lost to 17yo Rafa in 2004, Rafa ranked in the thirties; he lost to Gasquet at MC in 2005, Gasquet ranked in the fifties; he lost to Murray at Cincy 2006, Murray ranked outside top ten, in the thirties or fifties? In 2007, he lost to Canas twice at Iw/Miami, was Canas top ten then? Oh he lost to Safin at AO 2005 too. Not forgetting losing to Volandri at Rome in 2007, etc and etc.
Who said Fed didn't lose to non top ten players during his peak? What nonsense!

luckystar , 7/1/12 12:08 PM

Of course fFed wants to win olympic gold, he has already won Wimbledon 6 times! But for a normal tour pro, Wimbledon title or olypic gold? No braimer. Wimbledon is still the tournament everyone wants to win the most. And always will be, there will be alot of pressure for fed to win olympic gold, for the sole reason that it is the only thing that eludes him in his career. I personally would rather see him win wimbledon than the ollypics, it means more and is harder to win. Go steady RITB, it is only 7 times he has won rolad garros, not 8. same as pete with his wimbledon titles.

brothdog , 7/1/12 12:16 PM

ritb @12.01pm - thanks for that. How true this seems to be. I really miss our Rafa being at Wimby but things happen for a reason. Let's hope it's so he can be fighting fit for the olympics :)

schatz , 7/1/12 12:18 PM

GOSH! It's amazing to see how each and every word of Fed is turned and twisted in order to demean him. I think he should rather stop giving these interviews.

abhirf , 7/1/12 12:57 PM

@abhirf, Fed does not need help in demeaning him, he does that very well on his own with his poor choice of words.

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 1:19 PM

Wimbledon is harder to win but you have your chances every year. Fed won't have many more chances to win an Olympics medal, that's the difference. Anyway, it's up to the players themselves to evaluate which is more important or more valuable to them, not up to us their fans. There's no need to argue over that.

luckystar , 7/1/12 1:21 PM

^^^^wise words lucky, same as to who is GOAT etc, etc..................

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 1:29 PM

that's why i said he better stop giving these interviews or should rather not talk about anything else other than his game. I think sometimes while being too humorous during these interviews, he gives in something for people to spice it up.

Also the fact that Novak and Andy getting really well alongwith Rafa maybe more due to being of same age grp just like Fed, Roddick, Haas etc.

abhirf , 7/1/12 1:45 PM

@abhirf, agree with you that he inadvertently comes across as a jerk...........which I find surprising because he is experienced enough to know the ways of the media. His grasp of the English language is also superb so I don't know what goes on with him. In this instance I feel I understand what he meant but an astute reaction would have been to not talk about his reaction to Rafa's match! Look at Novak's, Kim's Maria's reactions..............they were professional. But they also could have been laughing themselves silly in private! But did they tell the whole world that they Because they know that it would come out the wrong way no matter what they say. So, the question is: what is wrong with Fed's antennas? Is he really that dumb?

This is why it is difficult for some of us to warm to Fed, he just comes across as a jerk and I don't know about you but I do not like jerks.....................

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 2:03 PM

Rafa comes across as a total a-hole, that's why it's hard for me to warm up to the idiot. I do not like butt-picking people it just resembles buttymen...


torres9 , 7/1/12 2:10 PM

@torres, I do not pay attention to Rafa's butt, but you sure do, only God knows what it is you are hopiong to find there............says a lot about you, ahem.

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 2:13 PM

I have already said that everybody is entitled to his/her own choices and opinions. I dont find his pressers as something notorious. Rather, i like his interviews and find them just like every other player's.

abhirf , 7/1/12 2:16 PM

@abhirf........yep, each to his/her poison............

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 2:40 PM

Serena's reaction:

Q. Did you watch the Nadal/Rosol match the other night? If so, what were your thoughts?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Yeah, I did. I?m Rafa?s biggest fan. I was really sad. It ruined my night. I was happy for the other guy, but I?m always rooting for Rafa. I think he?s a great fighter and a great champion. I love his fist pumps on court and stuff, so?

Q. What did you think of the way that guy performed at that level in the fifth set?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I thought, Thank God I didn?t have to play that guy, because he definitely would have beat me 0?0. He was hitting so hard and hitting winners on absolutely everything. Yeah, some days you just play against a player that plays like that. No matter what you do, they just can do better, so?

One day Rafa will get his revenge on the laughing Federer.

nadline , 7/1/12 3:14 PM

I agree with RITB and that's why I never like Fed and never will. I can't stand the smug look on his face, and his sissfied action especially that flipping at his hair with his finger. Also the funny jackets that he wore to the AELTC's Centre Court. There are people who like all these of course, to each his own.

Fed always get carried away during his interviews and said things that caused all sorts of controversies. I find him not very tactful, no wonder both Nole and Murray don't seem to like him much.

luckystar , 7/1/12 4:22 PM

It appears to me that some of them need to find a job other than just dwell on Nadal all day.

scoretracker, 6/30/12 11:05 PM

Memo to scoretracker:

The reason some people APPEAR to have all the time in the world to post about all things Rafa is because, wait for it....................they are nobody's friggin' employees, they are employers in their own right! That's right, they employ other people to ehm, how to say without appearing gross, make money for them........................

I know it's difficult for some of you to comprehend that there are women out there running their own businesses: some of us stopped saying yes boss to some creeps (who invariably would be male btw) a long time ago!

Yeah baby, I for one run my own business, keep my own hours and as a result can post about all things Rafa for as long as I damn want.................with the cash register still ringing in the background.....................

Try it, but be warned..............brains are a minimum requirement to start your own business, and keep flexi hours...............

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 4:31 PM

brothdog, it seems you neither know the meaning of peak nor have you watched Fed matches. Fed not at peak in 2004? You must be joking! He won three slams that year and was no. 1.
Torres9 is a butt watcher it appears.
It is clear from the posts of Fed fans here that they do not watch tennis, not even matches featuring Fed.
Now I know what they watch. They watch Rafa's butt.
Does this make them assholes?

holdserve , 7/1/12 4:46 PM

^^^^u might be onto something there, holdserve.............

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 4:53 PM

Have I Got News For You:-

In 2006 when Murray beat Federer in Cincy, Federer was #1 and Murray was #239.

So Fedfans, wipe the grin off your faces. It happens.

nadline , 7/1/12 4:57 PM

^^^Got carried away, that was Murray's doubles ranking.

nadline , 7/1/12 4:59 PM

If Fed lost to anyone outside top 10 in any year, then brothdog would probably say Fed was not at his peak. Looks like Fed was never at his peak.

holdserve , 7/1/12 5:10 PM

Borres9 head still stuck up punchbag a$$

I see Torres keeping bench nice and warm for real Spain players who can play for more than 15 minutes! You keep your head warm.


hawkeye , 7/1/12 5:27 PM

Fed winning three slams in 2004, age 22/23 and he's not in his peak. Rafa winning one slam this year so far, at age 26 and he's in his peak?? What nonsense! Fed also won one slam only at age 26, from USO2007 to Wimbledon 2008, he's not better than Rafa is at age 26. During that period, Fed had lost to a whole bunch of people that he had previously owned: Roddick, Fish, Karlovic, Blake, Stepanek; in addition of losing to Rafa, Nole and Murray and also Simon. In fact as early as the beginning of 2007, Fed had started to lose more, to players like Canas and low ranked Volandri when he's still winning three slams in one year.

luckystar , 7/1/12 6:25 PM

Rafa at Kiev for the footie. He will be in the VIP box.

nadline , 7/1/12 7:46 PM

^^^^^Yes!!!!, I will be watching out for him..............

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 7:54 PM

I hope Spain win............for Rafa. I like Italy too....................because of unpredictable Mario!

Okay, I'll go with Spain, for Rafa...............Vamos Espana!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 8:40 PM

Goal Spain! Superb........................

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 9:01 PM

Well, the cameramen at the footie in Kiev clearly do not know there's tennis royalty in the crowd..............not panned the crowd once.

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 9:20 PM

If Spain wins, we'll surely see footage of Rafa celebrating with the team.

nadline , 7/1/12 9:42 PM

Nadal missed his calling. He should have been a cheer leader for the Spanish soccer team.

chr18 , 7/1/12 9:48 PM

^^^^he already is one.........a well appreciated one at that

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 9:53 PM

chr18, your life must be so barren if you think a person can be good at only one thing. Rafa is hugely talented so he could have been anything he set his mind to.
Not like your Fed who can only be a tennis player or a jerk. No wonder many of his fans are also jerks.

holdserve , 7/1/12 9:55 PM

^^^No he didn't. He is the greatest claycourter in the history of the game.........something Rog can only dream of..........Rafa is also the first tennis player to win 3 titkes 7 times and in the modern era, the only player to win a title 8 times in a row.

nadline , 7/1/12 9:55 PM

You know, I used to enjoy jousting with intelligent Fedfans on this site, now it's just a bunch of filth-spewing sadfans, totally devoid of wit...............but then again, look at Fed's latest attempt at humour......................

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:04 PM

chr18, when Fed wins 3 titles 7 times, and have a positive h2h agains Rafa, then we can talk about who missed his vocation in life.

nadline , 7/1/12 10:08 PM

You rafans are too much, completely blinkered. It's crazy, i worry a little bit it is mad how tunnel visioned you are. Someting only Rog can dream of!? Fed has so many records that Rafa will never get close to. He already has won more games and matches at slams than any other tennis player in history, and hes only 30 years old! Let Rafa be the king of clay, Roger is the king of the Grand Slams, the king of tennis. Until anyone beats his records he always will be. The only person beating his records is himself with his consitency over the past 8 years. Rafa Nadla, the longest player ranked no2 in history. Not bad.

brothdog , 7/1/12 10:11 PM

7 titles at 3 tournaments? who cares, try 74 career titles 16 grand slams 20 masters series and 6 wtf and counting. i dont really think either of them missed there vocation in life to be honest. oh and fed above rafa in the rankings again, not bad for a 30 year old has been.

brothdog , 7/1/12 10:16 PM

brothdog, you missed 2 achievements of Federer's - the biggest cry baby in tennis and the worst loser..

nadline , 7/1/12 10:21 PM

Spain 3, Italy 0...........................

Vamos Espana!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:28 PM

3:0 - Spain.

nadline , 7/1/12 10:28 PM

More crap from buttlog. At least his name accurate, no?

I hope you have good golf buttlog. If you need advice on what to do with driver, let me know. Haha

Too hard on punchbag. He should be on dancing with the stars. Good ballet dancer. Will be dancing around excuses after SF with Nole. Haha.

Just another buttlog. Lol.

hawkeye , 7/1/12 10:30 PM

So happy for Rafa! He will be super motivated to continue Spanish sporting glory by doing well at the Olympics..................

Vamos Rafa!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:30 PM


nadline , 7/1/12 10:32 PM

Spain 4, Italy 0.................

Stop it............

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:32 PM

honestly, you have to get over this crying thing. so he cries, big deal. i cry, its pretty normal. is that really so bad?? to show some emotion? i dont think so, maybe you do, i feel sad for you if that is the case..... i agree, somtimes he has not been so gratious in defeat. it doesnt look good on occasion, id be blind if i just denied that or say it didnt happen. but when you are so used to winning sometimes its hard to take a defeat. still, at least he doesnt barge into his oppenents when things are not going his way..... it works both ways. its up to you what you decide is worse behavior.

brothdog , 7/1/12 10:34 PM

Ole, ole, ole, ole............................ole, ole!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:35 PM

Yet another Spanish masterclass.

Conspirator , 7/1/12 10:35 PM

I want to see Rafa biting the trophy!!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:38 PM

hawkeye, golf was not my best day! but you cant have it all! sorry i said i didnt have time for you i was a bit upset last night so i apologise! although im sure you dont really mind what i say! you give me the impression you can deal with it so its all good!

brothdog , 7/1/12 10:41 PM

When Rafa beat punchbag, punchbag couldn't let Rafa have his moment.

Boo hoo "It's KILLING me!!!"

Hahahahahaha buttlog!

Vamos Spain!!! Even Torres score when game was over and Italy give up on defense.


You cry again next week buttlog. Many little buttlog tears. Hahahahaha

hawkeye , 7/1/12 10:41 PM

And the records keep tumbling down! This is the first team to retain the Euro Cup................

Well done Italy as well, they played well to get to the final, nobody expected them to get there..................

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 10:42 PM

Yes buttlog all good fun. Haha

Happy you think funny!! Haha

hawkeye , 7/1/12 10:43 PM

Spain are incredible! Look at all the Italians crying!! Chiellini, Buffon, Ballotelli, Pirlo, cry babies the lot of them! Just like Roger........ not real men! Gimme a break!

brothdog , 7/1/12 10:59 PM

Boo hoo can't give runner up speech. Too sad. All about me.

It's KILLING me!!!

Poor punchbag. Do not beat him too badly Nole!!!


hawkeye , 7/1/12 11:07 PM

Please, brothdog...........give it up already, give it up.............

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 11:08 PM

Tears one thing buttlog but I sure any one of them could man up as you say and manage some dignified words to congratulate your opponent.

It's KILLING Me!!!!

Such drama queen. LOL

Aahahahahahahaa Too too funny

hawkeye , 7/1/12 11:12 PM

lol, just saying..... I'm worried about Nole, but on grass Fed still has a good chance of beating him. Will have to wait and see if they both get there first!

brothdog , 7/1/12 11:14 PM

The commies for the footie are talking about the humility of the Spanish team and how this quality is ingrained in the Spanish system......................this is not just a Rafa thing, this humility...................and it breeds winners.

rafaisthebest , 7/1/12 11:24 PM

I see it's still going on here with some Fed fans determined to not let up. But hawkeye is on the case! I am leaving this in your hands. I don't want to deal with it any longer.

I am very happy that Spain won today. I am sure Rafa is feeling great now and it's a nice thing after Wimbledon.

Viva Espana!

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/12 12:03 AM

^^^ yes exactly NNY. Is my intent. I hope all fans ignore trolls and just let me babble on with them in simple one or two syllable words with many easy repeated insults over and over and over again to show how dumb they sound. Anyone with no brain can do these. Please do not waste time with these morons full of hate and jealousy.

LOL, haha, hehe, ting,WEEEE!!!!! (idiots)

hawkeye , 7/2/12 12:17 AM

I hate soccer but congrats to Spain. Their country is broke and unemployment is through the roof so they need something to cheer them up.

chr18 , 7/2/12 12:25 AM

Chrissy is back! Hello my favourite homophobe!!

Yes Spain, Italy, Greece, US in financial turmoil, no?

Please Chrissy try harder. Not too funny.

Dream punchbag wet dreams Chrissy. Hahahahaha

hawkeye , 7/2/12 12:49 AM

@ RITB, 7/1/12, 4:31 pm, Memo to scoretracker:

The reason some people APPEAR to have all the time in the world to post about all things Rafa is because, wait for it....................they are nobody's friggin' employees, they are employers in their own right! That's right, they employ other people to ehm, how to say without appearing gross, make money for them........................


You don't want to appear gross but yet you use the word 'friggin'? Newsflash, YOU ARE GROSS. In nearly every one of your posts you use some form of foul language.

I see you have been lambasting chenna21 for the use of profane language towards you, which is so funny/hysterical, coz you have copyrights in that department. Your MO is to provoke others employing name calling, and then when they retaliate you cry foul, remind them of this site's rules. Your behavior tells me that you think you have some sort of entitlement, along with many other Nadal fans, on this site, whereby you can start anything you want, but when you're giv en back in kind, it's like: How dare you? do you kn ow who i am? i'm a rafafan and i have entitlement, Rafa's celebrity entitlement. LOL

I commend you having your own 5 and dime cash register business, but that could be the cause of many factors. Judging from what I see you writing, (you cant seem to write a sentence without dots coz you don't know the right conjunction to join the two parts together) some of the factors could be: (1) you lack the necessary skills/education to be gainfully employed in a postion of some importance in a top-notch company; (2) you are severely deficient in people skills, (3) you have a criminal record; (most self-employed people, small bujsiness owners have criminal records) (4) have a problem establishing an amicable rapport with the opposite sex (men). Your display on this site tells me that you are a filthy-mouthed female, one that a decent man would not want to be involved with, and you severely lack humility. Were you ever taught the finer things in life as to how a woman should behave, yet, still maintain their feminity in the business world? I highly doubt it, and it's nothing to be proud of, speaking from a male point of view.

I noticed last week you were complaining about tipping a cab driver, well, that's one of the finer qualities of which I speak that you lack. "When in Rome do as the Romans do." Tipping a cab driver in Washington, DC., is what's done there and expected. Your complaint tells me you are a *tight-wad*, which is not something one should let the whole internet world know. The cab driver most probably felt like rolling you out of his cab if it weren't for the law. Even third-world countries cab-drivers are tipped. I recently was on an assignment in India (beautiful country) and the cab drivers expected a tip.

Now, if you were gainfully employed in a good position with a top company, and not relying on the 5 and 10 cash register business, cachinnnngggg, you'd not have to pinch pennies, coz you'd be given a very liberal travel expense account. See, that's just one of the perks we highly-educated people who are employed by companies, enjoy. We also don't have to worry about health insurance, pension plans, 401K, stock options, being out sick or disabled, and taking vacations. It's all paid for by our employers, the men to whom you have problems showing respect. Practise some humility, and it will take you very far, and who knows maybe when the 5 and dime cash register (cachinnnggg) business is not doing so well, you'd land a job, but you have to improve of those writing skills (dots) ......... and learn to use those conjunctions. Got it!

scoretracker , 7/2/12 1:08 AM

@brothdog , 7/1/12 10:11 PM,

Why are you even bothering to argue with them. They only have one argument H2H, when it comes to records. Jealousy big time towards Fed.

It's a mielting pot here, on one hand we have some who claim they don't like the arguments, but yet they indulge freely and encourage others to keep on fighting the battles. It's sad really. Fed fans are being blamed for so many things, but yet I dont see any Fed fa encouraging another Fed fan to keep on fighting. And, if we indulged in the name calling as the nadal fans do, we'd be slaughtered. It's not worth it.

@hawkeye, I notice that your English has improved tremendously. I was under the impression that you didn't know English too well, but I was wrong. Had I realised that, I would have taken a different approach with you and not pointed out that you were being used. Do you like being the fall guy?

@chenna21, Are you from Chennai? (I was on assignment in south India (too hot though) for 4 months this year, and only returned home a month ago. ) If so, I love your country. I watched IPL. I'm so sorry your team (or maybe not) your team) lost to KK. However, Dhoni, did a terrific job getting to the finals. He's very high on Forbes list, surpassing Tendulkar. WOW.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 1:23 AM

@RITB: are you nadalista on Tennis-x, the same site you hate so very much? It's strange, I read the below posts authored by nadalista, on Tennis-x, and thought they are very similar in content to those you wrote on this site, which is why I'm asking:

nadalista Says:
Interesting that he found Rosol?s ?go for broke? strategy? against Rafa in the 5th set funny???.I remember he did not find Novak employing a similar strategy against him in the 5th sets of the last editions of the semis of the USOpen remotely funny! In fact, he had some choice words for Novak???.!

And remember the last USOpen semis, where Novak employed the same tactics on match points against Roger as Rosol did against Rafa in the 5th set? i.e. go for broke? Did Roger find Novak's tactics then funny? NO. In fact he had some very uncomplimentary words for Novak............but now he finds the same tactics funny, strange...........................
rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 7:40 PM

nadalista Says:
Of course it?s my fault it was a clumsy, insensitive, self-centred and tone deaf way of expressing himself, Fed that is???..but waht else is new?
If it makes you feel better, blame me???.

rafaisthebest ,June 30th, 2012 at 1:17 pm
sanju: Seriously? You are in danger of tripping yourself up..................this was vintage Roger, extermely insensitive, tone deaf and self-centered. But that's okay because that's Roger being well..............Roger!
rafaisthebest, 6/30/12 5:33 PM

This is what Rafa would have said if the situation was reversed:

"Very sorry for Roger. Is very difficult if opponent play like that, with no precision, play crazy. Not normal, no? Very unlucky for Roger. Anyway, Roger is the greatest in history. He will have more chances to win"


Because Rafa's default position is to be nice and extremely supportive of his colleagues and Roger's default position is the opposite i.e. why be generous when an opportunity to be snarky presents itself?

rafaisthebest , 6/30/12 7:09 PM

With respect to the below comment:
"And you need an explanation as to why he has chr18, scoretracker, torres etc, etc as fans? Birds of a feather, my friends, birds of a feather................."

I'd say does anyone need an explanation as to why Nadal has RITB, luckystar, nadline, NNY, holdserve , (all women) as his fans? Yeah, they're all cut from the same mold, e.g., "birds of a feather (I'll finish it off for luckystar since she found it funy and never heard it before) .... all stick to gether." I guess the same chick produced so many of the same chicks and/or checklets. bingo.

Now don't get worked up you chicks, it's all in the game of reciprocity. As you give so shall you receive.But the key to it all, don't bite off more than you can chew and then cry foul, when it's given back in return.

RITB loves to indulge in the use foul language and name calling, but then threatens others if they return in kind.she also loves to instigate arguments. Not nice at all.

I would not have said anything, if you had left my name out of your putrid remarks.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 1:43 AM

You are a pretty sick fellow. I wasn't trying to be funny. I didn't realize you were gay but to each his own I guess.

chr18 , 7/2/12 1:52 AM

I see it's still going on here with some Fed fans determined to not let up. But hawkeye is on the case! I am leaving this in your hands. I don't want to deal with it any longer.
Nativenewyorker , 7/2/12 12:03 AM

I cant believe how oblivious and unfair things are on this site. The above comment prompted me to count the number of comments written from 7/1/12 @ 9:18 am, to 7/2/12, @12:03 am, the time the above was written, and I got the following results:

Posts from Nadal fans: 58,
Fed fans 14.

I may have left out some Rafafans coz I'm not sure if they are his or another player's. I know the Fed fans, coz they are just a handful here.

From the numbers is it Fed fans who are not letting up, or the Nadal fans. If someone really wanted for this to stop would that person encourage another to continue the fight? I don't think so. This is absolutely pathetic, but another attempt to make Fed fans look as though we are the troublemakers. Yeah, in their dreams of Rafa. Good grief.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 2:07 AM

Chrissy, you call me sick but here your words, niiiice... e_Spanish_taxm an_a_few_million

Missed me jean? Don't worry I won't be here long. Tennis is more boring these days with these six hour butt-picking, heavy-breathing contests. Oh what happened to your friends homo, edwhat'syournumber, clayking and raindrops? Maybe they are embarrassed or something?
chr18, 2/21/12 3:19 AM

Sad little confused homophobic punchbagbot. You can call me gay if you want. Not true but not bother me because I not homophobic like you. You sad.

Scoretracker, please to calm down and please not lower you to this sad level. Chr18 not tennis or fedfan, only sad troll same as torres9 by far two worse kind of troll on TT.

hawkeye , 7/2/12 2:44 AM

^^^^ and that was allowed post from chr18 from thread. Other chr18 post removed because was homophobic.

At least I never have post removed like chr18.

hawkeye , 7/2/12 3:02 AM

@Hawkeye, I AM calm. I was bundled together with some Fed fans, in a most derogatory manner by that person RITB, who IMO is sadly lacking in education and class, hence, my response. Why the provocation, foul language and name calling from her? It's not necessary. Not to mention the stupid nonsense she wrote about her 5 and 10 store. Who cares if she's a women's lib or whatever, and hatred for men, it seems. Do you realize she has belittled the women on this site who are reporting to men in their jobs? My GF has a male bass and she prefers him to the female bosses. I probably make more money than RITB, coz I have an MS in engineering and a bachelor's in liberal arts.

hawkeye, don't forget I was also classified as NOT being a Fed fan. If I'm not one, then why am I supporting Fed? I'm confused.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 3:07 AM

You fedfan from what I read scoretracker. I not see unprovoked troll comments from you.

I no see any troll comments from NNY too so you two please try truce.

hawkeye , 7/2/12 3:20 AM

We need Cheryl here to clean up this place. This scoretracker is back to his old habits again, jamming this place with long long posts and picking up quarels with the Rafafans.

Maybe he should go back to the Fed thread and post his long long posts there about Fed, his fellow Fed fans should be able to appreciate that. Just don't jam up the Rafa thread here. I've to scroll and scroll to get past comments from scoretracker and chr18, very tedious.

luckystar , 7/2/12 4:07 AM

You haven't been here so long so you won't know that there was a poster here previously with the screen name of homos. Please stay out of myself and jean's conversations. Next time mind your business.

chr18 , 7/2/12 4:22 AM

@luckystar, do the usual, write to the moderators, you are good at that. I think you need to comprehend some more. It was your Rafafan who began picking on me. i didn't start anythikng. now go back and read. I'm not jammikng up anything, but it's just your petty way of picking on me, and you knolw it. when your other friends write 10 posts, aren't they jamming up anything?58-14.

either you write your email to the moderators or shut up. Now write, write, write ..... I'm sick and tired of the garbage all of you get away with and Fed fans have to live in walls created by most of you. i could count on one hand the decent nadal fans here on this site. the rest ... just use up space.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 4:45 AM

Chr18, why was post from you removed from same thread?

hawkeye , 7/2/12 4:49 AM

I've to scroll and scroll to get past comments from scoretracker and chr18, very tedious.
luckystar , 7/2/12 4:07 AM


Poor thing, she just broke a fingernail scrolling that which she reads. And,I have to scroll, and scroll past your 10-15 posts every night, plus RITB's 15 also. I have to do even more scrolling through your posts. I use a pencil with an eraser. Try it you'll like it. But we all know that you don't scroll down, you read everything I write.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 4:57 AM

He he I'll read whatever RITB posts but will skip those from the bashers, esp the long long ones from you scoretracker!

luckystar , 7/2/12 5:20 AM

scoretracker, I'm even more sick of your tedious long posts. Old habits die hard heh? Always the same tedious posts from you, I read one or two and I gave up and scroll. Pity I'm using my mobilephone and so can't have a scroll button to press and scroll past.

I'll do as you suggest, writing to Cheryl and complain.

luckystar , 7/2/12 5:43 AM

I'll drink to that. Please do me a favor, don't just skip over my long posts, skip over ALL of my posts. Please, I'm asking pretty please.

BTW, I always skip over your long-winded one-dimensional posts, you know the ones where you think you're being the sole authority on how tennis should be played, especially by Rafa? I think you should pick up his racket and play the match for him. I bet you'd have beaten Rosol coz you knew exactly what Nadal did wrong. Just imagine rafa would be still in the tournament if he had let you play that match. Gosh, what a wasted opportunity.

I hope you sent that email to the moderators. just asking, but I know that you already did that, coz it's the first thing on your agenda for this site that you own. Can I buy some shares?

scoretracker , 7/2/12 5:43 AM

^^^ And so you think your posts are not one dimensional?? Enough of your tedious long winded posts, spare us, stop jamming up this Rafa thread!! And don't read my posts when they're not addressed to you, who ask you to read in the first place, not meant for you.

luckystar , 7/2/12 6:05 AM

Gosh this site has becum terrible. Whats with all of you people? Cant understand where you get the energy from to fight with each other so much..

Rafans : Why dont you just stop responding? Its useless to keep replying to the provocation, god alone knows when you will just see the point.

Fed fans: I just cannot understand what pleasure do you get by referring to Rafas loss over & over again. Has Fed never lost a match to people he shouldn't have? The amount of crap and filth you have written about Rafa after his loss, you better hope Fed wins the slam, if he looses (most likely to Nole, not anyone else), you really will be in for a hard time, have you thought about that? Oh you all wont show your faces then anyway :-)

And whats with this fixation about Rafas anatomy and butt and commenting on people's sexuality on this site. Its so gross and demeaning to even get associated with such talk.

sanju , 7/2/12 6:07 AM

I didn't provoke anyone. Plz read first before making judgments and talk to those who're the ones writing their snide remarks. Be fair before jumping to conclusions.

@luckystar, I don't read your posts, except folr today when you criticized me. Who began with the snide remarks to me? You.

You're telling me to stop jammig up this thread, yet on another thread you tell me you'll write whatever you want. So this is how it works, you can write whatever you want, 15 times a day, but I must do as I'm told by you? Of all the unmitigated gall .No WAY.

scoretracker , 7/2/12 6:28 AM

I'll post but I won't jam up the thread like you do scoretracker.

Enough of all these filths from those few Fed fans. Fed should feel ashamed of these so called fans of his. I'll let Cheryl deal with all those filthy posts and their respective posters.

luckystar , 7/2/12 6:55 AM

Poor @scoretracker, comes to TT when he needs love...............hahahaha!!

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 9:17 AM

I wish I could abide by sanju's advice and ignore these wants to but sometimes they suck you in........................

Anyway, lovely day outside, Spain are the Euro champions, Rafa's happy, I'm happy............

Wmby on today............

Vamos Muzza!! Vamos Nole!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 9:26 AM

And I have to laugh at hating tennis-x blog, why? Because it's an anti Rafa blog? Gimme a break!!! Au contraire, I LOVE visiting all interesting blogs, tennis-x blog included. Yes, it is fun reading all those anti Rafa deluded posts. I wasn't aware I had to explain my reading preferences to @scoretracker though...........sheesh.

And @scoretracker, what if I am this @nadalista poster you are so clearly obsessed with? What good is that information to you? Posters have to present their credentials to your for approval? Do I or anybody here need your permission to read and post on tennis-x blog or any other blog? Who are you, the internet police?

Newsflash..............Tennistalk, tennis-x blog and a whole host of tennis blogs are open forum, posters do not have to answer to other posters about who they are or what they post.


rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 9:39 AM

Rafa's facebook page:

"Amazing!! I think It will be very difficult for anyone to repeat this. What a shame not being in kiev!! Congratulations SPAIN!!!"

He wasn't in Kiev afterall................aaghh shame, but he is happy!!

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 9:43 AM

I hate soccer but congrats to Spain. Their country is broke and unemployment is through the roof so they need something to cheer them up. - chr18 , 7/2/12 12:25 AM

i take it that the fedtard troll is from an oil rich country, they're the only ones that seem to be unaffected by the economic downturn. regardless, i will still prefer to live in spain if given the choice, i bet the troll will too.

phoenix , 7/2/12 9:54 AM

Wow, things getting personal on here! I thought it was just about tennis!? Who knew!? I think everyone needs to chill out and lighten up a little. What people do/don't do for a living and how much money people make/don't make is irrelevant! Comments about peoples sexuality and clamis of people being homophobic is going a litte too far.

brothdog , 7/2/12 11:32 AM

Poor Rafa, I guess he felt so bad about his poor performance at Wimby he couldn't bring himself to travel to Kiev........

Cheer up, Rafa!!! You are still a Champ, it could have happened to anybody.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Olympics, come back rested and fresh........


rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 11:33 AM

chr18 - Just curious, which country are you from?

sanju , 7/2/12 12:00 PM

Now they are using the roof at Wimbledon to manipulate the outcome of matches.

nadline , 7/2/12 12:39 PM

Wimby is an outdoor tournament, how can a roof be closed by default? Outdoor tournaments should be played outdoors

sanju , 7/2/12 12:56 PM

Rafans let's walk away from the Fedfans hate fest against Rafa. I'm sure Rafa will put the smile on our faces again and it will be all the sweeter after the painful experience we are having now. It is very painful to watch Wimbledon without Rafa, very reminiscent of 2009 when he didn't play at all.

I hope he is having a good rest and will come back fighting at the olympics.

nadline , 7/2/12 1:16 PM

^^^^hear, hear!!

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 1:20 PM

Sorry Rafans I promise this is the last time I will say this but this is for the benefit of one poster with very impressive academic qualifications:

My Chief Investment Officer has an engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Wharton, excellent chap (and boy, does he loooove Mauritius)............and I pay him well. See, unlike this particular poster, I don't have an engineering degree.............don't need one, I just employ those who do.

Works for me.

Now, shall we watch the tennis?

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 1:31 PM

Couldn't post this on Rafa's Facebook page because I refuse to have a Facebook account:

Yes, the Spanish team made history last night by becoming the only team to successfully defend their trophy. Your achievements at MC, Barcelona and RG also will be difficult to replicate. You have an opportunity to push the envelope even more if you can successfully defend your Olympic Singles Gold medal. We are all rooting for you.

Look forward to seeing you soon, Champ!!!


rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 2:07 PM

I am now finally awake from my nightmare!!!! Nadline, you are right, Wimby is so painful without Rafa, actually it just feels quite strange!!!

However, I hope Andy wins his first slam at Wimby...............he seems to be playing well, just needs to get rid of some of his demons and play his game! I really do wish him well.

As for Rafa, he seems to have gotten over his loss. He was in Kiev at the football game, so he must have been happy yesterday!! Like Rafa says, its not the end of the world, its only a game, and I expect that he will return playing the excellent tennis everyone knows he is so capable of.

Take care Rafa, rest well, and best of luck at the Olympics!!!

By the by, is anyone going to the Olympics? I intended to go but I am currently renovating my home so my finances will not allow. I'll try returning to the US Open this year!!

Monalysa , 7/2/12 3:08 PM

Monalysa, Rafa posted on FB that he couldn't go to Kiev but he is very, very happy for the win.

Wimbledon without Rafa is like having an understudy for the principle role.

nadline , 7/2/12 3:15 PM

McEnroe has just said that Wimbledon are really sorry now because they think closing the roof before the 5th set cost Rafa the match as he lost his momentum. But he says no one expected it would end up the way it did.

nadline , 7/2/12 3:18 PM

It's 25 days, 6 hours and 25 secs to the first tennis match at the olympics.

nadline , 7/2/12 3:35 PM

^^^is this supposed to make us feel better? Shame on Wimby...............

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 3:36 PM

@nadline, my comment refers to your post about Mcenroe's comment about Wimby and the impact the roof closing had on Rafa............

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 3:38 PM

I did have a problem with them closing the roof when they did, but at the endoif the day, Rafa should NOT have allowed Rosol to break him...........roof closed or not!!! I cannot blame the roof for this loss!!

Monalysa , 7/2/12 3:46 PM

Quite right, Monalysa...........I guess we are just trying to soothe our hurt by looking for someone/something to blame. It's all water under the bridge now.

Vamos to the Olympics!!!!

rafaisthebest , 7/2/12 3:49 PM

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