Match report

Ivo Karlovic ©
2nd round
6/28/12 1 2 3 4 Tot
hr  Ivo Karlovic 5 7 2 6 1
gb  Andy Murray 7 6 6 7 3
Andy Murray ©
  • Murray downs Karlovic

    6/29/12 2:06 AM | Kelli DeMario
    Fourth seed Andy Murray is through to the third round after taking out veteran Ivo Karlovic in four sets. The Grand Slam hopeful moves on to face former World No. 8 Marcos Baghdatis for a place in the round of 16.

    World No. 4 Andy Murray advanced to the round of 32 by virtue of his four-sets ousting of Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic. The Scot tallied 43 winners and 11 aces en route to a 7-5, 6-7(5), 6-2, 7-6(4) victory in three hours and 8 minutes.

    "Any match you just want to try to find a way to win," said Murray. "It's not always about how you play. (I) got off to a bad start of 0/40 down, and then I broke straightaway, straight back. Then after losing that tight second set, to get that break at the beginning of the third set was important as well. So I did a good job.

    "Today, he was going for huge second serves. I've played him before. I don't remember him serving that big on his second serves. A lot of times he was in the high 120 (miles per hour) on the second serve. He hit a few great volleys today."

    Murray is scheduled to meet former World No. 8 Marcos Baghdatis in the next round.

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why was karlovic foot faulted so many times in this match?

tennis2011 , 6/29/12 7:48 AM

really good by murray who was so focussed. these players have a lot of respect for eachother...
definitely something cheesy with that foot fault ref. i've never seen anything like it. she must have got something wrong...

croc , 6/29/12 10:20 AM

on karlovic's twitter:
"Anyone who knows me can confirm that I'm not a sore looser. But this is too much. 10 foot faults? Cmon. I never do foot faults."

croc , 6/29/12 10:21 AM

Lousy loser IMHO. lousy speller too.
Anyway, wasn't just one judge calling the foot faults.
Anyway his SECOND serve was coming at Andy at 120mph.
Anyway, any one taller than Andy should be banned from playing tennis....;)

deuce , 6/29/12 11:57 AM

11 foot faults is a bit unheard of. Ivo is not someone who cries like a baby, he is one of the nicest guys on tour, liked by many and very mature. I don't agree that he is a lousy loser. Serena comes to mind when she thought she was wrongly called.

I do want Murray to win a GS, Wimbledon would be majestic, but this is not a way. He himself wouldn't want it this way. I'll be watching carefully the match if he plays in the finals, no matter who's on the other side of the net.

danica , 6/29/12 12:19 PM

If Wimbledon was crafting a way to get a first british winner in blah blah years.
Then getting Karlovic foot faulted would not be the best way.
A cake walk draw like Federer's or Djokovic's would be better thank you.
He should have complained to the umpire if he felt was been picked on.
More likely he had a slightly off service day.
Anyway he's gone so that is that.

Twinge , 6/29/12 12:28 PM

Just read in Guardian that K often foot faults.
Nice write up there by Kevin Mitchell, Twingey, if you've time. "Brains defeats Brawn" I think :)

deuce , 6/29/12 12:56 PM

Thanks for the article. I don't trust that Guardian guy, he's just playing on stereotypes. I think Karlovic and Murray are probably two of the smartest guys on tour, and with nice touch as well. Murray himself acknowledged Karlovic for his nice volleys after the match.
Did you watch the match? Karlovic was footfaulted 10 times by one ref, and once by another one. He rarely does foot faults normally. Murray surely deserved the victory but this was not normal.

Hey deuce, you should be happy people try to communicate in your language, and not be arrogant about spelling mistakes. how good are you at croatian?

croc , 6/29/12 1:07 PM

croc, fer plej...;)

deuce , 6/29/12 2:18 PM

Those judges had it out for Karlovic big time, who, IMO, is not a lousy loser at all. He is one of the gentlest players, as was stated by one of the commentators. People make typos on twitter and the internet, coz they are not writing a legal document.

Absolutely terrific that Karlovic has such a great second serve.Some guys can only dream of having such a weapon.

Why is Murray's height the cut-off height for players? How about 6'0"?

scoretracker , 6/29/12 3:23 PM

Let's not forget that Murray played a really solid match.

Tennis is really fun because players of very different physio and game types can play eachother.

Murray-Karlovic: very entertaining match. But put two people of the same type: Raonic-Querrey: super boring

croc , 6/29/12 3:36 PM

scoretracker, I was making a joke at my own expense, you know extreme, biased fan...a..tic? However,in boxing you don't put a lightweight against a heavy, I think there is a very good argument for having a cut off point, say 6'4"?
Dudi Sela having to play Delpot for eg? It just ain't right.

deuce , 6/29/12 3:41 PM

that is absurd, are you joking again...? in that case better to raise the level of the net...
most players that come up are tall and thin, sure. but there is also goffin...

croc , 6/29/12 3:53 PM

K says he's lost all respect for Wimbledon. Foot fault is a ridiculous rule taht no one can challenge. Too much power in the hands of the line judge because even the umpire is not in a position to overrule it.

nadline , 6/29/12 4:05 PM

Karlovic's presser was apparently a big stir in england, because he (blasphemy) questioned the integrity of a british institution...

on your comment nadline, maybe a solution:
mcenroe calls for foot-fault hawk-eye technology: ult-at-wimbledon/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=karlovic- calls-fault-at-wimbledon

croc , 6/29/12 4:23 PM

"Lousy loser IMHO. lousy speller too."

deuce, english is his second language, so cut him some slack. not sure if your croatioan would be better.

i also found foot-fault calls quite suspect to be honest. karlovic rarely makes those.

rfzr , 6/29/12 4:27 PM

Does it really matter that much if the tip of the server's shoe touches the line? As long as they are serving from behind the baseline I don't see that there is any advantage touching the line with your shoe.

The rule could be a charter for betting cheats amongst officials. It's an unfair rule because justice is not seen to be done. I notice that with all those foot faults called not once did the cameras pan down on Karlovic's feet when he was serving as they so often do.

I wanted Murray to win the match, but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I actually think Murray would have won without the foot faults because Karlovic wasn't serving bombs yesterday and the rest of his game leaves a lot to be desired.

nadline , 6/29/12 4:38 PM

i think murray read karlovic's serves really well yesterday, so credit to him.

probably it doesn't matter if the tip of the server's shoe touches the line, but there has to be some rule, and the current one is pretty adequate i would say.

most likely, the particular base line ref from yesterday got the rule wrong or something. that happens, but it shouldn't... i don't think there was a conspiracy.

croc , 6/29/12 4:51 PM

I actually don't see why you can't have hawkeye/camera on the baseline for foot faults. I also agree, a player should be able to challenge that call. B4 hawkeye Mac used to get so aerated about dodgy line calls and he was nearly always right.
I do feel if K was having a problem with the calls he should have made a fuss during the match, called the tournament referee, asked for the judge to be re-placed, etc. Really difficult to do, I know but doing it afterwards really does smack of sour grapes. Andy handled questions about it very well, nothing he could except play the match anyway.
However, Andy had beaten K twice b4 so think he would have got there in the end.

deuce , 6/29/12 5:22 PM

Well I am a little bit confused...
I saw on other sites Ivo's statement... and honestly speaking... I believe him...
11 foot faults??? That is ridiculous! And not even one ( as Ivo says ) on 40:0...every fault was in breaking game situation.
And I am not so sure...there wasn't conspiracy...
11 foot faults???

zare , 6/29/12 5:25 PM

not so sure the technology is there yet for foot fault hawk-eye, but it would be welcome because nothing infuriates players as much... and most of the time, the refs will probably be right...
karlovic needs to make some sort of official complaint if he wants to take this further...

croc , 6/29/12 5:34 PM

murrays draw has opened up now with nadal and Raonic gone

tennis2011 , 6/29/12 5:39 PM

zare, I do agree that 11 is an enormous amount and perhaps the ref should've replaced the lines woman after 5 calls? The line judges are replaced after, what an hour? So it does seem odd that foot fault judges aren't.
However, conspiracy? Oh please, more likely bad eye sight or bad interpretation of the rules as croc suggested. However, as Andy was getting into K's serve it's also quite likely that K was pressing harder at those moments and more likely to make a fault.
We need mobile phone evidence quickly.
Agree croc, K should make a formal complaint, not moan on twitter.
Now, am done and dusted on this topic.
Come on Heather!

deuce , 6/29/12 5:43 PM

@deuce, sorry, I didn't get the/your humor; my apologies.

Anyway, you've gotta feel some sympathy for Dr. Ivo, and he did try to seek the umpire's assistance by pointing to his foot by motioning to his foot and the placement thereof. His English is not fluent which makes arguing and requests for intervention a problem for him. However, in the case of foot faults, it appears that the linesperson's call is absolute.

Unfortunately, there isn't available technology for review purposes at the present time. This was discussed at length when Serena was cited for a foot-fault at the USO. I suppose because foot-faults are one-off incidents, which makes 11 foot-faults appear to be highly suspicious, I doubt ATP/ITF would want to invest in such technology and/or ruling it a necessity.

Dunno how others view the effect of the foot-faults on Karlovic's game and/or mindset, but IMO I'd say those calls had to have affected him somewhat. E.g., instead of him concentrating on his serve, his focus had to be more on the avoidance of incurring more foot-fault penalties, thus causing him a lot of anxiety and impeding his concentration. That said, albeit Murray most probably would have won the match anyhow, perhaps it maybe have been a lot closer one and much more difficult in obtaining the 'W'.

On the matter of height, I guess it's now a reality in tennis that the average height of the younger players is approx. 6' plus. Height is advantageous to the taller servers. However, it is acutely detrimental to their movement, not to mention the added burden of incurring injuries, thus resulting in a shorter shelf-life, tennis wise.

Murray's draw has opened up nicely with Raonic losing to Querrey, who is currently dealing with some back problems, hence, it should be smooth sailing for Murray to the SFs. That should make you happy!

On a side note, I don't know for what crime tennis fans here in the US are being punished, viz., ESPN TV broadcasts, whereby we have to sit through hours of Sharapova's nerve-irritating screams. Surely, something can be done about these screaming women.

scoretracker , 6/29/12 6:29 PM

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