Match report

Ernests Gulbis ©
1st round
6/25/12 1 2 3 Tot
lv  Ernests Gulbis 7 7 7 3
cz  Tomas Berdych 6 6 6 0
Tomas Berdych ©
  • Wimbledon upset as Berdych crashes out to Gulbis

    6/26/12 12:33 AM | Cheryl Murray
    The 2010 Wimbledon finalist Tomas Berdych was the first upset casualty of the tournament as the young Latvian Ernests Gulbis sent him packing.

    Ernests Gulbis gave a demonstration on Monday of the talent that lurks behind his inconsistency. The Latvian's ranking has plummeted from a career-high of 21st to 87th in the world. This win over Tomas Berdych marks his first since he won a match in Munich back in April.

    Gulbis' form had dipped badly enough that he wasn't even able to get out of the first round of qualifying at the Rome Masters. But whatever his form coming in, his match on Monday was proof positive that he is still brimming with talent.

    Berdych did not play a terrible match, but he allowed Gulbis to dictate the pace of play, which included a whopping 30 aces from the underdog's racket. In short, Gulbis simply out-hit a more tentative Berdych from the back of the court. The No. 6 seed didn't take chances and he paid the price with a first-round exit.

    Every set ended in a tiebreaker and Gulbis, who is not known for his ability to play well in the big moments, came out on top every time. Berdych, who clearly expected to win the match, watched as his opponent smacked 62 winners and just 33 unforced errors.

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Berdy paid dearly for underestimating his opponent.

ed251137 , 6/26/12 11:18 AM

I missed the match but from what I saw at the end of the 3rd set Gulbis was on fire. He is a huge talent I think but you never know what you are going to get from him on any given day. When he first burst on the scene I rather liked his tennis and was hoping for him to become something quite special. I love his sense of humour too. Sorry for Berdy but that's how it goes sometimes.

I just hope that Gulbis doesn't crash out in the next round.

schatz , 6/26/12 12:54 PM

Tomic has some good strong ground strokes here and an interesting shot selection. Seeing him play so far today its difficult to beleive he`s only 19, he looks so much more mature in his game and seems to have gotten over his recent stomach problems, his movement and balance are both good. Very few unforced errors in the first set.

mojo , 6/26/12 1:22 PM

Goffins right knee looks tender, he went down pretty heavily on it.

mojo , 6/26/12 1:34 PM

ed - I agree completely. Obviously, Berdych expected to phone in that match. The problem with a player like Gulbis is that you never know when he's actually going to show up. And when he DOES show up, watch out.

cherylmurray , 6/26/12 1:42 PM

Yep about Tomic, that's why both deuce and myself like Tomic. Tomic is an intelligent player and knows how to vary his game to beat his opponents. With all his slices, his game seems to work best on grass, no wonder he has his best results here at Wimbledon among the slams.

luckystar , 6/26/12 1:55 PM

Despite all Tomic's intelligence, things are'nt looking too great for him against an opponent against whom he was considered favorite....

fedexal , 6/26/12 2:13 PM

Tomorrow's headlines "Baby faced Goffin dumps out much hyped Tomic".

fedexal , 6/26/12 3:20 PM

So glad Tomic's out.............can't stand him for the following reasons:

1. He has that gait of someone who has partaken of the "I am it" kool-aid;
2. He played Rafa one year at Oz, Rafa beat him (I believe it was the year Rafa was going for the Rafa Slam and Rod Laver couldn't hide his dislike of Rafa) and Rod Laver came out and said Tomic made a fool out of Rafa...........I know it's not Tomic's fault that Laver said that but Tomic carried on as if he was the next big thing....................

Good riddance......................let him go stroke some koalas..........

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 3:41 PM

tomic is so cocky its beyond belief. I remember after his match against federer at Oz, he said something along the lines of "my level is good enough to beat anyone below the top 4..." and he hasnt even won a single atp title in his career. smh

tj600 , 6/26/12 3:46 PM

Well it takes more than intelligence to win matches especially in slams. If not Tomic would be inside top twenty already and reaching more QFs or even beyond, instead of being dumped out in the earlier rounds. Among the promising young batch, only Tomic and Dolgo had reached a QF in a slam. I don't know what to make of this young batch. They don't seem as promising as Rafa's and Nole's batch when they're at about the same age.

luckystar , 6/26/12 3:46 PM

The look on Tomic's face sometimes suggests "I am the next big thing". Very much doubt that he is an intelligent player. When I see him I think of one one word "hyped".

fedexal , 6/26/12 3:53 PM

What a plucky little guy David Goffin is - I really do enjoy his tennis and his quiet way of fighting his corner. I am a firm fan now and I hope we will be seeing more of him. They say he is just under 6 ft but he lookes much smaller to me - what a little star.

Well played and good luck in your next match David.

ritb - I did not know that Rod Laver said that about our Rafa - he has gone straight on to my sh..t list. I did get the impression that he was a big Fed fan and I guess I am not surprised that he comes across as not liking Rafa. That is his right of course but quite honestly I would have expected him to be more gracious towards Rafa.

I cannot say I get excited by Tomic's game - it seems to be too safe and not enough va va voooom for me but that is just me :)

The site seems to be back to normal thank goodness.

schatz , 6/26/12 3:54 PM

@schatz, Laver was horrible, horrible towards Rafa that year. He was having interviews left right and center telling anyone who would listen that a potential Rafa Slam was not a proper Grand Slam like his. This year? He was so nice and saying all the right things about Nole's potential Nole Slam (as well he should), no denigration at all..........

This is why I am praying for a HUGE season from Rafa so all the haters (Laver included) can eat copious amounts of crow...............

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 4:07 PM

Wait a sec now guys, seriously we are gonna write off Laver as a good guy? I never saw where Laver said that Tomic made a fool out of Rafa. Really? He actually said such a thing?

Any reference?

Conspirator , 6/26/12 4:16 PM

^^^One word: google.

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 4:19 PM

Don't think Tomic was 100% tbh. Just love his easy deceptive style and the variety of his stroke making.
But what a little superstar Goffin is turning out to be :) Reminds me of Hewitt, never gives up and returns every damn thing. So nice to see a non-giant playing so well too.

deuce , 6/26/12 4:22 PM

It's a good job I did not hear his interviews then as I would have been very angry. I can't say Laver does anything for me and I have not been impressed when I have heard him being interviewed.

I too hope our Rafa has a wonderful year but only for himself and all those that love and support him. The haters can take a hike.

Rafa has just received the most lovely of welcomes from the Centre Court crowd - they really do appreciate him at Wimby.

Vamos our Rafa & God bless.

schatz , 6/26/12 4:32 PM

^^^assuming Laver said that.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 5:28 PM

Yes I remember Laver did say something like that about our Rafa. Not something a past legend should say about a tennis great like Rafa. After all Rafa did fight and get back into the set and won in straights. There's nothing shameful about doing catchup, especially when Rafa was not even playing his best tennis back then.

luckystar , 6/26/12 5:43 PM

If Tomic embarrassed Rafa what did the lucky loser do to Fed at the FO?

nadline , 6/26/12 5:46 PM

In any case, rumour has it that Tomic's official age is 2 years below his real age because his parents 'couldn't find his birth certificate' when they emigrated to Australia so they swore an affidavit to declare his DOB.

nadline , 6/26/12 5:50 PM

... still need more than someone simply paraphrasing or even a quote that can be taken out of context. Doubt highly that the word "fool" was used.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 5:58 PM

What Laver said was:

"He wasn't embarrassed playing Nadal and I think Nadal was a little embarrassed with what Tomic had done to him."

nadline , 6/26/12 6:05 PM

Rafa wouldn't have been embarrassed because he knows what he did to seasoned players as a teenager, so he wouldn't think being stretched in one set by Tomic was that unusual.

nadline , 6/26/12 6:09 PM

@Conspirator, who do you think you are? You "need" to be explained to?

Yes sir, massa..................

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 6:10 PM

You do not have to say the exact word to get your point across conspirator - come on now don't split hairs. Why would ritb take offence if that is not what was intimated? There would be no point to it.

schatz , 6/26/12 6:10 PM

Yea I saw that. My understanding was that it was in regard to Rafa temporarily being down 4-0 in a set during the match.

Admittedly doesn't sound too good but far from saying Rafa looked like a fool and I'd certainly reserve judgement myself until I knew more of the surrounding interview/questions.

Too easy to take sound bytes out of context.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 6:12 PM

Thank you schatz, and I was and still am offended by Laver's attitude towards Rafa. You like him @Conspirator, bully for you, don't let me persuade you otherwise......

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 6:13 PM

You "need" to be explained to?

Yes sir, massa..................
rafaisthebest, 6/26/12 6:10 PM

Haha RTIB thanks!! You just proved my point! You quoted me saying "need" but took it completely out of context. I didn't say I need to be explained to.

Please read my posts more carefully.

schatz, respectfully I don't think I'm splitting hairs. people are misquoted or taken out of context all of the time. There is no context here.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 6:17 PM

No, @Conspirator, I will not read your posts carefully at any time. This is the last post I will direct at you, EVER.

Please do me the courtesy of not reading my posts and responding to them.

Have a nice life.

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 6:20 PM

Didn't say I liked him. Boy, now I'm really starting to believe that you might be misinterpreting Laver given how you are misinterpreting me. I don't think he is necessarily good or bad. Just didn't think one should write him off so easily, that's all.

Guys I don't intend to offend you in any way. If I have then I truly am sorry for that.


Conspirator , 6/26/12 6:21 PM

Conspirator - Article in the Australian Herald.

AUSTRALIAN tennis great Rod Laver said teenager Bernard Tomic "embarrassed" world No.1 Rafael Nadal in their Australian Open clash.

Nadal took the third-round clash in straight sets, 6-2, 7-5, 6-3, but didn't have things all his own way, and was forced to fight back from a 4-0 deficit in the second set.

Laver, the only player to twice win the Grand Slam was full of praise for the young Aussie, aged 18 and ranked 199, and said he exposed weaknesses in Nadal's game.

"I watched him play Nadal and he showed some good form all the way through," Laver said in the United States.

"He wasn't embarrassed playing Nadal and I think Nadal was a little embarrassed with what Tomic had done to him."

schatz , 6/26/12 6:33 PM

No offence taken conspirator but I see red when people try to belittle Rafa in any way and that includes the tennis legend that is Rod Laver.

schatz , 6/26/12 6:40 PM

I do too schatz regardless of who they are. Thanks!

Conspirator , 6/26/12 6:55 PM

You are welcome.

schatz , 6/26/12 7:01 PM

Murray does not have a tough draw only Raonic

tennis2011 , 6/26/12 7:26 PM

I do find this interesting to discuss so I remember Muzz explaining why he now tries to be more guarded in interviews because he doen't want the hassle of being misinterpreted or taken out of context...

?You have to be quite reserved, a bit guarded,? he says now. ?It saves a lot of hassle. Unfortunately, that?s just the way it is. I try not to distract myself for having to apologise for the things I?ve said.?
Echoes here of Tim Henman, who admitted after retirement that he had dissembled his way through just about every press conference he ever gave." reveals-his-lighter-side-in-pop-star-comedy-clip.html

Again, RTIB and anyone else who was offended, sorry if you think I went too far.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 7:49 PM

This is the reason why these guys rarely say anything interesting. Remember when Muzza said he would be cheering for anyone but England during the last Euro Cup? He took heat on that for at least a month.

cherylmurray , 6/26/12 8:16 PM

Apology accepted me at least.

rafaisthebest , 6/26/12 8:20 PM

Thanks RTIB!!! Vamos Rafa!!!

Conspirator , 6/26/12 8:32 PM

Media frequently tries to make something out of nothing when players make playful statements which, in the short term might work for their stories, but may not work for future stories when the players clam up which won't help them or interest in tennis in the long run.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 8:42 PM

Gulbis interview, a bit funny google translate, swan means Gulbis:

"Last month I worked a lot with my new coach. I had a good preliminary step. Here's the result. Really enjoyed working with coach Gunter Bresniku. He helped me a lot," said Swan.

When asked why Swan Bresniku chosen it, said, "Everyone I've met a race for him as a coach has said only good words. Bresniks is very highly respected. I have a couple friends, a couple of Finnish tennis players who do not play anymore - they said, I try to, Bresniks was a good professional. I had nothing to lose. for the first three drills I felt a big difference. "

"A few months ago I was pretty excited, now I have become calmer," said the Latvian tennis player. "Many have pamain?jis his technique. Mom had sent me a video of my games 2007th and 2008 - there's a completely different technique. I understand that I play is more relaxed in court, I think too much."

"When I saw the lottery, I nopriec?jos. I wanted in the first round to play against strong opponents. It motivates me more, especially in the first round. I think that I would not be a problem even if it were still existing senior tennis player. Good felt already during training ... the game against a strong opponent helps to concentrate. Central Court, around the camera. I knew that all Latvian see the match - it helped me focus and stay in the match. Today nosp?l?ju well, let's see what will the next round, "said tennis player."

anatolijs , 6/26/12 9:28 PM

From Rafa's presser today...

Q. Whether you consider them rivals or not, you, Novak, and Roger have certainly dominated the Grand Slams for the last seven years. What do you think the biggest reason for that is?
RAFAEL NADAL: Is difficult to answer this one for me. Somebody ask me this question a few weeks ago in Roland Garros, and my answer was, I cannot say anything in particular because can sound arrogant what I gonna say. That's the real thing.
So I prefer to say that that's what happened the last couple of years probably because we were very focused, we were playing great, we were very regular players. So that's why. Then the rest of the things, to find arguments why really that happened, I am really not the right one to say it.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 9:29 PM

Nice words from Nole in yesterday's presser (forgive me if everyone has already seen this)...

You know, when you're playing your top rivals, you need to be focused on every ball. It looks like you need to be on a top of your level in order to get the win. So whatever surface it is, I mean, Rafa over the years, people were maybe talking maybe four or five years ago that he can only play on clay courts because of his style of game, producing a very hard topspin that does not really go with a grass court style.

He's proved them wrong and he's coming back and always improving, always wanting to be better on the court. He won two Wimbledon titles; played a couple of finals.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 9:36 PM

It really bothered me a year or so ago when media I think threatened to stop sending journalists to tournaments unless post match pressers were not immediately made verbatim on their respective web sites. I mean I understand why they did it but I din't like or agree with it. This worked for a while (and many ATF tournaments still comply).

I like to read the full interview transcripts so I can get the full context. My wife and I were watching the Venus Williams presser and my wife hated the "trolling" questions asked by some of the media. However, it is these questions that got the good quotes from Venus.

I like to read the questions that lead to the answers and like to see them in full instead of snippets quoted and interpreted by the media to fit their subjective view.

I like to use my own subjective filter!!!

Nice to see that Wimby is providing the transcripts in full verbatim.

Conspirator , 6/26/12 9:46 PM

Thanks conspirator - very interesting interview by Gulbis. Maybe this new coach will get the best out of him after all. He can certainly play exciting tennis.

Really nice words from Novak.

schatz , 6/26/12 9:46 PM

Yeah I was just about to post the link for Gulbis' interview. I just read it and gleaned much more from the transcript than I did from the 1-2 news articless that had just a few quotes.

The transcripts are great because you get to know the players a little bit more (as much as they will let you).

I like Gulbis. He's a bit of a free spirit. Reminds me a little of Safin. I hope he makes a go of it. He is very talented and fun to watch. 1206261340713172454.html

Conspirator , 6/26/12 9:58 PM

I think it always helps when the exact quote is referenced. Growing up I idolized Laver as both a great champion and a great sportsman. I don't think he has any real dislike for Rafa. I think that whatever he says is over-analyzed to death. Parsing his every word to decide if he is insulting Rafa.

Maybe Laver was just taken with Tomic as a possible next great Aussie player. I have heard Laver say many complimentary things about Rafa. The match turned out to be a bit more competitive than many would have thought, but that was because Rafa had never faced Tomic's quirky game. Once he figured it out, then he was able to take control.

Other players have had some trouble with Tomic the first time they played him. I will say that I am in agreement with fedexal, ritb and tj600 in being quite underwhelmed with Tomic. I think he is way too arrogant and cocky for a guy who has yet to do anything in this sport.

I think that ed got it exactly right in saying that Berdy paid the price for not being ready for Gulbis. You can never take anyone for granted. That's why I love Rafa's attitude. He gets some grief for his words about his opponents, but it's key to his success that he never makes the mistake of taking anyone for granted. That's a lesson that Berdy learned the hard way.

Nativenewyorker , 6/26/12 10:02 PM

There is nothing wrong with what laver said..the main problem is he likes federer too much...

chenna21 , 6/26/12 10:22 PM

"No offence taken conspirator but I see red when people try to belittle Rafa in any way and that includes the tennis legend that is Rod Laver."

Anybody else remember the podium at AO 09, when Mr. Laver looked like he would give anything, anything in the world, to give the cup to Roger instead of Rafa?

I stood up and practically shouted at my TV, at about 6:30am ET, "Rafa won the tournament! You must give the cup to him!! GIVE THE CUP TO RAFA!!!"

mara002 , 6/27/12 4:55 AM

I am another who thinks BrATomic is waaay overrated. I was thrilled to see Goffin take him out, especially as well as he played against Roger - and as many compliments as Roger gave him - at RG.

mara002 , 6/27/12 4:57 AM

cheryl@8.16pm. Noooo, wrong, not months, Andy is still "suffering" from that off the cuff remark years later and it's frequently given as a reason why SOME English people don't like him :(

deuce , 6/27/12 7:32 AM

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