Match report

Roger Federer ©
3rd round
5/17/12 1 2 3 Tot
ch  Roger Federer 6 5 6 2
es  Juan Carlos Ferrero 2 7 1 1
Juan Carlos Ferrero ©
  • Federer gets past Ferrero, into Rome quarters

    5/18/12 12:21 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Roger Federer drops a set but continues his hot streak by defeating Juan Carlos Ferrero in three sets on Thursday in Rome. Federer is through to a quarterfinal meeting with Andreas Seppi.

    Roger Federer held off Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-2, 5-7, 6-1 in the third round of the Internazionli BNL d'Italia on Thursday night. Federer fired 12 aces and won 85 percent of his first-serve points as he advanced to the quarterfinals after one hour and 47 minutes.

    Fresh off a title in Madrid and a routine win over Carlos Berlocq in his Rome opener, Federer was up to more of the same in the first set against Ferrero. Two breaks were easily enough for the second-ranked Swiss because he saved both of the break points he faced.

    Ferrero fought back in the second, saving three break points along the way to keep himself within striking distance. The 32-year-old Spaniard finally struck when it mattered most, converting his first and only break of the day at 5-5. He served it out one game later to improbably force a third set.

    Having been issued a wakeup call, Federer responded in the decider. Although Ferrero continued to play well, the No. 3 seed raised his level and regained control. Federer lost a mere four points in four service games and broke twice before serving out the match in routine fashion at 5-1.

    Ferrero wrapped up his effort with two aces and no double-faults. Federer moves on to face Italy's hero of the week, Andreas Seppi.

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Congrats Roger.

A bit up and down but got through and that's what matters.
Great tennis in the 1st set, only Roger can produce such beautiful, entertaining, attractive tennis.

HOPP Roger!!!

bleck , 5/18/12 12:33 AM

seppi will make life a bit difficult but i dont think has the quality to take the set off federer he might only get a set if federer try to finish things quickly like he did against ferrero

isfand , 5/18/12 12:50 AM

"improbably force a third set" lol and so true!

deuce , 5/18/12 6:59 AM

bleck at 12.33AM

'only when his opponent allows him to'

Ferrero was simply too slow for Fed and credit to him for taking a set off Fed. Seppi can get a set but nothing more. After three matches and battling for three hours in the last match, I think Seppi is done. Maybe we'll have a Fed/Nole semifinal after all.

luckystar , 5/18/12 9:00 AM

Really enjoyed the match. Ferrero only had 16 unforced errors the whole game. Fed's level in the 3rd set was very high. If he can maintain that he will more than trouble Nole in the semis. Rafa is a different prospect all together he looks very strong, time will tell.

brothdog , 5/18/12 10:53 AM

Great tennis in the 1st set, only Roger can produce such beautiful, entertaining, attractive tennis.
bleck , 5/18/12 12:33 AM

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

nadline , 5/18/12 11:12 AM

Fed hit 46 winners, some of his backhands down the line were vintage Fed, he really is accelerating through on his forehand side too, especially cross court. Really is nice to see him playing well and believing in himself again. The way he broke Ferrero in the 2nd game of the final set was a joy. 3 beautiful winners down the line. 2 backhands and 1 forehand, long may it continue! Keep it up maestro!

brothdog , 5/18/12 11:34 AM

Yes, but how many UEs did Federer hit?

nadline , 5/18/12 11:41 AM

Only Rafa, Nole and Murray can give troubles to Fed frequently, guys like Berdych and Tsonga can give Fed troubles occasionally. Others? They have less than 5% chance of beating Fed, so Ferrero is not expected to beat Fed, and taking a set off Fed is already a respectable result for Ferrero.

luckystar , 5/18/12 11:54 AM

Agreed luckystar Ferrero did himself proud nobody expected him to take a set after the way Fed demolished him in the 1st. Not sure on exactly how many UE's he had nadline to be honest, but his winners far, far outweighed them that is for sure. He was clinical in the 3rd set. A little annoyed Ferrero had kept him out later than he had planned, so he stepped on the gas and finished the job clinically. That's all you can ask, seppi - with all respect, will cause no problems we are all in agreeance there.

brothdog , 5/18/12 12:06 PM

brothdog, I think Federer had 40 UEs.
I didn't expect Ferrero to win, but I expected him to put up a contest.

nadline , 5/18/12 12:11 PM

wow, if that is the case then i stand corrected, did'nt think it was that many. None the less, job done and it was a realatively short 3 setter so i don't think it will have taken too much out of Fed........ i hope! Looking forward to finishing work and watching the quarters with a few beers. Roger, Rafa, David and Nole to go through. If anyone can cause an upset it will be Tsonga.

brothdog , 5/18/12 12:21 PM

Of course If Rafa were to drop a set during this tourny and RG, it will be a CNN breaking news headline, epitaphs will be written, eulogies recited, etc, etc........

Fed donates a set to an over the hill ex-champ who has played exactly 2 matches this year and.................he's a championship threat, babies are named after him, his career is only just re-igniting............

What a load of crap...............

rafaisthebest , 5/18/12 1:02 PM


nadline , 5/18/12 1:18 PM

I really hope that Rafa wins this tournament RITB. This is the pen ultimate clay event of the year which means he really only is favorite for the next 2 tournaments. He needs it as if after the French last year is anything to go by then he could be in for a bit of a title drought. Until the clay 2013 possibly.

brothdog , 5/18/12 1:27 PM

@brothdog, i disagree. If rafa beats nole in anyone of these two clay events, esp RG he'l be the joint favorite with federer at wimbledon and olympics. Rafa is much better on grass than nole and muzza and he has played even better than federer in the last 3 years . Rafa can win many titles this year because he is playing 2 times better than last year

vamosrafa , 5/18/12 1:30 PM

What I do not understand is why the Italians have schedled the Fed/Seppi match as an evening event. Roger's going to humiliate Seppi, unless Roger's in a charitable mood. Do they really want their man humiliated with a capacity crowd around? Seems inhumane to me.................

They should have put either Rafa/Berdy or Nole/Tsonga matches on the night slot.............guaranteed to be more competitive even a chance of an upset or two and it would have spared Seppi the confidence dampener of being crushed in front of a capacity crowd at home............

That's what the French did when Rafa played that kid who bears an uncanny resemblance to Monfils..................sorry, can't remember his name..........

rafaisthebest , 5/18/12 1:35 PM

i agree with vamosrafa re Rafa's prospects at Wimby and the Olympics but I laugh when people can't see, or choose not to see, the improvements in Rafa's hard court game. It used to be that Rafa was NEVER in the frame when computing contenders for hard court tournaments but seriously, you can only continue to think like this if you have not been watching tennis for the past year and a half................

rafaisthebest , 5/18/12 1:39 PM

rafa has reached the Aus open final lately, rafa reached the Us open final in 2011..rafa WON the 2010 Us open...dont want to count oz 2011, rafa was hurt! it really is laughable why people dont consider rafa among the favorites on hard courts

vamosrafa , 5/18/12 1:57 PM

@rafaisthebest , 5/18/12 1:35 PM

His name is Gianni Mina. He is now #460 in the world.

nadline , 5/18/12 2:09 PM

2 times better is an exaggeration. but yes his level is higher. still only won 2 tournaments though, both on clay. its hard to say that rafa is better than nole on the grass as nole won last years wimby final pretty easily. he is a favorite for any tournament that he enters of course, he is Rafael Nadal. But im only stating what has happened since 2010 US open on the hard courts and the facts are he has struggled to win many tournaments.

brothdog , 5/18/12 2:18 PM

oh, rafa is a much better player than nole on doubts for me at least. look at the results for the past 5 years on grass ! also, nole beat rafa not because he is better on grass, he beat rafa because he was in complete command against rafa on a tennis court. The surface change was not really bothering djokovic because he was also able to beat rafa on clay ! so you are suggesting nole is better than rafa on clay? he beat rafa twice on clay but i think rafa is MUCH better than nole on clay, nole aint close to rafa on clay yet.

And for the other discussion, well, for how long had rafa not been able to win a tournement on a hard court at the time he won us open 2010? plz go and find the answer to this question first :) and if twice as much better seems an exaggeration to you, you are not following rafa properly.. you are only focusing on results, i.e rafa has won 2 tournaments and so on, watch and observe his progress ! almost took down nole at OZ and then he has continued to improve as the season has went on !its not only about the tiles, level od play is a different thing

vamosrafa , 5/18/12 2:34 PM

that may be the case. but titles are what count at the end of the day. i understand your point about the previous 5 years on the grass, but the fact remains rafa was beaten pretty convincingly last year. all the previous years are irrelevant. nole is no way near rafas level on the clay, no body is. but he still managed to beat him twice on the surface last season. i stated since the us open 2010 he has struggled to win on hard courts, not that he has not won at all. being in complete command against rafa on a temmis court is effectively being better on that surface. and nole was much better than rafa on the grass last year, it's as simple as that.

brothdog , 5/18/12 2:49 PM

Okay, last year was last year, this year is this year!!!....................a new year!

Monalysa , 5/18/12 3:01 PM if nole plays better in a SINGLE match on grass, he is better than rafa on grass ! wow ! how fair is that...tsonga is better on grass than federer ! berdych is better than federer on grass ! right? nadal played wimbledon well but he said he played a poor final and it was visible, djokovic had sooo much momentum that the surface change was not bothering him match...this can happen when you enter a tournament with a umm 43-1 record for the year?

and u missed the point about US open 2010. It has been part of rafa's feature, he is always there,reaching the latter stages..winning rather sparingly but when he wins it he wins it big by beating the best (talking about non-clay events of course)...i meant that prior to the US open 2010, rafa had not won a tournament on a hard court for such a long time ! the last time he won a tournament was australian open 2009 hehe so many were arguing on the same line that rafa has not won a hard court event in 1.5 years bla bla bla blaaaaa 1.5 years of title drought on hard courts at that time(us open 2010) but look the two titles that lie on the end points of this time period, two grand slams !i wont be surprised at all if rafa ends hsi hard court title drought at this year's us open :)

vamosrafa , 5/18/12 3:16 PM

Good Match.Ferrero played and took fight to Roger.Showed why he was No.1 in 2003.

hrsikesa , 5/18/12 3:23 PM

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