Match report

Novak Djokovic ©
Semi final
5/19/12 1 2 Tot
rs  Novak Djokovic 6 7 2
ch  Roger Federer 2 6 0
Roger Federer ©
  • Djokovic downs Federer, into Rome final vs. Nadal

    5/19/12 9:51 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Novak Djokovic rolls over Roger Federer in straight sets on Saturday in Rome. Djokovic is through to a blockbuster final against familiar foe Rafael Nadal.

    It will be another clay-court final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

    Djokovic booked the showdown by defeating Roger Federer 6-2, 7-6(4) in Saturday night's second semifinal at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia. The defending champion survived a dramatic second set to advance after one hour and 39 minutes.

    Prior to late-match fireworks, Djokovic was in comfort mode for nearly two full sets. The world No. 1 won four consecutive points in the third game of the match to break for a quick 2-1 lead. Djokovic converted another break at 4-2 on a Federer forehand miss before running into trouble on serve for the first time. Despite squandering all of a 40-0 lead, Djokovic finally capitalized on his fourth set point.

    Federer continued to struggle in the second, especially off the backhand side. The second-ranked Swiss saved a break point in the first game and survived two deuces at 1-1 but he eventually dropped serve at 3-3 by sending a forehand wide at 30-40.

    Djokovic had not faced a single break point all day, but he suddenly cracked while serving for the match at 5-4. Federer raised his level at the same time and broke to stay alive, fighting off a match point with a forehand winner before securing the break two points later.

    A tiebreaker soon had to decide the set and the very first point proved to be the difference. With Federer serving, Djokovic got the best of a marathon rally for what proved to be the only mini-break. Federer thwarted two more match points at 3-6 and 4-6, but Djokovic calmly sealed the deal at 6-5.

    The top-seeded Serb finished with 14 winners and 20 unforced errors. A more error-prone Federer wrapped up his effort with 22 winners and 42 mistakes. Djokovic and Nadal will be going head-to-head for the 32nd time in their careers on Sunday, with Nadal leading the series 17-14 after prevailing last month in the Monte-Carlo title match.

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This is interesting because if Djoker wins tomorrow Fed holds onto #2.

chr18 , 5/19/12 10:17 PM

Better player won today.... bring on the presser!!!

zare , 5/19/12 10:29 PM

------completely of topic :(

zare , 5/19/12 10:33 PM

Congrats to djokovic.

He played extremely well at times, it looked like Roger was playing against a wall, djokovic retrieved almost every ball.

Roger also didn't play to his best ability. Poor 1st serve percentage and a bad W/UE ratio but at least he tried and gave it his all saving MP at 4-5.

Keep it up Roger, you're playing great and having a good year.

HOPP Roger.

bleck , 5/19/12 10:58 PM

Easy win in the end but djokovic will lose to nadal in the final

tennis2011 , 5/19/12 11:41 PM

nadal for the win in tightly contested straight sets

isfand , 5/19/12 11:43 PM

If Djokovic plays like he did today he still stands a chance against Rafa. It should be a competitive match.

Emiliano55 , 5/20/12 1:26 AM

Wonderful result - didn't watch the match because I had to sleep but will catch some highlights. If Nole can play solid tennis, he has every chance of winning today and that will be massive going into the French.

samprallica , 5/20/12 1:29 AM

Well, well... who would say...?
All Fedfans for Nole now? lol!

zare , 5/20/12 1:55 AM


MAGICJOHNSON76 , 5/20/12 1:56 AM

Magic... you have feeling again???
Every match in 2012... you predicted Nole's defeat? LOL!!!
Bleacher report... is it looney site? Even I was laughing ... eat-proves-hes-not-elite-anymore

zare , 5/20/12 2:16 AM

fed didn't like this.

rfzr , 5/20/12 2:26 AM

Yes zare all Fed fans , and Fed himself, should be cheering for Djoker tomorrow. After all if he wins Fed is still #2 and has a chance at a semifinal against Mandy at the French. What more could any of us ask for? Ok a 4 hour Djoker win tomorrow and a 6 hour semifinal Djoker win at the French. That's all. Too much?

chr18 , 5/20/12 2:26 AM

Didn't this clown promise us a few months ago that he wouldn't be back here? Some people's hide are thicker than I thought!!! I'm just waiting for the next entertaining 'poem' about how Soderling is going to beat Rafa at RG!!!!

jean , 5/20/12 2:35 AM

Well that will be the cold day in hell...
I can imagine... Fed in front of TV... screaming: "GO NOLE...GO NOLE!!!"...

zare , 5/20/12 2:45 AM

Well Sod isn't even playing but if Fed wins I could care less who takes out Nadal. As a Fed fan I want him to have the best chance to win. So even if Fed won't say it I will : "Go Djoker go!!!!!!!!!"

chr18 , 5/20/12 3:25 AM

What??? No 'poem' for Djokovic? Come on, live up to your standard, give us something to laugh about!!!

jean , 5/20/12 3:55 AM

Well done Nole! Missed the match since it was too late, woke up to see that Nole had won, that too in straights! Hopefully the final will go in the same way.

mriiidula , 5/20/12 3:56 AM

Congrats Nole, better player won today

Nodoubt you will defend this title is straight sets

prove once again you are the current best player in the world.

anji123 , 5/20/12 4:53 AM

No way Rafa and Nole are going to spend four hours killing each other tomorrow, not even in the FO final. They have many more fishes to fry this season. The AO was a bit different as after that final both could have a long rest. In any case, I think it may be a Rafa/Berdych FO final this year if the draw permits. I like what I saw about Berdych this clay season.

It doesn't matter who we are cheering for, the matches have to be played and the results depend on the players themselves. There are two versions of Rafa we see this clay season - the offensive Rafa and the defensive Rafa. I like his chances against Nole if the offensive version is playing. Rafa's offensive game is the best in the business, each time he plays it he has the upper hand against anyone, including Fed, Nol, Murray, Berdych and Delpo. The problem with Rafa is that he doesn't play his offensive game always, unlike a Fed or a Berdych, and it's because of him having another option, ie the defensive option, that he chooses not to go all out offensive from the get go but only when it's really necessary. As a result, he seems to be grinding out wins most of the time. Rafa seems to enjoy the process of fighting off his competitors more than winning itself.

luckystar , 5/20/12 5:19 AM

Really disappointed with Fed's display in the SF. Cmon Roger u cant be serving at <50% against Nole or Rafa & top it with a flurry of UE's. Anyways it has been a gud run of form going into RG.

abhirf , 5/20/12 6:28 AM

The Fed fans have no shame. They can't stand Nole. The only reason they will cheer him on is to stop Rafa, the one player they fear the most. Well they should!

I think Rafa is going to do whatever it takes to go out there and win the final and get back his #2 ranking.

Wishful thinking that Rafa and Nole are going to spend four hours killing themselves tomorrow or at the FO final. But that's what Fed fans have to hope for these days. That speaks volumes.

I agree with lucky about the matches having to be played and the players being in control of their own destiny. I hope the offensive Rafa shows up tomorrow. I think what happened at Madrid lit a fire under him and he is a man on a mission.

Nativenewyorker , 5/20/12 7:10 AM

I am still scratching my head about Fed's performance. Not taking anything away from Nole, and the UEs could be because of the man across the net.......but the 1st serve? Isn't that Fed's potent weapon? Anyway, that is tennis...............

It will be a tough final. I hope Rafa brings his MC game tomorrow. The serve has to be dialled, not what we saw in the 1st set against Ferru. Defensive play simply will not get the business done as this will be playing into Nole's hands, he will simply return every ball and he will be the winner. Rafa needs to be aggressive and keep the points short.

Nole was brilliant last night, let's hope Rafa is today as well.


rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 7:18 AM

Rafa needs to win this in 2. Else Nole will win.

abhirf , 5/20/12 7:51 AM l-rome-masters

"......It is always a bad sign for Federer when he starts throwing his empty water bottles over his shoulder at the changes of ends; the perfect example of the toys being thrown out of the pram."


rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 8:55 AM

Congrats zare, lol I can see your smile from here :)
RITB oooh, ouch, indeedy.

deuce , 5/20/12 10:09 AM


That is hilarious because on the tennis channel coverage of the match they did show Fed sitting on the sidelines during a changeover and he absolutely tossed his empty water bottle over his shoulder. He is so busted on tv! I thought it was so funny. He was not a happy camper, so why not throw the water bottles, because it will be someone else's job to pick them up.

Zare is coming out with the funny stuff again. Well let him go ahead. He has been hearing so much garbage from Fed fans and now it's his time to gloat a little. He knew what the result would be all along!

Nativenewyorker , 5/20/12 10:38 AM

quintessential spoilt brat, is Fed................and Fedfans have the temerity to call Rafa a whiner, for having the nerve to call out the ATP for ruining a great tournament such as Madrid.

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 12:10 PM

Only a couple of months ago, Fedfans and commies alike were telling us that Federer was the only one capable of beating Djokovic.

I'm only going to watch the recording now because I watched it on my iphone yesterday so I didn't really get the essence of it.

nadline , 5/20/12 12:13 PM

^^^^^they never believed it themselves. That was just a poorly disguised Rafa diss.........

Today they will be rooting for Nole, not because they find Nole particularly charming.........yes, you guessed it! Just another poorly disguised Rafa diss..............

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 12:41 PM

This talk of Fed being able to beat Djoko is an overhyped thing

Fed has lost 5 out of the last 6 matches against Djoko and come to think he is not far off worse than Rafa who has lost 7 out of last 8. Its just that Rafa and Nole payed each other more for Rafa to lose, had Fed met Nole more number of times..result would have been similar

We need to move beyond the RG 2011 semi loss of Novak against Roger..Roger played his best match last year to beat Nole, odds that he will pay at a similar level all throughout a match is 1/10.

sanju , 5/20/12 1:27 PM

And why are many Fed fans here hoping for Rafa and Nole to kill each other playing 4 hour Rome, 6 hour RG to make it easier for Fed?

You dont trust Roger enough or you think he mandatorily needs luck to get a slam and without all things aligned in his favour, on basis of sheer performance on court he cant do it?

sanju , 5/20/12 1:29 PM

Is throwing an empty water bottle over your shoulder worse than smashing your racket? :) I thought Djokovic smashed his racket in the Monaco match. Both childish displays.
Sanju - maybe I am not regular delusional fan, but I think Fed needs a slice of luck at his age to win a Slam. Just as a great champion like Sampras needed in the end of his career.
Actually one of Nadline's posts after Nadal's loss to Fed in IW cheered me up. She said Ferderer played better on that day and 'it wasn't Rafa's title to win'. Can't win em all, and unfortunately even the top guys can't bring their top game 100% of the time.
good luck to the two best players in the world this afternoon....

Bharata , 5/20/12 2:26 PM

@Bharata , 5/20/12 2:26 PM

See, Fedfans, I can be objective. Maybe I'm a partially sighted Rafan, not totally blind. Actually, I admit to being totally blind at times, and I'm offering no apologies.

nadline , 5/20/12 2:42 PM

Yes sanju he's always needed some luck at the French. Remember good ole Sod! Atta boy come back soon. To NNY : All Fed fans don't hate the Djoker. Obviously when he plays Fed, I want Fed to beat him though. Even though they don't seem to like each other that doesn't mean I will follow Fed in his dislike. Djoker is all INAT and that's in my blood too so gotta love that. That's also why he will fight 4 hours today to win and 6 hours in the semifinal hopefully against Nadal too.

chr18 , 5/20/12 2:50 PM

Is throwing an empty water bottle over your shoulder worse than smashing your racket? :) I thought Djokovic smashed his racket in the Monaco match. Both childish displays.
Bharata, 5/20/12 2:26 PM

Agree, both acts are childish. Djokovic smashes his rackets with reckless abandon during matches when he is frustrated and makes no apologies for this behaviour.

The issue here is image. Novak has never gone out of his way to appear, nor marketed himself as, perfect. Roger has. In fact that word is part of marketing tableau, peRFect.

Now, being childish cannot be peRFect, can it? That, is the problem................

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 2:50 PM

Actually, throwing an empty water bottle on the ground expecting the ball kids to pick it up is not being childish it's being arrogant and supercilious, thinking they are there to pick up after you.

nadline , 5/20/12 3:04 PM

I missed the bottle throwing during the changeover - I was probably checking this site for comments. In a way I'm glad he did it though, it shows he was frustrated with himself. He managed to make a decent 2nd set.
I found Fed's slice with the high clay bounce was useless yesterday and Djokovic was all over it. It seemed like if a rally lasted more than 3 shots Djokovic was going to win it.

Bharata , 5/20/12 3:05 PM

nadline, 5/20/12 3:04 PM

Ah well, maybe it does fit in with his image afterall..................

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 3:14 PM

^^^ If he did that a hundred times over his 1000 match career, then you might call it arrogant behaviour. If he does it less than 1% of the time than i'd call it being human...
If you're going to call it arrogant, than by the same token you should call obssesively arranging water bottels, brushing the hair over your left ear, then your right, then picking your backside on EVERY point ( :)) at least a bit childlike, because it shows Nadal needs a rigid routine in order to focus, without which he gets agitated.

For the record, I don't think either Fed is arrogant,or Nadal is childish. I do think Nadal has had a lot of pressure on him to succeed from a young age with a very atheltic family that obviously pushed him. He has dealt with it very well, almost never disagress publicly with Uncle Toni.

Bharata , 5/20/12 3:20 PM

I dont know if its me but i cant believe how anyone can be so delusional to believe that Novak would lose to Roger yesterday................i mean seriously?!!!!!! Rafa is the best clay courter, some think Novak has a great chance of beating him, but yet still feel Roger could beat Novak!!!!...............and plz DONT tell me anything about match ups!!! I just really dont get this!! Am I the only one here who thought that the outcome of the match was ABSOLUTELY in no doubt?!! Are there persons who really thought Roger would beat Novak?!!! I will admit that I didnt expect Roger to be creamed the way he did, but to WIN!!!.....................I am surely not that absurd!!!!

And whats even worst, there are some who believe that Roger is going to fair better at RG?!!!...........WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......................Ro ger's SLAM winning days are over..................its unfortunate but its the plain and simple truth!!!

And these rankings are just so skewed!!! Roger is the #2 player in the world, and yet he cannot beat the #1 and the #3!!!.................Im glad i have no kids bcos I would have a hell of a time trying to explain that to them!!!!

Monalysa , 5/20/12 4:04 PM

Bharata, 5/20/12 3:20 PM

Please, you are not making any sense. You are usually a very lucid, thoughtful poster, but sorry, you are going off at a tangent here. Roger behaved badly, it happens. Accept it, move on, doesn't need rationalising.

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 4:19 PM

Thanks RITB :) I'm not rationalizing it - I'm just saying that's Fed's human, so calling him 'arrogant' and 'superciious' on the basis of that (or perhaps 10 other incidents like it over a 10 year career) is silly - just as silly as someone arguing that Nadal is like a little kid with his structured routines. Do you agree that this is silly as well? Better put - why do you think Nadal does this stuff before every point? How do you 'tationalize' it - or is it irrational?

Actually I just watched a replay of the SF they're showing due to the rain - maybe you guys are talking about the a different thing, but he let tosses the bottle in a dismissive way down beside his chair (after going up 6-5). Nadline used the word 'throwing' and that's really a gross exaggeration (which I stupidly believed).

Bharata , 5/20/12 5:43 PM

Bharata, 5/20/12 5:43 PM"...............

Rafa's on court mannerisms do not affect third parties. He arranges his water bottles himself, does not ask other people to arraneg them for him.

Nole's racket tantrums do not affect anybody.

Roger throwing his empty water bottles does affect other people, chiefly the ball kids who have to pick them up and put them in the bin. Are they his slaves? Could he not have put the bottles in the bin himself?

In any case bad behaviour is NOT relative. You can't say Roger behaved badly but it's okay because Rafa and Nole behave just as badly if not worse.............

That's why I said it's bad behaviour, leave it at that, he is human........but doesn't mean we can't call him out.

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 5:56 PM

And why did he have to toss the bottle anyway...........its his OWN fault that he kept dumping the ball in the damn net!!!!!

I looked at the game again and I dont think Novak did anything extra special.................Roger with his bad play made Novak look great!!........but not that Novak did not play well!

Monalysa , 5/20/12 6:01 PM

Ha ha there you go again saying that he threw it. He tossed it beside his bag - for all we know he picked it up after losing. It was a mistake but out of so many changeovers and water bottles I think we can afford all tennis players some slack here. WHo knows how many sweaty towels, thrown away energy bar wrappers, banana peels, etc are left around. I think that 'him tossing the bottle affects the ball boys who pick it up' is a stretch. Let's see what kind of example is it for kids to see a No. 1 smash a $500+ racket that most parents could never afford to buy them? Is that as 'traumatic' as getting someone who is paid to clean up after the players to reach down and pick up a bottle?

but I agree pointing out the foibles of others doensn't justify Fed's. Let he who is without sin toss the first bottle.

You're right - Nadal's mannerisms dont' affect his opponents. But he does them consistently - why? are they just irrational tics?

Bharata , 5/20/12 6:17 PM

Personally, I would prefer that players find other ways of venting their frustration than smashing rackets, swearing loudly and abusing umpires. I also wish Rafa would stop tugging at his shorts, a habit which appears involuntary so maybe I am being unfair.

But hey, that's just me......................

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 6:31 PM

Sorry, you don't have to rationalize these matterisms, it's a stupid quesiton to ask.

Bharata , 5/20/12 6:31 PM

@ Bharata,

Dont much care if Fed tossed/threw bottle, but coming from a Rafa fan, if Rafa were to make that many unforced errors in a two set match, I would toss more than bottles!!!

Monalysa , 5/20/12 6:33 PM

The thing is, Fed fans, it's not just the water bottle thing. If it was, nobody would have a problem with it, he's human, emotions are high, people will do stupid things in such situations.
But the fact is Roger Federer is a self-centered person. He doesn't care about anyothing other than himself. I HAVE NEVER seen him congratulate his opponent when he wins a great point, something I see Nole for example do quite regularly.
When most top 10 players were gunning down the ATP to reduce the tennis season, instead of sticking with his fellow players, he didn't have a problem with the schedule because it suits him. And of course, there was the blue clay fiasco.

Oh, and when Nole and Rafa agreed to an exhibition match in Madrid about a month ago, Federer suddenly had an urge to let everybody know that Rafa invited him first but he "had to" turn him down.

Remember that epic Madrid semifinal in 2009 between Nadal and Djokovic? I believe it was the longest tennis match played in three sets. Federer had to downplay it right away because he wasn't part of it, saying it was so long because they take a long time between points and that the quality of match wasn't very high (or something to that effect).

And who could forget his comments after the US semifinal loss to Djokovic, with his "I believe in hardwork" speech.

I've said this mulitple times, I have great respect for what Federer has done as a tennis player. He's definitely one of the greatest to play this game. It's a shame though, that such a great player is such an arrogant jerk.

nemanja230690 , 5/20/12 7:01 PM

...jerk... :)

zare , 5/20/12 7:35 PM

HI Nemanja, the examples you cite, like saying the match was so long because the players took too long, could be viewed as arrogant. I have seen him acknowledge after opponents make a great shot but i t's rare (and generally only in matches in which he is in control). I really like how Djokovic does this, but he does it less now than he used to.

Maybe the top 20s who play grinding games want a shorter season or a 2 year ranking system but that only benefits them - I don't hink Fed is against the majority of players here who want to move up. And if he plays a less grinding style - well why should lose this advantage? Why should things be altered from the early 2000s to suit ball retrievers? I mean the Masterss used to be best of 5 and thats' already changed.

Fed does appear arrogant - I understand your point of view. However I've always liked his honesty - he doens't do the 'I just hope to try my best, everyone is better than me, Roger you are number 1 (while holding the trophy) , I am lucky to be here' routine. This is a guy who has dealt with intense pressure of being the favourite to win all the time for 7 or 8 years and he doesn't run from it.

Cedit to Djokovic too - he has dealt with the pressure very well in his 2 year run.

I don't think Fed's an arrogant jerk - he seems like a relatively nromal guy off the court. He's not married to someone who looks like a supermodel, has a family, etc. He wasn't groomed from a young age to be a professional athlete. He reocgnizes his role and does charity work for UNICEF and other causes (like Nadal too).

The one annoying thing is that he rarely says he was completely beaten. But perhaps that's the mark of a champion. If he (or other greats) admit they were beaten, even when playing their best, then it's over for them at this level.

Bharata , 5/20/12 7:53 PM

the court is getting ready for the match to start soon..

natashao , 5/20/12 8:01 PM

Absolutely agree with you Bharata.
Its a fashion for many to criticize RF for things even remotely connected to him.

That shows his popularity and reach.

sabs , 5/20/12 8:08 PM

"Maybe the top 20s who play grinding games want a shorter season or a 2 year ranking system but that only benefits them - I don't hink Fed is against the majority of players here who want to move up. And if he plays a less grinding style - well why should lose this advantage? Why should things be altered from the early 2000s to suit ball retrievers? I mean the Masterss used to be best of 5 and thats' already changed."

Well, on this point, I think we can agree that the game is bigger than Roger Federer. It's not all about points, it's about the health of the players, is it not? With this crazy schedule in place (that only favors the sponsors), the health of the players only deteriorates faster as they have less and less time to prepare for each tournament. Is it normal to have Madrid and Rome (for example) back to back?

And don't get me started on the blue clay. Would it have been good for anyone (ATP, sponsors, tournaments...) had Nole gotten seriously injured when he fell against Monaco (or Wawrinka?)? It was a stupid risk, and I believe Federer should have followed Nadal and Djokovic regardless if he won the tournament.

"Fed does appear arrogant - I understand your point of view. However I've always liked his honesty - he doens't do the 'I just hope to try my best, everyone is better than me, Roger you are number 1 (while holding the trophy) , I am lucky to be here' routine. This is a guy who has dealt with intense pressure of being the favourite to win all the time for 7 or 8 years and he doesn't run from it. "

I see what you're saying, and to some extent I do agree with you. I like people who are original, I hate the cheesy stuff. But, nobody likes a guy that is so full of himself.

Actually, I think really true great champions can admit when they were beating fair and square. And why would that be a problem? It is okay to lose, it's not the end of the world.

nemanja230690 , 5/20/12 8:11 PM

Truly great champion example...
Rafa's presser...
Q.Did Novak's MTO disturbed your rhythm ?
Q.Did Novak's MTO disturbed your play ?
A.We didn't started this conference in right way. Let's talk about tennis.
............................................................. .........................................................
THAT IS IMAGE... (that Fed is so desperately trying to do)... OF GREAT CHAMPION AND HUMAN BEING!!!

zare , 5/20/12 8:19 PM

Federer tosses his water bottles more often than not. There were other matches I've seen him do that and was appalled. It's inexcusable for someone that tries to project an image of a gentleman and class act. He is not.

Smashing racquets may not be liked by some, but I don't find it immature or bad. I liked to see Safin do that. Even Federer smashed his when playing Nole in a Masters semis few years ago. Then nobody took notice of that because he is Federer. Please. Silly double standards.

danica , 5/20/12 8:20 PM

You see Bharata... ... with his constant campaign aiming to show all divine greatness of RF... it's very irritating.
Nine years ago ... when I have arrived in Switzerland, I was quite shocked with bunch
of stories about great Fed!
All those fairy tales are active today... Let me give you few examples...
Fed is only tennis player with university diploma ....
Fed and Mirka are school days love...
Fed is ONLY tennis player who always says THANKS, MERCI, DANKE... to a ball kids... got my point?

zare , 5/20/12 8:48 PM

No, I saw Fed throwing the water bottle over his shoulder, but I can't remember was it this match or the previous. He DID throw it over his shoulder, not throwing it onto the bench. As this was not the first time he did it, I was not surprised. I saw the ball kid threw the empty bottle into the dustbin after that.

I don't know what Fed throwing the empty water bottle has to do with Rafa arranging his water bottles. Rafa has been doing that since young, unless we are saying Fed has been tossing empty water bottles around since he's young!

luckystar , 5/21/12 5:23 AM

The Fed supporters may not think that Fed is arrogant, but I do feel that he's arrogant. He's also one who gives excuses about his own losses. I do remember one interview just before the WTF one year, where he explained away his losses to Murray, that he's having his back problem and couldn't do his best against Murray, hence his consecutive losses to Murray. I was thinking then, 'see, Fed is also one giving all sorts of excuses for his losses instead of giving credit to his opponents, so why accuse Rafa of doing so when Fed is also doing the same'. In Fed's mind, he's the greatest and he only lose because he can't play his best tennis, and his fans buy that and hold on to that 'logic'.

Ball retrievers? Fed used to bully slower players around, just look at how he bullied Ferrero, Bellocq and Seppi here at Rome; once he faced Nole, a player who moves quicker than Fed, and throws everything back at Fed, Fed himself has become the retriever and a poor one at that. Put it this way, when the three (Rafa, Nole and Murray) were boys, they had to retrieve more because their tennis skills were not there yet. Now? More often then not, they hit more winners than most of their opponents and it ended up that their opponents are busy retrieving their shots. They're quicker than almost all of their opponents (except when they're facing each other) so who's doing all the retrieving now. It's only when they faced each other, like at the AO this year, Nole/Murray in the SF and Nole/Rafa in the Final, that we saw some unbelievable retrieving and shot making abilities. Other players, even Fed, can't live up to that.

luckystar , 5/21/12 5:47 AM

Aww it feels like everyone's ganging up on poor Bharata, left alone to defend Federer.

For the record, I belong to the group of people who do think that Federer is arrogant. I don't like his pressers in general - they are mostly about him; if he wins, its coz he was amazing, and if he loses, its coz he played like crap. For him, results are never because of the other player, and thats kind of disrespectful. I've also seen how he behaves sometimes with fans. I remember watching a video around 3-4 years ago on Youtube where he's sitting in some lounge and a fan is like 'omg its federer' and is like 'hi roger can i have your...' and fed's like 'not now I'm busy'. like just cut him off without even looking at him. I know big celebrities probably get tired of all this and deserve their privacy, but theres a way to handle it, and that wasnt it.

However, i have absolutely nothing against his way of throwing bottles or whatever. Everyone shows their frustration in different ways - for me personally its worse when players literally chuck their towels at the ball kids. Raquet smashing, bottle throwing, swearing - meh. As long as there aren't any hand gestures and personal threats (Serena anyone?) I'm not bothered. I don't like the guy, but I was rooting for him to win a title in Paris and was mighty thrilled when he did, thereby setting yet another record. Also must say I agree with his stance on the 1-year ranking system and the number of mandatory tournaments there are in the ATP calendar.

mriiidula , 5/21/12 6:52 AM

Sorry @Bharata if you feel put upon. As I said before, I personally like your interventions because you are civil. However, I do not see any malice in the other posters on this subject, I think you will agree. Nobody disputes Roger's greatness as a tennis player, it's just his behaviour sometimes which leaves a sour taste in the mouth.........

But hey, nobody's perfect.................

rafaisthebest , 5/21/12 7:52 AM

Well played Nole, too many UE's from Fed looked really flat. Looking forward to the final now and don't mind who wins really. It will be good tennis though for sure. Nadal in 3 sets.

brothdog , 5/21/12 11:47 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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