Match report

Roger Federer ©
3rd round
3/27/12 1 2 3 Tot
ch  Roger Federer 6 6 4 1
us  Andy Roddick 7 1 6 2
Andy Roddick ©
  • Roddick stuns Federer at Sony Ericsson Open

    3/27/12 4:04 AM | Ricky Dimon
    In an absolute shocker on Monday night, Andy Roddick takes down Roger Federer during third-round action. Roddick awaits either Gael Monfils or Juan Monaco.

    Andy Roddick was 2-21 lifetime against Roger Federer heading into a third-round encounter at the Sony Ericsson Open. Federer was 38-1 in his last 39 tournament matches.

    None of that mattered on Monday night.

    Roddick, who had been struggling mightily in 2012, upset Federer 7-6(4), 1-6, 6-4 to book a surprising spot in the fourth round. He needed exactly two hours to stun the tennis world and set up a meeting with either Gael Monfils or Juan Monaco.

    A tight first set saw neither man break serve, although Roddick had to save two break points to stay on level terms and force a tiebreaker. The 29-year-old jumped out to a 2-0 lead but gave back the mini-break immediately and soon trailed 3-2. The difference came with Federer serving at 3-4, when Roddick ended a grueling rally with a winning pass. He took care of his next two service points to take the set.

    Federer recovered swiftly and decisively in the second. The world No. 3 broke right away and went on to break the Roddick serve a whopping three times. Federer's third break at 5-1 allowed him to start the decisive third set with serve.

    The final turning point came when Roddick toed the line at 0-1 following a Federer hold. The American trailed 0-40 but dug out of the hole and eventually fought off four break points in total to hold for 1-1. Having escaped almost certain defeat, Roddick broke for 2-1 with a forehand winner and served it out the rest of the way. He clinched victory at 5-4, 40-30 with a huge serve out wide.

    Roddick fired 12 aces while double-faulting twice. Federer recorded 11 aces against only one double-fault.

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no words

RickyDimon , 3/27/12 4:47 AM

Well done Roddick! What a win! I'm so happy for you. Now please go all the way to meet Nole in the Semifinal. Anything is possible now. Roddick is the champion here in 2010, so he's capable of good results here.

luckystar , 3/27/12 4:54 AM

Unfortunate for Federer and his fans. I guess his streak had to end some time, but I never imagined it would be Roddick to end it. However, this should be looked upon as a great win for Roddick. Nobody gave him any chance whatsoever going into the match. Just goes to show how underrated Roddick is because of his 2-21 (now 3-21) record against Fed. The truth is Fed was just a bad matchup for Roddick throughout their careers. Here's to hoping Roddick can pull off a surprising run here in Miami.

Baldomir , 3/27/12 5:05 AM

On a side note Djokovic seems to be lucky in terms of upsets. In IW, Murray who was on his draw lost in the first round. Now, Federer who was also in his draw has just lost. Djokovic better take advantage of this if retaining his no. 1 ranking means anything to him. Interestingly, Roddick has a positive h2h against Djokovic. I don't think Roddick is a walkover in the semis (should he make it there) by any means.

Baldomir , 3/27/12 5:22 AM

Wow, great win! I was giving him less chance than I gave Isner when facing Nole.

danica , 3/27/12 5:57 AM

What? Is this a joke? I didn't even watch the match, because I was so sure Fed would win!

Holy crap!

Nativenewyorker , 3/27/12 7:15 AM

Roddick can retire now.

nadline , 3/27/12 7:57 AM

Roddick: ?There is no script in sports, you know. I think that?s what makes it the best entertainment in the world,? Roddick said. ?Nights like tonight are why you play the matches. You don?t know what?s going to happen.?

Federer: ?I feel like I lost against a former No. 1, not that I lost against a guy ranked 30 in the world,? Federer said. ?I?m happy to see Andy play really well. He?s a great champion, and enjoy him while you have him. It was a great night for him and America?s tennis.?

I love the way Roddick puts things. He goes to the heart of the matter. As for Federer, he managed to be patronizing in his praise "enjoy him while you have him" like Roddick is some old veteran who is on his las hurrah. Federer is actually a year older than Roddick.

Now Federer know how it feels to be beaten by his whipping boy.

nadline , 3/27/12 8:10 AM

Federer: 'I am happy to see Andy play really well.' You heard it here first.

nadline , 3/27/12 8:18 AM

Amazing! So happy for ARod! The win is a tribute to the peculiar nature of tennis scoring. Fed breaks three times, Roddick breaks once, Roddick wins?!? It's all in the timing.

Fed's post match analyses are always self-serving, slanted to put the best possible light on himself. There's worse traits for a champion to have. I prefer Rafa's realism - and it does serve him well - but Fed's approach may serve Roger even better. Tennis is all about attitude and belief. Well, along with fitness and talent and...

Ramara , 3/27/12 8:56 AM

I think what really paid off (aside from a good serving day) was how Roddick changed his normal strategy against Federer. He usually approaches the net with mediocre at best approach shots setting up easy fodder. Yet this time he appeared much more patient, recognizing when he should and, more importantly, should not try to end points. It kind of reminded me of how Djokovic plays. Go Andy!

ts38 , 3/27/12 9:55 AM

Many congrats to Andy Roddick - he was obviously the better player on the day. I have to say I was surprised by the result as I was not able to see the match, but am happy for Andy that he played really well.

schatz , 3/27/12 2:06 PM

I am very happy for Andy............but what I am even more happy about is at least for now Rafa's no.2 is no longer under threat!! Rafa needs to get the final at least to defend his points..................if he wins.............a bonus!!!!


Monalysa , 3/27/12 3:10 PM

I saw the whole match. Federer held his serve easily through the match apart from the one game where Roddick went for broke and nailed it 4/4 times. Federer threw away maybe 9 or 10 break points, and deserved to lose, but he didn't play badly.

Roddick just played some inspired tennis, and had the tiebreaker gone the other way (Roddick won by one mini-break) it would have been 2 sets for Fed as most predicted.

This really opens things up for Djokovic.

Bharata , 3/27/12 3:13 PM

Federer played horrible tennis in the first set, he couldn't hit a single backhand. That cost him the match.

Then it was just a mental game, where the momentum was everything.

Emiliano55 , 3/27/12 3:25 PM

@ Bharata

"This really opens things up for Djokovic." think?!!!!

Monalysa , 3/27/12 5:38 PM

For the Roger haters who are selectively picking every negative thing they can from his pressers, check this quote out from Andy's presser.

Q. Besides congratulations, did he say anything after the game?
ANDY RODDICK: Roger's great. He said, I'm happy for you. You deserved to win tonight. Good luck. Keep it going.
He said similar, something similar in the locker room before he left tonight. You know, he was really classy about it all.

Seriously, I know Roger isn't perfect, but you guys are making digs at him as if he's this horrible person who only cares about himself. Roger doesn't always take losses well, but in general, he knows how to show class in defeat.

Baldomir , 3/27/12 6:05 PM

@ Baldomir........

I dont think anyone takes loses well...............we're all human...............but Roger did not have to say that he was tired and flat bcos he clearly was NOT!!! Thats what I have the issue with!!! Give Andy his due with no reservations!!!

Monalysa , 3/27/12 6:20 PM

well as a Fed fan and despite the loss I'm really happy for Roddick because he earned it :)

OnTheRise , 3/27/12 7:13 PM

Huge Fed fan but happy for A-Rod. He really, really wanted it last night. Amsuing to see people like nadline twist Roger's praise for Andy into criticism as well. Ah, if only some people would keep their traps shut.

DanyalRasool , 3/27/12 7:16 PM

Same blind Rafa worshippers are blind enuff to not mention that Rafa also did not have to mention the wind and condition, but he did, did he?

I assure you that Fed could have beaten Roddick even if he had 60% energy but luck was not with him. Anyway, a few good thing from this is:

1) too much winning will make the pressure to win the next matches too much, so this lost is a good one
2) Djokovic path is cleared and Rafa-Murray's gonna slug it out and then whoever faces Djoko in the final has a big chance of losing.
3) Gives Fed more time to relax, His body is older than his prime. Make a gr8 push on clay season, and there you go, Fed'll get the no.1

torres9 , 3/27/12 7:21 PM

LUCK?????!!!!!!!! LOL

vamosrafa , 3/27/12 7:26 PM

I look forward to a blog by Ricky telling us that Roger is going to end the year as #2

Bleck, where are u?

rafaisthebest , 3/27/12 8:13 PM

@ Monalysa

I think if you read his entire presser, particularly the closing statements, that Fed did give Roddick credit for this victory. Yes, he said he was tired. But honestly, EVERY tennis player has said he's tired after a loss at some point whether if be Fed or Rafa or Djokovic or Murray.

Baldomir , 3/28/12 4:47 AM

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