Match report

Andy Murray ©
Indian Wells
2nd round
3/11/12 1 2 Tot
gb  Andy Murray 4 2 0
es  Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6 6 2
Guillermo Garcia-Lopez ©
  • Garcia-Lopez stuns Murray at BNP Paribas Open

    3/11/12 7:30 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Guillermo Garcia-Lopez takes out Andy Murray in straight sets on Saturday in Indian Wells. Garcia-Lopez will go up against Ryan Harrison in a surprising third-round matchup.

    For the second consecutive year, Andy Murray is out after one match at the BNP Paribas Open.

    Murray, who lost his Indian Wells opener to Donald Young in 2011, fell to Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-4, 6-2 during round-two action on Saturday night. Garcia-Lopez fought off all seven of the break points he faced to prevail after one hour and 40 minutes.

    The underdog battled to stay on par with Murray early in the first set. He saved a break point in his opening service game then battled out of a 0-40 hole at 2-3. The decisive break came at 4-4 when Murray struck an errant forehand at ad-out. With momentum on his side, Garcia-Lopez promptly served out the set at love.

    Garcia-Lopez broke immediately in the second to take complete control of the match. The 92nd-ranked Spaniard consolidated it the entire way, but not without a struggle. Murray survived a marathon game at 0-2 but then again squandered a 0-40 advantage in the fourth game. The fourth-seeded Scot donated serve again at 2-4 and saw his opponent close him out at love one game later.

    While Garcia-Lopez turned in a brilliant ball-striking performance, Murray struggled immensely with 17 winners and 34 unforced errors. Next up for Garcia-Lopez is unseeded Ryan Harrison, who dismissed Viktor Troicki 7-6(5), 6-3.

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Andy.. sigh, what a fellow! Djoko in the finals already

vmk1 , 3/11/12 8:00 AM

Another shocker from Andy, wtf this time?
Sigh, sigh indeed vmk1.
Ivan the Terrible surely has his work cut out.

deuce , 3/11/12 8:30 AM

Andy making too many errors, but credit where credit was due, GGL was on fire the whole match! GGL's backhand and forehand were simply too good today. His backhand especially, with all the varieties - flat, spin, slices - he hardly missed anything! Commentators were saying he used his backhand to breakdown Andy's DHBH, and Andy has one of the best DHBH in the tours! Not even Fed can do that with his own SHBH! GGL was attacking effectively from both wings, playing aggressively, changing directions so well and taking the ball early. It's so difficult for Andy to counterpunch effectively against this GGL and Andy's attempt to play aggressively later on in the match had resulted in more errors for himself. Bad day for Andy. It seems that IW is not a good hunting ground for Andy, after his 2009 final where he lost in a windy day to Rafa.

Now I really hope for GGL to go far this tournament, maybe the QF?

luckystar , 3/11/12 8:32 AM

Andy was punished for playing tentative tennis, waiting to defend. puts more pressure on himself and a poor mental showing again today. Thats the difference between him and the rest of the top 4. This is why we love tennis, full of surprises!

tennismania , 3/11/12 9:13 AM

tennismania: Andy's inconsistency is becoming predictable and NO LONGER a "surprise" to his long-suffering fans :(
The day Nole, Rafa or Fed lose to someone they shouldn't, that'll be the true "surprise."

deuce , 3/11/12 9:41 AM

Oh deuce, Nole's had plenty of that! Don't want to see it ever again myself :)
Didn't see Andy's match, although I thought Dubai was the start of something special for him :(

mriiidula , 3/11/12 10:01 AM

It is a suprise based on his recent form deuce! but again if you look at his past showings in IW it isnt too much of a shock. Us FEDAL fans will again ask the big question. Will Murray ever win a slam??????

tennismania , 3/11/12 10:02 AM

tennismania: that's punching below the belt. Now is not the right moment to pose that question.

ed251137 , 3/11/12 10:13 AM


tennismania , 3/11/12 10:18 AM

and guess what guys! Judy Murray was there again today. I think its time she weans off Andy coz everytime he chokes she is there in his box and puts alot of pressure on him.

tennismania , 3/11/12 10:24 AM

When I viewed the draw I though Ryan Harrison could pose the problem for Andy not this guy, but Garcia Lopez was clearly the better player on the day. Looks like another Nole Rafa finale.

mojo , 3/11/12 10:57 AM

I was out yesterday so couldn't watch any tennis but was shocked this morning to find out that G-L beat Murray so easily. I can't wait to watch it on MOTD this afternoon.

Whilst I was taking all this in I turned on to watch the maches I recorded from yesterday only to hear the Sky Commentators - Marcus & Barry going on about how Andy would most likely take over the #2 spot from Rafa after IW and Miami and Rafa would probably end up at #4, because Andy has no points to defend. Ha!

nadline , 3/11/12 11:14 AM

i can't believe i missed this! it was on at 4.30am uk time and i was far too tired. bit gutted though, coz now that's nole in the final for sure

Sib69 , 3/11/12 11:55 AM

^^^I suppose they were assuming that Murray would win IW and Miami.

nadline , 3/11/12 11:56 AM

Sorry for Murray fans but I think GGL can play great aggressive tennis at times - I believe he beat Rafa too but cannot remember when.

No surprise from the Sky commentators Marcus & Barry Nadline - although I like them as individuals I get mad when they do this sort of thing. Marcus was Andy's coach at some point in the past but even so I feel that they do not give Rafa the respect he deserves.

schatz , 3/11/12 1:31 PM

schatz, I think it Mark Petchy who was Andy's coach, Marcus is just a sports presenter, I don't think he's ever been a tennis pro in any shape or form.

nadline , 3/11/12 1:36 PM

GGL beats Rafa at Bangkok Open 2010 semifinal. Rafa had twenty over break points then but failed to convert so many of them and Rafa ended up losing the match. However Rafa got his revenge at Shanghai last year.

luckystar , 3/11/12 1:52 PM

You are right Nadline, I got them mixed up. Not too keen on Marcus as it happens as he does like to stir it a bit when they do the match previews, post mortems etc.

Thanks for the info luckystar.

schatz , 3/11/12 2:04 PM

Holy smokes ... was Andy OK? Didn't stay up to watch, but that score line looks like an easy win for GGL. What's up Andy?

smr , 3/11/12 2:57 PM

similarities with the GGL-Nadal match in Bangkok 2010, albeit with a much easier scoreline...

...GGL swinging out on everything, blasting groundstrokes from all over everywhere, especially with his one-hander, and of course a break-point saving machine. Saved all seven. Difference is Murray was considerably worse than Nadal was that day.

RickyDimon , 3/11/12 3:18 PM

big opportunities for Americans...Harrison, Isner, and Fish

RickyDimon , 3/11/12 3:31 PM

Such a shame that Muzza lost his first match. It was a tough first match. Being #92 in the world is just a number if you are an experienced player who has just had a bad patch, you've still got the weapons.

nadline , 3/11/12 9:36 PM

The commentators on the tennis channel kept saying how can GGL be ranked so low when he can produce this kind of tennis. The answer is simple - he can't do it on a consistent basis. He's got some great shots and showed it in this match.

Murray just seemed flat to me. For some reason his game wasn't working. GGL came out aggressive and played some great tennis to put Murray in a hole.

The key to this match was early in the second set. Murray was down a set and a break and had 0-40 against GGL. He was getting more aggressive and it looked like he would even it up and make this a match. But I just have to give credit to GGL, who handled the pressure by blasting some big first serves and playing aggressive tennis to get out of trouble and hold. After that, Murray just couldn't do anything.

Now there are some real opportunities in this part of the draw. We will have to see if the Americans can capitalize.

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/12 12:35 AM

I always feel that other than his inconsistency match by match, Andy has the tendency to play against lower ranked opponents half heartedly. There's no doubt that when his game is on, he can beat this GGL. The problem with a half hearted Andy is that he'll allow his opponents to play their game, and he'll try to counterpunch his way to a win, and sometimes , like in this match, he's playing with fire.

When he's playing at his best level, like when playing against the top three guys, he doesn't only counterpunch but he also plays with aggression, sometimes not allowing them to play their best game, eg Shanghai 2010 final against Fed. Murray is never an aggressive player, so to beat the top guys, he has to stop them from playing their game. The top three guys all are more aggressive than him, have bigger forehands and move as quick as him, if not quicker. I feel that he has some successes over them because he has better anticipatory skills than they do and so is able to counterpunch his way to a win over them. Once his game is off, he can lose to anyone, not only the top guys, and I feel his game is strongly linked to his mindset. Among the top four, he's playing the most 'difficult' game, difficult to win, I mean, when it's off, unlike the top three, who most of the time, can still grind out a win in their off days.

luckystar , 3/12/12 4:44 AM

I never thought about Andy playing that way against lower ranked opponents. I can't think of any other explanation for this loss. It's not like last year when he was in a funk after losing to Nole in the AO final, or the year before when he lost to Fed.

Murray just beat Nole at Dubai. He is healthy, playing well and came off an excellent showing in the semis at the AO, where he pushed Nole to the brink and stayed in the fight.

I wonder if GGL had some idea about this tendency on Murray's part, because he came out on fire. He took it to Andy from the beginning. I had this sense of Andy kind of "sleepwalking" his way through the match in that first set.

I also think that when Andy's serve is off, it hurts his game. He was really struggling to get those first serves in. When he can blast a good percentage of big fifirst serves, that gets him out of a lot of trouble.

I thought he kind of woke up in the second set after going down a break. He started playing more aggressively and his game seemed to be coming together. Once he had GGL down 0-40, I was sure he would get the break and the momentum would swing his way.

But all GGL did was to stay calm and focused and hit some big first serves and go back to being aggressive, to get himself out of trouble. I think psychologically, that hold really helped him to stay strong and finish the match.

I expect Andy to come back strong at Miami. This was a wasted opportunity to pick up points. He has another chance at Miami.

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/12 5:42 AM

Everyone has noticed how Andy's backhand has gone right off. I think this may be because he's putting so much work into his forehand, which does seem improved. However, if his bread and butter shot is letting him down, that's not going to do much for his confidence.
Hopefully this is just a "transition" period...hopefully...
Agree NNY when Andy's serve is off he really struggles but that is the same with Nole and Fed. Only Rafa is not so dependent on his serve. And imagine Isner, Berdych and Delpot without their

deuce , 3/12/12 7:01 AM

GGL was psyched up because he says he wants to move up the rankings again. Because Andy had beaten him easily in their last two meetings he wasn't prepared for the challenge and didn't seem to have a plan 'B' for the GGL he faced so he looked flat;

I read on another forum that Llendl had given Andy an improved fh, so it looks like that's had an adverse effect on his bh. No opponent can be taken for granted, even those below the top 100. Yhe thing is, because lower renked players have had some success over the Fab Four, they come expecting to do well and not not hand it to them.

nadline , 3/12/12 8:51 AM

^^^errors and omissions excepted!

nadline , 3/12/12 8:53 AM

Lucky is spot on about Andy giving the impression of approaching some matches half-heartedly.

It reminded me of the time circa 06-07 when it was common for him to mooch around the court looking for all the world as if he had been dragged out of bed and couldnt wait to get back there. I'm sure it is simply a coincidence that Mummy Murray was courtside for the first time in ages when Andy reverted to his 'not bothered about the outcome' style of play against GGL but I imagine Lendl will have some harsh words to say to him.

ed251137 , 3/12/12 9:02 AM

Think Andy was trying to do just enough to get through but on the day just enough wasn`t enough. Think IvanL may kick Andy`s bahooky metaphorically speaking.

mojo , 3/12/12 8:39 PM

I agree that Andy thought he could do just enough to get through this first match. Unfortunately, GGL had other ideas. He came to play and to get the win.

As far as Nole and Fed depending a great deal on their serve, just like Andy, I think in their case they both have great mental strength to draw on. Also, Nole has a very complete game with virtually no weaknesses. I have seen him have a subpar serving day and still get through. He has a very strong second serve and his groundstrokes are able to do a lot of damage.

Let's put it this way. This was a match in which Andy could have used his big serve to get him out of trouble, much the way that GGL did when he was down 0-40. I have seen Andy do that on so many occasions.

It's great to improve the forehand, but never at the expense of his best weapon, the bh. You want to keep that strength, but add to it. I think this is all a work in progress at this time.

Andy just didn't seem to be into the match. I am sure he didn't expect GGL to come out and play some lights out tennis. He is going to have to learn to keep his focus even with the lower ranked players. No one can be taken for granted, especially when it is a best two out of three match.

Nativenewyorker , 3/12/12 11:05 PM

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