Match report

Roger Federer ©
French Open
1st round
5/28/12 1 2 3 Tot
ch  Roger Federer 6 7 6 3
de  Tobias Kamke 2 5 3 0
Tobias Kamke ©
  • Federer eases through Roland Garros opener

    5/28/12 3:58 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Roger Federer uses second or third gear to win his first-round French Open match on Monday. Federer defeats Tobias Kamke and awaits a matchup with Adrian Ungur.

    Roger Federer beat Tobias Kamke 6-2, 7-5, 6-3 in the first round of the French Open on Monday afternoon. Federer dropped serve three times and committed 47 unforced errors, but he still had more than enough to get the job done and set up a meeting with Adrian Ungur.

    Kamke broke once in each set, but he was dreadful on his own serve the entire way--especially in the first and third. The underdog German surrendered three service games in the opener and saw his opponent close it out at 5-2.

    Federer joined the unforced-error party in the second. A set that featured 32 combine errors (20 by Federer) saw Kamke surge to a surprising 4-2 lead. The world No. 78, however, never really came close to serving it out and he was broken in the seventh and 11th games. Federer wrapped it up on serve at 6-5 for a commanding two-set advantage.

    While the third-ranked Swiss did not have to pick up the pace much in set three, he at least made it less interesting than the second. Three more breaks went Federer's way to make up for his one donation of serve. His eighth break of the day at 5-3 sealed the match in style.

    "I came out and did not have much rhythm on the serve, on the baseline was well off; didn't play the way I wanted to play," Federer explained. "Kamke did well to hang in there and I am glad I got thru against a player I knew nothing about."

    Federer also said that he has never heard of Ungur. The 92nd-ranked Romanian upset David Nalbandian 6-3, 5-7, 6-4, 7-5.

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wasnt a convincing win but he got the win in the end

tennis2011 , 5/28/12 5:17 PM

Federer 'eases through' is a bit of an exergeration. It wasn't that easy.

nadline , 5/28/12 5:41 PM

oh it was easy all right

Federer was beyond pathetic and still won

RickyDimon , 5/28/12 6:37 PM

People were saying he has a brutual draw, both Nalby and Roddck are out if thats what you meant as brutual, for me they were never brutual..atleast not on clay

sanju , 5/28/12 7:07 PM


To summarize, Kamke should have been super-easy to beat, but Federer still managed to struggle. Now, that's not 'easing through'.

an121 , 5/28/12 11:44 PM

Come on now sanju. Fed's draw should get hard in the quarters. I'd love to see him play Tipsy rather than Berdy. I'd love to see him play Mandy rather than Djoker but that wasn't possible due to the seeding. Nadal's gets hard in the final IF the Djoker gets there and he's not too tired or injured. See the difference?

chr18 , 5/29/12 12:36 AM

The only way Fed could get an easier draw is if he were to meet Roddick in every round which isn't possible, tut tut! Seeding and reality intrude!
Djokovic is an easier opponent than Nadal. Except Berdy and Delpo, rest are has- beens. Delpo hasn't been a threat after his return and now he will probably get bagelled with a bum knee. As for Berdy, did he not over play? And this Tipsy whom you crave as Fed's opponent, did not Tipsy beat this same Berdy just before the French Open?
The only one who can really complain is Murray who has tough opponents in his quarter, Ferrer in the quarters and Nadal in the semis!
Even Nadal's draw is tougher than Federer's . He has giants and clay court specialists in his quarter. At least they are not old and doddering.
If Federer does lose, it won't be because of a tough draw but because he is 30.

vij , 5/29/12 1:23 AM

And if Nadal's draw is easier than Fed's, it is only because he doesn't have to met Nadal in any round!

vij , 5/29/12 1:31 AM

Ah the advantage of being Rafael Nadal!

vij , 5/29/12 1:32 AM

an121 - Federer struggled with his OWN game. He eased through through match despite playing poorly. Kamke was beyond horrendous. Would not have beaten any of the other 126 players in the field except maybe Gulbis.

RickyDimon , 5/29/12 3:10 AM

Nadal probably won't play any of the giants plus they are much less effective on clay with their aces. Comparing Tipsy to Berdy is ridiculous. Tipsy has never beaten Fed. Berdy on the other hand has at the Olympics and Wimbledon plus two other times. Tipsy nor Berdy would beat Nadal on clay but at least Berdy can give him a real match.

chr18 , 5/29/12 4:35 AM

vij - good one there!

chr18 - don't worry, Berdy will meet Rafa in the final! (I hope).

For Fed, whichever half he ends up with, it'll be a difficult draw, by virtue of having Rafa and Nole as the two top players. Rafa had already had Berdy as his QF opponent at the AO, it's time Fed had him here; maybe Nole or Murray would have Berdy next at Wimbledon or USO?The way Berdy is playing these days, he'll be a threat be it on hard, clay or grass.

Fed now only has Berdy as a threat at the QF, meaning he most likely would cruise through the first four rounds, I don't think that's considered a difficult draw. Rafa and Nole? I really can't see anyone troubling them if both are playing well. Murray's draw is truly a difficult one, having Gasquet again and then Ferrer. Why's his draw similar to that at Rome?

luckystar , 5/29/12 4:55 AM

Why is the draw similar? Easy! The draw is fixed! Poor dear Andrew Murray is dispensable everywhere except maybe at Wimbledon. So cram all the tough guys into his quarter! No wonder he hasn't been able to win a slam.
Give him Fed's draw every time and the young man would probably have won a couple of slams by now!

vij , 5/29/12 5:06 AM

Fed already won IW and Madrid after having brutal draws, dont belittle champ to drool over your fantasy man.

Lucky thats your dream, Berdy never gonna beat fed in Qtrs.
who knows how long PRP will be effective?

sabs , 5/29/12 7:17 AM

Ricky, wish you had been commentating on Fed's match. Could not see the screen for the clouds of hyperbole emanating out of Jim Courier's mouth. Do not think he was watching the match in front of him.

deuce , 5/29/12 7:57 AM

Maestro was sloppy, didn't really seem motivated and grumpy out there. Balls that should have been easy winners became unforced errors. Still he did what he had to do... Let's pick up the pace, otherwise his RG will likely end in the QF if he plays like this.

Bonker , 5/29/12 8:08 AM

Fed couldn't serve it out. That's becoming a bit of a pattern.

deuce , 5/29/12 8:13 AM

Looks like he wants to play the last game in record pace.... Just bang 4 good services followed up with a forehand instead of playing the game. But he was just out of sorts this match.

Bonker , 5/29/12 8:50 AM

sabs, have you learned a lesson from that Wimbledon 2010 QF? Berdych was able to beat Fed on grass at Wimbledon and followed that with a win over Nole in the SF. He's playing much better tennis now compared to two years ago so why won't he have any chances of beating Fed here?? Fed looked sluggish despite playing only nine matches on clay this year. Berdych was still on fire, beating Dudi Sela convincingly yesterday at 6-4,6-3,6-1 on court 7. Poor soul, was relegated to court 7 but he shone through nonetheless. He didn't seem to be tired and hammered his opponent into submission.

And what has PRP got to do with the conversation here? Unless you're wishing that Rafa's knee couldn't hold up; what a shame that Rafa has to be injured for others to have a chance to win here. Rafa is fit and healthy, so please don't wish for bad things to happen to him.

luckystar , 5/29/12 9:05 AM

This is just the first match. If Fed was going to play crappy, then this is the time to do it. The idea is to get through the early rounds and get better and peak ideally in the second week. So it doesn't necessarily mean that Fed will play like this later on in the tournament.

I agree with lucky that Berdy is a real threat in the quarterfinals. If Fed plays like this or is subpar, then Berdy can come out and beat him. However I would expect Fed to start peaking and be in better form by that time.

Nativenewyorker , 5/29/12 9:23 AM

Can Roger Federer be more baby-ish and whiny? This is what he had to say yesterday about Jimmy Connors:

"He didn't talk to me much when he was working with [Andy] Roddick," Federer said. "He was quite distant at that time, which is a bit weird, because I got on very well with Roddick. But I think he respects me very much. I had many interviews with him for Tennis Channel, and we saw each other in the changing room. Well, I talked to him. He is much closer to Nadal than to me. Maybe that's the reason."

Is it my imagination or is Roger taking more and more snide pot shots at Rafa lately? I am beginning to sense a little resentment of Rafa from Fed...............could Rafa's model good looks or THAT H2H have anything to do with this...........hmmmm?

rafaisthebest , 5/29/12 10:57 AM

Maybe he's not happy Rafa is getting all the attention this year, especailly during this part of the year. Moreso, when the Rafa/Nole rivalry is the talk of the town as everyone but the Fed fans are curious whether Rafa can fight back and starts beating Nole going forward.

Jimmy Connors always like Rafa and admitted Rafa is his kind of guy on the tennis court. Well Fed shouldn't be too concerned, as the old school guys like Laver, Sampras, Becker all like Fed, maybe because they can identify with Fed with his prowess on grass. What about Borg? I think he doesn't mind both guys, and John Mac seem to like whoever that's no.1 in the world, not necessary Fed, or Rafa, or Nole.

luckystar , 5/29/12 11:35 AM

^^^^^yeah.....Johnnie Mac came out yesterday after Nole's match and said, "one down, six more to go before the Nole Slam." and I thought, wow.............that's nailing your flag to that mast!!

rafaisthebest , 5/29/12 11:51 AM

Mac said he predicted Nadal would win but hoped Djoker would win because a NovakSlam would be great for tennis and he didn't want Nadal to pass his friend Borg's French record.

chr18 , 5/29/12 1:35 PM

and John Mac seem to like whoever that's no.1 in the world, not necessary Fed, or Rafa, or Nole.
luckystar, 5/29/12 11:35 A


velliat53 , 5/29/12 1:44 PM

sabs, Fed got brutal draws? When?
Want only bunnies in his draw? Sorry, seed-brackets = party pooper.
Live with it guys. If Fed can't handle one non-bunny in his draw, he should retire.

vij , 5/29/12 1:46 PM

Congrats Roger.

Winning in straights is all that matters.


bleck , 5/29/12 2:49 PM

Hey, guys, not bcos Johnnie Mac wants something doesn't mean he is gonna get it!!!!

And Jonnie and Borg are friends?..........really?!!!!!!

Monalysa , 5/29/12 2:49 PM

German tennis legend Boris Becker lauded Swiss maestro Roger Federer as having done more than anyone to change the game with his supreme technical ability.

"The guy who has changed tennis is Federer - beauty, technique, coordination and footwork," Becker said in an interview published Monday in Spanish daily El Pais.

Becker said he had - at least to begin with - been less impressed with the raw, but at that stage unhoned, athleticism of Rafael Nadal, who along with Federer has defined the men's game over the past decade with 26 Grand Slam singles titles between them.

Meeting the Mallorcan when Nadal was a young teen just starting out, Becker opined: "His serve was rubbish. It was defensive, not a weapon. His technique was bad."

Becker, who catapulted onto the stage when he won Wimbledon aged just 17 in 1985, said he advised the youngster to look hard at top servers and incorporate some of their technique.

Six-time Slam winner Becker, admitted that he had sometimes struggled to channel his emotions - particularly as he made such an impressive entry into the game with his debut Wimbledon success, one he promptly repeated a year later.

"I was too weak to hide my emotions - this showed my opponents my moments of weakness," explained Becker, adding that such wily rivals as John McEnroe would swiftly take advantage.

He insisted that, in an era where sport can appear awash with cash, "I did not play for money - many (players') motivation surrounds winning their first million. Mine was to be the best."

Now a father of four, twice-married Becker laughed off any idea of being a "playboy" figure, saying that "if at the age of 45 you feel the need to go off chasing (women) as when you were 25 then you've learned nothing."

hrsikesa , 5/29/12 10:09 PM

Head-scratch^^^^^..................what's your point??

rafaisthebest , 5/29/12 10:34 PM

Well, the point is Boris Becker won Wimbledon at 17,Olympics Gold at 1992 Barcelona but never won at Rolland Garros.But i like his energy and enthusiasm which made tennis exciting to watch.

hrsikesa , 5/29/12 11:01 PM

u mean u post this post was dedicated to boris ??!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA we are not idiots here LOL

vamosrafa , 5/29/12 11:09 PM

Yeah Of course he was also a playboy..........

hrsikesa , 5/29/12 11:19 PM

stop making a foo out of urself if pne time was not enough

vamosrafa , 5/30/12 12:07 AM

* time **

vamosrafa , 5/30/12 12:56 AM

The point was to post something about a player who has fulsome praise for Fed. Any former player who loves Fed is automatically a great guy.

Oh and yes, McEnroe and Borg were and still are very good friends. If you watched the great documentary "McEnroe/Borg: Fire and Ice" then you would know that Borg took a liking to McEnroe right from the beginning. He was at McEnroe's second wedding to his current wife.

As far as McEnroe's comments about who will win, I am surprised that he wouldn't want Rafa to win to beat his friend Borg's record. I bet Borg will be okay with it. That is what records are for - to be broken. His record has stood for over thirty years, so that speaks for itself.

Nativenewyorker , 5/30/12 3:01 AM

There's nothing new about Mac's pick. He has this habit of flowing with the tide. First Fed, then Rafa and now Nole ; )

abhirf , 5/30/12 5:22 AM

hrsikesa, 5/29/12 11:19 PM

You forgot to mention the number of Slams, Masters 1000s each of the players you mention have i.e. Becker, Rafa and Roger. That would give the readers a complete perspective so that we can judge the worth of their opinions, no?

rafaisthebest , 5/30/12 7:53 AM

ritb... are you trying to say that Nadal's opinion is worth more than Becker's?

And Nadal's opinion about clay is worth more than Roger's, but Roger's opinion about hardcourts, grass and indoor is worth more than Nadal's?

Bonker , 5/30/12 8:49 AM

Bonker, 5/30/12 8:49 AM

What's the matter with TT posters today and putting words into my mouth? Are ongoing matches that boring?


rafaisthebest , 5/30/12 2:47 PM

For the record @bonker................I am not TRYING to say anything, I never do. I ALWAYS say what I think, in plain's absolutely your business to make your own deductions about it, like everyone else.

rafaisthebest , 5/30/12 2:51 PM

It just sounded to me that you're saying that Becker's opinion is worth less because of his career isn't that great like Nadal's or Federer's. Just wanting to verify that :-)

Becker hardly says anything that holds any value ;-)

Bonker , 5/30/12 3:01 PM

I value Becker's opinion less than Rafa's and/or Federers, yes, and number of GS won is ONE of the metrics I use in formulating my opinion.............but that is just me. Other people, like @hrsikesa have a different opinion, clearly.

rafaisthebest , 5/30/12 3:15 PM

According to Becker, the paragon of tennis excellence according to some, Rafa has a rubbish serve, and this rubbish serve has earned him how many Slams? I am using Slams as the benchmark of tennis greatness as so expounded by Fedfans et al.

The corollary to Beecker's opinion on the quality of Rafa's serve is that his serve was better. So, his better serve earned him how many Slams?

And I am supposed to think he knows more about serves and tennis than Rafa?

Gimme a break...................

rafaisthebest , 5/30/12 3:22 PM

A good tennisplayer, doesn't make a good analist... and Becker is a good example of that. Of course, there are players who can analyze well.

Becker is more a guy that should be running a talkshow or something like that, instead of talking about tennis.

Bonker , 5/30/12 3:22 PM

Similarity between Becker and AndyM in relation to channeling the emotions. Pity there`s not a more similar picture with the slam count :(

mojo , 5/30/12 3:27 PM

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