Match report

Roger Federer ©
French Open
Quarter final
6/5/12 1 2 3 4 5 Tot
ch  Roger Federer 3 6 6 6 6 3
ar  Juan Martin Del Potro 6 7 2 0 3 2
Juan Martin Del Potro ©
  • Federer comes back from two sets down to beat Del Potro

    6/6/12 12:09 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Roger Federer storms back after losing the first two sets to Juan Martin Del Potro on Tuesday at Roland Garros. Federer is through to a highly-anticipated semifinal with fellow five-set winner Novak Djokovic.

    Roger Federer got the best of Juan Martin Del Potro in five sets for the second time in their French Open careers on Tuesday afternoon. Federer, who won a semifinal thriller over Del Potro in 2009, prevailed 3-6, 6-7(4), 6-2, 6-0, 6-3 during a wild day of quarterfinal action.

    Both players committed 43 unforced errors, with Federer striking 59 winners to Del Potro's 33. The third-ranked Swiss needed three hours and 14 minutes to set up a semifinal showdown with familiar foe Novak Djokovic.

    Del Potro took each of the first two sets, the second in far less comfortable fashion than the first. The ninth-ranked Argentine connected on a series of ridiculous forehands in the second-set tiebreaker to apparently seize control of the match.

    Federer, of course, had other ideas--and so did Del Potro's knees. The 2009 U.S. Open champion did not move well in the third and fourth and that coincided with Federer raising his level. Del Potro had one chance to right the ship with a break point early in the fifth, but the No. 3 seed saved it and soon completed his comeback.

    "The second set was a tough set for me to lose, but he played a really good 'breaker and got the better of me," said Federer. "But I was happy that the first two sets took some time, because I did favor myself once the match got longer. I'm very happy with the way I fought and started in the third set, fourth set, and even in the fifth set."

    "I played a great match, even the third and fourth sets," Del Potro noted. "He started to play much better than in the beginning of the match. I had opportunities. I missed them. When he had opportunities he won, and that made the difference.

    "It was a great tournament for me. I'm very happy I made it to this level. There are positives and negatives, and I have to work on the negative aspects."

    Djokovic earned his spot in the semifinals soon after Federer, saving four match points to overcome Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-1, 5-7, 5-7, 7-6(5), 6-1. At one moment both Federer (on Court Suzanne Lenglen) and Tsonga (on Court Philippe Chatrier) had match points at the same time.

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Fed was so poor in the opening 2 sets. If Delpo wants to kick on he really needs to be closing out matches like that. Fed was very animated in the 2nd set not like him at all. Could see he was annoyed at how he was playing, still, managed to get the job done. Murray will beat Ferrer today then lose to Rafa who eill beat Almagro with ease. Then Fed will beat Novak and Rafa will beat Murray then beat Fed in the final.... again. It upsets me to say but i'm realistic. Rafa looks amazing at the moment no one can stop him.

brothdog , 6/6/12 11:39 AM

Federer fought back to clinch victory he should be confident now for the Sf

tennis2011 , 6/6/12 12:37 PM

Federer telling a spectator to shut up yesterday:

nadline , 6/6/12 12:55 PM

Roger was more intense than usual IMO (SHUT UP!) after having lost the first couple of sets to Del Potro. I did not know (only God knows) that he wanted to win as much as he did until then. If he brings this intensity to the match against the Djoker, he should do well. The way I see it Djokovic will have his work cut out for himself, and the FED is more than likely to end up with the win this time around. Either way, I'm looking forward to a great match.

sky , 6/6/12 1:56 PM

Its good to see Fed fans rallying around their man..............

Monalysa , 6/6/12 2:14 PM

It was a tense moment, in a tiebreak that would put him at one set all or 2 sets down. Being 4-5 down, his slice down the line went in, but someone from the crowd shouted 'out'. After losing the point, he just screamed... SHUT UP!. Come on, he's only human.

Good to see him fight with such intensity and being able to come back and finish strong! If he can fight with the same intensity against Djokovic, he'll win! Maybe he's not playing like the Maestro this RG, but his will to win makes up for it all. Forward we go... to another RG final :-)

Bonker , 6/6/12 3:31 PM

Yes Bonker , 6/6/12 3:31 PM, the FED is only human. I was just surprised to see this expression of anger on his face having gotten used to "the poker face" Goffin spoke about. LOL It was not a beautiful site, "but" it did appear to give him that extra boost of energy, which he used wisely and in the end I believe this outburst of intensity helped him to eventually win. If such outbursts are going to help his game, can't say I mind seeing the FED showing more emotion, more intensity from time to time (or all the time) lol. Go FED! Go! :)

sky , 6/6/12 4:02 PM

What a match it was. Great to see Roger holding up and winning when not playing his best.

Congrats Roger.


P.S.: Won't be able to watch the semi as I will be at work. CRAP!!!!

bleck , 6/6/12 10:49 PM

live stream it, bleck

RickyDimon , 6/7/12 3:13 AM

Fed's "Shut up" was directed to a woman who called the ball out. I think that's normal behavior for anyone who's in a tense situation, and it's ridiculous that so much is being made of his outburst. What about David Ferrer who hit a ball towards a baby that was crying? or Djokovic shaking his racket at the AO crowd at the AO08 and in Montreal? I think those incidents are worse and very little was made of those actions. Give the guy a break, as one poster stated, he's only human.

I hope Fed wins this match with Djokiovic coz I'm sick and tired of hearing about what an easy draw he got. Djokovic's opponents were ranked 97, No. 99 and No. 289. Of course, he was able to blast them off the court , but when he faced a No. 25 seed in Seppi, things changed dramatically, and his poor form was revealed.. I'll reiterate what I stated prreviously, had Seppi held his nerve in the third set, Djokovic would have been toast. So people, it's not Roger alone who gets easy opponents, djokovic does also, and so do the other top 4 players, hence, give it a REST.

Hi Bleck!

scoretracker , 6/7/12 5:59 AM

True, Nole wasn't impressive so far this FO, though when pushed to the brink, he managed to survive. Facing match points but wins in the end can qualify as escaping and surviving.

I'm really looking forward to this semifinal. Will the escape artist come through in the end, or will the Swiss maestro get the win? I favor the Swiss slightly, only slightly, well at least he didn't face any match points in his matches so far.

luckystar , 6/7/12 7:06 AM

Could go either way tomorrow, but I'm glad to see that Federer is willing to battle it out all the way! This will probably not be a match with the same quality as last year, but I'm expecting a tense match.

My nerves must be made of steel this weekend. Fed-Djokovic on Friday, Netherlands - Denmark (soccer) on saturday. And if Fed pulls through, I'm in for a nervous Sunday as well ;-)

Bonker , 6/7/12 9:13 AM

If it's any consolation, you can relax on Sunday. It would be a RafaNole special.

phoenix , 6/7/12 9:40 AM

"live stream it, bleck"
RickyDimon , 6/7/12 3:13 AM

They have a bunch of sites blocked and all streaming media ones are blocked.
I'll follow the live scores and see the comments. :P

Hi scoretracker. Haven't been able to post much because I've been really busy with work. a lot of people on holidays right now. lol

Djokovic was very lucky to win his semi. And he played two 5 setters back to back. But I think none of that will matter. Both roger and djokovic had 2 days off and we've seen what djokovic did in Australia this year playing 6 hours in the final after a 5 set semi. So tiredness will not be an issue for Djokovic.

And I expect both Roger and djokovic will up their level.

Good luck Roger!!

bleck , 6/7/12 11:09 AM

One thing is certain - Pressure is all on Nole, Fed can play relaxed with nothing to lose.

sanju , 6/7/12 11:19 AM

Bonker I'm portuguese lol. Are you from netherlands or denmark?

Guess we'll be rooting for the same guy in tennis but against each other in football. LOL

Well both our countries can get through to the next phase.

bleck , 6/7/12 11:21 AM

I wonder who they'll put on first? I just hope the conditions are sunnier and drier to speed things up as that will benefit Federer.

I'm not too confident because I don't think Fed has been playing very well the whole tournament, and Del Potro was very gracious in defeat, but if you saw the 3rd and 4th sets he wasn't really moving well at all. Compared to his FO 2011 form, Fed is down a gear.

Bharata , 6/7/12 3:44 PM

I would be surprised if Fed wins tomorrow, all considered. Even though Nole has not played anywhere near where we were expecting him to play, so far, in his tougher matches. But same for Fed.

I would not want to be in Fed's tennis shoes on Sunday should he be the one wearing them on the big stage.

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 4:04 PM

I'm sure tthe Fed/Nole match will be on first.

nadline , 6/7/12 4:16 PM

This is not to impune Fed's character but I have a feeling if he finds, during the match, that he is chasing a lost cause he will not kill himself out there. He will save himself for Wimby and the Olympics, more so the latter.

My sense is that Fed feels this is his last shot at Olympic singles glory and also the format will favour his chances being best of 3 until the final and all. Notorious slow starters will be under pressure more than him in the early rounds.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 4:19 PM

nadline, 6/7/12 4:16pm
U got it wrong there. Fed-Nole 2nd on PC tomorrow.

abhirf , 6/7/12 5:13 PM

Well, some seem to this there's more to this this SF than just Wimb and Olympics! r-desperate-to-stop-novak-djokovic-slam/story-fnbe6xeb-1226388010751

jean , 6/7/12 5:29 PM

That's a surprise schedule. I suppose they have to even things out.

nadline , 6/7/12 5:34 PM

^^^ What's surprising in that?

abhirf , 6/7/12 5:53 PM

I saw a few tweets regarding that schedule but I'll believe that when it's posted on the FO web site.


agfmilos , 6/7/12 6:22 PM

It's surprising scheduling because the top half have played before the bottom half throughout.

nadline , 6/7/12 6:49 PM

^^ hmm.. Dont really get it what the organisers have done this year. They have messed up big time with the scheduling.

abhirf , 6/7/12 6:56 PM

Pffft............@bleck too busy to post on TT? That's as good a barometer of Nole's form as you will find. If @bleck rated Nole's chances of beating Rafa as above average he would be all over TT like a cheap suit........................

The reason he is not posting is because Rafa's top form to date is denying him the opportunity to gloat....................

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 6:56 PM

^^^That's the true, no?

nadline , 6/7/12 7:24 PM

I had forgotten how much the man had downplayed losing a two set lead and a lead in the fifth set.

I mean, it's just not done, you know, going for broke and getting lucky, I mean, where in that is the unconditional respect and adulation owed to me in perpetuity?

thank you for the link, jean

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 8:24 PM

I also would have thought the Fed-Djokovic match would be first as I think it will be shorter, probably similar to the Rome SF unfortunately unless Federer regains his Dubai-Rotterdam-IW-Madrid form. Also the top half, as mentioned above, played first so it makes sense.

Amazingly, Djokovic has not lost a single Slam match for an entire year since he lost exactly one year ago Friday...and he's only faced 6 match points against him since.

thing is, unlke last year,now Djokovic doens't have the added pressure of a record breaking winning streak to protect. He only knows he escaped the lion's mouth against Tsonga. Hard to see FEd winning.

Bharata , 6/7/12 8:42 PM

Why so little faith in Fed? Rome is not a slam, and it's immediately after Madrid; Fed's old bones were tired then due to his exploits in Madrid. I said before during that Rome tournament, that Fed's low ranked opponents there made Fed looked better than he actually was, and when he met Nole in the SF, Fed's true form was exposed. Nole played reasonably well in Rome, dispatching all his opponents before the SF in straight sets, except Monaco.

Rome's courts were of faster clay surface, unlike RG. Nole seems to play better on fast clay than slow clay. The heavy conditions at RG, due to rain, make things worst for Nole. He wasn't moving well on this RG clay surface; even after he changed his shoes for the Tsonga match, he wasn't moving particularly quick even without slipping around. Fed OTOH seems OK moving on this surface. Unless Nole played like Sod at FO2010 QF, blasting forehands and backhands without any constraints, knowing that the slow and windy conditions would allow most of his shots to land inside the court, and that's how Sod beat Fed that day, Fed would most likely use all his varieities, like drop shot against Nole to move Nole around this slippery surface and expose his weakness. Last year the court here played like a hard court, and we saw them hitting deep penetrating shots at each other, I think this year may be a bit different.

luckystar , 6/7/12 9:26 PM

Hmm ok yes in Rome FEd's tiredness probably was not exposed until the SF with Djokovic. I would have thought 'hard court' like conditions favour Federer, as basically he and Djokovic are equals on a fast hard court now, at least over 5 sets all their matchces have been close apart from the 2011 AO SF dismantling.

The bottom line is Djokovic is the more consistent and penetrating player, especially off both wings. So Fed has to make the match about his forehand.

You raise a good point though, maybe Djokovic's 'troubles' so far (well they are not relaly troubles for anyone except him and Nadal) are mostly due to his movement.

Bharata , 6/7/12 11:41 PM

See, maybe someone could enlighten me on this: why does Novak move poorly on clay compared to hard courts? I would have thought his style of sliding would be more suited to clay courts than hard courts.............

I just do not understand this....................

rafaisthebest , 6/8/12 12:01 AM

Probably due to slipperiness because of the rain. Not many players can move well on slippery clay surfaces(I mean true clay, not the blue clay), Nole probably one of them. He didn't have any problem last year when the clay surface was dry and played like a hard court.

It seems that the RG court surfaces were very much affected by the weather conditions. In 2009 and 2011, the weather was sunny and the courts there played like hard courts. In 2010 and 2012, it's rainy weather and so the court surfaces were damp and heavy and played like slow and slippery clay surfaces.

luckystar , 6/8/12 2:15 AM

Djokovic slips on all of the surfaces. He falls all over the place on grass, and does not seem to do much better on clay, considering he grew up on the dirt. He even problems sliding on hardcourts, and he's supposed to be the best on hardcourts. I think that djokovic has a problem with his ankles. If not, then what's the problem behind his numerous slips and falls?

scoretracker , 6/8/12 3:28 AM

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5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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