Match report

Juan Monaco ©
French Open
4th round
6/4/12 1 2 3 Tot
ar  Juan Monaco 2 0 0 0
es  Rafael Nadal 6 6 6 3
Rafael Nadal ©
  • Nadal dismantles Monaco, into quarterfinals

    6/4/12 9:14 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Rafael Nadal continued his path of destruction at the French Open with a complete rout of Argentinas Juan Monaco.

    Rafael Nadal, sometimes nicknamed the King of Clay, made an emphatic case for keeping his crown on Monday. The Spaniard decimated Juan Monaco, winning a staggering 17 consecutive games to move into the quarterfinals 6-2, 6-0, 6-0.

    Monaco two games came in his very first service games of the match. The Argentine lead 2-1 in the first set – and did not win a single game thereafter.

    Nadal played clean tennis, but Monaco played so poorly that the world No. 2 did not need to play at his aggressive clay-court best to get the easy victory.

    Monaco was broken eight times in the match. He had two chances to break Nadal's serve but was unable to convert.

    The easy victory sends Nadal into a quarterfinal showdown with compatriot Nicolas Almagro, who also has not dropped a set so far this fortnight.

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this match was NOT about monaco playing poorly

croc , 6/4/12 9:39 PM

Rafa says he's very happy about the way he played and he feels very very sorry for Pico because he's one of his best friends on tour.

nadline , 6/4/12 9:52 PM

2008 deja vu. Rafa is winning this RG without losing any set.

Emiliano55 , 6/4/12 11:05 PM

I thought posting some stats for Monaco in this match might help.

1st serves in - 72%

1st serve points won - 48%

2nd serve points won - 18%

winners - 13

UE's - 25

No break chances converted.

Those stats don't indicate that Monaco played that well, particularly his serve stats.

Nativenewyorker , 6/5/12 12:34 AM

congrats on the title

RickyDimon , 6/5/12 2:14 AM

This is the way you treat your friends? Imagine your enemies lol! Of course I don't expect him to give him games just because they're friends but the guy is ruthless so he has at least one redeeming quality about him.

chr18 , 6/5/12 2:28 AM

croc: +

chr18: best reality check for your comment: read Tiggy's paragraph about Rafa's post interview today

chlorostoma , 6/5/12 3:10 AM

Didn't get to watch the match but from the scoreline, I see he's playing very well to win. If he's ruthless in winning, then I say I like this Rafa. This is the way to go if he wants to win many many tournaments. And yes, there's something missing in his game last year and that is the ruthlessness in his game. I feel that as Rafa grows older he somehow lose that ruthlessness in him when he plays; or maybe it's due to injuries or illnesses that have 'soften' him a bit. Nole was also ruthless in 2011 and that's why he's so dominant last year.

I always feel that these days Rafa is more 'merciful' in that he always allows his opponents at least one game even when Rafa is handing beatdowns to his opponents, while his fellow top four guys are handing out bagels whenever possible. Today's match or rather this clay season, I see Rafa's ruthlessness is back, so I think it's all well in the Nadal camp as they prepare for more victories, but it's all bad news for his opponents.

luckystar , 6/5/12 3:15 AM

was their PlayStation game closer than this?

RickyDimon , 6/5/12 3:55 AM


Somehow I don't think there will be any more playstation for a while. Not after this beatdown.


Yes, ruthless Rafa is back!

Nativenewyorker , 6/5/12 4:47 AM

there will be plenty more playstation, possibly as early as later during this tournament

Monaco simply accepted the 2 bagels that were assured of coming his way from the start

RickyDimon , 6/5/12 5:44 AM

dismantle...destruction...decimate...such words to describe a game between friends?

phoenix , 6/5/12 6:15 AM

Agree with Ricky.
Monaco accepted his bagels rather than RAFA inflicting it.
It was Monaco's gift to RAFA I would say.

Monaco , you were unethical and have done something bad to Almagro and Ferrer.

sabs , 6/5/12 7:25 AM

@sabs, of course Monaco gifted the match to Rafa because Rafa cannot be trusted to win on his lonesome self.

At least Pico had the decency to look and be upset after the beat-down, unlike the doe-eyed adulation Goffin gave to Roger after his beatdown.............creepy.

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 8:13 AM


It was meant to be a joke. I guess that I should have put a smiley thing after the comment. I am sure that Monaco will be fine.

Now the comment from sabs. So unfortunate! That is also quite insulting to Rafa. Not by coincidence, I am sure.

Nativenewyorker , 6/5/12 8:25 AM

@sabs, Accepted his bagels ...........huh.... I am sure everybody has self-respect and all players try their level best ........I thought Rafa was very solid in whatever little I saw ......The DTL forehand is working very well and that will be a key shot in rest of the matches.. I like the depth Rafa gets when he plays this shot .......maybe the grip is different when he plays this as compared to CC Forehand....

fedexal , 6/5/12 8:27 AM

Allow me the liberty of copying this post from a Fedfan on another blog:

@Nirmal Kumar:
"If Roger has picked up an issue in Madrid, then all the gloating about Roger?s adaptness to different surface would sound foolish now.

Rafa had been a smart and intelligent tennis player for past 5 years. He seems to know when to peak and what tournament to skip. He knew he had to give up on Madrid to get much bigger things.

Looks like he is in 2008 form when he went on a tear starting the clay season till Olympics. This time he may steamroll till USO.

If Roger reached Final to face Nadal, the big question would be can be defend those 4 games he won against Nadal in 2008. Looks like it would be a big ask for him."

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 8:40 AM

If I was Pico I'd tell Rafa, "After that beat-down you gave me, the only way I'm gonna forgive you is if you win the championship"

So yeah...................Rafa, you owe it to Pico................

Go bite the darn trophy!!

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 8:54 AM

For all hungry Rafans out there.........yumminess, take your pick!

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 8:58 AM

Hard to believe he is already 26. He looks about 16 yrs old in that shot.

ed251137 , 6/5/12 9:43 AM

To be honest, Pico knew what to expect but probably hoped the outcome would be different to their previous 3 matches on clay when Pico only got to 3 games in one set once. Even in the DC last year Rafa beat him 1, 1, & 2 and I think Pico cried then because he so wanted to help Argentina win the trophy.

Rafa says he had to keep playing as well as he could because he had 2 breaks against Nando in the final set and he still lost.

nadline , 6/5/12 9:53 AM

I wish Federer was in Rafa's half, he'd be easier for Rafa to deal with than Murray if they get tot the SF.

nadline , 6/5/12 10:05 AM

If Roger reached Final to face Nadal, the big question would be can be defend those 4 games he won against Nadal in 2008. Looks like it would be a big ask for him."
rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 8:40 AM

ritb, watch it! I was crucified after MC, when I said the next time Rafa and Nole meet Nole would be wondering how many games he'd win not assuming he'd beat Rafa. Of course I didn't mean it literrally, I was just illustrating how things have changed since last year. I was only cheerleading for Rafa.

Of course Rafans had to put up with the mocking from some of Nole's fans at MC that the 8 in MC would be the number of times Nole had beaten Rafa in a row, not Rafa's 8th MC title.

nadline , 6/5/12 10:13 AM

Nadline... wishes, wishes. In the past I wished that Nadal didn't make it to the RG final, because I knew Federer couldn't win unless he played the claycourt-match of his life. Nadal is able to hit balls due to his muscular arms, that Federer can't. Saw some of those beauties against Monaco yesterday.

My wish came through once... Perhaps next year, so will yours :)

Bonker , 6/5/12 10:14 AM

nadline, 6/5/12 10:05 AM,

You really wish it was Fed rather than Murray? I think in his current form, Rafa can beat either of them.

Nativenewyorker , 6/5/12 10:22 AM

NNY, Yes, of course Rafa can beat either of them, (can being the operative word, erring on the side of caution) but Murray is playing far better than Fed at the moment and Rafa wouldn't have to work as hard against Fed.

nadline , 6/5/12 10:40 AM

Bonker, in 2009, it must have seemed like all your Christmasses coming up at once.

I had to go on holiday the day before the 2009 and when we arrived at the resort, I put the TV on to see Federer kissing the RG trophy, I felt ill.

nadline , 6/5/12 10:45 AM

Honestly, rafa of 2008 is back, yet to drop a set and keeps getting better by each match. Definitely sending signals to rivals to watch out and reALLY TRY and keep up with his pace and momentum if theyt are to stand a chance. I feel for Monaco because I know they are very good friends but Rafa has never been merciful to his good friends on court so am not surpirsed. Although i think Monaco didnt't really put up a fight. Considering that he's also been in good form tis year on clay and won titles as well. But rafa is rafa.
Looking towards the match against Almagro, its definitely gonna be a cracker. Almagro is one of yhe informed players on clay this season and has about 3 titles to show for it. All on clay. In the past 2 years the matches between them have been closely contested so I expect this one to be a stern test for rafa with the first set going to be very critical.
However Rafa should get the job done in straight sets.

puto , 6/5/12 10:48 AM

fedexal , 6/5/12 8:27 AM

What is the fuss about bagels? Monaco was not serious enough to avoid double bagels.
that was so evident, whether he take pride etc is for you to decide.

No one questioned RAFA's ability to win the matches, he definitely will win this RG without droping a set unless Daveed or Nole comes up with something unreal.

sabs , 6/5/12 10:58 AM

nadline, 6/5/12 10:13 AM

It wasn't me who said that, honest. It was a Fedfan on another site!

Regarding the 8 in MC, to be fair, it was mostly Fedfans who mockingly said the only 8 Rafa would be writing in the Monaco sand would the number of times Nole would've beaten him, not Nole fans if my memory serves me correctly..........

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 11:20 AM

Posted this on another thread, interesting statistics...................: 12/06/djokovic-nadal-federer-and-mur ray-after-four-matches-a-piece-french-open-2012-just-one-stat-should-p .html

Tournament vital statistics for the Big 4. Rafa has spent the least amount of time on court so far and is tied with Muzza on winning % on first serve, 78%.........

rafaisthebest, 6/5/12 8:32 AM

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 11:27 AM

ritb, there were some Nole fans who don't normally post here mocking Rafa in MC, I remember clearly.

So a Fedfan has no faith in Fed?

nadline , 6/5/12 11:29 AM

In 2009, it really felt that way indeed nadline. Of course it would be sweet for me as a fedfan to see him beat Nadal at least once at RG, but the chances of that ever happening are very slim. Maybe on the senior tour one day :p

With his current level of play, Federer won't stand a chance against Nadal. I really can't see anyone snagging the trophy from Nadal this RG.

Bonker , 6/5/12 11:36 AM

nadline, there is an air of gloom and doom pervading most Fedfan posts (at least on other blogs) as the realisation dawns on them that this Rafa may be around for quite sometime, sowing his brand of terror (with the attendant consequenses), well beyond their previous prognostications that he would not last beyond 25 years in age.......................

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 11:38 AM

well, there is a nole fan (not taking his name ) who does not post frequently here but is reading the comments mostly and when he posts, his posts are 90% of the times about rafa ! what a nole fan !! and he was the one who replied to i think nadline's post regarding 'the number 8 before MC' by saying something like the number 8 would refer to the nmbr of times rafa loses to nole

vamosrafa , 6/5/12 12:58 PM him vjaov..its no one else :-). He only surfaces in Noles final matches beating away to glory that Nole will be the champ

sanju , 6/5/12 1:29 PM

^^^^it is @bleck, and he is a Fedfan (at least that's what he says he is although, you are right, most of his posts, when he writes, are about Rafa and how Nole is in his head))..........he was the one who mocked the number 8 and Ricky joined him in that...............I remember the conversation well because it was in response to my comment that Rafa would build a snowman in Monte Carlo.........

He is quiet now because of Rafa's "exploits" to-date.....................

rafaisthebest , 6/5/12 1:32 PM

I noticed that Rafa was very swift between points yesterday. He still went through his whole routine but faster. It's funny how he hangs on to his walkman until he gets into the tunnel before he starts stuffing it in his bag whilst his entrance is being announced.

nadline , 6/5/12 1:40 PM

Good to see how proud so many of you are of Rafa!!!!

Keep it up!!

Monalysa , 6/5/12 3:01 PM

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