Match report

David Ferrer ©
French Open
Quarter final
6/6/12 1 2 3 4 Tot
es  David Ferrer 6 6 6 6 3
gb  Andy Murray 4 7 3 2 1
Andy Murray ©
  • Ferrer takes care of Murray, Nadal next

    6/6/12 11:12 PM | Kelli DeMario
    World No. 6 David Ferrer is through to his first French Open semifinal, having held off world No. 4 Andy Murray in four sets. The Spaniard will take on six-time champion Rafael Nadal for a place in the final.

    Sixth seed David Ferrer advanced to the final four in Paris after beating fourth seed Andy Murray late Wednesday. The 30-year-old converted 10 of 19 break-point chances en route to a 6-4, 6-7(3), 6-3, 6-2 victory in three hours and 45 minutes.

    After losing a 3-1 advantage in the third set, Ferrer regained the lead to 4-3. With a two-sets-to-one edge, the Spaniard secured a key service break at 2-1 in the fourth. Two match points came at 5-2 for the world No. 6, who booked his semifinal once Murray missed a backhand wide.

    "My first time in semifinal in Roland Garros, so I feel good," said Ferrer. "It was a very tough match, and I'm very happy. Maybe it was in important moments I played better than (Murray). I played very good with my forehand."

    "I thought I played some good tennis tonight," said Murray. "I just didn't convert. I mean, I had a lot of chances in the last couple of sets on his serve and I lost a lot of really long games on my serve, which didn't help.

    "He is so solid, so consistent, that if you're not converting your opportunities, it turns to many long games and then the pressure can build on your serve. He obviously broke me a lot times (in) the last couple of sets."

    Ferrer ended the match with 32 winners and three aces.

    He will take on world No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the semifinals. Nadal dismissed compatriot Nicolas Almagro in the quarterfinals, 7-6(4), 6-2, 6-3.

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The rain break didn't help Andy. He came back out and couldn't make a first serve. Also his UEs were awful. He was trying to be a lot more aggressive on his forehand though, so that was good.
Congrats to Ferrer, he gives hope to all 30 year old tennis players...;)

deuce , 6/7/12 7:26 AM

another good french open from murray, he'l good continue the good work next year. Quarter final showing is good...and yes he was trying to be aggressive yesterday but he was passive on some of the break points faced in the 4th set...anyway, nadal vs ferrer...rafa in 4? rafa in 3?

vamosrafa , 6/7/12 7:49 AM

Cheers vamosfafa, how positive are you!
Rafa in 3. At least Andy was saved from that slaughter.....;)

deuce , 6/7/12 8:32 AM

@deuce.....slaughter, what slaughter? This is Ferru we are talking about? The guy who seems to have decided to make it his mission to give Rafa a hard time on court. You know, I like Ferru, but of late he is REALLY beginning to get on my nerves.

We know his semi-final script, don't we: he will come out all aggressive like he's got ants in his pants, virtually outplay Rafa in the first set, and he may even sneak a set off Rafa this time, all in the hope of destabilising Rafa.................

And he says he's Rafa's friend............

I'm watching you, Ferru................

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 9:47 AM

have a bad feeling...this watch will be really close...there might be a lot of tension for rafans during the match...he might also drop a set, not be surprised. ferrer was one player whom I didnt want Rafa to play against since I saw the draw

atul1985 , 6/7/12 10:23 AM

atul..cmon you had Rafa in the final already..why you suddenly nervous that he'll not do well ? :-)

I am surprised many people are expecting Rafa to do it easily, I too know it will be a slugfest, I hate Rafa facing Ferrer too and wanted Andy to win against Murray . Only solace is Ferrer to outlast Rafa over 5 may seem to be a tall task.

And RITB you are right, Ferrer seems just determined to beat Rafa, I dont see him getting that much determination against Fed or Nole (:-

natashao, nadline, Mona - your predictions?

Ricky, Cheryl - your take?

sanju , 6/7/12 10:38 AM

I meant Andy to win over Ferrer in post above

sanju , 6/7/12 10:39 AM

The one guy who has really pushed Rafa on clay this year is Ferru, not Nole............and every honest journo acknowledges that this season, Ferru is the second best player on clay, not Nole, not for me, tomorrow's Rafa/Ferru semi is the premier match and the most difficult to predict..............

Those who are saying oh well, Rafa owns Ferru are being intellectually lazy imho.....

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 10:56 AM

Ferru is not the second best player on clay. How many French open finals has he been to? This is his first semi and he's 30! Fed has mad the fianl 5 times won it once and made at least the semis 7 times! A top form fed would destroy a top for Ferru on clay, easily. Just like he beat him in Madrid 4 and 4 only a few weeks ago. Ferru will roll over for Nadal, he has never beaten him and that will continue. Nadal in staright sets.

brothdog , 6/7/12 11:08 AM

@brothdog, PLEASE read my post carefully.........I said, and excuse me but I feel I have to put this in caps so you do not miss it:

"......and every honest journo acknowledges that THIS SEASON, Ferru is the second best player on clay......." Got that?

French Open finals do not occur in a season................duh.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 11:19 AM

As long as Rafa wins under 3 hours, I am happy, dont care if its 3 or 4..but 1st set is the key here undoubtedly like it was in Almargo match too.

sanju , 6/7/12 11:21 AM

I did not see that to be honest! My bad! But Roger and Rafa are the only people to win clay court titles this season. Fed beat him easily in Madrid and Ferru did'nt moan about the blue clay like the top 2 he just got on with it and wasn't good enough to beat Fed. It makes no difference anyway. Rafa is too strong on current form for all of them. He deserves to win, and he will.

brothdog , 6/7/12 11:23 AM

and too? After saying Rafa for RG, Wimby, Olympics, USO , you developing cold feet suddenly? (:-

sanju , 6/7/12 11:30 AM

I expect Rafa to win, you and I are in agreement there! My point is that this will not be the gimme that a lot of people say it will be. Rafa will be made to work hard, much harder than he has been forced to so far in the tournament.

I am not dismissing Nole and Fed's clay court creds over their careers so far..............all I am saying is, this season, Ferru is the one who has really troubled Rafa the most on clay, of the four semi finalists. Roger and Rafa have not played on clay this season but going by his form this clay season versus Rafa's, I think it is a safe bet to say had they met, he would not have fared any better than Nole has todate.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 11:35 AM

sanju, 6/7/12 11:30 AM

Oh sanju, you sound more nervous than I am! No, I am not developing cold feet over Rafa...............please read my posts again. My position has not changed, Rafa will amaze us this season. That does not mean he will not be tested. I just feel, given Ferru's creds on clay this season, he could test Rafa tomorrow, maybe sneak a set but I still expect Rafa to weather the Ferru storm and go through to his 7th RG final...........

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 11:40 AM

RITB i agree, not only will he go on to his 7th RG final in 8 years, he will win. I expect Fed to beat Nole, but we all know what happens wehn Fed plays Rafa in the final of RG :-( i fear it could be another 08 humiliation. But i really hope not. Fed and Nole need to find another 20% to compete with Rafa in the finals, i do not believe they can do it.

brothdog , 6/7/12 11:46 AM

RITB..I am very nervous agree .. I have not even watched a single match of Rafa live on TV out of sheer nervousness. I will watch the final though and hopefully the semi (if I gather myself). I have watched few of Feds and Djokos matches though live , watch Rafas reruns :-)

After he starts playing, I usually check the score after 2 hours assuming by then 2 sets would have been played :-) and well get a clearer position.

I hope Rafa Ferrer are scheduled 1st tomorrow so that if Rafa wins, we can enjoy the Fed-Djoko match in peace and enjoy it.

sanju , 6/7/12 11:58 AM

..."I hate Rafa facing Ferrer too and wanted Andy to win against Murray ." - sanju

lol, a typo but has a ring of truth to it. i too think that Andy is fighting against himself. what say you deuce? :-)

phoenix , 6/7/12 12:00 PM

Oh sanju, you make me laugh! But seriously, I understand. Going by the blogosphere, you are not the only Rafan who has the same attitude to Rafa's live matches. I'm the opposite, I HAVE to watch him play, I become totally unproductive if I have to rely on livescores............

It helps that I keep a bottle of red wine on the ready..............just in case I need to anaesthetise myself............................

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 12:05 PM

Ferrer will come out all guns blazing and Rafa knows what to expect, so he'll be prepared. In Rome, Ferrer's plan was executed to a 't' in the first set, but Rafa realized that he was intent on attacking his backhand so he was well prepared for it in the 2nd set and once Rafa was able to deal wtih Ferrer's strategy, Ferrer lost heart and was ineffective in the 2nd set and Rafa took it 6:0.

I'm not expecting a bagle this time, but I expect Rafa to do it in 3. Rafa is always nervous at the beginning of a match so I expect the 1st set to maybe go 75 to Rafa, then he will take the 2nd and 3rd sets 64 64.

Rafa to win - 75 64 64.

nadline , 6/7/12 12:25 PM

nadline..three cheers to you and your should wrap under 3 hopefully

sanju , 6/7/12 12:26 PM

Since some Rafa hater declared that Rafa is no longer capable of dishing out bagles and breadsticks, I've lost count of how many he's handed out so far.

It was strange yesterday to see Alex Corretja in Ferrer's box cheering against Murray. I actually think Murray would probably have taken Rafa to 4 sets simply because Rafa brings out Murray's best because the adrenalin rush Murray gets from playing Rafa is far more than he gets from playing any other player including Roger and Nole.

nadline , 6/7/12 12:32 PM

Agree with what most of you have already said about the coming match. I too think that Ferrer tries really hard to beat Rafa and yet when he faces Fed and Novak he does not play with the same ferocity. It is strange.

I really really hope that it is not a long drawn out slugfest. They will both give 100% of that I am sure but I hope that our Rafa will manage the win in 3.

I too get very nervous Sanju and find it hard to watch Rafa's live matches.

schatz , 6/7/12 12:48 PM

EVERYBODY wants to beat Rafa. Even Berdych tries harder against Rafa than against Nole and Federer, so do Delpo, Nalby, Murray and a host of others. I think it's more to do with the fact they they think that if they don't play 110% against Rafa, they simply do not stand a chance on any surface.

nadline , 6/7/12 12:57 PM

Agree with you totally nadline.

schatz , 6/7/12 1:03 PM

@nadline................yeah, the Alex Corretja situation, even the commies said something about him being in Ferru's box. What I did not get is, was he in Ferru's box as the Davis Cup captain cheering on one of his top players or was he in the box as part of Ferru's backroom team? The commies were talking about it as if it's the latter. If this is true, it will be awkward for the semis then, won't it? I hope he then does the decent thing, recuses himself, and watches the match on TV..........

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 1:14 PM

ritb, I don't think Rafa would care too much if Corretja was in Ferru's corner. Corretja was regularly in Murray's corner against Rafa and how much difference did that make? I have seen Corretja in Rafa's box too since he became DC captain.

I think it was said at the time Murray hired Alex that it was purely to help him beat Rafa on clay because Corretja had done it to the young Rafa. Federer has also included leftie Michael Berrer in his team purely to help with handling the left handed Rafa.

nadline , 6/7/12 1:21 PM

Corretja would have been feeling quite smug that he was safe from a Murray barrage when things were going pear shaped for him.

nadline , 6/7/12 1:26 PM

Why did Fed do such a thng so late after hes crossed 30 amuses me. Does Michael Berrer also generate so much topspin?

sanju , 6/7/12 1:33 PM

The thing is, Corretja has no inside knowledge about Rafa's preparations, expectations and plans for a match, whereas he knows where all Murray's skeletons are hidden so pass his this on to his opponents. That's why it a good idea to choose your coach carefully and stick with him, because you risk them going away with your trade secrets.

nadline , 6/7/12 1:34 PM

nadline.. Michael Berrer seems to be an active tennis player, what does inducting into Rogers team mean? I am sure Berrer has to travel on tour too and he is German, not Swss, so it isnt that they stay in the same country either.

Are you saying he practices with Roger?

sanju , 6/7/12 1:37 PM

Also Rafas choice of hitting partners is intriguing, he seems to choose 17-19 year olds to hit with..not sure what advantage it gives him. I am sure he hits wth others on tour too but the regular hitting partners seems to be these 17-19 year old guys.

sanju , 6/7/12 1:39 PM

nadline, 6/7/12 1:21 PM

Sorry, I do not think you got my drift. My point is that Corretja is the Davis Cup captain. Rafa and Ferru are his two start players. It would be unseemly for him to be seen to be cheering for one against the other, his Davis Cup players, that is.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 1:47 PM

................but then again, maybe my sensibilities are different from Corretja's but if I was the Spanish Davis Cup captain, I would not be sitting in either Rafa's or Ferru's box...............there are other seats in the house, no?

I think Costa handled himself, and his players, very well during his tenure and was well-respected by the players as a result.

nb. This has nothing to do with Muzza..........that was a totally diffefrent dynamic.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 1:51 PM

.....sorry, meant to say, star not start players in my post of 6/7/12 @1:47pm

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 1:54 PM

phoenix, I think Andy's game is in transition and sometimes he doesn't know what to do on court nowadays. Courier has repeatedly said that Andy needs to develop his forehand, and apparently that's what Ivan practises with him most of the time. However, during Ferrer match, Courier said yes, he does want him to use that forehand, but not all the time and not to the detriment of his wonderful backhand. Lol sometimes I saw Andy actually running around his bh in order to play his fh. Bizarre it was.
sanju, Rafa has been hitting with a young British kid, Josh Hibbart. That kid will have photos to treasure all his life, even if he doesn't make it as a top class player.
Guys, guys, from what I've seen Rafa is playing sensational tennis, go warm those little tootsies on a nice hot water bottle.

deuce , 6/7/12 2:19 PM

ritb, I don't think Alex will be sitting in either box tomorrow.

sanju, I read on Tennisworld that Federer has included Berrer into his practice sessions because he is left handed, but as you point, Berrer is no Rafa.

According to Sky Soprts, Murray is still deciding whether to play Queens or not.

nadline , 6/7/12 2:20 PM

I think Ferrer is 5-8 in H2H against Nole. So what's this talk of Ferrer not giving a fight to Nole.

abhirf , 6/7/12 2:31 PM

Was it Rome or this RG that Peter Bodo complained that Rafa was getting an unfair advantageb by playing later than Roger and Nole?

Has anyone seen a complaint from him about Roger and Nole getting 2 days' rest before their semi?

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 2:43 PM

You are right, nadline, that they try to play 110% against Rafa as otherwise on most days and certainly on clay he is unbeatable. I imagine they also try extra hard on clay with really nothing to lose as to beat Rafa on clay when it is real clay and there are no injuries is akin to one of the holy grails of the ATP. I mean, who has ever done it since 2005? Roger on a cold day in hamburg with a dead tired Rafa, Roger once on the pseudo clay in madrid against a very tired Rafa, Novak twice last year, once on fake clay and both times on his flawless run against a much less confident and competitive than usual Rafa, and Ferru this year on totally fake clay that scared Nole and Rafa not to get injured on. Haters will say what's with all the excuses. The point remains. Awfully hard to beat Rafa on clay when not injured - so far there have always been unusual circumstances, and that is out of 6 / 7 entire clay seasons now.

If I was a top 20 player facing Rafa on clay I would try to put all distaste of defeat out of my mind and give it my all. You never know, the one in 50 chance of making it is worth trying for.

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 3:31 PM

This is what Ferrer has to say:

"Rafa improves every time, his serve is huge; he's improved on all his shots. He's left-handed, so it's very difficult to return his serves. Rafa knows it. He has a very high percentage of first serves, especially when he's down. Then he serves an exceptional service and wins a tremendous number of points. Each match is different. In [Barcelona], I had to be slightly more aggressive and I made mistakes. In Rome it was different, because I had opportunities to win a set, but he played extremely well. I tried. I think you can win a set to Rafa, but there is a difference between winning a set and winning a match. Winning a match against Rafa is almost impossible. He is in such good shape."

nadline , 6/7/12 3:48 PM

"Rafa improves every time," Ferrer said. "His serve is huge; he's improved on all his shots. He's left-handed, so it's very difficult to return his serves. Rafa knows it. He has a very high percentage of first serves, especially when he's down. Then he serves an exceptional service and wins a tremendous number of points. Each match is different. In [Barcelona], I had to be slightly more aggressive and I made mistakes. In Rome it was different, because I had opportunities to win a set, but he played extremely well. I tried. I think you can win a set to Rafa, but there is a difference between winning a set and winning a match. Winning a match against Rafa is almost impossible. He is in such good shape."

The voice of objectivity.

The one time Ferru matched Rafa in level, consistency and intensity actually came at a slam, but that was hardcourt, you know the one: AO 2009. It would take even more on clay for Ferru to take three sets tomorrow. Ain't gonna happen. Few RGs where Rafa played impeccably in each match, but then he didn't need to. Tomorrow will be a tougher match than Almagro, certainly and it will be...

to echo Cheryl about yesterday's match... just what the doctor ordered for the Nadal camp... the best preparation for Sunday. Ferru will give it his all to try and take more than one set, but my money is on 70% he will take 0 sets and 30% he will take one.

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 3:48 PM


great minds think alike.

nadline , 6/7/12 3:55 PM

love the timing :-)

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 3:59 PM eid=25

People are slamming Ferru for saying what everybody is saying, that beating Rafa in the form he is in at this RG is nigh impossible. They are taking this as a statement of capitulation from Ferru before the match has even begun.

I see it differently. Ferru is just being honest, more with himself than anyone else. This is the same attitude which gets Rafa into trouble with the cognoscenti, his honesty.

This does not mean he will not play to win, because he will...............and then some.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 4:05 PM

^^ exactly !

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 4:06 PM

Neil Harman just tweeted that its Rafa/Ferru first up tomorrow, then Fed/Nole.

Official RG weather forecast for tomorrow: "Exceptionally heavy winds are expected".

Advantage Fed in the second semi, imo......................

Am not sure who handles windy conditions better between Rafa and Ferru...................

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 5:12 PM

brothdog, 6/7/12 11:23 AM Why would fed moan over a thinly disguised WTF fast indoor hardcourt??? It's his favourite surface!!! LOL

agfmilos , 6/7/12 6:27 PM

I've just seen U. Toni's biceps in the match against Almagro which I am watching now, they are as good as Rafa's. It must be in the blood.

nadline , 6/7/12 7:29 PM

I'm pretty certain the Federer/Djoko match will be on first.

nadline , 6/7/12 7:30 PM

Ferrer/Nadal match is up first followed by the Federer Djokovic match

tennis2011 , 6/7/12 7:41 PM

Long-winded article but I like this part:

"Brad Gilbert, who also coached Agassi and is a colleague of Cahill's at ESPN, believes the Australian was the beginning of Rafa's turnaround."

Exactly what I have been saying since Oz2012................ d/8019942/french-open-why-rafael-nadal-needs-break-habits

rafaisthebest , 6/7/12 7:41 PM

nadline Nadal and tony nadals biceps are even bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger

tennis2011 , 6/7/12 7:42 PM

Djokovic is favorite to win his Sf

tennis2011 , 6/7/12 7:56 PM

want to see larger biceps? There are a few on the tour, including Tsonga.
Want to see a wider and bigger chest? Look no further than number 3.

chlorostoma , 6/7/12 8:12 PM

If you want to read Fed fan propaganda at its best, then check out tennis-x. There you will read how Ferrer is Rafa's pigeon and will roll over for him easily. I say propaganda because it's all baloney. Anyone watching Rafa's matches with Ferrer this clay court season, can see that he has pushed Rafa harder than ever. For all the good it did him!

Almagro played a great match against Rafa and did his best to push him. I do agree that this was what Rafa needed to raise his level of play. Now I believe that Ferrer will push Rafa even harder. He is playing some excellent clay court tennis now. He has to know that this may well be his last chance to ever get to the final of RG. The problem for Ferrer is that he doesn't have that one signature shot that can turn around a match. He returns well, great fitness and energy, runs down every ball like the energizer bunny, but Rafa does all of that even better.

I never bought into the nonsense that the Spanish players roll over for Rafa. They just can't beat him. All you had to do was see the frustration on Almagro's face yesterday, to realize that he was doing his best.

I think Ferrer will give Rafa a real match. There is a chance he could take a set off Rafa if he gets off to an aggressive start and Rafa is slow out of the gate. It could also be three very close and competitive sets.

Nativenewyorker , 6/7/12 8:56 PM

I think on clay rafa is in different league....

spanish players can't beat rafa because they don't have the game...not only spansih , nobody has the game to beat healthy rafa on clay....he is the god of clay court tennis....

chenna21 , 6/7/12 9:18 PM

AS I predicted and hoped, Rafa on first tomorrow. They did it last year too, great. Its logical, Novak- Djoko is the blockbuster TRP eyeball grabbing match, it makes sense to schedule it 2nd. I still remember Djokovic last year waiting frantically for Rafa Andy to end as it went on n o for 3 hours though it was just 3 sets :-)

If its windy, major advantage Fed. Djoko doesnt play too well in wind.

sanju , 6/7/12 9:37 PM

Nadal/Ferrer first up @ 1.00 local time.

nadline , 6/7/12 9:46 PM

Djokovic finds a way to win these days so even if its windy he can win in 4 sets

tennis2011 , 6/7/12 10:01 PM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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