Match report

John Isner ©
Semi final
7/22/12 1 2 3 Tot
us  John Isner 4 7 4 1
us  Andy Roddick 6 6 6 2
Andy Roddick ©
  • Roddick outlasts Isner in Atlanta semifinals

    7/22/12 5:14 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Andy Roddick breaks serve in the final game of the match to down Isner in three sets in Saturday's Atlanta semifinal nightcap. Roddick, who won his first ATP title 11 years ago in Atlanta, will go up against Gilles Muller on Sunday.

    Andy Roddick is back in an Atlanta title match after outlasting Olympic doubles partner John Isner 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-4 in the semifinals of the BB&T Atlanta Open on Saturday night. Roddick withstood 26 Isner aces to prevail in two hours and 27 minutes.

    After a rain delay midway through the first set, Isner came back out slow and donated serve at 3-3. Not surprisingly, that was enough to decide the opening frame of play. Roddick, who saved two break points in his initial service game, had no trouble closing things out at 5-4.

    Isner picked up the pace in set two, blasting 13 aces while surrendering only six points in six service games. Roddick held serve in even more routine fashion and a tiebreaker came quickly. Just as in their 2009 U.S. Open five-setter (won by Isner in a tiebreaker), one mini-break was the difference. Isner stuck right away against the Roddick serve and consolidated his lead from start to finish.

    Roddick continued to have the upper hand in baseline rallies and he had Isner on the ropes throughout set three. The 29-year-old American earned four break points at 4-3 but Isner erased all four to stay level. Isner's forehand again faltered at 4-5, bringing up two more break points--this time match points--for Roddick. The top seed fought off one, but Roddick finally clinched victory when a long rally ended with Isner missing a backhand volley.

    "I took care of my serve," said the former world No. 1, who struck seven aces and double-faulted once while winning 88 percent of his first-serve points. "I did what I had to do."

    "It's disappointing," noted Isner, who did not double-fault a single time amidst his flurry of aces. "I really want to win this tournament. But there's no shame in losing to Andy. He's back on the right track. He was just a little bit better than me today."

    Roddick will contest another Atlanta final after capturing his first ATP title at a clay-court event way back in 2001. Standing in his way on Sunday is Gilles Muller, who is 1-3 lifetime in the head-to-head series. Roddick has won three straight since losing to Muller 7-6(4), 7-6(8), 7-6(1) in a first-round stunner at the 2005 U.S. Open.

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I guess it's still nice to see my fave on the front page here...even if he is retired :(

ts38 , 5/27/13 3:36 PM

Nostalgia much? I like Roddick too. I only hated his wilting against Fed every time. The worst was at Wimby 2009. Roddick was playing better but he succumbed to his lack of faith in himself. I could feel his intense disappointment and I hated it when Fed tried to console him by telling him he knew how it felt. It was the wrong thing to say.
Anyway, he was a great interviewee and I loved his quips. Now he will be a co-host on Fox Sports live which will launch in mid August. So we can look forward to his lively talk!
I am also hoping he will replace Fed as President of the ATP council. He is every inch the fair sportsman and bold and outspoken. He will represent the players well.

holdserve , 5/27/13 4:41 PM

I agree and hope Andy becomes president of the ATP. I think he's also a shrewd businessman and was influential in fighting back how the players were treated (especially the 2011 USO where they were forced to play through wet unsafe conditions).

And I think he had the perfect answer when Fed tried to console him in 2009, frustratingly interrupting him saying that he'd already won the tournament 5 times. You can't buy wit like that.

ts38 , 5/27/13 5:24 PM

ts38, are you American?

holdserve , 5/27/13 6:18 PM

That explains rafaling serve's deep hatred for Federer. She is one of the Andy Roddick fans who jumped the ship to nadal.

ts38: I hope you are a genuine Roddick fan. What do you mean by President of ATP? The CEO? Federer is President of the ATP player council. I am not sure retired players can be part of the council. As for the CEO, A-Rod would make a great choice. Definitely, there is no doubt the guy is a leader like Federer/Djokovic and doesn't live under the shadow of an uncle/parent like some immature players on the ATP.

Trivia Question:

You know the bumbling-bee that can barely speak english who quit the council?


Fedkovic23 , 5/27/13 7:52 PM

Oh look! Federer20 and Twenty are back on at the same time. I'm sure the "other" -vic fedbot fanboys will be along shortly.


Conspirator , 5/27/13 8:01 PM

Yes I'm American. And sorry I do mean president of the players council. He has said before that he wanted to leave the sport better than when he joined it.

And please, there are plenty of threads where Fedalovic wars are happening all around us. I just miss watching my guy.

ts38 , 5/28/13 7:40 AM

@ts38, it's so refreshing to see another american poster backing American players. Roddick was the epitome of patriotism, and I miss him very much, especially at DC matches.There's nothing worse than to see writers and journos putting down their fellow country-manand those who root for Spain to beat the US in DC. roddick was our flag-bearer, and aplty dubbed the closer, who gave his all to get DC wins for our Country. It was awesome when they won in 2006. I miss her charisma, on-court swagger, and his electic personality, which few can dream of duplicating regardless of the many GS and MS trophies they've amassed. Albeit I absolutely like Fed, my heart broke for andy in 2009, coz that win would have cemented his career.

I know he'll make s super-terrific sportscaster and Fox will be the beneficiaries of his wit-filled comments. Go Andy!!!

scoretracker , 5/28/13 11:36 AM

I too wish he had won wimbledon. I still watch those break points he had on Fed's serve in the fifth set, wondering what would have happened if he had won them. I do believe that final cemented his career in a different way, since nobody can ever accuse him of going away quietly after coming back and winning the 4th set anyway.

ts38 , 5/28/13 12:55 PM

I think Roddick's character was a bit of a hindrance for his career. Watching some of his matches I often found myself thinking, "ease down, ease down" .. it was all or nothing for him.. like smashing against a brick wall and going for it again just to see if anything changes.
His serve routine was/is awesome to watch. Even more impressive than Sampras' and although I don't know much about his personal life (I don't know much about any players's personal life - not interested) I always comes across as a nice guy, graceful both when winning and in defeat. IMHO.

Shireling , 5/28/13 1:12 PM

His on court demeanor was one thing that kind of bothered me about him toward the end. In TT magazine Kelli published an article saying he was probably the worst player in the ATP for treatment of the ballkids. I did see a lot of meltdowns from him in his last years, but I was wondering if that was more Johnny Mac style acting than genuine frustration. Either way it was always a good show.
"Stay in school kids, or you'll end up being an umpire"

ts38 , 5/28/13 3:18 PM

I gained a lot of respect for ARod in that Wimby final vs Fed but it slowly faded as his temper did get worse during his later years.

Man, he was fierce vs Sampras early in his career.

Great attitude always once the match was over and fantastic interviews. I think he will be a great addition for Fox Sports.


Conspirator , 5/28/13 3:32 PM

To set the record straight I have always been a Rafa-Muzz fan. But I like Roddick, his wit and his giving all to Davis Cup matches. Although I did not like his JMac style tantrums, I could understand some of his frustrations. Like always being in Fed's Quarter. Also he is very fair and has given the point to opponents whenever it was due.

At the USO2011 he stood up for all the players and I really saw him as a leader then and have been hoping he would be president of the ATP players council. I don't think there is anything preventing a former player from being president. But if there is, he would be a great choice for CEO.
Federer is a useless President as far as other players are concerned. He only represents his own causes. Thanks to Nadal's public outburst, Fed was forced to represent the players' demand for higher pay.
It was really pathetic, his inaction when players were being forced to play in dangerous conditions at USO2011. A leader, my foot! Jerzy has described him perfectly. That's how the other players see him but they daren't voice their opinion in public as Fed is ATP and ATP is Fed.
The Wimbly 2009 was really sad. I never liked Fed and I hated him more after his tactless attempt to console Roddick.
If earlier I had been able to see Roddick more clearly than just as Fed's bunny, I might have become his fan but I started following his career and his doings only after Wimbly 2009 when I really noticed him, his talent, his wit, his frustrations. But by that time I was already a diehard Rafa-Muzz fan.

holdserve , 5/28/13 3:44 PM

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aldwashmanregin , 6/14/13 1:08 PM

Hey look conspirator changed its name to aldwashmanregin

ts38 , 6/14/13 1:57 PM

Hey look, ts38 is still lonely and friendless.

Conspirator , 6/14/13 2:28 PM

BTW ts20, nice to see you using my joke!


Conspirator , 6/14/13 2:30 PM

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aldwashmanregin , 6/30/13 5:18 PM

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