Ricky Dimon

  • 2010 U.S. Open picks: Murray over Federer

    2010-08-29 21:46:42

    This is the final installment of Ricky's five-part U.S. Open preview series.

    Part 1: Draw analysis
    Part 2: Top 25 contenders
    Part 3: Nadal and Federer breakdown
    Part 4: Weekly "Approach Shots"
    Part 5: Full tournament predictions


    First round
    Nadal over Gabashvili in 3, Istomin over M. Gonzalez in 3
    Simon over Young in 4, Kohlschreiber over Kamke in 4
    Lopez over Giraldo in 4, Schuettler over Paire in 3
    Stakhovsky over Luczak in 3, Ljubicic over Harrison in 4
    Dolgopolov over Ferrer in 5, Brands over Becker in 4
    Nieminen over Gimeno-Traver in 3, Gulbis over Chardy in 4
    Nalbandian over De Voest in 3, F. Mayer over Serra in 4
    Mannarino over Riba in 3, Verdasco over Fognini in 5


    Murray over Lacko in 3, Brown over Ramirez-Hidalgo in 4
    Lu over Chela in 4, Wawrinka over Kukushkin in 4
    Querrey over Klahn in 3, Seppi over Granollers in 3
    Garcia-Lopez over Kubot in 5, Almagro over Starace in 4
    Youzhny over Golubev in 4, Malisse over Sela in 5
    Chiudinelli over Sock in 4, Gil over Isner in 3
    Benneteau over Stepanek in 3, Robredo over Rosol in 4
    Hanescu over Berlocq in 3, Berdych over Llodra in 3

    Davydenko over Russell in 3, Gasquet over Greul in 4
    Anderson over Devvarman in 4, Bellucci over Smyczek in 5
    Monfils over Kendrick in 5, Andreev over Zeballos in 5
    Tipsarevic over Rochus in 3, Roddick over Robert in 3
    Baghdatis over Clement in 3, Ginepri over Schwank in 5
    Silva over Cuevas in 5, Fish over Hajek in 3
    Polansky over Monaco in 5, Blake over Vliegen in 5
    Petzschner over Lojda in 4, Djokovic over Troicki in 3


    Soderling over Haider-Maurer in 3, Dent over Falla in 4
    De Bakker over Gicquel in 3, Dodig over Gonzalez in 4
    Montanes over Przysiezny in 5, Ball over Raonic in 5
    Nishikori over Korolev in 4, Cilic over Marchenko in 5
    Melzer over Tursunov in 3, Sweeting over Berankis in 5
    Phau over Mello in 4, Ferrero over Klizan in 4
    Hewitt over Mathieu in 4, L. Mayer over Rufin in 4
    Berrer over Beck in 5, Federer over Dabul in 3


    Second round
    Nadal over Istomin in 4
    Kohlschreiber over Simon in 4
    Schuettler over Lopez in 4
    Stakhovsky over Ljubicic in 4
    Dolgopolov over Brands in 3
    Nieminen over Gulbis over in 5
    Nalbandian over F. Mayer in 4
    Verdasco over Mannarino in 4


    Murray over Brown in 3
    Lu over Wawrinka in 5
    Querrey over Seppi in 4
    Almagro over Garcia-Lopez in 4
    Youzhny over Malisse in 5
    Chiudinelli over Gil in 4
    Benneteau over Robredo in 3
    Berdych over Hanescu in 3

    Davydenko over Gasquet in 5
    Anderson over Bellucci in 4
    Monfils over Andreev in 4
    Roddick over Tipsarevic in 4
    Baghdatis over Ginepri in 3
    Fish over Silva in 3
    Blake over Polansky in 4
    Djokovic over Petzschner in 3


    Soderling over Dent in 3
    De Bakker over Dodig in 3
    Montanes over Ball in 4
    Nishikori over Cilic in 5
    Melzer over Sweeting in 3
    Ferrero over Phau in 4
    Hewitt over L. Mayer in 3
    Federer over Berrer in 3

    Third round
    Nadal over Kohlschreiber in 3
    Stakhovsky over Schuettler in 4
    Dolgopolov over Nieminen in 4
    Nalbandian over Verdasco in 3


    Murray over Lu in 3
    Querrey over Almagro in 4
    Youzhny over Chiudinelli in 4
    Berdych over Benneteau in 4

    Davydenko over Anderson in 4
    Roddick over Monfils in 4
    Fish over Baghdatis in 5
    Djokovic over Blake in 3


    Soderling over De Bakker in 4
    Nishikori over Montanes in 4
    Melzer over Ferrero in 5
    Federer over Hewitt in 3

    Fourth round
    Nadal over Stakhovsky in 4
    Nalbandian over Dolgopolov in 3
    Murray over Querrey in 3
    Berdych over Youzhny in 4

    Roddick over Davydenko in 4
    Fish over Djokovic in 5
    Soderling over Nishikori in 4
    Federer over Melzer in 4

    Nadal over Nalbandian in 4
    Murray over Berdych in 4

    Fish over Roddick in 5
    Federer over Soderling in 4


    Murray over Nadal in 4
    Federer over Fish in 4


    Murray over Federer in 5

    Comments and your own predictions are appreciated!

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aight, lets see some picks

RickyDimon , 8/29/10 9:56 PM

hey ricky, why you have gulbis crashing out so early? doesn't it seem like he's improved his conditioning, achieved more consistent results, and is ready for a major breakthrough?

spicypumpkin , 8/29/10 11:13 PM

spicy - he prob wont lose to Nieminen, but i think he might lose to Chardy, so im not taking him past R2.

Gulbis only does well when you least expect it. But right now, the expectations are on.

RickyDimon , 8/29/10 11:29 PM

qtr finals

nadal over nalby in 4
berdych over murray in 5
federer over soderling in 4
roddick over djokovic in 4


nadal over berdych in 4
federer over roddick in 4

final : nadal vs federer

winner =??? will have to see how rafa fares in the first week , especially with the backhand :)

vamosrafa , 8/29/10 11:42 PM


nadal over gulbis in 4
murray over berdych in 5
fish over djokovic in 3
federer over soderling in 4


murray over nadal in 5
federer over fish in 4


murray over federer in 4

spicypumpkin , 8/29/10 11:52 PM

muzz won't win. i'm not gonna do full tournament predictions, but assuming we get that final i predict it'll be fed over muzz in 3 or 4. muzz will take one set maximum if he gets to the final against fed

and you also said it would be federer over muzz in the wimby final. and... well, yes. we know how that went :P

Sib69 , 8/30/10 1:07 AM

Most remarkable prediction to me is Nishikori in the 4th round :) I like these kind of predictions and it's not even as wild as one might think. Decent and promising player before he got injured, on his way back... but passing Cilic and reaching 4th round? I'd be surprised. Even the 1st round against Korolev is tough, who seems to have found the way up with a QF in New Haven. But thumbs up for the insiration!

Reno , 8/30/10 1:34 AM

Nadal over Nalbandian in 4
Berdych over Murray in 4

Fish over Roddick in 5
Federer over Soderling in 4

Murray over Nadal in 5
Federer over Fish in 4

Federer over Berdych in 4

BTW, Ricky, why did you pick Nishikori to advance to 4th round?? That is quite a bold pick. :)

Colleen , 8/30/10 1:43 AM

isner says he recovered from the ankle injury, still Gil is the play?
Gil in 3 sets? that will be too good.
Dolgopolov is taken by so many people, i am scared that loses just because of that.

kevinkim , 8/30/10 2:30 AM

RickyDimon - I agree with your predictions, except for the final. There is NO WAY that Murray is beating Fed in a slam Final. In fact, I'd be surprised if Murray even took a set. Ultimately, this UsOpen might be an action replay of the 2008 version, except this time Nadal might not even get a set vs Murray in the SF and same for the Djoker against Fed.

That said, things could change and Murray could get beaten earlier, but realistically, If Murray and Nadal make the SF, then Nadal's journey is likely to end there.

Anyway, Is it a coincidence that the 2 folks with the best chance to win - Fed and Murray, have the easiest draws?

imjimmy , 8/30/10 2:41 AM

Everyone's picking Fish to beat Novak? I'm shocked! I know he's had a really good season, but this is a HC Grand Slam guys..and they have a 4-0 H2H, and Fish has only won 3 of 13 sets in those matches!

I say Novak beats Fish (if only coz he's insulted about being expected to lose) but then loses to whoever he meets in the quarters, be it Roddick or Davydenko (or Monfils?!)

stu , 8/30/10 3:46 AM

Rafa over Nalby in 4 (after Nalby beats Gulbis in R4)
Murray over Bird in 4
Davydenko over Djokovic in 5
Federer over Soderling in 3

Rafa over Muray in 4
Federer over Davydenko in 4

Rafa over Federer in - #sets based on form!

stu , 8/30/10 4:00 AM


RickyDimon , 8/30/10 4:02 AM

Imjimmy, what makes you think that Murray couldn't even get a set from Fed? Based on past results? Don't forget Murray has improved and after two previous experiences against Fed in the slam finals, he definitely has learned something. In fact I have the three young guys beating the older fella should any of them get to meet him. Murray playing the way he played in Toronto can beat Fed over five sets. Fed will have his usual melt down over five sets as he couldn't sustain his level over five sets. This time if Murray meets Fed, he'll look to stretch Fed for as long as possible and I think he can do it, no more being beaten in straight sets unless he had lots of problems during his semi.

luckystar , 8/30/10 4:06 AM

Why so little faith in Nole. As I've mentioned Nole always does well at the USO, this year won't be an exception. Nole will beat Fish/Roddick/Davy should be meet any of them. Nole is simply the better player on fast hard court than these three.

luckystar , 8/30/10 4:11 AM

You and I believe that luckystar, but Nole doesn't.

Just kidding about Monfils, Ricky. My point was that by the time Novak gets to the QF he will be emotionally exhausted and lose to whoever is across the net.

stu , 8/30/10 4:36 AM

i agree for the most part, but he would beat Davydenko

unfortunately 1) he wont make it that far, and 2) if he does, his opponent wont be Davy

RickyDimon , 8/30/10 4:46 AM

I would love to see Novak win another slam. I love Novak after all he is my second favourite player, but mentally he hasnt got it together enough. If he can find the form he had and the mental strength he had when he played Rafa in all those clay finals, then yes he can make it to the final and he has a chance to win.
But it means that his form and mental toughness must click and be consistent.

Fingers crossed

isabeau77 , 8/30/10 4:53 AM

I have faith in Nole. He may meet Fish and then Roddick, I believe Nole can beat them. Nole had beaten Roddick before at the USO, so no surprise there if he beats Roddick again.

luckystar , 8/30/10 4:55 AM

Luckystar: Fed is a different player in slams, and Murray doesn't have enough game to overcome Fed in 5 sets (as we saw in UsO 2008 and AO 2010, where Murray was in great form too). And he's played as well before, but still gotten beaten handily by players in 5 sets who swing freely.

In the absence of Delpo, the only real thread for Fed could have been Nadal,
However, in all likelihood, Murray will take care of Rafa in the SF. Things could have been really interesting if Murray were in Fed's half. Then Nadal would have had a realistic shot at the title. As it stands, we are most likely looking at a Fed vs Murray final.

Anyway, talk is cheap. If it's a Murray vs Fed final watch this space on 12th Sep. I would be surprised if it isn't a straightforward #17 for Fed.

imjimmy , 8/30/10 4:59 AM

the issue for Murray is the pressure of a slam, not the length of a five-set match

five-setters should be to Murray's advantage

RickyDimon , 8/30/10 5:04 AM

Fish is Nole's old customer, so I don't expect that to change. Ricky predicts based on recent results (similar to Hewitt over Nole at Wimby) but this is GS and i don't think Fish can take out Novak. Quarters, if it is Roddick then yes, Nole may finish his journey here (unless he sorts out his head), if it is Davy, than I would say Novak.

rfzr , 8/30/10 5:05 AM

Yea I agree, Nole should make quarters. Then it's hard to predict a win if he's playing roddixk, but if hes playing anyone else, he's in the semis.

mriiidula , 8/30/10 5:21 AM

And Rafa is a totally different beast in Slams too.

Remembering last year he made it to the semis, with a torn abdomen and really bad knees and lost to the eventual winner is straights.

In 2008 he was the most exhausted man on tour and injured on top of having back to back days through the rain delay and eventually lost to Murray.

We are dealing with a healthy and rested Rafa people. Andy Murray is not beating him if they meet.

If Rafa reaches the final without to much time on court and relatively injury free, NO ONE is beating...NO ONE!

isabeau77 , 8/30/10 5:29 AM

Rafa over Nalby in 4
Berdych over Murray in 4 to 5 depends on whether it is a day or night game
Roddick over Djokovic in 4
Soderling over Federer in 5

Rafa over Berdych in 4
Roddick over Soderling in 4

Rafa over Roddick in 4

isabeau77 , 8/30/10 6:15 AM

Bleacher predicted Roddick winning the open beating Rafa in the

Thats the most bizzare prediction i have seen for a long time:-))

I believe that Rafa would come out with a definite tactic to beat Murray so Murray's win over Rafa is not a guarranty. Rafa wudnt lose to the same player over and over again on a GS. he will sort it out for sure

I think Rafa has an excellent chance of reaching the finals. If there is anyone not named Federer on the other side then he will win for sure. If there is Fed then it is 50-50 IMO

atul1985 , 8/30/10 6:34 AM

In USOpen 2008, Andy and Rafa played over two days, while Fed put his feet up in the locker room. Surprisingly enough Fed won, rather easily I've got to say. So please, all my fellow fans let's all do a sunshine dance for the second week!
So interesting, Andy has a better chance than anyone of beating Rafa, but Rafa has a better chance than anyone of beating Fed, IMHO anyway. Who says tennis isn't played in the head?

deuce , 8/30/10 8:40 AM

Why Roddick over Nole at the USO? Just because Roddick beats Nole at Cincy? Don't forget Roddick will play night matches at the USO, especially in the QF, that's why Nole has been beating him at the USO in the past. If it is the AO in broad daylight then maybe Roddick over Nole.

So imjimmy thinks that Fed will always beat Murray at a slam? You are assuming Fed is the same old Fed like last time and Murray wont learn from his mistakes? I say Murray will try and he can stretch Fed to five sets and we'll see how Fed cope over five sets against a top player. He was stretched by Berdych and Nole to three sets in Toronto and he bearly scraped through; I'm not optimistic about his chances over five sets.

Rafa vs Murray is hard to call, both can win and have the game to beat each other, assuming Rafa already fixed his backhand problems. Any way if he can reach the semi to meet Murray there, he should have already fixed his whatever problems.

Rafa vs Fed in the final, depends on how much time they take to win their respective semis. A fit Rafa will beat Fed, because if he is good enough to reach the final, he is good enough to beat Fed there, simply because of match up problem. A Nole vs Rafa final,I give the advantage to Nole, though I hope Rafa can complete his career slam this year.

luckystar , 8/30/10 9:41 AM

4th round:
Nadal over Lopez in 4
Nalbandian over Ferrer in 4
Murray over Querrey in 4
Berdych over Isner in 3

Roddick over Gasquet in 4
Djokovic over Fish in 4
Soderling over Cilic in 5
Federer over Melzer in 3

Nadal over Nalbandian in 3
Berdych over Murray in 4
Roddick over Djokovic in 5
Federer over Soderling in 4

Berdych over Nadal in 5
Federer over Roddick in 3

Federer over Berdych in 4

Ice , 8/30/10 10:01 AM

Ricky slammed the door in Rafa's face from the off at Wimbledon, and he is doing it again at the USO.

I think he is suffering from Murraymania, to keep tipping someone who has never won a slam to win one inspite of his dismal performance so far this year, barring Totonto. Murray won Toronto last year, and didn't even make the qtrs at the USO.

Not that it is impossible for Ricky's predictions to come to pass, I just find that it defies logic.

nadline , 8/30/10 10:26 AM

Adequate predictions

Though I am Roger's fan. a many feelings that i wants Murray to win the championship.

Novak has the GS title. But, Murray doesn't have. MS 5 titles.

I think that he is a better player.

tennisnba , 8/30/10 11:37 AM

Ooo yes I forgot that a roddick-nole match will most definitely take place at night. Nole seemed to be getting back into form at Cincinnati, so if he continues he xandefinitely beat roddick.
Okay my picks -
Quarters- nadal over nalbandian in 4, berdych over Murray in 4, djokovic over roddick in 4, fed over soderling in 4.
Semis- berdych over nadal in 3, fed over djokovic in 3
Final- berdych in 4.

mriiidula , 8/30/10 11:39 AM

Ricky?s predictions:

17 spot on, 27 nearly spot on, and 20 wrong. The first round is much more easy to predict, let?s see how he does from now on.


Spot on??????17

Nadal over Gabashvili in 3
Istomin over M. Gonzalez in 3
Verdasco over Fognini in 5
Davydenko over Russell in 3
Roddick over Robert in 3
Monfils over Kendrick in 5
Dodig over Gonzalez in 4
Montanes over Przysiezny in 5
Ball over Raonic in 5
Nishikori over Korolev in 4
Federer over Dabul in 3
Murray over Lacko in 3
Almagro over Starace in 4
Hanescu over Berlocq in 3
Chiudinelli over Sock in 4
Kohlschreiber over Kamke in 4
De Bakker over Gicquel in 3

Nearly Right?????..27

Lopez over Giraldo in 4???..3
Nalbandian over De Voest in 3...?5
Mannarino over Riba in 3????5
Benneteau over Stepanek in 3???4
Robredo over Rosol in 4?????3
Gasquet over Greul in 4?????..3
Anderson over Devvarman in 4???3
Bellucci over Smyczek in 5?.....??..3
Andreev over Zeballos in 5?...???4
Tipsarevic over Rochus in 3..????4
Fish over Hajek in 3???????..5
Polansky over Monaco in 5?????3
Blake over Vliegen in 5??????.3
Petzschner over Lojda in 4?????.3
Djokovic over Troicki in 3?????5
Soderling over Haider-Maurer in 3??5
Dent over Falla in 4????????.3
Cilic over Marchenko in 5??????3
Melzer over Tursunov in 3??????5
Ferrero over Klizan in 4???????3
Stakhovsky over Luczak in 3?????.4
Brown over Ramirez-Hidalgo in 4?..?.3
Querrey over Klahn in 3???.???..4
Garcia-Lopez over Kubot in 5,????3
Simon over Young in 4???..???..3
Wawrinka over Kukushkin in 4????3
Youzhny over Golubev in 4????..3


Schuettler over Paire in 3
Dolgopolov over Ferrer in 5
Brands over Becker in 4
Nieminen over Gimeno-Traver in 3
Gulbis over Chardy in 4
F. Mayer over Serra in 4
Baghdatis over Clement in 3
Ginepri over Schwank in 5
Silva over Cuevas in 5
Sweeting over Berankis in 5
Phau over Mello in 4
Hewitt over Mathieu in 4
Mayer over Rufin in 4
Berrer over Beck in 5
Ljubicic over Harrison in 4
Seppi over Granollers in 3
Berdych over Llodra in 3
Lu over Chela in 4
Gil over Isner in 3
Malisse over Sela in 5

nadline , 9/2/10 10:42 AM

Sorry about all the question marks, my ........... were changed to ?????? probably due to TT different WORD format to mine.

nadline , 9/2/10 10:58 AM

Really love all the comments sayin Ricky bla bla murray, and then the predictions that murray will lose to Berdych in QFS :D
obviously you do not watch tennis at all.. Berdych has been poor past 1-2 months on tour, Nadal will not win because Baggy Benneteau Murray etc even gabshvilli in round 1 able to break him down on the fast surfaces. Murray is a class above everyone atm, all you nole lovers pathetic, guy hates the warm weather and will just sook hope petzchner takes him out today +7 handicap terrific anyway think your spot on Ricky murray wins the final without dropping too many sets along the way

goochrules , 9/2/10 6:36 PM

I think Ricky's predictions will come to pass with Murray and Fed making the final. Of course that means Fed will win. I have NO idea, how Ricky chose Murray over Fed, even though the Scott hasn't won a SET against Fed at the slam level. ( Even when Fed was playing worse than he is now).

Regarding the draw, it seems Murray's path is fairly straighforward, what with Berdych out. (Not that I think Berdych would have beaten Murray, but still it could have been a tight match). The only true rival Murray has on this surface is Federer, who he won't meet until the final. So in that sense, both of them are lucky, not to be in the same half.

For Fed: In all fairness, it's almost impossible to make a tough draw for the Swiss on deco-turf - considering his dominance on this surface. Still, he must be pretty happy with Djokovic looking out of sorts, and Roddick already out. There is a good chance that he might face a dark horse in the SF. In fact he could go till the final (or even win the tournament!) without dropping a single set!

For Nadal - The fact that he went to 2 TBs against Gabashvili sends a message to everyone in the locker room, that he's vulnerable on this surface, even though he's world #1. His ROS was particularly disappointing especially the fact that he failed to do anything with sub-80 mph second serves from Gabashvili.
The way Rafa is playing he will have a hard time winning a set against Murray, much less the match. I mean, Nadal fan or not, but having Murray in his semifinal basically means Nadal can't get to the final unless he has monster form that day and even then it may not be enough.

Overall, I think it's shaping to be a slightly disappointing tournament, with Berdych, Roddick out, Soderling, Djokovic and other playing poorly. Things look fairly predictable and the field seems thin at the top.

Bring on the final, already..

imjimmy , 9/2/10 8:48 PM

Fed over Rafa in 4 . :P

Go Roger.......

tomnjerry2 , 9/2/10 9:10 PM

I thought I would recap over the predictions for Wimbledon this year, where Sod was supposed to beat Rafa in the Qtrs, and Murray was supposed to beat Sod in the SF, to lose to Fed in the final. Several people argued that after Rafa quashed Sod at RG, it was inconceivalbe to think that Sod would beat Rafa at Wimbledon just weeks later. This was Ricky's response:

it's not a hunch. I don't see why people would be so surprised by a Nadal loss. Ever since his mid-season disaster in 2009, he has done NOTHING on any surface other than clay. NOTHING.

So i fail to see how people can just ASSUME that Nadal will all of a sudden win Wimbledon.

RickyDimon , 6/20/10 10:33 PM

Nuff said!!!

nadline , 9/2/10 9:18 PM

........and nadline, with what has already happened thus far with the so-called hard court specialists who seem to be dropping like flies......................look ahead for even more surprises..................or perhaps not................considering..............!!

Monalysa , 9/2/10 9:28 PM

Strange that some here said that Baggy can trouble Rafa here. Baggy is out in the first round! Why would he trouble Rafa, when Baggy had been playing four consecutive tournaments before coming into the USO? Baggy can't even get past 'old man' Clement! What an insult to say that he'll trouble Rafa! For your info, Rafa had beaten Baggy all the five times they had met, before that Cincy match this year, and some of which were on fast hard court, at the Beijing Open.

So, the same logic goes, that Benneteau will trouble Rafa in a best of five set match when he couldn't even beat Rafa in a best of three?

Berdych not playing well in the past two months? Why? He reached the QF of Washington, QF of Toronto and may have lost early in Cincy. That guy had been playing three consecutive tournaments, rest for one week, and then come to the USO. So, you think he can be as fresh as a daisy and dealing well with the heat at New York? Both Baggy and Berdych are crazy, playing in so many tournaments prior to the USO!

Another 'crazy' fella Nalby, winner of Washington, lost to Murray in Toronto, lost to Nole at Cincy, come into the USO and struggled to beat a qualifier in five sets. You think these three guys - Baggy, Berdych, Nalby - will have good results here at the USO? I'm not surprised that Baggy, followed by Berdych, are out of the USO. If Nalby has to go the distance again in his next match, I won't be surprised that we have to say good bye to him!

Why surprise that Gabashvili played so well against Rafa? Didn't this guy beat Roddick at RG this year? This guy plays 'go for broke' tennis and he has nothing to lose! The fact that Rafa didn't lose concentration throughout the whole match and never had his serves broken, showed us how good Rafa was; he remained consistent throughout the whole match and was able to raise his level at the crucial moments to break Gabash's serves and won the match. I can't say the same about Fed where concentration is concerned.

I would be surprised if Andreas Beck could trouble Fed and despite Beck not being playing brilliantly, Fed still managed to lose his serve in the first set, for nothing except that he had lost his concentration. Maybe such lapse of concentration should be a cause for concern for his fans.

luckystar , 9/2/10 10:01 PM

LOL luckystar you are v. biased, baggy beat nadal 1 week ago, made him look terrible. to me a tennis punter for a living these so called "upsets" are no surprise, Roddick super defensive clown , who has a serve and nothing else, berdych purely out of form for past month against llodra who played of his nut, petzchner looks great against pathetic djokovic, murray will win this tournament u watch form in his matches and it is better than anyone elses form thats why ricky has predicted him..
for the past 3-4 months federer has been framing backhands 10metres over the baseline, why would you back that??

goochrules , 9/3/10 3:34 AM

Watch tennis before your relying on your useless statistics oww berdych made quarterfinals that doesnt phase me ACTUALLY watch the matches not the scoreboard. He has been playing horrible. Murray and nadal fittest men on tour, Nadal plays longer matches murray has the title in the bag

goochrules , 9/3/10 3:41 AM

NO ONE has the title in the bag!
Just ask Roger about AO 09, where he should have hammered Nadal, after Nadal came off a 5 hour 40 min marathon 5 set match against Verdasco in the semis and had only 24hrs to recover and still manage to beat the best ever on a hardcourt in 5 sets!

isabeau77 , 9/3/10 5:28 AM

luckystar , 9/3/10 5:31 AM

And gooch, Petz looked great against Nole?? Who wins in the end, punter?

Where did I said old man Fed is doing well? Show me where please?

luckystar , 9/3/10 5:48 AM

"u watch form in his matches and it is better than anyone elses .."

hmmm, lukas lacko ... ok.

rfzr , 9/3/10 5:57 AM

Yeah winning against Lacko here and losing to Queery in LA, and losing to Fish in Cincy, still make Murray the favorite, and so old man Fed has no chances? The man who had beaten Fish in Cincy and won the Cincy title has no chances but only Murray has! What logic was that? Only gooch's logic I suppose!

luckystar , 9/3/10 6:03 AM

In some people's book, Roger's glass is always full, everybody else's is always half full and Rafa's is always half empty. No matter what Rafa does, they will still find a reason to write him off. He can win 50 matches in a row, but if he so much as loses a set in one of those matches, he is written off.

Some people can lose 50 matches in a row, but if they win the 51st match, they are hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Ricky, you make your predictions and invite comments, but you then decide to ignore people who contradict you. Shouldn't we have an open discussion about these things, and be free to make our point?

nadline , 9/3/10 9:50 AM

@imjimmy , 9/2/10 8:48 PM
---For Nadal - The fact that he went to 2 TBs against Gabashvili sends a message to everyone in the locker room, that he's vulnerable on this surface, even though he's world #1.---

Gabashvili has been taught in Spain. He has practiced in Barcelona and one of his coaches has been Francisco Roig, who works with Rafa too (when Uncle Toni is not in a tour).
Gabashvili's interview at Roland Garros on May 30, 2010: << Gabashvili: ?I?ve had a lot of difficult moments in my career, last year especially. I was ranked No.59, and then I got sick. I had an operation, and after that I went into freefall. I lost all my matches, even in the Challenger series." /---/ Right now, the multilingual student of Francisco Roig and Alvaro Margets is breaking new ground. Finally. Gabashvili: ?Seven years ago, I left to train in Spain /Barcelona/ after going there for a short time when I was 15. I went there to learn how to construct points, be more patient and end games when I had to. ">>

Augustina08 , 9/3/10 11:34 AM

The man who won the Greatest Match ever played, that was sooooooo good, that a book has been written about it, beating the 5 times reigning champion, gets put down at the slightest opportunity.

All I can say is, if the outcome of matches was decided by a panel of judges, Murray would be the GOAT.


nadline , 9/3/10 1:10 PM

Sampras never won RR
Borg never won the USO, even though it was played on clay in his time.
Yet their names are spoken with awe and reverence and placed in the circle of the few all-time greats.
But I get the feeling that if Rafa doesn't win the US Open some people will still brand him a loser, regardless of how many other majors he wins. BTW, how would it be if the US open were still played on clay?

grafight , 9/3/10 2:40 PM

grafight, even if he wins it, there will certainly be an asterick by it - probably that the courts this year are not as fast as normal, or perhaps the hurricane suited his game, or there is an 'r' in the month.

Some people are just not happy singing Rafa's praises, but I cannot understand why.

If it was still played on clay, we know who the be the serial winner. That's the other thing, all those people who go on as if clay doesn't matter, there were no h/c GS until fairly recently, they were all clay or grass.


nadline , 9/3/10 2:46 PM

Rafa has his detractors because apparently he doesn't play "beautiful" tennis. I think that's a load of tosh. As physical as Rafa's game is, his skills on the run are unmatched for this generation, and personally I find his game as interesting as Federer's or Djokovic's.

The US Open, however, should not be clayed on clay for the simple reason that it would kill off whatever variety exists today in terms of surfaces. In the 90s, each Grand Slam had a unique surface, and racquets and strings at the time made the disparity seem even greater. The US Open is the only genuinely fast court Grand Slam remaining and it should be kept that way.

samprallica , 9/3/10 4:05 PM

If Rafa never wins the USO, he will clearly NOT be branded as a loser by anyone who knows anything about tennis. Federer, the GOAT, will probably retire after only winning one clay court GS, so what would be wrong with Nadal only winnning one hard court GS? (and he will clearly win at least one or two more Australians)

spicypumpkin , 9/3/10 4:19 PM

Some people are just narrow minded and refuse to accept new ideas, new styles and anything that deviate from the norm or tradition, they would view them as strange and unacceptable.

Rafa doesn't play the traditional or the classical style of tennis that Fed plays, so initially many people don't like him and can't accept his unorthodox style. I believe by now more and more people, ie those who can embrace new styles, would learn to appreciate Rafa and his brand of tennis. Its heart warming to know that J Mac loves Rafa and appreciate what he brings to tennis, and we hear many coaches giving Rafa credit and praises too.

I like Rafa's brand of tennis precisely because it is special, unorthodox and non classical. There are plenty of players playing the classical style already, so there is no need for one more. We have recently discovered this Dolgopolov guy who plays very special brand of tennis too, so I really enjoy watching him play.

Rafa's game is simply beautiful on clay, especially his footwork. His footwork is simply awesome on clay, so flexible in his changing of directions, so well balanced and so smooth and quick when running and sliding around the court. Not everyone can move like him on clay.

If Rafa can get to eleven slams like Borg, I don't see why we have to doubt his place among the all time greats, whether he wins the USO or not.

luckystar , 9/3/10 5:32 PM

@samprallica , 9/3/10 4:05 PM
---I find his game as interesting as Federer's---

For me, the main difference between Rafa and Federer is their attitude. Rafa plays passionately, and it gives me a reason to watch him on a tennis-court.
I don't like Federer's uninspired play. I have watched Federer's matches mainly because of his opponents. For examlpe, I remember the final of French Open in 2008, but I remember only Rafa.

Augustina08 , 9/3/10 7:24 PM

For playing style - Fed's grace...
For grit & determination - Nadal & Fed
For mental fortitude - Nadal
Off the court - I like both. (Charity work that they do, great mutual respect)

Infact when I play tennis everyday, I try to model my game around Federer's style. whether it is SH BH / CC FH.

But this variety in playing style of different players mixup with different court types makes watching tennis more exciting.....

RMadhu , 9/3/10 7:40 PM

People normally try to play the classical style of tennis. Rafa's style of tennis is hard to model after, even for professional players. We see Verdasco trying to copy some of Rafa's style, like the way Rafa hits his forehand, but the effect is not the same. Rafa is really one of its kind. His forehand is really special.

Talking about beautiful players on court, other than Rafa, I like Cilic, Simon and Llodra. They all play differently but they move beautifully on court. Cilic moves well and gracefully for his height. Simon is so beautiful to watch, whether he is serving or simply running around the court, he is so light and so fast footed and it looks effortless, plus he has a beautiful face to match. Watch the slow motion replay of the way he serves, after he jumps and hits the ball, he landed beautifully like a graceful dancer. Llodra, oh what can I say about Llodra, he literally flies around the court, my goodness! He is tall and lanky, large wing span, and the way he rushed the net with his S & V game, wow such beautiful footwork! I love watching him play, as long as he doesn't beat Rafa, I'm happy with whoever he beats, so that he can progress in the draw and hopefully his matches would be telecast and I'll get to watch them!

luckystar , 9/3/10 8:55 PM

Augustina08: Gabashvili story is great and inspiring. Thanks for sharing that info about Roig being associated with him. Indeed, I was stuck by how affectionately the Russian shook hands and spoke to Rafa at the end of the match.

All that said, with all due respect, your reply has nothing to do with my initial argument. Which was that Nadal as a World #1, has NO business going to 2 TBs with a guy like Gabashvili (again with due respect to the Russian's game). Nadal was exceptionally POOR with his ROS. There were so many WTA level 70-80 mph second serves that the Russian spun in, and which Nadal should have clobbered. Instead Rafa either netted them or gave a short reply. The match turned on a few points in each set, where the Russian succumbed mentally or it could have been MUCH closer. Nadal could have been down 1 or 2 sets, if he had a little bit of bad luck.

Had it been a Fed/Murray/Delpo or a 2008 Djokovic, the match would NOT have been close at all. Those guys would have broken Gabashvili once (or more) each set and won the match. If you look at the stats, Nadal has regressed to #3 in Return of service pts won on the first serve. He used to be #1 earlier in 2008. What that means is that unless Nadal improves his ROS and backhand substantially, it's unlikely that he would exceed his previous performance at the UsOpen - much less winning it especially with the kind of draw he has.

imjimmy , 9/3/10 9:07 PM

imjimmy, did Federer have any business going 5 sets with Falla, let alone being match point down? These things happen , give credit to Gabash, yes Nadal didn't play his best match, but I think he was trying to keep Gabash calm, and not allow him to swing freely, so that he did not have to use up too much energy chasing the ball in the first round.

Let's wait and see what happens when Gabash plays these other top players, what you are saying is purely hypothetical at the moment. I used to wish Gulbis would play Roger, just to see how Roger handled him, because he managed to avoid him for a long time, and we all know what happened. Gulbis has never beaten Nadal by the way.

nadline , 9/3/10 9:36 PM

imjimmy, Gabashvili may be No 96, but there are only about 500 points that separate No 96 from the low 50s. Also there are loads of very low ranked players who can give the top players stiff competition on their day, think about the young teenager from Mallorca who beat the World No 1 at their 1st meeting in straight sets, and had a 7.1 h2h with him in their first 8 meetings.

nadline , 9/3/10 9:50 PM

nadline: Fed was taken to 5 sets by Falla, and then lost promptly to Berdych in the QF. Everyone knew that unless he improved significantly, he would loose, which is what happened. Gulbis beat Fed at clay, which is Fed's worst surface and he was not playing well anyway during that time. So that does not tell us anything. Again, I'm not defending Fed; he's not even the player I root for. I'm also not saying Gabashvili is a bad player.

It's just that for winning a slam you have to play at a certain level. Nadal has to play MUCH MUCH better than he did in his first round to come close to winning the UsOpen. Again based on his past record (on fast hardcourts) and performance in Cincy/Toronto, I'm not sure whether he has that extra gear on here as he displayed during the 2nd week @ Wimbledon.

And oh BTW...Teenager Nadal at 2004 Miami >>>>>> Prime Gabashvili :) So that comparison is not apt. Gabashvili is not a great player, and Nadal was GREAT even when he was a teenager.

imjimmy , 9/3/10 10:19 PM

imjimmy, I agree that Rafa has to raise his level, and his ROS was poor, but I disagreed more with your comparison to how the others would have fared with Gabash in the circumstances. I sincerely hope Rafa raises his game, but he did say in his post match interview, that he didn't want to go all out in his first match as if it was the final. Also Rafa usually doesn't play too well in his first match until he starts feeling the ball.

I hope he gets better and better and time goes on.

nadline , 9/3/10 10:34 PM

I second what nadline said.

What's with all these ' could have been', 'would have been'? They are all hypothetical, the fact is Rafa won his first round match. The worry that he could not raise his level throughout the rest of the tournament? Why such worry? Didn't he show us time and again that he is able to do so during the slams, winning eight of them? During this year's Wimbledon, Rafa appeared vulnerable in the earlier rounds, being pushed to the limit, but we see what happened? People always bring up the fact that fast hard court is Rafa's worst surface, but do know that worst surface or not, he still beat whoever he faces until he reaches the semifinal for the past two years. There is always chances that he'll make it to the final and win the whole thing, but there is also chances that he may not. Don't we say the same thing about the other two favorites, namely Fed and Murray, too? Who can guarantee that so and so will surely win? Not even Fed, a five times champion here, is guaranteed a final appearance, don't talk about Rafa and Murray! So just keep our fingers crossed and let the players themselves do their job. They all have to get through the various rounds first, so far only the second round matches had been played.

luckystar , 9/3/10 11:18 PM

I am going to stop talking here because you guys just watch scoreboard, your bringing up fish vs Murray?
Watch the match Murray actually played on one leg, why he didnt retire i will never understand and he lost 7-6 in a tiebreak, you need to WWATCH tennis not scoreboards. Murray lost to querrey oh no LOL no more miles mchalagan no one will beat him he will be number 1 when he has belief in himself like rafa and us open will start that.
yes i was fine djokovic won had few thousand pound Petz +7 ezy money. anyway you guys need to watch more tennis before you tell me things.
and who ever snobbed of lukas lacko you sir are a .... the young slovak has a heap of talent watch tennis not SCOREBOARDS.

goochrules , 9/4/10 5:41 AM

This gooch fella is really strange, keeps saying that others are watching SB only. This Lacko guy may have whatever talent but not able to summon them when needed, that's why the likes of Gulbis still hasn't won anything big todate. I wonder what is the motive of gooch here, keep telling everyone one here that Murray sure will win. Maybe something to do with betting, or wishing for some kind of undue influnce on some betters here?

luckystar , 9/4/10 7:20 AM

he's a hooch fella ;) no seriously, murray will win.

rfzr , 9/4/10 8:03 AM

Why does every commentator keep hyping up the third round match between Verdasco and Nalbandian?

Cliff Drysdale: "Fasten your seatbelts and try to hang on for what is sure to be an explosive third round clash."

Verdasco is no longer playing like a top ten player and Nalbandian hasnt been all that impressive in this tournament so far.

spicypumpkin , 9/4/10 7:08 PM

goochrules:like your style. BTW r u a cricket fan?

deuce , 9/4/10 8:02 PM

Deuce: Are you having any joy with LiveScoring. If it is available I find the best quality transmission is the BoxLive.TV stream and what is really nice is you get all the background noise and can hear the umpire but you are spared the irritation of an intrusive, drivelling commentary!!!! If BoxLive is not offered I try to find one with anybody other than David Mercer, Frew McMillan or the dreary John Lloyd.

ed251137 , 9/4/10 8:51 PM

gilles simon made it into the fourth round! im so happy! sucks that he has to play nadal, but this must be great for his confidence :)

mriiidula , 9/5/10 2:02 AM

Luckystar i am just informing you that murray will win. that is all not making you do anything. Their seems to be lots of complications as to why Ricky Tipped Murray over Fed in 5, Murray Backhand superb , forehand competant, serve is improving again of late guy is very crafty and elegant to watch. Mark my words he will win this us open. He has an easy path to the finals and aslong as his kneecap issue doesnt play up (which it usually only affects him on clay) he is unstoppable, Class above right now.

goochrules , 9/5/10 5:20 AM

Okay let's mark up your words goochrules. Just make sure you will show up whatever the outcome of this tournament, otherwise Murray fans are no different to Fedfans that they speak too confident while their guy still playing but once lost, his fans will disappear at once (with the exemption of deuce & alex of course) they are proven casual tennis fans hehe.

Raindrops , 9/5/10 6:01 AM

On what grounds is Murray, who only managers to win best of 3 tournaments, unstoppable and a class above the rest in a Grand Slam?

Oh and you call beating Rafael Nadal an easy path to the final...bwahahahaha! Even on a bad day Rafa isn't easy, especially in a Grand Slam.

I think Murrays first priority is to get out of his section, before he even starts thinking about semi-final appearances, let alone getting past Nadal and whoever else form the other side gets into the final.

isabeau77 , 9/5/10 7:14 AM

ed: thanks again! I've actually been so busy have not watched any match yet! Have caught Andy's matches on 5Live and results by reading here. Hopefully next week, when matches start to get closer too, though night time stuff is not good for us Europeans is it? So agree about John LLoyd! Yuk. I subscribe to tennistv and like Goodall and co but don't they all repeat stuff endlessly? If I hear about Mardy's weight loss ever again, I'm gonna pull my head off!

deuce , 9/5/10 8:37 AM

Raindrops: :) I love Andy, not because he's a Brit, I couldn't stand Henman, but because I love his game/his talent etc. But above that I love the game itself. Watched and cheered my favourites b4 he came along and hopefully will be watching and cheering when Andy bcomes our Davis Cup coach ;)...

deuce , 9/5/10 8:47 AM

Don't fall into gooch's trap. He is trying to influence the betters here. He'll be the one laughing to the bank should Murray fail to win the USO and a not so favorite guy wins it. He could care less if we laugh or mock at him as long as he makes money from his betting and fattens his bank account.

luckystar , 9/5/10 8:58 AM

deuce: there is only one thing worse and that is having to listen to Guy Forget. He dosnt draw breath for a second! He lectures non stop about the minute details of technique even through the most gasp-making rallies. Thank goodness we only get him at the Slams.

ed251137 , 9/5/10 9:39 AM

Isa, let's face it, if Murray had won 8 GS and 18 Masters titles and Rafa had only 5 Masters titles to his name, Rafa's name wouldl not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Murray's. I believe that a fit motivated Rafa will always have the edge over Murray, Djokovic is more a match for Rafa than Murray will ever be.

deuce, it's because of the prepostrous claims that are being made about Murray's greatness that leads people to bash him, because it's just annoying if nothing else. And ed, I'm glad I don't have to listen to the FORGETable Guy Forget, the journey man of the 80s who won only 11 titles including just 2 Masters in his entire career, because Mats W can drive me up the wall all by himself.

nadline , 9/5/10 10:00 AM

Raindrops yes i will be here no matter what the outcome!
isabeau this is murray favourite surface, his knees dont allow him to win on clay, plus he is in terrific form. Rafa has had a wonderful year all credit to him, and he is very fit however to many players can cause him much trouble on this surface. If you watched fed this year you would understand my comments, guy frames his backhand way too much. Stop bringing up best of 3 crap, murray is a very very fit player.

nadline you epitimise the ... here, you believe that Djokovic is more of a match for Rafa than murray will be? OMFG OMFG the same guy that cries in the heat, the same guy that has no variety, the same guy that likes to call medical time outs when he is down, the same guy that cant serve? REALLY that is the most ignorant comment IVE EVER SEEn. When murray wins Usopen this year, everyone will stop bashing him, he knows the fact Del Potro is out no one can beat him.

goochrules , 9/5/10 11:20 AM

nadline: problem is neither alex nor me, Andy's most stalwart fans on this site, NEVER NEVER make stupid claims for Andy, we're both too realistic for that. Yes, Andy's got a shot, but so have other top 3 and now it looks as if Gasquet might have too. So digs at Andy, here or anywhere else, naturally upset us. We have no control over the press or the pundits so please cut us some slack.
ed: never heard thid Guy person, thank goodness apparently :)

deuce , 9/5/10 11:40 AM

deuce & alex, you are the most level headed fans on this board, but you can understand how Rafa's fans feel when he is always being discounted before every tournament except clay, and only reluctantly, no matter what he does.

Non of this is directed at you, I only respond to people who put Rafa down relentlessly.

nadline , 9/5/10 12:10 PM

nadline: cheers, :) I really try not to put anyone down, even players whose style of play I don't like, like Soderling, Berdych etc., becos I know someone, somewhere just loves them, difficult as this is to imagine ;)

deuce , 9/5/10 1:55 PM

deuce: I have to take issue with you! I really like Berdych (except for that time he insulted Rafa) and am pleased he's having a good season at last. Do you really think the other one has any fans? I cant even bear to watch his matches unless someone is in the process of taking him out.

If you watch Davis Cup, Forget is the captain and can be seen crouched down hectoring his poor players at every changeover. Mostly they sit there staring ahead clearly not listening to a word and waiting for him to shut up. Last year he reduced poor Simon to a bundle of nerves during his matches with Berdych and Stepanek with the result he lost both of them and left the court in floods of tears. He was so demoralised it blighted the rest of his season and since then he has been plagued by knee problems.

Oh I had forgotten Wilander. You can lose the will to live having to listen to him droning on. Someone should pay him to shut up.

ed251137 , 9/5/10 2:35 PM

ed: u actually like Berdych??? Really, OMG.....:0.......only teasing. Ah, yes I know of Forget now and what he did to Simon, shocking, does he believe you can bully people into playing better? I don't like loads that the Beeb trundle out, but 5Live's lot are really good.

deuce , 9/5/10 2:58 PM

Augustina08 , 9/5/10 3:55 PM

At one point I turned the sound off during the RG final because Mats kept saying things like Rafa and everybody knew that Sod was the favourite, that Rafa had changed his game because he knew he couldn't beat Sod playing the way he used to play, that Sod would beat 2 defending champions in a row and claim the title, and it's not luck....bla, bla, bla. He went on and on and on bigging Sod up, that I just turned the sound off.

nadline , 9/5/10 4:09 PM

Murray has beaten Nadal four times out of their last five meetings on a hardcourt, is fit enough to go five sets with Rafa, and loves playing on the fast courts in New York.

Although I do love what Nadal is doing with his serve right now, he hasn't YET given a hard court performance that shows that he is ready make an exceptional run at the tournament this year. And that's coming from a Nadal fan.

spicypumpkin , 9/5/10 5:00 PM

Murray may love playing in NY, but he has only made it past the Qtrs once in 5 years, the year he made it to the final.

nadline , 9/5/10 5:15 PM

Murry is gone with NY's wind.

Augustina08 , 9/6/10 1:09 AM

All the players left in Rafa's qtr are spaniards.

nadline , 9/6/10 1:20 AM

I hope now everyone understands what I mean when I harp on about form and how beating easy opposition means squat all in the scheme of things, as there is nothing worse than a false sense of form.
WHy do you thing Rafa likes to play a lot of matches and loves stiff competition, because it prepares him for what is to come.

Murray lost today not because of an injury (was it his left leg, his right leg, or his neck), either way no commentator bought it, he lost in my opinion because he didnt take his opponent seriously enough and his head, like some of his fans, had him already in the final.

The minute Murray stops believing the medias hype and the minute he takes each opponent seriously and plays match by match is the day you may see Murray winning a slam.

The stronger man won on the day, as he too was injured.

isabeau77 , 9/6/10 3:27 AM

HAHAA believe what you like, after set 1 i was backing wawrinka very big today, murray bipartite patella was causing him huge issues it was so obvious. I have watched every single match of his past 4 years, and the commentators saying he always calls trainer is a heap of bs fkin retards.. fairplay to wawrinka but he wont go very far

goochrules , 9/6/10 4:55 AM

Luckystar i am just informing you that murray will win. that is all not making you do anything. Their seems to be lots of complications as to why Ricky Tipped Murray over Fed in 5, Murray Backhand superb , forehand competant, serve is improving again of late guy is very crafty and elegant to watch. Mark my words he will win this us open. He has an easy path to the finals and aslong as his kneecap issue doesnt play up (which it usually only affects him on clay) he is unstoppable, Class above right now. goochrules , 9/5/10 5:20 AM
WHAT.NOW.GOOCHRULES??????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????

SPEAK UP...let's see if you can swallow back your words lolz.

Raindrops , 9/6/10 5:37 AM

NADLINE my friend, you are being heard now...LOUD & CLEAR !!!!

Raindrops , 9/6/10 5:50 AM

Idiot, murrays bipartite patella played up big time, he doesnt like to make excuses for it, but it flares up at times and affects his game immensely. He need 6 months of, watch nadal footage of (his demena) and the boy will be back.
So Drops you dumb **** you sir are an imbecile.

goochrules , 9/6/10 6:44 AM

Gwahark hark hark.

Raindrops , 9/6/10 6:58 AM



vrael , 9/6/10 7:01 AM

Now I am IMBECILE eh?

I was laughing so hard when this goochrules says: I WAS JUST INFORMING YOU THAT MURRAY WILL WIN...MARK MY WORDS BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

IN YOUR FACE !!! bwahahahahahaha

NOW how do you like eating ugly crows? YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO EAT MORE CROWS hahahahahahaha.

Who's literally looked idiot now?

Raindrops , 9/6/10 7:09 AM

I would love to see this final happens, oh wait, Andy already lost! in a million years perhaps?! hahaha

GoldenRose , 9/6/10 11:26 AM

Since murray has gone and the draw has turned out to be good for Nadal , I think he has a very good chance of lifting the trophy.

He has worked hard enough on his serve (consistently in 130s).

champ00289 , 9/6/10 12:55 PM

Is goochrules Ricky in disguise? :D I havent seen anything from the expert since Murray lost. :D

samprallica , 9/6/10 1:27 PM

Go easy you lot. There are some genuine Andy Murray fans out here who are licking their wounds and don't enjoy having salt poured into them.

deuce , 9/6/10 2:33 PM

Deuce im glad their is one other here.
I watch all andys matches he is a big favourite of mine, timezones make it hard but i always get up to watch him, and i thought it was his time this open, i am feeling pretty dull around about now, and that feeling wont go away, until andy wins a ****** title :'(

goochrules , 9/6/10 2:48 PM

Sorry deuce for the loss of Andy at early sound. You know that we're targeting people who spoke too bashful. People who are too exact with their words about the outcome of an UNKNOWN result TALKING like God. Phewww, it's so irritating and need to slap it back to their faces their bashfulness. HOPE THEY'VE LEARNED THEIR LESSONS and be humble next time.

Where are you goosshrules hahaha?

Raindrops , 9/6/10 2:50 PM

early Round should be.

Raindrops , 9/6/10 2:55 PM

deuce it may continue for a bit ...more of it directed at Ricky than Andy though ... I suspect ;) .

smr , 9/6/10 2:58 PM

I am sure that in your life Raindrops you have acheived nothing, take your attitude and go die in a grease fire.

goochrules , 9/6/10 3:03 PM

Its so f'in sad that all you can DO IS BASHING SOMEONE- being an imbecile for having a view and putting their neck out on a limb and do hang around after a bad performance. However you dont post any views or ideas or thoughts Raindrops INSTEAD JUST BASH AND BASH AND BERATE,
Everyone is entilted to their own opinion, especially if they are forming it on good grounds, but your actions are pathetic. FK YOU

goochrules , 9/6/10 3:08 PM

I have no animosity towards Murray, in fact I do like the way he plays - and I like him more than Federer. But as an ardent Djokovic fan, I find it a little insulting to Nole that people rate him higher than Nole when Nole has won more and is ranked higher.

Fans are one thing, but "experts" are another. And that includes all Sky Sports and Eurosport commentators as well.

samprallica , 9/6/10 3:24 PM

so you are """SURE""" again that I have achieved NOTHING...lolz.

I would rather cheers the players that I admire their games than doing something like you do that talking like a GOD who sounds so certain, now it's hurting you because it was slapped back your bashfulness into your face ... fart haha.

Raindrops , 9/6/10 3:36 PM

Raindrops: we're fine, I know u don't mean alex and me :)
goochrules: if u r a genuine Andy M fan, then welcome to this site. It's just that some people pretend to love Andy becos they think he will defeat Rafa and for that reason only, of course that upsets Rafa fans and they get airated! Me, I just love the way Andy plays, though obviously NOT against Stan ;) Anyway, if u r genuine fan, forget yesterday and remember how he played in Toronto. I'm sure that Andy will be back in the not too distant future. 24-27 will be his best years.

deuce , 9/6/10 3:40 PM

MARK MY WORDS...hahaha a.s.s.h.o.le.

You were marked 3 X's in your face....lolz.

Next time learn when to use MARK MY WORDS okay? I am not feeling sorry If I made you looked garbage, you worth it anyway like your words which are pure garbage now.

Raindrops , 9/6/10 3:43 PM

Deuce every loss cuts me deep,, Aus Open i went (as im from Aus) went to the finals, and murray really controlled lots of the game, but the big points he made some fundemental mistakes which hurt, against nadal wimbledon, dont talk to me about that let court 2nd set tie break or the 3rd set andy should of won, i love his style he looks so classy deuce, yes im a v. genuine fan from aus, i watch every single one of his games and i really believed he had it in him this month. I believe his bipartite patella has been playing up, contributed to the poor performance,
I would love to chat to andy and tell him, that mate take a leaf out of rafas book (the way he gets worked up and mouths of towards himself and continue to stay positive, i have faith that he has the game to win mutiple grandslams, andy i say stay courageous and upbeat, courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, i will be waiting for the day you win a grandslam

goochrules , 9/6/10 3:51 PM

great level of the conversations here..

bjawad , 9/6/10 3:51 PM

goochrules: gr8 post, I believe u r a genuine fan. Welcome. Just try not to antagonise Rafa fans, I usually rub along with them really well :). Andy is a rare and delicate talent and fragile and vulnerable too. I really wish he could learn from Rafa, whom he admires very much, to stay focused and positive and win even when u r not playing your best. His coach is going to have to be really special, bit of a psychologist too, I'd say. BTW did ask u b4, r u a cricket fan, or is that your real name?

deuce , 9/6/10 4:16 PM

take it easy guys, murray's loss was unxpected..other than rafa i didnt see any one with the potential of beating him at the open before the final but thats how it is. i feel sorry for the guy, i know his time will come but when? only God knows but lets hope he regroups well.

be patient and dont lose hope , alex and duece :)

vamosrafa , 9/6/10 4:26 PM

deuce, real name :)
I hope corretjxa will get his head mentally stronger, because his game is so fundamentally sound, when he approached the net today his touch was irresistable the only positive. im of to sleep now but ready for a good days play when i get up coupke hours

goochrules , 9/6/10 4:34 PM

So goochrules is a genuine Murray fan. Nice to know that. We felt offended by the way you tell people off. I thought you are only a punter. I think we may be fans of different players but we all can deal harmoniously with each other here.

Regarding Murray's knee problem, I know it was genetic, but will all the running that he does, especially on the hard courts, aggravate his problem? I think he should learn from Rafa, and plays more aggressively and cut down on the running; looks to dictate points and finish the points as soon as possible. I do agree with deuce that he should find a coach who can help in the mental aspects of his game. His game is sound but his level may fluctuate drastically within the match, which sometimes may be risky for him, esp when he is facing a top class opponent who will capitalize on that. Focus and concentration may be the problem but I feel that having too much options and thinking too much may cause him to become hesitant at crucial moments during the matches. I wish him well and hope that he can find the solution to all his problems and has his breakthrough in the slams.

luckystar , 9/6/10 6:11 PM

luckystar: I agree with everything you wrote, including too many options, and becoming hesitant, but quite often choosing the wrong one! :) BTW Did u c Monfils play? He was terrific!

deuce , 9/6/10 8:44 PM

Yes deuce I saw the match and Monfils was playing very well. I was surprised that he was able to stay focused for the whole match and beat Gasquet in straight sets. Nole will have his hands full but I have confidence that Nole will come through to meet Fed/Sod in the semi.

luckystar , 9/7/10 4:25 AM

Monfils played defensive the whole time, and just chased everything down, and because he is so quick, Gasquet couldn't buy a winner. Gasquet also made loads of UE because he tried to shorten the points. Djoko will have to work hard to dislodge Monfils.

When Monfils retires from tennis he could always challenge Usain Bolt's record as the fastest man in the world.

nadline , 9/7/10 9:09 AM

Monfils reminds me of a young Hewitt who relied upon his legs to beat his opponent. However, Hewitt had a ton of other weapons that Monfils does not possess.

I would have liked to see Gasquet go far in this GS as he needs the ranking points to earn a higher ranking. So sorry, it didn't happen.

LOOL, that's funny nadline, the Usain bolt's record.

Von , 9/7/10 9:39 AM

Von: Monfils has a huge advantage over Hewitt -he's taller and stronger and therefore his serve, when zinging, is a much more powerful weapon. Of course Hewitt has a huge edge when it comes to the mental attitude. Much as I like Monfils, I still think he's primarily a crowd pleaser whereas Hewitt stii wants to win and still believes he can. I wish Hewitt had been 4" taller and then well, who knows?

deuce , 9/7/10 1:42 PM

And that is the sole reason why I cant not see Monfils getting past Djokovic, who mind you is playing the best tennis he has played all year.

isabeau77 , 9/7/10 2:57 PM

Monfils has far more firepower than hewitt-when he decides to use it. Gael actually has the record for the fastest forehand ever it. Its just that he has a similar problem to Murray. He has the firepower to beat anyone,its just that too often he plays passive tennis from the baseline. That being said,Monfils probably worries the Djokovic camp because, while they know he should win, they also know Monfils is very hard to play against. To say that his style of play is counterpunching is to imply that he has a style, which I'm not so sure he does.

Gael really seems to follow his impulses, whether it's to run a lot or to just cream the ball, more than anyone else in the top 100. It says a lot about his natural gifts that he can do that successfully much of the time, but it's not the best long-term strategy-its why he hasnt had more success. His unpredictability can cause huge headaches for anybody, though.

tj600 , 9/7/10 3:34 PM

Nole should play the way Rafa did last year against Monfils at the USO, let Monfils run since he enjoys running, moved him around the court until he was knackered, though that needs some efforts from Nole too. If not play like Fed did at RG last year, where Monfils commented that he can't get the balls back at Fed as he didn't know where Fed would place the ball in the first place! (something to that effect!). That's why Fed had beaten Monfils all the time; and Rafa too against Monfils except once at Doha 09 QF where Monfils had the upper hand. Nole can deal with Monfils, he did beat Monfils in the Paris Masters final last year, in front of Monfils' home crowd. Nole has to bring his A game to be sure of a win.

luckystar , 9/7/10 4:20 PM

Nothing should worry Djokovic or his camp except how he himself plays. Nole at his best is better than Monfils at his best, period.

samprallica , 9/7/10 4:24 PM

@tj, u talking abt the forehand he hit at australian open against baghdatis? 194 khm i suppose? but its not the fastest any more !

vamosrafa , 9/7/10 5:12 PM

lucky, deuce and others obv you guys have keen interest in tennis
pls have a look at our site for all you punters out their! inputs would be great from different perspectives :)

goochrules , 9/8/10 3:51 AM

quarterfinal expert picks, part 1 - erfinal_expert_picks_-_Part_I

RickyDimon , 9/8/10 7:22 AM


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