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  • U.S. Open preview part 5: Predictions

    2009-08-30 19:21:01

    This is the fifth and final installment of Ricky's five-part U.S. Open preview series.

    Part 1: Draw preview
    Part 2: Draw analysis
    Part 3: Top 25 contenders
    Part 4: Weekly "Approach Shots"
    Part 5: Full tournament predictions


    First round
    Federer over Britton in 3, Greul over G. Lapentti in 5
    Chela over Hernandez in 5, Hewitt over Alves in 3
    Blake over Ramirez Hidalgo in 4, Kunitsyn over O. Rochus in 4
    Garcia-Lopez over Polansky in 4, Robredo over Young in 4
    Soderling over Montanes in 3, Zverev over Granollers in 4
    Sela over Kim in 4, Querrey over Yani in 3
    Youzhny over Mathieu in 5, Chiudinelli over Starace in 5
    Hernych over Schuettler in 4, Davydenko over Kindlmann in 3

    Djokovic over Ljubicic in 3, Ball over Brzezicki in 4
    K. Beck over M. Gonzalez in 5, Andreev over Witten in 4
    Seppi over Kohlschreiber in 5, Devvarman over Gil in 4
    Mayer over Golubev in 4, Stepanek over Bolelli in 4
    Verdasco over Becker in 3, Serra over Tipsarevic in 4
    Kendrick over Vassallo Arguello in 4, Haas over Falla in 4
    Isner over Hanescu in 4, C. Rochus over Ilhan in 5
    Gicquel over Tursunov in 4, Roddick over Phau in 3

    Tsonga over Buchanan in 3, Fognini over Nieminen in 4
    Benneteau over Cipolla in 4, Luczak over Troicki in 4
    Berdych over Odesnik in 4, Berrer over Zeballos in 4
    Ouanna over Ram in 5, Gonzalez over Massu in 3
    Monfils over Chardy in 5, A. Beck over Korolev in 4
    Acasuso over Daniel in 3, Ferrer over Martin in 3
    Almagro over Darcis in 4, Ginepri over Pavel in 3
    Llodra  over Kiefer in 4, Nadal over Gasquet in 3

    Del Potro over Monaco in 3, Melzer over Safin in 4
    Guccione over Cuevas in 4, Koellerer over Fish in 5
    Ferrero over Santoro in 4, Petzschner over Stakhovsky in 3
    Lu over Bellucci in 5, Simon over Gimeno-Traver in 4
    Cilic over Sweeting in 3, Levine over Gabashvili in 5
    Istomin over Evans in 4, Wawrinka over N. Lapentti in 5
    Karlovic over Navarro in 3, Lopez over Dent in 4
    Crivoi over Capdeville in 4, Murray over Gulbis in 3

    Second round
    Federer over Greul in 3
    Hewitt over Chela in 3
    Blake over Kunitsyn in 4 – Blake lost to Kunitsyn in Cincinnati. Won’t in New York.
    Garcia-Lopez over Robredo in 5
    Soderling over Zverev in 4
    Querrey over Sela in 4 – Sela would do well just to make it this after injury in Cincinnati.
    Youzhny over Chiudinelli in 3
    Davydenko over Hernych in 3

    Djokovic over Ball in 3
    Andreev over K. Beck in 4
    Seppi over Devvarman in 4
    Stepanek over Mayer in 5
    Verdasco over Serra in 3
    Haas over Kendrick in 4
    Isner over C. Rochus in 3
    Roddick over Gicquel in 3

    Tsonga over Fognini in 3
    Benneteau over Luczak in 4 – If Benneteau has recovered from the 53-ball rally vs. Murray.
    Berdych over Berrer in 4
    Gonzalez over Ouanna in 3
    Monfils over A. Beck in 3
    Ferrer over Acasuso in 3
    Ginepri over Almagro in 5
    Nadal over Llodra in 3

    Del Potro over Melzer in 3
    Guccione over Koellerer in 3
    Ferrero over Petzschner  in 5
    Simon over Lu in 4
    Cilic over Levine in 4
    Wawrinka over Istomin in 4
    Karlovic over Lopez in 4 – Serving contest; and Karlovic’s serve, of course, is better.
    Murray over Crivoi in 3

    Third round
    Federer over Hewitt in 3 – Just like always when these two meet.
    Blake over Garcia-Lopez in 4
    Querrey over Soderling in 4 – Querrey on fire, Soderling’s elbow on fire. Advantage: Querrey.
    Davydenko over Youzhny in 4

    Djokovic over Andreev in 4
    Stepanek over Seppi in 5
    Verdasco over Haas in 5 – Should be the best match of the third round.
    Roddick over Isner in 4 – Saturday night match on Arthur Ashe? I think so.

    Tsonga over Benneteau in 4
    Gonzalez over Berdych in 4 – Berdych can beat him in Cincinnati, but not at a slam.
    Ferrer over Monfils in 5 – Would be an absolute war.
    Nadal over Ginepri in 3

    Del Potro over Guccione in 3
    Simon over Ferrero in 5 – See Ferrer vs. Monfils.
    Wawrinka over Cilic in 5
    Murray over Karlovic in 3

    Fourth round
    Federer over Blake in 3 – Olympic result was an aberration in this head-to-head series.
    Davydenko over Querrey in 5 – New Haven wasn’t best of five. Davy will get revenge.
    Djokovic over Stepanek in 3
    Roddick over Verdasco in 5
    Gonzalez over Tsonga in 4
    Nadal over Ferrer in 4 – Nadal should be in a groove by the time week two rolls around.
    Del Potro over Simon in 4 – Del Potro beat him in 5 last year. This one could be good.
    Murray over Wawrinka in 3


    Federer over Davydenko in 4 – Easy. But Federer will probably donate a set.

    Roddick over Djokovic in 5 – The New York fans have been waiting a whole year for this rematch. And it surely would not disappoint if it happens.

    Nadal over Gonzalez in 4 – Ever since the 2007 Aussie, Nadal has owned Gonzo.

    Murray over Del Potro in 4 – Another chapter in the rivalry, but the story remains the same.


    Roddick over Federer in 5 – Roddick was just a few points away from toppling Federer at Wimbledon. With the setting more in his favor at the U.S. Open, revenge is possible.

    Nadal over Murray in 5 – If Nadal can conserve energy by rolling through his quarter of the draw, he will have a chance. Yes, Murray is playing better than almost anyone, but Nadal would prefer to play Murray rather than an offensive player who can blow him right off a hard court.


    Nadal over Roddick in 4 – After two straight emotional revenge wins over Djokovic and Federer, Roddick might not have enough to prevent what would be a fairytale ending to Nadal’s season. Would also be the exclamation point on what would be a storybook year for Federer and Nadal, with two slams apiece. Nadal, however, probably needs the Roddick upset over Federer in order for this to happen. If it’s a Federer-Nadal dream final…Federer all the way.

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I can hardly think of anything more than WOW. Even though I think Fed will beat Roddick merely because hard court is actually more a Federer surface, and I think grass actually like Roddick more, I would not be surprised if you are right in your quarter to final predictions. Even if betting on Nadal is risky, I see him have no trouble with Roddick if he takes out Murray. I think Murray's defense would wilt against an even out of form Nadal the way he looked ih Cinci.

Still praying for Fed, and think Fed, but rationally I actually like your predictions more.

Recordbreaks , 8/30/09 10:10 PM

this is making me giddy ricky! HAHA! federer my friend. All the way :)

I like your little twists and turns - and I LOVE the rafa/roger final - go rafa,go roger.

maxi , 8/30/09 11:26 PM

It's close, but I think hard favors Roddick and grass favors Federer, if no other reason than Roddick should be more confident on U.S. Open hard than Wimby grass.

RickyDimon , 8/30/09 11:29 PM

ricky, no disrespect to you whatsoever, but i have faith in the genius of the fed :) he is ready! he is hungry! he has his wits about him! and he is playing better than he was last year! remember he was stoked up last year by winning double olympics gold (everyone wrote fed off last year-now they are crawling back) - now he has reached a slam final and won a double slam so he gonna do his very, very best to go for USO - 6th title - yowsa ricky! yowsa! Roddick is fab, but fed is super fab! am intoxicated with excitement!

maxi , 8/30/09 11:45 PM

maxi - yes, Federer should win the title, and probably will.

RickyDimon , 8/31/09 12:04 AM

Err, Roddick over Fed? That's a lil bit hard to imagine. I think if Arod Vs Nadal final, Arod will win with the home support and the fact that the past 21 Slams was won by either Fed or players that beat Fed.

torres9 , 8/31/09 1:11 AM

Interesting predictions, Ricky. I'm fairly surprised by your finals pick though, a possibility of course, but not a strong one.

My brain says:
Federer over Roddick, Murray over Nadal
Murray over Federer

And ugh because I don't like Murray (sorry) but he is playing well and he WANTS that first Slam very very very badly and this is after all his favorite surface and tournament. If he gets to the final, he will be on fire to GET it and Fed does have a mental block against Murray somewhat, and cue potential walkabout ala fifth set in AO09.

And also, I think there's a curse on six-in-a-row or rather a curse on the old records of more notedly Borg and Tiden. Tennis Gods doesn't seem to want to see those broken (Fed failed for Wimbly and so did Rafa for RG) so somehow, SOMEHOW, the brain says Fed wouldn't make it. He's tempting fate, history and records all too much.

The heart WANTS:
Federer over Djokovic, Nadal over Del Potro
Federer over Nadal

...actually I don't know what my heart wants. Maybe just a Fed-Nadal final is enough. I want Fed to win for obvious reasons (my favorite player ahoy) but at the same time, Rafa winning would be incredible for him after the last few months of disappointment. And completing Career Slam in the same year as Fed would be sweet.

But if Fed takes ANOTHER Rafa loss in a GS final, he might just mentally implode. I fear for his mental health hahhaha.

Anyway let USO begin!! First match at 3AM my time, Fed vs Britton, whoop de whoop.

jyannis , 8/31/09 1:35 AM

Ricky, the anticipation for your predictions was worth it! this would be my ideal outcome (replacing Nole for ARod and delP for Muzz as jyannis said). It would be _awesome_ if Rafa came back to WIN the USO, but somehow seems too good a story to actually come true!

BTW - So much for Blandy having a hard draw, huh?!

stu , 8/31/09 2:16 AM

stu - yep, that's what I'm afraid of! Picking Fed over Murray, tho, would have been just a little too dull.

RickyDimon , 8/31/09 2:19 AM

Waiting for MDMCH to check in with his counsel.

you whooo, come out, come out Mdmch. Your predictions, please?

Ricky, you surprise me. How can you NOT pick Federer to win?

Feds qtrfinal vs Querrey
Noles qtrfinal vs Roddick ( of course )
Rafas qtrfinal vs Tsonga
Muzzas qtrfinal vs Delpo

Verdasco? not at all sure he should be left out of qtrfinal

Fed vs Roddick Semifinal ( ouch, rather see Nole there but... )
Rafa vs Murray Semifinal

Fed vs Murray Final (rather see Fed v Rafa but...)

Federer wins 6th consectutive US Open but.... very good chance it will another 'winning ugly' performance

zoey234 , 8/31/09 2:21 AM

Federer will win if he reaches the final, but I think Roddick has a decent chance.

I think Nadal would rather play Murray than Djoker or Fed on fast hard court. At least Nadal is not at Murray's mercy like he is with Djoker and Fed on a fast surface. He controls more of his own destiny when he plays Murray. Yes, Nadal got owned by Murray in last year's semis, but he can play far better than he did in that match and I'm not sure Murray is QUITE as on fire as he was last year.

RickyDimon , 8/31/09 2:29 AM

I think a lot of final pairings could be exciting (and not entirely impossible). Roger-Rafa (of course), Muzz-Nole, Muzz-Roddick, Rafa-Nole. Just not Roger-Muzz again, please. It would be such a boring end to a highly anticipated tourny.

Also, I shudder to think of the possibility of if Rafa and Muzz meeting in the finals, and Muzz winning!

stu , 8/31/09 2:34 AM

The record 19 and 2....Federer v Roddick, Ricky.

3 of those Fed wins were Wimby....finals, right?
And in's just all-round 'ownage' at this point. sadly.

zoey234 , 8/31/09 2:47 AM

zoey - I'm well aware

If it was 21-0 instead of 19-0, well then I certainly would not have picked Roddick.

RickyDimon , 8/31/09 3:00 AM

I just realized that you picked all the top 8 minus tsonga to reach the quarters. Seriously, what are the odds of that happening in a Slam? I realize that its more likely this year than any other, but take some risks and predict some early upsets, Ricky!

stu , 8/31/09 4:11 AM

stu - My picks are surely more upset-minded than most.

I mean there is no way I'm picking against any of the Big 6 before the quarterfinals. That leaves Tsonga and Davy as my only options to lose before the quarters. I went with Tsonga; but I bet a lot of people don't have either one losing before the quarters.

RickyDimon , 8/31/09 4:29 AM

far away from the real facts

i got shocked to tell you the truth

what is that !!!!

you are showing me that you are a big rafa fan

any way


hatomatoma , 8/31/09 5:36 AM

Sean Randall's predictions:
"So that leaves my semifinals as Federer v. Roddick; Gonzo v. DelPo. Final pick?Federer beats DelPo as the Argy can?t handle the back-to-back task and the moment of being in his first Slam final."

I have a feeling the Fed-Roddick won't happen either, even tho everyone's predicting it. This could be Nando's year to get to the QF/semis maybe?

stu , 8/31/09 6:00 AM

My prediction is Paul-Henri Mathieu to win USO2009 beating Nadal in str8 sets with double bagel and a breadstick in the final.:)

torres9 , 8/31/09 7:50 AM

wonderful prediction torres...i think triple bagel is a better option! why even allow one game ??loll

my predictions

-federer vs querry (roger in 3)
-rodik over djoker in 4
-delp over muray in 5
-nad over gonz in 4


-federer over rodik in 4
-nad over delp in 5


ROGER VS RAFA!!!! result=not sure...currently its wise to say roger bt i will make a prediction a day before the final ;

vamosrafa , 8/31/09 8:42 AM

Great Fed article from NYT

nirv02 , 8/31/09 8:56 AM

bjawad , 8/31/09 9:48 AM

nirv02 ....thats was a fantastic read ....thank u .

C'MON !!

fedexfan , 8/31/09 3:33 PM

bold predictions, Ricky. LOL. It's not entirely impossible, but the idea of Roddick clipping Fed in New York seems....far fetched. OTOH, I wouldn't have guessed his performance at Wimbers either. Larry Stefanki is a magician.

cherylmurray , 9/1/09 1:55 AM

I still think Roddick has a better chance against Federer here than at Wimbledon, and at Wimbledon he was BASICALLY one point away (twice) from winning.

RickyDimon , 9/1/09 2:47 AM

Roddick has been making the rounds to stir up support for sure. Not that he has to stir much--lol. Throwing out first pitch at Yankees game, Letterman show, one of the morning shows (I switch channels alot so not sure which one it was). I really hope he does well here!

fan4tennis , 9/1/09 3:01 AM

torres9........gr8 predictions mate!!!

matthiu is out in the first round against youzhny....he was bagelled himself lolzzzzz....:P..

vamos rafael..........

vrael , 9/1/09 10:22 AM

LOL.... the irony,,,

torres9 , 9/1/09 11:16 AM

My predictions, take it seriously:)
Fed over Davidenko in 3
Djokovic over Roddick in 4
DelPo over Murray in 4
Tsonga over Nadal in 4
Fed over Djokovic in 4
DelPo over Tsonga in 4
Fed over DelPo in 5:)
What do u think?

Marko , 9/1/09 4:52 PM

very possible, Marko

RickyDimon , 9/1/09 5:37 PM

My prediction:
Greul d. Ljubicic in 3
Gasquet d. Delpo in 1 ret.

Greul d. Gasquet 7-6,6-7,19-17,18-16,22-9

torres9 , 9/1/09 6:44 PM

very funny torres!

maxi , 9/1/09 6:57 PM

quite possible Marko!

vamosrafa , 9/1/09 8:37 PM

Torres prediction is perfect, Marko's is completely impossible. (I'm just kidding)

Hmm...sarcasm isn't as funny and doesn't work as well on the internet. Very funny torres.

Anyone think Roddick is a hammering a little hard? Against Phau I had a fear he might be tired or injured before the semis or quarters. He even rolled. I mean as Wimby that was dandy but...just tripping on a hard court hurts without momentum.

Recordbreaks , 9/2/09 1:25 AM

I haven't seen Gulbis playing before, but I think I see what you guys have been talking about. This kid has a _whole_ lot of natural talent! Like I said on another thread, I don't see him winning this match (he seems a bit excitable) but wow, I'm impressed!

stu , 9/2/09 3:29 AM

stu - you're like me two years ago (altho to a much lesser extent)

you will soon realize - if you continue watching Gulbis - that brainless talent wont even get you in the Top 100 anymore.

Then again, it might be hard to watch Gulbis from this point on since he will be on the Challenger circuit.

RickyDimon , 9/2/09 4:28 AM

haha Ricky, you're brutal! I like his very obvious changing of pace - its almost predictable but maybe only in the aerial TV view, coz Muzz hasn't figured it out yet...
But yea, its like a switch in his head that he can turn on or off..

stu , 9/2/09 4:38 AM

I only speak the truth. Gulbis be 110th after this week. He will have to play Challengers.

RickyDimon , 9/2/09 4:45 AM

Well atleast he's got age on his side. A couple more matches like this, wins hopefully (consecutive ones)...I wouldn't write him off...I'll gladly take over the Gulbis-watching on the Challenger circuit for you!

stu , 9/2/09 5:09 AM

So much for Blandy's terrifying draw!
r1-gulbis, r2-capdeville, r3-dent, r4-cilic, qf-delpo, sf-rafa. Now if delPo or Rafa are upset, i'd say someone with the initials ND has the hardest draw!

stu , 9/2/09 5:25 AM

And I must add, although I am the huge Fed's fan, I think this will be his last USO trophiy..In the years to come, it will be Djokovic, Murray and DelPo who will win this..Yes, unfortynately for such a player, I think Nadal will never win this one...Even on his best on fast HC like this in US, he is not able to win Djokovic, DelPo and Murray on their best, they will be improving more(e.c.Djokovic will be more agressive and will be playing volleys much better, it will help him, Tod Martin will take him under control),Nadal will never reach his 100%, he got before injury...But, it's only predictions..we will see..Cheers from Nis, Serbia:)

Marko , 9/2/09 8:11 AM

Nadal is never going to win the US Open?

He has a much better chance than Federer did of ever winning the French Open. And Federer already did that!

RickyDimon , 9/2/09 8:41 AM

Marko, people like you were saying Rafa would never win the AO. He wasn't even in the running of favs. at the start of the tournament, what happened next?????

carrie , 9/2/09 12:52 PM

"He has a much better chance than Federer did of ever winning the French Open."

Hasn't Federer made the Finals of the French Open 4 years in a row? How many times has Nadal made the Finals of the US Open, Ricky? *wink* :)


Arvis , 9/2/09 7:13 PM

Arvis - unfortunately how many finals they reached at those respective events have little to do with how close they came to actually winning the title.

Federer never had any chance head to head against Nadal at the French.

Although Nadal has never reached the final of the US Open, he has had multiple chances, as there is nobody in the draw he cannot beat. If he had pulled it out against Murray in the semis last year, he would have had an outstanding chance against Federer in the final.

RickyDimon , 9/2/09 7:27 PM

Still, mathmatically speaking, Federer had a much higher chance of winning a French open final than Nadal has had of winning a US Open final. Federer may have only had a 2% chance of beating Nadal in a FO final, but that's still infinitely more possible than the 0% chance Nadal has had in US Open finals.

The fact that Soderling also "never had any chance ... against Nadal in the French" weighs in on this matter, too, but I'll just let that lie for now... ;)


Arvis , 9/2/09 7:46 PM

Arvis - by that logic nobody in this US Open has a chance to win, since nobody is yet in the final.

RickyDimon , 9/2/09 8:37 PM

Sorry, thought we were talking past tense.

Anyways, on simple intuition and balanced evaluaiton, yes I would say that Nadal has a GREAT chance of winning the US Open, especially compared to the majority of men in the draw. However, I'm not convinced he has any more of a chance of winning this tourney than Fed did at the French.


Arvis , 9/2/09 9:21 PM

live scores have gone again ricky! can we sort please!? :)

maxi , 9/3/09 12:58 AM

I'm off to NYC! will be reporting live.

But first some round 2 picks:

(already had Federer and Hewitt)

Maxi mo


Fe rrero

RickyDimon , 9/3/09 6:47 AM

Enjoy the trip, Ricky! I ended up going 44-20 in my 1st round picks. Respectable, but I hope to get it up to above 70% in Round 2. How'd you do, Ricky?

Round 2 picks:

Federer and Hewitt (picked 'em yesterday)
Dj okovic
Gonzalez, Fernando
Kiefer over Nadal, WHOO, Go Kiefer Train!
Del Potro


Arvis , 9/3/09 6:07 PM

Arvis, you're predicting a Rafa upset in R2? Thats gutsy!
Interesting that you picked Witten over "Maxi Mo"...haven't seem him play but unless Andreev sleepwalked on to court, he must have been good! I'd be scared if he made it thru to meet Nole in R3!

stu , 9/3/09 6:58 PM

The Kiefer pick is 100% heart and 0% head. Kiefer has no realistic chance to win. So, if by "gutsy" you meant "dumb," then yeah, you're right! :D

I've just always liked Kiefer and always enjoy seeing him play. Oddly enough, the only times I've really gotten to see an entire match of his were both against Nadal in 2008. :D

Anyways, I'll be shocked if he even manages to take one set to a tiebreaker. But my prediction stands.


Arvis , 9/3/09 10:04 PM

and in the arvis v ricky contest - i see arvis picked witten over maximo. lucky pick but unlucky witten. witten has a huge kentucky following but it ain't gonna matter against witten might manage 3 games inside an easy Djokovic straight sets romp in the park. didn't Nole luck out and have jesse levine in an early Wimbles round? that's just wrong.

zoey234 , 9/3/09 10:20 PM

Thursday brief recap:

Grandstand was "filled to capacity" (always dreaded but expected words at the US Open, they just usually dont apply to us since we are normally the first ones in there...and will be on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) so I checked out some practice courts instead of Haas vs. Kendrick. Fed was out there.

Went back for the third and final set of Haas-Kendrick after it was no longer filled to capacity; good match, Haas took him out 4, 4, and 6. Then went to the outer courts and saw a fair amount of both Maximo Gonzalez vs. Jesse Witten (how the heck they both won a round at a Grand Slam is an absolute mystery) and GGL vs. Robredo (very good baseline grind, Robredo won in 4. Both played well).

Never made it into Ashe (and for good reason), but Oudin upset Dementieva and watched Jankovic (on the big screen outside) go out in a third-set tiebreaker to some no-name. Honestly the women's tour is a joke right now. Oudin could win the entire tournament at this rate. Did not see any of Blake, but he pulled out a win fortunately.

Saw all of ISNER from the second row of the Grandstand. As usual, Isner played great, served huge, and picked up another win. He dominated the first two sets and led by a break in the third, but I think he refuses to win a match without playing at least one tiebreaker, so he gave the break back and, of course, destroyed the guy in the tiebreaker. We were right in the middle of the baseline (as most of you probably saw on ESPN2), and Isner seriously almost injured us about 10 different times with serves.

Which reminds me that Haas hit one of his autographed balls right to me after he won and I completely whiffed it!!!!!!!

Ended with Somdev losing to Kohlschreiber out on Court 4. Kohlschreiber too good, but Somdev did well to take a set and the 6-2 score in the fourth set is an outrage to how competitive it actually was.

Spent a few minutes each at plenty of doubles matches. Best one was Moodie and Norman beating Chardy and Benneteau 6-4 in the third. Also saw the bizarre pairing of C. Rochus and "Crazy Dani" Koellerer lose to Melo and Sa in three sets. Koellerer was losing his mind even in doubles, which makes me tempted to go watch his singles match tomorrow.

Tsonga-Neimenen first up on Grandstand on Friday.

some pictures up at

RickyDimon , 9/4/09 2:20 PM

Arvis, I was tempted to take part in your predictions, but as I didn't know enough about half of the players in the draw in the earlier stages, I didn't think there was much point. Now I realise that all you are doing is sticking a pin on the names to see what you come up with, with two exceptions, that Federer will win the title and Rafa will be beaten by Kiefer.

OK, nothing is an absolute certainty in life, but I thought predictions were based on probablities, yours with regard to Rafa seems to be based on wishful thinking, facetious beliefs, and spite so I'm glad I did not waste my time participating in the first place, all that typing would have gone to waste.

carrie , 9/4/09 3:33 PM

Arvis, I wonder you'd want Rafa out early, would 13:7 have anything to do with it?

carrie , 9/4/09 3:45 PM

LOL, Carrie! Aww, just when we were becoming friends... ;)

Pretty sure I already admitted the Kiefer pick was dumb. I get that you're very defensive of your main man, and that's great, but if it had been Kiefer vs. Djokovic/Murray/Delpo/Davy/Tsonga or almost anyone else, I would have still picked Kiefer. If you paid attention to any articles on this site that don't have anything to do with Federer or Nadal, you would know what huge Nicolas Kiefer I am.

Anyways, I've allowed myself one "Heart" pick per round, and it's just a coincidence that Rafa drew one of my favorite players on the tour. Either way, you and I will both be watching the match from our respective living rooms, and we can both watch Rafa totally crush the old German without even trying. Enjoy!


Arvis , 9/4/09 4:09 PM

OK Arvis, I'll let this one pass.

carrie , 9/4/09 4:51 PM

" would know what huge Nicolas Kiefer I am."

Yes, I AM a huge Nicolas Kiefer.

*clears throat*

I meant, "what a huge Nicolas Kiefer *FAN* I am."

...carry on.


Arvis , 9/4/09 4:52 PM

Carrie, does that mean you'll start picking at Round 3?! Round 3 means a lot less typing! *nudge nudge*


Arvis , 9/4/09 4:59 PM

whats up with the poll on the TT home page? TTers seem to think that Rafa, Roger, Nole, Roddick or Murray will will the USO, in that order!

stu , 9/4/09 5:14 PM

Fun reading your recap RickyDimon! Lucky you.

zoey234 , 9/4/09 5:24 PM

whats up with the poll on the TT home page? TTers seem to think that Rafa, Roger, Nole, Roddick or Murray will will the USO, in that order!

stu , 9/4/09 5:14 PM

What's your problem with the poll?

Arvis, Yea, why not, I'll have a go.

carrie , 9/4/09 5:33 PM

I'm surprised, because it does not reflect the discussions I've read on the site - I thought most people picked Roger to win, followed closely by Muzza. And I didn't think Nole would be in the picture at all, definitely not above Roddick and Muzz.

stu , 9/4/09 5:40 PM

Well there you ae stu, there must be a lot of closet Rafa fans around...............torres may be one of them, who knows.

Arvis, I would have picked Fognini over Nieminen, and I would have been wrong.

carrie , 9/4/09 5:48 PM

The poll is rigged

zoey234 , 9/4/09 5:50 PM

It's about time something is rigged in favour of Rafa. lol

carrie , 9/4/09 6:55 PM

I'm telling you what guys - murray's draw is opening up - just read this!

And the already grateful world number two received some more good news after the potential danger man of round four was also removed from the draw.
Swiss star Stanislas Wawrinka bowed out of Flushing Meadows in sensational style. Despite holding a comfortable two set lead over Nicolas Lapentti, Wawrinka failed to finish the Ecuadorian off, ultimately crashing out in five sets.
The 19th seed had caused Murray problems in their famous clash in the fourth round at SW19 earlier this year, but Murray will now avoid a re-occurrence of the toil that occurred underneath the new roof on Centre Court.
As Murray prepares for his second round match-up with Paul Capdeville, he can take solace from the fact that an awkward draw has now opened up.
His path to the quarter finals should be significantly easier without the prospect of facing the serving expertise of Karlovic or the insidious play of the tenacious Wawrinka.
It will provide Murray with a renewed sense of vigour as he approaches tonight?s clash. Capdeville is currently ranked number 87 in the world.
It's a game the Scot will expect to win comfortably.
Murray will be familiar with the Chilean's playing style as the pair spent time hitting together when in their teens at the Barcelona tennis academy.
Since then, Murray has shot up the rankings while Capdeville has been residing in the in the lower echelons of the top 100 for a couple of years.
If Murray make it through tonight's match on the Arthur Ashe court unscathed as widely predicted, then he can expect to face either Ivan Navarro or Taylor Dent in the third round.

It's all a fix! no question!

maxi , 9/4/09 9:39 PM

looks like rigging for Murray pure and simple--playing dent or navarro in third.

watching muzza now and looks like he took a nap in the 2nd set , he was so bored. no other explanation for capdeville winning a set other than murray dozing off.

zoey234 , 9/4/09 10:46 PM

So, is Capdeville's middle name Cadillac?

SenorPlaid , 9/4/09 11:29 PM

Maybe that's the REAL conspiracy, zoey. Giving Roger a cupcake draw and Murray a seemingly hard one...SEEMINGLY...and then they rigged everything else...putting invisible banana peels on Karlovic and Wawa's side of the court! There must be a British spy in USTA!


Like I said...draw analysis is fun and provokes discussion but at the end of it, it isn't really very useful. The player himself/herself still has to be the one that has to be mentally and physically fit to get through the cupcakes and sugar doughnuts. Easier said than done.

jyannis , 9/4/09 11:31 PM

"British spy in USTA!"

don't know about that but in my gvt. there are at least 2.

posmatrac , 9/4/09 11:42 PM

you guessed it jyannis, british spies everywhere ready to sabotage opponents to Murray's advantage. they're sneaky but those swiss spies are the slick ones. can you believe they've managed to pull off 15 GS titles ? gosh darn swiss. red flag looks like a red cross blood drive stand- clever, very clever
I got my third round picks even though 2nd round is not all the way done, or is it. ? darn rigged schedule. part of the plot is keep everybody wondering, jyannis. It's all smoke and mirrors

zoey234 , 9/4/09 11:52 PM

here it is. some spies tipped me @ 1st half of rigged rd 3

fed in 4
robredo in 5 ( can't believe not picking blake but...)
soderling in 5
chiudinelli to upset davy in 4
nole in straights
pk in 5
haas in 5 ( my emotional fave)
Roddick in straights

hewitt is going to war - might be 5 setter

zoey234 , 9/5/09 12:21 AM

fed in straight sets zoey. he knows he has to "up" his game a notch - like he usually does. go federer! do it for the twins! he has enormous respect for Lleyton - and he knows he gonna be a tough opponent, but i believe he is ready and he will be aggressive and that's the truth of it!

maxi , 9/5/09 12:47 AM

and the worst tampering yet in bottom half rd 3

tsonga in 3 - french plan all along
gonzo in 5 - his own rigging; unreliable
monfils in 4- rarely stays on plan
rafa in easy straights - obvious spanish plot
delpo in 3 - on his own
simon in 5- double agent
cillic in 4- double agent
muzza in 3 at night or 4 if an afternoon nap match ( no matter who opponent )

zoey234 , 9/5/09 12:59 AM

maxi, i believe Feddy will pull through but if Hewitt is even close to healthy ( his hip / knee ) he's gonna be out for blood! I simply try to put myself in the aussie's place having lost beaucoup times in big matches , any matches. lleyton has some pride, ya know. that's all.

zoey234 , 9/5/09 1:23 AM

hi zoey, a couple of articles on bleacher (love them!) talking about lleyton v federer game - the one ive posted here is part of the article titled 'Roger Federer on Cruise Control' - detailing Lleyton's positives, negatives/ditto for Roger - here are some positives about roger which should help the process!

I just think - these guys have played each other so many times over the years and more recently in cincinnati - am so pleased that Lleyton is back and seeded for this tournament - i think they have healthy respect for each other (listened to Fed's interview at USO official site )- he knows its gonna be tough if he lets it - he knows what he gotta do) - i just believe in him zoey - makes me feel "easier" somehow - it's all his to win - just keep that first serve in (i know its increasing, with each game), but this is lleyton! right? - hes gonna be fine (that's roger!). Here it is -


Federer's serve, which is becoming increasingly difficult to decode, would trouble even the best returners of the game?Hewitt is no exception. His backhand is dangerous at this surface which bounces low and spins less. Of course, the New York crowd will be vociferously supporting its Swiss Champion who feels half New Yorkian himself!

Shots to watch out for

Federer tried a lot of chip-n-charge against Simon Gruel. Expect the same against Hewitt where he will like to test Hewitt's passing shots. He will approach the net quite often so compare his volleys against 2001. The inside-in forehand?as Mats Wilander calls his unique forehand?is especially dangerous as well.


Something similar to that shown in the title picture. Three optic Wilson balls signed by Roger Federer flying away in the stands of Arthur Ashe stadium after around two and a half hours of tennis exercise. That will be one shot to look out for as well!

go roger go!

maxi , 9/5/09 9:02 AM

Last year at USO, Fed practiced serve and volley and chip n charge from the 1st round becoz of a bad back. And he won it!!!

Pure brilliance!!!!

torres9 , 9/5/09 1:44 PM

These are my predictions for the last 16:

Top Half :

Hewitt, Blake, Soderling, Davydenko, Kholshr, Djokovic, Verdasco, Roddick

Bottom Half:

Benneteau, Gonzalez, Acasuso, Nadal, Del Potro, Simon, Cilic, Dent

carrie , 9/5/09 2:03 PM

I hope you're right, carrie :) esp for the bottom half! I think Haas will beat Verdasco though...

Why doesn't the live streaming work on the USO website today?

stu , 9/5/09 5:34 PM

guilty as charged of hero worship but not 'blind' to reality - should Rog lose to Rusty , won't that blow the 'rigged' and conspiracy theories?

not sure about my own first half - spesh: robredo, sod, chiud, haas

but your bottom half carrie - can you reasonably explain dent over muzza? lol...

zoey234 , 9/5/09 6:06 PM

After seeing Dent make over a hundred winners against Navarro, and with his serve and volley game, I feel that if Murray stays at the back of the court and play defensively he'll get hammered. Plus Dent is hungry to please the American crowd.

carrie , 9/5/09 7:36 PM

Ok guys, I'm here on a weekend just to get my picks in. I know some women's Round 3 matches are already over, but I have written all these down beforehand. I'm just late getting to a computer to type them all down here.

In the 2nd round, I went 24-8 on the men's side, and 22-10 on the women's.

Men's 3rd round:
Verd asco
Del Potro

Women's 3rd round:
Azarenka (lost)
Li (won)
Clijsters (won)
Venus (won)
Zvonareva (won)
Pennetta (won)
King (lost)
Serena (won)
Sharapova (but I want Oudin to win)
Zheng Jie (YAY!)


Arvis , 9/5/09 7:47 PM

I picked Hewitt over Roger because I thought he was hungry for it, and Federer has been vulnerable lately, I was too way out because it was close.

carrie , 9/5/09 8:07 PM

hahaha.. =)
Semis - Roddick over Federer??
I don't think so..
Not even close!!
Hewitt over Federer??
No way!!
Not possible..
Possibly,maybe..(although my heart would say DEFINITELY!!)


GoldenRose , 9/6/09 9:46 AM

guys, here is an interesting "prediction" from crush sports which i found this morning - i love "sunday mornings" - should be renamed "tennis mornings". anyway, what do you think?

Del Potro and Federer final looks like one of the most likely matchups.

When you look at the men's singles draw, it is hard to find a player that can reasonably be expected to stop Roger Federer before the final. Federer beat Lleyton Hewitt earlier today in 4 sets to reach the round of 16 and you have to put the Swiss Maestro into the quarters as he will be a huge favorite against either James Blake or Tommy Robredo. After that Roger Federer would draw either Robin Soderling or Nikolay Davydenko and neither of those two players can actually be looking forward to that projected quarterfinal match as they are a combined 0-23 against Federer lifetime, regardless of event or surface.

Even if Andy Roddick can get past John Isner and then Fernando Verdasco (Roddick is down two sets to Isner at time of writing) you still would never, ever call Roddick to beat Federer because Roger has always been the American's major nemesis. Time after time after time, Roddick has fallen to Federer, often in huge matches, as the American only has 2 life time wins against 21 matches played.

The only player that looks good enough to stop Federer before the 2009 US Open final is Novak Djokovic, but he will be in tough just to make the semis with Verdasco at the top of his game and in the same part of the draw. Even if he does make it that far however, Federer beat Djokovic just a couple weeks ago in the Cincy final and he, Federer, looked great doing it. Djokovic would have a chance in the projected match based on his hardcourt abilities but he would still be a significant underdog based on Federer's play over the years in Flushing Meadows.

On the other side of the draw you have to like Juan Martin Del Potro's draw, at least to the quarters. Del Potro is going against no-name Daniel Koellerer next and then he will play the winner of Juan Carlos Ferrero and Gilles Simon. Neither of those two players looks good enough to beat Del Potro, even though Simon is ranked 9th on tour.

From the quarters to the final, Del Potro would likely face Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal with Murray being the biggest hang up. Del Potro has a recent victory over Nadal, who has never made a US Open final, and a few weeks ago Del Potro looked like he was going to take Murray out in the Canadian final before fatigue ruined his game. With the easy draw Del Potro has to the quarters, you have to think that he will still be fresh if he plays the Scot in Flushing Meadows this year and that could spell trouble for Murray.

The odds are too short to pick Federer in the futures market but gambling on Del Potro still looks interesting. Sportingbet for example has him at +1200 (12/1) and there is certainly value there as that was more or less his odds pre-tournament, before anyone knew that he would be in the round of 32 and facing what should be a couple easy matches to the quarters.

End of crushsports prediction.

It's all hotting up now - some close matchups yesterday haas/verdasco and soderling took out querry - the sod is back! isner/roddick and fed losing a set, rafa losing a set, novak losing a set, murray losing a set - we can say that they were "off days" for the big four?

maxi , 9/6/09 12:09 PM

Win or lose, FED'S THE BEST EVER!!!


torres9 , 9/6/09 3:58 PM

I said, that's only my prediction that rafa will never win US..Djoker owns him on hard courts, and taht will be in the years to come, also Muzz has much more chaces that rafa,Delpo obviously..But, we will see...BTW, in order to Roddick escape, and based on what I've seen in the first 3 rounds, here are my picks for 4thround, I must change my preedictions:):
Fed over Robredo in 3
Davidenko over Soderling in 4
Verdasco over Isner in 5
Djoker over Stepanek in 4
Monfils over Nadal in 4(com'on, nadal fans, kill me:), but think that Monfils HAS a game for Nadal)
Tsonga over Gonzales in 4
DelPo over Simon in 3
Murray over Cilic in 3

Marko , 9/6/09 4:43 PM

Maxi, look at my prediction on the start of US...I am still staying on that..THE FINAL WILL BE FED-DELPO!! Fed wins in 5 sets!:)

Marko , 9/6/09 4:47 PM

Be thrilled if you are right- Marko!

hi maxi- at least i guessed the fed-hewitt match to perfection.
not so hot picking the rest of yesterday's matches

zoey234 , 9/6/09 6:16 PM

hey zoey - well done on your "prediction" with fed/hewitt. Zoey, when you get to know me, i NEVER doubt federer. He is playing especially brilliantly (exception - yesterday - in my view). Cinny was a dream for me. I know fed is always a bit "weird" when he plays early rounds of slams - but he is a master, zoey. A MASTER. remember, he loves the history. As far as I am concerned (and i said this to my buddies on tennis.x), that federer LOVES, LOVES, history. he has records to "break" - he wants this slam. He will do everything he can to put himself in with a great chance in the final - he got a few more matches before that - so am reigning myself in right now - i just love watching him play zoey. I love it! I know he gets shaky at the start, but sometimes I think he doesnt take it seriously enough - you know the early rounds - which is why he gets shaky, but then its his mental strength that comes through and then its like a knock on the head - hello "feddy", remember you are in the early rounds and you gotta get through them B4 you get to the final! I think he sometimes has to pinch himself, when he does, he wakes up and goes on to win! He conserves his energy (I know), but hey. This is federer. He is grrrreat!

Marko! well done you!

maxi , 9/6/09 6:35 PM

it's not easy picking correctly, especially if brave enough to include #sets.

pretty much agree with your assessment of RF tennis. next match robredo, so rog will need his speed- none of that stiffness cheryl saw, hopefully. tommy is going to fight too. my picks for rd 4, top half

fed in 4
soderling in 4
nole in straights
isner in 5 ( really depends on who has more in the tank; someone could be wiped out )

btw carrie - your rationale sounds good on the murray / dent match. i doubt dent wins- nearly impossible for him to be in good enough shape is what i think after the huge effort friday- he needs more time to recover!

zoey234 , 9/6/09 7:55 PM

bjawad , 9/7/09 10:31 AM

Arvis, I wanted to play in the first round, but I forgot, got a little lazy, so here I am now. Without any further adieu:

Federer v Robredo: This is about the time that Federer likes to give his fans a real roller coaster and his anti-fans some real hope. By all indications, he should blow Robredo off the court, which means Fed in 5.

Soderling v Davydenko: Davy is one of those guys who seems like he can be an upset victim at any moment -- generally forgetable -- yet he doesn't usually lose to lower-ranked foes. He got hammered by Soderling at Paris; revenge will be his in 4.

Djokovic v Stepanek: Stepanek definitely could spring the upset special; he has just enough game if Djokovic comes out sluggish. However, after the Witten scare, I think Djokovic will be on his game. The Djoker in 3 tight ones.

Isner v Verdasco -- Isner sprung the big upset of the men's draw, and though he's playing great, I can't believe lightning will strike twice. Verdasco in 4 and maybe 3.

Tsonga v Gonzalez -- Tsonga has been playing well, which means it's about time for him to come out flat, and Gonzalez is one of those guys who seems to rise to the occasion if he's not playing one of the very best players. Gonzalez in 5.

Nadal v Monfils. On paper this shapes up as potentially the most entertaining match of the round. But Monfils has yet to beat a really big gun when the chips are on the table, and Nadal is on a mission. Nadal in 3.

Del Potro v Ferrero: King Carlos has had a great tourney, and he has the savvy to take out the young gun if his shots are just a wee bit off. I see this one going one of two ways: DelPo blows him off the court in 3 or Ferrero steals it in a fifth-set tiebreak, but for the record, I'll pick DelPo.

Murray v Cilic. Cilic has done well to get this far, but that'll be the end of the road for him. Murray in 3.

SenorPlaid , 9/7/09 3:09 PM

I have a feeling one of the seeds will go out, dont know who... Either Davydenko or Soderling... LOL

torres9 , 9/7/09 3:20 PM

Either Davydenko or Soderling will go out ... That's a bold pick right there, torres. ;-)

SenorPlaid , 9/7/09 3:52 PM

bjawad, very good round 4 picks. after sleeping on my isner pick, im regretting it but...have stay with it. robredo does not like his h2h record with fed and fed has not been in the best form, i'll be happy to be wrong there : ) rd 4 , bottom half

gonzo in 4 ( kinda agreeing w/ SP ; time for tsonga to hiccup ) game on, SP

nadal v monfils- hard to say. is nadal injured as it would appear, watching match yesterday? rafa can easily take monfils, even if he (rafa ) is injured, but...HOW injured? monfils an accident waiting to happen. could mean lots of drama and injury time-outs on tuesday. can't pick a winner or # sets...okay, presuming Rafa wil play:
rafa in 3

delpo (has to be getting tired)- delpo in 5

Murray in his first real challenge ( i like cilic ) but Murray in 4

feeling guilty for underestimating davy, torres, but i watched new haven. have to stay with soderling. Robin Hood wants another crack at a # 1 seed!

zoey234 , 9/7/09 4:43 PM

Roger in 3
Davydenko in 4
Nole in 3
Verdasco in 4 tight or 5
Tsonga in 4 - its about time?!
Rafa, delP and Muzz in straights

stu , 9/7/09 4:48 PM

my prediction? fed ALL the way! go:roger:go!

maxi , 9/7/09 4:50 PM

I don't know why u are underestimating Monfils' chances against Rafa..Remember Doha?And Rafa is on 70% percent of his best....I am still staying on Monfils' side and thinh that he should win this battle in 4...We'll see...

Marko , 9/7/09 4:51 PM

i see your point Marko and if the abdominal muscles are indeed strained to the point of making movement difficult like in cincy, then you are right, Monfils in 3 sets actually!

i think rafa will strap up and go for it! however makes it tough for the qtrs..

zoey234 , 9/7/09 5:04 PM

The claycourter will win between Nadal Vs Monflis

torres9 , 9/7/09 5:16 PM

davy hitting more lines and up a break in 1st set . he's speedier than in new haven too.
torres, you and homos....behave!

zoey234 , 9/7/09 5:36 PM

yes torres. you are a funny one! your posts are too important to federer fans to lose you! so listen to zoey! stop the backbiting. not worth it.

maxi , 9/7/09 6:27 PM

Rafa has a day's rest and had treatment immediately after his match and I presume will have more treatment today. If it affects just his serve, then he might be okay as his serve was never the best in the biz. But if it affects his BH and FH, then who knows. But I do know he will always try his best!!!!! They just showed him signing autographs in a mob of people after he was done practicing today (it was during the Oudin match). So I think talk of withdrawal is a little premature.

fan4tennis , 9/7/09 8:24 PM

Rafa has so many injuries. You can say he's unlucky but the scientific side of it is that it is because of his style of play.

Zoey and maxi, if u noticed, I never personally attack a poster here unless they attack first. I am the Rafa in TT playing counterpuching.

torres9 , 9/7/09 8:36 PM

i know torres...was making a joke, bad one. my jokes are not doing too well today.

lighten up everybody. just staying out of trouble myself, watching more seeds retire.

zoey234 , 9/7/09 8:43 PM

"Rafa has so many injuries. You can say he's unlucky but the scientific side of it is that it is because of his style of play."

So do many other players and not all of them play the same style of tennis that Rafa does. It's only because he is a top player so more is made of it. Just look how many players have had to have hip surgeries, wrist surgeries, back surgeries or just back problems, knee problems, knee surgeries. Rafa only applies to one of those!

fan4tennis , 9/7/09 8:53 PM

Well, considering Ferrer who plays the speed style, fernando gonzalez who plays power tennis, Venus williams power tennis all gets tendonitis, it is not just mere coincidence.

torres9 , 9/7/09 10:21 PM

torr, no offence. you just make me laugh a lot of the time - so when i saw "Administrator" making a comment - i guess equivalent of red flag on TT and bleacher - just "take care". I know tho' that you mean to counterpunch - but sometimes, silence is the answer - difficult sometimes.

fan4tennis - i dont know about you but when i think of "other" players, 'hewitt', 'nalby' with their hip surgeries and hewitt coming back - (ah may zin!) - nalby soon to come back- and then you have Dent - in a 'back splint for over 12 months - then coming back on the tour, then you have blake - who broke his back - i just think these guys are incredible. So with rafa having injuries - and roger having had an injured back - how "different" the game of tennis would be without roger or rafa - i get shin splints sometimes - painful - but am no professional athlete - its the will to carry on that needs to be admired - not made fun of. Respect. I didn't really know a lot about Dent until this year to be honest, and when i first saw him I thought he was a bit on the 'heavy' side, and i also thought that 'witton' was a bit of a porker (sorry), but he is. he needs to do a few laps around the park in my view - then he will have more speed and more power.

maxi , 9/7/09 10:35 PM

I'm not making fun of anyone with injuries...never have and never will! My point was that there are many other players with injuries that do NOT play the same style of tennis that Rafa does. You mentioned quite a few others besides the ones torres mentioned. Torres is like a broken record with the Rafa injury but refuses to realize there are many other players out there that have been out due to injury longer than Rafa ever has but Rafa is a top player so you hear about it more. I think it's sad to hear about all these young guys (most in their 20's) having hip,knee and back surgeries.

fan4tennis , 9/7/09 11:54 PM

torres, Roddick said he has suffered tendonitis for a long time. Does he play 'power tennis' like Rafa or just the handpicked ones you stated? Roddick also said almost all tennis players suffer that at one time or another.

fan4tennis , 9/7/09 11:58 PM

ok, f4t, I dunno what is ur definition of 'power tennis'?

Roddick is not based on power? So a 130km average serve and a big forehand is not 'power tennis'? That means other players who serve 100 km/h avg and normal forehand are players who play 'weak tennis'? LOL...

i think a lil bit of 'cause and effect' can play a part in things that happens in your life. Not just 'luck'.

torres9 , 9/8/09 12:49 AM

"Well, considering Ferrer who plays the speed style, fernando gonzalez who plays power tennis, Venus williams power tennis all gets tendonitis, it is not just mere coincidence."
torres9 9/7/09 10:21 PM

I was curious as to what YOUR definition of power tennis is since you used it to try to make a point.

"i think a lil bit of 'cause and effect' can play a part in things that happens in your life. Not just 'luck'." torres9 9/8/09 12:49 AM

EXACTLY!!! So that applies to alllllllllll the long list of players with injuries (not just Rafa) including Roger.

fan4tennis , 9/8/09 1:03 AM

"Well, considering Ferrer who plays the speed style, fernando gonzalez who plays power tennis, Venus williams power tennis all gets tendonitis, it is not just mere coincidence."
torres9 9/7/09 10:21 PM

"ok, f4t, I dunno what is ur definition of 'power tennis'?"

I was curious as to what YOUR definition of power tennis is since you used it (twice) to try to make a point.

"i think a lil bit of 'cause and effect' can play a part in things that happens in your life. Not just 'luck'." torres9 9/8/09 12:49 AM

EXACTLY!!! So that applies to alllllllllll the long list of players with injuries (not just Rafa) including Roger.

fan4tennis , 9/8/09 1:05 AM

Power tennis is when u base your game on heavy forehands or a big serve or maybe both.

Rafa's brand is power groundstrokes and speed which creates a lot of tension on his knees. So like I said, the reason why he gets so much injuries is not purely bad luck but also his style of play.

I dont know if you are agreeing or disagreeing with me sometimes.

Fed was injury-free for almost 4 and 1/2 years. Mono wasn't really a tennis-related disease and also he had back problems because of the extra tournament of the Olympics whereas Nadal has been injury-prone and relies a lot on painkillers.

So I dunno what your point is?

torres9 , 9/8/09 1:17 AM

fan4tennis - you misunderstand! these damn cyber misunderstandings!

'I'm not making fun of anyone with injuries...never have and never will!'
fan4tennis , 9/7/09 11:54 PM

I know. I know. was just having a conversation in a lighthearted way - just explaining my feelings on the injuries - yes i addressed to you - but in a light way - you know a 'gentle chat sorta way'. - that's why i started - 'I dont know about you' (a gentle introduction - yes?)\ i kinda intervened between you and torres - so perhaps shouldnt have? anyways -

maxi , 9/8/09 2:15 AM

I just made that statement to make sure I was not misunderstood maxi. Was not accusing you of saying I said that.

The point torres, that you would've seen if you had an open mind, is that there are MANY players with all sorts of injuries that do spend alot of time out of tourneys. Your so-called scientific reason ("Rafa has so many injuries. You can say he's unlucky but the scientific side of it is that it is because of his style of play.")
that it is power tennis means that all those players who do not employ power tennis should never get hurt, incuding Roger! The fact remains that if Rafa was not a top player, you would not hear as much about his injuries. You would realize that other players have been hurt alot worse than he has and have withdrawn from tourneys alot more than Rafa because of them. Rafa is your easy target because he is a top player.

fan4tennis , 9/8/09 2:26 AM

??? I dunno if I taregeted him with my statement. Really, f4t, u r really sensitive.

Nadal has so many injuries, first it was foot injury during one of the AO's and then now tendonitis, and now stomach muscle strain whateva.

Is this because of luck alone?

Nope. It's largely the effect of his style of play. There are maybe other players that have other injuries but the fact that a lot of top players that have the same type of game and gets injury is a pattern that surely could not be seen as mere coincidence.

torres9 , 9/8/09 2:44 AM

"??? I dunno if I taregeted him with my statement. Really, f4t, u r really sensitive."

You make me laugh torres. How else could I have taken YOUR comment:
"Rafa has so many injuries. You can say he's unlucky but the scientific side of it is that it is because of his style of play" without thinking that it was targeting Rafa (since you mention his name and say 'his style of play.')??????

Like I said, Rafa is an easy target for you because he is a top player!

fan4tennis , 9/8/09 3:01 AM

what is wrong with the statement?

I just made a 'cause and effect' statement. There's no malice behind it, officer.

torres9 , 9/8/09 10:45 AM

rafa will win against monfils - monfils has more injuries and hurt his hand against -???? cannot remember who his last match was against. He is a crowd pleaser (monfils), plays up to them like tsonga - but rafa will come through.

maxi , 9/8/09 2:57 PM

Prediction for final :

FEDERER over murray in 4!!

( I would love to see FED get his 6th USO title )..


Win this for Charlene Riva & Myla Rose!!

GoldenRose , 9/8/09 3:40 PM

Federer over rafa goldenrose - delpo takes out murray.

maxi , 9/8/09 5:19 PM

maxi -

Afraid I have to agree re- delpo. As a muzz fan, I have to say I fear him more than fed or rafa. The trouble for delpo is that he's not yet ready to defeat the top 3 players in the world in successive matches. If muzz does manage to get past delpo, though, I can see him going all the way.

alex , 9/8/09 6:43 PM

Alex, are u afraid of Cilic?:)))) God...he looked like he has almost waited match to be many ue..but cilic played great..but, delpo will beat cilic easily, u will see...If murray continues on this way, he will never win a GS...

Marko , 9/8/09 11:52 PM

murray was overconfident, underestimated cilic MASSIVELY tonight, and paid the price. which is why you should NEVER underestimate your opponent. A hard lesson for him to learn tonight, but he will.

maxi , 9/9/09 2:03 AM

ricky, you made me laugh with your prediction (or should i say, your "switch in predictions" - very funny).

maxi , 9/9/09 2:08 AM

I know maxi, my prediction was wrong this time..

But I dont care about murray, just hoping for FED to take this home for his twin..

FED all the way~

GoldenRose , 9/9/09 4:23 AM

Six out of eight. Not bad. Of course, EVERYONE had Cilic taking out Murray, right? ;-)

Let's try again:

Federer v Soderling: All signs point to a wipe out. Federer in 5.
Djokovic v Verdasco: All signs point to a wipe out. Djokovic in 3.
Gonzalez v Nadal: All signs point to a wipe out. Nadal in 3, maybe 4.
Del Potro v Cilic: All signs ... ahhh, never mind. DelPo in 4.

SenorPlaid , 9/9/09 5:50 AM

Federer in 3
Djokovic in 4
Nadal in 4
Del Potro in 3

RickyDimon , 9/9/09 6:17 AM


zoey234 , 9/9/09 6:28 AM

cilic-5 (guys i know-i just think he on a roll). no. delpo in 3. no. going back to cilic!

maxi , 9/9/09 7:35 AM

Jumping in:

Federer in 4
Nole in 4
Rafa in 3
Delpo in 5

jyannis , 9/9/09 8:15 AM

jyannis - sooooo stoked right now! beer is ready to watch matches later - another sleepless night -

maxi , 9/9/09 2:42 PM

maxi, would you put you money where your mouth is and kindly explain how you can deviate? had my own reasons ang nearly went with marin. so, if you have time? thx

you gonna go bonkers if you don't sleep, i should know, lol...

zoey234 , 9/9/09 3:27 PM

hi zoey. sure. (but dont hit me!). I was SO impressed with Cilic, playing murray last night - i think he is "pumped" - he won in straight sets against murray - not a five setter (if it had been a five setter, i would think differently). I am torn zoey. I like delpotro, very much - and i dont know that much about cilic (to be honest), other than he is playing the most aggressive i have ever seen him play. On stats tho, delpo has had a much better year - and has tournys under his belt. I dont think Cilic has reached a QF (this is his first - right?). so zoey. I am going to now give you a FIRM DECISION. (now that I have had more time to think things through). Delpo is going to beat Cilic (because his past forms says so) - but cilic is going to put up the fight of his life against delpo - they are both similar heights - 6" 5" and 6" 6", so serving should be interesting. zoey. is that okay? Del po to win! (firm decision!) (after some deliberation).

maxi , 9/9/09 3:51 PM

Rafa is back!
Roger in 3
Agassi-inspired Verdasco upsets Nole in 5
Rafa in 3
Delpo in 4. If it goes to 5 Cilic gets it.

Fed in 3
Rafa in 3

Rafa in 4

And they lived happily ever after, amen.

grafight , 9/9/09 4:09 PM

" putting your money where your mouth is" it sounds gansta but it's just a friendly wild west expression, mate.

thanks for the detail. i was wondering if delpo is gonna get caught off guard by cilic's speed and ability to return so well. Of course i am thinking of the haas v cillic match at wimby. cilic has a beautiful grass game. Although he is quiet, he is a smart player and yes this is his first gs quarter you, i am wavering. i first saw cilic last us open, same as gulbis. both impressed but cilic is a class hard working class act.

conventional wisdom says stay with JMDP and my man from tandil may trounce marin with his power, but i don't think so. i think cilic has a shot because of his height, speed and good decision-making. this is a huge moment for both players. Cilic won't be out there on a lark like gulbis would, given the same opportunity.

but delpo in 5. i didn't mean to pressure you into switching. i thought it was a bold prediction!

zoey234 , 9/9/09 4:17 PM

ahh...zoey. i thought you were about to hit me with the "putt ya merney where yer mouth is". (got a bit scared and thought - no. a good time for me to talk through things with myself. we shall see.

grafight - your predictions show common sense up until the final, my friend - i think your laptop keys must have been sticking - you put "rafa", but meant "roger" ? right?
I know how vowels can get mixed up. "o" for first "a" and "e" for second "a". but i will forgive you this time.

No contest - :) (metaphorically speaking).

Roger in 4.

He a beast in the slams ,grafight. A hungry growling beast.

And they all lived happily ever after. :)

maxi , 9/9/09 4:51 PM

When do the Madrid 2008 points come off? Does anyone know of a website with this stuff explained in detail? The ATP website is hard to navigate!

stu , 9/9/09 4:56 PM

LOL maxi...on your gangsta impression! and don't switch your prediction. it's the long-shot ( in my best whine )

Roger, "A hungry growling beast." it's could be true but it is really ha - ha funny to hear him called that!

stu, being a bird of prey is tough work. :) you have a one track mind? gonzo is not going down to rafa...did u see any sign of injury? i sure didn't.

zoey234 , 9/9/09 5:15 PM

ooh my bad . rafa is not going down to gonzo. ( slipped, on that one )

zoey234 , 9/9/09 5:20 PM

zoey, i already said on the other thread that i'm calculating probabilities coz its fun. and the madrid points would affect only nole's and muzza's current ranking positions, not rafa's, so you can relax.

stu , 9/9/09 5:28 PM

i am not being serious, stu. just very excited as in happy.

just hope its not raining on th parade

zoey234 , 9/9/09 5:32 PM

the first QF should be dry...roger's match might be a washout..

stu , 9/9/09 6:11 PM

well aware nole is your man, stu. i'd be working over numbers and points too, actually if in your place. i pull for nole a good percent of the time. like today, the nole v nando match is gonna be more fun to watch than fed-v sod ( cos i do get nervous then )

it might be windy....less chance at night tho for wind. wind can be tricky for feds
serve, as we know. if both nole and rog get to semi, i am not sure i can watch much of that match until after the fact. nole would have very good shot, better than last year, we'll see.

zoey234 , 9/9/09 7:14 PM

dont worry zoey. federer wont let you down. he will have spent all night reading the million of posts from his fans around the world, he will have seen yours. re-read it, re-worked it, re-set his mindset and told me to tell you, he'll do his very best and that everything will be firing - especially his first serve. go visit torres' link on 'The making of a legend' - youtube - 3 minutes of pure "feddy" (i like that!) bliss - it fired me up and i felt great for the rest of the day - now am just relaxed - and going to do some kick boxing now at the gym - kicking ass. are you usually like this zoey? in life i mean?

maxi , 9/9/09 7:34 PM

If the wind in NYC is like the wind we had yesterday (and our weather is usually a day ahead of NYC), then they will definitely have to adjust. It was very windy yesterday and now it is still windy (but not as much) but overcast with forecast for more rain. Scattered showers thruout the next 3 days. Hopefully our weather will not head up to NYC!

maxi, I'd say zoey has alot of "healthy skepticism." She has faith in her man, but not much faith in her blood pressure!

fan4tennis , 9/9/09 8:20 PM

hmmmm fan4tennis. i guessed as much.

enjoy the match everyone. cheers. go:roger - stay focused and play the ahhhh mayyy zinnn tennis we fans know you can play!

maxi , 9/9/09 11:49 PM

stu - Madrid points - and any other tournament - come off the day it ended the previous year. So just check the 2008 schedule to find out when certain points come off.

RickyDimon , 9/10/09 12:14 AM

LOL maxi! If Rafa is the Tamer to Roger's lion, the kryptonite to Roger's Superman, the Scissors to Roger's paper and the video to Roger's Radio Star. All the superlatives spoken about Roger are true and more... but reality is turned upside down when he enters the Nadal Zone.

No, but seriously, it's either one or the other. I predict Rafa because that's who I would bet for if I were a betting man. As a fan I like both players and I love seeing their matches, and I just think that a USO R/R final would be a great completion of their "Rivalry Slam"

grafight , 9/10/09 1:07 AM

Nole wins!
So that one is solved...

grafight , 9/10/09 1:14 AM

hey grafight!

Roger is the ROCK my friend. The ROCK. The cosmic man. The shining star. "gifted goat", the forceful federer!

Rafa is the NEXT worthy champion (but liking your style grafight!).

Am sick with happiness this morning. Looking forward to SF.

Congrats to Novak fans!

maxi , 9/10/09 7:36 AM

I can't predict anymore.

Fed needs to get through Djoker 1st. nadal needs to get past Gonzalez and Delpo first.

Roger Vs Rafa final, I think the Fed will win because Fed has less pressure to win then he had when facing Nadal in AO2009 (Getting 14 GS).

And also anyone who can beat Rafa on CLAY in st8 sets, can beat Rafa anywhere.

torres9 , 9/10/09 8:37 AM

torres, take a very strong coffee this morning - dont worry so about roger federer - he knows what to do - just get YOUR head sorted mate. :)

maxi , 9/10/09 10:04 AM

so what..nadal has beaten him thrice on hard courts! and he won the only meeting in a hard court slam..and once again torres u ppl are quick to pounce but this time U ARE MAKING THESE EXCUSES "fed had more pressure on him,etc"..just an excuse..rafa was simply better.and nadal also has no such burdens of xpectations on him this time due to these injury fiascos...rafa is relaxed too...cant say anythng...however, if they do meet i think the court speed and bounce mite just giv roger the edge.BUT i follow the rafa policy ..i.e round by round pilicy ;p....gonzo is up next so m gona talk abt him only..nadal will win in 4 i think

vamosrafa , 9/10/09 11:31 AM

you are right vamosrafa, the excuses again. well add this one:
madrid: rafa was tired from his match with novak and his knees were already giving trouble. verdict: roger was lucky, just he was in hamburg when he beat a tired rafa who only entered the tourney to argue a point and still made the F

homos , 9/10/09 12:35 PM

Its not an excuse, it's a reason.

The reason why there's only 1 meeting on HC courts is because during Fed's 8 Slam titles HC, Nadal was never good enuffto meet him.

Yeah, nadal is also lucky beating a back-problem Fed

torres9 , 9/10/09 2:41 PM

spot on homos..we have a solid pnt just OVERLOOK somebody's quixotic statements ;p GO RAFAAA!!! beat gonzo !!! cummonnn!

vamosrafa , 9/10/09 4:07 PM

exactly vamosrafa!

homos , 9/10/09 4:13 PM

rafa takes this one again.

posmatrac , 9/10/09 5:02 PM

Well guys, life made sure I couldn't keep up with these predictions. I didn't even get to WATCH most of the matches, much less get online and make predictions. But I'm glad to see so many of you have embraced the idea! :)

Anyways, DelPo in straights, Nadal in 4 for today.


Arvis , 9/10/09 5:35 PM

my original wish for a rafa-nole USO final is about to be fulfilled...only delPo and roger stand in the way....

stu , 9/10/09 7:12 PM

stop any excuses guys.
we are talking about professional athletes who make their own choices to play with/without injury with/without tiredness . give them some credit for their own intelligence. they make choices - no one else - (depending upon how many tournaments THEY HAVE CHOSEN to play. In tennis there are no excuses. we all know about h2h for rafa (on clay) and h2h for rog on grass/hard - BUT the best tennis player "on the day" of that tournament will win. and in my mind roger federer is the best. no need to be disrespectful to the other one. and i'm sorry. but when we are talking about 22 consecutive grand slam semi final appearances - that is why roger federer is so great. in that respect, rafa doesnt even come close (yes, he's five years younger - but), he went professional in 2002 (check me here rafa fans), roger is just amazing. you dont have to like him, but at least accept how brilliant he is for the game of tennis. rafa is equally as brilliant. we are lucky to have both.

maxi , 9/10/09 7:35 PM

torres wrote: "And also anyone who can beat Rafa on CLAY in st8 sets, can beat Rafa anywhere."

Substitute fed's name for Rafa's and you can say the same thing! Point is, they CAN beat each other. That is all!

fan4tennis , 9/10/09 8:55 PM

Rafa and fed have beaten each other on every surface so at anytime, one CAN beat the other! It all depends on who is better ON THAT DAY!!!!!

fan4tennis , 9/10/09 9:03 PM

f4t, nadal never have beaten Fed on grass in str8 sets, just a thought.

Buy I agree, their chances are equal but I think it's not mind boggling that I think Fed is gonna win.

torres9 , 9/10/09 9:17 PM

f4t, you last post is an incredibly FAIR assessment! exactly what i think, so in that regard, i suppose i would find it

"healthy skepticism" ...thanks. but it's my stomach that suffers watching feddy play sometimes....kinda like on the tilt o wheel.

are you watching delpo v cilic next?

zoey234 , 9/10/09 9:24 PM

ty zoey! It doesn't matter if it is in straight sets or not! What matters in the end is the "W" as some like to say and both Rafa and fed have had the "W" against each other on every surface! So it is not mind boggling to think that Rafa could win or that fed could win!

I got anxious the other night in the Monfil's match. (don't know if you saw my post to you about it the other night) I have to cook dinner so I doubt I will watch the Delpo match. Also depends how much help I get in the kitchen--lol--maybe I will be able to check updates. Rafa is on tonight and I have a feeling my blood pressure will not be calm -lol (along with my stomach like yours)

fan4tennis , 9/10/09 9:34 PM

I did see the monfils- rafa match entirely. missed your post tho i thought i was on that the thread. hmm, sleep deprived here.

no tennis in the kitchen, eh? match is on! i'm gonna try to watch rafa. i think rafa looked really good. he might lose a set if gonzo is in good shape but....maybe not though. back to match.

zoey234 , 9/10/09 9:48 PM

Haha f4t, considering I vomited when fed played Soderling in FO2009, I think your anxiety is quite controllable.

I actually never watched a Fed VS Rafa final entirely because I probably would faint because of the tension.

torres9 , 9/10/09 11:37 PM

torres, i must respectfully disagree with you, which rarely happens about tennis but jacob black does NOT look like rafa, lol...

and the annoying guy on the us open page doe NOT look like Roger Federer....are they crazy? course i don't think tsonga looks like Ali, that much.

about the nole v fed match? that match will be another ride on the tilt and hurl for me, mate. hardly a chance i can watch that one until 'after the fact'

zoey234 , 9/11/09 5:49 AM

zoey - you said earlier that you "could watch the nole v fed match?". stop ya hurlin!'. fed is amazing right now. did you watch fed v sod?. OMG. his shots. (even the commentators were gasping - (petch and cowan), saying "unbelievable", "crazy shot", "unreal" (and they weren't talking about their sandwiches!).

relax zoey. its fantastic excitement right now.

maxi , 9/11/09 7:34 AM

zoey, LOL.. lookalikes need not look 100% like each other... But I agree that Fed's lookalikes do not look like him haha....

Jacob Black does look a bit like Rafa. Not 100% but with his muscles and hazelnut tan. Not 100%, but you get what I mean.

torres9 , 9/11/09 8:48 AM

first things first- F4T, i did find your post from the monfils match and sure nuff, i missed that one, sorry-either skipped to another thread or aatk! you sound like a very sweet, dare i say it, g-ma (young and lovely grandma)

torres, people say i'm pretty good at suspending belief and i can blur my vision to make scenery look like a monet painting he did when very old but that dude on the us open page only looks similar to federer cos he's wearing fed clothes, lol...did you see his arms?

if i totally forget what his voice and manner of speech sounds like, plus his nose, eyes, checkbones jacob black is gifted with the nice skin and rafa buff muscles. i'll stop there, your welcome : )

last thing- reading thru threads to find f4t's post, i read more posts that i missed and many i wish i had not read. i don't want to go bonkers like i did b4 and it's turning into a luney bin in here again.

last, last thing- maxi, i changed my mind as i do sometimes, lol..
and you post to me on 9/9 7:34 pm i thought was condescending and inappropriately forward with your words, "are you usually like this? in life i mean?" no. maxi, i do not know what you mean nor do i have to answer such a question. this is tennistalk and excuse me if i am not the fedfan in the way you wish me to be on this forum. i am a fedfan though, i assure you. live and let live, lady.

zoey234 , 9/11/09 5:25 PM

absolutely zoey234. i changed my mind on cilic/delpotro - and like you i "misread" your initial "put your money where your mouth is" - which could easily have come across as aggressive. but laughed it off. but seriously. no offence intended.

maxi , 9/11/09 7:36 PM

ty zoey! Family means everything to me and learned the hard way (you know why) to NEVER take anything for granted. When they are all at my house, tennis takes a backseat obviously. Then they invite their friends (without telling me) so I ended up with 10 people to feed! But being able to be with my grandbaby makes it worth it!!!!

Didn't get to watch any tennis last night but did check and saw that Rafa won first set and play was suspended at 6-6 in second set. Didn't watch Delpo match so not sure if Cilic played well or Delpo played poor to match the scoreline. But I did predict the rain correctly and I don't even live in NYC--lol!

fan4tennis , 9/11/09 9:44 PM

ty zoey! Family means everything to me and learned the hard way (you know why) to NEVER take anything for granted. When they are all at my house, tennis takes a backseat obviously. Then they invite their friends (without telling me) so I ended up with 10 people to feed! But being able to be with my grandbaby makes it worth it!!!!

Didn't get to watch any tennis last night but did check and saw that Rafa won first set and play was suspended at 6-6 in second set. Didn't watch Delpo match so not sure if Cilic played well or Delpo played poor to match the scoreline. But I did predict the rain correctly and I don't even live in NYC--lol!

fan4tennis , 9/11/09 9:46 PM

Rafa over delP in 5
Nole over Roger in 4

You heard it here first :)

stu , 9/12/09 7:08 PM

no doubt rafa is the fav, but wouldn't be surprised if delpo advanced.

bold second pick stu :), all tennis pundits see fed in the finals. probably won't watch the match.

posmatrac , 9/12/09 7:22 PM

I wouldn't be at all surprised if any of the 4 men advanced...

You have to watch, posmatrac! If only for the fact that it promises to be tennis of the highest quality. I'm imagining them both at the net a lot, Nole with TM's blessing!

stu , 9/12/09 8:03 PM

Ok's time to state the facts and throw opinions out the window for nothing more than a brief second.

Nadal vs. Federer head to head:

20 total matches - Nadal, 13 wins - Federer, 7 wins
7 Finals matches - Nadal, 5 wins - Federer, 2 wins

And btw, they are tied head to head in career hard court matches for those who think these numbers are scewed by clay court records. Nadal is without question the greatest player in the world when he's healthy, and Federer knows it.

Proboy , 9/12/09 8:41 PM

Ok's time to state the facts and throw opinions out the window if for nothing more than a brief second.

Nadal vs. Federer head to head:

20 total matches - Nadal, 13 wins - Federer, 7 wins
7 Finals matches - Nadal, 5 wins - Federer, 2 wins

And btw, they are tied head to head in career hard court matches for those who think these numbers are scewed by clay court records. Nadal is without question the greatest player in the world when he's healthy, and Federer knows it.

Proboy , 9/12/09 8:44 PM

don't stop now, lets break it down further:

13 matches other than gs - nadal, 8 wins--federer, 5 wins

one more level to include surfaces, ( i don't have time to breakdown further )
one more level to inspect all matches for who was playing at what % fitness, and...( thinking about it )

neither nadal or federer have a whole lot to brag about over the other.

watching the agassi v federer match (rerun ) on espn2 and jmac comented that federer had played hewitt the day before in the semi-final. hmm, the usta gods were not nice to federer, i think. and big, big problem- during the match the overwhelmingly the stadium crowd was really boisterously one-sided in favor of agassi. definitely the gods were stacked against federer on that day. agassi (sure he was older) but the man was playing phenomenally, especially during the 2nd set to make the one set all.

point here is about the scheduling and favoring. some seem to think federer has had ALL the breaks in his illustrious career but he has not. he came up the ranks, he battled adverse schedule and crowds (even as #1 in that 2005 semi and final ).

i do not believe federer will have the crowd advantage tomorrow. hoping that the crowd is evenly split but we'll see

rather stu will see, lol. you give a report back stu?

zoey234 , 9/12/09 9:11 PM

Federer v Djokovic. This could be the first real epic match between the two as they're about as evenly matched as it gets. I expect split sets in the first two, so the third one is the key. If Federer wins, Federer wins the match, either in 4 or 5. If Djokovic wins, then the fourth set is key. Obviously if Djokovic wins the next set, he wins the match, but if Fed wins, I see him coming back. In other words, I don't see Djokovic winning in 5. He'll have to do it in 4, and he can. Will he? (Flips coin ...) No.

Nadal v. Del Potro. At some point if DelPo is going to convince folks that he's a serious threat, he has to actually beat one of the big guns. It ain't gonna be today: Nadal in 3 or 4.

SenorPlaid , 9/13/09 4:09 PM

OK, so DelPo's a serious threat, and if he wins today, I might be ready to jump on the bandwagon.

But he ain't gonna win today. Not in his first Slam final, at the Open, against Federer. If he comes out and plays the way he did against Rafa, he'll run out of gas and lose in 5. If he comes out the way he did against Cilic, it'll be ugly. Let's split the difference and say DelPo will take a third set when Fed pulls up just a tad, a la Soderling. Fed in 4: 7-6, 6-3, 6-7, 6-2.

SenorPlaid , 9/14/09 3:20 PM

I think Fed wins in 5 sets

torres9 , 9/14/09 4:20 PM

i don't's not sound to pick against a 5 time champ...makes sense that delPO will be nervous. But...

delpo has steadily improved his gs results. could be his moment, his day and i would celebrate his moxy to get a gs trophy.....yet gotta go with the Federer .

fed in 4

where we celebrate our sweet 16th!!!
c'mon feddy, do it for the twins!!

zoey234 , 9/14/09 4:53 PM


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