Cheryl Murray

  • Tennistalk says farewell

    2013-07-06 06:31:56

    It is with great sadness that I write this blog post, my last on Our employer, Unibet, has decided to discontinue this site the Monday following the Wimbledon men's final.


    I had hoped to be able to report a different site at which you could continue to follow Ricky, Kelli and I and are musings on our favorite sport. Alas, I received final word just a few days ago that we will not be able to continue to use the name 


    I wanted to say thank you to our loyal readers who have followed us over these 6 years of the second golden age of men's tennis. Thank you for sticking with us, thank you for the heated debates, the strong opinions. Thank you to the Rafans, FedFans, Muzza fans, Nole fans and everyone in between. It's been a great, great ride.


    If I can somehow get a new website together before we go off-line on Monday, I will post it in my blog. Until then, farewell, friends.

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I just want to say I have never seen tennis journalists as fun and witty as you three. Thanks for the years of entertainment.

ts38 , 7/6/13 12:19 PM

Oh cheryl, I'm sorry. You're one of the reasons I joined this site, together with the Rickster and kelli, trixxyfest and queen of the night. Remember them?
Have gotta say though, without any moderation, this site has become a very unpleasant place to be, these past few months.
I really wish you all the best and hope you can get another web site up and running. If you can't, all the best anyway.

deuce , 7/6/13 12:41 PM

What a sad day! We suspected something was up so not too surprised.

Cheryl, Ricky and Kelli, you have enhanced my enjoyment of tennis over many years and I will definitely be at a loss without TT.

I can only say 'Thank You', no?

nadline , 7/6/13 12:49 PM

Cheryl, I hope you are able to come up with another website because I will miss you all too much. There is no other tennis forum like TT.

nadline , 7/6/13 12:57 PM

No, no, no. You can NOT be serious!
I'm so sorry, where can I now turn for sanity when the muzzercoaster's making my emotions loop the loop?
If it's anything bad I ever said to ricky, I take it all back. Please don't go!
And where can I talk to my fellow muzzateers that have consoled me ever since the first down in the bumpy ride (losing to Clement in the 2006 Washington final)?
And the camaraderie I have enjoyed with so many other fans (especially rafans), especially my buddy from NY.
Thank you cheryl, ricky and kelli for everything, and I'll be looking out for another home sight, so if anyone sees alex2 you'll know who it is;)

alex , 7/6/13 1:32 PM

I'd even settle for a site ;)

alex , 7/6/13 1:34 PM

All things, good and bad, must end. Thank you too Cheryl. Wherever you go, you're just a google away...


phoenix , 7/6/13 1:53 PM

Goodbye Cheryl, Ricky, Kelli and Lindahl.
I will especially miss Cheryl and Ricky, their great blogs and humorous exchanges on the threads!!!!! Ricky's predictions!!!!!
And I will miss the great posters like nadline, luckystar, zare, Twinge.....
Cheryl, please do start a new site and bring the same gang together.

I knew for certain that this site was closing down when Cheryl ignored my pleas for moderation and let the guttersnipe seventeen post unhindered her sick thoughts here.
The stinking seventeen and the subzero IQ hydra thought they had seized control of this site. But like a great city afflicted with the plague, decent posters had simply left and now like Atlantis this site is going to disappear. But before disappearing, this site had become a wasteland
"A rat crept softly through the vegetation
Dragging its slimy belly on the bank "
"I think we are in rats? alley
Where the dead men lost their bones."

Good riddance to the stench of seventeen!!!! And to the moronic hate posts of the king of the retards, the Hydra!!!

holdserve , 7/6/13 3:15 PM

well,i hope seventeen and its cohorts are happy can all celebrate for your great achievement.
well,i'm perhaps the newest on this site but i had been following the posts for years and i must say it became part of my daily routine especially when there's and ongoing tournament.I do appreciate the informative and thoughtful thoughts of NNY,luckystar,holdserve even though sometimes he went offline lol,deuce,rafaisthebest,and all those lovely posters (i can't mention all of them). i'm truly sad this site is done now.Well,life will definitely go on and we'll get another decent site to post on.Cheers guys for all those years.until then......

Getty8 , 7/6/13 3:45 PM

By the time RITB comes down from Kilimanjaro, TT will be no more. She'll be wondering what happened.

nadline , 7/6/13 4:07 PM

Getty, the noxious seventeen and the retarded Hydra did not cause this site to go under. Their unfettered run as well as the now announced closing of this site are due to this site's financial woes.
Now that I think of it, I have to be grateful to these depraved characters and their moronic filthy posts for making it easier for us to bear this announcement by Cheryl.
Otherwise I would have been heartbroken. But now, I saw the end coming so it was not a shock. And there is even a sense of relief that we are getting rid of these two skunks who had stunk up the whole site, especially seventeen with her sick, obscene posts turning this site into a third rate porno site.

holdserve , 7/6/13 4:40 PM

OMG!! I would certainly miss TT. I loved reading the posts and the pre tournament picks here :( Anyway farewell to TT. Cheryl, especially your blogs I loved reading.

vmk1 , 7/6/13 4:47 PM

Sorry to here this but the writing was on the wall and suspicions correct

It was fun posting here, reading the blogs and comments from other fans of all players.

I will miss you all.

Hope Andy can win but Nole would be deserving also. Tennis is an amazing sport and we are in a golden era.

Will check Ricky on twitter from time to time to see if there is a new site in the future. Why not join forces with

Started posting on tennis-x a few weeks ago but not as good.

Best wishes.

Conspirator , 7/6/13 5:31 PM

Thank you all for the support. Hope to see you soon... :)

Kelli , 7/6/13 5:39 PM

Rafans - where are you all going? Let me know. Let us decide together and go there :-)

sanju , 7/6/13 6:21 PM

Kelli sounds promising that there will be something after TT.

Conspirator, I think that's a good idea.

nadline , 7/6/13 6:28 PM

Folks - Please lets decide fast before this site closes down. And yes retaining same monickers please .

And lets go to a site where rascist comments , religious comments and vulgar filth comments are surely gonna be moderated and flushed down the toilet drain.

sanju , 7/6/13 6:43 PM

I'm already signed on there as clayqueen.

nadline , 7/6/13 7:21 PM

Hi Cheryl, Ricky, Kelli and Lindahl,

I think I became a member sometime after the Wimbledon Final of 2008 and TT had been a good pastime at Night after the days works. Enjoyed the posts and fights between fans, the good, the bad and the ugly all these years. In the mean time I lost my Job for in my country they think people are old enough at 60, I changed City of residence and had been struggling to settle down in the new place and just as I am just being able to dig my foot in I find this HOME that kept its coordinates in tact suddenly vanishing. Believe me that it is entirely possible to write an absorbing novel simply collating the posts and comments on the stars and the journeymen in this site revolving around 'Vamos Rafa No Matter What'. I hope that this closure has nothing to do with the fall of the Giants at SW19. I am now getting used to PARTING. But I wish all contributors and the posters my best wishes. We will certainly meet in the Cyber Space and continue this Dog Fight another day. Thanks and Regards.

newfangkc , 7/6/13 8:03 PM

OH my god!!!! this was one of my daily habits!!!! soooo saaaaaad

rafaelo , 7/6/13 8:34 PM

So pick another name!

Nativenewyorker , 7/6/13 9:34 PM

Go with phoenixTT!

Conspirator , 7/6/13 9:44 PM


Yes, that's a good suggestion. It's a good idea to keep your screen name from this site and maybe add one or two letters. That makes sense.

Did you register yet?

Nativenewyorker , 7/6/13 9:51 PM

The first thing I noticed when I came here were all the betting ads for Unibet. I don't bet so I wondered how profitable this site was and if others bet a lot or not. I guess the answer has become no if they're dropping this site.

To Ricky, Cheryl and Kelli,
Good luck in your future endeavors. I know Cheryl mentioned that they were paid to write the articles so we should not be so short-sighted or selfish to not acknowledge that people (including Johan presumably) have lost some income here. That is a shame. Here's hoping that you land on your feet and do well and prosper in the future. Cheers.

chr18 , 7/6/13 9:59 PM

I hope Cheryl still comes up with a new forum.

nadline , 7/6/13 10:05 PM

ohhh sad news!! tennistalk is part of my daily routine.

gr8nadal , 7/6/13 11:50 PM

Holdserve, yes.

Conspirator , 7/7/13 2:49 AM

how do you guys will inform us if there will be any other site which you would run?

rafaelo , 7/7/13 9:16 AM

deuce, goto this site

Genera l Pro Player Discussions

nadline , 7/7/13 10:16 AM

Cheers nadine :)
Am v pleased it was YOU offering me that info. :)

deuce , 7/7/13 10:20 AM

Have will know my name...;) Gr8 if TEXT would be possible.
Do hope ed and NNY are right. This site has been so spoiled. So sad. Have had such fun on here over the years :'(
And how will darling Remi get in touch when Andy wins his next slam? Bum.

deuce , 7/7/13 10:47 AM

The first person I thought of when I read this news, was Rafaisthebest. She will get her answer as who won Wimbledon somehow, but will probably wonder what happened to the site.

Thanks guys, all of you, journalists and posters alike, for making this site vibrant and heated :). If I ever post anywhere, you'll recognize my name. But I sincerely doubt.
I am wishing you all all the best.

danica , 7/7/13 11:02 AM

ritb can be told on TX what's happened and where we all are.

deuce, my pleasure. ;)

nadline , 7/7/13 11:09 AM

I've missed out here. Just found this referral link which would give me credits for recommending the site to new posters. Please use this if you haven't already signed on:

nadline , 7/7/13 11:27 AM

^^^^does she use the same screen name?

rafaelo: This is the link

danica: why won't you be posting elsewhere? or are you going to a more friendly Nole site? Anyway, hope to see you one of these days. Good luck Danica, it's been great chatting with you over the years.

ed251137 , 7/7/13 11:33 AM

It has been fun posting here, and I will certainly miss this site.

tj600 , 7/7/13 11:39 AM

The referral link to give me credits

'clayqueen' is my user name on TW

nadline , 7/7/13 12:03 PM

ed, no, but we all know each other on there.
Lord knows we have been "outed" enough times.

deuce , 7/7/13 12:31 PM

AND i get to moderate/approve all comments :)

RickyDimon , 7/7/13 2:30 PM

Oh Ricky I will miss you and Cheryl and the work you have done here
I wish you all the best in your future online endeavours

Twinge , 7/7/13 2:52 PM

Thank you for your kind words ;). To be honest, I would rather read, than post. I was spending too much time here.
Good luck everyone!

danica , 7/7/13 3:27 PM

Ricky Dimon it was fun while it lasted, I enjoyed your blogs and predictions

tennis2011 , 7/7/13 4:20 PM

i see you over there. thanks for posting!

RickyDimon , 7/7/13 4:42 PM

@ricky u predicted at season start
djokovic AO
murray Wimbledon
Federer USO
got 3 out of 3 till now ........ pat on back

isfand , 7/7/13 6:30 PM

i'm going out on top!!!!!

RickyDimon , 7/7/13 6:40 PM

3 outta 4 ain't bad.

Go Blake!!!

Conspirator , 7/7/13 6:58 PM

Rafa. No. 1 in the Race to London after three majors complete.


Conspirator , 7/7/13 7:01 PM

djokovic will end as year end no 1 for 2013 imo (that would be third year in a row)

isfand , 7/7/13 7:20 PM

Love right back at you chloro
I said I didn't like you but I always secretly did
You are clearly a very nice man
I leave you with friendship and peace and wish you all the best in the future

Twinge , 7/7/13 7:35 PM

^^ doubt it. Rafa's gonna have a big season.

willmw101 , 7/7/13 7:36 PM

we ll only know the answer at season end I guess then

isfand , 7/7/13 7:45 PM


Thanks for the instructions! I posted a comment just to try it out! Thanks to holdserve too!

Nativenewyorker , 7/7/13 8:04 PM

sure Nole will be the end year no.1. The best is yet to come as his part of the season is starting pretty soon.

danica , 7/7/13 8:23 PM

yes his "supposedly" best part is around the corner (now that federer is a spent force) but murray is a force to be reckon with and nadal can never be counted out but djokovic is the safest bet here nadal leads him by 800 points but i think djokovic will be ahead in the race by the end of USO

isfand , 7/7/13 8:31 PM

i too think novak is the favourite to end as no.1 ....rafa did not gain anything at wimby so that will cost him..... even though the remainder of the season favours novak more , i would never count rafa out and 'sure nole wiill be the end year no.1' ;) rafa will be well rested...he has had good runs at USO and his record at monteal/toronto is awesome.... Rafa may end up as no.1 too ! We should NOT count out the reigning wimb champion from the race to no.1 ... for me andy is the slight fav for USO ahead of nole ...things might change heading into the open but thats how i see it right now...

vamosrafa , 7/7/13 8:32 PM

my top 5 year end will be

isfand , 7/7/13 8:48 PM

Ricky had predicted Rafa at 6 or 7 at start of year in year end rankings :-). Guess thats ruled out totally, he wont be below 4 under any circumstance:-)

sanju , 7/7/13 8:59 PM

NNY - got it. thanks for posting!

RickyDimon , 7/7/13 9:01 PM

I have registered too as 'SanjuRafan' :-)

sanju , 7/7/13 9:01 PM

I just saw this, this is serious ? geez, it was so fun while it lasted... i will join tt at tennis warehaouse but it won't be same. We all know each other here, that's a huge tennis forum.

Good luck guys, its been a pleaseure. See you over there.

Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 9:30 PM


Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 9:34 PM

I will register there also and see where everyone settles. Smaller site might be best.

Conspirator , 7/7/13 10:31 PM

Yes, TW is a big compared to what we are used to.

nadline , 7/7/13 10:36 PM

Seems like the better place to try. I'm posting under Hawkeye. (I liked that guy)

Especially if Ricky is moderating. Lets give it a chance, no?


Conspirator , 7/7/13 11:04 PM

thanks for the responses, folks. really appreciate it.

i also have it now so that the most recent comments show up on the right side of the home page. that should facilitate more discussion.

like Conspirator suggested, it's a work in progress. I've only had it up and running for 6 months! hopefully in due time it can have the good aspects of Tennistalk WITHOUT the bad aspects.

RickyDimon , 7/7/13 11:07 PM

TT has a ton a categories, but they matter if you play tennis. If you are just a fan, then the only category to navigate is the one called "General Pro Player Discussion". Not that hard.

I'm also waiting for the confirmation of my registrarion, they seem kinda slow for that.

Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 11:08 PM

I've posted my email onto tennisgrand. Emilliano, I think there's a third option, which I used: wordpress.
Like you I've just had a roam round tenniswharehouse and I don't like it at all. Too vast and impersonal. Not sure I'll be blogging there, so if I don't I'm on under my name: margot so you'll find me there for the moment at least. Am also on murraysworld. If you post there ed, alex, I'll find you.
Hugs all.

deuce , 7/7/13 11:22 PM

I've posted my email onto tennisgrand. Emilliano, I think there's a third option, which I used: wordpress.
Like you I've just had a roam round tenniswharehouse and I don't like it at all. Too vast and impersonal. Not sure I'll be blogging there, so if I don't I'm on under my name: margot so you'll find me there for the moment at least. Am also on murraysworld. If you post there ed, alex, I'll find you.
Hugs all.
deuce, 7/7/13 11:22 PM

Yeah, even tho there's one forum category there are way too much users. There won't be another site like this one in terms of qualit and quantity of users. Hopefully Grandten gets bigger and fixes some issues (like a user database system), if not I guess I will be blogging at TT sometimes.

Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 11:34 PM

NNY - if you use wordpress, you are theoretically the only one who can post as "nativenewyorker7" correct?

RickyDimon , 7/7/13 11:46 PM

I created a wordpress acount too, emiliano55. Anyways, I still don't like that system and the fact that all the message needs to be moderated by Ricky before they show up.

Anyways, I hope all of us moves there and Ricky can improve it a bit so it gets to be the next Tennistalk :)

Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 11:48 PM

NNY - if you use wordpress, you are theoretically the only one who can post as "nativenewyorker7" correct?

RickyDimon, 7/7/13 11:46 PM

Just tested that. I tried to post a message by just putting my email and nickname emiliano55 and it didn't let me, it asked me to log in into wordpress.

So yeah, it seems that having a wordpress account/nickname void the possiblity of using that nickname in a generic way. That's good news.

Emiliano55 , 7/7/13 11:56 PM

Hey, Nativenewyorker

Do you know why my nickname appears as a link to my ? You have a wordpress account and you don't appear as a link :/

Emiliano55 , 7/8/13 12:04 AM


I would think so because you need a password with wordpress. I haven't used it for some time so I forgot my password and had to reset it.

Nativenewyorker , 7/8/13 12:14 AM

I see your nickname normal, black bold.. my nick name is a green bold pointing to a wordpress webpage. Meh.

Emiliano55 , 7/8/13 12:38 AM

So sorry to hear of this site but am not surprised. I will miss Ricky's match previews and approach shots.

Can't say I'll miss the lynch mob and adolescent ganging up, the selective bias, where some posters are allowed to say whatever they want, and others are crucified for their posts, especially when they are deliberately provoked and retort albeit not nearly as nasty as the those of the lynch mobs' posts. No site can survive with only posters of one player taking over the monopoly and deliberately ganging up on fans of those players that are hated. I hope those who move on will not try to over-take those sites they've chosen to take up residence on by re-incarnating/duplicating their TT tricks and lynch-mob behavior, coz they'd be in for some shocks, e.g., serious moderation.

I stopped posting here for several weeks, on several occasions in the past due to the nastiness, and have done so throughout most of FO and Wimby , only posting sporadically. That said, I won't miss any of you.

Those who will miss this site are the ones who like to be gang-leaders and need their gang members to get their backs when they begin to lash out at those of us they hate. It was sickening. An example, ed,, raindrops ritb, nny, conspirator (with her many, many monikers who keeps nny oozing with humor) and the great expert at name calling, sanju, are some who feel they could say whatever they want and do as they please (nny's famous words) and get away with their continued flame throwers. ed, has forever been a superb instigator and ritb never shuts up (she writes a book per day) with her pretentious lies portraying herself to be something that she's not in her make-believe dreamworld of pseudoo-wealth, bwahahahaha. NNNY you won't be tolerated on any site for your instigating/disgusting behavior, which you very expertly transfer unto others = transference of guilt, drama queen and froth 'n foam expert.

And whose shoulders will poor deuce cry on whenever something happens on tennis-x? Many times deuce has unloaded on my friend on that site and has put me into the fracas she has created saying both of us are one (using her gang-style mob wars tactics she learned from this site) coupled with her many lies to blame me for fights she starts with several posters on tennis-x, especially my friend, then comes on this site and perpetuate it with nny and any who will listen to this poor wounded mouse on how very badly she's been bullied on that site, a perfect snake. Of all the posters on this site, deuce is one of the biggest fakers I've seen. She craves recogition and will do and say anything she can to discredit Fed to get in good with the nadal fan group on this site. She plays up to the Rafa fans, keeping them happy by feeding them her fake praises and does the same with the djoker fans on here and tenis-x. She's just as bad as nny, who loves the kudos and will say anything to get fans of other players on her side with her fake praises.

scoretracker , 7/8/13 7:20 AM

@conspirator, you and your willmw have been on tennis-x for quite a long time posing as DA, and some other posters. whenever I read that site I laugh at your DA self, coz you're forever getting into fights with everyone and hounding those you hate by calling them nasty names and spreading gossip. The whole crowd has been on that site and has messed it up with their Rafa gang warfarefor quite some time. So who are you attempting to fool that you only just began posting? I do't know who's worse your or ritb with the many fake monitors, especially the t-zod one where you talk like hawkeye, bwahahahha. Glad to see the posters on there don't fall for your poser-like tactics. I feel sorry for the posters on tennis-x, now they'll have to deal with you sorry bunch. too bad!

scoretracker , 7/8/13 7:29 AM

"Thanks for making this site a great place to talk all things tennis. I have enjoyed reading Chery's blogs. Great reads! I have enjoyed Ricky's predictions and Approach Shots. I feel better in a way because at least the trolls who have posted obscene filth, will no longer be able to do so. "
Nativenewyorker, 7/6/13 9:13 PM

Yeah, your friend raindrops will have to find somewhere else to squeeze out her filthy panties she love to talk about into some other cesspools and you will have to begin using both eyes and stop the pretense/facade you've been living behind, whereby you see only Fed fans to be trolls and the nasty, sick and filthy-mouthed rafa fans as angels.

I see luckystar has already moved on back to tennis-x. Good fo you mem.

scoretracker , 7/8/13 7:36 AM


Are you on facebook? I am on both twitter and facebook.

I would give you my twitter name and facebook name, but look at who crawled out for one last pathetic dig at all of us! There's one good thing about this site shutting down due to financial problems. It's that we won't have to read this dreadful troll's lies and garbage and misery! Thank goodness!

Nativenewyorker , 7/8/13 7:48 AM

Hear Hear NNY
#E venOnTheNet

deuce , 7/8/13 8:42 AM


All I can say is thank goodness that we won't have to be reading this crap anymore! I must be missing what has been going on with tennis-x. Someone sounds awfully bitter! Could it be that said someone was banned from tennis-x? Sure sounds like it to me!

Don't let anyone interfere with your enjoyment over Andy's win! I couldn't believe that my mother called me long distance tonight about Andy's win! And she isn't even a tennis fan! She knows how much I love Rafa and tennis and I did tell her that I thought this was the time for the drought to end for the Brits. Even my sister e-mailed me about it! It's everywhere!

The feel good story for sure! Keep celebrating! You waited long enough for it! You keep your head up high and don't let any haters get you down!

Nativenewyorker , 7/8/13 8:54 AM

Sorry to hear you will be going offline. Maybe you will already be when I upload this. At any rate, it was fun and entertaining to follow tennis here. This was always my favorite Tennis site.
Cheers and good luck!

grafight , 7/8/13 9:06 AM

Bye and see you somewhere else, dear fans of Rafa! I continue to support him on his Facebook page.
Congratulations to the fans of Andy Murray!

Augustina08 , 7/8/13 10:12 AM

deuce the liar and CBM will be busy making a mess of every site they visit. bwahahha, I was banned? LOL. That's news to me. I can't be banned from a site I've never posted on. Got it you sick moron. This sick moron talks without any factual proof coz all she knows is how to lie, kiss ass and make trouble. Newsflash for you, someone who is so fixated on other people's monikers and making it out to be a big deal, as though they created a huge offense enough for you to regurgitate it over and over, tells me how insignificant a mind you possess and what a piece of crap you trul are.

BTW, I was reading TX and I see you posted on the very site you and the ritb were berating a few weeks ago. Poor loser, who indeed is a waste of life. I like how you changed your moniker, but if anyone else did that, they'd be hearing about it. Good idea though, coz the reputation you have on that site makes you a laughing stock, you crazy bitch People like you and the other ass kisses will only be able to survive by sucking up to others big time, coz you are both hopeless liars who have to insert yourselves into every body's fight to be thought of significant, considering how insignificant you truly are. mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, and bwahahahha, you two sickos.

scoretracker , 7/8/13 10:52 AM

uce, lies, you say. who was ridiculing Fed some weeks ago for wagging his finger and stating nole would never do that. Nah, he only told the madrid crow to suck his ***. Perhaps one of the Fed fans you suck up to on T-X would give you a bunch of chocks for berating their man? You make me sick.

scoretracker , 7/8/13 10:57 AM

Woo hoo! One last meltdown for the road! LOL!

Good luck finding some forum that will put up with your crap! HAH!

Nativenewyorker , 7/8/13 11:00 AM

Of all the trolls that have appeared on this site, Scoretracker is the pits.

But we do have to thank her for the meltdowns which have given us endless amusement. I will never forget the Daddy of them all when she was so hilariously incoherent she claimed to know more about tennis than anyone else including Ricky because she'd played for 15 years but then changed it to 5 years.

ed251137 , 7/8/13 12:25 PM

We are still up, lol

Emiliano55 , 7/8/13 2:47 PM

The most commented blog on TT, probably the best too.
Vamos Rafa, no matter what

atul1985 , 7/8/13 3:55 PM

oophs, wrong thread

atul1985 , 7/8/13 3:58 PM

Twinge, 7/7/13 7:35 PM,

Thank you, (if you are still reading TT), same to you.
I hope you join us wherever it is we will (all or almost all of us I hope) settle. Looks like it will be Ricky's blog.

chlorostoma , 7/8/13 4:38 PM

this is sad :(

tomnjerry2 , 7/8/13 8:46 PM

A Big Thank you to everyone starting from Cheryl , Ricky , kelli and most importantly many more regulars to this site who enriched Tennis experience for last 6 years

Will miss Tennistalk a lot

See you in different Avatar soon !!

anand , 7/9/13 2:46 AM

So, are we going offline or not ?

Emiliano55 , 7/9/13 2:48 AM


nadline , 7/9/13 9:29 AM

OK chloro, I may see you people there. Got to thank Ricky and Cheryl for running this tennis forum here all these years. Its being an enjoyable experience posting here and interacting with you guys here, though lately this site becomes unbearable with all the obscene and filthy languages used by some trolls.

I've to congrat Murray and his fans here, for his historic win at this Wimbledon. What a win, to beat Nole in the final and in straight sets! Murray has proven that he's the current best player on grass, just like Fed was during 2003-2007, and Rafa was during 2008-2010. Truly great results for Murray after all the hard work. He may end this year as world no.1 if he wins the USO and the YE Championship and does well in the coming HC season. He's the current Olympics, USO and Wimbledon champion! What wonderful achievements!

luckystar , 7/9/13 4:57 PM

I think TT is bluffing.

Conspirator , 7/9/13 5:20 PM


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Fri 17/08 19:45
There is something about Roger Federer

Mon 13/08 23:05
Tennistalk is in Cincinnati again

Tue 12/06 16:21
The French Open, Nadal's personal playground

Wed 09/05 14:58
Novak Djokovic takes up skating at the Madrid ice rink

Thu 29/03 14:30
Nadal and Spain give French TV a punch in the mouth

Mon 19/03 13:56
And Roger Federer is BACK View all posts

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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