Cheryl Murray

  • Another Federer and Nadal match disappoints

    2013-05-21 15:52:13

    There is nothing quite so disappointing as unfulfilled expectation. Even if that expectation is unreasonable, even if there is only the very faintest glimmer of hope that whatever it was you wished would happen was actually going to.

    Take a blind date, for example. You try to prepare yourself for the fact that there is a very real possibility that the aged David Hasselhoff is going to show up at your door, talk about "Baywatch" all night, get really drunk and stick you with the bill at dinner.

    But there is still the potential, a small infinitesimal .0001% chance that it will be Ryan Gosling instead...hence the proliferation of blind date stories.

    And so it is with matches between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. We watch, not because we think it's actually going to be great, but because there is that razor-sharp sliver of hope that they might be able to recreate a distant cousin to the 2008 Wimbledon final...a Designer Imposter's Wimbers, if you will.

    The Rome final over-shot "not great" and landed firmly in the "painful to the point of embarrassment" bullseye. To be fair, I suppose I should point out that Nadal was definitely NOT terrible on Sunday. In fact, I would not hesitate to call one of his best performances since he's returned to the tour, particularly in the first set, where the Spaniard gave us all a reminder of what Nadal on clay can look like.

    But Nadal was only half of the story. Sometimes it is not that way. Sometimes a match won or lost is down to one player. Take, for example, Nadal's 2008 French Open final win. That singular match was the finest display of clay court prowess, perhaps in the history of the sport. It was the greatest clay courter of all time playing his greatest clay court match of all time. And there was nothing Federer could have done...nothing anyone could have done to stop Nadal on that day...because you simply cannot compete with perfection.

    Nadal wasn't perfect in the Rome final. Oh, he was pretty good...even bordering on quite good. It's just that Federer was so very, very bad that in comparison Nadal looked like Superman.

    The 6-1, 6-3 win doesn't even tell the whole story. The statistics say that Federer hit 15 winners and 32 unforced errors. Dismal to be sure. What they don't tell us is exactly how bad those unforced errors were. Maybe the ATP should introduce a new system of tallying know. Like, anything more the 3 meters out counts as 2 errors. And a bricked volley into the BOTTOM of the net counts as 3 makes viewers' eyes bleed and offends my own delicate sensibilities.

    Based on my proposed system of keeping track, it would have been more like 15 winners and 93 unforced errors. Yeah, it was really that bad.

    Now with all of that being said, Federer and Nadal fans alike would be wise not to read too much into this match. All hope is not lost for Federer. No, he hasn't been playing great tennis this clay season, but he has a long and storied history of fronting up when it really matters. And despite the fact that current crop of "youngsters" is finally showing some mettle, winning 7 best of 5 matches is a very different animal than causing a minor stir by pulling off the upset in the early rounds of a best of 3. One need only look to Grigor Dimitrov's cramping after two sets of play a couple of tournaments in a row.

    And for Nadal fans...yes he's done an impressive amount of winning. And yes, he seems to be getting better by the tournament. But he still isn't at his best and the French Open title is not a foregone conclusion. I'd wager that Rafa would agree with me on that score.

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For my money, Federer-Djokovic is the best rivalry from a tennis point of view. All other rivalries are one sided and predictable. Federer cannot beat rafa on clay. Rafa cannot beat federer indoors. Murray is a 0 on clay, cannot even beat ferrer/warinka.

These 2 are the most complete players on this side of the 2000s and most probably will end their careers as the top 2 players of this era.

novakisthebest , 5/21/13 7:30 PM

I would certainly agree that on clay, it's certainly more interesting than Nadal-Federer. Though if we're being completely honest here, Ferrer-Seppi is often more interesting than Nadal-Federer on clay.

We'll need to take a wait-and-see approach with Nole. He hasn't won enough slams to be in the discussion for greatest of era. Not to say he won't at some point, but such a discussion is premature at this point.

cherylmurray , 5/21/13 7:49 PM

I think Federer and Djokovic can beat Nadal in right-handed tennis.

All players should have to play with their right hand.

Federer wood beaten Rafa at the Australian Open if the roof was closed!

Every tennis fan knows this as a fact.

novakisthebest I agree that federer and nadal are the 2 most complete bus strange to see you say so!

restofATPisthebest , 5/21/13 8:22 PM

Fedal is too lop-sided on both clay and indoor. You can put your money rafa will win on slow hard courts like Australian Open and Miami. Federer will always win on fast hardcourts like USopen or Cincinnati or Shanghai or Paris.

Djokovic-Nadal is lop-sided on all hardcourts and clay. Nole leads 11-5. Nadal leads on clay 12-3. On grass it is 2-1, but both are far from being the best on grass of this era.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/21/13 9:52 PM

Rosol is the best grass player of the error.

Everybody knows this.

restofATPisthebest , 5/21/13 10:05 PM

Cheryl. Your last paragraph 'And for Nadal fans.' is clearly intended as areality check, no?

Nobody, but nobody in their wildest dreams - least of all Rafa - anticipated he would make 8 consecutive finals and win six of those (including 3Masters) at his comeback. So there is every reason to believe he could crown the clay season by winning an 8th trophy at RG, particularly if he maintains the level of play he reached in Rome on Sunday.

I am cautiously optimistic but this will be the first time he will play best of five over seven matches since his comeback. If he can win in straights or four sets fine. But if he is taken to five more than once or twice then it will be a severe test of his fitness, stamina and the state of his knee.


ed251137 , 5/21/13 10:34 PM

Well we KNOW what quarter Gulbis and Baby Fed will be in, don't we? Plus a few giants in desperation also.


Conspirator , 5/21/13 10:47 PM

Ed, if I had staked money on it, I would have bet on him winning Sao Paolo, Monte Carlo and barcelona so far. I'd have been so very, very wrong. :)

Indeed he's exceeded expectations, but since the form itself hasn't hit peak I say...not a foregone conclusion (not that it every really is, right?)

cherylmurray , 5/21/13 11:07 PM

Rafa wasn't "at peak" -- my guess is he & his team are saving that for RG (I swear, if I had his team behind me I'd be Queen of the Universe already) -- but he was in elegant, precise form and right where he wanted to be re: Slam prep.

As a FEDAL fan, what broke my heart were Roger's errors. I was just ... hoping that guy was not going to show up.

Anybody who supports Roger at all knows that, even in the halcyon days from 2004-7, FedError could make an appearance pretty much at any time. It's just that the combination of that guy appearing less frequently during said halcyon days and sheer unadulterated giftedness and genius of movement, and economy of motion kept us from seeing that guy most of the time.

Now of course people are going to say age has a lot to do with it ... I submit a "yes" and a "no". Because both David Ferrer and Tommy Haas are Roger's contemporaries -- AMOF, isn't Tommy actually older? -- and Ferru is playing with greater consistency, while Tommy (anybody else with me on this?) seems to be in the second wind of the form of his life.

So I don't think it's all about the advancing age -- though I do think the condition of the back might also have something to do with it, and we'll never know how much because the press doesn't hound Roger about his injuries the way they do Rafa about his.

(Since he never talks about it, does anybody know how his back is ...?)

But I reiterate it was the combination of Rafa Good-to-Great, Roger replaced by FedError that made the contrast so stark. Even Rafa in his interview commented on his surprise at the number of mistakes Roger made, so it's not like everybody didn't know he was having a bad day at the office. Everybody knew.


mara002 , 5/21/13 11:53 PM

Respectfully, there is a strong correlation between Fed-error appearances and the quality of the opponent. Unfortunately, it's been getting worse this year. Quite the contrast from last year when he played some of the best tennis in his career.


Conspirator , 5/22/13 12:03 AM

Whether it was a deliberate tactic for Rafa to not peak before RG is a moot point. But unquestioningly he kept his best to the last in Rome. We'll know next week if he has an even higher level up his sleeve.

ed251137 , 5/22/13 12:10 AM

mara002, 5/21/13 11:53 PM,

I think the difference between Fed and players like Ferrer and Haas, is the standard that he has set in this sport. If we are being honest here, neither Ferrer or Haas has ever won a slam. I am not sure, but has Ferrer won a Masters title? I know that for Haas, his injuries have severely impacted the success he might have had.

I think Fed is in a whole different class than Ferrer and Haas. They have not been able to play at the high level and get the kind of consistent results that Fed has over his career. So for Fed, his results and level of play this year have been way below par. He is also in the midst of a long title drought, having not win a title since August 2012.

It is age that is affecting Fed. There is no question about it. While Ferrer and Haas are enjoying much success, it's on a completely different level than Fed. They have never reached the lofty heights that Fed did.. The fact that they are both playing quality tennis is to be admired but they are just in a different league.

Nativenewyorker , 5/22/13 12:21 AM

I wanted to make my comments about Cheryl's blog in a separate post. I agree that this latest Rafa/Fed match was a disappointment. I think this was the worst Fed played against Rafa. Even in I/W, up to 3-3- in the first set it was a quality match. After that it seemed that Fed's back started acting up because he could barely serve. So we saw brief flashes of what might have been.

I felt that Rafa would come out and play well. He seemed to be peaking at Rome. He raised his level of play in the semis against Berdy. Rafa came out in that first set with Fed and seemed to be in the zone. He just couldn't miss. Fed seemed to unravel fairly quickly. The errors he made were the kind that you just don't see from him.

However, I am cautiously optimistic about RG at this time. I am not getting carried away. Playing in a slam is a whole other thing entirely. This will be a test for Rafa. His first slam of the year, best three out of five set matches. I think he has had the best preparation possible. He seems to be in really good form. His best form? No, not yet. But playing in a slam gives a player the chance to work himself into his best form. There is more time than in a Masters tournament. We know that when Rafa gets through the first week of a slam, he is incredibly difficult to beat.

We could see Rafa play himself into his best form. That is what I hope happens.

Nativenewyorker , 5/22/13 12:29 AM

"I am not sure, but has Ferrer won a Masters title? "

Yes. Paris, just this last year.

(We're not going to talk about what he should've won in Miami, if that's okay. *shudders*)

NNY, I don't disagree with anyone here saying that Roger has been a standard bearer for the sport. Rafa calls him "the best of the history", and who would I be to disagree with another all-time great on that point?

What I was trying to say was that I'm not sure it's *all* about age-related decline, not as much as some seem to think -- even though when one falls from such a lofty skill height the descent is going to be that much steeper.

I have a little theory about genius brain-wiring; sometimes it comes with a little attentional dark side. I've watched Roger when he's completely focused and dialed in -- he wiped Pico off the court in an hour and change at the 2011 USO 4R because he was trying to beat the rain -- and, by contrast -- well, we've all seen him do The Shank. When he's on, he is very very on -- genius does that -- but when he's not? He's ... just not. And, worse luck, the Rome 2013 final was one of those days.

Another example -- the Rome 2006 final (sooo spectacular). That, and a couple of USO semis against Nole (arg argh ARGH) were times when Roger lost the entire match, after playing brilliantly for most of it because his attention/motivation/focus just ... went away, at absolute critical points in the match.

(Not that I would have changed the outcome of the Rome 2006 final if I had it to do. What a breathtaking spectacle.)

And again -- nobody is talking about Roger's back; probably because he isn't. I did hear an underground whisper that it might have been bothering him as well during the final. Anyone with any news about how it is?

"Respectfully, there is a strong correlation between Fed-error appearances and the quality of the opponent. "

No argument here either. Absolutely none.

mara002 , 5/22/13 12:35 AM

"We could see Rafa play himself into his best form. That is what I hope happens. "

Not to speculate #antijinx but I think this is what we're seeing, yes.

mara002 , 5/22/13 12:36 AM


First, thanks for the info about Ferrer. I did think he won a Masters title, but didn't look it up. I really should remember Paris last year! Oh and I agree about not even going into Miami. Yikes!

You are one of the rare people who is a fan of both Rafa and Fed. There aren't that many of those. You haven't been posting here for a while. But it's nice to hear from someone who really likes both players. The Fedal wars do go on and on.

I think that Fed has lost some of his mental strength and concentration. Whether that comes with aging or just from playing for so long at such a high level, I don't know. It could be both.

I appreciate reading your thoughts.

Yes, anti-jinxing! That's what I qualified my comment. :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/22/13 12:45 AM

"NNY, I don't disagree with anyone here saying that Roger has been a standard bearer for the sport. Rafa calls him "the best of the history", and who would I be to disagree with another all-time great on that point?"

I guess Rafa hasn't got the memo from his deluded fans that H2H matters more than any other achievement. Rafabots, get working on it.

"(Since he never talks about it, does anybody know how his back is ...?)"

Roger/Hewitt/Haas/Roddick have always been quite mature not to transform into drama queens regarding injuries. It has always been such on the men's side before mr. kneedal started the "knee soap opera". Djokovic quickly picked up on it and handled kneedal the way he ought to be. Remember the "I am in control comment" in 2006 FO? The ankle saga before the MC was a great move by the PR team to counter kneedal's soap opera. Ofcourse Nole's injury is more genuine and I am proud that he did not run and hide after losing to Dimitrov in Madrid, like you-know-who did after losing to Rosol @ Wimbledon2012 in 2nd round, no less! LOL!

Fedkovic forever!

Fedkovic23 , 5/22/13 5:23 PM

Fedkovic 23........ and it goes on.
Its always good to analyse and comment with facts and not a biased mind, That you are not a rafa fan doesnt mean your post should always follow sooth. I think the best solution for you is for people to just generally ignore your post cos its the same thing you keep saying in diferent format and most times not objective.

NNY, spot on with your post. I think gradually Fed is coming to terms with the fact the game is gradually moving away from him. Not all players peak as they get older so we cannot beging to use Ferrer and haas as a basis for comparison to Fed. We all know what a gnuis Fed was at his prime and sometimes we see shades of it in his game. Lets not forget that only just last year he also was a GS and beat Novak comfortably and also Murray. So that also leaves to think that he has just clickd well in 2013. Lets be honest , he hasn't played his best this year.
I think its also safe to say that of the top 4, fed is the weaker link in current form (also not forgetting his age as well)
Now if you guys analyze the game properly against Nadal and also refer to comments from ATP site on Feds tactics, you would realize and see that Fed actually tried something diferent against rafa this time around. He approached the net more, was very aggresive and also more consistent on Serve. He tried so much to avoid long rallies where he know he would always come up short and can tell on his aging body as well because his game is not really built for that.
However he came up against a Nadal on a mission and playing well (Not to his best ) but very efficient and that was what put him off and lead to the errors.
rafa had an answer for everything fed threw at him and that made the difference.

We look forward to the draws for RG. Would be nice to see who gets rafa in his draws. I really do hope rafa and Djoker are on the same side so the likes of fedkovic can go into hiding..........

puto , 5/22/13 5:42 PM

Augustina08 , 5/22/13 6:12 PM


I guess Rafa hasn't got the memo from fedbot fanboys that H2H matters more than any other achievement. Fedtards, get working on it.


Conspirator , 5/22/13 6:13 PM

with all the respect for the all time major championships leader and what not (the guy has achieved more than any man in tennis) but federer is a shadow of former self and is not likely to beat top players off and on as he used to so we should get used to it as age is not kind to man
every great champion has his time and then its over it was same for ali it was same for maradonna, for pele, for zidane, for jordan, for jehangir, for schumacher and so its not different for federer either

isfand , 5/22/13 7:18 PM

Augustina08, 5/22/13 6:12 PM,

Thanks for posting that information. It's time that a few Fedbots got off their self-righteous high horse and faced reality.


I am going to try my best to ignore those posts. It is always the same thing, bias and hate galore. It's not worth acknowledging because it isn't about having an honest, reasonable and fair discussion.

Nativenewyorker , 5/22/13 9:29 PM


I don't know about "kneedal" as you call him, but Nole has come a long way since his early days when he was plagued by fitness problems. However, injuries are a bigger issue in the last decade due to the slowing down of the playing conditions to ensure longer rallies. So far Nole has avoided long lay-offs. If he can keep that for another few years, I would be very happy!

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/22/13 10:52 PM

textor , 5/23/13 2:41 PM

@5:42PM,, 5/22/13. "Fedkovic 23........ and it goes on.
Its always good to analyse and comment with facts and not a biased mind, That you are not a rafa fan doesnt mean your post should always follow sooth. I think the best solution for you is for people to just generally ignore your post cos its the same thing you keep saying in diferent format and most times not objective."
How about you applying your sermon to your fellow rafa fans before preaching to Fedkovic as to how he should conduct himself with respect to your god, rafa?

I take it you're new to this site, coz I've not seen any posts authored by you. FYI, What Fedkovic is doing is only following suit and the pattern/style of nearly all of the Nadal fans on this site. These posts , osts keep repeating/regurgitating the same nonsensical jargon on a daily basis. It's easy for you and other Nadal fans to preach to Fed fans what they can and/or cannot say, coz the MO is usually the same, viz., one of your ilk will condemn Fed for the most ridiculous stuff, but when one Fed fan responds, then it becomes preaching time, and everybody and his/her brother/sister joins in the fray.
@ puto,
I am going to try my best to ignore those posts. It is always the same thing, bias and hate galore. It's not worth acknowledging because it isn't about having an honest, reasonable and fair discussion.
Nativenewyorker , 5/22/13 9:29 PM "

LOL, if I were to put aside $1.00 for every time you?ve been given such advice and your resolve to follow same, I'd have quite a stash of $1.00 bills put away by now. Let's see how long adherence to follow such instructions will last. Possibly for a few hours or now that I've mentioned it maybe a day, but it would take a miracle for you to stop yapping about any and all things you?ve either deliberately fabricated , misinterpreted and/or unable to thoroughly grasp. Anyway, we'll see, won?t we?

scoretracker , 5/24/13 2:02 AM

For ts38, something nice on your fave, Andy Roddick, he's absolutely perfect for this spot. I so happy for him!! ick-fox-sports-live-host/?xid=ob_siwriters

scoretracker , 5/24/13 2:07 AM

Yeah thanks I saw that. Certainly will make it much more entertaining. Though I'm curious to see how he'll perform after calling sports commenting the easiest job on the planet.

ts38 , 5/24/13 5:30 AM

Wow Augustina, Federer pulled out of 2 nothing tournaments in 3 years while playing through an admitted minor injury in 3 in the past 4!!! What a loser!
Seriously, if you are such a Nadfan why spend so much time digging up dirt on Federer? YOU MUST ALL BE CLOSET FEDFANS! I KNEW IT!

ts38 , 5/24/13 5:36 AM

scoretracker, I am surprised you are supporting Fedkovic. He doesn't know anything about tennis but seems to revel in insulting Rafa and Rafans. He is obsessed with Rafa's butt. He often posts insulting comments without any respect for facts eg, attacking Rafafans for not writing about WTA ( this site is about men's tennis), claiming Rafa wept like a pansy when he suffered cramps at a press conference ( Rafa did not weep). Whereas it was Fed who wept like a pansy at AO '09 and Djokoic who wept like a pansy at a press conference after allegedly twisting his ankle in Davis Cup play.
Your support of this troll does not do you credit.
You can attack Rafa fans if they do something wrong but how can you support a Fed troll who doesn't even make one sensible post about tennis?
Although I don't agree with most of your posts but I respect you and feel you are a good addition to this site because you know tennis. I feel the same way about chr18.
The same cannot be said about Fedkovic.

holdserve , 5/24/13 5:40 AM

@ puto,
I am going to try my best to ignore those posts. It is always the same thing, bias and hate galore. It's not worth acknowledging because it isn't about having an honest, reasonable and fair discussion.
Nativenewyorker , 5/22/13 9:29 PM "

Some people really need serious help with their reading comprehension. Tsk, tsk! Notice the words "try my best"! They mean exactly what they say. Is there some reason why they should be misinterpreted or distorted or twisted to mean something that they do not?

Yap, yap, yap! But when you're wrong, then you're wrong! LOL!

Oh and I do try my best but unfortunately it is not always possible to make it happen especially when the chief instigator is up to no good.

Nativenewyorker , 5/24/13 5:43 AM

The viper is laying in wait to attack.

ed251137 , 5/24/13 9:10 AM

Mistype: The viper is lying in wait.

ed251137 , 5/24/13 9:12 AM


Don't bother with the rafabots. They are deluded and have their heads buried in sand. They wouldn't really be hiding here like the trolls they are if they have anything meaningful to say. You can see their therapy sessions where they try to brainwash themselves into thinking rafa is the greatest player walking around when the reality is that the poor chap has spent majority of his tennis life being the no.2 player in the world - 1st to Federer and then Djokovic. Another of their brainwashing topics - French Open is the greatest tennis tournament in the world. Not Wimbledon. LOL!

@ts38 - you can't blame them for clutching at straws! Federer has never ever retired from a professional tennis match. I cannot think of another tennis player with 1000+ matches who has such an immaculate record. As was mentioned, Federer and his generation [Roddick/Hewitt/Safin] and the generations before were thorough professionals with injuries and never turned the tour into drama queen territory like the WTA! I hope Djokovic follows suit, but sometimes kneedal and his team need to be responded in a language they understand.

Great on Andy. He is the GOAT of witty tennis players for sure. His press conferences were terrific!

Fedkovic23 , 5/24/13 11:45 AM


Conspirator , 5/24/13 1:05 PM

FedkovicIQ ... are you naturally so stupid or were you practicing for years? LOL...
Another delusional ExFed fan :)

zare , 5/24/13 1:47 PM

zare, 5/24/13 1:47 PM

so true...:)

natashao , 5/24/13 2:34 PM

@5:43AM, "try your best', is the same as making a resolve to do something. How about looking in your dictionary before making such stupid statements? And, we all know who are the chief instigators,(the select flame-throwers) who go after the Fed fans. The group consists of you and ed as co-chiefs, (each jockeying for the the top position) and head trolls, followed by your sidekicks who desperately need some attention, the HS D/O, whose only tennis-related contribution to anything a Fed fan says is "10-20, PDFTT (PDFTT is she talking about herself) and a few others who feel they need to jump into the fray coz they are *friends*, except they do so underhandedly, in an effort to gan some much needed recognition. The dominant trio consist of: nnyapper, b*ed*wetter, an consti*crapper*. You bunch are fully cognizant that whenever you start your garbage (NNyappper was sad coz no one got her back during her last fiasco a few weeks ago) and nonsensical rants, your side-kicks will back you up. It's laughable how very low-keyed the trio becomes if one member is missing.

@ed, you've just put everyone on on alert mode that you, the *viper* is lying low, but not entirely true, coz you've begun hissing, (fangs are ready and waiting) and re about to fully uncoil, to dabble in the minutia you enjoy.

You bunch have got zero life and are on this site 24 hours per day. It's as though you have your computers set to alert mode whenever someone you hate writes a comments. Get a life trolls.

scoretracker , 5/24/13 6:48 PM

@holdserve: I don't think you see the whole picture and why you think I support fedkovic. Please get this clear, i don't support everything he says, but I have empathy for him coz I've been in the same postion and still am, of having to defend Fed against several moronic attacks from some nadal trolls whose express intention is to infuriate Fed fans, but do not contribute to the actual tennis discussions. Many times the topics of the threads are thrown by the wayside and the fan wars take over.

I believe that when Fedkovic initially began posting on this site, (maybe the reason he joined) he was placed in a position of defending Fed due to constipator's and some other nadal trolls ridiculing of Fed for stupid, uncalled for stuff, to which he replied by writing some comments pertaining Nadal's many idiosyncracies, and to to which umbrage was taken by some of the nadal trolls. To me, it's only fair and the reaction is valid. It's the usual scenario of : You beat up on my guy, so I'll beat up on yours. I'm just surmising here, but I'm sure by now Fedkovic has come to realize that conspirator's idiocy is best left ignored, coz I don't see him paying any attention to her nonsensical garbage posts by connie and her other selves, willmw/hawkeye, jean and some others. Fedkovic's responses are no different from those Nadal trolls who repeatedly slag Fed. The only difference is that he's one and there's a hoarde of Nadal trolls he has to deal with they come from all angles. Speaking for myself, being in the same position, it's an exercise in futility to even try to speak sense to these trolls, who are convinced that they are legitimate posters who contribute to intelligent tennis discussions.

I think a lot of the posts on this thread bear witness to what I'm saying and which give rise to Fedkovic's responses.

Hope this answers your questions and thanks for the props.

scoretracker , 5/24/13 7:23 PM

WARNING: the post:

scrotracker, 5/24/13 6:48 PM
scrotracker, 5/24/13 7:23 PM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 5/24/13 7:27 PM

Talking about troll computer alert, well @ 7:27PM., (just 4 minutes after my post at 7:23PM) it has arrived and bears testament to this fact that it's a TROLL. Need I say more? ON CUE, the other trolls, e.g., the viper and yapper will be appear ing to extol the the 7:27PM's troll's virtues, e.g., "your humor gets us through the bad times and helps us to deal with our sorrow. bwahahahah.aGet a life trolls.

scoretracker , 5/24/13 7:47 PM

WARNING: the post:

scrotracker, 5/24/13 7:47 PM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 5/24/13 8:01 PM

Scoretracker... For a God's sake, go get a girl!

zare , 5/24/13 8:37 PM

Good grief. Give it a rest, will you all?

cherylmurray , 5/24/13 8:49 PM

zare, I have one, but I'm thinking you desperately need one yourself. Is that all you can come up with? Do I tell you anything about your fights with willmw or anyone else? I keep out of your tantrums, even the times you bark at Fed and find it necessary to bring up his remarks to the crowd or other players. However, now you can't do that anymore coz your Djoker guy did even worse, not once but many times over the past year.

BTW, who was it that was complaining when the Nadal fans were jumping all over the Djoker coz he beat their guy at MC? YOU. Do you remember your comments at that time? Let me refresh your memory in part, "you were eagerly looking forward to nadal's return, blah, blah, but ater all the nasty comments you're reading, but you'll remember the anti-joker comments from them in the future.

I found it strange that you kept your lips sewn up when there was so much talk and posts condemning the Djoker for his cursing and behavior at Madrid, when he got hs ass beaten (the world No.1) by a low ranked player like Dimi. Nor did you even attempt to defend all the negativity surrounding his ankle.

I don't get on your case for anything you write, and leave you alone when you're ranting, but now I suppose you want to mend fences with the nadal trolls for your remarks (I mentioned above) you're jumping on their bandwagon and trying to make a good case of redeeming yourself by picking on Fedkovic and now me? Do you actually believe that they wish Djoker well? Grow a brain and stop with the hypocrisy, you're exceedingly transparent. I get what you're doing. You're just like the other non-nadal fans who know that the only way they can survive on this site is to praise Nadal, and defend his fans, for their every wrong, and then go onto other sites and do vice versa. I get thoroughly get it, and feel sad for you that you've put yourself in such a position. Poor thing, you are so desperate that you'll compromise your integrity for some attention. I'm pretty sure that the nadal fans have seen through your act and are hip to your poor attempts to ingratiate yourself with them. Get a life, try being true to yourself, and stop sucking up to the trolls coz they'll turn on you in a nano-second.

scoretracker , 5/24/13 9:17 PM

@Ms. Murray, I did not see your post @8:49PM, until after I posted mine.

while you're here, how about doing something with respect to the spamming by conspirator @7:27PM and 8:01PM, along with hashtags PDFFTT and 10-20 , Fed/Nadal's H2H. This is done on every thread after posts written by Fed fans, which seems to keep her friends happy. Just imagine if a Fed fan were to write such spam posts after every nadal fans' posts, the threads would light up like a Christmas tree. The abuse is over the top

scoretracker , 5/24/13 9:29 PM


Conspirator , 5/25/13 3:00 AM

@MsMurray, IP, I didn't see your post until after I finished laughing at scrottracker's meltdown. While you're here, can you do something about his blatant hypocrisy?


Conspirator , 5/25/13 3:07 AM


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