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  • Professor Federer teaches us a thing or two

    2013-03-19 21:01:33

    I don’t normally post more than a blog entry per week. In fact, during the off-season (in other words, post-US Open) I am lucky to get one blog in per month. This is due in large part to a lack of relevant material from which to draw. Not that I’m above such things, but I doubt anyone would be interested in hearing (er…reading) me wax lyrical about the impending wardrobe choices for the Australian Open and whether or not the All-England Club plans to raise the price of their strawberries and cream.

    And yet here sit I, in front of my laptop, clicking away on my second blog entry in as many days. Honestly, a vast majority of this post was already written prior to Sunday’s final…but with the keen intuition only a seasoned journalist possesses, I determined that my musings on the PR savvy of Roger Federer might be of slightly less importance than a piece on the most electric return in tennis history.

    Fortunately (for me…maybe not for you), this is my blog and I am at liberty to post as often as I’d like. I am aware, of course, that this entry will generate a certain number of complaints and insults. Djokovic and Murray fans will complain, not without cause, that I don’t write about them often enough. Federer fans will accuse me of trying to appease them and Nadal fans won’t care at all, as they are likely still basking in the afterglow of his win.

    But that’s okay. I’ve a thick skin.

    So with all of that said, I would like to point out that nobody in all of tennis, with the exception of retired Lothario Marat Safin, has ever handled the press as well as Roger Federer.

    This occurred to me as I watched him field questions after his quarterfinal loss to Rafael Nadal on Thursday.

    Federer tweaked his back in his round of 16 match against Stanislas Wawrinka. Not enough to cause him to retire, but enough that he wasn’t moving well against Nadal, and he paid the price, taking a straight-sets beatdown at the hands of the Spaniard.

    The first question from the press corps concerned the state of his back and whether he thought it affected the outcome of the match. Pardon the colloquialism, but duh. You can’t move properly against Rafael Nadal? You can bet your pretty tennis whites it’s going to affect the outcome of the match. If nothing else, the match would likely have been at least a bit more competitive.

    But whether or not it would have CHANGED the result, I don’t think anyone can possibly answer…and obviously neither did Roger. He said, “that's a problem for me to have, but not for me to talk about too much because I don't like to undermine his performance, either.”

    Now, understand something. Mr. Federer is not one to be falsely modest or to dole out credit where it isn’t due. Once, years ago, he was defeated by a young and mostly inexperienced Andy Murray. He responded to questions after that match with strictures on the Scot’s tendencies to get too passive and claimed that Murray’s game hadn’t progressed at all since they’d last played.

    The general consensus at the time was that the reaction was just sour grapes after a disappointing loss. Don’t get me wrong – I am almost 100% certain that Roger was not thrilled about having lost that match. At the time (and maybe still, though I haven’t had this verified in a while), there was no love lost between Federer and Murray.

    Oh, it wasn’t outright hatred of the sort that Connors and McEnroe harbored for each other in the early 80s. But there was a low-level dislike there that can’t have made the win easy to take, thus the conclusion that it was just sour grapes.

    As it turns out though, Federer was right. Murray did have a tendency to get passive sometimes. It was a tendency that cost him many matches, a tendency that he has had to fight hard against with the help of Ivan Lendl. Did it rankle Murray? Surely. Was it the truth? Absolutely.

    And that has characterized Federer’s public persona for much of his career. Unlike most players, he feels comfortable enough to speak his mind, even when it sounds churlish.

    When he is asked about Nadal’s comeback and says, “I expected him to tear through the clay. I expected him to be tough here, which he shows to be” it isn’t because he is trying to diminish Nadal’s comeback efforts, it’s because he knows that, after 7 months, there is no way the Spaniard would have come back if he didn’t feel like he was in a position to win.

    This is a stark contrast to the way Nadal handles public relations. Rafa is always cautious concerning his chances and his health. In fact that Spaniard borders (and sometimes crosses over into) paranoia. It’s a characteristic that has often produced eye-rolling in pundits and commentators. But it is no less honest than Federer’s candor.

    Nadal has been given every reason to fear injury…he’s had so very many to deal with. You have to think that the poor guy is wondering when one is going to be bad enough to force him into retirement…or when a lay-off is going to be so long, that he will be unable to claw his way back to the top.

    That Federer has more confidence in Nadal’s knees and prospects than Nadal himself does is hardly a surprise. Rafa honestly seems to think that there is a possibility he might jinx himself if he appears too confident. And Federer has been on the receiving end of Rafa’s…prospects too often not to respect them or point them out when asked.

    I heard one of the American television commentators marveling that Federer wasn’t willing to talk about his injury. This is not accurate. He actually did talk about it, after he beat Wawrinka. What he wasn’t willing to do was blame his loss to Nadal on it.

    And I have to tell you, I can’t help but respect that. Few people would use the word “humble” to describe Roger Federer. He knows what he’s capable of, he knows what he’s accomplished might never be duplicated again. But he also seems to be dedicated to accuracy.

    If Nadal had played poorly on Thursday, I suspect Federer’s answer to the injury question would have been different. But he answered as honestly as he could…and that’s refreshing no matter which way you slice it.

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I prefer brutal honesty as opposed to well-rehearsed fabricated humility. To each his own I guess.

chr18 , 3/19/13 10:56 PM

Aiming for balance I see ;-)

ed251137 , 3/19/13 10:58 PM

Ed -

Lol. I really did have half of this written before rafa won IW. :)

Chr-- the thing is that I don't think it's manufactured. I honestly think it's legit.

cherylmurray , 3/20/13 12:38 AM

Yes, this is about having some balance. I don't have a problem with it. In fact, it's one of the reasons why I choose to post here. I like the fact that Cheryl and Ricky have equal respect for both Rafa and Fed.

I may not necessarily agree with Cheryl's take that Fed is always honest in his comments. But that's not my point. Even in this blog, Cheryl spoke about how differently Rafa handles public relations. However, unlike a Pete Bodo, Cheryl understands why Rafa says what he does and plays down his chances. He is being true to himself! It's not fabricated humility! He doesn't like to jinx himself. I also think that Rafa tries to play down his chances to take the pressure off himself.

I don't think that either player's method of handling pr is better or more right or whatever than the other. It's who they are. Fed and Rafa have contrasting styles on and off the court.

Nativenewyorker , 3/20/13 12:40 AM

"I don't think that either player's method of handling pr is better or more right or whatever than the other. It's who they are. Fed and Rafa have contrasting styles on and off the court. "

That is absolutely correct. The way both of these guys handle the media and such is like night and day... and it's a style that has worked for the both of them.

As the years have gone by, it would appear that Fed has invested more and more into PR management. I liken him to someone like Sharapova in the sense that both are constantly pursuing business ventures knowing that tennis is merely a pit stop with a short window.

His thought pattern and behaviour is eerily similar to many other sporting champs in that as he has risen to the top, he's become much more calculated/methodical both in competition and out of competition.

aegis , 3/20/13 1:56 AM

That's one thing I always loved about A-Rod. He'd have no patience for loaded press questions and flat out say if I'm playing, I'm healthy. There's nothing to talk about.

ts38 , 3/20/13 2:19 AM

^^^ he had no patience for press questions of any sort. I always went to his pressers when I could. :)

cherylmurray , 3/20/13 2:35 AM

Professor Federer?

samprallica , 3/20/13 2:46 AM

^^ Yep. He shows how handing the press is done. Like I said...nobody else does it as well as he does.

cherylmurray , 3/20/13 2:54 AM

I thought Roddick was the most entertaining and intelligent of the players on tour. He was brutally honest. when asked what happenend in a mtch he lost, his reply would be "I lost"... end of.

Fed is by far the more intelligent, honest and widely read/knowledgeable of the two. They are like night and day. Nadal hides under his no-comprende for the English language personna.

scoretracker , 3/20/13 3:16 AM

I agree with Cheryl, that Rafa's humility is legit. Rafa always approaches his matches thinking that he has to do his best in order to win, if not he may lose, and that's why we see his nervousness at the start of each match. It's always after a few game that Rafa is then able to steady himself and calm down his nerve, and that's why if he were to serve first in a match, he tends to make more errors in his first service game.

Rafa has been saying the same thing over and over again, that he may lose if he doesn't play well..., and if you ask him a hundred times, he'll still tell you the same thing. This is something he believes and so he'll give you the same answer always. If anything, Rafa is one special person, that he's able to be honest with himself and assesses any situation with brutal honesty.

Fed I think if he's in good mood he's diplomatic; when he's in bad mood, he'll tell people off during his press conferences, like he did in 2008 after losing Wimbledon to Rafa, when some journalists asked some 'stupid' questions. Remember the question about the fairy? I have to agree that he's honest in his assessment of his opponents performances and that's why I like listening to his assessment about them.

luckystar , 3/20/13 3:29 AM

There really isn't much to do when handling the press. They are the most predictable people ever.

samprallica , 3/20/13 4:51 AM

Nice blog Cheryl.
That's what I like about Fed. He just speaks what he feels like. And yes, his assessment of the opponents are really good too.

abhirf , 3/20/13 5:56 AM

It's not cool to be arrogant or fabricate honesty.

jean , 3/20/13 8:27 AM

Too often the adjective 'arrogant' is used in the pejorative sense implying an exaggerated sense of self-importance. But it also means to be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Federer has every reason to be proud of his prowess on the tennis court and his contribution to the rise in interest in tennis world-wide. Sure, at first he did not take kindly to being joined in the limelight by a young teenager circa 2005 but he was astute enough to realise the value of the Fedal rivalry as it unfolded.

ed251137 , 3/20/13 9:16 AM

Federer should retire and dominate the seniors' tour.

nadline , 3/20/13 10:38 AM

I don't agree with aegis that Federer's candour is PR management. It's who he is, some people are just blunt by nature. This is not a criticism of Federer, it's just an acknowledgement that I finally understood Federer recently, when he was asked about Rafa's comeback, and he said 'Look, he is Rafael Nadal, you should expect him to win any tournament he enters.' That's what he truly believes.

Obviously, he is human and he would try and present a loss in the best possible light.

Rafa is more circumspect and tries not to hurt the feelings of others or not appear too cocksure or arrogant. Rafa simply doesn't like to talk up his chances. People criticised him for going into the Acapulco final saying Ferrer was the favourite but I don't think even Rafa expected to come away with a 60 62 victory. In fact lots of people didn't expect Rafa to win that match.

nadline , 3/20/13 10:58 AM

You know, I think Rafa handles the press very well.

I think when people say Rafa always downplays his chances, I think its unfair. Rafa has always felt that he should never underestimate his opponents. Case in point, Wimbledon 2012, second round.....Rosol!......and all the other inexplicable losses Rafa has had in his career! As much as Rafa is good, and indeed Rafa knows he is GOOD, he also knows that he can lose against ANYONE on ANY given day...........and he has experienced it first hand.

Upon returning after his layoff, there is no doubt that Rafa needed to be cautious about his chances. Many of his fans and his detractors were even more so! So why then should we turn around and say that he should not have felt Ferrer was the fav knowing full well that if Rafa had said anything to the contrary what the backlash would have been?!!! Hypocrisy much!!!

At the end of the day no one knows for sure the outcome of a game unless the last ball is bowled, regardless of H2H, form, etc. Why must we expect Rafa to?!!

What can I say, its another example of people nit picking at Rafa at every turn!

Monalysa , 3/20/13 2:19 PM

"that's a problem for me to have, but not for me to talk about too much because I don't like to undermine his performance, either.?

By saying his injury is a problem for him he IS talking about it and he IS undermining Rafa's performance. LOL


Conspirator , 3/20/13 4:30 PM

@ nadline

I agree somewhat with your assertion that it's his personality (he is from a neutral state, Switzerland after all). Your surroundings and environment most definitely contribute to your view of the world and your place in it. However, it's hard to deny that Fed is all about proper PR management and presenting himself as well, Roger Federer (RF), grand slam winner/legend.

It is a persona, I suppose, that he has built upon, you know in raising the "RF" brand similar to that of the Tiger Woods brand (but we all know how THAT turned out...). I stand by my opinion that he is... a very calculated man and every move/thought he makes is accounted for.

aegis , 3/20/13 5:07 PM

^^^Fed tries to live up to the image that's been created for him. It's easy for him to promote his brand because he's got the majority of the tennis intelligentsia actively helping him in that department. Djokovic is trying without much success to promote himself and Rafa doesn't need to, he just has to be Rafa.............he oozes charisma.

nadline , 3/20/13 5:37 PM

^^^ well, if Fed hadnt been that charismatic in the 1st place, I dont think he would have had the fan following that he has now.

abhirf , 3/20/13 5:41 PM

Wow.. some real double standards being maintained here again.. If Fed speaks what he feels, he is fabricating honesty and what the others speak out in the press they are really honest about it.. Strange no.

abhirf , 3/20/13 5:56 PM

Can we all just agree that the gold man bag was a PR #fail?


Conspirator , 3/20/13 6:01 PM

Fed is intelligent, thoughtful, calculated, experienced and self-centered (fully deserved, of course!) person...he does not need to elaborate much to make the statement...and he is such a good preacher that he can fool anybody...including our dear Cheryl here...I wish Rafa was the same...I sometimes get very annoyed with Rafa's honesty about his health, and it irritates me when he pays too much respect to his opponents...I live for the day when Rafa will simply say: "I was a better player today. Period." without elaborating on how his opponent must have been tired, or not 100%, or nervous, or not focused, or hungry...or whatever...:)
So, I happen to agree with the post of Conspirator, 3/20/13 4:30 PM! Fed made one simple statement that said it all...and soon after he became a HERO. Way to go genious!
Don't get me wrong though, I like and respect Fed and I don't disapprove his approach...on the contrary, I find it ingenious and brilliant way to handle the press. So yes, he is THE PROFESSOR of the PR Universe, that much I must agree...

natashao , 3/20/13 6:11 PM

abhirf , 3/20/13 5:56 PM

You can thank crap18 for that one! He's been banging on for years about how honest Fed is and that's batter than Rafa's fake modesty but when Rafa recently mentioned that Fed looked unfortable in their recent clash and couldn't move properly, crap18 accused Rafa of accusing Fed of tanking the match. That's NOT double standards of course!

Most - not all - but most Fed fans are downright ugly people who will twist a situation to suit their tainted view if Sir Smugalot.

jean , 3/21/13 11:02 AM

*uncomfortable (in their recent clash..)

jean , 3/21/13 11:05 AM

I have just come across this quote from Rafa's post match interview after beating Federer.

'Nadal refused to recognise his 19-10 record against Federer as proof that he is the better player. "If I think that I am better than him because I beat him 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant," he said. "This is not the case."

Some might say it is disingenuous but I believe he genuinely feels that to be true. He is aknowledging he has found a way to beat Federer but it doesn't necessarily mean he is the better player.

ed251137 , 3/21/13 10:19 PM


I remember reading that quote from Rafa's post match interview. He's not being fake or phony. This is how he sees it. He has always given Fed respect for his achievements in tennis. That's another reason why I appreciate Rafa. He feels comfortable enough in his own skin that he can compliment his rival and give him his due.

Nativenewyorker , 3/22/13 3:38 AM

Most - not all - but most Fed fans are downright ugly people who will twist a situation to suit their tainted view if Sir Smugalot.

jean, 3/21/13 11:02 AM
Fed fans are so very bad and ugly. I'm moved to tears. I suppose that calling chr18 "crap18" which is done by many nadal fans, is being beautiful??? think again, it's being downright juvenile. I'm referred to as Scrotetracker (which is referring to a part of my male anatomy in disguise) she, and many other lovely names by your beautiful nadal cohorts. Oh well, I don't blame you for your delusions of grandeur. It goes with the territory.

scoretracker , 3/22/13 3:58 AM

"it's being downright juvenile"

So are your stupid long-winded rants all over the threads which are taking up valuable space. Go do your childish complaining somewhere else where people might actually care about your existence! Got it, scrote?

jean , 3/22/13 12:33 PM

Try to keep your randiness off of this thread as a courtesy to others.

chr18 , 3/22/13 12:51 PM

Try to keep yourself off of this thread as a courtesy to others.

jean , 3/22/13 1:00 PM

Got scrote? Obviously in dire need lol.

chr18 , 3/22/13 1:19 PM

Scrote and crap obviously in dire need of each other lol!

jean , 3/22/13 2:07 PM

Why do I get the feeling this is the only interaction you get with males? Other than your Nadal poster maybe.

chr18 , 3/22/13 5:43 PM

Hmm...might be because you judge others by your own standards.

jean , 3/22/13 6:01 PM

jean, do you know anything about tennis the sport? I ask this coz I've yet to see one comment from you on the sport. All you do is hurl insults at the male posters. Are you so lonely and desperate for male interaction? I would suggest that you join the lonely hearts club, coz you're not going to find it here. I hope for you that the lightbulb is turned on very soon.

scoretracker , 3/22/13 6:23 PM

scoretracker you have shown that you know very very little about tennis and all you do is hurl insults at everyone else on this forum. Get off your high horse.

willmw101 , 3/23/13 3:17 PM

WARNING: the post(s):

scrottracker, 3/22/13 6:23 PM

is (are) trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 3/23/13 4:39 PM

Ms. Murray the above post from conspirator is on every thread, several times. it's plain and simple harassment and spamming.

scoretracker , 3/23/13 5:22 PM

scrottracker, your posts are harrassment and spamming.


Conspirator , 3/23/13 5:54 PM

"'Nadal refused to recognise his 19-10 record against Federer as proof that he is the better player. "If I think that I am better than him because I beat him 19 against 10, I will be very stupid and very arrogant," he said. "This is not the case.""

H2H's are really so misleading... Stopped looking into them a long time ago. They do not tell the whole story at all... Yes Fed has a losing H2H vs Rafa, but how many of those matches were close, nail-biting encounters? Many of them... and the match could have gone the other way, easily.

It's not as simple as saying H2H = 6-0,6-0 blow outs... Take a look at each match score, the sets, the surface, the venue, etc.

aegis , 3/23/13 6:27 PM

It is a subjective formula with many variables.

The last variable that tipped the scale for me on top of all his other accomplishments was Rafa coming back so quickly after being out for so long and winning his first hc tournament on his least favoured surface having not played on it for a year in today's level of competition. Are you kidding me? Simply unheard of. He continues to exceed expectations.


Conspirator , 3/23/13 7:01 PM

^^Spot on, @Conspirator.

This is why rabid Fedfans have now introduced a new variable to set Fed apart in his GOAT-dom: his longevity and the fact that he hardly gets injured!

They are not stupid, these Fedfans. They did smell the coffee as you described it: Rafa coming from a 7-month injury sabbatical, a year off hard courts and winning a Masters 1000 shield, on hard court, in a fully loaded field. They know what that means......

Now, all Rafa has to do is twist the knife by winning his 8th FO..........there will be pandemonium.

rafaisthebest , 3/23/13 7:09 PM

Anyone who says the H2H does not matter is seriously deluded. The true reflection of it's weight is the vitriol Fedfans reserve for Rafa. If it wasn't important, why would they hate him so?

rafaisthebest , 3/23/13 7:16 PM

aegis, 3/23/13 6:27 PM,

Trying to say that Rafa's wins over Fed were close, so the h2h really isn't as lopsided, is one of the more absurd attempts I have seen to try and somehow diminish Rafa's winning record against Fed.

A win is a win is a win! It's not about being close or lopsided. But I understand why Fed fans are still trying to find a way to rationalize this particular stat. It's damaging to their idea of Fed as GOAT! As it should be!

Considering that no one was able to beat Fed when he was in his prime and dominating, I think Rafa's dominance in the h2h is even more impressive. He had to contend with Fed at a time when no one else could beat him.

Nativenewyorker , 3/23/13 8:06 PM

During Nole's incredible winning streak in 2011, he beat 13 consecutive top 10 match-ups.

With his win over Delpo at IW, Rafa has also beat 13 consecutive top 10 opponents and his streak should continue heading into clay!


Conspirator , 3/23/13 8:18 PM

If he beats his next top 10 opponent, this will be unprecedented in the current level of competition!


Conspirator , 3/23/13 8:28 PM

@ Nativenewyorker

Where was I diminishing Rafa's H2H vs Fed? I made a general statement, so no need to get your panties in a bunch. Yes he has a winning record vs Fed. And your point? Fed also has 17 GS to his name.

So it should not matter that Fed won his 17 GS during a "weak era". A win is a win, right?

aegis , 3/23/13 8:32 PM


Take your own advice! Also please refrain from condescending comments about me getting my panties in a bunch!

If you want to express your opinions, then expect people to have their own. It's not complicated. I simply disagree with your idea that the matches being close, somehow means that Rafa's advantage in his h2h with Fed isn't what it appears to be.

So please calm down! Chill out!

Nativenewyorker , 3/24/13 3:39 AM

Scrote went crying to the teachers at 5:22 PM to complain about conspirator lol. I remember a certain tennis player who cries a lot when he doesn't get a trophy or throws water bottles at ball kids in a fit of temper when he's beaten or when things don't go his way. Birds of a feather...

jean , 3/24/13 3:51 AM

^^^ sounds like Muzz! Lol!

abhirf , 3/24/13 9:39 AM

Yes, Andy's cried a couple of times, so what? But as for "throwing water bottles at ball kids in a fit of temper when he's beaten or when things don't go his way."
Chapter and verse please.

deuce , 3/24/13 9:46 AM

^^ I dont have anything negative to hold against Muzz, deucey! Was just trying to have some fun. So just chill out!

abhirf , 3/24/13 10:10 AM

So like a Fed fan to try to have fun based on delusions.

holdserve , 3/24/13 2:35 PM

That's unfair holdserve. abhirf was just teasing. He maybe a Fedfan but he is never spiteful about other players or to posters.

ed251137 , 3/24/13 4:35 PM

^^ relax @ed.
holdserve will never leave an opportunity to have a dig at Fed and Fed fans. We are used to her now. Her posts doesnt really bother us much. I just try to have fun with her too.. :)

abhirf , 3/24/13 5:11 PM

Yeah, I guess you guys have realized no point in disputing facts like the sun rises in the East or that Fed fans are delusional.

holdserve , 3/24/13 5:34 PM

Holdserve is what Holdserve warns us about.

xrf , 3/24/13 5:49 PM

textor , 3/25/13 2:38 AM

Nice one textor. Will add that to my list of memorable quotes.

ed251137 , 3/25/13 8:08 AM

Any offers, Professor chr19-10? /tierfiguren/lindt-goldhase-handsigniert-von-roger-federer/v/an7062826 76/?ABTestedFeatureKey=59

rafaisthebest , 3/27/13 7:31 PM

Paging Johan Lindt-all, please can you tell us why:

1. Roger Federer is practicing on "clay" in a sweater-vest?
2. He is practicing on sand? Has Tiriac promised him a sand surface in Madrid? rer-confirms-about-playing-at-swiss-indoors-basel-2013-in-an-exclusive -interview-to-rene-stauffer/

rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 2:42 PM

Why does it not come as any surprise to hear Federer has had a change of heart and will now be rocking up at Monte Carlo?

ed251137 , 4/10/13 7:38 PM

I wish 'professor federer would teach us a thing or two' about retirement!
And that's my 2 cents on the matter bitches!

Twinge , 4/10/13 7:59 PM

@Twinge, speaking for myself, I do not find your use of the word "bitches" funny, especially coming after my comment and that of ed251137, sounds like it is directed at us. Sorry, I find it offensive.

rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 9:29 PM

You come from a relatively impoverished society and you can't work out that my use of bitches is not done humorously?
Sorry I think you are lying out of your miserable fat ass on this one
Or you have no sense of humour, possible as you have certainly not exhibited anything like one ithat i have seen in nearly 2 years of posting on this little site.
Oh we'll, you are welcome to be offended as I am welcomed to tell you to go f**k yourself!
There you go a parity may have been reached a father all.
Ps I am a big fan of ed, much less of a bore like you

Twinge , 4/10/13 10:00 PM

^^right on cue, frothing insults, nothing new here..............

Thank goodness you are not a fan of me, there's a relief.

rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 10:22 PM can't be too careful about the quality of their fanbase!


rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 10:26 PM

ed251137 , 4/10/13 7:38 PM

There is a wild card waiting for Fed at MC, he has yet to confirm he is taking it up.

rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 10:31 PM

^^^Is this bitch going after me while having conversations with herself?!?
Too bad she hasn't even learned the basics
Oh we'll, she will learn the the end

Twinge , 4/10/13 10:52 PM

ritb: I read it earlier today on that other site. It sounded as though it were a fait accompli.


ed251137 , 4/10/13 11:03 PM

Paranoia, defined as:

" a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. (e.g. "Everyone is out to get me.") Making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia."

Recent research has indicated that sufferers can be prone to tourette's syndrome.

rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 11:04 PM

This is the first I am hearing about Fed playing in MC. I didn't realize that there was a wild card waiting for him.

This will make things even more interesting.

Nativenewyorker , 4/10/13 11:14 PM

MC has always kept a wild card on the ready for Fed, nny. I believe he took it up one year, but I doubt he will be taking it up this year. Fed could surprise us, but I doubt it very much......................

rafaisthebest , 4/10/13 11:19 PM

Fed won't be at MC. He is happy at No. 3 for the clay season especially if Rafa goes to No. 4 because they couldn't meet before a final.


Conspirator , 4/11/13 1:37 AM


Then why was it brought up as though he is actually going to take the wildcard and play at MC? Isn't that what ed said she read somewhere?

Now I am confused!

Nativenewyorker , 4/11/13 1:40 AM

Sorry everybody. Bum information posted. I followed the link to the X-rated site for the item about Djokovic's ankle. Then clicked on a news item referring to Fed and MC on that page. Assumed it was this year. Didn't spot it was dated 2009!

ed251137 , 4/11/13 2:09 AM


Thanks for the clarification because I went to that site and didn't see anything on the blogs about Fed playing in MC.

At least that's settled! I can't wait for the draw to come out. I think it's on Saturday!

Here's to the start of the clay season!

Nativenewyorker , 4/11/13 3:09 AM

Hilarious umpire exchange between Gulbis and the umpire

nadline , 4/27/13 4:19 PM

Rafael Nadal Unsportsmanlike - Lukas Rosol - Second Round Wimbledon 2012

Toni Nadal .wishes an injury of Roger and Djokovic. arrogant jerk team. nothing new

a rrogant selfish jerk.

tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:03 PM

Roger Federer latest is among the most unexpected, especially for a man raised in a country known for its benign neutrality: backroom power broker.

But after leading the ATP Tour Player Council as president the last three years, Federer has become a savvy student of the laws of political governance.

Much of Roger Federer's behind-the-scenes work this year has focused on persuading the four majors to share a larger piece of the revenue pie with players.
He has also lobbied that a larger percentage of prize money go to earlier rounds to rectify a growing income distribution gap.

That work has increasingly fallen on his shoulders, as Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, once Player Council members, left their leadership positions.

Take his pre-tournament schedule last month at the Masters event.

Under added security because of death threats, Roger Federer arrived on a Friday and discussed strategy with ATP player and board representatives till about 1 a.m.
He practiced the next morning, spent about 7 hours in meetings with various representatives of the Grand Slams and still attended the player party Saturday night.

On Sunday evening, he hosted three hours of meetings in his hotel room with the Player Council, ATP executive staff, and U.S. Open executives -- all before he struck a match ball.

"Roger has so many demands on his schedule and the fact that he is investing so much time into the player council and these negotiations shows his character and how much he cares for the future of the sport,"
doubles specialist and council member Eric Butorac.

"I believe it is very unprecedented to have a top player so involved."

It's not just Roger Federer's time than matters. It's his clout.

"I think having someone like him on the council can be a big benefit, especially if you're going into important meetings with the Grand Slams," No. 3 Andy Murray said Saturday.

Reserved by nature, Federer has come a long way in understanding the needs and concerns of everyone from players ranked well outside the top 50 to doubles specialists.

Roger Federer did not slip into the role of leader without some angst.

It is, like his precise shotmaking and fluid movements, a delicate balancing act. Demands can stretch on and on. The mind can become weary. Focus can waver.

Despite threats of a boycott and other hard-line tactics -- for tennis -- Roger Federer and his fellow players and ATP executives have shepherded successes.

The French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open each contributed a larger percentage of prize money to earlier rounds this season.

The Australian Open will do the same in January, and in a pre-emptive strike already announced the biggest year-over-year prize money increase in its history.

More important, Roger Federer said, is the "productive" dialogue taking place.

"I'm happy that we've gotten to the table with the Slams and been able to explain our case," he said.

At 31, Roger Federer is brushing up against the usual threshold when age undermines skill, which means every minute and every decision he makes counts.

In that regard, time management might just be the Swiss' biggest asset. He seems to have found a formula that works.


tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:08 PM

Nadals joy is always loud and annoying. also IW. A knee is attached to a court, and both hands, ?NO.1!? Shout !!. and A trophy is bit selfishly usual.

If Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic etc, performs these. the anti of prejudice and moron repeats criticism again. Roger?s 15 jackets? It is the idea of Nike. Roger did not know it.

also, Nadal wore the T-shirt of the history 7 and also performed the chat with the fan. And that video was exhibited all over the world.

Nadal was also doing criticism of Djokovic's annoying joy. (2011. Madrid) Although Nadal's joy is noisy and annoying similarly.

Did Roger perform what? for the 300 weeks 1st place or 7 championship? Roger is performing nothing.

And, If Federer or Djokovic etc, performs like Nadal. ( T-shirt of the history 7 and also performed the chat with the fan.etc)

the anti of prejudice and moron repeats criticism. again.

I really hate Nadal and Nadal?s fan. fanatic and arrogant and blind

tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:15 PM

Nadal: 'The ATP worries too little about the players'.

Toni Nadal: " I hope now Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will get injured."

Toni Nadal : ?it?s ATP?s fault if Rafael never won WTF?.

"Djok ovic is lucky, give me two years without injury and...": Nadal.

Nadal after lose Vina: ''I must learn to accept this condition and live with the pain''.

tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:24 PM

I'm not greatest player - Roger Federer

"I don't feel better than anyone, because we need past champions to pave the way for our generation and we have become very professional," he said.

"They have led the way and inspired myself and other players to chase the big records out there.

"Back in the day they weren't doing that, they were just playing to play tennis. Things have changed dramatically with the press reminding us 'you should do this and win that and you'll be considered the greatest of all time'.

"And anyway I don't think you can compare different eras in tennis."

An interview with: ROGER FEDERER
Saturday, August 25, 2012

Q. McEnroe and Agassi said in the World Team Tennis match this July that tennis right now at the top, men?s tennis is the ever. what do you think?

ROGER FEDERER: I?d say no, but I don?t know. Just because you look back maybe 15 years, then you have Sampras, Edberg, Becker, and Agassi, I don?t know who else. Those guys weren?t good or what? Do you know what I mean?

You look back, further back, 20 years, and you have the Connors and the Lendls. Those weren?t good either? I mean, I don?t know. So for me I think that?s respectful.

It?s just different times and definitely more athletic, there?s no doubt about that. But then again we don?t play doubles. We don?t play mixed. Maybe we play less matches today because it?s more taxing, but we do play less bestoffive set tennis than they used to play. You can?t compare really.

but we have somewhat of a golden era right now. I feel that truly. It?s nice to see Andy making his move at the Olympics, nice to see Novak having an absolutely ridiculous year last year, and then Rafa and myself still being around. It?s definitely good times. Past that you still have great champions as well. It?s very interesting at the top right now, and the depth I think has never been greater than right now. There?s no doubt about that.

But then best ever? The four of us? That?s a really difficult call.

tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:31 PM

Nadal believes previous tennis eras cannot match the excitement generated by the current stars of the sport

"Sampras v Ivanisevic match, or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable, It's not really tennis, it is a few swings of the racquet. For me, in the past it was just serve, serve, serve." iary-Day-Five.aspx

interesting. Nadal has never won except clay successively. Even the time when the present grass and hard court are slow.

smug arrogant.

tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:38 PM

Nadal believes previous tennis eras cannot match the excitement generated by the current stars of the sport

"Sampras v Ivanisevic match, or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable, It's not really tennis, it is a few swings of the racquet. For me, in the past it was just serve, serve, serve." iary-Day-Five.aspx

interesting. Nadal has never won except clay successively. Even the time when the present grass and hard court are slow. smug arrogant

tennisnba , 4/30/13 5:39 PM

When you can't do, teach.


Conspirator , 5/13/13 4:50 AM


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