Cheryl Murray

  • There is something about Roger Federer

    2012-08-17 19:45:51

    Every time I attend a tournament, I am struck by the fact that journalists, on the whole, have not particularly endeared themselves (er....ourselves) to players. I wish I could say that the players are being unfair. That we provide the invaluable service of exposure for the sport (which we do) and that the occasional prying question like, “Can you tell us EXACTLY what was in that personal e-mail from Rafa?” is all part of a day’s work.

    But the truth is that the top players and even some of the not-so-top players are consistently asked questions by credentialed individuals who simply want to be able to say “I asked Rafael Nadal a QUESTION! And he answered me!” That would be fine, of course, if they didn’t ask things like, “Were you hot out there?” on a 100 degree day.

    I bring this up because Roger is particularly deft at handling the more pedestrian questions in the press room, a fact I was reminded of again this week. And if I’m being perfectly honest, he needn’t be. Andy Roddick certainly doesn’t suffer fools lightly in there. And as much as I criticize Roddick for his on-court behavior, I can’t blame him much for what he says to journalists. What can one say when confronted with, “Do you feel like your serve is one of the keys to your matches?” We could try the patience of a saint...and Andy Roddick is no saint.

    And that brings me back to Fed. The man commands a room like nobody I’ve ever seen. And I mean that in the most literal way possible. I’ve never been in a room with Prince William, but I imagine his effect on people is similar. People sit up straighter, women fluff their hair and check their lip gloss (ahem), and men lean forward when he speaks. I am not exaggerating.

    He clearly knows this. He’s smart and he’s self-aware. He knows that people are trying to impress him and that he FOR SURE impresses them. Yet he does his best to answer each question seriously. Even the idiotic ones. And while he exudes an unmistakable aura of self-confidence, he is scrupulously polite, a consummate professional even while staring straight in the face of the inane.

    I don’t often ask questions at pressers and I’m not one to be star-struck, but I try to go to all of Federer’s simply because I enjoy watching him “at work”. And despite what you may have heard, it is NOT because I am becoming increasingly obsessed with the perfection of his hair.

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Yeah there is definitely sth different about Federer................
"Winners don't do different things, they do things differently."
Let's hope he wins today,tommorrow and day after................

hrsikesa , 8/18/12 12:54 AM

Fed, wears his aura of invincibility very well. It's similar to how he plays his matches, effortlessly. There are others who try to emulate him, in the popularity department, but they fail miserably, become frustrated, and do outlandish things to be noticed even molre. Fed, on the other hand, does not need to resort to such behavior. Also, Roger does not patronize his opponents when they hit a good shot, in an effort to endear himself and gain popularity. He just goes on with the job at hand.

You mentioned Roddick,who is another player that's very adept, and slick, at dealing with ridiculous questions posed by the press. He's is forthright and honest, and never makes excuses for his losses, and most of all, he's a nuts and bolts kind of guy. To some, his forthrightness is not a likeable trait, but nonetheless, he comes across as intelligent and likeable to many. Too bad, some people are so judgmental that they get down on him for arguing with the umpires, which, I believe, most times is deserving. Some of them just sit on their chairs and gaze elsewhere, leaving the job to the linesmen and players to make the call, and/or using hawkeye.

scoretracker , 8/18/12 1:11 AM

Fed will come into some ridiculous bashing from his detractors. Just watch them go. Perhaps, they'll not do so for a couple of days, but the urge will be to strong and overpowering, then they will eventually succumb. Go guys.

scoretracker , 8/18/12 1:14 AM

My issue with Roddick is not that he argues with chair umpires. It's their job to listen to him. But he often continues to argue long after anything could come of it and often he's wrong and STILL argues.

But I was more referring to the dismissive way he treats ball kids.

cherylmurray , 8/18/12 2:49 AM

"Roger does not patronize his opponents when they hit a good shot, in an effort to endear himself and gain popularity"
Haha...nice try scoretrasher... nice try...
Keep it coming ...

zare , 8/18/12 2:55 AM

Thanks Cheryl, Interesting Read and Perspective. As Always the FED Continues to AMAZE!! :) Go FED! C'MON!!

sky , 8/18/12 3:05 AM

Roddick is hot tempered, and he sees things differently. I think he adds some excitement to the court when he's playing. I've seen worse treatment towards ball kids. I remember Tsonga complaining they weren't quick enough to bring his towels. Personally, I wouldn't want a kid of mine, except I don't have any at the moment, to be a ball kid. These kids are treated like third-class citizens. No glory in being a ball kid.

@zare: Why is it you feel you can berate Fed as much as you like, but then you become offended, and resort to name calling if anything is said about your fave? I never get on your case when you thrash Fed, nor do I call you names. Just remember everything works both ways though.

scoretracker , 8/18/12 3:29 AM

cherylmurray, 8/18/12 2:49 AM,

I agree with your comment about Roddick and think you stated it fairly and well. I have always liked Roddick. It just got too hard to watch him lose to Fed so many times earlier in his career. I would have liked to see him win that 2009 Wimbledon. So close.

However, his behavior on court is something that I have disliked for some time. I know that people always say that so and so also did this or that, but this is about Roddick. If we are talking about another player then I will also give my thoughts.

You have basically gotten it down to the key areas in which his behavior has concerned me. You did it without all the emotion and that is a good way to make a point.

Nativenewyorker , 8/18/12 8:51 AM

Nice blog cheryl, thank you.

Please don't feed the trolls, guys.

rafaisthebest , 8/18/12 9:08 AM

Lovely blog, cheryl. Thank you :)

deuce , 8/18/12 9:32 AM

No wonder the press crowd in to Roger's interviews. He must be a godsend. One question, no matter how inane, and his off - providing reams of sound bites for their copy. What's more, he can do it in at least four languages.

ed251137 , 8/18/12 2:13 PM

ed, glad to see u like your white wine dry, very dry :)

deuce , 8/18/12 3:00 PM

lol Deuce. I might have guessed you would appreciate the vintage.

ed251137 , 8/18/12 4:01 PM

I sup of the same cup m'dear.

deuce , 8/18/12 4:31 PM

Thanks for making me smile you two :)

schatz , 8/18/12 4:35 PM

So some of you are inebriated while posting. This explains a lot.

chr18 , 8/18/12 6:06 PM


Chr18, what's your excuse?

Conspirator , 8/18/12 6:51 PM

None needed obviously.

chr18 , 8/18/12 7:00 PM

Such a nice article, Cheryl. And some nice observational skills you've got there, too. :-)

mara002 , 8/20/12 7:10 PM 4852.html

OnTheRise , 8/21/12 8:33 PM

They missed the 6th factor of the weak field up to '07, the favourable scheduling and rigged draws that facilitated this streak.


Conspirator , 8/21/12 8:52 PM

Great article Cheryl.

I think what Fed and his team have done brilliantly, is establish his brand. It doesn't matter if he/when he retires but through the marketing team he's assembled, his brand is in a position to withstand the test of time... His star power is phenomenal. It's kind of scary. He knows he won't be playing forever, and has meticulously prepared for it/life after tennis.

aegis , 8/22/12 1:05 AM

Great work Cheryl.... Tignor also wrote something about the Fedipal-syndrome: x/38955/

Bonker , 8/22/12 8:57 AM

Great article re Fedipal. I can't disagree with anything Tignor said, but what comes through is that Federer is the oldie from another generation. I don't think that Rafa calling him the greatest in history should be taken at face value. Rafa knows that barring his injuries he would overtake Federer's lusty slam records, being the only thing that Federer has over him.

Tignor is such a talented writer, he really captures the essence of the players. For someone who can get to the heart of the matter so well, it's wonderful to know that Rafa appears to be his favourite player. That means that Rafans really do know a good thing when they see it.

nadline , 8/22/12 9:31 AM

Lol, the only thing Federer has over him. You sure do make me smile on a mid - week morning at work nadline!

brothdog , 8/22/12 9:51 AM

Of the 2 writers, Bodo and Tignor, it's no surprise that Bodo is a Fedfan and Tignor is a only have to look at the quality of their pieces, makes sense.

rafaisthebest , 8/22/12 2:06 PM

I don't agree with Tignor's article but he's entitled to his opinions. First of all, I don't think the three young guys fear Fed. Of course they do know how good the old maestro is and respect him for that, but judging by how they play against him, I see that none of them fear him.

Rafa for one had no fear and that's why he beat Fed the first time they met. Same with Murray, when he beat Fed at Cincy in 2006 and kept beating him in 2008/2009 before Fed turned the table against him. Nole beat Fed for the first time at Toronto Masters and ran him close at the USO final, I didn't see any fear in him.

Neither of them had shown too much respect for him too. Tignor is reading too much into this Cincy defeat for Nole; I don't think Nole is going to revert back to pre 2011 mode. After all Nole is 6-3 against Fed this past two years; it's only on grass and on quicker surface that Fed has some advantage over him. As for Rafa and Murray, I foresee they'll continue with their positive H2H over Fed.

I don't sense any bitterness from Rafa towards Fed, after all, Rafa is born with a foot problem and there's nothing he could do to change it. He's already doing very well in his career and he's thankful about that. With this long rest, Rafa may be in for the long haul and may set his own records that even Fed, and the rest, can't attain.

luckystar , 8/22/12 4:50 PM

That's because there is no bitterness at all. If both men retired today they will go down as legends! The top 4 clearly have respect for one another, they know that if they play their best tennis they can beat eachother. That's why it's so exciting. I love that old Rog is back on top shwing the younger ones how it's done. It won't last forever, maybe another year before they surpass him for good. Fed i think has max 2 slams left, 20 is just out of reach. But he will remain competiive in 2013 make no mistake.

brothdog , 8/22/12 5:07 PM

^^^ I think so too, about Fed. After all, Agassi with his back problem still was able to play till he's 36, and was winning slams in his 30s, in 2001 and 2003. For Rafa, I do believe this long break is actually a well deserved rest and recovery for him after all these years of playing in pain. He (or Uncle Toni) mentioned that he'll only be back when he's at 100%, feeling no more pain. The condition of his tendons has also improved over the past three years with the help of the PRP treatments. With this long break, it actually helps to give his body, his knees and his tendons time to recover. It's just like Ferrer and Simon, after their long break, their tendonitis problems have healed to a manageable level and they're playing at a good level again.

Nole no doubt is not playing at as high a level as his 2011, but still he's playing at a high level. If he can defend his USO title successfully and without injuring himself (he injured his back last year), he still can gain many points during the Asian swing which he missed last year. Also, he didn't do well last year at the Paris Masters and WTF so there's room for improvement this year. He may end up as YE no.1 and winning a few more titles and having ranking points close to what he had at end of last year.

For Murray, I think this could be his breakthrough year, if he wins USO and does well at the WTF. He's usually very good at the Asian swing, having won Shanghai Masters in back to back years, and won three consecutive titles during last year's Asian swing.

It should be an interesting time in tennis going forward, I'm patiently waiting for a fully fit Rafa to come back; while eagerly watching Murray closely this USO, hoping for him to win his first slam there this year.

luckystar , 8/22/12 5:52 PM

There are two tribes in tennis world- the FEDFANS and OTHERS (FED-HATERS a la keli de mario who commented on this site 'fed winning everything is like having sex with a condom' and 3 years down the line that 'SEX WITH A CONDOM' is back at #1 'WHILE OTHERS ARE MADE TO CHASE AGAIN'. I sincerely believe it is due largely to the utter lack of talent among the American pretenders- they come and go with some promise and no result worth the GREAT AGASI, SAMPRAS,JOHNY MAC AND COURIER. The Williumses are the last beacons of American Tennis but Tennis ceased to be watchable with these poorly clad players of the WTA huffing and puffing all the way- winning had never been anything and everything. I know there are people who will walk miles to watch a RISARD, a GULBIS, a BAGDATIS, a SIMON, a LOPEZ for the sheer fun and frolic- and where do you place the #2,3 and 4 in that. Anti FEDs watch those sometime with and without condoms. Egerly waiting for MEN who do not wear CONDOMS and Ladies who dress well on a Tennis court.

newfangkc , 8/22/12 8:20 PM

Is that a ribbed or non-ribbed condom?

Conspirator , 8/22/12 9:04 PM


brothdog , 8/22/12 9:48 PM

newfangkc, in all fairness, kelli didn't come up with the condom saying herself. She was quoting a player. And while I'm as dejected as anyone for the current lack of American champion prospects, I doubt that we'll never have another world #1 ever again...

ts38 , 8/23/12 7:20 AM

Liking or disliking a particular player depends on when u started watching TENNIS.............

hrsikesa , 8/24/12 3:34 PM

Cheryl!! This was a great comment about Federer. Now Contrast that with the Gorilla like behavior and whining of Djokovich. Good Grief.
Andy battled tornado warning winds on the court before Nove walked out and whined at a much less gusty court. Then his antics for the finals were down right obnoxious. It was awful. All the souped up exaggerited gorilla like stomping and body twisting after points and grimacing and baring of teeth and the abusive body language toward the referree. ND really bared the his true nature of dark anger. Then his Dad standing up with threatening glances toward the referree. Gee Whiz ND is a 25 year old adult, I think. He does not need to have Daddy behaving that way in the stands. Most of the parents behave with a civilized dignity during matches, realizing mistakes are made. I was extremely put off by NDs court behavior.

Vitality , 9/11/12 5:07 PM

Liking or disliking a particular player depends on when u started watching TENNIS.............
hrsikesa , 8/24/12 3:34 PM

No it doesn't. Not in my case anyway. I have been watching tennis for longer than most people, I can assure you, but I haven't had many favourites, infact only 3 to be precise and only those players would get me up in the early hours of the morning to watch them and only one makes me lose my appetite. In the case of 2 of my favourites, there was no satellite so it was a case of waiting from one Wimbledon to another to see live tennis. Now only ONE player gets me out of bed at 2 am.

It all depends on what grabs you in their personality and style. After McEnroe I still loved tennis, but I did not have a favourite and I was bored with the Sampras/Agassi/Federer era so I kind of switched off for a while until the sensational spaniard came on the scene and now tennis just seems empty without him.

Sad but true.

nadline , 9/12/12 12:07 AM

Oh, Nadline I feel the same way;( Although, I must admit I felt overjoyed for Muzza's big win against Djoker. I'm sad that this might be the beginning of the end for Rafa and I'm not ready to jump out of the ship yet. I haven't found a replacement for my love and admiration for RAFA, although Muzza is growing on me. I'm sorry I just can't get in to Nole or Fed!!! Can't.....

jayhu , 9/12/12 12:21 AM

Nadline is right. I too have been watching tennis for a few years now and although I have enjoyed the tennis of various players, especially Connors who is also a fighter, I have never ever been a fan of anyone the way I am with Rafa. He embodies everything I admire on and off the tennis court. To me his tennis is unique and he is beyond compare IMO.

schatz , 9/12/12 3:17 AM

I have probably been watching tennis longer than most here. I grew up watching Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, John Newcombe, Arthur Ashe, Tony Roche and Pancho Gonzales. Then as an adult I was privileged to see the next generation come along, my first tennis love the great Borg, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, the crazy Ilie Nastase, Ivan Lendl, Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg. Then there was Sampras and Agassi. But when Fed came along and won everything I just decided to stop watching tennis for two years.

It was all the talk about a young Spanish player named Nadal that got me to finally watch the 2007 Wimbledon. That was when I found my second tennis love. It has been one crazy ride ever since, lots of ups and downs, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But it has all been worth it to see Rafa play.

I have been very fortunate in my life to see a few generations of great champions. Now I find myself in another great era of men's tennis. Rafa will be a very tough act to follow. I want to cherish and embrace every moment that he is still playing. It's been special to watch him. There will never be another like him.

Nativenewyorker , 9/12/12 9:16 AM

^^^^oh my word, does "that" Spaniard put us his fans through the wringer at times! You only have to look through past Rafa threads to see the passion he incites..........even his most die hard of fans turn on each other!

Please come back Rafa, I miss picking fights with lucky, nadline, nny, sanju and all the other Rafans I have intentionally left out (joke)! So boring being nice all the time..........

rafaisthebest , 9/12/12 9:23 AM

this thread also is hijacked by Rafans as usual!!

velliat53 , 9/12/12 9:48 AM

okay @velliat53, I will add your name to my "pick a fight with" list when Rafa comes back, lol................

rafaisthebest , 9/12/12 10:19 AM

velliat53, at least be grateful that we are boosting the number of posts on Roger's thread as his fans evidently have nothing to say on a thread called 'There is something about Roger Federer', unlike the 'Vamos Rafa' thread which is bursting at the seams.

nadline , 9/12/12 11:56 AM

`There is something about Roger Federer`

Yes, there is isn't there?

Something...OLD...and...mollycoddled..and....what's the word..oh yes I've got it

Yes I think that's probably it ;)

Twinge , 9/12/12 12:16 PM

Cheryl! I thought it was only Roger who was obsessed with the perfection of his hair.

lluisa , 9/12/12 5:34 PM

No way, lluisa. I consider The Federer to have the finest head of hair on the planet. It's literally perfection. Glossy, shiny brown, slightly wavy, the perfect length, the perfect cut and style with the seeming ability to repel sweat.

If I wasn't 100% sure that I'd get expelled from all future ATP tournaments I'd ask to touch it. :D

cherylmurray , 9/12/12 8:35 PM

Must be a wig

holdserve , 9/12/12 10:15 PM

O Cheryl,

Fraulein, you have touched my very Seele, my very soul.

I do love to walk around so aware of the perfection of my very hair. It trumps the perfection of the RF logo sported by millions of hoi-polloi who do idolize me and my words of wisdom. It certainly trumps the darling cream gold-letters-emblazened blazer I and only I wear in my royal court, ahem, I mean the All Swish Tennis Club. I have long forgotten what it is to be like not to be the only sun in the world. The very light of me blazes and blinds mine very eyesight and I have long forgotten what it was like when I saw anything else in the world than me, and the yellow tiny suns I so gracefully send back across tennis nets the world over, and my babies, my wife, my sponsors, and me.

You have put your hand on the very pulse of the heart of the passion of the cult of my self-devotion that is the hair of me. I do so like to walk around so aware of my looks, my locks, and my beatific smile, OK, maybe not beatific but high society smile. I do so like to float well above my well-meaning but necessarily inferior competitors who just do not have the hair, the myth nor the rank in society as he the paragon of the world of sport that is the man himself who dons the very hair of me.

Wigs? Why yes, I do indeed plan to start a wig company after I retire from my royal career into the senior tour, a couple of years after Rio. For all the hoi-polloi who would but for a day, an hour want to feel a little what it is like to be me. Or at least to wear a simulacrum of the hair that wears he who dons the very hair of me.

Yours, from the nebulous supra-human heights of mine,


chlorostoma , 9/12/12 10:43 PM

^^^^pity, I was going to suggest he grow and cut it and weave a new line of pashminas, him being a goat and all.........

rafaisthebest , 9/12/12 10:45 PM


Conspirator , 9/13/12 3:40 AM

Stop it, RITB!

nadline , 9/13/12 10:29 AM

Haha, you poor Rafans.

DanyalRasool , 9/14/12 8:34 AM

Not having Rafa around to entertain us makes everybody poor indeed, including you Fedfans......

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 10:18 AM

I see Fedfans are busy arguing amongst each other (what else is new) about who deserves to be called POTY, aka, Player Of The Year.

Needless to say, the acronym is an accurate description of their mental state..........

I mean, are they done with the endless and useless GOAT argument, they have to invent another one? The POTY GOAT?

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 1:37 PM

^^^^this argument is going on on SI tennis..........

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 1:41 PM

Roger is a sheep, not goat.

holdserve , 9/14/12 1:56 PM


chlorostoma , 9/14/12 2:18 PM

it's just maths guys 5 + 11 + 1= 17 lol

OnTheRise , 9/14/12 6:47 PM


nadline , 9/14/12 6:51 PM

Let's see how many Slams the goat racks up in the strong era.........

rafaisthebest , 9/14/12 7:03 PM

"No let" serve set for three-month trial on ATP Challenger Tour in 2013

I'm all in favor of a serve-clock! And a grunt meter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as well

From 2013, on both the ATP World Tour and ATP Challenger Tour, a time violation between points (25 seconds) will be penalised in the first instance with a warning. For the second and all subsequent violations, the penalty will be a fault for the server and a point penalty for the receiver. Currently, the rule is a warning and then point penalty for both the server and receiver.

?Although this change will not materially reduce the length of a match, we believe it should have a positive impact on the flow of the match,? said Drewett.

hrsikesa , 9/14/12 8:26 PM

Also, warnings, points and game penalties for yelling Shut Up to the ticket buying fans, shouting at opponent's players box, smashing rackets ala Fed in Miami, , pointing at the wrong mark ala fed vs Nadal Madrid 2011.

I'm with you hrsikesa!


Conspirator , 9/14/12 8:48 PM

Wow! Your serious. Just goes to show...


Conspirator , 9/14/12 8:53 PM

^^^ should read Wow! you're serious.

The ATP Board also approved a trial elimination of the service let on the ATP Challenger Tour only, for the first three months of 2013.

Soooo, does that mean it will be a service fault instead of a let or does it mean the let serve is in play??? Dumb change but should be the former given the choice.

Conspirator , 9/14/12 8:57 PM

"At its recent meetings in New York, the ATP Board of Directors approved a rule change and a trial for the 2013 season, both proposed by the new ATP Competition Committee."

ATP Competition Committee (just formed last month) also known as The How-Can-We-Squeeze-Out-A-Few-More-Slams-for-The-GOATCommittee.

#Hum ble

Conspirator , 9/14/12 9:01 PM

^^^sure what else this can be? I can't think of anything.
let the squeezing begin! long live the king! everybody else..."you'll die like pigs!"


OnTheRise , 9/14/12 10:11 PM

Conspirator , 9/14/12 11:47 PM


#ItsWorth It

Conspirator , 9/14/12 11:53 PM

^^^hahaha Epic!

OnTheRise , 9/15/12 12:01 AM

Somehow I can't see Uncle Toni or Lendl doing this. LOL


Conspirator , 9/15/12 12:16 AM

Don't really like the let serve rule. When they did it in volleyball too many lucky 'aces' resulted from dribblers right over the net. In tennis those guys are so precise they will try to hit the top of the net so it would be like a drop shot on serve. As for the time between serve rule Nadal, Djoker, Delpo and Murray will be hurt. Fed and Tsonga are the only guys that play fast. Is there going to be a clock near the court for all to see like a shot clock in basketball? If it's up to the chair umpire to keep a count like now nothing will change. What if there were a 'no tugging at your underpants' rule?

chr18 , 9/15/12 1:45 AM

^^^^^and you go and whine about being called hate-filled on another thread? I have a suggestion, go register for another online medical degree, maybe, maybe you will be taken seriously.......

rafaisthebest , 9/15/12 8:12 AM

Looks like Stanford blew it again in Davis Cup doubles with TheFed.


Conspirator , 9/15/12 8:44 PM

Have u ever seen Andy play? He serves quickly, except when it's windy of course. They'll have to make exceptions for the conditions on court in any case.

deuce , 9/17/12 8:20 AM

As Fed and Tsonga are the only ones that seem to play fast (as quoted above) and the rest take longer, why don't they put up the limit to 30 seconds and give the players a realistic chance to comply with the rule? Just a thought if only the minority play within the 25 seconds allowed.

I can remember at one tournament (Miami 2012) I think, they were showing the average time between points for players and it was interesting to see how many were over 25 seconds.

schatz , 9/17/12 4:12 PM

15 would have been better than 18

ts38 , 9/18/12 12:54 AM

I have never actually timed del Potro, or heard an umpire tell him to get a move on, but he seems to get away with taking extra time by wandering oh so slowly back to the service line.

ed251137 , 9/18/12 12:18 PM

They can enforce/change the rules but is this going to change the H2H? No. Changes nothing.

rafaisthebest , 9/18/12 1:04 PM

It's been acknowledged that hardly ANY player keeps to the time limit between points.

nadline , 9/18/12 10:35 PM

Conspirator, 9/14/12 8:48 PM

Wow conspirator, you've done well to catalogue each one of Fed's wrongdoings throughout the years...good work

ts38 , 9/18/12 11:08 PM

#2012OlympicPlatinumMedalChamp ion

Conspirator , 9/19/12 1:42 AM

Do you even know how hashtags work?

ts38 , 9/19/12 5:21 AM

Do you even know how tennis works?


Conspirator , 9/19/12 3:26 PM

hrsikesa , 10/7/12 7:07 AM

Now, I know nothing about baseball but I found this article very interesting: g-of-yankees-cano-bears-resemblance-to-federers.html?hpw

I found this paragraph rather perplexing because even Fed himself has admitted that his backhand was the weakest part of his arsenal and has benefitted from opponents targetting it:

" A two-handed backhand would seem to bear more resemblance to a baseball swing, but not necessarily to Cano?s. Federer?s and Cano?s stances are more upright, and their hands tend to start higher. And they are fluid. Watch a hitting instructor gesture while making a point, and he will often sweep one arm backhanded, like a tennis player.

Yankees pitcher Derek Lowe was a serious tournament tennis player while growing up in Michigan, and he liked the comparison between Federer?s famous backhand and Cano?s enviable swing.

?Sexy, smooth, productive,? Lowe said. "

I agree that the tennis single handed backhand is a thing of beauty (Gasquet's, Almagro's and Youghny's, anyone?), I haven't seen baseball players' to form an opinion.

Fed's may be smooth and sexy, but productive? Hmmm, not so much. And please, it's not just Rafa who has success breaking it down.

I would have singled out Fed's forehand as the sexy, smooth AND productive shot because of its added consistency.

rafaisthebest , 10/7/12 10:44 AM

Hope to see a Murray Fed final in Basel next week.


Conspirator , 10/19/12 3:05 PM

Nationale Suisse and Roger Federer have extended their six-year-long collaboration for a further four years.


Conspirator , 10/19/12 7:06 PM

I wonder if Lindt will renew? When is that contract up for renewal?


Conspirator , 10/19/12 7:08 PM

__There is something about Roger Federer__

There is. I keep wondering how it is possible that a person who couldn't serve in the (Swiss) army due to his long-standing back problem, can continiously play tennis.

Augustina08 , 10/19/12 7:47 PM

RITB: His backhand always reminds me of the Naughty Jane nursery rhyme:
'When she was good, she was very very good. But when she was bad she was horrid.'

He produced some horrors against Murray on Sunday but it would be interesting to know how many winners he made with his backhand.

ed251137 , 10/19/12 7:51 PM


Conspirator , 10/19/12 8:54 PM

There definitely is something about Roger Federer, even his friend and compatriot, Stan Wawrinka, cannot figure him out!:

"The Swiss Federation moved its February 2013 first-round Davis Cup tie against the Czech Republic from Basel to Geneva because Roger Federer had said that putting it in his hometown puts too much pressure on him to play. Federer has yet to commit to the tie.

?I really can't understand him," Supersport quoted his teammate Stan Wawrinka of saying.

Marco Chiudinelli told DPA that it is unlikely that Federer will play the tie.

"I don't think we can convince him," he said.

However, Federer's agent Tony Godsick has said that Federer will take a wait-and-see approach.

"We're going to wait and see," Godsick said."

There is only one word to describe Fed, imho: DIVA!

Am so glad Rafa is the exact opposite............

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 10:05 AM

Above can be found in the following link: ved-cup-tie-federer/39980/#.UJOLq4YdG_w

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 10:07 AM

OK. From now on DIVA it is :-)

ed251137 , 11/2/12 11:59 AM

weak, Roger

RickyDimon , 11/2/12 1:55 PM

I've always said, Roger is like a bottle of wine, he's only gotten better with time. Whereas Rafa is like Redbull, he'll be full of energy one moment, only to crash and burn the next.

There truly is something about Roger Federer, that only his fans can understand.

aegis , 11/2/12 2:55 PM

^^^Stan the Man is not a Fedfan then, he does not understand him, he says!

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 3:15 PM

Gotta be Swiss ol' wine to "behave" this badly! Hmmm, I'll remember to pass on it......

rafaisthebest , 11/2/12 3:19 PM

Fed's thoughts before next week's WTF...


Conspirator , 11/2/12 5:50 PM

That link made my day....................seriously funny but a bit too close to the bone if you're Fed.

ed251137 , 11/2/12 6:00 PM

Fed gotten better with time? Can't agree with that, I'm sorry. He can't beat his own 2006, so how's he getting better? No player is like wine I'm afraid, they'll soon fade away when they're old, there's no exception even if you choose to think otherwise. Got to accept reality even though it's harsh.

luckystar , 11/2/12 6:03 PM

I think he has gotten better with time and 2012 was one of his best years ever returning to No. 1 during a very strong era albeit much of it w/o Rafa.

You ask, "He can't beat his own 2006, so how's he getting better?"

You have only to look at the quality of the playing field to answer that question.


Conspirator , 11/2/12 7:14 PM

Wrong. In 2006 he beat Rafa in the Wimbledon final, lost to Rafa at French Open final. He beat Roddick at USO final and Baggy at AO final. In 2012 he only reached and won one slam final. In 2006 he lost to the king of clay at the FO; in 2012 he lost to Nole at the FO and Nole wasn't even the king of clay. In 2006 he won Wimbledon easily, in 2012 he almost lost to Benneteau and Benneteau wasn't any young gun but a guy as old as Fed himself. In 2006, he beat Roddick at the USO final and Roddick was still in his prime; in 2012 he lost to Berdych in the QF and Berdych wasn't even a slam holder or a top three guy like Roddick was in 2006.

I do not know who he beat at the AO 2006 besides Baggy. In 2012 he beat Delpo but lost to Rafa in the SF. So overall I can't say he's doing better in 2012 than in 2006. In 2006 he made all the finals except one in all the tournaments he played, I don't think there's anyone as dominant in any year as him in his 2006.

luckystar , 11/2/12 8:06 PM

lucky, this is all opinion from you and me, neither of us is "wrong". Examples:

In 2006 he beat Rafa in the Wimbledon final - so what, Rafa was still quite green on grass (pun) and weak era.

Roddick at USO - so what, weak era argument (my opinion)

2012 FO loss to nole (sure even Rafa could have lost to him!!! That was a tough match). opinion.

2006 - won Wimby easily (weak era argument/opinion)

Berdych vs Fed at 2012 USO was just as good as Roddick in 2006 (waek era vs strong era argument/opinion)

I didn't say he was doing better in 2012 (i.e., results), I said I thought he was a better player (i.e., playing better) but the field is much, much tougher in 2012 than 2006 (again, opinion, subjective).

I also agree that he was more dominant in 2006, of course.

#Hum ble

Conspirator , 11/2/12 8:21 PM

Wow, check it out...

ATP World Tour ?@ATPWorldTour
We think #Federer will like his lockerroom at #FinalShowdown. #atp #tennis


Conspirator , 11/2/12 8:24 PM

Whichever way you cut it, Fed is definitely not as good as his 2006. You can't argue against results like 3 slam titles, 4 Masters titles, 16 finals out of 17 events played, only 5 losses in one season, etc and etc. Also, don't forget his main nemesis is injured for most part of 2012!

You conveniently ignored the fact that he almost lost to old Benneteau at Wimbledon this year, a guy he would beat handily in 2006! How's Roddick any worst than Berdych? How many titles Roddick has and how many Berdych has, and Roddick has been winning titles even right up to this year! And Nole couldve beaten Rafa at the FO this year?? Sure? I could also say that Fed could've beaten Rafa at FO 2006, just looked at the scoreline then, not forgetting Fed ran Rafa close at Rome, now that was Fed could've and should've beaten Rafa on clay! Please also remember Rafa was already having his knee issue this year at the FO, he's certainly not at tip top condition throughout the clay season!

Opinions or not, you can't argue against facts: Fed was quicker, more powerful, more precise in his shots, back then in 2006. Even if he had to face Rafa/Nole/Murray in their prime or peak back then, he would still do better than when he's in 2012 facing those same guys.

luckystar , 11/2/12 8:51 PM

I'm not arguing against facts, I'm arguing against opinion with my own.

I agree with the facts. He has better tournament results but that has as much to do with the competition as it does the player.

None of those statements in your last paragraph are facts. They are subjective opinions neither right nor wrong.

Sorry lucky, but this Federer at Wimby 2012 would have beaten that dominant Federer from Wimby 2006. My opinion of course.


Conspirator , 11/2/12 9:26 PM

Now how's Fed being quicker, more powerful and more precise in his shots back then in 2006 being just opinions and not facts, when stats shown he was better back then? I think you mixed up opinions vs facts! Fed almost lost in R2 of Wimbledon this year and yet you argued that he was better than his 2006 Wimbledon! You just want us to believe that 2006 belongs to the weak era, sorry I don't buy that.

luckystar , 11/2/12 9:34 PM

Show me the stat that says unequivocally that he was more quicker,more powerful and more precise. Those are only conclusions that you have made based on other facts.

You don't have to buy anything nor do I want you to. Please don't presume to know what I want. I don't make such presumptions about you.


Conspirator , 11/2/12 9:45 PM

Fair enough, you're entitled to your own opinions, whether they're biased or not.

luckystar , 11/2/12 9:56 PM

As are you (albeit completely unbiased of course).


Conspirator , 11/2/12 9:59 PM

Title says: "There is something About roger Federer". Yes, and absolutley.. He lights up the discusion boards big time.Go Roger.

scoretracker , 11/3/12 4:29 AM

Sorry Conspirator, you prove that your opinions are not well judged.
First you said Fed is the GOAT despite his thrashing at Rafa's hands since 2004.
Now, based on your weak era strong era theory you make a completely untenable argument.
One of the reasons Djoko and Muzza have done better since 2011 is because of Fed being past his prime.
He won Wimbly this year because the schedule and more importantly the draw were rigged. The draw was shamelessly rigged.
Please compare Fed's stats from 2006 with 2012.
Besides, players are past their prime near 30 as proved by statistical analysis. Fed is not an exception as his drop in performance in 2010 and 2011 proves.
With closed roof and rigged draw and Rafa not playing, dear Fed seized his chance at Wimby.

holdserve , 11/3/12 4:29 AM

Rafa lost in R2, so how could he have been a problem for Fed at wimbledon. Fed beat Rafa in '06 at wimbledon.

Rigged draws, and closed roof. made Fed win? bwahahaha. Murray got to play under the closed roof a couple of times also.

scoretracker , 11/3/12 4:41 AM

Fed's ATP World Tour locker room, that is Pseudo Fed having a laugh, no? Gotta be, it screams DIVA! All that's missing is a box of Lindt chocolates and a throne...........maybe they are there in the background...................

rafaisthebest , 11/3/12 6:18 AM

I can see both lucky's and Conspirator's points. Much of this is subjective and based on opinion or judgement. I do think that Fed was at his very peak back in 2005 and 2006. He dominated in a way that no one had for some time. As far as the quality of his opposition, I just don't want to go there. It's not like he can control who he plays. All you can do is play the ones who end up across the net from you. I do think tennis has definitely become more competitive with the arrival of Nole, Murray and Delpo. Also other players have stepped up their games, like Berdy, Tsonga, Tipsy and there are the young players who have shown real promise. I would have included Soderling, but he has now been gone for quite some time.

The only player who had the answers to Fed's game was Rafa. You could see it when he was still a teenager. He had no fear and believed that he could win. I think the problem with other players was that they were defeated in their own minds before they even took the court.

I don't think Fed is as good as he was in 2006. However, I do believe that what he has done this year is an excellent achievement for a 31 year old. To be competitive, to regain the #1 position and win his seventh Wimbledon title at this point in his career is a great accomplishment. I take nothing away from him. Yes, it's true that his nemesis wasn't there. But what might have been isn't reality. It is what it is.

Nativenewyorker , 11/3/12 8:10 AM

scoretracker, did you see the WTF draw? Totally rigged in favor of Federer. It is really scandalous the way the tennis establishment has gone overboard this year in rigging Wimbly, Olympics and WTF.
Shame! The media is too much part of the establishment to investigate this blatant rigging.

holdserve , 11/3/12 3:39 PM

Holdserve, what stats would you have me compare that aren't influenced by the competition in those two years exactly?

I think I have been consistent in my opinions. Think of two straight lines on a graph both with increasing slopes. Federer's "playing" line starts above the Field's "playing" line, much higher above. However, because the field line has a higher slope or rate of increase as Feds line, it eventually closes the gap even though Fed on average continued to improve.

There is no comparison between the Top 8 between now and end-2006.

If Fed was 26 in 2012, I don't think that he would have won three slams like he did in 2006 because the competition is of a much higher caliber. But I think he would still likely have 12 or more slams.

All subjective and opinion completely biased of course.

Conspirator , 11/3/12 3:40 PM

BTW I agree that favourable scheduling and draws has added a few slams to his haul.

I haven't looked at the wtf draw yet but from what you've implied, let me guess who Fed drew. How about Ferru, Tipsy and the last is more tricky but I'll go with Tsonga because Delpo and Berdy have both beaten him recently.

How did I do?

Conspirator , 11/3/12 3:46 PM

I got the two easy ones! Haha. Delpo must have the flu.


Conspirator , 11/3/12 3:51 PM

BTW Simon's hair is not even close to The GHOAT's.


Conspirator , 11/3/12 3:55 PM

Simon's hair is far from GOAT's:

Augustina08 , 11/3/12 4:34 PM

Nice one Gussie!

ed251137 , 11/3/12 5:25 PM

I'm not talking about Simon's current hair style but in the past with a full head of hair, his hair held up nicely even after all the sweating and pulling(when he got frustrated). Fed's hair is too soft, looked horribly out of shape when it's long. Fed has a receding hairline too, more prominant on the right side of his forehead.

luckystar , 11/3/12 7:58 PM

Even Roger's hair is being criticized? LOL.

scoretracker , 11/3/12 9:19 PM

Regarding his tough wtf draw, Fed tweets:

For everybody asking how I feel about the End of the World Tour Final draw... I smiled for 11 minutes #cheshirecat


Conspirator , 11/4/12 12:19 AM

Conspirator, nobody is disputing the fact that the level of competition is higher in 2012 than in 2006 when dear Fed ruled in solitary splendor.
What I am disputing ( and so is luckystar) is that Fed's level in 2012 is higher than it was in 2006. No way. Fed is overachieving for a superstar past his prime because of rigged draws and schedules. But he is definitely past his prime. If there had been only Rafa, then Fed would have had little chance of doing so well. But the rise of two more strong players has actually made it easier for Fed as he can count on 2 of them bashing each other out of contention if not for the current tournament, at least for the next one. I feel Rafa's serious injury this year is because of his battles with Nole and Muzza in the last two years. As he doesn't get rigged draws or favorable schedules, the number of ATP mandatory tournaments (19 for the top 8 if you don't count some waivers for longevity) are a heavy strain on him.

holdserve , 11/4/12 1:18 AM

Holdserve,of course you must realize that the Wimbledon draw was rigged so that Nadal would have to play Rosol in the second round.

stratocast51 , 11/4/12 5:07 AM

Rafa went out to Rosol not because of rigged draw but because Rafa's knee was done, plus how well Rosol played to be fair to Rosol. Rafa with good health will be able to beat this Rosol, not forgetting Rafa had levelled the match at 2 sets apiece before they stopped the match for 45 mins to allow the closing of the roof. It's a mistake that they closed the roof then when there's no rain coming. In fact under normal circumstances without any delay, I would bet that Rafa would win that match having snatched the winning momentum from Rosol after winnin the fourth set.

Rigged draw or not, I do agree that Rafa/Nole and Murray may be killing each other if they meet tournament after tournament. Example: during USO final last year, Nole/Rafa were destroying each other when Nole ended up injuring his back, and Rafa performed poorly after that. After this year's AO final, Rafa's knee condition worsen and he had to withdraw from a match at Miami; Nole couldn't sustain his winning momentum after that and lost at Dubai and IW. It's no wonder Fed was worried about his energy level during his long match against Nole in that USO 2010 SF.

luckystar , 11/4/12 8:31 AM

The promoters, the ITF, the ATP, and the tennis world in general relish great rivalries because it generates excitement and heightens interest in the game. But as lucky points out above, it has its downside. The price paid is the risk the golden goose will be killed if the protaganists injure themselves permanetly or are burnt out as a result of these mammoth battles which take place week after week year-round. Time the powers-to-be concede the schedule is unviable.

ed251137 , 11/4/12 11:16 AM

Just toillustrate the fact that these tournaments run into each other, seven of the 8 players in the WTF were at a Gala performance last night, the one missing is still in a tournament in Paris. don-Finals-Gala.aspx

nadline , 11/4/12 12:32 PM

So glad Rafa is out of the ATP politics..............totally thankless vocation.

rafaisthebest , 11/4/12 12:40 PM

Now that he's retired (almost?) Roddick would make an ideal spokesperson for the players. He's extremely articulate and, as he's retired nobody could accuse him of feathering his own nest/grinding his own axe etc
I presume this isn't possible?

deuce , 11/4/12 1:50 PM

Strato, Rosol is a GOAT only for Fed fans. No one could have anticipated he would beat Rafa for the simple reason that Rosol is not a great player. Rafa had been nursing a knee injury from AO ( when his knee popped). It became worse at Roland Garros.
It was obvious to any non delusional fan that Rafa was not moving well even in the first round and Bellucci could have taken it if he had had the self belief. In the match against Rosol too, it was obvious (to rational fans) that Rafa's movement was impaired. Despite that Rafa did not lose easily but lost in 5 sets.
Rosol is just a top 100 guy. Certainly not even top 30 material. No wonder he hasn't achieved much after beating an impaired Rafa.
However Fed fans can deify the mediocre guy. After all, despite Fed being clearly second to Rafa, delu fans claim he is the GOAT.

holdserve , 11/4/12 11:57 PM

What exactly is the ATP's definition of sportsmanship? I am puzzled as to how Federer can win the Edberg Sportasman of the Year award given his behaviour (amongst others) in Shanghai?

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 2:35 PM

In 2006, Fed won three slams going 92-5. In 2012 Fed has won one slam and is 68-10 to date.

However, let's look at the Top 10 mid-year for both years:


1 Federer, Roger (SUI)
2 Nadal, Rafael (ESP)
3 Ljubicic, Ivan (CRO)
4 Nalbandian, David (ARG)
5 Blake, James (USA)
6 Robredo, Tommy (ESP)
7 Davydenko, Nikolay (RUS)
8 Baghdatis, Marcos (CYP)


1 Federer, Roger (SUI)
2 Djokovic, Novak (SRB)
3 Nadal, Rafael (ESP)
4 Murray, Andy (GBR)
5 Ferrer, David (ESP)
6 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried (FRA)
7 Berdych, Tomas (CZE)
8 Del Potro, Juan Martin (ARG)

There is no comparison in the field and I am more impressed with Fed being number 1 in 2012 than I am with him being No. 1 in 2006 when the sport was just too dull to watch when indeed Fed was at his most "dominant" and the rest of the tour, on average (except for Rafa), was at its most submissive.


Conspirator , 11/5/12 3:44 PM

RITB, I have often struggeled with this too.

However, it is a popularity contest to a large extent so it's only going to go to one of the Top 4 to start with so it could only go to Rafa or Fed at this point IMO. Also, I think only on-court sportsmanship is considered. By the rules, Fed never looks to his box and rarely exceeds the time clock so maybe this is part of it I suppose.

That said, all intangibles considered, I think Rafa is the better sportsman on and off the court.

For that matter, why not give it to Ferru?


Conspirator , 11/5/12 3:53 PM

@Conspirator, what makes it even more puzzling for me is it's the players themselves who vote! You would think they would be more "precise" in their definitions and choices........

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 4:09 PM

They know how much he loves his achievements being in the record books. I think they are being nice to him because he will not have that many more chances to win the award ;-)

ed251137 , 11/5/12 5:03 PM

Don't get me wrong, RITB, I love Rafa's on-court celebration fist pumps, yells and jumps and overall animation... but if I'm a player in a tight match and my opponent is winning the close critical points and celebrating like the beast that is Rafa, maybe my perspective is a little, let's say, tainted?



Conspirator , 11/5/12 5:54 PM

I don't even have Rafa in mind for the award, tbh. Ferru comes to mind, and I am sure there are other lower ranked players we do not get to see week in week out whom the players themselves know about.............

rafaisthebest , 11/5/12 7:14 PM

What was Federer's behaviour in Shanghai? What did he do that was unsportmanslike?

jmk , 11/5/12 9:29 PM

More gamesmanship really. Widely criticized. Kept wining about a few drops of rain on the court to try to break Murray's rhythm...

Conspirator , 11/5/12 9:58 PM

congratulations to Federer ATP Fans? Favourite award for 10th straight year :)

OnTheRise , 11/5/12 11:14 PM

Thank you conspirator. Now you mention it, I did see that piece. But I think "stridently criticized by a British newspaper" would be more accurate than "widely." I didn't see the match. Perhaps something along the lines of the 2012 Roland Garros final? But considerably less important. BTW, when I lived in England, the Mail was not considered a particularly reliable newspaper--better than the now defunct NoW, of course.

jmk , 11/6/12 2:42 AM

^^^ Whats with that 2012 FO final? Can't compare the two as it was raining heavily at the FO final that they were forced to stop play. It's certainly not just 'a few drops of rain' of that Shanghai SF!! Ridiculous to compare the two matches! No gamesmenship in play at FO final, unlike that Shanghai SF.

luckystar , 11/6/12 3:37 AM

jmk, it was rIng just a tad harder in Paris ;)

Yes I just googled the match and that Mail article was the first one I saw. Agreed that it is written like a tabloid but other articles and even the commies during the
match called it for what it was. Can't blame him I guess. Muzz had him on the run so why not try to get a break I suppose.

Conspirator , 11/6/12 4:05 AM

^^^ raining just a tad harder.


Conspirator , 11/6/12 4:07 AM

Let me just bring the following to @jmk's attention, refresh his memory perhaps?:

1. Who can forget Fed's contorted expression at FO when he screamed "shut up" at fans?
2. Not giving Berdy credit when he beat him is not sporting:

3. Cryptic references to phantom injuries: story-now/

4. Not forgetting of course the imagined raindrops: ats-Roger-Federer-face-Novak-Djokovic-Shanghai-Masters-final.html

A s someone else said, could be the players know Fed has a fragile ego and it needs feeding with these accolades.............

Gosh, the man has 17 Slams, he is GOAT! One would think that would be enough to sate said ego...................

rafaisthebest , 11/6/12 6:39 AM

............add the 10-minute laugh at Rafa's loss to Rosol to the list above, very unsportsman-like.

rafaisthebest , 11/6/12 6:48 AM

@rafaisthebest, 11/6/12 6:39 AM
___Who can forget Fed's contorted expression at FO when he screamed "shut up" at fans?___

I add that Fed yelled 'shut up' to the crowd, after he hit the ball into the net and the crowd cheered for his OPPONENT (Delpo). It's an example how fragile the ego of Fed is.

Augustina08 , 11/6/12 3:03 PM

Am unable to watch the Fed/Tipsy match. Can someone please confirm if Fed is wearing a different color shirt I.e. color that is NOT blue or a variation thereof???

rafaisthebest , 11/6/12 3:21 PM

ritb, Federer is wearing a royal blue shirt with balck shorts.

I don't think people bother to vote because they know the whole thing is rigged.

nadline , 11/6/12 3:26 PM

Thanks, nadline. I guess Roger has the rights to the color blue..........

rafaisthebest , 11/6/12 3:32 PM

@Conspirator, 11/5/12 3:44 PM
___ in 2006 when the sport was just too dull to watch when indeed Fed was at his most "dominant"___

Tennis was dull because Fed IS dull.
Fed is so boring that I don't want to watch him. The last time I watched him playing was the match Fed vs. Djokovic at the FO. I just wanted to see Rafa's next opponent. What an awfully dull and boring match it was!

Augustina08 , 11/6/12 3:42 PM

usual whining by all rafans - except the unbiased LUCKYSTAR - during declaration of these yearly awards!!! ritual!

velliat53 , 11/7/12 9:12 AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Federer boring. All the talk of grace and beauty completely passes me by; all I see is self centered arrogance on court when he knows he's got the upper hand. Funnily he shows some personality when he is up against players like Rafa, Nole, Murray, Tsonga and Berdych.

Rafa saved tennis from the Federer boring era just like Agassi saved it from the boring Sampras era.

nadline , 11/7/12 9:49 AM

nadline. Because, since you are fanatic Nadal fans ?

Also, many people regard Nadal as boring. Also, many Nadal dislikes also exist. You do not consider them?

nadline, 11/7/12 9:49 AM. <just like Agassi saved it from the boring Sampras era.>

great. I am impressed. You are very faithful to Nadal who has insulted the Sampras era.

It is very interesting. The Nadal fan has always ignored, the arrogant gamesmanship, fake MTO, excuse, ego of Nadal.

never accept.

tennisnba , 11/8/12 11:25 AM

tennisnba , 11/8/12 11:43 AM

Roger Federer Presented Pair Of ATP World Tour Awards

Congrats. Also, Roger will remain forever a record of these. The players are familiar with their personality.

Roger is always quiet and great manners basically. Basically always fair play. Shanghai SF is the first he made a gamesmanship obviously. I saw for the first time. It is can't be compared to player like a Nadal has the habit of gamesmanship.

Mostly what Roger has received for that is critics.

critics from players like Nadal and other's who don't like "compromises" and being too "Swiss", that is moderate.

critics from fans who think that every change is decided by the only Federer, being the president of the council, which is absolutely untrue because most of the changes which emerge for the coming years come from Nadal's desires, Federer being mostly isolated against them in those matters ( on the ego 2 year-ranking system or selfish gesires. )

as one guy, even a council's president (which doesn't mean an executive president like the president of the USA ), has little power against many ones.

Federer as the president of the players' council is not a decider, he's a representative and facilitator listening, thinking and looking for compromises and cooling down people who are too categoric in their demandings. And institutions need guys like that. Quite often, when Fed spoke in recent months on those topics, he didn't say what he wanted but he tried to represent what the players overall wanted, that's a very common misconception when people talk about institutions not to understand the difference between both.

I'm certain he has been tremendously helped in that and other things by other clever, politically experienced and sensible guys like Ljubicic (who said Fed was his best friend on Tour after Thomas Johansson left), Nieminen and many other ones.

And well, I think all of this is vastly ignored and underrated by most people on sorts or tennis Forum who don't know anything about how institutions work.

I think part of the one reason why Roger received the players' award. comes from the fact that other players partly recognize his efforts in those things even though sometimes they would have wanted things to go quicker but maybe they realized that it was never that easy.

tennisnba , 11/8/12 12:59 PM

Llodra and Zimonjic came 2nd in the vote for most popular doubles pair.

How come?

Llodra was fined by the ATP following his racist slurs and I gather the two have not played together since Wimbledon.


ed251137 , 11/8/12 1:55 PM

Federer's latest very unsportsmanlike attack on Rafa makes a fitting conclusion to this thread.


ed251137 , 11/9/12 3:38 AM

Federer gets nominated by the ATP every year unlike other players. Why is that? This year's choice was Cilic, Del Potro, David Ferrer and Federer yet again. Rafa has only been nominated twice and Novak once as far as I know. When it was a straight pick between Roger and Rafa, Rafa won the award in 2010 I believe. If you do not get nominated by the ATP the players cannot vote for you - simples.

IMO it would be much fairer if the players could vote for whoever they want to and then the person with the most votes wins. The ATP should not interfere by nominating players at all. Like somebody else said it is the players who are the ones closest to the ins and outs of what is going on on the court and in the locker room etc.

Maybe I am being naive and nothing is that simple.

schatz , 11/9/12 7:52 PM

schatz: The reality is the majority of 'awards' are largely meaningless and are simply a device to generate photo opportunities, air-time and column inches in the press for the organisations bestowing them. The exceptions are awards for outstanding bravery or endeavour

In the case of the award under discussion: ask yourself who really cares and what is its significance. It carries about as much weight as the current poll on this site.


ed251137 , 11/10/12 8:18 AM

In short, the awards like the draws and schedules are rigged in favor of Federer. The awards have been reduced to a farce with the ATP nominating Federer every year and not nominating others whom the players might vote for.

holdserve , 11/10/12 3:27 PM

@ed251137 , 11/8/12 1:55 PM

Just proves that it's a load of rubbish.

nadline , 11/10/12 3:27 PM

You are right ed251137. It is done & dusted for me.

schatz , 11/10/12 8:47 PM

Oh no, another "character" piece..............this time on Federer (for the tennis side): porting-idols-be-nice

Issues to ponder, TT posters:
1. Spot the bias in Cameron Sharpe, no, make that extreme bias;
2. Who the heck is Cameron Sharpe?;
3. Hell, is he even a proper journalist?

Pity Mr. (I am assuming this is a "he") Sharpe does not state his tennis player preference in the article. Sure this would help sculpt opinions.

Please feel free to take pointers from the comments by posters at the bottom of Cameron Sharpe's article as you deliberate.

Oh, almost forgot, every bona fide character piece deserves to be commented on by Tignor, herewith Tignor's analysis on the Cameron Sharpe article: /45590/#.UL2ILYYdG_w

My friends, please feel free to agree with Tignor's analysis in full..........

Happy holidays people, cheers!

rafaisthebest , 12/4/12 7:04 AM

ritb: everything you ever wanted to know................. 875/473

Odd for New Statesman to run this kind of feature but as he works on their on-line production he probably just slipped it in lol. Plus their circulation has dropped through the floor so maybe they are trying to broaden their readership base.


http://uk.linkedin. com/pub/cameron-sharpe/24/875/473

ed251137 , 12/4/12 10:54 AM

Thanks ed251137, I know you know I had my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek there!

Happy holidays...........

rafaisthebest , 12/4/12 10:59 AM

Ok, it's time for a new contest called "Fed or PseudoFed".

Someone posts a quote and people can guess if it was be Fed or PseudoFed. After five people guess, the right answer is revealed to see if the board was right or wrong.

So, hear is the first quote:

"For me, I think the hard work that Moet have shown over a very long time I have done over a shorter span. I work extremely hard, yet I make it look very easy and elegant and I think they do that too. They feel very much connected to me and I feel the same with them."



Conspirator , 12/5/12 6:38 PM

^^^should read HERE is the first quote.


Conspirator , 12/5/12 6:41 PM

@Conspirator, 12/5/12 6:38 PM

Your quote is in this article:

I don't know, who is on the picture - PseudoFed or RealFed.

Augustina08 , 12/5/12 7:45 PM

I guess these words were spoken by The real Fed but the script was written by their marketing people.

ed251137 , 12/5/12 10:00 PM

@Conspirator 12/5 6:38pm
Those clearly are the words of PseudoFed.

abhirf , 12/6/12 8:50 AM

lol.?PseudoFed.... fake stupid moron. This moron is god for the Nadals fanatic arrogant fan.


tennisnba , 12/6/12 8:58 AM

ha! It is a variety show when the arrogant gamesmanship which collides purposely in Wimbledon,
and the player who performs extortion are nominated for a sportsmanship prize.

tennisnba , 12/6/12 9:53 AM

A fanatic Nadal fan always looks for Roger Federer's negative article.?lol.

There are many Roger's negative articles. Because, many people consider that he is GOAT.

its expect joy, that many journalists criticize Roger Federer.


These things that Nadal is performing

The custom of fake timeout

The utterance which looked down on the Sampras era

A annoying troublesome routine and a style

arrogant gamesmanship which collides purposely when it is likely to lose in Wimbledon

A push of selfish two-year ranking

It always complains about a schedule and always plans EX game.

And, resigns from a players' association suddenly.

it loses, an injury excuse will be carried out, and drop out.


If Roger performed these?

Which is the negative article to Roger made all over the world? How many?

Many journalists in the world will write Roger Federer's critical report

tennisnba , 12/6/12 10:05 AM


right, It is interesting.

still, old weak Roger Federer exists as the present young players and top player of the heyday.

really interesting

tennisnba , 12/6/12 12:09 PM

abhirf and tennisnba guessed incorrectly. Sorry, no, those words were spoken by Roger himself.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 12:17 PM

@tennisnba, 12/6/12 10:05 AM
_These things that Nadal is performing_
_The custom of fake timeout_

Your beloved Fed left the court for eight (!) minutes to have treatment on his lower back. It happened before the end of the first set of the match Fed vs. Malisse at Wimbledon this year. He recieved medical treatment also at the end of the third match. Does he take fake medical timeouts or is he a very sick man ?

Augustina08 , 12/6/12 12:18 PM

Augustina08 , 12/6/12 12:35 PM

Roger had a pain of the back or the waist then.
At a certain time. He did not sit on the chair.

He has the chronic injury of the pain of the back or the waist from the young time. However, it is rare that Roger takes timeout. I have said in a meaning called a custom.

usual fake time-out. Nadal performed time-out how many times until now?

Before other players' SFS. Before other players' SFM. Before other players' important point.

100 times? 200 times?
These gamesmanship is Nadal's customs.

fanatis blind fans.

tennisnba , 12/6/12 12:51 PM

tennisnba, a bit of a coincidence that the only player you focus on is the only player who dominates your hero with an 18-10 record. Maybe THAT is what you find the most annoying. I think that it would be much more cathartic for you if you wrote about all of those "annoying" losses.

While we are on the topic of your health, please to check your medication and loosen the strap on your tinfoil RF cap. It's cutting off the circulation to your pea brain and it needs all the help it can get.

Also please let me know if you are still on this thread.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 1:03 PM

It's an iron rule of the internet that all trolls are obsessed with the player they profess to hate and ceaselessly write about them.

deuce , 12/6/12 1:46 PM

And you continue writing about Roger every day [ annoyingy / comment ] which is made low?

As for continuing writing a comment at this site repeatedly, a fanatic Nadal fan including you is most.

I do not come here every day. Because, I have work. I am busy even when it is private.

I am not so morbid as you.?You can receive your comment.

tennisnba , 12/6/12 1:49 PM

I'm not greatest player - Roger Federer

Roger Federer says he does not feel like the greatest player ever despite winning his seventh Wimbledon title.?The Swiss beat Britain's Andy Murray to capture a record 17th Grand Slam triumph - his first since January 2010.
But he said the modern era meant players were under more pressure to chase records.

"I don't feel better than anyone, because we need past champions to pave the way for our generation and we have become very professional," he said.

"They have led the way and inspired myself and other players to chase the big records out there.

"Back in the day they weren't doing that, they were just playing to play tennis. Things have changed dramatically with the press reminding us 'you should do this and win that and you'll be considered the greatest of all time'

"And anyway I don't think you can compare different eras in tennis."

Satu rday, August 25, 2012

Q. Both McEnroe and Agassi said in the World Team Tennis match this July that tennis right now at the top, men?s tennis is the toughest ever. Do you think you four guys are the toughest maybe in history in terms of competing against each other and winning events?

ROGER FEDERER: I?d say no, but I don?t know. Just because you look back maybe 15 years, then you have Sampras, Edberg, Becker, and Agassi, I don?t know who else. Those guys weren?t good or what? Do you know what I mean?

You look back, further back, 20 years, and you have the Connors and the Lendls. Those weren?t good either? I mean, I don?t know. So for me I think that?s respectful.

It?s just different times and definitely more athletic, there?s no doubt about that. But then again we don?t play doubles. We don?t play mixed. Maybe we play less matches today because it?s more taxing, but we do play less bestoffive set tennis than they used to play. You can?t compare really.

but we have somewhat of a golden era right now. I feel that truly. It?s nice to see Andy making his move at the Olympics, nice to see Novak having an absolutely ridiculous year last year, and then Rafa and myself still being around. It?s definitely good times. Past that you still have great champions as well. It?s very interesting at the top right now, and the depth I think has never been greater than right now. There?s no doubt about that.

But then best ever? The four of us? That?s a really difficult call.

what class and humble Roger.

tennisnba , 12/6/12 2:12 PM

tennisnba (aka OverestimationNadal), I think I found that "work" you are so busy with.

Seems you spend a lot of time on facebook, no?

Search your true feelings about why Nadal bothers you so and the truth shall set you free.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:15 PM

"I love my game, watching myself"


Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:28 PM



Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:30 PM

what class and humble Roger.
tennisnba, 12/6/12 2:12 PM

Well, at least you and Roger have something in common...


Conspirator , 12/6/12 2:31 PM

And, Nadal said. My body is perfect.

lol.facebook? It is with an Private space? Is it an Private space here? It is here at a tennis fan's forum?

tennisnba , 12/6/12 2:56 PM

The reason a lot of people cannot tell the difference between Pseud and the real thing is that he so often sounds like a parody of himself.

btw: do I get the prize for spotting it was TMF who uttered those words?

ed251137 , 12/6/12 3:02 PM

Rafa is referring to his health whereas Roger is referring to his own beauty.

Answer the questions, OverestimationNadal.

- Why are you so obsessed with Nadal and no one else? (Hint: seek your true feelings)
- Why would you spend so much time on that facebook page? What does privacy have to do with it? (Aside: NEWSFLASH - Nothing is private on Facebook)
- What does OverEstimationNadal even mean? (i.e., Who is doing the estimaiting and what is being estimated?)
- Is your "work" running this facebook hate page


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:08 PM

I do not come here every day. Because, I have work. I am busy even when it is private.
tennisnba, 12/6/12 1:49 PM

Umm, I guess you are taking a holiday from "work" today. Besides, isn't that just another way of saying "I'm OFF this thread, got it?"

Seems like you are the only one commenting on that facebook group. Such anger is not good for you. Search your inner feelings. It's ok. 10-18 is just numbers. Breath deep and slow. Reeeee-laaaaaaax. See? Isn't that better?

Also, VERY disturbing some of the "likes" you have on Facebook.

I mean Coldplay? Really?


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:19 PM

Ed, isn't winning enough?


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:22 PM

"I came so close [to breaking Sampras' record] and I could have chased it if I had wanted to. I didn't choose to."


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:27 PM

"I played well enough in doubles, but Stanislas not so much"


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:28 PM

"I?ve been unlucky towards the end of the season ? I've had a back issue; I've had a quad issue. I guess I?m tough in taking hits as well with my body. I know how to handle them."


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:31 PM

"Who wants to see a 20 shot rally when the last shot is a shank? That is just hitting the ball backwards and forwards and it means I have to do a lot of the running. Inappropriate. I can?t spend 5 hours on a court any more. I am able to, I just don?t want to"


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:36 PM

"However, I know my Australian fans can?t wait to see me early in 2013"


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:38 PM

"One of My biggest rivalries retired this year too. Rafaello Nadal. He is from Spain. It was a big sadness to see him go and I only allowed Myself to smile for ten minutes, maybe eleven. We had many matches together and no matter what the statistics say, it was closer than you remember."

"I don?t want to Talk about St. David?s Cup. Sufficient to say Stanford could and should have done better. I don?t understand him sometimes."

"After Wimbledon this year (2012) we also had a practise for the Olympics in Rio 2016. Obviously there was no point in making the big stretches and risk the injuries just for this so I chose not to win it. "

"Then Shanghai. This shows that sometimes, even when you are the best in the world the Gods are not on your side. We had a big typhoon tornado and the match had to be abandoned. I had never seen spots of rain that big. Somebody had to win for the sake of the fans and I withdrew, it just wasn't worth it."

"I am playing an exhibition soon. When a staff member told me it was in Rio de Janeiro I advised that I can't play that month as that is when the Australian Open is. Anyway, they rescheduled and I am very excited to travel to Rio so am busy doing the brush ups on My Italian"

#OKThisOneIsNotSoHardMaybeEvenTennisnbaC anFigureItOut

Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:43 PM

lol. Roger have declared that he is not the best.

He is a fake who continues writing also by a blog in case of GOAT.

Everyone knows that he is a fake about it.

And,It is enjoyed on it.

It is only your prejudice and subjectivity.

- Why are you so obsessed with Federer and no one else? ?

Because, it is even if you deny desperately.

Since Roger is the 1st place of a favorite player whom the tennis fan in the world chooses
Ten-year continuation

he also has record of the sportsmanship prize which players choose.
8 times recognition

Since a possibility that these records of his will also remain eternally is high


tennisnba , 12/6/12 3:45 PM

Answer the questions OverestimationNadal.

Here is another quote for the guessings since you are 0-1 so far...

"I've been feeling bad for the last two, three matches. I am struggling with a little bit of a back and a leg issue."

"That never quite really went away. It came back a little bit after the first-round match and then went away again and just kept creeping back sometimes during the matches. When you're hurting, it's a combination of many things. You just don't feel as comfortable. You can't concentrate."


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:47 PM

"Obviously, I'm the one that's playing with smaller margins, so obviously I'm always going to go through a bit more up and downs; whereas Rafa is content doing the one thing for the entire time.

So it's always me who's going to dictate play and decide how the outcome is going to be. If I play well, I will most likely win in the score or beat him; if I'm not playing so well, that's when he wins."


Sorry, that last part was me laughing!

Hint: Fed is frequently funnier than Pseudofed.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:51 PM

For some unknown reason, Roger doesn't "decide how the outcome is going to be".

Maybe he is deciding to lose?


Conspirator , 12/6/12 3:53 PM

"Good for him. I mean, it doesn?t help him a whole lot. He?s never won a Slam.?

Hahahahahahah (that was me again). Can ANYONE imagine Rafa saying anything like that?


Conspirator , 12/6/12 4:05 PM

"He?s also playing me, someone who?s won many Grand Slams and been able to win here three times. I know what it takes and how to do it, which is definitely an advantage. I don?t feel like the pressure?s really on me having to do it again, because I?ve done it before. I think he really needs it more than I do. I think the pressure?s big on him. We?ll see how he?s going to handle it. It?s not going to be easy for him, that?s for sure"

hahahahhaha - this is funnier than scoretracker's breakdown. Hint: Pseudofed doesn't even come close.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 4:08 PM

Roger Federer latest is among the most unexpected, especially for a man raised in a country known for its benign neutrality: backroom power broker.

But after leading the ATP Tour Player Council as president the last three years, Federer has become a savvy student of the laws of political governance.

"It's been a great life-school," said the tri-lingual Swiss star Sunday as he prepared to defend his season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals title. "Can you say that?"

Much of Roger Federer's behind-the-scenes work this year has focused on persuading the four majors to share a larger piece of the revenue pie with players.

He has also lobbied that a larger percentage of prize money go to earlier rounds to rectify a growing income distribution gap.

That work has increasingly fallen on his shoulders, as Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, once Player Council members, left their leadership positions.

Take his pre-tournament schedule last month at the Masters event.

Under added security because of death threats, Roger Federer arrived on a Friday and discussed strategy with ATP player and board representatives till about 1 a.m.

He practiced the next morning, spent about 7 hours in meetings with various representatives of the Grand Slams and still attended the player party Saturday night.

On Sunday evening, he hosted three hours of meetings in his hotel room with the Player Council, ATP executive staff, and U.S. Open executives -- all before he struck a match ball.

"Roger has so many demands on his schedule and the fact that he is investing so much time into the player council and these negotiations shows his character and how much he cares for the future of the sport,"

doubles specialist and council member Eric Butorac of the USA wrote in a recent email. "I believe it is very unprecedented to have a top player so involved."

It's not just Roger Federer's time than matters. It's his clout.

"I think having someone like him on the council can be a big benefit, especially if you're going into important meetings with the Grand Slams," No. 3 Andy Murray said Saturday.

Reserved by nature, Federer has come a long way in understanding the needs and concerns of everyone from players ranked well outside the top 50 to doubles specialists.

Roger Federer did not slip into the role of leader without some angst.

It is, like his precise shotmaking and fluid movements, a delicate balancing act. Demands can stretch on and on. The mind can become weary. Focus can waver.

Despite threats of a boycott and other hard-line tactics -- for tennis -- Roger Federer and his fellow players and ATP executives have shepherded successes.

The French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open each contributed a larger percentage of prize money to earlier rounds this season.

The Australian Open will do the same in January, and in a pre-emptive strike already announced the biggest year-over-year prize money increase in its history.

More important, Roger Federer said, is the "productive" dialogue taking place.

"I'm happy that we've gotten to the table with the Slams and been able to explain our case," he said.

At 31, Roger Federer is brushing up against the usual threshold when age undermines skill, which means every minute and every decision he makes counts.

In that regard, time management might just be the Swiss' biggest asset. He seems to have found a formula that works.


what class.

Roger is performing too much many work for this sport.

arrogant prejudice shame Conspirator should learn many things from Roger Federer.


tennisnba , 12/6/12 4:28 PM

^^^What's your point? Besides the one on your head.

Answer the questions, OverestimationNadal:

- Why are you so obsessed with Nadal and no one else? (Hint: seek your true feelings)
- Why would you spend so much time on that facebook page? What does privacy have to do with it? (Aside: NEWSFLASH - Nothing is private on Facebook)
- What does OverEstimationNadal even mean? (i.e., Who is doing the estimaiting and what is being estimated?)
- Is your "work" running this facebook hate page


Conspirator , 12/6/12 4:31 PM

The custom of fake timeout

The utterance which looked down on the Sampras era

A annoying troublesome routine and a style

arrogant gamesmanship which collides purposely when it is likely to lose in Wimbledon

A push of selfish two-year ranking

It always complains about a schedule and always plans EX game.

resigns from a players' association suddenly.

When loses, an injury excuse and drop out.

tennisnba , 12/6/12 4:38 PM

The Sampras era is insulted.

"It was not true tennis only in the serve."

said Nadull

tennisnba , 12/6/12 4:46 PM

Oh help, the needle is stuck again.

Conspirator: Be a love, please put her record back in its sleeve.

btw: a beady bit of sleuthing you did there. That site is verging on pornographic it is so disgusting. Interesting to know how many people posting there operate on other sites.


ed251137 , 12/6/12 4:52 PM

Roger Federer who is opposed to ranking for two years is criticized.

"gentleman too much. too Swiss"


tennisnba , 12/6/12 4:55 PM

"Even wins, I'm not act like Djokovic."

After losing in Madrid


tennisnba , 12/6/12 5:06 PM

before AO final

"Djokovic does not seem to be tired."

After the game by murray, Djokovic said that he was tired


tennisnba , 12/6/12 5:19 PM

"I was doing the injury from the time of IW."

After losing Rosol, when skipping the subsequent tournament


tennisnba , 12/6/12 5:34 PM

Wow!!! I must have touched a nerve as OverEstimationNadal has blown a gasket!

I see you've resorted to the same old routine. I was impressed with you efforts to at least write something new (even if it IS shite). But now you are just trying to divert attention away from the real truth.

C'mon OverestimationNadal. Let it all out.

Answer the questions, OverestimationNadal:

- Why are you so obsessed with Nadal and no one else? (Hint: 10-18 seek your true feelings)
- Ask yourself why nobody else bothers you so, so very much. Why?
- Why would you spend so much time on that facebook page?
- What does OverEstimationNadal even mean? (i.e., Who is doing the estimaiting and what is being estimated?)
- Is your "work" running this facebook hate page


Conspirator , 12/6/12 5:42 PM

Indoor it is not true tennis ?"Rosol? It had a roof.."


tennisnba , 12/6/12 5:51 PM

"It's KILLING Me!!!"


Conspirator , 12/6/12 5:52 PM

"A hard court is not good for health." "should increase clay or grass."


tennisnba , 12/6/12 6:09 PM

"I feel like if I'm playing well I can dictate who's going to win or lose,? he said. ?It's going to take something special from my opponent to win. That's kind of how it feels right now.

-Federer, pre-US Open

Turns out it wasn't so special after all.

Stop avoiding the question OverestimationNadal. The truth shall set you free.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 6:12 PM

You will be pleased to visit and pay homage to Me, buy gifts and also buy the flags that everybody waves in the stadiums, "Shhh, Genius At Work". I am also announcing the new line, "Shut Up, Genius At Work".

Don't be afraid, OverestimationNadal.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 6:15 PM

arrogant Toni Nadal

He wishes an injury of Roger and Djokovic.

And he said that it is a fault of ATP that Nadal cannot win an ATP final.

arrogant coach as selfish

that why Nadull is arrogant gamesmanship and excuse cheater.

tennisnba , 12/6/12 6:28 PM

No no no OverestimationNadal. I'm trying to help you. That Facebook group you run is very scary on many levels.

First things first...

Answer the questions, OverestimationNadal:

- Why are you so obsessed with Nadal and no one else? (Hint: 10-18 seek your true feelings)
- Ask yourself why nobody else bothers you so, so very much. Why?
- Why would you spend so much time on that facebook page?
- What does OverEstimationNadal even mean? (i.e., Who is doing the estimaiting and what is being estimated?)
- Is your "work" running this facebook hate page


Conspirator , 12/6/12 6:51 PM

I forgot this one. hahahahahahaha

Fedfans would prefer that this was Pseudofed!


Conspirator , 12/6/12 7:18 PM

Augustina08 , 12/6/12 7:29 PM

Most objective commies in tennis...

Conspirator , 12/6/12 7:40 PM

Conspirator, 12/6/12 2:15 PM

Oh my, where did you find this? It's the same person! This is unreal! Someone created a facebook page just to trash Rafa? That's a life?

Nativenewyorker , 12/6/12 8:36 PM

nny, I've recognized tennisnba's (lack of) writing style immediately from Yahoo Sports as soon as he started posting on here. He's been regurgitating the same BS verbatim for years as OverestimationNadal (what a name, right?). So I googled that username and, voila.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 8:43 PM

He's not worth logically debating with. Not a tennis fan. He's just angry about his failed life in general and gravitated to being a tennis troll. There are a few on here you know.


Conspirator , 12/6/12 8:49 PM


Gotcha! I appreciate you posting this information so that we can know what tennisnba is all about. Now that's a real waste of life! Great work in uncovering those facebook links!

Oh yes, tennisnba is not the only one, that's for sure! There does seem to be this common thread of disproportionate anger directed at people for no reason. I guess it is this sense of failure and low self-esteem that makes these people spew out so much hatespeak. If you have no confidence, then you would need to put others down to make yourself feel better. Not very constructive or helpful in the long run, though.


Nativenewyorker , 12/7/12 1:17 AM

NNY: It's beyond irritating but when all's said and done it is pathetic but relatively harmless.

Unlike the vicious attacks on individual people, vitriolic mumbo jumbo, and dangerous innuendos masquerading under the smokescreen of IMO.

ed251137 , 12/7/12 1:57 AM

The dream team strikes again, messing up every thread with their sick gossiping, innuendoes and trash talking.

WOW, I cn't believe people have so much time on their hands to google this sort of stuff. GET A LIFE TROLLS. BFs and jobs are needed.

Is this talking tennis. geez, not to mention the arm-chair psychiatry, judgmentalism and self-aggrandizement.

NNY epitomizes herself @1:17am, and ed does the same @ 1:57am @conspirator @8:49pm.

Now fed's thread has been messed up, why am i not surprised.

As Ive said before, if anyone were to ridicule Nadal in the manner these trolls ridicule Fed, there would be WWII. Things are so biased it's pathetic. What's even more pathetic not one of them can say to the other that they need to stop.

Is this talking tennis? geez.

As ususal conspirator, is trolling for comments. she and the other to fill up the threads with their usual spurious remarks and ridiculing of others, which they project unto others. WOW, what a bunch, this dream team is!

scoretracker , 12/7/12 2:13 AM

WARNING: the post by:

scoretracker, 12/7/12 2:13 AM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 12/7/12 2:20 AM

Poor thing, she's trying so very hard to listen to one voice, but the others are drowning it out. meds need a refill.

You're on this site all day and night. I suppose it's what's called manic syndrome.

scoretracker , 12/7/12 2:29 AM

WARNING: the post by:

scoretracker, 12/7/12 2:29 AM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 12/7/12 2:32 AM

@2:32am, screen name, conspirator=hawkeye=willmw. narcissistic syndrome now in full bloom. How come the English Prof has not seen this glaring grammatical error, viz, "Replies will not be responded to." Rule of thumb, never end a sentence with a preposition. Surely the English Prof should have picked up on that blatant error a long time ago, had it not been for her pre-occupation of harrassing those into whom she's got her daggers firmly plunged. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 12/7/12 3:39 AM

WARNING: the post by:

scoretracker, 12/7/12 3:39 AM

is trolling for a reply. Please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation. This is an automated post. Replies will not be responded to.


Conspirator , 12/7/12 3:46 AM

Conspirator: As soon as the pedant is NOTT we can discuss the exceptions to the so-called rule which is not a rule.

ed251137 , 12/7/12 8:03 AM

WOW, look ed's talking about herself. Who tells everyone how they should write and what they can and cannot say? It's ed, the pedantic school marm.

Yes, why not mess up the thread some more, as is being done across the board, e.g., the fighting with Holdserve and several others.

This forum is their personal chat roomwith two rules.

1. We can say what we want, and no one gets to tell us what we can or cannot write.

2. we have the right to pick on anyone coz that provides us with much needed sick pleasure and keeps our boring lives interesting.

Nothing tennis related is discussed by the pseudo hashtag expert, just sick gossiping and moronic mutterings.

scoretracker , 12/8/12 1:17 AM

Oh c'mon scrotracker, an expert. I'm humb1e.

Weren't you off this thread? Pretty sure you made that quite clear, no?



- willmw101

Conspirator , 12/8/12 3:14 AM

^^^^^ willmw101 should read Conspirator

scrotracker = tennisnba


Conspirator , 12/8/12 3:17 AM


I don't know how you put up with it, but you have handled this crap so very well!

It just boggles the mind that the very person who protested about being attacked as someone who had been banned from this site and posted under another screen name, can come on here and accuse you of posting under not one, not two, but three, count 'em, three screen names!

That makes about as much sense and is about as true as all the other garbage posted by scoretracker.

Nativenewyorker , 12/8/12 3:32 AM

Haha NNY so true

On cue....


Conspirator , 12/8/12 3:34 AM

If Rafa is "overestimated" and yet he has a positive H2H against Fed then what .....?
Oh wait!
Of course u can never expect trolls to be logical.

deuce , 12/9/12 7:57 AM

Here we go ?round the mulberry bush
The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush..............................

ed251137 , 12/9/12 11:14 AM

ed, have just been watching the veterans at The Albert Hall. Mac was superb, looked incredible. Mind u the court was so slow it gave him plenty of time to get to the ball. So slow in fact, u and I would've probably won the doubles... Glad to report Mac had normal coloured hair, rather than that dodgy "ginger look" he was sporting at Wimbledon.
Lovely to see Mac, Santoro and Brahmi all weaving their magic spells.
Also, u would've been astonished.....Forget was smiling and laughing....shocking! Arrived about 3 hours b4 he was due on court, against Mac, lol, and was awful, but once he'd settled, played well in subsequent matches.

deuce , 12/9/12 4:37 PM

Looks like Dancing With The Stars isn't Fed's forte after all. Still, not too bad at $2M per match...


Conspirator , 12/9/12 5:20 PM

Damn: was it broadcast on BBC? I had tickets for today to see the Caen Open with Llodra, Benneteau, Mathieu and Gasquet playing top amateur players. But the weather is so shite and I am loathe to drive in the dark since the accident I decided not to go.
Would love to have seen Llodra in action.

ed251137 , 12/9/12 5:27 PM

No, was lurking on ITV4.
Oh, real shame about the Caen Open and missing Llodra. I love the way his kid always comes onto court after matches :)
Have u got snow?

deuce , 12/9/12 5:53 PM

Snow inland but just sleet and icy rain on the coast for the moment.

Have just tuned to ITV4 so will watch Henman and Santoro. Gutted I missed out on watching You Cant Be Serious.

Did you see the LeConte piece ritb put up? And Ricky went for me for trying to refute that theory. True I didn't make a very good job of it - I dont have Lucky's knack with arguing my case when it comes to tennis:-(

ed251137 , 12/9/12 6:20 PM

@ed, didn't see that article. Worth a read? Mac was simply brilliant. Henman looked unfit and undercooked to me, apparently he just plays golf these days - and pretty well too by all accounts. Just love Santoro though, such fun to watch.
Siberia is very kindly sending us Brits freezing winds and snow this week. Nice, not :(

deuce , 12/10/12 7:35 AM

Only if you've tried to fathom out my spat with Ricky lol.
but here it is in case you want to read it. Leconte is definitely past his sell by date.
Never did find his clowning on the Centre Court the least bit funny.

I only got to see the first set of Henman and Santoro. We had a blizzard and I lost reception for the English channels. You're right, Tim definitely looks like uncooked pastry these days.

ed251137 , 12/10/12 1:05 PM

Roger Federer Dancing Gangnam Style in Brasil (09/12/2012)

#GoatnamSt yle

Conspirator , 12/10/12 10:29 PM

New Heights of Popularity
Marco Falbo, Journalist


The ATP World Tour Finals also marked Roger Federer's third appearance in a major final in London this year. Admittedly he was forced to surrender the cup, along with his place as the season's no.1 player, to Serbia's Novak Djokovic. At the same time, however, it is now clear that he has become even more popular and for fans of the sport is the greatest no. 1 by far.

"Roger Federer is the most popular tennis player of all time." For Andrew Castle, former British tennis professional and now BBC pundit, there is no longer any doubt about that following the ATP World Tour Finals in London,

as he told his listeners and readers of his newspaper columns. The oldest contestant at 31 years of age, Federer missed out on his seventh Masters title and a hat trick in the season's finale in a dramatic final against Novak Djokovic. But with his spectacular performances and his aura, he nevertheless proved the biggest attraction at the O2 Arena in East London, which pulled in crowds of 263,229 over the eight days of the tournament.

That his popularity has continued to climb was particularly evident in the semifinals, where he met Andy Murray in the gigantic arena on the Greenwich Peninsula in front of 17,800 spectators, in a repeat of the finals at Wimbledon and the Olympics. Then something unexpected happened: It wasn't the Scotsman who received a frenetic welcome from the majority of spectators. Despite having become Olympic champion for the first time and appearing in London for the first time since winning the UK's first men's Grand Slam title in 76 years at the US Open, it was his opponent who attracted most of the acclaim,
with countless Swiss flags being waved and chants of "Roger, Roger" ringing repeatedly throughout the stadium.

Illusion of Timelessness

"A shiver ran down my spine when I came onto the court, and then at the introduction too," said Federer, after averting his third defeat in succession to Murray (after the Olympics and Shanghai) with a 7-6, 6-2 win. He received a lot of support throughout the world, he said, but in London perhaps more so than anywhere else. That's hardly surprising, given that as many as ten of his biggest successes were achieved in the UK capital, including his seven Wimbledon wins, two successes in the season's finale, and winning the silver medal in the Olympics. Even in the year of his 17th Grand Slam title and his return to the very pinnacle of the sport, he still comes across as so fresh, energetic, inspired, and motivated that he almost succeeds in creating the illusion of timelessness.

"He's more respected in Britain than anywhere else"

Andy Murray and the British tennis experts remained slightly perplexed following this clear verdict from the spectators. "What more does he have to do? Climb Everest? Put his name down for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?" wrote Neil Harman, tennis correspondent of The Times. He also castigated those fans who actually booed Murray during the tie-break, when he was forced to change his racket after having destroyed it in anger over a mistake that he made. "It's shameful that the home crowd wanted the other player to win."
But Harman went on to say: "Roger Federer has enriched this sport more than anyone else over the past decade." And he's perhaps more respected in Britain than anywhere else apart from Switzerland."

Winner of Fans' Award for Tenth Time

Roger Federer once again improved on one of his records in the season's final tournament, too. Roger Federer has concluded his 14th year as a professional with six titles, 71 wins, and 12 defeats representing his best showing since 2007. The world rankings list has him as easily the second best player in the world at the end of 2012 behind Djokovic but ahead of Murray, Nadal, and Ferrer. That he's the clear no.1 in terms of popularity was also evidenced in London by the fact that he picked up the ATP Fans' Favorite Award for the tenth time in succession.

He also collected the Sportsmanship Award where players honor the most popular among their own for the eighth time.

For McEnroe, Roger Federer Is Still the Greatest

The only disappointment for Federer was his failure to win any tournaments in the final third of an otherwise superb 2012 season. The 76-time champion will therefore have to wait a while until he can close the gap with John McEnroe, who quit after 77 titles and thus took third place in the professional era, behind Jimmy Connors (109) and Ivan Lendl (94). For the American, however, Roger Federer is already the greatest player in the history of tennis.
"If I had to pick one person, I'd pick Roger," he told the Tampa Times. "Generally, I put Nadal as the greatest clay court player, I put Roger as the best allrounder, I put Sampras the greatest grass court player, and Rod Laver was my idol. Those would be the top four. But I think Roger is the best overall. He plays the most beautiful tennis I've ever seen."

"One year, five years, ten years, I'll take it"
The exceptional status that Federer now possesses was also highlighted by Brad Drewett, CEO of the ATP World Tour, on the fringe of the season's finale. "I want Roger to play as long as he can. One year, five years, ten years, I'll take it,"
"He's beyond tennis now. He's obviously one of the most famous, respected athletes in the world. He never ceases to amaze me on and off the court." He concludes: "When he does leave the game, it will be a tremendous loss." But that day still seems to be some way off. Roger Federer's strong motivation to extend his career for as long as possible continues unabated.

On South American Tour in December

He has instead included an exhibition tour to South America in his extended season preparations in December, where he will play in exhibition matches against David Ferrer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tomaz Bellucci, and Juan Martin Del Potro in So Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Bogot, between December 6 and 15.
"I'm looking forward to it enormously," says Roger Federer, who has never appeared as a tennis pro in South America. "It should be a unique trip."
And, Sharapova, Azarenka, Wozniacki, Serena, Bob and Mike Brian's etc. participate. tion=OpenArticle&aoid=375529&coid=279855&lang=EN

tennisnba , 12/11/12 4:46 PM

that was written during the Brazil exho tour. There are earlier entries that also make for good reading. In a nutshell. Roger is a rock star. great manners and demeanour to go with it.
And translate site ev=_t&

Began the great feast
06/12/2012 at 15h48 - by Joseph Nilton Dalcim

Do you think there is only groupie Roger Federer in the stands or in front of the TV? That nothing. The journalists also love the Swiss. I can not count how many requests I have received to arrange autograph, photo, ticket, little place ... journalists!

Roger Federer is a phenomenon. Just like most of the world, where there are big tournaments, everyone drool for him, either by posture, by the ease in English and French, the answers intelligent and humorous. Never begs the question, do not lose your temper.

Today, to join the official conference in Sao Paulo, he was applauded! Incredible. They were about 200 media professionals, many foreigners. It completely overshadowed the presence of the goddess Maria Sharapova, the No. 1 Victoria Azarenka, the greatest duo in history. Nobody asked a question even the former leader Caroline Wozniacki.

Only Serena Williams not even appeared - she will arrive just in time for a clinic and starting Saturday - which ultimately proved to be a correct decision. The party is it, pretty much just him.

All contractors must schedule made by the sponsors. Each clinic will in Ibirapuera gymnasium for special guests - this afternoon it was the turn of Sharapova - while Federer was making a visit to the center Mercado hours before the match against Thomaz Bellucci.

Curious things were said at the news conference. Bellucci, Bruno Soares and Marcelo Melo stressed the importance for the Brazilian tennis remarkable to watch the parade of stars. "View Roger Federer is the dream of every Brazilian," Marcelo said, also praising the presence of meniinas. "It's the cream of tennis," added Smith.

Sharapova, who is visiting Brazil for the second time, said that I would one day compete here in earnest. Tsonga had already visited Brazil as a child ("but do not remember anything" and said enjoy the music, dance and Brazilian football. The Bryan admitted to being untrained, "I just got married, I was in Costa Rica," said Mike. "It will not have anyone cheering for us," joked Bob. Finally, Tommy Robredo takes advantage of coming to know the parents of his Brazilian girlfriend

tennisnba , 12/11/12 5:03 PM

Everybody loves Roger

08/12/2012 at 13h57 - by Joseph Nilton Dalcim

Even without having played a tennis match in upscale Thursday, Roger Federer has not diminished one centimeter in the excitement of the fans and the harassment of the press at every step that has given the city of So Paulo. And not to receive praise and declarations of love. Unlike Chris Rock, the feeling is that everyone loves Roger Federer.

I talked with autograph-hunters, organization staff, cameramen and nobody can give a single negative statement about the Swiss. "He took the raqueteira back into the picture get better," melts a fan. "His education and simplifidade are incredible," whispers me a member of staff. "It caters to all requests and answer all the questions," is surprised a professional press backstage accustomed football. After the match against Bellucci, he was late for a very conference and reached giving "good morning" and apologizing. Delayed because they did not want to fail to meet fans at the exit of the gym.

Lance curious happened on Friday. While Roger was going to camorote to watch the game from Sharapova and Wozniacki alongside Danish boyfriend, the supergolfista Rory McIlroy, Robert's father sat anonymously in the audience, completely alone, reveling in ice cream. Nobody disturbed him. On Saturday, Robert went for a walk around town in a Volkswagen Beetle convertible.

Who has accompanied TenisBrasil, already saw that the agenda is agitated Roger Federer and his tennis has been less activity. When he could, he managed to hit the ball with Rodrigo Grilli, a professional hired for this. The other players have had much lower activity, restricted to clinics with guests.

Federer Serena followed on Saturday in a brief appearance at Masp to play a miniquadra. Some children's project came from Patricia Medrado Cidade Tiradentes, real trip to see the idol for a few minutes, without any photo or autograph. Pena.

The games had ups and downs, but overall should be pleased. The double was the fifth-best so far, followed by the great (and serious) display Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Visibly tired - abused ascent to the network, a clear sign of lack of legs - Federer had few moments of brilliance. Toasted the crowd with some great moves, but also made mistakes grotesque. Bellucci took advantage of that and it was fine. The next day, against Tsonga, looting and dropped his level of play much worse.

The public began more timid on Thursday, but was practically filling the Ibirapuera, as expected, for the first game of Roger Federer. Outside, scalpers were disappointed and came to sell two tickets for $ 500, to minimize the inevitable damage. Already Friday was more or less what I expected, with half of the stands occupied. The scorching heat forced the use of fans and spawned a funny visual.

Saturday and Sunday allow more emotions, since the matches against Tsonga and Federer and Haas duel with Serena Azarenka have everything to close the event with a flourish.

tennisnba , 12/11/12 5:18 PM

.............On Saturday, Robert went for a walk around town in a Volkswagen Beetle convertible......

tennisnba , 12/11/12 5:18 PM

*Head-scratch* do you do that, walk around in a car I mean?

rafaisthebest , 12/11/12 5:24 PM

Roger and Serena Williams

Having a great time in Brazil

Federer and Sharapova and Wozniacki

Guga and Roger

Roger and Pele

tennisnba , 12/11/12 5:32 PM

tennisnba, what happened to the days when you called Federer an old man?


Conspirator , 12/11/12 5:51 PM

that was written during the Brazil exho tour. There are earlier entries that also make for good reading. In a nutshell. Roger is a rock star. great manners and demeanour to go with it.
tennisnba, 12/11/12 5:03 PM

Suddenly you can write better! New meds working for you TennisNoBrainActivity?


Conspirator , 12/11/12 6:03 PM

Hahaha, google "smug arrogant nadal" is quite telling there:

TennisTalk: tennisnba
YahooSports, facebook,, OverestimationNadal
TennisWarehouse: tennissportsrog
YouTube, TennisMoments: cheaterNadal
Mens Tennis Forum: sportstennis Anonymous (Veteran) Overestimation N
TheEconomist: chearNadal (looks like you couldn't spell your own troll name)
tennis-x: Humble Roger (hahahahahahahaha, my personal favourite!!!)
countless sites: anonymous RogerLoverF (hahahahahahahah, no THAT one is my favourite. This is Roger's own site. Pray tell, what does the F stand for Lover? hahahahhaha)

Man, that's enough but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Common theme is that you are classified as spam, troll, comment hidden due to low rating

Whassa matter, tennisnba, Mommy didn't hug you? No friends? Don't get out much?

If I were Fed or Rafa, I'd have a restraining order ready.


Conspirator , 12/11/12 6:27 PM

^^^ all those sites, and just the tip of the iceberg: goodness gracious

Put yourself in the shoes of the following people or types of people and ask yourself how you would feel about a troll who is a fan of sportsperson X and trolls a lot on the internet: (this could be any sport, not just tennis,. Really also other lines of work that leads to celebrity and fandom)

A. You are another fan of X and happen to also be a troll-type of poster - and therefore in the MINORITY of all fans of X

B. You are a fan of X but not at all like a troll - therefore you are in the vast MAJORITY of fans of X

C. You are X herself or himself

What do you think?

My takes:

A. As another troll you may or may not agree with this troll's writing. You may or may not defend said troll on the same site. If you do, fairness, facts and reasonable views and arguments do not come into it. Nor does any kind of politeness, grace or consideration for anyone not sharing your weird (demented, even) views.

B. You are very annoyed with this type of trolls. Especially those that are fans of the same sportsperson as you. Have no patience for them. You wish that normal people who happen to be fans of X were not perceived as possibly troll-like themselves. You wish there was no such behaviour on the internet.

C. As X herself or himself... you DEFINITELY do not like the trolls that are your 'fans'. You appreciate the other fans', surely. But the trolls? And yes, you might worry that one of the weirdos might want to approach your family and you and who do knows what.

chlorostoma , 12/11/12 7:18 PM

^^ and do who knows what

chlorostoma , 12/11/12 7:24 PM

I was sure tennisnba was posting on tennis-x. That's where the hero worship for Fed is over the top. But I had no idea about all those other sites! Good grief! Does this person have nothing else to do but spam tennis sites with adoration for Fed and hatred for Rafa? I guess those two things go hand in hand!

Also, I did make note of the improved writing! Where did that come from?

Nativenewyorker , 12/11/12 8:25 PM

True to form, the dream team have managed to turn Fed's thread into everything else but the true intent of the thread's topic. Meanwhile, Nadal and Murray threads are deemed sacred by their fans, who throw a fit if non-Nadal or non-Murray fans dare to comment on those threads. The usual double standards.

I suppose tennisnba visits several websites and is deemed a troll, but what can be said of the one who has listed those websites? I suppose the troll designation aptly fits that person as well, who indulges in spreading gossip and only writes non-tennis related stuff, plus harassing other fans. I suppose that person should be deemed a troll also. It appears that some employ their time visiting multiple websites daily to be able to come up with such stuff .... full time job.

Anyway, I can see that this stuff certainly grips the attention of those who seem to have nothing to do and all day to do it in, as always. On cue..... now enters.....

scoretracker , 12/12/12 3:43 AM

Sure scrottracker, I will oblige you.

You're such an idiot. How's that?

Federer is having a successful exho series in SA so far. The fans are fawning. Read an article saying fans are passing out in TMFs mere presence.


Conspirator , 12/12/12 1:16 PM

I guess if it is your only chance of seeing some of the star names these Gillette Tour expos are better than nothing. If only they played some decent tennis from time to time it wouldn't be so bad.

I find the stupid, forced play acting cringe-making. However hats off to those players who manage to keep a fixed grin on their faces even when their toes are curling up in embarrassment.

The 'hit for a giggle' fund raisers are a different matter altogether.

ed251137 , 12/12/12 3:45 PM

It IS a fund raiser.


Conspirator , 12/12/12 4:37 PM

More RFed love...

Olympic multi-medalist skier Lindsay Vonn says...

?Of all the athletes I've ever met, Roger is the kindest and most genuine. He really cares about people and what he's done with his foundation and his humanitarian efforts has been incredible. He's hard-working and extremely humble, but the thing I respect most about him is he's the same person every day whether he wins or loses."

Love the following line...

One has to think that Vonn would pull a Kanye if the occasion ever presented itself: "It's all good, Novak, and I'ma let you finish?but Federer is one of the best humans of all time."

#MerryChristmasTennisN oBrainActivity
#YadaYadaYadaIGetI tAlready

Conspirator , 12/12/12 5:03 PM

Here's the fawning fans article...

Loooooove the quote...

I?m sure they are glad to see me, it?s probably a certain euphoria?I have to constantly remind myself again about where I come from, and tell myself who I am."


#FaintForFedererRetireme ntFundTour

Conspirator , 12/12/12 5:08 PM

I like Jon Wertheim's answer on the GOAT debate this week...

I don't necessarily disagree that Federer-as-GOAT is ultimately unanswerable. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate.

Read More: i-mailbag/#ixzz2Er5JWu8L


Conspirator , 12/12/12 5:21 PM

Right on cue: we got the A type of response.

re the improved English: nba has since the first posts at TT been going up and down. Quite often there are portions of sentences or entire ones of a much higher level of English mastery than the rest. Which is why several people commented in the early days of nba here that this poster seems to only pretend not to possess higher English skills. There were speculations as to which recently banned or abandoning poster it in fact is.

chlorostoma , 12/12/12 5:22 PM

I've heard from a certain reliable source that hawkeye based her persona on tennisnba's comments on other sites.


Conspirator , 12/12/12 5:47 PM

?Messi and I showed that [despite] being good guys we can be successful,? ... hahaha...

zare , 12/12/12 8:15 PM

How many good guys call themselves good guys?


Conspirator , 12/12/12 8:21 PM


Yes! How true! Regarding tennisnba, I really try to skip over those spamming posts. Maybe that's why I didn't notice that sometimes this troll can write in real English. As far as who it is, I have my own ideas! :)

Notice who is the only person who actually defended tennisnba. I guess it takes a troll to know a troll! LOL! I think that Conspirator did a good job in checking out other sites to ferret out other screen names used by this person. Also, finding their own facebook dedicated to hating Rafa! Good work! Oh and finding out information about a troll does not, in essence, make one a troll!

Anyone who could possibly defend the hatespeak and convoluted ramblings of tennisnba, must be someone cut out of the same mold!

Nativenewyorker , 12/13/12 12:13 AM

Sorry, I meant to say cut out of the same mould!

Nativenewyorker , 12/13/12 12:15 AM

LOL, Constipator is trying to disassociate herself from her other aliases. On every thread she and her aliases write the most drivel comments.

I hereby rename this thread as the offical gossip column for TT trolls.

scoretracker , 12/13/12 1:10 AM


Conspirator , 12/13/12 1:34 AM

Olympic downhill skiing champion Lindsey Vonn recently took to the internet to reveal why she is inspired by Roger Federerboth as an athlete and as a person.

?The way he keeps fighting back to dominate his sport personally inspires me,? explained Vonn. ?I think he's legitimately one of the greatest athletes of all time.?

The American skier had backed Federer for Sports Illustrated?s Sportsman of the Year award, which was announced today.

The 2012 ATP World Tour season saw Roger derer wrest back the No. 1 South African Airways ATP Ranking from Novak Djokovic?s grip for a time, with the year-end honours going down to the wire,
and win his 17th Grand Slam championship at Wimbledon(d. Murray). At 30, going on 31, it was a feat that most impressed Vonn, who had met with Federer at Roland Garros.

It is not just Roger Federer?s tennis skills that have impressed Vonn. Recipient of the Sportsmanship Award for the eighth time in this year?s ATP World Tour Awards presented by Mot & Chandon, Federer?s demeanour on and off the court has earned him the utmost respect from his fellow professionals and a legion of fans around the world.

?Of all the athletes I've ever met, Roger is the kindest and most genuine,? declares Vonn.

He really cares about people and what he's done with his foundation and his humanitarian efforts has been incredible. He's hard-working and extremely humble, but the thing I respect most about him is he's the same person every day whether he wins or loses.

?He cares about being a role model and that kids can look up to him. I consider him a hero because I want to be like him. I want to be a good role model for kids, too.?

Lindsey is Roger's fanatic fan. haha

tennisnba , 12/17/12 9:36 AM

Meeting Argentina's President

Federer and Del Potro

LEGEND OR FACT with Roger Federer

Funny Roger Federer and Tsonga at exhibition

Roger Federer wearing the uniform of Brasil and playing football with Tommy Haas

tennisnba , 12/17/12 9:41 AM

Meeting the great Pele
http://www.facebo!/photo.php?fbid=525408340811623&set=a.402724329746692.984 73.372164252802700&type=1

"Roger Federer, you are a true champion on and off the court."

"I love to play tennis, and today, one of the greatest in the sport stopped by to say hello"

tennisnba , 12/17/12 9:49 AM

Roger Federer: Del Potro has the potential to become world no.1

believes former Juan Martin Del Potrohas the potential to become world No. 1.

Roger Federer was beaten 3-6 6-3 6-4 by Del Potro in the first of two exhibition matches during his tour of South America.

Roger Federer, who is visiting Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, boasts a 13-4 record against Del Potro, but the Argentine has won their last two, (not counting Wednesday's exhibition match) - beating Federer in the Basel final before a victory at the ATP World Tour Finals.

His first win against Federer came in the 2009 US Open final, where he stunned the world No. 1 3-6 7-6(5) 4-6 7-6(4), 6-2 to win his first, and to date only, grand slam title.

But having only recently returned to his best after a nasty wrist injury that saw him miss most of the 2010 season, Del Potro is back in the world's top ten, and Federer believes the 24-year-old is on an upward curve.

"He is already among the best, now he just has to train hard and stay on the same path," RogerFederer said. "He was No. 4, he's now 7, but he could be No. 1. Sometimes the difference is in the small details.

tennisnba , 12/17/12 11:27 AM

Roger Federer " I don`t know if the goat"

Roger federer said in argentina , that he doesn`t know if he is the GOAT , because he never faces great champions and is not fair the comparassion with guys like borg , sampras , laver and more.

How many times does Roger answer in response to this question how many times. poor Roger.

tennisnba , 12/17/12 11:42 AM

Stanford Wawa certainly thinks that there is something about Roger Federer...


Conspirator , 12/17/12 11:37 PM

I doubt WaWa will be receiving a Christmas card from Roger this year.

ed251137 , 12/17/12 11:49 PM

Lindt-All related news flash by week's end.

Although, given the slant, perhaps not.


Conspirator , 12/18/12 12:20 AM

For you ed: e-turns-things-how-he-wants-them-articolo7352.html
Oh dear, looks as if that Bromance is really and truly over.

deuce , 12/18/12 3:36 PM

Q: Winning the gold medal with Roger Federer at Beijing Olympics must have been a special moment for you. How do you view your relationship with him

A: Yes, of course, that was the greatest moment in my career so far. It?s great to be able to play in the same era as Roger. He gave me a lot of advice when I started on the tour since he was already No. 3 in the world back then. We get along very well and it?s always a pleasure to spend some time together.

Q: You are among the few current players who hit a one-handed backhand in men's tennis. Did this come naturally to you

A: My backhand is indeed my strongest weapon and I love what I can do with it. Roger Federer and Richard Gasquet also have beautiful one-handed backhands and it?s good to see that there are still a few players around who can do that.
The above is a part of Interview WAWA given at Chennai yesterday and all of you can see that their relationship is very cordial unlike you Guys make it to be!!!!!!!!!!

velliat53 , 12/19/12 8:07 AM

Thanks for that one Deuce.

So what do you reckon will happen next time, if there is a next time, when Fed does play DC and he and WaWa have to play doubles?

veilliat53: Roger obviously winged off an email to WaWa after reading what Stan had to say about his non-participation in the upcoming DC match so now Stan is trying to back peddle a bit.


ed251137 , 12/19/12 8:46 AM

You may be right in this case Ed..

velliat53 , 12/19/12 1:05 PM

Not Roger Federer ?@PseudoFed
Staff said they slept very badly last night. They were having a bad dream for me #humble


Conspirator , 12/19/12 3:09 PM

You know the thing I love most about Roger, is his consistency and longevity on tour. I've never had to worry about him missing a few months, or even half the season. He's gone go great lengths, and had a bit of luck, in staying healthy almost his entire career. Fed fans are truly lucky!

aegis , 12/19/12 10:14 PM

Agreed. It's part of his goatness to be sure.


Conspirator , 12/20/12 3:08 AM

lol. Nadals arrogant fanatic fans. congrats. Wawrinka is great guy for the Davis Cup. ?Moreover, Wawrinka forsook the wife and the newborn kid once.

I don't know.

Wawrinka received the criticism how many about it.


tennisnba , 12/21/12 7:08 PM

Wawrinka is great guy for the Davis Cup. ?Moreover, Wawrinka forsook the wife and the newborn kid once.

I don't know. Wawrinka received the criticism how many about it.

It existed?

Roger Federer has made many efforts to the Davis Cup.

about bringing up Roger?s Davis Cup record:

58 matches.
43 wins.
39 singles matches.

19 doubles matches despite, you know, not being a doubles player.

Participation in 73% of all ties since his 1st in ?99.

Participation in 3 ties (out of 6 possible) outside of Europe since his first tie, which is WAY more than any other top player (Nadal = 0/5, Djokovic = 1/7, Murray = 1/5).

Participation indiscriminate of surface; indoor, outdoor, carpet, hard, grass, clay. Other top players are not so unfussy.

Wawrinka is good player. also I like Stan?s backhand, but his mouth is really starting to piss me off.

tennisnba , 12/21/12 7:19 PM

South America Loves Roger Federer,

BUENOS AIRES Eric Carmen?s ballad ?All by Myself? was playing on the car radio last Thursday as Roger Federer opened the door, ducked through the opening with another crowd shouting behind him and took a seat for the late-night ride back to his hotel.

As the vehicle and its police escort pulled away from the tennis stadium, the convoy rolled past a long line of cheering Argentines. A number of fans broke free of the barricades and began running next to the windows, shouting ?Roger!? or, in the shock of making eye contact, nothing at all.

?Bye-bye,? Roger Federer said through the glass in a conversational tone, waving and smiling without flashing his teeth.

?Does it start to seem normal after a while?? I asked.

?This?? he said, his voice rising. ?No, no, no. This is unbelievable.?

You might think that Federer, at this advanced stage of his chart-busting career, would have seen it all through the tinted window when it comes to hero worship. But the regular tennis tour, it turns out, is a relatively sheltered place: a circuit full of routine and regular haunts.

Roger Federer?s exhibition tour in South America, which ended last week, was a long way from Wimbledon in both distance and spirit, and perhaps it is easier here to see just how far Federer has come from Basel and his days as an unpolished, pony-tailed Swiss wunder teen.

?They are so passionate here,? Roger said. ?I?ve had more fans break down here in South America than anywhere else in the world. They cry, and they shake, and they are just so, like, not in awe but so happy to meet you. It?s disbelief for them that they can meet me, and that is something that has happened a few times before, but it?s very rare. Here I must have had at least 20 people probably hugging me and kissing me and so happy, you know, just to get a chance to touch me, even. And they?ve actually been very, very respectful.?

The mania was fueled by the fact that this was the 31-year-old Roger Federer?s first visit to South America as a professional and his first visit of any sort to the three nations on his itinerary: Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

It was hardly a nonprofit mission. Federer played six matches on the South American tour, including two in the temporary 20,000-seat stadium constructed in the northern Buenos Aires suburb of Tigre. He was, according to local reports, paid $2 million for each of his six matches (news conferences and other appearances included), which surely made this the most lucrative exhibition tour on a per-night basis in tennis history.

The paydays surely did not go unnoticed at A.T.P. headquarters. The off-season is two weeks longer than usual this year, which required a tighter schedule at the end of the season and contributed to Federer?s skipping the Masters 1000 event in Paris in November.

He still maintained his exhibition schedule, however. But while Federer surely would not have cut into his energy reserves and family time if the finances were not right, he insisted that money was not his primary motivator.

?With the season shorter, you can actually do a trip to South America like this,? he said. ?Of course, you can always do a one-day trip, but I?m at the stage of my life when I do a one-day trip all across the world, I don?t think it?s worth it. I felt I needed to organize something that was really going to have an impact: for me personally, and also then for the people.

?The first idea was to play maybe three, maybe four matches, and at the end, they wanted an encore in So Paulo and an encore here in Argentina, and I was like, ?It?s going to cost me four more days but I?m already over here, and you know what? I?m really, really happy to do it and it shows there?s great excitementand maybe there?s a big market for this kind of thing.? Personally, I?ve always wanted to come to South America, and I think tennis-wise, obviously, it?s really coming along now.?
The continent has actually seen much brighter days in terms of star power. Guillermo Vilas, the long-haired Argentine, was once winning major titles and writing poetry on the side. Gustavo ?Guga? Kuerten of Brazil once won three French Opens and drew hearts in the Paris clay.

Marcelo Rios, the Chilean left-hander with the touch and temperament reminiscent of John McEnroe, once sat at No. 1 in the rankings.

For now, the only three South Americans in the top 50 of the men?s rankings are the Argentines Juan Martn Del Potro and Juan Mnaco at No. 7 and No. 12 respectively and the Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci at No. 33. The women are in much direr straits, with no South American in the top 100.

But momentum could rebuild again with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and with Bogot, Colombia?s capital, soon to stage a regular men?s tour event and more South American cities in line.

Roger Federer, a tennis history buff, did his best to honor the past: exchanging groundstrokes in So Paulo with the 73-year-old Maria Bueno, the Brazilian women?s star who won seven Grand Slam singles titles. He then spent time with Gabriela Sabatini, the Argentine, now 42, who won the 1990 U.S. Open.

Federer also extended his reach beyond tennis. He met with the Argentine president, Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner, at her residence in Buenos Aires and got goose bumps of his own when he met Pel, the Brazilian soccer icon, for the first time in So Paulo.
?It was very powerful,? Federer said. ?It?s like disbelief he exists, because you only know him from TV and from pictures. He was very sweet, a very passionate, larger-than-life kind of person.?

But even if tennis continues to bob in soccer?s massive wake, particularly in South America, this is now Roger Federer?s moment even at No. 2 in the rankings behind Novak Djokovic to stir the global pot.

?There were a lot of No. 1?s in tennis who were playing in Argentina: John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, all these guys, but I?ve never seen something like this,? said Jos Luis Clerc, the former Argentine star who helped persuade Federer to make the South American journey.

?The reaction of the people, everybody was crazy.? It was indeed a scene on and off court. The V.I.P. Lounge at the stadium in Tigre was a vast assemblage of artfully crossed legs, tight shirts, half-eaten finger sandwiches and Argentine celebrities on the lookout for other Argentine celebrities. Three large golden statues of nude male figures dominated the lounge, holding tennis rackets in a position from which not even Federer could make a winner.

His arrival was delayed for nearly an hour on opening night by concerns about the structural integrity of the temporary stands.
But Federer and Del Potro eventually made it on court to play in front of the biggest tennis crowd in Argentina?s history, with Del Potro winning in three sets on Dec. 12 and with Federer winning in two a night later. Exhibition or not, the tone was more intense than light-hearted, even if Federer and Del Potro managed to orchestrate an exchange on Thursday in which Federer could hit two of his trademark between-the-legs shots off lobs in the same point.

It was a great night but a little strange for Juan Martn,? Del Potro?s coach, Franco Davn, said Thursday. ?He?s at home in Argentina, and they cheer more for Roger Federer.?

So it goes at this stage as Roger Federer rides the wave of his own making and then rides off into the night with his public in pursuit, not sure if it will get another close-up look.

?It is totally an out of body experience, almost disbelief that it?s really happening,? he said, looking out the window at the crowds. ?I feel very fortunate and I guess that?s also one of the reasons I would like to play for more years because these things are not going to come back around when you retire.?

tennisnba , 12/21/12 7:43 PM

Colombian media surrendered to the visit of Roger Federer

20121216 - 13:09 |
The publications highlighted the friendly Swiss and euphoria of coffee.
The Swiss was measured at Jo Wilfried Tsonga in exhibition match.

Media of Colombia had only praise for Roger Federer (2 of the ATP) after his visit, where he faced in exhibition match to Jo Wilfried Tsonga (8 ) and also played a tennis match against former Football goalkeeper Farid Mondragon .

The Swiss garnered praise is only passing through the coffee country. The site titled: " Thank you, Your Majesty Roger " highlighting the category for many best tennis player ever. Also highlighted that may be a long time before the current world number two returns to the country.

Another way that expressed the satisfaction of the Colombian was the newspaper La Repblica that stressed that " the result mattered little because he won was the Colombian public can now say with confidence that the global tennis legend, the owner of most records in the world of tennis, his majesty, Roger Federer, came to Colombia ,played in Bogot and yes, beat Frenchman Jo Wilfried Tsonga. "

The newspaper El Heraldo said the tennis match the Swiss Football disputed against former goalkeeper Farid Mondragon, highlighting the sympathy of former world number one.

" Charismatic and patient, willing to please children, young and old, the world number two showed his skills as a footballer, heading and ball returns accurate and even handed the ball to balance standing shock ", published mediu

tennisnba , 12/21/12 8:01 PM

The newspaper Vanguardia said the public euphoria coffee before Roger Federer's visit. " Roger!, Roger, I love you, Look, Roger, Roger, give me your pin!, and even "Chairman Roger". thus shook the stands, Tsonga also chanted and held each point of the two players with applause and the wave in the stands , "said the newspaper.

tennisnba , 12/21/12 8:06 PM

I don't know.
tennisnba, 12/21/12 7:08 PM

Most intelligent thing you've ever posted.


Conspirator , 12/21/12 8:24 PM

tennisnba , 12/21/12 7:43 PM

thank you tennisnba! LOVED the article(s)!!!

I was almost in tears "throughout" the reading! (so beautiful) lol C'MON FED! :)
Loved hearing how the FED was inciting passion in the hearts of many Men and Women!
the FED will continue to play tennis for as long as humanly possible, we are blessed for loving him/and for his tennis.

sky , 1/4/13 9:24 PM

Hi sky,
Don't know if you knew but Fed put up a youtube channel :

just so his fans could watch the SA exhibitions. What a guy! Who else has ever done this for his fans and for the promotion of the sport of tennis? Nobody! You can still watch the replays. Awesome!

chr18 , 1/4/13 11:21 PM

Who else has ever been so absurdly vain every single time? Nobody! Awesome!

jean , 1/5/13 5:07 AM

Fed's just superb, no doubt about it. Just awesome. Go Fed!

scoretracker , 1/5/13 5:28 AM

"Who else has ever done this for himself and for the promotion of himself..."
Roge, Roge... one and only...LOL!

zare , 1/6/13 2:18 AM

Roger does what he wants, he has earned that right.

brothdog , 1/6/13 1:47 PM


nadline , 1/6/13 5:03 PM

Haha . Today's quota is over for NADLINE. Art least one insult on FED a day, that is minimum and now she can sleep peacefully. Waiting for the slightest opportunity to jump on him!!

velliat53 , 1/7/13 7:41 AM


Conspirator , 1/11/13 5:17 PM

Narcissist? Nadal is huge Narcissist as usual. asshole

tennisnba , 1/12/13 8:15 AM

Nadal: Rosol loss doesn?t compare to Soderling shocker

"It was very bad, and I was playing with the knee asleep,? he said. ?You always think you can do it, but it was not possible even though I did my best.?

Nadal added that his defeat to Rosol could not be compared to when Robin Soderling upset him at the 2009 French Open.

?There is no point of comparison,? he said. ?Both have in common that my knee was bad, but I could compete at Roland Garros. In Wimbledon, no. The defeat to Rosol as was a death foretold for me.? -compare-soderling-shocker/45629/

Nadal is always the huge drama queen. sick.

tennisnba , 1/12/13 8:24 AM

arrogant toni Nadal: I hope now Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will get injured. pe-now-Roger-Federer-and-Novak-Djokovic-will-get-injured-478826.htm
a sshole guy.

tennisnba , 1/12/13 9:38 AM


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