Cheryl Murray

  • And Roger Federer is BACK

    2012-03-19 13:56:05

    If you’d told me after the Australian Open that Roger Federer would be THE in-form player in March, I’d have scoffed. Not because he’s incapable, obviously. His 16 Grand Slam titles make an air-tight case for his capabilities. But the truth of the matter is that he hadn’t really been performing. He had Novak Djokovic at the US Open. Had him on the ropes, had match points on his own serve. And he lost.

    I started to wonder if we’d ever see The Maestro again. Because it wasn’t his tennis that let him down in that US Open semifinal...I think it might have been his nerve. And that is NOT the Roger Federer I’d come to know.

    He was fairly docile in his loss to Nadal at the Australian Open. It wasn’t a bad match, except that he played the old Rafa-Roger script out to the letter. Scene one – Come out spanking the ball, secure a break of serve. Scene two – Mid-way through the first set, begin to revert to a less aggressive, albeit more comfortable brand of Federer tennis. Scene three – Allow Nadal to chip away at the backhand with his heavy topspin. Scene four – lose. And unfortunately, that isn’t really even over-simplifying.

    Roger was great in Dubai, but Murray WASN’T great, so it was hard to judge his actual form. But in Indian Wells, we got to see what The Mighty Federer was made of. He was obviously unwell at the start of the tournament, but he fought through it. Clearly not playing his best, but out-lasting his opponents anyway.

    And then the big one. Nadal. It’s hard to call the No. 3 beating the No. 2 an upset, but that’s what it was. Sure, the tennis gods were on Roger’s side this time. The conditions were utterly miserable with gale-force winds and spots of rain wreaking havoc. Nadal was visibly irritated by Mother Nature, the wind making dents in his usually rock-solid forehand.

    Federer, conversely, was completely at his ease. His flat strokes hit through the wind better than Nadal’s did and his game-plan, which often falls apart against the Spaniard, was executed magnificently. In the end, the straight-set victory was well-earned by Federer.

    I don’t know what it all means. The Maestro has been coming up short when it really counts (i.e. the Majors)...and even though I have long stipulated that tennis is about more than 4 tournaments a year, in the minds of many, tennis IS the Slams. If he can’t pull it together and beat the top guys at the big ones, all of this success will be forgotten except by television commentators who will mention it as an after-thought.

    It seems to me, though, that Roger’s found his mojo again. Will we see him lift the Roland Garros trophy? Could be, but that’s a tough ask. I think it more likely that a 17th title would come at Wimbledon or the US Open.

    Federer is, of course, a media darling. He and Rafa (no offense meant to Nole) are the faces of our sport. For the entire last year, Federer has gone into majors declared as one of the favorites...but he had simply lost the ability to hang with Nadal and Djokovic. This time around, it won’t be lip service.

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I won't discount Roger for the French but I suspect he will reclaim Wimbledon to equal Sampras record; I think Murray will win the US Open (or deny Rafa at the French); I suspect Rafa might not make the French final this time with Murray possibly denying him if the rankings change; I suspect Djoker will not complete the French as yet (will have to work hard for career GS); if it is Roger vs Murray won't discount Murray taking the French except that he may have to lose a 4th GS final like Lendl before winning one and thats where Roger might win 2 French instead of equalling Sampras 7th Wimbledon......... interesting scenarios- always expected Roger to play well after the Aussie-the semi loss was surprising but that makes a full GS impossible for him to emulate Laver......hence Djoker had to win that one........

MAGICJOHNSON76 , 3/19/12 6:30 PM

Murray denying Rafa the French is too much a bold prediction. I would have still digested if you said Djoko or Roger, but Murray denying Rafa the French is a tall task. Murray can be a bigger threat at Wimby or USO.

sanju , 3/19/12 7:38 PM

Did Roger do the draw in Miami? Looks like he got the US Combo package:
Harrison, Roddick, Monfils, Fish, Nole and Rafa. In Fish, he gets the easier QF matchup.

Nole starts with Bagdatis (ouch) and could see Delpo or Ferrer in the QF.

Rafa would see Tsonga or Isner in QF.

Murray gets a tricky draw including Raonic, Simon, Berdych and Rafa.

agfmilos , 3/19/12 7:57 PM

That said, to be fair, no one is likely to stop Fed prior to the semis in his current form regardless of the draw (less so for the other three).

agfmilos , 3/19/12 8:00 PM

Agreed Cheryl, for the first time in a while, I feel Fed has a fantastic chance to add to his GS total (not at the French though) if he continues to play this well. It's the best he's played since 2007. Certainly adds another dimension to the rest of the year.

agfmilos , 3/19/12 8:06 PM

Up and running again, what a man :D

OnTheRise , 3/19/12 8:51 PM

"If you?d told me after the Australian Open that Roger Federer would be THE in-form player in March, I?d have scoffed."

Just like everyone scoffed that Rafa would ever return after 2009 and no one saw Nole coming in 2010. Too many times players are elevated or written off just for going through a bad/good patch or even just losing/winning one match. Whoever wins the latest tournament is made out to be the everlasting player of players, when in truth, they all go through their ups and downs.

I won't be surprised to see the bandwagon following Roger and him being the Predictors' favourite to win everything until his next loss, when everyone will transfer to the bandwagon of the latest 'in form' player. Djokovic had been pencilled in to win ALL for the foreseeable future, but I suspect he's now been upstaged by Roger.

And so it goes on.....................

nadline , 3/19/12 10:55 PM

what's Federer back from?

he's been by far the best player in the world since September of 2011

RickyDimon , 3/20/12 3:44 AM

Thanks Cheryl for this blog and analysing RF's return to prime.

sabs , 3/20/12 6:13 AM

Tough draw for RF and Andy in Miami.

sabs , 3/20/12 6:33 AM


I agree with you. Predicting Murray to deny Rafa the French is a bridge too far for me. People can say anything, predict anything, but I would never count out Rafa at RG. He loves the clay and will be motivated to make real history by trying to win his seventh title and best Borg's record.

I kind of agree with nadline about writing players off on a whim. People have done that to Rafa and still do, witness the usual comments from the Fed fans after he bested Rafa this time.

I always thought it was going to be hard for Nole to equal what he did last year. That's not to say that he won't have his wins and be motivated to defend his points and the #1 ranking. But now he knows how it feels to be in Rafa's and Fed's shoes. He is the hunted now and not the hunter. He has the pressure of defending all those wins and this will be an interesting test for him.

I certainly am not counting Nole out at this early stage of the season. I also expect Murray to want to come out strong in Miami to make up for his early exit from I/W.

As for Fed, we will have to see if he can do it at the slams. That's the big question.

Nativenewyorker , 3/20/12 6:35 AM

Fed has the winning momentum with him, I'm sure he still has enough energy for this last push before the clay season starts, to gain as many points as possible. Nole will be eager to defend this last hard court tournament before the clay season too. I'm actually looking forward to a Nole/Fed semfinal here. Fed has beaten Murray and Rafa, he'll want to try his hand on beating Nole, that will be fantastic as far as his hard court results are concerned. He has also beaten Delpo four times in a row this year. He has Fish in his quarter, and a relatively easy quarter so making the semi seems almost a done deal for him.

For Rafa, if he plays with an aggressive mindset, like he did last year at the same event, I'm sure he can beat anyone. He has Tsonga or Isner in his quarter, but I feel Isner won't have the semina to carry on and play the way he did at IW. Tsonga is playing subpar tennis these days, letting a winnable match slipped away. Tsonga/Isner will be an interesting match if they play like their Paris Masters last year.

Murray always starts slow. I rewatch his Dubai final match with Fed, I feel that he's being too passive, allowing Fed to dictate points and to do whatever he wanted to do. It's no where near his Shanghai 2010 final against Fed, when he came out all guns blazing and had every answer to Fed's every move. He's a bit like Rafa, who needs time to warm up and gets his rhythm as the match goes on. It's no wonder that they sometimes have to play catch ups in their matches. When the two meet, they tend to bring out the aggressive game in each other. I think Rafa will be able to edge out Murray when Rafa is playing his more aggressive game.

I'm hoping for a Rafa/Nole final with Rafa getting his first win over Nole.

luckystar , 3/20/12 7:55 AM


I have some logics - the basis of my thought process- what is your personal id, mine is

Happy to have a chat on this, for eg lot of speculation on each match that goes on: for eg Mayer leads Bagy 2-0 (both on clay h to h) while Djoker leads Bagy 6-0; I reckon Djoker could lose in first round although need to see final draw with qualifiers for Miami

MAGICJOHNSON76 , 3/20/12 8:11 AM

Nole lose first round? Brave man!

deuce , 3/20/12 8:29 AM

No prizes for guessing who Ricky will be tipping to win everything now.

Rafa is playing well, Federer was great in the SF and Rafa wasn't. Simple as that. That doesn't mean that on the whole Rafa is not playing well, he was just flat on Saturday, it wasn't his title to win.

nadline , 3/20/12 9:05 AM

Well Ricky has predicted and again reiterated again today that Fed will be No 2 at end of year and Rafa the No 3 and that he is dead sure about that and that is how it will pan out ..

That means maybe no slams for Rafa or max 1 slam with semi or below finishes in the other slams/Olympics ..because from US Open till WTF..Fed accumulated more points than Rafa

sanju , 3/20/12 10:33 AM

nadline, 3/20/12 9:05 AM

We've seen this movie before haven't we? As for Ricky's prediction that Fed will end the year as #2...........I will not dispute that, after all, all he has to do is rack up points on the Non-Slam events a la Caroline Wozniacki and Bob's your uncle!

Because he ain't getting past Rafa or Nole in a can bank that.

rafaisthebest , 3/20/12 11:58 AM

I think Federer was the last guy to beat Djokovic in a slam... in fact he also had matchpoints against Djokovic in the US open SF. So Federer is capable of taking Djokovic down in a Slam.

If Federer can play the aggressive game for three sets, even Nadal can be taken down. But Nadal seems to grind him down, as the match progresses. In Australia, Federer led a break in the first three sets, only to fold yet again. He has the tools, it's a question of belief, confidence and will.

Bonker , 3/20/12 1:14 PM

Yes Bonker, Fed got Nole at FO 2011 and he had matchpoint against him at USOpen, I'll give you that, reluctantly, Fed can take Nole down in a Slam.

Now, with regards to Rafa, I respectfully disagree. As we saw in FO 2011, Oz 2011 and IW 2012, Fed is a fast starter and in a 3-setter as in IW it is an advantage. Rafa is a notorious slow starter and we saw that in IW 2012. He only got going, mid 2nd set but by then it was too late and the game was over..............because it is a best of 3. Fed can play the aggressive game for three sets but Rafa's aggressive game is better than Fed's aggressive game, that is why Rafa tops him in a best of 5. Fed loses to Rafa in a best of 5 because when Rafa's aggressive game kicks in, no contest.

Fed is the proverbial petrol engine and Rafa.................diesel.

rafaisthebest , 3/20/12 1:43 PM

Well said RITB. Rafa'a aggressive game is better than Fed's and that's why he beats Fed most of the time. People conveniently said that Rafa grind Fed down as the match went on but I disagree. Physically, when Fed was in his prime, his fitness and stamina was as good as Rafa's. Fed could stay with Rafa for five sets, so it's not a physical issue when Fed lost to Rafa. It's a matter of Rafa's ability in playing consistently well throughout a whole match, his mental focus was second to none. Fed on the other hand, couldn't sustain his good level long enough to stay with Rafa, made more errors and hence lost the match.

Rafa has both good offence and defence, and he need not play aggressively all the time during a match to win, and that's why once this level of play is not good enough to win, he has another gear to go to. The level that we see often when his back is against the wall, like the way he played when he was 2-5 down in the second set. I've no doubt if Rafa plays at that level from start to finish, his level is higher than anyone else's, it's a matter of how well he can sustain that level of play. I guess it's mentally draining playing that way and that's why he only plays that way when he's desparate to win. I've seen that level in full flow during MC 2010, where Rafa was desparate to win his first title after a eleven month title drought.

luckystar , 3/20/12 3:24 PM

Fed has certainly planned his schedule very well this time, considering its a Olympic year. The month he took off after US Open/Davis Cup last year is still paying dividends. I think his break from tennis during April is gonna be as beneficial. Wimbledon and US Open should be his main focus, besides the Olympics. I don't know if Fed will beat Rafa in a slam again, but he certainly will have his chances in the last two majors. The top four will again be favourites for all the tournaments they enter. Isner and Delpo can cause some upsets during the clay season. I expect Rafa to reach all the finals during the clay season. We will see what happens in the finals. Last year Nole looked to be on a mission. This year not so much. But, he still is the best player in the world. I could be wrong in my assesment. But, I think Fed will beat Nole the next time they meet...most likely in Miami...I would put my prediction here for the majors. We will see how it goes.

French: Novak
Wimbledon: Fed/Rafa (I wish I could give it to both)
US Open: Fed/Murray

netcord , 3/20/12 5:59 PM

Note very sure who this person Nima is but her/his draw analysis pen-2012-mens-and-womens-draw-preview-and-analysis/

sanju , 3/20/12 7:16 PM

Fed is the proverbial petrol engine and Rafa.................diesel.

rafaisthebest , 3/20/12 1:43 PM


sabs , 3/21/12 7:10 AM

Glad that he is back !! Hope to see him do great things in the tournaments ;)

PS check out

Mrrybnik , 3/22/12 9:15 PM

hrsikesa , 5/19/12 3:51 PM

Pray tell, what is it about Roger's 16 Slams you find hard to believe?

rafaisthebest , 5/19/12 3:57 PM

Nothing Just thinking can he do it again ............

hrsikesa , 5/19/12 4:01 PM

No....he is not.... :))) (back)...

zare , 5/19/12 10:27 PM

After watching Roger's performance against Nole last night I believe Roger is now officially a second tier player, he cannot be lumped together with Rafa and Nole anymore.

Even if Nole beats Rafa in the final and Roger carries the #2 ranking into RG, it will be temporary. We now have a top 2 and the rest........................

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 7:23 AM eat-proves-hes-not-elite-anymore

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 9:06 AM

Mirka is too much a problem for many fans girls here, they cannot stand her when they have ......... in their life.
Then they will find all the craps to quench their ...... .

sabs , 5/20/12 1:48 PM

FEDERER was a legend he is not what he was anymore he may produce good performances but they would be few and far between and as regard his no 1 chance if we count atp points from oct (after shanghai ) federer 7225 djokovic 5480 nadal 5080 and djokovic has to let go of one masters out of 3 but their is RG wimbledon olympics Cincinati toronto/ montreal us open shanghai
so they are a lot of points to go and if he wants the no 1 he has to show strong performance is slams and it would be better if he can win wimbledon or US open
now its upto federer how he fares

isfand , 5/22/12 1:02 AM

Yes he can win again.................JUST DO IT

hrsikesa , 7/20/12 4:03 PM

'I think it more likely that a 17th title would come at Wimbledon or the US Open.'

Pat on the back for Ms.Murray. Two pats on the back if the 2nd part of her prediction comes to pass :-)

ed251137 , 7/20/12 8:33 PM

Read the comments "Anyone but Fed" Band wagoner

Even if Nole beats Rafa in the final and Roger carries the #2 ranking into RG, it will be temporary. We now have a top 2 and the rest........................

rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 7:23 AM

KMA , 7/20/12 10:09 PM

Tennis on Grass at 2012 London OLYMPICS will be special.The grass is looking really greener......

hrsikesa , 7/21/12 7:37 AM

, 7/20/12 10:09 PM

You are absolutely right!.
that lady constantly tried to put Fed down, she even declared that FED is not elite anymore.
I am sure she must be eating her laptop now.

sabs , 7/21/12 3:15 PM

Some more gem comments(insightful) :

We've seen this movie before haven't we? As for Ricky's prediction that Fed will end the year as #2...........I will not dispute that, after all, all he has to do is rack up points on the Non-Slam events a la Caroline Wozniacki and Bob's your uncle!

Because he ain't getting past Rafa or Nole in a can bank that.

rafaisthebest , 3/20/12 11:58 AM

After watching Roger's performance against Nole last night I believe Roger is now officially a second tier player, he cannot be lumped together with Rafa and Nole anymore.
rafaisthebest , 5/20/12 7:23 AM

KMA , 7/22/12 2:12 PM

OMG, I have a stalker..................

rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 3:05 PM


tj600 , 7/22/12 3:06 PM

sabs, 7/21/12 3:15 PM

Why, thank you for referring to me as a lady, very civilised............I hope some of your fellow fanclub members notice and learn.

rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 3:09 PM

Because he ain't getting past Rafa or Nole in a can bank that.

rafaisthebest , 3/20/12 11:58 AM

KMA, 7/22/12 2:12 PM

Actually, your reposte could have been much more effective if you had waited long enough for Roger to beat Rafa in a Slam as well (which ain't happening btw), but you couldn't wait, could you?

Ah well.........................

rafaisthebest , 7/22/12 3:14 PM

Looking forward to watching real game in the OLYMPICS .Its time to face moment of truth.No coach /manual can teach u how to play those crucial moments...........

hrsikesa , 7/25/12 9:23 PM

well federer won wimbledon hats off to the guy now its year end rankings he can be year end no 1 the key is a strong performance in us open and indoor season to follow might have to skip basel nadal is not playing toronto (toni nadal) so without us open win nadal will lose chances (if he doesnot win) in such case djokovic will be dangerous he plays good on hard courts federer will have to put up a strong show for that but for federer it seems nothing is impossible in tennis

isfand , 7/26/12 8:11 PM

Looking forward to watching opening ceremony at London Olympics...........

hrsikesa , 7/27/12 2:14 PM

Tennis has been reduced to a farce with blatant rigging.

holdserve , 7/27/12 4:03 PM

Median age of projected opponents in each round based on rank before the final:

Ferrer's projected opponents: 23
Nole's projected opponents: 25
Muzz's projected opponents: 26
Fed's projected cronies: 29

Fed's record vs projected "weak era" cronies? 41-0


Conspirator , 7/27/12 5:42 PM

i declare the London OLYMPICS 2012 games open.................Focus on games not age....................Age is just a number................Records are meant to be broken...................

hrsikesa , 7/27/12 7:27 PM

^^^ more about the era his opponents are from if not age.

Age is certainly not a factor for Federer given his seemingly effortless style of play.

My point however is that draws continue to be.... Let's just say "predictable".

Conspirator , 7/27/12 10:16 PM

To anyone who knows anything of probability it is obvious that the draws have been rigged at least from 2008. But what has happened with the draws at Wimbledon and Olympics has crossed all limits. With this kind of blatant rigging, tennis has lost its charm. I am not going to watch Olympics tennis.
I could predict before the draw that once again Fed will get aging stars in the earlier rounds, the weakest quarter final opponent and Djokovic will get Murray in his half.

holdserve , 7/28/12 5:18 AM

Let the games begin.........take it match by match .............and not jump to conclusions
DelPotro,Isner,Ferrer,Tipsaravic,Youzhny,Verdasco are not bad tennis players.i don't agree to rigging conspiracy theory.I don't understand the logic of 2008 being the inflexion point.Just becoz Djokovic,Murray,Tsonga,Berdych is on another side, doesn't justify biased theory.It is 1,4,It depends upon the prism u r seeing the draw from.Anyway Federer beat both Djokovic and Murray before lifting 7th Wimbledon crown.Was the draw rigged then too?What about ATP tour Finals at London in 2010 and 2011.U can't blame draw alone buddy........................

hrsikesa , 7/28/12 6:27 AM

Federer beat a tired Murray. Tsonga mentioned that Murray was tired.
The schedule has always been openly arranged in favor of you-know-who and Fed fans try to say it is because Fed is popular. What a load of bs!
And of course the draw is rigged but claimed to be random.
Fed fans also know the draws are rigged, probability proves it.
But in the case of earlier draws (before this Wimbledon), it was not obvious unless you looked at a whole bunch of draws and saw a bunch of low probability events like Djoko being in the same half as Fed too many times.
Looking at them individually you could have assumed that Fed was just lucky.
But the last two draws are so obviously fixed that you don't even need to look at a bunch of draws to draw that conclusion. Just looking at those two draws will show you how they defy the laws of probability.
At this rate, Fed will play for another 20 years and win 50 slams and be year end number 1 for 25 years.
Fed and his fans can worship the stats. Happy viewing and counting!

holdserve , 7/28/12 7:45 AM

If we talk about Olympics 2012---------Anyways Top half of the draw has two Grand Slam Champions and bottom half has only one............U know what nobody knows what's gonna happen in next week,month or years to come...............

hrsikesa , 7/28/12 8:51 AM

Everybody knows what's going to happen if what happened at Wimby and Olympics is continued.
Anyway, I will see what the draw is like at the US Open. If it is a continuation, then I will put tennis completely out of my life. No point in watching a farce.

holdserve , 7/28/12 2:15 PM

hriskesa, just for the record,there are two gs champions in the bottom half also. Not that it is relevant.
But Fed fans aren't interested in facts, only Fed's stats. So while you guys can look forward to Fed playing for another 20 years, I can do a Rip Van Winkle and hope that when I start watching tennis again, the draws would truly be random.
Hopefully tennis would have survived the efforts to reduce it to a farce.

holdserve , 7/28/12 2:41 PM

Who said draw was rigged after watching today's Federer Vs Del Potro match going the distance.

"Cam-on Rogah".........................

hrsikesa , 8/3/12 7:02 PM

Well prior to today's match, everyone was saying Fed would beat Delpo, and some predicting straight sets win for Fed because it's on grass, and Fed did beat Delpo comfortably in their recent encounters. So, whether the draw is rigged or not, there's no denying that having Delpo instead of Murray in the draw does make Fed's draw alot easier.

luckystar , 8/3/12 7:54 PM

Love the theories here. Holdserve, judging by your paranoia, please don't get married else you'll forever be questioning your spouse for cheating.

RogFed , 8/3/12 10:36 PM

hrisikesa, you are a Fed fan: ipso facto your logic is weak. So you are excused for confusing a rigged draw for a rigged match. In a rigged draw, the easiest possible opponents are placed in Fed's path (within the constraints of the draw rules which fix certain positions for seeds in brackets and remaining positions for unseeded players ) .
In a rigged match the player is bribed to throw the match. Delpo played a great match probably proves he was not bribed to throw the match but how does it prove the draw was not rigged?
RogFed, I am not paranoid but very logical. Hence the inescapable conclusion from a study of probability that the draws are rigged.
The only two questions are:
1) Are they rigged in Fed's favor
and 2) Are they rigged at Fed's behest?
Looking at the draws in general and Wimby and Olympics in particular, it is clear that they are rigged in favor of Federer.
Whether Fed is involved is a matter of opinion and going by what's most probable, I have my opinion.

holdserve , 8/4/12 5:22 AM

I feel sorry for you. I really do. I can't wait for your next post two months down the line, when/if JMDP & Isner hit form, you'll post saying the draw is rigged because JMDP and Isner aren't in Federer's half.

P.S. Have you watched "A Beautiful Mind"?

RogFed , 8/4/12 4:15 PM

I feel sorry for you.DRaws are rigged with currently available info. If tomorrow ISner is considered tough,rigged draws won't put him in FEd's path. I am surprised anyone needs this explanation. yOu surpass my estimate of how illogical a Fed fan could be.

holdserve , 8/4/12 4:42 PM

^^That is exactly what I expected of you.

RogFed , 8/5/12 1:02 AM

RogFed, this proves you don't understand simple logic. That is exactly what I expected of you.
You think a draw is tough because a particular person is there? Not his form?
I will not respond to any further posts of yours unless you display some logic.

holdserve , 8/5/12 2:03 AM


RogFed , 8/5/12 4:30 AM

holdserve is the biggest moron of all time !!!

Fed for the win !! come on !!!

tomnjerry2 , 8/5/12 7:27 AM

More like a 15 year old kid who'll be embarrassed if he reads his comments five years from now.

RogFed , 8/5/12 1:42 PM

Now you see the problem with your theory? JMDP won bronze. So, the draw was rigged in Fed's favor or not?

RogFed , 8/5/12 5:43 PM

how does delpo winning bronze prove anything? Of course the draw was completely rigged in favor of Fed.
Besides those who rig the draw don't know how the players will actually perform unless they rig the matches too. No one has accused Delpo of agreeing to throw his match against Fed so what exactly are you trying to establish?
Till the semis he had weak opponents. In the semi of the possible choices, Muzza/Tsonga or Delpo/Ferrer, his draw contained Delpo/Ferrer. Obviously on paper Murray/Tsonga were more formidable than Delpo/Ferrer.

holdserve , 8/5/12 8:12 PM

Verb ramble - continue talking or writing in a desultory manner

RogFed , 8/5/12 9:51 PM

Even with a fixed draw your pathetic idol couldn't win!
What a sad day for Fed fans! Cry your heart out because the fake GOAT completely lost his nerves when faced with a real challenge from a talented superstar.

holdserve , 8/5/12 11:29 PM

Verb ramble - continue talking or writing in a desultory manner

RogFed , 8/6/12 12:23 AM

RogFed, some more verb ramble for you perhaps. Here was my pre-draw conspiracy predictions on TT which held true...

Draw isn't out yet (tomorrow). Speaking of...some conspiracy theories of Olympic proportions:

- Nole/Muzz in the same half (natch) - 50% chance statistically
- Fed's quarter void of Tsonga, Delpo, Raonic
- No more than one of Berdych, Roddick, Kohlschreiber, Isner, Mayer in Fed's path to the semis

Conspirator, 7/25/12 3:32 PM

Conspirator , 8/6/12 4:18 PM

Oh My!! Roddick, Kohlschreiber and Mayer are now considered dangerous? Wasn't it 3 weeks ago that you guys would talk crap about them. And even if Roddick was in Fed's draw, you would still say the draw was rigged because Fed has a huge h2h advantage over Roddick. So now, you want Delpo in Fed's quarter instead of half? But that was an easy match for Fed anyway, right? According to your pathetic toilet-paper theories, Delpo was an out of form guy, but guess what, Delpo won bronze beating Djok.

The bottom line is you guys are delusional and just don't undersrtand sport. Just grow up and face the fact that if you're ranked high enough you have earned the right to get a good draw.

RogFed , 8/6/12 5:56 PM

Roger will never have a golden slam and Rafa's got it - that's enough for me.

If Rogie had won gold yesterday the blogosphere would have been rife with the GOAT topic today, even without the gold a lot of Fedfans are still trying to make a silk purse out of a souse ear, but it won't wash. No one can be GOAT without an olympic singles gold in 4 tries and more than one clay slam in 12 years on tour, plus being owned by one of his peers who is 5 years younger.

nadline , 8/6/12 6:12 PM

Maybe you should wait until Nadal has 7 Wimbledons, 6 WTFs, 5 US Opens and 4 Australian Opens. Or even just one of the 4 perhaps. Don't worry the French Open will be around again before you know it.

chr18 , 8/6/12 7:06 PM

Rafa won't have the benefit of a weak era.

nadline , 8/6/12 7:10 PM

nadline, 8/6/12 6:12 PM

Not forgetting being owned another peer who is 6 years younger, Muzza..........

rafaisthebest , 8/6/12 8:27 PM

"pathetic toilet-paper theories," RogFed, 8/6/12 5:56 PM

"Verb ramble - continue talking or writing in a desultory manner"
RogFed, 8/6/12 12:23 AM

Such unnecessary nastiness. Practise what you preach, no? LOL

Typical blind bot fan. You missed my point completely. It doesn't matter who I consider dangerous or who played how after the draw.

So I will explain it to you slooooowly.
Point is through my so-called delusion and inability to understand sport, I was right so I was either simply lucky or the draws are not random.


Conspirator , 8/6/12 9:42 PM

You can spell it out for me too, but that doesn't change the fact that crap remains crap. Please feel free to have the final say on this.

RogFed , 8/7/12 3:59 AM

Ah, just as I thought, closed minded fedbot. I shouldn't expect any better.


Conspirator , 8/7/12 4:07 AM

RogFed, you are right, your crap remains crap. Your quoting Delpo's post draw performance is irrelevant in proving the draw is rigged or not..
Also you have missed the point completely. Conspirator was reproducing the draw he had forecast before the draw was done.
He forecast the draw based on the assumption that it would be rigged in favor of Fed.
The fact that his forecast was so accurate shows that either he was lucky or his assumption that it would be rigged in favor of Fed was correct.

holdserve , 8/7/12 4:13 AM

Hey Guys ---> the OLYMPICS 2012 produced really grt tennis with longest best of 3 match in ATP /Olympic history between Del Potro and federer,Bryan bros,Murray and Serena Williams winning.
For Roger Federer it was fantabulous achievement to win another medal Olympic medal for Swi tzerland
Gold 2008 Beijing Doubles
Silver 2012 London Singles

Murray is definitely the player to watch out for now that he has got Olympics Gold.He must win Grand Slams ..........................may be No.1 spot also if he continues the form and carries momentum into hardcourt swing at Canada,US ,Asia and Europe.
I don't know what's happening to Djokovic after spectacular 2011.He must be thinking he should have dominated 2012 instead.Can he regain No.1 spot remains to be seen though he is not playing badly.He is good tennis player and grt athlete but Murray is more talented than Djokovic.
Nadal had a spectacular clay court season and may come back strongly after injury layoff.
DelPotro is another contender for op 4/5 spot .Let's watchout the fight for No.1 in an interesting (remaining)season ahead.............

hrsikesa , 8/7/12 8:22 PM

Dear Fans

It was - and still is - an unbelievable summer with a whole series of highlights. I would like to thank you all for your support the whole year through, much of all that has happened would not have been possible without all of you. Thank you so much also for all your kind wishes and gifts, your creativity and loyalty are overwhelming! I am really looking forward to many more moments with you all.



hrsikesa , 8/8/12 6:39 PM

It is easier to become No. 1 than to stay at No. 1.

Conspirator , 8/8/12 6:52 PM

^^I'll give Roger till the US Open conservatively, the start of not end.
Then he's going back downstairs with the rest of the help.

Twinge , 8/8/12 8:33 PM

Isn't it amazing that not one of Fed's so called fans even wished him a Happy Birthday yesterday?

Some fans!

nadline , 8/9/12 9:33 AM

As I was saying yesterday, there are Fedfans and Fedups.

ed251137 , 8/9/12 10:54 AM

I doubt Fed follows this site so why bother? I always laugh when people congratulate players here when they have no idea if they even know this site exists let alone follow it.

chr18 , 8/9/12 2:04 PM

?!?!??? Whhaaaaaaaat? Players don't read these fan sites?

Well, if any player did, it would be Federer. haha


Conspirator , 8/9/12 2:13 PM

I bet Federer surfs the internet every time he wins a trophy to bask in his glory. The normal thing is for stars to appoint someone to go through the media and the internet and bring to their attention any mentions they might have. The twins are probably being trained up as we speak.

nadline , 8/9/12 2:48 PM

Fed himself admitted long ago that when he wins he reads what the media says about him. That tells you all you need to know about the man, his vanity and shallowness. But it's not only Fed's fault, the media and no doubt his fans also contributed to the tasteless thing he evloved into.

jean , 8/9/12 3:25 PM

Plz check out..............B'Day wishes from TENNIS LOVERS to Roger Federer. eburtstagsgruesse.html

You don't necessarily have to be a fan to wish Happy B'Day.It doesn't reduce one's loyalty to other players....

Happy Birthday, Fed!
RickyDimon , 8/8/12 5:11 PM

Many Happy Returns of the B'Day (08.08)
hrsikesa , 8/8/12 6:36 PM

Happy birthday Fed, Greatest of all Time... :)

Federer loves to play tennis.

He brings his genius to an otherwise empty tennis canvas of geometrically ordered lines and rectangles. His passion for competing produces colorful shots, and he splashes on unpredictable variety with the delightful touch of a master.

hrsikesa , 8/9/12 6:45 PM

Wow. What will you do when Ravishing Roger retires and tennis is nothing but an empty geometrical canvas?

#EuropeanCarryA ll

Conspirator , 8/9/12 8:02 PM

Sadly, all of Federer's attributes absolutely pass me by.

Rafa has pulled out of Cincy.

nadline , 8/9/12 8:27 PM

I like to do statistics. I like to look at patterns in chaos to support my own viewpoint. I like to downplay the accomplishments of others because I don't like their fans. I like to take single lines from interviews out of context to show the world how right I am about them. Nobody knows this stuff but me, and you should all thank me for pointing this out.


ts38 , 8/9/12 10:29 PM


Conspirator , 8/9/12 11:17 PM

It has truly been a privilege to watch Federer?s career throughout, and if it were to all end tomorrow, would anyone really think that he didn?t do enough?

Hopefully for us, his career doesn?t end tomorrow because there will never be another Roger Federer. No one will ever dominate the sport with such sheer elegance. No one will ever keep such composure when stuck in the tightest of holes. No one will ever garner so much love and respect worldwide.

We may very well be watching the final days of the greatest player of all time, so enjoy him while he is still around.

hrsikesa , 8/11/12 10:43 AM

hrsikesa: that's an eloquent tribute to your hero.

ed251137 , 8/11/12 11:00 AM


hrsikesa , 8/11/12 11:38 AM

Wow, the hatred for Federer on this site is amazing. I can't believe some of the stuff written on here. You guys think it's bad that Rafa is out injured nursing some sore knees and a bruised ego by getting spanked by a nobody, so you just slam him even more than usual. When Fed retires what are you all going to moan about?? I truly feel sorry for you all. Gold medal or no gold medal, many of Fed's accomplishments will never be beaten. Enjoy the final years of a 31 year old who is the greatest ever. No if's, no buts. Look at the numbers. More slams than Rafa and Nole combined, case closed.

brothdog , 8/13/12 9:48 AM

Hatred for Fed is over the top here. They get away with such nonsense, coz they are cognizant that they are in the majority, and their friends cover their backs.

The gold medal is nice to win, but it's not equal to or greater than a slam. If the medals were important in terms of stats, then more points would be awarded. As it stands in terms of importance, a Master's shield is worth more points. In the past the gold was only worth 400 points, but most of the top players did not feel it worth their while to compete. Thus, in order for the Olympics to get more top players competing in tennis, 750 points are awarded. When ATP mentions titles etc., the gold medal is never included. There's a reason for this, coz the Olympics is not considered to be on par with the other ATP tournaments. People forget the meaning of the Olympics, an athlete representing his/her country, and it's not for personal glory. On the medal counts, the numbers of medals won comes under country, not individuals. In the tennis world fans take molre notice of a player if he wins a slam. Fernando gonzalez and nicholas Massu won gold, but we never see their stats.

scoretracker , 8/13/12 10:30 AM

"Hatred for Fed is over the top here. They get away with such nonsense, coz they are cognizant that they are in the majority, and their friends cover their backs."

I totally agree with this..on this site there are no tennis fans ..the entire fans can be divided into 2 categories either federer fans or federer haters..i thought atleast some of djoker fans and murray fans are supportive of roger but it's not the case..whenever something is brought against is completely backed by all the rest....

i understand the nature of everyone here that's why i don't want to interfere in any useless discussion...ultimately federer winning more slams matters to me more..if not federer i want murray to win GS.

These draw conspiracies are useless....after 2 or 3 yrs no one remembers any thing..people only remember how many slams u got....

chenna21 , 8/13/12 11:11 AM

Rafans don't hate Federer it's the other way round. Rafa is the one who puts a dent in Federer's greatness, because he has records that Federer can only dream of apart from their h2h. Federer only has the number of weeks at #1 and slam titles over Rafa, apart from that Rafa leaves him standing being the

youngest player to achieve a career Grand Slam at the age of 24

only player to win majors on hard, clay and grass in a calendar year

only player to simultaneously hold the olympic gold medal and majors on clay, grass and hard court

only player to have a 98% win ration in a mojor

That's a few to be getting on with.

Federer should make the most of it whilst Rafa is out injured, but he will be back, recovered and ready to tan Federer's hide soon.

nadline , 8/13/12 12:05 PM

''because he has records that Federer can only dream of, Federer only has slam titles and no of weeks at No1 over Rafa'' Unfortunately nadline they are THE 2 most important things. You think they are the only 2 things he has over Rafa? This page is'nt long enough to list feds records.

brothdog , 8/13/12 12:25 PM

Who said slam titles and number of weeks at #1 are THE only 2 things that matter?

Sampras has the a lot of weeks at #1 but no clay slam.....that matters a lot for an overall assessment.

nadline , 8/13/12 1:13 PM

@nadline, yes, they are the two most important stats for a player's resume. Isn't this the stat that Nadal fans would like to see on his pedigree? It's the reason so much jealousy is floating around on these threads. Just accept the fact that Fed is above Nadal in most areas, except for clay, and tennis will become a lot more enjoyable for you.

scoretracker , 8/14/12 5:58 AM

indeed, i did'nt say they are the only 2 things that matter, i said the 2 most important things. alot of other things can be brought into it. like a 98% winning ratio etc. but nobody really cares about that. Fed's overall winning % at majors is better than Rafa's, taking into accout all 4 slams. 17 slams and 291 weeks and counting are what people look at.

brothdog , 8/14/12 10:34 AM

Except that their slam h2h is 8:2 to Rafa.

nadline , 8/14/12 10:51 AM

Rafa is amongst the elite with at least 2 slams on each surface. If Fedfans accept that Rafa is the boss in Fedal they will find tennis more enjoyable.

nadline , 8/14/12 10:56 AM

lol, you never let me down nadline, there it is, like clockwork. The h2h zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

brothdog , 8/14/12 10:58 AM

Why do u want to hide the h2h? It defines their hierarchy.

nadline , 8/14/12 11:03 AM

no, it defines that Rafa beat Roger lots on clay. (Rafa's best surface, Roger's worst) that's all, nothing more. What defines them is how many titles they win, records they accomplish etc.

brothdog , 8/14/12 11:10 AM

Rafa leads Roger in their h2h on outdoor h/c. I think it's 5:2.

nadline , 8/14/12 11:15 AM

and roger 4 - 0 indoors. but nobody really cares. Roger fan's have so much more to look upon than a few clay court defeats at the hands of Rafa. At least Fed has managed to beat Rafa on clay, it's 12 - 2. Put them indoors and Rafa is now way near Fed, lab conditions with no outside elements the best tennis always comes through, it's always Roger. Even in 2010 when Rafa had his amazing season Fed beat him at the WTF.

brothdog , 8/14/12 11:24 AM

Why do u thInk that nO one really cares about their h2h because you don't want to face the facts. To lose 5:2 on your best surface to a 'clay court specialist' says it all.

nadline , 8/14/12 11:37 AM

no, it defines that Rafa beat Roger lots on clay. (Rafa's best surface, Roger's worst) that's all, nothing more.

brothdog, 8/14/12 11:10 AM

Really Brothdog? Really? Nothing more than clay, huh?

Well, let's just go to the data (I know, I know, annoying, jealous, hateful facts). We'd all agree that slams are most important to the top dogs, yes?

So, Rafa vs Fed:
Wimby 1-2
USO 0-0
AO 2-0
FO 6-0

Ol' Rog (GOAT BTW, have I mentioned that before?) has only beaten Rafa on grass when Rafa had just turned 21 (younger than Raonic for example) when players are still far from their peak. He certainly can't beat him on clay in a slam and even H/C slam looks doubtful given the advantage Fed held in the 2009 AO.

Oh, and tennis was made to be played outside not in a lab.


Conspirator , 8/14/12 2:23 PM

^^^ FO 5-0


Conspirator , 8/14/12 2:25 PM

Rafa is better than Federer on any surface.

Conspirator, brothdog obviously had no comeback to your breakdown of the facts, so he's gone quiet. I wonder why Fedfans just won't accept the facts instead of burying their heads in the sand pretending that Rafa has only ever beaten Fed on clay.

Fedfans, the h2h won't go away, only 2 more for Rafa to register his 20th win against your hero.

nadline , 8/14/12 4:53 PM

nadline, 8/6/12 6:12 PM

Not forgetting being owned another peer who is 6 years younger, Muzza..........

Haha Roger being owned by Muzza. The guy has lost all 3 GS finals to Fed and Fed is owned by him.Maybe I should post this statement to some joke site. I might get the best joke of the century award.

fedexal , 8/15/12 7:57 AM

^^^ Why laugh, soon Murray will get his win in a slam match or slam final (if Fed gets there) over Fed. What Murray has shown at the Olympics final is that he's capable of playing that way and beat Fed comfortably. If you're a Fed fan, better get worried now that Fed has not two but three of them to deal with in slams now.

luckystar , 8/15/12 8:51 AM

Murray does not own Fed till he has a better HTH against Fed in majors ....Till then this statement remains joke of the century.....Your usage of if statement is exemplary. Maybe you should patent "if"

fedexal , 8/15/12 9:07 AM

^^^ well. No one is denying that fact. But to state that Murray owns Fed is nothing more than a joke. At the moment only Rafa owns Fed.

abhirf , 8/15/12 9:07 AM

My above statement was addressed in reply to @luckystar post.

abhirf , 8/15/12 9:11 AM

fedexal, who are you to dictate what constitutes 'own'? Should Murray beat Fed ten times in Masters but lost to Fed three times in slams, and their H2H is 10:3 in Murray's favor, won't that be considered owning of Fed by Murray? Who says only slams count? We're not talking about career achievements here, but who owns who and who's the nemesis of the other. Chances of meeting in Masters are higher than meeting in slams, the fact that one beats the other more than the other beats him tells us who's better between the two.

PS. Make sure you don't use the word 'if' when it's now patented.

luckystar , 8/15/12 9:56 AM

I am none to dictate just like you....Murray who is just win ahead of Fed (and that too very recent) made people write that Fed is owned by Murray. I can cite 100 odd examples where a player has a losing HtH but that is not even mentioned because that player did not win even a single major encounter just like Murray so far.

I am not saying AndyM can't beat Fed in a major but let him do it once or twice and maybe we can debate on this .

Whole world uses patented products darling so why not I :)

fedexal , 8/15/12 10:10 AM

Fedfan's don't need to worry about Rafa, all of those gruelling contests where he had to give everything to beat Roger have taken their toll. At 26 and no hard/grass title since 2010 and clearly really suffering with injury problems it's safe to say Rafa's time has been and gone. I hope he comes back, he is a true champion no one would ever dispute that. Maybe he has 1 or 2 more slams in him. Fed is like a fine wine, getting better with age. When in the future people say the name Roger Federer, i know him, he's the greatest tennis player ever. They won't say oh yeah he had a 10 -18 h2h against Rafael Nadal, it's just the way it is. He's earnt the right to be considered the greatest. Until someone matches/surpasses his records he will remain that.

brothdog , 8/15/12 10:22 AM

^^^ The whole world is using, so why is it patented? And so why I can't use it without you mentioning it?? You have strange 'logic' isn't it??

Murray did own Fed for a while, when their H2H was 6-2 at one time. He's getting ahead of Fed again now and he won their latest best of five sets encounter on Wimbledon grass convincingly, I don't see why it's a joke about Murray owning Fed when in fact he did own Fed in the recent past.

luckystar , 8/15/12 10:30 AM

Thats like saying Fed owned Rafa at Indian Wells when he beat him convincingly in their last meeting. The top players are capable of beating each other on any given day, that is what makes it so excitng! Muzza and Fed's h2h is waaaaay too close to say one 'owns' the other. Only 1 match in it, Fed having won the 3 slam finals counts for a lot, but then at the Olympics Muzza hammered Fed. You would expext the man 6 years younger to have the better h2h. 6 years in tennis is a lifetime, a huge age gap. Only time will tell what their final h2h will be, but it will be very, very close thats for sure. And Muzza needs to beat Fed in a slam.

brothdog , 8/15/12 10:46 AM

Strangely, still when Murray plays Fed in a GS final , pundits always put Fed as a big favorite . Even when he was way ahead (as you mentioned) in HTH. Strange is'nt it ? Maybe pundits also quite logically don't give two hoots to the damn HTH.

fedexal , 8/15/12 10:49 AM

I'm afraid it's only fat hope of brothdog to say that Rafa is done. The fact that he's taking time off now to fully recover means he's in for the long haul. His tendonitis problem is treatable with long rest. He made the mistake of coming back too soon in 2009, still be has a very good 2010 (IMO, his 2008 is still his best despite winning two slams I/o three). When he has enough rest and recovery, he'll come back playing even better tennis. Just look at Ferrer and Simon, after their long break away from the tours to treat their knees, they're now playing their best tennis ever. Rafa is certainly of a higher calibre than these two. In fact Rafa is doing the right thing now of not rushing to come back, I hope he comes back only beginning of next year with 100% fitness.

luckystar , 8/15/12 10:54 AM

fedexal, whether some people care about H2H or not, it doesn't change the fact that one player is better than the other most of the times when they meet. We're talking about h2h or who owns who, not what the pundits say, so why do I need to bother whether the pundits give two hoots about the H2H? Since when should I listen to pundits, when I can decide for myself?

As I said, we're not talking about career achievements here, but simply who's better than who when they play against each other. As I said Fed can win all three slam meetings but when he lost even more times to Murray in the Masters, that's good enough to tell us who's better between the two of them.

brothdog - why would Murray/Fed H2H be very close for sure? Fed is getting older whilst Murray is reaching his peak; their H2H will not be close going forward. Fed in his prime can't even get a positive H2H against a young Murray, how would an old Fed get a better H2H against a Murray in his prime? Their H2H on grass, Fed's best surface, is now 1-1, Murray will do better on the hard courts, his favorite surface.

luckystar , 8/15/12 11:15 AM

.......... it's safe to say Rafa's time has been and gone.
brothdog , 8/15/12 10:22 AM

Pure wishful thinking.

nadline , 8/15/12 11:20 AM

To say Rafa's time has been and gone when he's just swept through the real clay season losing just one set and hardly dropping his serve is unrealistic.

brothdog, your heart will sink if you saw Rafa's practice pictures yesterday. He is not there yet, but he sure will be in time to come to take Rog to the cleaners again.

nadline , 8/15/12 11:26 AM

.......... it's safe to say Rafa's time has been and gone.
brothdog , 8/15/12 10:22 AM

Well, thats another joke of the century ! Maybe you and rafaisthebest are hellbent on giving us fits of laughter ...

Last time he came back from injury and won 3 GS in 2010 . So, don't challenge Nadal.

fedexal , 8/15/12 11:42 AM

@luckystar We can always agree to disagree. No worries darling . Enjoy and lets hope we have all top 4 in he USO SFs like last year. This year would be very very interesting if that happens.

fedexal , 8/15/12 11:44 AM

Nadline, do you think Rafa will play at USO. I somehow, get a feeling that he might skip it. But I have heard that he will go to NY. Is it confirmed ? Is he going to play a warmup or play some exhibitions, some days before the Open.

fedexal , 8/15/12 12:14 PM

I feel 90% sure that he will not play at the USO simply because he's still talking of recovering slowly and trying to get the right feeling back. I've heard that he his going to go to NY but that would probably be to fulfil his promotional obligations for the tournament and his sponsors. If he does, no doubt, we will be to guage how he is.

I will just be thrilled to see him him again and hope he is on court competing soon.

nadline , 8/15/12 12:33 PM

Well, thats another joke of the century ! Maybe you and rafaisthebest are hellbent on giving us fits of laughter ...

Last time he came back from injury and won 3 GS in 2010 . So, don't challenge Nadal.

fedexal, 8/15/12 11:42 AM


Why are you bringing me into this discussion? Last time I commented on this thread was on 8/6/12 8:27 PM.

What is your problem, or rather, what are you smoking?

rafaisthebest , 8/15/12 12:40 PM

lucky why are you so certain that muzza will run away with the h2h? wouldnt he have already done that by now having been on the tour for 7 years? feds getting older but his level has hardly dropped, he is no1 in the world! Again! There will be no more than 2 -3 matches in it either way i think when all is said and done. Muzza has a lot of victories over Fed at the masters 1000. We all know Fed aims to play his best tennis for the slams. Hence the 3 - 0 lead. Rafa may have won 3 slams in 2010. but he was nearly 3 years ago. thats a lot of time in tennis. Especially with the rise of nole and now hopefully andy too! Either way it's exciting times, seeing how long an old Fed can hold off the young boys. Fed/Muzza final at the USO, Fed to win in 4.

brothdog , 8/15/12 12:51 PM

^^^Your mind is firmly stuck in the past. As is always the case with most fed fans.
But here's the thing..Andy is about to break through, his improvements on all levels have been exceptional over the last 8 months and he will only get better. its inevitable.
Fed on OTOH is managing his decline, managing it well and taking his chances when he gets them perfectly, the wily old bugger. But it can only go one way on the H2h.
It is wishful thinking to believe otherwise.
Murray has always led their H2H and soon he will start to do it when it matters as he has already started to.
Demolishing federer on the CC in straight sets was not a one off, rather it was the culmination of nearly a year of radical improvement that has started to bring its rewards. And it will continue.
The reason Lucky is so certain as i am about this is due to the fact that she is rather logical in her postings here one has to say.

Twinge , 8/15/12 1:14 PM

Also when Roger HAS beaten Andy I'm convinced that most of the times it was not just Federer he was playing against but the occasion & therefore himself & that after the Olympics is an advantage that Roger or anyone else will no longer have at their disposal for too much longer I wager.
Every player grows up eventually. And certainly Murray took his sweet time but it looks like that time is around about now.
As I had predicted here by the way ;)

Twinge , 8/15/12 1:22 PM

lol, the wily old bugger. It was only 28 days previous that fed beat muzza at wimbledon. He beat him in the final of doha too earlier in the year in straight sets. Murray was fantastic against Fed no doubt, best iv ever sen him play. All credit to him, but as good as he was, Roger was really poor. Not even 50% of the man we know he can be on grass. Time will tell of course. No one has won more tournaments than fed since USO last year. Until Muzza takes down Fed at a slam, then i disagree. It's a totally different situation. I'm sure he will, like you say it's inevitable, especially if Fed continues until he his 33/34. i hope they meet at the USO, it will be a great match.

brothdog , 8/15/12 1:25 PM

^^Then get ready to start agreeing with me soon brothdog.
Roger was in your opinion really poor, but it was due to the time taken away by Murray and the pressure applied on every aspect of his game. Not because he got out the wrong side of the bed that morning. Part of the deal with Murray is that he will neutralise you & given he was freer of his usual demons Andy was able to execute his game plan to near perfection.
The pressure shall be off a bit now maybe enough that the next time he gets to a slam final he should be able to do it again. Its also not true to say that the olympics final is completely different, its more similar than any other non slam match when one beats Federer at Wimbledon in straights in a 5 setter.
They would have been both nervous rather than just Murray for once.
Also it wasn't the best I've seen Andy play and he was better in the semis against Novak as well.

Twinge , 8/15/12 1:48 PM

Rafa may have won 3 slams in 2010. but he was nearly 3 years ago. thats a lot of time in tennis.
brothdog , 8/15/12 12:51 PM

Yes 3 years is a long time, but Rafa actually made 4 slam finals in a row in 2011/12, more than Federer achieved in that period.

nadline , 8/15/12 1:49 PM

Let's get some perspective on Murray's so called failure to have a slam title. Three years after he joined the tour, he won his first masters title and reached his first USO final aged 21 against the vastly more experienced Federer playing in his 16th slam final. (OK, OK, i know del Potro pulled off this feat at 21 a year later). Against both Federer and Djokovic at the AO his performances were way below his best tennis and, for whatever reason, these losses were mainly due to mental demons. But the fact remains he has reached four Slam finals, more than any other player in the current era apart from Rafa and Nole.

But we saw a different Andy in the Wimbledon final this year and those of us who follow his career closely believed the Olympics could be the turning point for him. As Roger is fond of saying (when he loses) matches are won or lost on a handful of points. If Andy loses again in a slam final it will be for the sake of a point here or there. Let's hope those crucial points are in his favour.

Twinge: Do you recall, about this time last year, I said I had a hunch Andy could surprise us all and win the Gold? Leading up to the Games I didn't dare repeat the prediction for fear of jinxing him.

Nadline: What is Brothdog going on about: is he saying only grass and h/c count? Anyway it was five Slam finals in a row during 11/12 with two wins.

ed251137 , 8/15/12 2:23 PM

Twinge: Talking of demons, Federer struck me as a bundle of nerves during all his Olympic matches. And Mirka knew it too. She could barely watch most of the time and was so nervous she even forewent the chewing gum lol.

ed251137 , 8/15/12 2:41 PM

"Twinge: Do you recall, about this time last year, I said I had a hunch Andy could surprise us all and win the Gold? Leading up to the Games I didn't dare repeat the prediction for fear of jinxing him..."

Do you know what Ed, I do!
I also vaguely remember no one following you up on it.
You seemed so out on a limb at the time.
So let me be the one, if i may, to offer you your own special TT Gold Medal as a reward for your prescience in this.
Most impressive my sweet ;)
We only got a partial view of the Andy we want at the Wimbledon disappointment.
The real deal came at the Olympics.

Twinge , 8/15/12 2:43 PM

^^^lol he was indeed Ed, something he is not used to.
Andy was nervous too..he couldn't serve for s%*t when he was reaching the late 60's 70's for the rest of the tournament. Kind of like how it went away under the roof the month before.
But he could clearly handle it better than fed could this time.
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger and one would have to say that Andy shall be a much tougher cookie thanks to the might of Roger Rafa & Novak in the future.

Twinge , 8/15/12 2:48 PM

Yes ed, 5 (FIVE) slam finals in a row, Rafa made between 2011/12 and some see that as a failure even though they think Roger coming 2nd at the olympics is a triumph. I know one thing for sure, there are now 2 players Roger doesn't want to run into anywhere - Rafa and Muzza.

nadline , 8/15/12 2:49 PM

^^Make that 3 nadline.
Novak will do like Arnold....
Und Be Baaacchh.

Twinge , 8/15/12 2:56 PM

Well, thats another joke of the century ! Maybe you and rafaisthebest are hellbent on giving us fits of laughter ...

Last time he came back from injury and won 3 GS in 2010 . So, don't challenge Nadal.

fedexal, 8/15/12 11:42 AM


Why are you bringing me into this discussion? Last time I commented on this thread was on 8/6/12 8:27 PM.

What is your problem, or rather, what are you smoking?
, 8/15/12 12:40 PM

When I went thru this thread, your comment made me laugh a lot. So, thats why I wrote . Nothing personal darling . I really laughed . Maybe the way it was written, made me laugh. I don't know.

fedexal , 8/15/12 5:08 PM

brothdog@1.25. After the Wimbledon final Lendl told Andy that he'd never again face that kind of pressure. Andy said this is one of the things that helped him relax and play so confidently at the Olympics.
His celebration, when he won, while Fed was on court was so impressive I thought, so calm and low key.

deuce , 8/15/12 5:46 PM

AndyM's celebration at the end of London2012 was supreme. It just looked like a celebration of a man who felt like he belonged there and his victory was just a result of the hard work that he put in and most importantly he believed in the fact that ultimately his hard work is going to pay. "Vintage" was Andy's performance that day and more so his celebration.

fedexal , 8/15/12 6:34 PM

Ah well, glad to know I made you laugh, fedexal.................that's a good thing, no?

rafaisthebest , 8/15/12 6:57 PM

Maybe Muzza's Gold will be Nole's DC catalyst.

With Rafa out of the USO, I hope Andy gets his first slam there.

Conspirator , 8/15/12 7:04 PM

@rafaisthebest yes.

fedexal , 8/16/12 3:21 AM

"anyone but Fed" campaign has started by!

KMA , 8/16/12 8:55 AM

^^^^ blah, blah, blah!


Conspirator , 8/16/12 2:16 PM

KMA get over yourself. Nobody gives a rats about Mr Smugalot whose only expertise is making a big deal of winning silver and taking nasty swipes at anyone who beats him in a big match.

jean , 8/16/12 3:19 PM

Twinge, 8/15/12 2:43 PM Thanks for the medal :-)

ed251137 , 8/16/12 4:58 PM

was looking at Roger's last four ATP seasons and at a point of the season ((prior to the start of the Cincinnati Masters))

Federer's current record in 2012 is 51-7.

* In 2011, at this same point in the year his record was 38-10 (he ended 64-12).
* In 2010, it was 31-10 (ended 65-13).
* In 2009, it was 37-7 (ended 61-12).

you know in Djokovic's breakout 2011 season, his record was (70-6) . Nadal's amazing year in 2010 produced a (70-10) record.
I wonder what will Roger's record be at the age 31. this guy is simply UNBELIEVABLE!

OnTheRise , 8/18/12 9:01 PM

@OnTheRise, and yet he's doing it so quietly and his fans are not making a big hoopla abpout it. Just goes to show the man's greatness, and how much his fans take such records as all in a year's work. He is just tooo good!!

scoretracker , 8/19/12 12:03 AM

FEDfans are very spoilt. Roger is so great he is re-defining greatness. I love Roger. He brought us FEDfans on a miracle path, and continues to bring us on this miracle path. He is the BEST. Love you FED. Just to it. C'MON! :)

sky , 8/19/12 5:39 AM

Federer Wins Cincinnati Masters for 5th time......................

hrsikesa , 8/19/12 8:18 PM

the record is (56 -7) now and the best is yet to come US Open plus indoor season plus interest lol :P woohoo

OnTheRise , 8/19/12 11:35 PM

Oh Roger was very scared of Nole there :-)

sabs , 8/20/12 9:08 AM

If there is one player who is never scared, it is RF.

Nole mentally tapped out yesterday (which was fear) and, surprisingly, Rafa has stated that his motivation to win is based on fear of losing.


Conspirator , 8/20/12 2:49 PM

^^^ Lol.


sabs , 8/21/12 11:29 AM

Fed on his 300 weeks at No. 1...

Conspirator , 10/19/12 7:11 PM

Cheryl, maybe a new blog...


Conspirator , 10/19/12 7:52 PM

Conspirator! Has Fed got scared because of the article "Is tennis doing enough on doping? Douglas Robson, Special for USA TODAY, October 18. 2012" ?

Augustina08 , 10/19/12 8:37 PM

Maybe you should ask chr18 since he brought it up and thought it was worth discussing. Personally I think a GOAT debate would be just as fun.


Conspirator , 10/19/12 8:52 PM


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