Cheryl Murray

  • VAMOS Rafa - no matter what

    2009-11-29 18:47:08

    Those of you who are Rafa fans have been waiting for a blog about the Mallorcan. Mostly, I have little to report. Rafa kept a low profile in London (perhaps owing to the fact that he didn’t perform well, though I can’t say for certain). I suppose the biggest news is that he was polite and upbeat in each of his pressers.

    He even came in each time smiling – which considering how his matches played out is nothing short of extraordinary. In the wise words of Uncle Toni, “He a nice boy.” He is. Nice, I mean.

    He was missed this weekend, as evidenced by the 5 different times I heard “VAMOS RAFA” yelled out from the stands in today’s match. And I don’t think it was because some fans mistook him for either Davydenko or Del Potro. No. Really, tennis fans just like seeing Rafa. As I’ve stated numerous times, the guy is a rock star.

    There were some Swiss fans wearing their requisite red and white outfits, but they were subdued. No “Come ON Roger”, no Swiss flags waving, which I think speaks to the fact that the unexpected loss to Davydenko yesterday knocked some wind out of their sails.

    Roger and Rafa’s fans, come to think on it, are as different as the men themselves. Federer fans carry around signs that say “Shhh….Genius at work”, Rafa fans are more of the screaming and pointing at his backside type. It’s really great fun.

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Well said Cheryl, the fact that Rafa is so positive even in adversity is what endears millions of fans like me to him. He has had a horror year after the highs of 2008 losing his bastion at Paris, missing wimby, finding it difficult to win sets let alone matches against the top 10 players. He was a phenomenon when he had everything going for him but with the going getting tough, his poise is indeed commendable. As they say form is temporary class is permanent.
With temperament like Rafa's its just a matter of time before he gets back to his winning ways

Vamos Rafaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

vmk1 , 11/29/09 7:22 PM


Adri , 11/29/09 9:28 PM

And this is what makes their rivalry the best, which is the difference between their personalities and attitudes. Nice blog, Cheryl.

bolbol , 11/29/09 9:35 PM

Thanks Cheryl,
much appreciated..Hahaha though true you are giving us, Rafafans a bad rap...hehehehehe

mero , 11/30/09 2:05 AM

everyone goes through a hard time. he will be fine. the difference is some can read on the lives of others at the click of the computer button/mouse. the rest of us get to deal with it in private as we would like it.

homos , 11/30/09 4:07 AM

thank you cheryl :)

vrael , 11/30/09 5:06 PM

Folks -

Rafa blogged for the Times of London last week.

Here he is on 26 November following the defeat to Davydenko:

"Hi everyone,

"Well, it looks like the chances for being here on Saturday are very, very little, practically impossible if I am not wrong. I lost today again and it is actually a weird sensation to lose twice in a week. I felt I played better today, more aggressive, with more determination, but still not enough to beat a top player like Davydenko.

"Tomorrow I will continue with the normal routine anyway. I will practice around 2pm at the tournament site. The important thing is to continue, to practice to continue improving and getting ready for the match on Friday. After that, I will be focusing and preparing the Davis Cup final.

"I am not happy as you can all imagine but I am not down either. I felt better today, had some chances, played a good second part of the match and was close to bringing the match to a 3rd set. I am far from where I can be and that's encouraging. I suppose that what I need is to go back to El Cambio de Tercio for a good dinner with my team and regain all good habits, playing well included :-)

"I also would like to say that I am sorry for all my fans here. I really feel great playing in the UK. Probably here, and apart from my home country, is where I feel I have more fans. I know a lot of you came from different places around the World also. Many, many thanks is the least I can say.

"Many thanks.


Classy guy. Let's not forget that Davydenko downed every Grand Slam holder (and finalist - bar the absent Andy Roddick) en route to the title last week. And that second set between the two of them was just tremendous.

Now, let's have an end-of-term pick-me-up at DC finals.


gorafago , 11/30/09 8:13 PM

Aahh, so nice to come back and find new blogs added. You are spoiling us Cheryl!

Heck yeah! VAMOS RAFA! No matter what! *spins around in a circle* We Rafanatics are just adorable if I do say so myself. I just got so tickled when I heard the "VAMOS RAFA!"s shouted from the live crowd even though Rafa wasn't even in the tournament anymore. A friend of mine who was present there live told me about just how they are cray-zay about Rafa and they let their Rafalove show (thanks London crowd, you guys rock!) She told me how they were even saying things like "smiiiile Rafa" during his practices. Of course, being the Honey that he is, he obliged. Like you Cheryl, she said that he was in high spirits. He was even playful and all adorable during his practices as well.

One of my favorite moments was how they continued to encourage him and give him a huuuge applause as he entered and left the courts. (I did the same from my living room. It counts big time you know!) During one of his service games (yet another difficult one...trying to hold serve was like pulling teeth!) as the members of the crowd shouted their encouragement, the one that stood out to me was a shout that said "BE STRONG!" *sigh* That's just awesome. I feel that we have such a special connection with Rafa...We suffer and experience everything along with him. It's something that goes beyond just rooting. One of my favorite moments Gorafago is his second set vs Davy D. The way he was fighting...Even when things are going terribly wrong for him he STILL puts his whole heart out there on court. And the way he found it within himself to stop and sign autographs after each match...*melts into a puddle* He's just a beautiful human being.

I followed his blog throughout the tourney. I love reading what he has to say. I also love his jokes and sense of humor. I even sent him questions to answer and encouraging messages everyday. It's great that he gets to do his blog. Makes me feel all special when he's communicating with us through the heat of competition. *cuddles* Keep asking him to do it tournaments!

Cheryl, what you have written here and what we have experienced at the O2 with Rafa really sums up what makes him such a special person. I mean, it was absolute TORTURE whenever he stepped onto court. He had to fight for everything! But his fans never lose hope and we continue to stand behind him (and dote on him <3). I truly believe that his positive attitude and his smile in the face of adversity is a huge reason why we all love him so much. EEeek! I just want to grab his dimpled cheeks (the ones on his face, people) and give him the biggest hug! Flove Rafa! >_<

Even when he's losing there is electricity through the TV screens, I can only imagine what it's like to actually BE there. *exhales*

Were you present at the presser when he was asked how far he was from his best and he his answer was: "10 meters"? I cracked up so hard when I read it! He can be such a smart ass when he wants to be. ;D
I would flove to see videos of his pressers. His facial expressions, expressive sounds, shrugs of shoulders, glint in eyes, raise of eyebrow and ingenious comedic timing is irreplaceable. Transcripts of his pressers are great. I love reading them when the video version isn't available. But they just don't do Rafa's Rafaness justice. :D

*high fives fellow Rafans* Even though the season is up, Rafa still has another battle to go! For the duration I will officially become a Senorita and root for Team Spain to hoist the Davis Cup trophy! VAMOS Team Rafa! Rock on!

"Rafa fans are more of the screaming and pointing at his backside type."
*blinks innocently* Cheryl Murray! I have NO idea what you are talking about!

*giggles* I love being a Rafan.


MiniArbre , 12/1/09 12:25 AM

Wow Mini. I loved what you wrote i am so glad that Rafa had so much support at the tournament. Even though rafa lost all his matchs at the tournament and i am sad about that it was enough for me to see rafa and watch him put 100% effort into each match as i know he will be back to his best soon. I wish i could personally tell rafa how much we support, love and believe in him even though there is so much doom and gloom regarding his future in tennis. Like you i am proud to be a rafan and yes rafa is adourable but like you and so many other rafans have pointed out, it is his personality that draws us to him and that is why he will forever remain our no1 tennis player even after his career is over.

Rock on Rafans.

TopDog , 12/1/09 1:07 AM


Many thanks for writing such a wonderful blog about Rafa. It's a tough time for all of us Rafa fans, but you said it all so beautifully. This young man is just irresistible, not matter how things are going.


If I thought your analysis of Roger and Rafa was brilliant, then your latest post just charmed me so completely. Your enthusiasm and love for Rafa is infectious. It's so nice to know how much the London fans love our Rafa. He sure needs it right now. I didn't get to see his matches due to the time difference, so it's great to hear about the unconditional support he received.

I would like to grab and pinch those dimpled cheeks, yes on his face, just like you. I guess we are all helpless under Rafa's spell. You sounded positively giddy with excitement.

I love posts like yours that are filled with positive thoughts about DC and the year ahead for Rafa. It's just what was needed right about now.

Nativenewyorker , 12/1/09 1:28 AM

Thank you for a great blog, Cheryl.

To fellow rafans: I don't buy the doom and gloom story. This fall Rafa has played better on hardcourt than in the fall of 2005, 2006 and 2007 I believe, and that after a tough late spring/summer. (His winter and early spring were great, let's not forget.)

It is true that his competition is stronger now but he has and will not stop working on improving his abilities. I hope that he has a number of strong wins in the upcoming hard court season and has a terrific season again on the red stuff... and here's to a fifth RG cup.

chlorostoma , 12/1/09 3:47 PM

While I raised the RG topic... of course this is far in the future at this point, but how many of you would love to witness another RG final between RF and RN? And another Wimbledon final?

chlorostoma , 12/1/09 4:07 PM

chlorostoma: If this were to happen I'm not sure my nerves could endure the stress unless you can promise me he will win!

Min: Have you seen this one? 2_1888426?WT.mc_id=nadalnews

I dont know who was putting the questions to him, but I would not have been able to concentrate on his answers if he had been looking at me like that........

ed251137 , 12/1/09 8:10 PM

Mini: this link doesnt seem to be working. Go to and then click on the video Rafal Leaves London

ed251137 , 12/1/09 8:19 PM

TopDog and Nativenewyorker, one of my favorites was when the camera caught a group of Rafans and they were all holding up a big banner that read: "Marry us Rafa!" I laughed so hard at the "us" part! XD

It definitely was fantastic to see all the love and support he received there. Even one of the tournament directors was pouting when she spoke about Rafa being out of the tourney.

"I wish i could personally tell rafa how much we support, love and believe in him ..."

Do you WANT to scare him to death TopDog? Hehehe, although I think he knows just how much we love him. In one of his interviews he said that the best part of all of his down experiences this year was how he received so many loving and supporting messages from not only friends but most especially from people around the world that he doesn't even know . He said that he "feels the heart of the people." AWWW! Mi corazon! <3

Chlorostoma, right on! As for those finals scenarios? *shrieks* That would be SO AWESOME! :D *fingers crossed*

Ed251137, thanks a lot for the heads up. I swear, he is the most charming individual I have ever seen. It's amazing how he conducts himself. And that bushy hair...that is SO Rafa! I love his little reaction when there's a 'bang!' sound in the background. So smiley! :D

MiniArbre , 12/2/09 2:18 AM

Mini: I loved it when he said: First half of the year he was up, the 2nd half he was up and down. Pause. Smile. Well mostly down. Big shrug: big smile.

ed251137 , 12/2/09 7:58 AM

Hahaha! Golden! I love how he accepts the good with the bad. It's the way of life really, a very healthy attitude.

Did you see this video? It's a fan vid that I ran into on YouTube. It's a fantastic compilation of Rafa Moments with the media. :)

I don't know how someone could say 'What?' in such angelic fashion. :D

MiniArbre , 12/2/09 11:40 PM

this is for those Rafans who feel blue:(don't think we have many here :) )

niloofar , 12/3/09 9:39 AM

Hey what a great blog, thank you thankyou and thankyou! I was lucky to see Rafa 2 times in practice at the O2 and his match against Djokovic! During his practices one could see he was clearly not happy with his tennis but always had time for his fans and that gorgeous smile of his. I am hoping the Dc will inspire him! Nevertheless he will always be my forever no.1 favourite tennis player. vamos Rafa indeed!!! Great comments too!

afrodite7 , 12/3/09 1:37 PM

I was at the O2 for the Rafa/ Soder match, the frrenzy of the crowd when Rafa walked on court was electric. Tennis fans love Rafa because they are simply just fond of him, whereas, fans love Roger because of respect for his achievements.

Sadly, for me, after that match at the O2, I went down with swine flu, and have been extremely ill over the last two weeks, to the extent that even though Rafa's matches were on my TV in the bedroom, I was too ill to even watch them, that's when my husband knew that I was very seruously ill.

Loved Rafa's performance against Berdych, his confidence is definitely coming back.


carrie , 12/7/09 9:25 PM

Oh no, Carrie! I hope you're feeling better. Some member of my family had swine flu - it was really very dreadful.

cherylmurray , 12/7/09 9:56 PM

Carrie, that. is. serious. (when you can't hold your head up to watch Rafa play). Sure hope you are feeling better soon.

smr , 12/7/09 10:22 PM

hey carrie! i was wondering what happened to you - thought you went on strike. glad to see you posting again, hope you're feeling better. you haven't missed much, only some tribal clashes and spam :)

homos , 12/8/09 2:15 AM


I am sorry to hear that you were unfortunate enough to get swine flu. We are having quite a lot of it in southern California. I came down with a terrible flu virus and ended up with bronchitis. I was initially afraid that it was swine flu, but my doctor said I would have been much more ill than I was, with a very high fever. Since I have asthma, anything like that would be extremely dangerous. I have had a tough time getting my strength back. Now I have some kind of cold bug, but it's not as bad as what I had before. So I know how difficult it can be. I was bedridden for a while and under doctor's orders to get a lot of rest, so there was none of this business of getting up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Rafa in Paris.

We have been asking where you have been. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and having you back here posting, healthy once more. :)

Nativenewyorker , 12/8/09 7:30 AM

Thanks everyone for all you good wishes. I am slowly recovering, but it hits people in various degrees and I must have had the the worst of it. I look forward to playing my full part in TT soon.

I look forward to our new blogger, all worthy contenders so far.


carrie , 12/8/09 11:27 AM

Carrie(xo),I've been thinking about you.Sorry that you were sick.I hope that you'll feel better soon.
Man! sick to watch rafa?:) hang in there:)

alik , 12/8/09 11:41 AM

carrie-get well soon,i wasnt on this site for some days so i cudnt wish u a speedy recovery....

vrael , 12/9/09 5:54 AM

1st of all ,sorry to hear that you've been ill. so that's why you were absent from TT.glad you're back now. :)
secondly,I'd like to "whine" about a qoute of yours:
"Tennis fans love Rafa because they are simply just fond of him, whereas, fans love Roger because of respect for his achievements."

please don't speak for Roger fans. yes,many fans are initially absorbed to a player because of their talent,style of game and in one word their tennis.
but to "love" a player and truely care for them( like feeling sick when he goes to 5sets with Tmmy Haas in FO!!) there is more requirements than just "respect for his achievements"
and having talked to Fed fans,I know there are far more reasons for fans to love Rog,besides his tennis. so if you don't find anything in Roger to love,I respect your opinion,but please don't generalize it.
sorry to post about Roger on Rafa's thread.

niloofar , 12/10/09 9:36 AM

niloofar, I'm not saying that it goes for every single tennis fan, but I just get the feeling that Roger commands respect for his achievements, whereas fans who love Rafa are just fond of him, no matter what his achievements. Obviously, there are many fans who love Roger regardless, all I'm saying is that I feel that most admire his achievements.

carrie , 12/10/09 3:21 PM

well it's clear that you have not been to! :)
and the thing is ,I think overall in an individual sport like tennis,the personalities stand out. as you see on tennis forums,the talk about characters equals or surpasses the tennis talk!! and usually poeple don't become diehard fans without liking the "person".so IMO ,it's true for all groups of fans.
and Roger has had one of the largest fan bases before his achievements became so exceptional!!
my apologies indeed for this discussion on Rafa's thread.

niloofar , 12/10/09 8:51 PM

hey niloo, there are bloody days in our country and you just came out and defending roger in an article about rafa?

tahamtan , 12/10/09 9:06 PM

I'm a Rafa fan, so I can understand it when someone says that we like/love Rafa because of his personality more than his achievements. I'm not a Fed fan so is unable to comment about his fans, but we can't deny that some Fed fans (esp older male ones) do like or respect Fed because of his achievements in tennis. Of course, I will not question the fact that Fed is being loved by many for his personality too.

luckystar , 12/11/09 7:18 AM

I hope Rafa comes out with all guns blazing in 2010. I simply cannot wait for him to return to his winning ways, Rafa's prowess has brought a lot of fans to tennis, people just love his determination and figting spirit, not least of all his charm.

I am sure that the rift between his parents hurt him deeply, and he has found it hard to be mentally strong to win matches, but time will heal, I hope!

Vamos Rafa in 2010.

carrie , 12/14/09 5:11 PM

nirv02, Rafans do not dwell on Rafa's injuries, it's Fedfans who have the wishful thinking that his career will be short so that Fed will have a free run, like he had before Rafa came on the scene. Rafa is the one player that causes Roger to cry, so I fully understand why Fedfans want to see the back of him.

No one regrets Rafa's injuries more than his fans. We feel deeply for him, and no fan wants to see their idol sidelined and lose points and unable to do what he loves doing, but all we can do is hope, and trust that the experts close to him such as his coach, his trainer and his doctor know what they are doing, rather than surf the internet looking for negative diagnosis from people who have never been near Rafa, let alone examine his injuries.

For me Rafa has the kind of presence on court that no other player has, quite apart from his style. I would love watching him whether his game was serve and volley or insane ground strokes, that only he can make. I don't like to watch him because he has long rallies, or chases every ball or whatever.

You suggested that because Rafa seems to have more injuries it simply because of his style. I pointed out to you that it's also got to do with the fact that normally he plays more matches that other players because he usually wins, or gets to at least the SF, most other players only play two or three matches a tournament.

carrie , 2/16/10 10:03 AM

maxi, you just say things with no substance. How did you come to the conclusion that Rafa plays too many matches - he always plays the regulation 18 (19 incl the Y/E Maters) matches a year, no more than anyone else.

We are never going to agree on this subject, you see Roger through your rose tinted glasses, and I suppose you might think that I do the same with Rafa. The only way this argument can be settled is according to the facts, and the facts are: Rafa has a 13:7 h2h over Roger. You can drum up Davy, Nalby, Blake or whoever over Rafa, you could also bring up Murray and Simon over Roger.

carrie , 2/16/10 11:02 AM

I suppose carrie, if that's what you are going to base your argument on every time (h2h), then you have to base it on every player that rafa plays - that makes sense, yes? davy is better h2h than rafa, so davy better player, blake better h2h than rafa, so blake better player, yes? I could list a whole lot of players here,which would say that they are better players based on h2h, but I have to be out in 5 minutes.

maxi , 2/16/10 10:11 AM

maxi, you really must get your facts right, Blake does not have a better h2h against Rafa, it?s actually 4:3 in favour of Rafa. This spurious line of argument doesn?t wash, because even Hrbaty has a favourable H2H against Roger along with Murray and Simon, so don?t go down that road.

carrie , 2/16/10 11:53 AM

Actually, even I am getting carried away, because it's evens between Rafa and Nalby - 2:2.

carrie , 2/16/10 11:56 AM

Fact: Roger 16 Slams Rafa 6 Slams....

OMG 10 SLams difference...

torres9 , 2/16/10 1:07 PM

Fact: Rafa 46 weeks at no.1 Fed 270 weeks

Difference: 222 weeks = 4 years

torres9 , 2/16/10 1:19 PM

By the way, Roger is not gonna retire so Rafa will probably be 28 and still Fed is playing. By then, probably Fed as a bad h2h against so many players but will he not be the greatest player ever? No.

Record will last. H2H will change.

torres9 , 2/16/10 1:24 PM

I hope you are getting direct info from Rafa and not reading up on the internet about his doctors treating him well.

And please dont give excuses about he plays more matches and he reaches SFs and win them stuff. Please do the numbers before you write. Roger is 12 years into Tennis and Rafa is 8 years. But Roger has significantly more wins almost half more wins. If you look at Connors and lendl they are by far the most prolific and their careers spanned 15 years and they have 3 times more wins. No knee injuries here.

nirv02 , 2/16/10 2:48 PM

Im kinda sick with this h2h thing.

It just means Rafa have been better than Fed in 13 times and Fed has been better than Rafa in 7 times.

So? How bout the other matches that took place other than those 20 matches? I didnt know a tennis player greatness is judged by 20 matches.

torres9 , 2/16/10 4:19 PM

torres mate if you are so sick wuth this h2h thing then ignore and simpyl admit rafa has been overwhelming federer since the beginning of their rivalry,thats pretty much it.but overwheliming some1 in h2h doesnot mena u are greater in stature ,u have other things to look for where federer takes the lead definitely.

BTW i am also sick listetning to federer being called GOAT.,thats silly, GOAT doesnot exist, federer is the best of his generation like laver was the best of his best federer is the most beautiful player to watch in the history of tennis but laver's style was also very exciting given those bud collins said that there is no possible compliment bigger than 'best of your generation' ! so why are we so dying to pin this GOAT thing on any particular player,at best roger is the most successful in atp history (1973 onwards), so much has changed that comparing is silly,people have hardly any idea abt the laver scenario still adamantly call out such things. so GOAT concept is extremely flawed and I can prove it anytime to any1.

vamosrafa , 2/16/10 4:42 PM

I dont deny Rafa has 'overwhelmed' Fed on clay. That's a fact. But I dont think just becoz Rafa beat Fed in WImby 1 time and in AO 1 time means his better than Fed in AO and WImby contrary to what some Rafans try to imply.

GOAT is subjective so u can never prove it right or wrong. At best all you can prove is that in your opinion, there's no GOAT. But there's no short of people who thinks Fed is the best player ever if u put out the 'what ifs' like wha if Laver played more bla bla..

Lets face it. Fed has more GS than any player ever.
Fed has been the most record-breaking player ever.
Fed has been the most consistent player ever.

torres9 , 2/16/10 5:00 PM

Carrie! I'mback - a long 5 minutes! I was hoping for a more reasoned and interesting discussion from you,so felt a bit deflated when I saw your comments above at

"You can drum up Davy, Nalby, Blake or whoever over Rafa, you could also bring up Murray and Simon over Roger."
carrie , 2/16/10 11:02 AM

yes.carrie. that is my point.h2h doesnt mean anything in terms of is one part of the overall rubix.I have no problem at all saying that rafa has proven to be better than anyone on clay (that goes for federer and everyone else). he is a rare man.very rare.very special.all hail rafael nadal for being the best there is on clay UNTIL soderling ruined the dream of 5 in a row,to match borg.

are you not prepared to consider more? that there is more to a player's game than h2h? it is one part of rafa's game, that a lot of players have figured out more recently. and fact is that rafa has beaten roger 13 times over his 7 times. but do you think you could look at it a different way. could you maybe say that how many times has roger gone on to reach a grand slam final carrie, where rafa hasnt? could we turn this on its head and discuss it a different way, because we keep repeating ourselves dont we? Rod Laver has said Roger is the best of his era. I am going to get the voice call on this and post it here, but have to post this first else otherwise i lose it.but it is all subjective. there is more to a player than h2h, that is my argument carrie. so if you think that that is all there is to a player, (h2h), then our conversation stops, because there isnt anything left to discuss. i appreciate your coming back on this one though. thanks.

maxi , 2/16/10 5:26 PM

carrie,i've found it!

you will have to watch the 10 minutes 54 seconds highlights of the FO 2009 FIRST, then you will see a videolink and a voice call hearing link of the following titled "Laver lauds 'magical' federer. It's the second one you need to click on to.

Rod Laver who won all four men's singles Grand Slam titles, describes Roger Federer as a "credit to the game" and "the greatest player of his era".

maxi , 2/16/10 5:51 PM

torres...rafa overwhelmed roger on clay BADLY so the point on which rafa fans base their argument is why didnt roger overwhelm rafa when they played on non-clay surfaces...2-1 on grass fed but all meeting soo tight,pretty much even contest ,1-0 rafa on hard ,okay one meeting isnt enuf but still if roger has IN NO POSSIBLE overwhelmed like rafa has done on clay (4-0 at RG and simply NO CONTEST, 2008 RG was a joke),i am referring to slams only becoz we know slams are a diff beast (proved by roger's win over murray recently)

NOW the GOAT , actually people are not aware what laver was able to achieve,so u know he won 2 celandar slams what else do u know?? he didnt play majors for 5 ysr but what was he doing at that time?? having a free time chilling at home?? NO, he achieved some feats that are mind blowing and I will state them here so that you get an idea.

According to the ATP numbers, Federer has the edge. 16 is greater than 11, right? But wait, there?s more. After winning the calendar slam in 1962, Laver turned professional in 1963. As a pro, he faced the men considered to be the best players in the world at the time on the professional circuit. In these pre-open era days, only amateurs were permitted to compete in Grand Slam competition.

He used to play on the Professional circuit and championships on that circuit, Laver won four consecutive U.S. Professional championships starting in 1966 at a time when the competition on the pro circut was far stiffer than at the Grand Slams.
Laver also won Wimbledon all three times he played it during the 1960?s (1962, 1968, 1969), as well as the Wembly Professional championships three times during his leave from the Grand Slams. This adds up to six titles in a ten year span.
Federer has set new marks in both grand slam final appearances (22) and consecutive semifinals appearances (23). Laver appeared in 17 grand slam finals with a record of 11-6, compared to Federer?s 16-6. But add in Laver?s professional ?slam? finals record and the more realistic record is 19-12, with 31 finals appearances

Often people say laver has only 40 atp titles and are not that much !wow,but excuse me he was 34 yrs old in 1973 when atp was formed and went on to win 40 titles post 34 yrs of age !wowww !
Laver?s battles with Rosewall are comparable to Federer?s wars with Nadal. Rosewall was the premier clay court player of the 1960?s. Laver lost four French Pro Championships and one French Open Final to Rosewall, as he, like Federer, had the experience of having to play a clay court genius during his career. The difference is that Rosewall?s dominance over Laver never extended past the clay.He beat rosewell almost every time they met outside clay especially in a BIG event...laver has complete dominance over all his chief rivals too !

I can add A LOT MORE TO THIS if it does not seem enough to you,GOAT IS completely flawed. the compliments i gave to fed in my earlier post are the max a player can receive! how can u say some1 is better than people who used to play 20-30 years before his BIRTH??,sorry but sounds sick and irrational. I can write pages on this but cant write it all in one post ,i think its enough for a mature minded person to get it tho.

vamosrafa , 2/16/10 6:18 PM

Frankly, Fedfans and Rafans are never going to agree on how significant the H2H is, so let's all agree to disagree.

As far as the GOAT is concerned, I totally agree with vamosrafa, there can't be a GOAT, it is a figment of someone's imagination, and until the ATP officially declares who the GOAT is, it's irrelevant. I also think that the most beautiful player in hishory is also purely subjective. The most beautiful players in my book are McEnroe, Edberg and Nadal, and not necessarily in that order, Federer doesn't even qualify as an also ran as far as I am concerned.

maxi, I am not going to bother lookin up the link you provided. Laver can say whatever he likes, but until the ATP declares the GOAT, sorry, it does not exist.

Nirv02, sadly I do not have direct contact with Rafa, but he was interviewed on his official website, and he categorically said that he finds it annoying that there are experts he has never met who make pronouncements about his injury, and that the only person whose opinion counts on this subject is his doctor.

carrie , 2/16/10 6:28 PM

vamosrafa, i enjoyed your post above - thank you. also listen please to what laver says about roger in the link i posted above to carrie. you can hear exactly what laver says, and if HE says roger is the greatest, then shouldnt that count for something? that the greatest calls someone else the greatest? just a thought.

maxi , 2/16/10 6:33 PM

maxi, I am not going to bother lookin up the link you provided. Laver can say whatever he likes, but until the ATP declares the GOAT, sorry, it does not exist.
carrie , 2/16/10 6:28 PM

carrie, i am really disappointed with your above reply because i spent the best part of 15 minutes documenting everything for you to counter argue what you said and you finish with the above, so i cant have a discussion with you on it now as you have stopped me dead, (unfairly). when you say you cannot be "bothered", you are saying that you are not prepared to listen to rod laver who actually played the game, and will only listen to some fat old men, on the ATP (not all who have played tennis).It doesnt make any sense to me carrie, sorry but it doesnt.

maxi , 2/16/10 6:37 PM

@maxi,thank you or your appreciation. I have done massive research on this GOAT and know what Laver says abt roger all the time,things like ' i feel honored to be compared ro roger' 'greatest of his era' ,true and roger deserves these compliments very much.yea laver says BEST OF HIS ERA, he is right ! thats the best possiblel compliment u can give to a player folks,laver was the best of his era and now its roger. guys like bud collins and jack crammars mock at the idea of GOAT,becoz they have seen ALL ERAS concerned to know the best and are almost angry about declaring one GOAT ,IT DOES NOT EXIST!

MAte just look how diff things are, the prize money catalyst for slams we have nowadays wasnt present in those days,plus the awareness that winning slams is so imp wasnt there at that time, if laver knew his status will be remembered by slams so much then he would have been far more motivated, i mean pete and roger knew everytime they stepped on court that they are to break a certain record,they are more motivated and know how imp winning slams is for their legacy! ,advaned footwear coaching methods training methods covered stadiums (to fend off trbles like rain and extreme heat) etc etc ITS JUST NOT COMPARABLE i think .

vamosrafa , 2/16/10 6:51 PM

carrie , 2/16/10 7:38 PM

very true, it started in 1973 ! GOAT is a flawed one thing we often overlook is the on-court trainer facilities, look at some scenarios in recent times,often u see a player suffering from heavy cramps/nagging muscular pains or any other problem and then the physio comes in and does the MAGIC ! players get rew-charged and ready and compete at their potential once more,and many times this treatment has allowed even great players to win matches.was this present in the laver era.NO! so the point is that is it silly to compare eras like this whne it is not even possible in my opinion.

vamosrafa , 2/16/10 7:47 PM

I agree that h2h maybe a skewed way of looking at tennis players . However there are other things which goes in favour of Rafa.
1] Rafa and roger both have nearly identical prowess in terms of tennis skills and in GS finals it is the mental strength which matters which is in favour of Rafa since inspite of being the less experienced of the two he could get into the mind of Roger and dislodge him not only on clay but also on other surfaces.(wont be wrong if I say that there would have been times he could have any1 but Nad on the other side of the net)
2] Federer's was an all court game while Rafa's was only suited for clay. So a tennis player should also be judged by the amount he evolves as his career goes by. would be fair to say that Rafa evolved more over the years as compared to Roger.
3] To be the man, you 've got to beat the man. Rafa just did that, securing no1 by repeatedly beating the man while Roger's path back was easier(not Roger's fault).
4] Rafa is the more humble and likeable of the two off-court(if in doubt read fed's drive statement abt Rafa)
So no matter how many GS Roger adds, Rafa has done enuf(and by no means is he finished) to emerge as the better all round personality.
Vamos!! And fight vamosrafa

vmk1 , 2/16/10 8:23 PM

The Spanish Tennis superstar Rafael NadalRafael Nadal and the sensetional Colombian Popsinger Shakira was caught romancing together in Nobu Tribeca during the promoting event of Shakira's new album "she-wolf".The 23 year old glamour boy Rafael Nadal wa dating for three years with his high school friend Maria who's nick name is Xisca.

But now it seems that Nadal begans to eye the 32 year old popsinger shakira.According to a Newyork post , the both began to talk first but later on they moved to a table for maintaining privacy.


Shakira and Rafael Nadal deny dating rumours
Kirsten Begg

Colombian starlet Shakira shared a cozy meal with Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal in Barcelona, fueling rumours of a love match between the pair.

Nadal will feature in Shakira's latest video for her new single "Gypsy", and the Spanish hot-shot's representative claimed the dinner was all business.

"It was a dinner organized with the director to brief Rafael on what was expected from him in the video," Nadal's people said.

This is the latest in a series of meetings between Shakira and Nadal, sparking online speculation as to the status of their relationship.

The 33-year-old Colombian pop star and philanthropist has been dating Antonio de la Rua, son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, for nearly ten years. The couple have been engaged for eight years, but have not set a date for the wedding.

Shakira has attended several of Nadal's tennis matches and reportedly offered to "teach him how to sing" in exchange for him teaching her "how to play."

But maybe the Colombian pop princess just really likes tennis...


Well Rafa looks like a rockstar, he may end up being one.


carrie , 2/16/10 8:49 PM

Another thing many people don't seem to realise is that in Laver's day, players stood up during breaks between sets, and all they drank was Robinson's cordial, there were no energy drinks. There was also no tie-breaks, so a match could go on for ever.

The eras are so different that it's ridiculous to proclaim any player the greatest of all time. The farthest I would go is to say that Roger is the most successful of his era, but I wtill wouldn't call him the greatest player of his era, I really wouldn't, because there is one player that he finds it hard to beat.

carrie , 2/16/10 8:58 PM

Not always carrie.Laver, Sampras, Ken Agassi Nadal Roddick and others-THEY say Roger is the best ever. Yes.Nadal.

Regardless of what a lot of fans think or want to try to ?prove? by stats they are the ones who have proclaimed Roger as the greatest.

If it weren?t for Federer Nadal would probably have three Wimbledon titles not just one and he would be a lot closer to Borg?s record.

No. But no one ever thinks of it that way do they?

I cannot understand or comprehend your sticking to that weird opinion of just looking at the H2H to evaluate a player-For instance Connors had a bad H2H against most players of his generation namely Borg Mcenroe Connors Lendl Wilander to name a few.

nobody discounts Connors due to that and count him as one of the greats-Mcenroe had a good H2H in grand slams against Borg and that stands at 1-3- but just for that reason alone does anybody name Mcenroe among the greats or does that bad H2H any way diminish the stature of Borg-No-

Rosewall had a good H2H against Laver in many grand slam tournaments when he was young as he is 5 years older than Laver but does that count Laver out just because of the bad H2H- Tennis is not just about Federer Vs Nadal- It is about 1000 players on the circuit trying to assert their dominance over one another-

Your logic sounds as if Nadal does not make it to the finals then Federer should consider a walk over since his victory will not carry any significance-It is Nadal?s job to come to the finals and compete against Federer whenever he is there- If Nadal is not able to do that and get beaten by other players before the final- how does that bother Federer-
I have enjoyed our discussions today carrie, and thank you for bringing a different perspective- but please listen makes it more interesting than just following one line of argument all the time.

maxi , 2/16/10 9:36 PM

You see maxi, 'one of the greats' as you say Connors was inspite of losing to many of his peers is a long way from being the greatest. No one would deny that Federer is ONE of the greats in tennis, that is a far cry from saying he is the greatest.

maxi, you will only think our discussion is more interesting if I agree with you, sadly I just don't get it that you want to dismiss such a handsome h2h that Rafa has against Fed as irrelevant. 13:7 is not the same as 2:1 or 5:6 or 1:0, it's a lot more.

carrie , 2/16/10 9:56 PM

carrie,this is way past my bedtime, though am watching the brits right now.I love the New york, new york from Alicia keys, dont you? I dont want you to agree me at say what you want carrie,that's fine with me, i like different perspectives and i enjoy what you say,along with is a handsome h2h, and if that is what you remember rafa by, and it makes you happy,who am I to argue?i like to look at the cube from different angles,not just a h2h.

maxi , 2/16/10 10:27 PM

"The eras are so different that it's ridiculous to proclaim any player the greatest of all time." carrie

This is so very true, even Laver has said as much.

"..sadly I just don't get it that you want to dismiss such a handsome h2h that Rafa has .."

Sorry to sound flip, but I'm laughing because I know you think of Rafa as *handsome*, and now even his H2H is *handsome*. LOL Good job, carrie, I enjoy your sound arguments ..... carry on!
BTW, where's Native? A big hello to you. Sorry, I missed your post on the other site about missing me here. I haven't posted here in quite a while, and had stopped posting there also, but began doing so during the second week of the AO. It's not an easy job trying to avoid the arrows though. LOL.

Von , 2/16/10 10:32 PM

All the pros might disagree if Federer is the greatest. But they all agree on one thing. He is the most COMPLETE TENNIS PLAYER ever to have set foot on Tennisland. Not the ultimate COMPLETE but the most COMPLETE.

nirv02 , 2/17/10 1:25 AM

Posted my last reply b4 sleeping and just woke up.

Vamosrafa, what u posted is nothing new to me. Iam fully aware of what Laver has achieved and experienced (I probably know a lot of tennis history to claim that Fed is the GOAT)

Problem is, nowadays with all the advanced training methods and superb coaches, there are little talent being wasted and players now are exposed to the best conditioners etc.

So it still is a wonder how Fed still reign supreme.

And I think ur reasoning is deeply flawed if u think Fed didnt 'overwhelm; Rafa on grass when u consider the fact that the grass season is short and Fed only met Rafa 3 times on grass.

And if u said the RG 08 is a joke, then hamburg 06 was a joke. how can the greatest claycourter of all time gets bageled?

And answer me this, has Roger ever lost in str8s against Rafa on grass? No.

And has Rafa lost in str8s against Roger on clay? yes. 2 times.

And how convenient it is to talk abt only SLAMS meeting when Rafans has been talking about 13:7 not 5:2.

And if u talk abt Slams, the best indicator is not the meetings between the 2 and who won but more importantly, who has more and Fed is 16:6 against Raafa.

And carrie, if u need the ATP to clarify the GOAT then the ATP also need to clarify that Rafa is better than Fed and put him no.1 all the time since he has a 13:7 h2h against Fed.

But look who's been no.1 for 270 weeks.

The ultimate definition of Rafa is that he has a record 160 weeks as no.2 to Fed.

That's the best joke.

torres9 , 2/17/10 3:34 AM

And someone who is saying Rafa has a 'beautiful' game is like saying Roger is the most powerful player ever.

torres9 , 2/17/10 3:45 AM

I think we know why Rafa lost at Hamburg 06.... is absolutely the same story why he lost to Murray at Rotterdam 09...

I think the good definition for Rafa is... he is the one who dethroned the GOAT.... as a Rafa fan, I do hope he can do it again....

tettylds , 2/17/10 6:48 AM

This is the mind of a Rafan.

Everytime Rafa loses badly like the 6-26-26-2 hammering by Delpotro it's because he has an injury.

Everytime he wins, it's because he is so much better.

Dethroning the GOAT and then gets dethroned by the GOAT..

but even a Rafan refer to Fed as the GOAT.. LOL

torres9 , 2/17/10 7:08 AM


A big hello to you! I haven't been on this thread, but I just happened to check it out and there you are! It's great to see you here! I even went over to tennis-x to see if I could find you. But you know I can't stay there, it's way too hostile for a Rafa fan.

I just wondered if you know who posted that attack against me under the screen name of tennis talk. If you noticed, once you mentioned that it's illegal to use a registered web site name, that person didn't post anymore, at least not under that name. If you do know, please give me a hint that won't "out" that person publicly here. I think it's someone from this site. They know my real name and put it together with the screen name I use here. They were too cowardly to reveal their true identity.

I get tired of debating the whole h2h advantage Rafa has over Fed. The Fed fans get very touchy about it. They just will not give Rafa his due. I think Rafa has really gotten under their skin. carrie is one tough cookie. She will defend Rafa right to the ground. But it's an argument that will never end.

Fed fans always trot out the stats about his grand slam wins, weeks at number one, anything to distract from a discussion of the h2h with Rafa. I also resent the dismissal of Rafa's wins over Fed on clay.

Anyway, I hope to see you come around more often. I miss your wonderful wisdom and thoughtful comments.

Nativenewyorker , 2/17/10 7:49 AM

Rafa injuries were not fake at all.... if someone did not believe, does not matter of course... nothing wrong consider Federer is the GOAT.... what make me admire Nadal more than Federer because he beat the GOAT very convincingly already... can you guys imagine.... FO 08, Wimbledon 08, AO 09.... clay, grass and hard court... more than enough... and he is the only one who can make the GOAT cry....

tettylds , 2/17/10 7:53 AM

Yup.. And also Roger is the only one who made Rafa cry at Wimby 07.

Convincingly? only FO 08 were convincing. Rafa was at his bestest best in Wimby and AO and he needed 5 sets to beat Fed.

And after beating Fed, where is NAdal now in Grand Slam finals?


torres9 , 2/17/10 10:18 AM

Thanks for your compliment. You should post here more often, it gets very lonely for me when all the Rafans disappear. I am registered on tennis-x, but I have never warmed to it, same with TennisWorld. Yes the word 'handsome' just rolled off my finger, Rafa/handsome - they just go together.

As far as the GOAT is concerned, it's all in the mind, we can all choose for ourselves whether Roger is the GOAT or not, or whether there can be a GOAT at all. It's something that grew out of commentators such as McEnroe and probably Mr Wilander, when Roger was unbeatable through weak opposition, until Rafa and Murray came along; (I can feel another discussion coming on, this will raise hackles!!) they set their own criteria as to how it should be determined, but as far as I am concerned, it holds no water.

carrie , 2/17/10 10:51 AM

Ooohhhhh... so strong is Rafa and Muzza that they've failed to stop Fed in the last 4 Slams...


torres9 , 2/17/10 11:07 AM

enough said TORRES ..the moment I read your your comment in which you compared the loss at RG to the loss at hamburg i didnt read the remainder( btw it was hamburg 07 ), that shows how much AUTHORITY you have to claim roger is GOAT ! comparing a slam to an ordinary masters final is same thing to you, wow ! and fed needed 5 sets in wimb 07 after which he said 'it cud have gone anywhere and he deserved it equally' ,for you it was being OVERWHELMED ! roger has overwhelmed rafa on grass ,even a 4 yrs infant wud not make such a statement ! and if you think RG was not a joke that is extremely irrational and silly of you i am sorry to say.filippo volandri beat federer 6-4 6-2 rome 06 3rd rnd during rf's peak, but how many people remember that match and fed's loss????? i believe hardly any ! has it been a slam and had roger lost there it wud have been a match to be remembered for ages isnt it ?, i think its enuf to make you realize how much different a SLAM final is to a MASTERS final.

vamosrafa , 2/17/10 1:50 PM

if RG08 was a joke ,then what happened to Rafa in USO2009 was an even bigger joke.

How can a AO champ get thrashed 626262 by Delpo in a HC SLam SF in the same year. Not to mention the biggest joke of all, the greatest clay courter getting dumped by the 23rd ranked player who has no clay game at all.


At least Fed loses to the the top guys who rarely beats him in str8s.

And RG08 is just one match where Fed gets beaten in str8s in a Slam. Djoko did it too. But how many times had Rafa been booted out in str8s in a Slam.

The recent one is in AO this year. What a joke.

torres9 , 2/17/10 2:26 PM

Correction: One of 2 matches Fed loses in Slams in the last 5-6 years he loses in str8s.

torres9 , 2/17/10 2:32 PM

torres9, i dont get ur last comment. anyways, i agree with the one b4 tat. I completely agree with u. Somethin tat Fed does, is that he never loses his matches in slams to players ranked well below him. One record is this, ever since his semifinal streak began at the 2004 Wimbledon championships, he has only lost once to players seeded outside the top 5 at a major. That loss came to the 6th seeded Juan Martin Del Potro at the finals of the US open. lol. Can the same be said about Rafa? No.

Rafa does have a commanding H2H over Fed, but that doesnt mean that he will accomplish more when their careers finish? No. Simon has a 2-0 H2H over Fed, but does tat mean he has accomplished more? certainly not.

tj600 , 2/17/10 2:49 PM

u only answered part of my post..where is the answer to that ridiculous comment of yours?? hamburg vs RG, as usual u chiken away when u admit from inside that ur point was based on stupidity ! plus from where did delp come from?? i was just making a point abt fed overwhelming nadal,but sorry that hasnt happned yet,nor will it ever happen ,sorry the only way ur comment will be sensible if roger's soul was in delp's body in that us open semi ! was it?? may a secret only known to you torres !
I was not comparing nadal to federer but just making a point abt a prominent feature of the rivalry becoz thht rivalry thing stings you very badly

tj600..hi mate, i think the analogy is is not good at all,simon has never played federer in a MAJOR and both meetings were in the same year 2008,on hard courts ! rafa has done it every year and on every surface almost. no need to drag it on and on , it has been proved well now .

vamosrafa , 2/17/10 3:11 PM

I dont need to answer anything as u dont answer any of mine.

Like I said, Rafans has been talking about 13:7 not 5:2, so they put in the smaller tournaments too, so what's wrong with me putting the smaller tournaments.

And doesnt matter if it's not Fed, Rafa did lose badly to Sod and Delpo. You put importance in Slams matches so those beatings that Rafa experienced counts too.

This rivalry revolves around 20 matches but if u wanna compare them, compare them wholly, not only h2h.

Discounting Gs count, weeks at no.1, records is what u always try to do (chickening away) coz it stings u badly.

torres9 , 2/17/10 3:23 PM

filippo volandri beat federer 6-4 6-2 rome 06 3rd rnd during rf's peak, but how many people remember that match and fed's loss?????

here's where u r being a hypocrite.

When did Rafa soul is in Volandri's body and why r u referring to smaller tournaments?

Answer me. Dont accuse ppl of something u urself do.

torres9 , 2/17/10 3:27 PM

this is what most RF fans thought of the losses anyway, it only makes us appreciate Fed even more and confirms us that Fed is the best coz he's able to bounce back from defeats by Rafa and just move on not caring if he's behind 200:20 in h2h and just keeps winning Slams.

torres9 , 2/17/10 6:29 PM

DONOT BRING OTHER rafa fans in to this , what ever i have said just talk about it ,dont digress to in an attempt to get away:P,ur talk with me was restricted to that GOAT and OVERWHELMING THING and i donot digress at all, as usual u are looking for ways to make it cloudy and somehow get away with it. take it easy man , not my fault if your IQ is not high enuf to spot that the volandri match was mentioned SOLELY for the purpose of highlighting the stupidity involved in your comment regarding hamburg vs RG, i also added that had that victory taken place a in a MAJOR then almost everyone wud have remembered it for ages ! it happening in a smaller tourni made it leak away from the memories of almost every1 ! SO GET IT ???? extrememly sorry if you still donot get it then u have ur own IQ to blame ! now get it why a smaller tourni was mentioned ?? just to make things clearer for you.

Now I have answered yours, now donot chiken away or digress like yo always do in our hot exchanges lol , but better run away than posting crap after crap becoz that just means wastage of time.

vamosrafa , 2/17/10 7:02 PM

haha vamosrafa, are u a mensa member to say i have a low IQ?

This is what happens when u cant argue with me and all u do is launch personal attacks.

First of all, I am afraid ur the one with the low IQ and to add to that u have low memory and analytical ability becoz u dont read what I post properly.

And yes, all u do is repeat stats that I already know since you think u have a higher knowledge of tennis than anyone else in the world.

Sorry, you have answered me nothing.

I have posted several videos as my answer to why Fed is the GOAT since writing here is not gonna make u understand so I guess u better watch the videos.

Dont chicken away

torres9 , 2/17/10 7:34 PM

And if u gonna mention Fed's humiliation in RG 08 (1 incident) then I see no problem mentioning Rafa's humiliation in Hamburg 07 and Madrid 09 at the hands of Fed. Humiliation is still humiliation.

And Fed's only suffered 2 occasions in 5 years where he gets beat down in str8s against Djoker.

How bout Rafa, how many times has he got destroyed in str8s by lower-ranked players like Sod, Delpo, Ferrer.

That's the core to a Rafan problem. They only look at Rafa's glory stints and completely ignore the bigger picture.

They forgot how humiliating it is for a no.2-ranked player to not win a set in year-end championship.

Come on man, that's embarrassing no matter how u twist it.

torres9 , 2/17/10 7:53 PM

wo wo wo .wait wait wait ,not so fast buddy. madrid was an humiliation?? hahahah ! a 6-4 6-4 win was humiliation for you ! hahaha !! then nadal's victories ove fed in 2 sets are they are all humiliations?? even being a fanatic rafa fan i wud say a a BIG NO ! even the hamburg loss was a 3 setter ! rafa won 6-2 first set !only set no3 being one-sided. RG is what u call PURE demolition and humilation,as experts remember it this way too.

I already said i donot care this time what the core problem wid rafa fans is! the talk started about rafa overwhelming him on clay and roger failing to do so on non-clay events, now lok how badly u are contradicting urself now. u admitted by saying I agree nadal has overwhelmed roger ( above posts) and then you were tryin to prove how roger overwhlemed on non-clay surfaces ( something that has neve rhappened and is 100% flawed) and after realizing tha you have turned on your stubborn mode and just hanging in there , why are u using those clay humilaions anyway ? u lost the right to state them when u admitted roger has bee n overwhelmed on clay ,so then u were supposed to mention some overwhelmings from majors other than RG to counter but u have faile miserably !again pointless are your arguments just trying to cloud things and digress so as to run away sumhow.

I am not even comparing roger to rafa ,its just that i am hilitng to cleverly u digress ALL THE TIME and stuff in trivial information , i have not even digressed a BIT !
neither am i saying a superior h2hd is the MAIN gauge we shud use to chek greatness between great rivals! its just about making you realize that you digress digress and twist it !

lastly i donot want to discuss it as it was not thw part of the argument we are having, roger losing only twice to djoker in 5 yrs is again POINTLESS, !!! how many time shas fed played him and how many times has rafa played him???who knows djokoer might be giving him beat downs in the future if they meet as many times as djo-nad ?? do we know any thing abt this?NO ! nadal djo have played almost twice a many matches so ofcourse djoker has hahd alot more chances to give beat downs.anyway that was not the part of argument so will not move any forward with regards to this.

vamosrafa , 2/17/10 8:51 PM

vamosrafa, far be it from me to give u advice, but believe I gave trying to reason with torres because his logic does my head in. Sometimes I start reading a post and think 'what is this person talking about', scan down to the poster's name, and it's usually torres.

Don't waste your time, it's impossible to get the nuances of your point across with torres.

carrie , 2/17/10 9:00 PM

your advice seems reasonable carrie,thanks . torres can write good points but his habbit of showing extreme stubborness and then running away when he knows he cant even write crap is not acceptable. lets see how he responds to my above post as I answered his all questions well not even digressing ONE bit

vamosrafa , 2/17/10 9:59 PM


You should know by now that torres is the master of changing the subject when there is no answer to an argument. Rafa's h2h advantage over Fed is fact, not something that can in any way be debated. So torres has no choice but to change the discussion. There is no choice but to digress, so torres will once again put up Fed's entire resume. I could recite it all from memory. I don't see any Rafa fans disputing Fed's number of grand slam wins, consecutive semifinal appearances in grand slams, weeks at number one. But that is not the subject we are discussing. Notice how Fed fans will always retreat, because there is simply no way of getting around the truth.


Please don't feel too lonely. Your fellow Rafa fans are usually lurking somewhere close by. For myself, I just get tired of going over the same old ground and not getting anywhere. With Fed fans, it's like banging your head against a brick wall. I have to summon all of my composure to refrain from trashing Fed the same way that they trash Rafa. But I just remind myself that they hate Rafa for what he took away from Fed. We can argue until the end of time, but Fed fans will never give Rafa credit for his considerable achievements. They always compare him to Fed, even though Rafa is five years younger. But when we remind them of that, then they will say that Rafa won't be playing at Fed's age. I don't care if Rafa doesn't win nearly as many grand slams as Fed. I care about his achievements on their own. Rafa's incredible success at such a young age, speaks for itself. Nothing the Fed fans will ever say can take any of it away from him.

Nativenewyorker , 2/17/10 11:26 PM

good post native, just keep praying rafa makes a strong come back :)

vamosrafa , 2/17/10 11:34 PM

Rafa cried in the locker room at wimbly 07... I think everyone cries... but not in the television where the whole world watch it.... In my opinion Rafa wins all his finals in the grandslams were so convincing... quess who he beat...

tettylds , 2/18/10 2:27 AM


Thanks so much for your reply. I do miss you. But I respect your reasons. We both know all too well how things can get out of hand. I will definitely check out the threads you mentioned on tennis-s. I still go there and lurk, but occasionally I may post something when I feel strongly enough. I don't stay, though, because immediately the Fed fans come after me and any other Rafa fan with a vengeance. They have made sure that Rafa fans will never feel welcome there.

I apologize if I put you in a somewhat awkward position when I asked you about the identity of that person. I have my own ideas, but I realize that it wouldn't be comfortable for you to identify anyone without tangible proof. You did give me a clue when you said it's someone who hates you. It's not like I would decide to confront this individual publicly. It's much better to ignore that kind of vitriolic hatespeak.

I don't post as much as I used to, but I do it often enough so that people know I am still here. Carrie is a warrior. She never backs down. I do have to try to have her back more. She is fighting the good fight, but certain people will never hear her.

It's nice to know that you are out there lurking. If you ever feel the urge to post or give me another hello, that would be great. We all have to do what we have to do.

Nativenewyorker , 2/18/10 2:49 AM


A loss in Spain and on his favourite surface in Madrid 09 is a humiliation no matter how u twist it.

1st of all, the discussion started abt h2h not who overwhelmed who and I never tried to prove that Fed 'overwhelmed' Rafa. You made that one up. I just said that Fed didnt have a chance to overwhelm Rafa anyway coz they met so few times on grass an Hardcourt. Like i said, u have poor interpreting ability which is why u always dont understand me.

So u agree that Rafa did get humiliated by Sod and Delpo in SLAMS. Yes, SLAMS. That is where it is important. And Fed got humiliated by Rafa and Djoker twice in 5 years. BIG DEAL. But then FED went on and won Slams and Rafa stopped so Fed is still better.

And if u watched the Delpo VS Rafa in USO 2009, that was pure demolition and annihilation,

How can the one who beat Fed always gets beaten by other players convincingly in SLAMS? EXplain this, Mensa member.

NNY, clearly u are blind if u think Fedfans are masters of changing the subject.
Everytime Fed wins a Slam, it's Rafans who comes up with h2h like a broken record.
And everytime we talk abt Fed's achievements, it's Rafans who comes and talk about h2h.

And then when we counter the h2h and show how flawed it is, u guys just repeat it again and again and say it's a 'FACT'.

I know why u guys dont want to change the subject. It's because there's only one subject that u guys can talk loud abt Rafa which is H2H...

Not even realizing Rafa hasnt won for ages, getting beaten on a regular basis by top 10 players.

You guys should focus on that and not lingering around past glory stints which are just mere smirks in Fed's glorious career.

VAMOS FEDERER-no matter what.

torres9 , 2/18/10 3:14 AM

Von, Native
I just enjoy taking Fedfans on. I cannot resist replying to some of the rubbish they say about Rafa and always trying to knock him down and not give him the credit he deseves.

Rafans our day will come, Rafa will lift many more trophies I'm sure.

torres, now you are stealing Rafa's clothes - VAMOS FEDERER-no matter what.

carrie , 2/18/10 10:51 AM

torres..are u god?? what the hell do u mean by saying 'I just said that Fed did nt have a chance to overwhelm Rafa anyway coz they met so few times on grass and hard courts' hahaha where is your 'genius' mind when you say federer has won more slams and has these many records bla bla,,cant you see 'rafa has been given a lot less chances to play tennis overall!!! he is much younger ! so how dare you compare records overall ,the only way u can do it is bring fed in the past but then sorry no match at all , again u mite say rafa's future looks bleak and he may not win like fed is doing at 29 , BUT how can we be sure?? .So if you say roger did not have a chance to overwhelm because they did not play enough on hard and grass then you gota be out of your mind when you compare the stats between the two in any regard ! plus, the trend shows rafa has been catching up with federer on grass until he knocked him off so he was the one making ground on grass too, so in all ways once more your argument has been proved FALSE and FLAWED !!!!!!!


vamosrafa , 2/18/10 12:20 PM

Hahahaha, i'm not acting all genius like u vamosrafa aka Mensa member.

ur really losing it. I wish u can provide some better arguments but now u say he's young so we cant compare when all u have been doing is comparing.

And it's funny. Rafa has been catching up and caught up and then goes so low now he cant even beat a top 5 player for months and won his last title in Rome.

Gosh... how great the guy who lost to a 23rd ranked player on the very same ground he's supposed to be invincible.

At least Fed lost in 5 sets 9-7 in the 3rd to the 2nd ranked player.

Get ur mind cleared up and post a more intelligent argument next time, OK.


torres9 , 2/18/10 1:25 PM

once again big time digression but i am gona combat your stubborness with stubborness of the very highest order, see you are again chikeining away ! making matters cloudy and running away has become your trademark. the word OVERWHELM triggered these exhanges so stick to it and prove , u cant becoz u are so wrong! you say 'fed has not been given enough chances to overwhelm' ,sorry but assumptions donot have any value ! and making an assumption based on the fact that he even lost past 2 non-clay meetings in slam finals i think the trend suggests it will be roger who will get overwhelmed in future even on non -clay ! ahahah !! atleast my assumption is based on facts and trends so a bit valuable atleast !urz is pathetic as usual !

plus i donot know the purpose of mentioning nadal's maiden Rg loss and fed's 6th loss !!!! ahem ahem , one against SIX ! ouuchhh, 2002 loss to mario ancic (an unseeded player ) in 3 humiliatign sets ( roger was seeded and had beaten sampras last year in a classy match), reassoonnn??? NO possiblr reason but still torres THE CRAP UTTERTING MACHINE will come up with soem crap ,crap has no limits definitely :P hahaha

vamosrafa , 2/18/10 2:49 PM

Haha the point is Fed lost his throne to the 2nd ranked player, get it?

Unless u dunno english. Rafa lost his throne to the 23rd-ranked player who has no clay game.

Bigger ouch...

And not just that, Rafa the AO2009 winner (hardcourt) gets destroyed 62626262 to Delpo in the same year at a hardcourt event.

U never hear that for the Fed in Slams. He dont lose like Nadal on his surfaces he is good (HC and grass)

The fact that Rafa is so good on clay and still lost 2 times in str8s against Fed just showed how Fed is the best.

Rafa defeats Fed badly only on one occasion in Slams and that's on clay. But at the same time Rafa loses to the 23rd-ranked player on a surface he's so good on.

U just cant counter my points, it's funny that ur on ur wit's end... the Mensa member


torres9 , 2/18/10 3:10 PM

as usual the crap machine goes on and on with his crap :D . once again , u are relying on DIGRESSION and cheap ways of somehow getting away , not ur fault u are too stubborn to admit and will feel ashamed actually if you admit,thats the truth. i told you before, i donot care what types of defeats rafa faced from OTHERS ! BECAUSE as far as i am concerned the only argument i am having with you is about that OVERWHELMING thing, talk abt english ,haha, go look up the meaning of this word as I think its like a french word to you and you are not getting it ,pity :P.
again you are trying to conceal your PATHETIC and RIDICULOUS ASSUMPTION 'fed did not have enough chances' i countered it perfectly by facts and trends and good reasoning and all you could go is change the topic and CHIKEN away, so you really are Mr chicekn torres, if I were discussing somthing else with you then you are most welcome to add other info which is relevant but this time around i have also shown extreme stubborness by sticking to the point that triggered all this! and you have miserably failed torres, so stop adding crap ( irrelevant stuff,even tho true is crap mostly ) !! GET it mr chiken ?? start working hard so that you remove this label from youself soon ,good luck have a nice sleep .HAHA :D The only way you can make ur argument stronger is that federer overwhelms nadal on non-clay events especially majors in future, so stop using other names to get away man becoz our discussion was restriced to the h2hd thing (caution: that does not mean that I am one of those who thinks h2hd is the only main thing , NOPES) .... highlighting your wonderful digression tools ; like , 'the core problem for rafa fans, introduction of delp ,soderling, and on and on ,the thing is I DONTCARE A BIT about these becoz i am not even talking abt them in this blog! it has been proven crap has no limits, sorry made you make me write these bitter posts even whem i donot want them to .......lastly, u are not even right your stats ! rafa has NOT LOST to federer twice in STRAIT SETS, only madrid ! hamburg he won the first set 6-2 and then was dominated but was 3 sets, plus its no big deal winning 2/10 matches ,of course there are days when you can eventually make it through when you are given soo many chances, still slam record is a dismal 0-4 and 3-12 in terms of sets ! massive overwhelming, RG 2008 being the most dominant win any one has ever had over a great champ, rafa almost won twice as many points 93 to 55 i think, again despite knowing slams are 10 times more important mr torres mentions those relatively trivial wins (not trvial but relatively speaking of course )... GET IT ??? :D hope you do :D

vamosrafa , 2/18/10 7:21 PM

vamosrafa, I admire your patience, I gave up holding a discussion with torres a long time ago, you feel like you are whistling in the wind. In fact the pertinent points you put accross are somehow lost in translation and you wonder whether English is actually his first language.

carrie , 2/18/10 7:29 PM

i donot care what types of defeats rafa faced from OTHERS - This where u are so blind and flawed u dont even realize it.

LOL... just show that Rafa gets destroyed and u dont care just as long as he has a good record against Fed.

Typical blind Rafan who doesnt know that in a year a player plays more than a 100 matches and that's what counts not 20 matches in 5 years.


U gotta work hard to get the label off u.

And yes. Call me Mr. Chicken coz it's the same as calling me Mr.Rafa coz he's been chickening out from a USO final... LOL

GET IT? So call me Mr. Chicken coz I'll take it as u calling me Mr.Rafa. HAHAHAHA

What a donk.

Plz do realize how tofu Rafa is now and keep ur mind in the present. He gets destroyed by top 10 players on a regular basis now.

And he's still young LOL.. 23 and already getting owned.. LOL..

Carrie.. VamosRafa has totally lost it... That's the only reason why he launch personal attacks.... he just keep rotating around his Rafa stats... It's pathetic...

it epitomizes the state of a Rafan... Angry and living in past glories...

Wake up, Mr. Blind.

From, Mr. Rafa@ Chicken..


torres9 , 2/18/10 7:54 PM

expected reply ..crap after crap :P haha .... again u miss the point buddy. when i said I DONOT CARE to whom rafa loses it was not literal in meaning, i think i made it pretty clear, i am not discussing these sides because the argument didnot start on them neither did I base my points on the overall performances and careers of both men ! it was just abt the OVERWHELMING thing and look how cleverly u evaded it in the last post too ( now just have a look how cleverly u have been avoiding the CORE of this discussion ) mr chicken you have just pinned down ur reputation as the one always digrressing ! GET IT??? The debating started when a post of yours reflected that the h2hd pisses you off and you think fed didnt get enuf chances to OVERWHELM, HAHA, i have been sticking to it and proving again and again how pathetic ur reasoning was ON THIS ONE ONLY! i am not touching other sides on purpose so its nuthing like 'ignoring the reality' , when one some day we will have a discussion on something with MORE DIMENSIONS then add whatever u like and that would be quite normal ! it is obvious that the h2hd thing makes you feel miserable and feel kind of aggravated ! there is nothing you can do about it so ADMIT it MR chicken , having said that , i never say if rafa owns him in terms of h2hd that means he is a greater player ! nopes ,that sounds fragile, if I say that you can of course and MUST bring other stats and reasoning based on more dimensions to counter this and say man ur point is not strong enuf (h2hd isnt enuf)...BUT i am not even doing that ...i have been stretching all this to make your stuborness and digressive qualities stand out and I have done that QUITE SUCCESFFULLY !
carrie we have won it :P chicken can add more crap if he likes but this post makes thing very clear what the overall issue was at the start and what it has been stretched to .

vamosrafa , 2/18/10 8:26 PM

sticking to it and proving again and again how pathetic ur reasoning was ON THIS ONE ONLY

this is why u are limited thinking and could only argue on one side and then chicken away again when is presented with a new dimension.

You admitted yourself on your rigidness.

I love it that u finally dug yourself and expose ur own flaws without me doing it.

Good job.

LOL.... This is what happens when u try to argue with me. You just trapped urself.

And h2h is miserable to me? Owhh well... Jeepers... I am so miserable that my idol keeps on winning and his supposedly main rival just faded away giving pathetic performances in GS's.

My post is crap and still you cant counter crap and resort to personal attacks which again, showed ur own flaw.

Good job, Mr. Mensa on your defeat



VAMOS FEDERER-no matter what

torres9 , 2/18/10 9:35 PM


This is why I don't like to get involved in these kinds of arguments. It goes absolutely nowhere! I said that trying to discuss anything with Fed fans is like talking to a brick wall and I stand by it! Just look at the back and forth in the last few posts between vamosrafa and torres.

I think torres is really the ultimate instigator here. I have tried to be polite and respectful about Fed and engage in an intelligent discussion, but it's useless. I keep seeing myself called a hypocrite and the one who changes the discussion for daring to bring up the h2h advantage Rafa hold against Fed. You see the reaction - immediate defensiveness, hostility, anger and the worst kind of trash talk about Rafa.

In the end, the relentless posts by torres only serve to strengthen my contention that Rafa has indeed gotten under the skin of Fed fans and is a thorn in their side. Devoting this much space and time to attacking Rafa and his fans, just proves the point. Fed fans will never give Rafa any credit. They will resort to the lowest of tactics, cheap shots, name calling and trying to distort the truth. That's their game.

I admire your restraint at this moment. But I think you know as well as I do, that it's a trap once you engage torres. Just read the post above, with its rambling and almost hysterical tone. Speaking with this person is a lose-lose situation.

But for the record, I will state again that Rafa's stellar accomplishments cannot be wished away, made to disappear or demeaned. Those who try just reveal how little they understand the sport of tennis. When you persist in spewing hatespeak about the player who has beaten your guy in three straight grand slams on all surfaces, then all it shows is a mean-spirited, vicious attempt to justify your guy's losses. So sad.

Nativenewyorker , 2/18/10 10:16 PM

Native, have you noticed how Rafa is their only target, they don't talk about Djoko, Murray or Delpo or even Roddick; Rafa is the only chink in Federer's armour, the one who provides the asterick by Roger's achievements because of the h2h, and they don't like it.

Vamos Rafa

carrie , 2/18/10 10:44 PM

that was a cheap way to accept you defeat but i will take it :P no worries , losing is an helpful experience torres..u have lost this 10 times and now its ur stubborness speaking crap ..never mind .HAHA, i will show you how you add dimensions , infact i showed it fantastically well on that GOAT and i think an RF admirer also appreciated that effort very much ! becoz not every RF fan is like mr.chicken ! adding dimensions is no problem to me as i proved it in that GOAt thing by posting great stuff covering so much , i have been saying again and again that i have refrained from EXPLORING different dimensions ON PURPOSE, and see once more the mr chicken the biggest digressing machine on TT evaded the core of the discussion ;OVERWHELMING thing ,tch tch , i feel sorry how weak your inital reasoning was ,so weak that u feel kind of ashamed and 'defeated' to mention it properly and justify it ! u cant do that here actually. torres= best at ignoring the core of the issue and stuffing in nearly irrelevant stuff and digressing artfully ! :P :P LOL. thats the summary ! :)

Native and carrie, its so good to have you people around :) and thanks for reminding me i was just wasting time but let it happen for once this time ,he may soon realize, we dont mind sum1 being an RF idol , its the way they behave is annoying AT TIMES.

vamosrafa , 2/18/10 11:04 PM


You must be reading my mind! I have been thinking exactly the same thoughts of late. It is very true that the Fed fans are positively brimming with civility when it comes to Delpo, Murray, Djoko and even Roddick. We do have to keep in mind that three out of those four have never beaten Fed in a grand slam, so that has a lot to do with the Fed fans giving them a break. They let Delpo off easy, except for attacking his delaying tactics when challenging and, of course, blaming him for daring to upset Fed and causing him to lose his composure and start cursing at the umpire. Of course, it's never Fed's fault. It has to be the fault of his opponent.

Rafa fans know that the one black mark on Fed's impressive array of achievements is his losing record against his greatest rival. Fed fans can't bear it. It eats at them like a cancer. When they really go all out and start the most vile name calling of Rafa, I just remind myself of the great victories and know that they can't take it. Too bad on them!


You are entitled to go at it as much as you please against torres. He is infuriating when he gets like this. But I have to say that I loved your last sentence. I like to think that this is the heart of true Rafa fans. I know that I have no hate for Fed and give him full credit for his considerable accomplishments, but his fans are quite another thing altogether. I think it's a sickness with them when it comes to Rafa. I will call it "Rafa-itis". It should be put in the latest psychiatric journal under personality disorders. The definition would be a person who is obsessed with hatred for a particular tennis player and must demonize him in a repetitive and pointless manner. :)

Nativenewyorker , 2/19/10 1:29 AM

The Difference between Nadal and Federer is

1-Nadal 46 has spent just weeks as world # 1 Federer 270 and counting thats 224 more weeks as world # 1, 224 weeks = 4 years and 16 weeks

2-Nadal 6 Grandslams Federer 16, 10 more majors

3-Nadal 0 Masters Cup Federer 4

4- Federer has been named ITF World Champion 5 times, Nadal 1

5- Federer has won 4 Laureus World player of the year awards Nadal 0

tennis2010 , 2/19/10 1:45 AM


So what's your point? Are you truly saying that any of Rafa's wins over Fed in a grand slam, his superior h2h record against Fed, mean nothing whatsoever? Fed fans like yourself always trot out Fed's resume over and over again, as though it somehow makes Rafa's wins over Fed disappear. Guess what! It doesn't! Also, you are absurdly comparing two players who are five years apart. You really should refrain from repeating this endless statistical display. I do know Fed's records. If I didn't, I surely would have committed them to memory thanks to this endless, ongoing repetitive posting of Fed's resume. Thanks, but it is not relevant to the discussion of the h2h. The more you do it, the more you are avoiding the key issue.

Nativenewyorker , 2/19/10 1:53 AM


Lol... now u r saying u have dimensions? Now how funny is that when ur the one who wants to ONLY discuss 2 things : Overwhelming and h2h LOL....

LOL... that;s how contradicting u have become as u have been severely countered and have lost all ur reasoning...

Usually ppl who is defeated is the one who claims he's won...

That;s what u are in this argument: Loser...

Alll u ever did is post the same Rafa stat without any creative thinking of yourown. That's why u got 'disgressed' by me, coz ur limited mind just cant accept new angles and perspective.

That's how u lost this...

Remember it well



torres9 , 2/19/10 5:20 AM


U r one of another example of a h2h-only Rafan.

Do u honestly think that this h2h is gonna make all Fed's Slams disappear?

Answer is NO... Fed's record will always remain... No h2h is gonna demolish that

Peace from Mr.Rafa@chicken

torres9 , 2/19/10 5:24 AM

Why there are so many fortune-tellers here who can easily predict that Rafa will not perform in these 5 years ahead.... grandslams Rafa 6 Roger 16.... 10 difference. If Rafa can play till Roger's age probably he could achieve better.... there are 20 grandslams in 5 years.... Rafa having injuries but look at Agassi... he plays till 33 years old... Masters cup Nadal 0 Federer 4..... what kind of joke is this..

tettylds , 2/19/10 9:51 AM

Rafa-itis, I like it, Native.

I think Fedfans forget that Federer himself said during his meltdown at AO09 "this is killing me......" meaning Rafa thrashing me all the time. Federer knows that Rafa is a thorn in his side, Fedfans also know it, but they want to pretend it's not happening.

I will never tire of holding up Rafa's end of the argument, no matter how much insults they hurl at me to put me off.

carrie , 2/19/10 11:09 AM

torres,i was so rite abt ur IQ level, i made it quite clear that i avoided adding dimensions DELIBERATELY,,know the meaning of this word? if not then tell i will explain .this was the only way to highlight how pathetic and absurd your POINTS are, so this was the sole way of considering single POINT OF YOUrs, THE PROBLEM IS THAT If i add dimensions which i always do, it becomes easy for mr.chicken to run away and digress despite throwing a PATHETIC point ! i didnot let that happen this time by sticking to only one/two points, if you resolve this point we can move ahead and talk abt other things where u can add as many dimensions as you wud like to !! and it is simply make you feel bad . once more teh digressing machne avoids the core of the issue ( overwhelming thing) and posts irrelevant stuff :P

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 1:09 PM

Funny how I ran away when provided with a new angle, u stick with ur rigid-thinking and totally run away from the point.

All that u accuse me, u did it urself, that's why ur the biggest hypocrite here.

And someone who resort to personal attacks rather than talking about tennis just show that u just cant cope with my arguments which is funny because sum1 with a supposedly higher IQ level cant even think outside the box and just take the h2h as it is.

That's what I call shallow and limited thinking.

I have no doubt who has the higher IQ between us and sorry, it's not u.

VAMOS FEDERER-no matter what.

torres9 , 2/19/10 2:11 PM

torres9 make it ALLEZ FEDERER instead of vamos.. lol

tj600 , 2/19/10 2:17 PM

sry tj600 if i offended u. I just get kicks tilting sum1 with a supposedly intelligent mind like vamosrafa.

When he's cornered like this is when he shows his true ugly side.

torres9 , 2/19/10 2:35 PM

nah its jst tat vamos doesnt sound rite nxt 2 feds name. but i dont really care :P

tj600 , 2/19/10 2:47 PM

again torres proves how lwo his IQ is , stop crying like a baby 'personal attacks' ,sorry if you r emotions got hurt buddy , but actually you do not have any idea how much you annoy a lot of people here ! rigid-thinking ,well ok , i justified it already so need not do it again u cant grasp it so not my fault. again what did you write abt the core issue? we were to discuss a point that has remain unresolved from YOUR side, so how do you expect me do move away from rigid-thinking, thats the only way to tackle a clever digressing machine like you torres ! you just justify your point and i will strait away move from my rigid-assertion, notice how broad my viewpnts were when discussing the GOAT thing aobe, go have a read again.

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 3:14 PM

torres9 make it ALLEZ FEDERER instead of vamos.. lol

tj600 , 2/19/10 2:17 PM

tj, amongst other things, torres can't tell the difference between spanish and french. He admires Rafa so much that he his stealing his clothes for Roger - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

carrie , 2/19/10 4:18 PM


IQ so high and yet you are so delusional when u say i am crying..

What a donk
I am just showing how cornered and out of sort u are that u have to resort into name-calling

That itself show how low ur level of analytical skills and how high ur stupidity is.

Vamosrafa, keep posting as more and more u reveal how devastatingly unintelligent u are.

And carrie, if ur gonna insult me at least do it right, honey.

torres can't tell the difference between spanish and french

isnt it supposed to be spanish and swiss.

You and vamosrafa are both very funny... I enjoy the entertainment

And there's no reason why a spanish word cant be used on a Swiss Man

VAMOS FEDERER- no matter what

torres9 , 2/19/10 5:05 PM

um torres, allez is the french equivalent of vamos, just for ur info, its not swiss german.

tj600 , 2/19/10 5:18 PM

mensa member , and mr chicken , so its justified isnt it :P u donot know how entertaining you are torres,forget us. u are good at just WRTIING english sentences, albeit they have no relevance whatsoever, yet u keep posting ! once more you could not write on the core issue and elaborate on that poor assumption 'fed has not got enought chances to OVERWHELM' hahaha, so get it man , its not only u who can be stubborn , ur attitude is only well tackled when you just pin point every single point of yours and then prove its fallacy from grass root level, i proved it ,mission accomplished so next time be careful when making such absurd statements. sorry but you donot deserve a full-fledged multi dimensinal discussion atleast THIS TIME becoz it allows you to easily digress and get away with many faulty points.i think you are taking it to be way too personal , just being referred to by a name wud make you feel so miserble as if being abused, i did not know ! plus if there was added bitterness in my posts , i am sorry abt it becoz i donot want to make enemies here.u can excuse my bitterness( if there was any ,altho i dont think there was not as such) considering the fact that i have been in serious pain since 3-4 days after being infected with a viral, herpes zoster (man it hurt damn badly :( ) now i am better tho , thanks to your prayers LOL :).

@carrie, LOL hahahaha yes truth comes to the surface sometimes and this has happened ,torres' deep inner admiration for rafael has forced him to add vamos hahahahahaha :D *humour*

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 5:26 PM

torres. please tell me what is the swiss language, if there is one? As far as I know, French is one of the languages spoken in Switzerland.

carrie , 2/19/10 5:33 PM

french, german and italian torres-tats why i recommended allez as its a word of a swiss language

tj600 , 2/19/10 5:40 PM

yes carrie, it is. its why i told him to say ALLEZ instead of VAMOS

tj600 , 2/19/10 5:42 PM

Entertainment is what I get from u,vamosrafa and carrie.

Yes, Allez is a french word used in Swiss. You said 'he doesnt know how to differentiate spanish and french'

WHich brings to the my curiosity? Since when Mr.Fed is French? So the use of Vamos for Nadal only means that Spanish should be use for a Spanish person only?
And French for French ppl and Swiss ONLY?

That's why i corrected u, becoz u implied that I cant differentiate a Spanish guy and a Swiss guy so that i only can use Vamos for Nadal and Allez for Fed only.

But I guess u werent that deep, so u were just trying to insult me. Fair enuff

Sorry, vamosrafa. I bring far more angles than u, that's why u keep avoiding every single new way of looking at h2h, GOAT becoz it just crashes ur brain.

And gudluck with your herpes. I guess the strain and stress of watching Fed win so much is getting to u not only mentally but physically.

And I really hope u are a Mensa member (which is impossible judging by your stupidity) because if u are, then I pawned a Mensa member.

But I dont think so, ur not that smart so I guess it's like Fed beating Hewitt. Maybe I need to spar with sumone more intelligent like cherylmurrray or RickyDimon.

VAMOS FEDERER-no matter what.

torres9 , 2/19/10 6:39 PM

torres9..when i added dimensions in the GOAT u looked PRETTY is obvious..have a look..u were just hellbent stating your view point without posting anything solid and convincing! and u not being able to figure out my intelligence goes on to show you how low your IQ is ..hahaha...ur posts sound like a girl with a broken hear who got divorced or something, they imply you are HURT! so please take care of yourself we did not want to hurt you :P :P (okay know these were supposed to be a part of humour so its not gona be my fault if you take them as PERSONAL ATTACKS)

and that vamos on even a neutral fellow tj600 thinks u are wrong here haha :P

PLUS.. Sorry, vamosrafa. I bring far more angles than u, that's why u keep avoiding every single new way of looking at h2h, GOAT becoz it just crashes ur brain" lolzzzz considering the h2hd, who has refrained u from bringing in more angles?? bring them on come on?!! u have failed badly, bringing delp and soder in to roger-rafa h2hd is PATHETIC so get it,totally irrelevant so adding such angles and calling it intelligence is a work of an infant-minded person?? feel free to add angles to the h2hd if THEY ARE RELEVANT!! if relevant,most welcome :D still wating for the core issue to be answered :P:P speak whatever u can in the domain of the h2hd ! but u bring outside stuff,,u are welcome to bring such stuff when talking abt nadal vs federer players as a WHOLE! then i will be even quicker to say ' h2hd is not enough,yes rafa has overhelmed but roger has many more things going in his favor so .................." and the space after so could be filled with your OUTSIDE it????????

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 8:47 PM

LOL.... another delusional post by u...

u really lost it, get it?

1st of all, how do i look 'subdued' here. is my face here?

Wahahaha.. u really are schizophrenic...

I posted gazzilions of videos in response to the GOAT plus so many points and what do u do?

All u do is just run away and stay in your box calling it crap when in reality, u are just too low-IQed to respond to it.

Here's the 'angles'
1) h2h mostly on clay
2) 3 meetings on grass, what happens if its 10 meetings on grass?
3) NO USO finals


Seriously u need to go to the doctor, imagining me crying and seeing my 'subdued' face.

U really are pathetic. Congratulations on your herpes.

Plz carry on.

VAMOS FEDERER- no matter what

torres9 , 2/19/10 9:24 PM

stop right there..u have been caught ! red-handed ! hahahaha
the first point, altho a fact and a point to be considered , look ,no matter what the surface u gota give credit to rafa for doing it again and again and again ! especially doing it almost perfectly at the highest level (slams) , but this point of yours is NO WAY PATHETIC,worth talking so i presented a view aswell

BUT the 2nd and 3rd points,sorry my friend HAVE NO VALUE and really are PATHETIC! poor assumptions using the word IF , have no value whatsoever, assumptions vs facts( i.e clay meetings vs grass meetings) NO match buddy. additionally, we never know who is gona win in future when nadal-federer square off in a grass court match ,it has been proven in their past meetings,soooooo close and given that rafa won their sole slam meeting on hard its even absurd to state fed wud have definitely won US open meetings . so 2 things, ASSUMPTIONS have almost negligible value , especialy when they are not even based on facts and trends( rafa catching up on grass until he won on grass(trend), winning the sole hard court meeting (fact) both going rafa's way) so atleast support an assumption with facts and trends, u cant even do that here ! as a whole assumptions wont do any good here torres so all you can do is wait and hope federer wins some future grass court and hard court meetings :) only then you will be able to have your say properly.

and sorry but' congratulatios on your herpes' what does that mean? i never knew we have people on TT who love others suffering from severe pain, swear to God i wont even think anything similar for any1 here on TT.last 3-4 days at times i sufferd from bouts of acute pain but thanks to God i am better now. till now i didnt really mind whatever you were saying to me but this one was really cheap torres, please avoid such statements for any1 in the future.

lastly, clarifying that 'subdued' point, subdued not only refers to a subdued face ! it can have manyy meanings and u took it to be wayyy harsher than i meant it to be, i was referring to kind of suppresed in the issue or something. and before writing " All u do is just run away and stay in your box calling it crap when in reality, u are just too low-IQed to respond to it".please re-read my above post , 2/16/10 6:18pm or i can paste it again for ur convenience !

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 9:47 PM

The problem is vamosrafa :-

1) I can only seemed subdued if u actually see my facial expression or my body language. But can u see me? That's the problem.

2) There's also no IF's in Fed having 16 Slams too, but a lot of Rafans play the IF thing saying the competition is weak. So it is not wrong for me to say it's IF.

3) And is it not a fact that FED beat Rafa in str8s 2 times on clay? Have Rafa ever beaten Fed in str8s on grass? U keep running away from this point and call me chicken.

4) rafa for doing it again and again and again <--- he 'DID' not 'DOING' and also it's not again and again and again when Rafa failed more than he succeeded in stopping Fed from winning a SLam

5) Now who's 'crying' when he gets bamboozled by a mean comment? U calling me low-IQ and stuff is the same with me congratulating u on ur herpes. THis is where ur the biggest hypocrite.





torres9 , 2/19/10 10:16 PM

point no.2 , once again i am not the representative of 'a lot of rafa fans ' so u get it? i do not care where they place ifs , did i place ifs in his 16 slams here? NOPES so once more bringing 16 slams here is irrelevant and YOU KNOW IT! becoz i am not different from 'a lot' of those rafa fans as winning a slam is like climbing a mountain no matter what players you face.

point no.3 , how many times do I need to correct that ! when has federer beaten rafa twice in 'str8s' on clay?? despite correcting you before u make the same mistake!, and rafa has beaten roger on grass ONCE/3 times ,roger is 0/4 so which sounds more convincing ahem ahem , two fallacies already identified

point no. 4, its just your frustration speaking becoz it is again out of the domain of that h2hd thing so you see you always try to cloud the scenario, totally redundant point

point no.5 , well how many times do you see people here on TT writing things like that 'you have a low IQ, you are not good enuf to grasp...bla bla' its just a way of venting out your frustration when some1 isnt getting what u wud like him to so its a fairly common expression , BUT HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU SOME1 ON TT ACTUALLY LIKING/LOVING THE FACT THAT SOME1 IS SUFFERING FROM SEVERE PAIN, NOBODY ! i was never expecting this even from you but you seem to be crossing limits man, especially after not feeling a single bit of regret after writing something that cheap. so previously i used to dislike your digressing habit only nothing else but now you are giving me more reasons to dislike ,thats kind of sad.

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 10:34 PM

How bout the poker challenge?

Got balls?

point no.2, ahem ahem.. r u sure u never mentioned that? I'm not gonna dig the archives in this site to prove it. So it's ok if u like to lie

point no.3 yes he did not beat 2 times in str8 sets but he did beat him 2 times on clay (1 in st8s) but still, Fed beat him more times than he should and 2 times were damn convincing whereas Nadal need to

point no.4 see, u chicken out...

point no.5 insult is insult, doesnt matter to what degree, dont act 'houlier than thou' with me

Again u think u r smart, and still scared to really see who's really intelligent. If your gonna runaway from points and not gonna face the fact, then I really think u should accept my challenge.

Come on. Where's the 'Rafa' in u?

Dont be a coward.

$100 No-Limit Holdem Winner takes all and gets to prove the other guy is an idiot

torres9 , 2/19/10 11:00 PM

Fed beat him more times than he should and 2 times were damn convincing...LOL . you are sort of insulting federer here and questioning the great man's quality ! saying this means rafa is like the player who is never supposed to lose a match on clay and fed actually wawsnt/isnt good enough to beat him on clay ,and once he did it its one heck of an achievement , added to this the slam tally is a dismal 0-4 and 3-12 in terms of sets even ! lol,even andreev did it once buddy so it can happen.

and searching the archives.,well what language do you understand? i said i have no ifs in this discussion we are having on this BLOG and its TRUE and i hope u read that post i recommended.

POker thing, how intelligent it is to think poker is the ultimate intelligence test ! hahahahahaha ! albert einstein must have been the best poker player ever then LOL, sorry mate i donot play poker but I plan to start playing it soon and once i get grip of it i will have a one one one with you :) the 'rafa' in me will always be present.

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 11:15 PM

point no.3 whereas Rafa needed 5 very close sets to beat Fed on grass. My point is, Rafa has never beaten Fed convincingly on Fed's surfaces whereas Fed beat Rafa 'convincingly 2 times on clay be it Slam or not.

Like I said, if u r gonna talk abt SLAMS ONLY, then what u should look at is how many times they won SLAMS and FED is 16:6 against Rafa in that aspect.

I dunno why I need to repost the same thing over and over to u knowing u'll just brush it off like it's nothing when I take a lot of effort countering your points.

Just to note: A lot of credible tennis analysts wrote this points. U can read in on the Web. I dont think I am the only one thinking it's flawed to look at h2h and not just because i'm a Fed fan, I do think it
s silly to say something like 'Rafa ovrwhelms Fed' when Rafa has always been no.2 to Fed.

In sports like English Premier League, nobody really cares if Liverpool beat Manchester United 6 times in a row when it's Manchester United who lifts the trophy in the end.

Same thing here: I dunno why Rafan put extra weight on h2h when Roger is winning Slams more frequently, being no.1 much longer.

That's my initial point and then u turn around and say I just have to admit 'Rafa overwhelms Roger'

No way.

torres9 , 2/19/10 11:16 PM

I chose poker because if there's an online physics test, then I'll go with it. I'm sure I'll outscore u any tests u'll give me.

how bout an online IQ test? U wanna do it? I did several IQ tests already (online and official one in school) My IQ is 190+. Not enough to be a Mensa member but am curious how you'll do in an IQ test since u said i'm 'low-IQ', u must be 220+ then

And I have every right to brag about Fed's wins over Rafa on clay when Rafans brag abt Rafa's only win against Fed in Wimby.

I'm waiting for u in poker. Tomorrow. No need practice. A smart person like u do not need practice.

torres9 , 2/19/10 11:23 PM

roger beating rafa convincigly on clay but rafa unable to beat him convincingly on grass ,correct but mr torres apply some common sense and use the gift of maths, rafa has been handed 3 chances and roger 10 ! so 7 more chances so it is QUITTEEE likely that you may get a convincing win , especially given the evenness of combat both men display on grass. one reason for mentioning SLAM is that the chances of convincinglyy beating an opponent in a SLAM are much LOWER in comparison to a regular best of 3 match ,like forgetting that RG 2008 exception all rafa-roger SLAM battles have been relatively much more competitive becoz both men have more tiime during the match to make some ground as it is best of 5, even clay 2005-7 RG they were all 4 sets win for rafa pretty similar but still there were moments of brilliance shown by roggie and he prevented it from becoming what we call drubbings or absolutely convincing wins

and you are just getting over-frustrated now, bringing in OUTSIDE stuff like slam count and ranking again . that h2hd thing, u say u cant admit rafa overwhelms federer , yes he SURELY HAS overwhelmed federer BUT in one domain , i.e the h2hd ! he has overwhelmed convincingly in this domain but again there are other domains where roger has out-shined rafa convincingly and rafa has to try reallllly yyyhard to catch that up once he plays more. so instead of feeling like burning in hell when some1 mentions the h2hd thing, be patient and admit it in this manner: yes indeed rafa has overwhelmed but in ONE DOMAIN and there exist many other domains where roger ... ( and I never deny this thing ...) simple isnt it??? :D

vamosrafa , 2/19/10 11:38 PM

And some narrow minded people are still trying to argue who is the GOAT? Next question please

tennis2010 , 2/20/10 12:32 AM

bringing in OUTSIDE stuff<---- See how u run away....

LOL... last time i checked GS count is WAYYYYY MORE important than h2h...

if u still insist on h2h being a better indicator, then i dunno what to say...

The fact is still : FED beats RAFA 2 times on clay (Rafa's surface) which is still better than Rafa beating Fed 1 time on grass

There's no 'IF Rafa had more chances to play Fed on grass, he'll beat him more'

See how I beat u at ur own game. You dont like IF's yet u still cant avoid using IF.

And 'the chances of beating an opponent is lower at Slams'

What kind of thinking is that. Then explain to me what 626262 is?

how did Delpo drubbed Rafa?

These are the 'angles' I talk abt that u always runaway and say i change the topic etc etc.

When I talk tennis, I talk abt everything, not just matches between 2 players.

that's why u cant stand me, coz I bring in a lot more points than anyone and acting like u have the right to post any points I want is just lame.



I hope so. You're beginning to be so redundant and no new points.

Waiting for u at poker tomorrow. Another reminder.

torres9 , 2/20/10 12:38 AM

despite writing it again and again and again and again you still cannot grasp it !
when it seemed obvious that there was no way to accept my final assesment torres turns on his digressing mode, i reaptd it 10 times that when i talk abt the h2hd i do not mean it is more imp than the slam count ! NOPES, u can chek our previous posts and you will find out . the purpose of not adding 'angles' was to make you realize tha nadal indeed has convincingly overwhelmed federer in term of h2hd (one domain but not he most important one it can be said, but one thing u always find impossible to digest ), but there are other domains where federer has convincingly out-shined nadal so here you go (addition of angles when its appropriate, having a discussion that requires consideration of almost all scenarios not only h2hd it was only h2hd o out case so try GETIING IT . that is an extremely intelligent/fair assesment or whatever you like to call it,and once more bringing delp in to run away from the core issue bla need to do that man becoz its useless, plus to counter your If point , ok nadal may not play him in future on grass we never know but we know atleast one thing, he has never played federer in a best of 3 match on grass(fact) ! and we know fed is at his best in a best of 5 (fact),so beating him there giving him tough times all the time is way more convincing than fed beating him in an ordinary best of 3 final. plus also note the fact (trend of the rivalry) that it took federer 5 meetings( i repat FIVE) to finally register a win over rafa on clay ! so he stayed WINLESS in his first 5 attempts and then broke the duck so it is QUITE sensible to think that nadal must be given atleast 5 chances on grass and then the assesment should be done:P :P now thats what i call cool analytical skills. COOL !:D

btw i dont know what to expect from a person who loves others from suffering and congratulates them on catching a painful infection ( that really was dreadful), i wud have left most of our exchanges in this very blog and wud have moved on with things because normal things were taking place. i.e arguments altho a bit heated up but thats ok but that sentence of your was out of the blue and crossed limits, will stay in my mind for long i guess.

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 1:01 AM

and the logic behind the thinking that delivering a drubbing is much more tougher in a SLAM is this ,altho obvious but until something is QUITE obvious its not graspable for you ,anyway here it is : basically its related to simple maths and common sense , in a best of 5 match it is easier to sumhow dig deep and snag a set from your on-fire opponent ,the on-fire opponent has to win 3 sets instead of 2 so he is to maintain a high level of focus and intensity for 3 sets rather than two so its obv much tougher, a dip in focus may allow the other player to sumhow snag a set and then its a 4 set victory,when its a 4 set victory we hardly call it a drubbing becoz the other player atleast won a set !! so it has to do with that probability thing aswell. u can think of manny examples when good players are 2 sets to love up and get relaxed and easy tend to lose focus and sumhow the opponent wins the 3rd set which is then a wake up call and then the good/better player finishes it off in 4 but had it been 3 sets it wud have been a routine 2 sets win .

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 1:14 AM

nadal must be given atleast 5 chances on grass and then the assesment should be done <----- this just show how flawed the h2h is and there's no 'overwhelming' thing here. In the end you proved it yourself that the h2h does not show anything on who 'overwhelm' who.

The way I look at it, In order for the h2h to be looked upon is that Rafa meets Fed the same amount of time on clay and on grass. I am not saying 'IF they meet more on grass, Fed will win'

But if u r gonna say, 'Rafa overwhelms Fed' than it's just not true because back to my point, for it to be fair, they have to meet more on grass.


I'm sorry, the chance of a drubbing does not increase or decrease in a 5-setter or a 3-setter. There's no MATHS or COMMON SENSE behind it. If you look at another angle, in 5-setters, it's even easier to drub sum1 if u have the momentum and even harder for the opponent to come back because when u are 2 sets down, most players will just give up.

Rafa got drubbed more in Slams than in 3-setters, to Tsonga, Delpo, Soder for that instance.

I seriously dont think u are better morally calling sumone 'low-IQ'. That crosses the limit too. If u did not resort to any personal attacks from the beginning then I'll feel bad for what I said. But coming from u, who started the name-calling when I consistently countered ur point, I dont think I am any worse.

torres9 , 2/20/10 5:20 AM

u have been calling me a hypocryte so many times, and using other bad words too, that was common on both sides but that pathetic sentence of yours really crossed limits becoz its for the 1st time some1 on TT has written something like this.

SO,u finally say rafa has overwhelmed roger on clay and thats the only valid conclusion that can be drawn from that overwhelming thing, fine fair enuf but has roger overwhelmed him on grass?? NO, its balanced on hard courts 3-3 and almost balanced on grass and the convincing overwhelming being already there on clay so the scenario is quite clear now. now all you can do is wait for the two men two have more meetings on hard or grass only then will you be able to produce any valid argument , bye bye on this h2hd argument now it is crystal clear now ,even the core issue ,so i am happy i did not let you digress for this time and kept you sticking to the core issue, next time when we have another discussion you can bring in as many angles as you can becoz it wont be as restricted as this one . lastly ,that best of 5 drubbing thing,u gave 3 examples but u will find MANYY that will back my logic , just think about any major trnament and matches of top 10 players and u will get the answer, and sorry soder loss wasnot a drubbing , but delp and tso were.

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 10:54 AM

torres, if you want to go on about Rafa losing in G Slams, just look at Fed's record: Wimbledon - Federer lost in the 1st round in 1999, 2000 and 2002; RG - Federer lost in the 1st round in 1999, 2002 and 2003.

Don't give the impression that Federer has always been the all conquering maestro, he has had some very bad losses, SIX , yes 6 times he lost in the 1st Round in a G Slam.

carrie , 2/20/10 12:00 PM

fed's peak years were/have been SO sublime and near perfect at times that sometimes we tend to forget he struggled a lot to reach that stage .we tend to ignore those struggling years easily, fed is the diamond that shone the brightest but may be not the one that shone very bright but for the longest ( may be laver sampras who excelled from age 19-30+) :S . 99-17 and 85.34 % record is rafa's slam record and 85.34% is AMAZING for a 23 yr old who will be sustaining or most probably improving this record even more . for roger despite after all these near flawless years at slams his record is 195-27 a ratio of 87.83 % , so the diff is trivial may be not so much !! as we used to think that roger is MUCHHH more consistent at slam level, he is but these stats are telling ones ,rafa has been consistent thru out his slam career too!.

overall careers : roger has 80.9% of his matches despite those flawless years where his % used to be 90+, and for rafa it is 81.49 % !!! so who has had a more consistent career overall???? , and i am sure nadal will improve these stats ,surely as he has been doing it drastically over the past years. so especially for torres who thinks other non-slam matches are also important these stats shud mean a lot , and dont tell me its the clay effect becoz the majority of matchers played on the tour are hard court matches

slam count is surely more important ,but these stats and analysis just provide an another dimension to the overall assessment and show the picture is not the one we often take it to be.

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 1:03 PM

The thing is, Federer is supposed to be the king of grass, but he has lost 3 times in the first round on grass, for goodness sake.

carrie , 2/20/10 1:30 PM

LOL... WHo has been more consistent overall?

THat's why I doubt your intellectual ability. Someone who has logic can easily see that you can win so much in Masters 1000 event or Challenger series and still achieve a high percentage of winnings.

Rafa can win 10 Masters series matches and then lose in the 1st round of a GS and then what do u get? a 90% W-L. So this is again FLAWED.

23 consecutive SF- that's the ultimate measure of consistency.

Rafa's best streak was 5 if i'm not mistaken (Too lazy to look it up)

However u put it, Rafa 'just' overwhelms Fed on clay. On grass Fed still overwhelms Rafa big time. Just look at the stats. Fed has 6 Wimbys, Rafa? 1. And the 1st meeting between them, Fed bageled Rafa in the 1st set. So Rafa overwhelms Roger on clay and Roger overwhelms Rafa on grass.

And on HC, altho they are 3-3 h2h, GS count Fed just is way ahead with 9 GS whereas Rafa only has 1 HC GS title.

Another dimension that i'm gonna put here is the best years of Rafa and Fed.

Fed's best 3 years 2004-2007 have a W-L of 93%, 95%, 95%

Rafa best year 2008, he only has 88%.

So who has been more consistent? I ask you again?

And how bout weeks at no.1 270 weeks -46 weeks?

Who's more consistent? I ask u again.

I dunno if Rafa will or will not achieve what Fed has achieved but based on the fact that Rafa cant really dominate his generation like Fed did, leaves question marks.

But of course, I;m not a crystal ball.

AND ANOTHER THING, hypocrite is when you accuse sumone of something you are doing yourself. Did I ever accuse u of anything?

Your the one accusing me with everything? I'm just pointing out how big of a hypocrite you have been.

And carrie, yes Fed had a lot of 1st round losses but once he found his mojo. The streak in the last 5 years has been nothing short of spectacular.

Will Rafa emulate this? Definitely not this year.

torres9 , 2/20/10 1:38 PM

Fed is King on Grass becoz he has 6 Wimby.

Any player would lose 20 1st rounds in Wimby in exchange of 1 Wimby title let alone 6.
And that's including Rafa.

Sampras is still the king on Grass tho.

Fed's the King overall.

torres9 , 2/20/10 1:52 PM

torres.u have NO right to say those above things because atleast 10 time su have been comparing matches like these , hamburg vs RG, hamburg/madrid vs wimbledon final so why are you bringing in the importance of winning slam matches now, becoz for you (seemingly from your posts) a slam victory isnt much diff than a madsters victory (LOL, it hash been proven time and time again now dont say u did not )????!! who is a hypocrite now !!!

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 2:15 PM

i have every right to post anything I want as long as the administrator do not warn me.


Again ur english sucks, hypocrite means sumone accusing something that he himself does. I never accuse u of anything so how am I a hypocrite?

Like I said, if ur gonna talk about SLams only, then Fed's the man. No other player is close to his records. Doesnt matter if Rafa beat him 5 times when in the end he wins 16 Slams.

And here we go again when u cant argue with me u launch personal attacks.

That's why u always lose the arguments becoz u cant counter my counter and then resort to personal attacks and then when u are on the receiving end, u cant accept it.

torres9 , 2/20/10 2:52 PM

And the way i'm seeing things rite now. Your just trying to get the last word.

if that's the case, then you can have it.

From what I see, every single counter-points that I gave you arent able to counter. And u've been launching personal attacks 1st when u get braindead and unable to think of a good point.

And when I bring in other angles, you played your role as the umpire again trying to tell me what to do.

So I see no point trading insults here coz in the end, your the one who cant handle an insult by me.

So, I'm done here unless u have anything good to offer other than insults.

Funny how an intelligent person cant even think of a good point.

torres9 , 2/20/10 3:00 PM

And the way i'm seeing things rite now. Your just trying to get the last word.

if that's the case, then you can have it.

From what I see, every single counter-points that I gave you arent able to counter. And u've been launching personal attacks 1st when u get braindead and unable to think of a good point.

And when I bring in other angles, you played your role as the umpire again trying to tell me what to do.

So I see no point trading insults here coz in the end, your the one who cant handle an insult by me.

So, I'm done here unless u have anything good to offer other than insults.

Funny how an intelligent person cant even think of a good point.

torres9 , 2/20/10 3:02 PM

hahaahahahh ahhaahahahahh ...after trying his best to DIGRESS during the vast part of the discussion u were helpless, now carrie 's intervention was a blessing in disguise for you becoz it allowed you to get away with that CORE issue that u LOST CONVINCINGLY.

look who is talking about personal attaks, sumone who loves others suffering from pain and congrats them upon catching a painful infection!

I was done way backk but u keep posting something that needs to be answered ,writing as if u are an angel. THe discussion was launched on the h2hd domain and it has reached saturation wayy before you thought it did but u dragged in on and on and on .

SO I am done too, your points have been countered PRETTY well , how special was that writing fed's peak years's winning record atleast i posted something people donot notice ,those stats are new to almost every1 to be honest and it was just a way of adding a dimension but your english sucks and you think of everything to be a personal attack ! the post with those stats did not even need a defence in favor of federere becoz it was full of praise for federer and just had a new angle that for no good reason aroused you 'sweet' fury .

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 3:09 PM

I do not understand most of the arguments in this article because this is an article about Rafael, so I am confused why is Roger in the equation.

Anyway, please get well soon Rafael. I hope his knees are okay. I really hope to see him play in Dubai next week and maybe he can play Roger again! Their matches are really exciting.

Also did anyone see the music video of Shakira and Rafael yet? I'm glad he is having some fun while resting.

landy , 2/20/10 3:31 PM

hi there landy, yea i hope you are right and please keep praying about rafa's recovery because there people who are hapy to see others suffering from pain and even congratulate them when they are in pain ! so i hope rafa stays safe from such curses.


vamosrafa , 2/20/10 4:16 PM

No Vamosrafa,

All your points are countered back convincingly.

Sorry u lost big time buddy.


torres9 , 2/20/10 7:24 PM

of course every one is adamant to admit defeat so ur reply is natural and i do not blame. i overhelmingly won the core issue reagarding that overwhelimg thing ,LOL.

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 8:53 PM

Nope.. Even the core issue, u lost big time especially when I presented all the flaws of the h2h.

Ignoring it doesnt mean u won it.


torres9 , 2/20/10 9:46 PM

lol, what flaws? u only provided some assumptions that were not even supported by facts and trends ! so forget it and move on pal . LOL

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 10:18 PM

nope... read again my posts... am lazy to repeat it..

There's so many flaws in the h2h and u just refuse to believe it..

So just accept that u lost, friend..


torres9 , 2/20/10 10:34 PM

sorry but there that i will find even after re-reading so thanks ,becoz nothing of that sort exists only weak assumptions reagrdng the h2hd,lol ,sorryyyy :D :D may b mext time buddy :P

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 10:42 PM

Yup like I said, you assume it's an assumption when it is flawed..

Yup... There will be next time for u to lose more arguing with me...


torres9 , 2/20/10 10:51 PM

predicting future things filled with the hope of going in your favor ! these are wishful assumptions and thats all you have been giving here THIS TIME, :P :P my last word, better luck next time fellow ;) ;)

vamosrafa , 2/20/10 11:24 PM

there;s no predicting, it is just flawed

Thanks for the win, pal..


torres9 , 2/21/10 6:40 AM

vamosrafa, silence is golden as far as torres is concerned. How can you hold a discussion with someone who is not discussing the points you are making?

carrie , 2/21/10 8:19 AM

This article describes the points I have tried to make time and time again about the ATP schedule and Rafa's importance in tennis. It is an exceptionally long article so I have provided the link if anyone cares to read the whole thing. I have paraphrased some of it.



July 24, 2009 by Brad Hobbs
Rafa-Mania Returns!

Nadal?s Absence Shows Just What Tennis Is Without The Spaniard

Nadal and his sweet stroke will thrill fans again August 10 at the Rogers Cup.

This is a peculiar time in professional tennis where it is painfully obvious how much the game loses when Rafael Nadal is missing from the tournament draws. Simply put, the game is suffering without its best player. Roger Federer has reclaimed is number one world ranking, as Nadal sat idle during Wimbledon and was further setback after his historic loss at Roland Garros to 25th-ranked Robin Soderling, in a four set match where Nadal was clearly handicapped by his knees and looked to be in great pain. This was Nadal?s first-ever loss at the French Open.

After testing his knees on the grass of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Nadal looked very much in pain, and lost two exhibition matches testing the knees. It was clear that he couldn?t compete in his condition at the time, so in front of scores of reporters, he announced officially that he would be pulling his name from the Wimbledon draw. This was a huge disappointment for everyone, including Roger Federer. ?Rafa missing Wimbledon is of course disappointing to me??. . Nadal had great success in 2008, but tournament champions are not afforded a break between events.

After so much success in 2008, Rafael Nadal was feeling ragged, worn out and completely exhausted. Tennis success will do that to a player and the more you win, the more demand there is on a player. No one knows this better than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Their success, particularly in the grand slam events has required them to attend post tournament parties, trophy presentations and VIP dinners after the championship banquets. There is also photo shoots for the champions and press conferences allowing writers the opportunity to question players post tournament.

The greed of the ATP brass are causing some of the best tennis talent in the world to get worn down and injured. It?s really just a matter of simple arithmetic. Typically, the best players in the world win the most tournaments. The only way to win a tennis tournament is to advance deep into a tournament and play in the final and win. This means, that the champion of a tournament plays tennis longer in a tournament than anyone except for the runner-up. This puts more miles on the best players and because the ATP executives are scheduling far too many tournaments, there is little time between the end of one tournament and the beginning of the next. The winners are playing more tennis with less time off between events. This is Nadal?s and Federer?s complaint and they have been very vocal on this subject, out and out blaming the ATP schedulers of not caring about the athletes health and focusing only on the money and the whims of the tournament hosts and sponsors. This is what has been so damaging to Nadal?s late season success. of-el-turro-rafael-nadal/

carrie , 2/23/10 9:54 AM

everyone's being smart this season trying to get a delayed start to the year. everyone except Nole ie.

stu , 2/23/10 3:41 PM

Rafael Nadal, on the comeback trail, has something to prove
By Douglas Perry, The Oregonian
March 05, 2010, 11:52AM

The tennis world has kept spinning the past nine months without Nadal. But it hasn't been the same. It takes us back to 2004-05, when Federer blasted into the stratosphere, leaving all Earth-bound challengers squinting forlornly at his contrail. The Federer-Andy Roddick rivalry blew apart on the launch pad. Marat Safin tore off his spacesuit and walked away from the fight. Lleyton Hewitt never made it past low-level orbit.

costa.jpegThe Associated PressCosta hopes to get Rafa back for Davis Cup.But the Federer-Nadal rivalry, begun in earnest in 2006, has exceeded all expectations, thanks largely to Nadal continually evolving and improving and fighting until he did what many thought impossible: He surpassed Federer while Fed was in his prime, leaving the Swiss champion dazed and in tears.

Get well soon, Rafa. We want more.

-- Douglas Perry


* The Masters Series doesn't get the attention or respect it deserves in the broader sports-fan community. The nine annual tournaments may be best-of-three sets, but the top players are all in the draw and there are fewer gimmes in the early rounds than in the majors. So the fact that the 23-year-old Rafa has won 15 Masters titles -- more than Pete Sampras in his entire career -- is pretty spectacular.


T his is only part of the article, and I am sure some of you have seen the whole thing, but I so happy that it is making the same point I was making the other day, when I was attacked as if I had commited the most heinous crime, by saying GS are not worth twice as many points as Masters, because to some extent, only the later rounds really test the top players.

If I'm a lunatic for saying so, then I'm in good company.


carrie , 3/5/10 10:48 PM

GS is worth no points!! I support you carrie girl! Gs is too easy!!

I just checked the statistics and saw that in masters matches, Top ranked players meeet top 20 players as early as THE FOURTH ROUND!! I am sure in GS top players dont meet a top 20 player till the SEMI FINALS ATLEAST! 100% corret! thank you carrie!

but one thing you always forget is that without GS muzza and rafa are same to same ok! So GO MUZZAAA!

GoMuzza , 3/5/10 11:10 PM

I think that GS should only play the top 64 players over 5 sets, and the Masters series should field 128 players over 3 sets, then the grand slams will be worth twice as many points as the Masters series.

This is not a subjective reasoning, and I am not trying to belittle anybody's achievements, but I honestly think that the way it is now, doesn't actually represent the actuality.

carrie , 3/5/10 11:13 PM


Nice article and thanks but i think you left out the gist of the article and here it is -

Rafa -- Wimbledon and Australian Open champion, four-year-long Roland Garros juggernaut -- still has something to prove. While Nadal was losing to Robin Soderling in Paris and resting his knees back in Majorca during Wimbledon last year, Roger Federer reclaimed the No. 1 ranking and dropped the Cone of Silence on the Greatest Ever debate. Some brilliant observer (OK, it was me) pointed out that Rafa's injuries weren't the Fates toying with him; they were the inevitable result of chasing Federer's level of play. Now pundits are left wonder: Was Rafa's Wimbly win over Fed a one-time thing, a magical confluence of momentum, youthful courage and the fading light? Can he ever win the U.S. Open, where the surface gives lesser players like James Blake and David Ferrer a puncher's chance against him? Is he on his way to becoming the Joe Namath of tennis -- perpetually hobbled, dangerous on any given day but no longer championship material?

:) Cheers

FEDistheGOAT , 3/5/10 11:14 PM

The purpose of me posting the excerpt is to support the case I was making the other day regarding grand slams against Masters. Of course Rafa still has something to prove, I know that only too well, he has achieved a lot, but he needs to do a lot lot more. I wasn't trying to ignore this fact, because I know that everyone would have seen the article on the .

More to the point, I'd be interested in your views about the fact that the Masters series do not get the status they deserve.

carrie , 3/5/10 11:21 PM

Gomuzza, I wouldn't even begin to compare the number of Masters titles won by Andy and Rafa. I think Andy has won only 14 titles in his entire career, of Rafa's 36 titles won to date, 15 of them are Masters, so let's not go there. Murray has a long long way to go, to be mentioned in the same sentence as Rafa when it comes to titles.

carrie , 3/5/10 11:30 PM

I'm not dudging anyone I'm going to bed now.

carrie , 3/5/10 11:34 PM


I agree that the entire world's focus turns on tennis only during the grand slams. But that said, i think all serious followers of tennis take the masters events seriously. All GS predictions are usually made based on the masters performance of the players concerned. 1000 points are awarded for winning one and quite a handful of money. Top players wont consistently turn up for them otherwise.

To reduce the disparity between masters and GS any further in terms of money/points will be detrimental to tennis as a whole and to GS's even more.

So I think masters are not really underrated or anything but and are very important tourneys to win. But still, every player is ultimately going to be measured by the GS yard stick and we have to live with that.

FEDistheGOAT , 3/5/10 11:37 PM

Rafael Nadal attempts to win back Queen?s title this year

By Tennis Guru on Mar 12, 2010

World number three Rafael Nadal will attempt this year to regain the Queen?s Club title he won in 2008. He was unable to defend this grasscourt tourney last year due to knee injury.

Nadal made history in 2008 when he won the French Open, Queen?s Club tournament and Wimbledon on the same year. However, he was unable to defend both the grasscourt tournaments last year and he lost in the fourth round of the French Open as well.

?I always look forward to coming to England to play at The Queen?s Club and Wimbledon but this year there is even more motivation because I could not defend my titles last year,? Nadal was quoted as saying.
The Spaniard said that not defending these tournaments was one of the most difficult career decisions he had to make. However, he said that what?s important now is that he?s capable of playing this year and regain the titles once more.

The Queen?s Club tournament takes place from June 7 to 13, 2010.

carrie , 3/12/10 5:34 PM

Nadal Voted Among World's Most Influential Men

by ATP Staff


Rafael Nadal has been voted the second most influential athlete in the world by readers of, which attracts more than 16 million monthly readers.

Nadal was voted 15th in AskMen's Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010. The only other athlete to poll higher was New Orleans' SuperBowl-winning quarterback Drew Brees (6th). Nadal finished higher than NBA star LeBron James (17th), actors George Clooney (18th) and Leonardo DiCaprio (43rd) and even US President Barack Obama (21st).

The magazine says of Nadal: "Once considered ?The King of Clay,? Nadal?s game has evolved into an all-encompassing barrage of lethal weapons: he?s capable of defeating anyone, anywhere, anytime. The man plays with reckless abandon, and we love him for it." (Read full Nadal tribute) below:

Rivalry? What rivalry? 2010 saw Rafael Nadal fully and completely emerge from the once-monolithic shadow of Roger Federer. With three Grand Slam titles this year alone -- including his first U.S. Open championship, which made him just the seventh player in history to complete the career Grand Slam -- Rafael Nadal cemented his spot as world No.1, and is marching full steam ahead toward Federer?s record 16 Grand Slam titles. Once considered the greatest rivalry in sports, it?s clear that Nadal has now fully eclipsed his Swiss counterpart. Just don?t tell him that. The always-humble 24-year-old Spaniard maintains that until he wins as many major titles as Federer, he will always be second best. It?s that kind of humility that endears us to the hard-hitting superstar, who?s earned over $10 million in tournament winnings this year alone.

Once considered ?The King of Clay,? Nadal?s game has evolved into an all-encompassing barrage of lethal weapons: he?s capable of defeating anyone, anywhere, anytime. The man plays with reckless abandon, and we love him for it, but his tendinitis-ridden knees are the result. They?re also the only things standing in the way of Rafael Nadal and the title of ?The Greatest Tennis Player of All Time.? ml

nadline , 10/28/10 4:36 PM

Monalysa , 10/28/10 5:27 PM

Tennis superstar Rafa doesn't shine only for tennis fans, the shine of his charismatic and dynamic personality extends beyond the Tennis World borders.
Continue to rise and shine brightly, Rafa the Star !


Augustina08 , 10/28/10 9:27 PM

Next Thursday, Rafa is to receive another award. If Google's translation is correct, the Real Madrid Foundation gives Rafa "Award EXTRAORDINARY SOUL". It will be given him "in recognition of his work, values and social commitment " ndacion-real-madrid-concede-nadal-premio-alma-2010-extraordinario-tray ectoria-valores-20101028184712.html


Augustina08 , 10/28/10 10:45 PM

"Rivalry? What Rivalry?" Ha Ha classic!

I hope they meet a few times in the future to get the H2H upto 20-7.

samprallica , 10/28/10 11:10 PM

It is enjoyable to watch Rafa's shots in:
RAFAEL NADAL - Greatness Video

Augustina08 , 10/29/10 10:45 AM

Hey Augustina08 - thx for the link, I'm going to watch it now :)
By the way , here's one in spanish (sorry) html?a=1edd6a1118a7596054642356580750e3&t=1288344619&numero=
It seems that the Balearic local government owe some money (6000 Euros) to Rafa for using his image on some posters at a stand in the World Travel Market in London and they're too cheap to pay and hence have to take the posters off from the stand - wtf? :)
I guess there'll be soon an english link for this... (probably from lindhal... who's always a bit late.... )

Shireling , 10/29/10 11:38 AM

@Shireling , 10/29/10 11:38 AM

Hey, Shireling and other Spanish-speaking Rafafans!
There are 3 Spanish-language videos about Rafa at US OPEN 2010 available in Youtube. Since last week. Maybe you have seen them already. Anyway, I post the links:
US OPEN 2010 Final Special 1/3
US OPEN 2010 Final Special 2/3 (2 videos)

Unfortunately, I don't understand Spanish. :(

Augustina08 , 10/29/10 1:11 PM

Get lives, get laid...

samprallica , 10/30/10 1:13 AM


Is that comment really necessary? If you don't like what people are posting, then you can always decide to just skip reading the blog.

Nativenewyorker , 10/30/10 7:08 AM

Augustina08, 10/29/10 10:45 AM

A really great video. Thanks for the link. It brought home to me something which one sometimes loses sight of and that is the way Rafa brings out the very best in so many players and which is why we get such enthralling tennis when he is playing.

This is in stark contrast to the majority of Federer's matches (up until this year) which for the most part were a foregone conclusion - and, dare I say it, too often were a yawn - except when he was up against the handful of players capable of beating him. Wimbledon 2009 of course being the exception when Roddick played the match of his life.

And before the Fedups leap to his defence, we all recognise how influential Roger was in the development of Rafa's game. Needing to learn how to beat the TMF for so many years is the reason Rafa is where he is today.

ed251137 , 10/30/10 11:16 AM

@ed251137 , 10/30/10 11:16 AM

I remember You asking when Rafa was going to have his next knee treatment. Rafa has been seen in a clinic in Barcelona. I don't understand from Google's translation whether he was there to support Barcelona's doctors or he had his knee treatment.

Google's translation:
<<Nadal is now preparing the final stretch of the season.
Rafa Nadal refines his preparation for the final challenge of the season. We have seen in a clinic in Barcelona where they use the same system so well Rafa has given to treat his knees, blood plasma liquid. Is the last effort before the holidays (10/29/2010). >>

Augustina08 , 10/30/10 1:09 PM

Sounds very like that third treatment which was talked about dont you think? I cant think he would be in Barcelona for any other reason.

ed251137 , 10/30/10 1:32 PM

@ed251137 , 10/30/10 11:16 AM
Speaking of visiting Barcelona, Rafa was interviewed there yesterday. He said that winning the WTF is his goal, but it's complicated because of the surface. (I remember him explaining earlier that indoor the ball is behaving differently than outdoor). As for his physical condition, he said he is fine.

Google's translation of the article:
<<Nadal: "The balance of this year has been better than we had thought"
"Not so much the number of tournaments we play as having a proper timetable"
Rafael Nadal, No. 1 in the ATP ranking, valued at Barcelona the season and has indicated that the balance is better than I thought. "Every season is different. Some are better and worse, like 2008, but this have been well and things have gone. The balance is positive, much better than I thought, but you always hope to go further" .
The player will return to competition at the Masters in Paris (7-11 November) at the Masters Cup in London (22-28 November). In this regard has explained that addresses the two tournaments with a desire and hopes to do my best. "I will try to get as far as possible in both. The truth is that both are complicated."
"Of course winning the Masters Cup is my goal, but I said that is the most complicated because it is played on a surface that is not going to my characteristics, but I can assure that I will make every effort to get as far as possible" .
As his physical condition has said she's fine. "You never know when you can llegarte injury because you always play at the highest level and the limit of your possibilities, but right now I'm fine."
"I'm a professional since age 18 and things have been going much better than I ever could have imagined," he said.
Loaded on the tennis calendar, Nadal explained that we must work to have an appropriate program. "Not so much the number of tournaments we play as having a proper schedule," he said. >>

Augustina08 , 10/30/10 1:34 PM

Thank goodness Augustina. Of all the meaningless debates that has to be it. Mind you it will be kept alive forever by the groupies.

ed251137 , 10/31/10 4:47 PM

@Augustina08 , 10/31/10 4:06 PM

However, this point system really does shine a light on how dominant each player was/has been in HIS ERA. If we only take this point system into consideration, the GOAT tag is clearly in Nadal's HANDS. If he has another two good years like he had in 2010, he may just be considered the greatest tennis player of all time.>>


I have no quarrel with this, maybe they should make it the official measure, then the FedUps will stop polishing Roger's halo, because the GOAT crown will be Rafa's, if there has to be a GOAT.

nadline , 10/31/10 6:54 PM

Vote for Rafa on the ATP website ! x

Augustina08 , 11/1/10 8:06 AM

New season is coming.

<<Nadal and Federer heading back to Abu Dhabi.
November 1, 2010.
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Top-ranked Rafael Nadal and No. 2 Roger Federer are headed back to Abu Dhabi.
Organizers of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship say Nadal and Federer will compete at the tournament scheduled to run over New Year's.
Robin Soderling, Tomas Berdych, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Marcos Baghdatis are also in the lineup.
Nadal won his first title of 2010 in Abu Dhabi. He says the Emirati capital "holds great memories'" for him and provides good preparation heading into the Australian Open.
The tournament runs from Dec. 30 to Jan. 1 >>

Augustina08 , 11/1/10 1:35 PM

What a revealing insight into the mindset of an obsessional fan. It just makes one realise how futile it is to engage in discussion with the hardcore fanatics who've been through some kind of brainwashing experience akin to the extreme religious sects.

For god's sake, at the end of the day it is only two men hitting a ball back and forth over a net - as Rafa himself once remarked!

ed251137 , 11/1/10 3:43 PM

"Nadal would have given up the ghost" rol, rol and rol again!
ed: I SO agree! I read half of it wondering if the writer actually had any insight and then he started trotting out the old cliches eg"machine" blah, blah blah so I gave up. It's just psychobabble of the worst kind! Do not read Rafa fans, its even made a Murray maniac very cross!

deuce , 11/1/10 6:27 PM

Augustina08 , 11/1/10 7:43 PM

Hi nadline!

You have predicted that Federer would be awarded Sportsmanship Award again this year. It's close to come true. :(
Nominees are:
Marin Cilic
Taylor Dent
Roger Federer
Rafael Nadal

See more on the ATP site rd-Nominees-2010.aspx

Augustina08 , 11/1/10 8:46 PM

I apologise for posting the long ranting by the Fedfanatic, but I couldn't resist it because of the absolute tosh that he was coming out with. FedUTps are absolutely fedup with Rafa pushing their man out of the top spot, so they resort to calling him a machine. Roger is a machine that is out of date, he is like an old mechanical machine that has been updated by the sleek Rafa computer.

To sit and write extensively about why Roger can't beat Rafa and conclude that it's because Rafa comes from a place of fear and Roger comes from a place of love is laughable, what a sad sad man. After I read the artile, I watched the AO again, and was well satisfied the way Rafa had Roger running around like a headless chicken trying to retrieve his balls, and then the tears at the presentation ceremony.........this from a man who comes from a place of love.

On another subject, I just knew the nominees would be Roger and a couple of no hopers, then they had to include Rafa this time because of the hoo ha that was caused last time with their 'fixed' nominees. To be honest let Roger win it again, he can't win much more these days.

nadline , 11/1/10 9:09 PM

Is there any point in voting for the sportsmanship award, it's possible to have multiple votes, no wonder Federer wins it all the time, just like his fans vote on the TT poll multiple times.

nadline , 11/1/10 10:07 PM

nadline , 11/1/10 10:53 PM

@nadline , 11/1/10 10:07 PM
I have no idea how ATP is arranging voting for the sportsmanship award.

As to voting for the favourite single player, I think Rafafans should take part in it : asp x

Augustina08 , 11/1/10 11:10 PM

@nadline , 11/1/10 10:53 PM
It seems that Rafa has become a very important person in his homeland. :)
Rafa's website: <<After the match [charity match Rafa vs Federer], the [Rafa Nadal's] Foundation will set up a Gala dinner held at the new Madrid City hall building. This event will turn into the MAIN Christmas social event in Madrid.>>

Augustina08 , 11/1/10 11:32 PM

Wow! The main Christmas social event in Madrid, how coo is that?

nadline , 11/2/10 9:53 AM

I am sure that is not really true - wishful thinking by his website IMO! It will be one of many events taking place in the run-up to Christmas, and I hope it gets a lot of funding by people with very deep pockets.

Blessed , 11/2/10 11:17 AM

I have thought sometimes, why Federer needs to praise himself so much. I have guessed that maybe he hasn't been loved enough in his childhood.
Augustina08, 11/1/10 7:43 PM

Your theory could be valid. It may well be his parents withdrew their love. By all accounts he was prettty obnoxious as a child and his mother described him as being very difficult. His bad behaviour in the early days of his career has been well documented and his parents admitted to being ashamed of him. He has since carefully cultivated the Mr. Nice Guy image as part of the whole Federer brand and a largely sycophantic press seem content to go along with it.

What baffles me is how he has been nominated each year for the Sportsmanship Award - and won it if, as I understand it, it's the players who vote. I can think of several who wont be casting their vote for him this year. But we dont need to go down that path just yet. The longest running blog of all time is still fresh in my memory!

Nadline: Hope you're honing your skills for the next debate on this subject :-)

ed251137 , 11/2/10 11:58 AM

It is scary to think that fans can become so obsessed with a tennis player, that treating the experience of watching the said tennis player plying his trade as some sort of religious experience! To me this type of fans are truly 'empty' spiritually. How on earth can somebody treat watching tennis matches to some spiritual or religious experience??

To me, the AO 09 victory ceremony revealed exactly what a world of love that Rafa has grown up in and is still living in. The graciousness that this young man Had shown to his fellow older colleague certainly warmed many hearts. It certainly shows us that in this young man's heart, there is tenderness, and care and concern for a fellow human being, wanting to right something that seemed wrong to him. Rafa is truly amazing, that he can seem ruthless on the tennis court and yet so gentle and kind off it.

To say that Rafa works like a machine is simply so wrong; look at how much he has improved throughout all these years, adding so much more into his game! I've just finished rewatching Rafa's match (on DVD) against Gulbis at the Madrid 08 Masters (on indoor hard court). In that match, Rafa rarely came to the net, rarely did any volleying, he served only four aces throughout the three sets match, hitting all the short balls from his forehand and allowed Gulbis to eat them up and hit 49 winners vs Rafa's twenty odd winners! Rafa barely survived that match. Fast forward to 2010, just see how much improvement Rafa has made to his game: his volleying skills has improved beyond recognition, even John Mac was so impressed by Rafa's volleying skills; his serve has improved so much that his service games were rarely broken, he even served 18 aces in a best of three sets match; his court positioning has also improved, he no longer needs to run and run along the baseline to retrieve balls. He has added so much aggression into his game, has added the backhand slice into his repertoire (which was so effective on grass, against Berdych at the Wimbledon final this year) and his cross court backhand is so lethal! His anticipation skill and transition game have improved so much; his shot selection is so good nowadays that he hardly plays a wrong shot, and he is very impressive in choosing the right moment to come to the net, and yet some people said that he doesn't have any court craft?? And how can a machine improve so much??

luckystar , 11/2/10 1:25 PM

It is scary to think that fans can become so obsessed with a tennis player.
luckystar, 11/2/10 1:25 PM

If a normal tennis fan just take a look at this site then he would know who has the most obsessed fans here ... Your God is on high note and you all are behaving in same way like Fedfarts of year 2006/07!!

rafarts , 11/2/10 1:51 PM

rafarts, please do not use the name of God in vain! Nobody is god here. You want to treat your own idol like your god that is your own business, not everyone has to be like that!

Rafa fans don't treat watching Rafa play tennis as some sort of religious experiences. We recognize that he has his shortcomings, and accept them as part of human nature. To me, watching Rafa play tennis is an amazing experience, for there is no lacking in effort and no lacking in amazing shots that he is able to execute, and he brings you for roller coaster rides some times and we come back feeling thrilled; and we enjoyed watching him feeling happy and thrilled when he wins his matches! Its just so simple, nothing religious about it. Do you understand??

luckystar , 11/2/10 2:29 PM

I haven't been around this site to know how fed fans behaved in 2006/07 but everybody likes to support a winner and Fed has been doing that for such a long long time and with such dominance that it must have been hard to have such a young guy, with an obvious defecit in tennis weapons, and who's still capable of kicking his tennistic ass more often that not, it's understandable.
And you're right 'luckystar' - now, he's not the same tennis player - he's improved exponentially.
But I do give rafarts (by the way, what kind of a pseudo is this for a Fed fan? it sounds as completely the opposite :) some credit in his statement: I do read sometimes things on this site which puzzle me in the sense that they go well beyond the world of tennis. As far as I'm concerned, Rafa is my favourite tennis player, yes, but tennis, as a sport is just one more pleasurable thing in my life, I'm not concerned in Rafa's life AT ALL apart from wishing him well and to be happy and rested to play his best tennis, that is all. Maybe I'm not a proper fan in that sense I guess.
I guess I want to say that to me Rafa isn't a god, not at all, I'm just lucky enough to be able to witness such an incredible tennis player in my time, and he's also from my home country which makes me very proud :)

Shireling , 11/2/10 2:51 PM

Exactly Shireling, we do not know Rafa personally. We only know him as a tennis player, and one who also behaves well publicly, and doing some good deeds by having his own foundation to help the needy. Having watched him plays tennis for a few years now, it natural that we care for him, for his tennis career and also for him as a fellow human being. i believe all his fans wish him well, that after his tennis career, he will live a happy life. We also would not wish for anything bad upon others, whether they are our favorite players or not. So, all these talks about religious experiences are simply way out of line, we should treat watching tennis as simply..watching tennis! This has nothing to do with religion!

luckystar , 11/2/10 3:07 PM

Nadline: Hope you're honing your skills for the next debate on this subject :-)

ed251137 , 11/2/10 11:58 AM

Don't get me started. Lol

nadline , 11/2/10 3:46 PM

Shireling, to be fair, I don't know of any Rafans on this site whose interest in Rafa goes beyond tennis. obviously if someone makes a personal attack on him as has been known to happen, then there is nothing wrong with disputing it.

How can we see any of them other than as tennis players, we don't know them, we only know the tennis player not the person.

nadline , 11/2/10 3:53 PM

I'm off to Dubai for 2 weeks, so will be watching Paris from there, and might not be able to participate in live match commentaries.........however, I hope Rafa clinches it.

nadline , 11/2/10 3:58 PM

The best of luck for your trip - business or pleasure? Will miss your contributions to TT.

ed251137 , 11/2/10 4:36 PM

Have a save trip and enjoy yourself, nadline. I hope Rafa brings us good news at both Paris and London!

luckystar , 11/2/10 4:44 PM

Great analysis luckystar: I envy your in-depth knowledge of the game and abiity to recall the finer points of individual matches. I tend to get so caught up in the drama that afterwards I sometimes have difficulty remembering who he was even playing against! btw. I second all that you say about Rafa's character. Whatever his final tally, and wherever he stands in the eyes of people who indulge in the GOAT argument, he will always be remembered as the most charismatic champion of his era and for his outstanding qualities as a gentleman - in every sense of the word.

ed251137 , 11/2/10 4:58 PM

@nadline , 11/2/10 3:58 PM

Enjoy your trip !

Augustina08 , 11/2/10 5:44 PM

@luckystar , 11/2/10 1:25 PM
@luckystar , 11/2/10 3:07 PM
I agree that Rafa's spontaneous reaction at the AO09 ceremony revealed a lot about his gentle personality.
To me, a tennis-player is not only his shots. My favourite player impresses me with both his skills and personality. I am interested in what has shaped his personality. I am also interested what he is doing off the court - his charity activity and hobbies. My favorite player is a human being, who makes me burn with tennis fever during tournaments.

Augustina08 , 11/2/10 6:10 PM

Have a great trip, Nadline!

We'll simply have to imagine what you might have said in your posts for the next two weeks :-)

chlorostoma , 11/2/10 10:29 PM

I also want to feel a part of the community by wishing nadline a safe and uneventful trip :)

Shireling , 11/3/10 11:35 AM

Magazin 'tennishead' is coaching: "Finish the job like Rafael Nadal" (Put away a short ball like Rafael Nadal).

You've played the perfect point, and you're poised to slot home that sitter at the net. Keep calm and keep your head... /---/
Objectives: Fools rush in
The MENTAL approach to a 'kill shot' like this is important. Finding yourself in this position is simply the consequence of hard work you've put in to produce a winning position, so VISUALISE finishing the job rather than snatching at an opportunity. And PRACTICE! Hit a variety of short balls to get an idea of the POWER and SPIN you need to clear the net by 50-100cm and keep the ball in.
Tactics: The ball's in your court...
Nadal leaves the entire court open by electing to play his forehand, but there is an instinctive LOGIC in his decision. Players can generate more power and disguise with the forehand, especially on a high ball, so the likelihood of it coming back is slim. Almost like a striker taking a penalty in football, he can either wait for his opponent to move and hit the empty court, or pick his spot and let rip

Augustina08 , 11/3/10 2:13 PM

Hmmm, I'm not quite sure I understand the last paragraph... what has it got to do with slotting the sitter at the net?
Somebody cares to explain ?
(Thx Augustina08 for the paragraph just the same)

Shireling , 11/3/10 3:40 PM

Hi guys, enjoying visiting my daughter in Dubai, will try and catch as much of Paris as possible, but hopefully, will be back for the WTF.

nadline , 11/3/10 4:45 PM

Hope you left your credit cards at home :)

ed251137 , 11/3/10 5:23 PM

Have a great, safe and funfilled time on your holiday with your daughter nadline! You travel alot too and visit many interesting places. I bet it's great so have a fantastic time!

That "article" by the fedfan was too ridiculous! I say there be a poll of which player has the most obsessed fans. That's one poll fed's fans won't have to worry about him losing--lol.

fan4tennis , 11/3/10 5:46 PM

@Shireling , 11/3/10 3:40 PM
It is not the last paragraph in the original linked. The story goes on. It says: "Nadal tracs the flight of a short, looping ball..."
Now I copied the whole story, see it below. I guess, there are also pictures in the magazine, but I don't see them online.

<<TACTICS: The ball's in your court...
# Nadal leaves the entire court open by electing to play his forehand, but there is an instinctive logic in his decision. Players can generate more power and disguise with the forehand, especially on a high ball, so the likelihood of it coming back is slim. Almost like a striker taking a penalty in football, he can either wait for his opponent to move and hit the empty court, or pick his spot and let rip.

# Nadal tracks the flight of a short, looping ball, immediately looking to move forward. His weight transfers from his left foot towards the tramline to take the ball on with a forehand, despite the ball landing on his backhand wing.

# Eyes still trained on the ball, Nadal circles round to give himself plenty of space early and leave him in a position to step into the shot without crowding the shot. He holds the racket with his western forehand grip in plenty of time.

#As the ball bounces up head-high, Nadal is ready to strike. He loads his legs, turns his shoulders and takes his racket back. From this position he could hit virtually any part of the court, making the shot unreadable for his opponent.
Key point: Nadal raises his right arm to counterbalance his racket arm and keep his shoulders level.

#Perfect timing: Nadal has unleashed the kinetic chain to explode upwards into the ball. Every part of his body - his legs, torso, both arms and head - have fired in sequence to dispatch the ball with controlled power.
Key point: Nadal is hitting this ball "inside-out", cross-court away from his body. Note the way his bodyweight is moving in the same direction.

#Having hit up the over the ball to add some topspin to the flat drive, Nadal follows through in front of his body to send the ball downwards. His back leg extends out behind him, acting as a brake to counterbalance the speed of his swing.

#Like all top players, Nadal's head remains still long after the ball has gone. His weight is still moving forwards as he lands. He is totally committed to the shot from the start of his approach until well after the ball is struck.
Key point: Be sure not to touch or fall into the net as you follow through, otherwise your opponent gets the point. >>

Augustina08 , 11/3/10 5:54 PM


Best wishes for a lovely vacation! We will have to hold the fort here until your return. :)

Nativenewyorker , 11/3/10 11:21 PM

Rafa said: "I have enjoyed the BEST SEASON of my life so far and it all started with a victory in Abu Dhabi." He is looking forward to returnig to defend his title in Abu Dhabi.
I wish Rafa could enjoy the next season also.

<<Abu Dhabi win set tone, says Rafael Nadal.
Rafael Nadal believes his victory in Abu Dhabi at the start of the year provided the platform for his hat-trick of grand slam tournament wins this season and his rise to the summit of world tennis. The left-hander beat Robin Soderling in the capital in January."/---/
"Abu Dhabi is a very special place to me," Nadal said. "I have enjoyed the best season of my life so far and it all started with a victory in Abu Dhabi."
The 24-year-old will return for next year's event - from December 30 to January 1 - with Soderling, Roger Federer, Tomas Berdych, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Marcos Baghdatis.
"The early-season momentum that you can gain there is good for the Australian Open," Nadal said.
"Having seen the strength of the field, I look forward to returning to defend my title in a fantastic city that loves tennis and is emerging as one of the world's great sporting destinations."/---/>>
[The National, Nov. 2, 2010]
Read more in:

Augustina08 , 11/4/10 7:58 AM

Thx Augustina..
Too techy for the likes of me :P
If I were a tennis coach I'd just say something in the line of 'see the ball?' - 'whack it!' :)

Shireling , 11/4/10 10:47 AM

@Shireling, 11/4/10 10:47 AM

You should promote and advertise yourself as a tennis coach. :)

Augustina08 , 11/4/10 11:55 AM ndon/

rafa practicing for paris and 02

vrael , 11/4/10 12:53 PM

Augustina08: Although Abu Dhabi is often referred to as 'only an exhibition match' it clearly has some significance for the players (apart from the money!)

I guess everybody knew at the time how crucial the boost of laying the ghost of those defeats by Sod was for Rafa but it is interesting he has put it into so many words. I didn't follow the tournament at the time so hadn't realised Roger had been beaten by Sod - perhaps that was the moment when the seeds of doubt were sown in his mind.

We can only hope Rafa is not superstitious ;)

btw. Andy is another player who will be counting on success at Abu Dhabi. When he won in 2009 he went on to add six more titles to his tally that year.

Shireling - 'see it, whack it' hasn't got Gulbis very far. Perhaps you should add 'and get it in' to your coaching repetoire.

ed251137 , 11/4/10 1:07 PM

yeah, 'and get it in' is level 2 'ed251137' :)

Shireling , 11/4/10 2:30 PM

@ed251137 , 11/4/10 1:07 PM
By the Abu Dhabi's (exhibition) tournament 2009/2010, Rafa hadn't won any tournament since April 2009. I think, Rafa's "so many words" reveal that lifting a trophy in Abu Dhabi has had a great emotional value for him.

Augustina08 , 11/4/10 2:38 PM

@vrael , 11/4/10 12:53 PM
I don't understand a word of that (Spanish-language) video. But, a picture can say more than thousand words. So does the beginning of the video, where Rafa is hugging a kid (probably a son of Uncle Toni). It shows once again Rafa's genuinely kind personality.

Augustina08 , 11/4/10 2:46 PM

Rafa is going to Paris very soon.
From Rafa's Facebook today: "Tomorrow I travel to Paris to the last Masters 1000 of the season"

Augustina08 , 11/4/10 3:30 PM

same here...i dont understand it either...but i do hope to find some time and learn spaninsh some time in my life....its the third most spoken language in the world...but the only reason i might learn it is to understand rafa's interview's in

vrael , 11/4/10 6:15 PM

On Thursday evening, Rafa received an ALMA award EXTRAORDINARIO from Real Madrid Foundation. This award is given to individuals or organizations that are outstanding in their work, values and social commitment. The award was handed to Rafa by Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas. Real Madrid's players are Rafa's fans, football stars watched Rafa's matches at Madrid Masters in May.

Augustina08 , 11/5/10 1:59 AM

Christophe Rochus is one bitter tennis player, now he is slagging off women's tennis, having slagged the men off for 'doping'.

Taking issue with Christophe Rochus' controversial interview

I just read a Christophe Rochus interview in which he was hammering women's tennis on a Belgian website.?At first, I was stunned. Then I became more disappointed by his basic analysis that anyone could make, it lacked any insight you'd expect from someone so familiar with the game. I finally decided to answer back in order to brush aside the critics of the women's game.
Here are some of the highlights (or lowlights) from his interview with the Belgian press. After this excerpt, I'll evaluate some of the controversial statements Rochus made during the interview:
"I am upset at the fact we even compare both tours, which have nothing in common. Justine Henin would not be able to beat a player ranked 500 in the ATP. It's like comparing men's football and women's football. On the men side the level is very high from the first round. Even Federer and Nadal could be forced to play their best from the early stages of a tournament.
"On the women's side any match from the early rounds is a joke. The level is so weak while the gap between a top 10 player and a top 100 players is huge. Truth to be told it is impossible to compare the effort put for men's players who reach the second week of a Grand Slam with women's players at the same level of a major. I should not even mention a best of 5 sets format is not the same as a best of 3 sets one. Everything is different. Just look how easy it is to come back to winning ways for players who decided to have a long break."


He is deluding himself if he thinks that there is very little difference between him and the top players, IMO, he is the last person to claim that the No 1 player in men's tennis is not much better than No 100, having been brushed aside both times he's played Nadal and Federer.

I think his beef is that Henin and Clijsters get far more attention in Belgium that he gets, and he doesn't think they are competing on a level playing field. Whilst I agree that you can't compare the women's game to that of the men's, no way can anyone say that Rafa or Roger are just the same as a player ranked 100, for the simple reason that the evidence is to the contrary.

In any case, he says tennis is rife with doping, so any other argument he may have, surely depends on the quality of the doping the players take, both men and women, not their talent, so you can't say results are due to dope and then start comparing the game on talent.

Maybe it's time he looks for something else to do, or ask the player he was leading 6.1 in the first set, who came back to beat him after a toilet break what he is on, so that he can have a bit of it as well, after all whatever it is, can't be detected, so why not?

He has never taken a set off Rafa ever, he has never even broken his serve, nor Roger, and I would hazard a guess that the same goes for the other top players, so who he is accusing. I could do some detective work to see who he lost to having won the first set 6.1 to find out who it is.

nadline , 11/5/10 7:14 AM

nadline: Andy has tweeted that he's just had a SECOND drug test of the week! Is Rochus saying the players use drugs that can't be detected????
ed: I think Shireling must be giving his coaching tips to many others, Golubev and Istomin for starters. Also, having seen highlights of Cilic match, think he must've been whispering in his ear too ;)

deuce , 11/5/10 8:07 AM

The players get tested all the time, several times during a tournament, and I think winners are tested immediately after the match. WADA always has to be given blow by blow account of where players are 24/7, and they can be tested at any time of the day. Rochus should be pressed to come forward with any allegation he might have instead of making snide remarks in order to make excuses for his failed career.

He hasn't made it in tennis, so he wants to ruin the reputation the sport. The ATP should take this very seriously, and make him justify the allegations, if he can't, then he should be suspended for defaming the characters of the players.

nadline , 11/5/10 8:22 AM

Rafa thoroughly deserves this award, who can can argue that his is not "outstanding in his work, values and social commitment.

nadline , 11/5/10 8:38 AM

@nadline, 11/5/10 7:14 AM
@nadline, 11/5/10 8:22 AM
Yeah, Rochus' interview is a case of 'sour grapes'. Who on earth would have paid attention to him without his interview, which makes waves in the tennis-media ! Maybe it would be better to not make a big deal out of his interview(s).

Augustina08 , 11/5/10 1:10 PM

Awards, awards, awards.
A writer of BR has delivered some Tennis awards. He has decided to give the award "King Of The Court" to Rafa. He says: <<After completing the career grand slam, tennis pundits had no doubts that Rafa was the best player of the season. >>
I also have no douts that Rafa is the best player.

At the same time, the writer "just had to give" an award to Roger Federer. Yeah, Fed has to be always awarded - no matter what (he does or doesn't do).

See more in: "Tennis Awards: Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams...." ds-roger-federer-serena-williams-caroline-wozniacki-and-more2010

Augustina08 , 11/5/10 5:07 PM

Have just heard one of the commentators at Basel say there is a rumour Nadal has pulled out of the Paris Masters. Does anyone have confirmation of this?

ed251137 , 11/5/10 7:19 PM

@ed251137 , 11/5/10 7:19 PM
ATP website conforms Rafa's withdrawal.
Rafa will discuss his withdrawal when he appears on SITE in Bercy for a media conference on SUNDAY or MONDAY

<<ATP Website:
Nadal Withdraws From Paris-
Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from next week?s BNP Paribas Masters for medical reasons. The Spaniard will discuss his withdrawal when he appears on site in Bercy for a media conference on SUNDAY or MONDAY.
Nadal, who was a finalist at the BNP Paribas Masters in 2007 and a semi-finalist last year, has played 18 consecutive ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments and in 33 of the past 35 Masters 1000s. The Spaniard last played three weeks ago, when he fell to Jurgen Melzer in the third round of the Shanghai Rolex Masters.
Nadal, who has already clinched the year-end No. 1 South African Airways 2010 ATP World Tour Ranking after a banner year in which he won three Grand Slam titles, is next scheduled to play at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at London?s O2, from 21-28 November. >>

If he withdrew just because of EXHAUSTING, I would be glad.

Augustina08 , 11/5/10 8:18 PM

Augustina08 If you ask me that visit to Barcelona and his withdrawal are connected. I've posted on the other thread about this.

ed251137 , 11/6/10 9:48 AM

@ed251137 , 11/6/10 9:48 AM
You might be right that this time they have kept PRP treatment in secret.

Augustina08 , 11/6/10 10:56 AM

I just hope Rafa is alright, he says it's nothing serious, and the WTF is his only goal left this year, so although there is no guarantee he will clinch it, I'd like to think he would go to London in a better shape than he was last year, and that his serve is not hampered by the shoulder injury, because his new serve is such a weapon.


nadline , 11/7/10 1:45 PM

I copy the reason of Rafa's withdrawal here, to keep the info together. From Rafa's homepage:
<<November 05.2010, Paris, France
Rafa Nadal will not participate at the Paris Masters due to medical reasons. "I cannot play because of tendinitis in my left shoulder. I need to rest for six or seven days. It is nothing to be worried about but the doctor told me I have to spend those days doing intensive treatment and functional rehabilitation with physiotherapy," the Spanish player said in a statement.
"I'm very sorry for the tournament organizers, who've always treated me in a very special way, and especially sorry for all my fans in France and in Paris that I won't be able to be with them in one of my favorite cities in the world," he added.
He had planned to play Paris and London. Now, he will have to rest until the London Masters Cup. >>

Repotedly, Rafa attended Disneyland Paris on November 6. It's nice to see him relaxing and having some fun. =1

Vamos, Rafa !

Augustina08 , 11/7/10 2:42 PM

Enjoy Disneyland in Paris together with Rafa!

La Navidad llega a Disneyland Paris: neyland-paris_news

Rafa appears in the video between 00:40 - 00:50.

Augustina08 , 11/7/10 9:12 PM

From Rafa's Facebook:
"Greetings from Paris. I will be tomorrow at the tournament at 12 noon to do a press conference and be with the fans. Too bad I can't play."

Tomorrow = Monday

Augustina08 , 11/7/10 10:46 PM

Augustina08 , 11/9/10 12:11 AM

Augustina08 This rather confirms my hunch that the shoulder problem is a rather convenient smoke screen and not the whole story. i.e. if he had withdrawn because he needed time to recover from treatment (not linked to a current injury) this would have incurred a penalty whereas he was exempt because he had a new shoulder injury. This would explain why a) he describes it as not serious and b) is stating categorically he will be able to play in London.

As you say, a very strange rule. e.g. if a player is so badly injured (i.e. a fracture to the foot or ankle) and cannot be on site, he is penalised: someone with a relatively minor injury escapes as long as he fulfills the odd photo-opportunity.

How many points will he lose for not playing Paris?

ed251137 , 11/9/10 10:40 AM

@ed251137 , 11/9/10 10:40 AM
Maybe in the future we'll be told the whole story behind his withdrawal.
For not playing in Paris, Rafa will lose 360 points, which he earned for reaching in the semifinals last year. These points will expire next Monday (November 15, 2010). Nadal.aspx?t=rb

Rafa is busy in Paris. Besides visiting Disneyland, he has been on a French TV sport show and given a long interview to a radio station. :)

Augustina08 , 11/9/10 11:44 AM

Didn't we hear AndyR complaining about the rules concerning this recently? Plus I have no problems with Rafa skipping this tourney because I will never forget (question is, has Rafa), how the French fans BOOED him when he retired due to injury last year or the year before. They booed him as he walked off the court! Will never forget that! Was it really surprising that a player is injured at this time of year? The blog up for Paris even says the same thing about injuries to players this time of year.

fan4tennis , 11/9/10 3:18 PM

The French don't deserve Rafa, I'm glad he is not gracing the Paris 1000 with his presence, for whatever reason.


nadline , 11/9/10 4:07 PM

F4T - It was two years ago. After completing his match, Federer also pulled out with a back injury and neither of them made it to the Masters Cup Final at Shanhai. The problem is that even if they are not nursing injuries, all the top 20 or so players are mentally and physically exhausted. Personally I get little enjoyment watching players drag themselves around the court at tournaments played from September onwards.

Rather than predicting who will win the tourneys in the last quarter of the year it would be more to the point to bet on who will still be standing by the time they get to the WTF.

The French antagonism towards Rafa dates back to his debut as an 18 year old at RG in 2005 when his match against the home favourite, Sebastian Grosjean, was halted by booing from the crowd for over seven minutes following what was perceived as a bad umpire decision. He lost the set but went on to win the match and subsequently the SF against Fed and his first crown at RG.

ed251137 , 11/9/10 6:08 PM

The French are far too partisan, everyone likes their home favourites, but they just go over the top, look how much support Rafa gets in the USA and UK, let's forget OZ, with the organizers bias towards Federer.

Anyway Rafa has had the last laugh by being the undisputed current King of RG, only Borg has a better record there so far.

nadline , 11/10/10 8:08 AM

I totally agree the French go overboard - but you have to remember that protesting and demonstrating is a national past-time for them. Any excuse will do!

Today there is no school for many of the kids so expect to see them in full throttle at Bercy when their countrymen take to the court.

ed251137 , 11/10/10 8:58 AM

Rafa's has finished his promotional activities in Paris.

From Rafa's Facebook :
"Back at home since yesterday. Too bad since I would have loved to stay and compete in Paris. Off to London mid next week."

Augustina08 , 11/10/10 12:34 PM

Another award for Rafa.
Club Antares or Antares Foundation (in Seville, Spain) has awarded Rafa with its annual award.
He will receive it "for his integral contribution to society from his sporting career, both for their professional achievements as for their positive attitude and exemplary, in and out of the tracks ". (Google's translation is funny, but understandable) antares-sevilla-concede-premio-encuentros-2000-rafa-nadal-201011091321 47.html

Vamos, Rafa!

Augustina08 , 11/10/10 8:52 PM

Once again, somebody says that Rafa has won Wimbledon thanks to slowing down the grass.
<<World number one Rafael Nadal has been one of the biggest beneficiaries, winning Wimbledon twice in three years as the grass courts have slowed down.>>
["We need fast courts like Paris, top players say", SuperSport 11 November 2010] rts_like_Paris_top_players_say

This somebody seems to forget that recently Rafa won USO on the very fast court.

Vamos, Rafa, who is capable of adapting to different kind of surfaces !

Augustina08 , 11/11/10 8:03 AM

Why do people never go on about players who are rubbish on 'SLOW COURTS'? Why did they not conclude that Roger only won RG because the courts were made faster?

No one ever mentioned the speed of courts until someone came along and gave their 'golden boy' Roger what for on clay. In all the years I have been watching tennis, I never heard any discussions about fast, very fast, semi-fast, snail pace slow courts until Rafa came along and dominated clay courts, with Roger helpless to stop him.

How are the courts slowed up and why do they do it? If anyone out there knows, answers on this thread please. I have never seen the ATP categorize courts by speed, all they have are clay, grass, hard and indoor, so I wish people would stop creating nuances where there are none.

Rafa is the King of Clay soon he'll be the King of Grass and Hard Courts. Watch this space.

nadline , 11/11/10 1:23 PM

Skeptics can go on about slow and fast courts and it will do them nothing because Rafa is busy making history now...he proved to be good on all surfaces and he is yet to conquer more of those so all they can do is sit and watch in despair...Rafa is not only the King of Clay, he has proved it so many times: just think of the gold medal from the Olympics. Last year it was AO. This year it is USO! Next year he will have all four GMs. He has so much more in his arsenal and a lot of people who question his abilities to play fast courts will have to change their minds and simply bend over and shut up! Vamos Rafa!!!

natashao , 11/11/10 3:20 PM

Here is a link which throws some light on the subject eneral.html

And this is what the head gardner (now retired) had to say last year:
"Seaward agrees that the balls are taking a higher bounce, but he credits the use of a firmer soil mix (also employed to improve durability) for that difference, rather than the use of pure rye. He also calmly dismisses the outcry from players that the grass courts of Wimbledon are slower by explaining that players simply interpret the higher and more consistent bounce as a slower court. ?I think it?s coming up a little bit higher because the courts are a bit harder. And that maybe gives a little more time to play shots.?

ed251137 , 11/11/10 5:29 PM

Thanks ed, will read and digest it tomorrow, because it's well past my bedtime in Dubai.

nadline , 11/11/10 7:17 PM

Augustina08 , 11/11/10 7:53 PM

He is also slyly telling us that he knows what the others are saying about him! Haven't seen someone's words stop him yet!

fan4tennis , 11/12/10 3:47 AM

It's good to get to the facts.

nadline , 11/12/10 6:33 AM

Fast or slow surfaces, Rafa will conquer all of them. Players at this year's Paris Masters were supporting having some of the courts sped up, I wonder was it due to Rafa winning everywhere this year that they were getting worried and wary of him.

If I'm not wrong some players commented that winning slams now on three different surfaces is easier than in the past eras as now all surfaces are being slowed down and thus easier to adapt to. I was wondering if it is easier to win on all three surfaces now, how come only up until this year then we see someone (Rafa) winning slams on all three surfaces within one year? Fed tried in the past, and had his chances in 2004/2006/2007/2009 but still couldn't do it, so how was it easier now than in the past era? Or are the current players really not up to standards of the past eras? Notice that all these comments come out only after Rafa won slams on all three surfaces within one year. However, in the last few years, people lamented that Fed came so close of doing it and was stopped each time by Rafa on clay. Had Fed done what Rafa had done now, I bet no one would complain about the courts being slowed down. Rafa really has to win everything under the sun, regardless of whatever conditions, and regardless of how fast they speed up the courts, in order to finally silent all his critics! Well I'm one who is sure that Rafa is more than capable of doing all these!! Vamos Rafa!! Show them who you are and what you are capable of doing and achieving!!

luckystar , 11/12/10 10:34 AM

fan4tennis, No matter how many barbed remarks and jibes are hurled his way, Rafa never seems to be ruffled. He always fields provacative questions from the press with a smile and shrug of the shoulders. I've only heard him react once with a mild put-down when he told a reporter who put the same question to him for the third time: 'I've already given you the answer to that question, I didn't think my English was that bad'.

Nevertheless it must be hard when he reads and listens to some of things said denigrating his success without feeling hurt. Equally, it must be immensely satisfying when he proves the critics wrong.

As Latetennis put it so succinctly on another thread: 'Keep talking, naysayers. You may just motivate him into unprecendented heights in the history book.'

ed251137 , 11/12/10 11:10 AM

Is it only Rafa who can play on 'slow courts', because everyone else seems to be fast court freaks, and useless on slow courts if we are to believe all the rubbish that is being written about court speeds. Never in the history of tennis has the speed of courts been so widely discussed, people just can't take in that Rafa not Roger is the Ultimate Tennis Player, that's the truth, they should just accept it, instead of looking for excuses, and reasons to discredit Rafa's achievements.

Players who are supposed the best on h/c can't seem to win more than one tourny on the surface every now and again, they can't even make the finals on a regular basis, so where is the evidence that anyone else is any better on h/c, fast or slow, than Rafa.

nadline , 11/12/10 1:18 PM

@ed251137 , 11/12/10 11:10 AM
--- He always fields provacative questions from the press with a smile and shrug of the shoulders. I've only heard him react once with a mild put-down when he told a reporter who put the same question to him for the third time: 'I*ve already given you the answer to that question, I didn't think my English was that bad'---

Talking about answering to the press, Rafa can also repeate his words and say with a smile: "I thought my English was better".
<<Q. There was a report this afternoon that the other day you didn't want to take one of the transportation vans that had a picture of Roger. Can you describe what happened ?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, well, if you know me, you know that I not gonna do./---/. I was in a van of the picture of Roger, both sides of the van, like 15 times these two weeks. (Smiling). /---/.
I want this car because is bigger, and I am more comfortable with this car than with the others. /---/ Roy know, the manager of the transportation, that I always want this car. So it was good.
Q. Did you get out of that car that had his picture or you stayed in it?
RAFAEL NADAL: I thought my English was better. (Laughter.) I said I went with this car 15 times. >> [Rafa's Press Conference at USO on September 5, 2010]

See the second half of the video of press conference on Sunday, September 5, day 7:

Augustina08 , 11/12/10 2:01 PM

Thanks for the transcript. In fact that was the interview I recalled - but I paraphrased from memory.

ed251137 , 11/12/10 2:28 PM


FEDistheGOAT , 11/12/10 8:05 PM

One more award for Rafa.
Rafa has been awarded the Cornelius Atticus Award, which is an award of his native Balearic Islands. (Balearic Islands are: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formetera).

Quotes from the article (Google's translation):
<< The award honors the outstanding season number one world ranking ATP tennis, Rafael Nadal, who this year won the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and Roland Garros, among other tournaments, as well as that of Jorge Lorenzo, who proclaimed world champion moto GP.
The jury stated that the paths of Nadal and Lorenzo, two Majorcan athletes deserve recognition.
Both have assumed and demonstrated high levels of responsibility, work, effort and improvement copies. This work and dedication has allowed them to achieve results, at the age of 23 and 24 years respectively, they have become world champions in their mode sports.
There are many fans who have and are many people who appreciate them for their athletic and personal values >>

Vamos, Rafa!

Augustina08 , 11/12/10 10:23 PM

nadal better perform well in the tour finals this year.

attackingtennisrulez , 11/13/10 12:35 AM

nadal better perform well in the tour finals this year.

attackingtennisrulez, 11/13/10 12:35 AM


nadline , 11/13/10 6:24 AM

FEDistheGOAT, 11/12/10 8:05 PM,


What on earth is this supposed to be? A joke?

Nativenewyorker , 11/13/10 7:36 AM

@nny, it was a genuine sigh, that is all.

Have you come across a particular online terminology called 'plugging'? It is quite tiring, i must tell you.

FEDistheGOAT , 11/13/10 1:10 PM

after his injury break, rafa shouldn't be expected to play that well at the tour finals. doesn't have to anyway. he's where fed used to be, so far out ahead he just needs to maintain a good showing at the slams. should be a nice work-out for him though and neither he nor his fans should lose much sleep over matches lost.
btw, he was quite right missing Paris where muzz was reminded again how there's nothing like going on nightshift at the end of a long season to finally pull the plug on your energy levels.

alex , 11/13/10 2:42 PM

@FEDistheGOAT , 11/13/10 1:10 PM
The most tiring thing is reading endlessly about GOATness of a certain somebody.

Augustina08 , 11/13/10 3:01 PM

LOL @Augustina (3:01PM post)

Don't forget to add reading a list of someone else's record anytime someone dares bring up that Rafa wins something.

I don't plan on putting to much energy into the WTF, because it is the end of the season and Rafa has his point lead welllllllll covered, and I would prefer him to stay healthy for going into the 2011 season. I know Rafa wants to do well there, since he mentioned conquering indoor courts in an interview after he won the USO. We all know when Rafa sets his mind to conquer something, he usually does! Might not be this year, but he WILL do it I am sure!

fan4tennis , 11/13/10 3:25 PM

Rafa wants WTF trophy so badly and we all know how he performs when he is after something BIG...VAMOS RAFA!!!

natashao , 11/13/10 3:30 PM

Reading all the articles on here, I found a quote from JMac (he was talking about Hewitt), that I feel applies to Rafa as well (and almost any champion out there)......

"The reason he was a champion is because he believed in himself when other people maybe didn't."

fan4tennis , 11/13/10 3:53 PM

Very beautiful post nadline!

fan4tennis , 11/13/10 5:24 PM

Yes nadline, thanks for posting that. I like the idea of Rafa transcending the limitations of his body and accomplish feats hitherto unthought of. I really hope Rafa can achieve that one day, of course we can dream about that for now!

luckystar , 11/13/10 6:09 PM


No, I haven't come across a term called "plugging". Why don't you enlight me?

Nativenewyorker , 11/14/10 2:24 AM

fan4tennis, No matter how many barbed remarks and jibes are hurled his way, Rafa never seems to be ruffled. He always fields provacative questions from the press with a smile and shrug of the shoulders.

, 11/12/10 11:10 AM

ed? really?

"We're finished with him," he once said of former Spanish federation president Pedro Munoz, after witnessing some appalling behaviour that would take too long to relate here.
"I don't have nothing to speak with this man," he said after getting exasperated with former ATP head Etienne de Villiers' plans for shaking up the tour.
At Wimbledon, though, there often seemed to be some nagging conflict. First, he couldn't meet the Queen because it was scheduled for the same time he had to get ready for his practice.
Then, he got warned for receiving coaching from his uncle, Toni Nadal, during his five-setter against Phillip Petzschner in the third round. Rafa responded angrily, telling the umpire, "We gonna talk with the supervisor later."
It didn't stop him from being fined for the incident. "Sometimes in the past, Toni talk maybe too much," Nadal maintained. "But not today, in my opinion."
In the quarterfinals against Robin Soderling, he got ticked off once more. Early in the second set, the umpire decided to award a crucial point to Soderling instead of replaying it when Soderling successfully challenged the call. Nadal did appear to have had a play on the ball, but his parting shot at the umpire still seemed a little paranoid: "So you want to see another No. 1?"
During that match, Soderling called for the trainer when Nadal was about to serve for the third set. The Spaniard wouldn't criticize his opponent afterwards, having received mid-match treatments himself earlier in the tournament. But he did believe that the trainer took too long to arrive. "For me, the wrong thing is we wait for the physio five minutes," he said.
Nadal has long shown a more opinionated side of himself when speaking in Spanish, and now looks to have become quite confident expressing himself in English as well. tory?columnist=kamakshi_tandon&id=5361102

maxi , 11/14/10 2:08 PM

it's pretty crazy really, as i have friends who are also rafa fans, but we actually have sensible discussions. how even more crazy it appears that the rafa fans on this thread seem to be blinded by reality. you only have to go to rafa's site, where there was huge uproar from RAFA FANS about HIS behaviour. Here are some of their comments. You can go and check them yourself. They are not doctored in any way. You'll just have to check the time difference as these were fans from around the world.

ed, what do you think? you gave me this idea ed, when you posted the wimbledon link - thanks ed! you really are making my day! woot!

Here are some fan comments from the Wimbledon website about Nadal?s apparent unsportsmanship behaviour:

I was never ever so angry watching a match as I was today. I really would like, ONE SINGLE DAY, the journalists begin to criticeze Mr. Nadal for his behavior. He clearly disrupted PP?s rhythm and momentum, asking unnecessary MTOs. We could see him running as a rabbit after the second, supposedly for a knee problem.

Nadal is a shame for the game, and a shame as nr. 1. A disgrace.
Mrcia F, Brazil , 26 June 15:27

I used to respect Rafa, but today he clearly cheated. One thing is to be in pain, but to take a MTO for his arm, then for his leg, despite serving well and running around the court is ridiculous. And to do it before his opponent was about to serve is even worse. He used gamemanship to win, and for a number 1 to do that is a shema for the sport. If it had been an another player, there would have been harsh articles I think?Rafa is pitied. I?m really disappointed for tennis today.
A, Spain, 26 June 15:26

Rafa getting official warning for illegal coaching ? way to go umpire. Somebody had the guts to call it out on him. There are many millions of tennis and Rafa fans out there and this sort of behaviour from world #1 is unacceptable for a sport that is aptly called gentleman?s sport.
Marianna K, United States, 26 June 15:24

Chris from the USA, it is precisely because he ALWAYS does this that people are so fed up! For years he has done this, when things are going downhill he pauses play. He then comes out and at his pace runs around like a rabbit. If things swing against him, he does it again. I can name a dozen matches of the top of my head in the past two years. Even the commentators today called it as it was: Tactic. Poor by him no way around it. LL L, Austria , 26 June 15:22

I totally agree with the 1st post,Nadal is a really unfair player.Every time when he is down in the score,he calls the training.I think today he directly pretended his ailments,because before after the medical istance he was hitting and running well,nobody realized he was injured.And after the treatment he continued hitting and running well too.It seems he doesn?t accept that any player can surp him in a match.We don?t expect the same behaviour from Federer or another guys,only from him.
Diana B, Argentina, 26 June 15:15
Here we go again, and Nadal calls the trainer when he is in a hurry. Anybody remembers Nadal doing this in a winning situations?? NEVER. That?s not honest at all, and Philipp P. lost his mind due to this. Not an elegant way to win a match? Phil B, Argentina, 26 June 15:14

What a disgrace! The World Number One resorting to gamesmanship to disrupt his opponent?s rhythm, making sure that the match would go to a 5th set. (First a dodgy arm, then suddenly a knee and a leg.) And the illegal coaching, which has been going on for years. Finally, an Umpire who called him out. Still, he?ll get away with it, once again. The headlines tomorrow will all be about yet another HEROIC win by Rafa the FIGHTER. The tennis media are cowards. I feel so sorry for Philipp Petzschner. Betty F, Hong Kong, 26 June 15:07

Nadal is unworthy of his rank. He won today thanks to gamemanship. Poor Petzschner?Nadal?s behaviour was unacceptable and lacked respect for his opponent, the tournement, the fans and the sport. Shame on him. C, France , 26 June 15:02

I?m really angry with what Nadal did. He took medical time out twice in this match and this really broke Petzschner?s rhythm. Also on-court coaching, he received coaching warning twice from the umpire. What do all those things mean? This is not the first time he won using gamesmanship and illegal coaching. Is this the behaviour of the World Number One, the ambador for this sport? Kim Khnh N, Vietnam, 26 June 15:02

Nadal is an unworthy number 1. He clearly took a MTO when nothing was worng with him. And he was coached during this match, like during all the others. I?m sorry Petzschner lost because of Nadal?s cheating. Nadal?s behaviour is unacceptable. He showed no respect for his opponent, the fans, the tournement and the sport. Shame on him.
Claire T, France , 26 June 15:00

Poor form Rafael Nadal. Yet again you call a medical timeout when momentum is going against you, only to run around with more energy and flexibility than ever. Not to mention the constant illegal coaching going on. Any respect I had is gone for you now. You are a poor ambador for the sport. Anything to win, eh? KR, Australia, 26 June 14:56More comments about Nadal?s unsportsmanship behaviour taken from the website pertaining to his match with the German:
Shame for Petzschner! He deserved to win this match much more than the cheater Nadal who called a MTO to disrupt his opponent?s rhythm and was coached (not for the first time!) on the court. What an unworthy #1 and a role model? He showed his full repertoire in this match. Disgusting and a disgrace to this beautiful sport! Melissa D, Australia, 26 June 16:16

Why do you mean? every comment against Nadal is from ?Federer fans?. I am a general tennis fan, as are many friends of mine. We are not ?Federer fans? and we all think what Nadal did and has done in the past was pathetic. Your random arguments about Federer crying and being seeded one have nothing to do with anything and you are not helping yourselves or defending Nadal by lashing out with nonsensical ramblings. Ali, Australia, 26 June 16:12

Nadal took a MTO in Queens too, then said he was perfect in Wimbledon, and then suddenly has two mysterious injuries. I don?t have anything particular against him. If Roger respects him, I do too. But today it was so clear that the MTO was not because he was in pain but because he wanted to stop Petzschner?s momentum that even commentators mentionned it. And they love Rafa. V, France , 26 June 16:09

Rafa reputation spotless? Are you kidding?The guy is the worst. He constantly takes timeouts, pulls out of matchs when he is losing, gets on court coaching, takes forever & gets constant warnings for taking too long b/w points. The guy is the worst tennis player on the planet for gamemanship & everyone knows it but doesn?t want to admit because he is a top player. I rather watch paint peel off a wall than to watch him. Also if he is so loved why hasn?t he ever won a player award among his peers? Dianne K, United States, 26 June 16:06

Plainly speaking, Nadal is cheating. It is not a good morale for tennis. He is not fit to be number one in tennis. I had seen him many matches, when he was losing, he asked for medical time out. The tennis department has to look into this. It is not a good sportmanship to be cheating in this way. Apple L, Canada , 26 June 15:56

Interesting that Nadal supporters have so far been silent on the issue of illegal coaching. The tennis media is the same. Maria Sharapova got a lot of flak at USO 2006 for illegal in-game coaching. Justin Henin gets called out every now then. (Headline of a Jan ?10 piece: ?Henin too reliant on illegal in-game coaching?.) Today, the Umpire finally gave Nadal a warning. Will other Umpires have the guts to do that? Will the tennis media call Nadal out now for illegal in-game coaching? Betty F, Hong Kong, 26 June 15:47

Finally, an umpire with the guts to stand up to Nadal?s gamesmanship and enforce the rules. Way to go, ump! __I remember at Hamburg when Fed was serving for the set at 5-1 and Nadal took an 8-minute time out to have his thigh massaged. Same thing all over again. By the time the match re-started Fed was so tight he could barely get a server over the net ? and lost. __It?s time to put a 20 second clock on the court and enforce the rule to dock Nadal a point every time he doesn?t get a serve off. Jim F, United States, 26 June 15:45

It?s the timing of the medical timeouts that was suspicious and he?s done that before. The cameras clearly picked up the communication he had with his coach before that, he?s done that before too; it?s illegal. Sarah, United States, 26 June 15:44
I am surprised that Nadal called medical timeouts when he is losing. After he was treated he started to run around and jumping. If you got serious knee injury you cant do those things. Are you Nadal fans blind to see it?____I wish the ATP and Wimbledon authorities investigate Nadal gamemanship and illiegal coaching that he recieves everytime. Something got to be done about this. This is not good role model for young people coming into the sport. T, Great Britain, 26 June 15:44
I?m a Rafa fan, but I have to admit I don?t think he was injured today. Last year or earlier this year, it was clear he wasn?t moving well or serving well because of injuries. But today he looked fine, and I?m sorry to say I think the 2nd MTO was unecessary and allowed him to regroup. I was also disappointed about the coaching. The same happened in RG. Maybe it?s his uncle?s fault, but I don?t agree with it. As a Rafa fan, I think I?m even more disappointed than the ?haters?. J, Germany, 26 June 15:39
Judging from the comments, americans are all Nadal fans.The facts are that Nadal has a big history of doing things like that._Roger is the true hero, a really really good person.He?s an example to all of us._GO ROGER!!!!! matt, Ireland , 26 June 15:38
I am really sad for tennis today, where has the sportsmanship gone, especially from the number 1 player Rafael Nadal. I have never been so disgusted by the behaviour of a player ever. It is cheating, no other way to describe it and his coach should be embarred also. Polly B, Australia, 26 June 14:46
i think nadal is a very unfair player. he always get problems with knees and takes timeouts, if is in trouble to lose. the same last week in queens. i never see such a behaviour from a man like roger federer. he accepts also the other sportsmen, if he would lose and do not need such tactical maneuvers. , Philippines, 26 June 14:39

maxi , 11/14/10 2:17 PM

i'm disappointed ed. i can't hang on anymore :(

maxi , 11/14/10 4:06 PM

It doesn't matter what others said, we all love Rafa all the same. Save your effort on every thread, maxi. It just make you look like one vengeful fella.

luckystar , 11/14/10 4:58 PM

aww luckystar. you won't believe me, but that's okay. i understand. i completely, no fully respect how much you love your rafa. so i am glad that you have come here to respond to the posts from previous rafa fans from all around the world.

It doesn't matter what others say, we, all 5 million, and counting, love fed all the same. I've just been waiting for ed to come and respond to a post. luckystar, she posted a link about fed, i returned and just had an afternoon of it! just a bit of fun. that's all. don't fret.
good to see you. have a nice evening.

maxi , 11/14/10 5:15 PM

have a nice evening maxi, I just leave it to ed to respond.

luckystar , 11/14/10 5:17 PM

lucky, its not being vengeful. not doing anything more than what has been done to me. no fed fans here today :(. ah well, ed filled in for a while, and now you are here, so maybe we have some fun later? I am no more vengeful than ed, nadline, homos, you (you can get your temper out sometimes can't you?).

maxi , 11/14/10 5:17 PM

Vamos Rafa -
No matter what Fedfans tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they lie to us
What we believe is true.

No matter what Fedfans call you
However they're attacking you
No matter how they judge you
Your fans still are backing you

That's all that matters here
No matter what.

Vamos !

[Inspired by J.Steinman]

Augustina08 , 11/14/10 6:17 PM

Augustina -
No matter what Rafafans tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they lie to us
What we believe is true.

No matter what Rafafans call you
However they're attacking you
No matter how they judge you
Your fans still are backing you

That's all that matters here
No matter what.

Vamos Roger !

[Inspired by Augustina]


that was truly poetic! thank you!

maxi , 11/14/10 6:32 PM


I must commend you on your excellent ability to cut and paste! We all know how difficult it is to do that!

I haven't had a good laugh yet today, so thanks for the comedy! You are never more amusing than when you try to go after Rafa fans. However, just know that I do understand how traumatic it is for you when Fed loses a match that he should have won!

Gosh, don't you just hate it when that happens!

Keep up the copying and pasting and spamming this site! It's nice that we can give you something to do. But I do wish you could come up with some original material. Inserting Fed's name into someone else's poem - plagiarism of the highest order.

Keep it coming. Great stuff! Thanks for the laughs.

Oops, sorry I almost forgot to sign off.

*yawn* *boring*

Nativenewyorker , 11/14/10 7:08 PM

@maxi , 11/14/10 6:32 PM
'Vamos' is not in Fed's official language. Fed holds both Swiss (Switzerland) and South African citizenship. Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. South Africa has 11 official languages. You should use Fed's languages or blow a vuvuzela.

Augustina08 , 11/14/10 7:22 PM

no, dont want to augustina. please dont tell me what i should do.

Vamos means 'let's go!'

VAMOS ROGER! thanks for the advice on blowing a vuvuzela! I think that sounds funny - because they make so much noise!

I really did like your poem by the way. I'm going to use it in future. It was lovely. thank you.

maxi , 11/14/10 8:04 PM

native, you are the queen of spam. you're funny. honestly. i bet you're great on a friday night at a pub quiz once you've had a few too many! woot vindy!

maxi , 11/14/10 8:05 PM

native, if you come on here later, do you think, as a true rafa fan - or is it roddick fan? you could tell me why so many of the rafa fans turned against him at wimbledon? you'll see my post above. and try to talk about tennis this time, rather than making it personal. seems that none of the rafa fans want to comment. and as you have a lot of hot air tonight :), it might help the process?

maxi , 11/14/10 8:10 PM

@maxi , 11/14/10 8:04 PM

A Fedfan steals Rafafans' slogan 'Vamos'. LOL!!!

Vamos Rafa! No matter what poor Fedfans do !

Augustina08 , 11/14/10 8:15 PM

Augustina, have a bit of humour please.

you're way too serious.

Vamos Roger! No matter what poor rafafans do!

You see, it works both ways! :)

maxi , 11/14/10 8:26 PM

"vamos" is not 'rafa's slogan' nor did he invent it any more than Hewitt invented "come on" or made it his slogan. Vamos is a simple word that is part of the normal vocabulary of spanish speaking people. And fed definiely speaks spanish among the other languages he speaks fluently. By the way, fed does use the phrase and has even before rafa came on to the scene, and speaking of copying, just see the change in rafa's look over the years minus the girlishness and floweriness and (god forbid) the flourescence, we can all see who has been copying whom. Rafa so wanted to be a worthy number 2 to federer and the best way he could think of was imitation.
This is not a criticism of rafa, please understand that I am a tennis fan first and a fed fan second, so i cheer for any player taking the sport forward and by forward i dont mean turning it into a boxing ring or a test of stamina. Hence inspite of my great respect for rafa i used to find it hard to cheer for him during a match.

But i must admit that rafa has won me over. he has given a positive impetus to sports by showing how someone who was labelled as one dimensional and limited to one style of play can through sheer preserverence move towards being a more versatile player. That is a contribution to tennis that rafa has made in addition to bringing a new warrior like aspect to the mental part of the game (even though there were tougher meaner competitors, today's fans doesnt seem to rememeber them). And so yes, vamos rafa.

But enough with the plugging rafans, isnt it a bit too much?

I dread posting on this site as nothing is ever taken in context or in the spirit of a conversation but taken as something to be attacked and chewed and stamped on.. i sometimes feel rafan fans have imbued the worst aspects of what they idolise and left away the wonderful camaradarie and humility and understanding of others that thier idol constantly exhibits. We certainly could use more of that at this site to stopping it from turning into a rafa fan site.

FEDistheGOAT , 11/14/10 9:29 PM

FITG: Nothing to say about the recent constant antics that are on every thread here by an obsessive and out of control fedfan maxi? Even another fedfan had to tell her to shut up and quit baiting the rafafans on another thread that was talking about a tourney Rafa wasn't even playing. She was first to mention his name and wearing out her keyboard in an attempt to harass people here.

I truly feel worried for fed if maxi should ever really get close enough to meet him. Her obsessiveness is beyond normal.

fan4tennis , 11/14/10 11:15 PM

@FEDistheGOAT , 11/14/10 9:29 PM
Fedfans are so miserable that they can't create a slogan in one of languages of Fed's 2 homelands ! :(

Rafa has always been different than Fed and has never imitated Fed ! Copying an unemotional, boring Fed would have been awful! Rafa is the reason I watch tennis, and Fed has been the reason I have skipped watching tennis. I did not watch any of Fed's matches in Paris.

Shouldn't you say to maxi - your comrade fan - that it is enough with the plugging, Fedfans, it is a bit too much !

"We certainly could use more of that at this site to stopping it from turning into a rafa fan site".
Yeah, Fedfans have been successful in occupying all the other Tennis websites. "We certainly could..." sounds like a threath. It seems that maxi and you are already on a mission here.

Augustina08 , 11/15/10 12:09 AM


I am really surprised at you for spewing the same propaganda that Rafa fans have heard all too often from Fed fans. Shame on you for not acknowledging the fact that maxi has been spamming the blogs here with gratuitous insults to all Rafa fans. Is that what you think passes for real discussion - trashing and using cheap shots to disrespect the Rafa fans who come here to chat and have a reasonable discussion. We aren't bothering anyone, lease of all Fed fans!

Just take a look at the bile that maxi has been posting and then come and tell me that we are the ones who embody the worst aspects of the person whom we presume to idolize. No, that description is reserved for maxi.

If you are unwilling to call her out on her disgraceful harassment of Rafa fans on this site, then you are either blind or just in denial.

Nativenewyorker , 11/15/10 2:38 AM

Maxi: Stop referring to NNY as vindy. You think you're so smart, but in actuality what you're really doing is attacking her and myself because you coined both of our post names on another site and came up with Vindy. Now, please tell me, why you persist in including me in your disgusting drivel and to use your own words, elongat bagpuss posts", which are just a cut and paste job culling the details of other posters comments in an endeavour to make apear as your own. sheehs.

I don't know why the moderators allow ou to do what you do on this site, because all you're doing is destroying this site's credibility, which you've done on Tennis.x by ridiculing the writers and the site in general. Not to mention your inclusion of my name in every one of your posts which you do under the guise of pretending to go after NNY.


Awhare are the guys in white coats with their nets and the black van, when they are needed. There's a loose one here and she needs to be put away.

Von , 11/15/10 4:21 AM

It must be heart rending for you to come to terms with the fact that your idol's best days are behind him. He is a fallen star, whose light has been dimmed by the Ultimate Tennis Player - Rafa, still at the age when Roger had only just started winning titles.

Trying to steal Rafans' clothes to dress up your fading idol just won't wash, no matter how you try, Roger is no Rafa, substituting Roger's name for Rafa in odes paid to Rafa by his fans, just proves how empty Roger's cupboard is. Augustina's poem came from her heart of how she feels about Rafa, copying her shows that you don't feel anything for Roger because you cannot spontaneously come up with anything so you dress him in Rafa's clothes, well we all know they won't fit. On the other hand you appear not to be endowed with original thought, just like you copied me and substituted Roger's name to my ode - Rafa, the ultimate tennis player.

You see, an Ode is about (extra)ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and we can't say that about Roger at the moment, so don't even think of substituting his name to an ode paid to Rafa.

If none of the above works, take the keep taking the med.

nadline , 11/15/10 5:10 AM

Remember when you and I exchanged a number of posts here... on the topic of whether or not Fed was always more or less gracious in his comments...
Anyway, I found your characterisation of Nadal pretty fair back then.

But in your latest comment here... I am surprised.

Nadal's dress code before and after the change to long sleeves has been dictated by Nike who pays him huge royalites, and I don't think Nadal has that much choice in the matter (or cares) so if at times the Nike outfits and colors resemble those of Federer's Nike outfits it's down to Nike and not copying. And I doubt that Nadal was copying Federer in starting to use that common Spanish phrase "vamos".

As a knowledgeable tennis fan surely you know better than that old distorted image that used to be bandied about re Nadal being one-dimensional and winning mostly only because of his physicality and mental toughness. Did you really have to write "turning it into a boxing ring and a test of stamina"? - I mean, I know that you offer these thoughts as your personal opinions and all... but they are far from factual and you probably know it: Nadal was never one-dimensional, he was just young and needed to chase more balls down plus happened to have a never-say-die attitude that for better or for worse is not common. Tennis is a very physical sport and the non-wood rackets and other changes made to the sport have made it more so. Your characterisation about boxing matches and test of stamina seem to me to be unfair distortions of the facts, and poor put-downs of Nadal maskerading as reasonable opinions. That includes the observations you make right after saying that Nadal has won you over... the overal package smacks of some rather faint praise combined with some jabs... sounds a little familiar, unfortunately. It makes me wonder how much of a fan you can be of a player that you portray in such a one-dimensional way. And by the way, please name some of the players that were tougher than Nadal. I'm not saying there were none, but would like to hear which ones specifically you have in mind when you write this. Oh, and mean? (as opposed to competitive). Where does that come from?

You have try to pre-empt any criticism with your remarks of how some rafans might respond. Let me remark that Nadal has been almost 100% positive, supportive and gracious in his comments about other players in the hundreds of interviews over the years. Perhaps you could immitate his ethics in your comments. Here at TT I see a lot of camaraderie between posters, amidst some of the disruptive comments. To repeat, FitG, you've surprised me in your latest post because while appearing to be graceful and fair I think it was anything but. And because, indeed, you did not acknowledge the spamming and insults above that were central to the thread you were posted about.

chlorostoma , 11/15/10 5:18 PM

chlorostoma, please read my post again.

I have admitted that I used to consider Nadal to be a backward step for tennis as a sport. My post was jsut an explanation on why nadal has won me over as a fan. I am still a bigger fan of federer, but nadal is now third in my all time list of players i have seen on court live.

That is all, dont pyschoanalyse me please, it was just a straightforward post with no layered meanings.

And nadaline, that 'poem' was just a rehashing of a popular song... how is that original by any throw? So dont get so caught up in the originality and plagiarism of it all.. It would be original if it could be published without copyright issues. No offense to Augustina, it was nice to read and i like d it.. and also nadline, i didnt say nadal copies fed's phrase 'vamos' i only said i have heard fed using it even before i had heard of nadal, and i was only saying that 'vamos' is nobody's phrase to copy... it is a common expression even kids playing on the street use...

FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 10:09 AM

FEDistheGOAT: I remember ages ago wondering why Fed says "come on" since presumably English is not his first language. However, I would never accuse him of copying Andy ;) I agree with you, these phrases are in common usage everywhere. Perhaps even the mighty Fred Perry used to say "come on"!

deuce , 11/16/10 11:24 AM

@FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 10:09 AM
I don't know what words Fed uses on the court. I am laughing that Fed's FANS are not capable of creating a slogan in one of languages of Fed's 2 homelands, which alltogether have 15 official languages.
Spanish is the second most natively spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese), but it's not a language of Fed's homelands.
I myself hail Spanish-speaking players with a word 'Vamos'. But, it's funny to use this word to hail Fed !

BTW, "Vamos Rafa" is Rafa's slogan even at Nike. On one of Rafa's tennis shoes there is "Vamos" and on the other - "Rafa". Rafa's outfits are: Vamos Rafa Lawn Crew, Vamos Rafa Woven, Vamos Knit Jacket and so on.
Rafa's Nike Clothes:
Rafa's Nike Shoes (at 2:40 - 2:45):

@deuce , 11/16/10 11:24 AM
English is one of 15 official languages of Fed's 2 homelands.

Augustina08 , 11/16/10 1:18 PM

I'm a bit confused ... people are saying that Roger would say "Vamos" because he speaks Spanish but on the youtube clip where they are laughing together doing the advertisement for their charity match, Rafa has to help Roger with the Spanish words???

cal23 , 11/16/10 1:31 PM

@cal23 , 11/16/10 1:31 PM
Probably Fed has memorized some frases in Spanish and this means to his fans that he "is speaking fluently"!

<< Federer's first language is Swiss-German and he speaks English, German and French fluently. He also speaks some Swedish and Italian>>

Augustina08 , 11/16/10 2:26 PM

Allez Roger, haters is the price of genius.

Augustina, there are more praises sung to federer than you can conceive.

Fed fans are not even trying to create a slogan... maxi accidentally used vamos roger and everyone pounced on her saying it is rafa's slogan.. i was just putting out an argument that it is nobody's slogan... and by the way nadal fans didnt create 'vamos'. laughable.

I am outta here. I cant stand ground in the face of unreasonable hate.

And unfortunately I cant attack back by making personal insults on your player like you do cos i happen to like the guy. So you carry on in false illussions of originality and superiority, count me out.

FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 3:12 PM

@FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 3:12 PM
--- there are more praises sung to federer than you can conceive---
I don't care.

---accidentally used vamos roger---
Deliberately. I laughed and wrote: "no matter what poor Fedfans do". I'm laughing again.

Augustina08 , 11/16/10 3:33 PM

Good that you can find time to laugh. Happy for you.

FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 3:37 PM

I read your post several times, carefully, when thinking about whether to reply and while writing a reply. That you eventually became a Rafa fan was clear.

I only replied to point out a number of exagerations of facts and uncalled for put-downs however dressed ... see my post.

And I replied especially because this came from someone like you who does not write from hatred and who is well informed and insightful regarding tennis.

chlorostoma , 11/16/10 6:19 PM

i am sorry if that was the impression my post gave you. beleive me I am deeply regretfull that I didnt give rafa his due untill it was staring me in the face nad couldnt be denied anymore. Maybe my admiration for the fed and the fact that rafa seemed to be the only obstacle he had blinded me to the gretness of rafa... even now federer remains my favorite and idol but rafa is a great great tennis player no doubt. do still have major problems with the way rafa fans treat his ascension to the throne though, as if fed is a lesser player for having to step down after reigning so long, no one is king for ever.. I just hope he gets those few weeks that he wants.. but then i also hope he doesnt... maybe he'll play longer then... i have always been accused for having a penchant for the tragic...

FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 7:03 PM

Thank you for this reply.
I became a Nadal fan by chance, after not watching any tennis for a decade or more, when I chanced upon his semi-final with Federer at RG 2005. Had I had a different personality or outlook I could as well have become a Federer fan that day. (I become a more or less Fed fan and a Rafa fan). I didn't even know who Fed was before that day, that's how far I was from tennis.

Had I discovered Fed earlier I may have had a similar experience that a lot of Fed fans have: becoming more and more enthralled with Fed's greatness, his many qualities.

Had no-one come along to deeply challenge Fed until he was, say, 27 or 28, then it would have been what it would have been. But Nadal came along much earlier...

It is entirely human to have underestimated Nadal's true worth as a tennis player a few years ago.... simply from the blinding brilliance of Federer... and adding to that from the contrast between the style of play from one's very favorite and legendary Federer to that of his main rival... especially in the early years.

And it is entirely human to have reacted emotionally and sometimes irrationally and sometimes unfairly to Nadal's many times over spoiling things for Federer, I mean defeated him too often, preventing him from getting to a career slam 4 ( FOUR ! ) years in a row, defeating him at Wimbledon, then next again at the AO... especially after having been used to Federer being the undisputed TMF (with the exception of matches with his main rival).

I really believe that at the heart of so many of the discussions between fedfans an rafans, more than the goat issue (which many tennis experts doubt is really a valid question) .... are ..... the above reasons (and disagreements about whether Fed is a lot less than gracious and fair in a lot of remarks he makes about other players).

And I think that they stem primarily from the fact that Nadal was born a few years after Fed but in time to become a kind of spoilsport year after year.

chlorostoma , 11/16/10 7:26 PM

Rafa is practicing. e-djokovic.html

If Shireling is around, maybe he could translate what Rafa said. :)

Augustina08 , 11/16/10 8:06 PM

chlorostoma, if you are a girl, i love you. If you are a guy, cheers mate!
But seriously, you put down word for word the conflict I and I believe many had to go through... And yes I believe that i the fundamental difference..

Could you use the same insight to explain why the rafa fans seems to be so fundamentally turned off by fed.. you gave one viewpoint in the best way i can imagine... But I am not able to figuere out how people who liek genuine tennis can hate fed after the spectacular years of ennis he gifted us with, even when they acknowledge soem of his matches to be the best they have seen.. how? just because he has a sense of humour that makes him think that he can joke about him being realy good and nobody will think he is praising himself? just because he was dominant for too long and people got bored? Just becasue he was not a safin on court? There has to be more to it than that for the sheer hatred that i see going around..

I have held for a long time now that if you really like teenis, you might have your idols and favorites.. bout how can you hate a player who loves the game and lives for it?

FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 8:22 PM

Sorry for the typos, reposting:

chlorostoma, if you are a girl, i love you! If you are a guy, cheers mate!
But seriously, you put down word for word the conflict I and I believe many had to go through... And yes I believe that was the fundamental difference..

Could you use the same insight to explain why the rafa fans seems to be so fundamentally turned off by fed.. you gave one viewpoint in the best way i can imagine... But I am not able to figure out how people who like genuine tennis can hate fed after the spectacular years of tennis he gifted us with, even when they acknowledge some of his matches to be the best they have seen.. how? just because he has a sense of humour that makes him think that he can joke about him being realy good and nobody will think he is praising himself? just because he was dominant for too long and people got bored? Just because he was not a safin on court? There has to be more to it than that for the sheer hatred that i see going around..

I have held for a long time now that if you really like tennis, you might have your idols and favorites.. but how can you hate a player who loves the game and lives for it?

FEDistheGOAT , 11/16/10 8:26 PM

Rafa has a tough draw as usual at the WTF, drawing Nole, Roddick and Berdych.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/16/10 8:49 PM

I am not a girl, phew!, narrow escape ... :-) just mates then...
(I collect specimen seashells and thalotia chlorostoma is simply to me one of the most beautiful species if you see the best specimens of it)

I can try to asnwer your question just from my own limited understanding. There are a few reasons I can think of and they don't always apply to the same fans:
1. some rafans just like some fedfans get pretty obsessive about comparing their respective accomplishments. Which is a little hairy because they both have accomplished a lot and not all the same stuff - although in many ways fed has accomplished more, at least thus far and very possibly for good. I have gotten into this too... when I felt that some of Rafa's accomplishments were downplayed beyond a case of normal subjectivity.
2. Which brings us to points 2 and 3. Point 2 being that sometimes fans and reporter etc really distort facts... knowingly or unwittingly... and it tends to aggravate the fans on the other side. Goes in all directions.
3. Sometimes - and I know this is a point few fedfans agree entirely with - or rather much too often TMF distorts facts all while using seemingly diplomatic language. I know you may not agree on this one with me: I don't think it is all in humour etc... BUT we don't have to agree on this... we've already had a very long exchange of comments on this one in the blog half a year or so ago about whether Fed is often much less than gracious. It is the ONE thing that really irritates me about Fed and irritates me over and over - and what also irritates me (and other rafans) is when others will argue endlessly that in all of those instances Fed was actually being fair, balanced, graceful, faultless...
4. Now we get into some of the more intense stuff. There are literally millions of fedfans in the world, obviously, and millions of rafans. And among them there are plenty who get deeply irrationally smitten with their fan, obsessed in one way or another - AND I AM NOT JUDGING - you know, like Beatle-mania back when and any other adulation of movie stars, pop stars etc... it becomes very emotional, is also quite beautiful, very personal... and so any attack or perceived attack at their idol is felt strongly and for some that also means they will post from that place. Their idol can do no wrong.
5. Of course Nadal NEVER does anything wrong. I know, because I am a fan since 2005 and keep close tabs. So don't even try to criticize him, OK? :-) :-) :-). Seriously, Rafa was brought up to behave very very decently at virtually all times with virtually everyone... and he has a work ethic and a level of bravery that is not often witnessed in a public figure... and there is just not much you can get a hold of that you could legitimally criticize ... assuming we really are that entitled to dissect these players so much all year round.

chlorostoma , 11/16/10 9:04 PM

I mean to write:
[ much too often TMF distorts facts ] or puts down all kinds of other players from Rafa to Andy and the list goes on and on, or invents excuses that are just not plausible or graceful

chlorostoma , 11/16/10 9:08 PM

I do need to add one more item here, FitG,
6. Basically a repeat of my post on Roger's brilliance blinding etc...: it seem that a lot of people, often because of the reasons I mentioned in that blog ... can not simply give Rafa his due (to use NNY's words from another thread)... and so come up with comment after comment and argument after argument simply to avoid doing just that: acknowledge what he has achieved. Not only are these usually not fair or factual, but also the goalpost keeps getting moved... it does get to be irritating. E.g. Rafa had a cupcake draw at the US Open; earlier: until Rafa wins the US Open...; before that: until Rafa wins a major on hardcourt; now: until Rafa wins the WTF; later this might turn into: until Rafa has won two gold medals, or: until Rafa wins 16 majors, etc, etc...; years ago it used to be: Rafa will never win a slam on grass or hardcourt (when Rafa was already irritating people by winning everything on clay and winning occasional tournaments on hardcourt and beating Fed more often than would have been polite). Sometimes (not always) this goes hand in hand with some stuff Fed has said in an interview. Gospel, you know. For example how do you explain that Rafa won his first hardcourt grandslam with one day less of rest than Fed, the greatest hardcourt and tennis player of his generation, and after playing the famed marathon semi-final against Verdasco? Answer: either you just have to say that Nadal was excellent that day and add no qualifications, or you get into all that distorting nonsense.

chlorostoma , 11/16/10 9:25 PM

Rafa has a tough draw as usual at the WTF, drawing Nole, Roddick and Berdych.


Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.
, 11/16/10 8:49 PM

utter complete rubbish. why do you make excuses carrie, all the time. all the time rafa plays, he is either tired, retired, unhealthy, ill, and has the most difficult draw, it's so boring. he is world no. 1. shouldn't he beat everyone?

Roger Federer, the BEST, the ULTIMATE, the most EXCELLENT player!

Vamos Roger!

maxi , 11/16/10 11:09 PM

It is the ONE thing that really irritates me about Fed and irritates me over and over - and what also irritates me (and other rafans) is when others will argue endlessly that in all of those instances Fed was actually being fair, balanced, graceful, faultless...

chlorostoma, you are blinded. Read the comments from rafa fans at the post above

, 11/14/10 2:17 PM

why do you fail to acknowledge this? Just admit no one is perfect. no one. rafa least of all. This is what upsets federer fans, whereby he is the target of ungraciousness, selfishness, etc., but just look and read the posts of rafa fans. Is it any wonder?

maxi , 11/16/10 11:14 PM

Sorry....I forgot that fed NEVER lost at the WTF in all the 9 years he has played when he was Number 1. Forgot that he was perfect ;-P

fan4tennis , 11/17/10 1:23 AM

Just come across some comments by McEnroe:

He also said Borg and Nadal were two of the best athletes in tennis history. He said Federer was a great player, but not as good an athlete. I agree with him.

Latennis , 11/17/10 9:34 AM

He also said Borg and Nadal were two of the best athletes in tennis history. He said Federer was a great player, but not as good an athlete. I agree with him.

Latennis , 11/17/10 9:34 AM

Totally agree, everyone knows that Federer is a dancer who plays tennis. If you want to watch tennis played as a sport, you don't want to watch Federer, watch real men like Rafa and many others; even the girls play it more like a sport that Federer does.

Yes, every time Rafa loses a match there is a reason for it, if he is 100% fit and motivated, he is unbeatable.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/17/10 9:56 AM


Thanks for the link! Borg was my first tennis love and the first time I saw Rafa play, he reminded me of him. I had that same sense of excitement, a kind of thrill running through me as I watched him. I knew that he would be my second great tennis love. He was the one who brought back the feeling I had when I watched Borg. I think with Rafa it has become even more of a love affair. He is a superb athlete, who also happens to be a wonderful human being.

Nativenewyorker , 11/17/10 10:22 AM


Vote for Rafa on the ATP website !
Voting ends TODAY, on 17 November. -Voting.aspx d-Tour-Award-Nominees-2010.aspx

Use the links
or click "INSIDE ATP WORLD TOUR/ATP World Tour Awards/Vote For Your Favourites" on the bottom part of the front page of the ATP website.

(If you click the button FANS on the top part of the front page of the ATP website, you'll see Fed)

Vamos, Rafa the Superstar !

Augustina08 , 11/17/10 3:38 PM

I don't think there is anything wrong with Fed playing tennis in such a fluid way that some view it as dancing...

I don't think his style is so black-and-white different to Nadal's: they have a lot more in common in their tennis playing than is made out because people are continuously looking to express the contrasts - real and perceived. Both are fantastically conditioned, athletic, coordinated, intelligent on the court, versatile, great at transitions, mentally tough ... the list goes one. Truly, there is so much more in common between them than not. But of course it is the differences that we highlight and yes, they are at the same time also very different from eachother on the court.

To each (fan) their own.

But there is no doubt there is a lot of truth in what Borg said about the two of them.

chlorostoma , 11/17/10 4:17 PM

cholorostoma, I call it dancing, not because I think Federer does that, I just don't buy the elegant thing, because Fed's fans and a lot of commentators tend to do the distinction by presenting Rafa as all brute force with no finesse and Federer the effortless elegant player, and I am just trying to stetch it to a ridiculous extreme. It is ridiculous to describe a tennis player as elegant, because it is a sport, not an art.

Much of what I say is really tongue in cheek, sometims playing people at their own game.

nadline , 11/17/10 4:56 PM

Rafa travelled to London.

Rafa Nadal camino de Londres

Unfortunaltely, I don't understand a word what Rafa says.

Augustina08 , 11/17/10 5:17 PM

Toni Nadal says: "We must rely on the effort, not talent"
[ABC de Sevilla, 16/11/2010]

The article is in Spanish. I read Google's translation. Rafa's uncle & mentor & coach T.Nadal talks about personal values and their importance. He mostly repeats what he has said in many other intreviews. rzo-talento-201011162114.html

Augustina08 , 11/17/10 6:18 PM

John McEnroe touts Rafael Nadal

Associated Press

DOHA, Qatar -- Roger Federer may have the most Grand Slam titles, but John McEnroe says Rafael Nadal is building a resume that could make him the greatest of all time.

Federer has won a record 16 Grand Slams, seven more than Nadal. Yet Nadal has a 14-7 record against Federer. Nadal has won the Davis Cup title with Spain and an Olympic singles gold medal -- two achievements that have eluded Federer.

McEnroe, speaking at a sports conference in Doha, said, "There is an argument to be made that Rafael Nadal may be the greatest player eventually, even possibly now."

McEnroe adds that the 29-year-old Swiss star could add a "couple more" titles to that tally.

Former Swedish great Bjorn Borg said Federer is still the greatest, although "Rafa has the chance to be the greatest player" if he stays healthy.

nadline , 11/17/10 7:52 PM

Forgot that he was perfect ;-P
, 11/17/10 1:23 AM

that's okay fan4tennis. you're forgiven!

Vamos Roger!

maxi , 11/17/10 8:56 PM

re dancing... that was understood :-)... sometimes I am ironic or sarcastic... in that latest post here I just wanted to talk about how too much has been made of the differences in their on court abilities... and 'fluid' I think is a good description for Roger: more so than for most players now and in the past.

chlorostoma , 11/17/10 9:34 PM

Good one maxi, we should forgive when people forget that.
Federer was unbeatable when he was 100%, age has coaught up with him now that's all, and he 's had o step down from his throne, but he's still as perfect as they come. Enough for us.

But please please do stop saying vamos roger maxi. it just doesnt suit him.
Vamos doesnt even mean a full 'come on' except in colloquial... it means "let's". So "let's Roger" doesnt make sense to me. Besides Vamos is so definitely Rafa's atleast in tennis... So maxi, Vamos a dejar de.

Use Allez Roger or Hail Roger instead.

FEDistheGOAT , 11/17/10 9:39 PM

And whilst you are at it FIG, please tell maxi to stop substituting Roger's name for Rafa's when Rafans write an ode to Rafa, all it shows is that she can't come up with anything spontaneous in praise of when I say - 'Rafa is the ultimate tennis player' she changes Rafa to Roger, it's very childish and annoying.

Vamos Rafa.

nadline , 11/17/10 10:13 PM

@nadline , 11/17/10 7:52 PM
So, Rafa could be RAFAistheGOAT. :)

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 11/18/10 1:11 AM

You asked me why I thought certain rafafans were this or that... I wrote you a list. Your turn: do you more or less agree? What is yours?

BTW Fed was beatable even in his best years, only it was rare, except by one Mallorcan against whom it was not rare. Just sayin' ...

chlorostoma , 11/18/10 3:16 AM

@nadline , 11/17/10 7:52 PM
So, Rafa could be RAFAistheGOAT. :)

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 11/18/10 1:11 AM

This just proves how ridiculous you know who is dressing Roger in Rafa's clothes, like the poem you posted on behalf of Roger. I wouldn't dream of being so shallow, and in this case, I don't happen to subscribe to the crowning anyone the GOAT.

nadline , 11/18/10 8:44 AM

chlorostoma, i didnt reply to your analysis on rafa fans because it was more a a tirade on fed than an explanation.

In your explanation of why fed fans didnt like rafa, yu gave a reasoned answer of why that could happen even if they had nothing in thier hearts agaisnt rafa..

but unfortunately you couldnt give an unbiased reasoning for the second attempt :) I didnt want to hurt your feelings, so didnt reply...

What i asked was for an analysis on the mindset of these fans without inloving the players like you had done in your ealier post

Also, fed might have been beatable but beating him was a rare and very considerable achievement then and used to make headline news and propel the player who beat him into the limelight... every player is beatable. And fed's best years were already going on when rafa came on the scene... the H2H started getting so skewed only later.. as fed mooved towards his leaner years

FEDistheGOAT , 11/18/10 10:37 AM

@FEDistheGOAT , 11/18/10 10:37 AM
--- the H2H [Rafa:Fed] started getting so skewed only later.. as fed mooved towards his leaner years---

You are not correct !

List of all matches Rafa vs Federer:
No. / Year /Tournament/ Surface/ Round /Winner - H2H
1. 2004 Miami Hard R32 Nadal - 1:0
2. 2005 Miami Hard Final Federer - 1:1
3. 2005 French Open Clay Semi-final Nadal - 2:1
4. 2006 Dubai Hard Final Nadal - 3:1
5. 2006 Monte Carlo Clay Final Nadal - 4:1
6. 2006 Rome Clay Final Nadal - 5:1
7. 2006 French Open Clay Final Nadal - 6:1
8. 2006 Wimbledon Grass Final Federer - 6:2
9. 2006 Shanghai Hard Semi-final Federer - 6:3
10. 2007 Monte Carlo Clay Final Nadal - 7:3
11. 2007 Hamburg Clay Final Federer - 7:4
12. 2007 French Open Clay Final Nadal - 8:5
13. 2007 Wimbledon Grass Final Federer - 8:5
14. 2007 Shanghai Hard Semi-final Federer - 8:6
15. 2008 Monte Carlo Clay Final Nadal - 9:6
16. 2008 Hamburg Clay Final Nadal - 10:6
17. 2008 French Open Clay Final Nadal - 11:6
18. 2008 Wimbledon Grass Final Nadal - 12:6
19. 2009 Australian Open Hard Final Nadal - 13:6
20. 2009 Madrid Clay Final Federer - 13:7
21. 2010 Madrid Clay Final Nadal - 14:7

P.S. I don't want to interrupt your discussion with chlorostoma.

Augustina08 , 11/18/10 12:19 PM

Vamos Rafa.
, 11/17/10 10:13 PM



I say VAMOS (which means "Let's go!"), I dont associate it with anything other than 'Let's go'. It's just a bit of fun.

I get bored when I see nads say it all the time, so I say it back - she spams as much (if not more) as the rest of us -

I like it Fedis. If you don't, well I'm not going to change.

VAMOS ROGER! The ULTIMATE tennis player! Woot!

Go Roger!

Augustina, I love statistics, I am really glad a rafafan posted some here - thanks - here's some for you too!

Fed's results last year and this year:
Australian Open QF: d. Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 6-0, 6-0
Australian Open SF: d. Andy Roddick 6-2, 7-5, 7-5
Madrid QF: d. Andy Roddick 7-5, 6-7(5), 6-1
Madrid SF: d. Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 6-4
Madrid F: d. Rafael Nadal 6-4, 6-4
French Open R4: d. Tommy Haas 6-7(4), 5-7, 6-4, 6-0, 6-2
French Open QF: d. Gael Monfils 7-6(6), 6-2, 6-4
French Open SF: d. Juan Martin Del Potro 3-6, 7-6(2), 2-6, 6-1, 6-4
French Open F: d. Robin Soderling 6-1, 7-6(1), 6-4
Wimbledon SF: d. Tommy Haas 7-6(3), 7-5, 6-3
Wimbledon F: d. Andy Roddick 5-7, 7-6(6), 7-6(5), 3-6, 16-14
Cincinnati SF: d. Andy Murray 6-2, 7-6(8)
Cincinnati F: d. Novak Djokovic 6-1, 7-5
U.S. Open QF: d. Robin Soderling 6-0, 6-3, 6-7(6), 7-6(6)
U.S. Open SF: d. Novak Djokovic 7-6(3), 7-5, 7-5
(you know the ones for this year).

But Augustina, with the head2head. Roger has the same head2head against Novak. Does that make novak a player of less talent? I dont think so, what do you think?

Here's some more stats Augustina!

H2H is rather misleading. For instance Davydenko leads Nadal by 5-4 whereas he trails Federer 2-13. Will you conclude from this that Davydenko is a better player than Nadal but inferior to Federer wheraes Nadal is inferior to Davydenko but superior to Federer. That really makes no sense. Similarly see the H2H of Nadal against Del Potro it stands at 3-2 in his favour whereas Del Potro is 2-7 against Federer. Same in the case of Soderling, Roddick and many other players. So H2H is rather misleading. What matters ultimately is consistency and consecutive 23 grand slam semi finals is the pinnacle of achievement which every Tennis player can only envy.
Untill Wimby ?03 Fed was 29-16 in Grand Slams
From Wimby ?03 up to OZ Open ?10 he?s 166-11!!!!
He was almost 22 when he finally figured out to win at Slams?.

just something to think about when you stop drooling over your head2head!

maxi , 11/18/10 8:14 PM

The next tennis season is right around the corner. The tournament organizers are making lists of participants.
Rafa has not announced his attendance on the next Rotterdam tournament, which will be played February 7-13th, 2011. If he has decided to take a long break after AO 2011, I would be glad.
This year, Rafa withdrew from the Rotterdam tournament.

Augustina08 , 11/18/10 9:12 PM

Rafa and other WTF players were at UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Enjoy the pictures: avid+Cameron+Meets+ATP+Tour/afmfJX8fU_8/Rafael+Nadal

Augustina08 , 11/18/10 10:01 PM

"Rafa has not announced his attendance on the next Rotterdam tournament, which will be played February 7-13th, 2011. If he has decided to take a long break after AO 2011, I would be glad."

Another evidence that Rafa is becoming smarter with his schedule. Playing Rotterdam was ridiculous in my mind. Rafa needs to keep exactly the same schedule as he did in 2010 so that he is absolutely fit till the US Open.

atul1985 , 11/19/10 9:25 AM

Rafa gave a short interview at the residence of the UK's Prime Minister.

Rafa: <<Always this tournament is difficult for me because of the surface, because of opponents. Will be a big challenge and will be very difficult, but I am here to do my best. Anyway, if it happens the same like last year, my year is still fantastic >>

The transcript I made is not very exact. See the interview on the video (Rafa appears after Andy Murray):,26691,12611_6514598,00.html

Augustina08 , 11/19/10 9:49 AM

Also, fed might have been beatable but beating him was a rare and very considerable achievement then and used to make headline news and propel the player who beat him into the limelight... every player is beatable. And fed's best years were already going on when rafa came on the scene... the H2H started getting so skewed only later.. as fed mooved towards his leaner years

FEDistheGOAT , 11/18/10 10:37 AM

If you believe that, you'll believe anything. Seems like you don't let the facts get in the way of what you want to believe. Let me just show you their h2h between 2004 and 2006:

2006 Tennis Masters Cup
China Hard S Federer, Roger
6-4, 7-5 Stats

2006 Wimbledon
England Grass F Federer, Roger
6-0, 7-6(5), 6-7(2), 6-3 Stats

2006 Roland Garros
France Clay F Nadal, Rafael
1-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-6(4) Stats

2006 ATP Masters Series Rome
Italy Clay F Nadal, Rafael
6-7, 7-6(5), 6-4, 2-6, 7-6(5) Stats

2006 ATP Masters Series Monte Carlo
Monaco Clay F Nadal, Rafael
6-2, 6-7(2), 6-3, 7-6(5) Stats

2006 Dubai
U.A.E. Hard F Nadal, Rafael
2-6, 6-4, 6-4 Stats

2005 Roland Garros
France Clay S Nadal, Rafael
6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 Stats

2005 ATP Masters Series Miami
FL, U.S.A. Hard F Federer, Roger
2-6, 6-7(4), 7-6(5), 6-3, 6-1 Stats

2004 ATP Masters Series Miami
FL, U.S.A. Hard R32 Nadal, Rafael
6-3, 6-3 Stats

And before you cite the hackneyed mantra about clay, the first time Rafa beat Roger was on h/c, in straight sets.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/19/10 10:09 AM

@nadline - I agree with FEDistheGOAT, that defeating Federer was rare and considered a great achievement. That is if you were anybody not named NADAL. If you were Nadal then that was more or less the norm

atul1985 , 11/19/10 10:31 AM

The following made made me smile.

Rafael Nadal is simply Rafa.
<<Nadal, the player who has won nine Grand Slam titles and an Olympic Gold, is afraid of darkness and tends to leave at least one light on when he is alone at home. Nadal, the cook that specialises in pasta; has opened a school for underprivileged children in India. /---/ Nadal, who always rents a house within walking distance of Wimbledon, loves Japanese food, playing with his PlayStation and listening to Spanish music. Family is what matters most to the World No. 1. Running in a close second is tennis. /---/
Is he the best sportsman Spain has ever produced? That's the discussion in the streets and the media. Is he an influential figure? Yes. Is he a role model for many? Yes. Is he a popular star, one that lives with the burden of being hunted by the paparazzi? Yes.
There is one thing that summarises everything. In 2008, Nadal was distinguished with the prestigious Principe de Asturias award. The reason? "His behaviour both in victory and defeat." In other words: he was recognised as a valid role model for society, and an approachable one. Rafael Nadal is simply Rafa. >> [ATP Website, The Return Of Rafa]

The Principe de Asturias awards are Spain's equivalent of the Nobel Prizes.

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 11/19/10 11:56 AM

@nadline - I agree with FEDistheGOAT, that defeating Federer was rare and considered a great achievement. That is if you were anybody not named NADAL. If you were Nadal then that was more or less the norm

atul1985 , 11/19/10 10:31 AM

No you don't agree with FIG, because this is what FIG said:

And fed's best years were already going on when rafa came on the scene... the H2H started getting so skewed only later.. as fed mooved towards his leaner years

FEDistheGOAT , 11/18/10 10:37 AM

If FIG had said the same as you, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of showing their H2H up to 2006. So basically, even you don't agree with FIG.

nadline , 11/19/10 12:10 PM

Agree with nadline, that from their 1st meeting in 2004 up till end 2006, a period which Fed was clearly in his prime and reached his peak in 2005/2006, and when Rafa was just an upstart, Rafa had already had a favorable H2H against Fed; 4-0 on clay, 2-2 on hard and 0-1 on grass. Fed had the opportunities to turn it in his favor then, by winning the Rome 06 final, and by winning the Miami 04 and Dubai 06 final matches. However he failed to do so, in his prime. He had his chances in 2007, he did close the gap to 8-6 (in Rafa's favor) but thereafter, once Rafa started hitting his prime in 2008, there was no turning back the runaway imbalance in the H2H.

People always emphasize that Rafa's advantage over Fed was on clay, however Fed and Rafa had met six times on hard courts. Had Fed had the ability to exert his authority over Rafa on hard courts, we may not see a 3-3 H2H on hard courts, instead it may be 0-6 or 1-5 in Fed's favor and their H2H may not be that lopsided. Instead of blaming Rafa for not reaching enough hard court finals to meet Fed, why not blame Fed for not taking the chances that they met to beat Rafa? Even if Rafa really make it to more hard court finals to meet Fed, I'm not sure that Fed would be able to beat Rafa that often to tilt the H2H in Fed's favor, given that their actual six meetings resulted in a 3-3 split. Chances of them splitting the wins evenly between them had they met more often on hard courts are higher, in my opinion.

luckystar , 11/19/10 12:43 PM

@nadline - lol

let me put in a better way. I agree with FIG when he says that beating Fed was rare and considered a great achievement but only if you taking about all tennis players minus Nadal.
Nadal use to beat him more often than not even when Fed was at his prime.

@Luckystar - you have a valid point regarding Federer not dominating Rafa even on surfaces other than clay. Clearly kills any arguement that Federer would have had a better H2h had Rafa met him more on hard courts finals.

atul1985 , 11/19/10 2:35 PM

There are of course rafans who are way far removed from facts and reasonable opinions, just as there are fedfans.

But if you read, for example, the last three or so posts above... notice that here are examples among a number of others of points discussed based on facts that demonstrate some of the quite numerous distortions that have been written around Rafael Nadal... all originating in the fact that he inconveniently proved to be so hard to beat by Federer even in Roger's prime, and that inconveniently Nadal in his prime is also rising far above all other players other than Roger and breaking all kinds of very difficult to break records.

For example, it has been stated as an incontrovertible fact that had Rafa met Roger on hardcourt more often over the years for sure their H2H would be more in favor of Roger... but even in Roger's prime and at a time when Rafa was pretty young and weak on hardcourt relative to claycourt they split their hardcourt wins. Rafa even beat Roger the very first time they met which has on a hardcourt. Not AT ALL a foregone conclusions that had they met an additional 4 or 6 times on hardcourt over the last 5 or 6 years that Roger would have dominated their hardcourt H2H.

You see... at the end of the day much of the disagreement between some fedfans and some rafans boils down to two reasons:

1. Rafa very inconveniently started to do very well long before his prime and right from the start of Roger's prime and has been such a spoilsport, relatively, in Roger's career that many sportswriters, commentators and fedfans have responded in ways that seem factual, fair and reasonable to them (us) but were not. There has been an unending littany of accusations, put-downs and so on written and spoken against Nadal... all due to the spoilsport situation.

2. Roger is particularly ungraceful and unfair quite often, quite consistently, against especially any player that does well against him. Despite the regal aura that has been woven around Federer by the community of writers and fans ... a number of serious writers have at times commented on this... and many fans have. I know we disagree on this point but, FitG, either way this is the other source of contention between fedfans and rafans.

chlorostoma , 11/19/10 3:34 PM

If only Fedfans and all Fedfan commentators would just accept that Rafa dominates Federer then we would all be spared the endless need to present the facts. A 14.7 h2h is a domination which ever way you look at it.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/19/10 4:55 PM

Rafa speaks in London.

Google's translation.
Excerpts from the article:
<<Nadal: "The ball jumps slightly, but the court is not extremely fast."

Rafa Nadal trains in London, where on Monday at the Masters Cup, he debuts against Andy Roddick. The world No.1 is however not the favorite to win, as well he never won this tournament, playing conditions seem to be prone to his game. However, first impressions of the Balearic Islander after making contact with the court, have been positive.
"It's a fast court. The ball jumps a little, but not extremely fast," said Rafa at the conclusion of training. The Spaniard faces his fourth Masters Cup. Last year, in an event that was also played at the O2 arena in the English capital, Nadal did not win even one of the three matches in the phase of 'Round Robin'. /---/. "I'm not a revenge, for nothing. Last year was bad, then try to do better this year," said the Spaniard in a panel discussion on Friday in a hotel in central London. [, 19/11/10]

Vamos Rafa - no matter what!

Augustina08 , 11/19/10 7:37 PM

No one even talked about this interview here's given by Mr.nadal

rafarts , 11/20/10 2:13 AM

Rafa says that "sometimes the feeling is like ball is dead" at O2 Arena.

<<Renewed Nadal seeks improvement in London.
"The surface here is not very slow, not very fast, it's average, but for me the problem is the bounce. Sometimes the feeling is like the ball is dead. It's easier for me to play well when the ball has a bigger bounce, but that's the conditions."
While the conditions may not be ideal, at least confidence shouldn't be a problem this time around. Since April, Nadal has won seven titles, including the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
"I wasn't playing well last year but I practiced a lot and every day when I wake up, I wake up with the (hope) of changing the situation. That's what I did and finally it changed."
Nadal said the turning point was winning in Monte Carlo, ending almost a year without a title, and then recapturing the French Open title.
"After that, everything was a little less difficult, I played with more calm, more confidence," he said. "Because I won those tournaments, the rest was possible." >>

Vamos Rafa, no matter what!

Augustina08 , 11/20/10 3:22 AM

No one even talked about this interview here's given by Mr.nadal

rafarts , 11/20/10 2:13 AM

I looked up your link and the operative word in all of it is 'REPORTEDLY'. That means what someone said Rafa said, and putting it in quotes is misleading, because I have read many versions of this, and everyone is different, every version adding more salt and pepper to make it tastier; it now seems to have a life of it's own.

Here is the bit from your link:

and Nadal REPORTEDLY said this:

"It was in the last game, when I was serving for the match. ... I didn't know where to serve. Down the center, to the middle or to try the classic play of the wide serve and then try to hit the forehand. They told me to serve wide and that's where I served."

How about Roger openly admitting to taking a toilet break against Davydenko to get him off his rythm and allow the sun to pass through, that is cheating by any other name.

Fedfans are now getting desperate because Rafa has stopped them polishing Roger's halo so they resort to name calling. Rafa HAS replaced Roger, get over it.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/20/10 7:53 AM

Anyone who believes that the the USO final was won on one serve when Rafa was leading 5.2 in the 4th set has got some serious blinkers on.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/20/10 7:59 AM

@nadline , 11/20/10 7:59 AM
---Anyone who believes that the the USO final was won on one serve when Rafa was leading 5.2 in the 4th set has got some serious blinkers on.---


Augustina08 , 11/20/10 8:20 AM

Also, an article in NYT tells about the speed of the court & bouncing the ball & Rafa's prospect of winning the WTF.
The autor says: <<The relatively quick, relatively low-bouncing U.S. Open hard courts were once supposed to be too much for him, too, and he won the title there this year.>>

More excerpts related to Rafa: <<Who'll Be the Brightest Star of All?
In September, on the night when Nadal completed his Grand Slam collection by winning the U.S. Open, he and Toni Nadal were identifying the World Tour Finals as unfinished business. Last week in Paris, after withdrawing from the tournament there before it began because of tendinitis in his left shoulder, Nadal made it clear that his interest had not waned.
"The only thing I can say is I'm going to be with special motivation," he said. "I?m gonna do all in my hands to play well there. Is a goal for me to try to improve the image of last year in London."
Nadal said that the combination punch of an indoor surface plus the quality of the field make this A.T.P. finals tournament "probably" the hardest one for him to win. But who can feel too skeptical about his capacities in any tournament at this stage?
The relatively quick, relatively low-bouncing U.S. Open hard courts were once supposed to be too much for him, too, and he won the title there this year with the loss of just one set, powering up his serve after making a slight grip change and continuing to roam the court with the same unrelenting drive that has long defined him.
"The internal satisfaction, aside from the victory, is to see how much he has improved on fast courts, which was a goal we always had in mind without being sure we'd get there," Toni Nadal said. "He's returning better, serving a bit better, having a more advanced position in the court with a much better sliced backhand."
But Nadal is nothing if not hungry for more excellence, and it might not be a stretch to say that he owes his career to this tournament more than any other.>> [The NYT, November 19, 2010]

I hope, Rafa will shine brightly.

Augustina08 , 11/20/10 8:33 AM

How about Roger openly admitting to taking a toilet break against Davydenko to get him off his rythm and allow the sun to pass through, that is cheating by any other name
nadline , 11/20/10 7:53 AM you are to the point .... When roger take the advantage of loophole in the rule and even admitted it fairly then people here filled alot of spaces to blame him and when rafa broke a rule (even he himself admit indirectly) then its okay??

i know match doesn't depend on a single serve but rules are rules and in rafa case he had fined in just last slam before !!

rafarts , 11/20/10 8:47 AM

And so rafar_s, what's your point? I thought this topic had been discussed till death after the USO, at least on other websites? And there was no conclusive proof about it. Bringing out this issue doesn't change anything, it won't change the fact too that Fed had his strategic toilet break or that he was rude to the umpire at last year's USO. I believe most of us here already know of this interview, so there's nothing new here, and it won't change anything about Rafa and his fans' support.

luckystar , 11/20/10 9:04 AM

rafarts, what loophole? There is nothing in the rules to say that players can PRETEND to take a toilet break to gain advantage.

nadline , 11/20/10 9:24 AM

Rafa's disappointment last year was not about losing 0-3 at the WTF. His disappointment was with himself for playing way below his best level. Before he left London he apologised to ALL the fans for letting them down by putting in such a poor performance.

ed251137 , 11/20/10 9:42 AM

Please tell me this nonsense isn't starting all over again! Along with the broken english! Good grief!


I agree with you that Rafa's disappointment was in playing so badly. He is a perfectionist and a proud champion. He felt that the fans deserved better and was gracious enough to tell them. Class act all the way!

Nativenewyorker , 11/20/10 9:56 AM

nadline , 11/20/10 10:21 AM


You missed one most famous.... remember

The one & only THE BUTT PICKER --- (sweet name for rafa and he completely justify it on court)

rafarts , 11/20/10 10:48 AM


You missed one most famous.... remember

The one & only THE BUTT PICKER --- (sweet name for rafa and he completely justify it on court)

rafarts , 11/20/10 10:48 AM

rafarts, a rose by any other name will smell as sweet.

nadline , 11/20/10 3:38 PM

ome of these phrases and nicknames are well known to tennis fans, but some are just random ones that we use ourselves. If any of them offend you, then tough ***. A sense of humor is essential in these parts.

Sorry TT, should have read it first before pasting it, any chance of deleting the word?

nadline , 11/20/10 4:14 PM

Butt picking or not, Rafa's fans still love him. His fans accept him for what he is, regardless of any flaw. Unlike some fans of another player, too unrealistic and idealistic and cannot accept that their idol has flaws, and would resort to vicious verbal attacks against anyone discussing about their idol's flaws or shortcomings.

luckystar , 11/20/10 4:58 PM

I think rafarts is maxi's new alias.

nadline , 11/20/10 5:46 PM

Rafa is now the proud owner of the Stefan Edberg SPORTSMANSHIP Award!!!
Congrats Rafa!! Warning: To degrade this award, given him by his own fellow players, would be to degrade all of fed's wins of this award.

fed won the fan favorite award, but as the ATP site says, not without a fight. fed-47% to Rafa-42%

fan4tennis , 11/20/10 5:57 PM

Nadal, who had already locked up the ATP World Tour No. 1 award after an incredible season in which he won three Grand Slam titles, beat out Federer for the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award, as voted by his fellow players. Federer had won the award the past six years.

Yes, Rafa wins the sportsmanship award, voted for by fellow players, who said he wasn't popular in the locker room?

As far as the fan favourite award is concerned, it's more like the poll on TT, it is possible to stuff the vote as many times as you like.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 11/20/10 6:02 PM

ALASS rafa wins the sportsmanship award and justice prevails :D ...wonder what extra he did to win the award this time??? that 2000 pounds fine at wimby helped his cause may b? lol :p ....any way congrats to all rafans :)

42% of votes to go rafa and 47% go to fedex... LOL...that makes it a total of 89%! tennis shud be renamed roger-rafa :P

@nadline..umm, i think fed is slightly more populat but rafa is catching up , BIG TIME ! same is the trend on their official fb pages...roger leads but rafa is catching up FAST!

vamosrafa , 11/20/10 6:23 PM

Fedfans are now getting desperate because Rafa has stopped them polishing Roger's halo so they resort to name calling. Rafa HAS replaced Roger, get over it.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player.
, 11/20/10 7:53 AM

Absolutely rafa deserved the award this year, 'stefan edberg sportsmanship award' his year has been phenomenal and mostly, he has been gracious - not always - His first ATP award for this - this is strange though nadline, because only last year, when roger was voted by the players YET AGAIN, you posted saying 'it didn't count?' now it does? well, what CAN one say? one award counts, but another one doesn't?

rafa has replaced roger - get over it? No. YOU get over it. Get over the fact that Roger is still the fans favourite - you want proof? Fans? Favourite presented by RICOH (Singles)
Roger Federer: The Swiss, who is admired for his work on and off the court, continues to be a fan favourite by millions of fans around the world, who have voted him as Fans? Favourite presented by RICOH for a record eighth consecutive year. Federer received 47 per cent of all votes, followed by Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

nadline, you obviously have nothing better to do with your time than accuse me - yet again - of being someone else here - dont you see how you come across?
Obviously you think that whoever these people are, deserve your attention? they don't. I think you are DESPERATE! Let's count the many times you have posted on this one - sounds like desperation to me.

really, time to stop all this nonsense. If you cant deal with the fact that Roger is the ultimate tennis player, Vamos Roger! then it is you that has the problem. Count your posts nadline/carrie/chloe/anna - and you accuse me of having multiple names? you are such a hypocrite, you really are. Yap! How many times have you 'stuffed the vote' nadline? you were probably the only one that clicked the keyboard 500 times! boredom. *yawn*.

Roger is the ultimate tennis player.
Vamos Federer! Woot!

maxi , 11/20/10 6:26 PM

Congratulations to Rafa for winning the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award !
Vamos, Rafa! Vamos!

Congratulations to Rafa for the second place in the competition for the Fan's Favourite award!
<<Federer edged Nadal in a fans-voted category... Federer emerged a winner with 47 per cent of the vote ahead of Nadal, who attracted 42 per cent of votes. >>
Fellow Rafafans, thank you for voting for Rafa! Awards-Announced.aspx

Augustina08 , 11/20/10 6:41 PM

@nadline , 11/20/10 5:46 PM
Let me refer to the article: "Please Do Not Feed Internet Trolls."

Augustina08 , 11/20/10 6:52 PM

@nadline , 11/20/10 5:46 PM
Let me refer to the article: "Please Do Not Feed Internet Trolls."

, 11/20/10 6:52 PM

quite right augustina!

Congratulations for Federer too, coming second to rafa in the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship award!

Vamos, Roger! Vamos!

Fellow Federerfans, thank you for voting for Roger!

maxi , 11/20/10 6:57 PM

Rafa's WTF promotional video is available.

London 2010 - Vignettes Nadal

Augustina08 , 11/20/10 9:04 PM

congrats to roger and rafa fans for those awards..

well, there is always this debate about head-to-head record between nadal and federer and then federer fans claiming that it is not significant by referring to other H2Hds , for e.g simon leads fed 2-0 so is he better than fed? davy leads nadal 5-4 but trails fed 2-13 so is davy better than rafa?, and so on and so on so on... ok i would like to add something

rivalry, how do you view it?what defines a rivalry? what gives life to a rivalry? the status of the two players involved? the amount of matches played? the type of matches played? what ever it is we have differing situations..

now the roger-rafa case, unlike the simon-fed , davy-nadal and davy-fed cases this rivalry is sooo different..its UNIQUE and hence has MASSIVE SIGNIFICANCE! windering how is it different , well the answer lies here :)

roger and rafa have played each other 21 times, i repeat 21 times ! , AND they have played on ALL THE SURFACES ON TENNIS MULTIPLE TIMES, alteast 3 times that is!! they have played each other in the finals of SEVEN SLAM FINALS (1 hard, 3 grass, 3 clay) and in total EIGHT TIMES in grand slams ! , in total, they have played each other in more than a dozen finals !

NOW, compare the other rivalries, simon-fed, hahaha only 2 matches in ordinary matches, not even finals, forget slams! davy nadal have NEVER played in a slam and nine times only...simon-fed have played ONLY on ONE surface ! davy-nadal have never played on grass ! davy-fed have never played on grass nor have they playde slam finals !...i can give many many more such arguments..

point is that fed-nadal rivalry is sooo comprehensive !! covers everything ! so it is highly significant!

I am not being biased here, but hey, lets be reasonable :)

vamosrafa , 11/20/10 11:35 PM

Great analysis vamosrafa. I'm sure that given the same circumstances, had Federer been leading Nadal 14.7, no way would any Fedfan say it wasn't significant. The record, in my opinion, that should be qualified is the 16.9 GS titles in favour of Roger, because people conveniently forget that Roger has 5 (FIVE) years over Rafa to accumulate those GS titles, let's see what Rafa has done by the age of 29, then compare.

If you strip away the GS titles won by each of them, Roger really has nothing over Rafa.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/21/10 9:09 AM

The Prime Minister, David Cameron borrowed a racquet from no less than Rafael Nadal to hit with Andy Murray in Downing Street.

nadline , 11/21/10 9:37 AM

@nadline , 11/21/10 9:37 AM
David Cameron is lefty, too (Except on his views).

Augustina08 , 11/21/10 10:10 AM

If you strip away the GS titles won by each of them, Roger really has nothing over Rafa.

, 11/21/10 9:09 AM

ooohhhh, such controversy!

LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL. This just made my morning. OMG. Problem for you nadline is that you CANT strip away the grand slam titles, because THEY EXIST! they are fact and much as you wish them away, they are there!

Federer has EVERYTHING over rafa.

Class, class and more class, plus a game that is easy on the eye.

Bud Collins of the Boston Globe and Tennis Channel, has seen all these careers rise and fall in over 45 years commenting on the sport and believes the modern game is particularly unforgiving on ageing limbs.

But he also asserts that Federer is better prepared than most to last the course.

"Forget about 29 - Roger is a very young 29. The way he plays, with such smoothness and such balance, he is not getting hurt like everybody else," Collins told BBC Sport.

"With Nadal every shot is an explosion and with Federer many shots are lullabies.

"Nadal is really taking it out on his body, he is tremendously conditioned, but still the knees gave way and will the shoulder?"

"The most important word for Roger is motivation - how long does he want to stay at the top?"

vamosrafa, what do you say about nadline's comment? could you imagine a more disillusioned person in your life?

Whilst we are on about h2h, what about the h2h rafa has over novak? which is 15:7 I believe? - secondly, do you want to comment on the slam finals that are clay? and if you don't, what about the slam finals that NADAL didn't reach but Roger did? I suppose they dont count.

This is just the most hilarious morning i have had in a while.

maxi , 11/21/10 11:37 AM

haha, i dont know what nadline really meant there and sometimes we can misinterpret other's comments. yes , surely we cannot strip off slams becoz they are the biggest prize in tennis but measuring greatness directly with slams has always seemed silly to me so we shud take into account multiple factors and circumstances... slams shud be one of the leading factors to consider though...fed has 16, the highest ever and its hard to believe how quickly he has garnered them and how impressive has he been during the past 7 years..just STUNNING and mind blowing...thank God I live in this era because i would be able to tell my kids i witnessed something darn special !yup he is very pleasing on the eye but rafa... oh man he is unique in his own right...he just forces u to jump up in excitement dozens of times in matches..he engages u emotionally sooo much in matches nd i am so fortunate to be able to watch a GLADIATOR with a tennis racket in his hand ,live on tv :) rafa is just AWESOME to watch ,ELECTRIFYING !

now the head to head, u have mentioned nadal djokovic 15-7 , so first i will compare this rivalry to roger-rafa ...firstly novak and rafa are age fellows so they have played each other pretty much in their best times ,ignoring some unusual cases... in how many slam finals have they played? answer is ONE :) surface? far nole's best surface and by far rafa's worst , but did that matter to rafa? NO! he wanted to win it, had the will, found a way and won it in emphatic fashion , it really didnt matter to him whether it was clay or hard or grass or the fact that nole had thrashed him in their previous 3 hard court meetings :) ... so ONE slam final against 7 slam finals and we all know a grand slam final is the most important match in the sport! how does it compare? pretty unbalanced ,no?

15-7 is a total of 22 matches, right, and u know what ELEVEN of those have been played on nole's favored surface , that is 50% of all matches..but u can see how heavily the head to head is skewed in rafa's favor! reason is that even though he trails 4-7 in hard court meetings he has abslutely dominated nole in the meetings that have been played on his favored surfaces..a clean 11-0 on clay grass quikly come to the roger rafa case... 57% of matches have been on rafa's beloved clay and the head to head again heavily favors why hasnt mr fed used the remining 43% to his adv and make the head to head respectable? on fast courts fed barely leads 5-4 against rafa , is that convincing (and that 2006 wimb was easy for roger becoz u cant expect a clay court kid to challenge the king of grass in a situation where the kid is just learning to play well on grass and its his first ever non-clay final ,yet he made the scoreline pretty good , stole a set too)? not at all ! so how can we conclude roger would have turned the stats in his favor had they played more on fast courts??logic says : NO WAY MAN ! u have seen how rafa has done it against nole despite playing 50% of matches on hard courts ! 15-7 is just too much and so is 14-7..

and btw nole-rafa rivalry indicates rafa is much better and isnt he much better? of course he is ! even if u consider slams, masters and bla bla rafa is miles roger-rafa case is diff becoz head to head says rafa easily while slams say fed the mighty but hey as nadline said, rafa has played much less than rog :) he needs time to add to his tally, and i have proved it 100 times that stats alone dont matter u have to analyze and consider circumstances while applying logic...

and now the finals being played on clay and slam finals nadal DIDNT reach but roger did ....ok, clay is a surface isnt it? or does rafa possess an extra leg on clay?lol..he has thrashed roger , that 2008 final is indescribable ! and we have seen that on fast court slams they are tied at 2-2 so why hasnt roger dominated like rafa has done on claY? :) it should have been 4-0 or atleast 3-1! like rafa has done it 3-0 on clay!! then roger would have lead 4-3 in slam finals and then roger fans shud have been able to speak with authority abt their claims..

ok u are talking abt those 2005-2007 finals roger reached nd rafa didnt right? rafa was just a KID! u cant expect him to reach finals of all 4 slams by the age of 20 ! every other GOAT candidate rafa needed time to reach all four finals ! and IF roger had met rafa , that IF hardly has any meaning in tennis ! u can add thousands of IFs and add whatever u like..BUT when an IF makes a sense i am ready to consider it but it makes zero sense in this case...2006 dubai final (total peak for roger, 56 match win streak on hard , rafa coming back after 3 months of injury,a fast hard court) who won it? i believe RAFA! at a time when rafa didnt even know how to play proper hard court tennis ,yet he topped roger so how can u expect roger to beat rafa surely at that time when we al know that in a best of 5 match rafa the physically and mentally stronger player is always favored !! 04 hard court meeting, he thrashed roger 6-3 6-3 on a hard court ! roger was no.1 and rafa was NOBODY ! 05 miami final rafa was up 2-0 sets but the first title match of his career (masters) put too much pressure nd he wasted a 4-1 lead in the 3rd set and then a masterly comeback from federer was seen! even commentators said the young man was too much nervous and that allowed a turn even in his peak rafa was fighting roger pretty tough on fast courts !

and what do u have to say abt wimb 2010 and us open 2010 ? i am certain rafa would have beaten roger handily in those these matches had roger made it to the finals of both but a pity that he that happens!

wooff sorry for the lengthy crap ! lol cheers :)

vamosrafa , 11/21/10 12:32 PM

Agreed vamosrafa. I've mentioned something similar in my earlier post, that Fed had the chance of going 6-0 or 5-1 H2H against Rafa on hard courts but he could only managed 3-3. There is no reason to believe that had the two of them met more often on hard courts, Fed would dominate over Rafa, as actual results shown us that they are equal. Its more likely that Rafa will dominate over Fed on slower hard courts and Fed over Rafa on faster, maybe indoor hard courts. The H2H on hard courts would still be about equal, as if Rafa is good enough to meet Fed on fast indoor hard courts, he would be good enough to meet Fed on the slower hard courts, unless its Fed who is not good enough to meet Rafa there.

Also Fed had started competing in slams in 1999, whilst Rafa started in 2003, a four years time difference. So comparing Fed's slam achievements over a longer time span to that of Rafa's which is a shorter one is not very fair to Rafa. Let's give Rafa a few more years and see how much more Rafa can achieve before comparing slam vs slam against Fed.

luckystar , 11/21/10 1:01 PM

nadline, did u c Andy was scared he was going to hit the chandeliers :)

deuce , 11/21/10 1:07 PM

yea luckystar, and for me the main reason why nadal has dominated fed is rafa's mental doggedness ! lets consider their closest encounters and we will come to know why is that so...

rome 2006 final: a clay court final, fed won 6 points more in total , had 2 match points but still lost the match?lol ! what was the reason?? clay?? nadal's forehand to his backhand? none of these reasons explains the what was it? level of tennis was EQUAL..fed was hitting his bakhands soo well and was supreme at the net...why didnt he win? ANS= RAFA'S MENTAL TOUGHNESS was too much so he held the edge, simple !

dubai 2006:another match where roger won more points than rafa in total ! rafa's game wasnt even good enuf on hard courts back then to typically ouplay fed in a customary agressive hard-court tennis style but still he found a the spaniard's MENTAL TOUGHNESS !

wimb 2008:again we all know the level of tennis was equal, it was all level till 7-7 5th set but then what happened and how did that happen??? rafa's mental toughenss ONCE AGAIN i believe enabled him to win the best match ever

we have more examples too from the rivalry to supprt this idea ..

last e.g is not fed-nadal but still useful in underlining my point..

nadal-djo madrid 09 semi: djo had 4 match pnts, won more points in total than nadal but heyy what the hell why did poor nole end up on the losing side?? ooops, rafa's same old mental toughness blocked the nole express from crossing the finish line ! clay was not a factor, level of tennis was equal..djo even held up physically in that match ! rome 07 semi against davy is similar...davy said level of tennis was equal but he could not match rafa's strength !

vamosrafa , 11/21/10 1:42 PM

maxi , 11/21/10 2:08 PM

haha, i dont know what nadline really meant there and sometimes we can misinterpret other's comments.

vamosrafa , 11/21/10 12:32 PM

vamosrafa, I explained what I meant that it's because of the age difference that Fed has more slams than Rafa, I did not say that slams were not important.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/21/10 3:42 PM

thanks for the response and the patience to read my post...

haha, dear maxi...first you say dont bring in the game of excuses whereas i did not bring any but then shortly you start giving excuses urself ! "the fact remains that nadal took advantage of federer being very ill and than dealing with the back problem late 2008 through march 2009"

haha...but RG 2008 title and wimb 2008 title were the main reason why rafa reigned supreme in that time period...what was wrong with roger in RG 2008 final? nothing..but something was seriously wrong with rafa becoz he was slaughtering opponent after opponent in that trnamnent and fed was no exception! wimb 2008, again so tough but rafa with his mental toughness and abilities won it ! roger had back problmes starting from paris and then that carried on to shanghai ( rafa wasnt even there !) ..then oz 009 final..u think fed lost it because he had back issues??? lol..that sounds funny dear, dont u think it was rafa who was at disadv becoz of playing nando for 5 hrs+ and then played roger with one less recovery day? still rafa won when all odds were against him .i remember ricky saying 'poor rafa will get routined by federer' becoz rafa was JADED.. now that you have brought the injuries issue lets take a look at these two meetings too: both times fed beat nadal on clay, hamburg and madrid we all know nadal was JADED ! totally out of gas and even in severe pain (madrid case).. hamburg 07 , nadal was playing a 4th trnament in a row and had played a long semi against hewitt in the semi aswell...its s FACT he was jaded in the final madrid he played djo for 4 hrs nd was suffering frm knee pain too so how can we expect him to beat a quality player like fed when he was not even physically on par.. robbie and jason (famous commentators) preview the madrid 2010 final here and both agree thath both times rafa lost to fed on clay rafa was JADED !! and these two are great analysts...infact 99.99% of analysts believe rafa;s jadedness was the main reason he lost those matches...but i choose not to mention these matches in general becoz they take credit away from fed which i dont wont to take away becoz he played pretty well to capitalize on the situation but its no secret, rafa's physically woes were among the leading factors why he lost those matches ( note that i never mentioned this stuff unless u quoted the back issue thing)... so i am convinced 16-5 would have been the result rather than 14-7 :)

now, u chose my wimb 2008 e.g but ignored the other two :) US is played on decoturf right, but on what surface is dubai played on? green clay? nopes ! DECOTURF AGAIN ! nd that was absoulte peak for fed , a best of 3 match that normally favors him but still he lost ! so rafa at US open could have toppled federer esp given the best of 5 format easily favoring nadal ! so it would have been 50-50 , no way u can say fed would have beaten him..on what basis?? there is ZERO evidence..infact evidence goes in favor of rafa !! fed's 2/3 wins over rafa on hard courts came on indoors (plastic type surface) very unusual and was even changed ! sorry but both Us and OZ are played on outdoor conditions !and whenever roger has played him on outdoors he has struggled ! slams are outdoors right? only time roger beat him outdoor hard was 2005 miami final and needed 5 sets too ! rafa leads 3-1 on outdoor hard courts ...1-0 on decoturf in particular so on what basis are u saying fed would have dominated rafa from 2004-2007 ?? makes no sense my dear !

now that KID thing. ...u said becker at 17..haha..but becker excelled on what surface??? weaker ones or the stronger ones?? stronger ones ! no way he could have played that well as a KID on clay .. similarly rafa as a KID was great on clay but needed time , like a human being (no matter how big a champ u r) to master his weaker surfaces ! didnt fed struggle terribly at RG before 2005? he as a KID was great on his strong surfaces but like rafa needed time to master his weaker u can not blame rafa, not one bit ! u cannot have a player mastering all surfaces and raeching finals of all slams being a KID ! lol..what would make that KID GOAT and we cant have KIDS as GOATS btw rafa in wimb 2010 and us open 2010 was there again , fed wasnt, had they contested i have no doubts rafa would have vanquished him given the type of tennis rafa was playing !

and maxi dear, rafa beat fed in 4 sets in 2005, 2006,2007 and in 3 sets in 2008 !
and i have no clue why did u bring those davy-nadal delpo -nadal type rivalries again? didnt i prove those rivalries to be trivial !!! they are nothing against tht roger-rafa saga, the numbe of matches played...the diff types of surfaces on which matches are played..grand slam FINALS (most imp matches in tennis) , and bla bla ...this rivalry is UNIQUE so has many more implications!

besides, please dont make claims that i dont want to admit fed's greatness ! this is seneless because i always have had great respect for him....mentioning is records here is pretty irrelevant becoz we are speaking abt the head to head thing ! fed fans downplay it but actually it cant be..ut has serioues implications... fed is the among the best ever for me, the greatest of this generation so far (rafa is well on his way to overtaking though but who knows) ..but no denying that rafa really has dominated him in the head to head adn this gives rafa extra points in the roger-rafa debate !

vamosrafa , 11/21/10 3:47 PM

nadline, did u c Andy was scared he was going to hit the chandeliers :)

deuce , 11/21/10 1:07 PM

I heard it on the news, is there a footage about it, could u give me the link?

nadline , 11/21/10 5:01 PM

You back home from Dubai? Was rather hoping you'd be around to make the 400 comment here ;-)

Still there's always the chance to be the 200th on 'Fed compliments' unless YKW is planning a spamming spree.

ed251137 , 11/21/10 5:07 PM

nadline: I just read it in an interview, by googling. Though I see he mentioned it again post Soderling match ;)

deuce , 11/21/10 5:09 PM

ed, I got back from Dubai on Tuesday, but I haven't bought any tickets for the O2 yet because Rafaa is playing at night on Monday and I don't fancy the night session. I'm glad Rafa did not play Paris because I would have found it frustrating not to watch him, although I caught some of the matches in Dubai, because of the time difference and different routines it was very difficult to watch wall to wall tennis.

Rafa sounds geared up for this WTF, last year I don't think his heart was in it for various reasons that we are all aware of. I hope he does better this year, and I hope he wins it. I just had a vibe that he would win Wimbledon and the USO this year, with the WTF, he is in a better shape this year, but I don't know how he'll do.

I was the 400th poster on this thread, and hope to be the 500th when we get there. I have decided not to read YKW's post anymore, because her only motive is name calling and insults. Of course fans of different players are not going to agree on many things, but I just get weary of the constant childish insults, especially following up arguments from another forum here, and now I hear, she actually discusses posters with her friends on the phone and by email, that's the last straw, and I think its time for me to ignore her as I did for many many months, I knew it was a mistake to start a dialogue with her again, but now I know she'll never change I won't do it again. She says my posts are boring, yet she repeats everything I say, if I find someone boring, I don't bother to read them.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/21/10 5:34 PM

grow up nadline. you were the one who praised yanick noah.

vamosrafa, i didnt respond as i was watching murray's match this afternoon. no other reason.

thanks for putting me right on the stats for the sets. I still think they have always been brilliant matches between the two of them, apart from the brilliance of rafa at the FO when he beat fed in straights. I dont need you to justify roger's brilliance, we know it already! Rafa deserves to be number 1, he has been no. 3 and no.2 for what 3 years? now he is where he should be, and federer graciously acknowledged that in his BBC interview yesterday.

Enjoy this afternoon's tennis.

maxi , 11/21/10 5:49 PM

I knew it was a mistake to start a dialogue with her again
, 11/21/10 5:34 PM

we've never had dialogue nadline, because you're not prepared to listen to anyone else's views, only the arrogant views of your own and anyone else who agrees with you. you are boring. I agree.

maxi , 11/21/10 5:52 PM

Well said vamosrafa. Nothing can change the fact that Rafa dominate over Fed. No player can dominate over Rafa, as his H2H against his opponents shown us. Davy can't dominate Rafa on clay, and I don't see him troubling Rafa going forward, esp with this new version Rafa. I'm looking forward to Rafa meeting Davy on hard courts to address the H2H differences!

luckystar , 11/21/10 10:03 PM

yup luckystar, rafa is the master of solving players...trailed 0-3 against blake , 1-3 against berdych , trailed against youzhny and nalby too...these players were supposedly 'bad matchups' for him duh ! all this stuff doesnt matter now, he owns blake berdych and youzhny ! berdych has never even won a set in their past 6 meeetings ! now its davy's turn ! actually its 4-4, davy got a win by rafa's retirement in paris , win is a win but hey thats not a win :P

vamosrafa , 11/21/10 11:16 PM

Moya had very nice thing to say about Rafa after today's ceremony: 01121

Latennis , 11/22/10 5:53 AM

berdych has never even won a set in their past 6 meeetings !

vamosrafa , 11/21/10 11:16 PM

Correction vamosrafa - it's their last 7 (SEVEN) meetings. Lol

nadline , 11/22/10 10:19 AM

thank you for the link, latennis... a nice read.

homos , 11/22/10 10:58 AM

@Latennis , 11/22/10 5:53 AM

Thanks for the link.
I have noticed that there are genuinely warm relationships between Moya and Rafa. Rafa has been a lucky guy to be surrounded by warm and aspiring people since his childhood. I think, it has helped to shape his character and values to make him the sportsman he is on the court and and off it.

Augustina08 , 11/22/10 1:37 PM

"No player can dominate over Rafa, as his H2H against his opponents shown us.""- luckystar
We really have to see that when he is 29 years old right? :) Bi over confident are we not?
A player like sampras if he comes along in the future would dominate nadal day in day out.

FEDistheGOAT , 11/22/10 4:42 PM

i assume lucky refers to the player during his prime. rafa's H2H dominance of fed happened well before fed turned 29, it didn't happen the moment fed turned 29 so why do we have to wait for rafa to turn 29? what has 29 got to do with it when fed wasn't 29 since 2003. rafa's has been fed's nemesis during fed's prime and dominant years.

but there is no saying that a player won't come along now or soon and start being a torn in rafa's side the way he was with fed. this is why rafa has repeatedly asked people to judge his performance after he retires and not while he's playing which indicates that he knows himself that anything can happen.

homos , 11/22/10 5:06 PM

As homos put it, Rafa had started to dominate over Fed even during Fed's prime, from 2005-2007, and not when Fed turned 29. I'm afraid looking into the near future, ie two to three years from now, I don't see any youngster coming along who could trouble Rafa, judging by the fact that none of them in the 17-19 age group are currently within the top 100. A player like Rafa, a child prodigy, is an exception more than the norm. Who at 17, had started to beat the world no.1 during their first meeting. I think I can think of two other child prodigies during the open era - Borg and Becker, who went on to win 11 and 6 slams respectively. (there may be others whom I may not be aware of though). Player like Rafa is hard to come by, so I don't foresee someone like that to come by and trouble Rafa, the way he troubled Fed.

I see many slam winners are those who showed promises during their late teens, usually around age 19; Sampras was one of them, though after winning his first slam at age 19, had to wait for two years before winning his next slam. Many started winning slams at age 20/21, like Safin, Hewitt, Roddick, Nole and Delpo. All these players were inside the top 100 or even top 50 rankings while they were still teens, ie about 18/19. I think both Fed and Roddick feel that as the game is getting more physically demanding now, it makes it more difficult for teenagers to survive the adult tours, having to play for 40 over weeks during a whole season.

For these reasons, I think Rafa at 29, may still be able to have a positive H2H against the younger players, age 20-24, having the advantage of building up healthy H2H against them earlier on when they are still teens and learning their trade. Good examples: Fed vs Delpo, 6-0 H2H since Delpo was a teenager, before Delpo got his 2 wins last year; Fed vs Nole 12-6, first four of their meetings in 2006/2007 won by Fed when Nole was 18/19.

luckystar , 11/22/10 6:24 PM

comparing a 29 year old rafa to a 29 yr old fed is not even reasonable...rafa at 29 would have spent more tennis years on the tour than fed has, his physical style is likely to limit his abilites to a greater extent at 29.

and yea as luckystart nd homos said, nadal started dominating roggie when roggie was 21 ! so age has NEVER been the issue for rafa who has been scoring victories over roger on all courts.

vamosrafa , 11/22/10 6:37 PM

Lot of great points brought forward by homos, luckystar and vamosrafa! Thank you for bringing those to our attention. Also, the bringing in of retired players and giving the big "what if" is ridiculous. NO ONE could ever say if Sampras or someone who plays like him could dominate Rafa day in and day out. It's all conjecture and as I said, a HUGE "if."

fan4tennis , 11/22/10 6:47 PM

luckystar, thank you for your post at 11/22 6:24PM:
Widely insightful.

In our discussion around these topics we cover three very different things:

1. What *might happen* in the next few years. It is possible to get carried away... but some of you, like luckystar here, do not and describe outcomes that are quite likely and that are based on what we know/ can know.

For example, Rafa turned professional two years earlier in his life than Federer (15 vs 17). For a ball-park comparison of Nadal's possible future achievements to Roger's current ones we'd go to Nov 2013 when Rafa will be 2 years younger than Federer is right now (i.e. about 27 and a half).

Very likely Nadal will in the next three years win quite a list of additional 1000 ATP tournaments.

In terms of majors (ie so-called grand slams), 12 more will have been played by Nov 2013. Baring major chunks of time due to injury Nadal may by then have won 3 more RGs - and I'd be surprised if not at least 2. Likely he will have won at least one more Wimbledon, maybe even 2. As for AO and US Open I think he will by then have won each at least one more time. More than that may or may not happen. Rough estimate... baring major chunks of time away due to injury: at least 5 more majors (2RG, one each other the 3 - though you'd want to say 3 RGs), for a total of 14. With not too much bad luck, and even with Murray and Nole getting stronger at reaching and winning major finals, there is a reasonable possibility Nadal will get a little more than 5 majors of the coming 12. I too do not see any current teenagers likely to win more than one slam in the next 3 years. Also it is not clear that Soderling will win one, let alone 2. Same for Delpo.

For Nadal's results over the next 3 years I think the same thing continues to hold: his number one adversary and challenge is the health of his body... if he remains mostly injury free he will win many more titles.

After the age of 27 and a half, will Nadal still be on the circuit, and will he still win one or more majors and one or more 1000 ATP tournaments? Not impossible.

2. What has *factually* happened with the current players so far, in the last few years, *and interpretations* thereof. Most of the important facts are available at the ATP World Tour site and elsewhere. Interpretations vary... and we all understandably get a little irritated when the interpretations are far from fair - and this is where a lot of the other discussions originate.

3. The interpretations used to compare and try to rank Federer's career so far and Nadal's career so far. The reasons we get such heated discussion on this are that a) Nadal has been a sort of major spoilsport in Federer's career, and b) ranking these two careers so far is difficult because they have both already been truly phenomenal ... which I think means that the relative ranking is maybe not as significant as it otherwise would have been, i.e had it been a ranking between any other pair of current male tennis players.

chlorostoma , 11/22/10 8:03 PM

vamosrafa, it doesn't matter about the age, most of the tennis experts talk about when the player turns professional, so there is only 3 years between rafa and fed. There is an argument for this, (which of course you will counter argue).

And fed was not 23 when he won his first slam. He was 21.

maxi , 11/22/10 9:31 PM, so u think a tennis year spent at the age of 15 and a tennis year spent at the say 22 is the same?? ABSOLUTELY NOT! no matter how physically strong and capable a 15 or 16 or 16 yr old is he cannot be the of the same threat as a capable 21 or 22 year old ! because at 15-17 USUALLY a player hasnt matured mentally, he is a lot more prone to nerves and pressure because he is just a kid !after 20 you become a diff player mentally atleast ....nd that mentality is really helpful in playing big players in big tournaments so rafa turning a pro at 15 and 16 , we have got the same case...those years were really wasted because rafa hadnt matured that much was at 17 he really started making strides...

btw the thing being discussed was dominating some one in terms of head to head, rafa has been dominating fed ever since fed was 21/22,not when fed is 29 so are they are any doubts about that? nopes..end of story :)

vamosrafa , 11/22/10 10:20 PM

vamosrafa, i cant argue with you about the h2h, but i can argue with you when i say there are a whole range of other factors that dont just hinge on h2h and i have mentioned that above. this is cyclical with you and I. your support of rafa is respected by me because you are gracious and support your evidence. going back to h2h, there are still many other players who have a better h2h against rafa, but that doesnt mean he still isn't the best player in the world today.
It'll always be federer for me, doesnt matter what rafa does.
i'll look out of your later vamos and thanks for the intelligent discussion.

maxi , 11/23/10 7:31 AM

Rafa is about to be presented with his trophies.

World No 1 2010
The Stephan Edberg Sportsmanship Award 2010

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/23/10 5:02 PM

Augustina08 , 11/23/10 7:33 PM

A short summary of the awarding ceremony .
<<The Spaniard Rafael Nadal has received from the president of ATP, Adam Helfant, the award for finishing the season as the world number one in tennis. "This year was very emotional for me," confessed the winner of three Grand Slam titles (Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open) and seven titles total this year.
Wearing a dark suit, Nadal came in the O2 Centre Court just after the first singles match of the day.
When many spectators had already begun to leave their seats, the spectacular show of blue lights and music announced the departure of the world number one, who received standing applause.
Nadal, who does not play until tomorrow, addressed "to his fans around the world to thank for their support day by day."
Rafa Nadal referred to the importance of receiving the award in London, where, he said, it was always very special to play for him and where he won his second Wimbledon title in July. The Spaniard does not only take home the award of ATP, but also the Stefan Edberg Award, which recognizes the good attitude of a player on the court.>> [EL PAIS, Nov. 23, 2010]

Augustina08 , 11/23/10 9:55 PM

Video(s) about the awarding ceremony:

WTF London - Nadal award

and the same:
Rafael Nadal - World No. 1 Ceremony - London 2010 [HD]

Rafa is happy and good-looking.

Augustina08 , 11/24/10 1:49 PM

Rafa has become a writer! He has written an emotional piece about his friendly relationships with Carlos Moya since Rafa's childhood. I think, fellow Mallorcan Moya has been a good role model for Rafa.

By Rafael Nadal

Some excerpts:
<< I met Carlos when I was 12, in Stuttgart. I was nervous, as usual, he was someone I admired, who I've always watched on TV. The first contact with him was strange, complicated, as it's normal in children. Fortunately, Carlos is very easygoing and open, and he makes you feel comfortable right away. The following day, I had the opportunity to train with him for an hour. I was 12 years old! What an opportunity! It was really impressive for me.

What did he teach me? With his attitude, many things. I can talk about his attitude towards me, which is a good example. He always supported me and stood by me in many difficult moments. He is a friend of all, one who had an excellent behaviour on and off the court. I'm lucky. To me, he is the partner, who goes and the friend, who stays. >> [EL PAIS, Nov. 22, 2010; a little bit edited Google's translation]

Augustina08 , 11/24/10 2:10 PM

Hello Augustina,
Thank you again for all the interesting things you post about Nadal.
Good work on the translation of Nadal's article.

My Spanish is just good enough to more or less make out what he says in interviews and to follow articles and every time I hear (or read) Rafa in Spanish I'm reminded how eloquent he is in Castilian and Mallorcan.

Among other things Carlos was his support during the early years when Rafa's then very weak English made it hard to build relationships with non-Spanish players on the circuit.

chlorostoma , 11/24/10 4:21 PM

@chlorostoma , 11/24/10 4:21 PM
Hello ! My pleasure.
I don't understand a word in Spanish, but seeing&listenig Rafa speaking at Moya tribute ceremony (in Spanish) and at his own awarding ceremony (in English), I felt that Rafa could become a good orator.

Augustina08 , 11/24/10 9:20 PM

Enjoy a portrait of the best tennis player in the world (and read one more referring to Carlos Moya as Rafa's mentor).

<< Literary critics see him (Rafa) as the incarnation of the concept of Dionysus, the God of terrestrial passions and enthusiasm for life, or the god Apollo. And yet Nadal's temperament, possibly not by accident, is modest and quiet.

At 15 years of age he was ready for his debut in a major tournament, one in his own country, in Mallorca. I met him before the tournament at the sports club. He was introduced to me by his mentor and fellow countryman tennis player, Carlos Moya. Rafa didn't look me in the eye and shyly introduced himself. "I hope to win a game in ATP; that would be a dream," he told me, even too modestly.>> [L'Uomo Vogue, November 2010 ]

Augustina08 , 11/24/10 9:26 PM

Wow, Rafa looks hot in the Vogue photo! Too bad I can't read the text. Now I'll have to hunt down a copy. This is the Italian version right?

Latennis , 11/25/10 7:01 AM

I see Gussie the sleuth has been at work again :-)

Cheryl once described Rafa as the Rock Star of tennis. This is the proof and the 2nd time he has been the subject of a Vogue feature.

ed251137 , 11/25/10 9:00 AM

Thanks Augustina for the link, that's awesome.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/25/10 9:03 AM

Yes, I agree. Rafa has sex appeal that not many tennis players have since Borg. Roger Federer may have cornered the country club set but Rafa appeals to a younger audience, both men and women.

Latennis , 11/26/10 9:27 AM

Latennis Do you remember the days of Borg's teenie-bopper fans screaming and swooning over him at Wimbledon which was much disapproved by the middle-aged ladies from country tennis clubs who made up most of the audience - not to mention the stuffy officials from the All England Tennis Club :D

ed251137 , 11/26/10 9:43 AM

I do agree Rafa has the sex appeal. In addition, he has his childlike sweet smile that makes him so adorable, so he is sexy, sweet and adorable all in one, a mixture of man and boy. No wonder wherever he goes, he has attracted a whole legion of female fans, young or old. I hope as he grows older, he won't lose this charm, and remains grounded and a decent good man.

I maintained that I still like the young Rafa, at 18-19, the young warrior, wild boy from Mallorca. To me, that's the essence of Rafa, he belongs to the outdoor, he belongs to the wild, he's carefree and rugged, fresh faced and sweet. Well of course he has to grow up one day, and I'm glad that at least he does not lose his charming ruggedness.

luckystar , 11/26/10 11:05 AM

luckystar it looks to me that he's grown up just fine! Wow those pics are superb - among the best I've seen of Rafa [and I've seen many]. I had to pick myself off the floor to write this post :).
Absolutely stunning.

Blessed , 11/26/10 11:27 AM

Wow: smoldering.

... and I'm a guy :-)

chlorostoma , 11/26/10 8:01 PM

Luckystar: ' No wonder wherever he goes, he has attracted a whole legion of female fans, young or old'

I'm old enough to be his grandmother, but I am not immune to his charms ;-)

However, I will never quite forgive Nike for making him abandon his trademark pirate gear! But have you noticed in the last year he has started to look good in formal clothes, or perhaps he has at last he has found a good tailor. Up until recently he always looked ill at ease like a young boy wearing one of his father's suits for a formal occasion.

ed251137 , 11/26/10 9:32 PM

ed, I never watched Borg in games. At the time, I was growing up in a country that doesn't carry a lot of tennis. But I was aware of his sex appeal. I was a teenie bopper myself. :-) Yeah, he's wearing suit jackets really well now. With his money and his PR team, I'm sure he can afford really good suits.

chlorostoma, you're not alone. Remember the man who ran onto the court to kiss Rafa? :-)

Lucky, I agree with you. He's all grown up now but he still has the boyish charm about it. If Nike is smart - so far it's not -, it should showcase his sex appeal rather than dressing him in neon or raindow ice cream colors. Seeing how he attracts women, all the men/boys will want to dress like Rafa.

Latennis , 11/26/10 10:16 PM

yeah, he has such a sexy way of extracting his underwear from the cleft of his arse:) lol. i suppose only rafa's fans could still swoon in front of that.
the females may want to mother him, but he's more of a man's man if you ask me, or an alpha male's alpha male.

alex , 11/27/10 2:20 AM

it's true that Rafa's suit jackets in the past didn't seem to be fitted properly but lately they have been...
I really liked him in the pirate look... and am trying to imagine what effect he'd make with it today at 24 and number one for the second time... as he is growing up and all... ah never mind that... he'd still look great in the pirate look :-)

Latennis, you are very right about the neon and rainbow colors: Nike could help themselves sell gear so much better than that

Alex, he sure is an alpha male on the court and with his physique... but at the same time off court he's got more sensitivity and genuine humility and concern for others than many a gentlemanly men... one of the better role model / more humane versions of a man's man.

I'll consider running onto the court next time Nadal plays in T'ronto (2012) :-)

chlorostoma , 11/27/10 4:26 AM

I actually don't mind Rafa's colorful outfits (except that pair of horrible looking shorts at IW), as Rafa do look good in them. Rafa can wear anything and still looks good. He is a young adult so Nike is targeting that group. There is plenty of time for Rafa to grow older and looks sexy, just let him enjoy this youthful look of his for a bit longer. Nike can move him to more adult sexy look later on, say when he is 26 and after. I certainly do not want Rafa to adopt the classic look of Fed's too soon!

With Rafa's physique, he will look good in suits and jackets, its just that in the past, he looked uncomfortable in them, probably due to those ill fitting ones. Right now, with properly tailored ones, he looks gorgeous in them, certainly looks more comfortable wearing them.

For Rafa's pirate look, I like the original ones the best, ie those he wore in his teens. We see Nike slowly changing the pirate look on Rafa as he grows older, the pirate pants goes a bit shorter, tighter and more fitting and tighten at the knee level, no longer the below knee loose fitting ones. The pirate top also gets tighter to reveal Rafa's beautiful body shape. I believe should they carry on with the pirate look on Rafa now at 24, they still can improvise it and makes him looks good in them and not look ridiculous. Carlos Moya also wears sleeveless tops and he certainly looks good in them. I don't see why Rafa won't.

luckystar , 11/27/10 8:35 AM

So true lucky. Rafa and Moya nearly always wore matching pirate clothes when they played doubles together: and what a feast for sore eyes that was ;-)

Changing Rafa's image was the dumbest decision Nike ever made. I recall this being discussed ad infinitum on TT at the time. I would mind less if they could come up with a distinctive look but as it is they are flailing around with ever more weird combinations and this latest O2 effort is just a mess. Mind you, it could be worse - at least they haven't sunk to the level of Stepanek's shirts :D

ed251137 , 11/27/10 10:39 AM

Oh I wasn't talking about Fed's polo shirt at all. Rafa isn't the polo shirt type. I was thinking of something sleek, sexy and simple. Rafa gets a great bod. Any complicated style or crazy colors would distract from that.

Chlorostoma, let us know if you really are going to do it. We'll have to have it recorded and post it on youtube. :-)

Latennis , 11/27/10 11:02 AM

If I design Rafa's clothes, I'll take inspiration from cars and forget about island wears. Rafa has a panther-like quality, like a sports car.

Latennis , 11/27/10 11:11 AM

chlorostoma - I know, just messing :)

alex , 11/27/10 11:36 AM

Changing Rafa's image was the dumbest decision Nike ever made.

ed251137 , 11/27/10 10:39 AM

I think Rafa would have outgrown the pirate look by now in his mid 20s, also the look would have become stale. I was one of the people who were up in arms about the change but on reflection it was the right move.

Whilst I agree that some of the new colour combinations are not the best, we have to remember that these are sports kits, most teams have outrageous colour schemes on their kits. Sports clothes are not the sort of things you wear socially, so I think experimenting and thinking outside the box is allowed.

I think Rafa looks best in blue, red is a no no, yellow looks good too.

nadline , 11/27/10 11:39 AM

@Latennis , 11/27/10 11:11 AM
Rafa reminds me of big wild cats, too. His motion his cat-like: he has flexible muscles, he runs quickly and walks softly like the wild cat.
When I looked at the motion of his muscles in a video, I really wished him to wear a more sexy outfit. :-)

Video: Nadal Monster forehands vs Roddick London 2010 (No Instruction)

Augustina08 , 11/27/10 11:47 AM

Gee, I'm on the wrong thread here, need to get out the room.
You retro-teeny boppers are talking outfits, but there's only one that would really satisfy you. LOL : le/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/walter6.jpg&imgrefurl=http://dossierjour usg=__LC5EIFB9BE3fEDHsDTQXmgH7GO0=&h=525&w=700&sz=74&hl=en&start=0&zoo m=1&tbnid=8J8w9xpiC0fQTM:&tbnh=144&tbnw=191&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmen%252 7s%2Bsportswear%2Bcatwalk%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26rlz%3D1T4RNTN_ enGB377GB378%26biw%3D1259%26bih%3D531%26tbs%3Disch:1&um=1&itbs=1&iact= hc&vpx=133&vpy=265&dur=6879&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=49&ty=218&ei=GePwTLbr HsSg4Qaz_enHAQ&oei=AePwTI65KsfPhAfBn4m5Cg&esq=5&page=1&ndsp=14&ved=1t: 429,r:7,s:0

alex , 11/27/10 11:56 AM

Sorry ... ris-mens-fashion-week/
Seeing as how you're talking 'cat'walks:)

alex , 11/27/10 12:02 PM

@alex , 11/27/10 11:56 AM
But Rafa looks indeed not bad without top:

Augustina08 , 11/27/10 12:29 PM

'retro teeny-boppers' rotfl

I too have often described his movement as being like a prowling panther looking for a juicy meal. There is something in his body language which tells you when he has scented blood and is going in for the kill.

ed251137 , 11/27/10 12:37 PM

I'm all for Rafa in sleek, stylish and sexy looking outfit, but please not for now, at least not for next year. Let him concentrate on winning the AO, and if possible to defend all his slam titles as well. Getting him to wear sexy outfit will attract more invitation to participate in sexy music videos, a main distraction from his tennis career. Sexy outfits and music videos can wait, but not his tennis career. He has to make hay while the sun shines and win as much as possible before his main opponents catch up with him.

luckystar , 11/27/10 12:37 PM

luckystar: 'He has to make hay while the sun shines'

Wasn't that exactly what he was doing when he made that video 8-)

ed251137 , 11/27/10 2:17 PM

luckystar - well said. but as a muzz fan, i wouldn't complain about his fans cheering him off court somewhere! Come to think of it, yeah, how about a bit more modelling rafa? there's more to life than tennis, after all ... :)

alex , 11/27/10 2:18 PM

nadline Trouble is RF has already appropriated blue as his signature colour. But I like the shades of jade/turquoise for Rafa, and also the emerald green he wore when he won his first RG.

Hey are we still on topic for this thread ;-)

ed251137 , 11/27/10 2:27 PM

hey ed -

The thread? "Vamos Rafa - no matter what"

Yeah, even if it means hitting the catwalk! lol.

sorry ed, i won't encourage them any more;)

alex , 11/27/10 2:32 PM

I think this is an anything goes thread for matters concerning Rafa.

nadline , 11/27/10 3:06 PM cials/story-fn6bn7je-1225962020687

Berdych says that he voted for Nadal for the sportsmanship award. He was hot happy with Federer's comment post his loss at Wimbledon.

Interesting Revelation!!

atul1985 , 11/27/10 3:11 PM

@atul1985 , 11/27/10 3:11 PM

Looks like the players now know what many people have always known, that Federer is a bad loser.

nadline , 11/27/10 3:42 PM

Watch what you say everybody - the last time I went near this subject I brought down a ton of coals on my head!!!!!!

ed251137 , 11/27/10 3:52 PM

That's not revelation for me. I pretty much predicted it that Berdych would vote for Rafa. Fed's comments after Wimbledon turned off quite a few people. As the receiptient of the put down, there's no way Berdych would vote for him.

Ah, I see I get everyone all into the catwalk talks. :-) Lucky, he can play good tennis in sexy outfits as well as neon-colored ones. So he can make "hey" as in money green when the sun shines. :-)

Latennis , 11/27/10 6:50 PM

Rafa looks more baby-faced in the flesh, they say TV put 10lbs on you. At the start of this week I never dreamt I would go to the O2 to see Rafa, let alone get his autograph, standing within touching distance of him. My Christmas has truly come early.

nadline , 11/27/10 8:07 PM

OK Nadline. Enough with the gloating ;) We are all envious enough as it is.

ed251137 , 11/27/10 8:15 PM

Sorry ed, that's one tinny winny fact I thought I'd pass on, before putting it to rest.

nadline , 11/27/10 8:19 PM

@Latennis , 11/27/10 8:04 PM (thread "Nadal puts cap...")

Quote : <<He (Rafa) must have two bottles courtside, no more and no less, and every game, every time, the bottles are lined up so the labels face the baseline of the end he is playing.>>
The position of his water bottles is really important for him. Rafa has asked ballkids not to touch is bottles, see at 0:12-0:16 in the video:

I am afraid that touching his bottles might make him nervous, though Rafa denies that he his supersticious.

Augustina08 , 11/27/10 9:10 PM

Yea nadline, Rafa looks slimmer in person. To me he looks taller, slimmer and darker in person than on the tv screen, though still as good looking as ever. So the myth that Rafa is exceptionally muscular is not true, it's only his biceps when in full exertion look big. I think Tsonga and now Monfils look bigger than him (at least on the TV screen).

luckystar , 11/28/10 8:26 AM

Luckystar, I actually squeezed Rafa's biceps at the US Open back in the time he had just come from practicing and he was signing autographs. I just couldnt help myself......but im so glad i did!!! His got rock solid ceps and they felt so good!!!!!

I find that he looks exactly the same as on TV, and so does Andy Roddick, except that he has a HUGE birthmark on his chest.......i was so taken aback!


Monalysa , 11/28/10 6:19 PM

Just to keep the Rafa spirit going - great effort at the O2! When the tournamnet started I just wanted him to do better than last year. So I was actually elated when he won the second set tie break against Roddick. And it got a lot better from there.

Adri , 11/28/10 9:52 PM

VAMOS Rafa - no matter what.

Rafa the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/28/10 10:03 PM

Please avoid to feed F...istheGOAT, wherever he appears.

Augustina08 , 11/28/10 11:04 PM

I an interview on Nov. 22 (to EL Mundo), Rafa said that he is already preparing for the next season. I think, it's wise. After WTF, he is going to rest only for 5 days and then to continue to practice.
I wish him all the best for the next season !

VAMOS Rafa - no matter what!

Augustina08 , 11/28/10 11:48 PM

Sorry monalysa, who has a birthmark on his chest? Roddick or Rafa? I don't remember seeing any birthmark on Rafa's chest, but I know he has a scar on his back.

luckystar , 11/29/10 3:31 AM


He's spamming all the blogs posting the same thing over and over. That's why I left. It's just shameless. All we can do is post our support for Rafa, the #1 player in the world, the best player in the world and the player who won the career grand slam and RG, Wimbledon and the USO, equaling Laver in 1969, the last man to win those three in a row, only Rafa did it on ALL surfaces!

Fed fans always said it was the slams that count, nothing else. They tried to demean Rafa's feat of winning ALL the clay court Masters tournaments. Fed himself said that the clay court season winner would be determined by who won RG! He put his foot in it, because Rafa won that, too!

So now Rafa fans are in the enviable position of being able to celebrate Rafa winning three slams this year and all the history he made in the process. In the grand scheme of things, no one will care or remember who won the WTF, but they have to make it look big because it's all they have. Look what they are reduced to these days!

The future is with Rafa. He will not give up the #1 ranking. If he manages to win the 2011 AO, then he will make the kind of history that will make Fed's win at WTF a pathetic joke in comparison. It's the slams that count, that's what the Fed fans have said and I agree with them.

Here's to Rafa - the #1 and greatest champion this year!

Nativenewyorker , 11/29/10 4:31 AM

Augustina08 , 11/29/10 7:53 AM

Let's just hope Rafa repeats his 2010 achievements next year, if he can win the Channel Slam again, he'll be laughing all the way to a Calendar Slam. Roger has the 1st hurdle to cross by defending his AO title.

Vamos Rafa

nadline , 11/29/10 10:15 AM

Thinking how low our spirits were at the end of last year after Rafa lost all his matches at the WTF, his fans have a lot to celebrate this year - winning a career slam, the channel slam, winning a title on the Asian swing runner-up at the WTF and ending 2010 as No1 by some distance, NOT least of all, winning the USO for the first time.

Well Done Rafa, recharge your batteries and come back ready to do your best.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/29/10 11:50 AM

Augustina08 , 11/29/10 12:41 PM

Some more statistics from ATP website.

ATP Reliability Index by 28.11.2010
<<Reliability Index is a new statistical measure of how players perform on different surfaces and environments. Players will be rated according to their performances both over the past year and also throughout their careers>>

_______Current Index----Career Index
1. Rafael Nadal: .885 ---- .824
2. Roger Federer: .822----.810
3. Novak Djokovic: .781---.754
4. Andy Roddick: .762----.754
5. David Ferrer: .747----.625

Vamos Rafa - the Greatest of The Year and Throughout The Career!

Augustina08 , 11/29/10 1:41 PM

Happy Birthday to this blog (VAMOS Rafa - no matter what),

which started last year on Nov 29 when Cheryl wrote this blog article after a tough patch for Rafa culminating in a rough WTF, or rather a tough 8 or so months starting in Miami.

Here is to Rafa's next 12 months !

And, in my book, to the next 12 months of Roger, Novak and Andy, who all also deserve to get strong results in 2011 !

chlorostoma , 11/29/10 3:53 PM

Sorry Luckystar for the late response: Roddick has the birthmark!!

Monalysa , 11/29/10 5:02 PM

In his interview yesterday, Rafa sayd that the 2010 season was very emotional for him and he talked about the most emotional moments.
<<Question. What would you say were the images that most come to your mind when you reflect on 2010?

RAFAEL NADAL: Everything. Was a lot of important moments for me during all the season. I think was a very emotional season. Was difficult for moments in the beginning, but after a tough time probably, because I had this difficult time, I was able to play with ambition all the season. All the time trying to convert the options, the chances to win and keep winning and keep playing well because when you spend 11 months without a victory, when you pass some difficult moments, you really know how difficult is win a tournaments, how difficult is be there, how difficult is be competitive every week.

So when you are there another time, for me the only thing that I was thinking all the time is: be focused, don't lose this dynamic, don't lose this level. Because with this level I was feeling I have chances to win in every tournament.

In general, was fantastic. For me the first two tournaments of the year - well, first one was Abu Dhabi. Was an exhibition, but everybody wants to play well there. Was fantastic level. In Doha was probably one of the best sets of my career, the first set against Davydenko. So after that I say: well, I am here. I am playing well another time. I am ready to try to win and compete for the important titles another time.

It happened. Was very hard, very difficult to accept for me the Australian Open injury another time. But I was lucky because I had to stop three weeks, but after that I arrived to Indian Wells and Miami with another time a very high level. That was the key of the season: feel that I was playing really well, but don't win.
So when I started to win the first time, first tournament in Monte-Carlo, everything was more easier, because I pulled out all the pressure, all this anxiety. After that I started to play really well. Roland Garros, without losing a set. Wimbledon, very difficult Wimbledon victory, with so many difficult matches, but finally the win. And the US Open the same. Don't lose a set before the final.

You must be playing really well to be in two Grand Slam finals without losing a set. So in general was a very emotional season for me. I am very happy for everything and just can say thank you very much all the people that support me all the time when I had the difficult moments, when I was winning, all the sponsor that keep having confidence in me, and everybody was seriously really fantastic with me last year.>> [Interview on Nov.28]

It has been a very emotional year for his fans, too. Rafa's impressive victories and great achievments have brought a lot of joy to his fans, me among them.

Vamos Rafa - the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion!

Augustina08 , 11/29/10 6:54 PM

It was wonderful to read Rafa's thoughts on this incredible year. He truly has come back from the depths of despair to the greatest heights. I couldn't have asked for more from this extraordinary champion!

I keep thinking about what someone said a while back on another tennis site - that Rafa's season ended after the USO. In so many ways, I think that was so true and summed it all up! Rafa gave it everything he had in that tournament, played like a God, reached a new level of excellence to complete the career grand slam. I think he just did it all and that was it. Whatever else he got in the closing months of this tennis year, would be just a bonus. He did get more - a title at the Japan Open and runnerup at the WTF. We can't be greedy and expect Rafa to win everything, everywhere, at every tournament. If it was easy to do what Rafa did this year, then there would be more than only six players who have won the career grand slam. If it was easy to win RG, Wimbledon and the USO all in the same year, then someone else would have done sooner and it would not have taken 41 years to equal Laver's feat in 1969. Rafa has even manage to surpass that one, because he is the only man to do it on ALL three surfaces. He is the only player to win ALL the clay court Masters tournaments and RG, winning the clay court slam.

We have been given so many gifts this year from Rafa. He has shown us why he is a champion in every sense of the word. I won't be counting how many points he has to win to keep the #1 ranking, how many weeks he has been there, how many this or that records. I leave that to the Fed fans. It's what they do. Now they are already trying to figure out the possible scenarios for Fed to take back the #1 ranking next year. Let them have at it! That is their focus, what is important to them. They also know that Fed will first have to defend his points as winner of the 2010 AO. That will be a big hurdle, because there will be the young man from Mallorca standing in his way again.

For me it's all about being in the moment. I want to remember and savor the memories of Rafa from this year. I am glad that I was able to see it all. In closing, I will just say that if Rafa can win the 2011 AO, then he will be lifted to a pantheon of greatness where few have walked.

Congratulations Rafa, on your truly magnificent year! Rest well and come back strong in the new year!

Nativenewyorker , 11/29/10 8:30 PM

@Nativenewyorker , 11/29/10 8:30 PM
---He truly has come back from the depths of despair to the greatest heights---

Yes, indeed he did ! Rafa, together with his doctors and his team, made a wonderful job in 2010. In the beginnig of the year many people were questioning whether Rafa - struggling with his injured knees - could ever climb back to his former heights. He made it!
Now journalists say: Rafa was the star of the show in tennis in 2010, 2010 belonged to Rafa.
<<Nadal earns high marks for historic 2010.
Who was the star of the show in tennis in 2010? Rafael Nadal, without a doubt.
Entering the season under a cloud of uncertainty, Nadal achieved one of the finest years in the history of the sport. He reclaimed the No. 1 ranking and completed his Grand Slam collection at the age of 24. Nadal's main rival, Roger Federer, dipped.>>
Read more in:

<<Nadal owns 2010 despite London loss.
2010 belonged to Rafael Nadal. An amazing season, almost impossible to repeat, included three successive majors, three successive Masters 1000 titles on clay, and - as he noted with his usual positivity - four victories over top eight players in the final week of the season.
He didn't win the ATP World Tour Finals but he did enough to prove the doubters of 12 months ago wrong.
Remember, in 2009 he failed to win a set at the O2 as his knees creaked beneath him. In 2010 the Spaniard raised his game, changed his grip and stayed fit from February to November, a considerable feat considering the physical intensity of his play and his recent injury record .>>
Read more in:

Augustina08 , 11/30/10 10:10 AM

I particularly like this bit:
"Thank you, see you next year, Merry Christmas," he said to the press on Sunday night before heading off to his tapas restaurant of choice in central London.

Last time he said 'see you in NY., we all know what happened. If Rafa could repeat the clay slam, that will set him up for Wimby and the USO, and whatever else comes in between. The AO will be nice for starters.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/30/10 11:37 AM

Four more posts and we make it to 500..........C'mon!

nadline , 11/30/10 12:03 PM

Lets not forget that apart from all the singles titles, Nadal also won a doubles ATP tournament with Marc Lopez in IW. Incidentally, I saw Rafa practice with Marc Lopez in the O2 last week, which was a bonus treat after seeing him play...

Adri , 11/30/10 12:10 PM

Yes of course, there is the Doubles title, so that's 8 titles won in 2010.

Adri, I saw Rafa practice with Marc L at the O2 on Friday, were you there in Friday? I was at the practice courts round about 11.30ish - midday.

nadline , 11/30/10 12:20 PM


I was there on Tuesday - Nadal practiced in the afternoon after getting the No 1 trophy. He wore an orange T shirt which he took off mid-practice :). Well, he put another one on shortly, despite objections from his female audience.

Adri , 11/30/10 12:30 PM

Inspired by an unknown poet:

Like him or hate him
He is better than the rest
He is simply the best
He's the brightest of stars
His name is Nadal

Vamos Rafa - the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion!

Augustina08 , 11/30/10 1:13 PM

Judging by News, for some of TT persons it seems to be very important what world number TWO is doing.

Let's find out somewhere what world number ONE is doing. Here it is:
Interview on Nov.28:
<<Question. Can you tell us what yo''ll be doing over the next three or four weeks until you play those charity matches ?
RAFAEL NADAL: This week I gonna work with the SPONSORS. I have to do some TV spots. So I have to work almost every day, tomorrow till next Monday. So that's going to be my holidays (laughter).
After that, PRACTICE. I gonna start to practice next Monday. Practice as good as I can to be ready for January. That's what I gonna try, try to repeat the same like last year, that I practiced all well in December and I arrived to the beginning of the season with very high level, but without calm to don't win in a long time.
My opinion now, if I arrive with the same level like last year in the beginning of the season, the situation can change, because the calm going to be there, after this probably more emotional and good season of my career>>
So, Rafa's family and girlfriend in Mallorca have to wait a week as the 2010 ATP World Tour CHAMPION Rafa Nadal, who in the middle of this year passed Fed in rankings, is going to work with his sponsors and do some TV adverts. But waiting shouldn't be a big problem. They all - mother, father, sister, girlfriend - were in London and cheered for Rafa.

Vamos Rafa - The World Number ONE Tennis Player!

Augustina08 , 11/30/10 3:23 PM

Thanks, Augustina for bringing us up to date.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 11/30/10 8:08 PM

@FEDistheGOAT , 11/30/10 8:40 PM


nadline , 11/30/10 8:50 PM

A News headline in TT tells what world number TWO can eat.

Let's find out what world number ONE eats.
<<Finally, there is the all-important issue of diet. During weeks of competition, the majority of any athlete's intake revolves around carbohydrates, in the form of pasta, together with fresh vegetables. Mr. Nadal is also known to be a great fish eater, which is his main source of protein. He is allowed treats such as chocolate, salty Majorcan biscuits named Quely and his grandmother's special cake. He never drinks tea or coffee and is not allowed to eat meat on the day before a match >> [TWSJ, July 5, 2010]
Rafa eats his grandmother's special cake. It sounds lovely! It is certainly made with love for his grandson. :)

Vamos Rafa - the Greatest of The Year (GOTY) !

Augustina08 , 11/30/10 9:11 PM

ATP has updated its Reliablility Index. Rafa is still the BEST of the YEAR and the BEST througout the CAREER !
<<ATP Reliability Index is a new statistical measure of how players perform on different surfaces and environments, against the world's best players and in pressure situations, such as in finals and tie-breaks.>>

On Dec. 1, 2010:
______Current Index----Career Index
1. Rafael Nadal: .880 ---- .824
2. Roger Federer: .833--- .810
3. Novak Djokovic: .766--- .754
4. Mardy Fish: .741--- .571
5. David Nalbandian: .737--- .679

Vamos Rafa - the Best !

Augustina08 , 12/1/10 11:56 AM

If you've read any of my posts you know I am above all a Rafa fan.

What the career index numbers tell us is what we knew: Rafa and Roger are heads above the competition for career-long consistency and excellence, even while Rafa's professional career started 9, almost 10 years ago... and Roger's even longer ago!

(If Rafa can still claim a career index near .810 when he turns 27, having played professionally for as long as Roger has played now that will be an awesome accomplishment. Injuries notwithstanding, I expect he will improve on the .824 for the foreseeable future.)

chlorostoma , 12/1/10 3:55 PM

Rafa is simply the best, period. Not onlydoes he top Roger in the current index but also in the career index.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/1/10 4:28 PM

@chlorostoma , 12/1/10 3:55 PM
I am enjoying the moment - Rafa's awesome achievements by now when he is only 24.5 years old.

Vamos Rafa - the Best in the Tennis World !

Augustina08 , 12/1/10 6:04 PM

me too, Augustina :-)

It's great to enjoy his accomplishment and above all: watch him play and watch him be healthy again.

And... I can't believe how good tennis is right now: with Roger doing great again, with Novak and Andy and a number of others playing so well... 2011 here we come!

chlorostoma , 12/1/10 6:33 PM

@chlorostoma , 12/1/10 6:33 PM
I think, I am already said somewhere that to me, Rafa's passion is reason to watch tennis and F's unemotionless is reason to skip watching.

Vamos Rafa - the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion!

Augustina08 , 12/1/10 7:15 PM

@chlorostoma , 12/1/10 6:33 PM

I correct my post of 12/1/10 7:15 PM:
'emotionlessness' instead of 'unemotionless'

Augustina08 , 12/1/10 7:41 PM

On Tuesday, Rafa received the Sport award voted by readers of AS Journal (Spain).
I watched a video. I didn't understand what Rafa said, but I was again impressed with his performance - he was all smiling and had contact with the audience.
He got a standing ovation from the audience and his award from his friend Carlos Moya. A great event !

Augustina08 , 12/1/10 10:08 PM

There is no end to the accolades that Rafa has had even at the yound age of 24, he has worked so hard to be where he is and surely deserves all the acclaim he gets.

Rafa is one busy man, when does he ever have time to himself?

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/2/10 11:05 AM

Just watched the video, tnx Augustina. Spain must be so proud of him, not to talk of his parents. Seeing the clips they showed just makes me want to watch those matches all over again...........don't worry I will watch them again for the umpteenth time.

Cute isn't he?

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/2/10 11:17 AM

@nadline , 12/2/10 11:05 AM
@nadline , 12/2/10 11:17 AM
---Rafa is one busy man...Cute isn't he? ---

Yes, Rafa is really cute and he is very busy. On Wednesday, he attended the farewall tribute to Carlos Moya held in Palma (the capital of Mallorca). In an article about the tribute, I read that Rafa is also "an outstanding master of ceremonies."
<<The Balearic Government organized a farewell tribute to Carlos Moya, with 1,400 people, who packed the Trui Teatre de Palma, with an outstanding master of ceremonies Rafael Nadal.
The ATP's number one sat in the front row between Carolina Cerezuela, partner Moya, and Francesc Antich, president of the Balearic Government.
"He is a megacrack as a player in the circuit and a person. I'm proud to be able to follow his footsteps and I can't forget the Davis Cup final in Seville in 2004, when Carlos, who won the first match against Fish, gave me peace and took the pressure off my tie with Roddick," said Nadal, who appeared on stage with his uncle Toni.
By the words of Uncle Toni, Rafa will start preparing the season 2011 in Manacor (Rafa's hometown) on Monday or Tuesday. "I have a little idea of where we'll start, but we'll work especially on the serve and physical preparation," Toni Nadal said. Joan Forcades (Rafa's fitness trainer) will work with the ATP number 1, too.
Moya said be "surprised" and "excited" by the reception. In the Teatre Trui, there gathered the whole family of Rafa Nadal, much of the Balearic Government and numerous Mallorca footballers...>>

Here you can see Rafa's emotions - his gladness and sadness:

I like how people in Spain pay tribute - showing love - to their sportsmen. I think, this is one of the reaons why Spain is successful in sports.

Vamos Rafa - The World Number One Tennis Player!

Augustina08 , 12/2/10 1:55 PM

Some info for those, who happen not to know the following.

The Balearic Islands archipelago consists of the islands of Mallorca/Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and other smaller islands.

Augustina08 , 12/2/10 2:23 PM

VOTE for Rafa !
Rafa has been nominated for the United States Sports Academy Athlete of the Year.

Voting Instructions (on the USSA website):
<<Please choose one male nominee AND one female nominee for the Academy's 2010 Athlete of the Year from the selections below (see website) by clicking on the highlighted nominee's photo.
You may change your vote before submitting by clicking another nominee's photo. Your ballot appears at the bottom of the page. When you are happy with your selection, click Submit Ballot.>>

NB! You can't vote, if you choose only a male person ! Reportedly, it is possible to vote more than once from the same computer.

Augustina08 , 12/2/10 3:18 PM

Thank you Augustina for that info! You are truly the resident tennis scholar for Rafa info!

fan4tennis , 12/2/10 3:27 PM

Auguatina, haven't you got anything better to do? Lol

Do keep the info coming, I love all Rafa's press and videos.

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/2/10 3:53 PM

@nadline , 12/2/10 3:53 PM
A lot of fans are devoted to analyzing the shots and watching repeatedly recorded matches of their favourite player. I'm not. To me, professional tennis is not only shots. I am impressed both by the skills and personality of my favourite player, both on and off the court. I am looking for various info about my favourite player.

Augustina08 , 12/2/10 6:23 PM

Hi nadline!
There is a fresh video available. It's about Rafa's cuteness, about his great smile. It's enjoyable !

Augustina08 , 12/2/10 8:56 PM

Augustina08, you are the best when it comes to All Things Rafa.

Well done, and keep it coming!


gorafago , 12/3/10 12:07 AM

I agree with gorafago.
I too appreciate Rafa's off-court character and actions a lot.
Keep up your very welcome contributions!

chlorostoma , 12/3/10 3:20 AM

Rafa was so cute. In his recent award ceremony, while going up the stage to receive his award, he had a big piece of green paper sticking on his back without him noticing it. It made me laughed watching that youtube video, only such thing can happen to Rafa! He is really well loved by the Spanish people.

luckystar , 12/3/10 1:23 PM

@luckystar , 12/3/10 1:23 PM
This "big piece of green paper" on Rafa's back was a label from his chair. The label probably stuck to his back due to static electricity Rafa had generated. Rafa can't sit still and when he is laughing, he laughs with all his body. Obviously, Rafa creates a great amount of static electricity by rubbing his chair. I agree that this can happen only to Rafa, he is so special ! :-)

Augustina08 , 12/3/10 2:11 PM

The next tennis season is not far away.
The Barcelona tournament organizers announced that Rafa would play in Barcelona next year.
Quotes from Google's translation:
<<Conde de Godo announces the return of Nadal in Barcelona.
The Spaniard, champion five times and missing the tournament last year as a precaution, will be accompanied among others by Robin Soderling, Tomas Berdych, David Ferrer.
Rafael Nadal was absent last year as a precaution (after winning in Monte Carlo was absent for not forcing his knees and then won in Rome, Madrid and Roland Garros).
The Barcelona tournament takes place from 18 to 24 April >>
[ 2.12.2010] 012ad2ed65391b43258e83ae9e923&t=1291376061

2011 calendar differs from that of 2010. There will be an off week between the Barcelona and Madrid Masters. So, in case Rafa will play in Barcelona, he - fortunately - woudn't play 3 weeks in a row:
Apr 11: Monte-Carlo Masters 1000
Apr 18: Barcelona ATP 500
May 2: Madrid Masters 1000
May 9: Rome Masters 1000
May 23: French Open

Augustina08 , 12/3/10 2:39 PM

Yes Augustina, I know that green piece of paper is a label from his chair. He was obviously not aware of it, nobody laughed at it and the compere took it away while Rafa was giving his speech, and Moya saw it but didn't do anything about it (probably wanted to make fun of Rafa).

In the past, there was always a one week break after Barcelona (Monte Carlo and Barcelona was always back to back), followed by Rome and then Hamburg. It was since 2008 that they changed the schedule and we have MC, Barcelona, Rome and then one week break followed by Hamburg/Madrid(since 2009). Next year onwards, they change it again back to MC, Barcelona, one week break, followed by Madrid and Rome. I think they have changed for the better, so Rafa playing four tournaments before the FO is still OK as there won't be any more three consecutive tournaments in a row in three weeks. Hopefully, Rafa will finish his matches asap to conserve his energy to last for the whole season. He certainly needs that if he hopes to accomplish the almost impossible mission of winning the CS.

luckystar , 12/3/10 4:42 PM

Looking through some of the comments and exchanges on this thread during the earlier part of the year, dated 17 Feb, between torres, tj and vamosrafa, I marveled at how things changed so quickly since then, within nine/ten months. Back then Fed had just won his AO slam, his no.16th while Rafa had to retire from his AO match against Murray. Everything seemed so rosy for Fed and gloomy for Rafa. tj commented about Fed never lost to anyone ranked outside top 5 in a slam, and then we saw how Fed lost to Sod, ranked no.7, at the FO, and to Berdych, ranked no.12, at Wimbledon. How they were comparing Rafa having 6 slams vs Fed's16, now we saw Rafa having 9 slams and Fed still with 16. How they mentioned Fed had 270 weeks at no.1 and Rafa with 46; now Fed was stuck at 285, one week short of Sampras 286 record, while Rafa is on his way to another 30 weeks at no.1 (till this year end), making his total of 76 weeks as no.1 and still ongoing.

This taught me how not to make predictions, and not to take things for granted. Life is unpredictable, no one knows what will happen next. So let us treasure what our favorite player(s) brings to us, on and off the tennis courts, appreciate them while we can, for they may one day decide to call it quit and deprive us of the amazing journey and experience that we have with them.

luckystar , 12/3/10 5:24 PM

^^^^ Well said luckystar.

How lucky we are to have players who give us so much pleasure in what they do. Sometimes when I see people crying because their football team lost I ask myself why they take it so seriously, before I'm quickly reminded how miserable I feel when Rafa loses, and how elated I feel when he wins. Why it matters so much, I really couldn't say, but its funny how it does.

nadline , 12/3/10 6:33 PM

Here is a link to a song celebrating Rafa:

nadline , 12/3/10 9:01 PM

@luckystar , 12/3/10 5:24 PM
---So let us treasure what our favorite player(s) brings to us, on and off the tennis courts, appreciate them while we can---
I join you in this.

I add to your overview that now Rafa is not only the best tennis player of the year, he is also a contender for the Laureus 'World Sportsman of the Year' Award. Contender.aspx

Vamos Rafa - the greatest of the year (GOTY)!

Augustina08 , 12/3/10 9:22 PM

Flying Federer has long-haul quest to topple mighty Nadal at the top of the world rankings

By Mike Dickson Last updated at 12:37 AM on 30th November 2010

Roger Federer may have beaten Rafael Nadal to the final prize of the year but the tennis season's last significant ranking list shows that 2010 belonged to the Spaniard.

Despite his triumph at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals on Sunday the Swiss still finds himself some way behind Nadal.

The rankings also show how dominant the duo, who have finished six consecutive years as the world's No 1 and No 2 players, remain and how difficult it will be for Andy Murray - fourth for the third straight season - and Novak Djokovic to dislodge them.

Nadal has a massive 3,305-point lead over his old rival and that is unlikely to shrink for a few months.

With the rankings operating on a 12-month spread, the Spaniard only has a quarter-final to defend at January's Australian Open while Federer won the event last year.

The pair will face each other twice before the end of this year, but points are not at stake. Nadal plays Federer before Christmas on consecutive days - in Switzerland and Madrid - in exhibition matches in aid of each other's charities

Read more: long-haul-quest-topple-Rafael-Nadal.html#ixzz175KfHNjI

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/3/10 10:08 PM

@nadline , 12/3/10 10:08 PM
--- the tennis season's last significant ranking list shows that 2010 belonged to the Spaniard---

Numbers do not lie.

Rafa's sponsor Nike has designed a nice jacket to congratulate Rafa on his successful season.
<<To congratulate Rafael Nadal on a stellar season, the Nike Sportswear team in London created this one-of-a-kind NSW Destroyer Jacket just for him. This sophisticated, contemporary retooling of the classic varsity jacket is fit for a king - so who better to wear it than the #1 player in the world! >>

Vamos Rafa - the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion!

Augustina08 , 12/4/10 10:30 AM

@Augustina08 , 12/4/10 10:30 AM

No more than the Ultimate Tennis Player and the King of Tennis deserves.


nadline , 12/4/10 11:45 AM

Rafa's Mum gives Federer a kiss:

nadline , 12/4/10 11:51 AM

@nadline , 12/4/10 11:51 AM
I saw in this video that Rafa's sister gave a kiss too. It was such a nice gesture from both Rafa's Mom and sister! Rafa has a great family !

Augustina08 , 12/4/10 1:39 PM

^^^^ They are showing how to be gracious in defeat, what a class act from the No 1 Tennis Family.

nadline , 12/4/10 2:20 PM

Rafa's new Nike-jacket reminded me of the interesting jacket Nike Japan created for Rafa a couple of months ago. The great embroidery pattern on the jacket is worth taking a look at it again.
<<Nike Japan designed a special gift to honor Rafael Nadal's recent successes and inaugural trip to Japan. The one-of-a-kind hoodie was inspired by a traditional Japanese jacket called "Suka-Jan," famous for beautiful embroideries that cover the back.
The back of the hoodie features Japanese characters, a rising sun over Mt. Fuji, and the "Raging Bull." The four Japanese characters spell out "Raging Bull Attack" - the two on the left for "Raging Bull," from his nickname, and the two on the right making up a common word historically used when outsiders would attack Japan. It symbolizes Rafa's historical first visit to the country and the world-class level of physical and mental "attack" he brings to the game of tennis. Below the Japanese characters is an unmistakable icon of Japan: the sun rising through the clouds above Mount Fuji.
In an up-close look at the face of "Raging Bull" and White Snake, the White Snake is a symbol of good luck, so by intertwining the Snake (luck) with the Bull (Rafa), they are bringing good luck to him. The peony, hand-embroidered in gold thread, that adorns the hood of the jacket represents Rafa's current status as "King" or Number 1 in tennis.>> [Slice, Oct.18, 2010]

Rafa did well in Tokyo. Lets' hope that Japanese White Snake will bring good luck to Rafa next year.

Augustina08 , 12/4/10 2:48 PM

Another Rafa interview:

REPORTER:Hello Rafa congratulations.You have been the person with the most votes from the readers of magazine.What does mean to you?

RAFA:For me it's an honour and want to thank all the readers and tha AS magazine for choosing me from all the competition that we have in this country today and we can enjoy all the victories that spanish sport is giving to all the fans and I am like one more fan and also a sportman.

REPORTER:You have had a fantastic year and only needed the Masters Cup.What is the difference between 2009 and this year for it to be a Nadals year?

RAFA:No 2009 was a great year only that finished badly with physical problems,personal problems and it got a bit complicated and 2010 has been great I had to leave the Australian Open with problems in my kness and I was a bit down but I satrted this year very well until two days ago when I lost the Masters cup.Everything has been unforgettable and with a lot of emotion because I came back from a complicated time

REPORTER:You have become part of history like the tennis man that won the four big ones.What are your new inspirations?

NADAL:I try everyday to do things better and my goal is to win tournaments

REPORTER:Can you comment on this photo?What was going on in you head here?NADAL:It was very emotional moment,I didn't expect to win here but I was playing at my best level and the photo shaws all the effort I had put in over the past.

Nadal: "Last year was complicated, it has been unforgettable '
The Spaniard tennis player looks at what has changed from the past year that this has again become "an unforgettable and exciting year." Nadal coincide in pointing out his victory at the U.S. Open as the highlight of the year and leaves with special dedication to the readers of sports daily AS

nadline , 12/4/10 6:55 PM

@nadline , 12/4/10 6:55 PM
---RAFA: 2010 has been great, with a lot of emotions---

Rafa has said many times that 2010 has been a very emotional year for him. He won seven titles this year. A nice video shows Rafa's emotions on his road to his seven titles and two runner-up spots :

Augustina08 , 12/4/10 9:24 PM

Vote for Rafa for the USA Sports Academy Athlete of The Year:

Rafa is the ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/5/10 9:36 AM

Some journals have already selected the best athlete 2010. TENNIS Magazine has chosen Rafa as the player of the year: _z_0?ie=UTF8&n=283155&s=books

Vamos Rafa - the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion !

Augustina08 , 12/5/10 11:37 AM

nadline , 12/5/10 11:37 PM

Some info about the next season.
Rafa is going to take a month off after Australia Open 2011. It's a good news.
Before the Indian Wells Masters 1000 in USA (March 7 - 14), he is going to play in the Davis Cup tie against Belgium from (March 4 - 6). He has already promised the Davis Cup captain Albert Costa to play in Belgium (Charleroi). I think, it is not a bad idea to play some matches before the IW Masters.
["Nadal returns to action against Belgium",, 5.12.2010]

V amos Rafa - the greatest of 2010 !

Augustina08 , 12/6/10 10:19 AM

The Serbian team have shaved their heads to celebrate winning the Davis Cup, it looks more like a punishment to me, some of them did not look too keen. I hope the spaniards don't go in for that sort of thing, highly unlikely I think with the likes of Nando and Feli in the team, their vanity would override any such suggestion.

nadline , 12/6/10 12:08 PM

@nadline , 12/6/10 12:08 PM
---The Serbian team have shaved their heads to celebrate winning the Davis Cup... I hope the spaniards don't go in for that sort of thing---
I don't think that the Spanish team would make something extraordinary. They are used to winning the Davis Cup. Spain has won DC already for 4 times (in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2009) ! Rafa has been a member of the winning team for three times (in 2004, 2008, 2009).
I remember that Rafa was extremely happy last year. By the Davis Cup tournament in December, he hadn't won any titles during 8 months. Winning DC meant him a lot mentally. In one of interviews this December, Rafa said: "The first six months of 2009 were the best of my life. Then I started with the knee and some personal problems and it affected me in the head. At the end of the year turned out to be difficult, hard, but luckily I ended up winning the Davis Cup with my teammates. It was a positive ending. "

Vamos Rafa - the best player on the planet.

Augustina08 , 12/6/10 1:57 PM

Rafa's fans in Pakistan might see Rafa in their country !

<<Pakistan hopes to host tournaments; wants Nadal for exo.
The new president of the Pakistan Tennis Federation, Syed Kaleem Imam, hopes to bring high profile tennis matches back to his country and is hoping to attract Rafael Nadal for an exhibition.
"My focus is to revive international tennis in Pakistan and I have talked to few diplomats and hopeful of a positive reply shortly," he said. "I have talked to Spanish ambassador the other day, requesting him to make an arrangement for the federation so that we can invite Nadal. His presence in Pakistan will be a big boost for the sports in the country." ...Imam, who is also a chief of police, said he can guarantee security. The country is scheduled to host Davis and Fed Cup ties next year. >> [, Dec 4th, 2010 ]

Augustina08 , 12/6/10 2:27 PM

^^^^^ Everyone wants a piece of Rafa.

Vamos Rafa
The untimate tennis player

nadline , 12/6/10 4:46 PM

.....................When it came to Federer the big question for me was always motivation, but he has answered that by showing he is still hungry for titles.

He has been overtaken by Rafa in the last year or so - there is no doubt about that - but he is now starting to narrow the gap again, and while I would still have Rafa as the favourite for the Australian Open, Roger is now right behind him. It is great to see the rivalry is back big time.

In my opinion, the main reason why Federer is still playing at such a high level despite the fact that he is now 29-years-old is because he needs to keep working on his game to keep up with Nadal.

If Nadal never existed, I've no doubt that Roger would still be playing tennis but not to the standard we are seeing at the moment because really he wouldn't need to.

Federer would still (and could still) win two or three Grand Slams a year as a gimmie if it wasn't for the challenge of Nadal................. eed/article/5139/

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/6/10 8:01 PM

Rafa and Novak Djokovic will play an exhibition match in the Colombian capital in March.
Google's translation:
<<Rafael Nadal, world number one, and Novak Djokovic, the third in the rankings, will come to Bogota to play an exhibition match on 21 March 2011. The match will be played on a hard court.

This date was chosen so that players have no problems with the ATP calendar, because at that time they are on a break between the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells and Miami.>>

Rafa has confirmed his attendance.
<< The world number one tennis player, Rafael Nadal said through a video that he would be in Colombia on 21st March, 2011.
Nadal: "Hello! See you on March 21 in Bogota at the match we'll play with Novak Djokovic. I am very happy to go to Colombia for the first time and see you there. A big hug !" >>[Agencia EFE]

Let's hope, that good friends Rafa & Novak won't exhaust each other, playing this match.

Augustina08 , 12/6/10 10:05 PM

Take a look at Rafa's outfit at AO2011:
http:/ /
Nice summer colors !

Rafa's shoes according another source:

Augustina08 , 12/7/10 7:45 PM

Rafa's probable schedule for the first half of 2011:

Abu Dhabi exhibition (January 1)
Doha ATP 250 (January 3 - 9)
Australian Open (January 17-30)
Davis Cup in Belgium (March 4-6)
IW Masters (March 7-13)
Colombia exhibition (March 21)
Miami Masters (March 21- 27)
Monte Carlo Masters(April 11-17)
Barcelona ATP 500 (April 18-24)
Madrid Masters (May 2-8)
Rome Masters (May 9-15)
French Open (May 23-June 5)
Queens ATP 250 (June 6-12)
Wimbledon (June 20-July3)

I think, it's a moderate schedule.

Vamos Rafa - the greatest of 2010!

Augustina08 , 12/8/10 1:29 PM

Nike has made a video describing how Nike's people are taking care of Rafa - "one of the most dynamic athletes out there".
They are trying to make Rafa feel comfortable and looking optimistic at AO2011. The back and the left shoulder of Rafa's shirt are decorated with flames of fire, which mimic his service motion. I must say that it is a very suitable decoration for Rafa! He IS burning on the court ! :)

See also: Augustina08 , 12/7/10 7:45 PM

Augustina08 , 12/8/10 10:13 PM

I've seen how Nike takes care of Rafa. Remember the checked shorts?

cherylmurray , 12/9/10 4:05 AM

@cherylmurray, 12/9/10 4:05 AM
---Remember the checked shorts?---

Maybe Nike wanted to bring out Rafa's best physical attributes ? :-)

Augustina08 , 12/9/10 8:17 AM

Rafa's image continues to be used to promote tourism in the Balearics.
Rafa's team and the Balearic Government have reached an agreement that the Balearic tourism office may continue to use Rafa's image to promote the Balearic Islands in the world until December 2011, "while the compensation will go to those who need it most in the Balearics."
Due to economic problems, the Government couldn't pay Rafa for using his image and was going to stop to use it. Rafa was ready to give his image to promote the Islands for free. According to the new agreement, the Government may use the grafics already made and the money supposed to be paid to Rafa according to the old agreement will be allocated to social sectors.
Rafael is a Balearican and he is very proud of it; he has always been actively involved in promoting the islands in the world and he will continue to do it, said Carlos Costa, Rafa's Agent. acorden-un-canvi-dus-de-la-seva-imatge.html

Rafa undoubtely loves his islands.
Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 12/9/10 8:36 AM

On the ATP website, there is a review "2010 Best Matches Of The Year." The match Rafa vs Andy Murray at WTF holds the first position. t-Matches-Of-The-Year.aspx

It's not the first time when one of Rafa's matches has been considered the best of the year.
The best match of 2009 was the battle Rafa vs Verdasco in the semifinals at Australian Open. In 2008 - Rafa vs Fed in the final at Wimbledon. Rafa won both.

Vamos Rafa - the Tennis Titan!

Augustina08 , 12/9/10 10:36 AM

CNN has made a nice video "The Return of the King."
Its description: "CNN's Pedro Pinto showcases the 2010 comeback of Rafael Nadal after a 2009 year plagued with injuries." c.nadal.comeback.2010.cnn
Reportedly it was & will be shown today on TV program Open Court.

Vamos Rafa - the civilized tennis player - generous in victory and gracious in defeat !

Augustina08 , 12/9/10 4:00 PM

Augustina, great video. Thanks :)

Adri , 12/9/10 7:59 PM

Rafa is scheduled to play his last match of this year against Marcos Baghdatis or Tomas Berdych in Abu Dhabi on Dec.31.

The schedule in Abu Dhabi (local time):
December 30
3.00 pm - Marcos Baghdatis (20) vs Tomas Berdych (6)
5.00 pm - Robin Soderling (5) vs Jo-Wilfred Tsonga (13)
December 31
3.00 pm - Roger Federer (2) vs (Winner of Soderling - Tsonga tie)
5.00 pm - Rafael Nadal (1) vs (Winner of Baghdatis - Berdych tie)
January 1, 2011
3.00 pm - Third place match
5.00 pm - Final

Vamos Rafa - the Real Hero of the 2010 season!

Augustina08 , 12/10/10 12:10 PM

Somebody has only money to buy clothes made by Armani. Rafa has a body to be 'Armani' - to be Armani's model.

Rafael Nadal is new face of Armani.
<<Tennis player Rafael Nadal is to be the new face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.
Nadal follows in the footsteps of footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, who have both previously been pictured in their underwear in ad campaigns for the luxury Italian brand.
The first campaign shots will be released early next year>> [Drapers,10 December, 2010] -of-armani/5020397.article

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 12/10/10 12:43 PM

I just received my Christmas present early! ;)
Thanks Augustina!

fan4tennis , 12/10/10 4:18 PM

Some more info about modelling for Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

Google's translation (a little bit edited) of an article.
<<Armani chooses Rafa.
Rafa was only 17 years old, was a rising star in tennis, when he was saying: "I'm pathetic when I'm shopping for luck when my play is a bit better." It was 2004 and Rafael Nadal was looking curiously at the mirror while trying clothes from Armani in Milan.
CHOSEN ONE. Six years later, the boy from Mallorca is the number one in the tennis world. He has won nine Grand Slam titles and is the second most famous athlete in his country behind Fernando Alonso, but before Iker Casillas - a goalkeeper of the World Cup winning team of Spain and the Real Madrid football club. Rafa is so great in the eyes of the world that Giorgio Armani has chosen him as its official worldwide model for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans for the Spring & Summer 2011 collections. The first campaign featuring Nadal will launch in February. Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot take pictures of the campaign.
SPORT and FASHION. Your image will be published around the world, it will appear on the buildings of the largest cities like that of the previous sporting models chosen by the Italian designer.
Giorgio Armani was the first in fashion to hire a football player as a model, when he wanted the English goalkeeper David James to model Armani Jeans for the Spring & Summer 1996.
Next ones were Andriy Shevchenko, Kaka and David Beckham to bring the creations of King George around the world. And then Luis Figo, Vieri, Cannavaro and Filippo Magnini Henry also appeared in the campaign EA7. The latest "sporting Armani" was Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portuguese national football team and a striker of Spain's Real Madrid, who modelled Armani Jeans and Underwear.
Now Armani has chosen Rafa, who is a fan of the Real Madrid football club, despite his uncle Miguel Angel (a brother of Toni, who is Rafa's coach) was a beloved defender of the Barcelona football team.
No.1 FASHION. But in addition to being young, handsome and successful, Rafa is also a fashion icon on the tennis courts. Especially for kids who imitate his style.
Nadal was the first to show up with pants below the knee and has always exposed the muscles through the sleeveless shirts. Now, full range of clothings is sold out.
Now Rafa's shorts are shorter and his T-shirts have sleeves.... And he is the king, even his look is. >> [La Gasetta dello Sport, December 10, 2010]

Augustina08 , 12/10/10 6:47 PM

Currently, there is a poll in TT: "Who will be No. 1 at the end of 2011?"

I found the results of a similar poll made a year ago.

Who will end the 2010 season ranked No. 1?
50 % - Roger Federer
27.2 % - Rafael Nadal
15.7 % - Juan Martin Del Potro
6 % - Novak Djokovic
1.1 % - Andy Murray
3226 votes total

It's sweet to see how wrong was this poll !

Vamos Rafa - no matter what polls tell !

Augustina08 , 12/11/10 8:51 AM

Rafa & Federer charity matches will be streamed live and shown on TV.

Rafa askes to watch Rafa & Federer charity matches on
1) Zurich:
on Dec. 21st at 19.30 GMT
2) Madrid:
on Dec. 22nd at 18.00 GMT,,11444~1704496,00.html

Eu rosport TV is going to show the matches LIVE:
On Dec.21st at 20:30 CET
On Dec.22nd at 19.00 CET

Augustina08 , 12/11/10 9:21 AM

I laughed when I read that Rafa will be modeling for underwear. Will Armani make underwear that will finally fit Rafa's famous ass and stops him picking at his butt? Anyway I'm a bit shocked that a shy boy/guy like Rafa has finally decided to go for underwear modeling. Well Rafa had already appeared in a sexy musical video, so a logical progression would be for him to go one step further and model for undies. Hopefully Rafa doesn't look embarrassed while filming the ads, he certainly looked a bit unnatural in that sexy music video.

Rafa's PR and marketing team surely wants to strike while the iron is hot, make hay while the sun shines. I hope Rafa is handsomely rewarded for the Armani underwear and jeans ad, for its a bold step forward, no turning back to that shy, hometown boy image for Rafa. I also hope Armani does a good job by making Rafa looks good, maybe even sexy but please not any cheap stuff.

luckystar , 12/11/10 10:02 AM

@luckystar , 12/11/10 10:02 AM
I don't think Rafa feels shy showing his body. Vice versa, he seems to be proud of his beach body. He shows his shirtless body willingly on the tennis practice courts and poses naturally for a camera at the beach.
In the famous music video, Rafa had to play a role. He is not an actor and had no acting experiences. No wonder, if he felt insecure about performing his first acting role. But he showed off his perfect athletic body without shyness. As regards clothing, he looked attractive/sexy in extremely casual clothing he wore. He looks good in everything, he can wear whatever (probably as little clothing as possible, also). :-) music_video/

P.S. I am laughing at Fedfans who are gnashing their teeth in frustration !

Augustina08 , 12/12/10 9:03 AM

Augustina, Rafa has a nice body and he is not shy to show off his body, but he certainly looked uneasy when required to pose for some photo shoots. His photos at the beach were all taken while he was relaxing and taken when he was not specifically posing for the photo shoots. They all looked rather natural. I'm not sure posing for underwear with specific poses required wouldn't make him feel and act uncomfortable and unnatural. I just hope Armani will do a good job and make him looks nice and not over selling his sexiness. I certainly don't wish to see Rafa being turned into a sex symbol or sex object, I hope people see him as a serious tennis player and his sexiness and appeal is only secondary to his tennis.

I know Rafa has grown up now, and he is no longer that hometown boy that we all come to know and love. Rafa's marketing team is trying to market him as a young adult with some sex appeal, that music video, those photo shoots in the Hello magazine and now the Armani underwear and jeans ad, are all pointing towards that direction. I don't know what will be next for Rafa. Well, they have to help to 'sell' him to maximize his potential in making the endorsement money, like what I said previously, they have to make hay while the sun shines. I wish Rafa and his team success in bringing in the endorsement money, but more importantly, please concentrate on his tennis career which to me, and I believe to most of his fans, matters the most. I wish to see Rafa surges even further in his tennis career, one that is comparable to Fed's, if not better. I know Rafa can do it, he just needs to carry on working harder and concentrate; I wish that when Rafa retires from tennis, he'll be remembered as one of the all time greats, and that to me is fully realizing Rafa's potential.

luckystar , 12/12/10 10:06 AM

@luckystar , 12/12/10 10:06 AM
---Rafa's marketing team is trying to market him as a young adult with some sex appeal, that music video, those photo shoots in the Hello magazine and now the Armani underwear and jeans ad---
I guess, Rafa has made these "marketing" decisions by himself. He seems not to be afraid of experiences beyond the tennis world. He is also not afraid of questions asked by journalists. After shooting the music video, he showed that he was capable of handling the media very well, whatever questions journalists asked.

---please concentrate on his tennis career...he just needs to carry on working harder and concentrate---
I am of opinion that Rafa is capable of keeping a balance between working, advertising and personal life.
Playing tennis is Rafa's job. Usually, people need to rest after work and to do something else than their job. Rafa has said that he needs to do something besides tennis, to fresh his mind.
<<"The most important thing is to be healthy and refreshed mentally," said the world number one. "You need to sometimes think of something besides the tennis.">> [M&G, Oct 5, 2010]
I prefer to let him do whatever he wants, if it makes him feel good. I like him for who he is.

Augustina08 , 12/12/10 12:09 PM

Augustina, its his marketing team that seek all these endorsement opportunities for Rafa, and Rafa makes the final decision. I believe they'll have discussions before accepting the offer. Do you think Rafa goes out to source for all these deals himself? Of course not! I believe they, including Rafa and probably his family, would have discussed what is the direction ahead for Rafa, before getting his marketing team to go out and source for endorsement deals.

Of course Rafa can do whatever he wants, who are we to tell him what to do? As his tennis fans, of course we hope that whatever he does, he'll still concentrate on tennis. I'm not saying that he can't do this or that, but just hoping that Armani does a good job for Rafa, promoting his popularity and of course their sales, and yet keep things classy befitting Rafa's status as the no.1 tennis player in the world. I believe that's not too much to ask for from a fan.

luckystar , 12/12/10 12:22 PM

@luckystar , 12/12/10 12:22 PM
--- its his marketing team that seek all these endorsement opportunities for Rafa---
Yeah, but Rafa is the employer of his team, not an employee of somebody's company.

I also hope that Armani does a good job for Rafa. I am not familiar with the football world, but as much as I know, modeling for Armani hasn't hurt David Beckham's and Cristiano Ronaldo's professional career and reputation.
(By the way, Rafa knows them both well. D.Beckham played and C. Ronaldo is playing for Real Madrid - Rafa's favourite team).

Augustina08 , 12/12/10 1:38 PM

Of course Rafa is the employer, and that's why I said he probably with his family plus his team have come up with a direction for Rafa going forward, and so his marketing team will execute his instruction and go source for opportunities. Isn't that what I'm saying all along?

Er Augustina, I view Rafa more precious than CR and Beckham, so naturally I wish for better things for him from Armani. Those photo shoots for CR especially, didn't look that great, and some of his poses looked unnatural. I hope Rafa can do better than CR, I hope they make him looks natural, having both his hotness and his sweetness shine through, and having it done both in a classy and tasteful manner.

luckystar , 12/12/10 1:53 PM

The jury is still out on Federer - ll-out-on-federer?utm_source=newsletter (Excerpts)

First of all, Federer believes that he has to play perfectly to beat Nadal. Nadal does not believe that he has to play perfectly to beat Federer. This can be seen by how relaxed Nadal on court against Federer and how tight Federer is. This is visible in the shot selection between the two. Federer feels as if he has to jump on Nadal early in a rally. He looks to attack with his forehand even more than usual. Nadal plays his cross court shots and waits for a ball he likes before unleashing his lethal forehand up the line. Even if he finds himself down an early break, he never seems bothered by anything Federer does. Federer seems to go through a range of emotions against Nadal, from intense to irritated, to fired up, finally to resignation.

The Federer/Nadal rivalry hinges primarily on the fact that Nadal is physically too much for Roger. Add that on to the fact that Nadal continues to improve at an unheard of rate, and has become as complete a player as Federer. While Federer is still capable of the occasional win over Nadal, in a best of three set format, the smart money will be bet on Nadal when it comes to a potential Grand Slam encounter.

nadline , 12/12/10 2:26 PM

luckystar, I am not sure if you knew this, but Rafa has modeled underwear in an advertisement before. It was for a European maker of underwear and I found the picture over 2 years ago, so how long before that he did it, I do not know. This is not as new to him as you think, and it did not just come to him or his team to do this in just the last months.

In your comment about Armani finding undies to fit his "famous ass" (as Rafa has referred to it in jest), so Rafa would stop his habit of pulling at them.....I believe that has more to do with an OCD-like behavior, than with ill-fitting undies.

Please give Rafa fans a little credit. We still know he is the best tennis player out there, and we get thrills watching him play for so many various reasons (surprises abound, great tennis, great strategy, great sportsmanship). Rafa making an underwear ad for one of the most respected designers in the world is not going to change that!

fan4tennis , 12/12/10 3:32 PM

Hello fan4tennis, I'm not so worried about Rafa's tennis, as I know he'll do his best. What I'm afraid of about this ad is that if it is not tastefully done, it may damage Rafa's good image. As I mentioned above, I view Rafa more precious than CR and Beckham, at least he is precious to tennis.

As for the Armani undies finally fitting Rafa's famous ass, obviously that is meant as a joke. All Rafa fans should know that Rafa tucking at his shorts is more of his OCD than anything else.

Concerning his previous underwear ad, well maybe back then he was still young and not as famous, probably not as conscious of his own sexiness, or maybe even back then, he was not even sexy to start with! I've seen youtube videos of him in undies too, it seems that those Spanish boys are OK to be seen in their undies, no big deal about that. They even go to the extent of being punished for losing in a playstation game by doing push ups naked at the hotel lobby. It seems that Rafa was punished once doing push ups naked, I think he was still young then, in his teens, after losing to Moya.

luckystar , 12/12/10 3:58 PM

luckystar, I have no fear that the Armani ads will come out tasteful and nice, as opposed to if he did it for Walmart. Armani is a widely, internationally respected name and brand and I can spot an Armani suit very quickly (the style, taste, look, cut and quality are the best). Being the name of Armani is very prestigious, and yes, can open other international doors for Rafa. I'd rather have Rafa's name beside Armani's than hear 'Rafa has a new section in Walmart..please check it out shoppers!'

That undie ad I told you about.....Rafa's was not a young teenager in it. His body was extremely muscular to the point of almost looking chubby.

fan4tennis , 12/12/10 4:13 PM

So probably Rafa was twenty or twenty one then. Still Rafa was not as conscious of his sex appeal as he was now. Just two years back, in 2008, he had done some topless photo shoots for Vogue magazine in New York during the USO and he said after that, that he didn't like those photos as he felt he looked too sexy in them. I believe right now Rafa is aware of his own sex appeal, back then when he was twenty or twenty one, he might not be aware or conscious of that. So, when I said earlier on that Rafa may feel uncomfortable doing the undies ad now, I feel that he is aware that he may be viewed as some sex object or sex symbol, now that he has grown up, become more famous and oozing in sex appeal. I guess there is a difference now and then in his mentality, though Rafa being the professional that he is, will definitely do his best to look good in the ads.

luckystar , 12/12/10 4:37 PM

@luckystar , 12/12/10 4:37 PM
Rafa has been openly told that he is "a kind of sex symbol."
In the beginning of the video made in August, an ancor of ABCNews says that Rafa is an international sex symbol and later an interviewer is trying to provocate Rafa saying he is a kind of sex symbol (from 1:52).
Rafa laughs and answers: "I don't think so. I don't know" ...and so on.
:-) bedded

I am sure Rafa is adult enough to deal with advertisers.

Augustina08 , 12/12/10 8:51 PM

Augustina, as I said earlier on, Rafa is professional enough to deal with whatever requirement from the sponsors, whether Rafa himself feels awkward or uncomfortable or not..I believe all the preparation work, from the music video to the Hello magazine photo shoots, should make Rafa feel more ready for this Armani ad. As I mentioned before, I think going forward Rafa will be having the more adult, sexy tennis star image, now that he has grown up and is no longer the 'sweet hometown boy' and so he has to ditch that hometown boy image. Rafa will get used to his new image going forward, though initially he may feel uncomfortable about it.

One thing I noticed, when he rec'd his ATP no.1 player award and his SE Sportsmanship award, he didn't bite the trophies. Will he also stop that habit of biting his trophies? I think as an adult, a sexy one now, he should stop biting at trophies. To me he'll look odd still biting at trophies like a little kid, when he is 24 going on to 25 years old now.

luckystar , 12/13/10 2:43 AM


I think you worry too much, a bit like a mother hen protective of your chicks. :-)

First, Rafa and his family are not marketing experts. There's no way they're the ones who strategize how to market Rafa. He has a PR and an agent for a reason. Those are the marketing experts. They are paid to figure out how to market their client. Of course, Rafa has the veto power, but I'd be surprised he or his family are running the marketing.

Second, Rafa is the first tennis player since Bjorn Borg that has enough sex appeal to market underwears. Rafa doesn't speak English as fluently as Roger. Rafa doesn't have the smooth country club image like Roger. Federer pretty much corners the luxury goods market. (Those Fed fans who bashed Rafa for promoting a $500,000 watch obviously forgot that Fed promotes everything from private jets to Rafa's marketing team needs to find him a nitch. Rafa's nitch is his sex appeal, youth and a warrior's image. If I were his agent, I'd go after designer jeans/underwears, high performance sports car or SUV (not Kia but Porche, Jeep etc.), energy drinks/bars, cell phone etc. Those fit his image.

Of course, they want to strike the deals when he's on top and preferrably, lock up long term deals. Fed has three contracts that last 10 years. Those are the kinds of deals Rafa's agent would like to lock up for him. Do you want him to turn them down to focus on tennis? Get real. I'd like him to play fewer exhibitions or lesser tournaments for appearance fees instead. You don't get injured from doing photo shoots.

I'm in agreement with fan4tennis, I wouldn't worry about Armani ads. He's a world class designer that markets to the high-end markets. It will be tasteful because that's Armani's market.

Latennis , 12/13/10 3:28 AM

Latennis, why not check my previous posts and that of Augustina's to have a better understanding of what we are implying about the decision making? I'm not going to repeat that all over again.

Looking at what Armani did for CR, I'm not confident that they can do a good job and make the best of what Rafa has to offer. Well I can always live in hope that this time it's different because it is Rafa we are talking about.

As for my being protective over Rafa, I've been watching him since he was 19, naturally I hope for the best for him. However with his uncles, father and maybe even mum there to give him advice, I'm sure what they and he decided should be good for him and they are willing to take the risk to try new ventures.

I think this Armani project is not a long term one, judging from both CJ and Beckham's earlier contracts. I was hoping for Rafa to secure some long term lucrative endorsement contracts, something like Fed's, so that his long term endorement prospects is secured and can fit in well with his tennis playing schedule.

luckystar , 12/13/10 4:31 AM

Latennis, actually what you were saying about those endoresment deals that Rafa and his team should be looking at were those I'm thinking about all along.

Cell phone ad, I understand Sharapova has a lucrative deal with Motorola and then Sony Erisson, so maybe Rafa with his current status should be eyeing one like that. Energy drinks or even Coke or Pepsi ad, should be a good choice. What about luxury homes, yacht/boats, cars, private jets endorsement deals? Or even some big cosmetics/skin care endorsement deals for their men's range of products, and luxury wears like Armani/Prada? Well all these sounds a bit sobbish but Rafa's team should be aiming deals like those in the long term.

I'm happy Rafa cares for his country and his island and did his part in promoting the tourism tradefor his beloved island. He is also promoting his hometown biscuits, Quely, and he has his Banesto and Maphre deals. I hope Nike rewards Rafa handsomely now that he is the no.1 player in the world and is promoting their young adults' range of sports wears. Let's hope for the best for Rafa, as I think he deserves all the good things in life, having worked so hard all along to be where he is now.

luckystar , 12/13/10 5:04 AM

Sorry spelling mistake, should be snobbish instead of sobbish!

Well I'm sure Rafa and his team should know what to do and no need us telling them. Still
we can all dream and hope.

luckystar , 12/13/10 5:17 AM

@luckystar , 12/13/10 2:43 AM
--when he rec'd his ATP no.1 player award and his SE Sportsmanship award, he didn't bite the trophies. Will he also stop that habit of biting his trophies?---
Maybe Rafa did not kiss the ATP World Tour Champion award and the Sportsmanship award because these are awards for a year of work.
Biting the tournament trophies is Rafa's trademark and I would like him to continue it. (To me, Fed's kissing the trophies is discusting. I feel a trophy gets dirty).

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 12:05 PM

About Rafa's deal with another sponsor.
Article "Nadal to strip down as new look of Armani underwear" in TT mentions Rafa's deal signed in spring with Richard Mille, a manufacturer of watches. It reminded me that Rafa has helped the manufacturer in developing the RM 027 watch he wears - he tested many prototypes. The first half a million US dollar worth watch he wore was stolen at Toronto Masters. I don't know whether the tief was caught or not. If not caught, the thief can't wear the watch, beacause it is easy recognizable due to the small quantity released. In November Rafa visited Richard Mille boutique in Paris to look at other types of watches.
<<The RM 027 is a limited edition of 50 and weighs about 20 grams, making it the world's lightest mechanical watch.
In 2008, Mille approached Rafael Nadal about developing a watch the tennis champ could wear during his matches. Nadal proceeded to shatter five prototypes before the 20-gram, $525,000 RM 027 was perfected. He wore one when he capped his first grand slam by winning the U.S. Open this past September.
What's that, you say? A tennis player needs a wristwatch like a race-car driver needs a, well, wristwatch? Mille would be the first to agree, although in fairness, Nadal did check his watch during his long French Open semifinal to get an idea of whether the match would be adjourned to the following day. "The most important thing about it is for me, not for him," Mille says disarmingly. "If it can also help him, well, that's a bonus." [, December 3, 2010]
<<While in Paris, the World number one tennis player Rafael Nadal paid a visit to the Richard Mille boutique located in Place Vendome. Since Roland Garros 2010, the Majorcan is wearing the RM 027 tourbillon, a watch specifically developed for him. During this call he greatly appreciated going through the Richard Mille collection.
This was the opportunity to try the RM 021 Aerodyne with an amazing honeycomb baseplate as well as the RM 020 pocket watch or one of the 30 models of the RM 018 Hommage to Boucheron. He was also very intrigued by the RM 008 manufactured in limited edition for another partner of the brand, the Brazilian Formula 1 racing driver Felipe Massa.>> [Richard Mille, Nov 17, 2010]

Vamos Rafa, who helps sponsors !

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 12:26 PM

Augustina, I don't like players kissing the trophies either. Not so much getting the trophy dirty, but it seems like kissing it goodbye, meaning not winning it any more. Actually Rafa biting the trophies is also not too hygienic I must say. Anyway I can't imagine Rafa still biting at trophies when he is 30 years old, seems rather odd to me. Is there a better way of handling the trophies besides kissing them or biting them?

I think Rafa did bite his no.1 trophy for 2008, when it was presented to him in 2009, during IW or Miami I think. Maybe this time round, he really wanted to change his image totally, lets wait and see the next time he wins his trophy.

luckystar , 12/13/10 12:34 PM

Rafa is always asked to bite his trophies by the media because it has become his signature, and why not at 30? He doesn't actually touch the trophies with his teeth, he just pretends to bite them, and if he is still winning trophies at 30, I won't care what he does to them.

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/13/10 2:55 PM

@luckystar , 12/13/10 12:34 PM
Rafa, at least, performing his trademark biting, has something to show - his perfect teeth.

As regards the name of the year-end award, it was always called the 'ATP World Tour Champion' award. This text is written on the award Rafa received. It is weird that it is called the 'No.1' award this year.
Rhetorical questions: are some circles trying to diminish the fact that Fed has been knocked off No.1 spot; are these circles trying to show that being world No.1 by the end of the season does not mean anything ?

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 3:27 PM


VOTE for Rafa !
Rafa has been nominated for the United States Sports Academy Athlete of the Year.

Voting Instructions (on the USSA website):
<<Please choose one male nominee AND one female nominee for the Academy's 2010 Athlete of the Year from the selections below (see website) by clicking on the highlighted nominee's photo.
You may change your vote before submitting by clicking another nominee's photo. Your ballot appears at the bottom of the page. When you are happy with your selection, click Submit Ballot.>>

NB! You can't vote, if you choose only a male person ! Reportedly, it is possible to vote more than once from the same computer.

Vamos Rafa - the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion!

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 4:57 PM

Rafa's 2011 Calendar is available.

No more '3 weeks in a row' than the French Open followed by the Queens ATP 250.

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 6:04 PM

This is my personal opinion, but I feel that this upcoming Armani ad, his Nike ads (which included lots of muscle shots), his Vogue magazine layouts (he has done more than 2 over the last 3 years and they are similar to what Armani will do), plus his music video he shot with Shakira (shirtless and showing his body), do not in any way take away the idea that he is a hometown boy. He has been doing these "sexy" shoots and videos since he was at least 19 or 20, yet has Rafa changed because of them? NO!! He is still the smiling, humble, modest, polite and gracious hometown boy we have come to know.

Many of us fans like Rafa for how he has changed the landscape of how tennis is played. It is more physical, players are fitter and more muscular, and of course, it is not as predictable as it once was. We enjoy watching tennis now again!! Is it nice that while watching a sport I love, that he is easy on the eyes? Yes! Has it changed Rafa's tennis at all in the past few years? NO! Rafa himself has changed his own game by his work ethic.

So he doesn't bite his trophies all the time now. I wouldn't analyze it too deeply. He said long ago that he didn't really care about it but the media always asks him to and being the polite, accomodating player, he gives them their photograph of him biting it. He has done sexy ads for quite a while now, and I am confident that this new Armani one will still not change that character, integrity, or the talent that we have grown to love. He is STILL the hometown boy in my eyes

fan4tennis , 12/13/10 8:01 PM

@fan4tennis , 12/13/10 8:01 PM
---He is still the smiling, humble, modest, polite and gracious hometown boy we have come to know---

I agree with you. Or maybe 'young hometown man'.

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 11:05 PM

Rafa, together with other famous people of Spain, poses for the 2011solidarity calendar of the Anima Foundation. The calendar "Photos with Soul" is meant for children having chronic illnesses and are at risk of social exclusion. io-anima-2011/calendario-anima-2011-rafa-nadal/
http://ww l-sanz-chicos-calendario-buena-causa/

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 12/13/10 11:10 PM

Seriously please define 'sexy' or 'sexiness'.

We may have different interpretations of sexy or sexiness. To me showing off muscles doesn't mean that it is sexy, if not all the ATP players can be considered sexy. I for one don't think that a person with his clothes on would not be sexy, a case in point: Marat Safin. Safin is one man that I truly consider sexy, whether he has his clothes on or not. So far, none of the ATP players can compare with him in terms of sexiness. To me sexiness is a quality inborn in a person, you do not need to create it. Safin has this quality, even if he is fully clothed, just standing there and not moving, he still can attract people, especially women, to him. He is simply appealing, whether it is sexual or not. What is so sexy about Safin? Well his eyes especially, he can look at you with a side glance, and accompanied that with his half smile, what he is telling you is 'I'm seducing you now, do you dare to come with me?' Now to me that is sexiness.

Rafa's appeal is in his boy and man mixture. I personally don't find Rafa sexy, but I think most girls/women do. Rafa seems to have a good mixure of childlike innocence and adult 'hotness' because of his beautiful body. To me Rafa is one guy that some may love and at the same time want to take care of. He looks vulnerable to me because of this childlike quality in him. The thing about Rafa: he wouldn't care whether he looks sexy or not, all he cares is his tennis, his football team and his playstation and the boy/guy has his rugged appeal( unlike Fed who is all so polished). Compared to Safin, Rafa is boyish and rugged, while Safin is manly and macho. Both are charming and really charismatic.

luckystar , 12/14/10 3:57 AM

Rafa is basically a hometown boy at heart and that's why when he first started out in the tour, his image was built around his hometown boy nature. Now that he has grown up, they have decided to change his image, maybe to a sexy young adult. This is just an image change, nothing to do with Rafa's nature as a hometown boy. He is still the same, as I don't think a person can just change overnight. He is still close to his family and friends, and I don't think he wishes to migrate elsewhere and be far away from his family and friends. Rafa is basically different from Fed, Fed seems comfortable anywhere, and he is one who lives the hi life, perfectly comfortable dealing with celebrities, with fashion designers and famous personalities. He has his second home based in Dubai, mostly for his training purpose. The products he endorsed were also the high end ones - Rolex, Credit Suisse, Swiss Insurance, Lindy chocolate etc.

Rafa likes to befriend fellow sportsmen, mostly footballers and some golfers too. I think Rafa's life will always revolve around sports and I won't be surprised that his offsprings will be sportsmen or sportswomen too!

luckystar , 12/14/10 5:25 AM

@luckystar , 12/14/10 3:57 AM
When I say that Rafa is sexy, I mean that I am attracted to his physical appearance. I consider him charming and charismatic. But, I (want to) admire him like a far star in the sky.

@luckystar , 12/14/10 5:25 AM
---Rafa is basically different from Fed, Fed seems... comfortable dealing with celebrities, with fashion designers and famous personalities---

I am of opinion that Fed needs to show himself among the certain categories of people and things, to seem to be Somebody.

Rafa IS different. He does not pretend to be Somebody. He looks natural, comfortable, being among the royalty and celebrities. And they are comfortable with him. There is nothing snobberly in him.

Rafa & Royalty & Placido Domingo:
h ttp:// Cup-Final-in-South/12876820_ngBDG#932149497_vucx5

Augustina08 , 12/14/10 11:17 AM

Augustina, I don't mean to say that Rafa doesn't feel comfortable dealing with celebrities or royalties. What I meant is that Rafa befriends sportsmen more than celebrities, whilst Fed do have some celebrities as friends, like Kevin Rosdale or Gwen Stephanie, or fashion designer Anna Wintour, though Fed also befriend sportsman like Tiger Woods. (Actually Tiger Woods is more like a celebrity than a sportsman).

luckystar , 12/14/10 11:35 AM

@luckystar , 12/14/10 11:35 AM
Each to their own. I prefer non-snobbish ones.

Augustina08 , 12/14/10 12:43 PM

@fan4tennis , 12/13/10 8:01 PM
--- his Vogue magazine layouts (he has done more than 2 over the last 3 years) ---
I found Rafa's interviews&photoshoots for the June 2009 issue of Vogue USA.

This interview is interesting: Nadal+Interview+Photoshoot+VogueRafa

Video: Rafael Nadal Vogue USA (behind the scenes):
In this video, Rafa says: "Tennis is an important part of my life, but it's not all my life"

Augustina08 , 12/14/10 12:47 PM

Augustina, don't understand your post of 12:43PM. We all love Rafa, and like his hometown boy nature. How Fed lives his life or whatever lifestyle he has, it doesn't affect us or our support for Rafa. I'm just comparing the difference between Fed and Rafa, no other intention. Rafa is special the way he is, combining his sweet and humble nature with the sophisticated demands of his job, and so far he is doing fine.

luckystar , 12/14/10 12:54 PM

@luckystar , 12/14/10 12:54 PM
---don't understand your post of 12:43PM.---
I prefer Rafa's lifestyle.

@luckystar , 12/14/10 11:35 AM
You mentioned Tiger Woods. I surfed the Internet a little bit. He is far from being the top-popular sportsman.

The list of the world most popular individual athletes as of August 1, 2010, according to the research by Sportingintelligence:
1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Football, 9.3 millions fans on Facebook
2. Lionel Messi, Football, 4.3 m
3. Roger Federer, Tennis, 4.1 m
4. Kobe Bryant, Basketball, 3.6 m
5. Michael Jordan, Basketball, 3.4 m
6. David Beckham, Football, 3.4 m
7. Rafael Nadal, Tennis, 3.3 m
16. Tiger Woods, Golf, ...?

As you can see, a recent Armani's model CR is the most popular. :-)

Augustina08 , 12/14/10 2:12 PM

Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer, not the most popular sportsman though. One can be famous but not popular, so Tiger Woods falls into that category I suppose. Anyway his recent negative news would help his fame and popularity either.

CR is both famous and popular because of both his looks and his football skills. Well if one is blessed with good looks, it certainly helps in one's popularity. Its no surprise that CR was chosen to model for Armani's underwear and jeans; likewise for Beckham.

luckystar , 12/14/10 2:40 PM

Rafa is the WORLD CHAMPION for 2010 !!!

<<Rafael Nadal has been named the International Tennis Federation's World Champion for 2010.
Nadal became only the seventh man in history to win a career Grand Slam when he won the US Open title in September.
The 24-year-old also captured his fifth French Open title and second Wimbledon crown to regain the year-end number one ranking from Roger Federer.
With an Olympic gold medal and two Davis Cup titles to his name, the Spaniard has now won all of tennis's major prizes.
Nadal said: "It is an honour to be named ITF World Champion for the second time. After a difficult year in 2009, it was an amazing feeling to regain the No. 1 ranking and finally win the US Open.
"My goal all the time is to keep improving and be a better player each year than I was the previous year."
The ITF World Champions will receive their awards at the annual ITF World Champions Dinner on May 31 in Paris, during Roland Garros. >> [AFP ]

Vamos Rafa - the WORLD CHAMPION !!!
Vamos, vamos, vamos !!!

Augustina08 , 12/14/10 4:51 PM

Congrats to Rafa!

luckystar , 12/14/10 5:32 PM

Why do people have a problem with Rafa biting his trophy?!!!! Its HIS trophy.......why cant he bite it if he wants to?!!!! Geeze people lighten up!!!..........talking about germs and all!!!Are you people serious?..............there are germs EVERYWHERE!!!!!! And do u think Rafa is more susceptible to germs when he bites his trophy than the player who kisses the trophy and then lips his lips after?!!!!!!!!!!! Some of you are just so foolish!!!!

Jealousy is INDEED a crime!!!

Rafa, people just cant stop being amazed at how WONDERFUL you we Rafa fans are to excuse them!!!!!!!!!!!!

VAMOS Rafa!!!!..........

Monalysa , 12/14/10 6:49 PM

Well Done Rafa for being the world champion for 2010, you are indeed the King of Tennis.

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/15/10 8:53 AM

I remembered that the Real Madrid stars of the present and past watched Rafa's matches at Madrid Masters in May 2010. Here is a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul and Rafa in the locker room. rid-0

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 9:17 AM

Speaking of Rafa's achievments this year, the Tennis Channel's writer S.Flink has said nice words about Rafa and "awarded" him in two categories: 'Man of the Year' and 'Men?s Match of the Year'.
<<Man of the Year
Was he (Rafa) the Sportsman of the Year? Indisputably yes, because he won and lost with equanimity, because he carried himself with such dignity and grace not only when he was winning but when he endured his long and debilitating slump, because he navigates the territory of champions better than anyone in his profession. But more than anything else, this singularly charismatic Spaniard with the immense heart - and a thirst like no one else for success - was his game's towering Man of the Year. Who else could it be? Rafael Nadal wears that label awfully well.

Men?s Match of the Year
The way I saw it, this was no contest. From beginning to end, across three absorbing sets, on a low bouncing indoor court in London, through three hours and eleven minutes of spellbinding tennis, Andy Murray and Nadal played with verve, intensity, imagination and extraordinary resolve. They were pitted against each other in the semifinals of the season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, and both men threw their hearts and souls into a battle that was worthy of a final. The rallies were often breathtaking, the speed of the two competitors often staggering, the shot making frequently out of this world. Moreover, the mutual respect between these two steely competitors was evident at each and every stage of a match they both wanted very badly. >> [Tennis Channel, Dec.13, 2010]

This is at least the third year in a row that one of Rafa's matches has been named the Match of the Year. The best one of 2009 was the match Rafa vs Verdasco in the semifinals at the Australian Open, and that of 2008 - Rafa vs Fed in the final at Wimbledon. Rafa won all these matches.

Vamos Rafa - the ITF World Champion for 2010 !

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 9:45 AM

If I have counted correctly Augustina at 12/14/10 12:47 PM pipped Nadline to have the honour of posting the 6th centenary comment on this thread!!

ed251137 , 12/15/10 10:54 AM

@ed251137 , 12/15/10 10:54 AM
Maybe, but she will have a chance to celebrate the 7th centenary of the thread.

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 11:09 AM

ed, I've posted on many landmarks so I'm happy for someone else to have the chance, but I'm still aiming for the 7th centenary.

nadline , 12/15/10 11:12 AM

More awards to Rafa.
<< Rafael Nadal, world number one in rankings, has been chosen as the Best Tennis Player of 2010 by the Tennis Association of Journalists (APT, Spain). He will receive the award at the annual gala to be held this Wednesday>> [Marca, Dec. 14, 2010]

Vamos Rafa - the Greatest of The Year (GOTY) !

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 11:14 AM

Rafa - to become the Favorite Son of his hometown.
The citizens of Rafa's hometown Manacor admire him so much that they have modified the rules to nominate the "Favourite son of Manacor." So far, this title was given only to dead persons.
Rafa's hometown Manacor of 40,000 inhabitants is located 50 kilometers from Palma, the capital of Mallorca. Rafa's matches are followed by his fellow citizens on television screens installed in strategic locations in the city, but the citizens have always respected Rafa's privacy when he has been at home.
The decision to give the title will be made by the officials of the town on Friday evening this week.

[Referred: manacor-2.html]

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 12:24 PM

Those, who understands Spanish, can listen to Rafa's mother Ana Maria Parera speaking about Rafa and his Foundation. -madre-nadal-larguero-fundacion-solo-quiere-ayudar/csrcsrpor/20101214c srcsrdep_2/Aes/

I don't understand, unfortunately.

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 2:00 PM

Thanks Augustina for all these updates on Rafa. As his fans, we are all so proud of Rafa.

luckystar , 12/15/10 2:06 PM

Rafa - to become the Favorite Son of his hometown.
The citizens of Rafa's hometown Manacor admire him so much that they have modified the rules to nominate the "Favourite son of Manacor." So far, this title was given only to dead persons.

seethetruth, so you know Rafa better than the people who have known him all his life do you?

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 12/15/10 3:02 PM

I read in another source that, among other things, Rafa's mother tells that Rafa cooks some dishes at home (see Augustina08, 12/15/10 2:00 PM). It reminded me that at the US Open, Rafa gave tips on cooking 'pasta & gambas' he likes.

You can get Rafa's recipe and cooking tips in this video:
2010 Olympus US Open Series: Rafael Nadal

Rafa says that making a great tennis player is a little bit more difficult than doing his 'pasta & gambas'.

Vamos Rafa - the charming man !

Augustina08 , 12/15/10 4:59 PM

An interesting read that I recently found is a book by Patrick McEnroe (with Peter Bodo) called "Hardcourt Confidential" and he talks about the rivalry of Rafa-Roger. He also discusses why the Spanish are so good (and not just on clay), the differences in the game over the last 20 years and how and why they changed. Also talks alot about the surfaces and why certain players succeed and others don't. Is also interesting when he talks about the different approach to the Majors in the past (70's and 80's) versus how it is now. He talks about Rafa a good bit as well as fed, complimentary to both, and if you like the game of tennis period, then you will enjoy this book. It was released this year so it is pretty current.

fan4tennis , 12/15/10 8:17 PM

J.Wertheim, a writer of SI, has delivered his awards. He has named Rafa as 'Player of the Year.'
<<When Rafael Nadal retired midway through an Australian Open match -- an Australian Open match he was losing decisively -- there was an sinking sense that his knees were mounting a full insurrection and his potential would never be realized. Thanks to rest, the miracle of blood-spinning, and perhaps some simple, inexplicable good fortune, he healed. And didn't lose another Grand Slam match. No need to check surreptitiously with Uncle Toni. The 2010 MVP is Nadal. There's no other credible candidate. >> [SI, December 15, 2010]

Vamos Rafa - the Real Hero of the 2010 season!

Augustina08 , 12/16/10 8:03 AM

Augustina08 , 12/16/10 8:11 AM

Wow! Rafa has been named ITWA's (International Tennis Writers Association) Ambassador of the Year !
<<Rafael Nadal and Kim Clijsters have two more trophies to add to their 2010 collection after winning the International Tennis Writers Association's top awards. The Spaniard and the Belgian have been voted ITWA's Ambassadors of the Year.
The awards recognise a combination of achievements on the court, conduct that shows tennis in the best possible light and co-operation with the media. ITWA represents the world's leading tennis journalists.
Nadal, who also won the award two years ago, crowned a remarkable season by winning three Grand Slam titles and reclaiming the world No 1 ranking. In triumphing at the US Open he became only the seventh man in history to win all four Grand Slam titles.
Sebastian Fest, co-president of ITWA, said: "Rafael Nadal and Kim Clijsters have had great years on the court, but they have also been superb ambassadors for their sport. Having followed them throughout the season, we appreciate how professional and helpful they have both been in answering the thousands of questions that journalists have put to them. Their attitude is a great example to everyone in professional sport." >>

Congratulations to Rafa !
Vamos ! Vamos! Vamos!

Augustina08 , 12/16/10 7:57 PM

Wow, wow!
Magazine Hello! has made a list of magazine's top 20 personalities of 2010. Rafa occupies the 13th position in this list.
Earlier this year, Hello!/Hola! dedicated a lot of pages of one of its issues to a photoshoot with Rafa.
<<HELLO! magazine's top 20 personalities of 2010
From a future king and his bride-to-be to Hollywood royalty, our top 20 personalities of the year had one very important thing in common: a story that not only made headlines but also touched our hearts.
Selected by an international team of HELLO! editors in 14 countries, these individuals and couples got our vote for their influence and inspirational qualities.
1. Prince William and Kate Middleton
2. Sandra Bullock
3. David and Victoria Beckham
4. Penelope Cruz
5. Michael Douglas
6. George Clooney
7. Orlando Bloom
8. Queen Rania of Jordan
9. Celine Dion
10. Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock
11. Julia Roberts
12. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
13. Rafael Nadal
This year marked an incredible comeback for Rafael Nadal. The Mallorca-born sports star reclaimed the World Number One title from Roger Federer in June after winning his fifth French Open title. He made history in 2010 as the only male player in the open era other than Rod Laver - winner of the Grand Slam in 1969 - to triumph in three consecutive major tournaments in a calendar year. After lifting the French Open trophy, he went on to triumph at Wimbledon, and the US Open.
14. Carla Bruni
15. Roberto Cavalli
16. Cheryl Cole
17. Crown Princess Letizia of Spain
18. Prince Nicolas of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik
19. Princess Caroline of Monaco
20. Lourdes Leon >>

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 12/16/10 8:58 PM

Rafa has been named as 'Favourite Son' of his hometown Manacor. The decision was made by the officials of the town today. Thus, the town officials want to acknowledge the successful career of its internationally known citizen. It is also the sign of showing gratitude to the citizen, who introduces the names of Manacor, Mallorca and Balearic (archipelago&community) worldwide.
Rafa said in his speech that when travelling around the world, he thinks about returning to Manacor as soon as possible.
(See also my post of 12/15/10 12:24 PM) ica-moltissim.html

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 12/17/10 8:26 PM

After pleasant news, it's the right time to look at Rafa's smiles. There is a new great video about Rafa's smiles in youtube. Pictures of Rafa's smiles are accompanied by a fitting song. :-)

Video: Rafael Nadal - Smiles - Just The Way You Are:

Vamos Rafa - the Bright Sparkling Star of the Tennis Universe !

Augustina08 , 12/17/10 8:31 PM

Rafa's parents, Grandfather and Uncle Toni attended the honoring ceremony to watch Rafa receive the award 'Favourite Son' of the town.

A lovely video about the honoring ceremony (in Rafa's native language):

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 12/18/10 3:20 PM

Recently, Rafa gave an interview to a Spanish radio (Onda Cero). Among many other things he said:
"I can improve a lot: my serve, my backhand, my position on court. I've improved, yes, but I need more."
"I'm not the best in everything, but I have a fairly balanced game."
"I'll play as long as my body and head let me do."

I like that Rafa doesn't give an age limit to how long he is going to play.
As a fan, I of cource wish that the body and head will let the Spanish Matador play a long time ! He is the reason I watch tennis. He is exciting and entertaining to watch. He thrills me with his fantastic armwork, footwork, headwork and his passion. Several years in a row, his match has been voted/named the 'Match of the Year'. Tennis without him his boring.

Rafael Nadal - El Matador:

Vamos Rafa - the ITF World Champion for 2010 !

Augustina08 , 12/19/10 1:27 PM

Wow, wow, wow!
Fans can buy pieces of the tennis court to be installed for the charity match in Madrid ! The charity match in Madrid will be played on a fast hard-court, which later will be cut into pieces to be sold to fans. Each of these pieces will be signed by Rafa.

Dec. 19, 2010, Madrid
For the first time ever, we want to give you the chance to take home with you a very special memory you will remember for ever...a piece of the court where the "Joining Forces for the Benefit of Children" charity match will be played on.
Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer are set to play against each other on Wednesday 22nd of December at the "Caja Magica" in a match where there will be no loser, but instead, multiple winners: Kids, the main focus of the Rafa Nadal Foundation.
The match will be played on a fast hard-court, which later will be cut into pieces to be sold to fans. Each of these pieces will be framed in a box and signed by Rafa Nadal, the founder of the Foundation that bears his name.
The objective of this souvenir is to continue to raise funds for the benefit of children. Don't miss your chance to help other kids and take home with you a piece of tennis history!
You can buy your piece through the Rafa Nadal Foundation link below: >>

P.S. The probable reason for playing on the hard court is Rafa's wish not to interrupt his preparation for the new season.

Vamos Rafa - the best player on the planet!

Augustina08 , 12/19/10 4:29 PM

Rafa won the BBC sports award.
<<Nadal receives BBC Overseas award.
Men's tennis number one Rafael Nadal has won the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award.
The 24-year-old Spaniard won a remarkable three Grand Slams in 2010 - the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, as well three Masters titles.
In winning the US Open, Nadal became only the seventh man in history to complete the set of majors.
He also became the first male since Rod Laver in 1969 to win the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open in the same year. >>[BBC Sport, 19 December 2010]
Read more in:

Congratulations to Rafa on receiving the BBC award !

Augustina08 , 12/19/10 11:11 PM

Rafa's Mum gives an interview:

There isn't a mother who does not like talking about her son. I do not deny that you are the envy of all.

I don't like it. Many times I'm told "Lucky you, you should be proud ..." I tell them I'm lucky to have two children who are good people who have not gotten into trouble and also, Rafel has done very well on his own. Look, in my house is not spoken a lot of tennis because I consider that my son needs to be calm when he comes. They talk of other things.

So, at home he's not the number one.

Far from it! When hes at home I send him to supermarket or to throw out trash. Here that's the way things are! And I do not make him do more because he is very messy.

So if you see his room ...

When I passed or when I have not passed? (laughs). The only one that is in ordered it with their trophies. He also has a room next to it (low voice) that has many stuffed animals. He likes them and, after winning the U.S. Open, a friend gave him an impressive giraffe . When I saw it, I thought "I'll kill you!. There they are, with all the trophies.

When did you realized that your son was not just another one?

I do not believe it, but I never thought my son was very good. I saw that was ahead of others, winning everything, but I'd be lying if I came to wonder when he would come up here. When he was 12 years old he was told first came the studies and he has to choose between tennis and soccer, whichever made him happier. Obviously playing tennis better , but neither his father nor I indicate anything.

He chose and the life has change for all. As has been this journey in parallel? You Worked...

I had cosmetic stores, but also I am a music teach. I have the career in piano (again lowering her voice), but I'm playing so badly ... I'm better as a teacher. My life had a different rhythm, was channeled differently. I had my family and my children. I continue to have, but the girl is in college and Rafel comes and goes.

Neither of two inherited your passion for music?

No. They are both athletes and bred. The girl is 19 years old and studies at INEF. She like all sports. It was clear since she was little, and she wasn't influenced by her brother, although they are adored. You know (almost whispers) that are rabid Madridistas. When Madrid plays and he may be in Australia and she in Barcelona they call or chat about the game. It is an incredible thing.

How does it feel, in a box, listening to your son dedicate his victory to you?

Much emotion. I cry, but I control myself. But look, after the injury, when I'm watching a match, I see from a distance whether or not he had problems, and when it's that, I want the match to end. I can not watch him suffer, it is superior to me.
Once I was in the box and heard "Come on, make one last effort. " I turned and said, "One last effort? Can you not see that he's very tired? Stop That!" When he wins a big one is impressive because at home I see him working, suffering. From the outside only see the show and, make no mistake, this world is very hard, is full of obstacles.

You also play tennis. Any match with Rafa?

Noo, I would fall (Laughs).

President of his foundation. Rafa will be curious to see these days products?

I think this content I'm in charge of all this, although he does tell me: "Mum, to speak in public you have to have some standards, you have to say things clearly, do not lie. " I tell him "Hey, like you do not lie many times"

Do you asked him about tic that has each time he prepares to serve and that all know about...

I don't speak about it! I Do not you know the number of underwear people have given him believing that the ones he has do not fit well. Even a person send me a letter saying I should shop for bigger ones and send four underwear (among laughters). It's a tic when he's more nervous... He had it all his life. (Low voice). I think that he has a butt little bit bigger than the ones to touch it (laughs).

And here once said, fear of the dark.

Yes I'll tell you ... Now he is at home with Lopez, working the pre-season like each year, and both are afraid. Leave them there. I said "Do not worry. This will be a disaster, but do not worry. " He called me at midnight yesterday, "Mum, we have a problem, the light is gone and I'm scared to death. " I had to tell him drawer were the batteries are for flashlights.

Christmas arrives. Have you already decided what to get him? It must not be easy.

I can't give material things away. Not because he has high demands, he is a person who does not spend. He just lost video games for traveling. During the years I tried to give books, courses of English to perfect it and nothing happens, they are unopened. But Yes, I have decided ... Surprise!

nadline , 12/20/10 6:02 AM

@nadline , 12/20/10 6:02 AM

The way Rafa's mother tells about Rafa as her child, not as a champion, put a smile on my face.

Augustina08 , 12/20/10 4:24 PM

Here is a nice video of Rafa receiving the BBC award:

Quote from the video:
<<This year, one man had an extraordinary year and stood out of everyone else. He won consistently at the very highest level. But it was a way he won: with his power, his passion, his nerve, his serve and a smouldering swagger that entranced us all.>>
(See also my post of 12/19/10 11:11 PM)

Vamos Rafa - the greatest of 2010!

Augustina08 , 12/20/10 4:30 PM

That interview with his mom made me laugh. He seems to do all the typical things that young men do--lol. I remember an interview from awhile back where she was asked about how he is different on court than at home. She mentioned that intense stare and extreme focus he has that, to some is intimidating. She said when she sees him like that, she almost doesn't recognize him because he is not like that at home. She said he is goofy at home and always smiling.

fan4tennis , 12/20/10 6:59 PM

f4t...........i am not surprised by anything Rafa's mom said about him with regards to his personality. I can see for a start that Rafa likes to laugh! Nothing she said about him surprised me!!! People like Rafa who behave shy in public generally do so becasue thay are afraid that their light-hearted personalities will sometimes make people uneasy! So its no surpise to me that he is the 'goofey' one!!!!!!!


Monalysa , 12/20/10 7:37 PM

Monalysa, I was looking at it from a mom's eyes. My son had a fearsome look when he played football (I was told to concentrate on ball instead of him--lol) and the fear of him getting hurt (he never did) kept me worrying just like Rafa's mom talks of. Also the messiness and taking out the trash and stuffed animals (my son doesn't let anyone touch his Sonic the Hedgehog or his Bart Simpson stuffed 'treasures' as he calls them--lol). Rafa is very lucky to have a mom who stays a normal mom to him.

fan4tennis , 12/20/10 9:11 PM

Rafa and his fellow Mallorcan Jorge Lorenzo received today the Cornelius Atticus award, which is the highest sports award of the Balearic Government. The awards were handed by the President of the Balearic, at the award ceremony.
This year there are two winners of the award, instead of one. The Government, unable to choose between two sportsman after their brilliant seasons, awarded them both.
"The truth is that it was an unforgettable year," said Rafa. "I wish to continue as always," he added, after he had thanked the jury and said that the prize maked him "really excited".
Jorge Lorenzo is the 2010 MotoGP World Champion.
Mallorca belongs to the Balearic archipelago&community. Balearicans must be very proud that they have a lot of famous sportmen.

Referred: eben-la-maxima-distincio-esportiva.html

Vamos Rafa! Vamos!

Augustina08 , 12/20/10 11:03 PM

Augustina - Rafa is truly a great person on the court and off, and certainly deserves all the wonderful awards he's received this season. I think you deserve an award yourself for being such a devoted fan. Just wondering if you've seen him play in person. When you do it's not something you'll soon forget. Keep up the good work.

Maya , 12/21/10 1:54 AM

@Maya , 12/21/10 1:54 AM
I haven't seen Rafa in person. He is my hero of TV&Internet "reality show". :-)
Yes, Rafa deserves recognition, people haven't awarded him for nothing. I think, he also deserves good words among a lot of hostile ones written in the Internet by his enemies and enviers, who are trying to diminish him.

Augustina08 , 12/21/10 3:45 PM

A writer of Sky Sports, Alex Williams, considers Rafa outstanding in two categories: 'Player of the year' and 'Comeback'.

<<Player of the year - Rafael Nadal
Not exactly a difficult choice given that the world number one was almost unstoppable once he finally got over the knee injuries which threatened to become a permanent affliction on his career. Many thought Nadal would never return to his best, but the 24-year-old has instead come back even better than he was before.
Even by his extraordinarily high standards, Nadal's clay-court campaign was sensational as he dropped only two sets in the process of winning four tournaments, including a fifth French Open title. He then went on to win a second Wimbledon and maiden US Open title to complete the career Grand Slam. Up there with the best years any player has ever had.
Comeback - Rafael Nadal
It seems glib to say it now, but there were many people who thought Nadal may never win another grand slam after he was forced to pull out of his Australian Open quarter-final with Andy Murray.
Seemingly chronic knee problems were plaguing the Spaniard, whose all-action style appeared to be taking a brutal toll. But after most people had written him off, he recovered from the injuries and went on to completely dominate the rest of the year. >> [Sky Sports, 21st December 2010]

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 12/21/10 3:51 PM

Rafa is ranked #3 as the sport personality of the year by ESPN:

I can't believe I beat Augustina on this. :-) Hohoho...

Latennis , 12/23/10 12:12 AM

Augustina- thanks for posting all these updates on Rafa. It's really an amazing year for Rafa, having achieved so much and receiving so many awards everywhere. Rafa is certainly well recognized everywhere. Well done Rafa! And well done Augustina!

Nadline- thanks for posting that interview of Rafa's mum. So Rafa is one guy who loves stuffed toys too, is messy at home like many 24 year old guys. I laughed when I read about the underwear thing, so some people even take action by sending Rafa's mum some underwears for her son! And yes, mama has confirmed Rafa picking at his shorts is a nervous tic, just like he pressing his nose, tucking his hair behind his ears before serving. I noticed during the exho matches, Rafa hardly tuck at his shorts, or squeeze his nose before serving, he served quickly too. I think he was relaxed during the exho matches.

luckystar , 12/23/10 10:03 AM

reading all that rafa has chieved this year reminded me of atr. he hasn't been seen since repeatedly declaring at end of last year and early this year that rafa was never going to win another slam or beat a top 20 player and that tomic was the player that the top twenty players feared the most! ;)

homos , 12/23/10 12:27 PM

ATR turned out to be a fan of Rafa. He was actually trying to anti jinx Rafa by making all those negative predictions.

vij , 12/24/10 3:34 AM

@Latennis , 12/23/10 12:12 AM

I congratulate you on your victory ! :-)

Augustina08 , 12/24/10 7:03 AM

Continuing with the theme of Armani, Rafa wore a black Armani suit at the Gala dinner held after the charity match in Madrid.
He could be Armani's model for its suits also, he looks absolutely perfect from head to toe! :-) os-cena-gala-fundacion-rafa-nadal/roger-federer-rafa-nadal-cena-benefi ca/

Augustina08 , 12/24/10 7:09 AM

I would like to wish ALL of you posters here a very Merry Xmas and good cheers for the New Year!!!!!

I hope that we all get to see 2011 and that we continue to give our views and opinions without resulting in animosity. And like luckystar pointed out, that we can be friendly to each Rafa and Fed......regardless of the outcome of their matches.

Merry Xmas again to all , and if you cant be good, well, at least be SAFE!!!!!!!!!


Monalysa , 12/24/10 4:59 PM

@Monalysa , 12/24/10 4:59 PM
Thank You for your good wishes!

What Christmas cards would be better for Rafafans than Christmas cards with Rafa ?

Augustina08 , 12/27/10 12:53 PM

Augustina08 , 12/27/10 12:58 PM

Awarding still continues.

Rafa has been voted the "Spanish Athlete of the Decade" by readers of the Spanish website Marca. Rafa received more than 50% of votes.
The poll shows how much the Spanish public love Rafa. The poll attracted over 50000 votes and over 31000 of those voted for Rafa.
Rafa was followed by Pau Gasol (basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, 7000 votes) and Fernando Alonso (Formula 1 driver, 6000 votes).

Refered: s_deportes/1293357605.html

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 12/27/10 1:24 PM

Augustina08 , 12/27/10 7:29 PM

Augustina08 , 12/27/10 8:57 PM

A very nice article about Rafa's good manners: mment/a-nice-guy-who-finishes-first

Latennis , 12/30/10 5:05 AM

Augustina08, 12/27/10 7:29 PM
Interesting Rafa received this accolade from the French TV editorial staff when there are so many French players they might have nominated. I rather suspect they wanted to make amends for the appalling behaviour of many of the spectators at RG over the years.

ed251137 , 12/30/10 10:00 AM

@ed251137 , 12/30/10 10:00 AM

Whatever is the reason, it's a nice gesture.
French journalists (L'Equipe) have given Rafa one more award, I'll post a separate comment about that.

Augustina08 , 12/30/10 3:53 PM

The editors of L'Equipe of France have named Rafa the 'World Champion of Champions 2010.'

Google's translation (which is a little bit edited):
<<Nadal - Champion of Champions.
On 30/12/2010 at 09:00 / Updated on 30/12/2010 at 11:13 (CET).

The editors of L'Equipe (L'Equipe, L'Equipe Mag Team. com and L'Equipe TV) appointed Rafael Nadal, winner of three of the four grand slams this season, the World Champion of Champions 2010. The tennis player was widely praised by journalists from various editors of L'Equipe, with 200 points ahead of the runner-up Andres Iniesta, his fellow countryman. Another footballer completed the podium: Wesley Sneijder.

Rafael Nadal won the trophy of "L'Equipe" for the first time. Usain Bolt has won it twice (2009, 2008). Roger Federer won it between 2005 and 2007. Since 1980, the date of creation of the award "L'Equipe", Nadal is the third tennis player to reach the top postition in the ratings. Besides Federer, Andre Agassi has also been on the top step of the podium - in 1999.

The Podium 2010:
1. Rafael Nadal (777 points)
2. Andres Iniesta (559 points) - Spain, footballer
3. Wesley Sneijder (530 points) - Netherlands, footballer
7. Sebastien Loeb / Daniel Elena (140 points) -. France, rally car driver

Read the entire classification, full details of this choice and all reactions in the newspaper L'Equipe on Thursday 30 December.>>

Rafa appears in the video after an advertisement. 0_nadal-champion-des-champions.html

Augustina08 , 12/30/10 4:01 PM

@Latennis , 12/30/10 5:05 AM
It's a nice article indeed. But, I have seen Rafa's parents (or one of them) sitting in his player's box quite often.

Augustina08 , 12/30/10 8:55 PM

Yet another award.

Rafa has been voted the 'Best (male) Athlete of the Year 2010' by the members of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).
Rafa must feel a double happiness. The team of his homeland, the national football team of Spain, was voted the 'Best Team of Year 2010'.

Quotes from the article on the AIPS website:
<< Nadal and Vlasic AIPS Athletes of the Year 2010
By Roslyn Morris, AIPS Secretary General.
LAUSANNE, December 30, 2010 - Spanish tennis juggernaut Rafael Nadal and Croatian high jump queen Blanka Vlasic have been voted the two best athletes of 2010 by the members of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS).
The online poll attracted the votes of 515 sports journalists from 93 nations.
"King of Clay" Nadal who ended the 2010 season having won three Grand Slams and three Masters, regaining his No. 1 ranking, beat Barcelona forward and Argentinian national team player Lionel Messi to the title by 63 votes. Messi's FC Barcelona team mate and Spanish national team member Andres Iniesta was voted the third most popular male sportsman.
Not surprisingly Spain's victorious FIFA World Cup 2010 team took the honour for AIPS Best Team 2010, well ahead of the Canadian national hockey team with 1906 votes to 486. Brazil's victorious World Cup volleyball team were not far behind on 453 votes>>
The voting:
Best male 2010:
Name, Votes
1. Rafael Nadal (tennis) 758 (16,32%)
2. Lionel Messi (football) 695 (14,97%)
3. Andrea Iniesta (football) 684 (14,73%)

Vamos Rafa! Vamos!

Augustina08 , 12/30/10 9:01 PM

for RAFA fans...many of you would have seen it already though....but im posting it nonetheless

its rafa's 2010 season highlights....

vrael , 12/31/10 9:53 AM

oops...wrong link

here it is

vrael , 12/31/10 9:57 AM

those who missed part 1...

vrael , 12/31/10 10:45 AM

hey augustina, thanks for posting all that stuff ! :)

vamosrafa , 12/31/10 4:10 PM

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone for the New Year. Best wishes to Rafa too, for even more successes in the new season, and more record breaking and record creations too!

luckystar , 12/31/10 5:24 PM

Happy New Year to everybody! May this year bring a lot of joy for Rafa and his fans!


A Spanish sports website published a nice article "Man of the Year 2010 is called Rafael Nadal". There is nothing new in the article, but the picture of Rafa wearing a black Armani suit is worth to look at. Rafa looks elegant yet natural in the suit. The photo is probably taken at the Gala dinner after the charity match in Madrid.
Click on AMPLIAR in the upper right corner of Rafa's picture. l/20101231dasdaiten_1/Tes

Vamos Rafa - the great sports ambassador !

Augustina08 , 1/1/11 11:20 AM

Today, Rafa won the Abu Dhabi (exhibition) tournament. He won this tournament also in 2010. Lately he said that winning in Abu Dhabi last year meant him a lot emotionally. I guess that the victory today is also important to him. It seemed to me that both Rafa and Fed played seriously today.
I hope that writers who haven't seen Rafa's parents on the tournaments, noticed them today. Both Rafa's mother and dad watched the final of the Abu Dhabi tournament.

Congratulations to Rafa on the victory!

Augustina08 , 1/1/11 4:45 PM

I was at the tennis tourney today in Abu Dhabi and it's great that Rafa retained the title. It was a good match between Nadal and Federer but I felt it was evident from the start that Rafa would win.


nadline , 1/1/11 7:08 PM

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I'm glad to hear Rafa won a tournament on the first day of the year. It's a good omen. Hopefully, he'll have a better year than last year!

Nadline, please share your story at the game. How is Rafa's game? Any new tricks up his sleeves? I'll need to track down some articles online.

Latennis , 1/1/11 10:40 PM

great that u had a good time nadline :D cheers

vamosrafa , 1/2/11 12:17 AM

I was sitting half way up the stands but the court is small, only 5000 seats so the view was great from anywhere. I thought Rafa looked very relaxed, but you don't get the close-up facial expressions when you are there like you do on TV, because the only 2 monitors they had just showed the scores during the match, so I'm looking forward to watching the recording when I get home later this week.

Both Rafa and Roger had a signing session on Thursday, but I was only there on Friday and Saturday, so I didn't get their autographs. I could have had the others but wasn't too bothered queuing.

nadline , 1/2/11 7:02 AM

I wore a spanish football shirt to cheer for Rafa, I'm glad he didn't disappoint. To me he played really well, within himself, and I'm sure if need be, he could have went up a notch or two, but he didn't need to, some of his passing shots were just out of this world. He had broken Berdy twice in the 2nd set when he dropped his serve, but I thought he was being too ambitious in painting the lines because he knew he had the match in the bag that's what cause the UE. I have no doubt that every one of the players would have wanted to win the first tournament of the year, even though it was only an exhibition, so I would have been very disappointed if Rafa hadn't won the title, and I think the others will be disappointed too, because it just gives you that little bit of confidence going forward.

nadline , 1/2/11 7:11 AM

CORRECTION!!!!!!!!!: Sorry, you start writing one thing change your mind in the middle and end up with rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he could have GONE up a notch or two, but he didn't need to, some of his passing shots were just out

nadline , 1/2/11 7:14 AM

Rafa has placed second in a worldwide voting for the "2010 Male Athlete of the Year" of the United States Sports Academy. I think, he is happy that the winner is his fellow contryman David Villa, a member of the Spanish national football team. Rafa is a football fan and in summer he went to South Africa to support the Spanish team.
Excerpts from an article on USSA homepage:
<<Spain Reigns as Villa Edges Nadal on the Male Side.
Five soccer goals earned David Villa of Spain and Kim Yu-Na [figure skater] of South Korea the honor of being named the United States Sports Academy's 2010 Male and Female Athletes of the Year.
The two champions were selected through a worldwide ballot that saw the public cast hundreds of thousands of votes thanks to distribution through the websites of NBC Sports and USA Today.
Villa's five goals helped lead his country [Spain] to its first FIFA World Cup title. Villa edged out countryman Rafael Nadal, the world's No. 1 tennis player.
Boxer Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines, the Academy's 2009 Male Athlete of the Year, placed third.>>


Augustina08 , 1/2/11 11:26 AM

Rafa played "water tennis" in Doha:

Augustina08 , 1/3/11 8:36 AM

Happy New Year! to all regular posters here, and to everyone else!

you are making us jealous again, but in a good way :-)

Here's to another exciting and inspiring year of tennis. Hopefully the top 4 can remain mostly injury-free and play their best tennis.

And here's to Nadal chance of 4 in a row... there is more than a 50% chance in favour of this I'm sure...

chlorostoma , 1/4/11 3:35 PM

Journalists who have not seen Rafa's parents, have again possibility to see them. Rafa's mom and dad have travelled from Abu Dhabi to Doha. Today they watched Rafa's match in Doha. Yesterday, his dad went together with him to the sea in a boat that took Rafa to play water tennis.

Augustina08 , 1/4/11 8:23 PM

01 03 2011, DOHA, QATAR

During Julio Iglesias? speech, at the gala organized by the Rafa Nadal foundation, a beautiful video of the world No.1 was showcased in huge screens for the evening?s special guests. From politicians, to fashion icons, sport stars and celebrities, they all stared intensely at the screen as the footage rarely showed Rafa?s victories, but instead, it focused on the challenges he has had to endure during his career. Multiple injuries, his quarterfinal loss against Robin Soderling at Roland Garros, his quarterfinal withdrawal at the 2010 Australian Open when he was playing against Andy Murray, the times when everything around him was full of doubts and no one believed he could win again.

Then it all turned into silence as the following words appeared on the screen; ?Dedication, sportsmanship, hard work, will, humility, sacrifice, and discipline?. - True success doesn?t come from winning. That was the message Rafa wanted to send.

nadline , 1/5/11 6:51 AM

It makes me laugh out loud that F's worshippers are so...oo...oo jeolous of the fact that Armani has chosen Rafa as its official worldwide model for underwear and jeans! Yeah, there's really nothing more they could do, if somebody's favourite one doesn't have the attractive physical appearance that Rafa has !
(I opened Tennistalk Magazine)

Augustina08 , 1/6/11 12:12 PM

Rafa has the best 5-Set record of all time, so that shold bode well for his GS haul. Federer is 97th. Some of the stats didn't transfer very well, but here is the link: Set-Record-Career-List.aspx

1. Rafael Nadal

2. Johan Kriek
3. Ross Case
4. Bjorn Borg
5. Harold Solomon
6. Aaron Krickstein
7. Younes El Aynaoui
8. Bob Carmichael
9. Thierry Champion
10. Chris Lewis (NZL)

88. Arthur Ashe .000 - 0-0 .567 - 17-13
89. Colin Dibley .000 - 0-0 .563 - 9-7
90. Thierry Tulasne .000 - 0-0 .563 - 9-7
91. Kim Warwick .000 - 0-0 .563 - 9-7
92. Jim Courier .000 - 0-0 .559 - 19-15
93. Richard Krajicek .000 - 0-0 .556 - 15-12
94. Dick Crealy .000 - 0-0 .556 - 10-8
95. Bill Scanlon .000 - 0-0 .556 - 10-8
96. Wally Masur .000 - 0-0 .552 - 16-13
97. Roger Federer .500 - 1-1 .548 - 17-14

nadline , 1/7/11 9:32 PM

Rafa, who was lately named the 'Favorite Son' of his hometown Manacor, has become the greatest tourist attraction of the town.

<<Rafa, the best tennis player in the world, has become the Manacor's greatest tourist attraction, with foreigners turning up asking for his museum and his home. The officials of the town have revealed that the phenomenon of the tennis ace keeps growing.
At the local Tourist office, many visitors ask: "Where is the Rafael Nadal Museum?" Others are interested in his family home, while the biggest fans of the sport want to know about his training sessions at the Manacor Tennis Club or at the new tennis training center situated beside the Manacor Museum of History. "Where can we find him?" they have asked countless times.
Tourists of different nationalities have asked: "Where is his house?" But, neither in the Manacor Tourist Office nor in the one in Porto Cristo do they disclose the location of the houses that are the desired object of pilgrimage. As for his training sessions, both offices say that "the huge majority of the times we have had to tell them there are tournaments going on and, therefore, he is not in town".
All this confirms the passion that Nadal arouses. While there has been a certain discretion on his home turf on the part of his fellow natives, as the years go by, greater enthusiasm can be observed among both the island residents and foreigners.
In fact, there are citizens who propose having a statue of Rafa on a prominent access route to the town, as well as a museum with photos and trophies. The Manacor Tennis Club admit that they have thought about this, although the idea has not yet come to fruition.>>

Vamos, Rafa - the great sports ambassador !

Augustina08 , 1/9/11 2:03 PM

Augustina, thanks for keeping us informed, it's much appreciated, don't let anyone put you off.

nadline , 1/9/11 4:40 PM

cheryl, is this a record? has a blog ever reached 681 comments? ;-)

homos , 1/9/11 5:05 PM

Any updates on Rafa's condition?

vij , 1/9/11 7:46 PM

@vij , 1/9/11 7:46 PM
Let me remind you of the situation yesterday: <<Rafa /---/ will remain in Doha for at least two more days in an attempt to rid himself of the fever>>

"Rafa wins doubles but will delay trip to Australia" : p-australia

Augustina08 , 1/9/11 8:42 PM

Thanks! I am really worried. Normally, a viral fever lasts 3 to 5 days but sometimes, depending on the virus, the fever could last longer. Once, I had viral fever for 21 days! So, I am anxious to know whether the fever is gone.
I wish he hadn't played after getting the fever. But, I suppose he was between the devil and the deep sea. If he had withdrawn, then he would have missed match practice which Rafa considers very important. By continuing, he risked weakening himself and delaying recovery and also increased chances of injuring himself (which are higher when one is weak or tired). He must have decided the second was a safer alternative.
I wonder why he was taking antibiotics, as they are of no use against viruses but only bacteria. Taking antibiotics just like that isn't advisable because they also kill the good bacteria needed for assimilating vitamins from food. I don't think the Nadal camp is telling us everything.
Well. let us hope Rafa recovers soon i.e. by Monday (tomorrow) and gets an easy draw to get through the first week of the tournament. If this happens, he will be invincible in the second week.
Best of luck to Rafa!

vij , 1/9/11 10:32 PM

Nadal states on Facebook that he is leaving for Melbourne. But does not mention anything about his illness or recovery.
Should we assume he has recovered?

vij , 1/9/11 11:50 PM

@vij , 1/9/11 11:50 PM
I believe that Rafa his healthy enough to fly to Australia.

Augustina08 , 1/10/11 12:06 AM

Rafa insists on the importance of attitude when facing challenges.

"You can be born with all the talent in the world but if you lack passion you will not find a victory," said Nadal, who was compared in the article with Russell Crowe's character, Maximus in "Gladiator" (2000), a favorite movies of tennis player.

Nadal said he did not think fame has changed his way of being, something that has to do his relationship with his family and friends.

"If I started being presumptuous they would bring me down to earth quickly. What really matters is to show the education you received when you were little, to be honest with yourself and others. To me it is not about the house you have or the car you drive, if not the way you act once you get those things, " he said.

nadline , 1/10/11 10:04 AM

Such true words from Rafa, nadline.

This got me curious to read the entire interview. It was interesting to find out that it was posted in February last year, when Rafa?s 11 months without titles and with injuries were not yet over. And he is quoted to say that his most difficult time was when foot injuries plagued him in 2004 and 2005.

I remember when two years ago a book about Rafa came out in Spanish. I believe the title was something like ?The Making of a Champion?. Apparently a major theme in it was the struggles Rafa had with those foot injuries.

The first foot injury came in early spring of 2004, not long after Miami where Rafa had defeated Roger in straights on hardcourt the first time they played against each other. Rafa then had to skip the claycourt season as well as the Olympics.

The second foot injury came at the start of 2005 and Rafa had to skip the Australian Open. This is when the doctors apparently told him that he might never be able to play professional tennis again. A much bigger heartache than his defeat at Wimbledon 2007. Yet Rafa went on to win RG that year (on his first attempt).

Now it is almost 6 years (and 8 more majors) later ?

chlorostoma , 1/10/11 4:00 PM

I meant to add that Rafa was only 17 back in Miami 2004 where he first met and defeated Roger. That must have been the time the world really started to wonder about Rafa's potential.

chlorostoma , 1/10/11 4:03 PM

I meant to add that Rafa was only 17 back in Miami 2004 where he first met and defeated Roger. That must have been the time the world really started to wonder about Rafa's potential.

chlorostoma , 1/10/11 4:03 PM

And that was on hard court.

nadline , 1/11/11 8:06 AM

Yes, on hard court and in straights.

You could say that Roger was not quite at his peak yet... but he was pretty close to it (i.e. pretty close to the years of 2005 and 2006, and maybe 2007).

chlorostoma , 1/11/11 3:23 PM

Rafa's dad has travelled together with him to Melbourne. I think, it's crucial to Rafa to have his family member(s) beside him and get their emotional support during recovery from fever. 1025.271306.64822581025

Augustina08 , 1/11/11 3:57 PM

Today, it was revealed that Rafa was officially nominated for the 2011 Laureus World Sports Award.

<<ABU DHABI, January 11, 2011 - At three simultaneous press conferences held in Abu Dhabi, Madrid and Munich TODAY, a glittering collection of the world's greatest sports stars were revealed to have been nominated for the 2011 Laureus World Sports Awards. Following a nomination process that involved the leading sports journalists from across the globe, the announcement of contenders such as Kobe Bryant, Rafael Nadal and Lindsey Vonn suggest the 2011 awards could be one of the most exciting and closely contested ever. /---/
The winners, as voted by the Laureus World Sports Academy, the ultimate sports jury, made up of 46 of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen of all time, will be unveiled at a televised Awards Ceremony staged in Abu Dhabi on Monday, February 7. >>

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 1/11/11 4:25 PM

On Wednesday, Rafa (aka Apollo) practiced under the roof on the Rod Laver Arena. It's raining in Melbourne. n-US&family=editorial&assetType=image&p=rafael+nadal&src=standard#1


Rafa's tour in Australia started with giving autographs at the Melbourne airport late on Monday evening (near midnight). =2089705&cId=Sport

On Tuesday morning, rain disturbed his first practice in Melbourne. In his Facebook, he wrote that he practiced in spite of the rain. 225985567102

Vamos Rafa-Apollo!

Augustina08 , 1/12/11 6:15 AM

Augustina, what's with the 'Apollo'?

nadline , 1/12/11 8:29 AM

Check out this article........long but worthwhile: /MAG1180700/1/index.htm


rafaisthebest , 1/12/11 10:19 AM

@nadline , 1/12/11 8:29 AM
Excerpted from the Internet: <<The Greek God Apollo: The Perfect Man.
Ancient Greece was a very athletic civilisation. The Greeks admired and developed physical strength and prowess, but they also elevated the body to an art form.
Since the ancient Greeks worshipped physical perfection, it was only natural that they would associate the qualities with their colourful pantheon of gods and goddesses.
Paintings and sculptures typically depict the Greek god Apollo as being handsome and youthful - the height of male attractiveness, with a perfectly proportioned physique and striking good looks. He, more than any other, was thought to represent the perfect man, according to the standards of the ancient Greeks.>>
Read more in Wikipedia.

Augustina08 , 1/12/11 10:20 AM

^^^^Augustina08 , 1/12/11 10:20 AM

In that case, totally appropriate.................Rafa, The Perfect Man.

nadline , 1/12/11 1:21 PM

@rafaisthebest , 1/12/11 10:19 AM

This is the bit I like best.

Barely a year ago Tennis Nation came to a rare agreement and declared Federer the best player in history. Now it's reconsidering. Nadal has won nine majors to Federer's record 16, but at age 24 he's ahead of Federer's pace. Plus, Nadal leads their head-to-head series 14--8. All of that makes for a heated debate, but don't expect Nadal to fan the flames. It's not just that he declines to toot his own vuvuzela?he casts his vote for the other guy. "For me, it is Roger," Nadal says. "What he does for so many years is incredible."

Read more: ndex.htm#ixzz1Ap7P0UwR

nadline , 1/12/11 1:31 PM

Hello my resourceful Nadal fans (I'm assuming that everyone who posts in here is a Nadal fan?). I'm wondering if one of you can help me out. I am looking for the 15 minute version of the Cincinnati laugh session. The 3 minute one is simply not as good.


cherylmurray , 1/12/11 2:59 PM

Rafa practiced at Melbourne Park on Thursday. I want to believe he will be ready for the competition. -Sport

Va mos, Rafa!

Augustina08 , 1/13/11 4:32 AM

Please God.......I hope they are not jinxing him!:

You can add Agassi to that list and same prediction. Interesting because the tennis punditry (at those whose blogs I have read so far) are predicting a Fed win in Oz...

May Rafa prevail......In Shallah!!!!

rafaisthebest , 1/13/11 7:27 AM

I don't believe in jinxing, though atr may not agree with me. I say all top five guys have chances to win at the AO, others do have outside chances too. Will be an interesting AO this one. I think this year the temperature may not be as high as the previous years so this may be a factor for some players who don't take well to the heat. Maybe Nole and Sod will be the happier ones. If it rains, then Rafa will be the unhappy one as tennis will be played indoors with the roof closed.

luckystar , 1/13/11 9:10 AM

@rafaisthebest , 1/13/11 7:27 AM

Thanks for the link. What worries me is Wilander jumping ship, what's going on??????? Mats Wilander tipping Rafa over Roger, what has he had to eat lately..............probably his words! Hahahahaha!

The other three tipped Rafa for the USO, so hopefully they won't jinx Rafa, although I find that they used exactly the same words for the USO, all they've done is substitute AO for USO.

nadline , 1/13/11 9:27 AM

@ nadline 1:31pm post

If Rafa wins Oz 2011 there will be a LOT of people reconsidering their "best player in history" conclusions, imho!!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 1/13/11 12:10 PM

Rafa gets involved in Queensland disaster fundraiser

01 13 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Rafa Nadal is due to play the most important tournament in his career at the Australian Open next week as he atempts to break a record no man in the open era has broken: Winning 4 Grand Slams in a row. But as Rafa would often say, there is more to life than just tennis and right now, as a huge disaster is unfolding in eastern Australia with flash flooding affecting vast areas of Queensland, he's putting his Australian Open quest aside for a day to concentrate on raising money for all the families that have lost absolutely everything.

"I wanted to tell you that we'll play on Sunday a sort of exhibition with other players to raise funds to help people affected by the Queensland floods! You have to come if you are near Melbourne!" said Rafa on his facebook page.

The event, called "Rally for Relief" will be on at 2:00 pm (local time). Tickets will be available starting today at 3pm at Ticketek ( or by going to the Melbourne Park Box Offices/Fed Square Box Office - today till 5.00pm/ Friday-Sunday 9.00am-5.00pm.

The team will consist of Rafa, Roger, Nole and Muzz.

nadline , 1/13/11 9:39 PM

The draw of AO 2011 is ready.
Rafa's first opponent is Daniel Marcos (BRA).
Andy Murray is in Rafa's half.
Novak Djokovic is in Fed's half

Augustina08 , 1/14/11 12:59 AM

Seems like Andy Murray is always on Rafa's half and Andy Roddick is always on Roger's half!! I think Rafa's half is much more difficult.

gamesetmatch , 1/14/11 3:37 AM

Nadal's Quarter is tougher than Federer's so Fed's chances of reaching the semi are higher, but once they reach the semis, Rafa is not worse off than Federer as Djoko is just as deadly as Murray.

vij , 1/14/11 4:51 AM

Nadal's half/quarter is very tough. Fed once again has a relatively easy draw. No surprise there.

jean , 1/14/11 4:52 AM

Besides opponents, Rafa must deal with his health. He hasn't recovered completely from the flu, but he hopes to be well by next week.
<<Speaking about the flu he got back in Qatar, he said it could still take "a few days" to shake, but "it's improving every day. Hopefully, that's gonna be completely recovered for next Monday... (but) it's still a little bit (there)," a gravelly-voiced Nadal told reporters, shortly after getting rained on during a sponsorship photo opportunity.
"But I don't have fever and I need a few more days, maybe, but hopefully it's going to be fine." The Spaniard flashed his broad grin for the cameras between umbrella-toting officials before lamenting that the unseasonable Melbourne weather was hardly helping his recovery.
"No, the weather doesn't help a lot these days, unbelievable, it's the first time in my life with this weather in Melbourne," he said. "Just nothing to do (about it), wait, practice in the inner courts ... We will see. The important thing is be prepared next Monday or next Tuesday. >> [Jan. 14, 2011, Melbourne]

The weather forcast promises sunny sky for this weekend. If it's true, it would be possible to practice outdoors before the competition begins. According to weather forcast, there will be a couple of rainy days next week. So, it's useful to practice both outdoors and indoors.
Toni Nadal has arrived in Melbourne and Rafa has practiced under Uncle's watchful eye. :-)
The video of Rafa (aka Apollo) and Uncle Toni at practice on Thursday:

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 1/14/11 6:51 AM

Hey Augustina, you are the most devoted fan of Rafa. What do you think, is Rafa going to be 100% by Monday?
Incidentally, the article you have referred to on Rafael Nadal's official site wrongly says, Rafa could meet Lopez or Isner in the 3rd round and Cilic in the 4th round. Actually, Rafa can meet Lopez in the 3rd round and Isner or Cilic in the 4th round.

vij , 1/14/11 7:56 AM

@vij , 1/14/11 7:56 AM
I hope that Rafa will be well by Monday. It was sunny on Friday, nice weather should help him to recover.
Thank you for pointing out mistakes in the article.

Rafa and Novak Djokovic practiced together outdoors in sunny Melbourne on Friday. t

Augustina08 , 1/14/11 9:53 AM

rafa is not yet fully recovered. just seen him on the news arriving at the Open grounds and speaking with journalists. he still has a cold. he should not be playing the rally for relief. hope he can get some proper rest and kick the cold in the next couple of days.

homos , 1/14/11 3:30 PM

Homos, I fuess he can play but he does not have to kill himself.

Coming to think of it.................Roger was the one who suggested this rally for i smell a conspiracy? Is Fed trying to diminish Rafa's chances of winning knowing that Rafa is not well?!!!........just!!!!!!!!!

Monalysa , 1/14/11 5:42 PM

Andy is again in Rafa's half and Novak in Roger's...
I don't know what to think anymore...
It seems that at every major (grand slam) it is just like this...
One the one hand people point out that the draws are (mostly) done by picking lots by chance, on the other hand people have been wondering about this pattern...

Does anyone know how many of the last say 8 (or even more) slams it was NOT the case that Andy was in Rafa's half and Novak was in Roger's?

chlorostoma , 1/14/11 8:15 PM

^^^^I think it's now 10 out of 11 times the pattern has been the same since 2008 except for the FO in 2010, when Murray was in Federer's half.

nadline , 1/14/11 8:38 PM

if it has been 10 times out of 11 then it seems the draws for the number 3 and 4 spots (and 5th spot) were not ALWAYS random, i.e. at least not random in every one of those 11 draws.

If they were all random there is only about a 1 in 200 chance (11 / 2048) of this happening (10 times in the same half out of 11).

Again, it is not at all clear to me this was deliberate for a number of those draws... only that the numbers seems to say so.

chlorostoma , 1/15/11 4:17 AM

Rafa keeps practicing and giving interviews.
On Saturday he said that he is feeling better than few days ago, and playing on the AO courts is easier than on the USO courts.

Excerpts from an interview:
Q. Could you let us know how you feel and how much practice you've been able to get in since you arrived in Melbourne?
RAFAEL NADAL: I'm feeling better. I think not perfect yet. But, yeah, seems like after what I had in Doha, when I practicing, I feel a little bit more tired than usual and sweating more than ever.
But the true is I'm better than few days ago. So that's very positive. I hope not going to be a problem for next Monday or Tuesday. I don't know yet.
So happy I am able to practice every day normal time. So is nothing special. I practiced like I did all my life.

Q. You've won the US Open. Can you talk a little bit about the difference in conditions between this hard court tournament to the US Open and how do you play it differently tactically, or are they the same?
RAFAEL NADAL: I play what I can. Every tournament is different. In every tournament you have different feelings. Even during the tournament you can change a little bit because your feelings are changing, no? So US Open was a really special tournament for me last year.
In general, the conditions of Australia are a little bit more easy for me than US Open. The history says me that. The ball here is getting little bit more topspin, is a little bit slower. But seriously I start to think for me is better have faster courts or slower courts? 1151295066429065.html

Pictures made on Saturday: ort

Augustina08 , 1/15/11 8:25 AM

Rafa won't play on Monday. So, he has one more day to recover. It's good.

Augustina08 , 1/15/11 1:26 PM

gorafago , 1/15/11 11:49 PM

@gorafago , 1/15/11 11:49 PM
---you are a member of My Guys's very own coterie---
Nope. I am just a fan of him.

Augustina08 , 1/16/11 7:29 AM

On Sunday, Rafa practiced before noon and afternoon played the "Rally For Relief" charity match. During those events, he performed different exercises. He tried to tie himself into a knot and jumped over a barrier. :-)

Augustina08 , 1/16/11 7:32 AM

Who is greater - Nadal or Federer?

nadline , 1/16/11 8:15 PM

On Sunday, Rafa went to a party. He attended Crown's Tennis Players' Party at Crown Casino. t

Augustina08 , 1/17/11 6:44 AM

Who is greater - Nadal or Federer?

Good remarks from some of the greats. I like especially the very last comment of Yannick Noah's.

chlorostoma , 1/17/11 5:18 PM

@gamesetmatch, 1/17/11 5:36

"Rafael Nadal is a nice boy. He is so relentlessly humble, in fact, that it's become a cliche. Every magazine profile of the World No. 1 ends up listing examples of his Joe Everyman ways. He picks up balls on the practice court by the hundreds. He still lives with his family in little Majorca. He eschews handlers and bodyguards. He tips well. He even flies coach".

Rafa was asked why he travels coach, he said he listens to his music, and it sounds the same wherever you sit.

You can't argue with that, although if I had his money, you wouldn't catch me in coach class.

nadline , 1/17/11 5:51 PM

Rafa looks OK when playing and during the short courtside interview at the rally for relief on Friday. Can't read too much into this but I hope that by the end of this week he will be as fit as he would have had the flu.

chlorostoma , 1/17/11 7:00 PM

* as he would have if he had not had the flu.

chlorostoma , 1/17/11 7:03 PM

@ nadline

It is hard to believe such a humble person exist in this material world. I envy those who get to watch him play. I told my husband, going to watch Rafa play is on my bucket list, birthday wish list, Christmas wish list, valentine wish list........

gamesetmatch , 1/17/11 8:14 PM

Of course I mean get to watch Rafa playing live.

gamesetmatch , 1/17/11 9:02 PM

tettylds posted the following article on another blog (AO full tournament predictions)

but allow me this one time to post it here as well... as it really belongs here as well:

from: 2011/Rafael-Nadal.aspx

Rafa's Roots
by Joel Drucker

To become a great, Rafael Nadal learned from former greats. Over the past six years the Spaniard has become a titan of the sport.
Champions in full bloom appear strikingly original. From the scintillating shot-making of Rod Laver, to the unwavering steadiness of Bjorn Borg, the counterpunching fury of Jimmy Connors, the touch of John McEnroe, the concussive brilliance of Pete Sampras and the silky-smooth prowess of Roger Federer, the man atop tennis? steep pyramid displays an array of techniques, shots and manners that seem his and his alone.
"Nadal is like a guy hitting to you with two forehands. It's murder."
Behold Rafael Nadal. Among peers, the prospect of playing Nadal is frightening, his game summed up by Tennis Channel analyst Justin Gimelstob in two words: ?absolutely brutal.? Among the public, Nadal-as-champion is endearing, everything from his sportsmanship to his competitive moxie cherished. As Connors says, ?He works hard, goes about it the right way and you can tell when he goes out there and plays, nobody runs out to the baseline like he does.?
That Connors - like Nadal, a left-handed forceful baseliner with off-the-charts intensity - would make such a statement speaks to an overlooked aspect of Nadal?s game. When the champion commands the world, his game?s singular genius seemingly erases history. But as the saying goes, behind every tennis player there is another tennis player. And if in Nadal?s case the most public example of that premise is his uncle Toni, the strands and spins of Rafa?s strokes bear the marks of a great many others.
Step back from the planet Nadal currently presides over. Journey back in place and time to a Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain. Picture 10-year-old Rafa hitting one ball after another. Inside and outside the lines, the Mallorcan hangs on the words of an uncle with insights not just into tennis, but of broader topics that teach the boy about self-reliance, manners and even matters of esoteric philosophy. The boy is also inspired by another uncle, a world-class football player. The boy has already been playing tennis for six years, striking the ball with two hands off both sides.
At which point his uncle is struck by an inspiration from tennis history. Why not have the boy play left-handed? Left-handers may only comprise 10 per cent of the world?s population, but in tennis they have made a significant impact, Laver, Connors and McEnroe among the very best who have turned the tables on opponents with a distinctive vengeance. Though it?s hard to imagine when Toni Nadal had this idea he imagined it would yield a tennis superpower, certainly he tapped into something that could give the boy a distinct advantage. A page from the game?s past had been absorbed. With signature urgency, the boy, flexible in head, heart and body, applied his uncle?s suggestion.
"[Earn] struck it with this whip-like, bolo-like motion. No-one else hit the ball like that."
Of course at first this did nothing in shaping what Nadal struck from his right side. It hardly mattered if at age ten this was now called a backhand instead of a forehand. As a natural right-hander, young Rafa drew on the strength of his right hand to drive his body weight through the ball and fling the ball into play. Or at least that seemed one source of strength. Only well into his pro career would Nadal?s backhand reveal more textured dimensions.
The forehand was another matter. In the late ?40s and early 50s, years before Toni Nadal, there was a touring professional named Carl Earn, a left-hander from Los Angeles who struck his forehand with a pronounced Western grip ? a grip that at that point had been out of fashion for more than a quarter-century. Earn reached the quarter-finals of the 1950 U.S. Pro Championships, losing to Jack Kramer. According to one of Earn?s contemporaries, Hall of Famer Pancho Segura, ?He struck it with this whip-like, bolo-like motion. No-one else hit the ball like that. The vicious topspin was deadly. It was a lot like Nadal?s stroke.?
Fast-forward 30 years and a more visible example emerges ? one Toni Nadal likely saw. Along with Borg, left-handed Argentine Guillermo Vilas (pictured right) was one of the first players to primarily strike the ball with topspin off both sides from the baseline. His forehand was a forceful drive, the ball whipping and dipping in ways quite uncommon at the time. In the '90s another top-spinning left-hander emerged, Austrian Thomas Muster. Both Vilas and Muster had significant runs that earned them the unofficial crown as ?King of Clay,? a title validated further when each won the French Open [at Roland Garros].
Meanwhile, on Mallorca, young Rafa was honing his own stroke. Toni Nadal of course knew about Vilas and Muster. But he also was aware that the boy would find his way to his own distinctive style. That such factors as lighter rackets and, in the late ?90s, the emergence of new strings that aided the increased generation of spin, would all play a role in Rafa building a forehand that, while drawing without likely knowing it from Earn, Vilas and Muster, emerged as completely distinctive and incredibly effective.
"Nadal is able to defend from deep positions in the court because of his phenomenal ability to spin the ball."
According to John Yandell, researcher and publisher of the on-line tennis magazine, ?What distinguishes Nadal?s forehand from others on the tour is the consistently higher levels of spin he generates ? both the topspin and the sidespin that makes it jump to the side after it bounces.? Yandell?s extensive research reveals that on the average, Nadal?s forehand spins 3,300 revolutions per minute (RPM) ? and sometimes well past 4,000 RPM. Says Yandell, ?His average forehand has about 20 per cent more spin on it than most others. His ability to spin the ball is related to his defensive capabilities. Nadal is able to defend from deep positions in the court because of his phenomenal ability to spin the ball.?

So this was the Nadal who at the tender age of 19 won Roland Garros the first time he played it and by the end of the year was ranked number two in the world: a self-made left-hander with a whopper of a forehand, a reasonable degree of competency on the backhand and a serve that ostensibly merely put the ball in play. Added to the strokes was yet another distinct set of elements that at one point were contradictory, but somehow found synthesis in Nadal?s makeup: the poise and sportsmanship of Borg, blended with the fire-breathing competitive makeup of Connors.
What?s amazing, though, is to see how Nadal has continued to enhance his game even upon climbing so far up the tennis mountain ? and in the process, further tipped his hat to greats that preceded him even while he?s concurrently created his own distinctive playing style.
Yandell is fascinated by what he?s learned studying Nadal?s backhand. Says Yandell, ?Everyone talks about the fact that being a natural right-hander gives him an advantage by using his right hand. That might be true. But what?s most interesting to me is the use of his left hand. The vast majority of pros hit the two-handed backhand with the dominant hand in a bent configuration. Nadal hits with both arms straight at contact. One of the very few players ever to do that was Andre Agassi ? one of the best two-handers in history. When you hit with the dominant hand straight, it?s more similar to a one-handed backhand. It?s advantageous for hitting the ball early, on the rise, flat and hard. So Nadal is able to hit flatter, rocket-like lasers off the backhand side ? a weapon of a different type than his forehand.? Segura?s belief is that, ?Nadal is like a guy hitting to you with two forehands. It?s murder.?
And while the Nadal bazooka-like two-hander has similarities to the early-struck, time-robbing drives of Agassi and Connors, consider also his incorporation of the one-handed slice. If hardly elegant in form in the manner of such elegant slice backhands as those struck by Ken Rosewall or his fellow left-handed Spaniard, Manuel Orantes, Nadal?s willingness to deploy this shot shows a tactical awareness. In prior eras, the likes of Rosewall, Orantes and another lefty, John McEnroe, used the slice as a form of probe, foil, approach shot and defence. While a stretched Nadal will use the slice for defence, he is also wise enough to use it as a way of forcing his opponent to apply enough topspin to make the ball slow down and give Nadal a chance to run around his backhand and deploy his forehand.
"He's a student of the game. He appreciates the game."
The shot Nadal enhanced the most in 2010 was his serve. It?s an amazing evolution. Early in his career, Nadal?s delivery was often predictable and attackable ? at least to those who dared take such a chance given how well he backed it up. In this case, he was much like Connors, who?s often considered to have had one of the worst serves ever of a world number one ? but like Nadal, could also back it up with incredible counterpunching. In 2010, though, Nadal stepped near the realm of McEnroe ? the world?s best serve for a good deal of his career. Nadal had altered his motion. With his shoulders, legs and hips more engaged, everything from the delivery?s speed to its variety picked up considerably.
Nadal has enhanced his game by drawing on so many aspects of what?s come before him. As Andy Roddick says about the Spaniard, ?He?s a student of the game. He appreciates the game. I think he knows the history of the game.? It?s hard to imagine what more Nadal can bring to the court in 2011 and beyond. Increased serve-volley? Coming in on his returns? Further deployment of the slice backhand? But in Nadal?s hands, what may seem improbable one day could soon enough become business-as-usual.

chlorostoma , 1/18/11 5:42 PM

nice and tightly argued article:
Nadal grand slam would trump Laver's
Mark Hodgkinson d-trump-lavers-20110116-19skc.html

chlorostoma , 1/18/11 7:10 PM

@chlorostoma , 1/18/11 5:42 PM
---Why not have the boy play left-handed? /---/ Though it's hard to imagine when Toni Nadal had this idea he imagined it would yield a tennis superpower, certainly he tapped into something that could give the boy a distinct advantage. ---

Toni Nadal has said that's a legend. When Rafa was little, he played both his forehand and backhand with two hands. Later, Uncle Toni advised him to choose his stronger hand for his forehand. Rafa chose to play left-handed. Rafa has confirmed this story.

From T.Nadal's interview:
<<QUESTION: So, you took charge of little Rafa and perhaps, you made the most important decision of his life: to let him play with his left hand whereas he's a natural right-hander.
TONI NADAL: No! That's a legend? But it's really not the truth. At the start, he played with two hands but using one hand to direct. I had the impression that he was stronger on his left side than on his right side. So, I figured that he was left-handed. It's as simple as that. Besides, even if he ate with his right hand, he also played football with his left foot. However, at no point did I tell him: "He needs to play with his left hand because that way, he will be much stronger." However, since I'm not completely stupid, I simply advised him to use his strongest hand. That's it. Besides, I don't think that it's that much more advantageous to be left-handed. Just look at the world's best players: there are not many of them there. No, the only thing I did advise Rafa was that at the age of 10, he needed to stop playing his forehand with two hands because no top player had a two-handed forehand and I couldn't imagine my nephew being the first. So, this is all there is to this story. Would Rafa be as strong now if he used his right hand? That's something we don't know and we will never know>> [Tennis Magazine (France), October 2010]:

From Rafa's interview:
<<When I started playing, I used both hands to hit both backhand and forehand. When I was 3 years old, I didn't have enough power so Uncle Toni taught me to do that. After that, when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I had to use only one side, and it became that it was natural to use my left hand.>> [A documentary movie of Japanese TV, Sept. 2010]

Augustina08 , 1/18/11 11:04 PM

Rafa answers some fan questions from the Heraldsun.

WORLD No.1 Rafael Nadal answers your questions in part two of our exclusive 'Ask Rafa' column.

I ADMIRE your passion for the sport and your constant determination as a player! Your movement on the court will never fail to amaze me! I just want to know though, what it is that you love the most about tennis? And what keeps you motivated as a player? Thank you and good luck for the tournament.
Olivia of Victoria

Rafa: Many thanks, Olivia, for your kind words. I love almost everything in tennis, ?specially the competition. I love to do that and to have that feeling. And the motivation comes to be a better player so that I can compete at the highest level, improve and win.

Rafa how much weight training do you do?
Oliver, email

Rafa: Not much. Only some specific program to help on my movements and compensation. But not much. Most of my practise is on court and some very short and specific programs to help me improve movements and prevent injuries.

Who is your favourite women's tennis player?
Patrick, Victoria

Rafa: Kim Clijsters, Ana Ivanovic and the Spanish players.

You are so calm on those tough points. Do you meditate?
Eva R, email

Rafa: I am not sure what you mean by meditate. But I do think a lot about matches and points.

When did you decide you were going to completely devote yourself to becoming a successful & professional tennis player?
Kali Fabiatos, email

Rafa: When I was around 12 or 13. Had to chose between football and tennis since I didn't have enough time to practise both.

As a huge fan of yours, I was wondering, would you ever consider writing an autobiography? And if so, what would you call it?
Sam Leaman, Launceston, Tasmania

Rafa: Yes. Stay tuned.

Hi Rafa, you rock. Does music play a big part in your life? What is your favourite song on your ipod?
B and H Munro, Melbourne

Rafa: Yes I love music, I listen to it all the time. But I wouldn't be able to tell you just one song. I have many, especially Spanish speaking music.

How do you get such a top spin forehand? I try to practise evey day but I cannot get as much top spin as you get.
Chris Cutajar . Deer Park

Rafa: I don't know. I suppose with time you get it. But I have no secret. Hit it hard and strong, maybe?

Rafa, who taught you your mental toughness!
Billy, email

Rafa: You work every detail of the game and the mental part also. It is an excise you do since you are a kid and also something you work at practice.

During your down-time off the court; do you ever think about how your life will be after tennis and in the near future?
Roanna Sanelli, Victoria

Rafa: No, not really.

Do you still think Roger Federer is the man to beat? The way you are playing at the moment you look unbeatable.
Kevin Smith, Melbourne

Rafa: Yes.

I went past the tennis precinct on late Friday night (around 2am) and saw many players training with their support staff. Is it normal for players to train this late, and what times do you prefer?
Navee Sandhu, Rowville

Rafa: I have never seen that. 2am! It is too late even for me.

gamesetmatch , 1/19/11 1:29 AM

thank you for the two interviews ... I had never come across this version of how that choice was made.

chlorostoma , 1/19/11 3:40 AM

Here is another Armani link from Hello Magazine: 01-2011/55530/celebrities/

nadline , 1/20/11 5:49 PM

Rafael Nadal: The Tennis Phenomenon and the Modest Young Man from Mallorca
Vee Jay
(Correspondent) on October 30, 2010

3,627 reads


NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 14: Rafael Nadal of Spain, the 2010 U.S. Open Champion poses with the trophy in Times Square on September 14, 2010 in New York City (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images For ATP) The Tennis Phenomenon
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal is the current world number one. He has won nine Grand Slam titles and at 24, is the youngest in the Open Era to complete the career slam. In fact, he has completed the career golden slam.

He has achieved the European double twice. He has won three consecutive Grand Slam titles this year and could make history by making it four in a row if he wins the Australian Open 2011. He is undoubtedly the Tennis Phenomenon of this era. But what is more remarkable is that this extraordinary tennis genius is also the modest well-mannered young man from Mallorca.

While on court, he is a fierce competitor but he has never smashed any rackets or hurled abuses at the linespeople or the umpires. Off-court, he is a shy and humble young man. He lives with his parents in Mallorca and he will tell you that he loves his mother, his sister and his girlfriend. A perfect role model for the new generation.

If the media people ask him if he is the greatest claycourter, he will remind them that that title belongs to Bjorn Borg. You point to his amazing haul of Grand Slam titles by age 24 and his remarkable h2h record against Roger Federer and try to proclaim him as the greatest. He vehemently denies the appellation.

He tells you that Roger Federer is the greatest and that you know nothing about tennis. He asks the rhetorical question, "You see the titles of him and you see the titles of me?"

He does not tell you that he is going to surpass Roger someday. Oh no, he humbly tells you, "The titles say he is much better than me and that's the truth at the moment. I think that will be true all my life."

So amazing is this modesty in an age of self-centred arrogant superstars that some are tempted to consider it a facade. Is he too good to be true?

I am inclined to believe that with this young man, what you see is what you get. We know that very often super achievers fail to identify with the larger than life image the world has of them. Many newly crowned CEOs of companies and heads of governments have confessed to feeling like imposters when treated like royalty.

Again ,there is this interesting fact about the brain which science has learnt: though generally action follows feeling, equally feeling follows action.You laugh when you feel happy. But suppose you were not feeling happy, but you still decided to laugh.Your brain, because of strong learned patterns, would interpret this as happiness and trigger all the accompanying responses. So you would end up feeling happy!

If Rafael is constantly telling everybody that he is a long way off from greatness, it is evident that his brain would give him all the feeling of a humble tennis star still a long way off from the pinnacle of greatness.

His humility, I am sure, is the secret of his ever present drive to improve, the drive which is behind his motto, "I go to practice every day not to practice; I go to practice every day to try to learn something and to keep improving my level."

I am reminded of these lines from Alexander Pope's poem "On a certain Lady at Court."

'Has she no faults then (Envy says), Sir?'
Yes, she has one, I must aver:
When all the world conspires to praise her,
The woman's deaf, and does not hear.

When all the world conspires to praise him, Rafael Nadal is deaf and does not hear. He focuses on doing what he does best, learning and winning.

I am certain that the day Rafael Nadal hears this praise, that would be the day when the last chapter would be written in his book of greatness.

nadline , 1/20/11 6:17 PM

the Armani Hello Magazine pic, nadline: smokin' !
Good photography is in large part good lighting... plus a brilliantly conceived pose when it's fashion photography.

Rafa looks years more mature here. A Latin fashion model. (And I am a guy and not into guys :-).

chlorostoma , 1/20/11 7:37 PM

Thank you, nadline, for posting this last article: wise with slow and time-honoured knowledge.

I completely agree with it of course that Nadal's humbleness is not fake.

I am not sure that the last point is 100% true: I think that Nadal does really take in *some* of the praise... but at this point, after his entire upbringing and practiced attitude to life all these years it ain't going to get to his head. Plus, his desire to improve his game will not go away, I'm sure, before his body will no longer allow him to play without injuries or before his body will no longer allow him to play what his mind is able to play - which is, paraphrasing, the point when he said he plans to retire, i.e. when he will no longer be able to win enough matches. I can't see his deep love of competition, of playing in the matches, of winning, and above all, of improving his game becoming weaker in the next shining years before other reasons will make him decide to retire. No matter how much praise he might receive, no matter how much of it he takes in... his character and mindset are already deeply shaped as they are ... no matter whether he gets the grand slam, another AO and another USO one day to have two career slams, the WTF trophy some day, surpass Borg's 6 French Open crowns, etc., or not.

chlorostoma , 1/20/11 7:53 PM


International Tennis Photographers Association
Rafael Nadal and Kim Clijsters has been selected as the ITWA's 2010 Ambassadors of the Year.
Melbourne, 18 January 2011

Rafael Nadal was presented here today with the International Tennis Writers Association?s top award. The 24-year-old Spaniard was voted one of ITWA?s Ambassadors of the Year for 2010 and received his award, a silver clock, after his first-round victory over Marcos Daniel at the Australian Open.

Kim Clijsters, who is the other winner of the ITWA award, will be presented with her prize, a silver photo frame, after her opening match against Dinara Safina later today.

ITWA represents more than 100 of the world?s leading tennis journalists. Its awards recognise a combination of achievements on the court, conduct that shows tennis in the best possible light and co-operation with the media.

Nadal won three Grand Slam titles last year and became one of only seven players who have won all four of the game?s biggest prizes. He was also one of ITWA?s Ambassadors of the Year for 2008.

Clijsters wins the ITWA award for a third time. Having crowned a remarkable comeback after a two-year break to win the US Open in 2009, the Belgian had another outstanding year in 2010, retaining her New York title and winning the season-ending WTA Championships in Doha.

Sebastian Fest, co-president of ITWA, said: "Kim and Rafa are great champions, but they are also wonderful ambassadors for their sport. We know it is impossible for them to grant every interview request, but they are always very helpful in all their dealings with the media."

Well Done Rafa.

nadline , 1/21/11 1:09 PM

Mats Wilander creates a player who can beat Nadal: t-nadal.html

nadline , 1/21/11 11:38 PM

thanks for the stuff ,nadline.

vamosrafa , 1/22/11 2:20 AM

nadline: thank you. I'd read the words by hearing and seeing Rafa saying them put a smile on my face. Loved the "humble illusion and motivation" phrase.

chlorostoma , 1/22/11 3:38 AM

Teenage Nadal was wake-up call I needed

Andy Murray From:The Australian
January 22, 2011 12:00AM

THIS week I told you about choosing tennis over football as a teenager. But following that I also had another huge call to make, one that is a big reason why I am playing a third-round match at the Australian Open today.

Some of you probably know that Rafael Nadal and I have been competitors and good friends since our teenage years, but you may not realise he was a major influence in my decision to leave home at 15 to move to Spain.

As juniors, our countries used to play against each other in team competitions such as the European Winter Cup, though I never actually had to play him as I was a year younger and played No 2 for Britain while he led the Spanish team. But we weren't holding tennis racquets when he said something that led to me moving to Barcelona.

Instead, we were part of a group of guys playing racquetball.

I was asking all the guys in this group who they were practising with and when Nadal said Carlos Moya, it was a big wake-up call.

Back home, because we never had the opportunity to play sport in school - something I think should change given there are great opportunities for people to make a living out of sport - I could only practise for 90 minutes, four days a week with my coach. Yet here was a rival hitting with one of the world's best players and training four or five hours a day for five days a week.

I realised I was not doing enough and knew I had to move. It wasn't something I wanted to do and I knew it would be tough because my older brother, Jamie, had moved to an academy at Cambridge when he was 12 but it didn't really work out for him. He got homesick and wanted to come home. I know my mum and dad were a bit worried about my decisions because they just wanted us to be happy, but after deciding I wanted to play tennis instead of football I needed to give it everything I had.

nadline , 1/22/11 5:11 PM

Nadal-look-alike (Schiavone) almost matches the nadal-verdasco match!!!

The longest match in open era tennis!!!

Eurosports is all ablaze with talk of moon balling is an amazing tactic!!

The parallels do not stop there... she next meets the favorite and is not expected to win!! if she wins that, she would prove herself an equal to nadal not only in stunning good looks, but in physical prowess as well!!

rafaslam , 1/23/11 10:15 AM

The moon ball isn't a bad tactic to keep a ball in play, but there's alot of criticism of
those who seem to do it too much. I haven't seen a moon ball from Nadal in years.

Schiavone is an athlete with tremendous heart and skill but she is NOT a Nadal
look alike, nor does she have stunning good looks. She is muscular and lean, but
there are quite a few girls on the WTA with that profile.

Maya , 1/23/11 6:08 PM

@rafaslam , 1/23/11 10:15 AM

Rafa uses spin-balling, not moon-balling.

Rafa is a manly man, who has a perfect body. Rafa has chosen by Armany to be a model for its underwear.
Schiavone isn't a womanly woman. I doubt she could be an underwear model.

Augustina08 , 1/24/11 12:09 AM

Rafa hasn't stayed in his hotel-room to rest. He has visited penguins. I want to believe that he knows what is best for him.!/photo.php?fbid=496472116025&se t=a.489931931025.271306.64822581025

Augustina08 , 1/24/11 4:52 AM

^^^^I think that's a good sign, it shows he is feeling OK.

nadline , 1/24/11 8:10 AM

from reuters: ( I think that Nadal's personality has always been more like this as it came through in his Spanish interviews... now it is starting to come through more also when he is speaking English )

Rafa Nadal, who has followed David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo as the new face of Armani underwear and jeans, said on Monday he loved being a sex symbol.

The world's top tennis player, known for his bulging biceps and chiseled torso, has attracted camera flashes and wolf-whistles at the Australian Open where he regularly peels off his sweat-drenched shirts during changeovers.

"No, I feel fantastic," Nadal smiled when asked if girls screaming their undying love for him puts him off his game, before asking a female journalist if she thought he was sexy.

The Spaniard was in a playful mood after pummeling Croatia's Marin Cilic 6-2 6-4 6-3 to reach the Australian Open quarter-finals.

Nadal blushed when asked about the moody black-and-white promotional photos which show him posing in his briefs sweeping back his hair and flexing his muscles.

"It was a good experience," Nadal, who recently signed a lucrative deal with Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani jeans, said, squirming in his chair.

"It's always nice to know different worlds," he added, warming to the subject. "The fashion world is something that I didn't know before. It was a good photo session, a long one."

Approaching Nadal after Beckham and Ronaldo was a bold move from Armani as Nadal is notorious for picking at his underwear in between points.

"Hopefully the results are satisfactory," Nadal said. "I worked very hard -- seriously. It was nice. A different experience and I enjoyed."

Asked by a female reporter if he thought his pictures were sexy, Nadal teased: "I'm not the right person to say. I always watch myself so-so. But what do you think? Do you like it?"

Given an affirmative answer, Nadal flirted: "I happy if you like it!"

chlorostoma , 1/24/11 4:11 PM

Rafa's Roland Garros 2011 kit is stunning: s-2011-gear.html

nadline , 1/25/11 1:05 AM

Rafa's full interview after Cilic match:

nadline , 1/25/11 1:21 AM

@chlorostoma , 1/24/11 4:11 PM

I add the press conference video. Rafa's flirting can be watched between 08:00 - 09:40. :) press-conf-nadal.html

Augustina08 , 1/25/11 2:19 AM

@nadline , 1/25/11 1:05 AM
Yes, the kit of FO 2011 is stunning visually. But, the shirt seems to be made of the same fabric as the shirt of AO 2011. Reportedly, the fabric is also the reason of the excessive sweating problem Rafa has had. Nike is currently working on the shirt issue.

Excerpts from an article (Google's translation):
<<"We are working to fix the problem," says Robert Jordan, his agent at Nike.
On Monday, Rafa played against Cilic with a much more loose shirt.
"He was sweating heavily and in the last test we changed the shirt," says his uncle Toni.
Nadal likes to play with the fabric close to the body but, from now until the end of the tournament, he will use a bigger shirt.
Rafa said: "I have several options and this time I caught one that is a little bigger to run a bit more air.>>

Augustina08 , 1/25/11 3:17 AM

^^^^^Yes Augustina I also noticed that they used the same material for the RG kit. I posted a link to a video here where Nike was describing how the shirt and shorts were made to absorb the sweat from Rafa's body, bla, bla, bla; it may have done that, but failed to evaporate.

nadline , 1/25/11 9:24 AM

Rafa has a flame symbol on his shoe with the figure 9 in it to signify his nine GS titles.

nadline , 1/25/11 5:03 PM

Is the 9 for the shoes for RG? Because wouldn't it be sweet if 9 was no longer accurate then? ;-)

chlorostoma , 1/25/11 5:38 PM

Nadline, Chlosrostoma, The number 09 on a red flame symbol(flame depicts the Australian heat) on his shoes are to show that he won the AO in 2009.

Rafaluv , 1/25/11 9:24 PM

I wish Nike would stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just give Rafa a shirt with normal fabric. It's obvious that this wetsuit look is just not working! All the other players look so comfortable with their normal shirts, so why can't Nike just leave well enough alone?

Nativenewyorker , 1/25/11 10:00 PM

Thanks Rafaluv for clarifying the 09. No one has mentioned it although they keep zooming on it.

nadline , 1/26/11 6:28 AM

I'm now watching last year's USO final to lift my spirits up.


nadline , 1/26/11 3:50 PM

I think this is a good time to echo the spirit...

VAMOS Rafa - no matter what... Come back soon.

FEDistheGOAT , 1/26/11 10:24 PM

Last year, Rafa dethroned Fed as the world number one and lifted the 2010 ATP World Tour Champion trophy in the end of the year. Rafa is still the best tennis player in the World.

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 1/27/11 2:36 AM

After Fed's loss today, the gap between Rafa and Fed increased by 1280 points. Before AO Rafa was 3145 points ahead of Fed, now - 4425 points.
Rafa defended the points earned last year at AO2011, but Fed didn't.

Vamos Rafa - the best tennis player on planet Earth!

Augustina08 , 1/27/11 1:05 PM

I correct my post of 1/27/11 1:05 PM:

..last year at 2010...

Augustina08 , 1/27/11 1:11 PM

Rafa fans: Just want to bring to your attention the following blogger

This guy, Douglas Perry, is the most insidious Rafa hater out there. He pretends to love Rafa but if you notice ALL his recent blogs have been laced with innuendo about Rafa's injury "excuses" and/or use of performance enhancing drugs.

He is a Federer fan (nothing wrong in that) but he is one of those who feels Fedeer's reputation can only be enhanced with a few put-downs about Rafa. I hate him with a passion. Yesterday he wrote a piece about Rafa's defeat and managed to include praises of Federer in it. Today, after Roger's defeat, he writes a piece ridiculously titled as per the link above, complete with accusations that Rafa faked his injuries. You will notice that he makes it out as if somebody else made the accusations, not him. This is why I say he is sly, insidious and totally nasty.

He needs to be called out.

rafaisthebest , 1/27/11 8:49 PM

You are right, rafaisthebst,
In his latest post (and probably many others, haven't read them) Douglas Perry shows himself very clearly to have no interest in truthfulness... whatever distortions or inventions might suit his goal are fair game.

chlorostoma , 1/27/11 8:59 PM

since there are more than enough rafa haters on this site, i wonder if it's really necessary to introduce those from other sites/blogs into this place. does it do any good.... just wondering...

homos , 1/28/11 3:56 AM

Augustina08 , 1/28/11 6:42 AM

I think I may have an insight on Rafa haters. There seem to be 2 main kinds:
1-Fed lovers who resent Rafa for regularly beating their idol.
2-Closet Rafa lovers who put too many unrealistic expectations on him and felt betrayed when Rafa, being human, lost a match, or got injured or failed to beat Rod Laver's record or any other such thing.
Strangely enough the latter seem to be the worst, and the ones who jump in to claim his demise at the slightest sign of trouble.

We see Rafa all muscle bound and young and God-like and we expect him to be invulnerable, a true Superman. Well, he is just a man, and Tennis, being the toughest non-contact sport on the body will sometimes bring even Rafa Nadal down.

My suggestion is this, instead of dwelling on the bad moments, remember that Rafa often times has overcome fatigue, pain and illness and performed in superhuman fashion. He is not Borg who could win a 5-setter at Roland Garros without raising his pulse or breaking a sweat, but he works so hard, he has become practically invincible on clay. He beat Federer at the AO after fighting Verdasco in a marathon of a match. He has proven himself over and over again, so cut him a little slack, allow a little room for weakness, so his next triumph will be that much sweeter, and far more meaningful.

grafight , 1/28/11 5:12 PM

Sorry @homos.....did not mean to depress rafans further......just think it's important to know what's out there in terms of the haters.

Agree with you @grafight....Rafa indeed does have strange haters. Good thing is Rafa has a good head on his shoulders, he is not obsessed by his success....and this is what rabid Fed fans do not get....Rafa is playing tennis because he enjoys it, not because he wants to break records or beat Roger. and this is where he is different from Roger and why, imho, he handles pressure better.

You can tell that Roger is on a mission to "protect" his GOAT status and I believe this is compromising his game. It is a shame because he is a great champion, if only he wasn't so vain.

rafaisthebest , 1/28/11 9:41 PM

Roger, and believe it or not I say this with respect and empathy, is at the same time extremely accomplished and also a patly unfortunate result of circumstances that lifted a young hard-working talented athlete barely out of teenage years very fast to a stratosphere of success, riches, celebrity and adulation. Not many could take all that in year after year and keep a balanced perspective. An unusual factor was that it happened about 7 years or so into the internet going viral into the lifes of billions. One thing I have seen him do rarely is to really, truly dig deep and fight no matter what when a match is starting to run away from him... he was not used to having to do it during his years of ascendancy and during his prime. And that's alright: not every tennis player needs to be a Ferrer or a Rafa. More importantly, the rest of the story I just mentioned has done a lot to Roger to develop an outlook that is compromising his game, as you wrote, rafaisthebest.

chlorostoma , 1/28/11 9:53 PM

this is a re-post: rafaisthebest posted this link in the "Rafa camp admits possible muscle tear" thread... but if I may I think it also belongs to be catalogued here in the VAMOS Rafa thread.

A fine opinion piece on the pain suffered by Federer two days ago ... and then a comment on Rafa's character: son-for-all-in-nadals-agony-20110128-1a8gp.html

chlorostoma , 1/28/11 10:00 PM

@chlorostoma, 1/28/11 10:00 PM

Fed's pain is Fedfans' business.

Augustina08 , 1/28/11 10:44 PM

I truly believe we are entering a new era in the evolution of Rafa and his game. Yes, I am a Rafa fan, no apologies for that, but I believe we are entering a new era of Rafa transcendency. He has already transformed the game as we know it but I think he will go higher, not just in terms of trophies but also in terms of comportment.

Rafa is a transformational figure in terms of how sportsmen and women should comport themselves on and off the court. This time there will be none of the FEDAL rivalry psycho-drama as a distraction because (a) Novak and Andy are now coming into their own and they will provide much-needed dilution to that drama and (b) Rafa has matured nicely and will handle pressure better than his peers.

I hope Rafa does not rush his return....he needs to rest and heal thoroughly because.........he has a date with destiny.


rafaisthebest , 1/29/11 9:22 AM

rafaisthebest, no worries at all. i was a bit depressed when rafa lost so wasn't prepared to read other blogs trashing rafa. i'm ok now. i never thought that winning 4 in a row was going to be easy so was celebrating his 3 in a row on 3 on dferent surfaces (although I would have given anything to see him win the 4th) - something no one has done - not even the great mouthy laver - so no one can take away from rafa who is the first and currently the only one to do it! a remarkable feat indeed.

It is a shame because he is a great champion, if only he wasn't so vain.
rafaisthebest , 1/28/11 9:41 PM

truer words were never spoken!!

homos , 1/29/11 10:34 AM

Rafa returns home - video:

Rafa looks cheerful, not down in the dumps.

nadline , 1/29/11 12:13 PM

We can never get enough words of wisdom from our favourite Uncle, can we Rafa fans? tid=10702963


rafaisthebest , 1/29/11 8:12 PM

@rafaisthebest , 1/29/11 8:12 PM

Thank you for the link to a great article! I have always found interviews with Toni Nadal both interesting and informative. I like the relationship between Rafa and his Uncle - they believe in each other, they trust each other.

Augustina08 , 1/30/11 9:18 AM

what happened to vamosrafa and clayking?

homos , 1/31/11 11:30 AM

We haven't heard from clayking since the middle of the summer, around the time that I think he said he was going to have his engineering exams.

chlorostoma , 1/31/11 5:19 PM

We haven't heard from clayking at least since the middle of the summer. Around the time when I think he said he was going to write his engineering exams.

chlorostoma , 1/31/11 5:21 PM

Augustina08 , 2/1/11 8:40 AM


02 01 2011, Manacor, Spain

The medical report confirmed today that Rafa Nadal suffers "adductor longus rupture of the right leg" as it appears in the report prepared by Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotorro. These is the diagnosis revealed by the magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound.

Nadal is being treated with NSAIDs, physiotherapy anti-inflammatory, Tecar and specific stretches. Doctors estimate a recovery period of about ten days from today, 1 February.

nadline , 2/1/11 7:00 PM

@nadline, 2/1/11 7:00 PM
---right leg---

"Right leg" is a translation error. The text in Spanish says "left leg".

Augustina08 , 2/1/11 7:19 PM

Augustina, thanks for clarifying that because I was a little bit confused as it was his left leg that was strapped during the match.

Just goes to show how things can be lost in translation.

nadline , 2/1/11 7:56 PM

I recently read the interview of Nadal's Mom which she gave in Dec. I am sure most of you here have already read it.
There's a part there which is bothering me. Seems to me, Nadal's Mom resents all the credit being given to Uncle Toni. She seems to be saying, he can be given credit only for the tennis and not for anything else.
Here's the troubling quote:

We have had great luck with Toni, who has instructed him in tennis, and we have talked a lot with him about his upbringing. That?s right, without playing down a single bit of importance of anyone, those who have brought up Rafael were his parents. We have done it in a very natural way. There?s no need to talk about it, it?s enough to observe.

The link to the interview: fael+Nadal+Mother+gives+interview

vij , 2/2/11 6:21 PM

good observation, vij
as his uncle and as his coach since such an early age (Rafa started playing at age 4 and I don't know at what time something resemling coaching started but it must have been very early) surely he acted as a third parent in some ways, certainly in terms of teaching Rafa to deal with adversity, to behave well no matter what etc...

But of course his parents had EVEN MORE to do with how Rafa was brought up... perhaps this is why his mom wanted to make that point. Not Toni's fault, just the way the media might have portrayed the situation.

chlorostoma , 2/2/11 7:04 PM

What is troubling me is what appears to be Rafa's mother's resentment. What if this resentment leads to bad blood betwen her and Uncle Toni? We know how devastated Rafa was when his parents separated. I feel that as his mother, she shouldn't let such issues of getting her due share of recognition bother her. Like the mother in King Solomon's story, she would rather somebody else gets all the credit than cause her son to feel torn in two( or three). And she should not risk disturbing the good coaching relationship.
Besides, once he retires, she can write a book on how she brought him up or give interviews detailing his childhood scrapes and how she taught him life lessons etc. What's the hurry to share in his glory? Very un-motherlike. Maybe Toni is taking too much credit. But, if I were Rafa's mother, I would keep quiet till my son retires. This is not the time for indulging one's ego.

vij , 2/2/11 10:54 PM

mmmm.. i don't see anything wrong with that actually. we're reading it in english but was the interview done in english or is this a translation? i would take it with a pinch of salt - unless it starts to escalate. maybe she was just trying to answer a question and things do get lost in translation.

homos , 2/3/11 2:38 AM

vij, I didn't take it that way... it seemed to me she just made a small comment, one that is just common sense, really, that it was not just his uncle that brought up Rafa... of course not. And surely she made this in Spanish so it's true that much may have gone distorted in translation. A tiny ripple in the pond. Looking at Rafa today I can only have respect for her, and that's all.

chlorostoma , 2/3/11 3:49 AM

I'm sure what Rafa's mum said wouldn't have come as a surprise to U. Toni. For all we know even Uncle Toni must smile at some of the things the press say about his relationship with Rafa, some of which should probably be taken with a large pinch of salt, he must be aware of the the over-egging of his influence over Rafa's personality, and would probably understand what his mum his on about.

They all live in such close proximity that a croos word here and there must have been passed between them. We only see a snapshot of their lives, painted in vivid colours by the media.

nadline , 2/3/11 8:42 AM

Im fond of Federer, says Nadal

Peace and love: never before in tennis history have the world number one and the number two got along as well as Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

And, happily following their lead, most other players make a contribution to a friendly atmosphere.

The players see the gentlemen that is Roger, and they see Rafa as an incredibly nice guy, Croatias Ivan Ljubicic, a former chairman of the ATP Players Council, told DPA.

Rafa is basically a great guy. And the fact that he plays incredibly good tennis doesnt make him hateable, Ljubicic noted.

It is an impossible mission these days to find one player who criticises the attitude of the games dominant duo. That is hardly a small matter, if one takes into account the fact that Federer and Nadal between them have won 21 of the last 23 Grand Slam titles. There are plenty of sport-related reasons for malicious envy, but the top two players neutralise them all with their personalities.

That was not always the case in tennis, and indeed it is a striking novelty.

Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe hated each other and made it very clear during the years they fought each other for the top spot. The same happened between McEnroe and Ivan Lendl.

German star Boris Becker was hardly friendly in his own day and the memory of a 2010 exhibition at Indian Wells when Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi got into an argument in a show game with Federer and Nadal make it clear that the older pair were far from being friends too.

I remember when I started to play, Kim Clijsters told DPA. I never saw Agassi at the training courts, never saw Sampras. They always practiced outside of the tournament.

Federer and Nadal are the opposite. They are always here, training with the other guys, and thats fantastic. There is more respect for them than in the past for Sampras and Agassi. And this mood is spreading also in the womens tour, Clijsters said.

Nadals and Federers zen style strikes Connors himself, although the U.S. legend says he prefers his time those mythical 1970s with their shouts, their insults and their excesses.

There were no friendly rivalries in those times, everything was very real. Im not saying that this is not, but back then it was more than tennis. It was Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, Celtics and Lakers, Ali and Frazier. Those were rivalries that today you cant find, he told DPA in September in New York.

It is difficult to establish what player bears the larger share of the responsibility for todays good vibes.

Is it Federer, for having been able to digest in recent seasons that a rival who is five years younger prevented him from dominating the sport? Or Nadal, for having been willing to fight and to win without resorting to arrogance or provocation? Once again, the title seems best shared. And Federer himself stresses that creating a good atmosphere did not happen by chance.

I always thought it was actually quite nice to be nice to younger generations coming in instead of making them feel like this is going to be hell for you, he said.

Im sure it rubbed off on Rafa. I think when they see the two of us being the biggest rivals in the sport actually to speak to each other and be somewhat friendly, I think that rubs off to other players as well, actually thinking, you know, tennis is a fierce sport, a tough sport, but at the end of the day its only a sport.

Theres so much more to life. Indeed, it is not unusual to see Federer in the players lounge, pushing the pram that carries his twin daughters. A couple of metres away, Nadal floods a carbohydrate-rich dish with olive oil and he jumps like a kid as he comments on a match that is being shown on television. He does not care whether he is sitting next to the world number five or the number 250 he treats everyone the same.

Federer always phones Nadal the day after the Spaniard wins a Grand Slam title, and vice versa. Nadal will never forget how Federer knocked on his door in October 2005 in Basel. The world number one of the time wanted to know how his young challenger was doing, since an injury was keeping him off the courts for the tournament.

Five years later, on the night of September 13, 2010, Nadal was giving the last interview of a historic day in which he won the US Open. Visibly full of admiration for Federer, he was adamant when faced with a suggestion that the rivalry between the two might seem watered down.

Rivalries are not supposed to be watered down or not watered down. They are defined by whether or not one takes them to an unnecessary extreme, he told DPA.

I think at other times rivalries have been taken out of what is purely the game. I think now Federer and I clearly understand that this is a game. And its normal to be fond of the rival. I am especially fond of Federer because I have lived through many very important moments in my career playing him. I think he feels the same for me, Nadal explained.

Playing tennis, week in and week out, is Nadals life, and he wants to make sure that he enjoys it to the full.

In the end you are particularly fond of rivals. I think Federer, Djokovic, Murray or I understand that this is a game. We give everything on the court. But when its over, it ends there, he said.

nadline , 2/3/11 3:19 PM

I would give more credit to Rafa for the friendly relationship between him and Roger. For two reasons:
One, if the initiative was Roger's, how come he is friendly only with Rafa and not Djoko or AndyM?
Two, even in 2006/2007, commentators/ writers had noted that while Rafa was always praising Roger, the no. 1 was ungracious in his remarks about his young rival.

As for Roger going up to Rafa in 2005 to enquire about his injury, it could be due to solicitude or to estimate the competition at the next meeting or, as alleged by Agate, to pass inside info to IMG boss. Sorry if that sounds mean but it is an equally logical explanation.

vij , 2/3/11 7:15 PM

@vij , 2/3/11 7:15 PM

I agree with you that the cordial relationship between Rafa and Roger exists because Rafa doesn't retaliate to Roger's put downs and less than complimentary comments about Rafa's achievements, but I wouldn't go as far as saying that Roger was acting as a spy for IMG. If Rafa fought back then there would be a war of words between them, certainly, but maybe Rafa does it in private to his team, but to the outside world, he just lets it roll off his back like a duck.

Roger does take an interest in other players' welfare, we probably don't see that side of him because he comes across as arrogant and self centered, but both Gonzo and Delpo have said that Rafa and Roger were constantly sending them messages of support when they were out of the sport for various reasons, in Gonzo's case, when Chile had the earthquake.

Roger's zodiac sign is Leo and like my husband, they are very caring and would give you their last shirt, so long as you keep telling them that they are king of the jungle.

nadline , 2/3/11 7:50 PM

Couldn't resist going for the 800th post!

This is surely another Rafa record.

Vamos Rafa!
The ultimate tennis player.

nadline , 2/3/11 8:00 PM

Nadline, good comment.
I am also a Leo so obviously I agree with you about the good characteristics of Leos!
Yes, Leos take an awful lot of interest in others' welfare as it gives them an opportunity to give advice, which they love doing. So Ok, Roger was motivated by solicitude ( and a desire to give advice!)

vij , 2/3/11 8:04 PM

Glad to see you were on the ball Nadline! I've lost count now of how many centuries you have clocked up but it must be quite a few now.

ed251137 , 2/4/11 1:04 AM

For what it's worth: I made sure NOT to post too near the 8th century because the centuries belongs to you, nadline :-). Keep the great posts coming, nadline, augustina, ed and everyone else....

chlorostoma , 2/4/11 3:56 AM

For what it's worth: I made sure NOT to post too near the 8th century because the centuries belongs to you, nadline :-). Keep the great posts coming, nadline, augustina, ed and everyone else....

chlorostoma , 2/4/11 3:56 AM

Thnx. I hope this thread makes 1000, that would surely stand the test of time.

nadline , 2/4/11 10:51 AM

Nadal can overcome injury woe

Thu Feb 03 02:57PM

Despite his premature loss at the Australian Open in Melbourne, Rafael Nadal is obviously very far away from giving up his number one ranking.

His achievement of even winning three Grand Slams in a row was an amazing streak.

His start to the season, his journey to the Australian Open, has been a struggle for him.

He had a virus in Doha, which hampered him both there and then for the first few rounds in Melbourne.

It may even have weakened him so much that it caused him muscles to give up, the tear in the thigh preventing him from playing at 100 per cent against David Ferrer.

But despite this, the Spaniard impressed again by his ability to win when he's not at his best.

He played brilliantly against Ernests Gulbis in Doha and again at the start of his Australian Open where he was sweating more than usual, proof maybe of a fever being still there.

More than ever, Rafa is showing how much of a huge champ he is.

But he's also showing that his only limit is his fitness, which once again gave up on him due to due to the tough challenge he asks of his body because of the way he plays.

But, compared with the past, I reckon that Rafa has grown up; he now plays a lighter schedule in order to protect his body, which is the most precious gift he has if he wants to remain at the top of the world rankings.

Sorry, don?t know the name of the writer, see link below: icle/1291/

nadline , 2/4/11 3:14 PM

Nadal Helping out Charity for Malaria Symptoms

Making good use of his time away from the sport with a thigh injury world tennis number one Rafa Nadal is visiting the African country of Nigeria in order to promote a charity that is raising money for people suffering from Malaria symptoms.

Nadal who is the holder of three of the four tennis grand slams crashed out of the Australian Open in Melbourne two weeks ago at the semi-final where is was just two wins away from holding all four grand slams at the same time.

Nadal has been known to carry out a lot of work for charity in the past and even has one of his own under his name that he spends hundreds of thousands pounds of his prize money on every year. There charity is said to be thrilled at the inclusion of Nadal in their promotional activity and hope that this will encourage other big names in sport to do the same in the future.

Well I hope he doesn't get bitten by mosquitoes whilst he's in Nigeria.

nadline , 2/4/11 3:28 PM

Therein the reason I am drawn to Rafa rather than Roger.........Rafa's maturity, for such a young man. An I must say Roger has also become mellow (old age? Rafa's influence? who knows......) but I definitely agree that Rafa's refusal to be drawn into retaliation by Roger's put-downs at first rattled Roger and then made him relax, especially as Rafa's game improved at the same time.

Rafa is the quintessential mental beast. He figured Roger out early.......that H2H? Roger got beat in the head...the rest followed from there. Therein lies the challenge for Novak, getting the better of Rafa mentally. This is why, for me, that victory by Rafa over Andy at the WTF 2010 was so important for Rafa. It was important for Rafa to not let Andy think he had a mental edge over Rafa. You could tell by Rafa's post-match celebrations how important it was to him.

Roger was right, 2011 is going to be fascinating year....but not in the way he imagined. The fascinating battle will be between Novak and Rafa imo.

rafaisthebest , 2/4/11 3:33 PM

Today I watched the highlights of Rafa & Fed's first meeting in Miami in 2004. I was impressed how well and bravely Rafa played already then - at the age of 17! No wonder that Rafa has been a problem for Fed since their first meeting.

Augustina08 , 2/4/11 4:04 PM

Thank you for that link, Augustina

Brave, yes but also so aggressive and so fast!

For anyone with eyes open the writing was on the wall that day for a fierce rivalry. But surely no-one would have predicted how high both players were going to go together and individually.

Also, of course, seeds for disliking Nadal were sown with that first match and each subsequent match... not because he was Spanish or fast or going after each ball or very skilled or intelligent on the court or fearless... but simply because he started from the start to defeat Federer more often than not.

And the other thought I had while watching this is that there has been no other teenager since 2004 to play a match like this against someone of Fed's ability.

chlorostoma , 2/4/11 4:44 PM

* Thnx. I hope this thread makes 1000, that would surely stand the test of time.

No worries. At the rate we're tracking since the anniversary of this thread (Nov 29, when we were at about 500 posts) we'll hit the millenium before the end of March, and certainly long before RG.

chlorostoma , 2/4/11 5:02 PM

And here's my contribution ;)

deuce , 2/4/11 7:44 PM

I believe Fed in 2005 and 2006 met with another teenager by the name of Andy Murray. Fed won their first meeting in 2005 but was beaten in the second meeting in 2006 at Cincy, Murray then was still a teenager, age 19. Well maybe that explains why these two young guys happen to have positive H2H against Fed up till now.

rafaisthebest - not sure that we can count Fed out. To me Fed is still good in best of 3 sets matches and there are sure many of them at the Masters 1000. Fed happens to do better than Nole at the Masters, winning one of them last year and also the WTF, while Nole only managed to win two ATP 500 events. Also I'll put Fed ahead of both Nole and Murray at Wimbledon; Fed and Nole may be equally good on clay. There are quite a few good fast hard court players out there so Nole won't necessarily be in the final of the USO, likewise for Rafa.

To me, the real battle is for the no.2 position, between Fed and Nole, and not the battle for no.1 with Rafa. I don't think Rafa is going away, he is here to stay, esp on clay and grass. Most likely, Rafa will end the year as no.1 again as long as he follows his foot print of his 2010, remaining fit and healthy for the slams.

luckystar , 2/4/11 8:04 PM

Good point re Andy, luckystar, he was the only other teenager like that... and he has made good on a good part of his own potential only, alas, not nearly on the whole of it.

I'm trying to remember when and how many times Nole and Fed have been on the same side of the draw at RG... have they even played each other once there?

chlorostoma , 2/4/11 9:12 PM

Djoko has always been in Nadal's half since 2006 except in 2009. In 2009, Djoko was on Fed's side but got knocked out in the 3rd round by Kohlschreiber. Probably he and Rafa had knocked themselves out of contention by playing that marathon semi final at Madrid.
In 2006, he retired against Nadal with a back injury in the Quarter finals. In 2007 and 2008 he lost to Nadal in the semi finals. In 2010, he missed meeting Nadal in the semi by losing to Melzer in 5 sets in the quarters.
Would Federer have reached as many FO finals if Djoko had consistently been in his half? Federer has the luck of the devil.

vij , 2/4/11 9:42 PM

@luckystar........quite agree that Fed is still a force. I was actually thinking only of the slams when I put Novak as the one who will give Rafa a run for his money because, unfortunately, age has slowed Fed down to make him less competitive in a best of 5 match. However, he is the best in a best of 3 on a hard court especially
indoor surface, no question.

If you recall, after his impressive win at the WTF 2010, Fed made the comment that 2011 would be an interesting season, meaning that HE was going to challenge Rafa for the no. 1 position (something he did say explicitly by the way) and given the form he showed post USO he would be the man to do that, again, qriting off Novak and Andy. And given his form then, why not? I certainly went along with that then.

However, after seeing Novak and Fed at OZ 2011, I feel that Novak now has an edge over Fed in a best of 5 match, with grass being the only surface maybe Fed still has an edge. So, for slams overall I believe it is Novak over Fed and hence being the main challenger to Rafa.

Overall (i.e. including the Masters 1000s) Fed will have an edge over Novak given past results and attitudes and should therefore still hold that no. 2 position.

I have a feeling that for the big 4, the slams are really where it's at and that is aht i based my opinion on who will be the major rival for Rafa going forward.

Like you, I believe Rafa is coming into his own now. If he plans his schedule intelligently (and he has already shown us he can), it would not surprise me in the least bit if he does "the treble" again this year abd we are back talking about the Rafa slam come December. I really think Rafa is going to surprise a lot of people with his hard court game, I really do.

rafaisthebest , 2/5/11 8:46 AM

Info for those, who haven't read this on Rafa's homepage:

02 05 2011, MALLORCA, SPAIN
While Rafa continues undergoing physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory treatments for his injury at home in Mallorca, we thought a lot of you fans would like to take this opportunity to hear from the 9-time Grand Slam champion and ask him some questions.
So, what are you waiting for?
Send your question to following the format of the example below:
Note: You have till Tuesday 8th of February to send your questions before we go through them and pick the best 10 for Rafa to answer. Also, please keep in mind that Rafael has already talked about his injury so here is your chance to be creative and ask him other kinds of questions.
Vamos Rafa! >>

Augustina08 , 2/5/11 8:49 AM

@rafaisthebest , 2/5/11 8:46 AM

Every time Federer makes his condescending remarks they come back to bite him, like when he said last year after Rafa swept the clay courts before RG that RG would be the deciding factor of who had had the best clay court season. Not only did Rafa go on to win RG, but Fed didn't even make the final.

In his interview before the USO last year, when asked about Djoko's prospects of winning GS titles, he said Nole was a good player, but unfortunately he had to go through him to win a GS, Nole went on to beat him in the SF.

Those are just 2 examples, so I hope he goes on making his snide remarks, they only work against him.

Augustina, thanks for Q&A link, there is so much I want to ask Rafa, whether I will get round to it or not remains to be seen.

nadline , 2/5/11 9:35 AM

@nadline, 2/5/11 9:35 AM

and therein lies the reason I cannot warm to Fed..........the snide remarks about his opponents! The guy got fact if you forced me to engage in a stupid GOAT debate right now on Fed/Rafa i'll give the nod to Fed! BUT THAT WOULD BE SIMPLY ON WHAT EACH HAS ACHIEVED IN THE GAME TODATE.

OVERALL...........including comportment on and off the that is another matter........RAFA WINS BY A COUNTRY MILE IMO. And I think this is what infuriates a lot of Fed fans so.............that Rafa appears more "godly" than their god in temperament!.

I must say however, lately Fed seems to have mellowed..........whether it is Rafa's good manners rubbing off onto him or just wisdom coming with age.....i don't know and don't care..........may it continue!

Nothing admirable about nastiness or rudeness matter how good your game is.

rafaisthebest , 2/5/11 11:45 AM

Rafa is in the list of the persons, who has confirmed their attendance at the 2011 Laureus Awards Ceremony in Abu Dhabi next Monday (Feb.7).
Is he really going ?

Augustina08 , 2/5/11 11:47 AM

Rafa has always said that he's not superstitious, but he certainly has interesting habits.
While visiting Nike lately, Rafa chose number nine for his polo-shirt. He expained that 1 and 9 have been his favourite numbers since he was a kid.
For example, he sets his wake-up time so that the last number of minutes is one or nine, for instance 21, 29, 51, 59. It has been his habit since a long time ago. :)

Vamos Rafa - the World No. 1 tennis player.

Augustina08 , 2/6/11 1:04 PM

A Spanish website confirms Rafa's attendance at the Laureus Awarding Ceremony on Feb.7. Secondly, the same source writes that he may start to practice in the end of next week.

Google's translation of an article (a little bit edited):
<<Nadal will have medical tests in Barcelona on Tuesday.
Despite having a rest period, Rafael Nadal has busy agenda. The world number 1 will travel this weekend to Abu Dhabi with a private jet to attend the ceremony of the Laureus World Sports Awards, held on Monday afternoon, where he is a nominee for the best athlete 2010.
Nadal will return [to Spain] after the ceremony, because he must be on time at the presentation of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, better known as the Conde de Godo Tennis, edition 59.
Before the presentation, which will take place at noon in the city of Barcelona, the tennis player will head to the CIMA Clinic, where he will see the doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro, to be performed an MRI and ultrasound monitoring. /---/
At the end of next week, if evolution is positive, he could start practice, focusing on the Davis Cup tie against Belgium, from 4 to 6 March, when the Spaniard is scheduled to return to the official competition >>

Augustina08 , 2/6/11 1:55 PM

Rafael Nadal to pen autobiography
Posted: 05 Feb 2011 11:24 AM PST

According to Barnes & Nobles : Rafa Nadal will pen his own autobiography HERE entitled

Rafa: My Story by Rafael Nadal
with the help of John Carlin. You can also preorder on AMAZON out by (Aug. 23, 2011)

I have been looking forward to this, I've resisted buying the biographies that have been published so far, only the autobiography will have the whole story. Part of me thinks it's too early, he's only 24, but he's achieved so much, he has to do one now. He'll be able to update it at some time in the future.

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 2/6/11 3:40 PM

Rafa gets ready for Laureus World Sports Awards

02 07 2011, Abu Dhabi

Some of the biggest names in world sport, including world No.1 Rafa Nadal, have descended upon Abu Dhabi as the build-up to the Laureus World Sports Awards ceremony gathers momentum. The stars will come together for a lavish ceremony at the Emirates Palace hotel this evening, when the winners of the Cartier-designed Laureus statuettes are announced.

The winners, representing the following categories: World sportsman and sportswoman of the year; world team; breakthrough; comeback of the year; world sportsman of the year with a disability; and world action sportsperson, will be chosen by an elite panel of 46 Laureus Academy members.

After enjoying the best season in his career so far, Rafa Nadal is one of the top contenders for the ?Sportsman of the Year Award? alongside Lionel Messi, who continues to mesmerize everyone with his skills, the youngest-ever Formula One World champion, Sebastian Vettel, Spain's Andres Iniesta, scorer of the goal that gave his country its first-ever World Cup, Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Philippines boxer Manny Pacquaio.

The world No.1 , who became the first man since 1969 to win the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open in the same year and who had clinched the Newcomer Award in 2006, will be hoping to win his second Laureus award.

nadline , 2/7/11 9:27 AM


Thanks for posting this and updating us on Rafa's whereabouts these days! I would love to see him win his second Laureus award!

Nativenewyorker , 2/7/11 10:18 AM

That's exalted sports company that Rafa is in the running with. Just being nominated again is a great honour.

chlorostoma , 2/7/11 3:12 PM

Here is a link for live coverage of the Laureus Award tomorrow: =watch&id=3605

nadline , 2/7/11 4:24 PM

Today, Rafa won the Laureus 'World Sportsman of the Year' Award!
Vamos Rafa - the Brightest Star of the Sports Universe! Vamos!!!!!!

In 2006, he won the Laureus 'World Newcomer of the Year' Award.

Augustina08 , 2/7/11 5:08 PM


Thanks Augustina, I saw on a website that it was tomorrow.

Well Done Rafa, or so proud to be a fan, you really deserve it.

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 2/7/11 5:16 PM

Rafa is certainly double happy, because Spain's World Cup football team won the Laureus award too.
<Nadal and Vonn win Laureus top honours.
Spain, the United States and Germany have dominated the proceedings at the 2011 Laureus Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi.
Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal took out the world sportsman of the year prize at the glitzy award ceremony /---/
Nadal was a no-brainer for the awards committee, his three grand slam tournament wins in 2010 easily enough to claim his second Laureus award ahead of footballers Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, basketballer Kobe Bryant and Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel. /---/
Spain's World Cup winning football team made it a double for the Iberians by beating Mark Webber's Red Bull Racing Formula One outfit for the world team of the year honour. /---/ >>

Augustina08 , 2/7/11 5:21 PM

What a proud day for spain, and Rafa is just special.

Viewers in the UK can watch the awards ceremony on Channel 5 on Sat 12th Feb at 11am.

nadline , 2/7/11 5:42 PM


This certainly makes up for the disappointment of not snagging the Rafa Slam.....

Wish you a good 2011 season RAFA......and thank you for bringing us such joy

rafaisthebest , 2/7/11 6:26 PM

nadline , 2/7/11 6:36 PM

Thanks for bringing us this great news! I am so happy for Rafa!

I am wondering if it will be broadcast in the U.S.

Congratulations Rafa for this great honor! You deserve it!

Nativenewyorker , 2/7/11 6:37 PM

Congratulations Rafa!

What a different time in your life from 12 months ago!

chlorostoma , 2/7/11 6:49 PM

Rafa poses with his award - the Laureus 'World Sportsman of the Year'. +Laureus+World+Sports+Awards/H1VZFTwD_yS/Rafael+Nadal

Rafa's Red Carpet Arrival: ls+2011+Laureus+World+Sports/043OOLqGqJz/Rafael+Nadal

Augustina08 , 2/7/11 7:30 PM

Congrats to Rafa for winning the prestigous Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award. I'm so happy for him. What a year of achievements for Rafa! I hope he has many more years of such achievements to come. Vamos Rafa!

luckystar , 2/7/11 8:08 PM

hey guys...a quick note from the administrator. Feel free to post links to Rafa news and photos, but don't use this blog to post links to OTHER blogs....makes the sponsors twitchy. :)

cherylmurray , 2/7/11 8:29 PM

Quick off the mark as ever, Aug08 -


I don't know, rafaisthebest - I always figured My Guy would win this award anyway. Of course I am no less delighted to see it confirmed, but it's going to be quite some time before memories of what happened at Melbourne recede, that's for sure.

Here's to a happier and healthier future.


gorafago , 2/7/11 8:31 PM

Congratulations Rafa..... wishing you healthy and happy always... and many more titles to come.... VAMOS!!!

tettylds , 2/8/11 6:45 AM

Tennistalk Magazine suggests to 'Remember when??'

Next week, there will be an ATP 250 tournament in Buenos Aires.
Remember that near 6 years ago (in July 2005), 19 years old Rafa defeated Argentinas's Gaston Gaudio, the French Open Champion 2004, in straigh sets (6?3, 6?3, 6?4) on the ATP 250 tournament in Stuttgart, played on clay. Before that, in spring of 2005, Rafa defeated Fed in the SF of the French Open.

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 2/8/11 10:36 AM

Congrats RAFA for the Laureus 'World Sportsman of the Year'.

sabs , 2/8/11 10:45 AM

To see footage of the award ceremony, go to

nadline , 2/8/11 3:38 PM

Today, the doctor confirmed that Rafa's injury has healed. Rafa is going to start to practice "little by little".

Google's translation (edited):
<<Nadal arrived this morning to Barcelona from Abu Dhabi (UAE), where on Monday he received the Laureus award. Before going to the presentation of Godo (the Barcelona tournament in April) , he went to the doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, to see how his injury was.
The doctor of the Spanish Federation has confirmed that the injury he got at the AO, is already healed.
"I feel better than a week ago and I'm ready to start [to practice]. Now we will begin practicing in Mallorca, little by little, and planning so that there will be no setbacks," Nadal said.
If all goes well, Nadal will be under the command of Albert Costa in the Davis Cup playoff against Belgium.
After the Davis Cup, the world number one will face the first two Masters 1000 of the season (in Indian Wells and Miami) and then clay-court tournaments in Europe - in Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Paris.>>

Augustina08 , 2/8/11 4:30 PM

I'm terribly sorry that Nadal was not in healthy form at the AO as I think he had plenty of chances against Murray or others in his half, and he would have at least gone the distance against Nole. Had those two met in the final it would have been a cracker and I would place Nadal at at least a slight advantage.
But what he's done since the start of the '10 claycourt season (and the early hardcourt swing was not that bad) has been phenomenal so we can't complain.

The silver ligning with the flu and the injury is that it has lightened a little Rafa's schedule until IW and Miami... here's to no more injuries through AO 2012 and after!

chlorostoma , 2/8/11 5:35 PM

Yes, it was sad that Rafa missed out on the AO title this year, but that's life. I've just watched the final against Murray at I/W in 09, if Rafa could repeat that performance and take that title back before he gets to the clay courts, it would be fantastic, his first Miami title would be great too.

nadline , 2/8/11 6:17 PM

cherylmurray, 2/7/11 8:29 PM

Thanks Cheryl for the heads up...........we do get carried away, we Rafa fans! Apologies to the Administrators but what to do..........we have this delicious, gorgeous specimen of an athlete called Rafa............we want to devour (sp)EVERYTHING that's written about him!

rafaisthebest , 2/8/11 6:29 PM


Thanks for the link! I already watched it on a Rafa fan forum! He made a lovely and gracious speech! So nice to see him looking good and getting this great award!

Nativenewyorker , 2/8/11 9:00 PM

I haven't seen the video yet. But this morning on the subway someone near me was reading a newspaper that had a picture on the front page of Rafa with his hair back biting the award trophy flashing his happy smile. I noticed the handsome man in gala attire but honestly I didn't recognize him :-) until I read the headline below. I've been thinking for years that Rafa's face will grow increasingly handsome over the years. Not that he isn't cure and handsome now, but the full Latin beauty is coming in gradually as his face is maturing... give it a few more years.

chlorostoma , 2/8/11 9:24 PM


I was watching that great 2008 Wimbledon final over the weekend. I was struck by how much Rafa has matured since then. He is definitely even more handsome now. He has lost some of that fullness in his face and now his bone structure is more defined. He was always great to look at, but he is getting better every year! He has grown from a boy into a man!

Nativenewyorker , 2/8/11 9:31 PM

^^^^^^NNY, enough of the swooning!!!! Lol

I have to say I agree with you.

nadline , 2/8/11 9:49 PM

I maybe in the minority but I miss the young Rafa with long hair, sleeveless top and pirate pants. Maybe because, the excitement of the young challenger is no longer there. Maybe because, the maturity of Rafa's looks reminds me that he is getting older.

vij , 2/9/11 2:07 AM

vij, I mourned the passing of the sleeveless top as well, but I think it was the right thing to do to put it out to grass, it would have looked stale now, and Rafa is no longer a teenager, he is approaching mid twenties and he needs to move on.

I think he still looks appealing in the new look, and I always look forward to what he'll be wearing next. He is going to be in blue at RG, and I always thought he looked good in blue, but I hope they change the fabric from the disastrous one they had at the AO.

nadline , 2/9/11 12:14 PM

nadline , 2/9/11 12:45 PM

If you haven't seen Rafa's awarding, you can watch it here:

Laureus - Abu Dhabi 2011

(The video is in English and contains commercials)

Augustina08 , 2/9/11 1:15 PM

Following on from the discussion on longevity on another thread, this is what Rafa has had to say since his loss in Australia this year:

Nadal said yesterday he remained hungry for success and felt he had years of his best tennis ahead of him.

"I am hungry every day for success and although I am not young on the tour - and have been on the tour for nine years - I am young in man years," he said. "I hope to have many opportunities to win again."

So deuce, he's not going anywhere soon.

nadline , 2/9/11 5:13 PM

Great! That's my wish for Rafa, obviously. This is the first time I've heard him make a statement about how long he would like to go on for... other than that I believe he said once that the day he can not win very often anymore might be the day he might retire from the regular circuit.

The platelet treatments last year seem to have done the trick, for now. I hope there really is no knee pain he is not talking about... I suspect there isn't. I hope he manages the punishment on his knees well over the next years so that he does not need more of these treatments or at least not many more times. It is his knees that will or will not allow him many more years on the circuit, it seems. Injuries apart he should have another two years at about his best level and some more coming down from there.

chlorostoma , 2/9/11 5:42 PM

More of what Rafa said after the Laureus Award:

Nadal aiming for medal defence -Sportal

Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal said he has every intention of defending his Olympic men's singles title at the 2012 London Games.
The 24-year-old defeated Chile's Fernando Gonzalez to claim gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and has taken his game to another level in the years since.

Speaking after he was named sportsman of the year at the Laureus Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi on Monday, Nadal modestly said he hoped to still be in good enough form to qualify for the next Olympics.

"Everyone wants to play (in the) Olympics. I am not an exception," Nadal said.
"For sure, I hope to be ready to be in London. To play in London you have to qualify, because you have to be in the top three or top four in your country."
"You know the Spanish tennis players' level is very high. If I am not playing my best tennis or I am not healthy and not 100 percent prepared, I don't know if I will qualify for London, but my goal, for sure, is to be there."
"I love the Olympics. I enjoyed the Olympics very much in 2008 in Beijing. Not because I won - for sure, that's something extra - but I loved the spirit of the Olympic Games and being in the (Olympic) village with the rest of the sportsmen and sportswomen of the world."
"That's an unbelievable experience. I enjoyed it a lot and I would love to relive the experience."

nadline , 2/9/11 5:50 PM

nadline , 2/9/11 6:04 PM

Dear. If Rafa wins the single gold again, back to back, I know someone who will not be too happy about it.

chlorostoma , 2/9/11 6:10 PM

@chlorostoma , 2/9/11 6:10 PM
One man's happiness can often be another man's unhappiness. Especially in sports.

Augustina08 , 2/9/11 8:01 PM

Rafa&Armani is continiously a hot sports media topic, which is worth to mention even in the article about the Laureus event. :) He models for Armani, he wears Armani.
<<But on Monday night, here at the opulent Emirates Palace Hotel, Nadal was smooth and composed, gliding across the marble floors in a black Armani tuxedo.
/---/ Though he has a new underwear advertising campaign with Armani, he insists that he's not a sex symbol. "I don't feel like this for sure, no," he said. >>

Augustina08 , 2/9/11 8:13 PM

-- One man's happiness can often be another man's unhappiness. Especially in sports.

Of course.

I made the remark specifically for a certain player, you know who, who said before the last Olympics that he would not retire until at least London 2012... and who clearly had hopes to achieve his first single gold medal in 2008, something that has been eluding him since his first attempt (2000 in Sydney, where he came the closest to a Bronze single medal of his last three Olympics).

chlorostoma , 2/9/11 8:34 PM

@chlorostoma , 2/9/11 8:34 PM
---I made the remark specifically for a certain player, you know who---
Yes, I know.

I want Rafa to be happy.

Augustina08 , 2/9/11 10:00 PM

No worries, Augustina: as you know Rafa is a pretty happy man, with the occasional tough times. As far as the other boy, it just what came to mind immediately when I read about Rafa hoping to qualify again for the olympics. There was such a contrast in attitudes towards the whole thing and towards spending time with a lot of athletes they would otherwise probably never meet.

chlorostoma , 2/10/11 3:56 AM

@chlorostoma, 2/10/11 3:56 AM
I have noticed that Rafa likes to be surrounded by people, he has a lot of friends and he likes to have fun with them.

Augustina08 , 2/10/11 9:27 AM

I smiled at Rafa saying he would love to go to the Olympics next year but he's got to keep hard to qualify, because you have to be in the top 3 or 4 in your country to be selected. :)

He just doesn't take anything for granted.

nadline , 2/10/11 9:27 AM

On Wednesday, Rafa had his first training after getting injured at the AO.

Google's translation (excerpts, edited):
<<Rafael Nadal returns to training
On Wednesday, in Manacor, there was the first training of Rafael Nadal, after his hamstring injury in his left leg. Francisco Munoz, a young player who was his hitting partner, had to sweat to keep pace.
Nadal seems to be almost completely recovered now. The tone of the conversation between Toni and Rafael during training is the best proof. It seems that the things could not be better.>>

The same video (all in Spanish): mbedded

Augustina08 , 2/10/11 9:32 AM

Wed Feb 09 09:37am EST
Tsonga says the Federer and Nadal era is over in tennis

By Chris Chase

The Nadal and Federer era is over, according to Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The world No. 18 said this week that the time when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will dominate the sport is no longer.

Speaking to reporters at the ATP Rotterdam Open, he said:

"Federer and Nadal are not alone [at the top of the rankings] any more. Maybe on clay, things (Nadal's victories) are still the same, but not on other surfaces.

[Novak] Djokovic and [Andy] Murray are beating Nadal and Federer very often, all the players are improving their games. It's not just about Nadal and Federer any more."

There's nothing factually wrong with Tsonga's statement. Federer is on the downside of his career and Nadal has shown in recent weeks that he's not invincible. (Though we'd be remiss to point out that one month ago there was a good shot Nadal would become the first man in 40 years to hold all four major titles at the same time.) Djokovic has defeated Federer in the past two Grand Slams and Nadal didn't even make the semifinals in Melbourne. Murray's wins over Roger and Rafa come mainly in non-majors, but nobody denies his talent.

The problem with Tsonga's statement is that even if it's true, it's not something you say, especially if you're Jo-Wilifred Tsonga. The Frenchman is a fine player, reaching one Grand Slam final and ascending to as high as No. 6 in the rankings, but isn't the kind of guy who should be lobbing truth bombs at the world's best.


We'll see.

nadline , 2/10/11 9:41 AM

Rafa has never said he was invincible, though he is hard to beat when body and sould are firing on all cylinders.

As Rafa would say - I have to keep improving if I want to have chances to win. So when you think you've worked him out, he turns up with an improved serve, or improved volley, or FH down the line.

nadline , 2/10/11 10:18 AM


Kevin Spacey challenges Rafa on stage in a game of ... ych-oscarov-zahral-ping-pong.html

chlorostoma , 2/10/11 4:56 PM

It's tucked away in Tennis Magazine under the title:

Shot of the day, by Kelli, showing Rafa with the trophy. Kelli even bemoans the fact that she was surprised that Rafa beat Messi. Shocking that TT has chosen to ignore this pretigious award that Rafa has won.

nadline , 2/10/11 6:42 PM

@chlorostoma , 2/10/11 4:56 PM
I couldn't open the link, but it should be the same ping-pong 'match', which can be seen in the video I refered to in my post of 2/9/11 1:15 PM.
Yes, it's cute and there's lot of fun. :)

Augustina08 , 2/10/11 6:54 PM

nadline, never thought that rafa was going anywhere, indeed expect him to remain "king of clay" for many years to come, though I do hope Nole will be a worthy challenger. Agree with you re Tsonga, not wise of him to say this but who knows how he was encouraged/cajoled into speaking out by the press. But I feel he's right and there is a shift going on, let's wish for an exciting year of tennis! Though, I did read somewhere that the biggest shift will be after the Olympics in 2012 with lots of players at the end of their careers choosing to hang on till then and then going.

deuce , 2/10/11 7:11 PM

deuce, I guess Federer is one of those who are just waiting to have one more shot at the Olympics before retiring, although Federer is mindful that Rafa might break his GS record if Rafa continues to play the way he is at the moment.

You are right, there are quite a lot of top 20 players turning 30 soon so they won't be hanging around for much longer. I'm all in for younger players making their mark, but I hope Rafa continues to be at the top of the tree.

nadline , 2/10/11 9:04 PM

It is the fed that I was writing about. He said years ago he'd play at least until the 2012 Olympics. I don't give him much of a chance to win that one... you never know but I'd be surprised. Sad for fed, given how he takes these things apparently, but I don't think he's gonna get the 4 GS's for his promised 20 (you know: fate promised him) - he *might* get one or two more but I think more likely it will be naught, and less likely one more. So I think you're right, nadline, he is probably worrying that Nadal might get close to or maybe even past 16 while in or just after his prime... the way I see it this will depend more on how injury-free Rafa will remain over the next 4 years. By this fall he might be at 11 and possibly 12. I would not be surprised if he wins the USO and the AO once more each, Wimbledon perhaps twice more and RG 3 or 4 times more... over the next 4 years.

chlorostoma , 2/10/11 10:16 PM

02 10 2011, Mallorca, Spain

After undergoing physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory treatments for a period of 10 days, Rafa Nadal has begun training again at his hometown in Mallorca.

The world No.1 suffered an 'Adductor longus rupture of the left leg' during the quarterfinals of the Australian Open a couple of weeks ago and thankfully -for him and his fans, the injury was treatable and fixed in a short period of time. In fact, Rafa said at a press conference yesterday that he feels great.

"I feel quite good, I am going home today (Tuesday) to Manacor to begin training," then he continued. "I am going to start training slowly, following a plan, so that there are no setbacks."

Just like he said, later that afternoon and in front on the Spanish media, Rafa begun his preparation for the Davis Cup first-round tie against Belgium, which will take place from the 4th to the 6th of March.

?So far, everything feels good. This is the first time back I can really assess how I feel as the previous days have been all about physical training. I need to follow a specific progressive training plan so that I can adapt slowly and get back to the same rhythm I had before this happened to me,? said Rafa to IB3TV.

He has 15 days before the entire team travels to Belgium for the first Davis Cup match of the year and that means he can take it easy for a few more days.
?The important thing is not putting myself at risk. I want to take it slowly and then next week I can take it more seriously,? he said.

nadline , 2/10/11 11:51 PM

Do you no if its shown at the eurosport channel(Belgium Davis Cup) i mean?

krissjoh , 2/11/11 12:15 AM

agree with chlorostoma. fed did say he wants to play the 2012 london games, seems really bent on getting that singles gold. atm, only agassi and rafa have it (incl DC). i also don't give him a huge chance to get that gold but if everything lines up in his favour, he could get it. i also don't think he'll get the 20 slams he wants, esp if rafa and nole continue their climb and stay healthy (and if delpo gets back to GS form and berdych keeps challenging the top players), who knows. on the AO facebook page, fed fans are very sure he'll get his 20 slams, but i guess that's similar to us rafa fans thinking he can win more and maybe hold all 4 slams at once.

however, rafa and fed have been very competitive champions and it's never wise to write them off. but i do find it surprising that fed didn't make the finals of the last 4 slams.

one think i know is that rafa has teared before when he lost wimb 2006/7 and his FO 2009. when he bounced back, he achieved what many thought he wouldn't. so i'm not too worried that he didn't get this AO to make 4 in a row. no doubt it may never happen again for rafa but if it does, i would not be surprised at all but would be so happy for him.

i also read tsonga's comment about the tide changing. don't think it's clever imo. perhaps more true in fed's case given that he's been beaten by sod and nole while healthy (at FO, USO and AO - am i right, he was injured at wimb) but rafa holes 3 slams and went out injured at AO so i disagree with tsonga - for now.

homos , 2/11/11 5:03 AM


I agree with you about Nike changing that fabric for Rafa's shirt before RG! It seemed so uncomfortable. Even though we know that part of Rafa's excessive sweating was because of the lingering effects of that virus, I am sure that at least some of it was due to that stupid shirt and that awful fabric. Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone and not try to reinvent the wheel! All the other top players had normal comfortable fabric for their shirts, so please let's get Rafa a better shirt! However, I am okay with the color blue. He looks amazing in it.

As far as Tsonga's comments, I feel that it is quite presumptuous of him to state for the record that Rafa and Fed's dominance is ending. I do think it applies to Fed, but Rafa is still in his prime. The man just won three straight slams and could have won his fourth in a row, and Tsonga expects us to believe that he thinks Rafa's time at the top is just about over? Those kind of comments will only fuel the competitive fires of players like Rafa and Fed.

I think Tsonga should concentrate on his own game, on remaining healthy and free of injury and playing the best tennis he can and not bother focusing on what Fed or Rafa do. He really has nothing to say about when they win, how often, why they win and if they will stop.

Nativenewyorker , 2/11/11 5:37 AM

I think Tsonga was probably asked a question but was not diplomatic enough to skate around it, Sod said a similar thing recently. Nole was also asked the same question recently, but from his experience of being called cocky in 2008 after he won the AO, he didn't fall for the bait.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with players not just accepting the dominance of Fedal, they also have a right to be at the top, and they should aspire to that. He is probably right that the Fedal is flailing, because Federer hasn't made the final of a GS in the last 4 tournaments, but although Rafa has lost to the likes of Melzer and G.Lopez, by no means is he done; so he lost matches he should have won, it happens, and how many times can you play out of your skin to beat Rafa. Tsonga did it in OZ in 2008, and everyone thought that was the start of the changing of the guards.

We've been here before when Federer wasn't doing so well in 2008, but he bounced back, so he should never be written off. All I'll say is, I don't see any one or two players who will command the same dominance as Fedal has for so long. Rafa has been in the top 2 since he was 19, he is now 24 and improving. They will have their off days because they are not robots, it would be unatural for them to win every single match and every single title, but the players who beat them, don't go on doing so time and time again. When Cilic beat Rafa in Beijing, I said at the time that it will never happen again, Rafa just wasn't into that match, he just showed up because he had to, but for some reason, his mind was somewhere else.

Far too much is made of a single loss, if we look at the big picture Fedal is still reigning.

nadline , 2/11/11 9:13 AM

I tend to agree with everyone. I'd NEVER write Fed off and would not be surprised if he got one more , but 4?? Seems unlikely to me. He is now running to keep up, with Rafa, being so much younger, also Nole, Delpot, Berdych, Andy, no NOT writing darling Andy off yet folks ;) and Dolgopolov suddenly coming up on the outside lane, also being much younger. Fed no longer has that cloak of invincibility about him and I guess more and more players are thinking they've got a shot.

deuce , 2/11/11 9:16 AM

@nadline , 2/11/11 9:13 AM
---Nole was also asked the same question [Nadal & Federer era] recently, but from his experience of being called cocky in 2008 after he won the AO, he didn't fall for the bait---

I think, Nole is more diplomatic because he and Rafa work with the same public relations manager - Benito Perez-Barbadillo.

Augustina08 , 2/11/11 10:01 AM

What's kept Rafa at the top is accepting that he is not invincible, he knows he's got to keep improving on aspects of his game if he wants to fend off the competition and that's good. I didn't like the Federer dominance because it seemed so effortless, and no one seemed to put up a challenge until Rafa came along. Tennis was becoming stale, and was turning people off. I would love Rafa to sail through all his matches in straight sets, and win everything under the sun, but that would be bad for the game.

I'm always nervous when Rafa takes to the court no matter who he's playing, because I know there are dozens of players who could beat him on their day, that's why I feel so good when he fights off the challenge, but in Federer's case it was boring, it was too fait accompli, and you wondered what the point was in looking forward to a tournament, when no one put up a fight but just accepted they couldn't beat him, turned up collected their fees and prize money without Federer breaking sweat.

nadline , 2/11/11 10:53 AM

nadline, whatever I've been saying about Nole on clay, I really think you can relax with a nice glass of chilled white wine, whenever Rafa plays on clay :) For the next two to three years at any rate.

deuce , 2/11/11 11:33 AM

There will be Babolat's balls used at the French Open 2011, instead of Dunlop's ones used last year. Rafa says that it won't affect him, because he should have enought time to adapt.
Excerpts from an article (Google's translation, edited):
<<Nadal returned to practice Wednesday in Manacor
Babolat instead Dunlop
After the Dunlop brand last year achieved the unprecedented unification the ball for the whole clay season, including Roland Garros, three Masters 1000 on clay (Monte Carlo, Rome and Madrid), the Barcelona ATP 500 and the Estoril ATP 250, the second Grand Slam tournament of this year has broken the chain. Dunlop ended contract with the French Open and the leaders of the Federation have opted Babolat to supply the balls for the next five years.
The change will not affect Nadal, the five-time champion of Roland Garros, "because it is the last tournament of the clay season. The problem would be, if it were in the middle of the season. I'll travel to Paris a week before the tournament and there will be enough time to adapt," he explained. >>

Vamos Rafa !

Augustina08 , 2/11/11 11:38 AM

Rafa uses the Babolat racquet, so it could be to his advantage.

nadline , 2/11/11 12:13 PM

he will still need time to get use to the feel of it. and the conditions might play part. not sure how much advantage he'll have. still, it's his fav surface and i hope he can defend all his clay titles as that seems to help give him confidence for wimb too. he has much to defend. good luck rafa!!!

homos , 2/11/11 1:12 PM

^^^^homos, I'm looking on the bright side.

nadline , 2/11/11 2:24 PM

ok fair enough. i'm just getting nervous. he hasn't stepped on court yet. not sure how my nerves will hold up when he does :P

homos , 2/11/11 2:40 PM

An article on Rafa: /J1aaMibriZM/s1600/elle2.jpg

nadline , 2/11/11 3:23 PM

Tsonga is a French man and he was answering questions by French journalists... he is not particularly given to true humility and neither this combination is neither.

It was just another silly soundbyte.

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 3:33 PM

homos..Rafa fans.... nerves.... u pussy.... ROFL ROFL. U just try being an Andy fan if u want to see what nerves r really like ;)

deuce , 2/11/11 3:34 PM

As for the fed... his is in the declining phase of his career. A slow decline but a decline nonetheless.

This is where to compensate for a somewhat slower body he needs to gain a lot more advantage from other aspects of his game... that's where a good coach can help, and it showed at the end of 2010... but he does lack one thing that would be critical if he was going to have an agassi-like late second career.

In Fed's case what is needed crucially is a mental make-over so that he would become a lot more like Nadal in mental toughness when a match is not going his way. Fed has that to some extent but not nearly at the level that Rafa does. If Muzz had the mental toughness that Fed has (and more so, used to have) he'd have at least one slam now. If Fed now by a stroke of magic acquired the level of mental toughness on any day that Rafa has then he really could have several more strong years and the 20 slams would be in the realm of the possible. But they are not: there is no such magic. In the case of 95% or more of the players it would be impossible to overhaul their mindset that much once into their 20's, let alone late 20's.

I still have vague hopes for Muzz. I have none for Fed: he is by far too stubborn and proud to become humble enough to change his mindset that deeply if it was even possible. Hence his decline in speed will not be compensated enough by his mind. One more slam at best I think.

In this sense the fed part of the fedal domination is ending... but we knew that for quite a while already. I didn't dare write it - perhaps I should have - but for a number of slams now I was thinking: this will be a slam that Fed doesn't make it to the final.

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 3:35 PM

Attention: let nadline contribute the 9 century post... just a couple away...

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 3:37 PM

deuce: so true ... on both accounts

I have no nervousness about Rafa's upcoming clay court season... babolat balls or any balls.... like always I just wish him to be injury free and the rest he takes care of...

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 3:41 PM

This link is better for the article in Elle Magazine on Rafa: yer/

nadline , 2/11/11 3:43 PM

Nadline: the floor is yours :-).... post the next post please ( 900 )...

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 3:48 PM

Thnx, for this, I was hoping to copy and paste a profound Rafa statement from the article in Elle, but can't copy and paste because it's in PDF, but I urge you all to read it, it brought tears to my eyes.

What a remarkable young man.

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player


nadline , 2/11/11 4:17 PM

That article has many great passages and statements. Very worthwhile to read even for those of us who know so much about our lion.

The author didn't mention Rafa's spontaneous and telling gesture when he put his arm around Roger's shoulders at the AO '09 trophy presentation, but she made the point nonetheless about how rare Rafa's empathy is among tennis players.

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 4:23 PM

Nadline, is that passage you wanted to copy too long to type in?

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 4:26 PM

hahaha deuce...not sure i'll forgive you for that :)

homos , 2/11/11 4:35 PM

Yes, it's extremely long, it's 5 pages, but I was only going to post one paragraph of it. You can google it as - Passion Player, Elizabeth Kay Elle Man. It's got great pictures of Rafa too.

nadline , 2/11/11 4:36 PM

nadline, I read the entire article and it is very fine. I meant, is the passage that you wanted to copy too long to type it in here?

chlorostoma , 2/11/11 4:42 PM

homos..Rafa fans.... nerves.... u pussy.... ROFL ROFL. U just try being an Andy fan if u want to see what nerves r really like ;)

deuce , 2/11/11 3:34 PM

Believe me even as a Rafa fan the nerves are always there until the umpire says 'game, set and match Nadal', no matter who he is playing. I remember his match against Davy in Doha in 2009, when Rafa was giving him the run around and took the first set 6.0, only to miss one simple volley at virtually match point, and then it went down hill from there. I never take anything for granted.

nadline , 2/11/11 4:42 PM

I read that exceptional article about Rafa in Elle magazine. It was beautifully written. There were a number of passages that brought tears to my eyes, too many to be able to quote here. I thought it painted a picture of Rafa as a great champion, a humble and decent human being, a loving son, a caring and passionate young man who has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in his career and has come out the other side a better person for it!

Nativenewyorker , 2/11/11 10:59 PM

NNY - you don't have to quote it - people can read it here:

mara002 , 2/12/11 8:42 AM

homos :p......:)

deuce , 2/12/11 9:23 AM


Thanks for providing the link! I actually read it on a Rafa fan forum. I wasn't able to pull up the other link on here.

You are right! Now I don't have to worry about quoting any of it. The whole article is worth reading in its entirety!

Nativenewyorker , 2/12/11 10:29 AM

Ljubicic Salutes Nadal & Federer
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

by ATP Staff


World No. 15 Ivan Ljubicic believes that while a changing of the guard in tennis will come eventually, for now Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal remain the undisputed top players in the game.

In explaining their dominance, Ljubicic highlighted their absolute consistency when they step on court. ?When they play, they play absolutely their best, and it?s really difficult to beat them. It makes a difference at the end of the day that they never give up on a single point. They are always in great shape when they have to be in the big tournaments. They are able to compete everyday and really give their absolute best when they are on the court, which I don?t think was always the case with past champions.

?I always felt with [Pete] Sampras and [Andre] Agassi they had two or three tournaments where they were not good at all and they would lose first round. That?s not happening with these two guys. That?s why they?ve been up there for such a long time, because it?s really difficult to win one single game against them.?

Australian Open champion and World No. 3 Novak Djokovic is one player threatening to break the Federer-Nadal stronghold, and confidently dispatched Federer in straight sets in the semi-finals in Melbourne. The 31-year-old Ljubicic insists, though, that the Serbian must maintain his focus if he is to dislodge the Top 2 in the South African Airways 2011 ATP Rankings.

?That?s what happened in Australia, Djokovic just played better than Federer. If he can do that five times a year then he?s going to be No. 1 in the world. But otherwise he?s still going to be behind and trying to get them. Now it?s a question of how motivated he is, whether he can keep going like that, because for Federer and Nadal it?s natural to be focussed and stay there.

?A changing of the guard will come eventually,? the Croatian continued. ?Roger is 30 years old this year; he?s not going to be there forever. I still think that Roger can win Slams and I still think that if he managed to win a Slam this year, or a couple of Masters 1000, he would still be in the Top 2 or 3. He?s not going to disappear all of a sudden. But definitely Djokovic, [Andy] Murray and these guys will start to be more difficult for Nadal and Federer.

?It?s just nature. I don?t think it?s Roger?s fault or something that Djokovic and Murray are doing better than other guys. It?s just natural that that change will come eventually.?

nadline , 2/12/11 1:47 PM

Hi all! I am a federer fan but i like nadal more and more everyday :)

I have been an observer here for long and even though there are more nadal fans here, i must say i enjoy the conversation here!

Since this is my first post, I thought I will post a nice video of nadal at his cutest

Watch for the first few seconds as Kevin Spacey invites nadal to play and the way nadal reacts

Warning: girls, you are forewarned to resist the temptation of pulling his cheeks and say "sooo cute" :P vin-Spacey-beats-Rafael-Nadal-in-ping-p?urn=ten-319561

RikuSayuj , 2/12/11 4:26 PM

Pls come back Rafa..........I am bored silly!!! Can't bear to watch ANY of the current ATP fare....................not the same at all, honestly it's like watching paint dry......

rafaisthebest , 2/12/11 4:48 PM

RikuSayuj, welcome to TT.

I'm glad you are seeing the light and Rafa is growing on you.

nadline , 2/12/11 7:23 PM


Thanks for posting the comments by Ljuby. I think he makes a lot of sense. He hit in the key to Rafa and Fed dominating - consistency. He also said what I have been saying about Nole - the key to whether or not he can break up the Rafa/Fed dominance, is consistency. He has to be able to keep up the high level of play he showed in the AO.

I really like how he explained what is happening with Fed. He is getting older and will have a more difficult time dominating and winning slams. I also think his genuine appreciation for what Rafa and Fed have accomplished in the sport was nice to hear.

Nativenewyorker , 2/12/11 10:41 PM

interesting that lubby emphasises that it's a 'natural' change rather than the duopoly being broken by players younger than fed whoc are effectively challenging them (which is what tsonga and to a lesser extent nole have said). lubby seems to more sharply recognise that the duopoly hasn't really been broken while at their strongest but fed being nearly 30, it's 'natural' that his dominance will he hasn't really been 'beaten' as such during his rivalry with rafa. i agree with lubby's insight. he obviously respects rafa and roger' efforts in dominanating the mens game and acknowledges that 'small' fact about 'the changing of the tide'.

homos , 2/13/11 3:20 AM

2008 _ 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , ( I don't know 2013 yet ) , ...............................

oztennisfan , 2/13/11 4:16 AM

thanks andline! and yes i agree with rafaisthebest, it sure is boring inspite of so much tennis going on.. even nole on the court would provide some relief!

RikuSayuj , 2/13/11 7:01 AM

So RikuSayuj/ rafaisthebest, when Rg/Raf eventually stop playing, you will stop watching right?

deuce , 2/13/11 7:53 AM

@RikuSayuj , 2/12/11 4:26 PM
I have seen the ping-pong 'match' Rafa vs Kevin Spacey more than one time. I am sure that K.Spacey, who was the host of the Laureus awards ceremony, had practiced his role before the show, but Rafa had to improvise on the stage. Rafa didn't hesitate, he showed his sense of humor and joked back. And, of cource, he looked good! I have enjoyed watching him.

Augustina08 , 2/13/11 8:04 AM

I have to admit that I have seen some good matches in Rotterdam in the past week, Sod has been impressive, largely because his serve is on, although his movement has also improved; but I then watched the USO 2010 final, and the difference in class is clear. I haven't seen any of the matches in San Jose because the time difference won't allow it, but Delpo seems to be getting back to normal.

A lot of players have upped their game in order to pose a threat to the great Rafa, so credit to him and him alone in the duopoly, because under Roger's reign, the game was becoming stagnant.

nadline , 2/13/11 8:57 AM

oh no deuce, i dint mean that.. it is just that less is at stake :) at least for the fans.. we have tune ourselves to care for the other players and their fortunes now... That gives me a blog idea..:) mind if i blog on it?

RikuSayuj , 2/13/11 9:21 AM

RikuSayukj, you go ahead with your blog :) as nadline knows, I already have a long queue of players lined up behind Murray ;)

deuce , 2/13/11 9:44 AM

Without Rafa, I still watch tennis matches, though not with vested interest. Actually its less stressful watching tennis matches with no Rafa in them. Still feel some stress watching my second favorite player, Cilic playing, especially when he is going through some difficult patches now in his career. Nothing when compared to what Rafa had gone through in 2009, hope that Cilic picks up his game and restarts his engine again. So proud of Rafa, for picking himself up so well after 2009, he truly is the warrior. Love his spirit, love his tennis and love the guy for what he is!

luckystar , 2/13/11 10:03 AM

I too have enjoyed a stress free couple of weeks watching tennis with no Rafa. Unlike others, I don't have any other player that I root for, if I ever root for a player it's only because of how the winner of a match would impact on Rafa's chances in a tournament, for instance, I always root against Karlo and Isner if they are in Rafa's half just to save Rafa the burden of having to beat them himself.

When I watch Rafa live, it's quite a strange feeling, because I'm tense throughout the match, I long to see him play, but when he is actually there I'm too nervous to enjoy it, so for me, thanks to recordable DVDs and SKY+, watching the recording of Rafa's matches is the ultimate bliss, because I already know the outcome, so I can relax. When I'm watching the recording of a match I wasn't able to watch live, I try not to know the result beforehand, but I get so jittery that I end up looking at the result to see if he won or not, and then sit back and watch it.

deuce, I wish I could be as open minded like you, but sadly, I'm not.

nadline , 2/13/11 10:21 AM

Deuce, are they all english? or do they include some of the young brigade??

RikuSayuj , 2/13/11 10:23 AM

" Rafa will be at his best when he turns 25 yrs of age."
He is not 25 yrs old yet ..........................................

oztennisfan , 2/13/11 10:24 AM

Rafa !!! Playing Davis Cup on March 4-6 will be very interesting...Do it *******

oztennisfan , 2/13/11 10:40 AM

RikuSayuj, English!!! ROFL! Deary me, would have awful fan life if I just supported English players...BTW Andy is Scottish, would frown, stare and probably worse, if u called him English, like Tsonga, Nole, Simon, Monfils, Tomic, Dimitrov, Sasha. Have yet to see Sweeting, Raonic and rest of "newbies" play, but am looking forward to it.

deuce , 2/13/11 11:04 AM

RikuSayuj, do you know the highest ranking of an English tennis player, I think it 207!!

Now, now deuce, English, Scottish - we are all British. Andy says he's got English grandparents, would that stop you supporting him and do you only support Andy only because he's Scottish, because I know you had no time for Henman. But the English are broadminded, because in the blink of an eyelid, they switched Henman Hill to Murray Mount at Wimbledon when Murray came on the scene.

nadline , 2/13/11 11:22 AM

nadline, of course not! I'm not Scottish anyway. Couldn't stand Henman's limp tennis when it mattered. I love Heather and Laura too. But Andy is proud of his Scottish heritage and you must admit many, many "English" fans hate him because of a supposed slur on the English football team. We have a tennis star, no 5 in the world and only in the miserable UK would you find an "Anyone But Andy" movement. I even saw them at the O2 :(

deuce , 2/13/11 11:37 AM

But deuce, I've heard the Scots say "anyone but the English" too, so the feeling is mutual. I think Andy was also too keen to be seen as Scottish as opposed to being British when he came on the scene, and the likes of Sean Connery was also beating that drum, so the English didn't warm to him because he didn't want to represent them.

His gf is English isn't she?

nadline , 2/13/11 12:08 PM

So RikuSayuj/ rafaisthebest, when Rg/Raf eventually stop playing, you will stop watching right?
2/13/11 7:53 AM

Well, I am hoping there is a "baby" in the pipeline otherwise yeah, i will switch off. Deuce, before Rafa came along i only switched on to the ATP circuit to hear who Roger had beated! The result was inevitable.....and I'm sure I will take a lot of stick from Roger Federer fans with this statement.......but Roger's "ballet" style is boring, anaesthetising. Now Rafa.......he is the opposite. He is so unpredictable. When he steps onto the court, it is not a foregone conclusion that he will win with ease. However, it IS a foregone conclusion that he will give it his all. You are on edge all the time, it is theater. That, is entertainment in my books. He commands your attention, whether he is winning or losing. I tried watching Tsonga/Lubjicic mind simply wandered during the match. I do not mean to disrepect the other players, they just do not command my intention in the way Rafa does.

Rafa treats each point as if the outcome of the match depends on it, and I think that shows respect for the opponent and the audience. I relate to that.

So the answer to your question, Duece, is.........after Rafa retires, unless another player comes up I can relate to in the same manner, I will switch-off, not in protest, but my system will simply switch off!!

rafaisthebest , 2/13/11 12:17 PM

must admit i never did like henman myself. saw him as boring, fake and even slightly arrogant at times. just never took to him. i like andy a lot but he does seem to make it hard for many people to like him. am always finding myself defending him and getting tired of it.

as for that football slur, that has been repeatedly confirmed as a joke. henman was sitting right next to andy and confirmed publicly that andy was joking and he (TH) couldn't understand why people made such an issue of it. i suppose they would if it was normally sensitive. most countries/former nations all have their problems. andy needs to change his demeanor on court. he's very funny in interviews and very gracious in defeat but he really must try to be more positive and channel his energy into trying to win a major when he gets to a final. bad luck also that he seems to injury prone. more so than that he needs to seize his chances when he gets them. time to deal with that pressure better than he so far has. it's what separates the boys from the men.

he could learn a thing or 2 for rafa, nole and delpo.

homos , 2/13/11 12:18 PM

rafaisthebest, love your post.

after rafa retires, i'll still watch tennis because - like luckystar - have secondary favs. however, it won't be the same as watching rafa. before he came along, i did similar as you, superficially looked at results although i was watching other players a little more closely like hewitt, safin, agassi (towards his end). sampras was another fav of mine. thankfully, rafa came along and made things more exciting by putting up a huge challenge to roger. i decided that i couldn't miss following this kid.

homos , 2/13/11 12:28 PM

lol correction for previous post.

he could learn a thing or 2 *FROM* rafa, nole and delpo.

homos , 2/13/11 12:30 PM

Breaking news !

<<French Open staying at Roland Garros
Tradition won the day on Sunday as the French tennis federation decided to keep the French Open at a renovated Roland Garros and rejected plans to move the tournament to the Paris suburbs from 2016.>> [Reuters]

(I posted this comment also in thread "French Open venue fate on the line this weekend")

Augustina08 , 2/13/11 2:00 PM

@rafaisthebest , 2/13/11 12:17 PM

I absolutely agree with every word of your post. Because to me Roger didn't seem to be doing much to win, I just could not relate to all the excessive praise he got from commentators, that's really why I started not liking him as a player, because I just could not put my finger on why he won so much.

Rafa is the total opposite to Rgoer in style, and I don't see anyone on tour at the moment who carries the view with him as well as Rafa does, he's just got that electricity about him without even trying.

nadline , 2/13/11 2:10 PM

Thanx for your responses guys, found them v. interesting.
homos: unfortunately I agree with a lot of what you said about Andy. But for me much of that is what makes him so interesting. I used to be a huge fan of Macenroe and Agassi, far more than Borg and Fed. Guess I just like these "troubled" types ;)
Brilliant news about RG! Have been, loved it. It's iconic.

deuce , 2/13/11 2:12 PM

There is something about our Rafa that has always puzzled me Rafa fans, and I am hoping some of you with a better understanding of Spanish culture will enlighten me, and here it is: Rafa is a fanatic (note: fanatic, not just fan) of Real Madrid, the football club. My understanding is that Mallorca is classed as being part of Catalonia (if not geographically, then culturally) in fact the name Nadal is Catalan for Christmas. If this is the case, I would expect his football alleigances to be with Barcelona, not Madrid! What gives?

In fact, I remember reading an interview by his Mum saying that his sister is also a Madrilena.........

The reason I am puzzled is that Catalans are fiercely proud and loyal.......and where Madrid (and anything associated with it, especially soccer) is concerned, it's a question of you're either with us, or against us (to paraphrase George W.).

It seems to me Rafa is going out of his way to downplay his Catalan heritage (I am hoping I am wrong) with this overt Real Madrid support or is our hero not averse to "glory hunting" perhaps (which would be funny because Barcelona ARE currently the best football team in the world, no question) OR is it his way of being a "uniter" (which, given his character, would be very plausible)???

Knowledgeable Spanish (or non-Spaniards who know the history and culture) posters please advise!

rafaisthebest , 2/13/11 3:40 PM

Proma video for the Nadal/Djokovic exhibition match in Columbia:

nadline , 2/13/11 3:53 PM

nadline , 2/13/11 4:03 PM

Augustina08 , 2/13/11 6:21 PM

nadline, 2/13/11 10:21 AM,

As I was scrolling through this blog trying to catch up on all the posts, I happened to see this one from you and it struck a chord with me. I am also one who doesn't enjoy Rafa's matches due to nerves and stress. Thank goodness for my dvr recordings, so that i can go back and watch them again without the nerves! I also have this habit of talking to Rafa all throughout a match, as though he can actually hear me! I get so emotionally involved, that I can't relax for a moment. My family and friends know not to call me when he is playing.

I have to admit that Rafa is my one and only. I watch other matches and enjoy the great tennis, but when it comes to giving my heart and soul and being totally involved, that is reserved solely for Rafa. I wasn't sure if I would ever find another favorite tennis player after Borg left the game. I consider myself quite fortunate to have found the tennis love of my life. I want to cherish every single minute of it and the thrill of watching Rafa. I know that for me, there will never be another like him.

Nativenewyorker , 2/14/11 8:22 AM

NNY, there are those who will think we are both headcases, but what the heck. Lol

McEnroe was my favourite in his era, so much so that when Edberg, a newcomer, beat him once it turned me against Edberg, but then Edberg became my next favourite after McEnroe, but I have to say I have not been so passionate about a player as I am about Rafa, probably because I'm old enough to be his ***, so I feel protective towards him.

I don't want Rafa's bubble to burst, I know there are loads of good players around to challenge him, but if he comes out of it unscathed, then it wll be all the sweeter.

nadline , 2/14/11 8:49 AM

NNY and nadline, if you have gone to other forums or blogs, you would have realized you're not the only two persons feeling this way about Rafa. I for one feels the same way. While watching Rafa playing his matches, nobody could come and disturb me, and my eyes were fixed at the TV or computer screen. I was nervous throughout the whole match and frankly couldn't remember too well all the points being played during the match. I would normally record his matches and re-watch them to have a better understanding of how he played. Like NNY, I found myself talking to Rafa and sometimes even yelling at him. Its strange how come we feel this way about Rafa, after all he is just a tennis player and most of us don't know him personally. Maybe Rafa is simply mesmerizing, the way he plays, the way he behaves, the way he looks. No other tennis player makes me feel that way, I'm not sure I'll find another one after Rafa is gone from the tennis scene.

I feel sad when he lost some important matches, especially the FO 2009 and AO 2010, 2011. I know all these tournaments meant a lot to him, and I know he is one guy like Fed, ie one who has the desire to be great in tennis and to be remembered as one. Of course when he won his first Wimbledon, his AO, his fifth FO after a difficult year, recaptured his Wimbledon title when in the previous year he wasn't able to defend, and one of the most precious of his slam titles, the USO, I was ecstatic. I guess that's how a fan would normally behave, we are not the exceptions but the norm.

luckystar , 2/14/11 10:14 AM

rafa is a vey exciting and captivating player for those who appreciate that about him but at the same time, we feel he's a very decent and ordinary person (not ordinary player) so probably protective of him in one sense but so captivated by how much more exciting he makes the game when he takes to the caught that we can't bear to see him lose any match but especially the big ones. i watched tennis long before rafa and will continue to watch after he retires but he's just different. i've had favs before but i really want rafa to win especially the majors and masters and get more upset than usual if he doesn't. when he lost in 2009 at FO, i was devastated and had trouble sleeping for a couple of nights and was shocked that it affected me that badly. i couldn't explain it. that's never happened to me.

unlike you guys, i don''t talk to rafa lol but i do have a tendancy to take it out on someone else so god help whoever sits next to me when i watch rafa play in a major. they could get their head bitten off if he makes an UE or stands too far behind the BL :-)

i can relate to nadline in not wanting rafa's bubble to burst. i know one day he'll retire so i do try to follow other players fairly closely too otherwise rafa will leave too big a hole and i might feel quite lost when he retires. i was very sad when agassi retired and i don't like agassi anywhere near as much as i like rafa.

homos , 2/14/11 3:16 PM

homos, like you I was devastated too about Rafa's loss at the FO that year. The whole day (even days after) I was thinking about it, about how Rafa was feeling about the loss, how he was going to handle the loss, how he was going to face all the questioning at the press conference, how would he be affected by the loss, and finally why he lost.

Sometimes I find myself, and maybe others too, investing too much time in a tennis player and let what happened to him, both on and off court, affected me(us). I think its a bit unhealthy, though I know I only treat him like a youngster, someone decent whom I'm happy to know of his existence, someone who plays passionate and exciting tennis.

Like you homos, I know the day will come when Rafa will call it quit, and that's why I find some other players to like and support, as I really like to watch tennis matches. If there is no one I can support, I find it too detached from the match(es) and though I really enjoy and appreciate good tennis, I won't feel particularly happy whoever wins. In other words, I won't be too involved in the match(es).

Rafa is special, so I doubt I can find someone I would be so invested in after Rafa is gone. I like Cilic but he'll never be like Rafa to me.

luckystar , 2/14/11 3:46 PM

luckystar, that's exactly how i felt when he lost the 2009 FO. i worried about how he would deal with it, how long he'd need to get over it, face the world, answer the questions, explain to friends and family what happened, rationalise the whole thing - hence my sleepless nights. it was ridiculous because he doesn't even know we exist (except as fans). all the bad blood with sod just didn't help but i must say i'm starting have a soft spot for sod because credit to him for improving and growing up.

that's why i was so pleased with rafa's 3 straight slams in 2010 and i just wanted to relish it becuase that was a near impossble feat but he had managed to bounce back from his personal trials, injuries, doubts, low confidence from 2009-10 and snatch some historical feats (clay slam, 3 GSs in a row on 3 different surfaces, golden slam) 11 months later was just too sweet and satisfying.

i really like cilic too but also, nole, simon, murray, nishikori and then many others but they are all different and offer fans different things to like (or dislike) about them. they are all unique but maybe rafa is just more intense and amazing on court yet appears so ordinary off court so he's easy to relate to for the average person. i think he's sometimes a case of 'too good to be true' which i find intriguing although i'm fully aware he's not perfect but i can accept his flaws because on the whole, i still think he's a great player and amzing person, despite what he has faced but more so how he has handled his most darkest moments at such a young age and come out the better for it without ever forgetting where he came from.

homos , 2/14/11 4:54 PM

I am from Madrid and yes, you are correct, Madrid and Barcelona contest a passionate rivalry. However, Mallorca is an Island which is quite independent culturally from the Catalanes, despite sharing historical roots.
Also Madrid and Barcelona teams have given Spain many successes in the European and world stage. Most Spaniards are fans of their local smaller team and then will choose one of the big ones (Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Sevilla, Bilbao, etc.), based on other non-geographical criteria, such as them signing up a local hero, their style of play, an international superstar they follow, a Spanish National Squad hero in the team, etc. etc.

grafight , 2/14/11 5:14 PM

You strike a chord here homos, 'too good to be true', that's how I feel about Rafa sometimes. Why I like Rafa and seems protective towards him is precisely because I rarely find such a down to earth, decent and pleasant young guy like him, not with those young people around me. Of course I know Rafa has his flaws and shortcomings too, he's not perfect and he's human. That's why I find him amazing, comes with flaws yet so pleasant, and I'm hoping that he'll never change all these good qualities even when he has grown up now and grows older later on. May be he's 'too good to be true' that I hope he really is that good and he won't change for the worst, and if possible stay the same way forever. I like his loving and putting his family first. He should make a good human being, a good family man, on top of being a good sportsman.

luckystar , 2/14/11 5:15 PM

Yes that FO 2009 loss was devasting particularly as I didn't realize how bad Rafa's knees were and at that time knew nothing of the emotional turmoil he was going through, so to me it was so unexpected.

Like you all, for days after that when I tried to sleep, all I could see was Rafa walking away looking dejected in that pink shirt, and he looked great in it too. The funny thing is we went on holiday before the final, and as I put the TV on as we arrived at the holiday resort, there was Federer kissing the cup with Sod standing next to him.......I felt so bad. My husband kept trying to find a channel for me to watch the repeat of the final, and I kept telling him that I didn't want to watch it, and he couldn't understand me not wanting to watch a tennis match.

OK, we all know he can't win everything, but it still hurts when he loses.

nadline , 2/14/11 5:25 PM

lol u guys, that's exactly how I feel watching Andy's matches! When I watch him I always feel he'll lose, with quite a bit of justification wouldn't you say, but when I watch Rafa's matches I always feel he'll win, especially to anyone below top..ooh say top 5. I However, with Andy you just never know...;)
I suppose I used to feel that sort of certainty with Fed but now I only feel it with Rafa. I watch him playing anyone but eg of Haasse at Wimbledon is perfect and Robin's playing awfully well and I just sit there thinking "You r gonna lose" and sure enough, he does!

deuce , 2/14/11 6:50 PM

Thank you Nadline, Augustina08, Grafight for your insights into Catalan vis a vis Mallorcan culture.

I am a Barca fan and am hoping to persuade Rafa (by remote transferrance) to ditch Real Madrid and support Barca instead!

Can't stand Real Madrid because they are too rich.......too pompous.........too successful........just like a certain rival to Rafa (who shall remain nameless)........

rafaisthebest , 2/14/11 7:33 PM

nadline, luckystar and homos,

It was great reading all your thoughts about loving Rafa and why we do and how much we suffer. I think his loss to Sod at the 2009 RG, was the lowest point for me. I have to say that I have never watched that match in its entirety. I remember waking up and turning on my recording immediately. I saw that Rafa was losing, so I went to my computer and found out that the match was over and he lost! I was totally in shock. I stopped watching my recording because I was too upset. Later I remember watching the fourth set and being horrified at the way the Parisian crowd was acting towards Rafa. I don't know that I will ever forget the look on Rafa's face as he left the court. I never bothered to watch the whole thing. It was a nightmare. From what I did watch, I could see that something was wrong with Rafa. He just wasn't moving the way he normally does on court. Of course, I had no idea about the knee tendinitis.

I remember having a terrible premonition that Rafa would not be playing at Wimbledon. I just felt that something really bad was going on with Rafa. Of course, none of us knew about his family problems. I cried on and off all day, had trouble sleeping for the next few nights. Then when Rafa did have to withdraw from Wimbeldon, that was like the last straw. I was inconsolable. I stopped watching tennis entirely. I just remember being afraid that Rafa wouldn't be able to come back. Once I knew the extent of the knee problem and how long he had it and kept on playing in pain, I was very worried.

The long journey back was hard, but I watched every minute of Rafa's journey. Many felt that he was done, that he would never win again, much less a slam. I had this feeling that Rafa wasn't done. I can't explain it. I didn't know if it was hope or blind faith or stubbornness. I was convinced that he would come back. I don't think there are words to express my feelings as I watched him go on a fabulous winning streak last year, the clay masters tournaments, RG, Wimbledon and the USO. It was like a dream!

I have watched tennis my whole life. I cannot imagine leaving this sport. However, I have been more and more convinced that once Rafa is done, I will be done, too. This is not meant to disrespect in any way all of the great tennis players. It's just that for me, Rafa is irreplaceable. I have never felt this kind of intense emotional involvement with any of my other favorites. With Rafa it's special. His fans here already know the great qualities in him, so there's no need for me to repeat all of it. He is simply, one in a million. It has been a great ride, from the depths of despair to climbing the highest mountain. I have loved every single minute of it. I will be there until the day Rafa hangs up his racket. When he leaves, I will go with him.

Nativenewyorker , 2/14/11 9:16 PM

There is a good news that Rafa 'is progressing well.'

<<Nadal is progressing well and will be in Belgium (at the Davis Cup, from 4-6 March).
Albert Costa, the Davis Cup coach, has followed closely the evolution of Rafa Nadal to face the first round that Spain will play in Belgium from 4 to 6 March. The news is positive since he returned to training last week.
David Ferrer, who played last week in Acapulco on clay, will be number two. Fernando Verdasco, if he overcomes a sore ankle, and Feliciano Lopez will play in doubles. The indoor surface at Charleroi is fast (DecoTurf).>>
[Excerpts from:, 15.02.2011. Google's translation]

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 2/15/11 9:38 AM

Great news about Rafa's progress, not sure this DC will be shown on TV, so might be another internet experience.

I won't give up tennis after Rafa, but I won't be sitting up all night waiting for anyone's match in Australia or in some other far away part of the world, or getting up at 3am to see them. Now I try to plan my holidays around tennis, that also will go if Rafa's not there. As someone said above, Rafa doesn't even know us and he touches our lives in such a dramatic way, I hope he appreciates how much of his fans' lives revolve around him. Lol

nadline , 2/15/11 12:25 PM

Can someone please explain to me why Rafa ALWAYS has to look so dorky?:

rafaisthebest , 2/15/11 6:16 PM

I think that he has not grown out of or past the more or less preppy and kind of conservative style... he definitely looks better in casual t-shirts and .... would look even better in more funky clothes. It seems to many men in countries like France, Portugal and Spain are used to wearing something more or less preppy (and then there are the others that have a lot of flair)...

chlorostoma , 2/15/11 7:21 PM

Rafa is on the cover of a new book: A Game To Love - In Celebration of Tennis, by Mike Powell which is available from Amazon from 1st April 2011.

nadline , 2/16/11 9:25 AM

Wimbledon will be the Tennis venue at the 2012 Olympics between 2th July and 5th August.

A Ground Pass gives access to all courts on which competition is taking place except Centre Court and No.1 Court. There are seated and standing areas, and access
to individual courts is subject to capacity.

This is the first time, I think, that the Olympic Tennis will be played on grass.

nadline , 2/16/11 9:29 AM

Corr....28th July.

Wimbledon will be the Tennis venue at the 2012 Olympics between 28th July and 5th August.

nadline , 2/16/11 9:31 AM

thanks for the info nadline. i wish i had a crystal ball to tell me who's going to win the 2012 tennis singles gold medal so i won't be nervous. fed has made it clear he wants it badly. am really glad rafa won it in 2008 so i probably won't be as nervous when/if he plays at the 2012 games but he'll still be my no. 1 hope. if nole can make greater improvements on grass by then, he'll be a force to reckon with. muzza may still be pressured so he'd better work towards finding a way to deal with it now. am keen to see who becomes a grass force to reckon with by the time olympic comes around.

i wonder what that powell book is about. i must check it out.

native, i think it's very sad that you won't watch anymore tennis when rafa retires. what if he retires tomorrow? are you going to stop 'talking' to us here? ;) i'm with nadline though, can't see myself losing sleep or getting up at ungodly hours to catch a rafa playing in another time zone. i'll probably just record it or read about it and then wait for the next match/tourny at a more convenient time.

also agree with luckystar. i have to have some fav or else i'm too detached from the game. it's not as fun to watch if you are indifferent about who wins. it was a bit like that at this years AO finals. i like both nole and muzz and didn't really mind although as the match progressed, i got increasingly annoyed with andy. but in a match without rafa even these days, i try to go for one player so i can get into the match.

homos , 2/16/11 11:11 AM

I like quite a few other players, though will not be the same as Rafa. I like Cilic, Davy, Nole, Murray, Berdych and Simon. I also like watching Fed play as he is the master of the game, whether he is my favorite or not. I do respect him and I feel Fed vs Rafa always brings out the best in both of them. Rafa really looks up to Fed, like a younger brother towards an elder brother. Fed has certainly set a good example for Rafa to follow, and they motivated each other to reach for higher grounds, so as not to be outdone by the other.

I know Rafa will be the dominant force come Olympics 2012 on grass. He already is a dominant force on grass now.

luckystar , 2/16/11 1:41 PM

luckystar, you don't think fed will be a force (dominant?) in 2012? i think he will do everything he can to try to win (as will the others of course) it but the field of competition will be even tougher. i think he's best chance may have been 2004 (he wasn't 100% in 2008) but the young berdych knocked him out. but we should have a better idea nearer that time. yes rafa should still be dominant next year and i hope still intimidating :)

homos , 2/16/11 2:04 PM

You see homos, if you said Rafa should still be dominant next year, you seemed to doubt Rafa more than you doubt Fed. Do remember Fed will be 30-31 years old next year. He may still be good on grass, dominant? I seriously don't think so. To me Rafa is good enough to handle the likes of Murray, Nole, Berdych, Sod and Fed on grass. Its not like Rafa will be declining next year. He is in his prime together with Nole & Murray, and mind you, Rafa can still improve on grass. Who knows, he may add in some S & V, improves his slice, improves every part of his game. He is always finding ways to improve and its not that he has already perfected all his shots. Nole and Murray will have to do the catching up with Rafa.

Something I like about Rafa, he's never satisfied with the way he plays and is always seeking ways to improve. He deeply understands that there's no room for complacency. Stay stagnant and your competitors will catch up with you and may overtake you.

luckystar , 2/16/11 3:34 PM

luckystar, that's not correct. maybe i didn't word it properly. i was just agreeing with you that i feel rafa will still be dominant in 2012 (which is only next year) because as you say, he's at his peak and always improving. i give fed less chances of winning the olympic. his singles record has not been good there, losing to berdych in athens and i think blake in beijing. remember also that he hasn't made the finals of the last 4 slams and getting older (as you pointed out). no, definitely i have more doubt for fed winning compared to rafa who is always improving to stay ahead. even nole said that he finds rafa frustrating because altough the players improve, rafa also improves so soon as they think they've caught up with him, he bolts further ahead.

my only feeling is that if anything stops rafa, it's his injury and of course fatigue and the fact that you can't win everything. i was just wondering what you thought fed chances were because everytime we talk about one of these guys, we talk about the other. in your 1.41 PM post you didn't mention fed in your last sentence so i was just curious what your thoughts were on fed's chances.

homos , 2/16/11 3:49 PM

Note: don't forget to remove any spaces to make the URL's work.
Oh, and BTW, rafaisbest, I do admit that golf shot looked dorky. Bad photographers will make pretty much anyone look that way.

grafight , 2/16/11 4:09 PM

I have no doubt that the Fed will be dying to win a single gold at the next Olympics, but he will be turning 31 and it's not too likely to happen, no matter how much that might hurt. Nadal has got to be the favorite of the entire field at this point, this far in advance.

On another note, I too am likely to be a lot less captivated by tennis and any other tennis once Rafa retires, which we all hope will be a long time from now. Unless someone else that inspiring and fascinating comes along... hard to imagine.

chlorostoma , 2/16/11 4:24 PM

Speaking of new generations of tennis players (who are coming after Rafa era), ITF is going to revolutionize their raising by using slower balls and adapted equipment&conditions.
<<The ITF is revolutionizing the rules of tennis for children.
The International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced a change in the regulation of competition for players under 10 years from next season, which will be played with the traditional yellow ball in favor of slower balls red, orange or green. Also change the size of the runway by a smaller and adapted, rackets, scoring options and competition formats.
According to the ITF and reports the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) the use of slower balls will help beginners to develop a more efficient technology and deploy advanced tactics, in most cases could not be achieved using yellow balls in a normal sized door.
In an attempt to adapt the system to the needs of competition players younger than 10 years, the ITF recommends replacing the traditional single-elimination format, other multi-party type to ensure that all participants play the same number of matches. With this objective, the ITF also suggests taking time games, which can help achieve an effective and rotation.
Under the name 'Tennis 10s', this rule change is part of the campaign 'Tennis Play & Stay' launched by the ITF in order to increase tennis participation worldwide, as an easy, fun and good health. This campaign aimed at coaches of initiation of all ages, seeks to ensure that all beginners to serve, rally and score from the first lesson.>> [Marca, 16.02.2011]

While reading that 'the use of slower balls will help beginners to develop a more efficient technology and deploy advanced tactics, in most cases could not be achieved using yellow balls,' I remembered that Uncle Toni made Rafa play with bad balls.
"When he was young, I always made him play with bad balls," Toni Nadal explains. "The court wasn't always in great condition - all of that, even playing badly, helps you to develop."
Uncle Toni has been right. Rafa has become a player, who has breathtaking skills.

P.S. In the future, there could be as good players as Rafa is, but to me he is unique and will be irreplaceable due his personality.

Augustina08 , 2/16/11 4:41 PM

homos, I think Fed and Rafa would still be the top two guys on grass come next year. I hope they end up in different halves of the draw for the Olympics, so that they won't meet prematurely at the semifinal. The Olympics is best of three sets, six matches if one reaches the final, and the final is best of five sets (I think they won't change the format), so its played more like the Masters prior to 2007, where there was no 'bye' and finals were best of five sets.

I think if both Nole and Murray improves on grass, they may reach the semifinals to meet Fed and Rafa. Rafa should be able to handle Nole or Murray; for Fed I think he would have to fight harder to beat them, and I'm not sure that Nole or Murray won't beat Fed, given that by then Fed is already 31. Fed and Rafa in the final, I'll go for Rafa to win.

I think if Fed and Stan team up again, they may be able to win the doubles gold again. I can't see any other team beating them, may be the doubles specialists, though I doubt that. Murray may team up with Laura Robson to win the mixed doubles, then again other doubles specialists may have something to say.

luckystar , 2/16/11 5:01 PM

I think its quite difficult to find another Rafa. Not many people can play like Rafa. Rafa's style is unorthodox, and its difficult to train a child to play in an unorthodox way to resemble someone else. If I'm not wrong, Uncle Toni allowed Rafa to develop his own style, how he hit the ball, his forehand etc. Look at Dolgopolov, his style is also unorthodox. I understand that from young, his father, being a coach himself, allowed Dolgo to explore and developed his own style, without limiting him to any one particular style. So we see two unorthodox players, Rafa and Dolgo, each playing his own style, totally different from each other and from the rest of the players.

Now whether playing unorthodox styles may lead to injuries or not that's another story. Was Rafa's injuries due mainly to his unorthodox style or was it because of his muscular physique, or due to his running and retrieving impossible balls starting from a very young age? I understand Dolgo also has his fair share of injuries and he has some blood disorder too; maybe that's why it takes him so long, now that he is already 22, to become a promising young star with the likes of Tomic, Raonic etc. By right at 22, he should be in Delpo, Cilic and Gulbis group.

One more thing about Rafa, his movement on clay is unbelievable, able to slide so well using either leg in front. I don't know whether this can be taught, as I think no other players slide like him. Well I thought I saw Monaco doing that too, once. To me, to be able to master the movements on different surfaces is also a form of talent. Its not the speed, as Murray has all the speed but can't master his movement on clay. Growing up and playing on the surface will definitely help but then almost all Spaniards grow up on clay, how come they can't move or slide as well as Rafa? Also Rafa didn't grow up playing on grass but still he is able to master the movement on grass within a very short time.

To me players like Fed, Rafa and even Dolgo, are special and we may not see players like them appearing again anytime soon. Maybe Sampras too, for his ridiculously good serve. Let's see Dimitrov and Raonic can live up to the expectations (ie the next Fed and the next Sampras).

luckystar , 2/16/11 5:54 PM

grafight , 2/16/11 4:03 PM

okay, okay you made your point........and thanks for heating up my sorry existence! But you must admit those pics (most of them) are with the help of stylists and so forth. In his natural state, Rafa looks like he just coudn't be bothered, and that is part of his charm.........

rafaisthebest , 2/16/11 5:58 PM

I completely agree with you re Rafa and gliding and adapting to varous courts. A lot of it is due to talent... and of course a lot of it is also due to doing your best while practicing for each of the many thousands of hours he put in... there is no doubt that Rafa was born talented - and anyone approaching the top 100 was too or they could never rise that far - but it is also true that few players have invested themselves to fully to do their best while practicing as Rafa has ... e.g. going by what various players who have practiced with Rafa have said about it, and I'm sure he was like that from an early age due to his personality and upbringing, the two having shaped each other... he was able and willing to really take in what the people around him were instilling in him and then take it as far as possible.

And regarding other players that grew up on clay, as you know they include Fed and Murray (in his teenage years at any rate).

chlorostoma , 2/16/11 6:09 PM

Rafa's homepage announces that 'he feels fit to play' at the Davis Cup in Belgium. The official list of players will be revealed tomorrow. ealed-tomorrow

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 2/16/11 8:10 PM


Maybe I shouldn't have said never. Never say never. However, it's pretty much the way I have been feeling for a while now. It was a long time between favorites for me. After the devastation over Borg walking away from tennis, I did find Lendl. I don't know that I felt quite the same as I did for Borg, but at least I had someone that I could follow and cheer on. I still believe that he was much misunderstood by many. It took him a while to get his first slam win, but then he just kept on winning. Too bad that he couldn't win Wimbledon.

After Lendl it was a long drought. Of course I did continue to watch and loved the rivlary between Agassi and Sampras, just as I enjoy McEnroe and Connors. Sometimes it's easier if you don't have a favorite. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the match without the nerves.

I have talked before about how I did stop watching when Fed was dominating and there was no competition. There was no joy without rivalry. Because I stopped watching, I did miss the rise of Rafa. However, I am glad that I listened to those who were urging me to watch him. Once I saw him, I felt the magic again the way I did with Borg, only this time it was even more intense.

Of course, I would love to stay here and chat with all of you wonderful people. Now that you mentioned it, I would definitely miss that a lot. So for now I will just leave it as a wait and see kind of thing. I hope that Rafa will be around for a long time and there will be many great moments to enjoy. Yes, it could end tomorrow or too soon, one never knows. I thought maybe we had lost him after he injured his knee again in the 2010 AO. Deep in my heart, I believed he would come back. So for now, I still have him and try to stay in the moment.

Thanks for your lovely thoughts as always!

Nativenewyorker , 2/16/11 9:46 PM

Pleasure to see my lovely Girl's blog is still going strong. :D

In response to this post:

***It's tucked away in Tennis Magazine under the title:

Shot of the day, by Kelli, showing Rafa with the trophy. Kelli even bemoans the fact that she was surprised that Rafa beat Messi. Shocking that TT has chosen to ignore this pretigious award that Rafa has won.

nadline , 2/10/11 6:42 PM

Quick note about the Nadal def. Messi thing, in case the above was directly attributed to me- my exact rip from the Magazine was "Lots of people with raised eyebrows that he (Nadal) beat the Messiah (Messi)."

I did not count myself among that group at any point, just to clarify.

His hairstyle choice for the night was an entirely different story....

Kelli , 2/17/11 6:08 AM

Thanks for clarifying you point Kelli. We are all disappointed that there was no blog in the main TT arena regarding Rafa getting the Laureus award, as so many far less prestigious news about other players are.

I do agree with your take on the hairstyle; he tends to sport it on formal occasions giving the distinct impression of running late and not having time to dry his hair. His Mum was there with him, she should have made him get up in time....bless him:)

nadline , 2/17/11 8:41 AM

@Kelli , 2/17/11 6:08 AM

Anyway, Rafa looks at the gala events better than 'somebody else'. From head to toe. sos-cena-gala-fundacion-rafa-nadal/roger-federer-rafa-nadal-cena-benef ica/

Augustina08 , 2/17/11 11:20 AM

Pleasure to see my lovely Girl's blog is still going strong. :D

Kelli , 2/17/11 6:08 AM

Just one thing Kelli, isn't this Cheryl's blog??

nadline , 2/17/11 12:49 PM

i think that's what she meant nadline - i.e. cheryl being kelli's lovely gal :)

homos , 2/17/11 1:28 PM

I see. I read it to mean Kelli's Girls' blog, I should have realized that the apostrophy came before the 's' in Girl' bad! Smacked wrist.......sorry, Kelli.

I could say I didn't know that Cheryl was Kelli's lovely girl, so it did not enter my head that she was referring to Cheryl.

nadline , 2/17/11 2:21 PM

haha.. nadline, by luck i just happened to see where the apostrophy was.

luckystar , 2/16/11 5:01 PM

luckystar, i agree fully with you. in a best of 5 set match on grass, i'll give the edge to rafa too. grass is also not as damaging to his knees. it will be interesting if murray and laura team up. it tends to depend on which murray shows up and robson has a lot of potential but still has lot of work to do and the olympics isn't that far away.

as for your other comment about dolgo's blood disorder, that is indeed the reason for him being delayed in his progress. he had lots of issues with it but he doesn't like to talk about it at all. i hope he's recovered from whatever it was. i do like him, he has a nice demeanor and a flashy shot maker.

as for rafa, well, he's just so hardworking. i remember when he pummelled roger at the 2008 FO. it really brought home to everyone how even on clay where he dominated, he still improved. it's proof that he doesn't take anything or anyone for granted.

native, well, we better keep savouring and enjoying rafa's playing right now then :) too bad there were big gaps in favs for you. i seemed to be able to pick up one after another tho not immediately after. attitude on and off court seems to be a big thing for me when choosing a fav, not just style of play. too bad you missed rafa's rise. i was lucky to catch him at this stage. when i first watched him play around 17 years (or maybe he was still 16) i just thought, how could a young, inexperienced spaniard play like that on HC! he was so determined, had no fear of the top ranked opponent and actually believed he could win. Just amazing. I was so impressed. He was skinnier then, looked more lanky.

i'm with you. although i was still watching tennis when fed was dominating, i was bored and didn't follow as closely. I had watched him more closely as he was rising but couldn't seem to crack the second week of the slams but knew he had a lot of talent. you could see it. at the time, lots of people really wondered if he'd see his full potential. many times he looked very frustrated himself during matches. i enjoyed watching him at this point (he has longer hair then) but then he started dominating and saying some things that put me off. so when rafa beat him in miami as a 17 yo, that's when i started to play closer attention to the tour again because i thought ?this could actually get be inetresting?!

homos , 2/17/11 2:33 PM

you can find some backstage photos of Rafa's Amani shoot: -fox-per-armani

happytonight , 2/17/11 4:06 PM

@happytonight , 2/17/11 4:06 PM
Thank you for the link. I hadn't seen these pictures. Rafa has said that he worked very hard on the photo shoot. :)

From Rafa's interview on 24.01.2011:
<<Q. [Woman's voice] Could you tell us more about this Armani campaign? Was it a good experience? What do you think of the pictures?
RAFAEL NADAL: Was a long experience, but very good experience. Is always nice to know different worlds. The fashion world is something that I didn't know before.
Yeah, was a good session of photos, long one. But hopefully the result are satisfactory, so... I worked very hard, seriously (laughter). So, yeah, was nice. A different experience and I enjoyed.

Q. [Woman's voice] Do you find you sexy on the pictures?
RAFAEL NADAL: I'm not the right person to say. I always watch myself so so. But what do you think? Do you like it?

Q. [Woman's voice] Yeah, I do.
RAFAEL NADAL: I'm happy if you like it (smiling). >>

Augustina08 , 2/17/11 4:45 PM

Nadal confirmed for Davis cup tie. Good news :)

Adri , 2/17/11 5:00 PM

the points analysis and ranking difficulties in that article just confirms what we've known for a while: Roger has an increasingly uphill battle to maintain or improve on ranking and points. In fact Roger was a little lucky to come this close to Sampras in terms of weeks as number one: had Rafa not been injured in '09 and gone through his parents' breakup and divorce... and/or had he tried the platelet therapy a year earlier then following on his '08 form and improving on it Rafa might have remained at number one since '08 and through today... Roger would not have gotten his first RG and his career slam, and he would not too likely have won his so far last Wimbledon ('09)... and possibly not AO '10 so his slam count would be 13 or 14 and he would be about a year in weeks at number one behind Sampras. Nadal in the meantime would have been closing in on 3 years at number one and would have 11 or maybe 12 slams by now.

chlorostoma , 2/17/11 5:09 PM

nadline , 2/17/11 7:42 PM

Sorry, should have tidied the above post first.

991...............9 to go to reach 1000 posts on this thread.

nadline , 2/17/11 7:47 PM

There will be an international tennis centre in Rafa's hometown! Wow!

<<Nadal supports the creation of an international tennis centre.
On Friday, the Mallorcan tennis player Rafael Nadal is going to sign with the President of the [Balearic] Government, Francesc Antich, the protocol of cooperation for the creation of an international tennis center in his hometown of Manacor.
In addition, this project will be supported by the City Council of Manacor.
Nadal's presence will endorse the implementation of the project in his hometown, where he trains while being in Mallorca .>>
[IB3, 17.02.2011. Translation via Google, excerpts]

Augustina08 , 2/17/11 9:06 PM

I wonder if it will be named after Rafa.

nadline , 2/17/11 9:16 PM

How will Verdasco ever heal that broken bone in his ankle between his swing to Acapulco and then the Davis cup? Anyway, good luck to him.

What a good thing Rafa is helping to give back to his home island...

chlorostoma , 2/17/11 9:19 PM

If we keep up these interesting posts we they will number more than 2011 before the end of 2011.

chlorostoma , 2/17/11 10:03 PM

^^^^That will be one more record that Rafa would have broken.

nadline , 2/17/11 10:18 PM

ITF and Association of Tennis Professionals are currently in negotiations with regard to the ranking points to be awarded at the 2012 Olympics.

nadline , 2/17/11 10:29 PM

Rafa is an interesting person and there is always something interesting to read&watch&share about him.

I think, the 'onstage' photos of Rafa's Armani shoot have been posted already many time. I post one more time, because I found a video, in which the photos are accompanied by music:

Augustina08 , 2/17/11 10:40 PM

Thanks, Augustina.

nadline , 2/17/11 10:47 PM

Thanks happytonight for the link!

vij , 2/17/11 10:47 PM

When Lindsay Davenport was asked why tennis participation in the US is at a 25 year high, this is what she said:

?I really think a lot of credit should be given to today's stars. Raphael Nadal will go down as one of the greatest of all time. People love watching him play. They want to be like him.?

nadline , 2/17/11 10:49 PM

To celebrate the beginning of the second millenium of this thread, I searched out a nice poem about Rafa:

<< My first glimpse of Nadal was in France at their Slam,
And I watched him, mouth open, saying, "Hot, Damn!"
His slides were amazing; his speed was a wonder,
His footwork impressive; his ground strokes like thunder.

When he lifted that trophy in Paris and smiled,
My heart it just melted and I was beguiled
By his charm and his spunk and his guns and his gets,
He lit up the place; he was hard to forget.

Then he captured more titles on hard, clay and grass,
And he challenged the best with his game and his class.
He brought us the bolo; he redefined spin;
And his volleys improved to the skeptics' chagrin.

Let's celebrate Rafa, who brought us his best.
He's a jewel of a person and we are all blessed
With his courage and candor and beautiful smile,
We all hope that he will stay with us awhile. >>

[by C.Reid, excerpts]

Vamos Rafa!

Augustina08 , 2/17/11 10:57 PM

Augustina, the link you gave is pretty good too. Thanks!

vij , 2/17/11 10:59 PM

Nadline, What puzzles me is why Rafa is not being marketed more aggressively in the US both for good of tennis as well as increase in endorsement income. The physicality of his game, the passion he displays on court, all these would be immensely appealing to the Americans. On top of that, Spanish is also an official language in the US. Rafa's inspiring tennis, Spanish, love for football and his rock star personality should make him a big hit in the US. Yet, it is the uninspiring Fed who earns 50 million in endorsements ( per year) and exciting Rafa earns a fraction. Maybe, IMG isn't trying too hard for Rafa. Fed is after all, IMG boss, Forstmann's buddy. Rafa spends more time on playstations or fishing and not enough in hobnobbing with Forstmann or Anna Wintour.

vij , 2/17/11 11:11 PM

Great poem Augustina, sums Rafa up absolutely.

vij, you are right that Rafa doesn't put himself out there, maybe he should grow up now and live the dream of the superstar that he is. At the same time, I don't think Rafa is at all bothered about money, apparently, when he spends any, it's to treat himself to the latest playstation, the things that make him happy don't cost anything, like going out on his fishing boat around his islands and being with his family and friends. However, he should realize that he is only 24, and he's got the rest of his life to spread his tennis earnings over, so he should try and make as muchas he can whilst the going is good.

The other thing is, Rafa became No 1 in 2008 when the credit crunch happened, and sponsors are reluctant to sign stars up for 10 years as they did in Roger's case, so Rafa has not been able to capitalize on his stardom. This is why Federer can't retire, because he's got long term sponsorships that still have years to run.

nadline , 2/18/11 8:36 AM

chlorostoma , 2/17/11 5:09 PM, i think your comment is a little unfair. every player has a bit of luck along the way including rafa and even sampras, etc. to say that fed got a bit lucky and otherwise wouldn't have won as many slams if rafa wasn't injured is just diminishing fed's wins. you could also say that rafa was a bit lucky in 2008 getting to no. 1 because fed had mono or that fed is older now so rafa is at his peak and able to snatch back no. 1, etc. you could look at it from all sorts of angles depending on who you're a fan of. every player has injuries. in fact, it's more rafa's fault for playing while he was injured such as in madrid during his SF against djoker when he clearly should have retired and he didn't and not fed's fault. much as i do not like fed for reasons i won't list, i think that observation is quite unfair.

a lot of players have some luck, get injured and there are always the "if only" possibilities but they don't count at the end of the day. of course we take them into account in discussions but TBH, i would blame rafa more for playing through injuries than saying fed got a bit lucky. even to this day, i'm a still a bit angry with rafa for not looking after himself better and planning a better schedule when he became no. 1 - which is exactly the thing fed did when he became no. 1 to enure his longevity and ability to peak at the slams. i still can't believe that rafa and his team didn't know better and thought that even as no. 1, playing as much as he could to collect as many points as possible was the way to go at such an elite and intense level. of course his parents situation is out of his control but i'm sure othe rplayers have their own problems too but maybe we don't hear about it because they are not as high profile.

homos , 2/18/11 11:53 AM

Augustina08 , 2/18/11 1:31 PM

I don't remember Roger being unable to defend any slam titles in 2008 because of 'mono', had he done that Rafa would have become No 1 much earlier. Homos, how can you dismiss losing 2000 points at a stroke because of injury? Whether it was Rafa's fault or not, he still missed tournaments because of his injuries unlike Roger, who inspite of his 'debilitating mono' continued to play and win GS titles amongst others.

You say luckystar's comments are unfair, then you go on to say every player deserves a bit of luck, which was what Roger had in 2009. You are making luckystar's point for her by saying: "a lot of players have some luck, get injured and there are always the "if only" possibilities ..........." I think even Roger will admit that it was only due to circumstances that he was able to regain the No 1 ranking. Things have got to be put in perspective. Of course history won't have any asterisks by these results, but that does not dispute the fact that Rafa was injured, couldn't defend his Wimbledon title, and took about a year to recover body and mind to get back to his peak form.

Are you saying that no one should ever say that Delpo would be in the top 5 or 10 now if he hadn?t been injured instead of being No 298 in the world as he is at the moment?

nadline , 2/18/11 1:38 PM

nadline i think you need to read my far more carefully than you have. you even seem to think i'm addressing someone that i didn't. i never said every player 'deserves' luck. i said they get it. 'deserve' has a very different meaning. please do not put words in my mouth. all i'm saying is that if you say one player was lucky, then you should be fair and acknowledge that others are too. what's wrong with that? i'm sorry if you don't like my opinion.

augustina, the reason i said that is becasue when fed because no. 1, i distinctly remember reading an interview with him where he says he'll be skipping some tournies that are not compulsory so as not to wear himself out whereas i don't recall reading that from rafa. in my view, whether it looks like it happened or not, he realised immediately what he needed to do. that's my understanding of his reaction to becoming no. 1. i could be wrong of course, no doubt about that. but i'm not the only one who also thought that rafa should have retired in that madrid 2009 SF.

homos , 2/18/11 2:14 PM

anyway this is a rafa blog. i don't want to ruin this blog by having a discussion with greater emphasis on a player i'm not a fan of.

homos , 2/18/11 2:16 PM

You made some good points... but perhaps overstated them a little just as perhaps I overstated mine. The main point I wanted to make is that come the spring of 2009 Rafa's level had gone so high (starting with spring 2008) that he was in my view the clear favorite to win RG again (of course) but also Wimbledon no matter who he would be playing there, including Roger.

The other side of the story is what to make of Rafa being injured that badly just at that time, less than a year into being number one. I have also been upset many times at what seemed like Rafa and his group deciding for him to play 'too often'. Here too the truth is probably somewhere between 'too often' and not. He was clearly making adjustments to his game to make it more aggressive starting with the lead up to RG '08 - something that he could not execute when his confidence was much lower, during the 11 months without a title later one. And he has been playing 'fewer' tournaments etc: he and his group are making adjustments... it is just not entirely clear to me how much more aggressive they could be with those schedule adjustments.

When it comes to Rafa's slam wins in '08 I don't see the after effects of mono having played into it, frankly. Roger played excellent clay that season and did not have too much trouble reaching the RG final... so if his level was a little lower due to the after effects of mono this certainly was not visible to any of us - he played about as well as in '07. Rafa's level on clay was just insane that year - and he was miles above Roger and everyone.

Come Wimbledon... no one noticed anything wrong with Roger's level on grass at Halle and at Wimbledon... there seemed to be no drop in level due to after effects of the mono from 6 months earlier. The fact that Rafa came very close to winning in 3 sets, and again in 4 sets had to do with Rafa's level having plus Rafa having the mental strength and being partly in Roger's head.

So all I meant is that had Rafa been injured less, or at a different time, or had he experimented with the platelet therapy a year earlier and been successful with it the way he was a year ago, then Rafa would have likely stayed at number one since '08 until now.

chlorostoma , 2/18/11 3:16 PM

@homos , 2/18/11 2:14 PM
--- i distinctly remember reading an interview with him [Fed] where he says he'll be skipping some tournies that are not compulsory---

Players reveal the personal schedule before the season starts. Skipping the tournaments, which are in the player's schedule, at the last minute, is not nice behaviour towards the organizers of tournaments, who start to make preparations months before a tournament starts.

@homos, 2/18/11 2:16 PM
I agree that we shouldn't have discussions about Fed here.

Augustina08 , 2/18/11 3:23 PM

Sorry luckystar for taking your name in vain, I should have said chlorostoma, but my point still stands.

OK homos you did not say 'deserve' but that's neither here nor there, because what you are saying is that the fact that Rafa was unable to maintain his No 1 ranking due to injury has nothing to do with Roger regaining it, in which case, Delpo's injury has nothing to do with the fact that he is now No 298 in the world.

nadline , 2/18/11 3:49 PM

augustina, fed didn't say he was skipping them at the "last minute". that's why i said he's schedule planning was better. maybe i shouldn't have used the word skip but that's why i said earlier that he's schedule planning was better imo when he turned no. 1. very early in the year he said that he said he was planning to cut down the no. of tournies he was going to play. of course anythign can happen, he can injured, etc. but that's what he said and i feel rafa could have done better by following that same mindset.

nadline, neither here nor there? really? ok whatever you say!!!

homos , 2/18/11 4:03 PM

@homos 2/18/11 4:03 PM
---didn't say he was skipping them at the "last minute". that's why i said he's schedule planning was better---
ATP World Tour 2011 Season, for example, contains 66 tournaments. It's obvious that no one player plays all the tournaments!

Players can play as many tournaments (max) as they wish, but only 18 of them (plus WTF), are counted for ranking purposes: four GS, eight Masters 1000, four ATP-500, two ATP-250.

Augustina08 , 2/18/11 4:33 PM

i know that augustina. where did i say any player played ALL of the tournaments? players do play tournaments that aren't compulsory incl DC. in any case even if you think what i said was wrong, i have confindence that fed at least knew better than you do what he's talking about when he discussed he's scheduling since he's a top player on the tour!

homos , 2/18/11 5:35 PM

Augustina08, haven't you Rafans since 2009 that you hope Rafa managed his schedule better? How come now you are jumping like a hot prawn when someone merely repeats that? Did Rafa need to play Monte Carlo? Barcalona? RF didn't play as many clay tournaments as Rafa last year so may RF is still planning his schedule better only he is getting older!! That's right, Fed also doesn't play so many Davis Cup matches like Rafa. You seem the miss the point completely. Too busy getting defensive!

jean , 2/18/11 5:41 PM

@jean , 2/18/11 5:41 PM
---Did Rafa need to play Monte Carlo? Barcalona?---

Rafa (and other 29 ATP commitment players) had to play four ATP-500 tournaments, one of them after the US Open. The Monte Carlo Masters was counted as playing one ATP-500 tournament.

Augustina08 , 2/18/11 6:18 PM

Rafa plays all the clay tournys because he does well on clay, Federer knows he is not likely to win those titles, because Rafa is the favourite in all of them, so only plays the mandatory ones. Also, 2 of the clay tournaments (Madrid & Barcelona) are home tournaments for Rafa so it's difficult for him not to play them. Last year Rafa played 20 tournaments including the WTF and Roger played 21, so Rafa only played one more tournament than the mandatory 18+1, and Roger played two more. Rafa did not play any DC in 2009.

It?s the ATP calendar that?s out of sync, with all the clay tournaments bunched up together.

nadline , 2/18/11 6:23 PM

@nadline , 2/18/11 6:23 PM
The ATP site indeed shows that Rafa played 20 tournaments last year. Actually he played 16 +1 tournaments (4 GS, 8 Masters, 1 ATP-500, 3 ATP-250 plus WTF).

I took a look into the rankings points breakdown. It appears that ATP counts also the tournaments, which a player gets 'zero points' for. Rafa has got 'zero points' for missing two ATP-500 tournaments and the Paris Masters.

Augustina08 , 2/18/11 8:35 PM

At the opening of the Tennis Center in Manacor, Mallorca, this is what Rafa had to say:

?Today is an important day for me, because to present this international center means a personal satisfaction.

The academy will have players from all over the world, we want it to have an international reference.

Its for young people who would like to one day be tennis professionals and dont have the perfect conditions to practice in their country to be able to do it in Manarcor and Mallorca.

The center will have between 15-20 courts , a small football ground, multiuse courts and 70-100 bedrooms for those attending the academy to be confortable and stay all they want.?

The center will be financed totally by Rafa and the construction will begin soon. This will also be the headquaters of Rafa?s Foundation, because he wants it to be in Manacor.

A museum will be built also and he considers that is a great idea to have the Foundation offices, the Museum and the Tennis Center all located at the same place.

nadline , 2/19/11 10:33 AM

@nadline , 2/19/11 10:33 AM
I have watched videos about the event. Listening to Rafa's voice, I did not understand what he said, but I felt that he spoke with self-confidence about this project. I think, 'this international center means a personal satisfaction' to him indeed, these are not only words.

Augustina08 , 2/19/11 2:26 PM

Augustina08 , 2/19/11 2:40 PM

Augustina, have you got a link to the video?

nadline , 2/19/11 4:48 PM

@nadline , 2/19/11 4:48 PM

Here it is:

Augustina08 , 2/19/11 6:03 PM

Dont know if this was posted here earlier, but I just saw it, Rafa named SON OF MANACOR (his hometown) in a cermony....It was in december last year.
Please ignore if you have seen it. Thx!!

Rafaluv , 2/19/11 11:43 PM

3 takeaways from Uncle Toni's interview:

1.He has a lot of respect for Andy Murray's game. He almost never fails to mention Andy in his interviews. In fact, he is on record as saying he is modelling Rafa's serve on Andy's.

2. Rafa is not just Rafa, singular, he is a team. Notice how is always says, "we" when he is talking about Rafa, never "he". How many other coaches identify with their charges in this manner?

3. "But we have a fixed target, because it depends only on us, and there are also rivals. " This is where Rafa's "calm" comesa from.......the fact that mentally he is not playing the opponent, he is playing himself i.e. he knows everything depends on himself, his game, his fitness. If all is in sync, he is calm, he will give his best and 9 times out of 10 he will win. That disastrous Roland Garros campaign when he lost to Soderling he said he did not play with the needed calm and it was only later I understood what he meant.........he was not 100%.

Roll on March!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 2/20/11 7:19 AM

@rafaisthebest , 2/20/11 7:19 AM

As some of us have always pointed out, when Rafa is fit physically and mentally, he is nigh unbeateable. I was also encouraged by Toni's take on Rafa's latest injury, that he is training with the normal intensity, and that he is back to a 100%, so let's hope it remains so. We will know where he is after the clay season.

Vamos Rafa

nadline , 2/20/11 8:36 AM


I think one can see why Rafa is so mentally tough and such a fierce competitor. Toni has done his job well in helping to shape this fine young man from the time he was a very young child. He taught Rafa well and those lessons have paid great dividends.

In this time when there is so much talk of the new young guys making noise, I find myself remembering that Rafa is not going anywhere and will be a formidable force this year. I have been struggling mightily with Rafa withdrawal and have had to content myself with watching some of Rafa's great slam victories until I can see him on court once again.

Nativenewyorker , 2/20/11 9:08 AM

@nadline , 2/17/11 9:16 PM
---I wonder if it will be named after Rafa.---

Here is the answer: the tennis centre will be bearing the name of the most famous son of Manocor.
<<MALLORCA TODAY - Rafael Nadal's international tennis centre
Some years in the offing, a centre for tennis, bearing the NAME of its most famous son, is to be created in Manacor. The Nadal centre, which will be operated by the Rafael Nadal Foundation, is to be supported by the regional government, the Council of Mallorca and Manacor town hall. Private, it will offer an academy for young players among other things, which will include a museum dedicated to Nadal. It is hoped that it will also attract players from other countries, seeking training facilities, and that it will rub off in the form of tennis tourism>>
[alcudiapollensa, February 19, 2011]

Augustina08 , 2/20/11 12:33 PM

^^^^No more than Rafa deserves, perhaps after Rafa has retired they could name the Madrid Champions the Rafael Nadal Cup, or even the Barcelona one.

nadline , 2/20/11 2:12 PM

Costa says that Nadal brings back "winning spirit"

Albert Costa, captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team, said that the return of Rafael Nadal to participate in the tie against Belgium is "very positive" because it is a player who brings "winning spirit" and "offers security "the coaching staff and colleagues.

Costa has announced the squad to play from 4 to 6 March, the first round World Group Davis Cup against Belgium in Charleroi, which, in addition to Christmas, were also cited David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco and Feliciano Lopez.

"These four players are lucky to have other important players back for selection. Let people know how serious (Tommy) Robredo, (Guillermo Garcia-Lopez and Marcel Granollers who struggle all year to join the team, but I invite who have enthusiasm, "he said.

The coach said after the team's role in 2009 was not the desired face the season with "renewed energy, excited and eager" to return to try to win the title.

He predicted a knockout "very difficult" because "playing outside is always more difficult" because it is against the fans, but pointed out that the Spanish team has "players excited, involved and with humility." Therefore considered that, with a good job, the Spanish team can win the tie.

Regarding the return of Nadal -he did not play Davis Cup in 2009 - said that "having the number one best athlete of 2010 offers tranquility" and hopes that the physical condition the Mallorcan will be the optimal.

"After the injury was small in Australia did everything to train. Progressively, when entering and will reach the peak concentration will be on conditions, "said on this issue.

Meanwhile, over David Ferrer, the Spanish number two team has highlighted the very beginning of the season that has had. "It's a great player, makes a lot of pineapple with the team and always has a very good mentality," he said.

Costa explained that the tie against Belgium will face "with great respect, but with confidence." Team has highlighted the two main players, Xavier Malisse and Olivier Rochus, but the projection of Steve Darcis and Ruben Bemelmans.

From Malisse but, pending his physical condition, because: "We understand that yesterday withdrew and await news." Mentrestan of Rochus said that tennis is a "dangerous, experience and talent." "We know we can cause problems," he said.

In this regard, pointed out that the track on which the tie will be played in Charleroi will be "fast", as usual whenever Spain plays at home. "It will be always a fast track, but faster than we are accustomed to the circuit," he concluded.

nadline , 2/20/11 3:31 PM

Tennis tourism, good idea, maybe I shall pay Rafa's island a visit and tour his tennis academy. Sounds interesting, and yes pay a visit to the museum to take a look at Rafa's trophies and all his photos (I presume that's the purpose of the museum).

May be will bump into Rafa one day. Well after his retirement from tennis, I suppose that's one way of getting a Rafa sighting. No stalking from me of course, just hope to see that he's doing well after his tennis career is over.

luckystar , 2/20/11 5:39 PM

Rafa enjoyed with friends night in Mallorca. :)

<<Rafa Nadal's last event before the Davis.
The Mallorcan tennis player, who on Friday announced he'll build a tennis centre in Manacor, enjoyed with friends night in Mallorca.
It was four in the morning. In the pub Baux, located in the central plaza of Manacor, young people were dancing wildly and rushing to drink their mixed drinks. It was a typical Friday night. Suddenly, a boy surrounded by friends, accompanied by music, went up to the bar and made a little dance. Laughter, applause and many photographs. And that boy was - nothing more and nothing less than Rafael Nadal - the current number one of the ATP.
Hours after presenting the international tennis center to be built in Manacor and bearing his name, the player decided to spend a pleasant evening in the company of his friends. Something usual, since there are many people who have claimed they have coincided with Rafel in the pubs of their hometown. The athlete was very kind to all the customers, who gathered togeteher and photographed, while he was dancing without shame. As things went well, he agreed with the wish of his friends to climb on the bar's furniture, what was very much cheered by the audience.
Probably, on Friday, it was the last party that Nadal could afford before he should be incorporated into the discipline of the Spanish team to prepare for the match against Belgium, in the first-round of Davis Cup, the competition he will participiate in for the first time since 2009. [Translation via Google] .

See the picture here:

Augustina08 , 2/20/11 10:32 PM

Thanks Augustina! Trilled to hear he's having a good time. It's so seldom he can be at home and really chill with friends 'with calm'. He's obviously fully recovered from his injury. Vamos Rafa!

Blessed , 2/21/11 9:14 AM

Thanks, Augustina. Can't wait for Rafa to be back in action.

vij , 2/21/11 5:45 PM


Rafa sure looks like he is feeling no pain in that photo! How lovely to see him having a good time with friends!

Thanks for the link and all the wonderful links you always post!

Nativenewyorker , 2/22/11 7:37 AM

Times online on the Armani advert:

If only the seminaked, oiled-up bodies in your Bikram yoga sessions looked more like this. Well, if a certain Giorgio Armani was curating the classes, chances are they would. For the 76-year-old permatanned designer has proven himself to be quite the spotter of this year?s hottest bod. Last up were David and Victoria Beckham, seen flexing seductively in moody black-and-white. This summer, Signor Armani has surpassed himself, casting the Spanish tennis ace Rafa Nadal and Megan ?the new Angelina? Fox as the next ?testimonials? for his Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans collections.

?Rafael Nadal is a true phenomenon, his power and agility are awesome and I am utterly captivated by his unique approach to the game,? Armani says, speaking from the set of the shoot in Palma, Majorca. Well, quite. We?re with you there on the power and agility, Giorgio. And as for foxy Fox: ?Megan is young and sexy, full of enthusiasm and personality. She also has a thoroughly modern attitude and lots of it.? Indeed, this time around it?s his female muse sporting the tattoos (see if you can count all eight).

Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (favourites with the likes of Kate Moss, and who know a thing or two about presenting naked flesh in its most favourable light), we?ve got our hands on an exclusive portfolio of behind-the-scenes images from the shoot (plus a video coming soon online). See Nadal as you always pictured him in the locker room ? testosterone-pumped, freshly showered. In his pants. As for Fox, well, you can forget the Dukan diet. Sorry, but life just isn?t fair sometimes. It?s in our nature to want to ogle nubile, athletic flesh. It?s why some of us go to Bikram; but only in our wildest dreams will we ever possess bodies like these.

nadline , 2/22/11 9:22 AM

I am jealous of Fed and Djoker fans..........they get to feast on their heroes' play in Dubai while I wait for mine. ain't fair

rafaisthebest , 2/22/11 5:40 PM

@rafaisthebest , 2/22/11 5:40 PM

I am glad that Rafa can rest properly.

Augustina08 , 2/22/11 10:09 PM

Interesting...I'd have thought you'd want him to play without resting given how well he plans his year.

jean , 2/23/11 2:33 PM

@jean , 2/23/11 2:33 PM

I trust Rafa's choices.

I have been of the opinion that it's weird to glorify somebody named Fed as an example of 'good planning' of the schedule, if he has withdrawn from the tournaments, which have been in his schedule.

Augustina08 , 2/23/11 6:26 PM

Rafa is busy during his vacation. On Thursday, he filmed a commercial in the centre of his hometown , causing considerable exitment among his fellow citizens. :)

<<The historic center of Manacor received yesterday, from early morning until after six in the afternoon, a remarkable technical and human assembly to shoot a commercial for Banesto [a Spanish Bank].
Rafel Nadal is happy. He passes his time very well, has fun and not secretly. On Friday, the tennis world number 1 showed off dancing in the pub Baux at 4 o'clock. And yesterday he was exhibited again, this time in the sunlight of the afternoon, in the heart of his native town, Manacor. The reason was shooting of another commercial video featuring him.
If he recently filmed in a public school for the insurance company Mapfre, with the participation of students, then this time he made it along with the actors for the Banesto Bank. The historic heart of the capital of Llevant, pedestrian area of the church of Els Dolors, la Torre del Palau and the central plaza de sa Bassa, became a real movie location from early morning until after 17.30 hours, when some applause welcomed filming of the last shot. /---/

Maximum excitement.
/---/ Throughout the day, neighbors, visitors, traders and other multi-center workers were still caring what happened, or at least they pried briefly about the deployment of the technical and business professionals of Palm Pictures. All eyes were searching for the idol Nadal, while his youth and physical condition were exhibited in most of the time of filming.
The extraordinary assembly of cables, cameras, lights and screens, moving from one place to another, somewhat changed the daily rhythm of the heart of Manacor, the most peaceful and quiet place. /---/
In fact, at the end of filming, from 16.45 to 17.30 hours, local police controlled the area and even cut traffic on the road such as Joan Lliteres. /---/
Nadal, with a genuine smile and spontaneous behavior, was seen mainly between 15.30 and 17.30 hours. It should be noted that in the pedestrian area, at la Torre del Palau, he has a family home. /---/ >> [Translation via Google]

You can see pictures here (click on 'Fotos de la noticia'):

Augustina08 , 2/25/11 11:58 AM

Thanks Augustina.

These Google translations are so hilarious.

nadline , 2/25/11 1:45 PM

@nadline, 2/25/11 1:45 PM

Yes, they are.

Augustina08 , 2/25/11 2:45 PM

The commercial for Banesto was filmed near a house of Rafa's family.
If you are interested in seeing the house, you can see it in this video: e-moda-manacor-en-un-anunci-de-televisio.html

Rafa's grandfather is watching out of the window at 0:04 - 0:09.

Augustina08 , 2/25/11 2:50 PM

The official website in Miami has already announced that Rafa will make his highly anticipated return to Florida by playing in the night session on Sat March 26th. The draw will be at noon on March 21st, when we will find out who his opponent will be. The official website says the charismatic Spaniard has been a fan favourite in Miami, repeatedly playing in front of sold-out crowds.

That?s why they are taking the unusual step of announcing the order of play for the first Saturday so early in order to sell tickets.

nadline , 2/25/11 9:13 PM

Augustina08 , 2/26/11 1:17 PM

Yesterday, Rafa was seen watching a football match between RCD Mallorca (Rafa's own team) and BC Barcelona.
At 0:05 - 0:13 in the video:

BC Barcelona was too good.

Augustina08 , 2/27/11 3:11 PM

Today Rafa travelled to Belgium. -posar-en-marxa.htmlRafael

The online newspaper Diariodemallorca writes that the story of Rafa dancing at the pub in Manacor at night was the most read news of the week and readers, who commented in the Internet, praised the best athlete in the world for his good humor and spontaneity. [February 27, 2011]

I read somewhere that dancing in public was a forfeit for losing on a golf course. :)

Augustina08 , 2/27/11 10:42 PM

Thanks, Augustina, Rafa is lucky to have a fan like you.

vij , 2/28/11 7:43 AM

@vij, 2/28/11 7:43 AM

My pleasure, vij.

Augustina08 , 2/28/11 9:23 AM

Two more videos about Rafa: watching football on Saturday and heading to Belgium on Sunday. Sc

Augustina08 , 2/28/11 9:28 AM

Rafa on facebook:

Writing to his 5.6 million fans on Facebook, the Spaniard said, ?Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I don't write you. You know I don't use internet when I am at home. I travelled today to Belgium to play the first tie of the Davis Cup.

?I have been at home all this time after the Laureus Awards. I have been practising and working with my sponsors, but also enjoying my time with my family and friends in Mallorca.?

nadline , 2/28/11 6:22 PM

nadline and Augustina,

Thanks so much for updating Rafa fans with the video links and facebook information! :)

Nativenewyorker , 2/28/11 10:29 PM

Can't wait for Rafa to come back, one month is far too long for filing my nails, and watching old matches.

I hope he comes back and repeats or better his 2010 success. Last year he started slowly as he has this year, but more than made up for it later on.

Vamos Rafa
The ultimate tennis player

nadline , 3/1/11 1:12 PM

Once again Rafa displayed his great character and good manners.
A Belgian radio station raised him up early in the morning on Monday (reportedly at around 7 o'clock). A radio-women called to the hotel reception and pretended to be his mother. The reception transferred the call to Rafa's room. Rafa answered in a very sleepy voice, but stayed polite nevertheless and even joked.

"We are very happy to have you in our program," said the radio-women.
"I was also very happy sleeping..." said Rafa. :)
[Source: the media]

Augustina08 , 3/1/11 2:03 PM

Today, there was a media conference in Charleoi (the Davis Cup place) and mediamakers watched how Rafa moved.

<< CHARLEROI, Belgium. Rafael Nadal says he's recovered from a thigh injury and ready to play for Spain in the Davis Cup match against Belgium. /---/
"If I am here, it is because, physically, I am 100 percent," said Nadal, who has been participating in two practice sessions a day with his Davis Cup teammates.
Spain is an overwhelming favorite against Belgium. Nadal is joined by top-10 players David Ferrer and Fernando Verdasco. /---/
Nadal moved freely without wrapping on his leg during practice on the hard indoor surface of the 6,500-capacity Spiroudome.>> [WP, March 1, 2011]

Augustina08 , 3/1/11 7:52 PM

They have upgraded the players' pictures on the ATP website and there is a cute one of Rafa there now.

nadline , 3/2/11 10:46 AM

Today, ITF announced the new rule for the Davis Cup.

<<Davis Cup changes fifth match rules.
Davis Cup teams will no longer have to play a fifth match if one side already has an unbeatable 3-1 lead.
The International Tennis Federation announced the new "dead rubber" rule on Wednesday ahead of this weekend's World Group first-round matches.
Under the change, if one team clinches victory in the best-of-five series after the fourth match on Sunday -- the first reverse singles -- and that match lasted at least four sets, the captains can agree to scrap the second reverse singles.
However, all five matches still have to be played if a team earns an unbeatable 3-0 lead after Saturday's doubles, or the tie is decided after the fourth match which has gone only three sets. All "dead rubbers" will continue to be played over best-of-three tiebreaker sets. [AP, March 2, 2011]

There is a possiblity that Rafa will have to play only one match at the Davis Cup next weekend.
Actually, I read in December that the tennis officials of Spain are going to keep a private jet ready to transport Rafa away from Charleroi already on Saturday, in case Spain will lead 3-0.

Augustina08 , 3/2/11 4:07 PM

would that jet be to hurry him home so he can leave for IW sooner?

chlorostoma , 3/2/11 5:25 PM

Augustina08 , 3/2/11 6:36 PM

Thank you, Augustina,
I have been away mostly from the tennis news lately and just realise now that the men's draw already starts a week tomorrow, so the private plane will allow Rafa to arrive as early as possible (and with fewer hassles)... hopefully leaving already on Saturday, which would be around noon California time, i.e. arriving late Saturday night local time.

chlorostoma , 3/2/11 8:59 PM

When Rafa retires from tennis he should become a diplomat.

03 02 2011, BELGIUM, Charleroi

After two practice sessions with his Davis Cup teammates on Tuesday, Rafa Nadal spoke out at a Davis Cup press conference about his return to competition since suffering a hamstring injury in Australia a month ago. "If I am here, it is because, physically, I am 100 percent." said the Grand Slam Champ.

Asked about the possibility of having to play two matches in just three days after his injury, Rafa said he is "training hard" since his arrival in Belgium on Sunday, and added that "If the captain thinks I am the right player to start on Friday, I will do my best. We will see."

"I am very motivated to play a game against a great [country] like Belgium."

The Spanish team captain, Albert Costa also said he was "very proud" to be working with Rafa, David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco, and thanked the effort they made to travel to Belgium "when their tight schedules make it so hard."

Speaking about the Belgian team, Rafa said he thinks they have "great players", and noted the difficulty of playing a team at their home country. If the Spaniards are not one hundred percent, Rafa explained, "it will be almost impossible to beat them."

The 24-year-old tennis player also spoke a meeting he lost against Rochus 6-1 6-1 "a long time ago" and the fact that the court where they will be playing is "very fast," and the "balls are a bit slower than normal"

"I'll tell you if I like [the conditions] or not on Sunday or Monday." All I know is that "we will do our best to adapt to the [surface and the balls]".

nadline , 3/3/11 11:57 AM

The Davis Cup schedule:

<< CHARLEROI, BELGIUM: Xavier Malisse will take on David Ferrer in the first of Friday's rubbers in Belgium's first round encounter with four-time Champion Spain. Ruben Bemelmans will follow against World No. 1 Rafael Nadal.
The Belgian underdogs have a intimidating battle ahead of them this weekend as Spain fields three Top 10 players with Nadal at one, Ferrer at six and Fernando Verdasco, who will play doubles with Feliciano Lopez, at number nine. By comparison Malisse is Belgium's only representative in the top 100, at no. 51.

The full draw is listed below.
R1: Xavier Malisse (BEL) v David Ferrer (ESP)
R2: Ruben Bemelmans (BEL) v Rafael Nadal (ESP)
R3: Xavier Malisse/Olivier Rochus (BEL) v Feliciano Lopez/Fernando Verdasco (ESP)
R4: Xavier Malisse (BEL) v Rafael Nadal (ESP)
R5: Ruben Bemelmans (BEL) v David Ferrer (ESP) >>
Start time: every day at 14.30 (13.30 GMT).

Augustina08 , 3/3/11 1:45 PM

Sadly, I can only sit and imagine the matches as they are only being shown in Belgium and Spain, I think.

nadline , 3/3/11 2:03 PM

cheryl, is this a record? has a blog ever reached 681 comments? ;-)
homos, 1/9/11 5:05 PM

1067 now, and counting...

stu , 3/3/11 3:59 PM

Rafa criticized the ITF for missing the Hawkeye at the Davis Cup.

<< Rafael Nadal has become the main attraction at the Davis Cup in Charleroi. His return has sparked great excitement in Belgium.
Rafa took the opportunity to criticize the lack of progress made by the International Tennis Federation at the Davis Cup.
"The minimum is to put the Hawkeye in the qualifying tournament, because we have it in the circuit. They should try to make this competition to be the best in the world, but the ITF does not lift a finger to make this happen." >> [Marca, 3.03.2011]

Augustina08 , 3/4/11 7:56 AM

World No. 1 Rafa shows off his attractive physique and Armani Jeans on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles: /AAAAAAAAB4U/3XinY9-UYhs/s1600/22.jpg


Augustina08 , 3/4/11 10:13 AM

A scientist from Northwestern University in Illinois has claimed to have solved the debate over who is the best male tennis player of all time.

Guess what? Federer is not close to the top and Nadal much much lower down. Based apparently on longevity and more on how many great players someone has defeated than on how many insignificant opponents (lending credence I guess to weaker eras arguments). This scientist's method also ranks players by surface.

Now, just because this used a 'scientific' method does not mean the criteria used are the best ones... or that people could determine and agree on what the best ones would be.

Connors of all players ranks the top, as well as the top on grass. Vilas ranks top on... oh no, clay.

I think... this scientist Radicchi is trying to get a name for himself. But infuriating just about any fans of any player.

chlorostoma , 3/4/11 4:02 PM

Chlorostoma, interesting post.
I'm sure Radicchi is a very smart man and he doesn't mind the attention. But science in my opinion has little to do with it. Start by defining "best". Maybe to him means beating more high-ranked players, but how can he defend that definition of "best" vs. winning the most Major tournaments?
Maybe "best" means pure technique and playing ability. In that case maybe the "best" of all time played only one month, then got injured and we'll never know who he is.
Also, what is harder to do, to beat a great player, or to beat a not-so-great player who happens to be a bad matchup for your style of play? Which is better, rock, paper or scissors?
The whole thing is just as unscientific as it can be. The debate will go on, and I don't mind engaging on it from time to time, but with the caveat that there is no real solution, and certainly there is no "mathematical" solution.

grafight , 3/4/11 6:33 PM

I suppose there could be a virtual solution! In the not too distant future, somebody could create software to make virtual copies of all the great players. The virtual copies would play like the originals exactly as they did. Then all these virtual players could play against each other and determine the GOAT!

vij , 3/4/11 7:15 PM

I agree entirely with you, and that was exactly the point I wanted to make. Since this study has just been published I expect a lot of discussion in blogs etc - and I meant to say that really that study says little. It only says who is better given those particular criteria. I love math. And I agree with you that math has little to do with ranking pro tennis players. E.g. I don't care how good other claycourt players have been in the past.... it is clear already to all of us that Rafa is among the top 3 or 4 or so best claycourt players of the ATP ... and arguably better than that.

chlorostoma , 3/4/11 8:01 PM

If Radicchi enjoys experimenting with a formula that he has decided then that's OK, but I hope he doesn't expect anyone to take him seriously.

nadline , 3/4/11 8:11 PM

I was a bit too cautious there. I meant "of the ATP history ... and arguably the best or at least second best, according to any number of ways to determine who the bests have been."

chlorostoma , 3/4/11 8:46 PM

this is so cool, thanks chlorostoma! this paper is going to keep me busy all evening :)

stu , 3/4/11 9:38 PM

you're welcome, stu
your smiley was of the sarcastic persuasion, no?

chlorostoma , 3/4/11 9:42 PM

no no, im serious! i'm a scientist, and i write papers for a living (not really, but it feels like it!). can't wait to understand their analysis!

stu , 3/4/11 9:44 PM

@chlorostoma, 3/4/11 4:02 PM

I like the conclusion of this scientist, because it makes Fedfans mad. :D

Augustina08 , 3/4/11 9:49 PM

good point. And I've been reading a lot of math books, years and years after uni, trying to find ways to write a good one. Maybe I'll have to check out this paper too.

But I didn't mention where this scientist's calculations ranked Rafa: this would make us Rafafans mad.

chlorostoma , 3/4/11 9:56 PM

@chlorostoma, 3/4/11 9:56 PM
---I didn't mention where this scientist's calculations ranked Rafa---

I know where. I don't care. I like Rafa no matter what.

Augustina08 , 3/4/11 10:00 PM

^^^ same here :-)

chlorostoma , 3/4/11 10:22 PM

I'm sure the math is very impressive, considering that there are so many factors. But the numbers associated to any given achievement are arbitrary. For example: I think the Career Slam is a very important achievement, because it implies the player has been able to dominate all contenders in all surfaces. This formula would have to add a lot of bonus points for Majors won in diversity of surfaces.
So Jimbo won 8 GS, Rafa already has 9, including of course the French Open with Connors never won.
Also many top players didn't show up for the AO, making it less competitive than it is today. In his lone AO title, he beat Phil Dent in the final. Phil who? Phil Dent is a former pro player from Australia who's highest ranking was 19 (for a week). This was his only Major final ever, and had a grand total of 3 singles titles in his career.
Who did Rafa beat for his AO title? We all know the answer to that one.
Jimmy beat the likes of Borg, Mcenroe and Lendl. Rafa during all his career has had to contend with Roger Federer, which in my opinion surpasses all of the above.

I will consider the possibility that as things stand Roger, Pete and Borg could be still be placed above Rafa in the GOAT debate. But Jimbo? No way, no how.

grafight , 3/5/11 6:35 AM

You could also look at the longevity argument the total opposite way:
Jimmy had a LOT more years in which to win Majors, but he only won 8. In other words:
He entered the US open 22 times and only won 5.
He entered Wimbledon 21 times, only won twice.
He attempted Roland Garros 13 times and failed every single one.
Finally at the AO he tried 2 times and won 1, as I mentioned above.

Compare that to Rafa's record of attempts vs victories:
USO - 8 attempts, 1 win
Wimbledon, 6 attempts, 2 wins
French Open, 6 attempts, 5 wins
AO, 7 attempts, 1 win.

So mathematically speaking, Rafa's rate of success leaves Connors in the dust. Maybe as he gets older Rafa will enter more majors and fail to win them, but I really doubt his numbers will fall as low.

Sorry for the long posts, but I just can't imagine Jimmy being above Rafa, let alone Roger, Pete and Borg, no matter how you work out the math.

and Connors is left in the dust. Sorry Jimmy!

grafight , 3/5/11 7:00 AM

Some days ago, Rafa criticized the ITF for missing Hawkeye at the Davis Cup (except in the final). Currently it is used in Charleroi. The Spanish newspaper writes that the installation of Hawkeye in Charleroi cost 50,000 euros for the Spanish Tennis Federation. The Davis Cup is really important for the tennis officials of Rafa's homeland.

Augustina08 , 3/5/11 8:50 PM

Wow! More than 1000 comments on an article!
By the way, I am relatively new to this site. So could anyone tell me how to access the archives?

holdserve , 3/5/11 9:49 PM

The Spain Davis Cup team celebrates their victory in the locker room: ria/20110306dasdasten_3/Ves


Augustina08 , 3/6/11 8:24 PM

Watch 16yr old Rafa's loss to O. Rochus in 2002:

nadline , 3/6/11 10:09 PM

holdserve, 3/5/11 9:49 PM
Welcome to TT. Love your screen name. As you have probably sussed out already, this blog is the 'official' Rafa fan site at TT :D

To access archives, click on the BLOG box at the top of the page. Then click on the name of one of the writers. To the right there is a list of their archives blogs for the past 12 months. At the foot of this list is a message SEE ALL COMMENTS. Click on this and all the blogs for the past three years will come up with the number of comments each blog garnered.

ed251137 , 3/7/11 8:36 AM

Thanks ed, for welcoming me and guiding me on how to access the archives.
Re: my screen name, thanks for loving it.
Actually I chose it because I read in Harvard Sports analysis a study about which match statistic is the best predictor of ATP Ranking points.
According to the researcher, it was service hold percentage which was the most statistically significant predictor followed by return points won %.

holdserve , 3/7/11 9:04 AM

Welcome holdserve!
Rafa for one has been able to keep both of these two stats very high for many years now, and in more recent years he's improved on them on grass and then hardcourt. He was always hard to break on clay and now rarely gets broken on other surfaces. His return of serve has been one of his strongest qualities.

(In his case the ability to be mentally strong when trying to convert breakpoints or trying not to have his opponent convert theirs has been a personal specialty, in his case it might correlate / predict his ranking points more than for others.)

chlorostoma , 3/7/11 4:05 PM

Yesterday I was thinking back at the one and only article I posted on Bleacher's Report.

That was 2 years ago ... which seems like an eternity in tennis... it was about you can guess who... weeks after Rafa won his first hardcourt slam and just weeks before Miami when things signs of trouble started to show in Nadal's game. In one of the following comments I mentioned that I thought Nadal's chances of completing his golden career slam, i.e. winning the US Open, over the next three years seem pretty good, even with the challenge of Murray.

Here is that article:

Feb 6, 2009 on Bleacher's Report

Ascendancy: Rafael Nadal's Career, Phase 1

Some tennis players with extraordinary potential struggle a little in their ascendant years. Roger Federer did, but once he hit his stride history followed. Andy Murray might have a similar trajectory.

At 22 Rafael Nadal seems to be in the last year or two of his ascendancy, with stage two, the "prime years" coming up. What can we say about his recent years in tennis?

Clay court excellence
Even if Nadal never played again he will already be remembered as one of the best clay court players of all time. In 2006 and 2007 he was virtually unbeatable on the surface.

In 2008 Nadal was even less beatable on clay. The only player who would stand a chance to take more than one set off him would have been the Nadal of 2007, and I know which of the two Nadals I would have bet on.

It's a pity Bjorn Borg was not born around 22 years ago?we would have witnessed extraordinary matches.

Most improved player
Few players have ever worked this hard, intelligently, and consistently at reaching 100 percent of their potential, year after year.

Talent is great. But getting close to your full potential requires much more besides?and few get as close as this extraordinary young man. Perhaps this is what characterizes Nadal the most.

Nadal exemplifies what it means to truly do your best, in training and in matches. This makes him an inspiration to people no matter their sport or other field.

Grass and Hard Courts
As a result we have seen breathtaking improvements in his game each year.
During the clay season of 2008, Rafa was already adapting his game toward grass. He went on to win in Queens and at Wimbledon.

Then he surprised even those of us expecting great improvements on the hard court. A couple of titles, a gold medal and a grand slam later, it is difficult to see how good he might become on his "worst" surface.

Serving with the non-dominant hand
It is well known that Nadal?s coach, his uncle, made him switch to playing with his non-dominant hand at an early age. Consider how long it then had to take to refine all his skills with his left hand. His serve in particular.

Thus Nadal?s serve took a long time to turn from liability to weapon. Imagine trying to pitch a baseball with your non-dominant hand, and then practicing to get it to world-class level.

He accomplished nearly his entire ascent to No. 1 with few free service points. And it will take more years yet to get his serve near its potential.

If you?re reading this article you need no reminders of Rafa?s exemplary character in every circumstance.

Here?s to a long career to one of our best examples of a life well lived!

chlorostoma , 3/7/11 4:18 PM

The fact that there are so many formulae and computations proferred to determine the GOAT proves that it a futile exercise, no one can ever be called The Greatest Player of All Time because there are too many variables and everyone has their own idea of what the criteria should be and who in their eyes is the GOAT.

As far as the theory behind the research at the North Western University is concerned, it is so ridiculous that it doesn't even warrant debate. It places Federer 7th and Rafa 24th behind some guys called Eddie Dibbs, Harold Solomon and even Michael Chang. How can anyone take it seriously.

nadline , 3/7/11 5:16 PM

@chlorostoma, 3/7/11 4:18 PM

Nice article. But, let me remind you that "Nadal's coach, his uncle, made him switch to playing with his non-dominant hand" is a legend. Please read once again my post of 1/18/11 11:04 PM.

Augustina08 , 3/7/11 6:30 PM

^^ Thank you, Augustina
Indeed: when you posted that information it set me right about what I did not know two years ago when I wrote that article.

chlorostoma , 3/7/11 6:47 PM

@chlorostoma , 3/7/11 4:18 PM

chlorostoma, only one word describes someone with the testimonial you've given Rafa - he is a phenomenon.

nadline , 3/7/11 7:11 PM

Nadline's suddenly talking about the North Western University model. I think she is confusing ATP ranking points with ranking GOAT. The study I am talking about is entirely different so, I hope, Nadline can relax.
Chlorostoma, interesting that you should mention break points. Actually, in the study, the five variables they studied as predictors were service hold %, return points won%, break points won %, break points saved % and aces per game. They expected the break points won or saved to be critical as they are the hallmark of the "clutch" player. But, curiously, they were not statistically significant. The writer has tried to reconcile this with what we perceive. If interested you can read the full article: atp-tennis-rankings-hint-its-not-break-points/

holdserve , 3/7/11 7:36 PM

Hope you're standing by for No.1100 Nadline!!!!!!!!!!

As a matter of interest, is anyone else finding that the size of this blog is now making it slower and slower to load?

ed251137 , 3/7/11 7:41 PM

Hi ed, nice ter c yer! Have u been hibernating? Would not blame you, cos here, just across the water, this Winter has seemed endless and it's still blooming cold :(
And yes, to your question, v. v. slow.

deuce , 3/7/11 8:05 PM

ed, I am indeed. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking I haven't got a life, I do actually, believe me.

I am about to start making some silk pillowcases for my daughter.

nadline , 3/7/11 8:06 PM

@nadline, 3/7/11 7:11 PM

True. And now if I were to update that article, two years on, the person it would describe would qualify even more to be called a phenomenon.

Silk pillowcases: very nice.

chlorostoma , 3/7/11 8:14 PM

Bad form Deuce. You've gone and pipped Nadline to the 1100 post!!!! In answer to your question - I'm sunning myself in Spain. Back to the Northern climes end of March. Have kept an eye on discussions but have been taking a break from joining in. Too busy downing the sangria ;-)

ed251137 , 3/7/11 8:15 PM

OMG, mea maxima culpa :(
ed, how nice :) You and Rafa having a break together too ;)

deuce , 3/7/11 8:30 PM

chlorostoma, I noticed that instead of giving a link to your article, you cut and pasted it. Is there some rule on this site against giving links? Where can I see the rules? Maybe, they did appear when I was registering but I paid no attention.
I googled your article and read it alongwith all the comments.
Why don't you update?

holdserve , 3/7/11 8:33 PM

I've posted this before but will again... besides, this is a Rafa the Mallorcan thread... in Spain with the sea, the sand and the sangria: so wonderful!

(As for Rafa I have no idea whether he likes alcohol in general. I suspect he stays off it while on tour - which is almost all the time - and I suspect he doesn't drink much otherwise.)

chlorostoma , 3/7/11 8:37 PM

Sorry, read "copied and pasted", not "cut and pasted".

holdserve , 3/7/11 8:38 PM

I'm not sure if there are rules posted somewhere. I don't remember if there were some when I registered, that was a while ago. Cheryl has informed us not long ago that we should not post links to other tennis blogs.... that makes this website's sponsors jumpy. We can post links to articles on general sites, though.

I wrote that article while absorbing Rafa's superb wins at the semis and final of AO '09. Since then I have been turning my enthusiasm into words here on TT.

chlorostoma , 3/7/11 8:53 PM

Yes deuce, I hold the prerogative for every milestone reached on this thread, don't ask me why, and you pipped me to the 1100 post? Lol

Actually I revived the thread this year because it's a convenient place to post all things Rafa, instead of clogging up other threads which are topical.

Apparently, Rafa's presence at Charleroi created a very special atmosphere, even the Belgians liked him. fa.aspx

nadline , 3/7/11 8:55 PM

I think this blog may soon become too unwieldy. Maybe Cheryl could write another blog on Rafa so we could start posting there. After all this was written when Nadal had reached the nadir, he lost to all the players at WTF. Now, after he has had a stellar year, a blog is due from Cheryl to capture that journey from the abyss of despair and failure to the heights of hope and triumph.

holdserve , 3/7/11 10:35 PM

One more Rafa's commercial for Armani jeans has been published. Enjoy! :)

Augustina08 , 3/8/11 1:35 AM

Rafa watching Feli at DC:

nadline , 3/8/11 8:30 AM

Rafa and Marc Lopez are the defending doubles champions at I/W, I wonder if they'll defend their title.

nadline , 3/8/11 8:55 AM

Hi holdserve @9.04 on 7/3! Am going to respectfully disagree with your researcher, I think there are far more variables at work, which determine success. Guardian newspaper did an analysis of tour best using differnt variables eg ROS, 2nd serve etc. Tour best for 2010 on service games won was Andy R. Rafa was tour best in two categories, 2nd serve won and points won on second serve. Nole was best for return games won. Andy M., Fed. and Soderling didn't come top in anything, though obviously near the top in most categories. Isner was top for first serves won.
Enough said? :)

deuce , 3/8/11 9:05 AM

@nadline, 3/8/11 8:55 AM
---Rafa and Marc Lopez are the defending doubles champions at I/W, I wonder if they'll defend their title.---

They are going to defend, they'll play in doubles.

Augustina08 , 3/8/11 9:49 AM

nadline, 3/8/11 8:55 AM I was wondering exactly the same thing myself a few minutes ago and logged on to ask the question only to find you were ahead of me.
With injuries always posing a threat one does question if he really needs to push himself by playing doubles as well but I guess if Marc Lopez is fit Rafa will want to be loyal to him so I wouldnt be surprised if he decides to defend at IW. Remember how he went on to play doubles even though he was clearly ill and had nearly collapsed during his SF with Davydenko?

ed251137 , 3/8/11 9:57 AM

Forgot to mention I was referring to Doha in the last sentence above.

ed251137 , 3/8/11 9:59 AM

The I/W draw will be done today so we'll know for sure if Rafa is playing doubles. I think Rafa can cope with doubles as well in a best of 3 sets, and he does benefit from it aside from helping Marc to win some trophies. Apart from his knee problems which appear to have been sorted, he was unfortunate to contract flu in Doha which apparently caused the injury in OZ.

Rafa is a sportsman, I don't think he is that fragile, at least I hope he isn't.

I keep checking for the draw, I can't wait. Where will Murray, Sod and Djoko end up?

If Nole wins IW or makes the final and Roger doesn't, or Nole makes the SF and Roger doesn't make the Qtrs, then Nole takes over as No 2.

nadline , 3/8/11 1:48 PM

^^ I expect that Nole and Roger will be chasing each other for rank number 2 back and forth during the whole year.

chlorostoma , 3/8/11 3:41 PM

Before playing in Indian Wells, Rafa has some other tings to do.
Rafa's homepage writes today that he went to the Nike Headquarters where he spent some time chatting to employees & management representatives and showed his cooking skills. Before leaving the Nike building, and as a thank you for the wonderful hospitality, he cooked his favourite meal "Pasta con Gambas" (Shrimp Pasta) to share with everyone.
I remembered that he "advertised" this meal at the US Open.

Augustina08 , 3/8/11 4:02 PM